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Blind Date Satisfaction

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)

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(August 16th, 10:30 A.M., 11 DAYS UNTIL BSU ORIENTATION)


The aroma of food filled the Williams household as Mei went to work in the kitchen. Grease loudly popped and crackled inside of the deep fryer as she was frying up some chicken. Bacon could be heard sizzling on the pan as Mei alternated between flipping pancakes and scrambling eggs on 2 of the 4 burners on the stove. The bronzed, blonde beauty swiveled her hips and shook her booty to the beat of a salsa tune on the radio. She continued to dance and sing along with the music while pouring pancake mix and blueberries into a waffle iron press. The scent of the impending brunch crept its way around the house, going up the stairs and into Xavier’s bedroom.




Xavier’s popped open and immediately sat up once the aroma hit his nostrils.


“What’s she doing here!?” thought the auburn haired teen to himself while getting out of the bed.


He quickly put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt before heading downstairs to the kitchen. Mei immediately noticed there was something different about her son as he swaggered into the room. He was standing a little taller and held his head high as he walked. There was more of bounce in his step that hadn’t been there before.


“Good morning Lil Javi!” shouted while catching an airborne pancake with a skillet.


“Good mornin mom!” replied the green eyed youth as he approached his mother.


“I thought your trip was gonna be a week long.” stated the young man.


“I thought so too but we ended up finishing a few days early.” responded the green eyed milf after kissing him on the cheek. “I called you last night and left a voicemail. I was gonna ask you to come pick me up from the airport. My flight came in at 6.” informed Mei while fixing her son a plate of breakfast.


Xavier was silent after his mothers statement having recalled missing the phone call and listening to her voicemail during his date with Mai.


“Sorry Mom.” apologized the boy as he poured 2 large glasses of orange juice.


Mother and son sat across from each other at the table, each with large plate of food.


“So did you do anything fun while I was gone?” inquired Mei while cutting up her pancakes.


“Not much, I went to Olympus yesterday. That’s about it.” answered the brown haired teen.


“And you wore a tuxedo and dress shoes JUST to go to Olympus?” questioned the mother with an eyebrow raised before taking a bite of her food.


Mei noticed the tuxedo, shoes and his bow tie on his bedroom floor when she checked on him hours earlier. Xavier’s eyes widened as Mei mentioned his outfit from the night before. He remained silent while thinking of a response to give.


“Sounds like you were on a date last night!” asserted Mei with a confident grin. “That would explain why you didn’t answer the phone OR call me back!” exclaimed the suspicious mother while stroking her chin.


“MOMMMMM! It’s not like that!” pleaded Xavier while blushing.


Mei knew Xavier had a date that night but continued press him on the subject because she could see that he was uncomfortable discussing the subject.


“So who’s the lucky lady!?” asked the busty mother.


Xavier didn’t respond to the question. His discomfort was clearly visible in his expression and his behavior. Beads of sweat ran down his forehead. His hand trembled causing the fork and knife in his hands to clang against his plate.


“Its okay, you don’t have to tell me. I’m just glad you’ve made a friend.” stated the caring mother.


That went better than I thought…‘ thought Xavier while letting out a sigh of relief.


“Now that you’re making friends, there’s something I need to tell you.”


“What?” asked the curious son.


“BOY! YOU BETTER NOT GET ANY OF THESE GIRLS PREGNANT!!!!” Mei ordered causing Xavier to almost spill his juice. “I’m not ready to be a grandmother yet!!!” yelled the animated mom while standing and leaning across the table toward Xavier, her large cleavage inching closer towards his face.


“CHILLLL!” responded Xavier in raised tone of voice while exhaling in a very slow and exaggerated manner. He held up his open palms and pushed the air while exhaling.


“It was just dinner and hanging out with a friend. Nothing to worry about!” Xavier said, telling half-truths.


“Just dinner huh? Not the way you strutted into the kitchen! You walked in here like you ruled the world!” chuckled the curvaceous mif. Xavier’s face turned completely red in embarrassment as he paused eating.


“Its okay son, sex is a natural part of growing up. Time passed so quickly. I remember when you were in diapers and learning how walk… And now you’re a grown man, going out on your own, and banging hoes.” reflected Mei while trying to hold back tears.


“MOMMMMM! cut it out!” demanded the embarrassed teen.


“I’m just saying be careful son… You have a big opportunity ahead of you. I was 18 years old and ‘HE’ was 17 when you were born. I don’t want you struggling to raise a child at a young age like I did.” advised Mei.


“I KNOW, I KNOW! I understand mom.” acknowledged Xavier.


“So watch what you do and where you stick that big ol’ ding-a-ling of yours!” giggled the mother.


Xavier’s face reddened with humiliation upon hearing that remark. “MOMMMMMM!!!” complained the green eyed young man.


Mei heartily laughed at Xavier’s reaction to her comment. “Boy, I carried you for nine months. I’ve raised you for 18 years. I used to bathe you before you could do it yourself. Do you think there’s anything I don’t about you?” asked Mei while drinking her orange juice.


“You don’t have to bring that up though.” griped the teen before finishing his food.


“Well I wanna meet this friend of yours. I’ve seen you smile more this morning than in the last 2 years.” stated Mei.


“Uhh… We’ll see mom…” replied the shy teenager while taking all of dirty dishes to load into the dishwasher.



