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Meet the Tech Girl

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)
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Sitting in her office on the main campus of Busteez Slut University, Sara Reed leaned back in her chair, one foot up on her desk as she clicked the control on the vibrator currently buried inside her pussy up to max. “Hmmmmmmmmhhh…” Sara moaned, chewing her lower lip as the high speed motor buzzed away inside her. The vibrator was a custom model built by the tech lab; it used some kind of magnetic resonance to produce sonic vibrations stronger than anything currently on the market.


Moaning louder, Sara worked the dildo back and forth faster, the ribbed metal surface was rubbing against the walls of her pussy sending wave after wave of pleasure through her as she looked at the picture of the young man who would be a freshman this year. He was so well toned and fit, and with a long dick to boot! The blonde woman couldn’t wait to get ‘hands on’ in their studies.


“Yeah, shove in there, make me moooan….” Sara cooed, rocking her hips against the dildo as she pushed the eighteen inch rod all the way inside herself, “Fuuuuuck yes, fuck meeeeeee…” Sara panted, her tits heaving inside her blouse as her pussy gushed again and again with repeated orgasms.


SARA!!!!!!!!!” shouted a voice from out of nowhere.


WAAAH!!!!” Sara shrieked just as she came hard. The dildo shot out of her cunt like a missile and landed on the floor by the bookshelf in her office where it began clattering loudly as it continued vibrating at a high frequency.


“I swear, I can’t turn away from you for even a second!” said Taiyohime as she stood on the opposite side of her desk, an annoyed expression on her face.


“Ahhh, haaah… S… Sorry Hime, I was just… Taking a little break!” Sara stammered as she fumbled for an excuse and moved to sit in her chair correctly, pulling her skirt into its proper place. Though it was hard to appear composed with a huge vibrator clattering loudly on the floor.


“Get up and turn it off.” Taiyo said with a sigh. As Sara got up to do so, the other blonde continued, “Did you at least finish sending out the acceptance forms?”


“Geh!” Sara gulped nervously as she collected her dildo and turned it off. She then returned to her desk, discreetly kicking her panties out of sight as she did. The blonde woman placed her dildo into a drawer in her desk as Taiyo let out a frustrated sigh.


“Seriously!?” Taiyo said, rubbing at her forehead as she took a moment to calm herself. “We’re two weeks from Freshman Orientation Sara… You know, I don’t have the patience for this today, so I’ll put it this way, you have until tomorrow morning to finish your reviews and send out the forms, or I’ll have you teaching basic history for the entire first semester, with a triple lock chastity belt on!”


“You wouldn’t!” Sara gasped, the color draining completely from her face.


“Just, try, me.” Taiyo told her before turning to leave.


“Baka Hime…” Sara muttered in Japanese as she pouted.


“I heard that!” Taiyo’s voice came from the hall outside.



“Uuuugh, why does Hime have to be so serious? When we were making those campus welcome videos she was so much more laid back, I wonder what changed” Sara muttered to herself as she left her office. The sun had set over an hour ago, and she’d skipped both lunch and dinner, but the acceptance forms were finally done. Her moment of triumph was short lived however as she looked at the veritable mountain of other paperwork that had backlogged through the week in her to-do pile.


The next task was to check out the new talent.


As she walked through the halls of the main campus building, Sara turned a corner and found herself standing in the R&D department. This particular section of the school dealt with studies of a more technological nature rather than the blatant sexual courses offered in the other areas. Non-surgical body adjustment technology like their BimboGel had come from this place. The girl who built her Ultrasonic vibrator also had her own lab in this area. Her name was Mizuki-something, something Sara couldn’t pronounce, so she just called her Mizuki. Technically a new student, but one that came with an ass load of recommendations. And due to her advancements and breakthroughs in the field of virtual reality technology, she had even been given her own lab to tinker with along with a very sizable budget to pursue her endeavors. Sara didn’t really know what Mizuki was doing, only that this section of the school’s power bill had quadrupled in the last month.


It wasn’t really a problem, the school had more than enough to cover the costs, but she could hear Hime talking about results already. Sara passed several dark and empty labs before coming to the single active one at the end of the hall. The door opened into a wide space with white marble tiled floors, white brick walls, and a paneled ceiling. Fluorescent lights buzzed quietly overhead as she looked around. There were a lot of various tech gadgets lying here and there. Some Sara could quickly figure out, like the thong strap-on with the huge dildo attached to it. Though it looked a bit strange. The flesh toned bit of rubber had a bunch of metal plates along the shaft, and on the inside facing the wearer were more plates.


