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Sexcasting to Sluts Worldwide

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)

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(August 17th, 7:00 P.M., 10 DAYS UNTIL BSU ORIENTATION)


Eiji sat on a hard fiberglass chair inside the subway car as it moved along its track. He’d been assigned a dorm in Passion Tower, a building for student living near the campus and would be covered by the scholarship Sara had given him. Finalizing the paperwork was a boring pain, but it was finally finished and the key was in his pocket.


Putting unimportant thoughts aside Eiji reached inside his pocket and pulled out his cell. Holding the smartphone in hand, the young man looked through his recent emails. Mostly the usual junk, though there was one that caught his eye.


Hitomi is now LIVE!


“Oh, she didn’t say she’d be streaming today.” he muttered to himself. The email had only just arrived a minute ago. He opened the message and skimmed past the usual information to tap the link presented. After the injury that effectively ended his basketball career, Eiji spent over a month in the hospital, undergoing multiple surgeries to try and fix the multiple torn ligaments in his ACL. That, combined with the months of rehab, had made him miss the entire basketball season. At the hospital, his only entertainment came from his phone since the hospital TV had nothing to watch due to it’s very limited selection of channels. One day, he stumbled across a cosplaying savant who had some serious skill with a sewing machine.


The link took a full minute to load since his signal was pretty weak underground.


“HIHI!!!! Hitomi-tomi here!!!” said the girl that appeared on his tiny seven inch screen. He could only see her from the shoulders up, but even that was enough since she had such a pretty face with those big pouty lips and deep purple nearly black eyes. He loved her regular two toned hair, dark roots extending out to blonde tips. Eiji smiled at her cheerful greeting, wondering what she had in store for all her fans. He’d support her work if money wasn’t so tight, but offering her his fandom was the best he could do. He had dropped out of college to focus on healing.


“I’m soooo sorry for the off schedule stream today, but I’m just SOOOO excited to report that I got into the college I applied for! So I’m doing a special stream in my new town to celebrate!!!” she said. The camera then zoomed back out and Eiji raised his eyebrows at her risqué outfit. Calling what she had on clothes would have been an insult to clothing! It was string, long lengths of string imitating a bikini as she did a twirl to show of her next-to-naked body. Eiji loved the way the bottom dug deep into her ass and pussy, though that couldn’t have been comfortable. The bra strings across her huge tits had no connecting fabric, leaving her nipples fully exposed, the night air already making them stiff.


“As some of my high level supporters know already, I applied to several colleges, but the one everyone voted I apply to first is the one that accepted me! In a short while, I’ll be attending Busteez Slut University! I’m so excited I can hardly wait to start!” Hitomi explained as she grabbed her tits and pressed them together. “I’m gonna take a walk around the dorm grounds and have some naughty fun for everyone.”


Oh, she’s going too? Maybe I’ll be able to meet her.’ thought a hopeful Eiji, ‘If nothing else I’d love to get her autograph on a print.‘ With the number of followers she had, it might actually be worth something when her career really took off.


As Eiji was lost in such thoughts, a message popped up on his screen, it was his Linkum account App Proximity Alert. It was designed to go off when he was within a certain distance of another user who had matched his own likes and dislikes. Once they were within a mile of one another, a notice popped up on their phones with the questions ‘Fuck ’em’ or ‘Dump ’em’. He was about to dismiss the notification until he saw the image of the other user.


“Wow, SERIOUSLY!?” he exclaimed with shock and excitement as he witnessed Hitomi’s face on the user’s profile icon. On impulse, he tapped ‘Fuck em’ and the notification vanished. When Hitomi checked her phone next, she’d see him and choose from the same options. If she chose the same, they’d be given each other’s location to hook up! He chuckled to himself, not expecting her to accept his offer.


“Oh,” Hitomi said on his phone, “Looks like someone already wants to have some fun! BSU has a really fun phone app called Linkum, but I’ll explain it later.” she said as she reached behind her back and pulled out a small smartphone.


“Um, where was she keeping that?” Eiji asked aloud. He then gulped as she turned the screen to face the camera and Eiji saw his own face staring back at him!


“Hmmmmm, he’s cute! Lemme see…” Hitomi muttered aloud, “Oooo, nice reviews! What do you say everyone, should I take him up on his offer?” she asked then tapped away at her screen. Eiji looked to the comment section of the stream and read several of the replies.


CawkSlut95: yeah! gargle his balls bitch!


Hitomifanboi82: NOOOO! MY WAIFU!!!

