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Date Between Two Otakus

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)

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It took nearly all night for Xavier to get home after his date with Violette Beauregard. Over the course of his long trek he had to brave the cold winds, occasionally taking shelter behind nearby trees when the wind became too intense for him to bear. He held up a plastic shopping back over his head for a time, using it as a makeshift umbrella until the wind removed it from his grasp. Lightning struck fast and frequently, in one instance the teen was nearly hit, causing him to bolt over to an empty bus stop shack for protection. Xavier remained vigilant on his quest, constantly looking to his sides and behind him while making his way through the more rough and tumble areas of the city. However gangs weren’t out this night, it was too wet and cold outside for anyone to seek retribution against enemies. Despite all of this he endured until he finally reached familiar territory. After he walked in the house he shed his clothes and went to sleep.



(August 15th, 10:00 A.M., 12 DAYS UNTIL BSU ORIENTATION)


Xavier woke up after his body would no longer allow him to sleep. The sounds of his phone going off ensured that he didn’t get any peace. He opened up his phone and saw that he had one new comment on his Linkum account.


Oh no!‘ he thought to himself. He had only had 1 date so far so he knew who had left him a comment before looking. Xavier hesitantly waved his finger across the touch screen to view. His expression was one of worry, for the seconds it took Linkum to load felt like hours. His panic about this message was comparable to a man taking his final steps to face the firing squad.


“V Goddess has left you a comment.” Read the young man aloud.


V Goddess: BAD DATE!!! He doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing!!!


“I guess I’m not BSU material… I suck…” lamented Xavier as he lowered his head in sadness. The comment hit him like heavyweight punch to the gut, sapping away any confidence in himself that may have existed.


After showering and getting dressed he grabbed his BSU paperwork off of the kitchen table and walked out to his car. Xavier pondered what he was going to do while backing out of the driveway.


“This is for the best.” declared the green eyed recruit.


Xavier was once again on the stretch of highway that ran alongside Sapphire Shores. There were no Michael Jackson songs or music in general pumping from his car’s speakers this time around. The only thing he could hear were the echoes of his own thoughts. Several voices rang out in his head as he accelerated on the gas pedal.


Good luck, you’re gonna need it.” said Saitou, the security guard.

I feel you have potential.” echoed Sara Reed, his interviewer.

You know where the door is right?” said Violette with an expression of annoyance.

I want you to focus on being the best you can be.” Mei, Xavier’s mother, said comfortingly.

I’m going to have to fail you.” Sara declared.


Xavier repeatedly heard the word “FAIL” in Sara Reed’s voice. He eventually turned on the music to drown out the repeated voices he kept hearing. He turned up his video game soundtrack songs until he no longer heard the voices.


At the security gate the 2 guards from the other day noticed Xavier approaching.


“What up! How you doin today kiddo?” asked the guard.


“Ok.” replied Xavier with a stone faced scowl.


He showed the guard his ID and drove into the campus after clearing security. The two guards laughed and joked with one another as Xavier departed.


“Heh! I guess he didn’t have such a good time in that interview after all!” was all Xavier can hear the first security guard say as he drove past the security checkpoint.


“I don’t know which is worse, how I did last night or what I’m doing right now…” he mumbled to himself as he got out of his car after pulling into an empty spot on the parking lot.


He was unsure which was more disgraceful, his showing with Sara and then Violette or the fact that he was planning to throw in the towel.


Xavier briskly walked into the building, his sights set on the elevator. However a voice called out to him as he breezed past the security desk.


“HEY!” yelled a masculine voice.


Xavier looked over to his right to see Saitou at the security desk with another security officer. The Head of Security signaled for Xavier to come over.


“How did it go kid?” asked Saitou.


“I bombed.” sighed the dejected new student.


“Sara is a tough customer. I did warn you.” replied the security officer. “Let’s go outside.” said Saitou while heading toward the door.


Xavier reluctantly followed Saitou out to a concrete area on the side of the tower. This area was primarily a parking lot for bicycles. However because of its size and being a mostly empty space, it doubled as a designated smoking area. Saitou leaned against the side of building with one leg bent at the knee, pulling a box of cigarettes out of his pocket.


“So why are you back so soon?” asked Saitou while lighting a cigarette.


Saitou noticed that Xavier was holding his application paperwork in his hand.


“I came here to tell Ms. Reed I’m dropping out.” answered the green eyed rookie.


“….” Saitou looked over at him with a raised eyebrow.


“…Yeah, this isn’t for me.” replied the student.


“What happened?” asked the security guard while exhaling a cloud of smoke. Saitou knew something had to have happened between his interview with Sara and the present moment.


“Nothin really.” stammered Xavier while looking away from Saitou with his head down.


“You’re a terrible liar kid.” replied Saitou while shaking his head. “C’MON!” demanded the security chief before taking another drag from his cigarette. “I WON’T LAUGH.” said the security guard with particular emphasis on the word won’t.


“Fine.” responded the auburn haired young man.


Xavier walked over to a lunch table in the area. Saitou exhaled smoke again while following Xavier to the table. The young man pulled up his Linkum account and his comments page.


“Check this out.” said the kid while handing his phone to Saitou.


“V Goddess is really Violette Beauregard, heiress to Beauregard Industries.


“That IS pretty bad.” replied the security guard while taking a puff of his cigarette.


“She’s starting school here you know? She’s a top recruited scholarship freshman. Her mother is also a professor here.” informed Saitou.


“…Oh great, now I HAVE to drop out….” Xavier expressed in defeat.


“I think you’re making a rash decision kid.” replied Saitou while taking another drag from the cigarette.


“What do you mean?” asked the young man.


“You’re making a decision that will affect your future based on the results of a single date.” chided the head of security.


“Now, I’m only taking a guess here, but, you haven’t gotten to spend much quality time with the ladies, have you?” asked Saitou.


“…I lost my virginity to a stripper 2 months ago for my birthday.” responded Xavier.


Xavier looked at Saitou as he blew out circle shaped puffs of smoke upward.


“I think you should stick around kid.” advised Saitou.


“But why?” Xavier asked, a glimmer of hope in his voice.


“Sex, like just about anything else new you’ve tried out, will have its pitfalls and rough patches early on.” informed the experienced adult.


“Think of it like riding a bike or learning how to read or even something else that you like doing.” asserted the older, wiser man.


Xavier stared at the table and thought back to his childhood.



(13 Years ago, At a famous New York City boxing gym)


Adolescent Xavier was dressed in dark blue shorts, boxing gloves and headgear. His right hand was tied behind his back while he punched with his left.


“C’MON X!! KEEP GOING!!! YOU GOTTA GET IT DOWN!!!” Yelled a tall dark skinned man with spiked black hair. He had a long braid that hung all the way down his back. The man had a strong resemblance to the child. He somewhat looked like an older, wiser version of Xavier. He stared at the boy intensely with his golden colored eyes.


“1-1-3-2!” Yelled the black haired man!


Xavier threw 2 quick left jabs followed by a left hook, ending the combination with a right cross.


“1-6-5-2! 1-2-5-2!” howled the man


What may have sounded like nonsensical combinations of numbers were actually instructions being called. Xavier responded by throwing a unique combination of punches for each set of numbers being yelled out.




Xavier dipped his head back to dodge a jab, sidestepped to right to avoid a cross, leaned and turned his body angularly to the left to dodge a left hook to the body. Lastly he shifted to the right again to avoid another cross.


Suddenly a whistle blew. The black haired man approached Xavier and kneeled down in front of him.


“Good job on the drills, kid.” said the man while handing the child a bottle of water and a towel to wipe away his sweat.


“Granddad, why do I have to do this everyday?” asked the child.


“You have to develop a rhythm to be able to hit your enemy and not be hit. You have to be able to attack and defend without thinking about it, be able to adapt and adjust your technique in any situation you face in the ring. Repetition will bring you closer to doing this instinctually.” explained the grandfather.


“But Grandaaaaaaaddddd this is too hard!!!! ” whined the child.


“I know it seems tough but what but practicing this will make you a more skilled fighter. You want to win right?” asked the grandfather.




“Then listen to me, understanding how rhythm works and developing a good rhythm of your own is key if you want to succeed.



Xavier returned to the conversation having found understanding of Saitou’s words.


“…You have a point.” said Xavier.


“Hell yeah! You’re damn right I have a point.” exclaimed Saitou.


“I’ve seen so many kids give up and walk away before really giving this a try. The few that have stayed faced some hard times but eventually found their way in the real world and became successful.” informed the security guard.


Saitou exhaled once more before looking Xavier squarely in the eyes. “You should reconsider.”


“Why do you care if I drop out or not?” Xavier asked.


“When I first saw you walk into the building the other day you had that look. You know, that part nervous, part hopeful look you had.” reflected the Head of Security.”


“You remind me of myself when I was younger” said Saitou with a nod.


“I’ve been there before I know what its like to be afraid.” said older man while taking a big drag of the cigarette.


“Fear can be a motherfucker sometimes ya know? You’re probably scared of bombing out or embarrassing yourself or even scared of girls in general because you don’t have much experience.”


Xavier continued to look and listen to the older man.


“But whatever it is you can’t let your fears freeze you. Some people choose to play it safe because they’re afraid to fail. Playing it safe sounds like its secure, but in reality you’re selling yourself short. Sure, you could go to some community college and land a decent paying job, but would that give you fulfillment?” questioned the security chief rhetorically.


“Life is about taking risks. If you go through life always following the easy road and never taking risks you could be closing the door on the possibility for happiness” preached the old veteran.


There was a brief pause as Saitou allowed his words to sink in. After a few long seconds the blonde haired man broke the silence.


“I don’t want you to give up kid.” stated Saitou.


Xavier took a minute to process what everything he was hearing.


“But don’t stay the course because I’m saying you should do it. You should do it for yourself. There will be a time in your future where you will look back at this time. If you walk away from this challenge right now you will never know how great you can become.”


Xavier looked at Saitou with a serious facial expression and nodded.


“Thank you. I don’t think I will need to see Ms. Reed today.” affirmed the green eyed new student.


“Here’s a tip that will help you on your next date.” smirked the older man.


“When you go home, study some of the pros at work. You can learn things from it that you can use right away on the next date you have.” remarked the older man.


Xavier smiled, nodded, and stood up, possessing a new sense purpose and motivation. Saitou also stood up because it was time for him to return to work.


“If you have any questions you know where to find me.” stated the security chief.


Xavier nodded and gave him a two finger salute. Saitou acknowledged the salute by returning it as the two men parted ways.


Xavier was grateful, knowing he may have just avoided the worst decision of his life while driving down the highway.


“I went in determined to drop out, but came out determined make it.” thought Xavier to himself with a grin on his face.


Xavier’s phone went off once again with several Linkum notifications coming in. He grabbed the phone and disabled the notifications for that app for the time being.


After arriving back at his house, Xavier went to his desk and sat down and opened up internet browser.