Were they electrodes? No, Sara remembered, they were called “sen-trodes”, or “sensation electrodes”, similar to electrodes, but instead of monitoring activity, they used electrical pulses to stimulate activity, tricking the nerves into thinking they were being touched in various ways.


Sara was into all kinds of fun sexual hijinks, but she didn’t play with electricity, too risky even for her! She looked past the electro-dildo and picked up what looked like one of those VR gloves from the movies, with glowing streaks of purple LED lighting that looked like veins running along the fingers and palm.


“Oh good you found it!” said a voice as a young woman’s head popped up from behind the table. She had short dark hair and bright green eyes. Sara watched as she stood up fully, revealing a gigantic pair of tits nearly as big as her entire torso! The gigantic mounds bounced entirely with her movements, as if aching to be free of the powder blue blouse she wore under a bright white lab coat. She quickly snatched the glove from Sara’s hand and began tapping rapidly on her tablet to run a diagnostic check on the device.


“Hey VIC, the scan working?” she asked aloud.


A familiar robotic genderless voice replied, “Signal output intensity at 42% of optimum.” Sara didn’t know there was a V.I.C. AI in this lab. Voice Input Control, or VIC as most simply called it, was a highly adaptive AI system that could be used for a variety of purposes. Sara had a system installed in her own home and in her office, though only really used it to control the TV and take notes on her computer. Some areas of campus were testing VIC for security purposes, but teaching the system the difference between assault and a late night public rendezvous between lovers had led to more than a few embarrassing incidents.


“Hmmm, let me see, ah, same problem here, sensors weren’t set high enough! Easy fix!” she said as she began moving about the lab. Sara’s blue eyes were instantly drawn to the girl’s shapely ass. Not even the loose fabric of her lab coat could hide those gorgeous curves!


“Hello Ms. Mizuki.” Sara said dryly when the dark haired girl didn’t seem to notice her presence.


“Oh hi, Ms. Reed right? Really good timing, I need your help with something!” Mizuki said excitedly, “I’m close, I’m really close now!” she told her, “I just need to finish the last bit of adjustments and my stage one VR field will be complete!”


Sara blinked, “Um, okay…” She knew from some of the reports she’d read that Mizuki was working in Virtual Reality gaming. In fact she had a very generous offer from several gaming companies, but what drew her to Busteez Slut University was the much larger budget offered. Mizuki had plans for something she called “Total Immersion Environment Room” or TIER. Most of it went totally over Sara’s head, but the gist was solid holograms in a virtual reality room. It sounded like something straight out of those old sci-fi shows.


“Wonderful!” Mizuki said, clapping her hands together, her massive tits bouncing even more as the glove in her hand flopped about limply. “Now, where did I put those extra panties with the sen-trodes?!” she asked herself as she looked around.


Sara gulped as she tried to think of a polite excuse to get out of this. The sound of someone humming softly drew Sara’s attention to the door leading back out into the hall. She turned just in time to see Rayne, one of the school nurses/counselors.


While her official title was ‘Nurse’ Rayne was likely one of the smartest women on campus, a psychologist with more degrees in more fields than Sara could pronounce. Though if one looked at her, they certainly didn’t get that impression! Rayne’s tits were every bit as big as Mizuki’s, maybe even a little bigger. She had long dark pink hair and big soft pink lips. Her hips were nice and wide, with a shapely sexy ass to go with them. She was dressed in a simple pink t-shirt that was expertly tucked over, under, and around both her gigantic tits. And from the perfectly outlined nipples in the fabric, she didn’t have a bra on at all. Coupled with her shirt was a black miniskirt and matching high heeled pumps. Over everything, she wore a light blue nurse’s coat with even a few lollipops sticking out of the chest pocket!


“Hi~” Rayne said cheerily, “I came to check on Mizu-kiki!” Sara noted that Rayne always had a habit of giving the students affectionate nicknames as a means of making them feel more comfortable and cared about.


How could a woman with so many degrees have a body like this without any augmentations?! It wasn’t fair! Rayne looked like some bimbo right out of a porno magazine, but she had an IQ somewhere near two hundred and was super sweet to everyone. Though she could be a little overly flirtatious at times, not that Sara minded.


