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Drafting a SuperStud

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)
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It’s a packed house on a Sunday night at Peaches Gentlemen’s club. The atmosphere is festive and fun. This was no ordinary strip club, for it is the number one Gentleman’s club in the entire city and one of the best in the country. The club’s clientele were society’s elite. Captains of industry, professional athletes, celebrities and even politicians gathered here regularly to hold meetings, throw parties or just simply to hang out and blow off some steam with friends. However there was one person who came here for an entirely different reason.


It was late and almost closing time, but Sara couldn’t miss the performance that was about to take place. She walked towards the entrance when suddenly a familiar voice got her attention.


“Ms. Sara Reed! It’s been awhile since you last paid us a visit. How ya been?” A hulking, 7 foot tall man stepped forward and cleared the path at the entrance to allow Sara access into the building.


“Yes it has been a long time, Rico.” Sara replied while giving the big man a hug. “So you got out of the business to be a bouncer?“ asked Sara with a perplexed facial expression.


“Nah, Peach asked me to be the manager here and run everything while she’s away.” Answered the man clad in black.


“Give her my regards, and when you speak to her again tell her we need to have lunch sometime.” said Sara with a warm smile.


“Well anyways, welcome back and enjoy your evening.” stated the manager.


As Sara walked inside she noticed that the club had been renovated heavily since she last went there. The interior was lavish and elegant, fit to entertain a king. While walking to the bar she noticed it was three floors instead of the single floor that was originally there. Each of the three floors had its own stage with dancers performing. Dollar bills of all amounts dropped down from above as Sara made her way to the bar.


“Impressive!” remarked the blonde beauty while taking her seat. She scanned the area observing that the club had a theme for the evening. All of the waitresses were dressed in bunny outfits not unlike the ones featured in a certain popular men’s magazine. On the other side of the bar was one of the bartenders pouring drinks for a litany of customers. He was quite the handsome young man and entertaining as well. The bartender did a number of tricks while mixing drinks. He twirled flipped glasses and juggled drink shakers, pouring three drinks in rapid succession to the applause and tips of the patrons he was serving. Sara glanced briefly at the bartender who took notice and responded with a flirtatious grin before going to finish making the orders he had.


The DJ‘s voice then pumped out loudly from the speakers to introduce the evening’s featured dancer…


“Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present to you the Main Event of the evening!!!”. Said the DJ before taking a brief pause. “BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND”—exclaimed the DJ with a voice full of excitement “SHE’S HOTTER THAN HELL BUT COLDER THAN ICE, SO SO NAUGHTY BUT MAKES YOU FEEL SO NICE! SHE’LL MELT YOUR HEART AND KEEP YOU HARD ALL NIGHT! SO SHOW SOME LOVE AND WELCOME TO THE STAGE THE ONE AND ONLY FROSSSSSSSSTTTTTTT FIREHEARRRRRRTTT!!!


Frost came down slowly from an elevator platform which lowered her down to the stage. The maiden who stood before the audience possessed a beauty that could not be described by words. Frost’s Emerald hue eyes were seductive and piercing, enough so to hypnotize anyone who gazed into them. Her brown hair came down to her shoulders with a single spike of hair that draped between her eyes. Her lips and eyes were adorned in ice-blue makeup. The young lady was dressed in an elaborate blue and white fire print dress reminiscent of the Kimonos worn by the goddesses of Japanese folklore. The music began to play as she stepped off of the platform and slowly untied the belt that secured her Kimono.


“She’s got style.” said Sara with intrigue while flagging down the bartender from earlier.


Frost then opened up her Kimono and dropped it to the floor revealing a skintight, transparent bodysuit with blue flame style pasties covering her nipples and pussy. Her shape was perfect; she had to be at least an H Cup. Looking at her ass it was clear why she was Peaches’ top young rising starlet. Sara observed with interest, writing down notes on her tablet of what she saw.


The DJ came on the mic once more to give another announcement. “LAST CALL FOR ALCOHOL!!!! Get it while you can and don’t forget to show some love for our friend at the bar, the man with the plan, EJ!!!!


“Hey Bartender!” she said.


