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Boobs and Booty BBQ

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)

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(August 20th, 10:30 A.M., 7 DAYS UNTIL BSU ORIENTATION)


Lying back in a tub full of lilac scented bubbles, Violette Beauregard closed her eyes as she listened to the Peruvian Flute music playing over the bathroom speakers.  One thing she loved about the dorms in Passion Tower, all the rooms, even the bathrooms, were designed to make sound reverberate without any unneeded echoing, so her music played beautifully as she relaxed in the tub.  Orientation was just a week away, and then the fun would really begin as the semester opened up.


VEEEP VEEEP!!! “BATTERY 1%” an emotionless female voice relayed over her music.


“Ugh, dammit, I forgot to charge it again.” Violette cursed as she got up, water sloshing and splashing all around her.  Light purple bubbles cascaded off her naked body as she got out of the tub and turned off the bluetooth speakers.  Her music instantly switched to the far less pleasant sounding built-in speaker on her phone.


“Hey VIC, stop playback.” she said loudly and clearly.  Instantly the music turned off and her phone beeped once, awaiting another command.  VIC was her phones V.O.S., Voice Operating System, or something like that.  She knew the name was an acronym for something, but she’d forgotten exactly what it meant.  She’d gotten it from the school as part of her scholarship, at first she didn’t really like the idea of the school fiddling with her phone, but now she rather enjoyed being able to just tell her phone what she wanted without going through the screen commands.


“Hey VIC, any messages?”


“You have fifty-seven new messages, five in your email inbox, and fifty-two in your Linkum account.  Would you like to open them?” VIC replied in its gender neutral voice.


“Just the one’s in my email please.” she told her phone.


“First Message, from Mom; Hi Vivi-chan, hope you’re doing well settling in.  Everything is fine here, but unfortunately I…”


“Next message!” Violette yelled, not wanting to hear her mother rambling on in VIC’s weird voice.


“Second Message, from S. Reed; Ms. Beauregard, hope you enjoyed your time here since moving into the dorm, I’m writing to remind you that I haven’t gotten the last of your student registration forms, and I will be needing them at least two days before orientation begins, so please get those over to me ASAP, Yours, Sara Reed, Head of Admissions, Busteez Slut University.”


“Crap! VIC, stop reading.” Violette said as she grabbed her phone from the counter by the bathroom sink and began to towel herself off.  “Dammit, where did I put those forms…?!” she muttered to herself.


“Please restate request.” VIC said.


“Wasn’t talking to you, you glorified Skynet wannabe!” Violette snapped at her phone.


“Error, Skynet is a fictional system from the movie Series The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Terminator 3: Rise of…” VIC began.


“Just shut up!” she told, “Jeez, when will someone teach you to detect sarcasm!?”


Her phone only beeped back at her quietly.


Still toweling out her long blue and pink hair, Violette walked naked around her dorm room.  The walls were an off-white color with dark carpeted floors.  She had some artwork she wanted to hang but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.  Other than that, she was already mostly settled in thanks to the movers she had hired, the only remaining boxes were her personal items in the bedroom.  Making her way there, the naked girl sat on the edge of her bed and found a three ring binder that had the forms in question.  It annoyed her that she had forgotten about this as she pulled open a drawer on the nightstand next to her double King Sized bed.  More annoying was how SMALL her room was, her bed BARELY fit in the bedroom area, and there was next to no room for her other furniture in the living area.  She could only fit maybe half of the sectional couch in her room and barely had enough space for her desk with her tri-monitor PC setup.  She felt around inside the drawer and found a pen.  Clicking it open, she began filling out the final bits of information, mostly just signatures on consent forms.


Sighing in mild annoyance, Violette heard her phone beep again with a new notification.  “VIC, play the new notice.” she said aloud.


“Update on Linkum account you’ve followed, From Eiji Nakamura; “Whew, Finally all moved in, now I just gotta unpack everything, never fun.”


Hmm, Eiji’s here?‘ she thought to herself with a smile, remembering the night he had dropped by after that big dicked but unskilled boy left.  ‘Hmmm, what was his name again? meh, doesn’t matter, never going to see him again anyways,‘ she thought as she signed her name for the umpteenth time.  When the final bit was done Violette found a large envelope and stuffed the forms inside.


“VIC, can you access the student registry and tell me what room Eiji Nakamura is in?” Violette asked as she began looking through a large dresser for some clothes.  She could just go to him naked, but she felt like going out afterwards, and she’d need something with pockets!


“Accessing,” VIC replied, “Room 407.”


“Hold on, we’re on the same floor?!” Violette asked aloud.


“Affirmative.  All first year students are assigned the same floor, new rooms are assigned based on performance in following years. The superior living quarters are further up the tower.”


“Huh, guess that makes sense.  If rooms are assigned based on skill then this time next year I’ll be living in a penthouse.” she said to herself as she opened up another drawer on her dresser.  Inside were several long cardboard tubes capped on each end with a decorative bow tied around it.  Inside each was a 22 x 28 inch poster of her in the nude; the image wasn’t exactly a photo, but a photo print of a painting by a very famous artist that she commissioned to do the portrait.  The original hung in her mother’s office within the Beauregard estate.


Violette liked to give out the posters to people she liked so they could hang a little perfection on their walls.  Grabbing one of the tubes, Violette selected a trampy outfit of a five inches too short purple miniskirt made of a PVC material, a white button up sleeveless blouse that would struggle to hold in her perfect tits, and a black thong with a crotch that would dig neatly into the folds of her pussy!  Next she applied lip gloss and eye shadow to her face, and some quick dry nail polish to her fingers.  Finishing the look was a pair of ‘FUCK ME’ pumps in a matching purple color.


