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Second Dating the Sexy Otaku

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)

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(August 20th, 8:30 A.M., 7 DAYS UNTIL BSU ORIENTATION)


SNOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRE!!! SNOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRE!!!” roared an exhausted Xavier as he tossed and turned in his bed, mouth filled with the bitter taste of morning breath.


The previous evening at BSU had been a long but pleasurable one, spent hanging out with his new lady friend and Personal Student Aide, Rubii. It had been just one in a series of late nights since crossing paths with Sara Reed a week earlier. However, his much needed slumber was interrupted by the sound of his phone ringing.


“Awwwwww…. It’s too early!” Xavier mumbled groggily as he reached for his phone, his head buried underneath his pillow


He grabbed his phone and turned it so that the screen was facing him. He had thought it was going to be an unimportant….


“OH!” reacted the sleepy youth as he recognized Mai’s picture flashing on the screen.


The adult teen immediately sat up and swiped the green answer icon on the screen of his phone. Video chat opened, revealing a crisp image of Mai. Her typically wavy blue tinted white hair was shining and wet looking, a sign she had just got out of the shower. Small drops of water ran from her hair and down her massive breasts which was mostly off screen.


“GOOD MORNING BAE!” yelled the silver haired beauty with a bright smile.


The sound of her soft voice immediately woke him up.


“Mornin Mai..” replied Xavier before yawning….”How did the visit with your dad go?”


“It was fun! we went to the movies and we watched and SFC fight at this sports bar. It was so so SO much fun. It’s been good to catch up with him.”


“That’s great! Glad you’re getting the chance to reconnect with him.” remarked Xavier.


“Speaking of reconnecting, we should get together today babe. I’m off and I want to make it up to you for kicking you out the other day!


Mai then zoomed out slowly so Xavier could see her more of her naked curves, until he could see everything from the torso up. Xavier’s eyes widened and bugged out as her gigantic tits came into view. Mai then began squeezing one of one of them while moaning softly.


“I hope you’re not busy today….” Mai said seductively as she rubbed her own tits. She then lowered her phone down to her waist area, zooming in on her pussy as she rubbed on it.


“I miss you daddy!” cooed the BBW beauty while spreading open her pussy lips with 2 fingers.


“My goodness!” commented Xavier, his head heating up with visible steam.


Mai then pushed 2 fingers into he her pussy as Xavier looked on.


“AHHHHH!!!! OOOHHH!” moaned the blue eyed BBW.


“DO YOU MISS ME?!” howled Mai as she pleasured herself. Xavier nodded his head rapidly in response to her question.


“YEAH I DO!!” yelled the green eyed youth.


“HOW MUCH?!” shouted Mai


“THIS MUCH!!!” answered Xavier while pulling down the waistband of his shorts to show her his full hardened meat missile.




However, the impromptu cam show would be interrupted by the turning of a door knob to his bedroom. Xavier let go of his waistband and put the phone down in panic as the door cracked open. Mei, his mother, peeked her head into the room.


“I picked up some breakfast on my way back from the office. Got you that blueberry vanilla stuffed French toast you love so much niño.”


“Appreciate it mom!”


“You alright Javi?” asked Mei, noticing the fact that he was blushing and sweating.


“Yeah… it’s just a little hot in here. Could you turn up the AC a little bit?” the teen responded nervously.


Mai was still on the line, struggling to not to laugh as she listened to Xavier talk to his mother. But Xavier’s remark about the air conditioning was too much for her.


“HA!!! HA!!!! HA!!! HA!!! HA!!!”


Mai burst into laughter, giggling uncontrollably which caused Mei to chuckle as well, realizing Xavier was trying to hide a private moment from her.


“Your food is waiting downstairs when you’re done talking to your girlfriend.” remarked Mei with a big grin before closing the door and going back to her own room. Xavier picked up the phone again.


“Sorry! I couldn’t help it.” chuckled Mai.


“Yeah my mom is really nosey…. So where did we leave off?” questioned Xavier with a sly smirk.


“That was just a preview.” answered the blue eyed teen. “Come pick me up at 6 and we can finish this conversation.


“Where we going?”


“That’s a surprise..


A surprise huh… Maybe I should surprise her with something too…. A GIFT!‘ thought the spiked haired young man to himself.



10:00 A.M.


Xavier cruised down the crowded walkways of the Pleasureview Mall, glancing around to get ideas of what to buy for his prospective girlfriend. While walking, he gave thought to an issue that had been on his mind for the past few days.


I really like Mai but I’m going to BSU where I’m REQUIRED to fuck other girls!!… You’re gonna have to tell her the truth about BSU eventually X. But there’s no telling how she could take this. What if she gets upset and never wants to see me again?… She could be… THE ONE… I don’t wanna lose her over this!‘ lamented the troubled teen.


“I happened to meet my perfect woman while practicing for sex school… DAMN it! Why does this stuff always have to happen to me?! I wanna tell her the truth, but what effect will it have on her relationship? How do I tell her?!” The young man questioned himself as he walked past a jewelry store.


His train of thought was interrupted by the sight of the shiny necklaces, earrings, and rings in the store.


“Maybe I can get her something out of here…” he said out loud to himself as he entered the store.


Xavier looked at several display cases, amazed by the inventory in front of him. He wasn’t looking for any specific piece of jewelry but something from the heart that would accurately represent his hopes and feelings for Mai. He looked and looked until he found something that caught his eye. It was a diamond Yin-Yang style pendant. The Yin side was made of rubies with a single round sapphire piece to at the end. The Yang side was the inverse of this. The Yin and Yang was outlined in gold.


Whoa, I like this one!‘ he thought to himself.


