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Yuriko’s BSU Introduction

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)
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Yuriko Yamazaki walked back into her house from the mailbox, a wad of envelopes gripped in her hand. Closing the door behind her she flipped through the bundle, most were bills addressed to her mother, the regular junk mail, and one thick envelope addressed to her. She checked the return address and dropped the rest of the mail, her bright yellow eyes widened. The red haired girl moved into the living room as she tore open the envelope. She half expected it to be a letter of rejection. She only applied to the school because her older sister pestered her to try.


It was a few days before her highschool graduation ceremony when her older sister Shikijo paid her a surprise visit, the first visit in years, as she was leaving the building. Surprise meaning she snuck up on her and grabbed her ass out of nowhere!


“So,” she began, “Any plans for after graduation?”


“No, not that it’s any of your business.” Yuriko replied, turning to walk away and give her the cold shoulder.


“Hey! How can you be so rude to your Onee-sama?!” she pouted as she chased after her younger sibling and grabbed her shoulder. She turned her around so fast that her two sizes too small top came untied, making her big tits spill out, “You can’t be so flippant about your future!” Shikijo yelled, getting up in her face again so that their tits mashed together, “Tell you what, I know a school that will be perfect for you.”


“Oh yeah, lemme guess, some dumb stuck-up place that’s worth leaving my family and friends for??” she shot back.


“Ouch, that’s low, Uri-chan. And no…” Shikijo began talking, but Yuriko was spacing out as her sister droned on and on, she caught mentions of something about Youtube and graduates being big names in some industry, but she didn’t care.


Annoyed, but wanting her sister to stop bothering her, she sighed and said, “Fine!! Fine!! I’ll apply if it gets you off my back! what is this school?!”


Yuriko applied that afternoon to a place called B.S.U. She didn’t even know what the initials stood for, but she still hadn’t expected much to come of it as she dumped the contents into her hand. It was a small tablet a little larger than a smartphone, it was metallic pink, wide with plain black glass with a logo in the center. When Yuriko looked closer, it became obvious the logo was an artistically drawn vagina.


“O…kay, getting interesting…” she muttered to herself.


The device turned on when she tapped the screen twice. The main screen had several icons on it, but one was larger than the rest and tagged ‘Play First’. She double tapped the icon and watched as a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair appeared on screen. She was dressed in a casual white and silver business outfit. She couldn’t have been more than sixteen, seventeen at most, what was she doing there?


“Hello Yuriko Yamazaki, my name is Taiyohime, Headmistress of Busteez Slut University!” she said, as if answering her unasked question.


“I’m very happy to tell you that your enrollment application has been accepted. I had the A.V. Department make this video to spare you the bore of our brochures. A girl with exam scores like yours deserves a more ‘personal’ touch. The brochures just don’t give you a real FEEL for our University. My colleague will give you a brief tour of our campus and some details of the available courses and campus life.”


Yuriko sat down on the couch in front of the TV and watched as the screen shifted, showing another blonde with some of the biggest tits she’d ever seen! They were easily as big as her head, if not bigger. She had bright blue eyes and sexy gold painted lips. She blushed when she saw the woman was dressed only in a pair of lacey thong panties, a matching bra that was straining to hold in her tits, and lace topped stockings that ended in a pair of clear platform shoes.


“Hello Yuriko, my name is Ms. Sara Reed, one of the sex-ed professors here at BSU. I’m also Head of Admissions and it is my job to seek individuals such as yourself that possess a well of untapped potential. As such I’m looking forward to meeting you very much.” she said to the camera as it zoomed in on her face and tits. “As you know, BSU is one of the top schools in the world, specializing in training our students to pursue careers in the Adult Entertainment Industry. We are second only to our sister school: Busteez Bimbo Academy in Japan.”


The camera zoomed out again as Sara began walking along a paved path through the campus lawn, her huge tits bounced erotically with her every step. Yuriko wondered how that bra was holding them; just what was it made of?! A few students walked past Sara, waving to her. Yuriko chewed her lower lips at their uniforms; if they could be called that. A cross between an actual school uniform and something you’d see a street whore wearing!


Sara looked back at the camera as it followed her, “As you know, sex is one of the most important commodities in business. It is used advertise products, to solidify long lasting relationships and to connect with others.” she said as they stopped at what looked like an outdoor orgy. Several girls wearing the school’s uniform, or in varied stages of taking it off, were engaged in sex acts of all kinds with a number of handsome young men. “But… It is also good for the mind, body and spirit. Sex promotes good health, relieves stress and of course, its very fun.” She said with a cute wink and puckered lip to the camera.