Her ‘pockets’ were little more than slots on the sides of her nearly nonexistent skirt, but there was enough room for her phone and her student ID.  Students were given several options for keys, the old fashioned metal ones, a plastic card key, one built into their student ID, or a phone app managed by VIC.  The Student ID had multiple other functions, one of which was a debit card that could be used for purchases on campus, so she went with that option.  Violette hated carrying too much useless stuff; she rarely even bothered with a purse unless that night’s outfit called for one.


Tucking the poster under her arm, and tucking the envelope with her forms under the other, Violette checked herself out in the mirror and smiled.


“Perfect, as always.” she said to her reflection as she checked out her ass, shaking her hips from side to side.


Making sure her ID and phone were secure, Violette exited her room onto the fifth floor hallway.  The Passion Tower’s dorm area was a lot like a four star hotel set-up wise, personally she would have gone with a five star motif, but maybe that was reserved for the higher floors where the upperclassmen lived.  The carpet was a deep blue, almost black, and her feet hardly made a sound as she walked over it.  Most likely for privacy and such.  The hallway walls were bleach white and dotted with erotic artworks, mostly images of famous or current students.  She’d heard from her mother that the paintings and photos were swapped out monthly to keep things fresh.  Students doing well could look forward to being on display to encourage other students to excel as well.


Violette’s room was 403, which meant she needed to go left to the higher numbered rooms.  She followed the hallway and passed a set of elevators before coming to a T junction.  The gold number plate on the wall indicated she needed to go right to reach the 407’s where she quickly found the one she wanted.  Smiling, she reached a hand up and knocked loudly on the door.


“Pussy Police! we heard there was a top notch cock in here that wasn’t fucking anybody!” she called through the door in a gruffer voice.


“What the fu…?!” came the reply as the door opened and Eiji stood inside the frame wearing only a pair of gray jogging pants and a pair of flip-flops.  Violette licked her lips at his naked chest, currently glistening with a fine layer of sweat.  Eiji looked as if he’d been working out, but it was likely he just built up a good sweat unpacking.


“Violette?!” Eiji said when Violette grinned at him, “HAH! You had me going there for a second!  Knowing this school though, having a pussy police could have been an actual thing.”


“Hello to you too, here you go, dorm warming present.” she told him as she thrust the tube with the poster into his hand.  “Saw your post on Linkum and decided to stop in, no need to thank me.” she said as she walked past Eiji and into the room itself.  She could instantly tell his room was smaller than her own, a square space living area, with a door to her right that was the bathroom, and one to her left that was a cheap excuse for a kitchen.  The bedroom door was farther in and currently closed.  There were open and unopened boxes EVERYWHERE, to be honest; the place was currently a wreck.


“Why didn’t you have the movers do your unpacking for you?” she asked.


“Can’t afford movers really, just the post office guys who brought in everything.” Eiji said as he held the poster tube in one hand and rubbed the back of his head with the other.


“Ah, I see, well remind me when we get back and I’ll make a call for you, I should be able to get a team here by morning.” Violette said.


“Huh, get back, from where?  Oh, wait a sec! I can’t ask you to do that for me… but I really appreciate it.” Eiji replied.


“You didn’t ASK me to do anything; I’m just nice like that.  Now, get changed, we’re going out to have some fun.” she told him.


“Huh, we are?” Eiji asked, blinking in confusion.


“Yes, we are,” Violette told him before holding up the large envelope she carried, “I just so happen to need to drop these off at the admissions building, and it would be unbecoming for a woman of my status to go anywhere unescorted, so tonight you get that honor!  And as a thank you, I will allow you to take me on a date afterwards.”


Without waiting for him to reply, Violette pushed him toward the bedroom door when she finally spotted it, “Now hurry up and get dressed.” she told him before shoving him into the bedroom and closing the door behind him.  Eiji emerged a few moments later wearing simple outfit of well-worn blue jeans, a blue gray t-shirt over which he had on a green button up dress shirt that he let hang open.  Not a bad look, though nothing that would have stood out very much.


“Approved.” she told him, “Let’s go.”


“Hang on,” Eiji told her as he picked up the tube with her poster inside and took the cap off of one end.  He pulled out the rolled up print gently as he said, “Let me hang up your gif…t…” he trailed off as he unrolled the poster and took a look at Violette’s glorious naked form printed on its surface.  She grinned at the way his cheeks flushed red at the image as he looked back and forth between her and the poster repeatedly.


“Well, go on…  Hang it up.” she told him with a knowing grin.


Eiji took a couple minutes to find something called post-stick.  A wad of blue gunk that apparently was used to hang posters on walls.  It looked like cheap blue modeling clay, but it held her poster up quite well as Eiji hung it on the wall next to the window.  Still grinning, Violette linked arms with him as they left his dorm and made their way to the elevators.


“Sooo, I saw you on Hitomi’s live-stream, nice work.” she told him as the elevator slowly descended towards the ground floor.


“Gheep! oh, uh, you saw that too huh?” Eiji said nervously.  “That makes two people I know…” he muttered.


“Hmm, who else saw?” Violette pressed.


“Believe it or not, my doctor.” Eiji confessed.


“Oh, are you sick or something, I noticed you walk with a slight limp.” she said, wondering if she should be concerned or not.


“Nah, nothing like that, you see…” Eiji then told her his story, how he was riding a full scholarship for basketball, and how everything went titsup when he torn up his knee one day, effectively ending his future as a pro.


“Wow, now that just sucks.” Violette told him as the elevator pinged when they reached the bottom floor.  The two of them quietly exited when the doors slid open smoothly.  Taking the lead, Violette headed out of the building first, “The Admissions building isn’t far, we can walk it.”