(30 minutes later)


Xavier sat in his room trying to play the new Super Smash Bros. Eternal game he got last night from his date. However, he was distracted and continued to look at his phone. He wanted to talk to Mai but didn’t want come off as needy or annoying for calling or texting too much, especially when their date ended about 5 hours prior in the early morning!


“Should I text her now, wait a day or just wait for her to text me first? I could ask Mr. Saitou, I’m sure he’d know… But that doesn’t help me right now does it?” pondered the young man.


He struggled with this for about 5 minutes, unable to come to a decision. However he wouldn’t have to make one because Mai decided for him. Xavier’s phone rang and he answered it immediately.


“Hello?!” answered the young man with an excited tone.


“Good Morning X!” replied the chubby princess.


“Good morning Mai, what’s up?” asked the teenager.


“Just got out of the shower. I’m sorry about earlier. I forgot my sister was getting off work this morning.” apologized Mai while drying her hair.


“Its okay. I managed to get away with minimal aches and bruises so it’s all good.” responded Xavier in a cheeky tone of voice.


“Maybe another time we can get a hotel so we don’t get interrupted?” suggested the freckled young lady.


“Yeah! I like that! How about tonight when you get off work.?” asked the green eyed young man, excited for more adult action.


“Sorry cutey, I can’t today. I have to work a double shift, 13 hours. I’m getting ready for work now.” answered the blue eyed woman as she put on her clothes.


“Alright, let me know.” he replied, slightly disappointed.


“I’ll make it up to you for kicking you out this morning. I promise!” exclaimed Mai while walking out of her apartment to catch the bus.


“Oh really?!” asked Xavier while raising his eyebrow in front of the mirror.


“YEAH!” yelled Mai as the bus arrived.


Xavier could hear the bus pulling up in the background. Mai boarded the bus and paid for her ticket as she and Xavier brought their call to a close.


“Okay, have a good day at work and be careful carrying books while walking!” joked the brown haired boy while stroking his chin.”


“You watch where you’re going too clumsy. I don’t want you getting yourself hurt again.” retorted Mai while taking her seat on the bus.


“Ok!” chuckled the auburn haired youth.


“I’ll text you later Bae….” affirmed the store clerk.


“Bye Mai, have a good day at work.” Xavier said before hanging up the phone.


After hanging up he noticed his Linkum account had new activity. His new friend requests and messages had slowed down significantly since his botched date with Violette Beauregard and her negative review days earlier. He opened his account to find one local message and friend request from a user named IceyHotDivinity. Her profile picture wasn’t a photo of herself, but a heart made of ice outlined in flames. Xavier opened her profile to discover she had no other pictures on her account. He then opened the message sent to him 3 hours ago by the same user. The message read “Be at Peaches Gentleman’s Club at 11 P.M. Don’t be late.”


“Probably just some catfish fucking with me.” he thought to himself.


Just as Xavier was about to reject the request and delete the message, a chat window opened on screen.


IceyHotDivinity: Hey!

xXxDragon: Who are you?

IceyHotDivinity: Wouldn’t you like to know?

xXxDragon: Show me a picture

IceyHotDivinity: Did you read my message?

xXxDragon: Yeah..

IceyHotDivinity: You will get your chance to see me face to face tonight. Don’t let me down.

[IceyHotDivinity left the chat]


Xavier was intrigued by this mysterious stranger. He stared at screen for several minutes afterwards debating what to do.


What if this is some set up to make a fool out of me? “She” didn’t have any pictures. She could be giving me the runaround or even worse what if this is a dude!?‘ worried Xavier in his mind.


“WHAT DO I DOOO!?” yelled the confused young man.


“YOU ALRIGHT JAVI!?” yelled Mei from downstairs.


Xavier walked over to the stairs to respond to his mother.


“YEAH I’M GOOD! JUST ON A BIT OF A LOSING STREAK IN THIS GAME!!” replied the green eyed youth.


He walked back to his bedroom and spotted some loose change sitting on his desk. Xavier picked up a quarter off of the desk and held it up.


“This is how I will decide. Heads I stay, Tails I go!” declared the boy before flipping the coin into the air.


“TAILS!” exclaimed the young man while staring at the coin.


“…..” Xavier stared at the result of the coin flip in the palm of his hand.


“I guess I’m going.” lamented the teenager.



(10:55 P.M.)


The line was packed at Peaches as the spiked hair young man approached the entrance. Rather than stand in line he walked up to the bouncer.


he bouncer was quite the intimidating figure. He had a slick bald head and stood at 6’6 with a stocky and strong build. He had a very intense stare though his right eye wandered as he glared at Xavier.


“Excuse me sir!” yelled the boy as he walked to the front of the line.


“The line is back there buddy.” directed the bouncer while pointing to the end of the line.


“Someone told me to meet them here at 11! I need to get in now!” exclaimed Xavier.


“That sounds like a personal problem. If you wanna get in you’ll have to wait your turn like everyone else.” explained the bouncer.


“You don’t understand! I got invited, I can’t be late!” Xavier pleaded with a tone of desperation.


“You’re starting to piss me off kid. You can walk way right now or you can stay here and get carried away.” threatened the bouncer.


“Is that so? I’m not going anywhere” declared the teen. “This is really important and I have to be on time to meet her. There’s a lot riding on this and can’t afford to mess this up and make a another bad impression. It’s important enough to go through you if I have to!” affirmed the fiery tempered young man.


Xavier’s eyes narrowed and he clenched his fists in anticipation of a fight.


