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Xavier’s Interview

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)
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WHERE IS IT!!!!?” A teenaged boy shouted while rummaging through several brown moving-boxes spread out across his bedroom. The teen was panicked and frustrated because he needed to find the appropriate clothing for a very important appointment at 3pm. It was already 1:45 and he wasn’t even ready yet.


XAVIER!!! IT’S ALMOST TIME TO GO!!!” yelled a female voice from downstairs.


I KNOW MOM! I’M TRYING TO FIND MY SUIT FOR THE INTERVIEW!!!” the boy yelled back in a panic while completely emptying a box onto the floor. Suddenly Xavier’s search to find his clothes was interrupted by pounding on his bedroom door.


“Hold on! Just give me a…” suggested the teenager while putting on a white tank top undershirt. The door opened at that moment despite the warning given to wait.


The person on the other side of the door invited herself into the room anyway.


Xavier glanced over his shoulder to see his mother carrying 2 shopping bags from the Pleasureview Shopping Mall.


The woman was tall and shapely with wide hips, a small waist and a perfectly curved rear end. The tight fitting navy blue Capri style acid jeans she had on left very little to the imagination. Up top she boasted a pair of huge breasts which were barely contained by her golden yellow tube top.


The woman was an immaculate beauty, whose youthful looks often caused others to mistake her for Xavier’s sister. Her skin was a caramel brown tone which was complimented by her sandy blonde hair. She wore it in a short spiked style, about shoulder length with the front portion parted to her left side. There was a single large spike in the front that draped halfway down her face. The woman’s eyes were an alluring jade hue, a trait she passed on to Xavier.


The auburn haired young man glared at his mother with a look of disapproval. “MOMMMM!!! Must you always dress like that!?” Xavier questioned.


“What’s wrong with this?” the woman asked rhetorically. “You should be proud that you have such a sexy fox for a mother!”


“It’s embarrassing to be in public with you when you’re walking around half naked!” declared the teen while putting on deodorant.


“Would you rather I be a 400 pound woman like those women on one of those reality shows?” chuckled the blonde haired woman while navigating around the boxes and debris that littered the floor.


“I’m just sayin… I don’t like it when people stare and make nasty comments and cat calls.” admitted the boy as he grabbed a pair of socks from one of the boxes. “That’s why I busted Ricky’s head a few months ago.” stated Xavier forcefully while putting on his socks.


AWWW how sweet of you!” exclaimed the woman as she approached.


“My lil Javi defended my honor!” said the woman while putting her arm around Xavier and lightly tugging on his cheek.


“Cut it out.” insisted the young prospect while pulling away from the woman. “And PLEASE don’t call me that. I am not a little kid anymore!”


“I’m your mother I can call you whatever I want!” stated the mother with a playful laugh.


“I picked these up for you yesterday. It’s too damn hot out there to be wearing a 3-piece suit in August.” said the woman while laying the shopping bags on her son’s bed.


The teen walked over to his bed and opened the bag to discover some clothes she had bought for him. “WHOA!! THIS IS DOPE!!!” exclaimed the green eyed youth while holding up a shirt. It was a Polo-brand dark blue plaid pattern long sleeve shirt with light blue and white stripes on it. Along with it came a pair of loose fitting Khaki pants.


“Thanks mom!”


The conversation between mother and son was interrupted by a beeping sound that came from downstairs. “THE BACON!!!” panicked the blonde haired woman on her way out of the room.


“I appreciate it!” yelled the teen as his mother darted down the stairs. There was no need for Xavier to iron his outfit before putting them on because they had already been pressed earlier by his mother. The spike haired youth quickly got dressed and made his way downstairs, for breakfast was the meal of champions and he wanted to eat before getting on the road.


Xavier walked into the kitchen to find all of his favorites, bacon, scrambled eggs, blueberry French toast along with some grapes and a big glass of orange juice. The young man grabbed his fork and immediately went to work, demolishing the plate of food in front of him. Xavier rapidly shoveled the food into his mouth without pausing to take a breath. After devouring eggs, bacon and French toast he turned his attention to the grapes, stripping them off the stem in a single hand motion eating them all at once. Lastly, Xavier attacked the orange juice, turning the glass upside down and tilting his head back while guzzling it down.


AHHH!!!” sounded the aspiring student before slamming the glass down on the table.


VAMOS!!!” ordered the blonde woman to Xavier in Spanish which was her native language. “You’re gonna be late if you don’t hurry up Javi!” she spoke.


“Can you at least give me time to wash my hands?!” asked the teenager rhetorically. After washing and drying off his hands he glanced over to his mother to ask a question. “Mom can I take the car?”


“But I was gonna take you! I wanted to see the university campus anyway. I won’t do anything to embarrass you!” remarked the mother.


“You said the same thing at my high school graduation a couple of months back! —” retorted the young man before recalling what happened in his mind…



“Xavier Alexander Williams.” announced the school principal. As Xavier walked up to the podium to grab his diploma a loud voice rang out along with several individual hand claps.




The woman then left her seat, sprinting towards the front row with a camera in her hand. She had removed her high heel shoes so she could run up to take pictures.” After making it to the front row, the woman snapped several photographs. While making her way back to her seat the woman yelled out “MAMA LOVES YOU JAVI!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!“—-



“I couldn’t help it!” giggled the sandy blonde woman.


C’MON….Please let me drive!?” begged the young man.


His eyes widened, nearly tripling in size while he clasped his hands together. His pouting expression looked like the puppy dogs seen on children’s cartoons. “PLEEEEAAAASSSSE!!!!??” pleaded the son.


“Go ahead you can take it,” replied the woman with a reluctant grin. “Here!” stated the mother as she tossed him the car keys. “Thanks mom!” replied the auburn haired teen while catching the car keys.


The woman walked up to her son and hugged him. Her squeeze was so tight that she nearly suffocated him.


“Umm, ughh, noooo…” uttered the teen, his words muffled because his face was pressed into his mom’s enormous tits. Xavier struggled to free himself from her grasp, flailing his arms while trying to step back.


After a couple of seconds the woman released her grip.


“You almost killed me!!?” Griped the auburn haired young man.


“You’ll be alright!” chuckled the woman as she kissed him on the forehead.


“Good luck! Go out there and kill that interview!” exclaimed the woman while offering a fist bump.


“I’ll do my best!” responded the teen as he completed the fist bump.