“No problem.” Eiji agreed, following alongside her.  Violette glanced discreetly at his leg and noticed the outlines of what had to be a leg brace beneath his pants, she genuinely felt bad about what happened to him, but as a plus, it brought him to this school.  So few men really knew what they were doing in the sack, so it was nice to have SOMEONE with some skills nearby.


“Oiy, is dat you Eiji!?” called a heavily accented voice.  Violette followed it to the source, a pair of young women walked towards them from the parking lot near Passion Towers.  Both of them had ridiculously large tits, ‘Honestly, how are they even standing!?‘ Violette thought to herself.  One was a tanned blonde woman, next to her was an part-mermaid woman of about the same age with wine colored hair.  Her shark toothed smile gave her away.  Violette had met with a few mixed blood people like her before, usually when her mother holds meetings with business partners.


“Kagura, Candi, hey!” Eiji called back with a wave to the pair.


“You know them?” Violette asked.


“Yeah, I literally bumped into them the other day!  It was a bit of a mess at first since I got a little freaked out by Kagura.” Eiji said as the pair of women began moving towards them.  “But we managed to smooth things over and I ended up helping them complete their summer assignments.


“I assume Kagura is the mermaid girl?” Violette asked.


“Good guess!” Eiji said.


Violette smirked, “Of course, one with status such as myself has regular dealings with beast folk and humans alike, so it was easy to tell which is which!”


“Eiji, good to see you.” said Kagura as the pair came within speaking distance. She then walked up to Eiji to give him a friendly hug.


“Likewise, how have you two been?” he asked the pair.


The blonde one spoke, “We been alright, ‘ow ’bout you bruv?”  Her accent was fairly thick, but outside ‘England’, Violette couldn’t place it.


“Doing alright, getting settled into my dorm.” Eiji said to the one Violette guessed was ‘Candi’, Bimbo name to go with that Bimbo body.  Honestly, these two must have their own gravitational fields around their tits!  She wondered if they were natural, or if they were using her company’s Bimbogel?  “Oh, this is…” Eiji began to make introductions.


“Violette Beauregard, we know.” Kagura said with a grin, “Ms. Reed’s been all abuzz about you coming to the school.”


“Hmmhmm.” Violette chuckled and grinned.  “Glad to be here, even if there was no doubt about my getting in.”


The two girls exchanged a look at eachother before giggling, The celebrity student was clueless as what they were laughing about but decided not to bother pressing them on it as they all shook hands while proper introductions were made.  Candi as it turned out was short for Candice, Violette didn’t blame her for shortening it, Candice was far too serious of a name for someone with a ‘Come Fuck Me’ body like that.  “Candi and I were headed to our dorm to change clothes before the big Bar-b-que.”


“Bar-b-que?” Eiji echoed.


“Oh yea, it’s being hosted by the 2nd years.” Kagura answered.


“E’erybody’s invited, you two should stop by!” Candice informed them.


“Oh, that sounds like a lot of fun, where is it being held?” Violette asked.


“The main park in University City, in that area with the Japanese Shrine set-up.” Kagura told them.  “You can’t miss it, just enter from the west side and follow the main path.”


“We’ll be there, just as soon as I drop off this little package.” said Violette as she patted the envelope tucked under her arm.


“Forgit to finish your admission forms?” Candice asked, “I did da same t’ing, but yur in luk, the office is open late today, so you got plenty of time.”


“Thanks,” Violette said and the group said their farewells before she linked arms with Eiji and began leading him along the sidewalk towards the admissions office.


It was roughly two city blocks distance from Passion Towers to the Admission’s office.  Along the way they passed by a handful of other buildings, more like mansions really. It wasn’t until they passed one of them with the Greek letters for Delta Iota Chi that Violette realized they were sorority houses!  Violette didn’t know that the school even had those!  She made a quick mental note to ask around about them and see which one was prestigious enough for her to even consider joining!


Before long, they reached the main faculty building.  She’d been here a few times already, so Violette knew where to go, avoiding the old secretary sitting behind the main desk entirely.  She didn’t like that woman, with her gray hair tied up in a single bun and how she seemed to look on everything and everyone with disdain through her horn rimmed glasses.  She once asked Sara why that woman worked here, to which the blonde answered simply, ‘She’s good at her job.’ Entering the second floor, Violette spotted Sara Reed through one of the windows and smiled as she led Eiji inside.


Finding the door to Sara’s office, Violette knocked gently.


“It’s open.” called Sara’s voice.


“Hello Ms. Reed!” Violette said with a smile as she and Eiji walked inside.  Sara Reed was the beautiful blonde professor with impressively large tits that she kept contained by a well-tailored blouse and purple dress suit.  Violette had meant to ask who her tailor was, but never got around to doing so.  Now wasn’t the time however as she held out the envelope to her, “Got your message.” she told her.


“Thaaaaank you!” Sara replied, taking the offered envelope and placing it on her desk.  “The princess will yell at me if I don’t get all of these turned in.” she said with a nod of greeting towards Eiji.


“Princess?” Eiji echoed.


“Oh, that’s right, neither of you have met the Head Mistress yet.” said Sara as she moved to sit on the edge of her desk, her red lacey panties clearly visible under her very short miniskirt.  “You’ll both see her at the Orientation, I’m sure.  So tell me, you settling in alright?”


“Yes, though I didn’t expect the rooms to be so small.” Violette told her.


“I’m still getting unpacked, but I’m doing okay, thank you.” Eiji said.


That reminded her… Violette quickly took out her phone and sent a quick text to the moving company she used.  They were very quick and professional; she also sent another to her decorator.  With any luck, by the time she and Eiji returned from the 2nd year BBQ, he would find his room completely unpacked and set up neatly.


