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Violette’s Vacation

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)
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Overall, Violette Beauregard was enjoying her trip to America and BSU very much. Sure, she could have flown straight to the university, but she had time, so why not take her time, relax, and have some fun along the way?


At the moment, she was on a beach in Hawaii, enjoying the sun on her skin, the warm sand beneath her feet, and all the eye candy on display. Of course, not all of her fellow beach-goers were pleasant to look at (someone that overweight should not be wearing something that skimpy, though kudos on confidence), but given the exclusive nature of the beach, there were still plenty of sexy men and women to gaze upon. She would have to commend the hotel for the quality of their beach.


Playing a little game with herself, Violette guessed whether the women she saw were natural or enhanced in some way, either through surgery or her company’s products. Usually, there wasn’t any real way for her to know, but she prided herself in being able to spot the little tells. It was while looking around that she spotted a colorful head of hair; it wasn’t quite like her own, but the coloring was similar enough that she decided to take a closer look.


Up close, the woman was certainly striking looking. Her multi-colored hair made her exotic, her bust and body gave her sex appeal, and the blush marks on her cheeks lent her an unexpected air of cuteness. It was an interesting combination, and Violette, having little else planned, decided to talk with her.


Of course, that didn’t mean she couldn’t have some fun…


Sidling up behind the woman, Violette quickly leaned in, her breasts pressing against her back, and her breath hot in the woman’s ear. “No swimsuit for you either; it seems we have that in common.” She let her hands linger on the woman’s hips for just a moment.


Besides jumping in surprise, the stranger showed no signs of freaking out or getting angry, earning her some points in Violette’s book. Instead, she turned her head and grinned at her, their faces almost close enough to kiss. “I don’t see anyone complaining about either of us, and I know I’m not.” She stared deliberately into Violette’s eyes, and the rich young woman could see the first flickers of desire in them.


“Who could complain about being able to see all of us?” Violette agreed, stepping back enough so the woman could turn around. “My name is Violette, by the way; a pleasure to meet you.”


“Galactica, and the same to you,” Galactica replied with a warm smile, her blush marks slightly darker than before. “So, I’m pretty sure I don’t know you; do you greet every naked girl you meet like that?” Her tone was teasing, and Violette found herself smiling back.


“No, we’ve never met,” she said with a shake of her head. “I just saw your hair, and then I saw your body, so I decided to have some fun.”


“My hair, huh?” The woman chuckled, sending little jiggles through her breasts. “I can’t say that’s what most people notice about me first; you like it?”


“I do; it’s very pretty.”


The two buxom beauties spent a few minutes in silence, watching the crowd or watching the waves; eventually, it was Galactica that spoke first. “If you don’t mind me asking, what are you at the hotel for? Vacation? Business?” She moved closer as she spoke, her body almost touching Violette’s.


“Vacation for the most part. I traveled from Japan to here; this is just a layover on my way to BSU,” she replied, not backing away; in fact, she deliberately moved so their hips were pressed together.


Galactica’s eyes widened. “Japan huh? you don’t look Japanese.”


Violette nodded “My family is from France, let’s just say I wanted a tour of Asia before I got to America” she said with a grin.


“Rich girl huh? I like you more and more” Galactica said as she brushed Violette’s hair.


“Thank you,” Violette said graciously. “May I ask what you do here?”


“Oh, I’m a call girl, one of the highest rated and highest paid,” Galactica said with pride, puffing out her sizable chest and causing more than a few people to lose focus on what they were doing. “I’ve worked here for a few years now, and I love it. And before you ask, these are all natural; want to feel them?” she asked mischievously. If she cared about all the people watching them, she did a fine job of hiding it.


“Don’t mind if I do,” Violette replied, her hands already in motion. Squeezing Galactica’s breasts, she was impressed: just like her, Galactica was all natural, and, judging by her blush and loud moan, quite sensitive. Her big nipples hardened under Violette’s hand, and the heiress could feel her pussy getting hot and wet.


“I’ve been looking for something fun to do and I think I have an idea; care to join me? I can guarantee…” Violette gave Galactica’s tits another squeeze, the resulting squeal making her lick her lips, “…you’ll be well compensated.”


Opening her eyes to reveal they were clouded with lust, Galactica smiled at her. “Count me in.” Darting her head forward, she sealed the deal with a kiss. Thumps around the two indicated that a few spectators had fainted. Oh well.



The two got up; Galactica wrapped her beach towel around her waist like a sarong, but positioned it in a way that her naked cunt was still clear for all to see. Holding hands, Violette allowed her to pick a direction and they headed westward along the beach. They barely made it a few dozen yards before Galactica pointed to a pair of healthy looking young men also walking naked along the beach.


“Mmmmh, yummy!” Violette purred as she looked at both their cocks, both flaccid but still rather enticing as each one a respectable size. She could only imagine what they would look like fully aroused.


