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A Wankers Hard-On Day

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)

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(August 19th, 8:30 A.M., 8 DAYS UNTIL BSU ORIENTATION)


Eiji woke to the sound of someone banging loudly on his bedroom door, “Ei-kuuuun, wake up!!!!” his sister yelled through the door, “You gonna sleep all day again?”


“Uhhhnnn,” he groaned, “We live in AMERICA Keiko, give the honorifics a rest!” he shouted back as he sat up. As the children of a Japanese father and an American mother, the siblings spent a lot of their youth in both Japan and the United States. In Keiko’s case, she spent much of her early childhood in Japan and adopted the habit of using honorifics when speaking. However, she has now limited the habit.


Looking around the room, Eiji saw that most of his stuff was in half filled boxes. The filled ones were piled by his door with the contents written in wide tipped black magic marker.


“Coming in ready or not!” Keiko shouted, opening the door and walking inside. As usual she was dressed in something skimpy, this time being a pair of low rider shorts that were more panties than shorts, and a pale blue tank top that left a section of the undersides of her breasts exposed. The fabric of her top was thin as well, letting him clearly see the outlines of her nipples. Her long white hair fluttered behind her like the tail of a comet as she moved over to the side of his bed with smile of her face.


Gulping, Eiji held up a hand to bar her breasts from his eyesight, “Jeez Kei, do you have to walk around dressed like that?” He hated when she ran around like this. Whenever they had company over, she wore outfits that were, in his opinion, more normal. But whenever it was just the two of them… Her excuse was it was easier to stay cool on hot days like this. But Eiji just thought she enjoyed teasing him.


Keiko rolled her red eyes and pushed his arm back down, “Oh grow up little brother! You should be grateful for the free eye candy!” she told him before dropping a box on his lap. Eiji winced as it hit his bad knee, sending a spike of pain up through his thigh. Additionally, Keiko enjoyed further teasing Eiji with her raunchy sense of humor, because it made him SO uncomfortable. The elder sister was rather amused by Eiji’s sometimes-over-the-top reactions to her dirty jokes.


“Oops, sorry!” said Keiko, “Anyway, that just came for you in the mail, I signed for you so, you’re welcome!” she said, kissing the top of his head before turning away and walking back out. Eiji held up a hand to avoid seeing her ass or the way she was moving it as she left.


“Thanks.” he called after her.


“Just come get some breakfast soon, ‘kay?” Keiko called back.


“Fine, fine…” Eiji said, though he doubted his sister heard him as he looked at the box. The original address was his Dorm at the university, but someone had stuck a forwarding sticker over most of it. That explained why it needed to be signed for. He then looked to the senders address and blinked in surprise.


“Huh, Hitomi?” he said aloud as he used a pocketknife he kept by his bed to cut the tape sealing the box. Inside was a heavy feeling bundle wrapped in cloth. He punctured the packing balloons around the bundle and extracted it from the box. He then unrolled the bundle and raised an eyebrow at what was inside. It was a knee brace, and an expensive looking one too! One of those new models with the joints that added just the right level of support needed based on the position of the knee.


He looked inside the box again and found a note laying at the bottom. It was a single sheet of paper torn out from a spiral bound notebook.


“Heya Eiji!!! Thanks for the really good time the other day! Both that night and the morning! I thought this might help with your mobility, if you scan the code on the side you get a big discount on some of the accessories that can go with it. Looking forward to working with you again MWAH!”


At the end of the note was a perfect kiss mark that smelled like Hitomi’s perfume.


“Well, that was nice of her.” Eiji said aloud as he opened the packaging around the brace itself. On the surface it looked like a standard black fabric knee brace, but Eiji saw the Enzo-Tech logo on the side, meaning there was more than meets the eye. A closer look at the logo showed the model number and Eiji blinked in surprise again, “Woah, this model costs over a grand!” he yelled.


“Ei-kun?! Everything okay!?” Keiko called to him from across the house.


“It’s fine Kei, and stop calling me that!” he shouted back.


Damn, now I feel bad for not taking her out to dinner or something first!‘ he thought to himself. Taking the brace out of its packaging completely, Eiji took a brief look at the instruction manual before strapping it to this leg. He then grabbed his smartphone and quickly downloaded the link app. Synching the device was easy enough, and Eiji stood up and pressed the icon marked “Align” on his phone.




The brace buzzed loudly as it tightened and adjusted itself. For a second Eiji worried that it would cut off circulation, but a moment later it loosened as he slowly put his weight on his knee again.


“Wow, not bad!” Eiji said, impressed.


The youth then began getting dressed after taking a few experimental steps around his room, continuing to pack his boxes as he did so.



After a quick breakfast, Eiji checked his calendar on his phone to confirm his appointment with his doctor before noon today. It turned out to be a lucky break his sister had woken him earlier; otherwise he might have missed the appointment. As he sat on the bus headed into the main area of the city where his doctor had set up his practice, Eiji looked through his Linkum App. He had more than fifty new friend requests!


“What? When did this happen?” he asked himself.


Looking through the requests, he quickly got an answer. Most of the girls had left a tiny comment alongside their request, the average comment was that they had seen his stream with Hitomi and now wanted to have some fun with him themselves. Several were even directly asking for a date soon!


Shaking his head, Eiji closed the app and put his phone away as the bus pulled into his stop. The building was small, but part of Worldview Hospital, a high end hospital complex in downtown World City. Eiji had undergone his first surgery here, hence the massive bill. But the doctor was one of those rare ones who actually cared about healing the sick and injured over a profit, so the bills from him were fairly small in comparison to the rest.


Eiji entered through a revolving door to the main lobby. Inside everything was in tones of silver, white and blue. The air was so cool it was almost chilly. The only time this place ever felt warm was in the winter when they turned on the heat instead of the AC. Eiji moved over to the reception desk and signed in, nodding to the secretary, a cat-eared girl with bright pink hair and ocean blue eyes. Her tanned skin stood out against the white dress she had on. Her nametag read “Mimiru”.