Cosplayth0t: Go for it, just give us some anal, sweetie~


“Well, the aye’s have it!” Hitomi said as she brought up the Linkum screen again and tapped ‘Fuck ‘Em’.


“OH HELL YEAH!” Eiji said excitedly as he jumped up to his feet. His phone was already buzzing again as it gave him Hitomi’s GPS. She wasn’t far, in fact, she was waiting right at his destination!


“You okay cutie?” asked a woman sitting across from him. She had dark colored hair and olive green eyes. She was dressed in a pair of tight fitting jeans and a bikini top that Eiji felt a swell of pity for as it struggled to contain her gigantic tits. Over that she wore a white lab coat with a name tag that simply said “Mizuki“. A strange looking pair of gloves hung out of one of the coat pockets that seemed to be glowing softly. He noticed her earlier when he boarded the train, but she seemed so engrossed in whatever she was doing on her phone that he didn’t want to bother her.


“Oh, um, sorry…” Eiji said, feeling his cheek blush, “Just got some good news is all.” he said as he sat back down.


The giant chested woman nodded and looked back at her own phone. Eiji looked at his own and watched as his dot slowly drew closer to Hitomi’s on the GPS.



The train’s final stop was Eiji’s destination, the BSU Student Education Complex. Exiting here required a student ID or an appointment. Really, the money the University made was mind boggling to have their own subway. The place was also easily the CLEANEST subway he’d ever seen. Not a speck of garbage of graffiti anywhere. The entry/exit was manned by some beefy looking guards on the lookout for anyone trying to sneak in without an ID.


Eiji just passed his own ID over the scanner embedded in the turnstile. It beeped quietly and let him pass unhindered.


Making his way up to the surface, Eiji looked around the area. The place was almost like one of those self-contained neighborhoods, only the buildings were more like office complexes and high-rises than actual homes. The tallest building in the distance was his destination according to the map on his phone. He stood for a moment and stared in awe at the far away structure, Passion Tower. It was the tallest building he has ever seen, easily 200 floors high! He then swiped back to Hitomi’s livestream, the picture loading almost instantly.


“Wow, great Wi-Fi around here.” he said aloud.


“Thanks! I’m really proud of it.” said the top heavy woman from inside the train. “There’s a web of relays all around the campus, my own design. So long as you’re here, you’ll always have full bars and zero lag!” Her phone then beeped, “Oh crap, I’m late! Tai-chan’s gonna yell at me again! Take care!” she said before running off towards one of the smaller buildings, her breasts bouncing wildly inside that bikini top.


Shaking his head, Eiji looked back at his phone, “Ooooh, he’s here, he’s here!!!” Hitomi said on the screen, jumping up and down excitedly. “What do you all think? Should we talk first, or get down and nasty right here?!”


The comment’s section blew up with comments so fast Eiji could only catch a few of them.


TomiFan555: Kiss him, then blow him right there! that would be SO fucking hot!

V Goddess: Your room, more fun that way!

@LeX@NDR@: Take him to your room first; he’s too good to waste on an outdoor quickie!


That last one made Eiji raise an eyebrow, ‘Is that…her?‘ he thought, “Nah,” he said aloud as he switched back to his Linkum app and followed the map. The campus was certainly well maintained, Eiji would have bet real money every blade of grass was the exact same height as he followed the path on his screen. After a few minutes he heard Hitomi’s voice in the distance.


“Oooooo, he’s right around the corner!!! Here we go!!!!”


Rounding the said corner, Eiji spotted the young idol in her flimsy excuse for clothes. Part of him couldn’t believe this was happening, that he was this close to her! Behind Hitomi he saw what looked like one of those new hover drones, the kind that used that levitation tech to stay aloft and not multiple propellers. There was a camera mounted to the bottom of it and bright lights shining out of the top.


“Hihi!!!!” Hitomi said, running over and tackling Eiji to the ground before he could fully react. Fuck she smelled good! A clean soapy flowery smell that filled his nostrils as he grunted and winced as he butt took the brunt of the fall.


“Um… Hi?” Eiji said, mentally cursing himself for sounding so stupid.


“Awww, you’re nervous, that’s SO cute!” Hitomi giggled before covering his mouth with her own. If Eiji thought she smelled good, she TASTED even better as he felt her tongue push into his mouth. Dropping his phone, Eiji moved his hands to grab that sexy ass of hers, loving how smooth and soft it felt in his grip.