The young man turned around to take her request. This was the same young man she saw earlier doing tricks with bottles and glasses. As he approached, Sara looked at him, sizing him up in a way. The bartender was quite the handsome young fellow. He was also very well dressed; he was sporting black slacks, a white dress shirt with the sleeves cuffed at the elbow and a black vest with a matching tie.


“Good evening ma’am. What would you like?” asked the young bar man with a smile.


The professor gazed at him and returned the smile before answering his question. “I want Sex on the beach!” The bar attendant gave Sara a very fitting response. “I’d be happy to help you with that.” he retorted with a grin. There was something about him that was familiar, as if she had seen him before.


While making Sara’s drinks the bartender started up a conversation. “So you’re into girls?”


The professor looked him in the eyes while holding her pen and tablet. “Sometimes, but right now I am here for business.” She responded.


The young stud looked in the direction of the stage where Frost was completely nude. The young starlet was quite the talented dancer. At that moment she did a handstand and opened her legs into a split, her body taking the shape of the letter “T”. Frost then started twerking her butt cheeks clapping together which went right along with the rhythm of the song that pumped through the club’s speakers.


“Frost Fireheart is the top girl here. She’s only been working at Peaches for 2 months and she’s completely taken over the stripper scene. I don’t know her that well but you could ask Rico about her.”


“She has potential…but I think WE need to talk ‘EJ’”


Before Sara could continue any further several patrons rushed the bar to order their last drinks of the night. “EJ” and the other bartenders were bombarded with drinks to make. Before getting back to work he spoke to Sara again. “Gimme a minute” he said.


“It’s ok, I’ll wait.” replied Sara.


The brown haired young man took charge in getting things done. He and the other bartenders quickly cleared out all the drink orders and started shutting down the bar. It was clear to the manager that “EJ” had a very good reason to leave as soon as possible.


The bar manager approached “EJ” and jabbed him in the arm with his elbow. “Don’t worry about closing tonight, looks like you have more important things to be doing EJ right now. She’s been eyeballing you all night.” Said the bar manager while nodding his head in the professor’s direction.


“Thanks!” “EJ” responded.


As Frost closed out her routine, club employees rushed to the stage with a broom, a dust pan and several extra large trash bags to collect the thousands of bills that littered the stage and floor of the establishment. Club Patrons filed out of the exit doors, making their way to their vehicles.


“EJ” returned to the bar where Sara awaited him. “So what did you want to talk to me about,” he asked.


By this point Sara was almost feeling the effects of the 5 Sex on the Beach, 3 Long Island Iced Teas, 2 shots of Tequila, a Margarita and 4 Martinis she had in succession since arriving 90 minutes earlier. Unsurprisingly, she had an enormous tolerance for alcohol. “How are you getting home?” Sara asked with a look of curiosity on her face.


“I usually catch the city bus but it closes at midnight on Sundays so I walk home.” Replied “EJ”.


“Come on, let’s go, I’ll take you home. We can talk in the car.” Said the professor while waving him in the direction of the parking lot


The pair left Peaches and got in Sara’s car, a metallic black Mercedes Benz SUV. So, now that we can talk properly, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Sara Reed; I’m a professor at Busteez Slut University and the head of admissions.”


“Nice to meet you, my name is Eiji Nakamura,” said the young man.


“It’s not easy getting in touch with you Mr. Nakamura. Why didn’t you return any of my calls?” Sara asked with a raised brow. The boy recalled his phone ring with calls from the same number 4 times, all of which he ignored.


“I didn’t have my phone wi—-”


Before he could finish his sentence, Sara interrupted him. “Your phone went to voicemail after only 1 ring. It only does that when someone ignores an incoming call.”


The bartender was caught off guard by the professor’s perceptiveness. “Well I thought you were a bill collector…” answered the bar man.


“You’re in debt?” Asked Sara.


“Yeah, you see I used to play basketball. I was pretty good, well one of the top high school players in the world to be exact.” Sara nodded in acknowledgement. “Last season I blew out my knee coming down from grabbing a rebound during a game. I landed wrong and well, the rest is history. That was the last game I would ever play.” Eiji paused briefly before resuming. “My school dropped my scholarship because I couldn’t play anymore. They wouldn’t cover my medical expenses for the surgery and over a year of rehab on my knee. The bills piled up. And to think I was projected to be the #1 draft pick in the NBA this year.” explained Eiji in a saddened tone.


