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Fiery Hot Encounter

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)

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Fresh off of returning home from the previous night’s freaky festivities, Xavier didn’t have any time to spare. It was 8 A.M. and the meeting with the professor was at 9. He immediately darted up the stairs to shower. After getting dressed he went downstairs to grab a bottled water before heading out the door.


“Mornin mom!” greeted Xavier while rushing to the refrigerator.


“Tranquilizarse! (Spanish for “Calm down!”) You almost knocked me on my ass!” scolded Mei while pouring herself a hot mug of coffee. She was hardly dressed, wearing only a pair of coochie cutting black athletic shorts and a tiny cut off yellow t-shirt that barely covered her humongous knockers. The word “Queen B” emblazoned across her heavy chest in black cursive style print. There was a stylized crown design right above the letter “Q” which sat tilted slightly to the right.


“Sorry!” shouted the agitated young man as he loaded bottles of water into his backpack.


“Why are you in a rush?” questioned the concerned mother.


“I have a meeting with the Head of admissions at the college I got accepted to, the lady I interviewed with the other day.” explained the hurried new recruit.


“And where exactly were you at when you overslept?” inquired the keen minded mom.


“It’s a long story! I’ll tell you about it later!” hollered the evasive son as he bolted out of the kitchen and toward the front door. It was quite obvious to Mei what he was doing.


As Xavier cruised down the highway along Sapphire Shores he pondered to himself about the meeting he was on his way to.


“Ms. Reed is moving a lot faster than I thought with checking on my progress. It’s a little early for that! It hasn’t even been a full week yet….” lamented the youth.



(15 Minutes later)


“It’s almost time.”


Xavier passed through the BSU security checkpoint and turned onto the main road, his mind racing with several thoughts, ringing in his head as he approached Passion Tower. It was difficult for him to reconcile his feelings at that moment.


“I don’t know if I should be confident or worried about having to meet with her again…”


As he pulled up to Passion Tower, he took notice of the sea of vehicles in the parking lot. The school faculty was all present which was evident by the teacher parking area being completely full. The interior of Passion Tower was full of hustle and bustle as he walked through its doors, with young ladies of all skin colors and nationalities lounging around the lobby, getting breakfast and coffee at the cafe, or generally congregating around in groups to conversate.


“Holy shit man!” mumbled Xavier to himself, overwhelmed by the sheer ratio of females to males at the University. Xavier was surrounded by curvy cuties with big titties and ass, he had never seen this many girls in one place before.


The young man looked through the sea of women, taking notice of Saitou, the head security officer, who was answering student questions and giving campus directions at the security desk. Xavier approached the desk, waiting patiently as Saitou handed out campus maps and gave information to the incoming freshmen, clearing away the crowd with a skill and finesse that suggested he’d done this many times before. Saitou took notice of Xavier after passing out a pamphlet to the last girl in line.


“Hey X! I was just about to go outside and smoke. gimme a sec!” informed the security chief.


Saitou then got on the radio and made a call, prompting another security officer, a young man about Xavier’s age to walk up to the desk. He stood 5’9 in height and had a strong build. The most noticeable feature about him was his haircut. He had black hair that was shaved on the sides with two small part designs cut into the front. the top was a Mohawk which was swept back and shining because of the gel he had put on it.


“Watch this for a minute, I’m gonna go smoke.”


Xavier walked alongside the security guard as headed out the door.


“What’s up, how ya doing, kid?” asked the security expert as they made their way to the side of the building.


“I’m ok, I got called in to meet with instructor Sara again. I don’t know what it’s about.”


“Hmm twice in a 7 day period… I don’t know either.” admitted Saitou while lighting up his cig.


“I had a few dates over the past few days.”


“Oh? How did they go!?” asked Saitou.


“I went online and studied video’s on Pornsta$h. It worked man!“ expressed the young man with a grateful tone.


“Oh yeah?” the security chief egged on, his intent being to get Xavier to reveal more about his encounters.


“Yeah, I had 4 dates; one of them was the same girl twice. Another one I’m waiting to get a second date with.” explained Xavier with a head nod.


“4 dates since we last spoke huh? not bad! so tell me about how the first one went.”


“Well, I was terrified to speak to her at first…..” recalled the spiked haired young man.


“But I got it together after thinking about what you told me.


“How did you meet her?” inquired Xavier’s mentor.


Well, I met her at the Otaku Palace. We bumped into each other while she was carrying a stack of books. She works there.” explained Xavier.


“Otaku Palace? I actually know someone who works there myself.” chimed Saitou between puffs.


“But anyways, What happened?” questioned Saitou with interest.


“I got knocked out by a stack of books that hit me and I hit the back of my head pretty hard. When I woke up, she was face to face with me asking if I was alright. I worked up the courage to ask her out while she was treating me in the employee lounge. SHE SAID YES!” recounted Xavier enthusiastically.


“So how did the date go?” asked Saitou while blowing out several rings of smoke.


“It was great! I tried to take her to this expensive French place to try to impress her but she wanted Galaxy Buffet instead. She eats a lot, like me. After that, I took her to Olympus Fun Center. We played games there for hours! I ended up spending the night at her house!” informed the hyped teenager. The grin on Xavier’s face and the tone of voice made it clear that this was indeed a special young lady.


“Sounds like you’re really into her.” remarked the older man while taking another puff of the cigarette.


“Yeah I do really like her! She’s really cool and down to earth. We have a lot in common too. Really looking forward to seeing her again. She’s the first girl to acknowledge me…”


“Good to hear it went well! I’m proud of you, kid. Keep it up.” expressed Saitou with a nod.


“I owe you Mr. Saitou! It’s because of your advice that I was able to get her to go out with me!” stated the grateful youth.


“You don’t owe me anything X. Even though I gave you some pointers, you still had to go out there and ask her out. That was all you.” Saitou pointed out while exhaling again.


“Thanks for the help.” expressed Xavier.


“No problem.” replied Saitou.


“Anyways, how do I get to Sara’s office?” inquired Xavier.


“It’s the 3rd office on the left on the second floor of the main building.” informed Saitou as he took another hit.


“Alright I’m gonna walk down there and see what what this meeting is about.”


“This leads me to my next bit of advice… You need to believe. With belief in yourself, confidence will develop. You’re coming off of a win here, so there’s no reason to fear meeting with Sara again. No matter what you’re facing or what’s happening keep your head up and walk with pride.


“Walk with pride?” questioned Xavier.


“Yeah. Think about something you’re good at, picture it in your mind…..” directed the security chief. Xavier pondered his words.


“When you go into that office to talk to Sara or when you’re you with a girl, visualize you are doing something else, something else that you’re good at. This will help in dealing with high pressure situations, helps keep you calm in the face of adversity.” advised Saitou.


“I’ll give it a try.” assured Xavier.


“Give em hell kid.” stated Saitou while offering a fist bump.


“Thanks Mr. Saitou.” replied Xavier while completing the fist bump.”


“One more thing!” yelled Saitou while Xavier walked away.


“What?” Xavier yelled back.


“DON’T CALL ME MR.!” ordered Saitou.