The young man went to Pornsta$h, a free adult video streaming site to do some research on his craft. He began the search with the term “Pussy Eating” and “Clitoris” because that was his first blunder on his doomed date the night before. Xavier watched a number of videos of the pros in action notebook in hand, steadily putting pen to paper to record his observations.


He consumed numerous videos in his studying. He was shocked when he saw a girl have an intense squirting orgasm without ever being penetrated. The guy brought her to that point only his mouth.


“Holy shit! She’s squirting like a fire hydrant! How did he do that!? ?” pondered the curious man.


Minutes turned into hours as he watched videos and took notes on various terms and sexual positions. His approach was very cerebral and strategic leaving no stone unturned as he watched video upon video. This was no different than professional sports teams watching and breaking down game footage of themselves and opposing teams to devise a winning strategy days before stepping onto the field to play. He continued to observe and document only stopping to eat a quick meal or to use the bathroom. He was determined to be prepared for his next date. With each term he looked up he found at least 1 video that blew his mind.


Xavier stared in amazement as a female starlet had convulsion like shakes while on top of her partner. She was experiencing multiple orgasms in rapid succession.


“How in the hell did he make her cum that hard!? I gotta find out!” he said out loud.


This went on for several hours until Xavier’s eyes were weary and tired from relentlessly studying film all day. His brain was overloaded with information but thanks over 35 pages of meticulously written notes he had a good base reference to use as a study guide. It was now midnight and fatigue had set in. It had been a long yet productive day for the teen, but after having a long night before it was time to catch up on some much needed sleep.


The new video game Super Smash Bros Eternal was releasing the next morning. He would have to get up early and get to the store before it opens to order to get a copy before they sell out. No doubt there was going to be a huge line!


“Time to shut it down for the night.” commented the hopeful otaku.



(August 16th, 8:00 A.M., 11 DAYS UNTIL BSU ORIENTATION.)


It was an early morning for Xavier, he woke up at 6:30 to get ready and go to the store two hours early to guarantee he got a copy of the game. He went to Otaku Palace, a specialty book store in the Pleasureview Mall that carried manga, anime, video games and an assortment of imported action figures, statues, model kits and other exotic pieces of fandom memorabilia typically not available in the United States. It was the go-to place for anime and manga both past and present. Palace was a fitting name for this megastore, as it covered all 3 floors of the mall building. On his way up to the building he walked past an unquestionably sexy woman cosplaying as Mario. However this wasn’t the ordinary every day Mario cosplay as the pants had been modified into some very tight fitting shorts. As he got closer to her, he could hear the loud clanging of her feet against the concrete as she walked. Her body was curvy and thicc with extra weight around the hips, chest, and rear areas. Xavier shifted his stare upward, careful not to be caught gawking at her. The woman had bunches of wool-like fur around her ankles which looked somewhat like those furry women’s boots that were popular in the winter. However, those weren’t high heels that were making the loud clanging sound. Those were her hooves which made that sound with each step!


“Sweet Jesus!” thought Xavier as he scanned the figure.


As Xavier shifted his gaze upward he took notice of what appeared to be partial horns sticking out from underneath the sides her plumber’s hat. They were curled into a spiral like configuration. The woman’s brown hair was long and very wooly and puffy looking with the ends curled up giving her hair cloud like appearance. This was a Sheep girl!


“That’s not a fake, that’s a real Beast Girl!” thought the young man to himself in amazement.


Xavier lustfully gazed at the thicc wooly beast of woman in front of him, slowing his pace down so he wouldn’t pass her by.


“Can’t believe I actually saw a Beast Maiden in person!” thought the fighting fan to himself.



The scene changed to a classroom with a petit girl with big green eyes, blonde hair, and large breasts, appearing enormous relative to her size, standing in front of a podium.


“Hello! I am your omniscient narrator-chan here to provide some world-building facts!”


The narrator pulled down a large chart with pictures of very big breasted beast girls.


“Beast people are clans of sentient anthropomorphic animals that coexist with humankind. In the beginning, they operated as isolated tribal species who kept to themselves.
However, with the world’s explosive rate of technological advancements over the past 200 years, this resulted in beast people integrating themselves into human society. And with the ubiquity of the internet, Beast Maidens became a popular sub genre of the pin up/nude modeling scene. They developed a cult following world wide, especially with teenage boys and young adult men. There are a variety of beast species that hailed from all 7 continents. For example, the United States of America is renowned for their extremely curvaceous cow girls!”


“Now back to the story!” She said while accidentally pulling down too hard on all the charts, causing them to fall and bury her.



To his shock there was already a horde of other people standing in line at the door. Some people had waterproof tents, umbrellas, and lawn chairs and had been there camping since midnight. These were the truly thee very hardest of hardcore fans, many of which were cosplaying as Mario, Link, Captain Falcon, Sonic the Hedgehog and other characters from the popular fighter series. This game brought together all of the previous smash brothers and guest characters along with new ones. This was truly a treat for Xavier who was himself a life long lover of fighting games. He had grown up playing titles such Street Fighter, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Blazblue, Marvel vs. Capcom, Dead or Alive, and previous Smash Bros. games. There was no doubt this game would pose a HUGE distraction to preparing for orientation at BSU.


“Damn, this is worse than trying to get into the World City Comic-Con!” said the young man while sizing up the seemingly endless line that extended from the store’s entrance.


“This is gonna be a stampede.” Xavier thought to himself.


He briefly imagined what the chaos would be like inside Otaku Palace…



A Royal Rumble raged inside of the palace with fans of all ages brawling with one another to get their copy of the heavily coveted fighting game.




A little girl hit a man over the head with a steel chair and snatched away his copy of the game. As the girl made her way to the exit she blindly tripped over a foreign object.




The girl dropped the game as she crashed to the ground, allowing the elderly man who had tripped her with his cane to take it.


Meanwhile two men on the second floor tussled over a copy of the book, neither wanting to yield despite being close to a safety railing. Neither man paid any attention to the potential hazard as each was determined to win the struggle. The momentum and force of the continued grappling caused both men fall over the top of the railing, swiftly sending them both to the first floor with a resounding crash.


Somehow Xavier managed to secure a copy during the bedlam that had unfolded.


The green eyed teen fought his way through mob of other gamers, nimbly dodging blaster shots and fireballs on his way knocking out the competition with a barrage of punches. He cleared out several waves of competing players before spotting a glass container suspended in midair. It was a copy of the game. Xavier jumped and immediately jumped again while still airborne from the first jump.


The double jump propelled him high enough in the air to reach the glass case containing the game.




“Got it!” yelled the youth as he grabbed the game out of the air. He looked around and saw a wave of people running at him.


“I have a ton of people on my ass. It’s not that far from the door though, if I push myself I CAN MAKE IT!” thought the kid to himself!


“YAAAAAH!” yelled the boy as he sprint to the door.


Xavier dodged customers who tried to tackle him with an array of spinning moves and fancy footwork. He ducked under people who leaped forward to hit him high and hurdled those who went low and shot for his legs. There was one foe left between Xavier and the exit door. He was stout and strong; weighing in at least 300 pounds and standing about 6’3 in height. With almost no space to maneuver and finesse his way around this tank of a man, Xavier only had option; run him over. Xavier picked up steam, reaching his maximum speed. A thin scorching blue aura materialized around him, leaving a trail of blue flames on the ground behind him Xavier pulled back his right in preparation for his next attack. The defender took a solid stance, anchoring himself to the earth beneath him. A burning red shield like aura surrounded him as he prepared for the firestorm that approached.


“GET OUTTA MY WAY!” screamed the determined gamer.


“FALCONNNN PUNCH!!!” yelled Xavier as he lunged forward with a mighty right hand.




The force of Xavier’s Falcon punch completely destroyed his opponent’s shield. It sounded like cannon went off when he connected with his foe’s chin The big man was launched up through the ceiling, never to be seen again. The path was finally clear!


However just as he made out the door he came face to face with the barrel of gun.


“Give it up!” ordered an armed man wearing a ski mask.


“DAMN IT!” cursed Xavier while begrudgingly handing over the bounty.



As Xavier came back to reality from his day dream he looked and realized the line had moved significantly. He had actually been in thought for 2 hours.


“IT’S OPEN!!!” panicked the green eyed otaku while sprinting to the door.


Xavier witnessed at least 50 people leave the building with copies of the game. He looked around the store and saw nothing but empty cardboard set ups bearing the likeness of Bowsette, a new playable character in the series best known for breaking the Internet when she was initially revealed at Nintendo-con. Bowsette was not only a playable character but the protagonist of the game’s story mode. Her inclusion was big reason for the game’s buzz. After scouring the store for several minutes he still hadn’t found a copy to purchase. He dashed up the elevator to check the second floor and found a both set up where store employees were issuing out more copies of the book.


“YES! YES!” yelled the youth while getting in line to receive his copy. There were nine people in line ahead of him. Each of the other patrons processed through the line until it was Xavier’s turn to get his copy of the game. Unfortunately for him there were only nine copies left when he got in line.


“I’m sorry sir, the person before got the last copy. There might be more on the third floor.” relayed the employee.


“You gotta be kidding me!?” asked Xavier in a frantic tone.


Xavier then walked as fast as he could to get to the escalator to the third floor, weaving through the sea of people as best he could. However his moves put him directly in the path of someone else. Another store clerk was walking in his direction carrying a tall stack of books that partially obstructed her vision. On a normal day this wouldn’t be an issue because there would be more space to move. However, today was different. X saw her but didn’t have time or space to get off of the collision course!




Xavier was hit in the nose with one of the heavy books that fell off of the stack. The impact knocked him out causing him to fall back and hit the back of his head on the floor.



Xavier woke up on top of a massive surface of clouds. The area was surrounded by golden gates. As he glanced around he noticed other people in the area had halos over their heads.


“Where am I? Did I —–” thought the newcomer to himself.


Xavier scanned around the area, noticing several activities going on around him. He was serenaded by the joyous sounds of a mass choir.


As he rose to his feet, he heard a familiar man’s voice.


“X! Get over here boy!” yelled the voice.


Xavier looked over his shoulder to see his grandfather, Xen Williams. Xen’s appearance had aged somewhat and he now sported a flat top haircut and a beard. The 6 foot 8 behemoth was still in prime fighting shape despite being in his 50’s age wise.


“GRANDAD!” responded the youth surprise excitement in his voice.


Xavier rushed over to Xen to greet him, offering a fist bump, which was rejected by Xen.


“Don’t act like you’re too cool to give your granddaddy a hug boy!” declared the older man.


Grandfather and grandson hugged one another before engaging in conversation.


“So are you dead? asked the confused teenager.


“No I’m alive, you just haven’t called in so long it feels like I’m dead!” quipped the grandfather.


“So your mama told me you got into a special school. Whatever you do, remember what I taught you about rhythm. The beauty of boxing and martial arts is whatever you learn can be applied to other aspects of life. You still practice the drills I taught you right?” asked the grandfather.


“Yeah!” answered Xavier.


“Show me then!” remarked Xen.


Xavier and Xen both took a stance but just as Xen was about to punch his body, he started to melt down as if he were made of wax!