Before things could get physical a loud voice broke up the altercation. “HEY! What’s the problem!?” asked the voice The voice belonged to Rico, the General Manager of Peaches Gentleman and right hand man of Lady Peach; the club’s owner.


“This kid keeps trying to cut to the front of the line. He says somebody invited him here and he has to get in. I’ve warned him a few times already. I was just about to take care of him when you walked up boss!” stated the bouncer while cracking his knuckles.


Rico eyed the young man. “So you’re “her” special guest. She told me she was expecting someone. Do you have some identification? I just need to verify you are who you say you are.” informed the club manager.


“Sure.” replied the teen as he handed Rico his driver’s license.


Rico looked at the young man’s license and recognized the name, turning it over and holding it up to the light to verify it wasn’t a fake. After confirming the authenticity of Xavier’s ID he handed it back to him.


“Come on in kid, you’re good to go.” stated the manger while waving him inside.


“Thanks man!” replied the youth, giving him the 2 finger salute while walking in. Passing by the bar, he noticed a familiar face working the bar. Xavier looked at the brown haired young man working at the bar, recognizing him from TV.


“HEY! You’re…..” exclaimed Xavier while pointing at the bartender.


“Quiet down, you’re making yourself look bad.” stated the bartender in a calm tone.


Xavier sat the bar and spoke, using a normal tone of voice on his second attempt.


“Eiji Nakamura, top prospect for last years pro draft. Sorry about what happened to your knee.”


“Yeah but I’m managing. By the way, you can call me EJ.”


“So what are you having?” asked the bartender, shaking up a drink and then handing the finished drink to another customer.


Xavier looked around the assortment of bottles behind Eiji. He had never once tasted alcohol but knew of several drinks he heard about in songs and on TV.


“I’ll take a double shot of EL Rey” requested the first time drinker.


EL Rey is popular brand of top shelf tequila that is one of the current drinking trends worlds wide. Xavier gulped down the shot and immediately choked, for the burn and the alcoholic power of tequila was too much for him. He spit the rest out prompting Eiji to nearly die laughing at him.


“I guess I’ll take root beer instead” requested the liquor rookie.


“I take it that’s your first experience with liquor?” chuckled the bartender.


Xavier suddenly remembered that he heard the name “EJ” previously. He thought to himself for a moment.


“EJ, yes I will be en route shortly.” His mind flashbacked to when Charles, Violette’s butler, said that as he was leaving the hotel after being kicked out by her.


“Hey EJ, were you hanging out with Violette Beauregard the other night.” asked the green eyed kid.


Eiji was caught off guard by question momentarily.


“If I was, how would you know that?” questioned the mixologist while pouring a frosty mug of root beer.


“Well, I did to. I was there first. I overheard her driver say your name over the phone as I was leaving.”


“Oh really? So she stays pretty busy huh? How did your time with her go?” asked the blue eye, brown haired young man while sliding the mug to Xavier.


“…It went pretty decent I suppose.” the green eyed rookie said quietly before shifting the focus of the conversation back to Eiji, no longer wanting to recall that disastrous night.


“So how did she rate you?” asked Xavier while taking another sip of his drink.


“She gave me 5 Stars.” informed the former ball player while showing Xavier his phone screen. “She said…Average size, but a great fucking lay!”


“Congratulations!” toasted Xavier before pausing as Eiji took drink orders for other customers. The two resumed where they left off in conversation.


“So why are you working as bartender. You had a full scholarship right?” inquired the curious teen.


“I gotta make a living doing something ya know? I lost my scholarship after the doctors told me I couldn’t play anymore.” stated the former point guard plainly.


“When I got hurt, my old school didn’t cover any of my medical expenses. My big sister is working her ass off to try and pay whatever debt she can. I wanna help her pay this stuff off!” confessed the bar man.


“I know the feeling of wanting to help a family member. So your sister raised you or something?”


“Yeah something like that. She’s been the only parent I’ve known for a long time. She’s the one that made me believe I could become great and make it to the pros.”


“Couldn’t you get a gig with one of these TV networks as a commentator for college games? Some other guys that didn’t make it to the pros are doing it, why can’t you?” asked the curious teen as he took another sip.


“I never got any offers like that. Besides if I can’t PLAY basketball, I’d rather create a new path and try something else, kinda like reinventing myself.”


Xavier nodded, acknowledging Eiji’s sincerity.


“On the bright side I’m still an attraction without a basketball in my hand!” Eiji pointed out while carrying 4 Apple Martinis to the busty female patrons who came to see him.


“Thank you EJ!!!!~” sounded the 4 buzzed young women in unison while waving and blowing kisses at him.


“Working here has its perks!” laughed Eiji as he approached Xavier while carrying his tip, a wad of $50 bills and a napkin with on of the girl’s phone numbers written on it.


“You just pulled a couple of hundred dollars and a girl’s number that easy!?” questioned Xavier with a dumbfounded look on his face.


“Yeah, this is pretty regular around here! …but I’m quitting soon.”


“Why is that?” asked the shocked teen.


“I’m going back to school in a week and a half!!” answered the young bartender enthusiastically.


“What school are you going to?” queried the strip club guest.


“Busteez Slut University!” answered the standout freshman with a grin.


“Whoa! I’m going there too actually! I got accepted a few days ago.” informed the newest BSU student.


“That’s a hell of a coincidence. We both got accepted into BSU AND banged Violette Beauregard on the same day! We’re practically brothers now!” laughed Eiji while drinking his own soda.


“I guess so!” chuckled the 18 year old.