“Well, we have high hopes for both of you.” Sara told them as Violette finished the messages and pressed send.  “I would love to chat and maybe have a little fun, but I’m afraid I’m irritatingly busy right now, so you two have a wonderful day.” Sara said as she politely ushered them out of her office.


The two incoming freshmen students exited the faculty building and ventured deeper into University City.


“So Eiji, those two girls from earlier,” Violette began, “You mentioned helping them with their summer assignments, how did that go?” she asked as they walked away from the admission’s building.


“Oh, well…” Eiji explained how they told him students have a sex quota to meet during the summer break, something about keeping their skills up.  It made sense to Violette, though she doubted she’d have any trouble meeting it.  Likely they did because Kagura’s smile could be off putting to the unexpecting, a shame, she was very pretty even with those shark teeth, and most men would jump at the chance to fondle those gigantic knockers both of them had.


“And as 2nd years, they were really skilled!  After it was all over, they told me I was a great lay… but I can tell they were just saying that to be nice. I could honestly see the ‘difference’ between us.”


“Difference?” Violette asked with a tilt of her head.


Eiji touched a hand to his chin, “Hmm how do I put this…  If you’ve watched any shonen anime, I would say the ‘difference’ is the gap in our ‘power levels’. It was worlds apart.”


“Heh, hehe, hahaha…” Violette chuckled, then laughed, “I don’t really watch that stuff.  I thought those cartoons were for kids!”


“Sounds like you don’t believe me, Violette.” Eiji said with a smirk.


“No, no, I do, I do.” she told him, shaking her head lightly.  “But such a difference is inconsequential to a sexual savant like myself.” she told him with unwavering confidence.


“Heh, well I can’t deny that you rocked my world.  That hookup was an amazing night.” Eiji told her.


“I know.” she said with a smile, “I’ve YET to meet a man I couldn’t fuck into submission.” she told him, not even bothering to hide her smugness.  And why should she, within a month she expected to be pretty much RUNNING this campus!  In highschool, she had every boy wrapped around her pinky and even a fair number of the girls.  To say nothing about the faculty!


“So where to next?” Eiji asked, breaking her out of her fantasies of College Domination.


“Come on, let’s go see this BBQ we were invited to!” she said, grabbing his wrist and pulling him along behind her as she took off at a mild run.  She smiled at the way the handful of male and even a few female students they passed turned to watch her run by.  No doubt hypnotized by how her heavy tits bounced inside the confines of her top!  She let herself smile and slowed down just enough to let them get a good show.


“Violette… please, slow down…” Eiji said after about a block.


The pain in his voice made her slow her pace to a stop and she turned to see his face flushed red and his eyes closed tight in pain!  ‘Oh shit, his knee!!!!!‘ she cursed at herself as Eiji moved to lean against the wall of one of the sorority houses and reached inside his pockets to pull out a small plastic bottle that rattled quietly.


Pain meds.


“I’m so sorry, I forgot.” she told him.


“It’s okay; I’ll be alright in a few moments.” Eiji said after popping two tiny white pills in his mouth and crunching down on them loudly.  He then winced again from the likely VERY bitter flavor of the meds.  Violette felt terrible, it would be a waste of a good dick if she took him out of classes to nurse his injury!


Moving closer, Violette pressed her tits against his chest and smiled.  She did a quick ten count to make sure he had fully swallowed his medicine before pressing her mouth to his and pushing her tongue between his lips.  She could almost FEEL the tension going out of his body as she explored inside his mouth with her tongue.


“Woooo, yeah, go girl!” said a voice to her right.  Violette broke her kiss and turned to see a young brunette with short hair and ocean blue eyes grinning down at them from the sorority house porch.  Violette remembered her from the Acceptance video she’d gotten some weeks back.  “Points for technique, but demerits for putting him in pain first.” the girl said.


“Yeah, I forgot–” she began, but the girl waved a hand dismissively.


“I heard,” she said, “Torn ACL right?” she asked Eiji.  He nodded and she smiled, “You should go see the lady in the nurse’s office.  They have some stuff that might manage that better, it’s not on the market yet, I heard it was based off that old hard-on pill vi–”


“NO THANKS!” Eiji said quickly, “Already tried that from my regular doctor, REALLY don’t wanna go through that again!


The girl blinked, “Oh, so you must be one of the 8% then, sorry!” she said, clasping her hands together in apology.  “Oh jeez, where are my manners, I’m Leda Kino, I’m with Pi Upsilon Sigma Sigma Epsilon, or PUSS-E for short.”


“Those doesn’t, spell pussy…” Eiji said, still slightly out of breath with pain.


“That’s what I said!  But as it turns out the Greek alphabet doesn’t have a sigil that start’s with a ‘Y’.  But hey, I’m not a founding member.” Leda said with a shrug.  “You two headed for the BBQ?”


“Yes, we were, I’m–” Violette began, but the brunette cut her off again.


“Violette Beauregard, the world famous socialite… OH YEAH, I know who you are… who doesn’t?!  The campus has been abuzz about you, but not because of your fame.” she told her.  When Violette raised an eyebrow Leda continued with a grin, “It’s because you’re one of three students that got accepted into the freshman year based solely on recommendation.” she said, holding up a hand with three fingers extended, “An impressive feat I must admit, I think only four or five girls EVER had gotten in here just on recommendations so three this year is something of a hot topic.”


Violette puffed her chest out against Eiji some more and gave the mildly rude girl a proud grin.  However, she then got curious, “Wait, who are the other two?”


Leda shrugged, “Oh, some pretty boy hotshot named Han, and the other is a stripper who won the Adult Entertainment World Association (AEWA) Rookie-of-the-Year award. Her name escapes me right now.”


“Frost Fireheart?  I work with her at Peaches.  I didn’t know shes going to BSU though.” Eiji said.  Violette took note of the name, excited at the idea that she might have competition if there are two other students on her skill level.


