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Linkum Hookup Dissatisfaction

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)
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I suppose it could have been way worse than what just happened back there…” sighed the recent recruit while strolling out of the elevator. Although he was relieved to finally have gotten into a University.


Xavier sauntered out of the exit doors, taking notice of several vehicles in the parking lot that weren’t there when he first arrived on campus. The boy stood there and observed as several young women around his age unloaded bags from trunks of cars and said their goodbyes to loved ones. More traffic converged on the once empty lot including 2 greyhound buses, 3 Airport shuttles, 4 taxi cabs and 8 private vehicles from Voyager, the world wide personal transport service based in World City.


Xavier drew an assortment of different responses from the hundreds of girls who passed by him to enter Passion Tower. These ranged from glares of disgust to laughter, to lustful stares into his jade green eyes. The shy teenager gave a slow and nervous wave to acknowledge the girls who waved or blew kisses his way.


“Why is everyone is staring at me?” wondered Xavier as passersby continued to stare and point.


At that moment he realized he still had Sara’s lipstick imprints on his face and neck! This was probably the reason for all of the reactions he received.


Xavier quickly wiped the marks off of his face and neck while looking for his car. It had gotten lost in the shuffle as a result of the sudden influx of traffic in the parking lot. After searching for about 10 minutes, he found his vehicle by triggering its alarm.


On his way home, Xavier called his mom to tell her about the results of the interview. The phone rang several times, but no answer. After the 6th ring he got her voicemail. “Mei here, well not here at the moment. You know what to do after the beep!” The new student hung up the phone and turned on the music. As the music played he sang along with the lyrics.


♪♪ JUST BEAT IT! (Beat it) BEAT IT! (Beat it) ♪♪




♪♪ JUST BEAT IT (Beat it) ♪♪


Xavier nodded his head during the following guitar solo. He continued to listen to Michael Jackson songs for the entire car ride back to his house.




After about 20 minutes, Xavier arrived back at his home. The young man got out of his mother’s car and walked inside the house to find that she wasn’t home. While going into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water he noticed a folded up piece of white paper lying on the table. Xavier opened it to discover it was a note from his mom.



“Ay my little Javi,


I got called to attend a last minute business trip. I’ll be gone for the next 5 days. I left $1000 in an envelope underneath your mattress for food and entertainment. There’s also a credit card for EMERGENCIES ONLY!!!! Get out of the house and check out the city while I’m gone. Go have some fun and DON’T GET INTO ANY FIGHTS!!!!



Love, MOM”



Xavier lowered his head in disappointment after reading the note. He had planned to take her on a surprise dinner that night at one of the best restaurants in the city to show his appreciation for always having his back during his struggle to get into a university, and for always being there for him. He had saved money from his former job delivering pizza for months just for this occasion. Everything had been meticulously planned including a new designer dress, earrings, necklace, bracelets and heels he hid in the basement for her.


The youth marched to the living room intent on making this a fun evening. He sat down on the couch and turned on the TV and his Playstation 4 console.


WHO WANTS THESE HANDS!?” exclaimed the green eyed teen.


A menu for Dragonball Z Fighters appeared on the screen. Xavier then went to online mode to play against some easy competition.


(5 Hours later……)


After demolishing his way through a long line of online challengers and devouring 2 whole large meat pizzas, an order of buffalo wings, and a couple of 2 liter bottles of root beer, Xavier was still unsatisfied.


“I’ll try one more time!” remarked the spiked haired young man. He sat at his desk and turned on his desk top computer and pulled up skype to call his mom again.


After 7 rings he assumed she wasn’t going to pick up and he started to walk away from his desk.


HELLO???” answered Mei.


Xavier turned his chair back around to face the screen. Mei’s face appeared on screen. She had a towel wrapped around her head suggesting she had just finished showering.


“Ay mom.” said Xavier.


“How did your interview go, Javi?” inquired Mei.


“Well, I didn’t get the scholarship….but I did get accepted into the school…just barely.” sighed the auburn haired youth.


“Congratulations Javi! We should celebrate when I get back!”


Xavier looked around noticing that Mei appeared to be in a rose-colored hotel room which wouldn’t be out of place. However there was a bottle of champagne and a used cigar sitting in an ashtray on the light dresser behind her. This was odd to him because his mother was a lifelong non-smoker who was disgusted by cigarettes.


“Yeah we can definitely celebrate…” replied the suspicious son. “So what’s the deal with this trip? They usually give you more notice when you have to go out of town.” inquired Xavier.