Eiji’s joke session was cut short by Kristin, one of the waitresses who needed drinks for several tables.


“Hey EJ, I need 7 bottles of champagne, 8 Margaritas and 6 Long Island Ice Teas.” requested the waitress.


“That’s a big ass order! You’re lucky I like you.” grinned the flirtatious bar attendant.


Xavier looked at his phone and saw it was already 11:30. He then looked at Eiji as he grabbed the champagne bottles.


“Ay, this girl invited me to meet her here at 11. I don’t know her name or what she looks like. Any girls that work here you think it could be?” asked the young bar patron.


“A secret admirer huh? There aren’t any girls I know that would do that, but then again there’s a few girls I don’t know very well so it could be one of them.” revealed Eiji as he sent out the big order of mixed drinks.


The bartender then returned to work to service a group of girls that waved him over. Xavier then turned his attention to the stage and watched the dancer who was performing.



(20 minutes later)


It was almost midnight which meant it was time for the featured performer. The lights slowly dimmed as Rico approached Xavier at the bar.


“Excuse me sir, please come with me.” directed the club manager.


Rico escorted him to a lone recliner chair positioned right in front of the center stage area. Xavier looked around, not sure what is happening.


“It’s time, have fun!” chuckled Rico while looking at Xavier’s facial expression.


The freshman student legs shook out eagerness to find out the identity of the mysterious woman who messaged him earlier in the day. He sat at the edge of his seat in anticipation for the big moment.


“The time is almost here!” thought the excited youth to himself.


The lights went complete dark before transitioning to blue strobe lights that illuminated the room. The DJ then took the mic.


“Ladies and gentlemen!!! IIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTT’S TIIIIIIIIMMMMME!!!! Peaches Gentlemen’s Club is proud to present to you The Queen of Jiggle, the Empress of Twerk! She’ll make your dick hard till it hurts! She’s the breakout Rookie of the Year in the adult entertainment world!!! the reason y’all are here! She’s stacked up top and loaded in the rear! She’s cold like ice, hot like fire, and she’s here to fulfill your every desire! EVERYBODY STAND UP FOR THE ONE, THE ONLY, FROSSSSSSSSSST FIREHEARRRRRT!”


Flakes of artificial snow fell from the ceiling just as the DJ finished introducing frost. The air filled with frosty air which created the visual effect of being cold in the room. A light wind picked up and combined with the other effects, it looked like a snow storm was taking place inside of Peaches Gentleman’s Club. Xavier took in the sights and sounds that were going on around him. He sat anxiously at the edge of his seat. He gripped the ends on the arm rests and stared up to the stage above him.


She’s almost here!‘ the young man thought to himself as he waited with anticipation.


A space opened up in the ceiling, revealing the bottom of a platform that lowered down. Xavier’s eyes followed as the platform descended, first taking notice of what appeared to be the base of a throne. The platform, slowly dropped further, eventually exposing a crystal-like throne which had several spikes that rose up from the top. The figure sitting on the throne rose to her feet and stepped off the platform as it hit the stage.


The figure was dressed in a cold weather outfit, similar to the ones worn by the natives in the colder areas of the world. She wore skin tight light blue pants which hugged her curvy, voluptuous frame. Her button up coat matched the color of her pants and had fur lining on the opening of the sleeves. The figure’s face was hidden beneath a fur trimmed hood.


Frost moved swayed her hips in a slithering snake-like motion as she unbuttoned her coat. The crowd cheered loudly as she removed her clothes. Underneath her coat she had on a fur bikini style top. Frost continued to move her body for the crowd, prompting them to toss hundred dollar bills toward the stage.


“QUEEN FROST! QUEEN FROST!” roared the perverts in the audience.


Xavier watched her intently, taking notice of a cross shaped scar that started above chest and extended down breasts, stopping at her abdomen. He was awed by this imperfection, as it brought even more mystique to her. The scar attracted Xavier to her even more than he already was.


I wonder where her scar came from.’ pondered the youth to himself.


Frost turned her back to the audience and squatted down, shaking her ass to the beat of the music. She alternated the rhythm of her movements, jiggling her butt cheeks and clapping them together. She then stood back up and bent over touching the ground with her hands while continuing to shake her ass. She shot a sultry glare towards X while looking through the space between her legs.


Holy shit! Is she looking right at me!?‘ though Xavier to himself while excitedly watching Frost perform.


Frost then ripped away her pants, revealing a fur lined thong and dropped down into the splits on the floor. She dynamically bounced her ass, shaking it up and down while shifting her hips back and forth. This made it look like she was riding an invisible dick on the floor.


“Good God Almighty!! Look at her go!” exclaimed the brown haired young man.


Xavier sized up Frost, fantasizing about being under her as she moved on the floor. He managed to will himself to not rise up with a full erection.


The Ice Queen leaned forward, pressing her palms up against the floor. She then swung her hips upward and leaned all of her weight forward. She pushed her body upwards, lifting herself into a handstand. This was an incredible feat of strength which Xavier took note of. As a fighter, he could appreciate the fact that Frost was physically fit.


Xavier lusted after her, licking his lips as he enjoyed her performance. ‘She’s in amazing shape too! I gotta have her!‘ thought Xavier to himself.


Now facing the audience, Frost did a splits while upside down and turned with her hands to give a view of her ass. She booty-clapped and shook her ass while continuously turning on her hands, spinning around like a windmill. Hundred dollar bills rained down on her.