“Welcome Mr. Nakamura, please have a seat, the doctor will be with you shortly, nyah.” Mimiru told him, her voice almost a purr.


“Thanks.” Eiji said to her as he moved over to one of the cushioned benches by the windows. As he waited, Eiji looked at his phone again, flipping through his friend request list. “Damn…!” he gasped at one of the profile pics showing the girl standing completely naked.


“Mr. Nakamura?” said the honey sweet voice of a nurse standing inside the door leading back into the exam areas of the office. She had long blonde hair and forest green eyes. Her slender figure looked nice under the nurse’s uniform she wore as she tapped away at a digital notepad in her hand, “Dr. Pimp will see you now.”


“Thanks.” said Eiji as he got up and followed the blonde into the exam room area. There were several empty rooms and one occupied one that he passed. The occupied one had a young red haired Lamia girl ‘sitting’ on the exam table and playing a game on her phone. Well, it looked like she was sitting anyway, given that her legs were actually one long gigantic snake tail. What he was actually doing was leaning her upper body on the table where her hips met the tail section of her body.


When she saw him looking the lamia girl gave a polite wave and went back to her phone. Not wanting to be rude, he returned her wave and continued to follow the nurse to exam room 4 where he was asked to wait.


The room was familiar to Eiji now, a small box of a room with a single exam table, counters lining one wall stocked with various medical items. The walls were a deep ocean blue and the floor was linoleum tiles and the ceiling paneled. Fluorescent lights buzzed overhead as he sat down on the exam table and pulled up his pant leg, exposing the knee brace he had on. Walking was easier with it, but his knee was still throbbing slightly from moving around so much. Eiji took out his phone and opened the control app for the brace, toying with the controls a bit and seeing if he could make it any more comfortable.


“Eiji, righteous to see you, how you been boy?!” said a voice of a middle aged man with dark hair strutting confidently into the room. He wasn’t dressed as most doctors do, in soft blue scrubs and a long white coat. The only thing resembling a doctor was the stethoscope that hanged around his shoulders. Dr. Pimp was unique, and more than a few things made him stand out from other doctors. Around his neck is a golden necklace lined with diamond studs that said “Dr. Pimplicious” and on his fingers are numerous custom-made rings with various gemstones


“Dr. Pimp, I’ve been okay mostly.” Eiji answered honestly.


Dr. Pimp set down his clipboard and looked up at Eiji directly. He looked a little rough, roughly two days of beard spreading over his face. “Jus’ mostly?” he asked, “What’s wrong playa?” He was a rather eccentric doctor. The man sported a leopard print suit with the purple shirt, five inch platform shoes and a golden cane topped with what Eiji guessed was a citrine gemstone. But despite his appearance, he was amazingly talented and smart. The man is reputed as one of the best doctors in World City and thus, the country. And according to rumors, Busteez Slut University, and their rival Harlot State University, is actively trying to recruit him for their teaching staff.


When it comes to Dr. Pimp, Eiji remembered an old saying that came to mind, something about a thin line between genius and insanity.


“My knee’s been bugging me more lately. Random pain spikes even when I’ve been staying off it.” Eiji told him.


“Really now? Have you been avoidin stressin that sucka out?” Dr. Pimp asked as he pulled a stool away from the wall and sat down in front of him. Eiji watched as he took a look at his knee, pressing the listening disc of his stethoscope against one side of his knee.


“Just my normal work at the bar.” Eiji said.


“Really now? Nothin else? Don’t lie to me son!” Dr. Pimp pressed while pointing his cane at Eiji. “Nothin that mighta be stressful on your legs, like puttin some undue weight onit?”


“Umm…” Eiji said, feeling suddenly uncomfortable.


“You ain’t the only one who watches that sweet, SWEET cosplayin ho!” Dr. Pimp said with a chuckle. “I was fuckin surprised when I saw you on that titty stream! Eiji my boy! DAMN you make me proud!” Eiji began to look flustered and the doctor laughed, “Relax, ain’t like you did an’thang illegal. Though it would explain any new aches and pains.”


“Well, it’s been hurting before that.” Eiji said, feeling his entire face turning red.


“Really now?” the doctor said, sounding more serious as he pressed his stethoscope against his knee again. “Well, blood from yo knee sounds like it’s pumpin’ all normal like. Have you been keepin up with yo rehab exercises? No slackin’?” Eiji nodded, “Well, the pain shouldn’t be as bad now, as the tissues have healed up solid. This brace should be helpin out too.” he said, tapping his cane against the side of the brace.


“The brace is new; I just got it this morning.” Eiji informed him.


“Oh, well den keep on usin it! I’m very fo-miliar with this model, and I actively recommen it fo injuries like these.” the doctor told him as he got up and moved over to the cabinet mounted above the counter. He reached up his left hand and tapped a quick series of numbers into the keypad locking one of the doors shut.


There was a soft beep and a click before Dr. Pimp pulled the door open and reached inside. ‘Hmm, what could need to be locked up like that?‘ Eiji thought to himself. Though even as he thought it Eiji realized he knew the answer.


“Okay, dis good shit is technically still in the experimental stage. The preliminary tests are very promisin but it still needs mo work!” Dr. Pimp told him as he pulled out a small bottle of green pills inside a clear plastic bottle. The label on the side was colored red, meaning there was risk of dependence. “If yo ass takes dis, I recommend one a day with food. And ONLY one sucka!”


“Alright, and what are the side effects?” Eiji asked.


“That’s the thang, evah heard viagra?” Dr. Pimp asked.


“The old hard-on pills?” Eiji asked. He’d heard of them mainly through a few dirty jokes. They weren’t on the market anymore after a better 100% effective erectile-dysfunction treatment was developed by another company.


“Well, dis uses almost the exact same fo-mula, but the downside is that if it does cause an erection, it’s almost always in the four hour variety.”


“Woah woah woah, you mean that thing where they gotta stick a needle in my…” Eiji began, but Dr. Pimp held up a hand.


“Easy now son, don’t believe everythang you see in shitty comedy movies. That treatment is only fo the most extreme cases, after the docs have burned through all the otha options.” Dr. Pimp explained, “Dig it, normally, it’s treated with powerful anti-inflammatories, and nine times out of ten, that shit is enough.”