“There’s a major change going on with the executives in the organization. The new CEO wanted to meet everyone and didn’t want to wait until next week!” answered the mother.


“So when does school start?” asked Mei.


“The Orientation is in 2 weeks.” answered the teenager.


Another woman stepped into view from off-screen, her voluptuous figure wrapped in a towel. This gorgeous Asian woman’s pearl skin glistened, the light reflecting off of the drops of water that ran down her body. The woman’s raven colored hair was long and flowing, extending past her thighs. The woman looked into the camera with her silver colored eyes focusing her attention on the green eyed young man.


“Hi X!” exclaimed the 20 something year old woman.


“Ay Miss Tia!” yelled Xavier in an excited tone. The young man smiled from ear to ear, waving at her energetically. Tia’s presence immediately shifted the boy’s mood in a positive direction.


Tia was an employee and a highly trusted friend of Mei. Xavier knew her well because when he was younger she often served as his babysitter.


“It’s been so long since I’ve seen you. How you been?!”


“Just been doing applications. I finally got into a university so things are good for now.” remarked the teen.


Xavier then shifted his attention back to his mother.


“So how do we pay for this?” he asked.


“That’s something for me to worry about Javi. I want you to focus on being the best you can be. College is a once in a lifetime experience. I want you to have fun.” said Mei with a smile.


“You can’t do either if all your time is spent worrying about paying the bills.” Tia added.


OK! I got it!” Xavier acknowledged with a nod.


Both Mei and Tia turned their heads to look at something (or someone) that was out of Xavier’s view. She then turned her head back to face her son.


“Well it’s time for us to say goodnight. Tomorrow is gonna be a busy day for us!” informed Mei.


“Goodnight mom, Goodnight Ms. Tia. Love y’all.” replied Xavier as he waved back at them.


“Love you too!” as they waved back.


The call was then disconnected. ‘That was weird…‘ thought Xavier to himself.


While cleaning up the empty pizza boxes and 2 liter bottles gave some thought to Sara’s words to him at the conclusion of the interview.


However, I feel you have potential.


That thought played over and over in his mind like a song that was set on repeat.


“Potential?… What did she mean… Why?” pondered the young man while taking out the trash.


YAWWWWNNNN!!!!” let out the young man with his arms raised.


It had been a long tiring day, especially since he had a sexual encounter with Sara Reed and lived to tell about it. She had drained him of all his energy which needed to be recovered before he could do anything in World City.


“Time to pass out.” yawned Xavier as he approached the stairs.





(10:30 AM, The Next Morning.)



After a dreamless night of sleep the auburn haired youth was woken by the repeated vibrating of his phone which sat atop the night stand adjacent to the head of his bed. It had been sounding all night which Xavier tried to ignore. With daylight firmly established and the sun shining brightly through curtains that hung from his bedroom windows there was no chance of him getting even 20 minutes more of sleep.


Xavier sat up in his bed, shooting an annoyed gaze at the curtains that had failed to block out the sun. His dick was hanging out of the leg of his pants, something that caused him discomfort when he slept due to the tossing and turning while sleeping.


YAWWWNN!” bellowed the teenager while getting out of the bed.


(1 hour later…)


Xavier sat in his living room eating a large bowl of blueberry oatmeal while enjoying Season 3 of Boku no Hero Academia on television. The anime enthusiast talked along with the dialogue on the show as a critical scene played out.


“Goodbye All for one!…..UNITED STATES OF SMASH!!!!!” roared X in unison with the hero on TV while throwing a punch in the air.


As the episode came to an end his phone vibrated again. The young man hadn’t checked his phone yet. He picked up the phone and pulled up the home screen to discover that Linkum, the app Sara installed, was lit up with notifications.


HOLY SHIT!! 475 friend requests and 726 messages!?” questioned Xavier to himself with greatly enlarged eyes and a low-hanging jaw expression.


In less than 24 hours his account went from no activity to fire hot. The young man browsed through his friend requests while looking at each female suitor’s picture and accepting. All of them were beautiful and sexy with nice pictures but many were in other states or countries.


“I have to narrow this down!” stated Linkum newbie.


Luckily the app had an option to sort friend requests and messages by geographic location. Once he changed the settings his notifications were listed from closest to furthest with the closest ones appearing at the top of the list. Xavier clicked on the request at the very top which had been sent 8 hours ago.


[V Goddess has sent you a friend request.]