“That’s awful…” replied Sara while driving at a safe speed.


“My sister is working 2 jobs to help pay for the expenses. As soon as I was able to bear weight on my leg and walk I got a job at Peaches.”


The professor took a minute to process what she had heard. “I know all about your basketball career, I’m actually a fan. 35 points per game average.” The professor was aware of these stats because she liked basketball and watched games on television whenever she had the time to. Eiji smiled in response to the professor reciting his stats.


Sara nodded before speaking again. “I want to offer you an opportunity that can help you immensely… a scholarship at BSU. Do you know what we do at our university?” asked Sara with her brow raised.


“It’s the ‘ADULT’ school isn’t it?” Eiji answered, putting emphasis on the word “adult” while flashing a mischievous smirk.


“Yes, not only that but we have a number of professions you could major in. On top of that you can earn money as a performer while you’re a BSU student.”


“Performer? you mean—-”


Sara then cut him off before he could finish the sentence. “Yes, you will be performing with aspiring actresses in training.” replied the professor, answering the question in the most tactful way possible.


Eiji understood the message Sara was trying to convey. ‘I can bang as many as girls as I want AND get paid for it!!!’ thought Eiji to himself. “I accept!” replied the bartender in a very subdued tone of voice. He was excited at the chance to do this but wanted to maintain his calm and cool demeanor in front of the professor.


The truck pulled up to Eiji’s house. “Would you like to get some coffee before you leave?” asked Eiji.


“Sure.” Sara answered Eiji with a head nodding gesture.


Eiji escorted Sara to the door and opened it for her. This put the two in the foyer area. “Follow me,” Eiji guided Sara to the living room and directed her to the couch. “What kind of coffee would you like? I have a ton of them” The young man held up a rack that contained numerous k-cup coffees.


Sara visually examined his inventory and selected one called “Rise Up!” blend. While he was making the coffee, the professor looked around the room noticing the gold medals on the wall, the many trophies which stood inside of an Oakwood display case and pictures that adorned the wall. All of the pictures had 2 things in common: basketball and his sister. It was clear to her that she had given the opportunity to the right person. The bartender then entered the living room with 2 mugs of coffee in hand. “Here you go.” He handed her one of the coffees before sitting down next to her on the couch.


Sara got to the point and asked a direct question and put Eiji on the spot. “So, are you interested in attending BSU?” She asked coyly after taking a sip from her cup.


The young man took a moment to compose him before giving her his answer. He didn’t want to sound too excited with his response for fear of sounding like an over eager complete novice. “Yes, I accept your invitation.” Eiji spoke with firm authority while responding to Sara’s question. He displayed a confident swagger about himself, following up his answer with a head nod and a grin that conveyed his message of self assurance.


“Thank you for your time and consideration, Mr. Nakamura.” Sara then took out a BSU business card and stuck it into the pocket of Eiji’s vest.


“Thank you for the opportunity Ms. Reed.” Eiji yawned briefly but then stood up and looked towards the door. It was his plan to escort her out of the house and call it a night. He assumed that the interview was over but Sara had other plans.


“Excuse me, I did NOT dismiss you Mr. Nakamura!” Sara chided him speaking with an authoritative tone of voice. She rose from her seat and moved in front of the young man, pushing him back to the couch.


“What are you doing?” asked Eiji with a puzzled expression.


“Since I gave you a personal invitation to attend BSU, we don’t have an application.” Sara removed her blazer while addressing the question. “I don’t have any data on your “work” to assess.” The professor then stepped out of her high heels and unbuttoned her shirt.


Eiji saw where this was going. His arrogant grin gave way to a look of concern, as he never expected to have to show and prove his prowess on the spot like this. He was extremely exhausted from work and planned to go to sleep for the night once we gotten home.


“I have to assess your competency right here and right now.” The blonde Vixen flashed a devilish grin while removing her top. “I hope you’re ready.” she said while dropping her skirt to the floor.


