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Intense Alleyway Romp

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)

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(August 17th, 5:55 PM, 10 DAYS UNTIL BSU ORIENTATION)


The sun was setting in the red light district of World City. Xavier sat in his car patiently waiting, the visor above him, blocking out the setting sun and the surrounding pink clouds from blinding him. He was waiting for Matsunami, the exotic dancer known as Frost Fireheart, who had invited him to meet her there the night before. The two had a wild romp on stage which drew a massive amount of money. Having finally convinced her to reveal her name, Xavier was looking forward to getting to know the woman personally.



(6:02 P.M.)


Matsunami walked out of the Peaches Gentleman’s Club ready to go on a hot date. She was stylishly dressed, wearing skin tight white hot pants which barely contained her sizeable hips, thighs, and rear end. Along with this, she had on a pink off the shoulder blouse which clung to her curves, highlighting her massive breasts. Her designer pink high heel shoes matched her shirt perfectly and also went along with the pink lipstick and make up she had put on. Fresh from showering, her hair had a glistening effect to it. She turned heads as she walked down the sidewalk, attracting hungry-eyed stares from both men and women across the street. One man glared so hard that he ignored the fact that his wife was speaking to him which resulted in a thorough tongue lashing. Matsunami looked around in search of her date. Xavier took notice of this and got out of the car to approach the sexy brunette.


“Matsunami!” exclaimed the young man to get her attention as he got closer.


“Xavier,” replied the exotic dancer calmly.


Matsunami gave him a hug once they reached one another. She then gave him a juicy smooch, causing him to blush.


“How was work?” asked the brown haired teen.


“It was ok.” answered the busty vixen while flashing a seductive grin.


Matsunami grabbed Xavier’s hand and started walking at a fast pace, passing Xavier’s car.


“Ay! Where are we going?” asked the confused youth.


Matsunami didn’t say anything in response, instead making eye contact with Xavier, giving him a lustful gaze. The pair walked a few blocks until arriving at an empty alley across the street from a vacant lot. Once there the slutty woman’s sexual aggression continued.


“Come on! I don’t wanna wait! Lets fuck right here, right now.” urged the scantily clad young lady while softly rubbing the side of his face.


Having recently left the stage after a very fiery performance, Matsunami was very turned on and in quick need to satiate her carnal desires.


The flustered Xavier looked around the alley taking notice of empty beer cans on the ground, graffiti on the brick walls behind them and a cat sitting atop a big green dumpster. Xavier wanted to reason with Matsunami one more time to convince her otherwise but thought better of it and decided not to.


I have to go with the flow! Questioning her could put her off and ruin the mood….‘ lamented the young man.


Xavier went with his gut instincts and obliged Matsunami’s advances. The shy teen then grabbed the exotic dancer’s by her hips and pulled her close, sliding his hand across her waist to her inner thigh. He then slipped that hand into Matsunami’s panties and pushed into her with 2 fingers. She let out a slight wail as the teen played with her pussy.


“OOOH!” sighed Matsunami as she looked down with grin.


The auburn haired young man continued to finger bang the green eyed dancer, rhythmically hooking his fingers inside of her, gently tickling her clitoris. Matsunami reciprocated the gesture by unbuckling his pants, lowering his jeans and underwear enough to expose his cock. She was again dumbfounded by the long, thick mass of meat that dangled in between Xavier’s legs.


“You want me to suck it hun?” asked Matsunami while jerking him slowly.


Xavier answered the question with an exaggerated and rapid head nod prompting a slight laughter from Matsunami as she dropped down to her knees.


Fuck! He’s hung like a rhino!‘ thought Matsunami to herself.


The dazzling brunette opened her mouth as wide as she could to welcome Xavier’s bestial sized dick. She grabbed on to it with both hands and wrapped her pink lips around the tip. Matsunami took it slow and slurped the head of his penis. The teen’s beefy cock was more than a mouthful for the young dancer to take, although she managed it once before the night prior. She continued to suck him off taking it into her mouth little by little.


Xavier’s dick grew fully erect while in Matsunami’s mouth, making the task more difficult than before. The strip club starlet bobbed forward once more, trying to take in as much dick as possible. Her eyes began to water and she nearly gagged as it touched the back of her throat. She then changed up her technique, taking his dick out of her mouth and licking it. Matsunami vigorously tongue lashed the giant cock in front of her sliding her tongue up and down his shaft. She fluidly worked her tongue all over his dick, leaving no area untouched. All the while Matsunami masturbated, rubbing and fingering herself while licking his chocolate pop sickle


She then got creative and locked her luscious lips on the side of Xavier’s dick, gliding across it as if she were playing a harmonica. She multi tasked, blowing and licking him as she traveled down his lengthy road of cock with her ever smooth and luscious lips. After going back and forth a few times she repeated this motion on the other side.


The Fire and Ice dancer followed up by gently kissing the young man’s cock several times. She suckled each spot as if she were trying to give him a hickey.


Matsunami took his dick into her wide open mouth once more, bobbing back and forth on the monster cock. She managed to get about half way this time. She repeated this several more times. A string of saliva dangled from her bottom lip as she gave him sloppy and wet oral sex. Xavier closed his eyes and clenched his fists while she worked; wearing a Cheshire cat like grin all the while she sucked.


Matsunami continued to suck as she slowly rose to her feet, stopping after she had stood up too high to continue. Following this, the Peaches rookie of the year took hold of Xavier’s dong and pulled him close to her.