Yuriko’s heart was pounding and her face was red. She felt her hand moving between her thighs, rubbing her pussy through the fabric of her panties as she watched one girl take one of the biggest dicks she’d ever seen straight up her ass! The girl was a blonde, but then a lot of the girls she’d seen in the video were, she wondered how many were natural though. This girl also had a full arm sleeve tattoo on her left arm, and huge tits that bounced up and down wildly.


“As you can see, we allow our students to hold class outside on nice days like today.” Sara said as she walked into the middle of the orgy, inspecting the girls, even repositioning a few of them to move better.


The camera panned around the group, stopping for a few moments with each couple or trio of students. Yuriko slipped her panties off and dug her fingers into her pussy as she watched as one girl with short brown hair was taken from both ends by two boys. Her throat bulged repeatedly as the one fucking her mouth went balls deep with every thrust. Meanwhile her sexy ass rippled gently with each impact of the man taking her from behind!


Sara smiled as she knelt down by this girl, reaching under her to fondle one tit with her left hand, while the right spanked her ass, “Move your hips more Leda, you have to make him feel good too, use that twisting motion you learned in first year.”


MMMMPH!! MMMPH!! MMMPH!! yesh Missh Reed, MMMMMMHHHHHHH!!!!!” Leda gagged around the cock in her mouth, moaning in pleasure as she began rolling her hips back against the one boy’s thrusting cock. He groaned in pleasure as he gripped her hips and began pounding into her even harder.


Sara licked her gold painted lips as she watched, moving one hand to fondle her own breast as she surveyed the orgy again. Yuriko moaned, her fingers moving faster now, her pussy making lewd wet noises as they dipped back and forth.


As Sara moved through the group, the camera zoomed in on one woman down on her hands and knees, licking and kissing one young man’s HUGE dick. It was easily twice as thick as her arm and might have been just as long! Yuriko blinked when she recognized the naked woman with him as Taiyohime, the lady from the beginning of the video. She almost didn’t recognize her, mainly because the girl was naked, but also because her tits were nearly three times as big as they were a moment ago.


“Headmistress, taking part in Group Sex Class again?” Sara asked as she walked over.


Still dipping her fingers in and out of herself, Yuriko watched as Taiyohime slowly licked the young man’s huge dick from the base to the tip. Yuriko couldn’t see his face very well, but she caught sight of brown hair and a few days’ worth of stubble on his chin as Sara knelt down next to the other blonde.


Yuriko moaned softly as she watched Sara reach out and grab Taiyohime’s huge tits, kneading it in her hand as the blonde continued kissing and licking the young man’s dick, leaving red lipstick marks all over his cock. “I see you finally gave in and tried out that gel from the Science Division.” Sara said as she tugged on Taiyohime’s nipple.


The other blonde lifted her mouth off the man’s cock and moaned at the other woman’s touch, “Ahhhaaann, y… yessss… It works so good, but…” Taiyohime said before moving to press her lips to Sara’s, her tongue forcing its way into her mouth. Yuriko licked her lips again, watching as the two women dueled tongues for a long while. Sara reaching behind herself to unhook her bra which fell away instantly, revealing her heavy tits to the open air.


“It’s making me soooo hornyyyyy…” Taiyohime moaned after finally breaking away.


Sara giggled and looked back at the camera as she reached out to grab the man’s cock in one hand as Taiyohime began licking his balls. “We have a science division here that specializes in research and development. One of its members devised a gel that specializes in female body enhancement,” she said as she leaned in close and began kissing her way up the man’s cock, her lips leaving gold kiss marks along his huge length. “As you can see from the Headmistresses tits, we’ve had some encouraging results… Ahhhmmmmph…” Sara said as she moved to take the top several inches of dick into her mouth, her throat visibly swelling as his length moved downward.


Yuriko watched as Sara and Taiyohime took turns sucking, licking, and kissing the man’s huge dick. The redhead moaned when she saw the two women stop and kiss each other whenever they traded places. At some point, Sara had ditched her panties, though Yuriko couldn’t recall when. But it hardly mattered as she watched Sara move to mount that gigantic cock. It was obvious she was putting on a show for the camera, positioning herself in a reverse cowgirl with her legs spread wide so Yuriko got a clear look at her pussy as the man’s dick spread her cunt wide!


AAHHHHAAAAANNNN SO BIIIIIIIGGGG!!!!!” Sara moaned, bucking herself up and down as he man thrusted up into her, making her big tits bounce and jiggle wildly until Taiyohime leaned in and grabbed them. Yuriko moaned again, watching the lewd display with three fingers buried in her own pussy as she imagined herself speared on that huge dick! She could see Sara’s belly stretching slightly around the massive length as Taiyohime moved to kiss and suck on one tit while she fondled the other.