“Okay, that makes me feel a little better at least.” said Eiji as he accepted the bottle from the doctor.


“Just remember, ONE, with food, anythin more than dat, it’s yo ass! If you have any ill effects call me immediately, I’ll try an’ make sure they don’t use the needle.” he told him with a chuckle.


“Alright, thank you Dr. Pimp.” Eiji said as he put the bottle in his pocket.


“No problem boy, I promise I’ll have you back to bangin’ fine ass hos in top form in no time! And remember, if you get a four hour erection, roll back to my section!”


The rest of the appointment went smoothly. Eiji answered the regular questions and sat through the basic passive tests. In the end, Dr. Pimp told him to keep up his rehab regimen and try to start walking regularly with the brace on, but no running just yet.


Once that was done, Eiji exited the hospital and headed back towards the bus stop. Along the way he stopped by a vending machine to grab a soda and protein bar. He quickly ate the sand flavored candy bar and used the soda to take the first of the pills as he waited at the stop.


The bus arrived on schedule and Eiji boarded the blue and steel colored transport.



Eiji took the bus to the subway and got on the line that took him to the BSU campus. He wanted to thank Hitomi in person for the gift, seemed only right since this model was so expensive. According to her Twitter feed, she was still at the dorms getting settled in and would be streaming again tonight.


The ride through the subway was brief since he’d gotten on only three stops from where it let out on the campus. Using his student ID badge to get passed security, Eiji ascended to the main campus area. He was surprised to find it rather busy. Last time, he’d come through here the place was fairly empty, with only a few people scattered about randomly. Now, there was almost a hustle and bustle of activity!


Groups of students milled around, some in uniform already, but most wearing regular street clothes. Checking his phone, he saw Hitomi just posted up a selfie of herself in a half-finished cosplay of some video game girl. He’d never heard of it though, ‘Xenoblade Chronicles, what’s that?‘ he thought to himself. Still, the outfit was fucking hot, clinging to Hitomi’s body in all the right places.


“Ooomph!!” he grunted as he bumped into something and was knocked back on his ass!


“Oiy, watch where you’re going!” said a girl’s voice in an annoyed tone, “Kagura, you okay luv?” she then asked.


“Yeaaah, I’m good,” answered another girl, her voice dragging on the ‘a’ sound. Eiji sat up and looked over at the woman he’d run into while his face was buried in his phone. He was about to apologize, but a shocked gasp was all that came out of his throat.


“Holy…!” he managed to say aloud as he took the other girl, Kagura she was called, in. Wine red hair, creamy skin, thick puffy lips that looked like they were BORN to suck dick. Fantastic tits! Each one nearly as big as the girl’s entire torso! So big in fact Eiji couldn’t fathom how her dark red tube top was holding them in! But what shocked and intimidated the hell out of him was her face… Her eyes seemed almost completely white, with tiny pin pricks for iris’, and her mouth, just past those puffy cock sucking lips was a set of sharp looking, pointed teeth, like a sharks.


Upon seeing the look on his face, Kagura quickly closed her lips tight and looked away.


“WANKER!!!” yelled the other girl and Eiji barely had time to look up at her before he felt something collide with the side of his head, making him see double for a moment. Shaking his head, Eiji pressed his hand against a now slowly growing lump as his vision slowly cleared. The other girl was a tall blonde with tanned skin and golden blonde hair. Her purple eyes looked down at him with contempt as she crossed her arms under her own enormous tits, easily as big as Kagura’s. Her moist lips glittered in the afternoon sun as she moved to help her friend up. It was then Eiji saw the large purse hanging off her shoulder. Eiji assumed that was what she’d struck him with.


“Wut’s the matter, never met a mermaid before?” she asked, her English accent getting thicker as Kagura took her offered arm and got up.


“PART mermaid!” said Kagura, her voice was strange, it had a creepy sound to it. “Candi, it’s okay, I’m used to it.”


“No, it’s naught okay! This bloody wanker looked at you like he’d seen a monster, and now he owes you a proper apology he does!” Candice said.


Holding up both hands, Eiji said, “Look, girls, I’m sorry I really am, it was just a shock, not a judgment,” he told them, “And no, I’ve never met a mermaid, though I did see a lamia girl earlier today.”


“Yeah, well I hope she strangles you!” said Candice with a glare.


“Candi, that’s enough!!!” Kagura said, moving over to offer a hand to help Eiji to his feet. He accepted and stood up slowly, trying not to wince at the jolt of pain that shot up his thigh from his knee.


“Hi, I’m Kagura, this is Candice, I call her Candi for short.” Kagura said, making introductions.


“An’ that’s still Candice to you, wanker!” Candice snapped at him.


“Ahh jeez, I am sorry, honestly. Both for bumping into you and my reaction. It was rude and speciesist… I really do apologize. In fact, can I make it up to you by buying both of you a drink or something?” Eiji asked, trying to make peace.


Kagura turned to Candice, “See, he’s sorry.”


“Yeah, an’ now he wants a date. Typical American wanker.”


“Oh, now who’s being bigoted?!” Kagura said to Candice.


“Hmmmph, fine! But I’m picking the place!” Candice said, turning away from Eiji.


“Fair enough.” Eiji said, glad she was at least beginning to calm down.



“Hahahaha, so then I tell him, ‘You might be related to that Michelle Phelps girl, but my grandmother is a Mermaid, who did you think is gonna swim better?'” Kagura said with a laugh.


Eiji had to hold his sides as he laughed with the two girls. It had been roughly twenty minutes since they literally ran into one another. Candice had taken them to a small cafe here on the campus.


The BSU campus was so much bigger than Eiji had thought, practically its own city! Students had taken to calling it ‘University City’. And like a city it had several features inside that made it worthy of the title, like how it could sustain the students’ needs without them having to leave the campus. Food places/restaurants to eat, a number of markets and even its own brand of Discount/Bulk shopping centers. Eiji was familiar with the train station, but there was a bus line just outside the campus limits as well.