“Take me X!” exclaimed the brown haired diva while standing back up. Xavier tugged her panties down while she unhooked her skirt. The scar faced teen then scooped her up by her thighs and pressed her up against the brick wall behind her. Xavier struggled to get his dick inside of Matsunami because of his tremendous size and the tightness of her pussy. It was like trying to squeeze a golf ball into a garden hose. After 2 failed attempts, he rubbed her pussy once more to get her juices flowing onto his hand.


“Let’s try this one more time babe.” declared the well hung youth.


“Alright, I’m ready!” expressed the stacked young woman.


At least I HOPE I’m ready…. This cock is fucking humongous!!‘ thought the sexy stripper.


Matsunami spread her pussy as far open as she could with her fingers. Xavier used her love juice to lube himself up much like he did the previous night. He then held his dick in hand and slowly pushed the head of his cock into her, causing Matsunami to clench her teeth.


“UGGGH!!!” roared the busty brunette as the boy inserted the head of is cock slowly into her.


Matsunami let out a deep breath as her partner forcefully pushed his dick into her tightly kept pussy. The boy brought his hips all the way back and slowly thrust himself upward.


“UGGGH!! AHH FUCK!!!” moaned the young woman as Xavier pressed his way in.


Matsunami took a deep breath each time he entered her pussy, exhaling softly as he pulled back for the successive thrust. The green eyed beauty pressed her back up against the wall for support. Matsunami closed her eyes and smiled; savoring the wonderful sensation each time the young man’s cock sailed up her vaginal canal. Xavier and Matsunami exchanged grunts and whimpers.


“UMMM!!! AHHHH!!!!” cried Matsunami as she slid up and down the wall.


Xavier pumped with a deliberate pace, groping her mountainous tits underneath her shirt while fucking her. Her body drifted up the wall at the peak of every thrust, dripping back down each time Xavier brought his hips back.




Matsunami then took off her top while he probed her, allowing for Xavier to suck her nipples. Xavier latched on to her nipple and as he ram his dick up her dripping cunt. First he licked her around the nipple before sweeping across it with his tongue like a gust of wind. Xavier then locked his lips on the nipple, nibbling gently as he sucked on it. The teen did this to the left breast and then to right, alternating sides while still spearing her with his massive Johnson. By this time, Matsunami’s pussy had adjusted to Xavier’s cock, allowing for him to do her more. The young stud pumped his hips faster, going deeper up Matsunami’s pussy gradually as he fucked her longer.


“OH MY GOODNESS!! FUCK THIS PUSSY!!!! UMMMMMM!!!!!” screamed Matsunami as she watched Xavier fuck and suck her. She shuddered as waves of pleasure crashed into her.


Matsunami’s tongue wagged about as Xavier slammed into her pussy over and over. The Spiked haired male looked into her eyes before leaning his head forward. He touched the tip of her tongue with his own before being pulled in for a deep French kiss by the thicc brown haired young lady. Matsunami wrapped her arms around him, clutching the teen in a strong embrace.


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!! AAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!” screamed the Matsunami while wrapping her legs around his waist.


Xavier pounded Matsunami with fervent, thunderous strokes; splattering her juices on his balls as the slapped against her pussy lips. The tip of his cock kissed her uterus with each powerful pump he delivered, driving Matsunami into a blissful screaming frenzy.




Xavier himself was on the edge of eruption, trying hold out long enough to make his partner cum first. Both were on precipice of reaching orgasmic bliss.


The black cat watched on from on top of the dumpster, purring as she observed the pair but she wasn’t the only witness to Xavier and Matsunami’s encounter. Unfortunately for them their back ally bang fest was cut short by uninvited guests.




Three men dressed in black entered the alley, one of them carried a baseball bat, one wielded a knife and the third man grasped a chain in his hand. The leader pointed his bat directly at Xavier. The young man gently put Matsunami down and raised his hands while turning to face the criminal, his penis still fully erect and pointing at the criminals. Matsunami also put her hands in the air as she faced them, revealing her curvy nude body.


“God damn kid! Your dick is about as longer than my arm! Stop pointing that thing at me.” remarked robber #1, the leader.


There’s three of them and they all have weapons. Maybe I can take them!? But then again, if I start a fight there’s good chance Matsunami will get hurt. Dammit! it’s too dangerous and not worth the risk…‘ lamented Xavier to himself.


Robber #2 and #3 gawked at Matsunami and whispered comments to each other while the ring leader was talking to Xavier.


“Look at her body bro!” stated robber #2.


“You think her tits are real!?” asked robber #3.


“I dunno. Maybe they’re fake, the scars could be from plastic surgery” suggested robber #2.


“Hey you!” yelled robber #3 to Matsunami. “Are those pornstar tits real?!” questioned robber #3.


“Hey! We’re here for the money, not to interview the girl about fucking her tits!!!!! Can you two please stay on point here!?” demanded robber #1.


“When I say go I want you to slowly pull your pants up and empty your pockets. Gimme your wallet, credit cards, and all the cash you have.” ordered the leader of the criminals.


“I don’t have any money on me.” stated the auburn haired teenager.


“Well that’s too bad for you kid. Now I’m gonna have to break somethin’.” replied robber #1 menacingly.


“Hey! Relax! How about this, I’ll give you the keys to my car! There’s cash and credit cards in the center console. I’ll give you the keys if you let us go!” pleaded the disadvantaged young man.


“Hand them over and we have a deal!” answered robber #1 while waving his bat at his direction.


Xavier bent down and reached to the floor, pulling his car keys out of his pocket.


“Here! Take it!” yelled the youth as he threw the keys to the leader of the criminals.


“Thank you kindly chump haha!” responded the lead robber while catching the keys.


All three members of the stick up crew shifted their attention to Xavier’s bare bodied date. They stared at her with unquestionably lecherous intentions.