“Well, guess I’ll see you both at the BBQ.  Little tip, if you follow that path there,” Leda pointed to a brick path leading out from the front of her sorority’s house, “It’ll take you straight to Blisshaven Park, and right into the area where they are holding the party.  Later!” she told them before hopping down from the porch.  She was dressed in a plain, but still slutty outfit of a denim miniskirt that left her crotch exposed, made all the bolder by the fact she didn’t have on any panties!  For a top, she had on a three sizes too small tank top that left the undersides and most of the nipples of her tits exposed.  Over that she had on a light brown leather jacket with the sleeves rolled up to just below her elbows.  Without another word she took off at a light jog down the path she’d indicated.



The park was PACKED with people by the time Eiji and Violette arrived.  The smell of various foods wafted through the air and a dull roar of a few dozen different conversations all going at once.  Violette found herself feeling slightly OVER dressed given some of the outfits she saw, or lack thereof.


About a dozen of the girls she saw were completely naked!  Their ‘clothes’ were actually painted on.  Some of them done really well too.  What gave away a few the summer heat making them sweat and causing the paint to run.  Some of the actually dressed girls here wore more than mini mini-skirts in all manner of colors and styles.  In fact, it was also easier to count how many women WERE wearing panties than those currently going commando.  The most daring clothed outfit though was the one currently being worn by a girl walking up onto a small temporary stage that had been set up.  The nipples of her huge tits were only obscured by a pair of pasties covering them.  Violette couldn’t even begin to guess how her…  She guessed they were bottoms, though there were no straps holding the strip of fabric against her pussy on.  A c-string Violette remembered, she’d never actually seen one before in person as the girl went up to the microphone.  To either side of the girl were those floating camera drone things she’d heard about.


“HIHI EVERYONE!!!!!  HITOMI TOMI-CHAN COMING AT YOU LIVE FROM THE ANNUAL BSU SUMMER BBQ!!!!!” she said into the mic, her voice blaring out over a massive set of speakers standing at either side of the stage.  “WE GOT LOTS OF FUN, FOOD, AND FUCKING ALL FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT SO LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!!!!”


Then on cue, the speakers began blasting loud rock music as conversations began anew.


“Eiji, is that you?!” asked a voice Violette barely heard over the music.


Violette followed the voice through the crowd to see a dark haired woman with huge tits running over to them.  She was dressed in a red tank top that struggled to contain those heavy knockers as they bounced up and down wildly as she came over to the pair.


“Alexandra?  Hey, good to see you again!” Eiji said with a smile as he offered her a hand.  Instead of taking his hand though, Alexandra wrapped her arms around Eiji in a tight hug before kissing both his cheeks.


“Likewise.” she told him with a smile.


“Violette, this is Alexandra, we met a little while back at the school gym.  Alexandra this is–” Eiji began making introductions.


“Violette Beauregard, charmed.” Violette cut in.


“Ooooh, so you’re the one everyone is talking about!” Alexandra said, “By the way, love your company’s product, as you no doubt could tell.” she said, shaking her tits from side to side.  Violette had guessed as much, but at least Alexandra had the courage to admit she used it.


“So, have you decided to attend BSU?” Eiji asked.


“Not sure yet, I also got a really good offer from Harlot State University, one of BSU’s rival schools.” Alexandra said.


“Hey!  Who said Harlot State!?” bellowed a nearby male student, “SLUTS FOREVER, HARLOTS NEVER!!!!  SLUTS FOREVER, HARLOTS NEVER!!!!  SLUTS FOREVER, HARLOTS NEVER!!!!  SLUTS FOREVER, HARLOTS NEVER!!!!” he began chanting, he rest of the gathered students quickly picking up the chant.


“Wow, didn’t know the rivalry ran THAT deep.” said Eiji.


“Likewise…” muttered Violette after the chanting died down and she could uncover her ears.


“Sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen.” said Alexandra, “So, are you two here on a date or…?” she probed.


“Well I…?” Eiji began.


“We’re dorm neighbors,” Violette answered for him, “I…” she began.


“GREAT, come on Eiji!” Alexandra said before grabbing Eiji and dragging him into the crowd with her.  Before Violette could even react they were lost in the crowd of bodies and she completely lost sight of them.


“That bitch!” Violette grumbled, stomping her foot in irritation.  “Hope you go to Harlot State, and then I can talk shit about you.”




Rolling her eyes, Violette began moving through the crowd.  ‘Great, now I need new arm candy.’ she thought to herself as she looked among the handful of male students.  Most were average as far as looks went, though she prefers the ones with less body fat.


She stopped by the buffet and was surprised to find REAL Bar-b-que.  So many of these school often mistaked grilling and bar-b-que for one another.  Grilling was hot and fast where you cooked the meat within a few minutes.  BBQ however, was low and slow.  GOOD BBQ took at LEAST a day to make, meaning this was all planned well in advance.  Getting herself a plate of brisket and steamed veggies, Violette ate lightly as she mingled among the crowd.  Many of these girls she’d be working with a lot in coming weeks and months, and the boys, well, she was allowed to be picky.


“…So he has a power hammer dick but doesn’t know how to use it?” said a voice in the crowd.


Yeah, but he’s a diamond in the rough.  Needs A LOT of polishing, but if he puts in the work, he’ll shine.  On the plus side he’s really good at eating pussy, so I decided to take him on as his PSA (Personal Student Aide).” said a second voice.  Violette followed the voices to a pair of young women standing at the edge of the buffet, drinks in their hands and plates of half-eaten food sitting on the table next to them.  The one she heard first was a well-tanned blonde with equally golden eyes and a nicely toned stomach.  The other…  Violette had never met one in person, but the second voice belonged to a tall redheaded dragon maiden.


