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Diving in Deep

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)
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To call the gymnasium big would have been an insult. That was Eiji’s thoughts as he stood outside the building. He’d seen a few large complexes before, but this place was on a whole ‘nother level! You could host the entire summer Olympics from this one place and still not fill it to capacity! Just how much money did this school make in a year!?


With all of his paperwork finished, all that is left is for Eiji to do is attend the BSU Orientation Ceremony in just under two weeks. His interviewer, Ms. Sara Reed, had already hooked him up with a pass to make use of the majority of the University’s facilities. Pulling it from inside his gym bag, the pass itself reminded him of one from an old sci-fi movie set in the future. Kinda looked the same as well. A metal frame that housed some kind of Bluetooth tech that linked to his phone, and a card with his picture and some personal information. When scanned, the card will pull up all of the student’s relevant information: name, address, date of birth, medical information, class schedule, criminal, educational, and financial history, etc. The card also includes a currency balance that can be used to purchase whatever the student needs during their time at Busteez Slut University, much like a debit card. There was also a yellow button that when pressed connected to his Linkum account with a picture of his face as the profile image.


It had been pouring rain through most of the night, and everything was still wet, though the sun was getting higher and that would help dry out anywhere that was concrete, but anywhere grassy would still be tricky to run on. Not that he could DO any real running. His knee still ached slightly from the rain last night, but it was nothing worth complaining about. Thankfully the chick who had called him for a late night booty call was just fine with being on top.


‘Man, that girl was something else!’ he thought. He’d had a fine buffet of poon during his high school days, but those women might as well have all been shy little virgins compared to the Sara and the girl he just met through that Linkum app. Satisfying Violette Beauregard had taken all of his technique and then some! Though he still smirked at the look on her face as she laid naked in her bed as he got dressed and left.


Total satisfaction.


Not long after leaving last night, his smartphone bleeped at him, showing him an update to his account. Violette had left him a five star rating with a comment of, “Average size, but a great fucking lay!”


When he read that Eiji didn’t know if he should be insulted or proud. For the sake of his ego he chose to be proud as he walked up to the main entrance of the gym. He inserted his ID device into a slot by the entrance. He noted how these chip-reading slots have become more ubiquitous over the past decade. With the explosive advancements in technology, combined with the modern on-the-go individuals, these slots have sprung up everywhere for people to purchase things right away without waiting in line or at a cash register. After Eiji inserted his card, a red light next to the door turned green before it clicked unlocked. Pulling his card free, Eiji went inside the gym and let out a low whistle. The place seemed big on the outside, but seemed somehow bigger inside!


The sight that greeted him on entry was a fully equipped sports center. The interior had to be several acres wide; to his left was a full track with a number of people doing laps around it. A bit beyond that was a weight training area with all the latest toys. He saw a few trainers with some people as well, coaching them through their workouts.


To his right was an Olympic sized pool under a huge dome that began to slide open with a soft rumble from the motors. Bright sunlight replaced electric lighting as the blue sky became visible. With the added light, Eiji could see past the pool to a number of boxing rings, Karate Dojo’s, and even MMA training cages! He began walking towards the pool and saw a pair of girls in one of the dojos. Both were dressed in rather skimpy looking gi’s that barely contained their enormous chests and clung nicely to their shapely asses! An instructor stood between them and gave a signal before their match began. Eiji could only see so much from this distance, but both of them were actually very skilled! The girl on the right, a dark haired girl with skin so pale it was almost an albino white, moved with quick hard motions as he punched and kicked at her opponent.


The other girl meanwhile, Eiji blinked and began moving closer for a better look. Whoa! he’d never seen one in person before, but that was definitely a catgirl! The pointed ears on top of her head and the long tail coming out just above her butt were dead giveaways! The school had real live catgirls attending, amazing! The catgirl moved with the grace and agility of her namesake as she leapt over her opponent and landed behind her to land a decisive strike to the center of her back.


“She’s cute, huh?” asked a voice beside him.


Eiji jumped slightly as he turned to find a young dark haired woman standing next to him. She was about his height, with hazel eyes and long straight dark hair that reached down to the small of her back. Her skin had a very light tan on it, but what stood out most were her tits! Huge just didn’t do them justice; each one was easily twice the size of her head! And judging from the slope, they weren’t implants! Eiji wondered if maybe the girl was using that Bimbogel stuff.


