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Carnal Carnival Giant Encounter

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)

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(August 18th, 7:30 A.M., 9 DAYS UNTIL BSU ORIENTATION)




Soapy water ran down Matsunami’s curves as she received some early morning wood in the shower. Xavier was pounding her rapidly from behind like a Lion in the middle of mating season. Having been in there for 30 minutes their morning session was nearing its end.




Matsunami’s legs quivered as she reached the peak of sexual bliss, a feeling so strong that she had to lean on the wall of the shower to keep her from dropping to the ground. Xavier rested his head on her back as he shot her up with another warm load of his seed. Warm water washed away the cum that ran down her thighs. Matsunami then turned to face Xavier, speaking only two words.


“I’m hungry.” declared Matsunami calmly before pressing her lips against his.



(1 hour later)


On the table was a glorious spread of food including sausage, eggs, bacon, hash brown potatoes, ham, and french toast. Xavier finished up the French toast while Matsunami poured the orange juice. The two sat down to eat. To Xavier’s surprise, Matsunami was a glutton just like he was. He watched on as she destroyed everything on her plate at a quickened pace.


“That was fast…” remarked Xavier as he started to eat.


“I eat fast and I eat a lot! My work drains a lot of energy. I gotta eat keep my strength up! There’s more to stripping than what you see on the stage.” The vixen responded with a grin.


“Like what?” asked the curious young man before taking another bite of food.


“I spend hours of practicing my routines at home, writing, and making up new routines and moves to use on stage; and I have to go to gym regularly to keep my body in shape. It’s a lot of work.” She said with a nod.


“And I really appreciate your hard work!” quipped Xavier while drawing her curves in the air with his fork and knife.


“Glad to know you care so much!” joked Matsunami while pointing her knife at Xavier from across the table.


At that moment the alarm sounded on the dryer in the laundry room. Matsunami’s clothes were dry. She had been wearing one of Mei’s bathrobes that Xavier let her borrow up to that point. After they finished their meal, Matsunami got dressed. Xavier didn’t know when his mother would return home so he had to drop Matsunami off soon.


“You can drop me off at my friend’s house.” requested” Matsunami while getting into the car.


“Sure thing!” replied Xavier with a nod.



(10 minutes later)


Xavier and Matsunami pulled up to her friend’s apartment complex near Sapphire Shores and she got out of the car.


“Call me when you’re on your way to pick me up tonight!” yelled Matsunami, making a phone sign by her face as she walked away from the car.


“I will!” responded the spike haired youth.


Matsunami waved and blew a kiss at him as she walked away.



(2 hours later)


Xavier’s phone rang, interrupting an online session of Super Smash Bros. Eternal. Matsunami’s face flashed on the screen which encouraged him to answer with excitement.


“Hey beautiful.” answered Xavier while still playing.


“Hey X, I got called into work tonight. Six girls called in sick today with a stomach virus. I think it might be from the food catering… Ms. Peaches is scrambling to find people to fill in for tonight and she really needs me.”


“Damn that’s bad! When do you have to go in?” asked Xavier eagerly.


“I have to be there at noon a couple of hours from now.” Answered the brunette dancer.


“What time do you get off?” inquired Xavier anxiously.


“Probably not till 11 or midnight. I won’t be able to make it to the Carnal Carnival tonight.” informed Matsunami in a low tone.


” ………okay.” responded the teen in a deflated tone of voice.


“I’m sorry X! I’ll make it up to you. Next one is on me.” promised the apologetic brunette.


“Heh, Imma remember you said that!” joked the auburn haired youth.


“Anyways, Go get that money Nami. I hope you have a big night. And don’t eat the food!”


“I’m gonna try! Theres a lot of delicious food where I work!” replied Matsunami with a grin.


“See ya later” greeted Xavier to close out the call.


“Bye.” responded Matsunami before hanging up the phone.


Though he was disappointed that Matsunami had to cancel, he was still feeling optimistic about his back up plan.


“Not a problem! I’ll ask Mai if she wants to go!” exclaimed the optimistic young man as he typed a text message.


Xavier: Ay Babe, I got 2 tickets to the Carnal Carnival tonight. You wanna go with me?


Maihime: Sorry bae, I’m spending the day with my dad. He’s off for today. I don’t get much time to hang out with him so I can’t do tonight. Maybe another time?


Xavier: Ok. Have fun. TTYL


Having already paid for the tickets online, he was facing the prospect of going by himself or not going at all.


“Sigh…I guess I’ll stay home. I don’t wanna go by myself…” Xavier said with a dejected demeanor.


“You don’t want to go where by yourself?” asked Mei, Xavier’s mother, as she stepped into his room.


“The Carnal Carnival. I was gonna take a friend but she called a few minutes ago and told me she got called in for work and can’t make it. I already got the ticket so I asked my other friend if she wanted to go. She’s hanging out with her father today because she doesn’t get to see him much.” explained the son before a brief pause.


“So how about it mom, you wanna go with me!? The carnival is only in town for a couple of days. It’ll be fun!” Asked Xavier. The disappointment in his voice had given way to excitement.


“POR SUPUESTO! (Spanish for “of course!”) I’d love to go with you.” Answered the sympathetic mother.


“Sweet! Its been a while since we got to hang out!” Remarked Xavier in a spirited tone.


Mother and son both jumped up and high fived each other.


“It’ll just be like old times! remember when I took you to ‘Dragon Ball on Ice’ when you were just a wee Niño?” asked Mei.


“It won’t be exactly like old times, this is an adult show. It’s like a circus but all the performers are naked women.” responded the young man.


“I know what it is. Papi took me on a date to one when we were around your age. I think it’ll be fun! I might even see someone I wanna take home!” joked Mei while shaking her hips back and forth.


“HAHAHA… sure… Alright! let’s see if you do!” replied Xavier while laughing nervously.


“I’m gonna take a little nap honey. Wake me up an hour before it’s time to go.” yawned the blonde milf, tired from working a lot.


Xavier’s phone rang once more as Mei left the room. At first, he only looked at it. Out of curiosity ,he picked up the phone just to see who it was. As he looked at the screen he saw Sara’s name and photo pop up. He knew he had to accept the call!


“Hello?” answered Xavier after answering the phone.


“Hello, Mr. Williams, this is Professor Reed from BSU. We spoke a few days ago on the 13th during your interview. I would like to meet with you again. Are you available tomorrow?” asked the professor.


“Y-yeah of course!” answered the rookie student.


“Alright, meet me at my office at the main campus tomorrow morning at 9.” instructed the professor.


“Alright!” acknowledged the youth.


“I look forward to speaking with you again, Mr. Williams.” stated the blonde.


“I’ll see you tomorrow, professor.” replied the teenager nervously.


“Goodbye.” greeted Sara before hanging up the phone.


Xavier shuddered as he hung up the phone, a sudden cold feeling taking over his body.


“What could she want to talk to me about so soon?! What if she changed her mind about me attending!!!” worried Xavier as he sat on the couch.


“Don’t jump to conclusions X! maybe its not that bad? Maybe she wants to see if you banged any girls since the interview with her? like a status report.” thought to himself while turning on the TV.


Xavier turned on and played Super Smash Bros. Eternal to ease his mind which was full of worry and doubt. He decided to use his best tag-team combo of Bowsette and Goku to defeat his online opponents.