“I should break your face for raising your voice at me. As a matter of fact, I will!!!” declared the criminal leader while creeping toward Xavier, bat pointed at him.


“STOP!!!!” yelled Matsunami, a tone of concern, desperation, and level-headedness in her voice, as she watched the bat wielding thug approach Xavier.


The criminal stopped moving. All three looked at her.


“Take my purse! There is $5000 in cash there. You can have it all! just don’t hurt him!” pleaded the calm and rational young lady while pointing to her purse on the concrete.


The leader of the band of bandits walked up to her and picked up the purse, nudging her ass cheeks with the bat before walking away. The other two thugs cam around and rummaged through the handbag.


“Its been nice doing business with you. But you know what? your ho is coming with us too! you really think we were gonna keep our word?! haha!!” commented the crooked leader while counting her money.


Xavier was boiling inside with profound fury at that point, having been double crossed. Enraged by the thought of them taking Matsunami and hurting her, it was time to go for blood. With their attention focused on Matsunami’s earnings, the stick up men were vulnerable. Xavier’s eyes narrowed as he noticed one of Matsunami’s high heels on the pavement near his foot.




He picked up the shoe and launched it full power, walloping the lead criminal with a high heel to the face. The robber was clearly staggered by the blow. Blood ran down his forehead as he groggily swings his bat in retaliation.




“OWWW!!! WHAT THE HELL MAN!?” screamed robber #2 after being accidentally hit by his associate.


The leader struck one of his cohorts in a disoriented haze. Luckily for the 2nd criminal, the bat missed his head and hit his shoulder. Xavier stepped forward to attack but…


“CRAP!” Cursed the spike haired teen.


At that moment Xavier realized that his pants were still around his ankles. It was impossible to fight anyone like that because he would trip and fall. Xavier rushed to pull up his pants and buckle up his belt as quickly as possible. However before he could finish.




Matsunami attacked the criminals herself, much to his shock. The fit dancer ducked underneath a knife swipe from the second offender and twisted the arm which held the weapon, punching him in the face three times before hip tossing him to the asphalt. Attacker #3 whipped his chain which struck her in the arm, but she managed catch it on contact and wrap it around her wrist. The naked diva followed up this action by pulling him by the chain, connecting with an elbow strike to the face. Xavier went from the role of combatant to spectator, staring on in awe of her fighting ability. There was no need for him to get involved and he knew it by what he saw.


HOLY SHIT!! SHE CAN FIGHT TOO!!? I HIT THE JACKPOT AGAIN!!‘ yelled the amateur fighter in his own mind.


The groggy leader crept up from behind but Matsunami caught this out of her peripheral vision.




Matsunami slipped behind robber #3 after delivering the elbow, locking onto his arms.




Having secured him in her grasp, Matsunami used the 3rd criminal as a shield to block the wayward bat swings of robber #1. The human shield took three blows to the body from his comrade before Matsunami gave him a swift and powerful shove, sending him stumbling into his teammate. The collision sent robber #3 to the floor and caused the ring leader to drop his bat to the ground. The weapon rolled out of his reach leaving him to square up and box Matsunami fair and square.


“BITCH I’LL KILL YOU!” screamed the criminal as he rushed the martial arts vixen.


Matsunami took a step forward and delivered forceful spinning roundhouse kick to the body. The blow landed with absolute precision, hitting him squarely in the solarplexis.


“AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” yelled the ringleader as he crashed into the asphalt. The well timed spin kick folded him up like an accordion, effectively killing any hopes of a successful stick up.


“NICE MOVES!!! WAY TO KICK ASS!!” yelled Xavier to Matsunami while buckling up his belt.


“I saw you almost trip and bust your ass!” giggled the stripper while pointing at Xavier’s pants.


“Lets get out of here before the police arrive. If the cops see us here they might get the wrong idea and think I’m with these guys.” informed Xavier while slinging his shirt over his shoulder.


“You think so?” asked Matsunami while grabbing her stuff.


“It wouldn’t be the first time.” answered Xavier while walking up to the man who took his keys.


Xavier stood over the man as he grimaced in pain, taunting him while retrieving his car keys from the man’s pocket.


“YOU GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!!!” yelled the teenager while shaking his head from side to side.


“Didn’t that come from a movie?” questioned Matsunami jokingly in response to Xavier’s hammy remark.


“Maybe!” replied Xavier with a chuckle.


“Let’s go!” commented the 18 year old as he grabbed Matsunami’s hand. She was still nude and he was shirtless as they departed the alley together.


The pair ran several blocks down the sidewalk attracting laughs and lusty stares. It was clear to all the onlookers what they had been doing in the alley. Upon reaching the car, Xavier opened the door for Matsunami and helped her into the passenger seat. He then got in the drivers seat.


“Wow! You beat the brakes off of them!” declared Xavier, impressed with Matsunami’s fighting skills.


“I was waiting for the opening to get them, wasn’t expecting you throw my shoe though.”


“So what style do you practice?” questioned Xavier curiously as he took to the downtown streets.


“No style in particular, I just learned a few things to protect myself.” answered the sultry brunette.


“Well maybe we can spar sometime then.” suggested Xavier while making a turn.


As he finished that last sentence he felt her hand slide up his thigh and to his belt. Matsunami slickly unbuckled it and slipped her hand down his pants.


“Ay! What are you doing!?” inquired the driver while trying to stay focused on the road.


Matsunami purposely ignored the question, instead answering with her actions. She softly fondled the young man’s cock as he tried to keep it together on the road. His attempts to resist his body’s natural reaction failed, resulting in him slowly stiffening up below the waist. It was indeed a pleasurable feeling but it was a most inopportune time for it.