“Jumpy,” she said with a smile before holding out her hand, “Hi there, names Alexandra, first time here?”


“Eiji,” he introduced himself, taking her hand and shaking it, “And yes, this place is amazing.” he said to her, trying not to look at her heavy looking jugs even as they jiggled and wobbled when they shook hands.


“Oh you haven’t seen the half of it yet! Ms. Reed’s been pushing hard for me to enroll; she even gave me this ‘All-Access’ pass so I could see everything.” Alexandra said, holding up a pass much like his own, but hers was jewel encrusted. “Though it keeps sending this message to my phone wanting me to sync it to something called ‘Linkum’, whatever that is.”


“It’s an app for people to meet eachother… but mainly for booty calls.” Eiji told her.


“Really!?” Alexandra asked with a grin, “Well, I’ll have to set that up soon then!” she told him before hugging herself against his arm, pulling his limb between those gigantic tits. “You here for the pool?” she asked as she began leading him farther inside.


“How’d you know?” Eiji replied, a little on edge now, though the feeling of her soft breasts bouncing against his arm soothed him as they moved through the building. They were so soft and warm, Eiji fought to keep his dick in check, not wanting to insult such a pretty girl.


“The way you walk, just the slightest limp, I’m guessing a sports injury, maybe basketball? And with your build I’m thinking you swim to keep in shape without doing anything to exacerbate the injury?” she asked.


Eiji nodded, “You some kind of detective?” he asked her, looking at her thick pouty pink lips and her gold colored eyes. He suddenly found himself imagining those lips around his dick, sucking his entire length down and moaning lewdly.


Alexandra laughed, “Game designer believe it or not.” she told him, “I did this sports game a ways back and researched injuries like yours to add more realism to the players. Unfortunately the game company didn’t like it, so that was six months down the toilet, but oh well.” she said as she took him over to a hallway between the pool and the martial arts centers. Along the corridor were two doors clearly marked for men and women.


A pair of beast girls exited from the women’s locker room, one was a cow girl, with long brown hair and tits so big he didn’t know how she could even stand! They bounced with her every step as she smiled at her companion, a foxgirl with orange colored hair and a long bushy tail with a frost white tip. Her pointed ear twitched this way and that as she said, “He was bragging about how his cock was enormous! So when we hooked up one night, I went down on him and pulled his pants down…” the rest of her words faded as she and her friend passed the two of them and out of earshot.


“Here you go, you can get changed in there,” Alexandra said, pointing to the men’s locker room. “I’ll meet you by the hi dive and we can do laps together!” she said as she let go of his hand and walked into the women’s room, her toned sexy ass shaking from side to side inside a pair of tight fitting jeans.


Um, when did I…?‘ Eiji thought, not remembering her asking to train with him, nor him agreeing to it. Shaking his head, Eiji shifted the weight of his gym bag on his shoulder and walked into the men’s locker room. If nothing else, he did need to thank her for showing him where to go.


The men’s locker room was bigger than Eiji’s entire apartment! Fully stocked with a sauna, hot tub, and a professional masseuse, though the big, burly blonde man standing by the table looking at a tablet in his hands was rather intimidating. Finding a free locker wasn’t hard; he needed only to look for a green LED light and an empty ID slot. Placing his student ID into the slot and pressing his thumb on the yellow circle opened the locker. Eiji changed out of his street clothes and into a tight, but still modest speedo. When he closed the locker door the LED turned red, indicating it was locked. His ID was also locked in place until he pressed his thumb against the circle again. A simple, but effective security measure.


He headed out of the locker room through an exit on its other side where he bumped into a small family.


“Camie, say excuse me to the gentleman!” chided the mother, a tall woman with ash blonde hair and a decent rack. She was dressed in a basic black bikini while her three daughters all wore blue one-piece swimsuits like out of some anime series. “We can only swim here because your older sister is attending the school, so mind your manners inside!”


“I’m sorry sir,” the young little girl said as she looked up at him. She had blonde hair like her mother, but brighter and a little longer.


“It’s fine miss, I should have been watching where I was going.” he said to the mother with a smile. The woman nodded politely to him and ushered her children towards the ladies locker room. Eiji then followed the path toward the massive pool. Now that he was closer, he could get a real feel for its size! Someone could easily float a yacht on this pool and still have room for people to swim! If he had to guess, this was triple the size of a standard Olympic pool, one section was currently roped off where people were just playing around, there was even a few waterslides at the deeper end. A second section had lanes marked for swimming laps; he counted nearly a dozen people doing just that. The last section was apparently for diving. There was a large tower that consisted of multiple diving boards at different levels, that also reached up to where the dome had been when he first arrived, with a series of stairs that winded up to the highest diving board!