“ALRIGHT MR. SAITOU!” joked the young man as he walked away.


Xavier walked over to the main building, taking notice of several other students walking along the path to get there. As he walked, it sunk in that he was now “there”. His years of hard work all his life has brought him to this point.


“Relax.. remember what he said about walking with pride…” thought Xavier to himself as he walked up the stairs to the building entrance.


The world around him began to transform as he got closer to Sara’s office, the interior of the building took the appearance of a sporting arena. As he walked up the stairs to the second floor of the building his clothing had become fighting gear. He was clad in black shorts, MMA fighting gloves, and a black hoodie with the hood up, obscuring most of his face. It was if he was making the walk down the aisle for a big main event fight.


This is it….‘ thought the young man to himself as he approached the door to Sara’s office.




“Come in!” replied a voice from inside the room.


Xavier opened the door and walked in, this time more calm and with his emotions evenly controlled. He displayed a bit of confidence which was evident in his stride but without giving off a cocky or arrogant vibe. Sara immediately picked up on this.


He’s different than when I saw him the other day. If only just by a little bit…


“Good Morning, Professor Reed.” greeted Xavier.


“Good Morning, Mr. Williams, please have a seat.” asked the professor.


Sara was looking especially radiant, sporting a pink and white pinstriped skirt with a matching jacket. Her perky tits were on display thanks to a halfway unbuttoned white dress shirt which showed off her cleavage and part of her areolas. It was clear that she was not wearing a bra. However, Xavier controlled his lust for her and maintained his composure, staving off an unwanted erection.


“Do you know why you’re here today?” asked the busty teacher.


“I’m not sure but I do have a guess. Checking on my progress?”


“As a student on academic probation, you are subject to follow ups and documenting your progress. As the admission authority, and the professor that recommended you be accepted, it is MY responsibility to meet with you to evaluate your progress in our program.


“Don’t you think it’s a little early to be doing this first meeting? School hasn’t even started yet.” asked Xavier.


“You’re behind the other male students due to your lack of sexual experience, so having sex with as many girls as possible before the school year begins is beneficial to your growth. Acquiring experience will help to close the gap between you and all the other students.” explained the sexy blonde while tapping her fingers on her desk.


“I have given you a powerful tool to assist you in finding partners to play with… Plus you’re quite attractive with your green eyes and that tree trunk between your legs.” continued the professor as she licked her thick lips.


Xavier kept control of himself and managed to keep a straight face while Sara complimented his looks.


“There’s plenty of girls in this city that are willing to ride that horse cock you’re packing. And the Linkum app can help you find them. If you failed to secure any dates it can only be because you didn’t give it any effort.”


“And what if I didn’t get any dates?”


“Then I would have no choice but to retract my offer to you. If you’re unable to get laid with your gifts and the tools I’ve given you, then I’m afraid you aren’t suited for Busteez Slut University.”


“Well I am happy to report to you that I will be staying on the freshman class roster, Professor Reed. Was this some kind of a test?” queried the green eyed youth.


“The easiest test you will have. I believe in your potential Xavier. My gut tells me you have ‘it’. But even so, I don’t want to invest my time and energy into helping you develop as a performer and the director you aspire to become if you’re not willing to give me your best effort. You pass.


“Thank you professor.” replied Xavier cordially.


“You have stalled long enough Xavier. Let’s get to it.” instructed Sara while raising her eyebrow.


“I had 5 dates with 4 different girls since my interview with you.” revealed the auburn haired freshman.


“Tell me about them. How did they go?” asked the professor with great interest.


“The first one I set up after checking my Linkum account for the first time. It was Violette Beauregard, the socialite girl from TV. She invited me to meet her at a hotel/casino she was staying at.” recounted Xavier.


“Go on.” replied Sara with a head nod.


“Long story short, it didn’t go well. I totally bombed.” admitted Xavier bluntly.


“Why did you bomb?” asked Sara intently, her face full of curiosity to hear his explanation.


“My inexperience… I didn’t know what I was doing. She was a total dead fish. It was embarrassing. She did something that made me bust early just to get me out of there. Not to mention I hurt her while trying to eat her out. It was a huge fail I was in a hurry to move on from.


“How did you move on?” inquired the buxom blonde.


“The next day I did some research. I watched videos on Pornsta$h for a day to help figure out what to do.”


“Interesting. Studying the professionals. Did it help you at all?”


“Actually it did.” answered the spiked haired freshman before a brief pause.


My second date was with a girl named Mai that I met at Otaku Palace. Later that day I took her out for dinner and Olympus. I ended up spending the night with her.


“And how did that go?”


“IT WAS GREAT! I made her orgasm. She came pretty hard too. I think I really like her!” confessed the red faced teen.


“So your film study paid off…” remarked the studious professor.


“Yeah in a big way… The next day another girl contacted me on Linkum shortly after. She asked me to meet her at the strip club where she works. Her working name is Frost Fireheart but her real name is Matsunami.


“Matsunami? I know who she is. She’s the Adult Entertainment World Association (AEWA) Rookie-of-the-Year and the top earning performer at Peaches Gentlemen’s Club. I went to Peaches last week to meet her.


So she’s a student here too…..‘ Xavier thought to himself.


“Also, Matsunami has the distinction of being one only 3 freshmens to be admitted into BSU by recommendation alone. She’s one of the top prospects of the upcoming freshman class this year and I look forward to teaching her.”


Xavier listened intently and nodded.


“So how did you fare with Ms. Fireheart?”


“Man…. It was fun! I had 2 dates with her. We fucked 5 times over the 2 dates. She’s a screamer! We had mad chemistry! I’m gonna have a 3rd date with her soon!” confessed Xavier with a smile.


Just as they were about to resume the conversation, they were interrupted by an unknown visitor.




“I’m in a meeting right now.” informed Sara.


“It’s me!” replied a familiar voice on the other side of the door.


“Come in Tai-Chan!” called Sara.


The door opened to reveal a 4’6 silver haired girl with green eyes. She had a very svelte figure much like an 8 year old girl. She was dressed in a gray pantsuit and a black dress shirt with matching child sized black high heel pumps. Her hair hung freely, nearly touching the floor. The mysterious girl waved with her fingers as she greeted Xavier and Sara.


“Good morning!” exclaimed the girl.


Is she a….. teacher?‘ thought Xavier with a look of utter confusion on his face.


“This is Taiyohime Kuriyue, Headmistress of BSU.”


Xavier’s eyes enlarged in disbelief of what he had just heard. After quickly processing the news, he got up out of his chair to acknowledge her. A powerful nervous feeling took over him as he rose to his feet.


“Hello!” greeted Taiyohime in a cheerful tone while offering a handshake.


“Nice to meet you.” responded Xavier while shaking her hand. He gripped with a firm warrior-like handshake and looked her squarely in the eyes in an attempt to mask his uneasy nerves. However, he couldn’t hide the wobbling of his knees.


So she’s the boss of the school.. What do I do?!?‘ worried Xavier to himself.


“Uhhh… I-I’m Xavier Williams. I-I’m a new s-student here.” announced the scar-faced teenager, fumbling over his words as he spoke. A single bead of sweat ran down his face as he introduced himself.