Underneath that notification message there was a close up of a dripping wet pussy. It was large in size and had a single small patch of purple hair just above the start of the opening. He immediately clicked accept and opened up her page. There were more pictures of V Goddess including a close up of her face. Xavier clicked on the thumbnail to pull up the image.


WHAT THE FUCK!? That’s Violette Beauregard!” shouted the excited youth.


After going back to her main page he saw there was a gold seal with a check mark in the center that said “VERIFIED” underneath. It was indeed the real Violette that had contacted him. Xavier knew who she was from television. V Goddess was actually Violette Beauregard, a World City socialite and heiress to the Beauregard family. She was known for appearing at some of the world’s most exclusive and prestigious social events in major cities around the world, including Xavier’s hometown New York City. This included awards shows, dinners, weddings, movie premiers, and fashion events reserved for the top of the world’s elite. Violette never met a camera that she didn’t like. She has a massive social media presence and often has pictures taken of her to feed fans and followers on Twitter and Instagram.


The Beauregard’s were one of the wealthiest families on the planet. They are the owners of Beauregard Industries, one of the most storied manufacturing businesses in American history. Beauregard industries produced countless chemical products including glass cleaners, bathroom cleaners, shampoo, soap/body wash, laundry detergent and bleach. Additionally they also produced lotions, cosmetic products, and acne removal creams and solutions.


Most recently, the Beauregards have branched out into creating products for the adult entertainment industry and have become renowned for BimboGel™.


“I may have hit the hook up jack pot!” remarked the social media novice.


“If I manage to have a good night and WOW her this will get me some street cred at school!” he commented with excitement.


Suddenly a chat window opened up on the screen. Violette opened up a chat with him.


V Goddess: Meet me at 11 tonight at Bigg Cupps Casino.


Xavier took a minute to ponder a response.


“Try to say something normal.” he thought nervously.


xXxDragon: I’ll be there!

V Goddess: My driver will be there at 10:30 to pick you up. BE READY OR MISS OUT!!!

[V Goddess has closed the session]


The chat window closed before Xavier could respond to her last message.


(10:15 PM, later that evening.)


The weather for the evening was dark and overcast.


Having showered and gotten Xavier put the final touches of his look.


“These will work” grinned the eager youth as he pulled out a box of limited edition, never worn Air Jordan sneakers out of the closet. After putting on his shoes he sprayed on a dab of Supernova, the current trendy cologne of today’s youth on his way down the stairs. He sat on the couch, anxiously waiting for the next 10 minutes to pass. At 10:28 he stepped outside.


At 10:29 PM, a black stretched Bentley pulled up to the Williams residence. A balding, bearded older gentleman dressed in black stepped out and opened the rear passenger door.


“Good evening sir.” greeted the old man.


“Good evening Mr—-” replied Xavier.


“My name is Charles. Nice to meet you.” interjected the driver.


Xavier nodded to acknowledge Charles as he stepped into the back seat of the vehicle. The interior of the car was spacious and comfortable with several compartments that stored goodies for passenger use. Underneath his seat there was a mini refrigerator loaded with beer, water, and champagne. The seats themselves were capable of reclining completely to allow the passenger to lie down. Its windows were tinted to the point of being completely blacked out. This was typically against the law to do but the Beauregard family had authorization to do so given their elite social status and a need for privacy while traveling.


“So how are you Mr. Williams?” asked the driver.


“I’m ok. So you did a background check on me huh? No way you would let a total stranger meet her without vetting them.” stated the young visitor.


“You are correct Mr. Williams.” replied the driver.


“You’re more than just a driver aren’t you” inquired the auburn haired young man.


“Yes, I’m also Miss Beauregard’s butler and personal chef!” responded Charles.


“That’s not what I meant.” replied the teen.


This kid is pretty keen…‘ thought Charles to himself.


“You’ve probably been in the army or something, right?! You’re like Alfred Pennyworth from Batman huh?!” quipped the green eyed youth with his eyebrow raised.


…Maybe not so keen after all.‘ a comical sweat drop ran down the side of the driver’s head as he thought to himself.


Charles quietly chuckled to himself without giving Xavier a response. However, Xavier’s Batman comparison wasn’t far off from the truth. Charles spent 20 years serving as a ranger in the US Army before finding work post retirement with the Beauregard family. Along with being her driver and butler, Charles was also her personal bodyguard and the head of security for the family’s World City estate.