She hand walked over to the stripper pole, turning again to face the crowd. The exotic dancer put her legs straight up in the air wrapping her legs around the pole positioned behind her. Frost used her legs to pull herself up to grab onto the top of the pole with her hands. Next, the dancer did a spin with her legs wide open, sliding down the length of the pole like a fire fighter responding to a distress call.


As she stood up, Frost shifted her attention to the man whom she invited to watch her perform. Frost then walked towards the stage steps which lead to the floor below. Xavier’s heart felt like it was going to burst as he saw her approaching him. The DJ responded by putting on a slow song to go along with the second act of her performance.


HOLY SHIT! She’s coming over here!!!!‘ panicked the green eyed teen.


The Ice Queen stood in front of Xavier, making eye contact with him once again. She then started moving her body in a slow sultry manner. A spotlight in the club focused in on the area Xavier was sitting in, drawing much unwanted attention. He was stuck in difficult position. At least a couple hundred pairs of eyes watched on the first floor alone. Xavier could feel the stares of the entire club zeroing in on him. This pressure made him extremely uncomfortable at the most important moment of the night.


Everyone’s looking at me!!!‘ panicked Xavier.


He then got a mental hold of himself and thought about the importance of this moment.


You have to pay attention X! She could have picked anyone to be in this spot but she chose you. That means something! Frost should be the only thing on your mind right now. If you’re worried about these people watching or what they think, you could fuck this up and blow your chances with her!!!


As she danced in front of him she turned her back to him and unhooked her bra, covering up her nipples with her arm as she turned to face him once more. Frost then climbed on the seat cushion, kneeling over Xavier’s legs and sitting on his lap. The exotic dancer then moved her arm out of the way to expose her huge tits to him.


“Don’t be shy! You are MY date after all! You’re welcomed to touch…” encouraged Frost with a grin.


Xavier was very hesitant, but with a little help from Frost he accepted her invitation. The Ice Queen grabbed his wrists and slowly placed them on her hips. After this initial move, he was able to settle down. The youth traveled up and down her curves before grabbing 2 big handfuls of booty. Frost shook her big tits in his face, lightly slapping him while he rubbed and squeezed on her plump assets. The teenager then opened his mouth and latched on to one of her nipples sucking on it hard. Frost moaned lightly as the young man enjoyed her body.


“MMMMMMMM!!!!” moaned Frost.


The Ice queen pumped her hips back and forth, rubbing her pussy up against Xavier erect but still caged up cock. Xavier tilted his head up to meet with Frost’s cherry red lips. She leaned in and pressed her lips against his, sliding in her tongue while continuing to dry hump him.


“Whoa, shes performing for him! So lucky!” exclaimed Eiji with a look of envy.


“She’s really into the little guy, didn’t see that coming!” replied Kristin, the waitress.


Xavier and Frost embraced and shared a long tongue kiss. A string of saliva connected them as they separated. They locked eyes for a moment but nothing was said. Words were not needed for they each could sense each other’s thoughts. Frost spun around on his lap so that her back was turned to him. She winded and grinded on his stiffened meat pole while moving Xavier’s hand into her thong underwear. The young man went with his date’s direction and massaged her pussy with his fingers. It didn’t take much effort to get her off because she was already aroused from performing for him. As he played with Frost’s pussy, he kissed and sucked on her neck. The exotic dancer groaned louder than before, taking several deep breaths as his fingers crept inside of her juicy orifice.


“MMMMM!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! OHHHH!!” moaned Frost.


At this point onlookers were snapping photos and recording video footage on their smartphones of Frost and Xavier’s encounter. Xavier noticed the flashes and phone lights from the corners of his eyes but was more focused on the task at hand.


After about a minute of action, Frost stood up and swiveled her hips to the music while reaching for the side tie on her thong. She pressed her fingernail into the knot and loosened it allowing for her pull the string and untie it. The ice queen dropped her underwear on Xavier’s head, the front portion draping down over his face. The young man moved the thong so he could have a clear view of frost’s vagina as she waved it in front of him. He pondered his next move .


The Ice Queen put one leg on the arm of the chair and leaned in toward Xavier’s face. Frost’s moist and inviting pussy glistened in his face as it got closer. The auburn haired youth grabbed on to Frost’s inner thighs and planted kisses on her opening. Frost smiled and glanced down at the kid as he worked her pussy with his mouth. Xavier spread the Ice Queen open and gave her a vigorous tongue lashing.




Xavier continued to eat her at a steady pace until he finally speared her clitoris with his tongue. Frost pulled away from him just as she was approaching a climax. She wasn’t ready to have one just yet. She grabbed Xavier’s hand and walked toward the steps to get on the stage. Xavier had no choice but to stand and follow because she had his hand.


“What are you—-” asked Xavier. Before he could finish his question Frost cut him off.


“Don’t ask questions.” ordered Frost while doing the “Shhh!” gesture with her hand.


The two made their way up the stairs, stopping near the stripper pole. Frost then stood facing him, moving her body while buttoning his shirt. The Frostfire Princess then dropped to the floor, slowly, pawing her hands down Xavier’s bare chest stomach muscles. As she drifted down to the stage floor, her hand slid down the length of his hardened dick which was still wrapped in the denim case that trapped it.


WHAT?!‘ Frost’s eye widened at what she was feeling.


HOLY FUCK HES GOT AN ANACONDA!!‘ thought Frost to herself as she reached up to unbuckle his belt. Frost’s mouth dropped as she sized him up with her hand. She was amazed at both his length and girth. Not only was it massive in general but was a huge surprise considering Xavier’s small stature.