“GRANDAD!!!!” panicked Xavier as he watched on in horror.


The clouds that made up the floor underneath them cracked as violent tremors rippled through and tore the skies of heaven asunder. The sky changed colors from blue to a deep red. The golden gates of heaven burst into flames, taking the shape of several burning pillars. People ran for their amidst the chaos that was taking place as portal opened up wide enough that a person could walk through.


“DID YOU MISS ME?!” exclaimed a familiar voice.


A demonic female emerged from the portal. She was dressed in a very revealing red and black kimono. Two massive black devil like wings extended from her back. Two Oni like horns curved up from the ends of her forehead. Her red eyes glowed brightly as she stared. Her pink streaked blue hair waved in the winds created by her own power.


“VIOLETTE!?” asked Xavier in a shocked tone.


Violette Beauregard simply teleported in front of him.


“NO!” panicked the green eyed adult.


Violette grabbed him by throat and lifted him above her head, slowly squeezing the life out of him.


“You really should just give up and drop out of BSU! First you failed against Sara! and then you failed against me. You’re 0-2 kid, save yourself the shame and throw in the towel!”


Xavier kicked and struggled but he was greatly overmatched by the demon queen. His kicking and punching slowed as he began to fade.


“Don’t you get it?! You’re never going to improve!!! Why try when failure is a certainty?!” She said before laughing.


“HEY! HEY!” exclaimed a mysterious female voice.


Several beams of light shot through the red skies of hell, causing it crack. These beams of light were so forceful that they extinguished the pillars of flame that surrounded the area. This was followed by a powerful rumbling that shook the world to its foundation. Violette was hit by one of the light beams and sent reeling.


“NO!!! AHH!!!” yelled the demon.


“Are you okay?” asked the mysterious voice.


It was if the voice was trying to break him away from his dream.



Xavier was in the middle of coming to from being knocked unconscious. His mind was borderline, halfway in reality and halfway in a dream state. He struggled to make sense of the situation.


“NO! NO!” yelled Xavier frantically in response to what was happening. He was in a cold sweat, as if awoken from a nightmare.


“You’re gonna be alright. I’m right here.” responded the soft and comforting voice.


He looked up to see an angelic female looking down on him as if she descended from heaven. She was a pristine beauty unlike any woman Xavier had seen before. While both Violette and Sara before her were both sexy in their own right, this woman had a unique look all her own that rocked Xavier to his core. The young lady’s face was lightly peppered with freckles which enhanced her already attractive look. Her eyes were a deep, dark blue. She seemed to look into his eyes as if she were staring through them directly at his heart and soul. Her hair was a shimmering silver tint and its flowing waves rolled all the way down her back. Her bangs were cut in a hime style. Although it looked like it, the truth was that she wasn’t Xavier’s guardian angel but actually the store employee that he collided with. The light he saw was really the light from the ceiling above her. Xavier made eye contact with her but the combination of dizziness and the lump in his throat rendered him unable to speak for the moment.


“You’re bleeding!” alarmed the silver haired young woman as a small amount of blood trickled down his face.


She grabbed Xavier and held him close while guiding him toward the Staff only area in the back of the store. He was still very groggy at this point and hadn’t yet become coherent enough to assess the situation.


Xavier woke up once again lying on the couch in the employee break room, the back of his head resting on the young woman’s colossal breasts. He felt her hand gently wave through his hair and massage his scalp as she sat behind him on the couch. She had already stopped his bleeding so this was free time to enjoy the company of this mystery woman.


“Relaaaaaax…” whispered the silver haired woman into his ear.


“I’m sorry.” said the groggy teenager while trying to shake off his dizziness.


“Its my fault for bumping into you, I’m the one that should be apologizing.” replied the young woman with an expression of regret.


She got up off of the couch and walked to toward the refrigerator.


Xavier followed her with his eyes as she walked. The mystery woman was significantly smaller in size compared to others like Sara and Violette. She was about the same height as Xavier himself. Her wide hips, meaty thighs and plump rear end could not be hidden by the long wrap around skirt she was wearing. As she turned around Xavier noticed she was somewhat pudgy which was noticeable around her stomach. However, her fluffiness is not was not an issue for Xavier who was awe-struck by her. The silver haired woman’s cups runneth over, her gigantic breasts were seemingly too big for her body and sleeveless v-neck sweater she was wearing. Her huge boobs were tightly pressed into her top, revealing a lot of cleavage. She walked back over to the couch with an ice pack and a cold bottle of water in her hands. Xavier sat up as she took a seat next to him.




He briefly glanced down at her chest so he could read her name tag which said “MAI”. She reached around the side of his neck and pressed the ice pack to the back of his head. Xavier’s heart raced as he made eye contact with her.


“Thank you Mai!” stated Xavier with gratitude


“You’re welcome.” replied the busty young lady while wiping Xavier’s face clean.


“I have some water if you’re thirsty.” suggested Mai. “It’s down here…” stated the store employee.


Xavier looked and saw that the bottle of water was nestled between Mai’s thighs. ‘Is she really asking me to reach down there?!‘ he thought to himself.


He hesitantly reached down and grabbed the water. The base of the bottle brushed against the crotch of her dress causing her to giggle. Xavier blushed as if he had done something wrong but that wasn’t the case.


“So whets your name?” asked Mai while visually scanning his body.


“I’m Xavier.”


Acting completely on impulse, Xavier gently grabbed Mai’s hand and held it while speaking. A bead of sweat ran down his face has he nervously made this move.


“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mai.”


“The pleasure is mine.” replied Mai while blushing.


“I’m really sorry for hurting you Xavier.” stated Mai apologetically. “I got really busy and I was carrying more books than I should have been. I didn’t see you.” informed the silver haired clerk.


“Its ok, I know how hectic things can get on release day. Especially for one of the most hyped games in the past couple of years.” replied Xavier in an understanding tone of voice. “Besides, if that didn’t happen I wouldn’t be in here talking to you!”


“If you’re feeling better, is there anything else I can do for you?” asked the blue eyed woman.


Yeah, come spend the night with me!!‘ thought his inner, perverted Xavier.


But to make that happen, I need to ask her out! Damn it I still can’t think of anything to say.‘ panicked Xavier to himself as he failed to summon the courage to ask her.


“Nothing that I can think of right now.” he replied


The door to the break room opened and the shift supervisor came in.


“Mai, I need you to help out at the register. It’s getting backed up out there!” ordered the supervisor.


“Alright, I’m on my way.” replied the store employee.


Mai looked over her shoulder at Xavier as she got up and walked away. Xavier didn’t want this moment to end but he had no choice in the matter.


She’s walking out! I gotta ask her!


Time was running out and Mai would soon be gone. Xavier knew he had to make a bold move if he wanted to see Mai again. He wanted to speak but he was overwhelmed by fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough. Xavier then heard a voice echo in his head



“Fear can be a motherfucker sometimes ya know. You’re probably scared of bombing out or embarrassing yourself or even scared of girls in general.”


An image of Saitou speaking formed as he heard his words. “But whatever it is you can’t let your fears freeze you.”


“Life is about taking risks. If you go through life always following the easy road and never taking risks you could be closing the door on the possibility for happiness”



The conversation from the previous day gave Xavier the nerve he needed to act.


“This is it! The moment of truth! NO NUTS, NO GLORY!” he thought to himself.


“MAI!” called Xavier.


Mai stopped and looked at him.


“There is one thing you can do for me after all” stated Xavier.


“I didn’t get my copy of Smash Bros. Eternal, could you get me a copy?” asked the green eyed youth.


“Sure!” replied the doe eyed beauty


“How about you bring it with you tonight at dinner?” asked the auburn haired young man.


Mai took a moment process the question she was asked. She twisted her hair and stared blankly for a second.


“Yes! I would love to!” answered Mai much to Xavier’s surprise.


She really said yes!‘ thought the young man with joy.


“I get off work at 4 this afternoon.” informed Mai while writing something down on a piece of paper.


“Here, this is my address and phone number.” stated the silver haired beauty while handing him the note.


“I’ll come pick you up at 6.” responded Xavier as he stood up.


“That sounds good!” exclaimed Mai as she walked to the door.


“Wow! I can’t believe she said yes!” thought the excited gamer as he walked out of the break room.


Ever since middle school Xavier had been shunned and ignored by the opposite sex. This was the first step in building up his self esteem.



(5:57 P.M.)


Xavier pulled up to the apartment complex where Mai lived. He was dressed for success this evening. He was wearing a tuxedo he had originally bought to take his mom to dinner, complete with a black bowtie. He looked at himself in the rearview mirror, his eyebrow raised and his hand rubbing his chin.


Its go time!‘ he thought to himself while sending a text to Mai.


Mai came down the stairs wearing a light blue off-of-the-shoulder, knee length, tube top style dress that showed lots of cleavage. She wore white platform style high heel shoes. She wore light blue make up on her face that matched the color of her dress. A small white purse hung from her shoulder. Xavier was stunned by Mai’s opulent beauty.


Holy Shit! She looks fucking amazing!‘ thought the young man to himself.


Xavier got out of the car and opened the passenger door for Mai.


“Hi beautiful.” said Xavier nervously.


“You look so handsome.” cooed Mai before pecking him with a kiss on the cheek.


Xavier blushed as Mai stepped into the car. He closed the door. As he got in the car he saw Mai fiddling with his phone. She was going through his music. She set the player to the Boku no Hero Academia soundtrack, the song “My Hero Academia”.


“So you like this show too?!” asked Xavier.


“Yeah it’s my favorite!” replied Mai while nodding her head to the song.


Xavier drove to a well known French restaurant called Paradis!. It had been given a rating of four Michelin stars and had been featured on television. Xavier thought that taking her to such a place would make a good impression.


“There’s the place.” informed the green eyed teen while pointing to the sign.


“That place charges hundreds of dollars for tiny portions! How about we go here instead?” suggested Mai with an excited tone.


She had pointed out the Big Bang Buffet, a family all-you-can-eat establishment most known for its assortment of foods from around the world, the high quality of its food compared to national buffet chains and restaurants, and, of course, its outer space theme.


“You don’t have to spend a bunch of money to impress me.” stated Mai reassuringly.


“Let’s go to Big Bang Buffet!” urged Mai.


The silver haired princess had correctly read his intentions. Xavier didn’t really want to eat at Paradis!, but instead wanted to show her he could afford expensive things. This didn’t matter to Mai because she was interested in the man and not how big his wallet was.


“Big Bang Buffet it is!”


The pair pulled up to the Big Bang Buffet and got out of the car. Xavier carried himself like a gentleman, opening doors for Mai. After paying to get in, the hostess lead them to their table.


“Could we get a booth please?” asked Mai to the hostess who nodded in response.


Xavier didn’t understand why Mai asked for such a large seating area for just the two of them. The hostess then stopped at a large both and showed them to their seats.


As the hostess, left Xavier asked Mai a question. “Why did you get us a booth?”