“Mmmmmh!” Hitomi cooed against his lips, wiggling her butt against his hands, “That’s more like it!” she said after breaking away, “Say hihi to all my fans!” Hitomi said, turning to face the camera as it floated over to them. He heard a soft whirring as he zoomed in on them and he raised a hand to wave.


“Hi-hi…” he said lamely.


Hitomi flicked his forehead with her finger, “No no, go ‘Hihi!’ like you mean it!”


“Hihi!” he repeated awkwardly, forcing himself to sound a little more enthused.


“There we go!” Hitomi said with a grin. “Now, tell my thousands of viewers about yourself!”


Eiji felt his cheeks turning red and it irritated him to no end. He wasn’t camera shy, he’s done several interviews for sports magazines, and this was no different! Taking a deep breath, he looked right at the camera, “Yo, my name is Eiji Nakamura; I just enrolled here at BSU, umm… I’m looking forward to working with Hitomi as often as I can.”


“Ho, think you got what it takes to take this ass?” she asked in a cheeky tone, turning to spank her own ass for the camera. She then turned back and smiled, “I’m gonna cut off the video feed for just a sec because the dorms don’t like camera’s in the halls, but I’ll be back soon! Ciao!” she said to the camera, winking and holding her fingers in a sideways V over one eye. The camera lights then died down as it cut off, hovering silently in the air now.


“Come on!” Hitomi said, grabbing his wrist and helping him to his feet, “It’s nice to meet you, I’m Hitomi, but you knew that already.” she said in a chipper tone. She then bent down again to retrieve his phone, pushing it into his hand. “If you don’t wanna do it on camera that’s okay. Normally I don’t put people on the spot like this.” she told him with a slight blush.


“Huh? Oh, wait, I don’t mind at all, really it’s fine!” he said. She looked up at him with a weak smile. “I just wasn’t expecting the flying tackle.”


“Oh! Sorry! Did I hurt you at all?” she asked, looking up at him again with concern in her eyes. “I didn’t hurt your knee did I?”


“Huh, how’d you know..?” he asked, shocked.


“Fans told me!” she said, holding up her own phone for him. Seemed the audio was still connected and the stream was still live. Only the camera feed was turned off as the screen displayed a ‘Be Right Back!’ overlay with an animated gif of a chibi-style Hitomi bouncing her tits up and down. Some people were commenting on their conversation thus far, still able to hear the two as they walk to their destination. He scanned through some of the comments and saw one in particular.


SR33D: Just take it easy on his knees sweetie, he busted one pretty bad before enrolling. Hope you have fun, do a good job and I’ll put you both up for a little extra credit when the semester starts!


Eiji chuckled; Hitomi’s fan base was nothing to scoff at! He then turned to face her, “I’m Eiji by the way, big fan, nice to meet you.” Eiji said, giving a proper introduction.


“Same.” Hitomi said, taking the offered hand and then pulling him with her into the building.


A thought occurred to Eiji on the way up the elevator, “Hey, mind if I ask you something?”




“How’d you know I’d be able to come on campus? It’s closed to non-students and such.” he asked her.


“Oh, my Linkum only sends me notices of other students and faculty. Anyone else is blocked, safer that way.” she explained simply.




Eiji asked about her likes and dislikes as the two entered Passion Tower. The World City landmark was the home to the majority of the faculty in BSU. More importantly, the first hundred floors are dedicated to student housing and recreation. The lobby was huge, and lively with students preparing to move in for the upcoming school year. Eiji was surprised that no one really paid attention to the way Hitomi dressed. Looking around a second time, he noticed that some of the women around him were nude themselves! Awesome.


Waiting in line, the two got into the next available elevator. She gave him that same soft smile as the elevator pinged their arrival on the correct floor. Eiji’s dorm was somewhere in the building as well, though he doubted it was on the same floor. What floor was this anyway? He didn’t bother looking when they got on and it was too late to check as Hitomi took him by the hand again and began leading them to her room.


Hitomi’s room was basically exactly what he expected. Piles of fabric stacked high in one corner. Images of various popular game and anime characters all over one wall, and a high end sewing machine in one corner. There were also boxes and boxes of other materials scattered all over the place. Some of the boxes were clearly moving boxes, clearly marked ‘CLOTHES’, ‘PHOTOS’, and ‘ABANDONED PROJECTS’. The only place that was truly clutter free was the area around the bed, a huge queen sized mattress made of high-end memory foam covered with dark blue satin sheets.