“There you are! Eijiiii!!! Over here, over here!!!” called Alexandra’s voice. He followed it to see her waving at him and gulped, moving a hand to cover his groin at the sight of her. ‘What the, is that even a swimsuit!?‘ he thought as he saw her jumping up and down, waving her arm excitedly to get his attention. Alexandra was dressed in a sling style swimsuit, but it only just barely could be called that as next to NOTHING was left to his imagination!


It had an American flag pattern on what little he could see. The nearly dental floss thin strings did nothing to hide her gigantic tits with their huge soft pink nipples, already straining against the wider bits of fabric failing miserably to cover them! Worse than that, the crotch was all but non-existent! The strings riding up the folds of her pussy letting him get a nearly clean view of her cunt!


He knew this was more or less of a porn school, but, damn.


“Come on Eiji, come over here!” Alexandra called, jumping again, making her massive titties bounce and jiggle even more than the cowgirl tits he’d seen just a few minutes ago.


Gulping, Eiji WILLED his dick to relax; he didn’t work at Peaches Gentleman Club this long without learning SOME self-control. It was a handy trick the staff taught him on his first week working there, otherwise he would have an erection all the time!


Moving his hands to his sides again, Eiji went over to the dark haired girl, “Um, hi, nice suit.” he said, groaning inwardly at how lame that sounded even to him!


“Oh, you like it? Thanks!” Alexandra said, hugging herself against him again. Eiji let out a slow breath, her skin was so soft even though her body was so well toned. Her arms had the definition of a casual weight lifter, and her thighs were definitely a runners.


She said she was a game programmer, but she’s got a body like a porn-star!‘ he thought to himself. Not only that, but she smelled GOOD! Before she had been wearing a simple outfit, a dark colored top and jeans that smelled like well, clothes. Now though, she had this delightful flowery scent about her as she rubbed her bare skin against his own.


“Come on, let’s try one of those diving boards!” she said, pointing up to the tower.


“Um, I don’t really dive, I came to do some water aerobics and such.” he told her.


“Oh I figured as much, but I really wanna give it a try, but I haven’t been able to find someone who’ll go up with me, pleeease?” she pleaded, giving him the big puppy dog eyes.


“…That’s cheating.” he said dryly.


“Heheh!” Alexandra giggled as she clung to his arm again and began walking the both of them towards the tower.


The tower itself had six levels, each with its own platform for diving off of, though as they made their way past the first level, Eiji saw that there were also spring boards that could be extended with the press of a button. Eiji once again noted how high the final diving board was. “W-We’re not going to the top! are we?” he said with a slight alarm.


“Nah, even I’M not that crazy, ’bout half is good!” Alexandra replied.


“So um,” Eiji began, “What kind of games do you make, aside from sporting ones?”


Alexandra blinked her hazel eyes, “Oh? Well, I love a good fantasy game, and the ability to create a world up to my imagination! Sports and such are easier though.”


“Really?” Eiji asked as they made it up to the second level.


“Yeah, sports all have established rules and the like. Fantasy games, well, they can be ANYTHING!” she explained as they reached the third level, “This is good, I’ve been wanting to try diving from here since I saw it, but…” she trailed off and began to blush.


“But…?” he pressed.


“I’m a little scared of heights okay!? Sue me!” she yelled at him, though there wasn’t a trace of anger in her voice, it was actually really cute.


Eiji laughed, “You’re afraid of heights, but you wanna try high diving?


“Yeah… So what!? I wanna get over my fears, is that so bad!?” she shot back at him in that same adorable manner.


“Not at all, I admire that.” he said, feeling more comfortable with the top heavy young woman, “Come on, we can dive together, you know how?” he asked her. She nodded and the two walked out to the edge of the platform. Alexandra peered over the edge and her face turned slightly white.


“Ummmmm, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…” she said nervously.


“Nope, too late!” Eiji said, putting his arm around her waist and hugging her close. She was warm, and her skin felt great against his own as he pulled them both over the edge! Alexandra screamed as they went down head first, pushing away from her just in time to orient himself correctly for the dive. She did the same even though she was still screaming until her voice cut out to be replaced by the sound of rushing water. Kicking his way back to the surface, Eiji looked around and found Alexandra just as her head broke the surface and she took in a deep breath.


