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Slamming into Slamfest, Cars, and Sluts

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)

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Xavier was again cruising the aisles of the mega shopping center that is the Pleasureview Mall, but this time he wasn’t alone. Mei, his mother, had accompanied him to World-Mart to get school supplies and now their quest had somehow brought them to the mall. Mei wanted to shop and get some things for Xavier as well as herself.


The mall was booming with activity, full of curvaceous women of all appropriate ages. Big round asses jiggled from underneath micro miniskirts and bouncing tits were nearly popping out of low cut, tight fitting tops many of which barely covered the nipples. It was the week of World City’s annual Sapphire Splash event, a 3-day long extravaganza to close out summer vacation; as college and high school students had to report for the start of the new school year. Young ladies were there to purchase swimwear for Splash, while older women of the MILF variety were shopping with their children for school clothes. The ever important first day of school was approaching so both guys and girls were buying gear to impress on the big day, Xavier was no exception.


Xavier and Mei had been out shopping since he returned home from his night with Mai. Mei was dressed for comfort this afternoon, wearing a pair of form denim shorts tight white shirt and a pair of White and black Jordan sneakers. Even though she wasn’t dressed up as usual, she still attracted hungry stares from just about every man they passed, much to the ire of her son. Xavier shot back fierce angry stares toward the men prompting them to turn their heads and look away.


“Are you gonna mean mug every guy we pass?” asked Mei with a giggle.


“You damned right” Xavier replied with a nod.


“You know, it’s rude to stare like that Javi.” Mei said disappointingly.


“Tell that to the guys that keep looking at your …’assets'” quipped the over protective son while moving to obstruct the view of a would-be gawker.


“Maybe I should just stare down this friend of yours when I see her…” said Mei with narrowed eyes.


That comment by Mei silenced Xavier, causing him to look away.


“What’s wrong pequeño? Don’t like that huh?” asked Mei with a mischievous grin. “That reminds me you still haven’t told me anything about her.”


Xavier remained uncomfortably silent which encouraged Mei to tease him more.


“C’mon you gotta tell me somethin… I’m your mamá after all!”


Xavier then made a desperate and obvious effort to change the subject. “Let’s get something to eat. I’m kinda hungry!!!” suggested the anxious son.


“Si! I can go for some food right now too! I didn’t eat at work last night. How about Sub Zone?” insisted the starved blonde.



(10 Minutes later)


Mother and Son sat at a secluded area of the food court, away from the disruptive teenagers, crying children, and people talking loudly on their smart phones. The two ate while discussing their food order.


“This southwest steak wrap is dope! You should have got it.” noted Xavier before taking another giant bite, almost spilling some of the contents onto his clothes.


“I’ll get it next time. I had to get the foot long. I haven’t had one in forever…” replied Mei before taking a big bite of her sandwich with ease.


“So what’s this thing we’re doing tomorrow?”


“I told you it was a surprise.. Only one more day and you will find out. I promise it will be fun.”


“You and your surprises…” scoffed Xavier who desperately wanted to hear spoilers.


“Have I ever let you down?” asked Mei .


“Nah, can’t say you have! the party bus you hired for my last birthday was dope!” recalled the son energetically.


So how’s your friend? she seems nice.” inquired the bronzed blonde once more.


Xavier became flush and flustered yet again, however, he was saved from answering the question by the sound of a tune played by his cell phone as it rang. He looked at the caller ID and sprang up out of his seat. He couldn’t hide the grin on his face but tried to look as nonchalant as he could.


“I gotta take this call.” Xavier said before darting towards the exit near the food court. He answered the phone, prompting Matsunami’s face to come on the screen.


“Ay babe, what up?” asked the youth as he answered the call


“That big sledgehammer dick of yours dick will be…” Matsunami said with a sly grin.


Xavier’s face reddened as he noticed other people outside of the mall heard her remark and glared at him. He then walked into the packed parking lot.


“Damn Nami, you just put me on blast. I’m outside of the Pleasureview Mall right now and some other people heard that!”


“Its nothing to be ashamed of hun” giggled Matsunami.


“Matsu! Is that the sexy guy you been telling me about all week? I wanna see him!” yelled another female voice from the background.


“Who’s that?” Xavier asked


“That’s my friend Jade from work. She was off the night we first met and she’s nosey as hell. I bragged about you a tiny bit.” admitted the lusty brunette with a chuckle.


“Speaking of nosey, my mom asked about you again. You called just in time to interrupt her.”


“So secretive of you.”


“It would be different if it was my dad or something. But it’s weird to talk to my mom about this sort of stuff.”


“Tomorrow morning she’ll be asking you again because we have plans for tonight!” quipped Matsunami.


“We gotta make up for lost time when I had to work the other night.”


“What’s the plan?” questioned the scar faced teen.


“That’s for me to know and you to find out.”


“C’MON! I wanna know!” Xavier demanded


“Just wait and see, it’s a surprise! It’ll be worth the wait, I promise.”


“Women and their secrets… What time?


“We gotta be there by 6 P.M.”


“I’ll be there at 5:30”


I’ll be at Jade’s house where you dropped me off last time.”


“Aight. I gotta get back inside before my mom comes out here. I’ll see you then!”


“Heh… I’ll be waiting for you!” cooed Matsunami in a slow sexy tone. She blew a kiss at him before they both ended the call.


Xavier returned to table where his mother was waiting. She had devoured all of her food and was finishing a bite of his wrap.


“You’re right, that wrap IS good!” confessed the hungry milf. “Looks like you’re going on another date tonight huh?”




“I could tell by that bounce in your step walking back here. Look at you! My little man has some swagger now!” Her words caused him to blush a little out of embarassment.


After lunch, Mei and Xavier finished their shopping excursion and he dropped her off at her office building so she could take care of some things at work.



(5:28 P.M.)


Xavier slowly pulled up to Jade’s house, curious about what the evening would bring. Matsunami stepped out of the house looking absolutely exquisite. She wore denim acid-style capri pants which hugged her hips and thighs, clearly revealing her peach shaped booty. Her enormous tits stretched her tiny white halter top to the point of nearly breaking the fabric. Her lips, nails, and eyes were lined with blue make up which matched with her blue mini jacket and high heel stilettos. Xavier got out of the car and opened the passenger door for Matsunami as she approached seemingly in slow motion.
She swung her hips and pushed her chest seductively attracting the attention of other adults in the immediate vicinity who were walking there dogs or jogging.


“God damn!” remarked Xavier as she got within earshot of him


“Happy to see me?” grinned Matsunami as she hugged him.


“You know it!” replied Xavier.


Xavier squeezed her ass with both hands as she gave him a deep smooch. He then opened the passenger door so she could get in the car and then got in himself.


“So where to?” Xavier asked


“The World Arena!”


“Wait a minute… the World Arena… Today is… SLAMFEST! Tigre Blanco is challenging for the women’s championship!” exclaimed the young man.


“How did you know I like professional wrestling?!” inquired the youth.


“It was a good guess. We watched SFC the other night. A lot of guys who are into watching mixed martial arts are also into wrestling. I figured you could appreciate a bunch of thicc women grabbing on each other.” deduced the exotic dancer.


As they drove towards their destination, they put on the preliminary matches on the radio to listen to while en route. Ice Cold Steve Allen was in the middle of a No Disqualification match against Big Daddy Pipes.


“ICE COLD! ICE COLD ICE COLD!!!” cheered the pair as they listened to the brawl taking place.