“And one more thing… You better not crash my car!” yelled to mother as the teen walked out of the house.


Moments later, Xavier was on the road…


“Open email,” commanded Xavier to his smartphone as he sat leaned back in the car’s driver seat. This brought up the email inbox on his phone’s touch screen. ‘This is my only chance…’ thought the auburn haired young man while deleting the junk messages from his mailbox. He turned on radio and nodded his head to the music while thinking back to how he had got to this position.



(One month earlier….)


Mr. Williams,

We have reviewed your application. After careful consideration we have come to a decision. We regret to inform you that you were not selected to enroll in Tumble Valley State University’s Fine Arts program. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.


“Awww… Another rejection…” muttered Xavier as he slowly slid the rejection letter off the edge of his desk and into the trash can.


“Well, I still have 16 more chances for a jackpot!” beamed the aspiring college student. He wasn’t deterred by the first letter despite the information printed on it.


“Now let’s see what’s in this one!”


Xavier eagerly opened the next envelope and began reading. “We are sorry to tell you there aren’t any more slots available in our Fine Arts program…” The boy didn’t bother to finish reading it and moved on to the next letter.


“Unfortunately we are unable to offer you a position in our program….” The green eyed kid was again met with disappointment. He continued to go through his mail albeit at a slower pace. Each subsequent letter brought with it another letdown greater than the last one. Xavier’s confidence started to wane with each rejection notice, chipping away at his resolve.


Xavier continued reading rejection after rejection until he’d opened all of them. A total of 17 Universities that specialized in the fine arts had passed on the aspiring movie producer and director. Xavier buried his head in hands still seated at his desk. The boy had toiled long and hard, giving all he had to get straight As and achieve a 4.0 GPA just to be considered for any of the 25 schools that passed on him.


“I guess I’ll see what’s available with the community colleges out here.” stammered the fine arts hopeful. Xavier had given this his best effort but for whatever reason it wasn’t enough. ‘I’ll figure something out.., but how do I break this news to mom?‘ thought the former high school student. Just as all hope was lost, he glanced over to his side and saw one more envelope left to open. It was addressed to him from another school, “BSU”.


“It’s probably just more junk.” groaned the green eyed graduate. Discouraged and emotionally exhausted from opening all of his other mail, he didn’t feel like reading anymore letters at that moment. The teen dropped the unopened letter into the trash can and sealed the bag. It was trash day and nearly time for the garbage man to make his rounds in the neighborhood.


After taking the dumpster to the front of his house, Xavier went inside to make breakfast. The scar faced kid turned on some music to help ease his mind while cooking. “ANNIE ARE YOU OK? ANNIE ARE YOU OK? ARE YOU OK ANNIE!?” Sang Xavier as he followed along with the lyrics of his favorite singer.


He nodded his head and continued to sing while whisking away at a mixing bowl of eggs. After the song ended he looked towards the front door as if he was being drawn to go outside. ‘I wonder what’s in there?’ thought the university reject as he poured the eggs into a hot skillet to cook. While the eggs were cooking Xavier opened a pack of precooked bacon and put it in the microwave. The singing teen looked at the front door a second time while putting 4 blueberry flavored waffles into the toaster.


“What if it’s not junk?” The boy spoke aloud while setting the toaster to cook.


As Xavier stirred the eggs, he heard the unmistakable sound of a garbage truck approaching. It roared loudly while cruising down the street, overpowering the teen’s music. Having looked in the direction of the front door twice he could no longer ignore his curiosity which had become overwhelming. “I GOTTA KNOW!!!” yelled the brown haired nerd as he sprinted out the front door.


As he barreled through the doorway, Xavier spied the garbage truck pulling up to his house. “HOLD UP!! HOLD UP!!” Xavier screamed while running through the front yard. The garbage man could not hear him because the sound of the truck had drowned him out. However he did look up and see the kid waving his arms in the air as he got closer to the truck.




Xavier tripped over a toy laying in the front yard which left there by the neighbor’s kids. The youth was sent flying forward which was punctuated with a face plant into the grass. After an awkward moment, he quickly rose to his feet, dusting off the dirt and pollen from the fall.


“You okay, big guy!?” asked the garbage man. He was a middle aged man with dark hair, but balding, with a husky out-of-shape build.


Xavier nodded and then grabbed his trash bag and untied it, removing the envelope before putting the bag back in the dumpster. He opened the envelope and pulled out the packet inside, immediately flipping to the page that listed the school’s programs which included Cinematography.


YES!!! YES!!” yelled the victorious youngster while repeatedly pumping his fist in the air. The garbage man couldn’t help but to smile at the boy’s antics.


THANKS HOMIE!!” exclaimed the happy teenager as he offered up a salute to the garbage man.


The garbage man chuckled while returning the salute as he lowered the dumpster he’d just emptied into the back of the truck.


Xavier then read the letter one more time to himself while going inside to fill out the paper application….



(Several weeks later…)


Dear Mr. Williams,


Thank you for applying and for your expressed interest in our University’s Fine Arts and Cinematography programs. I have reviewed your application and have come to the conclusion that you would be a great addition to the BSU student body. I cordially invite you to interview with me on August 13, 2018 at 3pm. I look forward to speaking with you. The address is listed below:


9669 Summit Drive, World City


Professor Sara Reed
BSU Head of Admissions


WOO HOO!!!!!” Xavier cheered, raising both his arms in triumph.



The young man input the address “9669 Summit Drive, World City” into his phone to pull up directions to get there.


This was the first time the auburn haired young man had the chance to drive around and see World City since moving here the week before. He moved to World City as a result of his college acceptance and his mother taking on a new job that required her to relocate. As Xavier cruised down the highway he took in the opulent sights of the city, realizing exactly why it was named “The World”. While on the highway Xavier glanced over to his right to see Sapphire Shores, the city’s stretch of land on the coastline and the largest beach in the world at 155 miles long. The shores’ ivory white sands and blue waters were reminiscent of the tropical hideaways that existed in the world’s most popular vacation destinations. This stretch of land was lined with several beaches along with numerous beach side businesses including Resort hotels, bars, sailing docks and boardwalk amusement parks. Some sections of the shores were designated as “NUDE” locations which were always marked by signs to make sure guests were aware of where they were headed.