Down to only her white lace bra and thong panties, Sara pushed the coffee table out of the way with her foot and stood before the 19 year old who was sitting upright on the couch. She opened up his vest and shirt, gliding her hand across his washboard abs while gently kissing him on the lips. The professor then nimbly unbuckled his belt with her other hand and reached into his underwear and took hold of the boy’s rod and stroked it until fully erection.


While it wasn’t the longest or the thickest she had seen on a student, it was a solid dick that could be highly serviceable to the university girls. Realizing he was now in the heat of the moment Eiji made his first move. He unlatched her bra, fully exposing Sara’s mammoth mammaries in all their glory. Wasting no time, he immediately started sucking on her nipples. Sara let out a sigh of pleasure. At the same time he rubbed on the professor’s ample rump with the other hand, palming it like he would a basketball. Sara’s backside was soft and perfectly shaped, its curve overlapping the back of her thigh.


The professor then placed her hand on his chest, lightly pushing him back. “You’re tense, relax a little bit.” Sara opened his pants completely revealing Eijis dick. She then knelt down and started to go to work on him. Sara first licked the head of his dick, going up and down and side with her tongue. After a little bit more teasing, she held it upward and went up and down his shaft. Eiji let out a grunt of approval as the professor continued. The saliva dripped from Eijis dick onto Sara’s huge boobs, making them glisten from the light in the room. After fully coating his member in her saliva she turned her attention back to the head, this time taking it all the way into her moist and willing mouth.


MMM!! UGH!! UMPH!!! AHH~” sounds reverberated through the room as Sara gulped down the new recruit’s cock.


“That’s right!!! That’a girl… Eat that dick!” chuckled Eiji while Sara’s head bobbed up and down until she took on giants gulp, taking the entire length of the athletes cock down her throat and holding it there. This was feat of oral mastery the young amateur had never seen. He strained to contain his excitement as well as his load as cumming prematurely could surely make him fail the assessment.


No! No! No!’ Eiji thought to himself in a state of panic. Just as he was about to reach his breaking point Sara stood up.


“Way to hang in there, but that was only the warm up! NOW SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!!!” The Blonde haired professor lowered herself onto the brown haired boy’s cock, letting out a loud moan once he was fully inside of her.


OOOH!!!!! AHHHH!” Sara screamed as Eiji thrust upward into her pussy from underneath her. She gyrated her hips while bouncing up and down on the new recruit, her ass cheeks clapping together with each movement.


Eiji could feel the professor’s pussy moisten even more than it already had been which emboldened him to take control of the situation. He rose to his feet, scooping the professor’s booty with both hands.


BRACE YOURSELF!” said Eiji before resuming his strike. He pumped confidently; sure of himself that he could break her. As an elite level and high profile collegiate athlete, Eiji had easy access to hundreds of sluts and whores willing to suck and fuck. From team cheerleaders to groupies to milf fans as well as intellectuals such as medical and law students. Even professors at his former university spread their legs for the star ball player. None of these ladies had proven to be a match for his mighty dong. He planned on doing the same to Ms. Reed.


He thrust into Sara’s warm pussy with an increasing pace, building up in speed and intensity with each successive thrust. Sara screamed and moaned while wrapping her legs around the boy’s waist.




Eiji obliged Sara demands and picked up the pace, pounding her pussy with a jackhammer like intensity. Sara bit her lip, embracing him tightly.


The Bartender made his way to the bedroom while Sara was still latched on to him. Once they made it into the room the sexy blonde hopped off him and plopped onto Eiji’s bed on her hands and knees.


NOW, GIVE IT TO ME FROM THE BACK!!!” said Sara while spreading the lips of her pussy open with two fingers. She glanced at Eiji from over her shoulder and licked her cherry red lips in anticipation.


The brown haired teen immediately picked up right where he left off before taking her to the bedroom, slamming the blonde teacher’s pussy with all the strength he could muster. Sara’s slit gradually grew slicker from her juices running down onto the boy’s cock. “How ya like that!?” yelled Eiji, his confidence growing with each thrust into the professor’s welcoming hole.


OOOOOH!!!! AHHHHHH!! GIMME MORE!!!” Sara squealed in absolute delight. Her pleasure amplified upon noticing the webcam at the computer on his desk was recording.


