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Thank You Phoenix Goddess

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It was early into the evening in World City on the final day of the SPLASH event. The beach became more populated as the late night owls who stayed up until 6 am were finally waking up and coming out of their hotel rooms to party. Numerous concerts were underway, and the drinks were being raised by thirsty guys and gals aiming for one more bombastic run of booze, dancing and sex before having to report for the new school year. Party buses pulled up, dropping off tourists in droves for day 3 of SPLASH was the biggest day of the event. While most others were filtering out of the Ivory Sands Hotel and resort, one man was going back to his room. Xavier Williams had returned to his hotel suite to shower and change clothes after a fateful but ego crushing dud of a date with Kokoro Izumi, a world renowned music and movie star he wanted to meet since they were both children. He stepped out of the shower and dried off before standing in front of the mirror.


“I don’t even know if I really wanna go back out there…” the youth lamented while scratching his head.


“Nami is expecting me. I can’t just hide out in here for the rest of the night. But if I do I’ll get laughed out of existence…”


Xavier paced around the room for a couple of minutes thinking of what to do. He then noticed one of his many fitted caps, a World City Kings on sitting on his nightstand. The World City Kings were the local professional basketball team.The young man stared at the hat and had an epiphany.




Xavier grabbed the hat and put it on, wearing forward and then turning it backwards. Next, he went into his mom’s room and looked at the collection of sunglasses she had on the dresser. The youth grabbed a pair of gold framed designer aviator shades which were the biggest of the bunch and put them on. He looked at himself in the mirror to make sure the lenses where big enough to cover up the scar on his left eye.


“These are perfect!” exclaimed the teen while fist bumping with his reflection.


Xavier then dug through his luggage, pulling out a pair of purple and gold basketball shorts along with a golden yellow Kings t-shirt with the number “8” on the back. With disguise ready, Xavier got dressed and took the elevator down to the hotel lobby.


“Now I can walk around in peace.”


The BSU freshman walked down the beach looking for the Sapphire Exchange, a shopping district full of merchants and gift shops selling SPLASH themed t-shirts, bikinis, shorts, shot glasses, coffee mugs and other souvenirs.


[It’s a bit of a walk to get there,] Xavier thought to himself while looking at the distance on his phone maps app.


The youth continued his trek toward the shopping district, passing by a number of events and goings on beach side. As he advanced, he took notice of a giant stage where a wet t-shirt contest was being held. Xavier stopped to watch but he had missed most of it. There were 12 contestants in total. He walked up to the stage area to get a quick glance at the action taking place.


“Damn it. I hate being short.” Xavier cursed while standing on his toes to get a better view. Contestant number 12 was a firecracker indeed. She was a giant with fiery orange hair, emerald green eyes and humongous tits the size of sandbags. It looked as if they weighed about as much. There was no mistaking it, contestant #12 was none other than Brass Jazzsinger, the 7 foot 3 300+ pound boob behemoth whom Xavier wowed the previous week.


[It’s Brass! she made it here! awesome!] thought the disguised young man as he watched in excitement.


At this point the orange haired amazon was completely bare, her thong bikini and t-shirt were lying next to her feet. The tipsy titty giant wowed the crowd with her boob shaking skills, swinging them from side to side in circular pattern; first clockwise and then counterclockwise. Xavier then screamed at the top of is lungs in support of his amazon friend.




The entire audience started to follow along with the chant. The cheers from the crowd emboldened her to put on even more of a show. The orange haired beauty then bounced her tits of her stomach area below making them flop up and down, framing her face each time they went up.




A watermelon flew towards the stage shortly after Brass’ request. The oranged haired giant caught the watermelon in between her own massive melons without using her hands. She did so with all of the technique and precision of a professional all pro wide receiver.




The watermelon burst as Brass’ flexed and squeezed her tits together with her hands on her hips to show just how skillful she was with her mega mammaries. Someone else threw a pineapple towards the stage prompting Brass to lunge forward, swinging her gigantic breasts!




The titty titan batted away the pineapple like it was baseball, sending it sailing high above the audience and out towards the sea. It broke into pieces just as it hovered above the ocean.


“HOMERUN!!!” Xavier yelled while fist pumping.


“NOW LET’S SHOW SOME LOVE FOR ALL OF TIDDAYS CONTESTANTS!” Hitomi said cheerfully as she walked onto the stage.


“IT’S TIME TO DECIDE THE WINNER. YOU WILL CHOOSE!” Hitomi said while pointing at the audience.


The 12 women lined up on stage and Hitomi pointed to each one of them. The crowd reacted with cheers for each one but totally erupted in boisterous approval for Brass, giving her the strongest response.




The busty giant bowed before accepting the 1st place prize, a trophy and a check from the resort sponsoring the event, courtesy of Hitomi. After putting her lime green bikini top back on, Xavier walked up to the stage exits steps to congratulate her as she came down passing by Eiji who didn’t recognize him in the disguise.


“Congrats Jazzi!”


Brass immediately recognized the voice and ran over to Xavier, lifting him up and tossing him into the air like a small child. She gave him a juicy kiss on the lips as she caught him, brushing up against his chest with her muffin sized nipples. The young man began to grow stiff as a result of the giant’s touch.


“Thanks again for your help shorty! I got my room and I’m all settled in. I’m so glad you talked me out of staying on the tour.”


“You’re welcome. So how do you like the campus?”


“It’s really dope! I got to see their theater. It’s like a huge concert hall. And the food in the dining hall is great. The best part is my room. The doorway is high enough for me to walk through without needing to bend down. And the ceilings are pretty high too. I can be comfortable in the dorms…. You mind helping me out with this?” Brass asked as she tried to put her side tie bikini bottom back on.


“The rooms were designed with taller students in mind. The average beastman/woman is bigger than most humans, so I think that’s why they did it.” Xavier replied while tying her bikini for her, thinking back to the time he went into Rubii’s bedroom to throwdown.


Brass then looked at him, taking notice of the hat and sunglasses.


“Going incognito huh? I heard about what happened. That ain’t right! I should go teach that bitch some fuckin respect!” Brass fumed while clenching her fist.


“It’s ok… Shit happens. I’ll deal with her when the time comes. Besides, beating up Koko doesn’t change the situation.” Xavier reminded her.


“I’m sorry that happened to you.”


“I’ll get past it… somehow…”


Xavier then changed the subject, refocusing the conversation on Brass.


“I think there’s this big party going on tonight at the Black Diamond night club. Since you’re here you should come. You might get a chance to perform.”


“Really? How?” asked the orange haired woman.


“The DJ there is real cool. Tell her you know me.”


“Are you coming?”


“I don’t know…. Might be better for me to stay out of the spotlight.”


“Well you should. You might have fun. With everyone partying you might not be noticed.”


“No doubt Koko is gonna be there. If she sees me in the club it’s open season on me.”


“Well give it some thought.”


“I will… But for now I gotta get to the gift shop to pick up something. They’re shutting down for the day soon.”


“Alright… Hopefully I see you tonight!”


Xavier waved bye as he walked off. On stage, Hitomi announced the next event.




“Contestants if you haven’t already chosen your partner yet you have five minutes.”


Numerous girls scrambled around looking for well endowed men to participate as partners. As Xavier was leaving the area an extremely busty Asian woman was walking the opposite direction, staring down at the semi erect bulge in Xavier’s shorts. She immediately stopped in her tracks and grabbed the youth’s hand.


“Ay! what are you doing?…Wait you’re….” Xavier yelled before being cut off. He recognized the woman from somewhere


“Yeah and I know who you are too Mr. Sweet lovin!” Replied the woman as she lifted up his shades for moment, revealing his face to her.


You’re the guy my friend Matsunami has been bragging about. I’ve seen you before when you come to pick her up and heard your voice on video chats.”


Jade then dragged Xavier towards the stage, his shoes leaving a trail in the sand as she pulled him.


“Where are you taking me???”


“I need a partner for this BJ contest and you’re it. Nami told me all about you and that monster between your legs Xavier.” admitted the sexy Asian with a smirk.


[Damn it! I don’t have time for this.] Xavier thought to himself. The contestant had a firm grip on Xavier’s arm virtually pulling him up the stairs as he reluctantly took slow steps. It was apparent to Brass he wasn’t up there willingly.


“Stretch that girl’s jaw shorty!” Brass chuckled.


Xavier stood on stage not knowing what to do as he was in another tough spot.




The beautiful girl kneeled down in front of Xavier pulling down his pants and underwear.


“So that’s how it looks when others are blowing him! X had my jaw so sore the other night!” stated the amazon while rubbing her face. As she made that remark, Eiji had returned from getting a bottle of water. The blue eyed bartender stood next to Brass, overhearing her last comment. He looked up on the stage and saw two individuals at the end of the stage that got his attention.


“Wait, I think I know that guy with the shades.… Do you?”


Eiji said as he watched, seeing another familiar face knelt in front of who he strongly believed to be his friend Xavier. She was an Asian woman that had dark black hair splashed with green and a fine sexy body. Her big tits were squished between her torso and thighs as she squatted down in front of the guy wearing glasses and a basketball cap of his favorite sports team. Eiji was briefly reminded that had he not injured his leg, he would have loved to play for the World City Warriors after he graduated highschool.


“Jade?” he muttered aloud, as he watched the woman moving her head forward to deepthroat that massive schlong before her.


“Huh, you know her?” asked Brass. Eiji nodded, “We work together at my job, she helps run the bar.”


“The little guy is a friend. He did me a BIG favor. He helped me get into BSU.” Brass recounted.


“I’m starting there too… Wait a minute. How did he help you get in?”


“I used to perform at the Carnal Carnival, pretty much a dead end job. I met Xavier at my last show and he told me about BSU but the deadline for new recruits had already passed. The next day he had a meeting with Ms. Reed and the headmistress he had to go to. X talked them into watching a video of my singing along with some other things we did that night. The next day I got a call. They offered me a scholarship!” Brass explained with a smile.


“That’s great! Are you trying to become a professional singer?”


“I want to but for now I have to focus on these upcoming classes. I’m glad I’m not working at that place anymore though.”


Together the two of them watched as Jade and Xavier stood on stage while the crowd cheered.


GO! GO! GO! GO! GO!” shouted some.


CHOKE! CHOKE! CHOKE! CHOKE!” shouted others.