After traversing this particular stretch of highway for 6 miles, Xavier took an exit which brought him through the downtown area of the city. The atmosphere of downtown was fun and festive, boasting multiple night clubs, some of which opened in the evening and 24/7 bars full of happy multi-color bead-wearing customers. Street performers such as dancers and musicians and magicians plied their trade at bus stops and street corners, attracting the attention and money of the tourists who crowded around them. The party culture of Downtown was an amalgamation of trends and traditions of all 4 regions of the United States such as New Orleans’ Mardi Gras and Los Angeles as well as numerous international cities known for having a good time like Tokyo.


The vibe of downtown gave the scar faced kid a familiar feeling. “This kinda reminds me of home.” Xavier remarked, comparing downtown World City to New York City, his hometown.


The young man was amazed by the restaurants he passed while driving. They were some of the most reputed in the country and had numerous times appeared on the travel and cooking shows he watched on TV. In fact, nearly every single one of these restaurants hold a 4-star Michelin rating, making them THE BEST in the entire world! The eating establishments of World City serve a variety of culinary cultural tastes anywhere from Mexican, to Chinese, to Southern Soul food cuisine. There was something downtown to satisfy every food preference.


After all, World City is the cultural and technological hub of the, well, world.


Xavier’s navigation system guided him out of Downtown, taking him into the Uptown section of World City. This area is a busy metropolis which serves as home for regional offices of many of the world’s fortune 500 companies. World City’s fashion/shopping district was located on one particular stretch of road with dozens of boutiques and factory outlet stores which lined both sides of the street. Uptown was also home to World City’s red light district. Adult entertainment businesses owned buildings that rivaled the world’s largest financial firms both in size and the traffic that circulated in and out of their doors. The hustle and bustle traffic in this area is a motorist’s worst nightmare. Hundreds of cars, taxi cabs, motorcycles, shuttle buses and bicycles jockeyed for position in Uptown’s crowded streets endlessly. In addition to vehicles clogging the road, the sidewalks boasted heavy foot traffic which poured in from the subways below.


Thanks to the route he was going Xavier managed to avoid Uptown’s congested traffic, instead going through a number of back streets. After passing through Uptown, Xavier found himself in the suburbs on the other side of the city. The voice on the navigation app he was using informed him that he had 4 miles left until he reached his destination. Exiting the Uptown district brought the young recruit into Sedgwick Falls. The rolling hills and mountains served as the backdrop for the posh, luxurious and highly exclusive playground of the wealthy elite. Doctors, lawyers, celebrities and some of the business community’s strongest power brokers reside here. Everything in Sedgwick Falls was exaggerated to the point of excess. Even the streets reflected the wealth that flowed through the district. Rather than the standard concrete, Sedgwick roads were laid using bricks made of pure marble. As Xavier made his way through the main strip of Sedgwick, he took notice of several exclusive invitation-only clothing boutiques, a luxury gym and spa facility and various plastic surgery clinics. Along with its wealth, Sedgwick falls is renowned for having some of the best and most discreet plastic surgeons in the world. The green eyed youngster couldn’t help but to stare at the buffet of breasts, legs and thighs entering and exiting the surgeon offices. On the way out Xavier passed by the Garment Greens Country Club, the largest of 3 golf courses located in Sedgwick.


The young man continued to follow the guidance of his navigation assistant which brought him to Diamondsville, a very secluded town on the outskirts of World City. This hidden area housed multiple gated Business Park like complexes. These gated and heavily guarded facilities were the homebase for some of the largest and most profitable motion picture studios in the entertainment industry. Some of the highest grossing movies of all time were made right here in these facilities.


“Diamondsville… So this is where the sausage is made!” remarked Xavier with a tone of excitement. He hopes to work here one day doing his dream job of being a director/producer.


Diamondsville is so heavily protected that the studios have their own police officers charged with protecting media which exists there. Xavier stared as he drove by, imagining himself sitting on the other side of the gate in a director’s chair. However his daydream would be cut short before it could get going.


“Turn left on Summit Drive,” instructed the female voice from the app, interrupting the boy’s train of thought.


As the young man drove down Summit Drive he saw a security check point.


“That’s gotta be it!!” thought the young man to himself. As he approached the gated checkpoint he saw a sign that said ‘BSU Student Education Complex’ at the front gate. The auburn haired teenager also took notice of a 10 foot high wall that surrounded the area. It was there to protect against intruders but also to keep outsiders from being able to see the lewd activities that take place on the BSU campus. As Xavier approached the front gate he pulled out his driver’s license so he could check in with security and gain entry to the complex.


“What up!” greeted Xavier to the Security Guard as he pulled up to the guard post at the front gate. The young dreamer handed his driver’s license to the guard who then scanned it with a gun-shaped scanner. A second security guard stepped out of the guard shack carrying a tablet in his hand. Xavier’s driver’s license photo appeared on the tablet’s screen along with his appointment information. The tablet then registered a beeping sound and its LED on/off light turned green, confirming that the young man was authorized to be on the school campus.


“Take your next left, then you keep straight until you see the skyscraper to your right.” said Security Guard #1. The young man looked to his left and saw the skyscraper. “That’s Passion Tower. Your appointment is in that building” informed Security Guard #1.


“Thanks!” replied the 18 year old.


“Have a good time” chuckled both the Security Guards.


A couple of minutes later…


“THIS IS DOPE!” exclaimed Xavier while pulling up to the parking lot of Passion Tower. He got out of the car and took a moment to admire the colossal structure in front of him. The building had to be at least 100 floors high. “This must have took a while to make!” stated the kid as he continued to stare at the tower. It had multiple sides, angles and edges as if the architects who built it did so by merging 4 square shaped buildings together.


“This is a one of kind place. Better take a pic for mom.” remarked the green eyed boy while snapping a selfie with the tower behind him.


The young man was surprised by what he saw when he walked inside. This looked nothing like an office building on the interior. The entrance to the facility looked like the lobby of a 6-star luxury hotel. To his left there was a bar, a restaurant, and a rather large dining with enough tables and chairs to hold at least 50 people. Straight ahead there was a massive upscale living room area with numerous pieces of expensive furniture and several coffee tables. There were flat screen televisions mounted on the walls of the living room area to entertain anyone who chose to go there. Crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling which lit the entire lobby area. The young man looked around, noticing that oddly enough this place looked pretty empty.