“Booths have bigger tables and bigger tables hold more plates! I skipped lunch at work so we could come here.” stated the hungry princess while heaving her large breasts and licking her lips.


Xavier chuckled in response to Mai’s honesty which he found refreshing to hear.


“So this is to hold more food, I wish I had thought of that.” remarked Xavier while taking off his jacket.


“Let’s go eat!” exclaimed Mai while grabbing Xavier’s hand.


She led him to the food which was massive in sizes.


“Have at it! They have just about anything you can think of!” exclaimed Mai.


The two split up going in separate directions. Xavier grabbed a plate and loaded up on some of his favorites, fried chicken, Prime Rib, BBQ pulled pork, mashed potatoes with gravy and corn on the cob. Mai filled up multiple plates with an assortment of Japanese foods. She grabbed several different types of Sushi, tempura shrimp, yakitori and plenty of rice. She also got a bowl of miso soup and a bowl of ramen.


After a few minutes, the two sat back down at their booth to begin their meal.


“You only grabbed one plate of food!?” questioned Mai while grabbing a spoon.


“I can’t carry 5 or 6 plates at once like you.” replied Xavier with a laugh before taking a bite out of the corn on the cob.


Mai began to eat rapidly, devouring everything on the plates in a in a matter of minutes. After seeing Mai do it Xavier became more comfortable with eating that way himself. He then quickly destroyed the food on his plate.


“So what part of town are you from” asked Mai curiously.


“I’m not from here. I’m from New York” answered the auburn haired youth.


“Really!? I always wanted to visit there.” declared the silver haired young woman.


“So where are you from?” asked the newcomer as he sipped some water.


“I’m from World City, born and raised here. Right now I’m sharing an apartment with my older sister.” answered Mai as she finished what was left in her final plate.


“So what brought you to World City?” asked the silver haired date.


“My mom and I had to relocate because she got assigned her for her job. I’ve only been in town for two weeks. I’m still trying to get settled in. Ill figure out what to do from there after.” answered Xavier as he reached into his pocket to grab his phone.


He looked at his phone which was set on silent to see he had missed a call from his mom and she left him a voicemail. He pressed play to listen to it.


“Ay its me, give me a call back as soon as possible. I love you, lil Javi, talk to ya later.” Played the voicemail message.


“Lil Javi? Is that your mom’s nickname for you?” asked Mai with a grin.


“Yeah.” Xavier replied with a chuckle.


“How did you get it?” questioned the freckled girl.


“My mom is originally from the Dominican Republic. Spanish is her first language. The Spanish version of Xavier is Javier.” explained the auburn haired teen. “Woo! I’m still craving food! Let’s get some more dinner.” suggested the college student as he stood up.


“You read my mind!” replied the busty store cashier.


Xavier followed Mai to the area where Asian food was located. He filled his 2 plates with fried rice, lo mein chicken teriyaki, pepper Steak, pork egg rolls, Broccoli Beef, and General Tso’s chicken. He also grabbed a large bowl of wanton soup. Mai chose a more diverse assortment of dishes on her second round. She grabbed some more sushi rolls along with bbq ribs, beef brisket, and sausage on a separate plate. She loaded up her third and fourth plates with middle eastern style kabobs and seafood plate of crab legs and lobster respectively. As they walked back to the table, Mai noticed Xavier only had 2 plates of food.


“You didn’t get enough. I’ll get you some more plates. You gotta get your moneys worth!” declared Mai while rushing back to her table to drop off her plates.


Mai quickly came back and grabbed 2 more plates.


“So now we both have 4 fully loaded plates! hmmmmm….” remarked Mai while opening a fresh set of silverware. Xavier stared at her as she was formulating an thought.


“I have an idea!” hollered the silver haired princess.


“How about we have a contest to see who can finish all their food first!” suggested an enthusiastic Mai as she waved her fork at him.


“What do I get if I win?” asked Xavier with his brow raised.


“Beat me and you’ll find out!” retorted the hungry woman.


“What if I lose?” questioned the boy.


“I will tell you later!” remarked Mai as she banged on the table with her hand.


“YOU’RE ON!!!” yelled Xavier confidently while twirling a spoon.


Xavier waved over a waitress to their table.


“Miss, could you give us a countdown please?”


“Sure!” responded the waitress.


“5-4-3-2-1-Go!” yelled the waitress.


The feast was on! Xavier and Mai both attacked their plates furiously. Xavier went for the fried rice first, cycling in spoonfuls non stop. Mai, meanwhile, went for the BBQ. She tore the rib meat away from the bone as if she were a starving T-Rex tossing the clean bones behind her as she finished them. A crowd started to form around their table as other customers and employees realized a competition was taking place.


‘No way she can with all those crab legs. It takes too long to get to the meat. I got this!’ He thought.


After destroying a full slab worth of ribs she shifted her attention to the sausages. She shoved one all the way into her mouth before chewing and moving on to the next. Xavier cleared his way through the lo mein and then went after the rather large bowl of ramen. He had ditched his silverware, opting to eat with his hands. He scooped up large handfuls of noodles, flinging stray noodles and broth onto the spectators as he shoved the ramen into his mouth.


GO! GO! GO! GO!” cheered the growing audience.


Xavier was ahead in the contest as he had chosen several items that could easily be put away with quick double fisted handfuls. Mai was behind but still very competitive. She had chosen mostly meats which take longer to eat. After finishing off the ramen, Xavier shifted his attention to the egg rolls. He chomped away with large shark-like bites shoveling the delicious morsels into his mouth with both hands as fast as he could. His cheeks inflated like a puffer fish as he gorged himself, peppering the onlookers with bits of rice and meat. Meanwhile, Mai moved on to the kabobs. She bit into the kabob at one end and stripped off all the meat and veggies with her teeth, all with a single turn of her head. She repeated this until all the skewers were left empty.


At this point everyone in the restaurant was focused on battle of gluttons.


EAT! EAT! EAT! EAT!” roared the frenzied crowd.


Mai demolished her steak by holding it and tearing away chunks like a lioness ripping through the flesh of her prey. Xavier drank down the wonton soup directly from the bowl. He immediately felt a simmering heat in his chest.


“HOT!! HOT!! HOT!!!” said Xavier before stopping briefly to cool himself with some ice water.


This momentary delay gave Mai the chance to make a comeback. Seeing Mai gain ground prompted Xavier push forward and smash the hot dogs. He dipped the hot dogs into his soda to soften them up. Mai ripped into the beef brisket, sending pieces of fat and gristle behind her. leaving only the crab legs left to eat. Xavier had one plate left as well.


ALMOST THERE!” chanted the spectators in unison as the final face off unfolded.


The two briefly stared each other down as they pulled their final plates in front of them. Xavier grabbed two handfuls of broccoli beef and jammed them into his mouth, gulping down without bothering to chew. Mai upped the ante by grabbing 4 crab legs and biting through them all once. She swiftly crunched down on all of the crab shell and spit out hundreds of shell pieces like a gattling gun. The shell pieces ricocheted off of her plate and the table going everywhere.


OOOOOOHHHH!!!” yelled the excited audience.


As Xavier moved reached toward his plate once more his hand grew heavy as if he had anchor chained to his wrist. His body started feeling sluggish and he started to get dizzy.


Xavier began experiencing the effects of a food coma. He had overstuffed himself to his absolute limit. In this state, taking another single bite is near impossible!


“NO! This can’t be!” uttered Xavier as his head dropped onto his plate.


With Xavier down, Mai just had to finish her plate to win the competition. She had whittled away the mass of crab legs to just a single piece while Xavier struggled to reach his plate. She broke it open with her hand and sucked out the meat, claiming victory in the contest!


The crowd cheered and then dispersed shortly after. Some were taking bets!


“You alive?” asked the winner while shaking her fallen date.


“Just barely.” answered the defeated competitor.


“I lost….What I owe you?” asked Xavier as he sat back up.


“I’ll tell you later, but for now let’s leave!”


“I know just the place to go next.”


The pair wiped off as much food and as many stains as possible before paying and exiting the establishment. Neither cared that their clothes were ruined because they had fun with dinner.


“Where are we going now?” asked the buffet princess as they walked to the car.


“It’s a surprise!” remarked the buffet loser while opening the car door for her.


“You won this time but it’s not over.” joked Xavier as he started the car.


“I’m open for what ever challenge you have!” replied Mai as she looked while sticking her tongue out.


“You wanna know something?” asked the green eyed teen.


“What?” questioned the busty young lady.


“I almost didn’t ask you to out earlier.” admitted the vulnerable young man.


“Why?” questioned Mai.


“I was scared you would say no.” Xavier answered candidly as he looked out of the window.


“What made you do it anyway?” inquired the curious woman while twisting a lock of her hair.


“A wise man once told me that that you sometimes need to take risks in life. If you go though life scared and playing it safe all the time you miss out on something great.” Xavier said while navigating the busy streets of World City. He took a moment to take in the active night life.


Mai was momentarily flustered by Xavier’s words. Her face turned rosy red as she searched for the words to say.


“I’m glad you did” replied the cashier with a blush.


“I actually thought you were gonna say you had a boyfriend.”


“Really?” questioned Mai with a surprised look.


“Yeah.” responded the driver as he pulled into the left turn lane.


“Dating hasn’t worked out for me so far. ” admitted Mai with a defeatist exhale.


“What happened?” questioned Xavier while making a left turn.


“Well, ever since I was in middle school I’ve been teased and ridiculed about my weight. I know I’m chubby but some people can be so mean…” vented Mai with a sigh. Xavier nodded as he listened to her speak.


“Other girls would harass me on social media leaving rude messages from anonymous accounts and telling other people not to talk to me because I’m fat. They lived to make my life miserable. One time they left 2 gallon jugs of spoiled milk in my locker. I guess it’s supposed to mean that I am a dirty cow…”


“That’s cold blooded” remarked the new kid.


“Last year this boy I liked asked me to the prom. We knew each other for years and I always hoped he’d ask me out one day. This guy was one of the popular people in school and had a lot of friends. I thought it would never happen He finally asked me out and we “dated” up until prom when he stood me up.


“Damn” sighed Xavier as he got onto the highway.


“I waited for hours but he never showed only to find out it was a prank and he had been playing along with it for months just to make a fool out of me! I found out the following Monday that it was all set up by some of the other girls I mentioned before!” confessed Mai in an angry yet sad tone.


“I’m sorry you had to go through that. Some people are just assholes!” responded auburn haired boxer.


“I know right!” agreed the blue eyed angel while nodding her head.


Mai looked at Xavier with curious expression which let him know she was about to ask a question.


“So how has your dating life been?” inquired the busty teen while scratching her chin.


“It’s been non existent. You see, I’m not one of the ‘cool kids’ that most girls are into. The only time girls speak to me is when they need my help with something.” Xavier explained matter-of-factly while getting off the highway at an exit.


Mai nodded silently in acknowledgment.


“You’re too short, too ugly, too dumb, too nerdy… You’re just not good enough. That’s not just girls that say that, everybody has said that about me! For a long time, I’ve been told I’d amount to nothing.” confessed the brown haired boy in a frustrated tone before pausing.