Xavier glanced out of the window at the beaches of Sapphire Shores as they passed them on the highway. This was his second time being on this highway but this time he was traveling south. The destination for the evening was Pueblo Diablo (Devil’s Town). Pueblo Diablo was the gambling district of World City. This area was loaded with a variety of themed Hotel and Casino resort establishments akin to Las Vegas. Pueblo Diablo was a hotbed for vacationing tourists who all came there with the dream of hitting it big by wagering on lady luck! Because gambling and sports go hand in hand, Pueblo Diablo is home of World City’s professional sports teams. There are 3 massive arenas here, one for each of the 3 pro teams that represent World City.


Xavier was amazed at the sight of the casinos on “The Strip”. Each of the casinos resembled a unique structure such as pyramids and European castles. Charles slowed down as they approached a casino that looked like a giant old western city. This was the Bigg Cupps Casino Hotel and Resort. The main building resembled an old western saloon and was marked with a gigantic sign of a naked cow woman holding two bags of money. This elaborate sign was completely made of lights which flashed multiple colors. This was a town in itself rather than a singular casino. Both sides of the streets were lined with old west style buildings, each of them labeled with signs such as “Bank” “City Hall”, “Sheriff”, “Market”, “Tavern” and “Clinic”.


Charles pulled around to the backside of the building and entered an underground parking area that was marked with multiple signs that said “V.I.P”. Charles pulled into the reserved parking space closest to the entry doors.


“We have arrived!” remarked the old man before getting out and opening the door for Xavier.


Xavier followed Charles into this special entrance which was actually an elevator. This entrance was typically used by high profile guests who wanted to avoid other patrons asking for autographs and selfies.


As the lift ascended, there was an awkward silence between Xavier and the driver. Charles had served Violette since she was a newborn and was like an uncle to her.


“This feels really weird…” Xavier thought to himself.


The elevator stopped on the 12th floor.


“We are here.” remarked Charles.


Xavier followed Charles through the hallway until he stopped at large set of double doors.


“You’re on your own now,” commented Charles while swiping the key card to unlock the door. He slowly pushed the doors open as Charles disappeared down the hallway.


“Don’t be shy!” called a female voice.


Xavier opened the doors fully revealing a huge suite. Violette was across the room sitting on a large golden throne which was on a platform that was two feet high. She was completely nude, so thankfully, there were no bra clasps to struggle with. Xavier did not want to embarrass himself again like he did during his interview with Sara Reed.


Xavier gazed at her in amazement.


Behold! Violette was a sight to see. The internet screen name V Goddess was indeed an accurate descriptor. Xavier slowly raised his head upward, gradually taking in the thicc greatness that was Violette Beauregard. Her creamy colored skin was softer than velvet. As he scanned further up, he took notice of her hips and thighs which were wide and welcoming. Violette’s breasts were mammary perfection, huge while still maintaining their natural slope. Violette’s face was very exotic and mysterious. Her almond shaped, dark red eyes were something Xavier had never seen before. Her long purple and pink streaked hair was cut into a hime-style haircut with cropped side bangs that were squared off on the ends. This added to the mystique even more as it made it seem as if she was an anime girl come to life.


This is straight out of a movie!!‘ thought Xavier to himself.


He then closed his eyes and faded into his own mind once again.



When Xavier opened his eyes, the scenery changed to what appeared to be a feudal Japan era throne room. His clothes are now replaced by samurai armor and a sword on his belt.


“Xavier-kun, mightiest warrior of the 7 realms and leader of the Band of the Dragon; cum to me” summoned the voice of the naked female figure sitting atop the throne.


Xavier approached the light that shined from the throne bringing him closer to Viojin, goddess of fertility and good fortune.


“You have suffered great hardships in your quest to defeat the Demon-King and save the world. I will grant you whatever your heart desires!” spoke the goddess.


The words spoken did not match the lip movements of the characters, giving the scene the feeling of being an American dub of an Asian movie.


“Thank you, Lady Viojin.” replied the green eyed samurai.


“But first we must consummate, I must have your seed, I’m going to bear your child.” The naked goddess approached the warrior.


“Very well, my fortune is looking great!” smirked the warrior while stripping off his armor and clothing.


“Stay with me…forever!” cooed Viojin into the warrior’s ear


Man and goddess lustfully embraced while moving in closer for a kiss… Until…



SUDDENLY a voice interrupted Xavier’s dream!


AHEM!” sounded the real Violette.