Xavier turned his head to his right, and observed one person in all of the entrance area. The man sat slouched and leaning back in his chair with his feet resting on the desk in front of him. He was tall in stature, about 6’4 and had a strong solid build. The man had swept back blonde hair which contrasted the dark 5’o clock shadow style stubble on his face. He wore standard security guard clothing, black cargo work pants and a white dress shirt. The 4 chevron style stripes on his shirt sleeves indicated that he was a high ranking security officer or a supervisor. The blonde haired man had not noticed Xavier’s presence because he was heavily engaged in solving one of the world’s biggest mysteries, the Rubik’s cube. Summer was that most uneventful time of the year for a university security officer. The days were long and often ran together. The guard played games and fiddled with objects to stave off the monotony of the minimal daily summer routine.


AY! Hey security guy!” yelled Xavier while approaching the security desk.


The blonde haired man put the Rubik’s couple down and sat upright. “How can I help ya” asked the security guard.


“I’m here for an interview at 3pm. Looking for room 8025; you know where it is?” asked the brown haired youth.


“I do but first I need to see some ID, kid” declared the head of security.


The new kid reached into his pocket to grab his wallet and handed it to the man.


“Let’s see… 8025.” mumbled the older man as he thought out loud before an epiphany. “Yeah…you have an interview with Ms. Reed. Good luck with that, man. You will need it!” He handed him back his ID after confirming things with his tablet monitor.


The young man made a mental note of what the older man was saying. “So she asks some tough questions huh?” asked the teenager.


“Uhh in a way yeah.” answered the blonde haired man. “But to answer your original question, her office is on the 80th floor. On the other side of the lounge there are some elevators that will take you there.” directed the older man.


The auburn haired young man scanned the blonde mans shirt in search of a nametag. While glancing he observed a silver nameplate with the surname “Shinoda” was engraved into it. “Thanks Mr. Shinoda” replied the teenager with a nod.


“No need to be formal. You can call me Saitou.” responded the blonde man.


Xavier nodded before walking toward the lounge. The young man slowly pressed forward and made his way through the area while doing a dry run of answering questions he thought would be asked during the interview.


Before entering the elevator in the main lobby, a woman with short spiky raven blue hair stepped out of it. She wore a black tank top and jeans, and was humming to herself while wearing some sort of VR headgear. The device covered the top half of her face, with an antenna poking out of each side, looking like a pair of horns.


Xavier did a sudden double take, eyes widened from the brief glimpse of her enormous breasts before entering the elevator cabin. He immediately refocused and looked at his phone to see how he was doing for time. He had 5 minutes left until his start time.


“This is it Xavier, this is your one chance. You can do this!!!” exclaimed the hopeful recruit while talking to a reflection of himself in the glass that made up the elevator cabin. He was attempting to psyche himself up and visualize a successful outcome to the upcoming interview.


As the elevator ascended, Xavier thought back to the words of the security guards at the gate and Saitou just minutes earlier.


The guards at the front gate told me to have a good time, but the guard at the desk said I would need luck‘ pondered the nerd.


Those guys at the gate were probably being sarcastic. Ms. Reed has gotta be some kind of a hardass. The “MS” title means she’s still single.‘ thought the teen to himself.


He began to picture in his mind an image of how he thought the professor would be…



Xavier arrives at the door of room 8025.


“Good Afternoooooon!” cackled a very deep female voice from the other side of the door. The door opened completely.


Xavier looked on in horror as the figure was completely revealed. She was over 6’6 in height and very heavy set. Her face was worn and weathered, and looked like it was tougher than boot leather. The humongous wart on the left side of her nose gave the professor an appearance more like a goblin than a human being. Her black dress was much closer to a military uniform than traditional teacher outfits.


“Have a seat!” shrieked Ms. Reed. Xavier sat down very uneasily. His posture was very stiff and upright as if he were ready to sprint out of there at any moment.


“You’re quite a handsome young man!” complimented the professor. Xavier shivered in fear at where this conversation was going.


“So, let me ask you this.. JUST HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT TO GET INTO BSU?!” asked the goblin faced woman as she kicked off her boots.


While being questioned by Professor Reed, Xavier saw lightning flashing through the window.




The lightning was followed by the deafening sound of thunder claps.


The young recruit did not respond to her question because the lump in his throat prevented him from answering.


“Well we’re gonna find out right now hun!!!” The professor smiled revealing some badly discolored teeth while unbuttoning her top


Seeing what was about to happen, Xavier jumped out of his seat and then sped out of her office, running for his life as Ms. Reed gave chase. No matter how fast Xavier ran, the goblin faced professor was running faster.




Professor Reed tackled the new recruit, mounting him and pinning his arms to the floor. She then licked her lips with anticipation.




“COME TO MAMA!!” exclaimed the goblin professor.







Thankfully Xavier’s vision of horror was interrupted by the sound of the elevator. He had reached the 80th floor.


“I’m here!” Xavier thought to himself while stepping out of the elevator. A bead of sweat ran down his face as he marched toward room 8025. Although he tried to visualize success, it was not enough to suppress the nerves that naturally come with facing high pressure situations.


“Here goes…” stated the little guy as he arrived at the door.




The door slowly opened slightly and to Xavier’s surprise Ms. Sara looked nothing like the ogre he envisioned in his day dream. His mouth dropped in response to seeing the professor. The aspiring student quickly gathered his bearings enough to speak.


“H-HELLO, my name is—-”


“Xavier Williams.” the professor interjected. “Come on in”. Sara opened the door all the way, revealing her attire. She had on a pair of tight fitting black athletic shorts along with an equally tight white tank top. Her hair was set in its usual style, a French twist bun with large bangs parted to both sides of her head. She sported freshly manicured fingernails and pedicured toes which were painted a shiny metallic black. Her make up matched the color of her nails; however she doesn’t actually need to wear it.


Xavier followed her inside while discreetly adjusting his pants. Hot moments like these were the reason he only wears baggy pants!


Sara was dressed for comfort because it was actually her day off. She was pretty far behind on reviewing applications and needed some extra days to catch up. This was the reason this interview was scheduled to take place at Passion Tower instead of her campus office. A couple of days earlier she interviewed and accepted another male recruit, giving him a full scholarship to the university.


It was clear to Xavier when he stepped into the room that this was her home rather than an office setting. Sara’s suite was massive and spacious, about equal in size to a large 4 bedroom home. The walls in the front room were adorned with award trophies, certificates, and several disc shaped platinum plaques; similar to ones awarded to musicians for record sales. The green eyed hopeful didn’t pay much attention to the accolades for he was preoccupied admiring the professor’s curves. The living room smelled of homemade ramen which indicated to Xavier that he interrupted her early dinner or late lunch. The bowl sat on the hardwood floor in her living room across from 2 full glasses of wine and an empty bottle. She hadn’t had the chance to drink the wine because Xavier arrived a few minutes early.