“Stop playing around. I gotta drive here!” ordered Xavier while trying to remain calm.


Matsunami continued to tease him, going up and down his steadily growing shaft. She giggled as she watched him shift his body in his seat.


“Do you like it?” questioned the horny passenger while gently gripping it.


Matsunami couldn’t get her hand all the way around his thickness but had enough of a grasp to caress him to a full erection. The big breasted nympho went up and down with her hand with a slick smooth motion. Xavier couldn’t help but to look to his side.


“MMMMMMM!!!!” moaned Matsunami while sliding two fingers on her other hand into her pussy. She was doing double duty at this point, fingering herself and giving Xavier a handjob at the same time.


The teen driver’s attention was diverted from the road by Matsunami’s foreplay with him. As he looked back up, he saw a red light ahead. Fortunately, he saw it early enough to stop without having to slam on the brakes.


“I can’t focus with you doing that…please stop…” pleaded the struggling driver.


Though Xavier told her to stop with his words, Matsunami saw that his body language was telling her something else. Xavier let out a deep sigh as Matsunami vibrantly stroked his dick.


“I KNEW you didn’t really want me stop!” grinned the playful passenger while picking up the pace.


Matsunami masterfully massaged the giant cock sitting next to her. Her grip was firm enough to jerk him but not too tight. Her soft palm slid up and down his shaft effortlessly as worked her wrist. At the next red light, Matsunami stopped the hand job to unbuckle her seat belt.


“Hey! Put your seat belt back on!” directed the confused driver.


“I almost crashed once already. If you’re gonna keep playing with me at least buckle up while you do it” reasoned Xavier while looking over at Matsunami.


“Play? You mean like this?” questioned the sexy diva while leaning over close to him.


Matsunami opened her mouth wide and latched on to Xavier’s dong, using her hand to help cram his massive phallus into her mouth.


“MMMMMMM!!!!!…..so…..BIG!!!” moaned Matsunami with jumbled words as she went down on him.


Xavier groaned in approval to the front seat blowjob he was receiving. He leaned his head back on the seats headrest and relaxed while stopped; enjoying the wet slurping the Peaches rookie blessed him with. The young driver momentarily forgot that he was on the road and groped Matsunami’s ass while she pleasured him. He then slipped his fingers into her moist slit which encouraged her to suck him more aggressively.


“AHHHH! MMMMMMMM!!!!!……KEEEP…..MMMMMM! GOING!!!!” cried the brunette as she attempted to throat him.


HONK!!!! HONK!!!!!! HONK!!!!!!


“OH SHIT!!!!”


While indulging in the wet blowjob he was getting, Xavier failed to look up at the traffic light in front of him. Several cars behind him honked their horns. Xavier looked in the rearview mirror and saw that the first vehicle directly behind was a cop car. He forcefully mashed on the gas in an attempt to compensate for time spent stalled at the red light. However, The fact that a cop was behind them didn’t stop Matsunami from blowing his cock like it was a flute.


KEEP IT TOGETHER X!!‘ thought the panicked youth to himself.


Suddenly Xavier saw flashing red and blue lights behind him.




He tried to maintain his composure as he proceeded forward. Once he had enough space he attempted to pull off to the side of the road, anticipating a traffic stop.


“YOU GOTTA STOP!! I’M GETTING PULLED OVER!” Alerted the fearful driver to Matsunami.


Xavier lamented his predicament as he pulled off to the side of the road. As he awaited his fate he heard the screeching sirens alarm. The police car darted past him prompting other motorists to move out of the way. It turned out that the officer had received a call on the radio to respond to an emergency elsewhere. Xavier let out a deep sigh of relief as he witnessed the cop car disappear into the distance.


“WHEW! Thank goodness!! I thought I was finished!” stated the youth while merging back into traffic slowly.


“You will be soon!” retorted Matsunami before resuming her oral assault on his cock.


Xavier resigned himself to the fact that Matsunami was going to continue toying with him. While he was fearful of potential consequences, he was also enjoying what she was doing.


Matsunami quickened her pace, momentarily making him squirm in his seat. He tried to scoot away as he made a right turn. However, there was no escape from Matsunami’s juicy lips. She bathed his dick in her saliva which allowed her to go further down on his cock than she did earlier.


THIS FEELS AMAZING!!!‘ thought the auburn haired driver.


He got into the heated moment once again, slumping back into his seat and leaning his head back once again. Xavier controlled the steering wheel with one hand while running his free hand through Matsunami’s hair.


“MMMMMMMAAAAAWWWWW!!” gagged Matsunami as Xavier’s cock reached the back of her throat.


GOD DAMN!!! I NEARLY CHOKED ON IT!!!‘ she thought to herself.


Matsunami kept her composure as she continued to work her jaws on his thick, meaty pipe. The car gradually drifted to the right, careening into the next lane. Xavier was not paying attention, as he had become fully engaged in enjoying the thorough sucking Matsunami was giving him.




Xavier nearly crashed into a red sedan in the next lane. The bellowing sound of the horn brought him back into reality from the pleasure zone he was in. The young driver swerved to the left, barely missing the other motorist.


“THAT WAS CLOSE!!” thought the distracted teenager to himself while approaching another red traffic light.