Hitomi casually discarded what little clothing she had on, tossing the bits of string into a bin by the door to what Eiji guessed was the bathroom. “Hurry and get undressed,” she said casually, “Everyone is waiting.”


As he unbuttoned his shirt, Eiji watched while Hitomi moved the hovering camera around without touching it. He couldn’t figure out how she was controlling it until he noticed the rings on her right hand. The looked a bit thicker than normal rings and he could see the tiniest of LED lights on each one. He’d heard of those, command rings that let the user input commands by flicking their fingers a certain way, but he’d never seen it before. Must be really expensive!


He was down to his boxer shorts when Hitomi moved to lay on her side on the bed, turning to face him with a sweet smile as her heavy tits rested one on top of the other. She winked with her right eye as she traced her fingers along the side of her naked body, tracing her sexy curves slowly. Fuck she looked hot, it was the only statement Eiji could think of as he dropped his shorts, letting his already rock hard dick spring up.


“Mmmmmh, is that for me?” she asked in a cute tone.


“Oh yeah.” he told her as he carefully climbed onto the very soft bed. He liked memory foam beds as they were easy on his knees as he moved over to her. Hitomi giggled as he moved to grab one big heavy jug, loving the soft feel of it in his hand as he hefted the weight.


“Lay back,” she said, “I’m gonna resume the livestream video feed.”


Eiji nodded and leaned back on some surprisingly comfortable pillows as the lights on the camera lit back up, blinding him a bit at first.


“Aaaaand we’re backies!!!!” She said into the camera, “Eiji here is super nice and I’m soooo glad I pressed fuck ’em! So now we’re gonnaaaah!” she squealed as Eiji reached up and grabbed her tits again, pulling her naked body back on top of his. Her bare back pressed flat against his toned chest as he squeezed both those heavy melons in his hands. At the same time he leaned his head over her shoulder to kiss and nibble at the side of her neck softly.


“Oooooo… Oh yeah, right therrrreeeee…!” she cooed as she rubbed her ass against his pelvis softly, her entire body seeming to melt in his arms as he continued. He smiled to himself and flashed a quick ‘V’ to the camera as he moved his left hand down to smooth thighs, taking his time to caress her left one softly as he pried her legs open.


“Haaaahhhh…” Hitomi gasped and turned her head towards him, “Mmmmh, spread my pussy with your fingers…” she whispered ever so softly that only he would hear.


Eiji was planning to do just that, but first he traced his fingers along the folds of her pussy, loving the heat and moisture he felt coming off of her. Hitomi moaned again, “Ahhhh, you’re making me so wet right now…! Mmmmmmmh, yeahhhh… Stick those fingers in me!!!”


He did just that, delving his middle and ring fingers inside Hitomi’s pussy with a wet squishing noise. She bucked on top of him slightly, but he quickly realized she’d done it on purpose as when she came back down, his cock was neatly between her legs! Using his fingers again, Eiji spread the folds of Hitomi’s vagina wide, loving the heady smell of her arousal as she reached her own hand down to grab his cock.


“Mmmmmh, I just love the thick ones!” she purred like a cat in heat. She then sat up slowly, positioning herself to rub his cock against her pussy. He quickly pulled his hand back and moved it back to her tit, loving how soft and squishy it felt in his grip as Hitomi slowly pushed his dick inside herself. Eiji groaned, savoring the feel of her pussy enveloping his cock with its wet warmth.


“Oh fuck yeah…” he groaned, thrusting his hips slightly, careful to keep his weight off his bad knee. Thankfully the bed made that easier as Hitomi let out a long moan.




Eiji glanced back at the hovering camera when he heard the sound and saw a small screen pop out of the top. It projected an image screen in the air in front of them. It only took him a moment to realize it was Hitomi’s chatroom feed in real time, showing all the comments as they began pouring in. It was a very neat piece of tech, allowing Hitomi to read fan feedback as she fucked on stream.


Si-Chan: FUCK HER HARD!!!!

Jinchuuriki Jay: TAKE THAT DICK!


Truth313: VERY SEXY! I LOVE!!!

BSUnPrincess: Not bad, you two work well together! but your partner is too hesitant.


Those were the only ones he could catch as they flew by the projection. The last one irritated him a bit. ‘Okay Princess, how about THIS!‘ he thought to himself as he began moving his hips again, spearing his cock into Hitomi’s hot little pussy.