After about 10 minutes of action, one by one the other girls on the stage pulled away from the guy they were deepthroating. Gasping and coughing for air, until only Xavier and Jade remained. The referee called it and Jade pulled away, gasping for air as the ref lifted her arm up and declared her the winner. The observing crowd all cheered.


“Next round in fifteen minutes!” announced Hitomi, the woman running the contest. Jade got back to her feet and kissed the nervous recruit on the cheek.


“That was quite the sample taste you gave me. You’re bigger than I thought!” Jade noted with a cough.


“Looks and feels like you can handle it.” Xavier complimented.


“We should hang out sometime.” Jade suggested with a seductive grin.


“Maybe sometime, but right now I have some pressing business to attend to.” Xavier said as he approached the edge of the stage.”


“You’re welcome!” yelled the auburn haired youth before jumping off the stage. Jade followed opting to take the stairs. Jade’s phone began to ring as she walked down the stairs.




As Xavier was making his exit, he noticed Eiji and Brass. Xavier gave Eiji a head nod and a friendly 2 finger salute as he passed, stopping to give the orange haired amazon a hug before going on his way. Xavier quickly ran off.


“Having fun?” Jade asked when she walked closer to them.


“Yeah, everything okay? I saw you on the phone looking concerned.” Eiji said.


“Actually no, we had someone call off with a summer flu just now. So now were short handed for the evening shift. I really hate to ask, but do you think you can fill in mixing drinks at the Peaches booth for a while?” Jade asked with a pleading expression.


“Sure, no problem.” Eiji agreed.


“Thanks so much Eiji, you’re a lifesaver!” said Jade who then leaned over and kissed his cheek before running back towards the stage.


Eiji quickly proceeded to head towards the Peaches area, doing his best to navigate his way around the sea of bodies obstructing his path. In the process he bumped into a woman he didn’t see coming. She had dark hair and her eyes were hidden behind dark sunglasses.


Eiji winced again and looked down at his knee, thinking of readjusting his knee brace he had on when he saw something in the sand. Reaching down, he picked up a small business card. It was all pink with a single number printed on it in glossy pink ink that was only visible when you held it so the light reflected off it.


[What’s this?] he thought to himself while trying to locate the woman he had bumped into. He was unable to find the owner of the pink card for she quickly disappeared into the sea of bodies that populated SPLASH, so he stashed it away in his pocket before heading back to Peaches.


Meanwhile Xavier had went to the Sapphire Exchange to choose a gift for Matsunami. While there, he saw a booth for the same store in the mall where he had bought Mai’s necklace. There he saw Crystal, the Dalmation dog woman who had helped him with his last purchase. And with her help, Xavier picked out a suitable gift for Matsunami. Xavier had used up almost all of the money he got from doing Koko’s photoshoot to make the purchase. He was all smiles as he loaded a black jewelry box into his backpack. The young man sent her a text message to tell her he was on his way and responded giving her location. On the way there, he grabbed some kabobs to snack on to kill the hunger left by his encounter with Koko. He found Matsunami sitting on a towel, playing a game on her phone.


“You’re here! I thought you weren’t gonna show up.”


“Sorry, I got held up by a few things along the way.” Xavier replied while sitting next to her.


“How are you feeling?” Matsunami asked while scooting closer.


“I’m feeling a little better. Just been thinking about a few things…”


“What’s on your mind?”


“Ya know, it’s been a long road to get here, 18 years and 17 different colleges turning me down before I got to BSU.” Xavier stated before taking a pause.


“I’ve had trouble fitting in wherever I went. When I started elementary other boys used to pick on me. I was the smallest kid in the class and I had trouble with reading and math. Because of this I was naturally shy and other kids took that for weakness.” the scar faced teen explained.


“I got bullied a lot growing up and it wasn’t people making fun of me on facebook either. Other boys used to take my stuff and hide it and some kids even took my lunch money.” Xavier recounted with a sad expression.


“I didn’t want to make it worse by telling on the other kids so I just tried to grin and bear the abuse. It got so bad that I was getting beat up and the school principal called my mom and told her what was going on.” recalled the youth. Matsunami listened intently, her expression showing the sympathy in her face.


“So after that my mom talked to my grandfather. That’s how I learned how to fight. Grandad was a boxer, and he was pretty good, a world champion! Xen “Iron Fist” Williams. My grandparents started taking me on the weekends and during the summer so I could spend more time with him……..



“This is how you throw a jab.” instructed the burly man with spiked black hair while demonstrating how to do it.


Young Xavier threw the punch but didn’t do it properly. He lowered his other hand while punching


“That’s not quite right. You see you have to keep your right hand up to protect your head while you punch. Let’s try it again. I’ll do it with you.” said Xavier’s grandfather.


Xavier punched again while watching Xen’s form and did it correctly the second time.


“Good job son! Do it again but on your own this time.” Xavier then jabbed again and again.


“That’s right! Show me some more! Don’t be stiff, stick and move!”


The child continued to punch while practicing his footwork, causing Xen to swell with pride. The training session lasted for two hours, with Xen making Xavier continually jab a punching bag. After it was over grandfather and grandson sat down on a bench.


“That was some damn good work you did today boy! Keep working and you’ll be able to whoop a bully’s ass all day!” Xen confidently proclaimed.


“BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!” yelled Xen while standing up and throwing a fierce barrage of hooks, straight right hands and upper cuts.


“Some day you can even become like me!”


“Really grandad?” the boy asked.


“Yes. But that’s not the most important thing X. You have to face your fears. I know what it’s like to be afraid son. I was like you when I was little. The important thing is that even if you’re scared you have to face whatever is coming your way head on. That’s not just for dealing with bullies, that’s for the rest of your life too son.”


“Ok grandad!” yelled the little boy, mimicking his grandfather’s punches.


“How about this? After we get cleaned up and changed, we go hang out. We can go see a movie.


“What movie?”


“I’m thinking we try something different. You ever heard of Bruce Lee?”




“Well he’s a movie star from a long time ago. He could fight like me but he was the greatest to ever do it!


“YEAH! THAT SOUNDS SO COOL!” yelled the boy while jumping up and down.


“There’s one thing though. You can’t tell your mama I took you to see it ok?”


“I won’t granddad!”


After showering and changing clothes the two left the Xenmaster dojo. The two talked as they walked to the car.


“After the movie we’re gonna go to this other place I wanna show you.”


“What kind of place is it?” the boy asked.


“It’s called Olympus Fun Center. They got arcade games, bumper cars, go karts, laser tag anything you wanna do. They even got that one game you’re always talkin about. What’s it called? Road Fighter?….Street Brawler?”


“Grandad it’s called Street Fighter!”


“Oh yeah, that’s it!” remembered Xen.


“We can play Street Fighter but take it easy on me!” the older man joked.


“I won’t beat you TOO bad!” Xavier replied with glee.


“Alright then let’s go!”


“Ay Granddad! Why is your hair so long?” Xavier asked while pointing at the single long braid that hung down Xen’s back.


“Way way way back in the day during ancient times, samurai wore their hair long. Its symbol of being a warrior. The samurai were respected for their strength skill and loyalty!”


“That is SOOOOO cool! I wanna be a warrior like you granddad.”


“Well you gotta talk to your mama about that. She might not go for the long hair. She’d kill me if you came back to school looking like me.” Xen chuckled as they got in the car.”



Matsunami was touched by the story as she herself could relate to it.


“The next school year I beat up the kids who were picking on me when they tried to do it again.”


“Serves them right!” Matsunami replied.


“I told you that story to say this. Over the years I’ve struggled in school and with making friends. I had to bust my ass doing summer school and staying late to get tutoring just get my grades high enough to get into a school that has great cinematography and fine arts programs. But I’ve always doubted myself. I was told I was dumb or not good enough the whole way. And it seemed like I wasn’t good enough to be at BSU.” Xavier admitted while looking down.


“But you’ve given me reason to think differently…”


“No matter what I’m going through there’s always someone else going through something even tougher. You’ve managed to overcome a bad heart and not being able to become a professional martial artist. You found a way through and made me believe…”


“The past couple of weeks have been full of ups and downs but you’ve been nothing but welcoming to me since I got in town. I thought that maybe earlier today was the end for me but you made me realize it’s not. Your words helped me. With what you said and knowing what you’ve been through, it makes me believe that anything is possible. To do anything in life you first have to believe you can. I’ve been watching videos, going on dates trying to improve but belief was the one thing I was missing.”


“We all have to take that first step at some point. I wanna thank you sincerely for helping me with taking mine Nami. You reminded me of everything of the past while giving me light, hope for the future. You are a true friend.


Xavier then reached into his backpack and pulled out the black jewelry box and handed it to Matsunami.


“Here is a small token of my appreciation.”


Matsunami opened the box to discover a gold necklace. It was indeed a dazzling piece to behold. The shimmering golden chain had a ruby jewel heart pendant outlined with gold. There was a golden phoenix at the center of it, spreading its wings. The eyes were made of red jewels and there was a single red ruby in the chest of the phoenix, representing Matsunami’s own heart. Matsunami’s eyes widened and she covered her mouth momentarily, astonished by the amazing beauty of the piece.


“Oh my god! This is so beautiful.” gasped the brunette, stunned and impressed by the gift.


“Try it on.” Xavier urged.


The young man helped her put on the necklace. Matsunami then looked down and held up the pendant.


“A phoenix?” said Matsunami.


“Yes. In eastern mythology the Phoenix represents strength, clarity and renewal. Rising up from the ashes of darkness to overcome any challenge or obstacle in its way. Kinda like life after death in a way.” Xavier explained


“The flames of the phoenix light up the world and cannot be extinguished. The light from those flames can shine brightly on others and help them find their way like what you’ve done for me. Matsunami, you are my phoenix.” Xavier said with conviction while staring into her eyes.


Matsunami paused for a second to let Xavier’s words sink in. She then gave him a big hug, lodging his face between her tits.


“THANK YOU SO MUCH!” Matsunami exclaimed, touched by both the gesture and symbolism.


“No, thank you.” Xavier replied as he looked up at Matsunami


Matsunami was moved by Xavier’s words to her for she didn’t know his feelings. Xavier had expressed everything he thought and felt, stirring her own feelings for him. Perhaps there was something stronger than mere friendship which bonded them? Overwhelmed by the moment, Matsunami reacted in the most appropriate way possible. She rubbed his face and looked into his eyes. The two exchanged stares, each looking beyond the other’s green eyes into their very beings. There were no more words needed.