A store employee approached him having noticed he found something he liked. The employee was a Dalmatian breed dog woman. She was wearing tight fitting black dress pants which showcased her curvy lower half. Her white long sleeve dress shirt did little to obscure her top heavy tits. She had long black hair styled in a ponytail with beautiful brown eyes. Xavier saw a name tag that read “Crystal” while trying to sneak a peak at her boobs.


“I see you like the Yin-yang design! You got excellent taste sweetheart!”


“Yeah I wanna get it for a friend. How much does it cost?”


Xavier’s mouth dropped and is eyes enlarged as the Dalmatian told him the price of the necklace.


How can I afford this!?‘ Xavier thought to himself in panic.


“Let’s see… Maybe I could use my mom’s credit card…..NO!! I can’t do that… That’s not the right thing to do.” lamented the prospective boyfriend. Xavier gave it a little more thought before speaking again.


“I want to get this, but I don’t have the cash with me right now. I have to go home and get it.”


“I can hold it for you for 48 hours.” offered the Dalmatian.


“Alright.. I’ll be back a little later. Thanks Crystal.” remarked the teen as he left the jewelry store.


Xavier went back home and grabbed one of the many PVC statue model Minamoto no Raikō, a character from the wildly popular Fate Grand Order mobile game. He originally purchased it for $120 from a Japanese action figure website but it is currently valued at $2,000 online. Xavier also grabbed a World City Comic Con exclusive Robot Spirits Series Destiny Gundam action figure. He bought it 5 years earlier at $60 but it was now worth $1800.


“I really don’t wanna sell these but I really need to get that necklace for Mai. It’s absolutely perfect…” thought the desperate young man.


Carefully loading the figures into the car, Xavier quickly took the road. After a quick drive into downtown World City, the man arrived at Luigi’s Pawn Mansion, a pawn shop which specialized in video game, anime, and comic book merchandise.


As he walked into the store, he took notice of the store’s eccentric owner, a tall lanky man with dark hair and a mustache.


“What’s up man? I would like to sell these figures to you.” declared Xavier while holding up the first box.


She’s limited edition, ultra rare, designed by famous artist Mogudan, Minamoto no Raikō! This is the deluxe edition that comes with extra parts to transform her into her Lancer bikini outfit.” Xavier mentioned while pointing at the box. He put the Minamoto model on the counter.


Next, Xavier pulled out the Gundam.


“Check this out. It’s the Robot Spirits Series Destiny Gundam S (Seiryu) custom!! It comes with extra weapons, a display stand and platform, plus it comes in this dope blue and gold color scheme! This is a World City Comic-Con EXCLUSIVE! It’s company Bandai only made 25 of these.


The store owner picked up the boxes and inspected them, finding no flaws in them. Neither package had ever been opened.


“These-a are some fine pieces ya got here. I wouldn’t mind taking these off-a ya hands! But looks like the Minamoto box is damaged on the corner.. and on the top too!” remarked the store owner while pointing at the corners and the top of the box. Xavier looked noticing the VERY minor damage to the box.


“These are mint condition man! There’s nothing wrong with them.” recalled the teen as he stared at the boxes which were only partially protected by bubble wrap. The Minamoto statue was shipped incorrectly which lead to damage on the box.


“These have never been opened; the seal on it is still in tact..” Xavier asserted while pointing to a sticker that was on the opening flap at the top of the box.


‘But still, the box is a part-a of the item.” reminded the shop keeper.


Damn eBay seller… The guy carelessly handled the product…‘ Xavier cursed to himself.


“You got-a this from somebody on eBay didn’t ya?” the store owner asked.


“Yeah, it was a last resort…” Xavier sighed. “Anyways! How much can I get for them?” asked the eager young man.


“I’ll give ya $200!” answered the mustachioed shop keeper.


NO WAY!! This guy is trying to hustle me!


“For each?” inquired Xavier about the price the store owner offered.


“No, for both of em together!” The store owner clarified.


Man, that’s a shitty offer! I gotta at least try to get more out of cash out him.‘ thought the teen to himself before making his next statement.


“You’re crazy! these are worth $4000 on the toy market!”


“This aint-a the market kid! I gots-a family to feed… I can give you $225!” countered the pawn broker.


“How about $1000”? asked Xavier. The youth and the shop keeper haggled back and forth as other customers in the store got in line at the register.












Other customers and store employees gathered to watch their transaction.


“Mama Mia!!! You’re breakin-a my balls kid… I’ll give you $325 take it or leave it.” asserted Luigi.


Man… $325 for both of these?! …That really doesn’t do anything for me. But what other options do I have? I’ve had these figures for a long time… Is it worth it?


“Come on-a kid! You’re holdin-a me up-a!” stressed the store owner as he pointed to the line of impatient customers forming behind Xavier. The indecisive young man continued to debate the pros and cons of selling the figures in his head.


“If I go with this I’m taking a huge loss. I won’t be able get these ever again.


“Well……? chop chop kid!” asked the owner, his intent to leverage the growing line against Xavier to pressure him into making a hasty deal. He was crossing his arms and shooting a serious glare toward Xavier while he was thinking about his next action.


“Fine…! I’ll take it!!!” replied the reluctant teen as he accepted the store owner’s offer.


“Its-a-about time!” sighed store owner.


“Gimme a little bit, I’ll be back in a few. There’s something else I have to get before we finish this!” remarked the youth.


“You better not-a be wastin my damn time-a kid!”


Xavier hurried back home, bursting in the front door, swinging it open, before passing the living room to get to the door to the garage. Mei was in the living room following along with a high intensity yoga aerobics video that was playing on television.


Xavier grabbed an extra large, heavy duty trash bag and went upstairs to his room. He opened up a chest in his closet which contained several binders. They were his prized cards he had amassed over the last 14 years including classics such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Marvel, and Dragon Ball Z, to more sexy ecchi cards such as High School DxD, Senran Kagura, Fate Grand Order and Ikki Tousen. Every binder represented a fully completed set, each card in mint condition.