Mai sympathized with Xavier’s feelings as she had experienced similar moments in her own life.


“But that why I try so hard at everything I do! That’s why I put in the time, the energy and effort! I want to be more than ‘good enough’….I want to be great!” Xavier passionately explained as they approached a rather large building.


“You wanna know something?” asked Mai.


“What?” questioned Xavier.


“I think you’re cool!” chuckled the freckled girl.


Xavier broke down in laughter at hearing Mai’s sudden remark.


“Speaking of cool, where did you get that scar on your eye?” asked Mai curiously.


“It’s along story. Maybe I’ll tell you about it another time” replied Xavier with a reluctant tone.


He immediately changed the subject as they pulled up to the destination. Before them was gigantic structure styled after ancient Greek architecture. This was the Olympus Fun Center. As they got out of the car they could hear the sounds of multiple engines roaring in the background. These noises came from the go cart track which was located behind the Olympus building. Adjacent to the go cart track stood a bumper car pit. To the left of the building there was a miniature golf course complete with windmills, caves, stairs and other obstacles. On the right side of the building there were several Carnival-like game booths where patrons could compete in activities to win prizes like giant stuffed animals.


“Welcome to Olympus!” yelled Xavier while raising his arms up as if he was a mighty Greek god.


Xavier was familiar with Olympus fun center because the company that owned it had a chain of these arcades nationally, each based on historical or mythical periods of time, locations, and people. He had been to the Olympus back home with his grandparents during the summer every year since he was a little boy. He had many fond memories playing arcade games with his grandfather as well as recollections of his mother and grandmother singing happy birthday to him at parties held there every year. Although it was at a different city, this was in a sense an extension of home. It was for this reason he chose to take Mai here, to share a part of himself with her and create new memories.


“These are the best arcades in the world! They have everything you could want!” exclaimed the excited teen as if he was a child again.


“Hurry up! lets go!” demanded the eager young woman.


Mai was even more enthusiastic about being at Olympus than he was because she had never been before. She grabbed Xavier by the arm and power walked for a few seconds before breaking into a run. As they walked into the building, Mai took a second to process what she was seeing. The arcade was massive and had multiple floors even eclipsing the size of Otaku Palace where she worked.


“OH MY GOODNESS!” shouted the silver haired gamer girl.


Mai didn’t know where to begin. This arcade had so many choices from all genres of arcade from light gun shooters to racing simulators to step based dance games.


“Where do we start!?” asked a panicked Mai.


“We gotta get some tokens first!” answered Xavier as he scanned for the nearest token machine.


“Look over there!” yelled Mai while pointing a customer service booth.


The booth had a sign on it that read “We accept big bills!” in large red and blue print. Xavier and Mai walked up to the booth, the former carrying a $100 bill. He exchanged the $100 for 400 tokens. The cashier handed Xavier and Mai 2 extra large plastic cups which each contained 200 tokens.


“Lets BEGIN!!!” howled the young man while pointing to all of the arcade machines.


Over the next couple of hours, the two played a variety of games of all kinds, more often as teammates than opponents. They battled each other in street fighter and to Xavier’s surprise Mai knew how to play and was even keeping up with him for a while. Xavier eventually triumphed because of his skills in the fighting game genre. They next played several racing games. Mai was the smoother driver of the two, at least in the digital world, as she easily won every race.


Mai pointed out Anime Jams, a step based dance game which used the theme songs from a huge selection of popular anime series from the 1980s up until the current time. Mai was deceptively agile, hitting every step with impeccable timing. she got a perfect score, beating out the other girls who were playing. Xavier watched Mai’s boobs bounced up and down with every step, noticing that the nearby women were jealous as their dates ogled her. After playing nearly every arcade machine on each floor they decided to play a few games of laser tag.


At the go cart track they shared a cart and took turns driving. Mai was very good, able to shift and turn and without slowing down her pace. When she was the passenger, she effectively coached Xavier to victory, telling him when to move, turn, or pass. As a team, they won every race they participated in.


They continued on until they had done everything except miniature golf. Xavier had won several prizes for Mai at the game booths including black and blue stuffed Chinese style dragon ,which was the one Mai liked the most. They had to go back to the parking lot to put all the prizes in the trunk. At that point had only a couple of tokens left which they used to start a game of mini golf.


Mai had never played miniature golf and did not know any of the rules or how to play.


“So what do I do?” asked the golfing newbie.


“The object of the game is to hit the ball into the holes you see on the ground.” explained the green eyed teacher while pointing to a hole in the astroturf beneath him. “The thing is the course is full of obstacles that are there to keep you from doing that.” informed Xavier while getting ready to take his first turn.


“Ohhhh okay!” remarked the silver haired beauty.


“Ill show you what I mean. You see that windmill over there?” asked the golf instructor.


“Yeah!” answered Mai enthusiastically.


“The windmill is there to stop me from scoring but I’m gonna get it in one try.” boasted the auburn haired young man.


He put the ball down on the turf and got into position. He hit the ball with precision, sending it rolling toward the windmill. The ball coasted steadily, making its way through one of the spaces in between the windmill’s blades and dropping down on it’s mark, landing a hole-in-one shot.


“Told ya!” bellowed the mini golf wizard with a grin.


“Now is your turn!” said the green eyed teen.


Mai stepped forward and got into position. After looking at the ball for a few seconds she swung her club at it.




Mai hit the ball with great force which sent it flying into one of the windmill’s blades. The ball ricocheted off of the fan blade, whizzing past Xavier’s face as he jerked to the side to avoid it. He could have easily been killed by the ball had he not saw it coming!


“SORRY!!!” yelled Mai apologetically as she ran to Xavier’s side to check on him.


“I’m ok!” affirmed the quick-reflexed man. “But that was too hard!” stressed the teacher to the student.


He handed Mai her club and put a fresh ball on the turf. “Try again…With me this time.” spoke Xavier with a relaxed tone.


Xavier then moved behind her as she got in position and placed his hands on her hips to adjust her posture. “Not too stiff but not overly relaxed. This is just right.” commented the mini golf instructor.


“Got it! What do I do now?” inquired the rookie golfer.


Xavier moved even closer behind Mai, brushing up against her thick ass.


“You gotta get a firm grip on the club.” instructed Xavier while adjusting her hands on the clubs handle.


There was a brief silence as Xavier felt an erection coming on. He tried to will his dick to stop rising in the leg of his pants but it did no good. Mai felt his manhood swell up in between her butt cheeks much like how a freshly cooked hot dog plumps in its bun.


Is that his!?‘ thought Mai to herself. She looked over her shoulder at him to see that he was blushing, which confirmed what she was thinking. However, she didn’t address it to him because she knew he was embarrassed by it. She instead asked him a question to encourage him to resume giving instruction.


“What do I do now?” asked Mai.


“You can’t be too strong with it. You gotta have some control so things are balanced. Power is good but it’s not necessary for every situation.” explained Xavier.


“Ok.” responded the gal.


“You ready?” asked the spiky haired instructor.


“YES!” yelled the excited student.


“Remember what I said, nice and easy.” The pair swung the club together, tapping the ball down the turf. It narrowly missed the windmill blade and went in the hole.


“YEEEEAAAAAHHH!!!!” yelled both of them while high fiving each other.


They made their way through the course playing a competitive game. Mai won the tie breaker round on the final hole, giving her the game. However she wasn’t a fool as she had figured out Xavier was letting her win on purpose.


“Why did you let me win!? I don’t need your charity!” asserted Mai.


“It wouldn’t have been as fun if I played to win. We’re both having a good time right?”


“You gave it your best and in the process you learned and we had a lot of fun.” explained Xavier while pointing back at her with his club.


“Next time we play I want your best game Lil Javi!” exclaimed the game winner while pointing her club at him.


“Hey! You can’t call me that! yelled the game’s loser.


“I just did and you can’t stop me!” retorted Mai.


Xavier playfully chased Mai off of the course and into the parking lot eventually bringing the duo to his car. Mai slowed down as she got to the passenger door, prompting Xavier to also stop.


“Thank you for showing me such a great time tonight X!”


“You’re welcome Mai!” replied Xavier with a cheesy grin and thumbs up sign.


“You were a total gentleman!” cooed Mai before pecking him on the cheek with a kiss. Xavier opened the door and they both got into his car.


Half an hour later, Xavier pulled up to the apartment complex where Mai lived. After getting out of the car he opened the trunk and grabbed the black dragon and other stuffed animals won at Olympus. Mai lead the way up the stairs to the 4th floor of the building. He followed her to room 420.


“Here we are!” said Mai with an energetic tone of voice.


The apartment had very nice looking interior with a rather large living room and appeared to be more costly than what Mai could afford with her wage at Otaku palace. The room smelled of brand fresh leather, implying the furniture there was brand new. He looked across from the couch to see a 65 inch flat screen 4K television mounted on the wall.


“Whoa! your house is pretty stacked babe!!” noted Xavier as he looked around at the inside of the apartment.


“My sister paid for all this stuff.” responded Mai as she turned toward the hallway.


“This way!” ordered Mai as she walked down the hallway.


Xavier followed her, still carrying the stuffed animals. She led him into what appeared to be her bedroom. The room was a large master bedroom with its own bathroom. It had a black and cream argyle patterned carpet with cream colored walls. The room had a beige colored Oakwood dresser which matched the computer desk, nightstand and entertainment center in the room. In the center of the room there was a king sized bed with a comforter and bedsheets inspired by DC comics superhero, The Flash. The walls were covered in a litany of anime and video game posters.


“You can put those by the closet.” instructed Mai while pointing in the direction of the closet door.


Xavier dropped the stuffed animals by the closet and approached Mai to say goodbye to her.


“I hope we can do this again sometime. I had a lot of fun tonight.” remarked the green eyed gentleman.


“We will!” replied Mai while giving him hug.


“Goodnight Mai.” replied the boy.


“Goodnight!? Why are you tryin to bail on me?! you just got here!” whined Mai while staring him down with a sad expression.


Xavier’s eyes widened in panic as heard Mai question him. He scrambled to think of something to say to minimize the damage done. He nervously fumbled over his words while responding to her, fearful that he somehow offended her.


“I….I…It’s not like that–” Xavier stuttered while scratching his forehead.


“I’m just kidding!” joked Mai while still hanging on to his arm.


Xavier let out a deep sigh of relief upon hearing her admit it was only a joke.


“Our date isn’t over yet, you should stay a little while!” declared the silver haired princess while picking up the TV remote.


“We can Netflix and chill!” suggested Mai while turning on her TV.


Xavier had never heard the term ‘Netflix and Chill’ before so he didn’t know what it actually meant but he was familiar with the streaming service because he is a long time subscriber. Mai sat down on her bed and took off her shoes.


“Come on!” called Mai while slapping the empty space next to her on the bed.


Xavier kicked off his shoes and sat next to Mai, leaning back on the multitude of pillows at the head of the mattress. Mai scrolled through the Netflix menu.