Matsunami pulled him in and leaned forward, pressing her lips against Xavier’s. The two shared a long sensuous smooch with Matsunami sliding in some tongue. Their tongues twisted and tangled against one another as they exchanged saliva. Once they finally separated, a single strand of saliva connected their lips. They kissed again with Xavier moving down to Matsunami’s neck.




The young man went for the jugular, licking and suckling on her sensitive weak spot. Matsunami shuddered as he worked on her neck, jolting with chills going up her body from his every movement.


“Ahhhhh!!!! Oooh!” Matsunami cooed as Xavier attacked her erogenous zone. The young man wrapped one arm round her waist. He caressed her thigh with his other hand. Xavier could feel her temperature rise as he went up her leg. Her skin became warmer and warmer the further up he went, with it being hottest in between her legs. The tension was escalating, the brunette beauty’s black bikini bottom dampening as Xavier left a dark hickey on her neck. Matsunami responded by nibbling on Xavier’s ear lobe which was his own sensitive spot.


“Mmmmm! Ohhhhh! Take me hun!” whispered the brunette beauty. Xavier then untied the green eyed brunette’s bikini top and slowly peeled it away, exposing her bountiful flesh orbs to him. The excited teen fondled and squeezed Matsunami’s tits, laying light, feathery kisses on them starting from the top of her chest, moving his lips and tongue along her scars and down her cleavage.


“Ahhh! X!” Matsunami purred as teased her tits.


Matsunami’s nipples gradually hardened as he skipped around them more. Goosebumps began forming on her areolas from the ever building anticipation. Her body grew even warmer as Xavier finally directed his attention to her pierced nipples.




The young recruit sucked on her nipples like a baby getting his very first bottle. Xavier lightly nibbled on them, applying moderate pressure while also pulling softly on her piercings.


“Yeeah hun! Bite on em! Suck my tits dry!! ” Matsunami moaned.


Matsunami got louder as the young man slipped his hand between her thighs and rubbed on her ever moistening slit. The brunette stripper yelled in joy as Xavier played with both her nipples/areolas and pussy simultaneously.


“OOOOOOH! YOU GOT ME SO WET! GET THAT PUSSY READY!” yelled Matsunami while running her hand through his auburn hair. Matsunami then lifted the young man’s head up and looked into his eyes once more, initiating another amorous kiss. While swapping tongues again, the emerald eyed beauty pulled off Xavier’s shirt and ran her hand down his washboard abs; making her way into his shorts. The exotic dancer pulled and tugged Xavier’s trouser snake, charming the monster cock with her hand. His dick rose up in his shorts like a flagpole being raised early in the morning.


“Remember when I said you have to get back up?”




“Now is that time.” cooed while lowering her torso. Matsunami pulled his shorts all the way down, dropping them off to the side as she squished his growing dong between her huge fun bags. She smothered his dick with her flesh, caressing it with gentle up and down movements of her breasts. Xavier grunted quietly while leaning back slightly, his elbows on the towel beneath them. The jewel eyed woman then stuck her tongue out and licked the head of Xavier’s rod in a steady back and forth motion like a cat lapping up milk. She used her big boobs like hands moving his dick in and out of her mouth. Xavier’s dick quickly grew to a full erection, poking her in the back of her throat.




“You got me there!” Matsunami said with a giggle.


“Well, you did say get up!” Xavier retorted with a grin.


“We’ll see about that…”


Matsunami wrapped her lips around his whopper of a dick, bobbing up and down on his thick length




Matsunami grabbed his cock with both hands, blowing his pole like she was playing a saxophone. She looked up at Xavier making eye contact with him sucking faster and harder as she noticed he was pleased. The young man leaned further back, running his hand along her plump ass and thick thighs.




Matsunami treated Xavier’s dick with tender love care and attention, leaving no area untouched. The top rated recruit rolled his balls around in one hand, licking and pecking them with her lips, marking him with her teal colored lipstick. She kissed Xavier’s dong all over from his base up to the tip, with suction-like smooches.






As Xavier laid back, Matsunami moved her legs and positioned herself on top of him in a 69 position under her dripping slit, hovering right over the teen’s face. The young man slipped two fingers into her pussy, pushing them in and out while licking it’s opening.


“AWWWWW! UGGGH! KIIEEP LIKKING!!” Matsunami tried to say with a mouthful of cock. She continued her gurgled moans while gulping down the black monster. She deep throated the auburn haired young man beautifully, using her tits to help take down the beast. She had swallowed down more than half of it, and was trying to take down more of it. The brunette’s legs started to shake as she squeezed Xavier’s head between her thick thighs. The pleasure was so intense, she lost her focus and gagged as the giant rod slipped out of her mouth.




Matsunami then returned to gobbling up the teen’s dong, going up and down on it like a juicy popsicle. The stacked stripper tightened her lips, puckering her face. She lightly squeezed his dick with her lips. She then increased her pace, taking long wet slurps, gliding across his skin like an ice skater. Matsunami screamed while Xavier grunted, both ready to take things further.




Matsunami rolled off of Xavier and laid on her side, placing one hand up against her head while pointing at his throbbing cock with her other hand. She licked her lips and shot him a lustful glare.


“X gon’ give it to ya!” Xavier asserted while referencing the popular retro era rap song. He moved behind Matsunami, lying on his side and getting into a spoon position. Matsunami grabbed the back of her thigh and spreads her twat open. The young man playfully jabbed at her hole with the head of his cock before squeezing his way in. Xavier gave her a powerful initial thrust causing her to wince slightly.




Xavier grabbed Matsunami’s hip and pumped with a methodical motion, going in and out slowly, allowing her to relish every inch of his log as he stroked her. Matsunami moved her hips along with him, resulting in what resembled a romantic slow dance between them in the towel covered sand. He probed deep into her, massaging her insides with gradual thrusts. Matsunami looked back at him with approval, touching the tip of his tongue with her own. Matsunami’s wet gratitude trickled down her leg as she asked for more.


“MMMMMMM! I feel it!”


The youth pushed harder and picked up speed as he progressed, picking the outer folds of her pussy with his fingers. Xavier picked and tickled her snatch like he was playing bass. This caused the busty babe to sing in delight, screaming like she was his own personal guitar.


The jewel eyed hottie then raised her leg so the young bull could go even deeper. Xavier grabbed a hold of her leg and charged into her like a raging bull. The young man pierced her with lecherous fury, bringing about a flurry of body rocking thrusts into Matsunami.






“BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!” Xavier yelled with a smirk while plowing her.


Matsunami looked back and kissed Xavier once more, grabbing a big handful of the towel under her. The pint sized performer then sat up and bent Matsunami over, giving her big booty several hard smacks.




The young man spread her cheeks and moved his dick up and down, bouncing it off her ass. Matsunami shook her meaty rump from side to side, playfully smacking his giant dick with them. She bounced his cock between her ass cheeks like a tennis ball. Next, she moved her rear up and down, sandwiching his cock between her cheeks. Matsunami massaged his penis from the tip all the way down his shaft to his balls, rubbing her pussy against them. She was indeed a maestro at moving her body, her skills put professional twerkers to shame. Xavier then rubbed his dick against her, covering it in her juices before shoving it into her once again. The freshman picked up where he left off, shoving his anaconda into her once more. He drilled her like a wild animal, savagely pumping her with zeal and aggression.




The mixture of the flesh on flesh contact from Xavier’s workhorse like effort combined with Matsunami’s screams for more to create a sexual symphony of sound which snagged the attention of other beach goers in distance.




Matsunami’s screams encouraged Xavier to bring more energy. The youth rammed hard, pulling his hips all the way back before crashing into her pussy, taking his dick to her like he was trying to kick down a door. The fruits of his labor reflected in Matsunami’s facial expression, a wide tongue wagging grin. The brunette dropped her arms down to the floor, take a perfect back arching posture; her ass high in the air and pressing up against his stomach. Matsunami swung her ass, pushing down at full power to take as much dick as possible. She slammed into his stomach as he thrusted into her, nearing bowling him over and knocking the smaller Xavier on his ass with each collision.




Pleasurable shocks reverberated throughout her body as they fucked wildly, each trying to overpower the other. Bystanders took pictures and video but it didn’t matter for the two were in their own world, engulfed by the heat of the moment. Sweat trickled down Matsunami’s curves while she clashed with him as her love juices flowed freely, splashing about and running down to her knees with every thrashing thrust. Xavier smacked her ass repeatedly with hard slaps, leaving pink hand imprints on her apple bottom.


“AHHH!!! GOD DAMN X! SMACK THAT FAT ASS! OHHHHHH!” wailed the short haired nympho while crashing into him over and over.




Matsunami was indeed strong and knew how to use her body to great effect. She knocked Xavier on his backside, effectively sitting him down. She then turned around and crawled toward him in a stalking fashion climbing on top of him and mounting his tree trunk of a dick.


“Get ready for the ride of your life!” Matsunami bragged as she mounted the young stallion. She swiveled her hips in a slow dancing type of way, moving her body in a graceful manner very similar to a snake. The Peaches princess let out gasping moans as she started to bounce on him, holding on to his knees to give her stability. She rode him hard and fast, maintaining control like a champion Kentucky derby racing jockey with her prized black bronco. She pressed her thighs into his stomach and hips making sure to get every inch of Xavier in inside her.


“AAAAAGGGGGHHHH! THIS IS SO FAT AND HARD! I LOVE IT!” Matsunami screamed as she rebounded on his cock. Her eyes began to water with tears of joy!


Matsunami used all of her weight in her movements, bouncing high and heavy as she surmounted her mountain of a man. It was like she was jumping on a king-sized bed! Xavier pumped upwards using the strength in his legs to smash her twat. She sailed off of his dick a couple of inches into the air before landing perfectly on his rod like an elite level gymnast. Xavier nearly busted a nut from her landing, amazed at what he had just witnessed. He couldn’t help but grin, partially out of pleasure and partly out of amusement. Matsunami repeated this feat several times going up and down with a little more height each time she went up, looking like she was jumping on a human trampoline. By this time she was sweating so much it looked like she had just stepped out of the shower.


“WHOOOO! LETS GO, RIDE IT BABY!” Xavier yelled.