“It took me years to build all these up but most of these I ain’t touched in years.. But these are my childhood memories, countless hours spent scraping money to buy booster packs and trading to complete each book.”


He hesitated for a moment before opening up the trash bag and placing each binder inside of it. Memories of his years playing with and showing off his collection played in his head. After loading up his binders, he shifted his attention to his comic book collection.


He grabbed several comic books which were encased in hard plastic containers. He grabbed as many model boxes as he could fit into the trash bag.


Xavier rushed down the stairs with the giant trash bag slung over his shoulder, in such a hurry he nearly fell down. At this point, Mei was doing a yoga exercise. She was standing on one leg, bent down and touching the floor with her hands. Her other leg was raised straight up with her toes pointed toward the ceiling. As she saw the upside down blur heading past her there was only one thing she could say.


“What the fuck!? Was that you niño?” Mei said as sweat ran down her pretty face.


After leaving his home, X got into the car and drove back to Luigi’s Pawn Mansion, toting his new haul.


“I got some more items I want to unload, buddy.” remarked the young man. The store owner walked around the counter to look.


“MAMA MIA! This is-a lot of stuff.” the store owner said while looking through the contents of the bag.


“I know, this is some of the best stuff I have.” admitted Xavier as he watched the store manager flip through the books of ultra and secret rare Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards.


“Gold & Silver, Ruby & Sapphire, Sun & Moon, Diamond & Pearl. All of-a the EX sets too! This is 20 years of cards.”


“Yeah, these binders are up to date with the most recent set.


“I think we have-a some things to discuss.” stated the store owner who himself an avid collector of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards.


“Let’s talk in my office.” requested the store owner.


After 10 minutes, Xavier left the pawn shop with none of his belongings but carrying a very thick wad of cash that was folded in half, held together by a rubber band.


Back to the store…‘ X thought himself.



(5:00 P.M.)


Xavier leaned back on the side of his car, checking the time on his phone while waiting for Mai. She didn’t tell him what the plan was for their date and he hadn’t come up with one.


After a couple of minutes, he heard a series slow plodding steps coming down the stairs. It was Mai. The silver haired beauty was looking as radiant as ever that evening, sporting a tight ankle length sundress. These kinds of dresses were a late summer classic, especially with the young ladies of World City. Her dress was white with a powder colored rose pattern all over. It’s off-the-shoulder short sleeves and low cut top gave a beautiful view of her big, bouncy freckled boobies. There were big slits on the sides of the dress which revealed her meaty thighs as she moved. She also wore a big brimmed straw hat with a pastel blue bow on top. Mai carefully made her way down the steps, struggling not to trip over her own feet. She wasn’t accustomed to wearing high heel platform shoes and didn’t know how to walk in them. Xavier’s eyes nearly popped out of his the sockets when he saw her.


Once she stepped on to solid ground her careful steps became an excited mad dash. Mai blindly rushed toward Xavier with reckless abandon.


XAVVVVIIIIIIERRRRRR!” shouted the busty BBW as she jumped on him, nearly knocking him to the floor. Xavier managed to catch her, holding her up by scooping his hands underneath her thighs. Mai wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, giving him a deep romantic tongue kiss.


“I missed you bae!” Mai said with a sexy grin.


“I missed you too.” replied the young man with a wide smile he was unable to hold in. After putting her down, he opened the passenger door for her.


“Can I drive?” asked Mai while fluttering her eye lashes.


Xavier had been instructed specifically not to let anyone drive his car, especially girls because of the potential for him to be taken advantage of by transportation thirsty hoes looking to use him.


Maybe it will be okay to do it just once..‘ thought Xavier.


“Ok, but please don’t crash. My mom will kick my ass!” joked Xavier while handing her the keys.


“Of course I won’t! You have no room to talk about my driving with all the crashing you did at the race track on our first date, bae. Mai retorted with a chuckle as she got in the driver’s seat.


“So where are we going?” asked Xavier as he got in on the passenger’s side.


“Its a surprise!” Answered the freckled beauty.


While Xavier wondered where they were going he was more concerned with something else.


“Should I tell her right now?… I can’t, not at this exact moment. That could ruin the evening for us both.”


Xavier looked at Mai as she drove, peeking at her tits and her exposed thighs lustfully. Mai knew he was checking her out, she could feel his fierce gaze.


Yes! this dress design worked. He can’t keep his eyes off of me!‘ thought Mai to herself while holding back her smile.


“I like that dress. Its fits you perfectly… Like it was made specially for you!” remarked Xavier.


“Thank you… It actually was. I made this dress myself.”


“Whoa, really?! It looks great!!” asked Xavier, surprised at the news.


“Thanks. I’ve been into clothes and fashion since I was a little girl. I used to mix and match clothing parts from me and my sister’s Barbie dolls to make my own custom outfits.” Mai said proudly.


“My grandma taught me how to sew, knit, and crotchet. I used help her at her job on the weekends. She used to run a tailor shop in Tokyo. When she and my grandpa came to America, she started her own shop in World city.


Xavier acknowledged her words by nodding.


“The first design I made was a Sailor Moon costume that my grandma helped me with in the 3rd grade. I wanted to be Sailor Moon for Halloween but at the time, American stores weren’t selling anime outfits like they are now.


“That’s dope, really cool stuff, Mai.” Xavier commented.


“I started off doing character costumes at first but my grandma told me I could create own designs. I spent as much of my free time as I could at her shop watching and learning from her. I’ve been designing and making clothes with her ever since!”


“I want to become a big time fashion designer, own my own company, and sell my clothes in all the big stores!… Most people laughed when I told them that but my family, especially my grandma, believed in me.


“I believe in you too Mai.” Assured Xavier while gently grabbing her free hand. Mai’s face flushed with red. Xavier’s show of moral support brought a smile to her face.