Frost playfully bit and nibbled on his still contained cock, causing the youth to smile. The exotic dancer skillfully unbuckled his belt in a smooth motion. After removing his belt and unsnapping his pants, Frost grabbed a hold of waistbands of his pants and boxer shorts, peeling them down his legs slowly.


The teen’s bare cock emerged fully, causing the Ice Queen’s eyes to widen and the large audience of hundreds to gasp and talk among themselves in surprise.


OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!‘ thought the dancer to herself while gently petting Xavier’s monstrous dick. Frost opened her mouth and locked her lips around the head of his cock and pressed forward with her neck.




Frost struggled hard as she gulped and slurped down the heavyweight cock as if were sucking down a creamy orange sickle. Xavier groaned slightly, taking a deep breath each time bobbed her head forward. This was truly real and not one of the teen’s fictional dreams. Xavier grinned heavily as Frost continued to suck his cock, noting her immense struggle with his sheer size.


“Oooh, I can’t believe this is actually happening!” the young man thought to himself.


Frost’s smooth and full lips glided up and down half of his length, making a distinct slurping noise. Her fluid back and forth motions produced plenty of saliva which she used to gradually move further up his girthy shaft. Some of her lipstick ran off as she traveled up and down his rod, leaving red circles on it. The Ice Queen was thorough with her technique, using her hand to jerk the sections not already in her mouth. It was a full blown assault on Xavier’s senses, with no spot left untouched. She briefly stopped sucking to give the teen’s balls some attention. She licked and fondled them gently, rolling them around in her hand like she were rolling 2 giant marbles in her palm. Frost then resumed her oral assault by slowly licking Xavier from the base of his shaft all the way to the tip its head. The teen’s body trembled as she made her way upward. At the peak of his length, Frost opened her mouth as wide as she could and took a big mouthful of his fat cock, making a quarter of it disappear in an instant. She repeated this over and over at a steady pace, causing Xavier’s knees to buckle.


Frost got back to her feet and positioned herself in front of the stripper pole. Xavier quickly followed and got behind her. He took hold of his dick and rubbed the opening of the dancer’s pussy lips with its head.


“UGGHHH! PUT IT IN!” demanded Frost.


As he pushed inside of her, he felt her tight and pleasurable squeeze around his big shaft. It was hard work getting it in due to the tightness of her pussy and the size of his cock. Frost moaned loudly as he completed his first thrust into her, not used to someone of his size. Xavier pumped energetically with a smooth rhythm, the slapping together of their flesh went along with the bass blaring out of the club speakers. The adrenaline flowing through him made the fact he was being watched a non factor. He was focused on quenching his admirer’s thirst for pleasure, giving her anything less than a strong juicy orgasm was a failure in his mind.


“AHHH!! SO BIG!!! OH GOD!!!! UMMPHH!!! MMMMMM!!!! MY PUSSY!!!” moaned the Ice Queen loudly.


Xavier brought his hips all the way back before each thrust, making a loud smacking sound each time his hips thumped her butt cheeks. Matsunami wrapped her arms around the stripper pole for support as the auburn haired teen pounded her pussy. Her Juices ran down his cock with each measured stroke. The teen groped Frost’s tits while plunging into her, playing with her nipples with his thumbs. Frost stared back with a naughty glare, biting down on her bottom lip. Frost’s reactions to Xavier gave him more confidence to try something different. Xavier stopped briefly to adjust their positioning. He moved her so that she was standing upright and scooped his arm underneath one of her thighs so that her leg was bent at a 90 degree angle. The young man resumed fucking her in this new position, penetrating even deeper than before. Frost wrapped the leg she was standing on around the stripper pole, crossing her legs as he thrust upward.




Frost’s body gradually drifted up the pole, moving upward a little bit each time Xavier slammed into her pussy. The continued upward thrusts slid her body up the stripper pole until her head was nearly touching the ceiling. Xavier laughed slightly at what had happened. Frost also giggled while sliding back down the pole. She stood in front of Xavier.


“I want you to grab my leg!!” instructed the exotic dancer while bending one of her legs at the knee.


Xavier scooped his hand underneath her thigh. Frost reached down and grabbed his dick, stuffing its head into her pussy once more. The young man resumed ramming her with his lengthy cock, fondling her tits and sucking her nipples while fucking her. Frost moaned and panted heavily while trying to speak to him.


“GRAB….AH!…MY OTHER– UGHH!! LEG!” instructed Frost between moans of pleasure.


“She wants me to lift her up!?” thought the teen to himself.


Frost was sizeable woman, at 5’10 she was significantly taller than Xavier. And with her thick, meaty curves she definitely outweighed him. This was a new position he’d never done and he doubted he had the strength to hold her up for a long period of time. He grabbed her other thigh, sliding his palm to the back of it.. Frost raised her foot off of the stage floor.


Comon X! you can do this!! GET THE JOB DONE!‘ the young man thought to himself.


Xavier hoisted her up, grabbing 2 big handfuls of Frost’s booty to hold on to. The Ice Queen wrapped her arms around the back of Xavier’s neck as he poked her moist hole once more. The young man rapidly drove his hips forward, ramming her with a jackhammer-like rhythm and force. Frost’s enormous tits jiggled to the cyclic beat of his thrusts, gently rubbing against the sides of his face. She let out loud but distorted screams as he swiftly rammed her. The audience responded with boisterous chants typically seen at professional wrestling events. The men and women in the audience took turns alternating chants as if two sides are competing against each other.