One of Rayne’s many many jobs as a counselor was to help the more well-endowed girls with their body image. Odd as it was, there were some girls in the school who didn’t like having such well-developed bodies! Whenever a student so much as mentioned breast reduction, Rayne was there, helping the girl learn how to enjoy her body just as it was.


“Oh, heya Rayne, what’s up?” Mizuki asked as she bent over a bin in one corner that was full of various odds and ends. Her gigantic tits throwing off her balance and making her fall head and tits first into the bin!


“Oh no!” Rayne said softly as she ran over to Mizuki as the dark haired girl’s legs kicked wildly in the air. The gray shirt she wore fell up and Sara grinned when they discovered Mizuki wasn’t wearing any panties! Her first semester hasn’t even really started yet and she already was following the student dress code. Sara admired Mizuki’s bald pussy for a moment before moving to help Rayne lift the girl out.


“And I got ’em!!!!” Mizuki said triumphantly as she held up a pair of black rubber panties dotted with silver plates inside.


“Unnh, really Kiki” Rayne admonished the overly endowed tech genius. “You really should be more careful, what if you damaged these beauties?!” Rayne chided her, while dusting Mizuki’s chest off, every so discreetly copping a feel as she did so. “It would be a tragedy!” she said with a smile as she hefted both her heavy tits.


“Sorry! But that just happens sometimes, these are heavy!” Mizuki said, shaking her tits from side to side, making them wobble. Sara licked her lips quickly as she imagined the huge nipples beneath, just aching to be sucked and nibbled on!


“Anyway,” Mizuki continued, “Here!” she thrust the panties out towards Sara, “These haven’t been used by anyone yet, and they’re one size fits all!”


“Well, I…” Sara said nervously.


“Oh what are they for?” Rayne asked, gently taking them from Mizuki’s hand and holding them up to the lights for a better view.


“They’re the next step in my research!” Mizuki said excitedly, “Wear these in conjunction with the rest of my VR gear, and you’ll be able to feel everything happening downstairs in my new B.D.T.P.!”


“B.D.T.P.?” Rayne and Sara echoed.


“Big Dick Training Program.” Mizuki answered, “A lot of guys are hung like a horse, and not every girl can handle sizes like that. My goal is to make a program that can both mentally and physically prepare their bodies for such penetrations!”


“Okayyy, I get mentally, but how physically, I mean, there’s nothing really going in downstairs, so…” Sara asked.


“That’s where the sen-trodes come in! Pardon the pun. While they also mimic the sensation of such a big dick, they are also training the nerves and cells in the wearer’s body to fast track muscle memory! Just think of it, with this, a virgin could take a ten inch dick on her first try and only worry with the pain of the initial cherry pop!”


Rayne said enthusiastically. “This sounds like it’ll also be a great tool to help some of the girls with body issues to help them get over some shyness.” Rayne said enthusiastically. “There aren’t that many virgins in this school though, maybe one of the boys, but I can really get behind this!”


“Then why don’t you try it first!?” Sara said, not letting the opening Rayne made for her slip by.


“Hmm?” Rayne blinked, “Sure, I don’t mind, but like, weren’t you about to–?’ she began to ask.


I INSIST!” Sara said, pushing the panties against Rayne’s own gigantic tits.


Mizuki pouted slightly, “Well, I have another prototype ready for a trial run, it’s over there!” she said, pointing to the table with the strap-on, “I managed to use the info already gathered on male sensitivity and used it to make this, I call it the Futa-on! Any woman wearing and using this on another girl will feel the same sensations a man does when having sex! Once I have it patented I think it’ll be a huge seller on the lesbian market.”


Sara found that actually tempting until Mizuki turned on the device and suddenly it sparked, shuddered, and then began smoking up in Mizuki’s hand. The dark haired girl blinked her green eyes in surprise, “Hmmm, I thought I fixed that.” she said before tossing it over her shoulder casually into a bin of work-in-progress inventions, “Guess that needs a little more development, sorry. Now lemme see, I think I have a third pair of sen-trode panties over here…”


THAT’S OKAY!! N-no really!” Sara said a bit more panicked than she would have liked, “I think I’ll just watch.”


“Hmm, suit yourself, ready Rayne?”


“Lead the way!” the pink haired woman said with a sweet smile.