HEY!!!” she shouted at him, “That was mean!”


“You wanted to go up to the diving platforms.” he replied with a devilish grin.


“Yeah, but, I wasn’t ready yet and now…” she said, blushing again, “You better take responsibility for this!” she said more quietly.


“For what?” he asked.


“My suit, it’s gone!” she told him in a hushed yell.


Eiji blinked and looked through the water, gulping at the sight of her slightly distorted but clearly naked body just beneath the water!


“I’m sorry, I…” he began, but she waded over to him and pressed her naked jugs against his chest. Her nipples were hard and poked at him as she looked at him with an annoyed expression.


“Sorry’s not good enough!” she told him, “You’re gonna make this up to me,” she said, grabbing the top of his speedo, “Right, now!” she yelled, moving her hand quickly and tearing the fabric like it was made of wet paper! She then hugged her naked body against him, her face just inches from his own as Eiji began moving them towards a shallower spot in the pool where his feet could reach the bottom. Not easy with her clinging to him and rubbing her sex soft body against his.


Alexandra grinned at him as his body wouldn’t be denied any longer, “Oh my, I think this might do nicely as payment.” she said with a giggle as his rock hard cock rubbed against her thighs. She then kissed him full on the lips the instant his toes touched the floor of the pool. Eiji gasped in surprise and the dark haired girl took that opening to push her tongue into his mouth!


“Mmmmmmmmh…” Alexandra moaned, rubbing herself against him more erotically now, wrapping one leg around his waist and grinding her perfectly hairless pussy against his cock.


Taking the hint, Eiji moved his hands down to grab her ass, surprised how firm her butt was as he adjusted her position slightly. His cock slipped inside her with ease and Alexandra moaned lewdly into his mouth.


“Mmmmmmmmh, yeah… dat’sh da shpot…” her voice slurred as she kept exploring his mouth with her tongue. She moved to wrap her other leg around his waist, her ass falling into his hands to make a ‘seat’ out of them. “Mmmmmmh, yesh, dun huld bhack…” she moaned into his mouth.


Eiji shook his head inwardly; he could see why Sara was trying to get this girl to enroll so hard as he began bouncing her up and down on his cock. The water made it easy for him to support her weight. Normally he could never do this position thanks to his injury, but here it wasn’t an issue as he groaned, loving the feel of her hot little pussy clinging to his cock as he thrusted his hips. The water churned and sloshed around them as he squeezed her well-toned ass tighter. Part of him couldn’t believe this girl was a game programmer as he listened to her deep moans. But he decided he didn’t care as he kissed her back, enjoying the softness of those pouty lips as he dueled his tongue against hers.


“Mmmmh, nnnmmmmh… Yesh… Phuck my pusshy!!! Ahhhh, sho thick, shtir me up inshide…! Mmmmmmmmh!” she squealed, bucking her hips against his thrusts as they reached the edge of the pool. He whirled her around so her back was to the wall and she raised her arms out of the water, grabbing the concrete rim of the pool for support as he leaned back and began pounding into her even harder!


HMMMMMMM, YEAH… DON’T STOP… FUCK MEEEE!” she moaned, her tits rising up out of the water and bobbing back and forth on the surface like fleshy beach balls.


“This is crazy…” he groaned, “But fuuuck, your pussy’s great!!!” he told her as he leaned down to suck on one nipple.


Alexandra grinned back at him, then leaned her head back as she bit her lower lip, “HMMMMMMMMMMM, KEEP GOING!


Nodding, Eiji moved to grip her firm thighs, shifting his angle again for comfort as he began slamming into her, loving the way her tits churned the water around them with his every thrust.


“Fuuuck! oh fuck! oh fuck! oh fuck! oh fuck! fuck! fuck fuck….” Alexandra moaned, her pussy clenching his cock tight now as her back arched, “CUMMINGGGGGGGG…!!!!” she hissed in ecstasy before letting go of the edge of the pool and sinking beneath the water. He could feel his cock slipping out of her as she sank to the bottom of the pool. Her timing was perfect as a couple of people began walking by just then.


“Hey! Saw you jump off the board up there! That was awesome!” said a boy of maybe twelve. He had close cut dark hair and green eyes. Walking with him was a young woman in her late teens or early twenties. She was DEFINITELY a student judging by the extra skimpy bikini she wore. Why she wore that around what he assumed was her little brother he couldn’t begin to guess.