“When you do make it big I’ll model some of the clothes in ads and commercials!”


“You would be perfect for my little boys’ line!” joked the busty angel.


“Ay! Cut it out, I’m not THAT short!” fumed the pint sized teenager.


“All the moms will wanna buy my merchandise when they see my little Javi in commercials.”


“You can’t call me that!”


“I just did Lil Javi!”


Xavier could chuckle as he realized she would never stop calling him that. While he didn’t like the name, he didn’t mind Mai calling him it. Xavier looked out of the window, remembering the area they were in. It was uptown World City, the hotel district to be specific. Mai pulled up to the JW (JUMP WORLD) Astoria Hotel. A landmark in World City, the JW Astoria is a world immersing experience rather than just a place for guests to stay. It is an anime themed hotel with suites inspired by locations from popular anime/manga, video games and movies.


“We’rrrrrre herrrrrre!” announced Mai announced as she pulled up to the building. Two valets approached and opened the door for them.


“Valet parking?…. This place looks expensive… Where are we?” Xavier wondered.


“This is the Jump World Astoria Hotel. I told you I was gonna make it up to you for kicking you out at 5 in the morning after our first date. Today is the day! and there’s gonna be a full moon tonight. I got us a room that has a balcony with a great view so we can watch the moon together.” Mai answered as she lead the way to the reception desk.


“Excuse me, we have reservations for the Briefs Suite” said Mai to the receptionist while handing her driver’s license to the desk clerk.


“Here are your keys Ma’am. Welcome to Jump World and enjoy your stay!” replied the clerk.


“What’s so special about this hotel?” asked Xavier as they stepped into the elevator


“Be patient daddy… You’re about to find out.” explained Mai as she lead the way out of the elevator to their room. Mai then opened the door to the room, revealing a massive room that looked nearly identical to a location found in the anime Dragon Ball Z. It was Bulma’s Capsule Corp estate. It had everything, even artificial plants and palm trees to mimic the front yard.


“WHOA! it’s like they took Capsule Corp and moved it indoors!” noted the shocked young man.


“This is a near perfect replica Bulma’s estate. And look over there!”


Mai took Xavier by the hand and walked inside of the dome shaped building leading him into a training room identical to the one where Vegeta trained.


“This has everything the real Capsule Corp has… And I do mean everything…. SWITCH OFF!!!” commanded Mai. After a few secounds, the couple began floating in the air.


“WHOA!!!! WOW!!!! This is just like the gravity room Bulma made for Vegeta! Holy shit!!!” Xavier gushed like an excited child.


“How about we play a game?!” suggested the sexy silver young lady


“What game, sexy mama?”


“TAG! YOU’RE IT!!!” yelled Mai while slapping Xavier on the ass and kick floating away.


Xavier pressed his legs up against a nearby wall and launched himself toward Mai, prompting her to spin to the side to avoid him.


Mai giggled as they played cat and mouse. As Mai moved to dodge him again, he grabbed her by the ankle.


“Gotcha!!!!…. GET OVER HERE!!” yelled Xavier excitedly as he pulled Mai in front of him. Mai let out a playful scream while giggling.


“Let’s fly!” whispered Mai before pressing her lips against his.




They kissed for about 30 seconds before breaking away to take a breath.


Xavier pressed forward aggressively, lightly pecking and sucking on her neck. At the same time, he grabbed a big handful of ass. With his other hand, he peeled down the upper part of her dress, unveiling her tig ol’ bitties. Mai let out light moans as her boyfriend kissed her cleavage. Mai allowed Xavier to be the aggressor this time around. His gentle touch and aggressive mannerisms gave her confidence that he felt something for her, that she was more than just a hook up for him. Each kiss sent powerful shivers through her body unlike anything she had felt before.


The freckled vixen pushed her chest out, presenting her hardened nipples to him to suck on.


“Show my titties some love bae!” requested chubby princess.


Xavier held her tits and sucked on Mai’s nipples, lightly biting on them as the duo floated around the room. His technique was deliberate and diligent, nibbling with just enough pressure to get her off but gentle enough to not cause any pain. Mai shuddered with his every movement as goosebumps formed on her skin.


“OH yes daddy! suck em hard!” Mai pleaded.


“This feeling is so strong.. Has he been practicing? His kiss… and the way he sucks my tits… It feels better than last time!” wondered Mai to herself. Her thoughts soon gave way to primal instinct, prompting Mai to act.


She then made the next move and slid her hand up his inner thigh, finding a pleasant surprise


Oh my god! His dick is so big and hard! Be calm this isn’t our first time you dealt with it!‘ thought Mai to herself.


Mai quickly unbuttoned Xavier’s pants, pulling them down along with his boxer shorts. She then lowered herself so that she was face to face with Xavier’s behemoth cock.


So huge… I hope I don’t gag this time…‘ gulped the blue eyed princess as she looked at the challenge in front of her.


Mai gently kissed the massive head on his dong, sliding her tongue underneath its underside. She then pressed forward using his saliva to help fit his dick into her mouth. She held on to it with her hand using a twisting motion to jerk him while sucking him off.


Xavier groaned lightly as he drifted backwards in the zero gravity room. Drops of Mai’s saliva floated in the air as it dripped from her chin.




“My goodness! keep going!!!” urged the youth


Mai then shoved as much of his member into her mouth as she could and sucked as hard as possible, creating a slight humming affect against her partner’s skin. She then grabbed him by his backside and pulled him in as close as she could, forcing as much of his cock down her throat, and holding him there until she nearly gagged.


Xavier then suddenly grabbed her. “AAHH!” yelled the big breasted dream girl as he flipped her upside down with ease due to the lack of gravity.


“Surprise!!!” echoed the scar faced young man while moving her panties to the side with one hand.