“Okay, right this way!” Mizuki said as she guided Rayne over to a square shaped metal booth with a large ring scanner attached to a pole. “Now, if you’ll please strip for me.” Mizuki said as she began stripping as well. Rayne didn’t even blink as she began taking off her clothes casually. Within a few moments, both women stood naked by the pedestal and Sara licked her lips at the sight. While the blonde thoroughly enjoyed men, women were just as great and were much more pleasant to look at!


Mizuki had Rayne step into the ring and told her to stand still, “VIC, full body scan, user database file; Rayne.” Mizuki said aloud.


“Beginning scan on file Rayne.” VIC announced. There was a low hum as the ring rose out of the block, gliding up the length of the pole. Inside the ring, a thin line of blue light was projected onto Rayne’s naked body. Sara understood this part; Mizuki was creating a virtual model of Rayne inside the computer. The ring began to descend as it finished scanning Rayne’s body completely. On a large 63″ monitor placed onto the nearest wall, a perfect in every detail version of Rayne appeared on the screen. It looked like a live photo as well and not a CGI replica.


“Okay, here you go!” Mizuki said, handing Rayne a set of VR gloves and goggles. Rayne accepted them after putting on the sen-trode panties then placed the new items on her face and hands. At the same time, Mizuki put on her own set of VR gear along with several of those silver disc-shape electrodes along her body, similar to the kind doctors use to monitor heart activity. Once adhered, a tiny blue light blinked on the sentrodes, and then turned green as it connected to whatever system it was meant to link with. She then attached a few more to Rayne’s topless body before guiding her to a pair of reclining chairs. Sara watched as they both laid back on them and pulled the goggles over their eyes.


“VIC, commence system link!” Mizuki said aloud.


“Establishing connection…” VIC replied. Both women seemed to convulse slightly as there was a sound like an electric spark. Sara panicked for a split second before the image on the monitor shifted, showing both Rayne and Mizuki standing naked in a seaside setting. The camera was zoomed in on the two of them, but Sara could make out a vast ocean behind them along with a massive open sky above.


“Wow, this all looks so real, I can almost smell the ocean!” said an astonished Rayne. It was odd hearing her voice in stereo from both her physical and projected body.


“Pretty soon you will. The University brought me on because I’m a wiz with this stuff. Several of the VR-MMO’s on the market today are made from my own designs!” Mizuki said proudly. “Hey VIC, two well hung studs please. Randomize their appearance and make sure they’re both at LEAST eighteen inches or longer.”


“Oh my, SOOOOO big!!!” Rayne said with a giggle, “This is totally turning me on already! Mmmmh, you know, this might actually help me, it’s been a month or two since I’ve taken anything nearly this big.” she confessed.


The camera panned out as two young men suddenly materialized. One a fair skinned young man already sporting a huge boner, the other, a dark skinned man with an even bigger erection. Could men even be that big, or was this guy part horse!?


“Dibs!” Mizuki said as she went for the black man first. His face was plain; the kind of unremarkable look one wouldn’t give a second glance at if he was clothed. Same for the lighter skinned man who approached Rayne.


Instantly both women were on their knees, wrapping their gigantic tits around those equally large dicks. Both men remained silent as the girls took their time rubbing their breasts up and down the huge shafts. But that wasn’t surprising; they were basically just very advanced dolls.


“Mmmmmh, I can actually feel this cock! It’s sooooo hard and big, ahh, I just wanna mmmph!!!!” Rayne said as she opened wide and wrapped her mouth around the man’s cock. The trode on her throat blinked rapidly as she made strangled gurgling noises, drool already running down her chin.


“Mmmmmmmmmph, I wuv da pheel of a big cawk in muh mouph!!!” Rayne slurred, moving her head back and forth faster.


Sara giggled at the sight. From her point of view, it looked like Rayne had her mouth open in an “O” fashion as she tried to talk around a nonexistent dick.


“Ish shoooo guuud…” Rayne continued.


“Hehe, just wait until I can add flavors!” Mizuki said proudly before sucking her man’s cock, “Bud I du luv dish pheeling… Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph…”


The camera moved around, giving Sara a full range of views of the girls as they sucked cock like seasoned experts! Rayne already had hers completely down her throat while Mizuki took her time with the one in her mouth.