(8 hours later)


Xavier and Mei took their seats in the massive World’s End Arena, where the Carnal Carnival was being held. The lights dimmed as the show kicked off with Tina the tiger whisperer, a trainer of lions and tigers. Both Xavier and Mei looked on intently. The Ooos and Ahhs of the audience filled the arena as one amazing performance came after another, each better than the last. Xavier came to appreciate the carnival and how it earned every bit of it’s acclaimed reputation. After a couple of hours of acts, there was a 20 minute intermission to allow audience members to get concessions and use the restroom.


“Mom, I’m gonna go to the bathroom and get some snacks, you want anything?” asked the teenage son.


“Get me a large popcorn, loaded nachos and a Piña Colada Icee…. And DON’T FORGET extra butter on the popcorn!” instructed the curvy mom as Xavier walked away.


“I KNOW!” yelled the young man in response.


“Hopefully there isn’t a huge line. The act I came here to see is next after the intermission.” thought the eager fan as he ran to the concession stand.


Meanwhile, Mei received a phone call from her friend and colleague Tia. Mei enabled the video feed to see eachother.


“They delivered the new furniture, and the office equipment arrived.” informed Tia.


“That was supposed to be here this FUCKING MORNING!!!!!” replied Mei, frustration seeping through the call. “These delivery guys…”


“The delivery crew is standing by to move everything in. We need you here to tell them how you want everything set up.” responded Tia.


“I’m trying to spend some time with my son before he moves out for school!” stressed Mei. “Can’t you PERSUADE them to do it later??”


“I could tell them to come back another time but they’re gonna charge you for another delivery…” explained Tia with a frown.


“Fine…I need someone to pick me up at the World’s End Arena. I’m gonna leave the keys with Javi so he can finish watching the show.


“Natasha is on her way.” replied Tia.


“I’ll meet her at the front entrance.”


As Mei finished her call, Xavier returned both hands full of snacks and drinks.


“Javi, I got a call from Tia. It’s urgent. Mama’s gotta work again.” relayed Mei in a defeated tone.


Xavier’s eyes lowered briefly showing he was somewhat affected by this new development. Another disappointing turn of events in a day full of them.


“I’m leaving the car with you. Tasha is coming to pick me up.” noted Mei.


“Here, take this. I know you haven’t eaten today mom.” suggested Xavier while offering her the snacks she asked for.


“Thanks…Just be patient, I’m taking some days off soon. We will be able to hang out without BS like this happening…” promised Mei as she grabbed the nachos and Icee from him.


“Alright, see you when I get back.” replied Xavier.


Mei then gave X a big hug, squeezing him tightly with no care that they were in public. His face was pressed into her enormous boobs, making it near impossible to speak or breathe.


“Te amo mi pequeño Rey!” (Spanish for “I love you my little king!”)


“MOMMMM UR EMMWWARASSING ME!!” uttered the mortified youth in a rather muffled tone.


Mei let go of her grip but demanded a response to her last statement of affection. Other patrons including several women smiled and giggled at Mei’s antics.


“Say it back!”


“C’MON MOOOOM!….” whined the young man in protest, noticing that they were making a scene.


“If you don’t I’m gonna hug you again and yell so that everyone looks at us.” threatened Mei with smirk.


“Love you mom.” stated Xavier, giving in to Mei’s demand.


Mei made her way towards the exit as the lights dimmed for the 2nd half of the show. Xavier took his seat and focused all of his attention on the stage, although sitting next to an empty seat in a crowded arena was a bit lonely. The stage curtains opened to reveal a new set. This stage set had been designed to look like an industrial/construction setting with chain link fencing on the side areas of the stage along with numerous yellow signs with warning labels such a “hard hat area”. There were multiple stands with concrete and metal blocks on them.


“Ladies and Gentlemen its time to begin part two of the Carnal Carnival. Kicking things off, we have a one of a kind treat for you. The Spectacular Songstress, The Colossal Crooner, The Dynamic Diva. Please welcome to the stage, The 7 foot 3 Amazing Amazon…… BRASSSSSSS JAZZSINGERRRRRR!!!!!


A ravishing giant dressed in yellow took the stage as the music hit. She wore a yellow skirt along with a yellow patch style bikini top which was on the verge of snapping due to her gigantic mega melons. She also wore Yellow jacket with black stripes going down the sleeves. Her boots matched her jacket and went up to her THICC thighs. Her miniskirt hugged her wide hips, showing off her hips and thighs in all their glory. The Amazon’s eyes were an emerald green hidden behind tinted gold framed glasses. Her hair, styled in a high ponytail hung down her back from underneath a tall top hat.


“SHE’S A 10/10 WOWEE!!!!” yelled Xavier in awe of the giant’s beauty.


Brass sang and danced in unison, neither action interfering with the other. She was rather agile for her size, executing every dance step perfectly while never missing a note.


“She can sing too!” thought Xavier to himself as he stared at the performer on stage.


She then made her way to the line blocks stopping at the first platform before taking off her jacket. The giantess leaned back and then flung her torso forward, slamming her tits into the cinder block. Not only did it break in half, but it shattered into several pieces. Brass repeated this on the other blocks even breaking one made of steel. The crowd roared in approval to her talents, with multiple chants going on at once.






She continued to sing more songs as she displayed another skill with her talented tits. The giantess flexed her pectoral chest muscle, making her boobs bounce up and down in sync with the beat of the music. Brass masterfully did the boobie dance alternating between left and right, both at the same time and even knocking them together.


“HOLY SHIT!!!” Xavier yelled, he was blown away by what he was seeing.


The Songstress became enamored with the love shown by the audience and performed 5 more songs on her set losing track of the time.


“WOW!!! SHE’S STEALING THE SHOW!” remarked Xavier, staring at her body as he listened to her sing.


A figure could be seen in the background motioning the giantess to wrap up her act as Brass briefly looked over her shoulder. She finished the song she was on and stopped to a standing ovation.


“YOU KILLED IT BRASS!!!” screamed the auburn haired young man, clapping his hands feverishly while cheering her own.


“THANK YOU ALL FOR THE LOVE YOU’VE SHOWN ME!!!” stated Brass as she addressed the wildly cheering fans.


She then turned her head to the back of the stage.


“NOW FOLLOW THAT!!!” asserted the giantess into the microphone before dropping it and exiting the stage.


The show continued after the Amazon’s performance with other acts including Anges Du Luna and the Headliner of the show Danielle Copafeel. However, These acts fell short since Brass was the defining performance of the night. Xavier could only think about the orange haired vocalist for the rest of show.



(1 hour later)


After the show was over, Xavier waded through the crowd of fans, many of which swarmed the main stage area seeking autographs and selfies.


Brass was at the center of the chaos signing pictures and snapping pics with her fans, which ranged from teenaged boys to young adult men in their mid to late 20s. It had been an exhausting day for the amazon singer which consisted of copious hours of preparation. In all she did 3 performance rehearsals, hair and make up sessions and pre-signing merchandise to be sold at the event which took up all of her time prior to going on stage for her show. Having done all of this, Brass still stayed to engage fans long after Danielle Copafeel and the other acts had left. Along with meeting with her own fans, she was truly devoted to her craft, however it was the shows promoter who reaped the benefits.