Xavier pressed his lips against the opening of her pussy and planted several kisses along the folds. The bottom of Mai’s dress swayed upside down as he went down on her. At the same time she resumed sucking his monstrous dick, stopping to lick his balls in intervals. Xavier opened Mai’s pussy, exposing her fleshy pearl. The boy wiggled his tongue from side to side tickling her clit. Mai’s juices ran down his face making it look like he had stuck his face under a water faucet.


Shes cumming so much! I got to keep it from spraying in my eyes!‘ thought Xavier to himself.


“AWWWWOOOWW!! UUUMMMMPH!” Mai cried out, the sound distorted by the mouthful of cock she was taking.


Mai then grabbed Xavier’s ass with both hands and swung her hips to one side, doing a cartwheel-like flip. This reversed their position with Xavier as one who was upside down. This made it easier for her to suck him off. Mai pushed herself to her limits, going as far down on his cock as she could and holding it down for a few seconds, nearly to the point of choking. Xavier then flipped himself so that he was right side up and facing Mai.


“Let’s get this party started!” suggested Xavier while slapping Mai on the ass. She turned around and bent over, spreading her pussy open with her fingers. The young man grabbed a handful of ass for leverage as he pushed his dick into her. Mai pushed back with her ass while he pushed forward to make it easier.




Xavier held on to Mai’s fat ass as he began his thrust, starting slow and picking up speed as he progressed. The spiked haired teen pumped with authority, with each thrust pushing Mai’s body forward. Xavier held on to her hips to prevent her from drifting away from him. The pair glided around the room with the force of his pumps slowly propelling them the direction Xavier was fucking Mai.


“UUUUGGGGHHHH!!! IT’S SOOOO DEEEEEP!!!! GIMME ALL OF THAT SWEET DICK DADDY!!!” hollered Mai as Xavier pounded her. Drops of her juices ran off X’s cock each time he slammed into her.


Drifting into the air as she got closer to one of the rooms walls, Mai reached out with her hands and pressed her palms against the wall and pushed herself off. This sent them both drifting backwards. She then raised her torso upright and jerked backwards, leaning into Xavier’s chest. This movement shifted their position from doggy style to a midair reverse missionary!


“YEEEEAHHHH!!” Mai yelled as bounced up and down on top of Xavier’s pole. The creamy skinned BBW shook and gyrated her ass, putting all of her weight into every movement. This pushed them both downward, inching closer and closer to the room’s floor.


“RIDE IT COWGIRL!” barked Xavier with wide grin across his lips.


Just as Xavier’s back touched the floor he pumped his hips upward as if he were a horse bucking its rider.


“HEEEEEEHAAAAAWWWW!” roared Xavier playfully, imitating the sound made by horses when bucking. He thrust into her with a wild fury, the smacking of flesh echoing through the enclosed room. Mai held on to Xavier’s forearms much like a horse’s reigns to keep him from bucking her off of him.


“UUUUNNNN!!!! OHHHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHH!!!” howled Mai in total ecstasy.


The bull continued to thrust with a cyclic rhythm, knocking Mai upwards repeatedly.


“YIPPEE KAI YAY BABY!!” Xavier shouted while smacking Mai’s bubble butt.


Mai grabbed on to the top of her hat to keep it from falling off, mimicking a rodeo bull rider.


“WHOOOOAAA!!!” screamed the chubby cutie as she bounced up and down uncontrollably.


The two floated upward gradually as he rammed her from the bottom position. Xavier then grabbed Mai’s right hip


“Let’s go for a spin!” The young man proceeded and spun her around on his dick like a merry-go-round. Mai did 540 degree rotation. As she spun around, Xavier rotated his hips in a circular motion, causing her to scream in elation.


AHHHHHHH! I’M ALMOST THERE!” moaned the Mai as she spun.


The pair has risen up to the room’s ceiling. Mai put her arms up and pressed her hands against the ceiling to prevent bumping her head on it. She glanced over to see the time. The sun was setting outside.


“OH! Bae! lets go outside. I wanna see the moon rise!”


“It’s a full moon tonight for sure!” joked Xavier as smacked Mai on her rump.


“OOOH!” replied Mai while blushing


Xavier is different now… He was so timid and nervous before but now he’s much more confident and comfortable.‘ noted the busty vixen.


Xavier indeed felt very comfortable in Mai’s presence. She had accepted him during their first date, which gave him encouragement. Without the fear of rejection to weigh him down, he felt sure enough of himself to show Mai more of who he is.


Lets see if she likes this… All the romantic guys on TV do it!‘ thought Xavier to himself.


Xavier scooped up Mai, holding her in his arms. She looked at him and responded with a warm smile.


“Deactivate Zero G mode!” instructed Mai to the hotel room’s voice recognition system. Xavier dropped down to the floor, landing on his feet, his pants still around his ankles. He carried Mai to the sliding glass door that lead to balcony outside. As Xavier opened the door, the gray tile floor opened up to reveal a vast swimming pool. It was 20 feet deep and its waters were a shining blue, very much like the waters of Sapphire Shores. The area was surrounded by clear glass walls and a glass ceiling to protect against insects.


“This is beautiful!” commented Mai as she watched the fleeting rays of sunlight reflect off of the pool’s waters


“THINK FAST!!” shouted the green eyed young man as he tossed Mai into the pool.


“HEHEHE!!!” Mai squealed as she landed in the water.


“BANZAI!!!” yelled Xavier, finishing taking off his pants and immediately jumping into the pool. He went deep underneath water, swimming around the bottom of the pool.


“Baaaeee!!! You got my new hat wet. I’m gonna get you!” Mai giggled as she completely removed her dress and tossed it to the side of the pool.


Xavier then swam slowly up to surface, attempting to sneak up on her. He burst out of the pool in an attempt to startle Mai but she turned around as he was coming up.