This provided her with a unique sensation, a trembling that rippled into her core like a tropical storm. Xavier held her hands and thrusted himself up with ferocious intensity, plunging so deep into her that he nearly got one one of his balls stuck in Matsunami’s pussy.




The young man put the pedal to the metal, bursting into her with stout sledgehammer thrusts deep into her birth canal, directly spearing her clitoris along the way. The sexy felt an exhilarating cataclysm of pure bliss overwhelming her. Matsunami clenched her teeth before letting out a roaring scream.




The young woman’s body trembled with uproarious glee as she hollered Xavier’s name in a high pitched tone. Her tits knocked together like ricocheting pinballs and her skin became covered in goosebumps as her love sprayed out like a water spigot. Xavier had went where no man had ever taken her before.


Matsunami squeezed Xaviers hands with a solid grip as she squirted her liquid love, splashing his face with it. This lasted at least a minute and a half. Xavier licked his lips, enjoying the taste of her sweet nectar, a cheshire cat grin on his face. Matsunami let out a happy sigh as she gazes down at Xavier before leaning back to rest on Xavier’s legs


“Damnnn hun!… What got into you? Did you have a couple of energy drinks before you came to see me?” Matsunami asked with a giggle.


“I did have a bit of a snack before I came here.” Xavier chuckled


“That was so good! My body is still tingling..”


“I’m not done with you yet…I’m gonna show you…Who I really am.” Xavier declared with a sly smirk and a raised eyebrow.


X grabbed Matsunami by her thighs and sat up, hoisting her up as he rose to his feet. His cock was still harder than pavement. Matsunami could feel him throbbing inside her.


“Show me what you can really do!”


Xavier held her in the stand-and-carry position and stroked her in a slow tempo drum-like manner, sucking on her nipples as he pumped. Matsunami took in deep breaths, cooing lightly while playing with his spikes of hair. He gradually turned up the pace and fucked her faster until he was ramming her pussy with assault rifle-like rapid fire thrusts. The smacking of flesh sounded like the applause of an audience rather than slapping of skin.




With his confidence at an all time high, Xavier pressed her with some dirty talk.






Xavier planted his feet and pumped using the momentum of his entire body rather than just his hips, making her bounce up, slapping him in the face with her huge tits! The friction splattered her juice into the sand below turning it into wet clumps of mud. Matsunami closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around him in a vice-like embrace. She was on cloud 9 as she kissed him amorously, trapped in this delightful moment.


“MMMMMM! Make love to me X! GIVE ME YOUR ALL!”


Xavier then knelt down, laying Matsunami on the towel. He then got on top of her and continued to rail her with another delivery of grade A cockmeat. He leaned into his thrusts bombing her with explosive pounding, making her teal painted toes curl. The adrenaline was pumping feverishly, re-energizing the young man like he had eaten the mystery pork dish from earlier a second time. Matsunami wrapped her legs around him and held onto him as if she would die if she let go. The desirable diamond eyed hottie held his should with one hand and caressed the back of Xavier’s head with the other, pulling him in close. They gazed into each other’s green eyes, each seeing into the other person. Xavier saw in Matsunami a regal queen with a true warrior’s heart, a mighty and magnificent phoenix ready to set the world ablaze with her white-red flames of brilliance! She was worthy of the respect and admiration he’d shown her since they first met. Matsunami saw in him the heart and tenacity of a raging azure dragon, the latent beast within the shy nerd. There was no mistake about it it, she had chosen the right man to invite on a blind date! Both felt a powerful tingling as their beach romp neared its apex, Xavier straining to hold on as long as he could while Matsunami grabbed his rear pulling him into her as the approached the climax.


“YESSSSSSSSSS! XAVIIIIIIIERRRRRR!” Matsunami roared at the top of her lungs as she exploded with orgasmic euphoria! Her juices flowed like a river running onto the towel and soaking it completely!


At the same time, Xavier surged with a momentous moneyshot, firing off a warm load of cum into her tight hole. However, Xavier wasn’t done. As he pulled out he fired a 12 gauge shotgun round of cum which spread and splattered all over her tits, face, and hair. Sensing that Xavier still had something left in the tank, Matsunami sat up and sucked his mammoth dong feverishly in an attempt to milk him of everything he had left. Xavier couldn’t hold out for very long as he felt another surge.


“OH SHIT!” yelled Xavier.


He shot another round, this time into Matsunami’s mouth, causing her cheeks to puff out.




Like a true pro, Matsunami swallowed it down like she were merely drinking a milkshake. Afterwards, Xavier then laid back with Matsunami snuggling next to him.


“That’s a hell of a way to get back up! Told ya you had it in you. That was incredible!” Matsunami praised while kissing him on the cheek.


“You’re no slouch yourself. You got some moves!” Xavier replied.


“Show them like you’ve shown me, don’t be so down on yourself.” Matsunami suggested with a warm smile.


“It’s gonna take a lot of work. I guess I’m just not good with Beast Maidens.” Xavier sighed


“But you will be. Just believe you can.”


“So are you going to the party?” Matsunami asked with her brow raised.


“Uhhhhh…” stuttered the scar faced teen. He could tell by Matsunami’s expression the answer she wanted him to give. Sweat ran down his face and a drop appeared over his head as he hesitated to respond to her.


“Yes you are! I need a handsome manly man to go with me. I’m not taking no for an answer!” Matsunami asserted.


“Well, I guess that settles it.” Xavier responded while putting his clothes back on. The pair talked while walking back to his hotel room.


“What if people recognize me?”


“Everybody is gonna be too busy partying and having fun to notice you in a dimly lit nightclub. You’ll be fine. Going out in public is the first step. You gotta be man up and show yourself.”


“You might be right about people not noticing me, but if Koko sees me there she’s gonna make everyone notice me….”


“You’re not staying in your room all night. You already said you were gonna go with me.” chided the brunette.


“Well there’s gotta be something I can do. The hat and sunglasses won’t cut it. Those can fall off or be taken off by somebody.” Xavier lamented as they took the elevator.


“Hmmm… I need something that will work, a better disguise. Maybe some kind of a mask?”


“I got it!” Matsunami replied while pointing up in the air.


“What?” the auburn haired man questioned


“If you insist on a disguise… Do you still have that mask Tigre Blanco gave you at Slamfest?” Matsunami asked him.


“Yeah, I think it’s still in my backpack.”


“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Matsunami inquired with a grin.


“Yeeeeeaaah!!!” remarked Xavier while stroking his chin.


The two arrived on the floor where Xavier’s hotel room was located and went to it. Upon entering, he slung his backpack on a nearby coffee table and pulled out the white and black mask tigre had given him, holding it up high.


“You’re a damn genius! Thanks for the idea!!” Xavier said to Matsunami.


“You got a white outfit to go with that?”


“Nah, I can’t wear it as is anyway. Somebody might know this mask, maybe even Tigre herself. I heard she’s here.”


“So what are you gonna do, cut the ears off?” Matsunami questioned.


“I’m gonna change it, make it more me!” Xavier answered enthusiastically while pulling out all the contents of his backpack. Among the items were numerous mini cans of spray paint, dye, paintbrushes, paint pens, markers, pencils, super glue and razor blades along with a couple of pairs of work gloves.


“Why do you have all this stuff?” Matsunami asked.


“I’m big into Gundams. I modify Gundam models and action figures into my own customs designs. It’s a hobby of mine.” Xavier answered with a chuckle.


“Wanna help me?”


“I’d love to!” said the brown haired, green eyed woman.


Xavier and Matsunami began work on his custom mask. The youth took a coffee stirring straw and attached it to the spray nozzle on a can of navy blue high gloss paint, using the straw as a spray hose for a fine thin stream of paint he could use for color and detail work. The two worked on the mask for the next two hours, making sure all the colors and details were perfect. Matsunami assisted by partially melting down a plastic spoon with a cigarette lighter, making it soft and malleable enough to be shaped and molded. Wearing a pair of gloves, she shaped the soft plastic into two small curved oni-like demon horns. Next, she used a nail file from her purse to further shape and sharpen them. After finishing the mask, it still had to dry before he could put it on which could take a few hours. However, was only 6:30 P.M. so there was still time left before the party which started at 10:30.



(3 hours later, 9:30 P.M.)


Xavier and Matsunami both fell asleep in front of the television. The duo spent the time ‘Netflix and Chilling’. Matsunami happened to be the first to wake up and see the clock. She went out to the balcony to find that Xavier’s mask was completely dry.


“X wake up!” Matsunami urged while shaking him gently.


“Whaaaat?” Xavier asked groggily.


“Your mask is dry. There’s an hour until the party starts.”


Xavier sat up and nodded before yawning.


“I gotta go get ready. Come to my room and get me when you’re done.”


“Ok, I’ll be there in a little bit!” replied the young man. As his friend left the room, Xavier walked outside to take a look at the mask.


“This is it!” Xavier asserted with a fist pump. The mask was indeed a work of art. The now blue mask had white see through fabric over where the eye holes are supposed to be. The white fabric pieces were shaped like eyes reminiscent of the design of the mask worn by the superhero Spiderman. The mask’s eyes were outlined with yellow. The makeshift horns that Matsunami made were mounted on the forehead part of the mask. On the sides of the mask were wing like designs Xavier drew on. They extended from the eyes and went to the upper sides of the mask.


[Yeah I got it!] Xavier thought to himself while putting the mask on. He looked at himself in the mirror and nodded his head before throwing a punch combination that he ended with a kick.


“It’s time… Let’s do this!” the young man said to himself heading to the bathroom to shower.



(1 hour later)


The now masked teenager stood at the door of a hotel room.




The door opened to reveal Matsunami. She was dressed in a tight fitting, tiny red romper style bodysuit which had a plunging “V” type neckline which revealed a lot of cleavage. The masked man nodded slowly in approval. Matsunami then looked at him.


“You look great! You have some style, got that 1980’s retro swagger goin on!” the brunette exclaimed.


The masked man indeed looked like he had just walked out of an 80’s era rap video. He had picked his clothing based on the colors of his mask. He wore a navy blue Adidas brand tracksuit with 3 yellow stripes going down the sleeves of the jacket and the sides of the pants. Underneath the jacket was a plain white t-shirt. A long, thick rope style gold chain hung from his neck, which he had borrowed from his mother’s jewelry box. The outfit was complete with blue Adidas brand sneakers that matched the mask and the rest of his outfit.