“Yessss… Yes, YES! YEEESSS!! FUCK MEEEEEE!!! FUCK MY TIGHT LITTLE PUSSSSSYYY!!!!!!!” Sara screamed, her tongue hanging from her lips.


Taiyohime lifted her mouth from Sara’s nipple and looked at the camera, “Hello again Yuriko,” she said as she licked Sara’s nipple slowly, “We look forward to seeing you very soon…as you can see…” she said before moving to kiss Sara again, sucking on her tongue roughly as she straddled the other blondes thigh and began humping herself against it.


MMMMMH!!! all the facultyyyy… MMMMH!!! love getting VERY hands on with the students.” Sara continued Taiyohime’s sentence as she panted and moaned as she bounced up and down on the man’s cock. “It makes for a much better learning environment…” Taiyohime added as she grabbed both of Sara’s tits, pressing them together and sucking both her nipples at once, making the other blonde moan even louder as her legs shuddered in orgasm. Taiyohime moved to one side again and began sucking on one nipple as she fondled the other tit. “Make sure to get a good shot of this.” she told the camera operator. The image zoomed in again, letting Yuriko watch as the man pushed his cock in as deep as the position would allow. The redhead watched as his dick throbbed inside Sara, she then moaned in her own orgasm as she saw his cum leaking out from inside her pussy!


Whoever was behind the camera said something to Taiyohime that Yuriko couldn’t hear. The younger looking blonde nodded and looked at the camera again, “The device you’re holding will be your student notebook here. If you look through the icons, you’ll find files with the final forms you’ll need to fill out as well as a list of classes, map of the campus, and other relevant information. Please submit the required paperworks before the deadline to finalize your enrollment, and we look forward to your arrival!”


The screen went back to the main page almost instantly. Yuriko sat on the couch panting for a long while as she recovered from her own orgasmic release. Not quite the tour she’d been expecting, but informative nonetheless. As told, the other icons did lead to forms, maps, and lists. She wasn’t entirely sure what to do, especially with college. Perhaps… it was fortuitous that her sister came to see her after so many years when she did because the final year of her high school left her unsure of what to do with the rest of her life.


Getting up from the couch, Yuriko went up to her room to start packing before beginning the long and tedious process of filling out all of the enrollment forms. A smile crept up on her face, she was actually looking forward to her first day at BSU.

(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

I have decided to re-read and review the whole “Tales of Busteez Slut University” series so far since I have stopped reading it quite a while ago and now seems to be a good time doing so. Hope you like it.

Seeing Sara having the fucking of her day while her boss grabs and sucks on her big and beautiful breasts is an incredible sexy image. Compared with the two different colored lipstick marks on the mans cock make for one hell of an artwork. The accesoires Taiyohime wears are very sexy in their own right. If there is one thing that could have been made to improve the artwork than it has to be the cum version since in my eyes there is not enough for these two gorgeaus ladies.

The world in this series is really something else. Since I haven’t watched/read anything from your ROL stuff I have no idea who the individual characters are but seeing them in this setting/world is amazing. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a world where there are schools for learning how to have sex/become a pornstar and fuck all these hot girls? Yuriko’s introduction to the series and to the BSU is really well done while also explaining her relationship to her sister which will become important later down the line. And having her masturbating furiously to the introduction video where the amazing sex scene takes place is quite unique and arousing. One thing I find really funny is the fact that Yuriko thinks Taiyohime’s breasts look nearly three times as large during the sex scene as they did during the first time she saw her earlier in the video and the fact that her breasts in the artwork look almost “normal” sized which makes me wonder how big they are at the beginning xd. Another interesting thing is the early introduction to the Science Division and their products and what they are capable of doing to the body they are used on. One thing that stands out compared to later chapters is definitely the size since this chapter is almost tiny in comparison to later ones which isn’t that big of a deal since it’s only the beginning.

So in conclusion a really sexy artwork compared with the start for one amazing series.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

ohhhh myyyyy gooooood. I bow to you my friend. Bleach: Road of Legends was an OC project Strider and I had going on many years ago where we made OCs for Bleach. But since we didn’t want the characters to go to waste, we repurposed them for our new OC series Welcome to BSU. I’m happy you enjoyed the introduction and ya, the chapters do get a lil longer lol but I hope that doesn’t impede you continuing to read what we got. I really appreciate your kind words. 🌞🌞🌞

3 years ago

Qued9 buenardo el cap estare felixmente leyendo esta historia

3 years ago
Reply to  HentaiNeko