“Please have a seat.” insisted the sexy blonde. The new kid obliged her request, sitting down on the loveseat style couch in the living room.


“Would you like something to drink Mr. Williams?” asked the busty teacher.


“I’ll take water…” replied the hopeful recruit.


Sara turned and made her way to the kitchen, swinging her hips erotically as she walked. Her ass jiggled and wiggled like a bowl of jello with each step she took.


Xavier’s head turned slowly with her movements entrenched by Sara’s big fat ass.


Professor returned to the living room with a bottle of water for the interviewee, thus every walk with a spring in her step made her mammoth melons bounce.


Xavier remained focused on the professor’s body, his eyes transfixed on her chest as she approached. She had on a black bra which was hanging on for its dear life. She then bent over towards him putting them almost face to face while handing him the water.


“Thank you.” nodded the nervous young man.


The angel faced teacher sat next to Xavier on the loveseat, clipboard in hand.


“Let’s get started shall we?” remarked the interviewer.


“Ask away.” replied Xavier.


Attached to the clipboard was a copy of Xavier’s application. As she scanned over it she noticed one noticeable omission. There wasn’t a name listed in the block marked “Father”. The busty professor put a check mark next to the blank line and commenced with the interview.


“So. What made you choose BSU?” questioned Sara while scribbling something on her clipboard.


The auburn haired kid quickly shifted his gaze from Sara’s thighs to her face, narrowly avoiding being caught as lifted her head up from taking notes.


“To be honest, I received an application in the mail and filled it out. I’ve never heard of BSU before that.” The wannabe recruit explained.


“Go on, Mr. Williams.” Sara said with interest.


“I signed up because BSU offers a Cinematography program.” admitted the standout student. He paused before clearing his throat and speaking again.


“I tried applying to a bunch of other universities, 17 to be exact. They all declined. So attending school here is my last chance to make ‘IT'” expressed the youth.


“What do you mean by make ‘it’? What is your goal?” asked the busty instructor.


“For most of my life I’ve been interested in movies. Not just watching them! but how they are made and what goes on behind the scenes! I wanna be part of making something great, something people will pay to see that can make billions! I wanna make something that people will remember forever… My dream is to create my own movies! I WANNA BE A DIRECTOR!!” the spiky haired young man declared. His passion and fervor were apparent in his tone of voice.


The buxom blonde nodded in response to Xavier’s answer and wrote down a few notes with a star next to them. “Well said, Mr. Williams.”


“What can you bring to BSU? Why do you think you belong here.” Sara asked, inquiring further.


The new kid scratched his forehead again as he formulated an answer for the professor. However it was difficult to maintain focus on the question. Xavier could not stop staring at the angelic professor’s heavenly body.


“I’m built for it!” stated the teenager. Rather than give her a bullshit answer, Xavier decided to speak from the heart.


“It took me 18 tries to be in here in this room talking to you. This opportunity means the world to me because it’s the only one I have. Failure is not an option!” exclaimed the spiked haired youngster.


“I’ll do whatever it takes to become great. I don’t have a bunch of recommendations or cosigns but I do have this”, Xavier points to his head.


“And this!” the fiery teen pounds on the left side of his chest twice with his fist.


He’s quite the passionate lil guy.‘ thought Sara to herself.


While glancing down at her clipboard to add more notes she noticed a rather large bulge swelling up in the right leg of Xavier’s pants. “I guess you really are built for this…” remarked Sara with a mischievous smirk.


Xavier tried to adjust how he was standing to hide the bulge but the professor clearly noticed. There was a brief awkward silence as the Head of Admissions took down more notes. Once she finished the sentence she was working on she proceeded with her next question.


“How sexually active are you?” inquired the curvaceous vixen.


The boy was dumbfounded by the question and his discomfort reflected in the worried expression on his face. There was a moment of hesitation as Xavier processed the question in his mind. “Uhhh I’m kinda having a drought right now…” answered the timid teenager while scratching his head. His face had turned flush red from Sara’s sudden ambush.


“How many partners have you been with?” asked the professor.


“…O-One.” replied Xavier nervously. The green eyed student was a sexual novice, his lone experience happening with a stripper hired by friends on his 18th birthday two months ago.


“When was the last time you had–” the therapist was cut off before she could finish her question.


AY! What do these questions have to do with anything!?” asked a flustered and embarassed Xavier.


It was at that moment that Sara realized what was happening. “You don’t know what kind of a school we are do you?” asked the buxom blonde with a she devil like smile.


“Uhh.. I just thought this was a regular university?” replied the young man, oblivious to the true nature of BSU.


“BSU stands for ‘Busteez Slut University’.” informed the teacher.


“We are a University that specializes in sex!” Sara declared with enthusiasm.


SPECIALIZE IN SEX!!!?” yelled the new recruit.


“Sex plays a very important role in our daily lives. It is how we as human beings connect and express our affection for one another. It builds and stabilizes relationships in addition to keeping the human race from going extinct!” explained Sara with a smug expression.


Xavier listened intently as the professor spoke.


BUT! that’s just the most basic of functions. Sex is also one the most if not the single most valuable commodity in today’s world. It is a force drives the world economy, serving as one of its most profitable industries. Everyone wants sex in one way or another so the demand for it never decreases. And with millions of people aspiring to get into the Adult Entertainment industry there is an infinite supply of individuals to meet that demand. Sex sells! Unlike finite physical resources such as oil and fresh water, our product will never run out or become a source of conflict.”


As the professor continued to speak, it occurred to Xavier just what those platinum plaques mounted on her wall meant. Each of them represented one of Sara’s adult films that had sold over a million copies.


“It provides many avenues of employment for people and can branch out into other fields of expertise.” stated the university professor.


“The reason I asked you those personal questions is because as a student at BSU you will be working as a performer.” informed the Head of Admissions.


“Performer?” asked the spiked haired rookie.


“Yes, you will be working with our aspiring actresses to create content.” stated the professor.


“In other words you will be having sex with our female students regularly! As a male student, you will be called on at all hours of the day and night as they work hard to improve their techniques and abilities!”