“Thank you everyone for coming to see my show!” exclaimed the singer in a manufactured cheerful tone.


“CAN YOU TAKE A PICTURE WITH ME?” asked a 17 year old teen while holding up a plastic model like sculpture of Brass that he had made.


“Sure!!” replied Brass before posing for a selfie.


The orange-haired boobie dancer continued her meet and greet with fans for over an hour, making sure every fan that wanted an autograph, a picture with her, or just a minute to speak to her got the opportunity. She barely had the energy to even smile but forced it anyway.


“THANK YOU FOR COMING TO SEE MY SHOW!! I APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT!!!!” boomed Brass in an enthusiastic tone while blowing kisses to the crowd.


She had finally met with the last fan. Having worked all day, she was weary and hungry.


“Finally! I’m done for the night.” sighed Brass, relieved that the show was over.


Brass left the then empty stadium and started on her way. The young woman walked past the trailers set up where the performers stayed, at the edge of the arena’s massive parking lot.


Lets see where I can go to get somethin’ to eat.‘ thought the sultry vocalist as she ventured into the city streets.


She wandered around, passing burger joints, burrito stands, delis and other establishments until saw something that fit her taste.


“OOOH! A ramen shop!” bellowed the orange haired amazon as she looked at a sign that said Harahara! Ramen. (Japanese for “Exciting Ramen”)


The small nondescript ramen bar was modeled after Ichiraku Ramen, the restaurant from the popular manga/anime series “Naruto”. Brass was in awe how World City had many gimmicky stores and restaurants that emulate iconic establishments from various pop culture media. For example, before arriving to the arena, she recalled passing a gas station titled the “Kwik-E-Mart” from the television show “The Simpsons”.


Brass entered the establishment which was pretty busy at the time. The walls were very colorful and painted with ancient Japanese ukiyo-e style artwork which was reminiscent of the paintings that illustrated the events of old Japanese folk tales. A waitress sat Brass the last available table. The tall young woman attracted numerous awkward stares from other patrons, for her head was nearly touching the ceiling. Brass browsed through the menu intrigued by the wide selection of options.


“HMMMM…. I think I’ll take the Naruto!” requested brass to the waitress as she put her menu down.


Meanwhile Xavier didn’t go home immediately after the show ended. He called his mom to let her know the show was over while cruising around the city.


“Mom.” spoke Xavier into the phone


“Qué lo qué pequeño!” (Spanish for “What up little one!”) answered Mei.


“The show is over, you need me to come pick you up?”


“Nah, I’m fine. Tia is gonna give me a ride home. She’s helping me set up my new office. How was the show?”


“Brass Jazzsinger was the BEST PART of the show!” rejoiced Xavier in an ecstatic tone of voice.


“How was the main event?” asked the eager to know mom.


“It was alright but magicians aren’t really my thing.”


“You’ve been at work a lot lately is everything okay at the job?” asked Xavier with concern in his voice.


“Yeah, just going through a bit of an expansion. I’m going to be the head of my own division. I have to screen resumes and hire more staff. I’ve had a lot of interviews lately. On top of that, the building is being configured so I gotta be here for furniture and equipment to be delivered.” clarified the flourishing businesswoman.


“So when do I get to see your new office?” questioned the teen.


“You will eventually, its just things are very hectic right now. I’m sorry that I’ve been gone so much. I’m going to take some days off soon and I’ll have a surprise for you!” confessed the busy mom.


“A SURPRISE!? TELL ME WHAT IT IS!” insisted the son.


“You will see when the time comes.” answered Mei in a rather childish teasing tone.


“C’MON! I GOTTA KNOW!!!” demanded the young man.


“That will ruin the surprise.. It will be fun. Until then you can wonder.” stated the mother matter-of-factly.


“Fine.” huffed the boy in an annoyed tone.


Mei couldn’t help but laugh at his response. “HAHA!” giggled Mei while plugging up a newly installed printer.


“Well, I’m gonna get back to setting things up here. The girls don’t wanna be here all night.” explained Mei.


“Alright, I’m gonna get something to snack on and then I’m going home. Love you mom.”


Te Amo pequeño! (Spanish for “I love you little one!”)” replied Mei before hanging up.


Xavier cruised around the city looking for a place he could go to eat. He drove past a few chain restaurants, sports bars and dives.


“Burgers and fries….Nah! Tacos, Maybe another time. steak, had that the other day.


He then took notice of Harahara!! Ramen to the left of him.


“That looks good, never had REAL ramen before.” stated the young man while pulling into the parking lot and at the next available spot.


Xavier walked in to see the ramen bar was packed, nearly to the building capacity. He scanned the area to look for an empty spot at the bar or a table to sit at. There was nothing open, however, he stumbled upon good fortune nonetheless. Xavier saw a giant orange haired woman sitting down at a table, her head down as she played Candy Smash on her cell phone.




“There will be about a 30 minute wait, sir.” informed the waitress.


“It’s okay, I’m with her.” responded the scar faced young man while pointing to Brass.


There’s no turning back now, you gotta do it!‘ thought the young man to himself.


Xavier approached Brass’ table and greeted her.


“Excuse me miss? You’re Brass Jazzsinger aren’t you?” uttered Xavier to Brass politely.


Brass looked up and put her phone down when she heard him speak.


“Sorry to bother you, I really enjoyed your show earlier…. I think you should be the main event!”


“Why thank you! Did you want a selfie or an autograph?” asked the hungry amazon.


“I actually came here to eat but the waitress said it would be a 30 minute wait. So I just figured I’d say hi while I’m waiting for a table.” answered the auburn haired young man.


“I don’t mind if you sit with me. I’ve had dinner with one of my fans before.” replied the orange haired young lady.


“Awesome! My name is Xavier. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” remarked the youth while sitting down across from Brass.


“Nice to meet you, I’m Bonfilia!” informed the heavy chested performer as she reached across the table.


“That’s your real name?” asked Xavier while gently shaking her hand.


“Yeah, that’s who I am off the clock. Brass is who I’m paid to be as a performer.”


The young man held on to Brass’ hand for an extended period of time, taking in the feeling of her soft, silky skin. Brass didn’t pull away from him, however, this would be interrupted by a waitress who had arrived with Brass’ food.


“Here is your Naruto ma’am. enjoy your meal.” stated the waitress.


“Thank You.” replied the singer while nodding to acknowledge the waitress.


“Are you ready to order sir?” asked the waitress to Xavier.


“Yes, I’d like an extra large custom bowl with beef, chicken, pork and egg.” requested Xavier before handing the waitress his menu.


The young man then shifted his attention back to Brass. “So how did you come up with ‘Brass Jazzsinger’ for a stage name?”


“Musical instruments, the trumpet, saxophone, tuba, french horn, and the trombone. They’re all made of brass and I can play them all.” answered Brass before taking a bite of her noodles with the chop sticks.


I’d love for her to play my trombone!‘ thought the low key pervert to himself.


“Jazzsinger comes from my love of Jazz and singing.” added the 19 year old.


“That is a really catchy name.” complimented Xavier.


Listening to Brass speak more casually, Xavier noticed something about the way she sounded when she talked.


“Are you from New York?” asked Xavier.