There were six gym locations to support both the students and teachers and on site areas for filming scenes. As well as a number of permanent residences ranging from regular houses to full mansions! There were also night clubs and places to go for entertainment. All of it part of the campus alongside the school facilities, offices, and classes.


The cafe was small, but the prices were ridiculous, but Eiji figured that was the point. The blonde had ordered the most expensive drink on the menu, a fruity parfait like drink with extra fruit. Just one of them was twenty bucks! Thankfully, Kagura only wanted some green tea and a popsicle which Eiji also ordered. When their food arrived Eiji managed not to look shocked at the way Kagura ate, biting off half of the frozen treat in one motion, then chewing slowly, her lips making odd smacking sounds before she quickly swallowed. How she didn’t get a brain freeze was beyond Eiji, though he figured it had to do with her merfolk heritage. The two girls were second year students here at BSU; both of them had just gotten back from their summer trips and were settling into new dorm rooms today.


“Too funny…” Eiji said, getting his laughter under control. Kagura had finished telling him about how she’d beaten some seriously over confidant guy in a lap race at the pool who was going on and on about how he could outswim a shark.


“Yeah, it was. Dumb bloke ran off wit his tail between his legs after that!” Candice said as he speared a strawberry with a fork and brought it to her lips. She licked it several times before putting it in her mouth entirely and chomping down. When she noticed Eiji starring at her she turned to look away, obviously still upset with him.


As it turned out, Kagura was the granddaughter of an actual mermaid on her father’s side. But not just the regular kind as often seen on ocean documentary shows, her grandmother was a Shark Mermaid! A kind of mermaid subspecies armed with sharp teeth and having the lower body of a shark. Shark mermaids were also entirely carnivorous, a rare trait among the predominantly omnivorous merfolk race. Though Kagura could eat anything she wanted thanks to her hybrid lineage.


Shark Mermaid personalities were also wild and aggressive. According to Kagura, in the past they engaged in pirate-like activities, but more recently they have begun to abstain from piracy. Apparently that was how her grandparents met, her grandfather being with the Japanese Coast Guard and arresting a band of pirates who had been causing trouble off the coast of Okinawa. One of those ‘opposites attract’ kind of relationships.


Since Kagura is only quarter-mermaid, she simply inherited the shark-like teeth and her somewhat frightening eyes along with some gills that were on her back below her shoulder blades.


As Kagura continued to talk about her, Eiji was surprised at a lot of what she’d told him, his idea of mermaids was limited to the image of pretty girls with fish tail legs that liked to tease sailors with their beauty. Finding that there were different kinds was enlightening.


“I can breathe under water yeah, but it’s hard, like breathing after you’ve just run a marathon.” she had explained. Although she had a full skeleton, her body was very flexible, akin to the cartilage body of a Shark.


“Honestly, I’m proud of my heritage, and also glad granny wasn’t your typical mermaid. Those fish bimbos are annoying, always so caught up in the latest bikini top trends and going on and on about the Little Fucking Mermaid! Ugh, I hated that book, such a sad ending; I liked the Disney version so much more!”


“Oh, the book was different?” Eiji asked, having only seen the Disney version himself when he was little.


“Yeah, it’s a tragedy.” Candice spoke up, “The wanker prince rejects Ariel’s love, saying he only saw her like a little sister or something like that. She got so distraught that she threw herself into the ocean. When that happened, her body dissolved into sea foam right?” she asked Kagura.


“More or less. The mermaids love the story, and tragedy in general, ugh, it churns my stomach just thinking about it. I have a cousin who’s a regular mermaid, god; she can go on for hours and hours about how beautiful tragedy is. Believe it or not, her dream is to get involved with a human who is already dating someone so their love can never come to fruition, how insane is that!?” Kagura told them.


“Pretty nuts, yeah.” Eiji agreed, listening to her every word.


“Now me, I prefer a good horror story. I love the classics, like from my favorite horror author Stephanie Queen.” said Kagura, “I’m currently taking course for horror porn, it’s a new market really, not that fake guro junk, bleh. Seriously, what is up with that?” Kagura said, “Real horror is all about the build-up, now-a-days it’s mostly gore, blood and guts, that’s not really scary, just gross.”


“Kagura here wants to bring Horror Porn to the mainstream.” Candice said.


“Hey, I can dream can’t I?” Kagura said.


“Yes you can luv.” said Candice as she leaned over and kissed the other girl, making sure to show off her tongue moving around in the wine haired girl’s mouth. She glared slightly at Eiji, almost as if to say, ‘See, I’m not at all scared of these teeth!’


“Mmmmph…” Kagura cooed into Candice’s mouth, holding the kiss for a long while before the blonde pulled away. “Ahh… So, um, Candi here is in that class with me, and also Majoring in, what is that class called again?”


“Orgy Tactic’s, I’ll be starting my 301 courses this year. I hope they have some decently hung blokes this time. Last year the only decent bloke was that beastman, but he didn’t like working with regular girls, something about not wanting to break anyone, so I couldn’t rack up many points in class with him. And the other boys were well, boys…” said Candice as she held up her right hand with her thumb and index fingers splayed about five inches from tip to tip.


Eiji chuckled, amused by Candice’s mannerisms.


“But that’s all you’re going to know about me!!! So wut’s ur story Eiji?!” Candice asked with a smirk.


“Me?” Eiji asked, taking a small bite of his own popsicle, “Nothing special really, I played basketball in highschool and college, was riding a scholarship for the latter until I tore my ACL, then everything went, what’s the term…? Tit’s up.”


“Seriously, that’s terrible…” said Candice, the look of mild anger on her face from before vanished entirely and she offered a genuine smile, “Heh, first time I’ve heard an American use that correctly. Cheers.” she added, “An’ my condolences on your injury. I’m sure that was a mess.”


“Yeah, bills piled up quickly after the scholarship went away. And my sister works two jobs to help me pay it off. A short while back Ms. Reed approached me about enrolling here.” Eiji explained.