“How about Bleach?” asked Mai.


“Yeah!!” exclaimed the youth.


Mai started the show on the app resuming where she had left off. Having not seen this in anime form yet Xavier’s eyes were glued to the TV. As the episode progressed Mai gradually scooted closer to him which he didn’t notice because he was focused on the show.



Twenty minutes passes and Mai was as close as she could possibly get to him, one arm draped over his shoulder and her opposite hand lying on his chest.


After another half an hour, Mai leaned in toward him and kissed him on the cheek repeatedly before lightly kissing and nibbling on his earlobe.


“Stop playing around…” chuckled the brown haired teen.


Mai sensed that this was a sensitive area and continued nibbling. It was becoming difficult for him to pay attention to the television. He could feel Mai’s hardened nipples on his side. His dick grew hard once again as she attacked his weak spot. He was caught off guard by Mai’s move.


“What are you doing?” asked Xavier while turning to face Mai.


“Earlier today you told me you that sometimes we have to take risks to get what we want. I want you!” replied the blue eyed aggressor while looking him in the eyes.


“Come on X, don’t be afraid! She’s giving you an open invitation to SMASH!” he thought to himself.


Xavier understood that Mai was risking having her heart broken again by taking such a chance on someone she barely knew. However, Mai believed in him because she felt he was truly genuine as a person. It was this “feeling” that convinced her that he was worth it. Xavier’s heart was pounding fast and hard but he wasn’t alone. He could feel her heart racing just fast as his was. The next move was his and it was put up or shut up time.


“You gotta go for it! get in there!!!!” thought the youth to himself.


After a brief silence Xavier found his courage. He leaned in towards Mai and gave her a long passionate kiss on the lips. She returned the gesture and kissed him back, slipping her tongue into his mouth. He reached up her dress fondling the curves of her hips and thighs while they exchange saliva.


“Mmmmm! uhhh! Mmmmmm!”


Xavier relished Mai’s taste during the prolonged kiss. What made it better for was that this was not a test or a random hook up with a celebrity socialite, he had won Mai over with his own merit as a person. She legitimately liked him. After about 20 seconds they both broke away to take a breath. He glared into her eyes with lustful gaze. He then leaned in towards her neck and began kissing her there. Mai let out soft groans as he suckled the area. Xavier took his time and was careful not to nibble too hard.


Mai reached toward his neck and loosened up his bowtie, freeing him from the restrictive collar that had been bothering him all night. She then moved to unbutton his shirt, slowly undoing the buttons one at a time. Xavier gradually made his way downward to her cleavage, kissing her while gently squeezing and massaging her breasts with his hands.


“OOOOHH!!!” murmured the teen princess.


He pulled down the straps of her dress, peeling it away until the dress was down at her waist. Mai’s mountainous mounds were contained by a white bra that hooked in the back just like the one he failed to take off of Professor Reed days earlier.


Let’s see if I can make this work…‘ thought Xavier to himself.


The day before he had practiced unhooking bra clasps by putting one of his mom’s bras on a body pillow.


He reached around to her back grabbed both clasps, pushing them towards one another. He then heard a faint click as the metal clasps rubbed against each other before coming unhooked. Xavier smiled as he pulled apart the back straps. His diligence was starting to pay off.


YES! YES!‘ roared Xavier to himself in thought.


Mai leaned back to slipped her arms through the shoulder straps as he peeled the bra off of her body. Having successfully released Mai’s mega mammaries on his own, Xavier took a moment to admire them.


“Good god almighty!! They’re humongous!” He was shocked by their size. They were at least twice the size of his head.


He started slowly with his hands, lightly rubbing and squeezing on them. Xavier massaged Mai’s tits and gently ran the tips of his fingers on her areolas.


“OOOOH X!” groaned Mai as she let out a deep breath.


Mai’s anticipation grew as Xavier continued to play with her breasts.


“Suck on em for me baby!” cooed the love interest.


He immediately followed suit and started sucking her tits, beginning with the areolas. He licked them in a circular pattern, swirling his tongue around her nipples. Mai’s moans grew louder as he sucked and nibbled on her hardened flesh nubs.


“AH! OOH! MMM!!!” moaned Mai while holding on to his head.


He focused on the right one first and then moved on to the left, alternating between the two. Mai wrapped her arms around his head and held him close as he continued to work.


“THAT’S IT! Right there! OH MY GOODNESS!!” exclaimed the busty young lady.


Xavier had found a sweet spot, the very tips of her nipples. He honed in on these spots by pressing her breasts together so he could focus on both left and right simultaneously.


“AHHHHH!!!!” Mai moaned louder.


Mai was ready for the next phase and signaled what she wanted by pushing Xavier’s head a little bit lower. He followed along by kissing her lower, moving his way down her belly. Xavier peeled her white thong panties down and pulled it down her legs. Mai gave him an assist by lifting up her legs so he could pull them all the way off of her. He then resumed tour of Mai’s body. She giggled as he got closer and closer to her juicy center. Just as he was about to reach her pussy he skipped over it, going just below to her thighs. He lightly kissed her thighs and inner pelvic area causing her to squirm in delight. Mai shed tears from her vagina as Xavier continued to tease and get her worked up.


She’s nice and ready now!‘ thought the young pervert to himself.


With Mai’s anticipation at an all time high, Xavier went all in, starting with his hands. He worked her dripping wet slit with his fingers first before slowly opening up the folds so he could eat her pussy. Mai’s eyes widened as she felt his tongue slide up and down her inner walls.




Mai closed her eyes and squeezed the back of Xavier’s head which emboldened him to give her even more. The copious hours spent studying Pornsta$h videos the other day were bearing fruit.


Thank you Mr. Saitou!’ Xavier thought to himself.


Xavier then slipped his tongue into Mai’s moist pussy, repeatedly sliding it in and out almost as if he were penetrating her with it. The strong sensation she felt made her knees buckle.


“OHHHH MY GOD!!! THIS FEELS SOOOO GOOOOD!” screamed Mai while squirming on the bed.


Xavier spread her open more which exposed her clitoris. He grabbed Mai by her hips and pulled her in closer to his face. He started off by tickling it with the tip of his tongue then began jabbing her clit lightly with his tongue over and over. This drove Mai wild, causing her pussy to leak her love juices on Xavier’s face.


“MORE! MORE! DONT STOP BABY!!!! EAT THIS PUSSY DADDY!!!…..UGGGHHHH!!!!!!” screamed the silver haired princess as she squeezed the bed sheets.


Sensing Mai was getting close to breaking he made his boldest move yet. Xavier slipped his tongue underneath her clit, nibbling it and massaging it with his tongue simultaneously, sending a surging shock through her body. Mai immediately tensed up wrapping her legs around his head and neck.


“AHHHHHHH!!!!! I’MMMMM CUMMMMINNNGGGGG!!!!!!!” She screamed.


Mai held her grip on his head during her climax. After about 30 seconds, Mai’s body relaxed and she released Xavier from the hold her thighs had on him. Mai took in several deep breaths while Xavier gasped for air while sitting back up.


“Now it’s my turn to do you…” declared Mai with a seductive voice and smile.


Mai pushed Xavier on his back and mounted him, removing his shirt and his undershirt, crawling backwards on her hands and knees. Xavier’s dick was throbbing in his pants leg demanding to be freed from captivity. She unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants, and then lowered her head to where his zipper was.




Mai unzipped his pants with her teeth and then pulled the pants off of him. Xavier smiled as Mai pulled his boxer shorts off. Mai’s eyes enlarged in astonishment at the mountain of meat in front of her.


Oh my god!! How am I supposed to take this giant cock!?‘ thought Mai to herself while stroking Xavier’s dick slowly before picking up pace.


Mai leaned in and lightly kissed the head of his cock and then slowly went down his shaft. She then moved back upward licking his dick from the base of his underside all the way back up the shaft to its head. She repeated 3 times before grabbing a hold of Xavier’s monster cock with both her hands to hold it in place. She locked her lips around the head of his cock and went down. She could only take a bit less than half of her partner’s length so she bobbed up and down rather quickly to get more in. She made up for her lack of deep throat with the effort attention and care she gave to her man’s dong. While giving a sloppy wet blow job, she sandwiched him between her huge tits making for a hell of paizuri BJ combo.


“MMMMMMMPH!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!! UGGGHHHH!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!” sounded Mai as gargled on his dick.


“Yeah girl! Nice and easy!” uttered Mai’s date while playing with her hair.


Unlike his previous two encounters, Xavier was completely comfortable with Mai which allowed him to relax and enjoy the moment more. He laid back and let out a happy sigh as his date sucked him off.


Mai relied on skill and technique to perform oral. She masturbated the parts she couldn’t fit into her mouth with her hand and gently rubbed on his balls while blowing him.


At this point, Xavier could feel her juices running down his thighs and onto his ankles.


After thoroughly lubing him up with her saliva Mai made a strong attempt at deepthroating him. ‘Here goes nothing!‘ thought the sexy teen otaku to herself.


She locked on with her lips and slid his length into her mouth in a similar method to how she ate at the Big Bang Buffet earlier in the evening. She gradually forced in more and more until she felt a slight gag reflex sensation in the back of her throat. Mai then took his cock out of her mouth and did it again, this time trying to get more of his cock in her mouth while holding it down longer. Seeing that Xavier was enjoying her deep throat attempts encouraged Mai to do this quicker and harder, nearly causing him to erupt.


OH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH SHIT!!!! …Calm down buddy, IT’S TOO EARLY!…‘ thought the rookie to himself.


Xavier managed to settle himself down by thinking of the most boner-reducing thing he could possibly think of, elderly ladies in bikinis!! Thoughts of the countless wrinkles, grey hairs, and long, saggy boobs were the perfect counter to the lustful visions of Mai that played in his brain on repeat. To his surprise, this method of mental subject substitution actually work! allowing him to survive Mai’s amazing blowjob.


Mai then sat up and pointed at him. “Fuck Me Daddy!” demanded the female nerd while lying down on her back to get in position.


Xavier hesitantly turned her direction and got on top of her, his mind racing with feelings of anxiety. He had bombed twice before in this situation with Professor Reed and then Violette. There was a dead silence in his mind as he pondered what to do. It appeared he was going to fail a third time with Mai.


“Are you alright?” asked the blue eyed love interest.


“Yeah…” stated a nervous Xavier while trying to sound calm.


Now that Mai was aware something wasn’t right, things had become desperate for Xavier. If he didn’t act soon, this dream girl would lose interest and close her legs to him forever! Xavier had been frozen by his fear of failure once again.


“COME ON! MOVE DAMMIT!” panicked Xavier to himself as tried to will his hand to grab his dick unsuccessfully.


Suddenly he heard the professor’s voice in his head once again.


You lack technique and you have very poor control and form…


The only tool you have in your tool box is a hammer which isn’t always needed.


He initially didn’t understand the meaning behind this and why he was hearing this again but another voice would speak to him and make things more clear.