Sara chewed her lower lip as she watched the spectacle. She moved over to a table and sat at the edge, pulling up her skirt slowly, exposing her still naked pussy as she hadn’t bothered putting her panties back on!


The blonde woman watched as Mizuki got tired of sucking cock first. It occurred to Sara that these ‘men’ might not be able to cum, they were just dolls after all. The dark haired girl told her man to lie down in the water. He did as ordered and Mizuki traced her big toe along the length of his cock as she smiled down at him.


“If only all men were as obedient.” she said as she moved to impale her pussy on his giant erection! “MMMMMMMMMMMH FUUUUCK I LOVE THIS PAAART…!” Mizuki howled, her real body bucked slightly in her seat as she began rocking her virtual one on top of the dark skinned man. He reached up to grab her hips as she played with her own giant tits, squeezing and squishing them together. “YEAAAH, FUCK ME, USE ALGORYTHM ALPHAAAAA…” Mizuki said as she screamed in pleasure as the man began thrusting up into her, bouncing her up and down on top of her. Her tits jiggled so wildly that she had to hold them in place with her hands!


Next to her Rayne copped a feel of the dark haired girl. She then ordered her doll onto his back before sliding herself onto his cock. In the real world, Rayne shuddered in her chair, her big tits wobbling like huge jello molds.


“Hmmmmmmmh, big, big, big, so biiiiiig, I love big hard COCKS in my cunt! Ahhhh, I can feel all of it! I’m soooooo full inside, yesssss…” Rayne moaned softly, playing with her tits as she spoke. “Do me too, um, that Alpha Algo-UUUUNGH!!!!! AHHH YESSSSSSS!!!!” Rayne moaned in ecstasy. The man beneath her reached up and grabbed her hips before slamming his cock into her. “Hmmmm, now spank me!!! Spank my fat sexy ass!!!” Rayne told him. The simulation did as it was told and in her seat Rayne bucked and moaned. It was a strangely erotic sight seeing two women writhing and moaning in pleasure in their seats. Sara also regretted not taking the chance to experience all of this. Almost.


Watching both their bodies and the screen, Sara moaned as she began rubbing at her clit, hot juices dripping down her thighs as she moaned softly. ‘Mmmmmh such big dicks!‘ she thought as she watched the two girls beginning to move on their own now. The camera shifted to let her see those thick meat sticks plunging deep into Rayne and Mizuki’s gushing pussies. Sara reached into the inner pocket of the jacket she had on over her blouse and pulled out a second, smaller high frequency vibration dildo. She quickly turned it on to the max setting and jammed it into her own pussy.


MMMMMMMMMH!!!” she moaned with the two women, turning to look at their real bodies and loving the sight of them writhing and wriggling as they moaned louder and louder. Sara moved her free hand to fondle her own tit, pushing her dildo in and out of herself over and over. “Yeah, take it you two, take them deep….” she whispered, turning back to see Rayne on all fours now, her ass rippling like jello as the man pounded her from behind. Her beach ball sized knockers swaying back and forth like a pair of cow udders! Sara wondered if she actually could get milk from them?


Sliding herself back on the table, Sara pushed the silvery dildo deep inside herself, biting her lower lip as her pussy gushed out onto the floor. She bucked her hips up and down, imagining she had her own stud to service her, one that could stay hard forever and never cum… Mmmmmh, that sounded nice to her.


HAH AHH HAH AAHH AAAAHHHHH I’M CUMMINGGGGGG!!!” Mizuki squealed as she lay back on the screen, her legs wrapped around the man’s waist. “YESSSS SO GOOD, FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!!!!”


MMMMMMH I’M CUMMING TOOOOO!!!! I’M TOTALLY CUMMINGGGG!!!!!” Rayne moaned as her real pussy gushed hard, the juices actually squirting out the sides of the crotch of her panties. Sara hoped the sen-trodes were thoroughly water-proofed.


Sara pulled the dildo from her pussy and pressed the tip directly against her clit, biting her lower lip soft as she made herself cum again and again and again.


“Having fun?” someone asked dryly next to the table.


H…H…HIMEEEE!!!” Sara gasped as her pussy gushed like a burst water balloon!


“Guess so.” Taiyo said as she looked around the room. “I asked Rayne to check on the new recruit since I wasn’t so sure you would be done with your work, when she never came back I came to see for myself.” she explained as she walked over to look at the monitor on the wall. “Impressive. I didn’t know she was this far along in development.” the smaller blonde said before turning to look at Sara again as she struggled to turn off her vibrator and put it back in her jacket pocket.