Xavier snapped out of his daydream too late. When Violette interrupted him, his eyes were closed with lips puckered to make a kiss face.


“What are you doing?” asked Violette.


“Uhh.. Uhhh…” stuttered the teen while trying to figure out an acceptable answer.


“Are you a catfish?! Someone pretending to be someone else?!” questioned the buxom socialite.


Violette has dealt with catfishes before and she believed he was one due to his awkward behavior and his height.


“Catfish!? What do you mean? Are you saying the guy in the profile picture isn’t me?!” asked Xavier, feeling defensive.


HA! So I’m supposed to believe this monster cock belongs to you?!” asked Violette with a laugh. She then pulled up his profile and showed it to him.


WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?” yelled the surprised teen. Xavier looked at the screen in shock and began blushing in embarrassment, for he thought Sara took a normal profile picture for his Linkum profile.


S-She took a picture of my junk?! I thought she took a picture of my face for the profile!‘ thought Xavier to himself.


“Y-Yeah, t-that’s me” After a moment to process the situation, Xavier replied with a nervous gulp.


PROVE IT! take off your pants and let me see it!” demanded the heiress.


Xavier tried to mask his nerves by talking with a false sense of confidence.


“Here it is…” declared Xavier while hesitantly unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. He slowly reached into his underwear to pull it out all while blushing heavily. Given his sexual inexperience, Xavier was still very shy about unsheathing his sword in front of women.


Once Violette witnessed his fully unleashed johnson, her eyes nearly popped out and an “!” appeared above her head. Her eyes were as wide as possible as she stared long and hard in shock and complete disbelief.


HOLY-FUCKING-SHIT!!!! YOUR DICK IS ENORMOUS!!! That was only HALF of it in the profile picture!?” exclaimed the purple haired beauty.


“I’ve never seen a dick so FAT!!! Get over here NOW!” demanded Violette.


Violette got up off of her throne and walked toward him. Though Xavier appeared ready on the outside his nerves were firing like cannons inside.


“Let’s get started!” exclaimed an excited Violette.


The red eyed temptress grabbed Xavier by his dick and pulled him toward the bed and pushed him onto the mattress.


“Take it off!” exclaimed the heiress while crawling toward him on her hands and knees.


Xavier stood up so he could get his pants off. But first he grabbed his phone out of his pocket.




Violette jerked Xavier’s pants and underwear down to his ankles, allowing him to step out of them. She tossed his pants away while he removed his shirt. Once he was completely undressed Violette grabbed a hold of his cock and teased it with her tongue, licking the head and rolling her tongue in a circular pattern causing him to become fully erect.


“Ooh!” smirked the green eyed youth.


Violette took several long strokes with her tongue on the underside of his dick and followed up by opening her mouth wide and taking the huge cock into her mouth. The streaky haired diva started fingering herself while slurping up Xavier’s mega dick.




The socialite’s lips glided up and down Xavier’s dick, leaving spit rings around it along with drops of drool hanging from his shaft. Xavier lightly groaned in approval of Violette’s dick sucking skills.


Violette went further as she bobbed back and forth taking in more cock then she had when she first started. The auburn haired young man gently ran his hand through her hair. The V Goddess increased her pace and bobbed back and forth with the speed and aggression of a woodpecker. Violette enjoyed having her throat stretched and compacted with each near-deepthroat of his dick.


As much as she tried, he was far too big for her to handle in a single deepthroat. Even if she slowly forced herself inch-by-inch.


Xavier quickly signed onto his Linkum app and began recording Violette as she sucked his dick.


“Hell of a first date ain’t it!?” remarked the teen to his phone, his confidence rising.


Violette stopped sucking to speak. “Now it’s your turn!” ordered the exotic princess. Violette did a “V” gesture with her hand in front of face. She then stuck her tongue out in between the space in her fingers to signal to Xavier what she wanted from him. The heiress then lay down on her back and gestured with her finger for Xavier to “come here.”


I don’t know how to do this!‘ gulped Xavier to himself while kneeling down in front of Violette. She opened her legs to welcome the scar faced young man to her pussy. It was moist and dripping with her juices, ready.


Here goes nothing!‘ thought the teen to himself.


Xavier leaned his head in and began eating away at Violette’s love slit. Given that he had never practiced the art of cunnilingus before, he had no idea of what to do. He munched away as if he were at a buffet, giving no consideration to where or how he was licking away at her.


Ugh…I can tell he’s never done this before…‘ thought Violette to herself.