“GOTCHA!!!” yelled Mai as she latched on to him with a tight bear hug, burying his face in between her huge melons. She then swung her torso from side to side repeatedly slapping him in the face with her round mammaries.


As Mai released her grip, Xavier grabbed her by her hips and lifted her up.


“My turn! I got you now!” Xavier joked as he tossed Mai into the air, catching her as she came down. He repeated this several more times.


Mai chuckled as Xavier tossed her and put her arms around him after the third time. Xavier then grabbed her underneath her thighs, putting her into the stand and carry position as Brass did to him days earlier. He squeezed his way into her once again while treading water to keep them afloat. He then pumped his hips forward putting all of his strength into it to combat the resistance of the water. His forceful strokes sent waves flowing thru the pool. Mai held on tightly as he beat her pussy as if he were scrambling eggs. Beads of sweat began to run down his face despite being in the cool water.


“UGGGHHHH! IM GONNA BUST!” screamed Mai.


Just as Mai was on the edge of reaching an orgasm, Xavier’s thrusts slowed down. The pair drifted towards the side of the pool as he continued to fuck. Thrusting against the water and keeping them both afloat was beginning to wear him down physically.


He’s getting tired. It must be the resistance of the water.‘ Thought Mai to herself


“Bae, I’m getting cold. Let’s get out.” suggested Mai.


Xavier nodded and lifted her up, seating her on the edge of the pool before getting out of the pool himself. Mai grabbed some pillows off of the chairs next to the pool and put them on the floor. She then lay down on her back, using the three pillows to cushion her head and back


“Come warm me up stud!” Mai said while signaling for him to come here.


Xavier got down in front of Mai, letting his gigantic cock rest on her stomach. Her eyes enlarged as she looked at it


Oh my god!!! His dick goes all the way up to my boobs!‘ thought the silver haired young lady nervously to herself.


Xavier grabbed a hold of her thighs and began to thrust, the underside of his cock massaging the opening to her pussy as it ran back and forth up her stomach and between her tits. Though she wasn’t being penetrated at the time, Mai was still getting off on what he was doing. She pressed her giant juggs up against his cock. The big boobed BBW gushed her love juice on his dick as he teased her. Mai panted and moaned lightly.


I can feel her body tingling. She has goosebumps all over.‘ observed the teen while continuing to titty fuck her.


“Stop teasing me and fuck me daddy!” demanded Mai with a grin.


Xavier gripped his dick and pushed his way into her snatch once more. He began thrusting his meaty rod into her with a hard yet steady pace. Mai bit her lip and whimpered as he worked her pussy.


He’s not the same as last time… He feels better than before… Like his technique improved!‘ thought Mai as she watched Xavier pound away.




The young stud increased his pace, moving more vigorously. He continuously buried his dick deep inside of Mai, going nearly all the way out before ramming it back all the way in.


“SO FULL!!! I CAN FEEL IT IN MY CHEST!!! OHHHHHHH! MMMMMMM!” wailed the cute silver haired girl.


The smacking noises became thumping sounds as Xavier fucked her harder and harder. Mai grabbed onto Xavier for support.


Yes! I’ve got her now!‘ thought the youth in his mind.


“THIS FEELS WONDERFUL!!!!! MAKE ME LOVE YOU!” Mai cried out in pleasure.


The strength of Xavier’s thrusts made her tits bounce back and forth, occasionally smacking her in the face. Mai’s feelings of bliss were evident in her facial expressions. Her tongue wagged and her eyes enlarged. Her screams and moans served as motivation for Xavier to give her more and more.


Xavier grabbed on to Mai’s hips for leverage. He could feel her body quiver in reaction to his movements.


This feeling… It’s so strong!


Mai was experiencing an immense pleasure she hadn’t felt before. The tingling she felt throughout her body intensified as her partner continued to probe her. This feeling was something that went beyond the physical level. Xavier had connected with Mai on an emotional level. Her own feelings toward Xavier had greatly amplified the sexual experience for her.




Xavier then leaned in and placed his hands on the ground to hold himself up. He put all of his weight into his strokes. She grabbed on to his backside as he pumped furiously. The two were now face to face. As Xavier gazed into her azure colored eyes, he too experienced the unique sensation. Mai was on the edge of rapture and it only took a little more effort from Xavier. He went for one more bull-like charge, pushing deep into her uterus.




The figurative flood gates had opened. Mai exploded, her juices flowed freely. Xavier being on top of her prevented it form spraying everywhere. However, Xavier could feel it on his stomach and pelvis area. Her body tensed up and she wrapped her legs around Xavier’s waist. The involuntary contraction of her vaginal muscles hugged and massaged his cock, milking the cum fluid out of him. His thrusts slowed as he shot his load into Mai’s welcoming orifice. His semen oozed from Mai’s pussy as she embraced him, mixing with her juices and creating a rather large puddle underneath her. It had to have been enough to fill a 2 liter bottle. Xavier remained silent as he caught his breath. Mai savored two minute plus long orgasm, holding on to her partner tightly as it ran its course. As the sensation subsided, Mai shared a loving kiss with Xavier before turning her head to the side to see the moon rising.


“BAE LOOK!!!!” directed Mai.


Xavier stood up and walked toward his pants which were lying on the ground. Mai stood up and wiped herself off with a towel and laid down on a nearby reclining leather lawn chair. While Mai was stretching, Xavier removed a jewelry box from his pants pocket and walked towards Mai as she stared at the moon. He then sat down next to her.


“There it is…” noted Mai while pointing at the moon.


“The full moon is a rare sight but it has a lot in common with you.” Xavier complimented.


“Take a look at this.” Xavier requested while tapping her shoulder with the jewelry box.


“What’s that?” Mai asked as she looked at the suede covered black case.


“It’s for you…” answered Xavier while opening the jewelry box.