“Welcome to BSU Xavier… Are you alright?” asked the Headmistress with a slight giggle, fully aware of the affect her presence.


“Uhh.. I’m ok, I just wasn’t expecting to meet the big boss today so I’m a little nervous.” admitted Xavier.


“What about it makes you nervous?” inquired the mini mistress.


“I’m on academic probation right now.” revealed the uneasy youth.


“Well that’s okay. Everyone isn’t going to start off on the same level. Some students like yourself haven’t had the opportunity explore sex and get experience. That isn’t your fault. This is why we have probation, to assist you in becoming your best. Please don’t think of it as a mark of shame.” reassured the Headmistress excitedly with a wink and a thumbs up.


“Well maybe it isn’t meant to be one but it does mean I’m way behind everyone else and I have a lot of ground to cover. Other people are gonna know I’m on probation which is embarrassing. There’s no way around that.” expressed the young man with a serious expression.


“Why should you care what other students think? You are here for a reason just like they are. You can’t be worried about what your peers say or think about you….” responded the silver haired professor.


“At the end of the day you are accountable only to yourself and no one else. Try not to concentrate on the accomplishments of others or trying to catch up to anyone else. Just focus on becoming the best version of Xavier you can be….”


“That said, you must give your all to this in order to become the best, and only YOU know if you are. You can lie to your peers, you can lie to us, you can lie to your family, but you can’t lie to YOURSELF.”


Taiyohime paused briefly. Sara remained silent to listen.


“Looking at you, I can tell that you’re a big dreamer. This will not be easy and you will have setbacks, but remember your dream and why you came here. For there is no dream too great to be made into reality.” added the school leader.


Like a true leader, Taiyohime’s words stirred something within the young first year student. Xavier felt something at his core that he couldn’t describe…POWER. He took a moment to process Taiyohime’s insightful words before deciding to speak.


“……I do care what the girls think of me….. I wanna be able to give them all an unforgettable experience with me, a fucking of a lifetime! To Violette and…..YOU PROFESSOR REED!” declared the teen while pointing at Sara, prompting a look of surprise on her face.


“That’s the spirit!” encouraged Taiyohime.


Sara was left speechless by auburn haired young man’s declaration. A few seconds have passed in silence after Xavier’s outburst.


“Sorry to interrupt, Serrabelle.” apologized the Headmistress with a chuckle.


“No, its fine, I was just catching up with him since the initial interview. I’m glad you showed up, you can sit in on the rest of the meeting.” remarked Sara.


“You may continue.” stated the pint sized professor.


When Xavier looked at Taiyohime again, her appearance was completely different. The child he just spoken to was no more. The Headmistress was no longer a prepubescent little girl, but a mature, adult woman! While her hair remained the same, her body became more curvaceous. The change was instantaneous, faster than a blink of an eye! She had a magnificent set of tits to go along with a wonderfully plump ass. Xavier stared at her partly in lust and mostly in utter confusion as he could not believe what he was looking at.


W-What?! That is impossible! First she was a little girl and now she’s a super milf?! Did she transform? no that would have ripped her clothes… What’s going on?! Did I simply imagine her as a child?‘ pondered the bewildered youth.


Sara then snapped her fingers and redirected her attention to Xavier, who was occupied trying to figure out the mystery behind Taiyohime’s sudden change in appearance.


“So who is the 4th young lady?” questioned Sara.


“Well that one I can show you better than I can tell you.” answered the youth after realizing Sara had asked him a question.


“Could you turn the TV on please?” asked the student.


Sara then turned the TV on. Xavier pulled out his phone and opened the video file of Brass, connecting to the television by wifi. Taiyohome sat next to Sara in an extra chair, crossing her arms and legs.


This is footage is from my date last night.” announced the youth before opening the video file. The video began to play, featuring Brass performing one of her own original songs.


The two professors listened to the Giant’s velvet smooth voice as they watched her tease Xavier in the chair.


“She does have an amazing voice…” whispered the Admission’s Chief to the Headmistress of the University.


“Umm….” Unbeknownst to X, The video continued to play, transitioning to the hardcore fucking. This development caused his face to glow red like a cherry. Quickly turning to the BSU officials ready to explain himself, he notices the two remained silent, watching the video intently.


“Impressive! She’s quite stacked! Tits, ass, thighs and hips! A beauty of that size is one of a kind!” noted Sara to herself while marveling at her naked figure. The two professors watched attentively as the stars of the video played with each other eventually leading to Xavier thrashing Brass from the missionary position.


“He’s definitely improved his technique. He’s learning not to rush the moment.” whispered Sara to Taiyohime.


At one particular point, Xavier turned his head in embarrassment, refusing to look. Brass had indeed manhandled him and now there were two witnesses to it. At the time, he was shocked when Brass took over and chose the positions, putting X into the ‘women’s role’.


Sara strained not to explode with laughter, clenching her teeth and pressing her lips together as tightly as possible to prevent an unprofessional outburst.


“I know this had to be uncomfortable for you to do. Being fucked like you’re the woman must be humiliating!” thought the professor sympathetically as she watched Brass on top of Xavier in the reverse missionary position.


Taiyohime looked on with rather studiously, smiling slightly as the giant pounded Xavier with all her strength. Occasionally her eyes would look at how much the background was shaking, seeing and hearing things fall over.


Xavier finally raised his head as the video came to an explosive creampie of an ending. He glanced over at the two evaluators looking for a response.


“You’ve done well today Mr. Williams, I see you’ve added a couple of new tools to your toolbox to go along with that big hammer of yours.” acknowledged the busty blonde evaluator. Taiyohime watched silently as Sara continued to give feedback.


“Thanks” replied Xavier modestly.


“You handled yourself like a professional in dealing with the giantess. Most men would have rejected her for asking to try new positions. I know it was difficult to do as a man but it was the correct choice.” explained Sara. Xavier managed to hold back his happiness as she spoke, maintaining the stone faced expression he had since the meeting started.


“There is nothing to be embarrassed about Xavier. You fulfilled that young woman’s desires. We are in the business of fulfilling people’s perverted desires! There is no shame in that!” added Taiyohime pointedly.


“That being said, there is still a lot for you to learn, so keep practicing. Once the school year begins there will be some stiff competition….” admitted Sara with a perverted pun.


“So continue to add more weapons to your arsenal!” declared the Head of Admissions.


“I will keep improving…. Whatever it takes I promise!” guaranteed the rookie with a confident nod.


“Do you have any questions or comments?“ asked professor Reed.


“Yes I do have one question, Well a request actually.” remarked the green eyed, spiked haired teen as he got up from his chair.


“The girl in the video with me is Bonfilia Cantore. She’s an act in the Carnal Carnival. From what she told me, its a very miserable place to be. She is looking for a change. She wants attend BSU.” stated Xavier before a brief pause.


“Now I know the time for submitting applications has passed and I am not qualified to recommend anyone to you but…”


Xavier then dropped down to a kneeling position on the floor, both knees on the ground. His torso was upright and his head held high with his hands resting on his thighs.