He briefly glanced up at Violette’s face and noticed she had no reaction to what he was doing. She was instead staring out of the window at the moon. Her blank stare would only break after hearing her phone sound to inform her of a text message. She picked up her phone and promptly responded. Xavier knew he had to do something.


Crap!!! This is bad!!! I’m losing her!‘ thought the boy to himself.


In a panic, he started licking and nibbling more aggressively in an attempt to keep her from losing interest. In his carelessness, Xavier accidentally nicked her with his teeth, causing the princess to grimace slightly in pain.


OKAY, let’s try something else!!!” suggested the V Goddess while sitting up.


“I want you to do me from the back!!!” ordered the heiress while turning around.


The rookie recruit sensed something was wrong but it was too late to abort the mission. Xavier inched his way over to Violette’s rear end, tensing up as he got closer to her. She reached around and grabbed the new guy’s dick, manually inserting it into her wet pussy.


As he started his thrust, Violette barked orders at him.


“A little bit more to the left!!!” stated the top recruit. Xavier motioned his body to her bidding.


“Faster and to the right!” commanded the socialite.


After a few minutes of fucking, Violette rolled her eyes in boredom as Xavier pumped away, unaware that his efforts weren’t doing anything for her.


Xavier increased the speed of his stroke and he himself got some enjoyment out of it. Because he couldn’t see her facial expression, he didn’t notice she wasn’t having fun. The young man got lost in his own pleasure, not paying any attention to the obvious red flag, the lack of moans or screaming from his partner.


Violette stopped giving him directions because she was preoccupied with sending out messages on her phone. After putting her phone down she felt she needed to salvage the disappointing evening somehow.


Maybe this will help.‘ she thought to herself.


Violette turned to face Xavier and pushed him on his back, taking him by surprise. She then climbed on top of him lowering herself onto his cock. She bounced on top of him fast and hard, making a loud smacking sound with her every movement. Xavier closed his eyes and was in his own world as she bounced and gyrated on his dick.


Violette on the other hand let out a sigh of disappointment while still bouncing. Her expression was one of frustration. Given the revelation of his monster cock, she was expecting to have a wild evening of bestial fucking.


I guess this is a loss! What a waste!‘ the princess thought to herself.


Violette’s tits bounced and shook as she worked the young man’s cock. She quickened her pace because her objective had changed. She failed to get any satisfaction from this session so it was time to end it as quickly as possible. She flexed her vaginal muscles while grinding on top of him. Immediately, Xavier felt that familiar surge on its way once.


AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! YEEEEAAAAH!!!” howled the 18 year old rookie.


Violette got off of Xavier to check her phone again. Meanwhile he laid back and put his hands behind his head. Xavier took a moment to bask in the post-sex afterglow, having a satisfied look on his face. He looked forward to cuddling with Violette and chatting with her, to get to know her. He had so many questions pertaining to her life as a social elite.


After getting off the phone, Violette shot a hard stare toward Xavier and raised her brow.


“You know where the door is right?” asked Violette matter-of-factly.


“Oh! uhh…” he stammered with a surprised expression.


I guess this is my queue to leave…‘ he realized to himself.


“Yeah….” answered the green eyed teen.


He knew he had failed his mission that night and what an embarrassing fail it was! He was completely unprepared and totally ill equipped for this encounter. There really wasn’t any other way for this date to end. Xavier got dressed as quickly as possible and made his way to the door. Meanwhile, Violette went to the bathroom to shower and get ready for her next date which she set up during her unsatisfying session with Xavier.


The World City newcomer’s pride was once again hurt. He hung his head in shame as he walked through the double doors to leave.


While walking down the hall he saw Charles who was talking on the phone. Xavier overheard the tail end of the conversation.


EJ, yes I will be en route shortly,” said the driver.


He then turned his attention to Xavier.


“I’m sorry, Mr. Williams but I have been tasked with some very time-sensitive business. I won’t be able to give you a ride home.” informed the butler.


“….It’s ok, I’ll manage…” replied the teen.


His head remained down, looking at the floor as he spoke in a low tone of voice. He was very hesitant with his words. These were the mannerisms of a defeated man.


Xavier bypassed the elevator, opting to use the stairs instead because he didn’t want to stand in the elevator with Charles.


Once he made his way down the stairs, he had to take the long way out by going through the heavily-populated casino floor. He pushed his way through hundreds of people. After about 5 minutes of struggling and maneuvering his way around casino patrons and employees he finally made his way out the front door.