Inside the box was a 24 karat gold Yin-Yang necklace. The Yin portion was made of ruby gemstones with a single sapphire gem on it. The Yang portion was composed of sapphire gemstones with one single Ruby. The border of the Pendant was pure gold. Mai looked on in amazement. She had seen Yin-Yang emblems several times in anime but she didn’t know what it meant.


“What does it mean?” Mai asked


“It’s a Yin-Yang.” Xavier answered.


“This symbol represents balance. Opposite yet equal halves of the same whole. One does not exist without the other.” explained Xavier


“Balance?” wondered Mai.


“Light cannot exist without Darkness. You can’t have north without south. Each half drives the other to continue existing.”


Xavier then pointed at the Yin half. “Yin represents the moon. Serenity, calm, nurturing, femininity. Yang represents the sun. Intensity, desire, passion, masculinity. Yang needs Yin and vice versa.” commented Xavier before a pause.


Is he saying he needs me? Am I his other half?!‘ thought Mai to herself.


“You are the Yin….” Xavier continued.


“And you are my Yang…” Mai interrupted, her face blushing as she understood Xavier’s meaning.


Mai stood up so Xavier could put the necklace on her. Xavier moved behind her to put the necklace on her.


“Good thing I decided get the Smash game from Otaku Palace!” noted Xavier while putting the necklace on Mai.


Mai looked at her reflection on the glass door.


“I love it! It’s so beautiful!!! Thank you bae!” cooed Mai while looking over her shoulder at Xavier. Her happiness with his gift made him smile. Mai turned around and gave him a hug along with an emotional kiss. Xavier then picked her up again.


“Let’s see what else this suite has to offer!” Xavier said while walking back inside.


“I agree!” Mai seconded has they approached the master bedroom.


The two disappeared into the bedroom, for the night was still young and there was plenty of fun to be had.

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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1 year ago

Always be my favorite chapter of BSU

1 year ago
Reply to  AxelRayne44

Ayyyy! thank you!

New chapter hopefully comin this month

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Once again, really good job done here with Maihime. Overall, the atmosphere presented in this masterpiece is nigh perfect. The blue theme,in which the artwork is portrayed (the water (which makes her silvery/white hair almost seem blue aswell), the pillow and the bucket filled with ice) makes it almost feel mystical and quite mysterious. The two versions presented in this artwork, one with the cock buried inside her and the other, with Xavier’s schlong out in the open for her to ogle at. Her expression on the latter one is especially good done, with her almost looking frigthened and yet, as the heart next to her clearly indicates, shows that she’s looking forward to be impaled by this meaty spear. I’m greatly fond of the additional two hearts in the version with his monster dick inside of her and of course the two different cum versions for each of the already mentioned versions. It might have been so easy to just use the same cum version from the “Cock Shock”-version for the Vaginal-version but the fact that you decided to drew an entirely new on for it is really great. The makeup version is nothing to scoff at either, especially in the Cock Shock version, where the full extend of Maihime’s frantic kisses can be seen in all it’s glory. If it one thing noteworthy to complain about, it would be the way the cock just “sticks out” from Xavier’s body. In my eyes it looks almost like some dildo or so, not clearly being part of his body. Might be just me but there we go. The “BSU-logo” you introduced with this artwork is brilliant.

The idea with Xavier selling his childhood stuff, in order for him to become an adult (get his gf a present) was maybe a little bit too direct but his interaction with the shop owner was funny. Xavier’s and Maihime’s dialouge and thoughts where overall pretty fantastic. Xavier not knowing if he should tell her, to what kind of school he is going and Maihime recognizing that her bf has clearly become more confident and experienced since their last date is done rather well. Now for the main event: the concept with the characters having sex in a room without gravity is really interesting and you did a phenomenal job at describing it and making it feel realistic. Xavier “yeehawing” when they fucked cow girl stile was utterly brilliant and felt very much like Xavier. Continuing the sex in the pool was great and how X just threw her in it was just hilarious. I should mention that I’m not really into cheesy, lovey-dovey stuff so their interactions throughout the chapter wasn’t quite to my liking. Regardless, the pairing between these two is written damn well and I highly appreciate the effort.

A great ending for the “first arc” of this series.

With it being the conclusion of practically the first half of the series, I just wanna mention a few things:

  • the setting of this series is really one of a kind and the detail with which you two explained this lewd world and their technology is done extraordinarily well
  • I really enjoy reading the worldbuilding part instead of being purely focused around sex
  • if there is one thing I can hold against the whole series so far, it has to be that certain ideas (like the new type of contraceptives used in this world) were only mentioned once and haven’t come up again -> I understand that it’s written by two different persons and that it might not have been the intention at first to expand this whole setting to the way it is now
  • Other concepts mentioned once, like the technology department from chapter 5 also sadly didn’t appear again, though I have hopes with this one, that we get to see more of it, once the school starts

Next would be a top list of characters (the character must have appeared in the story in one shape or form (not neccesarily artwork)):
first of females

  • 5. Takiko (her eccentric behaviour is really funny and her one interaction with Xavier is just hilarious. Just like with Melanie, her design later is also one of the most interesting)
  • 4. Candice (really nice addition to the cast, despite appearing only in two stories so far. Also: Great to see a fellow european in this series, filled mostly with characters of japanese origins)
  • 3. Melanie Rodrigues (her antics with her son are really enjoyable and the mytique surrounding this milf is done pretty damn well. Her design later down the line is also one of the best of the series)
  • 2. Sara Reed (great fan of the maturity she brings, aswell as her interactions with Taiyohime)
  • 1. Violette Beauregard (I love everything about her, from her design to her loveable personality)

next males

  • 3. Eiji Nakamura (good job by making him experienced in the art of fucking but also not the best because of his injury)
  • 2. Saitou Shinoda (the advices he gives Xavier as well as his design later on are really great)
  • 1. Dr. Pimp (he’s perfection incarnate)
3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

First off I would like to say Merry Christnas/Happy Holidays to you. I apologize for my delayed response With covid 19 still sidelinining co workers and it being Christmas I have been on the job for serveral days straight.