“I humbly ask that you please consider accepting my friend Bonfilia into BSU!” pleaded the youth while bowing to the 2 professors, reminiscent of the kneeling bow done by practitioners of Karate.


After a moment of silence, Sara responded.


“I will take it into consideration, Xavier.” answered Sara.


“I appreciate it!” responded Xavier gratefully while standing up and grabbing his backpack.


“There is ONE MORE thing I have to tell you, Xavier. One of the conditions of being on academic probation is that you will be assigned a student aide.” stated the busty blonde vixen.


“Student aide? What’s that?” asked Xavier.


“The Student Aide Program is a system in which second year students volunteer to assist freshmen who are on probation and need help with their studies. Student Aides receive extra credit for their services while you will gain access to someone to answer your questions and a more experienced partner to practice with regularly.


“Any idea of who my student aide will be?” asked Xavier, his eyes widened to the possibilities.


“As of now it hasn’t been decided yet. Headmistress Kuriyue and I will use the information acquired in your initial interview and this meeting to assign an aide who is best suited to assist you on your journey as a film student here. You will find out who your aide is before orientation.”


“Alright, I look forward to finding out!” remarked the teen with a nod.


“If you don’t have any other questions, you are dismissed.” informed Sara.


“Thank you both for the opportunity.” greeted Xavier while bowing with his clinched fist in the palm of his other hand.


“……And by the way Headmistress Taiyohime, I like your silver hair, it reminds me of a friend of mine.” complimented Xavier while looking at Taiyohime and pointing to her wavy silver locks.


The Headmistress paused briefly, taking a moment before responding to Xavier’s compliment.


“Why thank you Xavier.” responded the Headmistress with a smile.


“Take care you two.” Xavier waved at them before exiting the room.


“Goodbye Xavier!” waved Taiyohime as Xavier left the office.


After Xavier left, Taiyohime sat down in front of Sara’s desk. Sara then dropped a file folder labeled ‘Xavier Williams’ in front of her.


“It’s an unusual occurrence when the Headmistress pushes for me to look at an application of a specific individual she wants to get admitted here..” Sara observed as she sipped her coffee.


“You were very intent on me giving Xavier Williams an interview when his application came in. You must have some special interest in the boy. So what’s the deal?” Sara asked with a raised brow.


“In the end, his fate as a recruit here was left in your hands. YOU made the final decision to admit him, so he MUST be BSU material, right?” countered to Taiyohime with a grin.


“Don’t get me wrong, he has shown decent progress since I last saw him but he is still not on the level of the other students. Xavier will have a lot of ground to make up when the semester starts. It’s going to be a tough struggle for him.” Sara mentioned with a look of concern.


“So, were you lying when you said he had potential?” Taiyohime asked directly.


Sara paused a moment before giving her reply. She shook her head as she started to speak.


“No…I believe he does.” confessed Sara before taking the folder back and putting it back in her drawer.


“Good! because he reminds me of you when we first met a long time ago!” chuckled the headmistress.


“What!?… No way!” questioned Sara while poking her bottom lip out, making a pouting expression.


Taiyohime simply laughed.


“AWWWW!” pouted Sara in response before breaking down in laughter herself.



Xavier made his way down the stairs to the first floor, his mind full of thoughts about what was to come in the future.


“That went better than I had hoped. But who is Taiyohime? Why does she look like a loli and how did she change? This is straight out of a harem anime.” pondered the young man as he walked down the massive hall that lead to the entry/exit doors.


While consumed by thoughts about the mystery surrounding BSU’s Head Mistress, Xavier stopped paying attention to his surroundings. In a moment of pure clumsiness, Xavier walked into a rather large yet squishy soft obstruction. The young man’s face was pressed up against a pair of gigantic gazongas!


Xavier stood there briefly, expecting violent retribution from the owner tits of that were in his face. A couple of seconds passed but nothing happened. The auburn haired young man felt a nipple begin to harden while brushing up against the side of his head. As Xavier hesitantly stepped back he got a glimpse of utter magnificence personified.


He stared at the woman in shock, unable to form words to say. The red headed dragon dwarfed Xavier’s diminutive 5’3 frame. Although not nearly as monstrous as Brass in size, the 6’7 figure still towered over the pint sized pervert.


The young man slowly raised his head, observing the mythical reptile’s physical features. She had light red skin which had a unique luster to it. Snake-like scales covered her forearms. Her wide hips and plump backside were hugged by a pair of extra short and tight fitting “Daisy Duke” denim shorts. The woman’s thighs were impressively thicc, so much so that she could crush a coconut between them. The woman’s body was the best of both worlds, fit while still thick, just how Xavier liked his women. Her stomach was perfectly flat, a sign that she’s never missed a day at the gym. She boasted a spectacular set of juggs partially hidden underneath a black cut off t-shirt which stopped just below her rock solid nipples. The red giant was draped in jewelry with numerous gold chains around her neck. Her wrists and ankles were adorned with thick gold bracelets. She wore rings on her well manicured fingers and on her perfectly pedicured feet were a pair of black flip flop sandals with golden straps which matched her jewelry. She wore black lipstick which matched the color of the nail polish on her fingers and toes. As he looked up, he was stunned by her ravishing beauty. Her eyes were all white which made them seem endlessly deep as he gazed into them. Her dark red locks ran down her back with two distinctly curved sections that rested on her shoulders.


“UH-UH…M-M-My bad….” stammered the auburn haired teen as he picked up the purse he caused her to drop. The woman giggled offering him a sultry smile while forgiving his folly.


“It’s ok. Thank you, cutie!” greeted the dragon as Xavier returned her purse.


“You have some pretty eyes…. And you smell good too!” confessed the forthright young woman.


Xavier’s cheeks turned a rosy red as result of the woman’s compliments. Her words eased him enough to speak.


“Thank you…” replied Xavier, still dumbfounded by the beautiful sight before him.


“So umm… YOU’RE A DRAGON!!!??” Xavier was unsure if this was real or another one of his daydreams.


“Yep!” replied the curvaceous beastmaiden with a nod. “I AM a dragon and yes this is real, sweetheart.” said the dragon woman with a sly grin.


GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!! I HAVE A REAL DRAGON GIRL IN FRONT OF ME!‘ thought the young man to himself.


“Never seen you around before sweetheart, are you a freshman?” asked the sexy dragon girl.


“Yeah… My name is Xavier… Xavier Williams.” responded the youth in calm tone.


“I’m Rubii…. Rubii Tiānshàng. Pleasure to meet you!” stated Rubii, imitating Xavier’s own introduction.


“The pleasure is mine Rubii..” replied the young man in an awkward attempt to be smooth.


“Did you need help finding something? You looked a little lost before bumping into me.”


“Kinda curious where the film department is.” answered Xavier.


“Well, you’re in luck sweetheart! I can show you around University City if you want.” offered the friendly dragon.


“Yeah, I’d like that!” confessed the BSU newcomer.


Xavier sized up his new friend as he walked a step behind her, noting the differences between her body and human women. Rubii was indeed stacked, with a rotund ass and an amazing set of tits, but she stood apart from other girls.