“Agreed,” said Galactica, “I can already feel my jaw aching.”


“So Galactica,” Violette began.


“Tika is fine,” she told her, “I know it can be a mouthful.”


“So, how shall we do this?”


“I’ve always found the direct approach is best in these cases.” Tika said as she let go of her hand and waved to the two young men. One was a tall blonde with a perfect six pack stomach and ocean green eyes. The other had dark brown hair, and matching eyes, not as muscular, but still trim and healthy looking, his cock was bigger too!


“Afternoon ladies!” said the blonde when they came close enough to talk without yelling. Violette rather liked the way both of them eyed their naked flesh. The dark haired one was already getting slightly swollen, though she could tell he was trying to keep himself in check. Getting a hard-on at a nude beach was still considered bad manners.


Tika nodded, “My friend and I here are really horny, wanna go someplace and fuck?” she asked bluntly.


The blonde one dropped the cooler he was carrying, his jaw falling open. Violette would have laughed if someone had made a creaking sound when it happened. Tika wasn’t kidding when she said direct, more like blunt! America, what a country!


“I have a nice penthouse in that Hotel over there.” Violette said, gesturing to the hotel where she was staying before groping the top of her own tits and moving her hands down, tracing them over her curves for the two.


“You’re serious?” asked the dark haired man, his face both skeptical and hopeful all at once.


“Well, if you’re not interested…” Tika said, beginning to turn back towards Violette.


“No, no! No one said that!” said the blonde.


“Wonderful! Let’s go!” Tika said as she grabbed the blonde’s hand and pulling him close, pressing her huge tits against his chest and covering his mouth with her own. The man’s dick shot full on erect in the space of a heartbeat and Tika purred happily as she straddled his hard-on between her legs, rubbing her pussy back and forth along his length with a moan.


Violette beckoned the other man over to her and copied her new friend, though it seemed he had a bit more self-control than his companion.


A pity.


“My names…” the dark haired man began, but Violette touched a finger to his lips.


“I honestly don’t care.” she told him, and out of the corner of her eye she spotted Tika giving her a thumbs up!


Leading the way back to her Hotel, the four of them took the side entrance connected to the beach where people could enter and exit naked as they pleased. Violette led them to her room.


“Wait here,” she said as she guided Tika to the bathroom and grabbed a small travel bag from the sink. Inside were several small disposable auto injectors. Each filled with a purple liquid. Grabbing one, Violette pressed it to her arm and with a tiny hiss injected the contents into her bloodstream. A brief sensation of warmth spread over her body and quickly faded.


“Want one?” She offered Tika, “They’re the latest issue, contraceptive and multi-immunization good for seventy-two hours.”


“Oh I’ve heard of those! But I thought they wouldn’t be on the market for another year?” Tika said as she picked up one vial and held it up to the light, “Pretty color.”


“Helps that my family’s company makes them.” Violette said with a proud grin.


“Oh wow, so your last name is Beauregard then?” Tika asked.


“Guilty.” she said with a wink, “You don’t seem surprised.”


“I’ve met my share of exceedingly wealthy people, so I’m kind of numb to it now. And thanks for the offer, but I’m covered.” she told her as she turned around to show her a tramp stamp tattoo just above her ass. It was a basic tribal pattern design, but Violette recognized it instantly. It was an older product that worked like those old contraceptive implants, only instead of just blocking ovulation, it also provided immunity from nearly all STD’s. Though most had thankfully been eradicated in recent years, a girl could never be too careful!


“There’s still a solid year left on this one before it fades.” Tika told her.


The tattoos were long term temporary, after two to four years depending on the buyer’s wishes; they faded completely and with them their effect. The downside being one had to wait for the time to run out if they wanted to have children. This was why these new short term drugs were designed. The drug itself was easily designed; the delivery method is what took two years to perfect. A painless auto injector that was disposable and easily manufactured was quite the challenge for the R&D guys.


Placing the injector back into her bag, Violette smiled at Tika, openly eyeing her perfect figure and smooth skin. She reached over and grabbed her ass, loving the way she moaned softly at her touch before pulling her close. Their tits smashing against one another as she pressed her mouth to the other womans.


“Mmmmmmmmmh…” Violette purred into her mouth as their tongue slipped and slided together.


“Mmmmmh…” Tika cooed back, her arms sliding around Violette’s waist as she pulled herself closer. Violette loved the feel of another woman’s body rubbing against her own, so soft and warm, and such a nice smell, Tika smelled like the ocean and flowers at the same time. She gave her ass another squeeze and held the kiss with her for a long moment before reluctantly breaking away.


“Ready?” she asked Tika.


“Always.” the other woman answered.