“How did you know?” replied the young vocalist while sipping her soda.


“I could tell by your accent. What part are you from?”


“I’m originally from Manhattan, but I moved to Queens in middle school. You’re from Queens too, huh?” guessed Brass while grabbing noodles with her chopsticks.


“How do you know?” questioned the young man.


“New Yorkers can tell where each other is from!” She said with a grin.


“I’m new in town, I’ve been here for about 2 weeks.”

“Speaking of new in town, I miss being home.” admitted Brass while looking at Xavier.


“How long has it been?”


“I’ve been on tour for a year now. The schedule is brutal. Working 335 days in a year is exhausting.” Brass said with a sigh.


“If you don’t mind me asking, what is it you want to do?” questioned Xavier.


“I wanted to become a singer. Getting my foot in the door to the music industry has been a failure so far…” confessed Brass with a sigh.


Xavier gave a sympathetic frown and nod to acknowledge her statement.


“I’m giving it my all but it just feels like I’m making zero progress.”


“I’ve made videos and mixtapes to generate buzz. People dig my music but the people with clout who are in the industry just aren’t giving me a chance. I’m a better singer than most of the ‘manufactured’ ones on the radio nowadays, but I guess I don’t fit the pop star formula.” uttered Brass, the disappointment evident in her voice.


“It ain’t just the career stuff…” admitted Brass candidly in a thick New York accent.


“It can get pretty lonely on the road at times. I’m the newest act on the roster which is a tough spot to be in. The veteran performers all look at me in some type of way. The people I’ve surpassed who are still booked to be the opening acts don’t like me. The headliners don’t want anything to do with me either because I’m “beneath” them. I’m stuck some place in middle and that’s the loneliest spot to be in.” confided the aspiring pop starlet.


She’s a lot like….me!‘ Xavier thought to himself.


“I know how it feels to not have anyone, to be alone… I think there’s a reason they treat you like that. It’s because they know you have potential… The potential to take their spots at the top of the tour. They view you as competition, a threat to their position.”


“Ya think so?” inquired touring songstress.


“Yeah people will try to make you feel like you are nothing until you believe it.. All so they can feel better about themselves, satisfy their own insecurity. I see why you challenged everyone else to follow your performance when you finished.” nodded Xavier as he offered his opinion.


“I don’t want things to keep going this way. That blow up on stage was to let them know how good I truly am at this.” vented the melancholy young lady.


“Well there could be all kinds of opportunities out there but they aren’t gonna come sitting on that tour bus 335 days a year.


“That’s true, but changing what I do isn’t so simple.” Brass said between scoops of ramen.


“I think I might have an idea.” offered Xavier.


“What is it?” questioned Brass before finishing off her noodles.


“I got turned down by 17 Universities that had the Cinematography program I wanted enroll in. It TOOK MONTHS of applying and being rejected by those schools. I thought it was all over.


“What happened?” queried the orange haired woman.


“I tried one more time, one more school. I got accepted that school a few days ago, Busteez Slut University. To be honest I think you should try to enroll there. It could help you get to where you wanna be.


“That’s the porn school right? I guess I could give it a try…” Brass with skepticism.


“Well its not just porn, they have classes to prepare you and put you on the path towards other careers, if that’s what you want. They have courses for vocal training, music theory, and choreography dancing! As a film student, I want to produce and direct movies and TV.” explained Xavier.


“What do I have to do?” asked the curvy singer.


“Just make a video of you performing. I will take it to the professor that admits new students. I have to go to the campus tomorrow anyway.” informed Xavier with a determined look.


“Really? How do you know this will work?” asked the skeptical giantess.


“That’s the thing, I don’t know if it will. All I can do is try. I can’t guarantee anything but I want to help you.” Xavier answered sincerely and truthfully.


“Well I dunno then…” stammered Brass while scratching her head.


“The one thing I do know is that if you stay on a path that makes you unhappy right now, you will be unhappy with it later down the road too. How you feel now won’t magically change how you feel later.”


“You have an amazing voice and I see you’re willing to put in the work and effort. I think you can go way farther than breaking cinder blocks on a travelling circus. All I’m saying is don’t sell yourself short. Believe in yourself… Like I do!” Xavier said with a determined look on his face and fire in his eyes.


“Alright! I think we can try it!” nodded Brass with an optimistic smile


“Yeah! There’s more than one way to reach the goal. If you can’t get in through the front door…” Xavier began to say.


“Then sneak in through the back door!!!” Brass interrupted, grinning as she made the perverted pun.


“I was gonna say “then sneak in the side door” but I guess you get it.” chuckled Xavier.


It was a longshot at best because the sign up period had recently ended. But to him, helping Brass change her life direction was worth the attempt and effort. ‘I’ll try my best, Bonfilia!‘ Xavier thought to himself.


The waitress then brought Xavier’s XL-sized ramen bowl.


“Thank you.” stated Xavier to the waitress as he tied a cloth napkin around his neck.


“Ya don’t know how to use chop sticks, do ya?” asked Brass while holding up her chopsticks.


“Nope, I never learned how.” answered the hungry youth as he grabbed his fork.


The teenager then went to work on his bowl, rapidly shoveling big forkfuls of noodles and meat, putting in it away in mere seconds. Brass watched on as Xavier destroyed the bowl of ramen. She had only people eat like that when watching TV. Drops of broth splattered on the table. Within a minute, he had finished the noodles and meat. He then lifted the bowl to his mouth and drank the left over broth as one would do with milk after eating all the cereal in the bowl. After finishing he put the bowl down firmly. As he did so, he noticed that Brass along with other patrons were staring at him.


“Damn, I forgot I’m in public…” reflected the brown haired youth to himself. He turned red with embarrassment as he scanned the ramen bar, locking eyes with Brass who was giggling like a schoolgirl.


“Uhhh…I’m sorry for that. Did I splash you?” asked Xavier in a very low tone.


“No, but you about drowned the table!” Brass laughed while pointing to the several drops of broth on the table.


The waitress then walked up and brought the checks for their meals. Xavier pulled out some cash.


“I’ll take care of the bill!” declared Brass before taking out a wad of bills from her cleavage and handing it to the waitress. “Keep the change.”


“Wow…Thanks! I’ll pay ya back.” Xavier said graciously with a grin.


“No, thank you!” responded the singer with a grateful smile.


The two got up and headed towards the door. Xavier opened it for her as she walked out of Harahara!.


“You walked here from the arena?” questioned the green eyed fan.


“Yeah.” answered Brass while walking toward the street.


“C’mon! I’ll give you a ride home.” yelled Xavier while waving Brass to his car.


Brass walked over and stepped into the passenger seat. Because of her 7 foot 3 inch, 300 plus pound frame, she had to squeeze herself into the car and curl up into a ball just to fit. The giantess tucked her head in between her knees to prevent her head bumping into the ceiling of Xavier’s car.


The young man wore a wide eyed expression as he watched he compress her body to fit into the car. “WHAT THE…….”


“I SWEAR, WHEN I BECOME SUCCESSFUL I’M GETTIN’ A CONVERTIBLE!!!” promised Brass in an overly loud and quick tone.


Brass then reached over and pulled the lever to recline the seat.


“Ahhhhhh” sighed Brass, feeling relief as the seat lowered. The passenger’s seat went all the way back until the headrest was touching the back seat, creating enough space for her to sit comfortably.