She looks strong and sturdy… Look at those claws, I bet she can cut through steel with them.’


The young man then looked at her arms focusing in on the scales which covered her forearms.


Damn those things are like blades! They kind of remind me of that Samehada sword from Naruto…‘ said Xavier in thought. He briefly stopped his mental observation to return to the conversation where he left off.


“Say…What’s University City?” asked Xavier as the two left the building together.


“It’s a name students came up with for the campus area. The BSU campus is so large it’s like a city unto itself” answered Rubii before giving pause for her next thought.


“So what brings you here, orientation is another week from now?” asked the nosey Dragon, having noticed he was coming from Sara’s office.


“I had a meeting with Professor Reed about an assignment. Checking my progress you could say.” answered Xavier.


“Checking on your progress? So you’re on academic probation huh?”


“Yeah..” replied the teen shifting his eyes downward.


“I had business with Sara. I was on my way to find out who I’m getting.” said the tall redhead.


“What do you mean?” inquired the youth.


“I’m gonna be a student aide. I wanted to ask about the freshman I’m being assigned to.” suggested Rubii.


“Maybe you’d get me…” whispered Xavier while blushing slightly. He paused before speaking again.


“What made you come to BSU?” asked Xavier candidly.


“My clan is from a secluded part of China. Our kind has remained mostly isolated from humans for centuries. The rare occasions we did leave our homeland in the past, we ended up inspiring the myths and legends of dragons in various early civilizations around the world. But for me personally, I wanted to see what the world outside of my home is like. BSU offered me a scholarship. Free school and I get to explore the world? can’t beat that. I’ve been in this country for a year now, I like it here.” confessed the red dragon.


“So what do you wanna do for a career?”


“I dunno yet. For now I might just do movies. Dragon girls are a rare and hot commodity in the business. Beast maidens command a lot of money because there we are rare compared to human girls. I’m a psychology major. I would love to become a psychologist some day.


As the pair continued, they came across a building with the letters ‘BFB’ just above the entrance.


“I gotta go to atm real quick.”


After a quick moment, Rubii returned putting a stack of bills into her purse.


“This place has its own bank?” queried Xavier while looking at the letters BFB.


“Yeah, Busteez Federal Bank. Many new recruits come here with little money and some don’t have bank accounts. Any student can start an account here for free. We get low interest loans and a high percentage back for investing. Plus once you rank up you will collect royalties for films you appear in which are deposited to your account. And they do our income tax for free.


“I’ll have to come back to get an account.” noted Xavier.


The auburn haired pervert resumed observations. Rubii’s tail extended from her lower back just above her ass. It was long and segmented with a hook-shaped spike. It was curled at the end and wagged from side to side as she walked, moving in unison with her hips as swung them from left to right.


That tail is so sexy, it’s moving perfectly with that ass!…..


And those horns…I wonder if she gets turned on by touching her horns.’ pondered the horny teen.


She’s perfect! A sexy dragon warrior for a wife? that would be wild!‘ thought Xavier to himself.


“This way.” pointed the dragon, guiding him to a right turn along the sidewalk pathway. While continuing along, Rubii led him to a cluster of several auditorium-like buildings.


“Over here are all of the academic departments, each building represents a field of study. The film department in the one on the end.” noted the dragon as they approached the film department building. The door was locked and had a sign that said authorized personnel only.


“Looks like they must be editing some important footage for an upcoming release. We can’t get in. I’ll show this another time.” sighed Rubii.


“Sure, I do look forward to seeing whats inside!” replied Xavier.


The two headed back to Passion Tower which was about a 15 minute walk from where they were. Xavier kept Rubii entertained by talking about his adventures in the fighting world as they returned to the dorms. Once they got back to the student home base, Rubii lead him the elevator to go to the sophomore section.


“This is where the second year students stay.” informed Rubii as she led Xavier to her dorm room.


She opened the door to reveal a fancy suite, a large apartment space that looked more like a 3 bedroom condo apartment than a normal college dorm room. The walls were decorated with artwork, including a painting of her mother. The living room was decked out with priced imported leather sectional couches, a surround sound system, and a 75 inch television. The open curtains revealed a balcony on the other side of the glass doors which overlooked University City.


“Welcome to Chez’ Rubii!” declared the red headed red head dragon proudly.


“Whoa, this place is loaded. So this is what I have to look forward to next year?” stated Xavier in amazement.


“IF you make it through this year…” cautioned the beautiful reptile.


The red head dragon covertly sniffed Xavier as they walked around her dorm, taking in his natural scent which is what attracted her to him in the first place.

The scene changed to classroom and the buxom, petit blonde guide with long straight hair stepped up to a podium


“Hey! It’s me again, your friendly omniscient narrator-chan back to give you some more world building facts!”


The narrator pulled down a large chart with pictures of a heavy chested dog-type Beast Maiden and a big breasted human woman standing side by side.


The last time we met, I gave a general overview of Beastmaidens. This time will be a little bit more indepth!”


“One of the many unique traits Beast people possess is that they have heightened senses far beyond that of their human counterparts. Sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Most Beastmen possesses multiple enhanced senses, some only one or two, even fewer possess all of the above. It all depends on the species.”


The narrator then picked up a black marker and circled the noses on each girl pictured on the chart.


“For now we will focus on the sense of smell. Some species of Beast-people have a highly keen sense of smell, making them capable of smelling things from tens of miles at a time. In addition to having a greater range of smell, some types are able to process and distinguish hundreds of scents at once. A Beast person’s sense of smell can be so powerful that it eclipses that of wolves, blood hounds, and other wild animals known for their noses.” explained the narrator while pointing at the dog girl’s nose.


This superior ability gives smell sensitive Beast Maidens the ability to sense pheromones. Pheromones are a chemical released by mammals from the skin. Every person’s pheromones have a unique scent with no two people ever being the same. However, family members have similar smelling pheromones.”


The narrator then pulled down another chart of a chibi Dragon girl resembling Rubii and Chibi human man resembling Xavier kissing each other.


”Pheromones have been known to be an aphrodisiac to some species of Beast women. They choose sex partners, long term lovers, and even their husband based upon the scent of a man’s pheromones. However, every girls taste is different so what smells foul to one girl could be sweet to another.”


“And now back to your regularly scheduled story!” said the narrator, trying to roll all the charts back up. Pulling down too hard, all the charts came off its hinges and fell on the narrator, burying her once again.



“The housing gets better each year. I just got this room yesterday.” remarked the dragon girl while leading him to her bedroom.


“On top of having more space and a kitchen and bathroom to myself… I get a bigger bed.”


“It looks comfy…” remarked the green eyed teen.


“It’s a BSU tradition to have a ‘house warming’ after being issued a new dorm room. It’s to bring good luck for the upcoming school year.” informed Rubii as she moved closer to Xavier.


“Humans believe Dragons are a symbol of good fortune. Do you believe it?” asked Rubii in a seductive tone of voice.


“OH Yeah!” Xavier responded energetically.