“You have to develop a rhythm to be able to hit your opponent and not be hit.”


“Grandad…!” he asked himself in his head.


“Adapt and adjust your technique to fit whatever situation you face. By understanding how rhythm works, you can develop rhythms of your own.”


“I THINK I GOT IT!” asserted the martial artist to himself


Although Xavier was a sexual novice, he was also an experienced amateur fighter. The young man had an epiphany at that moment and finally understood what his grandfather told him. Core martial arts concepts such as rhythm, movement, technique, timing, reflex and anticipation could be applied to sex as well!


Yeah, I’m alright, just had to focus a little bit!‘ the young fighter thought while grasping a hold of his dong.


Xavier leaned forward and slowly inserted the head of his dick into Mai. She moaned softly as he entered her extremely tight pussy. It was a very tight fit but the drool that dripped down from her orifice helped him get inside of her a little easier.


“AH!~ AHHHH!~” sighed the gamer girl as Xavier slowly pushed his length deeper inside of her.


It was a slow and gradual process as Mai was also a sexual rookie. Xavier took his time to avoid hurting her. He thrust into her with a nice and smooth pace to give her time to get used to his massive size. As he continued to push in and out of her, Mai gradually grew more vocal, cooing and moaning softly as she embraced him. The teenage fighter increased his pace slightly and changed the pattern of his thrusts.


“I want more!” Mai whispered into Xavier’s ear as he stroked her insides.


He pumped his hips quicker and put a little more force into each of his thrusts. Mai held on to his sides as he raised his upper body to an elevated push up like position over her. Xavier used this leverage to fuck her harder than he had before. He built up a steady pace, leaning into each thrust to probe deeper into Mai’s pussy.




Xavier began to hear a light splashing as he continued to fuck his woman. He looked down to see that Mai’s love juices were flowing heavily on his dick. He fucked her even harder, pounding her pussy as if he were playing a bongo drum. Mai screamed with pleasure which played to the steady chorus of skin slapping together. Mai wrapped her arms around him pulling him in for a kiss. He fucked her deeply as they locked lips, intertwined in a tight and loving embrace. Xavier then started to slow down, taking in the moment in his mind. He then sat up on his knees.


“Why did you stop bae?” asked Mai.


“I stopped so I could do this!”


Xavier picked up Mai and flipped her on her stomach.


“Assume the position!” yelled the energetic fighter while slapping the white haired princess on her bountiful booty.


Mai rose up to her hands knees, moving her body back and forth and gyrating her hips. She sandwiched his cock between her huge ass. Xavier couldn’t help but smile as he watched her twerk her heart shaped ass on him.


“You never told me you could move like that!” exclaimed the green eyed young man with amazement.


“It’s a little something I picked up from watching my sister dance in the living room!!!” She replied while twerking under his enormous penis.


“Lets keep this party going then!” replied Xavier while spreading her butt cheeks.


He inserted his monster cock into her warm vagina and immediately gave her several strong thrusts. Although he had found some new tools to work with, this was job that required THE HAMMER! He began pelvic punching her pussy deep and hard, holding on to her freckled booty cheeks for leverage.




Xavier gave Mai exactly what she wanted and fucked her with authority. Each mighty thrust sent ripples through her ass cheeks much like the tides of the ocean. Xavier spanked her hard on the ass as he continued to ram her. She held on to the wall for support. Several beads of sweat ran down Xavier face and torso as he continued his effort to give Mai the best night of her life.




Mai began to crumble to the beastly fucking Xavier was giving her. She was no longer holding herself up on all fours and instead was laying face down on the bed using her tits as cushions. He began to slow down once again, not because he was close to cumming but because he needed to take a breather. He took in 2 deep breaths before Mai turned over to face him.


“Relax, I’ll do some of the work now.” whispered Mai while pressing the palm of her hand into his chest.


The white haired goddess straddled Xavier as he lay on his back once again, grabbing his hard dick with one hand to hold it in place as she sat on it. Mai slowly lowered herself onto his very thick shaft until she was in the cowgirl position on top of him. She started off slow, moving up and down on his cock as if she were trying to sit in a chair without making a sound. After picking up some speed, she rotated her hips in a circular pattern, working his dick as if it were a joystick. Xavier grabbed a hold of her thighs, rubbing on them as she started to bounce on him.


“RIDE IT BABY!” exclaimed the excited teen.


Mai moaned loudly as she rode him more vigorously, rising higher up his lengthy pole before coming back down each time she bounced. She gradually increased the amount she went up until she was nearly at the top of Mount Xavier’s head before coming back down. Xavier’s eyes widened as he watched Mai’s tits bounced up and down while she moved on top him.


“OOOOHHHH BAAAAAEEEE!!!!!! YOU LIKE HOW I RIDE IT!!?” asked the busty angel.


“HELL YEAH!” answered Xavier while slapping her ass.


Not wanting to be outdone by his date, Xavier thrust his hips upward as Mai continued to bounce on his cock. He pushed up as deep as he could, making her scream his name.


” X!!!! X!!!!!! X!!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!!” yelled Mai as he drove her into a state of utter bliss.


“MAAAIIIIII!!!” howled her date as he pumped into her even faster.


Mai shook and winded her body about, moving along with the drum-like rhythm of her partner. She too had worked up a sweat as she was determined make this a memorable evening for them both.


“AAAAIIIIIIIII!!! YAAAIIIIIIII!!!! YAAAAIIIIIII!!!!!!” moaned the female otaku loudly.


Mai could feel Xavier in the pit of her stomach, she bit her lip while looking into his eyes, communicating her feelings for him with her gaze. Xavier played with her tits, kneading them and knocking them together while pressing on her nipples with his fingers. His eyes met her’s as he looked up at her face. Both Xavier and Mai were near their breaking point, each trying hard to push the other over the threshold into orgasm. Xavier sat up so he could fuck her face to face. Mai moved her body back and forth, wrapping her legs around his waist. She clutched him tightly in her grasp, holding him close as she approached her climax. Xavier felt that now familiar surge again while Mai’s body stiffened up again. She could feel her body tense up rapidly.


“XXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!” cried the curvaceous princess while clinching on to Xavier’s dick.


“MMMMAAAAAIIIIII!!!!!!!” roared the black dragon as he exploded in her, filling her inside with copious amounts of cum.


Each screamed the other’s name as they experienced a very intense near-simultaneous orgasm. As they came down from that feeling, Mai passionately kissed him on the lips.


“Whoa!” said the two of them simultaneously.


Mai lay down and got under the covers, euphoric with how her date had gone. She relaxed in bed wearing a smile that stretch from ear to ear. Meanwhile, Xavier sat on the side of the bed in thought. He didn’t know how to behave after a sexual encounter and his only experience to draw from was Violette. He thought back to when she kicked him out of her hotel room.


You know where the door is right?” Violette’s words echoed in his mind.


Xavier reached for his underwear on the floor. Mai opened her eyes and saw what he was doing.


“What are you doing bae?” asked Mai in a rather disappointed tone.


He was caught off guard by the question. He could tell by her tone that he had messed up. Worried that he hurt Mai’s feelings, he tried to explain. Mai was concerned that maybe Xavier had played her for a fool like previous boys who had hurt her in the past.


“I thought you were going to give me the queue to leave because we finished up…” replied the nervous teen.


Mai was relieved to hear his answer. She knew that for him to say something like that, someone else had to have done that to him before.


“NO!” affirmed the blue eyed angel. Mai then sat up behind him and hugged him at the waist.


“Stay with me..” she whispered softly into his ear.


Xavier lay down and wrapped his arms around Mai. She snuggled up close to him, resting her head on his chest as she closed her eyes. The night had come to an exhausting yet successful end. It was time to get some much needed rest.



The two slept comfortably for the rest of the night until Mai suddenly opened her eyes and sat up. An expression of panic swept across her face as she looked at the clock on the nightstand next to her bed. It was 5:15 A.M. She then shook Xavier to wake him up.


“BAE! X!! YOU GOTTA GET UP!” yelled the Mai while shaking him.


“Whaaaat?” asked Xavier incoherently as he tried to get his bearing.




Those words immediately woke him up. Xavier sat up instantly and turned to the side of the bed to get his clothes. In the midst of making love to Xavier, Mai had completely forgot to set her alarm clock to wake her up at 4:00 A.M. like she intended to do earlier. Mai looked out of the window and saw a white SUV drive past. It was Mai’s sister being dropped off by her friend.




Xavier skipped putting on his pants and shirt because he didn’t have time, instead slipping on his underwear, socks and shoes. He got up and grabbed his pants and shirt.


“Call me when you get home!” demanded the freckle faced girl.


“I will!” replied the brown haired youth.


Xavier darted out of Mai’s bedroom and down the hallway. He had 2 options to get out of there. The first was the front door. This choice was risky because Mai’s sister was at the complex and he didn’t know what she looked like so it would be very easy to get caught going out of the door. The second option was out of the sliding glass door to the balcony. This was extremely dangerous. To get away, he would have to go over the edge of the balcony and scale his way down 3 floors of balconies without falling. A fall from the 4th or 3rd floor meant certain death, but getting caught fleeing out of the front by Mai’s sister could mean never seeing Mai again.


“I’ll take my chances with death!” declared the dare devil.


Xavier walked out of the back door and threw his pants and shirt over the balcony and looked at the hand rail. He scanned down to the balcony on the next floor.


“That’s gotta be at least a 15 foot drop to the next floor” panicked Xavier. “If I time this right I can grab on to the railing on the next floor!”


It was a life threatening gamble, but he had little choice but to go over the rail and try to grab the hand rail on the next floor balcony. Just as he was about to climb over, he noticed a rope sitting in the corner.


“YES! THERES ANOTHER WAY!” he thought to himself.


He grabbed one end of the rope and tied it around his waist and tied the other end to the balcony. Xavier was going to try and repel his way down. He could tell there wasn’t enough rope to repel all the way to the ground but he could at least make it down a couple of floors.


He climbed over the railing and repelled down the 4th floor, pushing himself off of the balcony wall. He released some of the slack in the rope so he could repel again from the third to the second floor. He planted his feet firmly onto the third floor balcony wall and pushed himself off lowering to the second floor. He ran out of slack and couldn’t go any lower so he had to go to the second floor. He couldn’t reach the rail with his hands or feet so he would have to swing himself onto the balcony. He reached with the tip of his toe as far as he could to push himself off the edge of the balcony to build up some momentum to swing with. He swung back and forth, building up steam to make it over the rail and onto the balcony floor.


“3-2-1!” yelled the teen before swinging forward.


Xavier kicked his legs outward to clear the top of the railing but once he did he couldn’t stop his momentum.




Unable to stop going forward he crashed into a BBQ grill, knocking it over before slamming into the sliding glass door of the apartment there. Inside was a married couple who were dressed for work and having their morning coffee. Xavier noticed they saw him and untied the rope as quickly as he could. While getting the rope off him, he saw the husband picking up the phone.


“Dammit! He’s calling the cops.” panicked Xavier.