“Shall we?” asked the masked youth while offering his arm to his female friend.


“Yes.” Matsunami answered while taking his arm.


The pair headed to the Black Diamond, one of the premier night clubs on Sapphire Shores. They were a few minutes late but it didn’t matter because most people showed up fashionably late anyway. The Black Diamond, was no ordinary nightclub either. It was a monstrosity of club, closer to an arena than a nightclub. It was so large that the building had multiple entrances and security teams for the run of the mill bouncers were not enough to secure such a location. Inside the club were multiple mini clubs which each focused on a different genre of music to cater to a specific crowd. The club stood 4 floors high which included VIP, a fully functioning billiards area, a smoker’s and private party rooms. Because of its monumental size, Black Diamond hosted the annual SPLASH close out party on day 3 of the event every year. DJ K-Booty, a local celebrity and the city’s most popular club DJ controlled the Black Room, the main area of the club for the night with Hitomi, the cutesy Youtube superstar serving as the MC for the night’s festivities.


After making their way in, Matsunami immediately noticed her friend Jade who had already begun her night with a drink.


“I’m gonna go to the bar real quick.” Matsunami said before walking off.


“I’ll meet you there.”


The masked teen surveyed the area, looking around the club while walking to the bathroom. He noticed several familiar faces including Eiji who was in the back of the club standing close to Hitomi as she began to speak, for she was booked to host this event.




As the music began to play the masked man looked back behind Hitomi to see Kaede at the DJ booth. He then looked up to the second floor VIP area. He saw Koko with her entourage sitting on a couch socializing.


“Bitch!” the masked man muttered to himself with disgust, recalling what the teen idol did to him the other day.


In another part of the VIP area, Violette, Ashani and a third young woman, a tanned busty blonde looked down at what was going on below from the balcony. However, the masked man didn’t notice them, for something else grabbed his attention.


The masked young man looked toward the end of the second floor and was stunned by what he saw. He recognized his mother and her friends but also took notice of a pink and purple haired woman with gigantic tits making out with Mei while another woman took a picture of it.


“My mom likes… girls?! and….LEDA!? How does she know my mom?!” the young man pondered while momentarily in shock.


The masked man then went to use the restroom. As he was coming out, he noticed Saitou posted up on a wall nearby. Unlike the bouncers out front, he was dressed in a suit with an open collar shirt so the masked man didn’t know if Saitou was working security or just there to enjoy the festivities. His heart beat rapidly after noticing his mentor because he had to walk past him to get to where Matsunami was. Xavier walked quickly making sure not to turn his head in Saitou’s direction, however just as he was walking by he felt a hand grab his shoulder.


“Hey kid.” Saitou said while looking at him.


[WHAT THE FUUUUUUCK!?] thought the masked figure to himself in a panic.


The masked man immediately froze up. His heartbeat sped up to a rapid pace and his eyes were as big as cartoon eyes underneath his mask. His hands became clammy for he had no idea what Saitou was going to say.


[NO WAY! DID HE FIGURE OUT ITS ME?! IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!] he thought as his mind raced with slight anxiety.


“I know it’s you.”


“B-But how?!” the masked man asked while scratching his head.


“It’s pretty obvious. Why are you walking around in a mask?” asked the BSU security chief.


“I need it….to keep moving forward…” answered the masked man, assuming Saitou knew about the Koko incident and becoming a social laughing stock.


“Good. As long as you keep moving, that’s all that matters.” replied the mentor while giving him a firm slap on the back.


“Now get out there and have some fun kid!”


“Alright, thanks Mr. Saitou.” acknowledged the masked teen.


“And one other thing. You should stop walking around with your hands in your pockets. Don’t slouch or scratch your head either. You gotta be calm and confident if you don’t wanna out yourself.” Saitou advised. “Whether you’re undercover or wearing a mask, remember that you are SOMEONE ELSE. If you believe you are someone else, you will convince others you are someone else. In a sense, the illusion becomes reality.”


“Right! That’s some sage advice right there!”


“Good luck son.” Saitou said with a nod before they parted ways. Over at the bar, Eiji stood waiting for drinks for himself and Hitomi alongside Eric who was also getting a drink.


“I guess we both lost the bet bro.” Eric chuckled


“What are you talking about? It’s still going.” replied the brown haired teen.


“Look over there.” Eric remarked while pointing to the dance floor. It was Diana, the chef who cooked for them at the Paradise Grill. She was dancing with a guy with dirty blonde hair and glasses. It was Auron.


“Thank you my dear Diana, I couldn’t have won the contest without your help.” Auron thanked while grabbing a handful of Diana’s ass. The blue and blonde haired girl blushed.


“You’re welcomed, but don’t leave me hanging to chase after customers again! I got buried with orders while you doing… AHEM ‘customer service’.” The woman said while doing air quotations with her fingers.


“I apologize my dear. How about I cook for you after we leave here? I know you’re gonna be hungry later.” Auron offered with a smile.



“Yeah I see what you mean. That blonde guy is gonna get her for sure.” Eiji commented


“So the bet is off?”


“Yeah, but at least I will be going home with someone.” the blue eyed man said with a taunting grin.


“Shut up!” Eric remarked with a slight scowl.


“Hey Eiji.” Matsunami and Jade both greeted before sipping their drinks.


“Whats up, Frost?” Eiji said, greeting his Peaches coworker.


“Waiting for my friend to come back. I think he went to the restroom…”


“Xavier?” Eiji questioned.


“Nah, it’s someone else I met.” Matsunami answered with a gleaming smile.


“Whoa! look what we have here?!” Eric said as he cut into the conversation. He looked at both Matsunami and Jade with a lecherous expression.


“Can I get you a glass of water because you been running through my mind all day.” said the black haired security guard. The two women both shot him a dour look.


“No thanks.” they answered in unison. Eiji turned his head straining not to laugh at the failed pick up line. Eric had vastly overestimated his ability to get women. These were girls of a higher caliber than the local sluts Eric frequented town with. His overinflated ego had been cut down. Lame pick up lines like those weren’t going to attract BSU women.


Before Eric could make a second attempt, the masked man approached the bar. He walked tall and upright despite his small stature, with a slight bounce in his step, swaggering along as if he owned the place.The dance floor was filling up with people from all sections of the club.


“Look at the guy coming over here with the wrestling mask.” remarked the brown haired bartender.


“That’s the friend I mentioned.”


“Looks like a clown to me bro. Fuckin loser!” Eric remarked with a chuckle.


The masked man saw Eric and Eiji there and slightly panicked, wondering if either of them would figure him out. But he stayed the course and went forward, directing his attention to the two beautiful women before him.


“Let us dance!” suggested the masked man to Matsunami in a deeper, somewhat gruff and rugged manly tone of voice.


“I would love to!” Matsunami responded before kissing the masked man on the cheek. Intrigued by the mystery masked man and his voice, Jade took his other hand as he lead them onto the dance floor.


“I gotta go, Hitomi is waiting for me. Good luck bro, you need to work on your hook up lines.” Eiji joked as he walked away, drinks in hand. Eric fumed to himself having witnessed the masked guy he just ridiculed walk off with both Matsunami AND Jade.



In the VIP area, Nicole, Ashani and Violette sat, all 3 a little tipsy from having too many drinks. Nicole, the natural party girl grabbed Violette by the arm and urged her to get up.


“Come on Nikki let’s go down to the dance floor! Sitting in the VIP all night is boring!” Violette said


Nicole got up and walked to the balcony, looking over the railing at the people below.


“This is NOT ‘my kind’ of party Vivi. ANYBODY off the street can attend. I’d rather not be in the presence of dirt.” Nicole answered.


“Come on! It’ll be fun.” promised the two tone haired friend.


“I’ve never gotten to go to a club like this before! I like it, I’ll go with you Vivi.” Ashani said as she and Violette moved toward the stairs.


“You’re missing out Nicole. I think you’re scared you just might have a good time. Let’s go.” Violette said while signaling for Nicole to follow


Nicole took one more big gulp of her drink and changed her mind since both her friends were going. She stood and nodded.


“Fine. I guess I can check it out.” Nicole sighed, not wanting to be left in VIP by herself.


The trio headed down the stairs to the main dance floor where all the action was.



At the entrance to the club, Leda’s volleyball teammates arrived in style, carrying with them the Sapphire Shores Spike Volleyball trophy. Their arrival drew a lot of attention from partygoers because many in the club were BSU students. Shikijou held up the trophy to an uproaring response.




Not to be outdone the rather large contingent of Harlot State students responded with chants of their own.




“HEY! HEY! HEY! Y’ALL CHILL WITH ALL THAT!” interrupted DJ K-Booty as she spoke into her headset. Kaede had seen a number of fights break out in previous gigs she had done, many started by rival groups


“IT’S ALL LOVE, NO MATTER WHAT SCHOOL YOU FROM! LET’S GET THIS CRACKIN WITH SOME ALL NEW SHIT!” Kaede exclaimed as she played a new song no one had heard before.


The masked man didn’t know what to do in this moment with not 1 but 2 beautiful women to entertain.


“Crap!!! I don’t know how to dance with girls! but I guess I can follow along with Nami and Jade… Also there’s tons of other guys in here for me to copy. YEAH! I CAN DO THIS!” the masked man affirmed in his mind. He first danced with Matsunami, following along with her steps while quickly glancing around to see what other people were doing. Jade then cut in on the dance, moving in front of the masked man. Matsunami watched in amusement as her masked date and her friend mixed it up on the dance floor. The masked figure grabbed a handful of the black and green haired girl’s ass, giving it a big squeeze as they danced.


“Who are you?” Jade whispered in his ear.


“I’m your new friend.” answered the masked man cryptically. Jade smiled in response even more intrigued by the mysterious figure.


Matsunami then moved behind the masked man and put her arms around the waist, sandwiching him between herself and Jade. The two girl’s moved seductively to the music.


[This might actually work!] the masked man thought to himself. He then wrapped one arm around Matsunami’s waist and the other around Jade’s. The two sexy women grinded up against him before both bending over to twerk. The young man then followed up on their moves, pumping his hips and bumping the two rotund asses with pelvic thrusts.


