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A Violette Affair: The Oncumming Storm

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)
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Sitting in her office, Sara Reed sighed and switched off the playback for another applicant for this year’s first semester. The girl was pretty enough, and that along with her actual test scores was why Sara sent out an approval notice. Her sexual techniques and overall prowess shown in her video application was at best average, nothing spectacular. However, that was something that the University excelled at improving. With the exception of that Yamazaki girl a couple weeks ago, no one was really standing out to her. The blonde sat up in her chair again and rested her hand on the mouse, moving the cursor on the screen to highlight the next application.


Violette Beauregard.


Sara’s blue eyes blinked twice as she checked the name again. Violette, Professor Scarlette Beauregard’s daughter if she remembered correctly. Why was she applying? If she wanted to attend the University, all she needed to do was ask, her mother held enough sway that she could easily get her passed all the red tape with a wave of her well-manicured hand. She can do that after all; Scarlette was the one that created BimboGel™ – the cream used by women in the adult world to enhance their proportions for a limited period of time. The miracle gel made the Beauregards unbelievably wealthy and brought an enormous amount of prestige and acclaim to the university.


So why was Violette applying? Curious, Sara clicked the file and brought up her info. Her grades were above average, and perfect scores on her S.A.T.’s to boot. Not surprising, her mother wasn’t the type to accept anything below perfect grades from her own child.


Sara glanced at the basic profile information, smirking when she came over her basic information:


Violette Beauregard
Age: 18
Birthday: July 25th
Nationality: French-Japanese
Hobbies: Baking, Fashion, Flute
Academic Achievements: Student Body President
Intended Major: Biology/Genetics
Intended Minor: Oral Studies


“102cm, nice, I wonder if that’s natural?” Sara mused to herself as the moved the screen down to the attached video. The thumbnail image displayed Violette herself sitting naked in an outdoor setting. Sara clicked play and watched as the image came to life. Violette was indeed outside, a small mountain in the background as well as a lake.


The heiress of the BimboGel™ empire sat nonchalantly on a wooden bench and smiled at the camera. “Greetings esteemed representatives of Busteez Slut University, my name is Violette Beauregard. You may or may not know who I am, but after this video I’m certain you’ll accept my application.” she said to the viewer.


Not short on confidence this one.‘ Sara thought.


“Just in case you were wondering from my measurements, yes, these are totally real.” Violette said, grabbing her heavy looking tits and giving them a squeeze as her fingers pinched the nipples. “But I’m sure that’s not what you really wanted to see.” she said and snapped her fingers.


From out of the camera’s view, two young men walked onto the screen. Both were naked and already sporting some impressive erections. Sara licked her lips at the sight of the man to Violette’s right, so long and thick, she was getting wet just watching as Violette reached out to grab both men by their balls. The two-tone haired girl smiled as she opened her mouth wide and took the man on her right nearly halfway down her throat in one single motion! Her throat swelled with his length as she let out a lewd moan around his cock. That was no small feat! That dick had to be at least fourteen inches long, and she’s only just out of high school?! Sara watched with interest as Violette pressed her lips around the young man’s cock, leaving a perfect purple ring with her lipstick. She then bobbed her head back and forth, her lips making all kinds of naughty slurping noises as her drool began dripping off his length and onto her fat cow tits.


MMMMMMHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” Violette gasped as she pulled herself free and turned her attention to the other boy. Long ropes of saliva connected her lips to the young man’s cock until they broke upon contact with her huge tits.


Sara made a face, the other man wasn’t circumcised, that wasn’t exactly a deal breaker for her, but it wasn’t her favorite kind of dick. Still she watched as Violette deepthroated the other with ease, taking his entire length between her lips like it was nothing! Both men continued to groan as Violette alternated between the two of them, licking and kissing their cocks and balls all over. Before long both men were covered in purple kiss marks. Like a seasoned expert, she would stroke one man with her hand while she deepthroated the other.


MMMMMPHH!!! MMMMMPH!!!! MMMMMMPH!!!!” Violette moaned and gagged, lifting her head free and gasping with a look of raw desire on her face. Sara couldn’t be sure if she was faking the facial expression, or if she was just truly that horny as she stood up and both men sandwiched her body between them. Truly impressive since she prided herself on being able to tell when a girl was faking it. The more well-endowed man lifted her left leg high as he slipped his cock into her pussy slowly. The camera shifted slightly as someone unseen lifted it from its mounting and moved in closer, allowing Sara to watch as the second man’s dick was slowly shoved up Violette’s enormous ass.