MMMMMMH!!!! FUCK YES… OH YEAH, POUND MY HOLE!!!!” she cried as she braced her weight on her arms, taking most of her weight off of him and making it easier for him to move. Eiji then moved his hands down to her waist to steady her as he groaned in pleasure. Her pussy was every bit as tight as he imagined if not more so. He loved the feel of her supple skin as he laid his head back and savored the feel of being inside his favorite Net Idol.




The sound of his hips impacting her sexy round ass was drowned out by Hitomi’s screaming moans. She then rolled her own hips against his motions, making sure to take in as much of his cock as she could every time he moved inwards.


“MMMMH… NNNNNGH… SO THIIIICK, AHHH YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM ALREADYYYYYY!!!!” Hitomi moaned as he heard her pussy spraying juices everywhere. “MORE, FUCK ME MORE, YESSSSSS!!!”


Eiji loved hearing her moan as he looked at the comments.




V Goddess: Ahhhh, now I wish I’d done that!!!!

V Goddess: CALL ME!!!





“MORE, MOREMOREMOREMORE!!!” Hitomi panted, rolling her entire body against him now, the bedframe creaking lightly in protest. “OH FUUUUUCK!!!!” Hitomi screamed, her pussy gushing hard all over his balls.


Eiji groaned as he felt her pussy clamping on his dick like a vice. Hitomi then raised up her right leg high into the air and then spun her entire body around on top of him. Her spin was fast, a quick 540 degree spin, a whole 1 and a half complete circle, ending with her facing Eiji in the cowgirl position. The sensation of her pussy spinning around his cock was indescribable as his vision doubled for a second when his eyes crossed. No one has ever done that maneuver on him before! The camera moved around the room with a flick of her fingers to give the audience a better view of her.


Si-Chan: HOLY SHIT! Did you all see that?!

Truth313: OMG!!!11

V Goddess: WOW! I am adding THAT to my bag of tricks!!

AuronsXXXCafe: Damn, that HAD to feel good!

BSUnPrincess: Impressive!


Eiji’s view of further comments was obscured when the camera moved between himself and Hitomi.


“Mmmmmmh, this feels sooooo good!” Hitomi said into the camera. Eiji saw the device tilt slightly, aiming the camera at their joined crotches, “Look how deep inside me he is!” she told the camera and she used her fingers to spread the lips of her pussy, giving the viewers a clear shot of his cock moving in and out of her cunt.


“Fuck this feels so fucking good!” Eiji groaned.


“Yeah, you like my naughty little slut pussy?” Hitomi moaned as she leaned forward, the camera moving to avoid her.


“Fucking love your pussy, oh yeah…” Eiji groaned, moving to grab those heavy jugs now bouncing in front of him. He pinched her nipples tight, twisting them slightly and groaning again as he felt her pussy clenching around his cock.


“YEAAAH… HAHHHH, YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM AGAIN, FUCK ME HARDER, POUND MY LITTLE SLUTTY PUSSY MORE!” Hitomi moaned, leaning more of her weight onto him and pressing her tits into his hands. Eiji loved the feel of his fingers sinking into the pliant flesh as he squeezed them hard.


The camera panned around them, Eiji caught a few quick glimpses of the stream comment feed, but he couldn’t make out any of the comments as the camera moved out of his field of vision too soon. “OH FUUUCK, FUCK MEEEEEE!!!!” Hitomi screamed, “IT’S GOOD, SO GOOD, I’M FUCKING CUMMINGGGG!!!!” she screamed as Eiji reached up and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her down on top of him. Her heavy tits smashed against his chest, he could feel her nipples poking him as the sweaty mounds slipped against him. He then pressed his mouth to hers, enjoying the way she tensed in surprise for just an instant before melting into the kiss.


“Mmmmmmmmh…” the two of them moaned into one another’s lips as Eiji rolled the two of them over, placing her beneath him as she wrapped her legs around his waist.


“Yeah, mmmmmh, I love this… Pound my pussy some more, oh I just wanna cum and cum all night…” she panted, her voice softer now as she looked up at him with a smile.


“Mmmmmh, I’ve been wanting to do this for a long while now.” he told her.


“Then get to work!” she said with a grin, then leaned her head back and moaned again as he began slamming into her faster. It was tricky for Eiji to do the position without putting any weight on his bad knee, but he quickly learned it was all in his hips, he didn’t need his knees at all really.


“Kiss me more!” she panted, “Fuck my mouth with your tongue!”