The exotic dancer matched Xavier’s frenetic pace with her own. She shook and moved her hips with a forward motion, moving in as Xavier pulled back for his next thrust. Xavier and Frost moved in sync with each other as if they had been together for years, despite it being their first time. The Ice Queen cooed in his ear as her ass smacked together with every powerful stroke.


“My arms are burning!” thought the teen to himself.


Xavier fucked Frost in this position until the muscles in arms started blowing up. He kneeled down on the stage floor, lying Frost on her back. He then moved on top of her and pushed his dong into frost’s dripping wet slit.




“YESSSSSS!!! YESSSSSS!!!!! GIMMME THAT DICK!!!!!!” screamed the enthusiastic stripper.


Frost grabbed on to his shoulder blades and pulled him close. Xavier leaned in to ask her a question while continuing to pump.


“What’s your name?” asked the youth.


“I’ll tell you after we finish, keep going!” answered Frost.


It was an awkward thing for him to say in the heat of the moment but he was curious to know her name. But either way, he had a job to finish. Xavier fucked her wild and ferociously, much like a lion with his lioness. Frost let out a beast like roar of a scream!




Frost then rolled Xavier on his back which positioned her on top of him. She unzipped her boots and took them off , throwing them to the side.


“My turn to be on top!” declared the Ice Queen with a devilish grin.


The fiery brunette gave young black stallion a spirited ride, simultaneously bouncing on his cock while working her hips back and forth. She moved swiftly and with great purpose, and that purpose was to make Xavier cum. Her ass slapped up against his thighs making a loud hand clap like sound. The drunken audience joined in by clapping their hands to the rhythm of Frosts movements.


“WHOOOOAAAAOOOOOOOHHHHHHOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!” yellled the brown haired young man.


Xavier couldn’t resist grabbing the scarred beauty’s fat ass. His fingers ventured into the space between her ass cheeks, making their way up to her anus. The young dancer leaned close to Xavier’s face and spoke again.


“Stick it in my ass!!!” demanded Frost.


“Are you sure? Won’t that hurt?” asked Xavier while looking at his monster cock.


“Maybe, I’ve never had a dick your size before! but we will find out!” answered buxom stripper.


Frost placed her feet on his legs and got in a squatting position, resting her palms on the youth’s chest for support. Xavier reached up and rubbed her pussy, covering his hand with her love juice. He then stroked his dick with his hand to add extra lubrication. Frost spread her cheeks and lowered her ass down on the tip of his cock. Xavier held his dick in place with one hand and clutched her ass with the other, helping her sit down on his fat cock.


“UGGGGGGHHHHHHH! IT’S TOO BIG!!!! FUCK!!!” moaned the Ice Queen with pleasure and pain.


Frost winced as he the tip penetrated her ass after several seconds of her applying all of her body weight forcefully down on it. Xavier raised his hips off of the stage floor and forcefully pulled her further down on his meat. The brunette clinched her teeth as more of his cock disappeared into her ass.


“UUUGHHH!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! OH FUCKING GOD!!!!” screamed the performer.


After the initial pain of entry the feeling subsided, giving way to an immense, overwhelming feeling of pleasure she hadn’t experienced before. She slowly moved up and down Xavier’s dong, taking deep breaths each time she went down.




Xavier also experienced an intense feeling of pleasure. He grinned from ear to ear as he pumped his hips upward.


“AHHHHH!!!!!…..FROST!!!!” yelled Xavier between heavy breaths.


Frost bounced and shook her ass faster as she finally got used to his size, gradually going further down on his dick each time. Xavier thrust became faster and faster until..


“XAVIIIIIIIERRRRRRRR!!!!!” roared frost as she stopped bouncing on the teen’s cock.


The green eyed bombshell felt a powerful euphoric sensation throughout her body. Frost’s eyes rolled upward and her body quaked in orgasmic bliss. Xavier followed shortly after, clenching his teeth while emptying his load into her big ass. Cum slowly poured out of her hole and ran down Xavier’s still hard dick. Both then took deep breaths while recovering. Frost leaned in and kissed Xavier and spoke lightly in his ear.


“My name is Matsunami.” whispered the Ice Queen while panting.


The audience erupted in applause. Hundred dollar bills drifted around the room and littered the stage area. Matsunami stood up and looked around in astonishment. Her live sex show pulled in more than any other performance she’d done in her year working at the gentleman’s club. Meanwhile, Xavier suffered a total adrenaline dump. Completely exhausted, he looked around and noticed everyone cheering and taking pictures.


“NOOOOO!” yelled the shy teenager.


Xavier immediately jumped to his feet, trying to cover his private parts while moving behind Matsunami. She couldn’t help but giggle at Xavier’s antics.


“So all of a sudden you’re embarrassed now?” asked Matsunami while picking up her boots.


“Yeah, I’ll tell you about it later….Speaking of later, umm… You wanna hang out sometime?!” asked the teen while hurriedly while getting dressed. Normally, such a situation would make him nervous, but in this case he was overwhelmed by the distress of everyone eyeing him.


“I work the early shift tomorrow. You can pick me up at 6.” stated Matsunami with smile.


“I’ll be there!” replied the auburn haired teen with excitement as he got fully dressed.


“Thank you for showing up.” whispered Matsunami into Xavier’s ear while pointing to all the money lying around.