The atmosphere was festive and fun with everyone drinking, dancing and having a good time, even Violette. Kaede played multiple hits songs as students enjoyed her mastery of the turntables, scratching and blending multiple songs.


“AIGHT Y’ALL! I’M GONNA TAKE IT BACK OLD SCHOOL AND PLAY SOME CLASSICS!” Said the DJ before putting on a song very familiar to the masked man, ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson. He began to nod his head to the music and tap his foot on the ground, snapping his fingers in front of Matsunami and Jade. The masked man followed this up by performing a number of dance moves, emulating the iconic singer. He shuffled his feet from side to side while slightly moving his legs giving the appearance of him smoothly sliding across the dance floor. As he continued to do dance moves, other people stopped what they were doing to watch the masked youth perform.


“You’re friend has some nice moves.” Jade whispered.


“Yep there’s a lot more that he’s shown me” Matsunami replied suggestively.


♪♪ Just beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it
No one wants to be defeated
Showin’ how funky and strong is your fight
It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right
Just beat it! ♪♪


“What’s going on over there?” Nicole asked.


Nicole stood up on her toes so she could get a look.


“I think somebody is dancing over there and everyone else is watching. That’s usually what it is when there’s a group crowding on the dance floor”


“I wanna see!” Ashani remarked. A newcomer to the club scene.


More and more people gathered around to watch the masked man dance. Matsunami began to clap to the beat of the music. During the guitar solo, he did a number of moves including a 360 spin. The masked man followed this with the moonwalk. He glided across the floor with ease, mesmerizing the audience as he magically moved backwards toward Matsunami eventually moving behind her. He then grabbed her hips and slammed into her ass, mimicking the singer’s pelvic thrusts, much to Matsunami’s amusement.


Once the song ended, the next song began to play which was a rap song.


“You got this!” Matsunami whispered into the masked man’s ear.


The masked figure started doing the robot, stiffly moving his arms, turning his body and turning his waist in a rigid fashion, causing those around him to laugh. Violette, Nicole and Ashani came around to see what was happening.


“A dancing masked guy? Looks like a mascot or something!” Nicole scoffed.


“I think it’s pretty cool. I’ve never anyone do this before.” Ashani said as she watched the masked man with great interest.


The masked figure then did some dance steps which he punctuated by doing a backflip. At the landing of the flip, the masked figure dropped down and got into a push up position and kicked his feet out so that they were off of the ground. He walked around on his hands and spun himself around before doing a “Flare”, the most popular and most commonly recognized breakdancing move. He swung his legs outs while turning his hands, spinning himself around in circles. similar to a gymnast on the horse. The still gathering crowd made a big circle around him, cheering the masked man as he demonstrated the art of breaking.


“GO! GO! GO! GO!”


Matsunami initiated her own chant in support of the masked man.




The young man was smiling underneath his mask. The support and adulation he got from his peers was a feeling he had never experienced before. This encouraged him to give even more effort.


“You got a good one here Nami. The mask is so mysterious. I like it!” Jade whispered to her friend.


The masked man then did a windmill, spinning around on his shoulders like a spinning top, his legs doing the splits in the air.




“The mask guy does have some charisma. He knows how to work an audience. I’ll give him that.” Violette said to Ashani.


“He’s got moves too. He might be an animal in the bedroom.” Ashani added.


“I think the mask is like, totally silly. Is this what goes on at ‘common parties’? What do you see in this?” Nicole asked before guzzling down her drink.


“Stop being such a buzzkill Nikki.” Violette said before taking a sip of her own drink.


As the song was coming to its end, the masked man did a spinning head stand before popping up to his feet and posing with his arms crossed. The crowd erupted with cheers for the masked man as he finished.






A cavalcade of women rushed to the center of the dance floor. The guys all moved out of the way to make space for the ladies. Matsunami, Jade, Rubii, Candice, Shikijou, Leda and even Mei, Galactica and their crew joined in.


“Let’s go up there Vivi!” said Ashani while pulling her to the center of the dance floor. Violette offered no resistance, going along with her new friend.


“Let’s show them how it’s done!” Violette yelled excitedly, the alcohol in her system now taking full effect. Everyone was into it and having a good time save for Nicole who stood off to the side with her arms crossed.


Kaede then put on the classic rump shaker song ‘Baby Got Back’ before rushing to the dance floor herself.


What ensued was a twerk fest for the ages. The guys crowded around as the sexy ladies shook what their mamas gave them. They cheered, threw money and recorded the buffet of booty taking place on their phones. Matsunami performed a handstand and did the splits upside down while clapping her ass cheeks together, causing an explosion of cheers. Not wanting to be outdone Kaede grabbed a glass and put it on her massive rump before bending and twerking. The big booty DJ gyrated and clapped her ass masterfully without ever causing the glass to fall to the floor and break. Violette bent over and shook her plump rear while Ashani slapped it and simulated fucking her doggystyle. The two then switched roles.




Rubii then got down on all fours, shaking the left cheek, then the right cheek and then both simultaneously all the while making her tail dance to the pulsing rhythm of the music. Shikijou then climbed on her dragon friend’s back, getting on all fours, making a tower of ass shaking power! Kagura got on her hands and knees next to Rubii and Candice got on her back making a second tower. Lastly, Leda scaled this mountain of ass and got on top of Shikijou and Candace, making an ass shaking, super pyramid of power!


GO! GO! GO! GO! SHAKE THAT ASS BITCH!!!” chanted the guys watching.


“LOOK AT ALL THAT ASS!!!!” exclaimed the masked man to the stranger next to him which happened to be Auron.


“YES! HOW SWEET IT IS! A DELECTABLE BUFFET OF PURE DERRIERE BRILLIANCE!!!” Auron gushed, his eyes enlarged into hearts and blood running from his nose.


[What’s with him!? I thought that only happened in anime!] thought the masked youth. He stared at the chef in utter confusion and shock.


The masked man then walked to the other side of the group, his phone in hand, trying to capture the action from a different angle. Mei and Galactica then moved to the forefront in the area he had moved to, both bending over back to back. The two titans clashed ass to ass bumping their booties together, making resounding smacking sounds.


“Damn it mom!” cursed the masked man for she was obstructing his view of the other girls.




He moved spots again this time next to Eiji. Hitomi dropped down in front of where Eiji was standing and grinded her ass into his cock! The blue eyed man grabbed a hold of her and bumped her ass, practically dry humping her.


As the song came to a close all the men serenaded them with deafening cheers. Kaede returned to the DJ booth. The girls dispersed and the masked man wandered about the dance floor, looking for Matsunami. As he walked around he bumped into a woman he didn’t see, causing her to drop her purse. He bent down to pick it up for her. However while handing it back, he looked up to see an unmistakable pair of red eyes looking at him. She had long two toned pink and purple hair.


“Thank you.” said the woman while offering a smile.


The masked man gulped and his heart started beating so hard he thought it was going to explode. He was standing before his infamous first date…. It was Violette Beauregard! Anxiety had taken hold of him causing him to freeze like water in an ice tray. He struggled to keep his legs from wobbling as his mind raced back to that traumatic night.


“YOU KNOW WHERE THE DOOR IS RIGHT?” Those words echoed over and over in his mind, Violette’s last words to him two weeks ago.


Xavier began to breathe heavier and faster as sweat formed all over him. His hands and legs started to tremble…


“V Goddess: BAD DATE!!! He doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing!!!”


The feedback she left on the front page of his Linkum profile that day was a symbol of his biggest failure. Violette’s message began to pop up all around him as it populated the nightclub, all the messages played independently in a sea of noise overwhelming his senses as he began to lose his grip on his crumbling composure.


But then he remembered some valuable words from before….


You’re a fighter… what do you do when you get knocked down?


“As long as you keep moving, that’s all that matters.”


“Remember that you are SOMEONE ELSE. If you believe you are someone else, you will convince others you are someone else. In a sense, the illusion becomes reality.”


The scrolling words and the world around him completely shattered, giving way to an immense blue light that radiated around him.


[That’s it!] the young man thought to himself.


The masked man summoned all of his courage and stood tall, looking Violette squarely in the eyes as he finished handing over the purse.


“You’re very welcome miss……” said the masked man, intentionally trailing off.


“Violette.” answered the busty socialite.


“And you are?” Violette asked.


“I am… DRAGÓN FUERTE!” (Spanish for “MIGHTY DRAGON”) the masked man loudly proclaimed with unquestionable confidence. Dragón struck a pose, pointing his finger at Violette while leaning his head back. This drew the attention of Ashani, Nicole and many others nearby. They stopped what they were doing to watch what was happening.


“Come Violette!! Let’s light up the night!” the masked man declared boldly while extending his hand.


Before Violette could give her response the masked man gently took her hand, denying her the chance to say no. Violette offered zero resistance to the gesture though, intrigued by the eccentric masked figure. She walked with him as he walked along the dance floor. He placed his hand on her hip as she began to move to the music. Dragón carefully followed Violette’s steps. However, the song changed to a salsa tune.


“I don’t know how to salsa…” Violette admitted to him.


The masked man thought back to his younger years when his mother used to make him dance to latin music with her. He had to think fast or else he could bomb with her again! Dragón recalled some of the dance steps.


“It’s ok. I’ll show you miss!” Dragón said warmly with a head nod.


Dragón did a few steps, showing Violette what to do and she followed his lead. The socialite got the hang of it rather quickly. They continued to move to the song.


“Yeah, like this? It’s so catchy.”


“Feel the rhythm and let it guide you!”


Violette got more and more into it as they continued to move to the infectious music. The two toned beauty pressed her tits up against Dragón. Her nipples began to harden. The tension continued to build as Dragón held her close. The masked man’s hands ventured lower, caressing her thighs as they moved about the dance floor. Their entire side of the room took notice, stopping to watch the famous first year starlet and the mystery man. Violette looked around, observing that they were the center of attention. She could hear the ooohs, ahhs and chatter around them.


“What is it that brings you to World City?” Violette inquired.


“I am an adventurer. I go wherever the journey of life takes me. My quest has brought me to World City. And from the looks of things there are plenty of adventures here to be had!” answered Dragón, the eyes on his mask shifting slightly, creating somewhat of a grin like facial expression on the mask itself which amused Violette.


“And what about you, beautiful?” Dragón asked.


“I’m on a bit of an adventure myself. I am a student at BSU.” the busty standout revealed.