Eiji chuckled and obliged her, pushing his tongue as far as he could into her mouth, loving the taste and feel of her own tongue against his. Almost as much as he loved the feel of her pussy clenching and gushing around his cock, he lost count of how many times she must have cum, but her entire body was flushed pink with orgasm. It was a little telltale trick he learned, when a woman came, her body flushes pink or red, an involuntary reaction to orgasmic release.


“Mmmmmmh, yeah, fuuuck…” Eiji groaned as he felt a familiar pressure building inside his cock and balls.


“Mmmmmh, no, not inside…” she whispered, “I want it in my mouth!” Hitomi told him as she rolled them again, lifting her body off of his with a practiced ease and sliding down to envelope his cock between her tits! Letting just the tip poke out of the top, Hitomi quickly took it into her mouth just as he couldn’t hold back any longer.


“MMMMMMPH!!!!” Hitomi moaned as his load filled her mouth, making her cheeks puff out slightly, “SHUSH A HUGHE LOAHD!!!” she garbled as she had to swallow his cum down in four loud gulps.


“Wow, you been saving for little old me or something!?” she asked with a giggle after lifting her head.


“Not exactly I…” he began before she pressed her finger to his lips to silence him. She then turned back to the camera and smiled.


“That’s it for tonight’s stream. Tune in again at the regular time next week. I’ll have something special for everyone! Ciao~”


Hitomi took a small bow and kissed goodbye to her fans before making sweeping gesture with her right hand, causing the lights on the camera to go out. The small projector screen on top flipped closed before Hitomi herself flopped back on the bed beside him.


“Ahhhhh! that was fun, thanks.” she said softly before moving to lay back on the bed. Her voice sounded different, less excited and chirpy, “You can stay the night if you like.” she offered before promptly falling asleep.


“Huh?” Eiji asked, trying to shake her awake, but she just muttered incoherently and rolled onto her side.


“She’s already asleep?! Seriously, I thought only us guys did that!”



(August 18th, 7:00 A.M., 9 DAYS UNTIL BSU ORIENTATION)


Eiji woke to the smell of fresh coffee. Very strong fresh coffee.


Slowly blinking his eyes open, he pushed himself up on his elbows and looked around. The grogginess slowly faded away and he remembered where he was. He looked around Hitomi’s room and quickly spotted her sitting next to the bed dressed in a loose fitting white silk bathrobe.


“You drool in your sleep…” she said in a subdued voice.


“Ahh, sorry…” he began to say, then blinked again, “Wait, Hitomi?”


“Yeah…” she said in the same soft voice. Her face was nearly expressionless; her eye lids were nearly half closed as she sipped at her coffee quietly.


Eiji sat up more, the bed sheet falling away from his naked chest. He saw the barest hint of a smile at the edges of Hitomi’s mouth, but it was gone in an instant. He shook his head, “You seem different.” he admitted, maybe it was because she hadn’t had enough coffee yet?


“I’m still me…” she said softly but matter-o-factly.


“Yeah but… are you not a morning person or something?” he asked confused, thinking that might explain her quieter tone and emotionless demeanor.


“Hmm…? Oh, no, things are different when I’m in front of a camera is all. It’s easier…”


“Easier?” Eiji echoed.


“Opening up, smiling, being all energetic and stuff. It’s easier for me when I know people are watching…” she explained, “Want some coffee?” she then offered.


“S-sure.” Eiji accepted, trying to wrap his head around the ‘true’ Hitomi. Never in a million years would he suspect that the Hitomi he watched for months during his time in rehab would be a kuudere!


Hitomi held out her cup to him, Eiji blinked in surprise again, but accepted. He glanced around the room and saw one of those personal cup coffee makers sitting on the dresser. Holding the steaming cup to his nose, he inhaled the scent of the coffee, the strong smell driving away the last bits of his grogginess before he took a sip and promptly coughed at the strength. It was like drinking bitterness incarnate!


“Sorry,” she said quietly, “I like it strong in the morning…” Hitomi’s voice was softer, and her words were spoken slower.


“I… I see…” Eiji said, still coughing slightly before taking another sip, more prepared this time. He liked black coffee as much as the next seasoned drinker, but this was some next level stuff!


She gave him a more open smile when he took the second sip before handing it back to her. He then looked around the slightly messy room for his clothes, only to discover they were gone from the spot where he piled them the other night.


“Oh, I sent them to the cleaners, they should be back soon, I hope you don’t mind…” she explained when she saw his confusion.


“Wanted to keep me naked a bit longer?” he asked teasingly.