“It’s your lucky day then! You’re gonna help me christen my new room sweetheart! Lets find out how so comfy this bed is, cooed Rubii as she pulled him in front of her. At that close of a distance Xavier noticed a distinct smell that overpowered the perfume Rubii was wearing which reminded him something familiar…


That smell, it reminds me of firewood when it’s burning…‘ noted Xavier mentally.


Rubii then bent forward and leaned in, pressing her full lips against his. Xavier squeezed Rubii’s ass while exchanging saliva with her. She gave the young man multiple short smooches before sliding her tongue into in his mouth, pressing the tip of her tongue against his. Rubii embraced him gently and did a 180 degree turn so that’s Xavier back was toward her bed. She took the lead by pressing her body against his and stepping forward.


“MMMMMMMMM!!!” sounded the she dragon as she artfully made out with him.


The rough scales on her forearm poked through his shirt, pricking him in the back as she hugged him. ‘OUCH!!! Her scales are as sharp as razors!!‘ noted the teen while locking lips with the dragon.


Although initially flustered by Rubii’s advances, let alone her presence, Xavier managed to settle himself down. He allowed the moment to unfold rather than becoming anxious and rushing things along. He gradually stepped backwards while sharing a prolonged kiss, placing himself near the edge of her bed.




Slapped Rubii on the ass which made a distinct sound because of her shorts.


“You like that big, muscular, dragon ass don’t you? You’ll love it when you get me out these shorts!” asserted Rubii.


While smacking her large posterior, he noticed something unusual with her pelvic region.


WHAT THE? SHE’S REALLY WARM!!!.. She’s warmer than girls typically get, definitely more than the human girls I’ve been with.‘ questioned the teen to himself.


Xavier followed Rubii’s suggestion by unbuttoning the dragon’s shorts and pulling them down, exposing a tiny gold micro thong which ran along the center of her camel toe.


Rubii’s tail wagged slowly behind her, curling up at the end as she rubbed her snatch up against him.


Her tail was curled like that when I first met her… Does that means she’s been digging me all along?!‘ noted the excited rookie student.


“AHHH!!!” moaned the she dragon softly as she grinded her hips against his torso. Xavier palmed and squeezed Rubii’s ass cheeks once more but was again surprised.


WOW!!! Her skin, I’ve never felt anything like it. It feels hard, unbreakable like steel but still flexible like normal skin‘ Xavier continued grab, slap and squeeze Rubii’s ass as she brushed up against his crotch.


“Looks like someone is ready to come out and play~” suggested the ravishing dragon as Xavier’s pole started to swell in his pants.




The Dragon swiped with both hands as if she were trying to shred him to pieces with her claws. But instead, Xavier’s clothes fell to the ground having been completely ripped to tiny pieces


‘WHAT THE F–!?’ thought the young man to himself, surprised that Rubii had just torn his clothes to shreds.


“NOW THATS BETTER!!!” remarked the heavenly dragon as she sized up her naked partner.


Rubii then took the young freshman’s hand and ran it up her thigh before placing it on her pussy lips.


“My body needs some attention too!” cooed the red dragon while moving his other hand to her breast.


Following Rubii’s cue, Xavier put his hands to work, massaging her slit with the right hand while feeling on her titanic tits with his left. As he continued the foreplay he noticed that her body had warmed up even more since he had grabbed her ass.


Wow! She’s getting even warmer!‘ thought the youth to himself.


The young recruit groped the dragon’s flesh orbs as Rubii removed her gold chains and dropped them on the desk by her bed. Xavier then opened her pussy, sliding one finger inside her and then two, rhythmically moving his digits inside of her. Unlike his previous partners, Rubii’s vagina felt different. He could not describe it but the best he can imagine is soft scale-like ridges within her. These scales would harden and soften as her vaginal muscles tense and loosen up. The young man was learning a lot today, especially about dragons and their anatomy. Rubii took in a deep breath as Xavier worked her pussy and sucked her tits. Xavier felt her body temperature continue to rise both inside and out as she got more into it.


“OOOH!!! YOU’RE MAKING ME SO HOT!!! KEEP GOING!!!” wailed the redheaded nymph.


‘SHE LITERALLY IS HOT NOW!!!!’ observed the young pervert in thought.


The second year student continued to breathe deeply while the Xavier played with her. With each breath, Xavier felt an intense heat near his face. He glanced upward and saw that she exhaled a small flame with every deep breath.


Whoa! that was close!… I can’t believe it, she’s really breathing fire!! I gotta watch myself…‘ cautioned the teen in thought.


Xavier continued his 2 way assault on Rubii’s senses, finger banging her while also sucking and nibbling on her nipples. The dragon girl continued to moan as her love juice ran down her thigh. Rubii then reached down to return the favor, grabbing a hold of his halfway erect monster.


“OH SHIT!!! HE HAS A ROCK HARD WHOPPER OF A COCK!!!” thought the Dragon as she stroked the freshman’s penis.


Xavier continued to grow longer and thicker as she jerked him, astonishing her with the size of his fully hardened dong.




Though Rubii was a highly rated second year student, she had not worked with anyone the size of Xavier before.


“THIS COULD BE MORE FUN THAN I THOUGHT!!” pondered Rubii as she lowered him down by pushing on his shoulder. Xavier was sitting on the edge of Rubii’s bed at this point.


“I HOPE YOU’RE READY SWEETHEART CUZ I’M GONNA SUCK THE SOUL OUT OF YOU!!!!!” promised Rubii as she dropped down to her knees.


The busty red dragon started off with a smooch, planting several juicy kisses on his dick, nibbling on the area for a few seconds. She suckled the sides of his cock and kissed up an down his huge shaft before planting a juicy smacking kiss on its massive head. Xavier lightly groaned in approval. She then pulled her head momentarily.


“SPITTUUUUAAAAA!!!!” sounded the dragon as she spit on his dick to lube it up with her hands. She followed up by licking the huge dick all over, coating it even more in her saliva


Rubii pressed her lips against the tip of his dick. ‘WHOA! THIS LOOKS TOUGHER TO DO FROM CLOSE UP!!!‘ lamented the giant dragon.


Rubii locked on to his cock and opened her mouth, taking in the giant phallus a little bit at a time. Her mouth watered as she took more in which made it a little bit easier. Xavier groped Rubii’s huge knockers as she sucked on his dick.




Rubii got into a rhythm, bobbing her head up and down, knowing just how far to go without gagging herself.




The rookie recruit couldn’t put into words the pleasure he was feeling. A warm sensation took over his body unlike anything he had experienced before. Saliva dripped from her chin as she went further on his tremendous meat pole. Xavier held on to the edge of the mattress to brace himself, taking deep breaths as he received the best head of any girl he’d been with so far.




The dragon went further and further, taking in more of his cock each time her neck moved forward. Xavier look down in shock as his dick glided down her throat with ease.


HOLY SHIT!!! HOW IS SHE TAKING SO MUCH?!?!‘ questioned Xavier, amazed at what he had just seen.


Xavier struggled to stave off an early ending to his dragon fantasy love session, clenching his teeth and grabbing Rubii’s tail which was wagging in front of him.