The young upstart’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor and his eyes almost popped completely out of his head after hearing the professor’s statement.


BUT before you can move on to that we have to finish the last portion of this interview.” said the Head of admissions while scooting closer to Xavier.


“This is my favorite part!” chuckled Sara mischievously while gently rubbing on the growing bulge in the teen’s pants leg.


He’s a nicely hung little stud!‘ thought Sara to herself while gliding up and down his cock with her hand “We’re going to find out just what you can do with this!“ asserted the professor.


“This is really happening?!” thought the prospect to himself. Xavier was befuddled and bamboozled by the sudden turn of events. His mind raced as the Sexy teacher inched closer to him. He was excited because on one hand, he was about to spend some very quality time with the professor. But on the other hand, his lack of experience could cause him to fail miserably and lose his last option to get into the Cinematography program he wanted.


“Come on X, now is not the time to fold… You gotta do this! NO NUTS NO GLORY!!!!” declared the green eyed candidate to himself. Xavier met Sara halfway as she leaned in for a kiss.


The professor pressed her lips against his, pulling him close enough for an embrace. The angelic blonde wrapped her arms around him gently, rubbing her giant boobs against Xavier’s chest; her nipples were so hard he could feel and see their imprint through her bra.


The young rookie had never French kissed a girl before, so he did the best he could to follow Sara’s lead. She slipped her tongue into the recruit’s mouth and kissed him deeply, using her tongue to wrestle with his. The young man savored the sweet flavor of the professor’s lips and tongue, becoming more relaxed with each second the kiss went on. The rookie’s hands wandered south, fondling her hips and then taking two big handfuls of the professor’s booty meat. ‘So soft, these gotta be real!‘ he thought to himself. There was no doubt in his mind that her ass was authentic. It was a completely different feel than the stripper he groped on his 18th birthday. Xavier then made his way to the next stop on his tour of Sara Reed, sliding his hand from her rear end to her thigh. The young adult rubbed his hand up her leg, taking his journey north. He slowly slid his hand up her thigh, gliding his way up her shorts. As he moved his hand further upward, he felt some moisture on his finger tips, a clear sign that the professor was aroused.


YES!! She’s getting into it. I GOT THIS!!‘ thought the youth to himself. He inched his way up a little further and found her other set of lips. He lightly teased Sara by running the tips of his finger up and down her moist opening, causing her to soak through her panties. The professor moaned to show her approval while still maintaining the kiss. At that point it had lasted 45 seconds so Sara slowly pulled away to allow Xavier to take a breath. The string of saliva that connected their lips extended as she pulled back until finally breaking when the professor flashed a sultry smile.


WHOA!!” exclaimed the guy while taking a deep breath. He was amazed at how good it felt to lock lips with Sara. As he went in for seconds on the professor, he began to unbutton his shirt, nimbly releasing each button within a couple of seconds. The pair exchanged saliva again, more intensely than the first time. After getting his shirt off the professor broke the kiss and removed his tank top and shifted her attention to his neck. She quite literally went for the jugular, sucking on his neck as if she were the reincarnation of count Dracula.


MMMMM!!!! MMMMMM!!!!” sounded the busty bimbo as she suckled the side of his neck.


OOOHH!!” groaned the brown haired boy in response as she zeroed in on the sensitive area. Xavier’s dick throbbed even more, growing larger than it was minutes ago. Having been teased by the professor’s rubbing against him the whole time, he made his next move and started undressing her. He peeled down the straps of Sara’s tank top revealing the black bra underneath. The rookie reached around her back with both hands to unhook her bra but to his shock it wasn’t as seamless as it appeared to be in romantic movie love scenes. Xavier awkwardly fumbled over the clasps for about 15 seconds before the angel faced teacher intervened.


“Let me help you.” she spoke softly while guiding his hands with her own to unhook her bra. Xavier’s eyes widened in embarrassment at his own inability to undress a woman properly. “You’re so cute when you do that face!” giggled Sara. The blonde’s remark served its purpose which was to encourage him to keep going.


Xavier gleefully peeled the bra off of the front of Sara’s monster tits, smiling from ear to ear like a child opening his first gift on Christmas morning. “These are all natural!?” questioned Xavier. “Why don’t you see for yourself?” replied the buxom beauty.


The professor poked her chest out, offering her buffet of boobs to him to devour. Xavier wasted no time in obliging her, grabbing one breast in each hand and proceeding to lick her hardened nubs of flesh. The young man alternated between the left and the right, licking in a circular motion and lightly nibbling on them. The professor lightly cooed in approval while running her hand though his spiked hair. Xavier then gently pressed her boobs together and suckled both nipples at the same time. ‘SO SOFT!!‘ he thought to himself while massaging her nipples with his tongue. The rookie candidate followed up by playfully motor boating Sara’s flesh mounds causing her to giggle in delight.


“HAHAHAHA!!!!” chuckled the professor. Having seen enough of his foreplay skills Sara initiated the next phase of the “interview” by stroking the youngster’s still covered appendage. Xavier’s dick was near being fully erect, almost bursting the fabric of his khaki pants. “Lets get him out of there” said Sara with a smirk. The green eyed teenager stood up in front of the still seated teacher and unbuckled his belt. After unsnapping the front of the boy’s pants, Sara shimmied his pants and underwear down to his ankles, fully exposing his fully erect pole. Her eyes widened in shock to see that Xavier’s dick was much much bigger than she originally thought.


GOD DAMN… YOU’RE HUGE!!” remarked the professor with a stunned expression as she stroked Xavier’s penis. Xavier’s dick was both long and thick, so much so that the professor couldn’t get a full grip around it. Such a cock was a rarity to see even to Sara, a seasoned and decorated star of the industry. She took a moment to process what it was she was holding. The professor inspected Xavier’s cock in awe, lifting it up and moving it from side to side to further examine it as if it were a new species of beast.


“You’re packing A LOT more than what I first thought!” expressed the still wide eyed teacher, who is in complete disbelief.


Xavier’s eyes widened upon seeing Sara’s reaction to his pipe. ‘She’s surprised!?‘ thought the boy to himself. He was shocked to see her expression, for he was nervous that he wouldn’t measure up at the start of the interview.


“Hold on.” ordered the professor as she grabbed her cell phone off of the floor. Sara then proceeded to suck the young man’s massive dick, snapping a selfie with her lips around its head to send to Headmistress Taiyohime.