As Big daddy Pipes hit Ice Cold with a steel chair, Xavier and Matsunami voiced their displeasure.


“BOOOOOOOO! BOOOOOOOO!” yelled the duo of wrestling fans.


The match went on for several minutes until until…..


“THE ICE COLD DISABLER! HIS SIGNATURE MOVE!!! He’s going for the pin!” yelled the announcer on the radio.


“1! 2! 3!” bellowed the two fans as the referee made the count.


“ICE COLD WINS! WOOO!!!!” hollered Xavier as he looked toward Matsunami.


In the excitement of listening, Xavier’s attention shifted away from the road. He missed the fact that the traffic light just turned red.


“X! THE LIGHT!!!!!” Matsunami yelled.


Xavier stepped all the way down on the brakes in an effort to prevent crashing into the car in front of him. The screeching of his tires was followed by a loud impact!!!




Xavier’s car slammed into the back of the car in front of him sending both himself and Matsunami forward. Luckily, both were wearing their seat belts. He immediately checked on Matsunami.


“Are you alright?!” Xavier asked while looking toward Matsunami with worry.


“Yeah, I’m fine, a little rattled but everything is good.” She said while looking at the rear end of the car in front of them.


“FUCK!” yelled the auburn haired youth as he slammed his fist on the dashboard in frustration. He realized that he could be in serious trouble. Both vehicles pulled off to the side the side of the road so traffic could resume.


As he got out of the car to check on the other motorist, he immediately recognize the person as the same voyager driver he encountered last week. Her expression shifted to one of unbridled fury as she recognized him.


“YOU!” remarked teal haired busty driver as she approached him. She gave him a hard shove as she got in reach of him.




The sexy driver continued her verbal tirade against Xavier, pointing a lollipop in his face.




Xavier simply stood there allowing her to vent her anger.


Damn! She’s letting me have it. I don’t even know what a felch is…‘ lamented the green eyed young man.




The busty neon yellow eyed beauty then took a minute to catch her breath after all of the screaming.


“Are you hurt?” asked Xavier, his concern was evident in his eyes.


“I’m alright.” answered the voyager driver.


“MOTHER FUCK!!! I just got this car 2 weeks ago and look at it now!!!” vented the young lady in a more calm yet deflated tone.


Xavier looked over to her car and observed her tail lights were broken and the rear bumper was partially hanging off.


“I’m really sorry for running into you and messing up your car…” Xavier apologized sincerely.


Tears began to well up in her eyes as she looked at the damage.


“I hope you have insurance!”


Xavier was unsure what to do at that point because this was his first car accident ever.


“Yes I do…”


“Good! We have to exchange insurance information then!” informed the driver, noticing that he didn’t know what to do.


“Alright I’ll go get it.”


While walking to his car to get the insurance card, his mind drifted off into a daydream.


“How will mom take this?!” pondered the panicked youth.



Arriving back home, Xavier saw that his mother was sitting on the couch watching TV.


“Mom… I got something to tell you.”


“What is it lil Javi?” asked Mei.


“Well…uhhh… I crashed the car..”


“YOU DID WHAT?!” screamed Mei as she stood up, furious at her son.


Mei began to transform into something monstrous, similar to the Arrancar Ressurreccions from Bleach. Her clothing changed into a black and gold armor. She grew beast like fangs and she wielded an extremely thick golden leather belt.”




As Mei yelled, golden energy bursted outward, radiating around her body.




“NOOOO!!!!” Xavier ran out the front door in fear of what was to come. Mei gave chase pursuing him down the street for several blocks.




Mei suddenly appeared in front of him, stopping him in his tracks.


“I told you not to run… After this ass whoopin’ you’re grounded for 5 years COMPRENDE!!!”


“5 years?! NOOOOOOO!!!!”


The scene faded to black which was followed be several whipping sounds and yelps of agony.


“AHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Xavier cried out.



Xavier then awakened from his daydream, alarmed and anxious.


I hope she’s not that pissed when I tell her…” thought the young man.


“Are you okay?” asked Matsunami, seeing the utter terror in his eyes.


“Yeah… Just had a thought about how my mom will react to this… could you hand me the insurance card? It’s in the glove compartment.”


“Good luck.” wished Matsunami as she handed him the insurance card.


He then walked up to the girl and handed her the insurance card. She scanned the card. The name “Melanie Rodriguez” was listed as the insured party. Underneath that was Xavier’s name.


So that’s your name Mr. Big Dick…!” thought the neon yellow eyed woman.


“Here, take this down.” ordered the driver while handing him her insurance card.


He looked at the card and saw the name ‘Takiko Makoto’. Each person input the other’s information.


“Take my number just in case we have to talk about the repairs and insurance stuff.” Takiko suggested before writing her personal cellphone number on his insurance card.


“So what the fuck happened?! How did you end up crashing into me?!”


“I wasn’t paying attention. I was listening to the Slamfest preshow on the radio. I got too into the match and didn’t notice a red light was coming up.” Xavier explained disappointingly.


“Ah Slamefest! I’ve been making runs to the World Arena for that all day. There’s all kinds of tourists here for that and Sapphire Splash so its a huge opportunity to make a lot of money. But I can’t take anymore passengers until I get this damage fixed!


“Damn… I’m sorry Takiko. I really am.”


“I’ll figure something out…”


At that moment, the police arrived. They had to interview Xavier, Takiko, and Matsunami about the accident. The police started with Takiko, so Xavier walked to his car to wait for his turn to be interviewed. He then opened up the center console, grabbed an envelope and put it into his pocket.



(90 minutes later)


After all the interviews were conducted, Xavier was issued a ticket for failure to stop. He avoided being cited for reckless or careless driving due to the officer being lenient on this being his first offense.


“There’s one more thing I have to do then we can go.” Xavier stated. Matsunami responded with a nod.


Xavier approached Takiko as she was ending a phone call. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out the envelope.


“Here, take this. I know the insurance will take a while to process the claim. Use this to pay for the repairs. There should be enough in here to get a rental car so you don’t miss out on working the Sapphire Splash event.”


Takiko opened up the envelope and to her surprise it was full off $100 bills. This was money leftover from what Mei had given him along with the money from selling his precious collectors items at the Luigi Pawn Mansion the day before.


“Wow…THANK YOU!!! ” yelled Takiko as shestared into the envelope, her eyes enlarged.


“No problem.” replied the scar faced youth, geniunely happy that he cheered the woman up.


“I guess its time for me to get out of here. Slamfest awaits!”


Xavier then turned and walked away.


“HEY!” yelled Takiko to get his attention




Xavier simply laughed and gave her his signature 2 finger salute before returning to his vehicle.



The scent of stale popcorn, hot dogs, beer, and nachos permeated the arena as Matsunami and Xavier made their way to their seats. The roar of the frantic crowd was nearly deafening as she lead him to the front row where there were two empty chairs waiting for them. The show was in the middle of an intermission. The aisles were a sea of humanity as patrons bum rushed to the bathrooms to get in and out before the show resumed


“RINGSIDE SEATS TOO!? How much did this cost?!” inquired the scarred young man as he leaned in close to speak to his date. The arena starting to get louder again.


“Not too bad, I didn’t use ALL of my tips to get it.”


“Looks we got here in time to see the main event which is really fortunate!”


“Yeah, but those cops took their sweet time doing the interviews. I thought it was never gonna end.” stated Matsunami with a sigh.