The weather had been overcast and threatening rain all day. Xavier recalled hearing an 85% of heavy rain on the radio. It was nearly midnight and it looked like Mother Nature was going cash in on those odds.


Thunder clapped as Xavier approached the bus that was about to depart. He sprinted as fast as he could but he was unable to catch the bus before it left. Another teen aged boy sitting at the back of the bus pointed and laughed at him.


HEY! HEY! C’MON! WAIT!!!” yelled Xavier while waving his arms frantically.


HA! HA!” chuckled a boy in the bus as it pulled further away. He was pointing at Xavier mockingly.


As the bus faded into obscurity, Xavier finally gave up his pursuit and stopped running.


“So much for this hell of a first date…” groaned the unlucky youth.


“Nothing is going right today!” fumed the young man while slowly shaking his head.


He continued to walk a few more steps before having an idea.


“I guess I can call Voyager…” thought Xavier to himself.


While digging in his pockets for his phone he realized he had left his wallet and the money his mom left for him at home.


“Damn.” uttered the young man in a calm, deflated tone.


The claps of thunder soon brought drops of rain with them. What started as few lone drops multiplied over and over as he pushed forward on foot. After about 10 minutes, it has become a full blown thunderstorm. With no money and his mom out of town, Xavier was forced to brave the storm alone through the night.

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Since I somehow can’t comment under chapter 7 I will just leave my review here.

Chapter 7:
The artwork is really stunning and highlights both characters quite well. Having Sara as the girl who get’s the D once more is not surprising and in all honesty she might have one of my favorite designs of your OC girls (featured in this series so far) and having her body shape stay nearly consistent throughout the three artworks she has received so far is just nice to see. Her expression really makes it seem that she craves Xaviers dick but as we later find out she is only playing it up in front of the unexperienced man. Speaking of the man of the hour: His overall appereance is rather pleasing and increases Sara’s design even more. He looks just like his character design from ROL and since I don’t have a problem with him then I think it’s safe to assume that his design here looks also quite well. Also of note is the fact that you draw the height differences between the two really well and that alone makes his cock seem even bigger. The background looks just as one might imagine Ms. Reeds appartment to look like, although I think the brown (seat-) cushions don’t seem to fit her aesthetic, in my eyes. The highlight for me are her black painted toenails in the make up version since we don’t get to see them that often and if the position allows it I think you could use it. The cum splurting out of her pussy in the second version looks as sexy as it always does as does the cum dangling over her open mouth. For something negative I have to say that her bra looks rather stiff compared to the action happening on the matress and it is a shame that we just get to see the condom on the side and not being used.

The introduction chapter of what could be thought to be the main character is done exceedingly well and what should be also said is the fact that it is the first real and big chapter in the whole series. Starting with the mother-son interaction, I think you handled the depiction of a young man and his milf for a mother really well with him beating up the guys lusting after his mom. Alone from the description we have of what she looks like I can’t wait to see her appear in one of your later artworks (especially the Mei X Galactica one but I’m rushing ahead with that one). Speaking of characters who only appeared in the lines: we have to talk about the (re-)introduction of Saitou Shinoda who also came from ROL. I really like his personality as I do with pretty much every character so far. World City is descripted extraordinary well and I can’t wait to see the characters fuck all over the town xd. Xaviers daydreams are handled quite nicely especially his nightmare in the elevator which is honestly something many (or me at least) who had an job interview or similar can relate to. The sex scene went pretty much like nothing I have ever read in your stories so far with the man not being able to satisfy the woman and being rather underwhelming during sex. His struggles with opening a bra is also quite realistic since not everybody is an expert in all things sex at the first time and having a character like that who has to learn “how to sex” in the story is a really interesting idea. His dream of directing/producing his own movie is also something that can be achieved in BSU rather easily I think so I hope his character get’s only better over time.

Great artwork with an excellent story to go with.