“ACL, that’s a knee injury right?” Kagura asked, finishing the rest of her popsicle in a single bite.


“Yeah, it still hurts from time to time, but I recently got a nice brace that helps.” he told the pair. “That reminds me, I was headed to thank the girl who bought it for me when I bumped into you.”


“Explains why you had your face in ur phone.” Candice said as she sipped the rest of her drink down, leaving only the piled up bits of fruit. “Well, yu’ve apologized, so I guess we should let you get back to ur business.”


“It was nice meeting you both, I’m sorry we didn’t get off on a better foot.” said Eiji as he stood up from his seat.


“Oh MY–!!” gasped Kagura.


“‘Ey, not bad Eiji bruv!” said Candice with a smirk.


Eiji felt confused at the looks both women were giving him, “What, what’s up?” he asked.


“You are bruv!” Candice said, “Can’na say I blame ya when yu’ve got two sets of goddess tits starring ya in the face!”


Still not understanding, Eiji looked down to where the blonde had gestured and felt his cheeks flushing red as he finally noticed the massive erection now tenting down his left pantleg! He hadn’t even felt himself getting aroused! But now he felt it as his pants constrained around his throbbing hard-on.


“Holy crap, I am so sorry ladies!” he said, sitting back down quickly. Eiji looked around flustered, noticing several people from tables nearby looking at him. He then remembered Dr. Pimp’s warning about how if he got the hard-on side effects of his new medication, it was almost always the call your doctor right away kind! He fought down the sudden surge of panic as he tried to will his heart to slow down.


“For wut? It’s a compliment on this campus!” Candice said with a giggle.


“Say Candi, we still have to get one more for our summer assignments don’t we?” Kagura asked her friend.


“Oh yeah, that’s right…!” Candice agreed. “Eiji, tell yu wut, I’ll take care of the tab here, and yu can apologize to us in a diff’rent way!”


“Huh?” Eiji asked, confused.



As it turned out, female students had a quota of hook-ups to meet over the summer to keep their sexual skills sharp! Male students did as well, but the number wasn’t as high given the difficulty involved in meeting women and taking them home. In fact, according to Kagura, most of the male students just got together with some of their female classmates and had their quota filled within a single weekend.


Eiji had tried to excuse himself, but Candice wasn’t having it as she and Kagura lead him into another part of University City. The trio stopped in front of a humongous, double decker, two story building which resembled World-Mart, the United States premiere multi-purpose store.


“This is Bustee-Mart!” Candice stated while pointing to the store’s logo, the word “BUSTEE” in the same style script as the Busteez logo next to the word “Mart” in red and white lights.


“Bustee-Mart is a specialized World-Mart exclusive only to BSU. Is got everything a super World-Mart has but way better.” noted Candice with a definitive head nod


“They have deep discounts and deals only available to students. All you have to do is show your student ID badge at the register. It beats shopping off campus and supports the university.” Added Kagura.


“Plus there’s the Bustee XXX department. Its another section of the store that has adult products. Lingeirie, costumes, sex toys, massage oils, lotions and lube… They even have penis pumps if you’re that kinda guy.” joked Candice. Eiji shuddered and his eyes widened at the mention of a penis pump, having briefly considered getting one after being described as average by Violette.


“We need to start looking for Halloween costumes. They‘re already starting to put out the halloween supplies. I swear, they put out seasonal items earlier every year!” pointed out Kagura, hoping not to miss out on the costume she wanted for the second consecutive year.


“We can come back tomorrow. Wouldn’t wanna bore our new friend shopping all day.” suggested the tanned blonde bombshell. Kagura nodded in agreement as the group resumed walking.


“This way!” Kagura said, leading Eiji by the hand to one of the guest lodging area of University City.


The guest lodging area featured several hotels on site including a number of themed love motels. The hotels there often hosted celebrities from both the porn industry and the mainstream, as well as BSU alumni when they visited the campus.


“There it is!” announced Kagura while pointing to a Horny Day Inn Express on the left hand side of the street. Moving ahead of them, Candice spoke with the clerk at the check-in desk, showing her student ID and getting the passkey to a room fairly quickly. While Candice went to check in, Kagura and Eiji continued to speak.


“We get deals to stay at the hotels too, but they are generally free to BSU students. The hotels are a good place for hooking up discreetly or spending time with a special someone without being disturbed. At the dorms, everyone is looking and trying to see who is going into who’s room. Word spread around fast at Passion Tower so the gossip can get out of hand!”


“Okay, got it,” Candice said while running back to Kagura and Eiji.


As the trio entered the hotel lobby, Eiji noticed several golden framed photos mounted on the wall. There were an assortment of athletes, actors, and well known captains of industry posing with the hotel manager. One picture in particular grabbed his attention. It was one of Eiji’s childhood idols, a famous basketball player posing with the hotel’s manager.


“Wait a minute that’s….” started Eiji before being cut off by Kagura.


“See someone you recognize? everyone comes here.” confirmed Kagura.


“This place is a who’s who of celebrities. All the big stars come to BSU when in World City. You wont bloody believe some of the blokes I got to meet last year.” added Candice.


The group made their way down the hall, stopping at the elevator so they could go to their room.


“This’ll be fun, and I think we’ll get Extra Credit for getting a new Student who hadn’t been through orientation yet.” Kagura said, her pinprick eyes looking down at his still tented pants. She then ran her tongue along her lushiously thick dick-sucking lips. Any other time Eiji would have found it exciting, but the combination of those sharp shark teeth combined with the fact that he needed to get to the hospital and soon was robbing him of a lot of the enjoyment here!


The elevator took them to the third floor, Eiji’s unexpected destination for the evening. The room the girls led him to wasn’t really anything fancy, it looked like a typical one room apartment, with hardwood floors, off-white walls, a bed, table, and some bookshelves stocked with various lubricants and other sex jellies. Green curtains covered the one window looking outside and just inside the door was another door leading to a small room with a toilet and standing shower.