Eiji had forgotten to turn it off when he last used it earlier in the day. The blonde haired teacher began moving back and forth her rhythm matching her partner’s stride. The bartender began to slow down; for this was unlike any other pussy he’d had before. The professor was a entirely different beast than any girl Eiji conquered at his previous university. He was in too deep, no pun intended.


The professor had gathered enough information to make a decision. Sensing that Eiji was at his limit she tightened up her pussy’s grip on him and let out one final primal moan. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


Feeling the eruption on the way, Eiji quickly pulled out in order to empty his load. The professor then sandwiched Eiji’s cock in between her ass cheeks and continued to shake her body, caressing his cock with her ass. “OHHH SHIIIITTT!!!!!!!!” yelled Eiji as he shot his load and splattered her back with cum, getting some in her hair as well. Sara turned around and sat up on his bed, clapping her hands while Eiji gasped for breath. It was clear that she exhausted him.


“God Damn! I’m out of shape!” chuckled Eiji while scratching his head.


The BSU instructor giggled at his remark. “Congratulations, Mr. Nakamura, you passed. You’re in.” replied Sara while wiping his cum off of her body with a towel. “Orientation is two weeks from now, the address is on the card I gave you.” The professor made her way out of the room after reminding him of her business card. “See you then and have a good night Mr. Nakamura.” The professor quickly made her way out of his bedroom while waving goodbye to him.


“Whew, she’s an animal!” Eiji said to himself while chugging down a tropical punch flavored sports drink.


Unbeknownst to him the webcam wasn’t the only thing watching him and Sara go at it. The brown haired young man saw someone looking at him from the house next door while gazing out of the window. She immediately turned and walked away once she realized she had been spotted. The only feature he was able to make out was her green hair.

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Incredible sexy artwork here. Sara’s expression really sells the feeling of her getting her world rocked by Eiji at the moment. Speaking of which, I think it’s really strange that we don’t get to see his face in the artwork or any others for now giving that he is the first named male character in the series and basically one of the main characters. But even without him the artwork is incredible. The light shining off of her body and overall shades look really awesome and Eiji’s hands sinking into her curvaceous ass while her fingers cling to the sheets of the bed are drawn very well. Having a little bit of saliva drip out from her mouth is a nice detail some might not notice but I believe it adds to the overall expression of her not being in full control of her own body. And while it’s nice that we get to see that the webcam is recording the intercourse, I think it’s a bit of a missed opportunity to have the silhouette of the person who peeped on them from the other window. The different versions are quite good but nothing groundbreaking either.

Peaches Gentleman’s Club is a really nice setting which introduces us to the first two named male characters with Rico and Eiji with the latter being of huge importance in the upcomming chapters. Sadly Eiji is also introduced at the same time as Frost Fireheart who, in my eyes, clearly steals the show. Nonetheless having a male character in BSU who has to overcome some struggles (the injuries he got during his time as a basketball player (such a shame he lives in the USA*)) which also drag him down during sex is a nice addition to the story though it makes me wonder how the school took notice off him in the first place since all the girls (Yuriko, Violette and Hitomi) applied for the school but he just get’s it basically out of nowhere. It just feels kinda strange. While the sex wasn’t anything special it was at the same time really nice to have for the first time a character who has limits during sex.

While not much is done in terms of worldbuilding (besides the Peaches Gentleman’s Club and it’s starlet) it is still a good chapter with an amazing artwork with it.

*Sorry, it wasn’t my intent to get political

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Not really sure what you implied with the political comment lol I’m happy you like it though. I do feel I need to add some clarification for Eiji’s recruitment in future chapters. It wasn’t meant for him to get in completely, he still had to go thru the other application processes like submitting a formal application with all the necessary info. I’m happy you like it so far

Please let me know what you think of the series so far based on what youve read? I know its a lot of introductions so far to getting to know the various characters

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

1. In terms of political, I meant the fact with Eiji and his medical conditions which forces him to work in a strip-club as a bar tender to pay his medical bills because of the lack of health insurance in the US. But since this has nothing to do with the story whatsoever I shouldn’t dwell on it much longer.

2. My thoughts for the series so far will probably come once the I’ve read “The Intro Arc” or at least a few more chapters. But so far the story has been really amazing an besides a few little hiccups, the story has been really great.