The auburn haired upstart grinned with pride as Sara bobbed her head back and forth on his dong, putting his hands on his hips as if he were a superhero.


The professor handled Xavier’s beast of a dick with tender loving care, using her plump sized lips to shield him from her teeth. Sara’s mouth produced a lot of saliva which worked to her advantage. The saliva made Xavier’s pole easier to take with much of the excess dripping to the floor. She held his balls in hand, softly rolling them around on her palm and finger tips like Chinese meditation balls.


Xavier groaned and grunted lightly which prompted the professor to suck faster and harder to get even more of a response from him. The rookie teen’s face twisted, contorted, and shifted through several exaggerated facial expressions ranging from gritting his teeth and straining not to cum early, to laughter, to closing his eyes and letting his mouth hang open.


The master teacher briefly stopped sucking and planted several kisses up and down Xavier’s shaft, marking it with her midnight black lipstick. She then pointed his cock upward and licked the underside of his shaft, lubricating it for what she was about to do next. The big booty blonde also licked the sides of the recruit’s dick in preparation for her next move. “MMMMMMPH!!! UGHHH!!!!! UUHHH!!!” sounded the professor as she gradually gulped down the boy’s cock. Xavier’s dick slowly disappeared until the whole thing was deep down the teacher’s throat. She tilted her head back to take it all in not gagging one bit. The boy’s pipe slid up and down Sara’s throat as she bobbed her head, its imprint clearly visible from the large bulge of her neck.


The professor sucked and slobbered on the new stud’s cock vigorously for several minutes. The longer she worked the boy’s dick the sloppier the blowjob became. Sara’s mouth watered as she pleasured the 18 year old, her excess saliva ran down her chin and dripped down her tits. Xavier clenched his teeth and closed his eyes as he felt a sudden surge coming on. The teen pulled away from Sara to avoid blowing his load early. She couldn’t help but laugh at the boy’s gesture “Almost gotcha” giggled Sara.


“Now its time to stuff my pussy!” demanded Sara after removing the boy’s enormous dick from her mouth.


The warm up had come to its conclusion and it was now time for the main event. Sara rose from her seat and grabbed the young bull by his dick and led him to the end of the couch. She bent over the arm of the couch playing with herself while inviting the rookie stud to get inside of her.


This is it, this is the moment of truth!‘ Xavier thought to himself. The teen looked at the round mounds and the dripping pink opening, viewing it as a daunting task that he must complete. It was as if he was a rock climber and Sara was his own personal Mt. Everest. The challenge stood bent over before him looking over her shoulder with hungry eyes, eagerly awaiting his next action. The green eyed recruit stepped forward, grabbing a handful of the professor’s ass, prepared to go in. The young man plunged into her hungry hole with reckless abandon, powerfully thrusting his meat into her mass and pounding away like a battering ram knocking down a door.


AHHHH!” Sara let out a moan of ecstasy, urging Xavier to give her more. As he picked up the pace, the sound of flesh smacking together echoed through her suite. The young man’s deep thrusts shook the professor’s insides, stimulating her juices to trickle down her legs.


AHHHH!!!! UMMPH!!!! AIIII YAIYAIIII!!! KEEP GOING BABY!!!” howled the horny professor as she held on the arm rest of the couch. Sara slowly pumped her hips back and forth on her student’s pole, caressing it with her vagina’s lips and inner walls. Taking the opposite approach to Xavier, she slowly grinded and winded on the student’s dick causing him to gradually slow his pace until he stood completely still, watching his dick go in and out of her while she was moving about. The young man had to slow down or else this evaluation would have ended early.


“Almost gotcha again!” smirked the blonde angel to Xavier as she stood back up.


With Xavier’s dick still inside of her, the professor stood up straight and pointed upward with 1 finger to signal the next position she wanted to do next. The teenager, still standing behind the professor, scooped his hands underneath Sara’s thighs. He then hoisted her up in the air and held her as he resumed fucking her. This was quite a feat of strength considering how small he was compared to the professor. Because of his short stature, he had to stand on his toes to get the full momentum and extension on his thrusts. The young student pushed his pelvis upward, giving Sara deep long stabs, his entire length going in and out of her. Each pump bounced her body upward, her juices running down her partner’s dong before dripping to the floor.


OOOH…..OOOOH….OOOH!” The sound of Sara’s screams skipped because she was being lifted up repeatedly by Xavier’s thrusts. The professor turned her head to the side and kissed the young man deeply.


Xavier’s rapid fire pace faded until he slowed down to a normal speed.


“This pussy is too much for you ain’t it!?” chuckled Sara. “HAHA!


Xavier gently let her down in order to give his cock another break to recover from the mighty Sara’s vaginal goodness. “I hope you’re not done already!” teased the sex goddess as she grabbed his dong. Sara then led him to the center of the living room.


“Now let’s really have some fun!” exclaimed the busty blonde professor while lightly shoving him to the ground where there was a purple and white blanket along with pillows waiting for him. Unknown to Xavier, Sara had an unbeatable top game. She failed numerous so-called studs that were unable to withstand her cowgirl!


“Brace yourself Mr. Williams!”


Sara stood over him, slowly lowering herself onto Xavier’s length. She purred slightly as she sat down on the head of the student’s dong. She sat on it slow; taking him into her inch by inch at a time until it completely disappeared inside of her. The sound of Xavier’s groans grew more audible than before as she bounced up and down on his cock.


SO SOFT, SO WARM.. MS.REED!” shouted the green eyed teen.


Sara bounced high and fast, nearly coming off of her partner’s dick before dropping back down with a splash.


Xavier reached up with both hands, grabbing a hold of the professor’s melons. The teen rubbed, kneaded and squeezed Sara’s tits and even slapped them together.


The professor rotated her hips in a circular pattern, her tight pussy hugging the teenager’s pole. She worked Xavier’s dick to the left, right, front, and back like it was the gear shift to a high powered sports car. And like a sports car, Xavier shifted gears and started vigorously thrusting upward into the professor’s slippery pussy.


MMMMMM!!!!!!!AHHHHHH!!!!!! OOOOHHH YEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!” howled Sara as her warm juices ran down Xavier’s cock and onto his stomach.


I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME WITH ALL YOU GOT!!” demanded the blonde nympho. She rolled over on her back. Xavier turned with her which positioned him in between her thighs. The green eyed young man hooked her underneath the leg with his elbow and pulled her in closer, hoisting her leg up over his shoulder. He wore a smug grin on his face as he pushed his way inside of Sara, holding his dick in his hand to guide it into her pussy. It was a snug fit which was aided by the fluid that dripped out from the professor’s orifice.