Smiling, Violette led the way back into her main hotel room with Tika following behind her. She felt Tika’s tits pressing against her back and leaned back into her. The blue haired woman then reached her hands around Violette and grabbed her tits tightly as she leaned her head over her left shoulder and kissed the side of her neck before biting her gently.


“Hmmmmmm!” Violette cooed as she pressed her tits into Tika’s hands as she raised one hand up to beckon the two young men to them. Tika licked the side of Violette’s neck before releasing her to the dark haired one. Violette grabbed him and pressed her naked body against his before pressing her mouth against his. The reaction was instant; she felt his big thick dick pressing against her abdomen! She reached a hand down to stroke his throbbing erection as she rubbed her tits against his chest.


Tika on the other hand instantly dropped to her knees and took the blonde man’s dick down her throat in a single swift motion! He groaned in pleasure at the warm wet feel of her mouth as she bobbed her head back and forth.


MMMMMPH!!! GUH! GUH! GUH! GUH!!” she false gagged around his cock, her lips sucking and slurping every time she pulled her head back.


“Holy shit, you babes weren’t kidding…!” the blonde groaned as he reached down to grip Tika’s multi-colored hair, grabbing fistfuls of it as he began pumping his cock into her mouth hard.


HMMMMMPH!!! YESH! MUH MOUPH!!!! PHUCK MUH MOUPH PUSSHY!!!!” Tika slurred, her eyes rolling back as her pussy gushed! She was cumming already, just from oral?


“Ahhh fuck, you’re mouth feels fucking amazing, like a full on pussy!!!” he grunted, pumping her head up and down on his length now


GUGH!!! GUGH!!!! GUGH!!!!! GUGH!!!! AAHHHAAAAAGH!! CUUUHMMMMINGH!!!! MUH MOUPH PUSSHY ISH CUUUUUHMMMMINGH!!!!!” Tika moaned, her hand clawing at her own tits now, pinching and pulling on her nipples as her cunt sprayed every time the blonde drove his cock all the way down her throat!!!


Violette didn’t have time to ponder what was happening with her new friend as she led her own stud over to the huge bed with its golden satin sheets. She shoved him down onto the surface and instantly climbed on top of him. “Mmmmmh, I love big dicks like this…” she breathed as she moved to straddle his hips. She guided his cock into her cunt, moaning as she felt him filling her. Not only was he long, but oh-so-thiiick.


“Yessssss…” she hissed in pleasure as she began bouncing herself up and down, loving the feel of such a thick cock spreading her pussy wide. She didn’t realize how horny she really was until she felt this nameless man inside her, “Don’t you hold back, FUCK ME!” she commanded him.


Taking her command to heart, the dark haired man grabbed her heavy tits, his fingers sinking into the soft pliant mounds as he thrusted his hip into hers!


“Yeah, that’s the waaay… MMMMMMMHHH!!!!” Violette moaned, slamming her ass back against him, loving the way his dick nearly reached her very womb!


The bed creaked in mild protest as Tika and the blonde joined them a moment later. He sat back on the edge of the bed as she continued moving her head back and forth. Thick ropes of saliva and cum dripped off her chin as she moaned in raw pleasure.


She already made him cum!? Is he a short fuse or is she just that good!?‘ thought Violette as she moaned on top of the other man. The blonde turned to her, eyeing her naked tits as she bounced up and down atop his friend. Violette liked the way he looked at her, lusting after her even as a beautiful woman went down on his dick! She reached out her arm and pulled his face to hers in a deep lewd kiss, cumming almost that instant! Here she was, fucking with three strangers on her way to the biggest slut school in America!


She broke the kiss when he stiffened for an instant, and Violette glanced down to see Tika’s face getting bathed in his cum!


“Mmmmmh, so hot and thiiiick, I love cum, I love it!!!” Tika moaned as she crawled onto the bed and positioned herself on all fours. Reaching a hand between her legs, she spread the puffy wet pink folds of her pussy, “FUCK ME NOW! FUCK ME LIKE A BITCH IN HEAT!!!” she moaned in a throaty voice.


The blonde wasted no time, climbing up after her and ramming his cock into her hard! “Awwwwww FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!! YESSSSSS!! SHOVE THAT FAT COCK IN ME!! AND POUND MY PUSSY!!! MAKE ME SCREAM!!!


“Wow, you sluts are wild!” said the blonde as he began doggy fucking Tika, making her heavy tits swing back and forth.


“I’ll say, show us some more yuri action!” said the man in Violette’s cunt.


Violette and Tika both smirked, leaning towards each other until their mouths connected. Tika’s tongue felt thicker somehow, as did her saliva. It suddenly all made sense. Tika had one of her company’s tattoos, so of course she might have had other work done! There was a procedure that was very popular with professional prostitutes, she couldn’t remember its official name, but it basically turned a woman’s mouth and throat into a second pussy when fully aroused! She’d never met a girl who’d had it done before today!