“Students get these rooms free when they show their ID,” Kagura explained, “The fantasy themed ones still cost though.” she told him as she released his hand and walked farther into the room. She then pulled down her top unceremoniously, freeing those gigantic and beautiful tits! They bounced enticingly in the open air, her dull pink nipples already getting hard as she quickly began stripping down. Eiji caught a brief glimpse of her ‘gills’, exactly where she said they were, though when he saw them, the word gills didn’t come to mind, they looked more like really faded scars, like from some weird childhood injury. In all honesty they weren’t really all that noticeable.


“Hmm, like what you see?” Kagura asked as she turned to face him after tossing her clothes onto the nearby bed and standing in front of him in all her naked glory! Her hips perfectly accented her zeppelin sized tits, and there was not a trace of pubic hair between her legs. The lips of her pussy were already puffy and wet, their color almost the same as her wine colored hair.


“Oiy, it always buggers me how quickly you can get out uv ur clothes luv.” Candice said, still wearing her bra and panties.


“Helps if you plan ahead, wear things you know come off easy.” Kagura commented casually as she moved over to Eiji and draped her arms around his shoulders, pressing her naked tits against his chest. He hadn’t noticed earlier, but Kagura smelled really nice, a sweet odor like candy and flowers.


“Blimey, doesn’t that hurt?” Candice asked as she shirked her bra followed by her panties, nodding toward the bulge in Eiji’s pants which now gave a perfect outline of his erection.


“A little, you see…” Eiji began, explaining how his new meds might have certain side effects.


“Well now, there’s only one way to find out.” said Kagura, “And that’s milk this thing dry, if you’re still rock hard near the four hour mark, we’ll take you to the campus hospital. They deal with this kind of thing fairly regularly.”


“But first, yu gutta help us finish our assignment, ya?” Candice said with a smile as she moved up next to Kagura, her perfectly tanned breasts smooshing against the other girls as she pressed in close. “Besides, I do know one treatment for that is how’s the expression go? Blowing your load?”


“I know what I wanna blow.” Kagura said with a giggle as he slid her body down Eiji’s, getting down on her knees and expertly undoing his belt and pants. She then yanked them down along with his underwear. He was surprised she hadn’t caught his pants on the leg brace as she did so. A mild sense of relief then flooded him as his cock was no longer straining against the confines of his clothes, but it was short lived as he looked down just in time to see Kagura opening her mouth wide. Those razor sharp teeth glinting in the light of the hotel room! He could feel the blood draining from his face as she brought his cock to her mouth.


“Ahaa…” he gasped just as her plump juicy lips wrapped around his cock! “Oohh…” he then groaned as he felt a warm wetness slipping around his entire cock as she took his length all the way down her throat in one go!


“Hmmmmmph, guhmmph, guhmmph, guhmmmph…” Kagura moaned, moving her head back and forth in long slow strokes. Her lips slurped and smacked wetly along his cock as she coated it in her warm saliva!


“She’s good ya?” Candice asked, still pressing her naked figure against him as she worked to strip off the upper half of his clothes. “I really envy her, ‘aving no gag reflex must be handy.”


“Id ish…” Kagura slurred, “Mmmmmmmph, dish cawk tashtesh sho guud too! Ahhh I luv dish flavour…” she moaned, her eyes completely wide as they rolled back in their sockets, “Guhmmmph, guhmmmph, guhmmmmph!!!” she moaned, slurping louder as she began moving her head back and forth again.


“I bet yu were scared jost now, eh? Tought my girl was gonna dice up your big willy with her teeth?” Candice asked, though her tone was more playful than threatening. She finished stripping off his shirt and tossed it with the other piled clothes, pressing her massive mammeries against his wide chest. He could feel her stiffened nipples poking at him as she rubbed her warm soft body against his own.


“I’d be lying if I said no…” Eiji said, and then shuddered in pleasure as he felt his cock moving through Kagura’s mouth a little faster.


Both women giggled, “Relax bloke, Kagura wouldn’t even be in this school if she couldn’t give a decent jobby.” Candice told him before pressing her silver painted lips against his mouth. Eiji instinctively opened his mouth for her, accepting her tongue as he moved to wrap his arms around her slim waist. Candice gave a soft giggle, rubbing herself against him more as she explored inside his mouth with her tongue.


She has a point,‘ thought Eiji as he let himself relax a bit more, finding that Kagura’s mouth felt even better when he did. He then moved a hand down to grip Candice’s sexy round ass, he felt his fingers sinking deep into the soft flesh as he began sucking gently on her tongue.


“Mmmmmmmmmh…” Candice cooed into his mouth, kissing him a bit harder now as Kagura continued bobbing her head back and forth, the slurping sucking noises of her lips against his dick echoed in head ears as he let out another low groan of pleasure.


“Ahhh, wow, didn’t take you for a good kisser bruv.” Candice gasped, finally breaking the kiss and taking a few deep breathes.


“Mmmmmmph, ‘ou should way bown…” Kagura suddenly spoke up.


Eiji looked down at the redhead. Kagura’s creepy eyes were closed in a blissful expression as she took his cock all the way into her mouth again, her throat bulging with his length as her hand gently fondled his balls. Her touch was gentle and arousing at the same time. She then pulled her head back slowly, her ruby lips making wet popping sounds as they gliding over his meat stick.


“Yeah, let us show you how real students here work!” Candice said with a grin. Eiji kicked away his pants before moving to lie back on the floor. The bed would have been better for his knee, but it wasn’t big enough for three people! Kagura stayed clothes to his cock as he laid back, softly kissing up and down his shaft as she did so.


Eiji watched as the girl’s sandwiched his cock between their ungodly huge tits, the top few inches barely poking out between the pillow soft and warm valleys. Kagura then took his cock back into her mouth, Eiji felt less frightened by the sight of her shark-like teeth as she began bobbing her head up and down faster.




The sound of her mouth around his cock was even louder now as the wine haired mermaid worked only the top few inches. The sensation was incredible as Eiji let out a loud groan, unable to hold back as he began cumming in her mouth!