Xavier looked over to his right and saw a feisty young woman screaming at him through her opened window. Although he couldn’t hear what she was saying, he made out the majority of her profanity laden tirade by reading her lips. The driver of the other car was indeed a sexy she devil, especially for a voyager driver. She raised up her sunglasses, revealing bright and wild looking yellow eyes which had a neon tint to them. Her skin was a creamy pearl complexion which contrasted with her teal hair. She wore her hair up in a high pony tail which was held in place by red ribbon tied in a bow. Her bangs were swept to the side, partially framing her face. Xavier could only see the upper half of her body but what he did see was magnificent. the young lady had a voluptuous, well built figure. The bottom of her gigantic breasts stuck out from underneath the snug fitting bare midriff t-shirt she had on. The young woman had a small white stick jutting out of her mouth, the handle to a lollipop she was sucking as Xavier made eye contact with her, prompting her to yell once more.


“LET YOUR WINDOW DOWN SO YOU CAN HEAR ME YOU LITTLE SHIT!!!” bellowed the buxom motorist.


The voyager driver let her window down and threw her sucker at Xavier, shattering it on his window.


Xavier had a big smile on his face mostly because of Matsunami, but the teal haired woman’s outburst humored him as well. He obliged the angry woman’s demands and let his window down.




The female driver’s face reddened in outrage as Xavier chuckled at her.




The busty driver reached into the center console and pulled out several suckers.


“FUCK YOU!!! YOU JIZZ JACUZZI COCK SOCKET!!!” yelled the driver as she hurled the suckers out of her window.


“OUCH!!!!” yelled the young man while being peppered with lollipops to the face.


After being hit with a few lollipops Xavier let up his window leaving only a small gap remaining, blocking the rest of the lollipop barrage. However, one made it through the small opening in the window, hitting him in the side of the neck. Matsunami stopped sucking to make a comment. She sat up to address driver of the other car.


“YOU KISS ANOTHER MAN’S DICK WITH THAT FILTHY MOUTH OF YOURS?!” yelled Matsunami back to the other driver


The sudden appearance of Matsunami startled the neon eyed woman, leaving her speechless. Matsunami then got back in position to suck dick.


“Now you can give me your undivided attention..” stated the brunette calmly before latching on to his dick once more.


Matsunami sucked him fervently, pressing her lips against his cock as tightly as she could, placing her tongue against its underside. Her head bobbed up and down while she jerked him with her hand, moving with fierce speed and intensity. She nearly choked each time she went down on his girthy pipe. Xavier leaned back hard against his seat. His legs straightened out and turned and contorted in his seat as he tried to hold back his salty load.


“SLOW DOWN….” pleaded the young man while attempting to back away from Matsunami.


“So that’s why that kid is driving like shit!” The driver of the other car stared in interest, following Matsunami’s head as it went up and down in Xavier’s lap. She licked the tip of her lolipop sensually before sucking entirely.


“MMMPH…. CUM… MMMPH… FOR… MMMPH… ME!!!!” gurgled Matsunami while going down on him.


Xavier tried hold it in, hoping he would last until he got to home in order to avoid busting a nut in his mom’s car and making a mess. However, Matsunami pushed him over the edge by licking his dick from the shaft to the tip. Unable to hold back the powerful feeling, Xavier erupted like a volcano. Matsunami looked on with a smile as Xavier cummed. She was splattered on her cheeks and in her hair with spunk. The windshield was coated with a thick layer of Xavier’s genetic goo, making it impossible for him to see forward. The foul-mouthed Voyager driver one lane over eyes enlarged as she watched Xavier ejaculate.


“GOD DAAAAMMMMMNNNNN! THAT. IS. ALOT. OF. FUCKING. CUM!!!!” proclaimed stunned young lady.


“NO!!! THIS IS BAD!!!” exclaimed the teenager while assessing the damage to the inside of his mom’s car.




“You were a little backed up I see.” joked the brunette while grabbing Xavier’s shirt.


“You gotta help me clean this up!! Look at this, the dashboard, the windows, the leather seats!!” replied the panicked spike haired teen.


Matsunami used the shirt to wiped the cum from the windshield as the traffic light turned green again. The dark haired woman in the adjacent car took a picture of Xavier’s license plate as his car pulled ahead. His next stop was a car wash, a gas station, anywhere he could go to clean out his car!



(15 Minutes later)


After stopping at a car wash and cleaning up the inside of the car, the duo pulled into Xavier’s neighborhood. As they turned into the subdivision, Matsunami asked him a question.


“Where are we going?” inquired the green eyed woman while looking at the houses in the neighborhood.


“My house. Gotta get cleaned up and changed so we can go to dinner.” Replied the youth.


“How about we stay in for the night? I have some ideas for dinner…” suggested the curvy brunette in a sultry voice.


SHE WANTS TO SPEND THE NIGHT WITH ME!!?…YES!!!‘ thought the teen while trying to contain his excitement.


“That sounds good to me. I’m sure we can find something to do.” answered Xavier casually, trying to play it cool.


“Wow! This is a nice little neighborhood! How long have you been here?” asked the curious dancer.


“A couple of weeks, just moved here.”


“You know your way around the city for a newcomer.”


I spent a lot of time cruising around the last week or so.


Xavier pulled up to his driveway parked, opening the passenger door his companion. Mei wasn’t home because she was working the night shift.


“Welcome to my humble home!” expressed the scarred young man as he opened the door.


The pair walked into the home with Xavier leading the way to the living room. The walls were adorned with framed photos of Xavier as child. She took notice of one picture in particular in which Xavier was dressed up as a Pokemon.


“Is that you!? You’re SOOOOO CUTE!!!” Matsunami gushed and giggled.


“Yeah my mom picked that Pikachu costume.” answered an embarrassed Xavier.


Matsunami walked over to the couch and sat down while Xavier pondered the situation.


Crap! I’m not ready to go again yet. I have to stall her….‘ thought the teen while looking down at his pants.


“You hungry?” asked Xavier while going into the kitchen.