“Yeah, I thought we were gonna miss the whole show, but at least we got here for the most important part.


The audience erupted as the ring announcer stepped into the ring microphone in hand and the lights around the arena dimmed except the ones fixated on the ring. This signified that it was time for the Main Event.




The arena went dark and the speakers blasted with Mexican inspired rock music. Black and white strobe lights then lasered throughout the area. A female figure could then be seen standing in the entrance ramp.




The figure then stepped into the light revealing herself to the audience who were in frenzy. The young woman’s body was hugged with an elaborate costume. She wore a white mask which was outlined in black. On top of her head was a black and white fur Aztec warrior-chief style headdress with a helmet that was designed to look like the head of a tiger opening its mouth and bearing its fangs. Her outfit was patterned after the garb of a female Aztec chief. Her Magnificent tits were barely covered by the skimpy “X” shaped cloth top she was wearing. Tigre’s ass was muscular and plump, so big it stuck out from underneath the skirt style tiger stripe pattern armor she wore over her wrestling trunks. The wrestler wielded a Macuahuitl sword and shield, smacking the blade along her shield as she walked to the ring. Pyrotechnics shot off in the air as she made her entrance, the fireworks spelling out “TIGRE” above the ring. Rocket-like fireworks exploded from the turnbuckles of the ring as well, furthering dazzling the scenery with intense visuals.


“YEAAHH GO TIGRE!” yelled Xavier as he rose to his feet to cheer her on.


Matsunami smiled as she saw that her date was very into the event. As Tigre approached the ring, she stopped to take in the moment, scanning the fans who were sitting in the front row, having noticed something, she set down her weapons and walked over to where Xavier and Matsunami were sitting.


WAIT A MINUTE! SHE’S COMING OVER HERE!‘ Xavier thought to himself, his heart beating faster with each passing second.


Tigre stopped in front of him and made eye contact. He marveled at her, looking deeply into her aqua hue eyes frozen by the moment. Tigre reached to the back of her head and unstrapped her mask. She peeled it away to reveal she was wearing a second mask underneath it.




Tigre then put the mask she removed on Xavier’s head and strapped it back up.


“This match is for you!” exclaimed the fiery luchadora as she ran her hand through his hair.


Tigre then walked up to the ring and jumped onto the ring apron, prompting another round of fireworks to go off. As she did so, Xavier realized why she had given her the mask.


“WAIT A MINUTE!!!! She only takes off her mask and gives it to kids during her entrance walk!” Xavier exclaimed, his face turning red with embarrassment


Tigre had mistaken him for child, which was an easy misjudgment to make, given Xavier’s diminutive stature.


“AW! You look so cute in with that on!” Matsunami said before bursting into laughter. she looked at Xavier who had a sour look on his face, prompting her to laugh even harder. “HAHA HEH HEH!!!”


“Ay! I’m not kid!” Xavier remarked to her.


“I can’t tell!” joked the sweet brunette as she pointed out the Tigre Blanco T-Shirt he was wearing.


Tigre climbed up the top turnbuckle and raised her fists in the air, drawing onslaught of cheers from the capacity crowd. She repeated this 3 more times once for each of the remaining 3 corners of the ring to an outburst of cheers from the fans. She then stood in her corner and awaited her opponent. The announcer stepped forward. The speakers blasted again, this time playing heavy metal music.




A second figure stepped out from the entrance, holding up a championship belt. She was larger than Tigre and equally stacked. Her style was more of an emo goth look. Mayhem’s ring entrance costume was patterned after a gothic Lolita style dress which was black and red in color. She wore a red trench coat to go along with it. Her face was painted white with black colored lipstick make up and dark circles around her eyes which were outlined with red face paint. Even though her face was painted, it was clear that Mayhem was quite attractive herself. Her long black hair draped down one of her shoulders. She had a fantastic set of knockers which could partially be seen underneath the cut off top she had on.


She was showered with a chorus of boos as she slowly walked down the aisle stopping to stare down the audience from time to time as made her entrance. Mayhem got into the ring and held the championship belt in Tigre’s face, taunting her before handing it to the referee. She took off her entrance costume, revealing sexy black and red wrestling tights.




“IT’S FINALLY HERE! TIGRE VS. MAYHEM! EVERYTHING IS ON THE LINE!” yelled Xavier as he was captured by the moment. Matsunami could only smile as she noted his enthusiasm for the evening’s main event.


The match started in earnest with the two competitors brawling immediately after the bell rang to start the match. It was a back and forth affair, with plenty of flair and high impact moves. Xavier, Matsunami, and the rest of the crowd were taken on an exciting tour de force of simulated violence with several near 3 counts. Every time Tigre kicked out of a pin the crowd erupted.


At about the 45 minute mark, an exhausted Tigre ducked underneath a clothesline and countered with her finishing move. She grabbed Mayhem by the inner thigh and hoisted her up into a fireman’s carry. Tigre then turned her body and with devastating force spun her victim and drove her face first into the canvas!


“THAT’S HER FINISHER!! THE WHITE FANG!!! SHE GOT IT! SHE GOT IT!” Xavier screamed along with the audience.


“1!….2!…3!” chanted the audience as the referee made it to the count of 3. The entire World Arena erupted in cheers and applause.


The referee handed Tigre the championship belt and her entrance music hit once again as posed with her new prize.


“WOW! That was good match!” Matsunami commented to her still masked date.


“Good?! That match was GREAT!” Xavier replied, his face lit up with a big grin.


Tigre then grabbed a microphone to address the crowd.


“Setting aside my wrestling persona… I wanna speak to you from the heart.” She began.


“It’s been a long road… BUT I FINALLY DID IT!… I couldn’t have done it without you all! I wanna thank all my fans here in WORLD CITY and across the globe for having my back!” admitted the exhausted luchadora.


“I have an announcement though… I’m gonna be starting college soon.”


The crowd gasped in horror, thinking that maybe this was a retirement speech she was giving.


“I know, I know… Its not what you wanna hear but I have to be honest with you.” reasoned Tigre.


“I’ve been wrestling almost my whole life and you guys have supported me since I was working the small venues in front of 50 people. And thanks to you all I FINALLY DID IT!!”


The audience roared in support.


“But life is full of challenges. As much I love to continue performing in front of my fans, its time to hang up my boots and pursue a new challenge!”


“WHAT!?” questioned the 80,000 fans in the arena.


“However, I’m not going away! I’m still gonna perform for my fans and become the best… just in a very different way!” She said while clutching onto the mic while waving a finger in the air, desiring to be number one.


“I appreciate you all for going with me on this journey but there are more journeys ahead! I have a surprise for everyone once I start school!” Tigre teased with a sly smirk. “Til then ADIOS AMIGOS and GRACIAS TIGRE NACION!” (Spanish for “THANK YOU TIGER NATION!“)


Tigre’s music came on again as she left the ring.


“So?! did you like it?” Matsunami asked as the two stood up.


“Hell yeah! I loved it! I’ve never been to a live wrestling Pay-Per-View event before!!!” informed the excited youth.


“So what’s next?” the brunette questioned with her brow raised.


“My mom is at work and she wont be home for a while… You thinkin what I’m thinkin?” the teen asked as he grabbed Matsunami’s hand.


“That depends on what you’re thinking about~” quipped his date with a coy smile.


“We’ll see!” Xavier replied with a smile of his own as he waded through the crowd of people; shielding Matsunami from drunken men who eyed her as they made their way out of the arena.