Well, need start somewhere; they look like a good start.‘ Violette thought to herself.


“Excuse me,” she said, stepping up to the pair, “Couldn’t help overhearing part of your conversation, the two of you are second years right?” she asked.


“Yep,” answered the blonde, “Shikijo Yamazaki, this is my friend Rubii.” Shikijo made the introductions.


“A pleasure.” Rubii said with a smile that showed off her fangs.


“I’m,” Violette began.


“Violette Beauregard, we know.” Shikijo and Rubii said in unison.


“That’s starting to get annoying.” Violette said, narrowing her eyes slightly.


Shikijo laughed, “Sorry, sorry, but I doubt any girl here DOESN’T know your name.  I’m sure you’ve noticed your company’s product is in high use here.”


“Oh, really?  I hadn’t noticed.” Violette said with a grin, and the three of them laughed, “Though I’ve met a few who really went overboard.” she added.


“Big tits mean big bucks.” said Rubii.


“True, that’s why my company made the stuff after all.” Violette admitted.


“Pick a major yet?” Shikijo asked.


“Not yet, I want to get a feel for the class’s first.” she told them, “And, since everyone seems to know me, seems only fair you tell me a little about yourselves.”


“Fair enough,” said Shikijo, “I’m currently in the YPP, Young Professor’s Program.  I was the Teacher’s Aide to the PE class but since The old PE teacher hit the lottery and just up and quit without any notice, I am pretty much the acting PE teacher right now.”


Violette chuckled, that tended to happen with lottery winners from what she’d heard.  “Well, I’m sure that will turn out to be advantageous for you in the long run.”


“Maybe, I just hope my little sister doesn’t end up hating me when she ends up in my class.  She’s starting out as a freshman like you this year.”


“Oh, what’s her name?” Violette asked.


“Yuriko, she still hasn’t arrived yet, a shame, she’d love this party.” Shikijo said.


“So, you got in solely on recommendation?” Rubii spoke up, “Care to show us what impressed Ms. Reed enough to do that?”


“Oh?” Violette said with a smirk, “Challenge accepted, “Pick a man, any man.” she said proudly.


Rubii and Shikijo began scanning the crowd and muttering to one another.  “How about Thick Dick?” Rubii said.


“Nah, don’t wanna break her, he’s waaay too big for her.” Shikijo countered, then looked to Violette, “His father is a horseman, so he…” she let it hang there.


“That so bad?” Rubii asked.


“Maybe not for YOU!  I don’t wanna see her get split in two!”


“Fair point.” Rubii said, “Shagwell?”


“Nah, he’s being all ‘serious’ with his girlfriend right now, unless it’s for school work he won’t even look at another girl.” Shikijo said, doing finger quotes with her hands when she said “serious”.


“Wow, that’s old fashioned.” Violette said.


“I know right, let’s see here, first years are all out, ah I know, The Ramrod!” Shikijo said.


“Oh, good call!” agreed Rubii, “You don’t mind anal right?” she then asked Violette.


“Not at all.”


The two girls then pointed to a man over by the grill.  He looked to be a little over twenty, when the broad chest of a man who never missed a day at the gym.  He was wearing an apron lightly stained with grease smears and flipping hamburger and chicken breast patties over flaming hot coals. Violette licked her lips as she stared him down like a hungry lioness ready to pounce on a gazelle.


“Watch and learn girls.” Violette said smugly as she sauntered over to him.  He had a handsome if somewhat plain face, the kind of man who could easily fade into a crowd if he wanted.


“Heya babe, burger or chicken?” Ramrod asked as she came up to him.


“Sausage.” Violette answered, “And it better be thick!”


“Huh, sorry, don’t got anyyy…” Ramrod began to answer before Violette pressed herself up against his meaty arm, making sure to press her heavy tits around it as she reached a hand down to grab his crotch.


“Oh, I’m not so sure about that.” she told him with a smile.


“Oooh,” he said with sudden understanding, “You freshman babes are always so eager, heheh.” said Ramrod as Violette felt a satisfying shift under her fingers.  He then looked over to his right, “Yo new guy, man the grill a while!” he shouted to someone in his line of sight while taking off his apron.


“Who, me?” asked a familiar voice.  Violette followed the sound to see Eiji standing with Alexandra, Kagura, and Candice, the three of them laughing and smiling together.  “Oh Violette, I was looking for…OOOPH!!!” he was cut off as Ramrod’s apron landed on his face.


“Just flip the patties newbie,” Ramrod told him.  He then turned to look at Violette and gave her a full bow while kissing the back of her hand.  “I’m sure you aren’t here for my name, and I won’t bore you with it, but the other students call me ‘The Ramrod’, and you are?” he introduced himself before asking her name.


“You mean you don’t already know?” Violette asked, wondering why that suddenly annoyed her.


“I do, but one must be polite babe.” he told her.


THAT made Violette smile as she offered a curtsy, “Violette Beauregard, charmed.” she said before pulling his face against hers in a powerful kiss.  He returned it in kind, their tongue sliding against one another’s as he pulled her close and grabbed one tit through her blouse.


“Mmmmmh!” Violette moaned into his mouth as the two of them moved away from the crowd slightly.  She felt her clothes being stripped away by experienced hands as members of the crowd began to cheer.


“OOOOH, LOOKS LIKE THE PARTY HAS STARTED!!!!!!!” Hitomi’s voice blared over the speakers as Violette felt her panties vanish from around her hips.  It wasn’t until later that she learned the crowd had actually helped strip her naked as they moved through it.


“GO, GO, GO, GO!!!!” cheered Hitomi and the rest of the students as Ramrod lifted Violette like she weighed nothing.