Reaching her arms out, Violette grabbed Tika and pulled her closer, kissing her hard as she sucked on her tongue. The reaction was instant; Tika shuddered in pleasure, moaning back into her mouth as she came over and over. Smiling inwardly, Violette held Tika in the kiss as the men ravaged their cunts, the hotel room filling with a mix of moaning, groaning, and a constant SMACK SMACK SMACK of human bodies slapping against one another.


“Mmmmm!” Violette moaned lustily into the kiss, the blonde man’s tongue now wrestling with hers as everyone took turns. Her fingers dug into Tika’s hair as the call girl licked her pussy with incredible enthusiasm. After the dark haired one came inside her pussy, Tika begged to lick her, wanting suck every last drop out of her cunt!


Happy to oblige, Violette shifted position on the bed, lying back with her legs spread wide for the other woman. The blonde and his friend then moved to lie on either side of the two women. Tika grabbed both their momentarily spent cocks, slowly stroking them back to full mast as Violette took turns kissing them both.


“Holy fuck!” the dark haired one groaned, probably still unable to believe this was really happening to him and his buddy. When first approached by two women and bluntly told what they wanted to do with them, he likely thought it was a scam or a prank. But no, this was really happening: they were in a foursome with two of the hottest women either of them had ever seen, in the fanciest damn penthouse he could imagine.


Breaking the kiss and turning her head, Violette smirked at him. “Don’t get too excited, big man; we have a long day and night to go, and if you can’t keep up with us, we’ll have to find some new friends.” she told him as she saw his cock throbbing in Tika’s hand now, once again ready to go!


As anticipated, this lit a fire in both men, giving them their second wind. Enjoying herself immensely, Violette was looking forward to the rest of this day.



Hours later, the four lay in a tangled heap of arms and legs. Violette was covered head to toe is a mix of cum and female juices. The bed was even worse off; she’d definitely be getting a cleaning bill.


Not that it mattered; everything was just going to her family company’s expense account.


Violette had no intention of resting long though; she could already feel Tika stirring underneath her as well. She grinned; she would likely never see Tika again, but she was glad she had met her today. The things she could do with her tongue…


Smiling at her as she extricated herself from underneath the dark haired man, Tika moved up to kiss her again, it was a gentle, yet still passionate kiss that made Violette’s head swim in a warm fog, making her wish the moment could drag on forever…


“Mmmmmmmh…” Tika cooed when she broke away, “So, you’re going to the University very soon for orientation?” she asked.


Violette nodded, her head still swimming a bit from that last kiss.


“Tell Sara that Tika sends her best, and tell the Sun Princess that I give you my personal seal of approval.” she said with a grin.


With that, Tika got up and left, casually walking out of the hotel room naked and still covered head to toe in cum and other fluids, she only stopped by the door for an instant to give a cute little wave to Violette before leaving.

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Propably everything what I said from the last artwork with Hitomi could be said here as well. But between Hitomi and Galactica here I have to say that the later is much more to my liking. Especially with those cute blush marks and here very colorful hair. The background is much more detailed with the evening/morning sun making the ocean sparkle and makes for an overall better experience. Galactica also feels much more adult in this artwork than Hitomi in her’s which is no surprise since Tika IS and “older” women with more experience. It still feels a little bit too static in my opinion but still a bit better than the last one.

Having another Violette-centric story so soon is a surprise to be sure but a welcome one. Her (Violette) interactions with Tika are very well written and the way they both met with the former just sneaking in from behind if Galactica’s assets are real is funny and shows that the Beauregard-girl clearly has no shame xD. And both of them just using those boys for their own pleasure with no interest in how they are called etc. is simply divine. The sex was incredible hot but what does it for me the most is the ending where Tika leaves the room naked and bathed in cum and her last words to Violette where she tells her to greet both Sara and “the Sun Princess” showing us that she PROBABLY also once was at BSU or at least worked together with them in the past. One thing I find rather strange is the fact that in this chapter it is very intentional shown to us is, how this world deals with contraceptives/STDs while nothing like this is shown or mentioned in the previous chapters where they also had sex or in the later, if I remember correctly that is. I understand that you probably won’t mention it in the oncoming stories though since reading it everytime would slow the pace down big time and that the school staff in the first chapter probably also used the same thing that Violette had in this chapter.

While the artwork has the same drawbacks as last time you still managed to improve it a bit and the story with Violette and Galactica is just great.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

I think you will enjoy the sex pics more than the pin up pics I do lol. I liked how the boobs came out for this image. This was more of an introductory image since this is the first time I drawn Galactica, I want to establish how she looks first.

A lot of world building information is usually expressed once or twice before no longer mention it further for the sake of brevity. It’s been so long, I haven’t even thought about the contraceptive thing because of it lol

Thanks for the feedback tho man!