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1 year ago

Yo Stryder awesome, Thanks for replying, yeah i was imagining this. I have a question about both Eiji and Jade they are the two characters that i’m more interested in see their character designs, is Eiji a normal tall Guy? Lol

Also about Jade, her character design is based in that character of Bleach that IS from the Royalguard? I mean that asian girl with a chinese hairstyle? I forgot her name lol

But that’s awesome, you really plan a lot of your story. For some reason i can see a chapter now of Violette and Matsunami competing in the gym to see who is better, Who can lift more and endure more lol, even throw Shikijou there to tease the two and say that it’s child play what their doing 😂😂. Now i Wonder How much Violette can benchpress, Barbell Squat and Leg press? I’m curious now lol

2 years ago

What’s your Discord account?