“We can eat later, we’re not finished yet. You owe me from earlier…” cooed the brunette temptress while stretching out on the couch and waving him over.


Xavier gulped as he slowly and nervously walked to the couch, hoping for the best.


The 18 year old followed her “come here” finger gesture like a cobra to a snake charmer and sat down next to Matsunami. She then crawled up to him and unzipped his pants, resting her torso on his lap. The green-eyed vixen sandwiched his monster flaccid cock between her tits and pressed them together, moving them up and down on Xavier’s dick.


“COME ON! WAKE UP!” panicked Xavier to himself while watching her work her tits against his trouser snake.”


About a minute passed to no effect, confirming Xavier’s worst fears. Matsunami continued to massage his flaccid dong diligently but nothing changed. The surrounding area started to fade away and suddenly, he was standing on the hallowed grounds of Busteez Slut University.



Xavier looked around nervously, focusing on the entry doors to building.


“Should I go in or not?” he said to himself anxiously as stared at the darkly tinted doors.


“I guess have to see what’s in there…” thought the young man to himself.


As he opened the door, he saw a seemingly endless hallway. The teenager walked into the building and passed crowds of people who appeared to his left and to his right. The audience roared in laughter at Xavier as he walked down the hallway.




Hecklers pointed and lampooned him with jokes, mocking his predicament.






“THIS MIGHT HELP OUT!” yelled a familiar brown haired male heckler while throwing a box of pills at his feet, which was used to treat erectile dysfunction.


“EIJI!?” exclaimed the shocked youth, surprised that his new friend would do that.


As he continued to walk down the hall of shame, he was bombarded by several lollipops and suckers which hit him around the face and body. He looked to his left and saw the foul-mouthed voyager driver from earlier laughing at him.




“Hey! What are you doing here?!” yelled an embarrassed Xavier while trying to avoid being hit with anymore lollipops.


The young man was mortified by the ridicule and remarks being thrown at him. However, he continued to walk because he wanted to see what was at the end of the hall. The young man pressed forward and noticed a few more familiar faces. He locked eyes with a pair of red eyes which belonged to the woman who had become the bane of his existence.


“AWWW~ STILL STRUGGLING ARE YOU?!” cooed the familiar, menacing voice.


“NOO!! I thought you were gone!” yelled a distraught Xavier.


It was indeed Violette, returning to torment Xavier once more.


“I told you and that little fat bitch this wasn’t over!!!” taunted Violette.


“DON’T TALK ABOUT MAI LIKE THAT!!!!” screamed the angry youth.


“Just keep going, there is something you need to see ahead.” suggested the demon woman.


As he made his way forward he saw 2 figures dressed in black ahead and to his right. The 2 figures wore all black dresses as if they were attending a funeral.




Mai had her head down with tears flowing from her eyes.




The second figure consoled Mai and put her arm around her. Before speaking she lifted the veil over her face revealing herself to be Mei, Xavier’s mother.


“I know how you feel, the disappointment. I believed my son would achieve greatness too. But its okay, I’m here for you Mai.”


“MOM!?” questioned Xavier as he watched his mother comfort his love interest.


“I told you before this would be easier if you surrendered… but NO! you chose the hard way.. Well not so hard right now!!!” chuckled Violette while pointing at Xavier’s crotch.


He looked around at everything going on around him with distress, the sea of mockery grew louder and louder in his head until it became unbearable.


“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” bellowed the crowd in unison, lead by Violette.


“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” screamed the frustrated young man.



Xavier’s surroundings faded away and he was back on his living room couch. Matsunami was bent over in front of him, stroking him off with her huge ass cheeks. However, his random outburst of yelling didn’t only take place in his daydream but in reality as well. Matsunami stopped after hearing him yell.


“No? You don’t like this position?” inquired the cheeky brunette.


Xavier blushed with embarrassment upon realizing he had actually yelled no. He looked down to see his dick was hard and throbbing between Matsunami’s butt cheeks, so much so that it was moving slightly on its own. Veins bulged underneath his skin larger than they had before.


Whoa ! It’s different somehow…‘ thought Xavier to himself.


“IT’S NOT THAT!” answered Xavier reassuringly while slapping her on the ass.


“I thought I was gonna have a little bit of trouble but I’m good now.”


“You ready to pound this?” asked Matsunami seductively while still hotdogging his enormous meatpole.


Xavier pulled Matsunami down towards his rock solid cock. Matsunami cooperated with him by sitting in his lap, her back still turned to him. She got in a squatting position, hovering above the head of Xavier’s dick.


“Fuck yeah I am!!” answered the excited teen.


My dick is so hard it hurts, what’s going on here.’ wondered the youth to himself.


Matsunami lowered herself onto his hulking monster of a penis. Xavier held it in place and pressed upward to push his way inside of her. He squeezed his way in to her extra tight pussy for about 20 seconds.




The distinct popping sound signaled that he managed to fit his cock into Matsunami.


“OOOH!!!!!!” moaned Matsunami as she sat all the way down on his heavyweight cock.


Matsunami rode him wildly, winding her hips in all directions while bouncing up and down on his black stallion. Xavier held on to her colossal mammaries as she rode him, kneading and squeezing them while firmly pinching her nipples. She had to move at a moderate speed because of his size. Each time she went down, she felt a strong pulse inside of her from the opening of her pussy to the pit of her stomach.




The spiky haired teen scooped his partner by her thighs and stood up and started to thrust. He pumped his hips at a steady pace, using his legs to add more force to his thrusts.




Matsunami’s moans where partially muffled because she was clenching her teeth. The green eyed temptress grabbed on to Xavier’s forearms and squeezed tightly to brace herself for the thrashing he was giving her. His balls slapped up against he pussy lips and inner thighs each making a distinct sound which was closer the cracking of a whip than slapping of skin.