“What a place to start, but BIG adventures may be much closer than you think!” Dragón said suggestively.


Dragón then lifted up one of Violette’s legs and dipped her and then twirled her around by her hand. The spin ended with Violettes back to him.


“They say salsa is ‘Danza de La Lascivia’.” Dragón said in a smooth tone.


“And what is that?” Violette asked curiously, eager to know the meaning.


“The dance of lust.” Dragón answered while grinding up against her ass. Violette let the catchy salsa beat take her, moving her shapely ass on Dragón’s pelvis. The Dragón’s manhood began to swell, Violette felt his ever growing member extending up her skirt and up her back.


“Oooh.. You weren’t lying about that!!!” Violette cooed while looking over her shoulder at her masked dance partner.


“I can show you so much more if you’re up for it!” Dragón remarked suggestively while brushing up against her ass. Nicole’s mouth dropped as she watched her friend tango with Dragón.


“I think I’ll take you up on that!”


“It will be well worth your time.” Dragón asserted.


Just as things were getting hot and heavy, Ashani cut in pulling Dragón away. The song changed to a rap song and the princess adjusted, squatting down and twerking on Dragón. However, Ashani’s fun would be short lived as Nicole pulled her away.


“You shouldn’t let that filthy clown be all over you like that! You’re a princess!”


“Thanks mom but I am an adult.” Ashani responded sarcastically before stepping away. Dragón moved on, making his way around the dance floor until he came across Rubii. He got behind her while she bounced her ass. She then bent over and touched the floor. Dragón raised one of his legs and slammed into her juicy rear, slapping her ass with one hand while running the other hand across the top of his mask like it were hair. Rubii then turned to face him. Dragón grabbed two handfuls of her meaty ass and scooped her up in a standing carry. He held her up and dry humped her a couple of times before putting her down because of how heavy she was. Rubii then leaned in close to whisper in his ear.


“You might wanna put on more cologne next time sweetheart…” his PSA advised.


Dragón was stunned momentarily as he realized Rubii picked up on his scent. He forgot that all Beast maidens have a heightened sense of smell!


“Point taken. Thanks!” Dragón replied as he continued to dance with the red dragon.


“Don’t forget we still need to set up your ‘practice schedule’”


“We can do it after orientation.”


“Alright then. I’m gonna get some more drinks, you want one?”


“Sure, I’ll take a long island. I heard those are pretty good.” Dragón requested. Rubii nodded in acknowledgment.


“I’ll be over there.” pointed out the masked man.


As Dragon walked away from Rubii, he noticed another giant, her head of long orange hair was far above everyone else making it possible for Dragón to notice her. The tiny man remembered his conversation with Brass from earlier where he had promised to see her there. At the same time, Kaede then got on the mic again.




The room got dark and a bright spotlight then shone on to the spiraling steps to the VIP area. Koko came down the steps dressed in a sexy tropical queen outfit which was appropriate for the setting. She wore a grass mini skirt along but was completely topless, her impressive tits on display for everyone to see, her nipples only partially covered by a lei style flower necklace. Her waist, wrists and ankles were adorned with a bejeweled belly chain, diamond bracelets as well as anklets. On her head was a crown like wreath made of the rarest tropical flowers. The wearing of the crown was a direct challenge to other BSU recruits whom she knew were in attendance. Security created a path for Koko on the dance floor which lead to the stage. A pair of models trailed behind the fox as she advanced toward the stage, dropping rose petals at her feet. This entrance was definitely intended to send a message to her competition. Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch the fox princess do her thing on stage. Big screen monitors lowered from the ceiling in every room of the Black Diamond to broadcast her performance. Ladies and fellas all over the building exploded as she took the stage.




The sexy foxgirl then began her song. It was like the temperature in the room had gone up. All of the men in the club grabbed a woman to dance with her sensuous melody and Dragón was no exception. He walked up to the amazon seeing that she didn’t yet have a dance partner, pushing his way through to get to the orange haired giant first. Dragón grabbed her shapely hips to get Brass’ attention, causing her to turn and look down at him.


“¿Bailamos??” (Spanish for “Shall We dance?“) Dragón asked in a self assured tone. Brass had already seen Dragón earlier while he was break dancing and the sudden Spanish phrase drew her interest even more. Dragón grabbed Brass’ hand and twirled her around with her stopping so that she was facing him.


“Such a uniquely beautiful woman shouldn’t be without a dance partner!” Dragón remarked.


“Aren’t you just the charmer?” Brass replied as she began to dance with Dragón. The two moved along to the mid tempo beat and Koko’s silky yet powerful vocals.


“As are you Miss…..?”


“Brass.” answered with a smile.


“Your name is a reflection of you!” Dragon complimented, playing off of his previous comment about her uniqueness.


“So Dragón, you’re a mystery man. I wonder who’s behind the mask?” Brass said curious about the man in front of her.


“Mystery is part of the fun and wonder of living! You must be full of mysteries yourself.” Dragon told her.


“We all wear masks in one way or another and we each have our own mysteries to uncover.” Dragon replied while moving closer to the giant.


That remark made Brass think about what had brought her here for she had worn her own mask, and only recently was starting to tear it off. Brass had once been timid and ashamed of her height, fearing that it would forever prevent people from taking her singing ambitions seriously. She never believed that she could achieve her goals and instead took whatever was available to hold down a job. But now she was on a different path. Through attending BSU, Brass now has a chance to pursue her dream.


She glanced over at Koko on the stage for a few seconds before looking back down at Dragón.


“That’s actually right! I never thought of things like that.” Brass admitted, her interest in the masked man at its peak.


♪♪ “Sex with me, so amazing!
All this hard work, no vacation!
Stay up off my Linkum, pure temptation!
Sex with me, So amazing! sex with me, so amazing!” sang Koko, wiggling her hips seductively.


While singing the chorus to the song Koko, dropped down to her knees and started pretending to suck on the microphone like it was a dick. The fox was liberated by her new persona, no longer restricted by having to maintain a squeaky clean Disney teen idol image. Brass looked up again at Koko on the stage, observing the cheers, the admiration that the fox drew from the audience amazed by it.


“Are you a fan?” Dragón asked, noticing that Brass continued to glance up at the stage.


“Yeah, you could say that, but I’m a singer myself too.” Brass confessed with a starry eyed expression.


“I would like to hear you sing.” Dragón remarked.


“Well we can arrange that sometime…” Brass whispered to him while leaning in close.


Koko closed the song by lying face down on the stage floor, thrusting her hips against the floor and bounced her ass up and down, driving the entire club into a frenzy. In a single performance Koko had raised her stock and built up everyone’s anticipation. The women wanted to be her and the men wanted to be with her. She had the crowd eating out of the palm of her hand, roaring for her as she got back to her feet. The superstar held the microphone outward picking up the raucous cheers for her.




“You will I promise! You don’t have to wait much longer. Great things take time!” Koko teased


“Thank you all! But for now LETS PARTY!” Koko screamed before smacking her ass and exiting the stage.


“I’ll be back!” Brass promised before pushing her way off to the side of the stage.


Koko walked by Brass while making her way to the stairs, slapping hands with her, not knowing this was potential competition. She assumed the tall woman was just a fan.


[I will do it. I will become superstar myself!] Brass thought.


Matsunami, Jade, Eiji and Hitomi were in the direction Dragón had pointed out to Rubii previously. After Brass departed, Dragón went to where his friends were.


“Mind if I join in? You look pretty outnumbered here!” remarked the masked man to Eiji before pulling Matsunami over to him.


“Having fun?” the brunette questioned,


“Yeah, I think it’s working.”


“See, I told you it wasn’t gonna kill you to come.”


“Thanks for the idea. I owe you.”


Kaede then came on the mic again.




Everyone in the club who had a drink in their hand held it up. Those who didn’t quickly grabbed a shot from the bar. Rubii returned and gave Dragón his drink. Brass followed, carrying a bottle of champagne she bought from one of the drink girls walking around, meeting up with Dragon and company.


“NOW IMMA COUNT DOWN FROM 3. WHEN I GET TO 1, I WANT EVERYBODY TO SCREAM SPLASH!” Kaede instructed. Dragón partially raised up his mask just enough to expose his mouth to drink.




“SPLLLAAAAAASSSSHHH!” roared the entire club. Dragón, Matsunami, Jade, Eiji, Brass, Auron, Diana, Leda, Rubii, Shikijou, Candice, Kagura, Hitomi, Koko, Eric, Violette, Ashani, Nicole, Mei, Galactica, Tian, Tasha, Eve and even Saitou all guzzled down their alcoholic beverage. It was indeed the end of the summer and once again time for another grinding year of University.


“TO SUCCESS!” Kaede screamed.


“SUCCESS!” responded everyone in Black Diamond.


After the toast, the festivities continued with everyone having a great time. BSU’S students danced, drank and socialized into the wee hours of the morning. At closing time, some filtered out to the beach to keep the party going while others retired to their rooms to cap the night off with sex. Mei left with Galactica meaning Dragón would have his room to himself. The masked man left the club arm in arm with Matsunami.


“You wanna hear some wild shit?” he asked.




“My mom is into to girls. I saw her kissing some chick with purple and pink hair! This whole time I didn’t know.”


“Yeah her name is Galactica she’s pretty famous on the escort circuit. She’s in VERY high demand.” the brunette explained


“So my mom is buying hookers!?”


“Yep sounds like it!” Matsunami nodded and laughed.


“So that might be why she’s gone so much at “work.” I never imagined she had a thing for prostitutes.


“I guess we know where the beast in you comes from.” Matsunami giggled.


“I don’t even wanna think about that.” Dragón said while shaking his head.


The two continued to laugh and joke until they arrived at Dragón’s room. Matsunami entered as well, hanging the do not disturb sign on the door knob after walking in.



(9:00 A.M., the next morning, 2 DAYS UNTIL BSU ORIENTATION)


Xavier woke up with a slight headache having had one too many drinks at the party. However, the party didn’t end for him after leaving the club. Matsunami was laying next to him completely nude. However his stirring woke her up. The young man sat staring out of the glass balcony doors in thought. Matsunami sat up behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist and pressing her tits up against his back.


“What’s on your mind hun?”


“1 day left until orientation. I put in a lot of work to be accepted into a major university… I don’t know what to expect. I have butterflies I guess.”