(10:00 P.M.)


Although it didn’t go as planned it was still an enjoyable date for both Xavier and Matsunami.


“That Main Event was SO dope!” Xavier exclaimed while opening the door.


“It was really fun. It’s a shame El Tigre is retiring though.” Matsunami added as she stepped inside.


Without warning, he scooped her up, holding her in his arms.


“Now its time for the real main event!” declared Xavier as he walked towards the stairs.


“Are you sure you can carry me all the way up the stairs?” She asked with a grin.


“Watch me!” Xavier spoke as he started walking up the stairs.


Matsunami giggled as he made his way up. Once he ascended to the top, he marched into his bedroom.


“And he sends her flying!” shouted Xavier as he tossed Matsunami forward. She yelled in surprise as she landed softly on Xavier’s bed


“So that’s how you wanna play huh?!” Matsunami challenged him while getting to her feet.


She then dived off of the king sized bed as if she were leaping of the top turnbuckle of a wrestling ring.




Matsunami landed on him with a body splash, bringing Xavier to the ground.


“I GOT YOU NOW!” roared the short haired brunette as she mounted him.


“I don’t think so!” retorted Xavier before scooping his hand underneath her shapely ass and flipping her over on her back. The two playfully wrestled on the floor each fighting to get the advantage of the other. The struggle ended with Matsunami on top, pinning Xavier’s arms to the floor.


“You need to work on your grappling!” cooed Matsunami in a seductive tone.


She then moved in and softly pressed her blue shaded lips against his. She rolled her tongue in her partner’s mouth. intertwining it with his briefly while sharing the prolonged kiss.


“MMMMMMM!!!!” sounded Matsunami as she allowed Xavier to savor her delicious taste. She released her grip on his arms so he could work with his hands. He grabbed onto her thicc thighs and moved upward, squeezing her soft booty. A string of saliva connected their lips as she slowly separated


“You got me so hot right now!” whispered the curvy date as she unbuttoned Xavier’s shirt. It was if that brief grappling exchange between the two jump started her sex drive. The chemistry between them was undeniable which itself was the most he’d felt with a woman thus far.


Xavier grabbed her shirt and lifted it off of her, freeing her massive juggs. Matsunami’s tits bounced slightly as the shirt slid off of her body.


The sexy brunette leaned in and kissed him again before planting a smooch on his chest. She worked her way down leaving blue lip imprints down his well toned abs. Xavier groped and played with her boobs gently knocking them together. He ran his index fingers along the scars on her chest, prompting her to moan lightly.


I think I found a soft spot!‘ Xavier thought to himself.


Matsunami unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down exposing his gargantuan, halfway erect dong.


This big ass dick doesn’t stop surprising me!‘ thought Matsunami to herself.


With one hand, she jerked Xavier’s monster cock while unsnapping her pants with the other. She crept into her pants, slipping her hand into her lace boy shorts style panties.


“UMMMMM!!! OOOOOH!” moaned Matsunami as she rubbed the opening of her pussy.


After getting Xavier completely hard, she moved to spit on his cock to lubricate it for what followed. She crawled backwards, positioning her head in line with the massive cock she struggled to grasp. Matsunami then pressed her lips against the tip and slowly slid it into her mouth. She skillfully bobbed and slobbed on his knob like it were an oversized chocolate coated banana. Xavier groaned as he raised his head from the floor to watch her suck him off.


“UR DIK FEELZ ZO GUD IN MY MOUF!!!” mumbled Matsunami as she gazed into his green eyes.


She continued suck with steady yet constant pace, going up and down on his dick like a carousel. Each motion was punctuated with a loud juicy slurping sound.




Sensing his time could be coming earlier than he had hoped, Xavier tried to scoot away from Matsunami only for her pull him back.


“Stop moving away from me and man up! Gimme that dick!!!” demanded the green eyed temptress.


Matsunami seized control of his cock once more, licking it from the base of his shaft to the tip in a circular motion.


“GOT YOU NOW!” exclaimed Matsunami as pre-cum oozed out of his dick.


She then gripped Xavier’s thick rod with both hands and went down on him, taking it down her throat inch by inch all the while never breaking eye contact. She locked her lips tightly as she bobbed, leaving rings of blue lipstick on his dick as she gulped him down halfway before coming back up.


“I… think… I’m… done… Not again!” panicked the scar faced youth


Just as he was at the cusp of busting a nut, Matsunami stopped as she sensed he was about to cum. This was indeed a skill to behold, proving she rightfully held the Adult Entertainment World Association (AEWA) Rookie-of-the-Year award.


“So you let me live huh?” asked Xavier


“I don’t wanna have to wait 30 minutes to fuck again!” answered Matsunami with a grin.


Xavier stood up and lifted Matsunami by her hips sitting her on top of his desk. He proceeded to suck on her nipples while slipping her pants off, gliding up and down her scars with his tongue. He sucked on her tits vigorously, causing goosebumps to form on them.


“AHHHH! UUUNNNN! YOU SUCK MY BIG BIMBO TITS SO GOOD!” Matsunami howled in pleasure, her panties soaked through by her moist pussy.


Seeing that she was ready for him, he kneeled down, spreading her thighs open with is hands. Xavier planted soft kisses on her stomach and transitioned to her thigh. He then did the same to the other thigh


“UHHH!” moaned Matsunami as he teased her.


He’s getting better… He’s figuring out the importance of foreplay…‘ thought the top 3 BSU recruit.


Xavier then moved in on Matsunami’s pussy, pulling the front of her panties to the side. He began by lightly licking the outer folds of her pussy, moving his tongue up and down to cover every bit of flesh. Matsunami ran her hands through his sharp spikes of hair, taking deep breaths in between moans. Taking a cue from his partner he glanced up, making eye contact with her.


“OH X! AHHH!!!”


As he licked her pussy he opened her up with two fingers on his other hand so he could make his next move. Xavier continued going, this time tasting the inner folds of her vagina. Matsunami looked down and could tell her panties were hindering the process.


“Let me get these off so you can really put in work!” suggested the brunette bombshell.


She pulled down her panties enough for Xavier to slide them down her legs and drop them on the floor. He spread her legs wider and resumed eating away moving his tongue in a circular pattern. Her juices flowed once more prompting Xavier to flick his tongue in short quick strokes, lapping up her love juice as if he was cat with a bowl of milk.




He spread her open further and then stuck his tongue all the way in her pussy, alternating the pattern of how he moved his tongue around repeatedly. Matsunami leaned backwards, pressing her back against the wall, grasping the edge of the desk with one hand and holding on to the back of Xavier’s head tightly with the other. As she laid back Xavier took advantage as Matsunami’s position made it easier to get to her clitoris.


“How many licks does it take to make Matsunami cum?” asked Xavier rhetorically while looking up at her with one eyebrow raised. Matsunami couldn’t help but giggle at Xavier’s antics.


“WE’RE ABOUT TO FIND OUT!” answered the bold youth


“1!” counted Xavier.


Xavier curled the sides of his tongue, sandwiching her pink pearl between them.


“AHHHHHH!” screamed Matsunami as he slid his tongue back and forth.


“2!” resumed Xavier as he prepared for his second lick.


He pressed her clit between his wet lips and rapidly flapped them, effectively motor boating her pussy.


“OOHHHHHH SHIT!!! THIS FEELS SO GOOD!” screamed the green eyed beauty in bliss.