The two fucked for over an hour, taking their sexcapade all over the Williams home. Doggystyle in the kitchen, cowgirl on the stairs, anal in the garage, it was an energetic love marathon that typically only happens in fiction. They eventually made it upstairs, transitioning their wild romp to Xavier’s bed.


“FASTER!!!! OOOHHH! RIGHT THERE, THAT’S THE SPOT” screamed Matsunami before flashing a smile.


Xavier was on top of Matsunami, pummeling her pussy with long, deep strokes. Beads of sweat ran down their bodies as they intertwined, no doubt they had burned a ton of calories that evening. Matsunami wrapped her arms around him, gripping on to his back and shoulders. After hearing her cry out, Xavier fucked her faster and harder, thrusting into her with every ounce of strength he had.


“OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!! I CAN FEEL YOU IN MY BELLY!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” roared Matsunami as she tightly embraced him, wrapping her legs around his torso.


“ARE YOU READY!!?” yelled Xavier to Matsunami.


“YESSSSSSSS! CUM IN ME!!!!” answered the buxom beauty while looking him in the eyes.


Xavier could tell by how tense her body was that she was close to reaching an orgasm. He continued to thrust.


“Almost there, just a little bit more!” thought the 18 year old to himself.


“INCOMING!!!!!” yelled the scar-faced youth.


Xavier suddenly stopped pumping. The time had come. The teenager emptied his load into Matsunami’s womb with all his might, like a fire hose putting out a flame. Feeling this power sent her over top with pleasure. She let out an animalistic scream, tilting her head back against the pillow.




Her body spasmed multiple times as she experienced a rather powerful orgasm. Her fingernails scratched his shoulders and her toes curled as she experienced ecstasy. After few seconds her body relaxed and the two shared a passionate kiss.


“WHOOOOO!” sounded Xavier as he rolled over onto his back.


Xavier took several deep breaths to get some air. Matsunami took several deep breaths herself. The two looked at each and simultaneously spoke.


“DAMN!” uttered the duo while looking at each other.


Matsunami snuggled up close to Xavier as he put his arm around her.


“You’re now paid in full!” joked Xavier while squeezing her ass.


“I may have to collect again!” responded Matsunami with a smile.


“I need about an hour to recover before we go again.” chuckled the green eyed teen.


“We’re definitely going again in the morning.” demanded the horny dancer while stroking Xavier’s elephant trunk of a dick.


“The way you move, we should do this everyday. No more back alleys though!” commented the teen.


“I agree, I don’t wanna have to save your ass every time we hang out!” joked the sexy green eyed nympho.


“I could have smashed those punks, I was just worried about your safety. I didn’t wanna risk starting a fight and you getting hurt!” informed the auburn haired young man.


“Excuses, Excuses!” teased Matsunami with a grin.


“I didn’t know you had hands like that! So I did what I thought I had to protect you.”


“AWWW!!! How sweet of you!” joked the brunette bombshell before kissing Xavier again.


Though she got a kick out of teasing him about the alley situation she understood Xavier’s actions and the reasoning for them.


“Speaking of what happened in the alley, where did you learn how to fight? inquired Xavier.


“Well my father taught me martial arts when I was little. That’s the only thing useful I ever got from the good for nothing bastard…”


Xavier could identify with this because his own father had been absent most of his life as well. He nodded to acknowledge Matsunami’s remarks.


“I continued to train on my own for a while in the years after he got locked up. I used to get into a lot of fights as a kid.” commented the beautiful brunette.


“What happened?” asked Xavier while running his hand through her hair.


“My little sister got bullied all the time when we were little. These kids were mean. They played cruel pranks on her and even threw rocks at her on the school yard. As the big sister, It was my duty to look after her so I did what I had to do.”


“So you’re pretty close with her then?”


“She’s my best friend. No matter what, we had each other. I’ve taught her some things but I’ve also learned some things from her. It’s easier to deal with not having parents when there’s someone that can share the burden with you. Friends come and go, even family does, but I know she will always have my back.”


“Your sister sounds cool, would be nice to meet her.” responded Xavier while looming at Matsunami.


Xavier was stunned by the admission that Matsunami didn’t have either her mother or her father growing up. Before he could ask anymore questions Matsunami beat him to the punch.


“It’s my turn to ask questions. I wanna know a little bit about you.” declared Matsunami.


“Go ahead and ask.” suggested the auburn haired teenager.


“So now that you’re living in World City what are you planning on doing?”


“I’m going to school to study cinematography. I want to learn how to produce television and movies.”


“Oooh! That’s a cool choice. What made you wanna do it?”


“Ever since I was little I was always into action movies. Martial Arts, Superheroes, Sci-fi, anything with action scenes in it. My grandfather used to take me to the movies on the weekend. I used to act out the fight scenes I saw with him in the back yard. I was always curious about how these sequences are made.


Matsunami nodded to acknowledge him.


“I wanna someday create something of my own that everyone will watch and enjoy for years and years. You know, movies and TV that will live forever…”


“When you make it don’t forget about me. I could use a role!” chuckled Matsunami.


“You got it!” answered the youth.


Xavier then turned on the TV. The Supreme Fighting Championship was on. The SFC was the premiere mixed martial arts promotion in the world. The co-main event of the evening was starting. The two fighter walked toward one another and started throwing punches.


“I used to wanna do this as a career.” admitted Xavier.


“What made you change your mind?” asked the green eyed date.


“My mom asked me not to because of the risks that come with fighting.”


The duo watched the first round of fight. During the commercial break one particular cad gained Xavier’s interest.