MMMMMMMMHHH!!! FUUUUUCK!!!! YOU’RE BOTH SO THIIIICK…” Violette moaned as she was lifted off her feet and bounced between the two men. The image of her ass and pussy both being pistoned filled the screen as Sara licked her lips. For someone her age able to do a full DP with no prep work, most impressive indeed. There were second year students even now who still couldn’t do that! Most of them required foreplay and lube to handle such an act.


The two young men quickly found a rhythm of thrusting in as the other withdrew, making Violette moan even louder over the SMACK SMACK SMACK of flesh against flesh. Sara chewed her lower lip lightly, getting wetter by the second as she watched. She eventually snaked a hand between her thighs, rubbing at her clit through her now soaked panties.


On the screen, she let out long low moans as her pussy gushed several times. The camera moved to show her face, her eyes rolling back in their sockets as her tongue lolled from her lips, a trickle of drool dripping down her chin.




Now THAT was a full ahegao, Sara knew a fake one when she saw it, and this most certainly was not!


Pulling the crotch of her panties aside, Sara dug three fingers inside herself, moaning as she watched the camera zoom out, showing Violette as she was pounded by both men. She bounced between the two for several minutes, the camera moving from her face, to tits, and back to a close-up on the two cocks pounding her holes, and back to her head again.


OHHH FUUUUCK!!! SO GOOD!!! PLUGGING MY HOLES!!!!! AHHHHAAAAAH!!!!” Violette moaned. Sara moaned with her, her hand dipping back and forth faster now as she watched.


The dark haired girl panted as her face suddenly returned to normal after a few moments and she rocked her hips once. Both men then groaned as they came inside her at the same time, their cum surging out around their cocks.


“Wait, what, did she just…?” Sara stammered, pulling her hand out of herself and pausing the video. She replayed the last few seconds several times, unable to believe what she’d just seen. She’d heard about this trick from Taiyohime once before, a technique that a woman can use to make any man cum on command. No, it had to just be a coincidence, right…? Nevertheless, the video ended with Violette extricating herself from the two and giving a bow to the camera.


Sara scrambled to find her phone, speed dialing Taiyohime.


“Tai-chan, can you come to my office?!? there’s something you need to see RIGHT NOW!!!” she told her in a rush. Needless to say, Sara approved the girl’s entry.



(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Those two men are just the luckiest SOBs in the world aren’t they? I mean, who wouldn’t want to serve such a beautiful and sexy young lady and give her the dick she wants? Violette might have one of my favorite character designs in this series period. Her blue hair with those few purlple streaks in it combined with her divine body makes for a girl I would gladyl serve xd. But to be real, everything about this artwork is incredibly well drawn. I’m especially fond off the cock to her right still covered in her saliva with a single thread connecting it to her mouth as she switches to the other guy and how her lipstick marks are smeared on his dick in the make-up version. The concentrated look on her face as she almost shows no arrousal whatsoever just pure determination is something we rarely get to see and I highly appreciate that.

Compact is the perfect word to descripe this chapter. Nothing overely long and not one word wasted (even if that means that the action in it was rather short). And hat a show of power from her sucking two guys off, later on just getting pounded by both of them and then just finishing them off with just a swift motion from her hips. The early introduction to the Beauregard family and their deeds for the adult industry are a nice addition to the story and makes me hope that we get to see more from them. The fact that Sara is unshure if Violettes breasts are natural or if her reactions early on during the sex scene are real just shows with what kind of girl we have to deal here. Can’t wait to read more from her.

Maybe a little too short but still a pleasant and enjoyable read with one hell of an artwork.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Something which I have forgotten to mention which DEFINITELY should not be ignored is the brilliant chapter title. I mean: “A Violette Affair: the Oncumming Storm”? This is just pure gold and probably the best chapter title of all the stories so far. It just surprises me every time again which puns or funny word plays you came up with for each story. Not to mention that the title is also quite the hint off what’s to expect from Violette in the future chapters.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

I am very curious what you think of the longer chapters and looking forward to your review of them. I am very grateful you are going over my OC series. I am super grateful whenever someone takes the time to go over my OC material because its more personal to me than say, for example my Naruto or MHA series.