&nbsp ;

“AHHHHH…UGGHHHHH!!!!!” gurgled Rubii with a throat full of Xavier’s pipe. She gave him a head nod to encourage him to keep pulling her tail.


YES! HER TAIL IS HER ‘SOFT SPOT’!!!!‘ affirmed the teenager to himself while repeatedly pulling her tail. The red headed dragon squealed in delight as he pulled her tail repeatedly. Rubii’s juices formed a small puddle on the floor beneath her.


The dragon princess managed to gulp down at least 80% of her partner’s massive manhood which was an impressive feat. Other girls had taken in half of his length at most.


THIS GIRL IS AMAZING!!! THIS FEELS LIKE HEAVEN!!!‘ thought the youth still dumbfounded by Rubii’s blowjob ability.


The red princess held his cock in her throat for several seconds before pulling back for air. Her tongue slowly crept out of her mouth, revealing that it is much longer than he initially thought, it proceeded to slide along the underside of Xavier’s lengthy rod. Suddenly she did something else the young man had never seen or felt before. Her tongue coiled around his cock much like how snake coils its prey when it strikes. Rubii squeezed tightly with her tongue, using her saliva to slide it back and forth on his thick johnson. Xavier grabbed on to Rubii’s horns, holding on to them like handle bars to brace himself.


This created a sensation that mimicked the feeling of a pussy. Rubii repeated this several times in quick succession.


I CAN’T HOLD IT ANY LONGER!!!‘ thought Xavier as he felt that strong sensation once again.


Sensing he was about to explode, Rubii uncoiled her tongue and opened her mouth to receive the money shot.


“SHHHHHIIIIIIITTTT!!!” yelled the auburn haired freshman as he sprayed cum into Rubii’s mouth.


The Dragon gulped down the teen’s heavy load, catching most of it on her tongue. Before Xavier could go flaccid she started sucking him off again to keep him hard.


“Damn!” exhaled the youth as he sat on the bed. Rubii then rose to her feet.




Rubii’s tail shot out from behind her and wrapped around Xavier’s waist, lifting him off the bed and holding him up high in the air.


“What are you doing!?” asked the young man while hanging in the air.


“Getting ready.” replied the dragon princess while lying down on the bed.


Rubii rested on her back while lowering Xavier on top of her.


“That’s a neat trick and kinda fun too! heh heh!”


Rubii put her legs in the air and rested them on Xavier’s shoulders while he leaned forward, pushing her legs back. He then pushed his cock inside of her, wiggling it around with his hand to help squeeze into Rubii’s extra tight pussy. The Dragon princess winced, tilting as he thrust his cock into her for the first time.


“UGGGH!!! SO BIG!!!”


“Now it’s my turn to rock your world!” Xavier slammed into Rubii’s pussy, bringing his hips as high as possible before thrusting. He fucked her hard and intensely grinning as she screamed in pleasure.


“AHHHHH…..MMMMMMMM!!!” cried the dragon girl.


“SMASH THAT PUSSY HARD!!!” yelled Rubii as the new recruit hammered her. The dragon held on to Xavier’s wrists for support while he pumped furiously in an out of her love hole.




Each successive thrust ended with a resounding slapping sound, the result of his balls and thighs colliding with her thighs. Wanting to change positions, Rubii put her legs down, sat up and turned around, getting on all fours.


“Now fuck me from behind sweetheart!” demanded the sexy red dragon while slapping her ass and poking him in the chest with her tail.


The young man scooted behind the dragon, spreading her ass while pushing his length into her pussy. At first, Rubii screamed loudly each time he entered her but eventually her howls decreased as he fucked her longer and longer.


Xavier didn’t pay any mind as he continued to deliver powerful, rhythmic thrusts, with the occasional ass slap, applying all that he learned from his previous encounters.


However, the young man started to take notice that something was very wrong. Rubii’s moans stopped completely and her pussy wasn’t as warm as it was when he first started fucking her.


What’s going on?? Shes not making any noise and her body temperature is dropping.. She was burning up before… This means… She’s not enjoying it anymore?! NOOOO!!!


Panicked by what was happening, Xavier pumped feverishly with every ounce of strength he had in a frantic attempt to save the sinking ship of a sexual encounter. Rubii continued to cool off until she was her normal body temperature.


DAMMMMNNN ITTTTTT!!!‘ yelled Xavier in his mind. He slowed his pace in disappointment as he realized he was headed for inevitable failure. Rubii then looked over her shoulder having felt and sensed something different about her partner.


“What’s wrong sweetheart?” Rubii questioned.


“Your body cooled off… You’re not into it are you? I failed to deliver on my end and satisfy you.” said Xavier, the disappointment and evident in his voice as he lowered his head in shame. The young man sat down and leaned up against the wall, refusing to make eye contact with his mate.


“You’ve never been with a beast girl before, making love to a dragon is different than human women… It requires a different technique. And also I’m a second year student, every first year rookie would have struggled to get me off. Theres no reason to hang your head sweetheart. You did the best you could with the knowledge and experience you had.”


Xavier raised his head slightly and looked for his clothes so he could get dressed and leave, only to be reminded of…


“Oh yeah, she shredded my clothes, not even my boxers are intact…. NO!” lamented the teen to himself.


“Packing your shit and running away every time something goes wrong doesn’t fix your problems sweetheart.” chided Rubii as she sat next to him.


Xavier sat silently while listening the dragon princess.


“No one starts out great at this. I was a virgin when I signed up here. Becoming a great lover doesn’t happen over night. It takes time for everyone, just some people start sooner than others.”


“So instead of going home, locking yourself in your room and being pissed off the rest of the day you can keep me company!” offered Rubii while gently rubbing his cheek.


“Why would you wanna hang out with me?” asked Xavier.


“Because I decided to be your Student Aide!” declared the busty red dragon.


“Wha- REALLY?!” said the spiked haired teen excitedly.


“I’m gonna help you become the top stud in the BSU!” added the sexy redhead with a wink.


“Starting today I’m available for you anytime need me, whether it be help with homework, practice or even if you just need someone to talk to. There’s always a spot in my schedule and bed open for you.” cooed the dragon in as she comforted him with a soft embrace


Xavier nodded in agreement with Rubii’s statement. The dragon gave him a romantic smooch before speaking again.


“We’re far from being done today! Tutoring starts now! I wanna know how your tongue feels! Come get a taste of this pussy sweetheart!” demanded Rubii while rubbing her vaginal opening.


Xavier perked up and chuckled before quickly disappearing underneath the dollar sign covered blanket.


“OOOOOH!!!” whined Rubii shortly after he went under the covers, her lips forming a big smile.


Although Xavier failed to please his fantasy dragon wife, he succeeded at making a loyal, trustworthy friend and ally to aid him in his quest to be the best in Busteez Slut University.