“Whoa!!!” she gasped as he flipped her upside down until she was facing his cock as his head went between her thighs.


“Oh, ooooooh…” she moaned as she felt his tongue slip between the folds of her pussy, “Oh myyyyyy…” she purred in pleasure at the feel of his nimble tongue sliding around in ALL the right spots!  She then turned her brown eyes to the meaty ‘sausage’ she’d asked for.  ‘Niiiiiice…  Oh fuck he’s good!‘ she thought as she reached her hands up and gripped his dick in both of them.  He was thick, REALLY thick; both her dainty hands could only just barely grasp him as she licked her lips before opening wide.  “Ahhhhhmmmmph!!!!!” she moaned as she felt her jaw already beginning to ache as she took him down, or rather up, her throat!


“WOOOOOO, STANDING 69!!!!  DON’T SEE THAT MOVE OFTEN, YEAH, GO GIRL, GET SOME!!!!!!” Hitomi narrated from the crowd.


Violette felt a flush of pride as the other student cheered for her as she bobbed her head back and forth on Ramrod’s massive dick.  ‘Fuck this is thick,‘ she thought, feeling her throat bulging around his girth, ‘But fuck this feels sooooo goood!!!‘ she thought to herself as Ramrod began tonguing and fingering her pussy at the same time after slapping her ass hard.


Deciding to show off a bit, Violette spread her legs into a perfect split.  It was a little tricky since she’s never done it while hanging upside down before, but she managed.


“Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmmph!!!” she slurped and sucked around his cock, even if the noise was likely canceled out by the crowd’s cheering.  She loved the feeling of his thick cock moving back and forth in her mouth as he held her aloft, though she didn’t care for how her long hair was now being dirtied by the ground.  She gave a moment’s consideration to cutting it a little shorter in case she found herself in this position again.


Before she could really come to a decision though, Violette found herself moaning and choking slightly around Ramrod’s cock as he light nibbled at her clit, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her!  He knew JUST how much pressure to use as her entire body shook in pleasure and she pulled herself free of his cock.


“OH FUCK YESSSSSSS!!!!  EAT MY PUSSSYYYYYY!!!!!” she howled before diving back onto his cock, ropes of saliva hanging off his balls now as she began slurping even harder, loving the taste and feel of him in her throat.




“MMMMPH, MMMMPH, MMMMPH, MMMMPH, MMMMPH, MMMMPH!!!” Violette gagged and moaned, moving her head faster until she began feeling a little dizzy.


“THROAT FUCK!!!!! THROAT FUCK, THROAT FUCK, THROAT FUCK, THROAT FUCK, THROAT FUCK!!!” cheered one man in the crowd, a chant then picked up by the rest of the crowd.


Throat fuck…?‘ Violette thought for a moment before she came to a sudden and complete understanding as Ramrod began swinging his hips, thrusting his cock into her mouth hard!


“GUUUUGH, GUH GUH GUH GUH GUH!!!!” Violette gagged as her eyes rolled back in their sockets.  The movement was so sudden all she could do was hang on and try not to choke as she moaned and gagged at the same time!  She then felt Ramrod’s fingers pull away from her pussy and beginning to probe at her ass, first one, then two digits pushing inside her, gently teasing and spreading her asshole.  Against the blue and pink haired socialite could only hang on as she let out a long strangled moan as her own saliva was splashed against her face every time the man’s balls collided with her nose and eyes!


The dizziness from earlier began getting worse, and the edges of her vision began to darken as Violette began to struggle for breath.  This had never happened before; she NEVER choked on dick, NEVER!  But now she could barely hold on as she gagged again and again.


Then, just when she thought she may pass out, precious air filled her lungs as she gasped in deep.  Ramrod lifted her off of his cock, tossing her high into the air where she flipped around like a ragdoll and he again caught her once again as though she were weightless.  Violette only had time to look around for an instant, and in that instant, the one thing that managed to stick in her mind was the look of shock and awe she saw on Eiji’s face, that and his apron, the one Ramrod had tossed him, had “KISS THE COCK’ printed on it over the emblem for Busteez Slut University.


Everything other than that was lost when she felt Ramrod’s massive dick spear into her ass with ease!


“FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!” Violette moaned, finding herself with her legs pulled up over her head in a full nelsoned butterfly position!  Her tits bounced up and down wildly as Ramrod slammed his cock into her over and over, her ass making a loud CLAP CLAP CLAP as his pelvis slapped against it.  She couldn’t move, couldn’t speak clearly, and couldn’t THINK as her entire body shook with pleasure!  She’d never had it up her ass like this before.  Every time she needed a few moments to adjust as well as a good amount of lube added, but now.


“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMH, YESSSSSSSSSSS, DON’T STOP, DON’T FUCKING STOP FUCKING MY ASSSSSSSSS!!!!!” she screamed as one massively orgasmic wave after the next rocked her body.  Her pussy was spraying like a broken water fountain as she let out a long moaning howl, “FUUUCK, GOOOD, GOOOD SO FUCKING GOOOOOOOOD!!!!  FUCK MY ASS HARDER, HARDER, BREAK MEEEEEEEEEE!” she begged as her eyes rolled back again, her vision going blurry and indistinct.  She barely heard the crowd anymore, and Hitomi’s narration seemed far away somehow.


In the distance, Violette heard Candice’s voice, “Heh, typical first year!  Dey always t’ink dey got wut it takes to out fuck a second year.”


Violette panted for breath as her tongue lolled from her lips, a long droplet of her own drool hanging from the tip and she continued bouncing up and down.  She was vaguely aware of the whistles and cheers of everyone watching her, she saw a few people recording it all on their smartphones and managed to hold out one hand in a ‘V’ sign as she felt her pussy gushing even harder!