The young man pushed in and out of the professor with steady yet powerful strokes, creating a loud smacking of flesh with each thrust. It was indeed an amazing feat that Sara could take every inch Xavier had. Sara moaned with each pump of his hips, her outbursts growing louder each time the youth slid his cock into her.




Xavier pushed forward, building up more momentum as he continued to ram her. Sara rested her head on the pillow and put her hands behind her head as she watched the young bull drill her.




Sara’s moans turned into screams of pure pleasure which excited the young man even more. He continued to thrust forth with all of his might, kissing the teacher’s womb repeatedly and making her toes curl.


Sara wrapped her arms around him and squeezed tightly while looking into her partner’s green eyes. Xavier kissed her passionately and the professor welcomed his tongue into her mouth. The angelic teacher wrapped her legs around the boy’s waist and crossed her feet while clamping down on the teenager’s dick. After about 30 more strokes, Xavier felt a strong surge coming on. He was at his limit. He couldn’t escape because she had locked her legs around him.




Sara was also at her limits, climaxing as she let out an ear piercing scream.


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I’M CUMMMMINNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!” howled the naughty professor. Her orgasmic outburst put Xavier over top, stopping his attempt to withhold the powerful surge flowing through his cock.


YEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!” yelled the Xavier triumphantly.


Xavier exploded inside of Sara, filling up her womb with his seed. He collapsed on top of her, exhausted yet elated about what he’d just accomplished. The new recruit then lowered his head, resting it on Sara’ soft breasts while taking several deep breaths.


“Interview complete.” cooed the professor while gently massaging the back of his head.


Xavier rolled over on his back and looked up at the ceiling fan above him. The cool breeze from the fan was a relief to the. Assuming he knew the result of the interview, Xavier let out a sigh of relief.


Sara rose to her feet, Xavier’s semen running out of her and down her thighs. She grabbed a towel from the kitchen to wipe it away and also grabbed a sports drink.


“Now it’s time for the evaluation…” remarked Sara while tossing him the drink.


YES! YEEEEEEES!!!!! I DID IT!’ thought the young man to himself.


The still nude professor picked up her clipboard off the floor and sat next to Xavier on the couch.


The green eyed prospect sat with an uncontrollable grin absolutely certain he passed with flying colors. He took a sip of the drink as Sara began to speak.


“Mr. Williams,” said the professor. “I’m going to have to fail you for the practical portion of the interview.”


Xavier immediately did a spit take, spitting out his drink into the air, shocked about the failing grade he received.


“But how!? you were—-” started the spike haired student.


“Well, one of the courses we teach at BSU is acting. You see, sometimes we have to ‘compensate’ for the performance, or should I say lack of performance, by our male counterparts. It’s a necessity for producing quality content.” informed the Sex-Ed teacher.


Xavier knew exactly what she meant by the word compensate but he felt he needed to ask anyway just to make sure. “So this whole time you were faking?” inquired the boy.


“Yes.” answered Sara rather matter-of-factually. The formerly hopeful recruit slouched in his seat in silence, defeated. His skin and hair turned a pale white like a ghost. The boy’s eyes became empty as if Sara had taken his soul from him.


“You’re very green and it really shows given how you fucked me.” stated the professor again matter-of-factually.


The youth’s color had returned but he was still stunned by the outcome of the evaluation so far.


“You lack technique and you have very poor control and form. The only tool you have in your tool box is a hammer which isn’t always needed.” critiqued the professor while taking down notes on the clipboard.


“I… see…” Xavier resented the evaluation but he had to accept the criticism because it was the undisputed truth.


“Your performance today shows that you’re not BSU scholarship material… so unfortunately, I will be denying your application.” stated the professor plainly.


Xavier’s heart sunk into his chest at the realization that he wouldn’t get a chance at entering the Cinematography program he worked toward for the last four years.


I guess.. my dream is over.‘ Xavier thought to himself as he got up from his seat to retrieve his clothes.


WAIT!” ordered the professor. Xavier stopped in his tracks with pants and underwear in hand, turning to face Sara.


“Normally this would be the part in the interview I would deny your admission as well. However, I feel you have potential.”


WHAT?” questioned the student reject.


“Orientation begins two weeks from now. I expect to see you there. You are now an official student.”


Xavier’s eyes widened in shock at this newest development. “THANK YOU!!” uttered the youth.


“You can thank me by proving my belief in you is correct”


I’LL DO MY BEST!” yelled the green eyed dreamer.


DON’T GET DRESSED YET!” exclaimed the buxom professor. “Let me see your phone.” she commanded.


Xavier pulled his phone out of his pocket and handed it to her. “What are you doing?”


The professor swiped through his phone apps until she found the camera.


“Say Cheese!” shouted the professor.




The professor snapped a photo of the still nude recruit.


“What are you doing???” Xavier asked a second time.


“I needed a profile picture for you.” replied the teacher.


“Huh? Profile picture for what?” Inquired the newly accepted student.


“I’m creating a Linkum account for you.” answered Sara.


“What’s Linkum?” asked the new recruit.


“It’s a social media application designed to facilitate meeting new people. It was designed by one of our newest standout students in the Research and Development department”


Could that have been that girl I saw exiting the elevator earlier???‘ he thought to himself.


“This will let millions of young ladies worldwide know you exist.” declared Sara as she walked toward him.


“I expect you to train and improve your technique! With this profile, you won’t have trouble finding new girls to practice with.” smirked the professor while gently stroking Xavier’s penis.


“With this elephant trunk you have, they will come find you.” remarked the teacher with a raised brow.


“This app will help you develop all the tools you will need to be successful in your career at BSU.” informed Sara.


“You’re free to go.” said the professor while handing him his cell phone. Xavier put his phone back in his pocket and proceeded to get dressed.


“See you in two weeks and good luck with the practice.” wished the professor to BSU’s newest student.


“See ya later and thank you so much Ms. Reed!” replied Xavier while walking out of the door.


“Oh, Xavier? One more thing.”


The young man turned around before exiting. “Yes?”


“Welcome to the BSU”

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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3 years ago

I’m really curious to know what she looks like getting fucked in that black bra. Maybe she can tease someone without taking off much of her clothes