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Rubii Tiānshàng! Man, she looks incredible hot (pun intended) and has a very likeable personality. What’s not to love about her? Her design seems to be mostly still the same as her appearance in ROL, which I can absolutely understand, since it is gorgeous. Looking at a mating press from this angle is, as far as I know, something we have never seen before or at least not that often. In my eyes it would have been better if her hands were grabbing the bed sheets because of her rapid fucking with Xavier instead of letting them just lay to her sides. Her expression is on point with her eyes closed with a look of pure ecstasy on her face and her mouth open, which makes the scream coming out of it almost audible. Xavier looks good as always with a look of determination in his eyes. The only thing I have to complain about would be his rather undefined leg muscles or, to be more precise, the lack thereof. Once again glad that her toenails also get some of that golden makeup. Speaking of which: the golden makeup fits her normally black lips and nails (who alone already match her color scheme really well) perfectly. And while not much of her lipstick marks can be seen on Xavier’s body, it still looks nice. The cum version is surprisingly simplistic with just a bare minimum of cum flowing out of her pussy. The background looks nice enough but the one thing standing out the most has to be the reflection of a Boa Hancock-poster in the window. Great detail which some might simply dismiss but in my eyes adds a nice layer to this already very good artwork.

The information given that Busteez has more girls than men is interesting and his talk with Saitou is informative as always with his speech about “walking with pride”. In my eyes the review of Xavier’s previous dates could have been done better and with a faster pace than just telling the whole thing all over again. And considering that we get to read the whole story twice, once with Saitou and the other time with Sara Reed it can come of as kinda boring. It is great to see that Xavier admits his “defeat” against Violette so blunt but reading about his other dates twice for so long can be quite jarring. <- I basically did the same thing now with my review here and it isn’t interesting in any way, it’s just the same information phrased differently. The way Xavier mets Taiyohime is interesting since he first sees her as a little child until she transforms? into her mature, sexy form. Both womens reaction on Xaviers sex with Brass was very fun and a great sign of growth for Xavier when Sara complimentid him for being able to also play a more passive role during sex. Though I find it highly unlikely for a school as big as BSU just accept a girl (Brass Jazzsinger) so close to the start of the schoolyear, the gesture of Xavier bowing and kneeling before the two women so that Brass get’s her chance is really great. Rubii’s intro- duction to the story might have been a little to similar to Candice and Kagura’s in the previous chapter, with both guys simply walking into them and later on showing them more of BSU’s facility. The idea however with the students on probatio and their Student Aides is explored and explained really well and the way Rubii becomes Xavier’s after he realizes that he failed to pleasure her during their sex and the potential she sees within him is really believable. This chapter also did a much better job at showing the difference between a first year student and a second year student, than the previous chapter. Rubii’s body is something truly unique and how she uses it in sex can lead to extraordinary artworks and stories. Ending the chapter with Rubii continuing to tutor Xavier in the art of sex is a great idea, especially with Xavier’s speciality of licking a girls pussy.

Almost flawless artwork, great story.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

This Picture is probably my favorite that I have ever commissioned. This Chapter is more of an informational and world building arc. I meant wanted to establish Xavier meeting Rubii to be a major event for both him and her which is why I gave the introduction to her that I did. Overall I was trying to gradually reveal the differences between Rubii and human women through Xavier’s own point of view and interraction with her rather than just saying it through exposition or having Rubii do it herself.

The world building facts girl was RT’s idea which was introduced a few chapters before this one supports what Xavier is doing. It gives more general information to the audience while Xavier himself probes Rubii to discover more about her personally. He is amazed to get to touch and smell a Dragon woman in the flesh.

I think Taiyohime’s part was a standout section of this chapter I had fun doing it. Up until now she has only only interacted with Sara on screen so it was important to show how she talks to students on screen. She senses Xavier’s discomfort being in her presence as well as his fear and distrust of authority figures from his experiences with other adults in school and other. I tried to give Taiyo a very perky, chebubic and optomistic demeanor and leadership style while still showing that she is going to hold her students accountable their effort. It is not failure that bothers her it is when students hold back or not give their all to performing or studying that bugs her. Taiyo picked up on Xavier’s fears and insecurities immediately. One of the most important things she said is that there is no shame in being in being in academic probation or even being defetated/having a poor performance. As no one starts off being billy bad ass in the bedroom, just like any other endeavor.

I know I had had Xavier go through the same set of information twice and it may have been a little dull. My objective wasn’t to restate the unformation but to highlight the response from Saitou , Sara and Taiyo respectively. I felt it needed context which is why I had Xavier explain his dates. I will try to be more brief in the future with these type scenarios.

Sara and Taiyo watching the Brass tape with Xavier still in the room was funny. He cringes about watching footage of himself. He still hasn’t shaken off his shyness yet so he is easily embarassed. Here the teachers acknowledged one of the major points about his character. Xavier gets his sexual gratification from being able to give the girls what they like, the girls having fun sexing him and having intense, pleasurable orgasms from him. This is why later on when he realizes Rubii isn’t into the sex he stopped. He felt embarassed and ashamed that he couldnt keep the fire going with Rubii so to speak. He will try unorthordox things to get his woman off if needed.

Rubii is best suited to be Xavier’s Personal student aide because as she said she came into BSU as a total virgin from another country mostly secluded anyone but her own race of Dragon people. Her first year was a total shock to her, so she can sympathize/relate to his ups and downs as student and how feels as he embarks on the first leg of his quest which is to stay elligible to attend classes and make it to the start of the school year. Also I was trying to hint that that the two have potentially romantic chemistry with each other thru their interractions. She calls him sweetheart all of the time because she loves his scent and finds him cute because of his sweet looking green eyes. The heart part comes from her being able to feel Xavier’s rapid heartbeat when he bumped into her. Since the trait of him characteristically having a lot of “Heart” personality wise I thought it would be cool if another character that hes close to references his heart regularly. Rubii is one of the first OC’s I adopted from my buddy RT about 10 years ago and one of my overall favorites. I’m looking forward to documenting Xavier and Rubii’s tutoring session adventures in pictures and in my writing for future chapters. Thanks again for supporting my work and stay tuned for more BSU goodness!

5 years ago

My dumbass just noticed it X and most of the oc are from all those bleach fan character you and some other guys did a while back ROL cause every time I saw him or Sara I be like I’ve seen this design somewhere. Great work as always and your writers are getting better

5 years ago
Reply to  Jojoer

LOL…I’m the other guy you’re referring to. We re purposed the characters for BSU because its tough to develop detailed power and ability profiles and juggle that with real life. I’m having fun writing so far. Theres quite a few elements of the Road of Legends story that are being kept for BSU.

5 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Glad to see that ROL lives on in BSU. You are doing a great job bringing all these OC back

5 years ago

Deepthroat is my favorite so definitely top 5 favorite BSU stories for me. This story only makes me think and wish Xavier would have a male rival at BSU like a sauske to his naruto. But that’s just me I’m just fantasizing

5 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Thanks I was just kinda rambling about what I thought would be interesting and hot. Just thought it would be interesting if Xavier went into BSU being told he is PROBABLY the biggest only to meet a guy that’s in his league in size and is school rival like sauske and naruto or bakugo and midoriya. Personally I’d like to see the rival fuck some of the girls Xavier has been with or at lest one to show how good he is.

5 years ago

Um, what’s up with the “&nbsp”? It’s really bothering me to enjoy this chapter

5 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Much better. It was pretty good, not one of my favorites but still.