Xavier got into the driver’s seat and started the car, turning his head in her direction as he pulled out of the parking space he was in.


“Damn! Dees are some soft seats!” praised the sexy amazon.


“I take you’ve done this a few times before?” asked Xavier with a slight chuckle.


“Yeah, but I try to avoid gettin in cars when I can. I usually walk or take the subway to where I gotta go.” expressed the female titan, talking with her hands the entire time she was speaking.


“What hotel are you staying at?


“Hotel? Are you kiddin me?!” retorted the green eyed young lady sarcastically.


“The Carnival ain’t paying for hotel rooms for the performers. They gave me a trailer I can barely stand up straight in!” declared Brass in a high pitched frustrated yet humorous tone.


“So where are we going?” asked the driver in between chuckles.


“We’re goin’ back to the arena, that’s where the trailers are parked.” explained Brass while sitting up slightly and turning to him.


“Ya know, it’s nice to have someone I can talk to. You made my day a little bit better.” remarked the amazon performer with a sigh of relief.


Xavier bashfully blushed, unsure of how to respond to her.


“I’m glad we got to meet today. I’m a big fan.” responded Xavier while approaching the trailers. His face was completely red at that point.


“You’re so adorable, ya know!” complimented Brass while watching him turn a beat red.


The pair pulled up to a group of trailers on the back side of the arena.


“This is it! the one all the way to the right is my trailer.” informed Brass before getting out of the car.


Brass lead the way to her trailer, opening the door to reveal a colorful, whimsical room full of musical instruments. There were both electric and acoustic guitars mounted on the pink wall directly across from the front door. Right below the guitars stood a keyboard along with some sheet music for Brass’ most recent original song. Down to left of the keyboard there were several speakers stacked up against the wall. Further to the left was a red and gold colored drum set.


“Welcome to my home!” yelled Brass as she proudly showed Xavier the assortment of instruments she could play.


Xavier dashed over to the drum set and sat down, immediately picking up the drumsticks. The young man playfully pounded on the drums, making a Hip-Hop style beat.


“Go ahead and spit some of that fire!” suggested Xavier while playing a baseline.


♪♪ YO! My name is Brass!/
I break blocks with my ass!/
Squeeze bricks with my tits/
7 foot 3 wit curves, my body’s the shit!/
It draws all the boys to the carnival yard/
But my voice alone can make em all hard!/
I’m ready to turn pro and make that real dough/
Gonna drop some fire on this BSU demo!/
My homie Lil X on the beat/
And puttin in work on the drums/
I’m outta rhymes now so this verse is DONE!!! ♪♪/


Both Xavier and Brass both cheered following her freestyle verse.


“JAZZY B. WITH THE DOPE FREESTYLE!!” yelled fan turned hype man.


“Jazzy B. huh? I kinda like that! It has a ring to it!” chimed Brass with a big smile before pausing briefly. She then looked toward Xavier with a curious expression.


“Have you ever played the drums before?” asked Brass while offering a high five.


“Nah, I’m just a Hip-hop head. I got a feel for beat boxing. I was freestyling too!” answered Xavier while completing the high five.


“That was pretty good!” praised the singer.


Xavier stood back up and took an exaggerated bow in response to her compliment.


“I’m gonna go take a shower and change into a different outfit. Get comfortable, I’m gonna perform my new song for you when I come back.” teased Brass with a wink before going into the bathroom.


“Eating dinner and then that big ramen bowl was a bad idea. I feel the food coma coming on.” yawned the spiked haired teenager as he hopped on to Brass’ bed.



(25 minutes later)


Brass came out of bathroom and immediately noticed Xavier sleeping on her bed.


“Got a little too comfortable I see…” thought Brass to herself while reaching for a tambourine that was mounted on the wall.




The musician shook the tambourine next to Xavier’s ear, causing him to spring up like a mummy rising from the dead. “AAHHHH!!”


“Wake up! It’s too early to go to sleep. I didn’t get changed into this new costume nothin.”


As Xavier regained his bearing he took notice of brass. She had changed her hair style from before, it was now in a high pony tail. A sheer, see through, sparkling light blue and pink night gown hugged her shapely figure. Underneath the gown she had on a shiny pink bra with matching thong panties, both accented with a sparkling effect.


“Sweet Christmas!!!” stated Xavier emphatically as his eyes enlarged.


She’s thicc as fuck!‘ he thought to himself.


“You awake now?” inquired the night gown clad beauty while taking him by the hand.


“Damn she smells good!” acknowledged Xavier to himself as he was hit with the sweet fruity scent of her body wash.


“Please have a seat.” instructed the young singer before walking over to the corner of the room with her cell phone. Brass turned on the phone’s camera, setting it to video mode before pressing record on the touch screen. After this she dimmed the lights a bit down to just a spotlight mounted on the wall that shined on where Xavier was sitting.


Suddenly a slow tempo beat began to play. The slow paced drum pattern of the song was supported by faint guitar riffs. Brass grabbed a microphone and walked over to the chair, stopping in front of Xavier.


You have my heart
And we’ll never be worlds apart
Maybe in magazines
But you’ll still be my star
Baby, ‘cause in the dark
You can’t see shiny cars
And that’s when you need me there
With you, I’ll always share


The orange haired songstress swayed her hips, wiggling her body in a smooth flowing motion akin to the slithering of a snake. She pointed to Xavier and then to herself at the last line of the chorus.


When the sun shine, we shine together!
Told you I’ll be here forever!
Said I’ll always be your friend
Took an oath, I’ma stick it out to the end!
Now that it’s raining more than ever
Know that we’ll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh
Under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh
Under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh
Under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh-eh


These fancy things
Will never come in between
You’re part of my entity
Here for infinity!
When the war has took its part
When the world has dealt its cards
If the hand is hard
Together we’ll mend your heart


While singing the 2nd verse, Brass lifted up her leg, placing her foot at the top of the chair; positioning her hips in front of his face. She moved in wavy rippling like motion, slowly thrusting her hips back and forth in his face as she went into the chorus of the song a second time.


Her pussy is right across from my face!‘ thought the excited teen as he looked at the camel toe imprint in front of him. He struggled to contain his excitement but he could feel the blood rushing through his veins to his dick.


When the sun shine, we shine together!
Told you I’ll be here forever!
Said I’ll always be your friend
Took an oath, I’ma stick it out to the end!
Now that it’s raining more than ever
Know that we’ll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh
Under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh
Under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh
Under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh-eh


Brass then put her leg down and leaned down toward him so that they were face to face. She gently rubbed his cheek before raising his chin so that they were eye as she sung to him. The sound of her voice soothed Xavier, relaxing away his nervous jitters.


You can run into my arms
It’s okay, don’t be alarmed
Come into me
There’s no distance in between our love
So gon’ and let the rain pour
I’ll be all you need and more


Brass slowly turned her back to him, looking over her shoulder at him while sitting on his lap. He grinded her thicc hips and fluffy ass on him, causing him to get stiff in the pants. Xavier loved how her ass smushed against him as she moved. Unable resist the urge the young man rubbed on her hips and thighs while she grinded and winded on him. This was gradually becoming more than a singing performance.