She didn’t answer verbally, only turned away, a slight tint on her cheeks, “If you like, I can be naked too…” she said after a moment.


Holy shit she was adorable like this! Reading her emotions was a lot harder, but he was quickly learning how as she looked down at the jet black liquid in the white ceramic mug she held with a blank stare.


“Well, fair is fair.” he said with a nod before pushing away the remainder of the sheet, exposing his own naked body beneath.


Without a word, Hitomi got up and shrugged out of her robe. The garment slipped off her body, whispering quietly against her soft skin as it pooled at her feet. She then sat back down like nothing was amiss. Eiji gulped, her skin was flawless as she sipped her coffee again.


“Your performance the other night was well received by the way…” she told him as she reached over and picked a phone up off the night stand and handed it to him. It was Eiji’s phone, and it was completely turned off. “The Linkum app kept making it buzz, but I couldn’t unlock it so I turned it off to make it be quiet…”


Nodding, Eiji powered his phone back up and his eyes went wide, eighty Linkum requests!? “How’d they even know my… Oh wait, that’s right, you showed my profile in the feed the other night.”


“Sorry about that…” She told him.


“What’s there to be sorry about?” he asked her with a grin.


“Hmm, I suppose you’re right…”


Placing his phone on do not disturb, Eiji placed it back on the nightstand and got up. Hitomi followed him with her eyes as she went through a few morning exercises. “Mmmh, nice ass…” he heard her whisper under her breath. He grinned and dropped down to do a quick twenty push-ups, wincing slightly at a twinge of pain in his knee.


“Are you hungry…?” he heard her ask just as he finished, “The dorms have room service from the main kitchen, though the menu is limited on what they can bring to the rooms right now… I suspect that will change once the school year starts” she explained as she went over to one of student computer screens against the wall. Eiji got up and moved to stand behind her, reaching out to grab her from behind, pulling her back flush against him as he grabbed those heavy tits again.


“Ahh…!” she gasped, though it sounded more like a sigh, “Mmmmh…! If you wanted me, you just could have said so…” she said, her voice almost a purr as he began kneading her tits softly, feeling her nipples turning stiff under his touch. She then rubbed herself back against him, letting out a soft sound as he leaned his head down to kiss the spot where her neck met her shoulder.


“You’re online self is sexy, but I’m liking the real you a lot more.” he told her.


“Mmmmh…” she moaned and he saw her cheeks flush a slight pink, “I… Haahhh…” she gasped as he pushed her against the wall more, raising her rounded ass higher before sliding his now throbbing erection back inside her! Her pussy was already dripping again, allowing him a friction-less entrance. Hitomi bit her lower lip, bracing herself against the wall with her hands. “Nnnmmm… Don’t… Don’t stop…!” she moaned.


“Fuck you’re hot!” he told her. He groaned in pleasure as he began pumping his hips, slamming his dick deep inside her as she thrusted her ass back against him.


“So thiiick…” she whispered and he felt a fresh spray of heady smelling juices drenching his thighs. “More… Please don’t stop…” she begged, her voice almost silent as she bucked against him. Eiji smiled, slamming his cock into her as she bent forward, giving him a better angle. He watched as her ass rippled from every impact of his pelvis against her as he moved his hands to her waist, helping steady her as she let out another quiet moan. “Harder…” she gasped. Grinning, Eiji began pounding into her, loving the way her big tits hung off her chest like cow udders whose sides wobbled in and out of his line of view as she bounced back and forth on his dick!


“Hmmmmmmmm…!” Hitomi moaned quietly, “So… So good… Mmmmh, cumming…!” she breathed, her voice barely a whisper.


Groaning, Eiji held tight onto her hips as he pushed his entire length inside her as he came as well.


“Mmmh… Cream pies are pretty nice in the mornings…” she said with a weak grin as she turned back to look at him. Before Eiji could reply to the really bad pun there was a knock at the door. “That’ll be your clothes…” Hitomi said, pulling away from him and casually walking over to her door.


“Hey!” he called after her, but she just opened the door to reveal a neatly folded pile of clothes on the floor. There was no one waiting outside, just the clothes.


Huh, guess the really respect student privacy.‘ he thought, though he was a little annoyed at how easily she just pulled away from him. Hitomi bent down to pick up his clothes, his cum still leaking out of her pussy as she collected the bundle and brought it back over.