Matsunami’s body was quivering and Xavier could see her pussy pulsating as started to deliver his third strike. Beads of sweat ran down her face as she took a deep breath.




Xavier speared her clit with his tongue and opened his mouth around her slit, sucking back on her clit as if he were inhaling from the smoke of a marijuana blunt.


“MY GOD! I’M IN HEAVEN! AHHHHHH!!! OH FUUUUUUCK!!” howled Matsunami, intoxicated by the unquestionable pleasure he had given her.


Xavier’s third technique in his improvisational salvo was a success! Matsunami continued to scream jubilantly as she wrapped her legs around his head, pressing his face against her pussy!


“MMMMMM! MMMMMMMM! I KANT BRRRREEEETTTHHH!” uttered Xavier, his words muffled as tried to speak.


As she came down from her high, she released him from the vice like grip of her thick set of thighs. Xavier’s face was wet like he had been sprayed in the face with a water hose. Her juices ran down the sides of his eyebrows, dripping down his now rosy red cheeks.


“Your name definitely fits. You got that TSUNAMI Babe!” quipped Xavier, comparing her orgasm to a force of nature.


“HA! and you got a Dragon tongue hun” replied Matsunami with an expression of pure satisfaction.


Xavier stood up with his fully hardened dick at the ready, poised to give Matsunami a thorough shagging. The BSU starlet grabbed him by his python penis and pulled him close, squeezing it into her. Xavier placed his hands on her hips and proceeded to pump his hips back and forth. Matsunami grabbed him by the shoulders and looked him in the eyes as he pushed inside of her. Neither knew much about the other but there was definitely something special between them.


“UGGHH! YEEEEAHHH…. HIT IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT HUN! FUCK THAT HOLE!!” Matsunami whispered to him as he filled her with long dick.


Xavier penetrated her deeply, using the muscles in his legs to generate more momentum each time he steadily pierced her juicy hole. Matsunami’s screams grew louder and louder with every successive thrust.




Xavier obliged her and pumped at an even faster rate, slamming into her pussy like gunfire from an assault rifle. Every forceful stroke caused to desk to tip and tilt, the wall being the only thing to keep it from falling The pair shared another emotional smooch as he continued rail her. After finishing the kiss Xavier pulled her off of the desk.


“Turn that sweet ass around babe.” requested the auburn haired teen.


Matsunami bent over, resting his huge tits on the desk as she wiggled and jiggled her ass on Xavier’s thick and lengthy Schlong. He then gave her a good loud smack on her fat ass before pushing into her tight pussy once more. He picked up where he left off, giving her machine gun style thrusts while squeezing her huge booty.




Matsunami’s screams were so loud that the neighbors outside, who were returning home from dinner, can hear her with clarity.


“Lets try somethin new!” yelled Xavier. His comfort level with Matsunami emboldened him to get creative as he prepared to try something he saw on Pornsta$h.


He put one foot on the desk, giving himself more leverage to smash her. After a few powerful strokes he hopped up with his other foot, positioning himself on top of the desk in the Froggy style position. He came down on Matsunami’s pussy with sledgehammer-like thrusts. He held on to her shoulders to keep his balance and avoid falling off of the desk


“YOU….GOT…..SOME….NEW…TRICKS!!! AHHHHH!!!!” hollered Matsunami as she was pounded from behind.


After a couple of minutes, Xavier stepped off and scooped her up by her thighs, changing the position from doggy style to a reverse stand and carry. He bent his knees at the start of each upward thrust to generate as much power as possible. His balls slapped against the outer walls of her pussy with each belly piercing pump. Matsunami’s juggs swung around in circles as she went up and down from the thrashing Xavier doled out.


“GOD DAMN! YOUR HUGE DICK IS HITTING MY CERVIX!” wailed the emerald eyed starlet with pleasure.


Xavier then lowered her to the ground, still grasping her by her legs; holding her up as if he was pushing a wheel barrel. Matsunami placed her hands on the floor to hold herself up.


“Let’s see how you like this!” roared the scar faced new recruit.


Sweat poured down his face and chest as he gave her a thorough ramming, determined to give Matsunami the best fucking he’s got. He inched up on his tippy toes to fully penetrate her because of his short stature. In addition to this, he pulled her into his thrusts to negate the size difference between them. He could feel her body tense up which gave him motivation to push her over the edge of orgasmic bliss.


“X! YOU’RE TAKING ME THERE! DON’T SLOW DOWN!” Matsunami bellowed as she felt a strong tingling feeling taking over her body.


YES! She’s getting there!


Matsunami’s juices sloshed and splattered on the floor as she neared a second climactic explosion. Xavier pumped with fiery vigor, intent on delivering a mind shattering experience for the brunette rookie of the year. Matsunami howled in delight, clenching her teeth and tightly closing her fist as she drifted into sexual paradise. However……..




The door to Xavier’s bedroom suddenly opened.


“JAVI!?” exclaimed the intruder in a rather shocked tone, Xavier’s eyes widened in response.


“MOM!?” yelled the young man as he looked over his shoulder to see Mei’ curvy silhouette in the doorway. His face turned a pale shade as looked on in absolute horror.


“EH?!” Matsunami’s eyes enlarged upon hearing Xavier acknowledge the intruder as his mother.


“Whatcha got goin on in here…” Mei asked despite already seeing what they were doing. She folded her arms and raised one eyebrow as she waited for Xavier to respond.


“UHHHHH… UHHHH…N..N…N..NOTHING MUCH! JUST HANGING OUT WITH A FRIEND…” answered Xavier nervously. His heart was pounding rapidly and his voice became high pitched as he spoke. A drop of sweat ran down his cheek for he feared he would face Mei’s wrath because of this.


“So this is what you call hanging out huh pequeño? Well I guess you’re right since you got titties and ass hanging out all over the place… Looks like you two are a lil bit MORE than friends!” Mei asserted while doing a hand gesture with her thumb and index finger to signify ‘Lil’


“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! YOU SAID YOU WOULDN’T BE BACK TILL 2?” Xavier squeaked while asking the question. His entire body was shaking in fear as he asked.


“So I need your permission to come in MY house now!? I pay the bills around here and I will come and go as I please!” snapped the feisty mom, the attitude apparent in her voice.


OH SHIT! I DONE IT NOW… SHES GONNA KILL ME!‘ Xavier thought to himself.


“N…N…N..NO! that’s not what I meant mom!” stuttered Xavier in a high, panicked tone as he tried to clarify himself. His legs quivered with anxiety as he couldn’t tell if Mei was angry or not.


“You mean me coming home early messed up your plans for some sweet lovin tonight?” Mei corrected while stroking her chin.


Xavier remained silent unable to come up with response, still holding Matsunami up by her legs. Mei then shifted her attention to her son’s companion.


“Now who you would you be Chiquita?” Mei inquired.


Xavier then lifted Matsunami up and put her back on her feet. There was a loud ‘POP’ as he exited her vagina. Matsunami gulped nervously before giving her answer. She had never been in a situation like this before.


“I’m his friend Matsunami. I met Xavier at my job last week. We just got back from Slamfest.”


“Sounds like y’all were having your own Slamfest in here.” Mei retorted, referencing the Matsunami screams.


Both Xavier and Matsunami blushed in embarrassment of being caught in the act.


“Well, I got some food from IHOW (International House of Waffles). Feel free to come on down and have some.


Mei looked at Matsunami again before she resumed speaking.


“Don’t be shy now! I’d love to get to know the Chiquita my Lil Javi was hiding from me this morning.” suggested Mei.