WHOA! IS THAT HIS..?! IT’S HUGE!!!‘ observed the starlet as she felt his dick gradually grow.


When the sun shine, we shine together
Told you I’ll be here forever
Said I’ll always be your friend
Took an oath, I’ma stick it out to the end
Now that it’s raining more than ever
Know that we’ll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh
Under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh
Under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh
Under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh-eh


Brass then turned to face Xavier while still sitting in his lap, pumping her hips up against the oakwood log inside of his pants, turning herself on even further while also arousing her 1-man audience.


Holy shit! SHES REALLY GETTING INTO IT!‘ thought the fan excitedly to himself.


It’s rainin’, rainin’
Ooh, baby, it’s rainin’, rainin’
Baby, come here to me
Come into me
It’s rainin’, rainin’
Ooh, baby, it’s rainin’, rainin’
You can always come into me
Come into me
It’s pourin’ rain
It’s pourin’ rain
Come here to me
Come into me!


Was it his imagination? or was she telling him to ‘cum into her’? the young man pondered.


Brass sung the outro to the song while pressing her tits against him, nearly sandwiching his head between them. Her skin was warm to the touch a clear sign that the amazon was in heat. As Brass closed the song, she looked into his eyes one more time. Xavier was left spellbound by her performance, staring at her with wide eyes as she stood back up.




“YEAH!!! THAT WAS AMAZING! YOU KILLED THAT SHIT!!!!!” cheered Xavier while clapping his hands and stomping his feet on the trailer floor.


Brass gave a bow while Xavier continued his applause.


“Thank you so much!” beamed the 7 foot vocalist, elated that he liked her song.


Xavier stood and looked up at Brass. “You got this!” affirmed the new BSU student while giving her the thumbs up.


“You think so?” queried the unsure singer.


“With a performance like that Professor Reed has to take notice and give you a chance!” exclaimed Xavier in an energetic tone.


“I hope so!” declared the optimistic young woman.


“Send me the recording. I’ll show it to the professor in the morning.


Out of nowhere, Brass leaned in close to Xavier and pressed her lips against his, embracing her much smaller date while kissing him. Each savored the taste of the other as their tongues touched. They broke away after about 30 seconds.


“I don’t wanna be alone…” cooed the horny giantess.


Brass grabbed Xavier by his sides and lifted him up, tossing him onto her bed. She followed him shortly after by crawling up the king sized bed herself. The amazon straddled him as he lay on his back, unbuckling his belt while kissing him once more.


“MMMM…AI WAAN UR COK” mumbled Brass as exchanged saliva with the young stud.


Xavier placed his hands on her shoulders, grabbing on to her night gown, he then pulled the sleeves down, peeling the gown off of Brass as like he was unwrapping a piece of titan sized candy. The young man kissed her lightly in between her tits and on cleavage, reaching around her back to unhook her bra at the sane time.




The teenager had improved his technique again, this time he was able to unhook the bra with one hand.


WOWWWWW!!! THESE ARE THE BIGGEST BOOBS I’VE EVER SEEN!!!!!‘ thought the young pervert as he removed her bra.


Brass’ tits were indeed gargantuan wonders to behold. They were at least 4 times the size of Xavier’s head. The green eyed, auburn haired youth played with the amazon’s heavy hanging twins, rubbing, squeezing and kneading them much to Brass’ delight. She let out light moans as he gently handled them. Her flesh orbs were soft and squishy to the touch which completely dumbfounded Xavier.


They’re so soft!…..AND REAL!! I for sure thought they were fake because she was breaking concrete with them!‘ lamented the youth while continuing to fondle the pair breasts front of him.


Brass squealed in approval as Xavier lightly pressed on her nipples with his thumbs.




Xavier nodded in response to her plea and grabbed on to one of her giant tits with both hands, holding it up to his lips as he kissed it. He slipped his tongue out and tickled her areola which was her ‘sweet spot’. Brass quivered and her body turned flush as she jabbed the area teasingly with his tongue. Sensing that he had quite literally struck a nerve, Xavier ramped up his attack and wrapped his lips around her nipple. After working the left breast, he switched over to the right one. Brass’ moans grew louder as he suckled her nips. The huge breasted singer took one of his hands and slid it down her panties. Xavier glided over her pussy with his finger tips before slipping one in followed by the other into her.




Xavier did as she requested and nibbled on her nipples, putting moderate pressure on them with his teeth. At the same time, he pushed in and out of her pussy with his fingers.




By that point Xavier had popped a huge boner, the likes of which the young starlet had never seen before.


DANNAZIONE!! (Italian for “God Damn!!”) HE HAS A FUCKIN PYTHON BETWEEN HIS LEGS!!! HOW DO I HANDLE A DICK THIS BIG!!!?‘ thought the amazon to herself as she crawled backwards, pulling his pants and boxer shorts off.


Brass then crawled back up to Xavier and grabbed a hold of his cock, stroking it up and down with both hands. Xavier groaned slightly, putting his hands behind his head while he watched the giantess jack him off. Brass took pleasure in watching him smile and shudder as she worked his shaft.


I can’t believe this is happening! After so many set backs, Lady Luck has smiled on me today!‘ thought Xavier to himself.


Brass took a moment to admire the huge cock before her. “Holy shit… Are you sure you’re not related to a giant?! Maybe I should be the one recruiting you to our circus as the man with the dick of a giant! This is big EVEN FOR ME!” she said teasingly which caused Xavier to blush. She then held her tits and sandwiched Xavier’s dick between them. She moved her torso up and down his pole, pressing her enormous boobs against it. The pair had forgotten that Brass’ smartphone was still filming.


She continued moving up and down, this time wrapping her thick lips around the head of his dick. His thick mass of meat was more than a mouthful for the giantess to handle. She slowed down her pace to make it easier to take but still nearly choked.


“U…….LIKKE…..IT?” mumbled the busty titan with a mouthful of dick.


“OHHHH YEEEAHH!” answered Xavier in an enthusiastic tone.


Brass shifted her focus from paizuri to giving him a complete blowjob. The big girl held his shaft at its base with both hands, locking her huge lips around his pole. She went down on him, submerging half of his dick in her saliva as she sucked him off.




It was indeed a wet and sloppy suck. Brass tried to surmount monolith of a dick that was in between her big lips as best she could, using her spit to make it a little easier to take in. There was a heavy gurgling sound each time she went down which was followed by distinct smacking of her lips each time she went back up. Xavier reached up a placed his hand on the back of her head, holding and playing with her ponytail. Brass glanced up at him, making eye contact with him. She then pointed at her dripping wet pussy with one of her fingers.


“I…..WAND…U…NSIDE….ME!!!” gurgled the orange haired giantess as her head went down about halfway down his lengthy cock one more time.


Brass then stitched out on the bed, lying on her back, opening her thick thighs and removing her panties while urging him on.


“BRING THAT FAT OL’ DICK OVER HERE!!!” insisted the cock hungry giantess.


Xavier took a moment to admire and take in Brass’ beauty. While most girls were bigger than him to begin with, Brass was on another level entirely. He glanced at her with lust, marveling at the size of her tits, the thickness of her thighs and width of her hips. Her pussy was well trimmed with only a small tuft of hair.