“Here, I’d offer to let you use my shower, but I don’t think you’d like my bath products…” she told him, holding out his folded clothes to him. His keys, wallet, and a small plastic box all sat on top of the pile as he accepted them. Eiji then proceeded to get dressed as Hitomi prepared to go take a shower. She told him he could order a breakfast if he wanted, but he declined.


“I still gotta go and check out my dorm room, that’s the entire reason I came here the other day.” he told her.


“Ahh, well, Linkum me again sometime handsome…” she told him quietly before turning and heading into her bathroom without another word.


Eiji just nodded his head, “A kuudere, who knew?” he muttered to himself before collecting his phone again and headed out of her room and into the hallway. He looked around, some doors were open for housekeeping, others were closed but sounds of rough sex could be heard inside. The music in the hallway was catchy, something that would be played on the radio or at a nightclub.


He made it halfway down the hall before suddenly, an intense shooting pain emanated from his bad knee. It was like hot spikes spearing from his knee to his foot and all the way up his thigh. His knee then buckled completely as he collapsed onto the floor, barely able to brace himself.


“FUUUCK!!” he hissed as he reached into his pocket to pull out the small plastic box from earlier. He popped open the tiny tab at the top and shook out several tiny red pills. Placing both in his mouth he crunched them both, wincing at the sudden bitterness that made Hitomi’s coffee seem sweet by comparison! ‘Dammit! why’d I have to do a standing position like that?!‘ he thought. “Stupid idiot!” he berated himself out loud as the pain ebbed and flowed within him like crashing waves. As he feared, his pain medicine was becoming less effective the more he used it, prompting him to take more pills at a time.


It took a couple of agonizing minutes for the pain killers to numb his knee enough for him to move his leg. When the pain faded enough, Eiji braced himself against the wall as he climbed back to his feet.


Still mentally cursing himself, Eiji limped his way through the hall as he pulled out his phone. “Now to find my dorm…”

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

So… Hitomi again. Still not the biggest fan of how she is representated in the story with another quite ordinary Pinup. The artwork is an improvement to the previous one featuring her. The red colored evening sky is quite pleasant to look at and compliments Hitomis rather bright appeareance really nicely, making her mint colored lipstick stick out even more. The “reaction-symbol” above her head makes the artwork also seem not as static as her previous one.

Giving Eiji another chance to shine is really nice to see, with him getting to bang a social media star nonetheless. The lead up towards the unavoidable sex scene was written in a interesting way with him knowing more about Hitomi (as to where she is, what she does, etc. ) since he is a fan of her and watching her lifestream at the moment. The story is relatively straight forward with it’s approach towards the sex which giving how we get to see two very different sex scenes is really appropriate. With the second one even showing a totally different side of Hitomi which I wasn’t aware of until now (her being a kuudere). The first one was really interesting to read with the camera floating next to the two and filming them the whole time, it was also quite funny to see the different comments, especially the Sara and Taiyohime interaction. The second one however was a totally different experience altogether. I appreciate the idea with having one girl who is on the more quiet side presented in your stories, I found the whole thing not nearly as hot as it was probably imagined to be. An interesting idea sure but not really my kind of thing. The ending scene with Eiji having imense pain after he basically went all out with Hitomi and even overdid it was a really nice idea which gave me quite the impression as to where his limits are and what I can probably expect from him moving forward.

Hitomi is by now probably one of my least favorite characters giving that her personality until now consists mainly her being a social media star (in public) and a kuudere (in privacy). Intruiging idea but not really my type. Her artworks also tend to be on the more generic side.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Apologies for the slow reply. Maybe you’ll warm up to the character later on? Looking back, maybe we should have given her a sex image. We made Hitomi a Kuudere to give the entire cast many types of personalities, you’ll get to see more and more different types as you go thru the chapters. Eiji is currently hindered by his past injuries which will affect his performances. I’m curious whos your favorite chars so far, both male and female in the cast. Curious to see how the guys stand up to the females etc etc etc

5 years ago

Hitomi is a pretty nice character, glad that you used her again, I hope you do a full body picture of Eiji. The story was also pretty nice, the social media aspect was pretty amusing.

5 years ago

Thanks! you were G.P

5 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

I have a Cameo? Oh wow. Don’t know what I did to deserve it.

5 years ago

you read the stories which I super appreciate <3

5 years ago

That was a pretty good chapter, though I expected the lucky guy would be Xavier.

5 years ago

I understand, there will be multiple male POVs in the story since Xavier is not the only guy.

5 years ago

YOOOOO I got put in a fanfic! Awesome!

5 years ago

lmao! Hope you enjoyed the story!