“Come on baby bro, don’t bother the nice man. Heh.” she said, pulling the boy back away from the edge of the pool.


“It’s fi~ine…” Eiji said awkwardly, stalling his words as he felt the familiar sensation of a mouth wrapping around his cock beneath the water. He struggled now to look down as he felt Alexandra’s hot mouth moving back and forth on his dick while he waved politely to the kid and his older sister. The boy likely had no clue what was going on as he gave him an odd look. His sister though grinned knowingly at him.


Eiji rubbed the back of his head as he forced a grin, trying hard not to groan at the feel of Alexandra’s hot wet mouth sliding back and forth over his dick! He could feel her warm tongue pressing against the underside of his shaft as she took him all the way to his balls. Her mouth felt every bit as good as he imagined as he felt her hands gently fondling his balls now.


“Baby bro, leave him alone and I’ll take you up to the diving platform.” she said to her little sibling. ‘Sorry!’ she mouthed to him silently while holding her fist in front of her mouth and pushing her cheek out with her tongue, ‘Welcome to BSU’ she mouthed again before finally speaking.


REALLY!?” he asked, “Can we go to the top!?”


“No, that’s too high, but we’ll jump from the second one, how’s that?” she asked.


“Okay…” The little kid replied, clearly disappointed.


The boy and his sister began to walk away and he looked down at the distorted image of Alexandra through the water. She was looking back up at him as she continued moving her head back and forth. He tried giving her a thumbs-up signal, but she just ignored him and began moving her head faster!


“Ohh… Yeah…” he groaned, reaching down to stroke her head as she deepthroated him again, holding his entire length in her throat as he came in her mouth! He could FEEL her swallowing as she kept her mouth latched onto his dick until she had sucked out the last drop! She then came up and took a deep breath. How long had she been under water?! Eiji didn’t want to try to guess, but he was VERY impressed!


“So um,” Alexandra asked, “How do we get out of the pool?”


NOW you’re asking!?”

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Alexandra. What can I say about her? In my opinion she is one of the most beautiful and well crafted characters/girls in your ROL/BSU work which is no small feat. Her raven-black colored hair matches her fair skin, hazel eyes (and golden make up and lipstick in the make up-version) extremely well. Another huge plus for me are the muscles she has on her arms and legs which makes her even more distinct from the other girls who basically all have the “normal” hourglass figure. The “bikini” she wears is sexy and fits her (or not depending of what you clasify at “fit”) really well. The artwork is also finally a Pin Up who is to my liking with her striking a pose which practically screams motion at you with her arm waving, her hair blowing as a response to her moving forward and the symbol above her head (don’t know how to call it) which shows how she just recognized the guy she waves her hand at. A pool with diving boards as a background is also quite nice and with not so many details or striking colors in the back, the lady in the front seems even more sexy.

I’m a great fan that you mix the characters up now every other chapter or so now that the story has properly begun. And for Eiji to go to the gymnasium to train his injured body is completely natural and lends nicely into several new concepts and characters. For concepts we have the fact that there are literal catgirls (Beast Maidens) living in this world which is interesting in it’s own right and makes this world even more distinct from our own. And secondly the girls/women in this world who have clearly no shame whatsoever bringing their little siblings/children to a gymnasium which belongs to a literal university for whores xd. And if Alexandra’s design wasn’t flawless enough already, her personality and character with her being a game designer, her cheerful demeanor and her fear of heights are basically the cherry on top. And her fear of heights is used perfectly to lead into one of the most kinky sex scenes we had so far in this series with them fucking in the pool surounded by other people and children. With the former not being to special since it is BSU afterall but with the children, … man. The way you incorporated them into the sex (which sounds wrong on so many levels) with Alexandra giving Eiji a blowjob under water while he talks to the little boy who gratulated him for his jump. Extraordinarily kinky. The ending with Alexandra still missing her bikini and wondering how the will get out of the pool area is just comedy gold and a nice ending for a brilliant chapter.

In my eyes this Pin Up is leagues better than the two preceding it making this alone a more enjoyable experience combined with the Eiji X Alexandra stuff going on… nearly perfect.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Thanks, this one was a bit of a challenge to do given everything that needed to happen in it, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. World building can be particularly hard sometimes.