The commercial showed a montage of sex themed performances similar to what is seen at a circus.




The commercial shows a busty black haired woman wearing nothing but a cape and high heels making a tiger disappear.




The commercial shows highlights of the highly acrobatic dance troupe performing a number of group stunts while wearing nothing but face paint.




Xavier looked over at Matsunami and asked…


“You wanna go to the Carnal Carnival with me tomorrow?” asked Xavier.


“ARE YOU ASKING ME OUT ON AN OFFICIAL DATE?!” inquired Matsunami while poking his nose with her finger.


Xavier’s face turned red once she questioned him.


“Yeah.” answered Xavier, speaking with more confidence than he’d shown before.


“I’d love to!” replied Matsunami while kissing him on the cheek.


YES!!!‘ thought the teen to himself.


Matsunami yawned while reaching for the TV remote.


“It’s been a long night. Let’s get some sleep hun…” suggested the exhausted young woman. “I need a good nights rest after that fuck marathon we had all over your home~”


“Yeah, I’m drained!” replied Xavier with a yawn.


“How about breakfast in the morning?” asked the brunette.


“Sure, you like sausage?” asked Xavier with a perverted grin.


“Fuck yes I do!!!” responded the 20 year old excitedly while licking her lips.


Xavier had concluded yet another successful date and established a special connection with Matsunami. The two fell asleep shortly after this, both smiling as they slept.


(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

I greatly appreciate the additional attention this pairing is getting with one hell of a chapter and artwork nonetheless. The latter is pretty brilliant and sexy on it’s own. The setting the two of them choose to fuck in, is interesting, with the dim lit alley, the cute little kitty-cat on the trash bin, the passanger on the road walking past the fucking couple and of course the very detailed wall Matsunami is pressed against. Speaking of her: Matsunami is drawn incredibly well with the light of the top right corner (on the wall she is held against) shining mostly only on her upper body while her feet are “left in the dark (well… sort of). Her body is drawn very sexy and what I think is the best improvement this pose provides, is the fact that we get to see her very intruiging scars across her massive bazongas. The way the two lovers look at each other intimiately while Xavier is sucking on said bazongas is also quite the turn-on. Once more I’m also glad that we get to see some colored toe nails in the makeup version since we don’t get to see them that often. While at it: the pink color she has put on, on her lips, eyes and nails fit her role as an open (attention seeking) stripper really well. The cum on her face, breasts, hair and an equal ammount of it comming out of her pussy around Xaviers cock is sexy aswell.

I really love how well you depicted, just how “dangerous” sex can be (even in a world where sex is everywhere). With the first sex ending because, go figure, a dark alleyway in a dubious neighborhood is only safe in fiction and more often than not ends with a conflict in some shape or form. This time with three armed robbers, which Matsunami quickly and luckily dispelled. This moment however lead into one interesting character interaction, with Xavier and Matsunami exchanging some backstory and even a second sex scene in the car. And once again the sex scene almost ended badly with Xavier being distracted because of Matsunami’s hand- and blowjob skills and nearly crushing into a motorist, leading into another funny exchange of words and suckers between the motorist (which is most likely (and because I did some research) Takiko) and the couple in the car. Xaviers reaction after he covered his mothers car in spunk is really funny and a quite realistic one. The final sex scenes through the William’s house is not as special as the two previous ones but great nonetheless. His daydream with him not being able to become hard again is realistic and while I’m still not a big fan of them I have to admit that they are written relatively interesting and for people who like them very funny. The forshadowing with the Carnal Carnival and it’s various attractions is also done pretty nicely though I highly doubt that there are still cards available one day before it starts. Not really realistic, but hey… it is a world where being a pornstar is probaly one of the most prestigious jobs out there so… xd.

Rather “grim” artwork and sex scenes this time which could have ended in several ways but in the end, ended rather uplifting with the prospect of both of them going to the Carnal Carnival.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

This was a very fun chapter for me to write. Things don’t always go according to plan, especially when you’re trying to bang a girl in an alley like that. I really had fun with the bit with the robbers, that was my favorite part of the chapter. I was looking to show Xavier’s chivalrous side but also hint to the more aggressive side of his character. As for Matsunami I wanted to show that she isn’t some damsel in distress. Was trying to show some of what lies beneath the surface of her character.

I was also trying to show the differences between their personalities. Xavier is very shy and high strung while Matsunami is very calm and in control. Their personalities go well together because of their differences. Matsunami finds X to be a breath of fresh air compared to the men she sees at her job. Xavier views her as this sexy mysterious presence that is above him. He thinks Matsunami is way out of his league so he’s mesmerized by the fact she is interested in him.

Matsunami finds his demeanor to be very cute so she teases and plays with him to see his reactions. X’s percieved inferiority is the cause of his daydream and not being able to get on hard.

I also enjoyed the driving sequence. Matsunami took the risk of giving him a BJ while he was driving for the sheer rush of it. She pushes the boundaries with him while he tries to play it safe all the time. I think it was particularly funny when the cops were behind him and he thought he was getting pulled over.

Matsunami is very persuasive and has a sort of down to earth charm that makes Xavier comfortable in her presence. She makes him feel manly and in control which is something he needs right now. They play off of each other very well because of this. Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy the story.

5 years ago

For an Alternate ending what would have happened if she went with the robbers?

5 years ago

They have to be a thing like pls canon this

5 years ago

I ship Xavier and Matsunami so bad like just get married already you guys are the perfect match!

5 years ago
Reply to  Animefan1

That could very well happen! They have great chemistry together. Stay tuned! And thank you for your support. Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

5 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Your welcome! It’s just there just so cute together!