Violette then felt something hot and liquid pulsing in her butt as Ramrod grunted beneath her.  All around her the cheers and roar of the crowd came back into focus as he slowed to a stop.


“Ahh… ahhhaaaa…” Violette panted, still barely able to think, “Mo… More…” she panted, “I… I want mooore…” she whimpered, not wanting her maddening ecstasy to stop.


“Sorry babe, the new guy is burning the good meat.  But come by my room anytime you want. I have an open door policy.” Ramrod said as he gently pushed her off his cock with a wet sucking loud ‘POP’!


“No, please!!!  I need more!  More in my ass, PLEASE!!!” she begged as she managed to get up on all fours just as Ramrod got to his feet.


“Awww Rod, don’t tell me you broke another one man.” said another male student’s voice.


“Nah, she’ll be fine after she cools off.  I only went at her with maybe ten percent of my capabilities, any more and THEN I would have broken her.” Ramrod said as he walked away.


“NOOO!!!!  COME BACK HERE AND FUCK MEEEEE!!!!” Violette demanded.


She would have gone after him, but her legs felt numb and made of jello as Eiji handed Ramrod back his apron and came over to her alongside Rubii and Shikijo.  “You okay Violette?!” Eiji asked, actual concern in his voice.


“No…” Violette whimpered, “I want more!!!”


“Heh, not bad for your first ride on a BSU stallion, freshmen,” said Shikijo, “Most girls turn to butter the moment a second year shoves it in, but you managed to hold out for a couple minutes at least.” she told her, “Consider it a rite of passage when your head clears.”


Still whimpering slightly as Eiji helped her to her feet then aided in finding her clothes, Violette leaned heavily against him as the gnawing sense of NEED began to fade after a few minutes.  She felt worn out and humiliated, but in a good way.


“Hey, feeling better?” Eiji asked as he got her a fresh drink after finding her a spot to sit down.


“Yeah, my ass feels sore though.” she admitted, “Wow, that was so intense!  I think I get what you meant by ‘Power Levels’ a bit more now, Eiji.”


Eiji chuckled, “Yeah?”


She nodded, “Yes, Maybe this school can actually teach me a thing or two after all…”

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Ichigo Kurosaki
1 year ago

wow una chica como violette o matsunami para mi oc no seria nada mal darles una buena follada

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

It feels like ages since I had a chance to experience my glorious V Goddess in both story and artwork. Sadly, the artwork at least, is on the more flat side of things. Theres not that much background or overall details to speak of and in conjunction with the story, I think the artwork misses something crucial. On it’s own the position Violette is right now is really stunnishing. It surely feels different from the previous art pieces with her, since it’s the first one where she truly is lost in pleasure and the artwork makes a great job in showing that. Great job Rtenzo there, really. The different versions make a decent enough job and I think, that the blue colored makeup fits her quite well.

Now for thing I said earlier, with the artwork missing something crucial: The way the story is written, with Violette experiencing her first “defeat” after coming of as so high and mighty, the whole time, I think that an “Instant Loss” might have been an overall better way in showing that. That’s NOT a fault of the artwork, keep that in mind. It’s just my preference here and the way I interpreted the story.

This artwork did an supreme job in making Violette believable and funny to read. Her be- haviour is truly one of a kind: Her believing that, if it was skill level that would determine the floor on which the students live in, that she would surely live in a penthouse next year; her gifting poster with her nude body on it, so that chosen people could have a little bit of “perfection” on their walls; her argument with VIC and the way she complains of her apart- ment which was barely able to contain her double King Sized bed; and of course how she thinks that she is some sort of unbeatable queen at the campus and of course the biggest and most defining aspect of her in this chapter: her choosing Eiji as the one who should accompany her and basically making the decisions for him. I also like, how you made her more “antagonistic” in nature, since all the “good guys” (Eiji, Xavier, Maihime and to a certain extand Matsunami) like anime and (in Matsunamis and Xaviers case) enjoy fighting sports or the such and with Violette thinking of the such as stuff for kids. All of this make for a nice and interesting read through while still making her feel human and more grounded at times, for example when she tells a moving company to to the rest of the work for Eiji or the way she apologizes to him after straining his leg and causing him severe pain. And of course, all of this leads to one of the most defining experiences in Violettes young life, with her suffering her first lost at the hands of a second year student, where she previously thought to make him beg for more. The way “Ramrod” leaves her completely mind broken and begging for more after not even using 10% of his power is really funny and I just love seing girls like Violette, the haughty type, written in such a way. Almost as much as I like them see utterly dominating the man during sex, which unfortu- nately doesn’t happen that often in the stories here. One thing I almost forgot to mention, is the concept of the “Top 3 students”, which makes this series even more comparable to shonen like BNHA, where there is also a group of students called “The Big 3” as well as students like Shoto, Momo, Setsuna and Juzo who got their place at the school purely through recommendation AS WELL as the school rivalry between BSU and Harlot State University, which feels all to similar to the rivalry between U.A. and Shiketsu.

On it’s own the artwork is really good but in conjunction with the artwork I believe that an “Instant Loss” might have been more appropriate.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Sorry for the late reply on this one. If I recall this one came up near christmas time when I was suuuper busy. Sorry you didn’t enjoy the artwork as much. And yea, BSU drew a lot of inspiration from BNHA. And also One Punch Man. I’m happy you’re enjoying Violette’s portrayal. I hope you continue enjoy how shes written because theres more planned for her. 👍✨

5 years ago

His power level must be over 9000 lol but seriously great story can’t wait to meet Han and see what he can do

5 years ago
Reply to  Princenoctis

Hes sorta a genius-type of rival character that is super talented like a Sasuke or a Bakugo