“Hey luv, dun’t hog it all to urself now!” Candice said, her accent getting thicker as her arousal grew heavier, she pulled Eiji’s cock away from Kagura, barely avoiding scratching his dick on her teeth. A jet of his cum splashed all over Kagura’s face and tits as Kagura relinquished his cock to her friend, watching with a frightening grin as Candice took him between her lips. The blondes cheeks puffed out as her mouth became filled with cum, but she kept her lips tight around his cock, swallowing his cum down in loud gulps!


“Mmmmmh, you look so hot with a cock in your mouth Candi! It turns me on!” said Kagura as she mashed her tits against the other girls. “Mmmmmmmh, yeah, take it in deep!” Kagura purred. Eiji grinned, liking the way Kagura encouraged her blonde friend as he moved his hands between their legs. Feeling the warm moist heat of their cunts dripping down his fingers as he slipped two in each girl.


“Mmmmmhmmmmmmh!!!” Candice moaned, rocking her hips against Eiji’s fingers.


“Ohhhh, yeah, that feels fucking great…” Eiji groaned.


“Be glad for the side effects of that stuff,” Kagura said, “Cause I’m not nearly done yet!”


GULP GULP GULP… “Ahhhh, neither am I for that matter!” said Candice as she lifted her head free and licked her silvery lips of his cum slowly. Kagura and Candice then took turns sucking his cock, passing it back and forth between them. Each would take the exposed inches of his cock in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down for a moment before passing it over to the other. They made a show of kissing one another around it as he delved his fingers back and forth inside each of their dripping pussies!


“Ahhhh, I can’t wait anymore!” Candice moaned, “I WANT THIS IN ME CUNT NOW!!!” she screamed as she pulled away and stood up. Almost as if they had practiced, Kagura moved away just in time for Candice to move to straddle Eiji’s waist. The wine haired woman held his cock tight in her hands, guiding his cock into Candice’s pussy as she squatted down into a reverse cowgirl position. Her pussy made a lewd squishing wet sound as his dick spread her lips wide.


“Ahhhhn, soooo thiiick! I luv the thick ones!!!!” Candice moaned as she took his whole length inside her, “Ahhh, full, sO FUCKING FULLL…” she screamed.


“Yeah, I bet it feels great doesn’t it Candi?” Kagura asked, moving to straddle Eiji’s stomach and wrapping her slender arms around Candice. She grabbed the blondes huge tanned tits, fingers almost vanishing into the soft mounds as she kneaded and pressed them together. Candice moaned happily, rolling her hips slowly, stirring Eiji’s cock around inside her.


“Mmmmmh, it’s great luv, such a big diiiick…” Candice moaned, leaning back against her wine haired partner.


“Ahhh I love when you moan like that, I am so wet for you right now!” Kagura told her.


“Oh? Let me see!” said Eiji as he grabbed Kagura’s thighs and pulled her up towards his face. She was actively trying not to rest her full weight on him, so moving her was easy as he buried his face in her crotch! Her pussy was slick with juices and putting out heat almost like a furnace as he slipped his tongue between the soft, moist folds. Her favor washed over his tongue as he heard Kagura moan in surprise and pleasure.


“Ohhhh, yeah… right there, RIGHT THERE!!!!” Kagura moaned as he teased her clit with the tip of his tongue, flicking the swollen bud back and forth, then side to side. Next he delved it deep inside, his face getting suddenly soaked in her juices as a result!


“Mmmmm, sweet peach!” Eiji groaned, loving the taste of Kagura’s pussy as he savored the feel of Candice’s cunt around his cock.


“DON’T STOP, DON’T STOOOP!!!!” Kagura moaned, letting out an odd chittering sound not unlike a dolphin as her boy tensed on top of his head.


“MMMMH FUUUUCK!!!! I’M FUCKING CUMMING, I’M CUMMINGGGG!!!” Candice screamed as a rush of liquid warmth soaked his crotch. Eiji groaned again as he felt himself cumming again inside the blonde with a soft wet sound. His thick spunk dribbling back out around her pussy as it clung tightly to his rod.


“Mmmmmmmmh…” Candice purred, leaning forward, her massive warm breasts smooshing around Eiji’s thighs and legs as his cock flopped out of her pussy, flinging their mixed fluids out as it exited.


“Yoink!” Kagura said as she leaned forward herself, grabbing his cock in both hands and taking his cock right back inside her mouth! “Guhmmmmmph!!!!” she moaned around him as she quickly settled into a sixty-nine position with Eiji. The dark haired youth wrapped his arms around Kagura’s waist for support as he lifted his head up to keep licking and nibbling at her pussy. He heard a series of light thumps as Candice moved around on the floor out of his line of sight. He only wondered what she was up to for a few moments before he got the answer in the sensation of her hot little mouth sucking and licking his balls!


“Blimey, how many shots do yu ‘ave in yu!?” Candice asked.


“Guhmmmph… Nawt ’nuff…” Kagura moaned around his cock as she continued taking his length down her throat! Eiji could only groan in pleasure as he settled in for a long night!



“Yu sure you’re gunna be okay?” Candice asked as the three of them left the love hotel together. It was well into the evening now, the sun having long since set.


“I’ll be alright, though I might walk a little odd for a day.” Eiji answered honestly.


For a while there he thought the two of them might not ever get enough! He lost count of how many times they fucked! How many different positions they used. The two girls eventually taking turns resting while the other had her fun alone with him. It almost began to hurt until he finally came inside Kagura hard and his cock went soft nearly instantly, three and a half hours later…


“Look on the bright side, no needle in the dick!” said Kagura with a grin.


“My doctor says that doesn’t happen as often as it does in the movies, but thanks.” Eiji said to her.


“That’s a relief, the very idea of it is making me cringe!” said Kagura with a grin.


“Well, thanks for helping us finish our summer homework Eiji.” Candice told him, “Ur a great shag, and pretty alright for a yank.”


“Call us!” Kagura said as the three of them reached a fork in the road. She and Candice taking the path to the right while Eiji went left towards Passion Towers off in the distance.


“I will!” Eiji called back to them. He then continued towards the University dorms, pulling out his phone and tuning into Hitomi’s current stream. He smiled as she danced excitedly for the camera in her new outfit. Though he didn’t recognize the character at all.