Xavier sat up, moving into a kneeling position and inched his way over to her. He then hooked one of his arms around he thigh, pulling her closer to him as he pushed his dick inside of her. Fitting his thick pipe into tight spaces had become a regular practice over the last week but it hadn’t become any easier for him due to his girthy size. He leaned into it with all his weight as he pushed is way in. Brass was also a novice at sex, which was apparent as he entered her puss.


“AHHHH!!!” cried Brass, her sound being one of slight pain.


The young man then grabbed her other thigh and proceeded to sticking her, going in and out with a slow but steady rhythm just to get things started. Over the course of the week he had learned not to rush the moment. Xavier gave her a few gentle thrusts to help relax her tension and ease her into the moment.


“AH!!!! YEAH!!!! IT FEELS GOOD!! I CAN FEEL YOUR MANLY DICK HITTING MY CERVIX!!!” cooed the giantess as she watched him thrust back and forth.


Xavier altered his rhythm and gave her stronger strokes much to Brass’ liking. Her slight moaning noises grew louder progressing into a full blown scream.


“AHHHH!! OOOHHHH. I LOVE IT!!!! FUCK ME!!!!! FUCK ME!!!!!! THIS PUSSY IS YOURS!!!!” howled Brass as her body slid back and forth on the mattress.


Xavier looked down at Brass’ pussy as he pushed in and out of it noticing its heavy drool running down his cock as he drilled her. It was indeed a great feeling and a confidence booster to see that Brass was having a great time with him. She gradually started to sit up which confused The auburn haired young man.


“I WANNA TRY SOMETHING NEW!!” yelled Brass as she sat upright on the bed.


“Huh? What?” asked Xavier curiously as Brass put her arms around him.


Brass offered no verbal answer to Xavier’s question, instead she grabbed him by his ass muscles and stood up on the floor, with his dick inside of her.


“What are you doing?” questioned Xavier as Brass held him, confused as what position she is going for.


Xavier found himself straddling against her torso with his legs around her hips, he was held in the air by Brass who was holding onto his butt. The orange haired amazon started to bounce Xavier back and forth while she thrust and winded her hips back and forth on his massive dick.




This was an awkward situation for Xavier.


This is well… unusual… Usually the man carries the woman for this position but I guess I need to go with it because she’s into it…‘ thought Xavier to himself.


The thicc giantess pulled Xavier into her as hard as possible with each gyration, his cock hitting her clitoris as it went up the full depth of her pussy. Xavier grimaced slightly as she slammed her body onto his, for the giantess didn’t know her own strength. Xavier’s legs dangled as Brass repeatedly rammed him into her pussy.


OUCH!! OUCH!!! I feel like the woman right now!‘ thought Xavier with a rather salty expression on his face. However, Brass did not notice his discomfort because she was very much into the moment.


“THIS BIG CHOCOLATE DICK IS MINE NOW!!!!” howled Brass as she continued to grind up against Xavier’s cock. The amazon slowed her pace while taking in a deep breath.


“You ready?!” asked Brass with a mischievous grin.


“What?” mumbled the young man as he was slapped by Brass’ humongous bouncing breasts repeatedly, feeling like he was being hit with bowling balls.




Brass took hold of the youth by his sides and swiftly turned him upside down into a standing 69 position.


“AAHHH!!!” yelled Xavier, who was unprepared.


“MMMMMMM!!!!” gargled Brass as she took his his dick into her hungry, bobbing her head back and forth and dripping saliva from her chin.


Xavier was shocked, unsure about the sudden role reversal. However, he pressed forward and leaned his head toward Brass and reached for her pussy with both hands, spreading open the folds so he could reach her juicy center. He locked on to her moist snatch with both lips, sliding his tongue inside of her.




The teenager’s blood was rushing to his head due to being held upside down. He continued lick her dripping hole. Xavier began to get light headed but before he lost his bearing, he speared her clitoris with the tip of his tongue. Brass felt a powerful shock like shoot throughout her body. The amazon’s love juice flowed freely.




Brass suddenly gushed like an open faucet, showering Xavier’s unsuspected face with her juices “AAAAAAAH!!!!!” He yelled as he kept shaking his face.


Brass’ legs began to quiver nonstop as her juices ran down her inner thighs all the way to her feet. Her knees knocked together uncontrollably, making it difficult to maintain her balance. Unable to stay on her feet, Brass laid Xavier back on the bed before hopping on the bed herself.


Awesome! back to something more normal!‘ thought Xavier to himself while grasping his his cock.


“Come ride it for me!” suggested the spiked haired teen with a smirk, pointing at Brass as he spoke.


Brass grinned, crawled over to him and grabbed his legs, putting them up in the air and bending his knees. She then lowered herself on his dick while holding on to Xavier’s ankles for leverage.


Xavier’s shocked face returned again “W-What the?!”


“This is called the Amazon Position!” remarked the giant exuberantly while spreading the teen’s legs.


Brass began held Xavier’s legs open and pumped her hips feverishly, going back and forth on Xavier’s dick. Also known as the “Reverse Missionary” position, Brass thrust forward much like how a man fucks a woman.


“OH YEEEAH!!! GIMME DAT DICK!!!!” screamed Brass as she came down on top of him.


I’m the man here! This is so humiliating!!!‘ thought Xavier to himself.


Brass increased her pace and thrust more aggressively putting the full force of her 300+ pound body down on Xavier’s dick and balls.


“AAAHHHHH! IT’S SO DEEP!” roared the orangette beauty.


FUUUUCCK! She is heavy!!! The muscles in my legs are on fire!‘ thought the young man while lowering his legs down due to pain and exhaustion.


Brass let go of his ankles, assuming he was tired from his legs being up in the air. The young man let out a sigh of relief.


“Now I’m gonna give you what you want…” cooed huge breasted singer as she straddled him.


Xavier looked on with a grin as Brass slowly sat down on his monster cock. The busty orange haired songstress moaned as the young man pushed his meat pole inside of her from underneath. The amazon grinded and bounced slowly on top of him, gradually gaining momentum with each rebound. The giant’s butt cheeks thunderously slapped against Xavier’s legs every time she came down. The young man held on her hips tightly as she rode him.




Brass moved her body with a frantic rhythm, bouncing up and down wildly. Her gigantic boobs swung around in all directions, occasionally hitting her in the face. Her juices splashed on Xavier each time their flesh smacked together, with a few drops hitting him in the face.


Xavier was beginning to wince in pain as he found each bounce on his dick more painful than pleasurable. Brass was not only heavy, but incredibly strong, making her thrusts and bounces a trailer-shaking situation.




Sweet Christmas! This pussy is tight, but she’s really heavy…‘ Thought the scar faced teen.


Xavier sat up to adjust his position, placing one hand on the mattress to hold himself up so that her full weight wasn’t coming down on him. Brass continued to bounce at a feverish pace but Xavier bucked back, thrusting in with strong strokes, penetrating as deep as possible. He held on to her hip with his other hand. Sweat ran down both their bodies as they slammed into one another.


“I CAN FEEL IT!!!! I’M GONNA CUM AGAIN!!!” howled Brass.


The giantess grabbed the edges of the mattress as she felt a strong sensation grip her entire body.


“YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!” screamed Brass as her body shook uncontrollably. Her eyes rolled up in her head as she orgasmed.