“You’re not the only one. I got recommended and I’m still a little nervous. You don’t have to go it alone. As long as you have friends there’s always someone to lean on. And one of these days a friend might need to lean on you. Even me.” Matsunami pointed out with a smile.


“I guess I have made a couple of friends in the last 2 weeks. Thank you for your help Nami. You’re a lifesaver.”


“You’re welcome. Don’t forget what I told you. I’m here if you need someone to talk to.” Matsunami assured.


Xavier’s phone rang at that moment. The caller ID revealed it was his mother calling.




“Good Morning Javi! I will be there in about 20 minutes. It’s almost time to check out. My bags are packed already.”


“Alright I’ll have the bell man take them to the lobby. Don’t worry about calling a ride, I’ll take care of it.”


“Alright, I’ll meet you down there. I love you son!”


“Love you too mom!” Xavier replied before hanging up.


“I guess we gotta get out of here before they charge us another day.”


“Same here, Jade is probably waiting for me. Mind if I use your shower?”


“Not at all.”


While Matsunami showered and changed, Xavier quickly packed his bags and had the bell man come load them up along with his mother’ belongings. Matsunami came out of the bathroom dressed and drying her hair with a towel.


“Well I guess this is it. The summer is over.”


“Yeah, orientation is almost here. Are you ready?”


“Nope, but I’ll figure it out along the way” Xavier replied with a slight grin.


“I still have some stuff I have to get done on the campus today.” stated the brunette.


“I guess I’ll see ya at orientation then.”


Matsunami and Xavier hugged and shared another kiss before she turned to leave the room. Xavier gave her one last smack on her ass she left which she returned before waving bye. Xavier acknowledged by giving his two finger salute.


Xavier hugged his mom as he met her in the lobby.


“You need to respond to my texts Pequeño.” chided Xavier’s mother.


“I got caught up with some things yesterday.”


“I heard…..” Mei said with a sigh.


“It’s okay, I’m feeling better. We can talk about it later. Our ride is here!” Responded the son after hearing his phone vibrate in his pocket.


Mother and son walked outside to find Takiko standing next to her truck with the doors and trunk open. Mei chuckled as she watched her son interact with the driver, having suspected there was something between them.


“How long were you gonna make me wait asshole?!” The teal haired woman asked with a playful smile.


“Sorry, there was a long wait at the elevators.” Xavier tried to explain.


[I knew it! Javi knew this driver all along!] Mei thought to herself recalling both Takiko’s kind demeanor and Xavier’s nervousness around her on their way to the resort days ago.


“Take the stairs next time dickhead!!!” Takiko chuckled while getting in the car. Xavier loaded the bags into the trunk while Mei sat in the backseat. Xavier sat in the passenger seat next to Takiko, confirming his mother’s suspicions.


[You’re growing up quickly son. It’s time to show them all the man you’ve become.] Mei thought to herself.


Xavier reflected on the last two weeks, the good and the bad as he was driven home.


[Mom, Grandad, Grandma… I couldn’t be here without your support. I will make it for you guys and make you proud, but more importantly I will make it for me!] he thought to himself.


Over the last 3 days, Xavier had experienced both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat but he had learned about himself and found inspiration to keep going, leading to the creation of Dragón Fuerte. With orientation on the horizon, the most promising class of freshmen recruits in the university’s history was ready to assemble. In just 48 hours, it would be time to welcome these individuals to BSU!

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

A phenomenal artwork to end a phenomenal arc. The position is something not seen before and is really sexy, especially with Matsunami being the lady of the hour, in her first artwork since the beginning of the Saphire SPLASH Arc. It’s just overall good to see such a nice conclusion, beginning the arc with Xavier at an all time high because of his recent succes in the sex world and ending with Matsunami having to cheer him on because of the reveal, that he isn’t as big of a guy, as he thought he is. This artwork however, is not with-out it’s flaws. Most notably, I think Xaviers dick is far too small when you compare it to previous artworks of him, Xavier looks also just a little bit too small in general (either that or Matsunami has gotten much bigger over the course of the arc. So much that she almost is double the size of Xavier!). I am also not a great fan of his expression, he looks far to wimpy and I know where he is coming from but still… The knowing look in Matsunami’s face however, is something really sexy and I love the way her hand caresses Xaviers dong. I really dig the choice you made for her makeup, it looks absolutely stunning, not only on her but also on Xaviers dark skin. The cum version is nothing particularly notewor-thy but still looks good, with some of the spunk dangling from her (freshly pierced) nipples. Interesting to see that the condoms not just spawn from the ground, but that the people buy and transport them on their own, but in the end don’t bother to use them anyway xd. All the other details look great as usual and provide realism to the artwork. The parachute flyer is one such example, which I absolutely love, because it gives the sense that they are on a beach with many people around them, something that can’t be said for other pics, where it seems like the people fucking are the only ones on the beach. Great artwork to end an arc.

Beginning with Xavier in search for a disguise after his public humiliation at the hands of Koko was a really nice choice and it lead to some interesting scenes. One such is the wet T-shirt contest, where he cheered for Brass, which she won at the end (still disapointed, that Brass is the only girl we saw performing. It could have felt much more earned, if we had seen the stuff, the other girls could do with their tits.) His interaction with the amazo-nian woman was also really good and lead to him going to the Black Diamond night club. Afterwards, we had our first real view (well, sort of) of Jade during the MIGHTY MOUTH-FULS BLOWJOB CONTEST. Great fan of her personality and that she won’t let herself get distracted from a huge dick blowjob, just because some girl in the internet said, that he is not worth it. More on the sidline was the small sidestory with Eiji, where he came in contact with a mysterious woman and a small pink business card. I’m not sure if Xaviers need to buy jewelry for girls is romantic or simply a little bit cheap, when you consider that he has done the exact same thing for Maihime a couple of chapters prior. I know that he is this kind of man and isn’t exactly experienced with the whole having a girlfriend thing but still, I think it would have been better if the jewelry thing was simply a Maihime thing and that he came up with something different for Matsunami (the necklace is beautiful though). Not a big fan of how the flashback was presented. I mean, it makes sense for him to tell her but a monologue about a tragic past is still a monologue in the end. At this point I should also mention that I’m not a fan of underdogs. While I was basically one myself long ago (bullied because too fat/socialy akward/etc. ), I don’t like them in the slightest, simply because they get something that sets them appart from everything else sooner or later. To be fair, Xavier is handled much better than many other underdog shonen protagonists, simply because he doesn’t have something like that (his big dick aside, which other men in this universe also have). The brilliant thing about this chapter is, that the amazing sex scene with Xavier in the middle was not the best part, which is absolutely absurd since it’s one of the best sex scenes of the series so far and the first instance where Xavier makes some dirty talk during all the fucking. The best part was without a doubt the twerk scene in the Black Diamond night club with all the named and unnamed girls of the arc so far, which Xavier witnesses in his alter ego: Dragòn Fuerte, something Matsunami came up with at the end of their sex on the beach. It was a really great way to end the arc, especi-ally with Dragòn Fuerte’s interactio with numerous girls, most notably Violette who is amazed by this masked mans appearance. Big “ooof” however for Eric and Eiji with both of them witnessing, that their goal (Diana) already has a date in the form of Auron to dance with. A bit strange that during her introduction there was such a big entourage around her but now, in the night club there are seemingly no bodyguards around Ashani, the Princess of Porn, aside for maybe Saitou, who was quickly able to find out that DF is Xavier in disguise and give him some advice, how to create a second persona. Great story to end an arc.

A very solid chapter overall. And while I’m not a big fan of underdogs or how Xaviers backstory was presented in it (there are better ways to show, then just let him whine it out on Matsunamis shoulder). DF might also be a bit too cringy for me but hey, it is a natural conclusion to his lose two chapters prior and it makes sense why he does it.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Good morning! Glad you enjoyed both the picture and the chapter. lets talk about the artwork first. In regards to the character sizes Matsunami is a big girl, she’s almost 6 feet tall and has a very thicc build. Xavier is only 5’2 in height. In general the women in BSU are larger than women in the real world we live in. I agree with you on Matsunami’s appearance. She is mesmerizing here. In regards to Xavier’s facial expression its there to reflect his thoughts somewhat. He has a different relationship with Matsunami than he does most girls hes encountered. He is still very enchanted and bewitched by her. That face is him trying to keep himself composed.

Now for the chapter. Here I was trying to follow Xavier around while he is trying to accomplish the of getting the necklace. On his quest he runs into others like Brass and Jade. Jade didn’t dismiss Xavier because of she trusts Matsunami’s opinion over what is being spread over social media. Over the course of X walking to the store he is debating in his mind whether he should go to the party or not. This is why the sex scene is where it is.

He wanted to express his gratitude to her for the support she’s shown him so far. He bought the necklace for her as a friend, however I do believe there is some romantic chemistry between them. X has limited knowledge about buying gifts for women, jewelry was his go to becsuse this is what hes seen other people do in real life and on TV. He talks to Matsunami about his problems because at the current time having a woman in his peer group helps him adjust to the new circumstances hes dealing with his life, especially since she’s already in the business. He hasn’t had someone be a friend to him the way she is doing so its a comfort thing for him.

I tried to deliver as much lusty sweet lovin action in the sex scene as I could. The two have very strong chemistry and X is very comfortable with Matsunami so he was more animated with the dirty talk and all which he typically doesnt do.

The party was the highlight for me. I was trying to have a big event where all the characters who have appeared so far were present. I actually got the idea for the dance stuff from an old childhood movie i liked. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 lol. There was a scene at the end where the turtles were in club dancing with vanilla ice.

Dragon Fuerte is meant to be over the top in a way. It is a manifestation of what Xavier wants to be in terms of status and respect. With the mask he has a bit of freedom to try and be who he wants without fear. Glad you liked the chapter and thank you for supporting my writing.

5 years ago

Nice that brass was able to win a contest of her own. Neat having a mention of Jade but unfortunate her first encounter/scene didn’t get a pic of it’s own. A steamy scene with Matsunami that ended nicely i thought, having the ending decrsibe like in the pic with the cum locations on her upper body followed by fellatio. Hot having Mei making out with other women in public. Cute having Diana dance with Auron, letting the two chefs have some innocent fun. and wicked having all the girls swarm the floor for some dancing fun of their own making a big scene as they show off their moves together.