He reached the towers just as the stream ended. Stopping at the entrance, Eiji reached into his pocket and pulled out the bottle of pills Dr. Pimp had given him. He stared at it for all of two seconds before tossing the entire thing in a trash bin just inside the lobby.


A Collaboration between –

(Story by User: SailorIo)

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Ichigo Kurosaki
1 year ago

ambas chicas me encanta kagura y candice

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Candice and Kagura are surely nice additions to the already established characters. Both their designs are nice and while Candice is rather generic and, dare I say, unspectacular looking, Kagura makes more than up for it with her purple/wine red hair and this creepy and mad look on her face. Character wise I tend to like Candice more than Kagura (gotta love that brittish accent and her bluntness). The douple paizuri looks great and while I can explain the huge tits of both girls via the use of the BimboGel, same can’t really be said about Eiji’s suddenly massive cock. Don’t get me wrong, I like to see these girls play with something gargantuan as much as the next guy but it is established that Eiji has an “average size” penis (whatever that means) and Xavier having possibly the biggest. But in this artwork here Eiji’s cock surely looks as big as or even bigger than Xavier’s. Both versions (makeup and cum) are rather unremarkable. While the red lipstick looks great on Kagura, same can’t be said about it’s marks on Eiji’s already quite reddish colored cock.

Hitomi just sending a new knee brace is quite strange given that her and Eiji only know each other for less than five days with only one really noteworthy interaction (the morning after their sex-stream) but I mean it can be possible. His sister is also a really nice person and the name of the company: Enzo-Tech is a nice idea. Moving on, can we please all agree that Dr. Pimp is easily the best character in the whole series?! His speech pattern is depicted extraordinarily well and if it weren’t for the fact that anoter character with a very distinct accent appears in this chapter he would easilly be the best part of it (even with the sex). The worldbuilding is also rather nicely written with it now being established that Viagra or erectile disfunction is a thing of the past and the hook-up-quota each student has to fulfill over the summer. One thing I found interesting is the fact that male students just do it with a girl of their class because it is rather hard for them to find someone outside of the school to fuck, which, quite frankly, is just strange since an unexperienced novice like Xavier was able to fuck two girls, he didn’t know prior to that, with no sexual experience whatsoever (atleast that I am aware of) and rock their worlds. I mean Brass and Matsunami work in a kind of lewd place (the Carnal Carnival and Peaches Gentlemen’s Club respectively) but just because you work in a kinky environment doesn’t mean that you get to fuck as regularly as a porn star for example. Maybe Xavier is just incredible lucky or just straightforward and honest, which leads the girls being so open to sex with him but it is still kind of strange to read that the men in BSU basically only fuck their classmates all while the girls have no problems of that kind. The leadup to the sex was once more incredibly well done with it being established prior that the pills Eiji takes can lead to massive erections and with the two eager scond year students here to help him relieve some stress. While the sex wasn’t that spectacular, the biggest downside of it was that the difference between a second and first year student wasn’t as clearly shown than in the next two upcomming chapters.

Overall a very basic and slightly underwhelming chapter and artwork and if it weren’t for the greatness that is Dr. Pimp and Candice it would be certainly even lower.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Well, this chapter was a collaboration between myself and another writer. Dr. Pimp wasn’t my idea but I understand it. He is a parody of the flamboyant purveyors of pussy from the 1970’s. I should have added more of the language, street slang and terminology used by actual pimps to make him more authentic. I was mainly responsible for writing the world building elements of this chapter. The girls showing him around Bustee-Mart and the on campus hotels, that was me. I believe part of the reason this chapter fell flat with you is the characterization of the Eiji character. He is my oc and the first chapter of BSU I ever wrote was Eiji in chapter 6. I failed to get across the personality I intended for him to have on that first outing in chapter. He was meant to be more brash, cocky and a showoff plus a very smooth operator with the ladies. I really didn’t get to show that because his debut was an interview with Sara and people are usually on their best behavior in that type of environment. Another writer has handled Eiji’s appearances since chapter 6 and he used that as an example for how to portray the character. He’s been inconsistent because two different writers have been working with the Eiji character so far while Xavier’s chapters have all been written by the same person, me. I reread this chapter before coming to write this response and Eiji comes off as being random japanese hentai main character, bland and boring. I apologize for this and I will be making corrections once I get to use him again. Also Eiji isn’t a novice like Xavier. He is a seasoned sex veteran. He is a superstar former college player who was going to be the #1 Draft pick in the NBA. I’d compare his level of fame to Lebron James before he turned pro. Eiji had a ton of hype around him while he was in high school. With that level of fame he got plenty of attention from women. He’s slept with hundreds of women from his high school days to the current point in the story. I feel like I did not do enough to hammer this point home in chapter 6 so the other writer who followed me didn’t know either. I hope you enjoy the next chapter a lot more. Thanks for the support. I appreciate the fact you are interested in BSU!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Oh I definitely like Eiji’s and Xaviers character but as you said it didn’t really helped in the formers case that his first action scene we saw him in was with Sara who is just an expert adult entertainment star. It is my fault for forgetting that he already had some sexual experience with his former fans and teachers so at least with that everything is alright. I don’t know how his and Xavier’s interactions in ROL went or how their relationship there was but I’m quite pleased with the fact that Eiji isn’t a typical jock and that Xavier isn’t a total “dork”. In my eyes the both of you found a nice middleground for both of them with Eiji not being the best at sex since he is quite handicapped and with Xavier being rather nerdy towards most things (games, anime), outfitted with quite the weapon of mass pleasure while also not the best lay in town since he is comparatively inexperienced with it. The thing with Eiji not having the biggest troubles with Kagura and Candice in this chapter is, that Violette in two chapters, who I assume has an equal ammount of sexual experience (if not a greater one) as Eiji really struggles to deal with a second year student. Once again, I don’t know how you wanted to present both characters or how they stood comparatively to each other in ROL but with everything I’ve seen so far in this story it is rather strange. Still a pleasant experience.