“So, what do you think of Mizuki?” Taiyo asked.


“I think she’ll be a valuable asset to our tech R&D.” Sara answered honestly.


“Agreed,” Taiyo said as both women stopped moaning suddenly. Sara looked back at the screen and saw them both lying naked in the shallow water.


“VIC… End… Oh just let us out of here…” Mizuki said in a daze.


The screen went black as Rayne and Mizuki sat up and took the goggles off. “Oh, Princess!!! I’m so sorry! I got caught up in this little trial run and forgot to come back and tell you Kiki is doing great!”


“It’s fine Rayne, I was just leaving, you should continue helping Mizuki with her research while you’re here.” Taiyo said, “Sara, I believe there’s still some work left in your office isn’t there?”


Slave driver…‘ Sara thought bitterly as she pouted, “Yes Hime…” she replied. She then gave a nod to Mizuki and Rayne, “Welcome to BSU Mizuki, now if you’ll excuse me.” she said before leaving quickly.


She returned to her office after raiding a vending machine nearby for some snack bars and a bag of chips. It wasn’t healthy, but it was better than nothing. “Hey VIC?” she asked around a mouthful of potato chips.


“Online.” VIC answered.


“What’s left on my schedule this week?” she asked.


“Nothing left for tonight’s work aside from remaining paperwork. Tomorrow you have an assignment to visit the Peaches Gentleman’s Club to scout a potential new student. On…” the AI prattled on and on until she told it to stop. She couldn’t believe she’d forgotten about the trip to Peaches! Finally something work related that would be fun!!!

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Glad to see a more dynamic artwork for the series again. Both characters design is incredible sexy and well drawn and having those two beauties bounce up and down on some virtual cocks is incredible sexy. The way Mizuki squeezing her massive mammaries together while also going full ahegao is a good contrast to Rayne who shows her pleasure more subtle with just resting her hands on her equally gigantic tits while still enjoying the ride on the dick who is currently stretching her pussy out. Between the cum and the make-up version I think that the former is much more to my liking simply because I think having the cum almost dripping from their tits is a huge turn on for me. In my eyes Mizuki’s cyan colored lips and make-up fit her black hair much better than the purple lipstick and make-up used for Rayne in combination with her already purple (although other shade or just pink) colored hair. The only thing missing in my eyes are lipstick marks on the boys body but since they are not real (for this story at least) I get why it didn’t make sense to draw them.

Easilly the best part in this story is the Sara-Taiyohime interactions. I think they complement each other really well with Sara’s more laid back and easy going nature and Taiyohime who is responsiple for running this University and securing that everything in it runs smoothly. Having the school have it’s own R&D department/tech lab is just another thing that makes me compare this setting more and more with UA from BNHA. The gadgets this part of the school provides all seem to be realetad to more technical stuff and more for a sexual experience (go figure xD) but as Rayne mentioned could be also used for body-positivity related things. Since I just mentioned her let’s just talk about the two new characters. Both are a nice addition to the cast with them treating the whole sex-thing almost secondary (especially with Mizuki who mentioned that she just went to BSU because of the bigger budget) and Rayne with the “bimbo right out of a porno”-look while also having this caring personality while still feeling not as lust driven as Sara for example. Mizuki’s clumsy side with her falling into a bin and for Rayne coming to her rescue whilst Sara was still admiring the sight is a really funny scene. The sex scene was good and with Ms. Reed comentating the whole thing while also shoving a dildo into herself because she didn’t trust the whole technic stuff was a well made writing choice. The cliffhanger with the blonde haired beauty looking forward to her trip to “Peaches Gentleman’s Club” is also nicely done and makes for a much better conection to the next chapter than the previous stories where every chapter could have also been a One-Shot.

In my eyes this and the next chapter could be seen as a prologue to the actual start of the series and for that matter it does it role quite well.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Happy you like it once again! I like the idea that these are prelude chapters and you’re right about that. They are meant to give the reader a feel for BSU. The next bunch of chapters start introducing more plot focused characters. And ya, I do take a lot of inspiration from MHA but probably in ways you have listed yet but you’ll probably make the connection as you read further along. I’m pleased you like the art and I knew you would enjoy the sex pics more lol.