“And you, put that thang away before you hurt somebody.” Mei joked as she pointed to his dangling penis. Xavier’s face reddened as he immediately covered up. Mei then left the room and closed the door on her way out.


“I think I’m gonna stay up here” Xavier said.


“Oh? You’re gonna make me go face your mom all by myself?” Matsunami asked while grabbing a pair of Xavier’s basketball shorts and one of his t-shirts from his dresser.


“I’ll be down there soon. I just need to get my mind settled before I go.”


“Well with everything that went down tonight I’m starved!!! I’ll meet you down there!” Matsunami replied as she got dressed.


Matsunami nervously walked down the stairs, unsure of what may happen once she entered the kitchen. As she walked into the room, she saw Mei get up out of her chair.


“Hola Matsunami, I’m Melanie… Melanie Rodriguez but my friends call me Mei.” greeted Xavier’s mother while extending her hand.


“Nice to meet you Ms. Rodriguez.” replied Matsunami while accepting the handshake.


“Muy Caliente! I can see why my son is so taken with you”


“Thank you Ms….”


“Please call me Mei.” the mother interrupted with a warm smile.


The two women sat across from each other at the table as Mei passed her a black plastic container which had a clear lid. Inside were 3 pieces of French toast covered in blueberry sauce along with 6 pieces of bacon, 3 pieces of sausage, and some scrambled eggs.


“This is X’s food isn’t it?” Matsunami asked.


“Yeah it is but I got him 2. My little man eats a lot, especially for how tiny he is.


The two proceeded to eat while continuing to engage in conversation.


“I wasn’t mad or anything up there, just a little surprised. We just moved here from New York a few weeks ago so everything is new to him. He’s very shy and introverted. Javi hasn’t ever had a true girlfriend before. He’s had very poor luck with the ladies since I can remember.” explained Mei before taking a bite of her apple cinnamon pancakes.


Xavier came downstairs while Mei was speaking, sitting across Matsunami.


“He’s was a little shy when we first met but now we have a lot of fun together. I really enjoy his company.” Matsunami said with a girlish grin.


“What is it exactly that you like about Javi?” Mei asked.


“Well his HUGE…… personality!” answered the jewel eyed babe while putting up her hands out like she was holding a foot long ruler between them. Xavier’s eyes widened in response and face turned a crimson red.


“‘Huge personalities’ runs in the family.” chuckled Mei.


“So what’s it like to “Hang out” with my son?” inquired Mei with a mischievous grin.


“I love it when he’s on top! He goes in so deep and hard… WHOOO!” Matsunami admitted while fanning her face with a napkin.


Xavier turned his head in embarrassment as Matsunami discussed their private business.


“And he does this thing with his tongue…. ITS AMAZING! His head game is on point. I swear he has a golden tongue.”


Xavier shook his head, burying his face into his palms as Matsunami went on.


“Lil Javi was hittin it so good before you walked in. I was close to heaven!”


Xavier tried to get up and make an escape only for Matsunami to lightly grab him by the arm and pull him back to his seat.


“HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!” roared the two women as Xavier looked at them with a scowl.


After the laughter subsided Matsunami continued.


“He’s quite charming too. We have few things in common, we both like martial arts. Plus he’s a total gentleman. He opens doors and pulls out chairs for me whenever we go out. Most guys I meet at my work don’t do that. One time, he tried to protect me from this gang of muggers who were trying to rob us…..” Matsunami said before trailing off quietly, deciding not to mention the incident for fear of alarming the mother.


“Chivalry isn’t completely dead yet. Its one of quite a few things Javi learned from his grandfather.”


“What are the other things?” Matsunami inquired.


“His grandfather also taught him how to fight. His pops was an undefeated former world champion boxer! Javi inherited his will to win as well as his work ethic…”


As Matsunami watched Mei speak she felt something familiar about her.


I think I know her from somewhere…‘ Matsunami thought to herself.


“But anyways, tell me a little bit about yourself.”


“Well, I’m 20 years old born and raised in World City. I’ve been working at a Peaches Gentleman’s Club for the past year or so.” stated the sexy brunette.


“A stage performer huh? How are you liking that?” Mei asked with intrigue.


“It’s ok. There’s more to stripping than most people think. I have to stay in shape; I go to the gym every day. I also have to choreograph and practice my routines. It’s a lot of work but the money is good. I’m starting school soon so I’m giving my notice or at least cutting down a lot on hours.


“What are you majoring in?” Mei asked


“I don’t know but I’m considering acting.” Matsunami answered.


“I see…” Mei trailed off, her attention drawn towards her cleavage.


“If you don’t mind me asking, how did you get that giant scar on your chest?” inquired the curious mother.


“MOMMMMM!!!” Xavier interjected, feeling that his mom was being intrusive with that question.


“It’s okay. I was eventually going to tell you anyways.” Matsunami assured as she gently rubbed his face.


“It all started when I was born. I was born with a rare heart condition that causes heart failure in 90% of people who have it. The doctors said I was a lost cause and there was hardly a chance for me to live, pretty much giving up. My dad refused to take no for an answer and demanded that they do something to save my live. The only option was a heart transplant. At the time, they didn’t have any donor matches so I had to wait. I was in the infant intensive care unit for almost a week waiting on a heart. My dad stayed with me the whole time. I don’t know the reason, but somehow I held on long enough for a donor to be found. The transplant surgery was successful but it left me with this scar.” explained Matsunami as she looked at Xavier.


“After the surgery, my dad held me in his arms and said that I was his little ‘Fireheart’. He called me that throughout my early childhood and it stuck. That’s where my stage name comes from.” she added.


“My dad gave me the nickname ‘Fireheart’ because of my immense will to live. I kept fighting to survive despite the bleak predictions the doctors made about me. I ended up getting a second chance at life, so I want to live it to the fullest and experience everything life has to offer.”


“Damn… you’ve been through a lot Nami. You’re tougher than most people.” remarked Xavier .


“So did the doctors give you any kind of medical expectation after the surgery?” Mei asked.


“I can live a full normal life. I try to stay warm and watch my diet and exercise tho. I tend to get sick easily if I don’t… which is how I got my ‘Frost’ moniker. Taking care of my health is part of making the most out of the chance I’ve been given!”


“Maybe we can get together and do some yoga sometime, chica. You’re not the only one hitting the gym.” commented Mei as she hit her perfectly flat stomach.


“You’re on! Id love to give it a try.” Matsunami said.


“Just let me know when you wanna do it.”


“Sure thing!” Matsunami answered.


Xavier quietly exited the kitchen to use the bathroom as the two women discussed fitness.


Mei then stretched her arms out and rose to her feet; the fatigue was clearly visible in her expression.


“Ahhhhh! I’m getting sleepy. I had a long day. Got a busy morning tomorrow.” yawned Mei.


“Oh? Whatcha doing?” Questioned the brown haired young lady.


“I’m taking Javi to celebrate him being accepted into college. I’ve been so busy with work lately I haven’t been around for him like I should have. He’s made a lot happen on his own.


“I got a busy morning too. I gotta work tomorrow.”


“Feel free to sleep here if you want. You already know your way around.” Mei joked.


“Thank you for dinner Mei.”


“No problemo chica! A friend of Javi is a friend of mine!” replied the mother while giving Matsunami a hug, pulling her face into her massive cleavage.