This os another one of my favorite pictures btw. I thought the beginning of the chapter with Mai and Xavier doing the voice chat with Mai. It was very cute imo given Mai is the girl next door who usually doesnt get naked and masturbate on a call. Im looking forward to getting to write Mai and Mei meeting each other someday.

The point behind the store stuff was to ask how much are you willing to give up to get something you want. This may have been just a joke to us but is its very serious to him. Because X has had little experience women and is very much an introvert he doesn’t know how to communicate and express his love/romamtic affection for a woman, in this case its Mai. He uses material possessions to help him express how he feels. The necklace about he bought her represents whst he thinks. He would have not been able to come up with the things he told her without something to visuallybrepresent it.

I had fun writing the bits with the store owner. This is inspired by me and some of my haggling sessions with pawn shop owners when I was poor and just starting out as an adult. It was a lot to give up but X thought this over and came to the conclusion that creating a special moment with Mai and impressing her with his choice of a gift is more important than the stuff hes collected over the years.

And now lets cover the date. I was trying to make the interactions natural/Realisticwhile also being cute. I was trying to depict both X and Mai being “Sprung” by one another. This is often the case with teens in real life. They become attached to the first person they have a positive sexual connection with. I forgot to mention it when originally wrote their first date, but Xavier claimed Mai’s virginity that night. This is part of the reason Mai is acting the way she does in this chapter. The other reason is that she is legitimately into X. Each has an affect on the other. Its more evident with X and how he acts when hes with Mai because hes been shown a lot more but X has an affect on Mai as well. He gives her confidence and strength given with the way hes acted in her presence. X has no problem with and even likes chubby girls and BBWs which I tried to hint at with his preference for huge tits and big asses. Chubby girls usally have some of both. Mai is a great example of this.

I think Mai’s affect on Xavier is far more obvious as he is more outspoken and willing to joke around because she puts him in a comfort zone. He is not affraid to joke and be goofy in front of her. The two are helping each other grow through their relationship.

I get that some people may not like or get the lovey doviness displayed here but I feel this is an accurate depiction of how teenagers behave when they have their first love/BF or Gf

My favorite part of the chapter was when X presented Mai with the necklace I was trying to show courage here. He had no idea how Mai would react to this. He is interested in eastern mythology and martial arts. He follows it a lot which is why had hom choose the necklace he did and give the explanation about yin/yang and the sun and moon. Mai’s reaction was meant for her to be overwhelmed and shocked because no boy has shown that kind of interest in her before. It is early but both think they have found the one. This is naive thinking but right now they are enjoying the moment. Thank you for the support and your interest im my writing. Stay tuned for more BSU!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

No problem really. I’m just glad that you take the effort and read my insignificant comments for chapters that are more than a year old.

5 years ago

Love her face of pleasure, her big belly and huge tits in this one (also the pic variation where she’s impressed with Xav’s cock).
Hope to see her getting fucked hard in future chapters!

5 years ago

Well damn, now I’m rooting for those two!

The italian’s guys accent was a bit off, but accents are hard, I have a hell of a time with Candice and making her sound English and not Irish.

The 0G chamber was a bit of a tough sell to me as I know it’s actually impossible for two people to have sex in 0G without assistance. Believe me, they’ve TRIED. You need one of the pair to be ‘anchored’ in some way, or you use a special kind of sleepingbag type device. Real research has been done into this with thoughts of multi generation space travel in mind. But enough of that.

I like this pairing, it’s very sweet so far, I hope things go well for them.

Back to the Pawnshop scene, yeah, they often rip you off something fierce. Always go in expecting to get less than 25% of an items full value, more only if said item is in high demand right then, so good job there.

Where X was selling his stuff I was reminded of the “Put away childish things” afferism, nice touch there.

5 years ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Thanks Sailor. I figured id try something I havent done before. With the pawnshop guy I was going for trying to mimic how Mario and Luigi talk. With pawn shops some times you can haggle with them to get the price up. Im a collector myself and Gundam models and figur actually fetch pretty good resell prices because of limited stock. X is at a stage where hes figuring things out and doesnt know how to navigate women and relationships. He’s in an impossible situation with the requirements of his being a BSU student and also bonding on a personal level with one of the other girls hes encountered. Hes being pulled in multiple directions and hes overwhelmed by things going on in his life right now. Along with putting away childish things hes learned that sometimes sacrifices have to be made for success.

5 years ago

That was the sweetest hottest story I’ve read😭. Hope Mai doesn’t mind (to much at least) about BSU or could this be setting up for something else😲

5 years ago
Reply to  Princenoctis

Thanks Noctis! I was trying to go for the cute sweet vibe with this chapter. Mai is important to him because shes the first woman to really see value within him, acknowledge him and give him a chance. Mai is drawn to him because theyve had similar experiences with being rejected by and used by others. She also admires his heart and determination.

5 years ago

Great job man! So happy to see Mai again and see another bonding time of her and Xavier. It’s a shame Xavier had to sell his collection to get the gift but I understand his sacrifice. Anyway that was a great chapter, really worth my time. I hope the next one I’ll see him again. I mean, I don’t mind the other characters you focus like Eiji but I like Xavier more than any male protagonist.

5 years ago

Glad you enjoyed the chapter Francis! X is at a point where hes amazed by by every girl he meets. Since hes new to relationships , sex and getting positive attention from women, he tries to establish a personal connection/bond with every female he sleeps with. Hes interested in getting to know the girls rather than just banging them or trying to become a star professionally. This is actually one of his greatest character attributes. Stay tuned for the next chapter, you may get your wish and thank you for the support.