“You’re very welcome. Thank YOU for inviting me hehe” replied the young man with a wide smile.


Matsunami grabbed the rest of her clothing and went backstage to shower and change. Xavier finished getting dressed and walked out towards the exit, his held high to a chorus of cheers.


Glad that coin landed on tails after all!‘ thought Xavier as he left the building.

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Excellent use of light in this artwork. I can’t stress enough how well the light from the background flows into the foreground, giving the whole artwork even more depth. While the position isn’t my favorite one, it does characterize both characters at that moment pretty well. With Xavier’s “laid back” position and look on his face while still showing anticipation for what is about to come. And of course Matsunime’s subtle but still sexy look over her shoulder too witness the cock stretching out her ass. Her makeup matches a person going by the stage name of “Frost Fireheart” or in this case more fire than frost with her ruby colored lips and eyes. Matsunami’s design seems to be more or less the same as her “normal” design from ROL which I like since I really like it.

For Xavier to wake up and basically feel like he is the king of the world after having his first successfull sex is just nice to read and leads into a very funny interaction with his mother who teases him quite a lot with the fact, that she can practically read him like a book. His distrust against the person called “IceyHotDivinity” entitled with her showing no pictures what so ever and for him to still go to meet her after a coin toss. And luck surely is on his side since he not only got to fuck the upcoming star-stripper Matsunami but also met his first friend in BSU, Eiji. Xavier getting better and better with the ladies is nice to read and him developing his own field of expertise (cunnilingus) is a very interesting idea since we don’t get many sex scenes with a man licking a woman in the other stories. The sex certainly has more to it than that and was otherwise pretty naughty and amazing as well. Xavier lifting up a person who is bigger than himself for example was depicted incredibly well with him no believing to do it but still succeeding.

Very focused chapter unlike the one preceding it, where it was less straight forward. Both are good in their own way and I certainly like how you switch between the two approaches.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

First I would like to address the incident from the last chapter of mine you read.

I apologize for the spoiler. I didnt mean to do that, It was an accident. In real life I’m a healthcare worker. I Had been working for the last 16 days because the other night shift person at my job tested positive for covid 19 and is quarantined currently. I was working late and very tired at the time I responded to your message. I slipped up and let that out, forgetting that you hadn’t gotten that far in the story yet. I’m sorry😪

On to the chapter

With the opening sequence I was trying to express the pride that comes with a successful sexual conquest. From my own personal experience and knowlege of my friends It can be like this especially in a single mother household.

Xavier’s instant message interraction with her is inspired by things I saw in my younger years in the Air Force. In the early and mid 2000s when social media first becoming a thing a thing catfishing was rampant guys were pretending to be girls ugly girls were pretending to be attractive and gang affiliated girls were setting up meet ups with unsuspecting victims so their male comrades could rob them. X is referring to some risks and dangers that come with taking a blind date on the internet. Though the fact that this meet up is happening in a strip club pretty much confirms this is legit and the date is very likely a stripper.

With Xavier and Eiji I was going for a different dynamic than what is typically shown in high school and college themed TV shows. Typically the cool meathead jock and the shy nerd are typically enemies and the jock bullies the nerd. Instead the two click and get along based on stuff they have in common. As an elite level basketball player Eiji knows the importantance of comraderie. He’s spent a lot of time hanging out with his teammates including helping out weaker players on teams hes played on. Because of this Eiji prefers to have a wing man he can team up with as the two can help each other and hunt the ladies together. He knows Xavier is lying about the results of his date with Violette but chooses not to expose him.

With Matsunami’s appearance I was going for the mysterious woman vibe. It’s something strong that Xavier can feel. Matsunami knows how to set the stage for this as well. She chose a special seat for him to help create this vibe and make him anticipate her arrival even more, you know make him feel special.

With the striptease I was trying to show Matsunami’s flare for showmanship as well as her ability to control an audience. The sex itself was meant to an exciting experience for both of them. Xavier has never had a sexy woman like Matsunami focus all of her attention squarely on him which is why he was hesitant to touch her at first. His shyness and inexperience here made Matsunami more curious about him.

I was trying to make the sex slowly unfold and gradually ramp up over time, displaying their chemistry with one another. You are cunnilingus is a skill I gave him to make him different because it isn’t seen much in the stories. Matsunami helps coach him by telling her what she wants because she knows hes not exactly in control and she wants keep the the pleasure coming since she’s enjoying it.

The anal part is the most intense. I feel like this part is where their chemistry shows the most. They work together to get to the explosive ending. Matsunami rewards him for living up to the expectations by telling him her real name, implying that Matsunami wants to spend more time with him before he works up the courage to ask. Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

I really appreciate the “behind the scenes”-information we get here from a man who’s work (both the stories you write and your real life job) I greatly respect. And for the spoiler-thing all I have to say is: forgive and forget. It happened and I certainly hold no grudge or anything along those lines because of something like that against you. You had a rough week and mistakes just happen so it’s no big deal.

5 years ago

Ohohoho that was with no doubt the best chapter I ever read! Next to the previous one! I’m really proud of Xavier for getting another score with a famous stripper! The sex scene was one of the best by the way! I really hope to see more of this lovely stripper, maybe getting involved in a Threesome with Mai! And I hope more girls will date Xavier and get what they deserve!

5 years ago

Thanks Francisthewitcher! Im glad you’e enjoying my writing. There will be plenty more of Matsunami in future chapters. As for a threesome, hmmmmmm