“Now go up there and finish what you started.” Mei suggested while smacking Matsunami on the ass. “Cure that case of blue balls he has!” Mei snickered as she began to clean up the table.


“Oh believe me, he’s emptied all he can in me!” she chuckled before walking off.


Matsunami returned to Xavier’s bedroom where he was sitting in his bed watching late night anime.


“Your mom is a pretty cool lady. I thought she was gonna kick my ass at first.” admitted Matsunami as she sat next to Xavier on the bed.


“I thought she was gonna kill me the way she was talking when she walked in. She reacted better than I expected.”


“The look on your face in the kitchen was so funny!” Matsunami chuckled.


“You didn’t have to put me out there like that!” griped the spiked haired teenager.


“I just couldn’t help myself! You’re so cute when you’re flustered!”


“Cute!? You trying to call me a kid or somethin?” Xavier asked with an unamused expression.


“Maybe! I wouldn’t be the only one tonight that would think so!” teased Matsunami while playing with the vertical spikes of hair on his head.


“HMPH! I’m a grown man.” grumbled Xavier as he crossed his arms shooting her annoyed look.


Matsunami burst out in laughter at his childish grumbling.


“See! You just did somethin cute again.” She reminded him.


Xavier began to laugh himself unable to maintain the angry scowl he tried to put on.


“I’m just glad you two hit it off. My mom is a bit eccentric to say the least.” Xavier described.


“Could always be worse…. At least you…” Matsunami said before stopping as if she had something else to tell him but changed her mind. She immediately changed the subject before he could catch on.


“I swear I know your mom from somewhere… I’ve seen her before.”


“Recently?” Xavier inquired while scratching his head


“No it’s been a while.” Matsunami answered while looking up into the air, trying to recall something.


“We’ve been in town for less than a month. You probably saw someone else that looks a lot like her.


I’m sure it was her!‘ Matsunami thought to herself.


“Well maybe you’re right but right now we have unfinished business!” Matsunnami urged as she placed her palm on his chest.


She pushed him so that he was lying on his back. She then stripped off her makeshift clothes and hopped on top of him. Xavier slipped his erect dong out of his short, pushing it up into her pussy once more. Matsunami’s vibrant screams echoed throughout the home, gaining Mei’s attention downstairs.


“I guess he is fitting in!” remarked the mother as with a giggle as she sipped on a glass of rum.

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

What a better way to start a new arc, than with such a mindbreakingly good artwork? Strangely enough, I think Xaviers room isn’t nearly “nerdy/geeky” enough but that could also come from the way the artwork is drawn. Love the position Xavier and Matsunami are in this artwork. It has potential for very fun stuff and interesting details, like the tramp stamp on her back, the cum dripping off of it in the cum version or the fact, that we get to see the faces of both participants, which allows for very funny reactions on them. Mei is also a character I wanted to see for a very long time and her design does not disappoint in the slightest. Her expression is on point and I really dig her appearance. Matsunami’s makeup looks very good, I like how it almost shines in the dim litted room and how one can clearly see that she started her kiss on his cheeks and slowly but surely went downwards in search for his massive meat sword.

The mother-son bonding time in the mall was nice and made for a good start of the chapter, even if relatively short lived. SLAMFEST is a nice concept (though I’m no fan of wrestling) and I love that we get to see very different settings everytime Xavier goes on a date with someone. Maybe a little strange that all of that is happening in one week (SLAMFEST, the Carnal Carnival and Saphire Splash) but still good. Remind me to never drive with Xavier! That boy is an even worse driver than me, though it leads to the second encounter with one of my favorite characters. Strangely enough, I never read Takiko as a Tsundere but the different comments here and a later chapter made that pretty obvious. Xavier getting treated like a child by Tigre (and therefor the audience) feels funny at first but I find it a little weird that it came just one chapter after he basically let go of his child-hood by selling his figures and stuff. I wonder if it would have worked better if the chapters were switched. With this chapter where he was treated like a child, leading him to sell all of his merchandise in an attempt to become an adult. I’m no storywriter myself but perhabs it would have worked better that way. And boy, I sure do wonder to what college Tigre will get into? There are just so many different schools we know of at that point, that I don’t know? Sarcasm mode out now, I’m glad to see that step by step the other students of BSU. I very much like the two part sex scene with Matsunami and Xavier with his mother disturbing them in the middle. Xavier’s goofy nature was very funny and one thing I haven’t mentioned yet, is the fact, that his daydream with his mom beating his ass for wrecking her car was pretty good and felt completely natural (unlike another daydream in the next chapter). The mystery about Mei’s backstory continues to grow, now that we know that Matsunami has seen her before somewhere. I also like that we now know the origins of Matsunami’s scar and I wonder what lead to her having now this troubled relationship with her father.

What a way to start a new arc. Spectacular artwork and interesting story.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Hello! First i’d like to wish you a happy new year! My Schedule will finally stabilize a bit after new years is over so things should slow down at work and I Will be able to respond to these quicker.

This chapter is one that was mostly freestyled. I had a little writers block during the planning phase, which occurs usually two weeks before i begin writing on a chapter.

I Kicked things off with Xavier and Mei at the mall because I wanted illustrate the late summer vibe I remember from my teenage years. Everyone packing stores to shop for fresh gear to wear on the first day of school. Back in my day the first day of school was a big social event. Everyone was getting their parents to get whatever new Jordan sneaker that was out at the time and occasionally youd run onto someone you know in the store that got the same thing as you which was bad. Also during the late summer you see a lot of stacked women walking around in skin tight sundresses that showed off their busty shapes and flip flops which showed off perfectly pedicured and painted toes. Those were the good ole days!

I had fun writing this part. Mei is still trying to find out all of details of Xavier’s new life as an adult and college student. This date with Matsunami was unique to say the least. Last name he was almost robbed and now hes the one who almost went to Jail. The car accident sequence was my favorote part ofv this chapter. Takiko stole the show in my opinion with her foul mouth and attitude Which I find charming in a weird way. I was building up to a confrontation between Xavier and Takiko. I tried to show both her loud fiery side and her softer side within this 1 interaction. She was on the verge of crying because she thought she was going to miss the big paydays of working during splash.

Xavier felt her sadness and disappointment as she explained the situation. He felt the strong urge to make things right for Takiko for 3 reasons. 1. The accident was his fault and he knew he fucked up. and 2. He recalls all the times he needed help and didn’t get it.
3 Xavier is willing to give and sacrifice for other people because he believes that when you put good out into world something good will come back to you later.

Also I enjoyed the dream sequence that was in the chapter. This was inspired by the idea of accidentally breaking something that belonged to parents while they’re at work and then youre wondering whats gonna happen to you when they get home. After all that they finally get to the Arena. Lol at Xavier when he realized her giving him the mask was because she thought he was a kid. That really busted his bubble.

This sex scene was a quite the sequence. There is a lot going on between them. Xavier is improving rapidly which is something Matsunami feels throughout the encounter. He gets off on pleasing her and her moans and screams encourage him to take more risks and try new things. They play well off of one another. In this scene Matsunami relinquishes control and allows Xavier to be the dominant figure. Her logic behind this that she wants to make him feel manly and in charge. She is aware that this gives him the courage needed to experiment with her and try new things which in the end benefits them both. Mei wasn’t angry about him having Matsunami and sneaking in a hook up. She was actually amused by this and just wanted to fuck with him and make him uncomfortable which she succeeded in doing. In reality she’s happy that X has found people outside of his family he connects with who care about him. She’s also pleased to see he is having success with the ladies. Imo this was a really fun sequence.