Xavier felt that now familiar rush in his dick and balls.


“WHOOOOO!!!!” roared the spiked haired teenager as he filled Brass with his warm seed.


The orange haired young woman tumbled down, exhausted from a long day but thoroughly satisfied with her impromptu date with Xavier.


“A creampie at bedtime makes for a good night of sleep” remarked Brass with smirk.


“I think you might be right!” yawned Xavier before lazily falling forward, landing face first onto Brass’ boobs. The orange haired amazon embraced him and held him close throughout the night as they slept.



(8:00 A.M. The Next Morning, August 19th, 8 DAYS UNTIL BSU ORIENTATION)


Xavier opened his eyes after hearing the door to the trailer open. It was Brass with a cup holder full of drinks from a nearby coffee shop.


“Wake up sleepy head!” called Brass as she walked through the door.


“Oh shit! I gotta meet with the professor soon!” yelled the teenager as he looked at the clock.


“I tried to wake you up earlier but you didn’t budge. My pussy has that effect on people!” Brass joked while handing Xavier an iced vanilla frappe.


“Yeah we need to hang out again sometime!” replied Xavier while hurriedly getting dressed.


“I’ll send you the video so you can take it to your meeting.”


“Alright I’ll see you soon. I gotta go home real quick to shower and change!” informed the young man as he stood up and grabbed his frappe.


Brass then lifted him up so that he was facing her.


“Thank you for showing me such great time last night. I got to do things with you that I never did before. I appreciate you being open to different things. Good luck with this meeting, I know you’ll do well.” wished the Amazon before giving him a long emotional smooch. They locked lips for at least a minute with Xavier feeling another erection rising before the broke way.


“I guess I better get going before I don’t make it out of this trailer” joked Xavier with a smirk.


Brass put him down and slapped him on the ass as he walked out of the door.


“I’m counting on you!” reminded Brass.


“I got you!” assured Xavier as he darted to his car, ignoring the aches and soreness sustained from his latest date. Another successful hookup!

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Very interesting what one little change in hairstyle and accesoires can do to a person. The ponytail and pink glasses make her feel really different compared to her previous (in my eyes) rather generic design. Brass before was already a beauty but felt much too similar to Rangiku in my opinion so I am really fond of her current portrayal. And next to a sexy and gigantic giantess like her, Xavier seems like a dwarf. I mean, her one foot alone looks like it’s as big as Xavier. A “music”-setting like this is also something completely new and while some of the instruments on the wall seem to be rather undefined and flat, it is still a nice change from the other background motifs. Clothing wise Brass is totally unique compared to many other characters so far (to be fair, most girls so far were nude in the artworks) with her earrings, choker (and pink glittering top in the clothed version). The makeup version is very much to my liking with the lipstick marks on Xaviers cock being smeared, a evidence of the rapid fucking those two endulged in. Having the cum drip from her open mouth and flowing out of her stuffed pussy is very sexy in it’s own right and makes the both versions pretty equal.

Starting the chapter right after Xaviers successfull date with Matsunami with both of them banging in the shower is already a great beginning but continuing with the breakfast where we find out that she is as big of a glutton as her date and a certain white haired girl and the fact that Xavier dropped her off at a friends house is already quite interesting. Having Xavier’s plans shutter like that (both Matsunami and Maihime being unable to come to the Carnal Carnival with him) leads to very well written mother-son interactions and help fleshing out more of Mei’s character. Brass’ introduction to the series might be the second best so far, right after the glorious introduction of Matsunami of course and the way the songstress inevitably met Xavier, with both of them going on pure coincidence to the same restaurant is just a bit too unbelievable for me since it was said he drove across a few restaurants and didn’t went to Brass’ autograph-session (which was implied to took a little bit longer than a few minutes) and I honestly can’t imagine that the phone call with his mother took that long. Please Correct me if I am wrong but as it is it feels kinda strange to me. On a brighter side however would be without a doubt the singing-dancing perfor- mance of Brass for Xavier and the BSU staff to get a place in the famous school. The way the dancing smoothly lead into a female dominated sex scene was really well written and I have to admit that it was quite erotic to see Xavier getting absolutely manhandled by the giantess and something I’ve never read before in the stories here so far. Ending with him almost oversleeping his important appointment with Sara was quite funny.

I’m not the “biggest” (get it? Because she is so huge… Sorry) fan of Brass’ character and design, the sex scene with her however was one of the most unique and interesting ones so far and that alone really says something.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

I’m not the original owner of the Brass character. When I obtained her I decided to freshen up her look a bit so I could present her more as a new character of sorts, make her more mine to fit my presentation. I personally like the combination of her and Xavier, the size difference between them is cute imo.

The best laid plans don’t always work because events that aren’t a part of said plan can always happen. He struck out twice with both Matsunami and Mai. He could have went by himself but he didn’t wanna take a loss on the price of a ticket. Mei has been busy with work in this new city so she hasn’t gotten to spend as much time with him as she wanted to. Plans with her fell thru after they got there so it didn’t work out temporarily. Things like this often happen with single parents and they are forced choose between spending time with their kids or earning money to support them. This doesn’t affect Xavier as much because not only is he an adult now he understood why things are like this from an early age.

However in the end this worked out for him in the long run. If Mei stayed the whole time he wouldn’t have got the face to face meeting with the lovely giant.

To explain the post performance stuff Xavier didn’t go to get an autograph because he was unsure of how long the wait would be. He cruised around town for a bit becsuse it took a little time for him to decide where to eat.

My favorite part is when they were talking in the Ramen shop. Brass wanted and needed someone to talk to because the stress was mounting on her with her job. While she’s a big, imposing woman she is sensitive inside which is something most people dismiss. For Brass it felt good to have someone there to listen and comfort her even if it is a total stranger. Xavier gambled but she could feel the sincerity coming from him. Because X has been overlooked and dissed by girls so much prior to moving to World City, he’s happy when a woman gives him just a couple minutes of her time. He’s not actually looking for sex, he just likes to have a pretty girl to talk to who won’t hurt him. He doesn’t know how to spit game, or con women into sleeping with him. So he just speaks genuine and from the heart and hopes something clicks between them. He cares a lot more about connecting with the girl hes talking to on an intimate, personal level than he does smashing. This is what I was trying to show.

I also had fun doing the musical sequence here. It was cool to develop and show the chemistry between the characters and how it works without using sex. Yeah it eventually got there but the pregame singing and rapping was a good fit imo.

As for the sex itself, the aggressive and dominant lover style she has is perfect for her character. She’s big and strong and finds sex with much smaller men to be exciting. She doesn’t have much experience because a lot of guys out there are intimidated by her. Xavier is not, partly because he’s into amazons but also because he can identify with her struggles and past rejections. Brass was even more turned on and drawn to him by his willingness to let her be in control. So this would be failure ended up working out for both of them. Brass found a new path to achieve her dream and they both made a new friend. I’m glad you like the chapter. Thank you for supporting my writing. Stay tuned for more!!!!

5 years ago

Brass= New favorite girl
Keep up the good work!

5 years ago

Jesus Christ dude… for a moment I thought the Amazonian would break his dick by accident XDXDXD

Anyways once again you did a great chapter, really look forward to see what Mrs Reed has in mind to talk Xavier, but I think it’s gonna be something big.