Chapter 8:
The most striking thing about this artwork, aside the beautyful girl playing with herself while giving Xavier a blowjob, is without a doubt the interesting way in which you showed us her face. Looking basically inside his phone while he shares the picture of her with the, in his mind, appropriate description of her is in so many ways better than just showing it without the text or Xavier without smartphone in hand. While World City’s skyline in the background looks really beautiful in the night I think it is too boring as to what is said in the story, with them being in “Pueblo Diablo” (basically Las Vegas) I think there could have been more done with it. On that note I think that the hotel room doesn’t really convey the image of the western-theme the “Bigg Cupps Casino Hotel and Resort” was said to have. It is okay that the room and skyline looks like it does on it’s own but in combination with the story it is quite the letdown. The difference in height is shown well once more, despite the fact that Violette is on her knees and sucking Xavier off which makes the height comparison a little tricky. Her cyan lipstick marks on his body and cock are rather erotic and make for a great contrast with her dark hair. And in all honesty I am a great fan of the “duck-face” (don’t know how to call it) during the blowjob-pics. They look so strange and bizarre that it is arousing in it’s own way. To be negative once more I think that Xaviers face in this artwork looks rather feminine as compared to the previous one and that there isn’t NEARLY enough cum for such a beauty in the cum-version.

Letting the chapter beging right where the previous one ended is refreshing and the information we get about him (Michael Jackson-, gaming-, and anime-fan) is really nice even though I think you overdone it a little bit with him screaming together with All Might, but… eh. Some may like it. The two new characters (Tia and Charles) are nice additions with the first being complete new (I think) and the later coming from ROL and quit honestly has one of the best designs overall in that series so I just assume he looks in BSU as amazing as he did in your previous work. The interaction he has with Xavier is also quite interesting by showing us that X is quite keen (even if a little bit childish at times). One thing I find just surreal is the way his daydreams were handled here with the feudal japan/anime look it had about his encounter with “V Goddess”. By the way the introduction of “Linkum” is also really nice and the joke with him having his cock as his profile-pic and not his face is just brilliant. Violette’s serious attitude once she noticed that Xavier is indeed “xXxDragon” is also quite the surprise and just shows how serious she takes stuff like that i.e. his monster dick who I assume is much bigger than the one she had in Hawaii and the two from her application video in chapter two. The sex scene is quite a chore to read through with Xavier being so disappointing that she has to text for Eiji during the action which is just the ultimate RIP for X right there. And for her to dismiss him so heartless afterwards is just the ultimate shame one could have even without him having to walk the whole way home alone.

To be short, the whole experience is either hit or miss. The artwork on it’s own is flawless but in conjunktion with the setting of the story it is underwhelming. Same goes for the story with Xavier being a little bit too “flippy” (almost cringy) at times with his cheering for All Might and his “quirky” daydreams.

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Hello, I’m Strider, Bsu’s writer and owner of Xavier Sara and Mei. It’s been a couple of years since these two chapters were written but I will do my best to respond. Starting with chapter 7. I was trying to paint the picture of a down on his luck kid struggling get his foot in the door of a college so he can pursue his dream. I thought Sara was the best candidate to pair Xavier with because it put him to test, and this encounter is one that immediately reveals the standards and expectations of the university. Of course X isnt up to the task, he cant even take a girl’s bra off

Xavier’s short stature is intentional. I feel that making small highlights his underdog status and role. He lacks all skills in terms of sex because he has almost no experience. Him having the largest dick in the university is the one tool he has to work with to improve.

I was trying to invoke some feeling with how sara faked her responses. It is kinda cold for her to do that but it was necessary for her to complete the evaluation. If she laid there like a dead fish X would have ran out in shame and never came back.

On another note with Sara, Im glad you noticed the feet and the toenails on the make up version of the picture. I’m not a foot fetishist but in real life I do appreciate a woman who takes good care of her feet and toes.

Chapter 8

I understand the score you gave this chapter. I expected some people to have this reaction. This chapter was meant to show how Xavier fares with a girl his own age and also to reveal more elements to Violette’s character. His poor performance and Violette’s criticism of him establishes her as target he can focus on as he wants to redeem himself. As for the setting in the picture not matching the written descriptions I gave, I was trying to give the best type description I could to build the world. In Future pics the backgrounds/settings will sync with the writing more.

The dream sequences serve as a way to convey his thoughts and feelings to the audience withlit having him speak. He is an introvert who is scared to share his thoughts and ideas for fear of them being rejected. Also Xavier is a dreamer who has very vivid thoughts on even the most simple events in his life. His daydream about Viojin is meant to express his excitement and nerves about getting to fuck Violette.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
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Thanks for responding to my reviews even if I am a few years too late for them but since I have at the moment, due to Corona, not much to do I thought it might be fun to do something like this. Especially because I’m impressed everytime one makes his own story/characters and posts it on the internet with all the trolls/haters and guys who tell you how you should draw your own story running around. Great fan of the story so far.