Lastly theres the dinner scene. I liked this because it reveals some of matsunami’s background. For the most part shes been a mystery. It was a cathartic feeling to write this because I struggled to come up with ideas to explain the scars in a way that fits a non violent story. The original Bleach version of Nami was blind. RT decided not to go that route here. I came up with the heart defect and surgery not only to explain her scars but to keep elements of her Bleach and incorporate them into her BSU version. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!

5 years ago

Ok I got to admit these stories are getting better the world building is coming along and you can really like the characters. X is your underdog but coming of age type of guy to me starting with no game to getting the girls which makes me wonder how he’ll deal with the big changes coming from going to BSU. He has one girl he truly likes so he has to be real with her to keep things going then with Nami the chemistry good but still in a friend kind of way just with fucking. Even though these fanfics lead to sex you guys have done a great job building the OC’s up and I can’t wait to see them grow and what funny adventure they’ll have next. I think one thing I can see coming is X going to have to be ok with his mom getting her freak on cause from how Nami was trying to remember there a past for other tell. But this story was funny and wait to see what the other character get into next again great job

5 years ago
Reply to  Jojoer

Thanks Jojo. Ive tried to create surroundings and locations for the city that are relevant to the story and its characters. My goal is to try to immerse the reader into the city itself and show everything world city has to offer. You are right about Matsunami and Xavier. Hes building more a tight friendship with her. Each has something unique to offer to the other. Matsunami is the sexy type of woman hes dreamed of that alluded him. Kinda like the girls in high school who ignored him in high school; except shes down to earth and approachable. Shes charismatic and mysterious to him which draws him to her like a moth to a flame. She is able to make make him comfortable with himself and eases his insecurities. Also he respects her hustle, drive, determination and strength for having overcome the odds and in a way represents hope to him that he can achieve his dreams.
Xavier is different than men Matsunami has encountered both at work and in her personal life. Hes always treated her with respect and dignity which can be difficult to find in her line of work. He has an awkward charm and a playful nature about him that she likes along with him unintentionally making her laugh often. Lastly they have strong sexual chemistry with each other.

As for Mei hes going to take issue with her and dudes as he finds it disrespectful for dudes to spit game to his mom in front of him. Hes an overprotective son like most boys are with single mothers and has good intentions as he wants to protect her from having her feelings hurt by someone. Though his public stare downs with and threats to potential hook up partners are a nuisance at times she understands his reason for it respects the fact that he cares.

I’m glad You’re digging the characters, I hope you will like the ones coming up as the story progresses

5 years ago

funny to have Mei reverse Xaviers attitude of staring down males when she said she could do the same X. unfortunate for X to get into a car accident, gotta be always paying attention. liked the daydream of Mei trying to deliver an ass whooping with her belt. Interesting to finally get a name of the raven haired woman, hope she keeps her interesting status of conflict for X as it helps her stand out more I feel. Would like to know more about Mayhem, I ADORE the gothic lolita aesthetic and style. Was curious who Tigre is, but I have a hunch who she might be after she announced about going to college. Funny having Mei get snappy when being questioned why she was home early. neat and interesting having Matsunami explain how she got her scars, getting to know her more. Interesting not having the couple finish their event and fully commit to the interruption, and instead having a fun conversation with Mei, also interesting how Matsunami might know her from somewhere. Getting a bit of mixed feeling, with how lovey-dovey the previous Maihime story was, X playing with these girls hearts, is a no-no wonder if there will be some sort of consequence for if/when they find out. Hot/convenient how Mei doesn’t mind the loud noises of them having sex at the end.

5 years ago
Reply to  AuronJack117

Mayhem could reappear later down the road. Who is it that you think Tigre is? Mei is quite the fesity one, owning him verbally has been a regular thing between them. She gets a kick of of messing with him and making him sweat because of how shy he is. Having Matsunami there made it more fun for Mei because she had someone else to play along with the questioning and fuck with him.

Takiko is a bit of Tsundere, so her combative and foul mouth antics toward him will continue. Her giving him her phone number and then telling him its for insurance purposes is a tsundere move lol.

There is more of Matsunami’s back story that will be revealed as the story progresses. About the mixed feeling youre getting, hes not playing with girls hearts.

Xavier is in a tough spot right now. Sara put a quota of sexual encounters he has to meet every week until orientation. Xavier has to report in to her and inform her of his sexual activity and the end results. This is a condition of his academic probation. If he doesnt do it he can dismissed from BSU and miss out on the film school courses he wants to take. He has feelings for Maihime and believes there is a future for them together but he hasn’t yet built up the courage to tell her whats going on with school for fear of losing her. Hes struggling with this on the inside and he doesnt have the knowledge or experience with women to navigate out of this.

Thanks for reading and I’m grateful you enjoyed the chapter.BTW Ive been marathon watching Shokugeki No Soma in preparation for writing a future chapter. heard you were into it. Its amazing so far.

4 years ago
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Updated the raven haired woman to teal haired woman

5 years ago

This chapter was full of priceless moments. BTW, the more commonly known name for that position in the pic is the wheelbarrow. There’s a few punctuations errors here and there, but nothing worth detailing in the comments. I absolutely LOVE Taikiko, her foul mouth and the lollipop scream TSUNDERE!!!!! I really hope to see her in a pic someday.

The part where his mom walked in, priceless, Coitus Interruptus!!!!! And no, that’s not a Harry Potter Spell. Effectively translated, fucking interrupted, or BUZZKILL!

I gotta wonder though, is he gonna end up with a Harem or what? I like Matsunami too, but Mai is a better match for him I think.

I wonder who Tigre is? I’m guessing she’ll be at BSU.

The wrestling scene was fairly well done, but I can’t really give good commentary on that as I’m not a fan of the “sport”. And I use that word as loosely as possible.

ANYWAY, good chapter overall, thanks.

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Thanks sailor! Im happy you’re digging her. I have plans to feature her in the future. She has quite the interesting backstory. I wouldn’t say he amassing a harem per se. Hes unknowingly assembling friends and allies sfor “Battles” to come to Goku, similar to Kenshiro and Raoh from fist of the North Star, Kenshin Himura, Kenichi Shirahama from HSD Kenichi, Yusuke Yurameshi from YuYu Hakusho and Ekichi Onizuka from GTO (these guys are all inspiration for Xavier’s character). He does have romantic thoughts toward certain girls primarily Mai, but Matsunami, Rubii and now Takiko also stir his interest. You were spot on with Tsundere observation about her. Now that X has had 2 run ins with her I’m excited to write a chapter with her as the featured starlet. Thanks again! I hope some day we can jointly collaborate on a chapter together.

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Now where would matsunami know mei from? Also I thought she would start talking about his father being big dicks runs in the family. And I wonder who Tigre is. Just so many fun mysteries to cum

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Thanks Noctis!Xavier’s family is full of mysteries to uncover. X’s father is a character in the story but has yet to appear and is probably the biggest mystery in all of BSU . There is a reason Xavier only talks about his Grandfather doesnt ever mention his father. As for Matsunami and Mei things will become more clear soon. What did you think of the chapter?

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Loved the chapter honestly all OC stories so far are top notch stuff. It only leaves me wanting more and wondering what or who (or how lol) to cum next. My three biggest wonders are still Han, matsunami and her sister, and Xavier’s father. Also moms big secret. These stories definitely grab my attention and never let go