He had to get off of this floor as fast as possible. He hopped over the railing, grabbing onto it as he went over the edge. While standing on the edge the balcony, he looked down and saw a large pile of trash. He had no other choice but to take a literal leap of faith, hoping he survives the drop.


After a minute of mental preparation, he let go and plummeted to the earth below. “OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!” He yelled as he fell the entire way down.


With a loud crash, Xavier, luckily, landed in a pile of soft garbage, barely missing the deadly concrete.


“Just a little further to go and I’m safe!” thought teen while getting back to his feet, only sustaining a few bumps and bruises.


Xavier sprinted through the parking lot, ignoring cars that drove past him to leave the parking lot. He got into his car and pulled off; passing a police car that was coming into the complex as he was leaving.


“That was close!” commented Xavier as he let out a sigh of relief.


Half an hour later, as Xavier pulled up to his house, he made a phone call to Mai to let her know he made it home safely. He then got out of his car carrying his clothes in hand. He recounted the events of the night as he walked up the stairs. He scored a much needed victory and in the process found a potential girlfriend. He threw his soiled suit in the dirty clothes hamper and took his shoes of before getting in the bed. He drifted away into sleep almost immediately after laying down; entering a dream state once again.



Xavier was standing in the parking of Olympus Fun Center having just won a city-wide Super Smash Bros. Eternal tournament. As he walked to his car, Vanessa, the girl he faced off against in the tournament finals greeted him. She had on a baggy clothes and a baseball cap that obscured her face.


“Hey X!” called Vanessa.


“Ay!” replied the tournament champion.


“Good game, next time I’ll get you.” declared Vanessa while lightly punching him in the shoulder.


“You can try; I’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready.”


“How About riGHT NOOOW?!” Vanessa’s voice distorted as she spoke but Xavier recognized who it was by the time she finished her sentence.


“Violette!?” screamed the young man with a terrified look on his face.


The figure morphed into the demon from his previous dream. Xavier got in his car and peeled off in an attempt to outrun the demonic presence.


“You can’t escape the inevitable! No matter how hard you try, your failures, your shortcomings, your emotional baggage, ALL of your demons will catch up with you!” screamed Violette as she followed him down the highway.


Xavier punched the gas and redlined, reaching his cars maximum speed. The teen panicked as he desperately fled for his life.


Violette laughed then underwent a second and more powerful transformation. She grew to a monstrous size, her legs expanded and taking on the form of beast like hind legs. Her skin and clothing burned away to reveal red scales all over her body. She continued her metamorphosis until she had completely transformed into a giant dragon.




The red monster opened her mouth and fired a powerful pulse that tore the up the road so Xavier couldn’t control his car.


“NOOOOOOO!” screamed Xavier as his car spun out of control.


His car flipped over multiple times landing upside down before hitting a guardrail. Xavier, still conscious, crawled out of the car and leaned up against the guardrail. Both legs were broken there was no escape. Violette assumed her human form once again as she landed.


“You’re hopeless. Realize this fact and just drop out. It’s easier that way. Trying only leads to failure.” She said in a more compassionate tone of voice.


Xavier had nothing to say, he was beaten down and defeated. Unable to move he could only sit with his head down as Violette had overwhelmed him with her power and her words.


“Alright….Y..Y…Y You Win..” stuttered Xavier.


“I wanna hear you say it!” demanded Violette with an evil grin.






Before Xavier could finish speaking, another figure arrived on the scene. The white haired, freckle faced woman was clad in samurai armor appeared by his side. She carried a Nodachi long sword encased in a red and gold sheath.


“Mai!” uttered Xavier with what little strength he had left.


“I will protect you…” asserted the woman with a calm tone.


Mai turned her attention to Violette and held up her blade, still in its case.


“YOU!! You’re the one from before!!!” remarked Violette.


“Your days of crushing his spirit is over. Leave now or die!” ordered Mai while slowly sliding her sword out of its case.


“NO! YOURE THE ONE WHO WILL DIE TODAY!!” bellowed the enraged demon queen.


Violette took her Dragon form again and launched herself high above the city. She fired off a meteor-like ball of flame down on Mai who unsheathed her sword fully, revealing a clear crystal blade. She leapt upward toward the meteor.


Tenshiken Ryu Ougi: Mugenjin!” (天使剣流奥義・無限刃, Blade of Angels Sword Style, Final Technique: Limitless Blade!)


Mai swung her sword and spiraled into a corkscrew. The spiraling ki around her took on the form of phoenix made of white flames as she slashed. Mai’s attack effortlessly eviscerated Violette’s kamikaze meteor and pierced through the demon Queen.


“Ohh? Not bad… Is that all you got?!” She points her finger at the two and prepare to gather ki. “Let’s see you handle th–” Violette’s eyes widen as her hand slowly crumbles into dust.


“…Heh! Looks like you won for now lil Javi… BUT I’LL BE BACK!!!” Violette said with a twisted grin as she faded into slowly dust, the last of it being her head and twisted smile.


“AND I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE!!” yelled the warrior princess back at the defeated demon.


Mai ran over to Xavier and placed her hand over his heart. His injuries began to heal.


“I’m sorry I was late X-sama” apologized the demon hunter.


“Its ok, I’m glad you made it. Thank you for saving me Mai.” said the green eyed youth.


“Now that I’ve found you, I will always be by your side X-sama.”


Xavier responded with a smile, feeling like things will be okay moving forward.



Xavier smiled as he slept in his bed. The bedroom door cracked open revealing Mei, his mother, to be standing on the other side. She had come home from her business trip early, arriving home shortly after Xavier fell asleep. As she came in the room to check on him, she noticed he was smiling.


“You must be having a really good dream.” remarked Mei to her sleeping son.


Mei leaned down and kissed him on the forehead. “Good Night Lil Javi. I’m proud of you son.”

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

The character design of the beautiful Maihime is totally unique and something I haven’t seen before from you. Not only the cute little freckles on her face, breasts and hips but also the fact that she is slightly more chubby than many other characters from the series you draw or your OCs make her even more distinct than so many other girls. Her expression is drawn nicely with her biting her lower lip out of sheer pleasure and the fact that one of the biggest dicks is currently penetrating her pussy. The background really makes it feel as if we are in the room of a total weeb with the different anime posters on the dresser and door, the anime shown on the TV and the Flash-themed bedsheets. While the makeup she wears isn’t that striking, it surely matches her character with her not being someone with much sexual experience and not someone who wears it to get noticed or show off.

With the story beginning with a recap how Xavier got home after his failed date with “V Goddess” and waking up with the hurtful but probably true (from Violettes point of view) message on Linkum which almost leads him to quit BSU is a rather grim start for a chapter I must admit. But that leads quite possibly to the most interesting speeches from Saitou and a little flashback from Xaviers childhood with his grandfather and to what might be the funniest “training-montage” ever with him watching a ton of porn to get better with the ladies. Him training to open up a bra and commenting the different sex scenes he sees is quite funny to read too. But that all changes with the release of “Super Smash Bros Eternal” and his meeting with Maihime. Before that we have some other things to mention, the first being the introduction of “omniscient narrator-chan” and the explanation she delivers about the beast people which feels quite anime-like to me and secondly the continuation of Xaviers, let’s say extravagant, daydreams. The first one being a Super Mario / Super Smash Bros-esque one about him obtaining the game, the second one with his “encounter” with Violette as something of a inner demon that hounts him and a third one even later again with his inner demon but this time with Maihime at his side. I’m still not a big fan of them but the second and third one are a nice show of growth of Xavier in his own abbilities and the fact that he has now a person where the sex worked out and who helps him overcome the aforementioned inner demons. The way he met the white haired girl is also nicely done and with him overcomming his fear just to talk to her and ask her out for a date really shows what an impact Violette had in his life. All three locations these two visit on their date night (Big Bang Buffet after Maihime told him that his choice for the night might be to expensive, Olympus Fun Center and lastely Maihimes and her sisters appartment) are totally unique and interesting places which only further expand both characters personality and their relationship, with both of them being quite the gluttons, weebs and having a rather harsh childhood. Especially the little tease at the miniature golf section with Xavier helping her how to play and afterwards even letting her win was well done. Both of them watching Netflix lead into one of the most interesting sex scenes ever done. Xavier unaware of what Netflix and chill meant wanted to leave after watching Bleach but Maihime didn’t see it that way so we got to witnessed one hell of a unique experience with both of them being unexperienced to the whole sex-thing but still having a kinky time. Some highlights for me include the way she calls him “Daddy” during sex which is something I at least can’t remember from the other stories, the victory he had with opening her bra successfully and how he developed cunnilingus as his trademark (something he has failed to do with Violette but will be more important in the oncomming dates he has). His action packed exit from the appartment was nicely described, though I wonder why Maihime urged him to leave so her sister won’t find out she had a date tonight. Only time can tell.

And with that ends one hell of a chapter and the introduction of the first proper (in my eyes) love interest for Xavier. I’m not really a fan of the pairing myself but I can understand the people who say that they are a perfect together.

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Yes those were the good ole days. This is my longest chapter to date and one of the most fun to write. X first meeting Mai was inspired by the idea of having your life flash before your eyes and seeing angels before death. Narrator-Chan was RT’s idea. We thought she would be a nice means of explaininimg background imformation about BSU’s world.

The rest was me playing around and exploring Xavier’s Character. The daydresms and visions are a big trait of his that i cut down on in an attempt to shorten chapter length. Those havent really appeared much after this chapter but I wan’t to bring them back the next time Xavier is a featured character. I feel like this has been missing from him since I stopped doing it.

Him asking her out was nerve racking. In his mind Mai was perfect a fellow anime nerd with Big Tits a big ass cute freckles and white hair. Seeing Mai for the first time put a fear in him that makes meeting violette pale in comparison. Unlike Violette and Sara this was personal to him as he desired to get to know Mai, It went beyond the idea of banging her.

I tried to make the date between Xavier and Mai a classic date of sexual rookies. X tried to be fancy and spend money to impress her but Mai saw thru that which is why she picked the big bang buffet over the fancy place Xavier planned. I wanted to show two teenagers having fun and enjoying each other’s company. Each views the other as somewhat of reflection.

I was trying to make the sex scene awkward at first and gradually become hot and steamy over time. Pussy eating became a point of interest for him as well as a signature skill he will be known for.

I think the natural feel to the sex in this encounter is what made people like Xavier and Mai as a couple. Mai panicked when Matsunami arrived because her sister is very protective of her. She wanted to keep him from the intense scrutiny he’d face if caught there at 5 in the morning.

Thanks for reading! I hope you continue to enjoy BSU.

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Mr. Akrononym
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… Thanks for revealing something that might have become a plot twist later down the line, I guess? I wasn’t aware of the fact that Matsunami and Maihime were sisters and you make a pretty good job hiding that fact by stating in this and the next chapters with Xavier X Matsunami, that she has a sister without going too much into detail.
Might have been quite the plot twist but well… I can still a series even if I know what to expect so it really isn’t that big of a deal.