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Royally Screwed

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Auron Sorelle woke up to the alarm sitting by his hotel bed and reached out sleepily with one arm and slapped blindly at the nightstand until he found the snooze bar. Before he could try and go back to sleep however the curtains of his room windows pulled back automatically, flooding the room with early morning sunlight.


Groaning plaintively, Auron slowly sat up and blinked his eyes until they adjusted to the light. He then turned off the alarm before the snooze could reach the end of its cycle and climbed out of bed. Yawning widely, the sandy blonde haired young man went through the morning rituals of a shower, shave, and brushing his teeth. That completed be hurriedly dressed himself in simple clothes of a white t-shirt and blue jeans. SPLASH had officially ended yesterday with a large after party that went well into the night. Today most of the attendees that hadn’t left late night yesterday would be leaving now, meaning the roads would be clogged with traffic for quite a while.


Another reason Auron wasn’t leaving until tonight. His travel arrangements were already set up and his bags packed. But before he could leave he had a lot of work to do!


First and second year students that stayed to help with the clean-up effort got three free credits. Having failed to truly wow the headmistress the other day, Auron wanted as much of a cushion as he could get academically. Also, no traffic on his way back to Passion Heights would be a plus.


He headed down to the lobby of his hotel where they would be serving what passed for breakfast. With SPLASH over, he had the feeling that the quality of food would take a nasty dive.


He was right.


“Haah, never has there been a more evil thing than the Continental Breakfast.” He said aloud when he looked at the buffet line of instant pancakes, powdered eggs, and something that resembled bacon but smelled more like, well, he didn’t know what it was.


“Ugh, you can say that again.” Said a young woman’s voice.


Auron turned to look and felt his heart nearly leaped out of his chest. “Ahhh, be still my…” he began before Leda Kino, one of the BSU second year girls grabbed a butter knife from the buffet utensil bin and held it up to his lips.


“Save it lover boy, it’s too early, the food is too cheap, and I’m still too tired to put up with your shtick this morning.” She said coldly. She was dressed in a sexy outfit of hand cut denim booty shorts that left more than a little of her crotch exposed, and a two sizes too small tank top that showed off just the right amount of her underboobs. Seemed the beautiful brunette had a taste for excessively revealing clothes even on a regular day.


Taking a step back, Auron performed a theatrical bow, “Ahhh, then please my lovely, allow me to at least correct one of those injustices that dare offend you.”


“What, you gonna walk out into the ocean?” Leda asked with a wry smile. Her words were like a knife to his heart, but he recovered quickly.


“Nothing so dramatic my dear.” Auron told her, “Please, allow me to provide you with a proper breakfast that will invigorate your morning!” he said before standing up straight again.


“If you can do something about this wretched excuse for coffee that’d be a miracle.” Leda told him as she held up a paper coffee cup and inhaled the steaming contents with a look of disdain.


“Your wish my…” he began but she held the butter knife in a stabbing position as she fixed him with an icy glare. Auron felt a drop of sweat running down the side of his face, “Be right back.” he said quickly.



“MMMMMMMMHHH!!!!” Leda squealed as she squirmed in her seat at one of the table in the hotel café. Auron never got tired of seeing a beautiful woman reacting to his food. Leda’s cheeks were flushed pink as she pursed her lips tight and chewed slowly. Her breasts heaved in her top, threatening to pop out at any moment as she let out another moan as she swallowed, “Ahhh, the eggs are so soft and with just the right amount of runniness to them, and the ham is crisp and crunchy, blending perfectly with the muffin… Ahhh, just one bite and I feel like my soul has been pulled out from a pit of fatigue and despair…”


Auron had prepared eggs benedict with crispy Parma ham. It had taken a little convincing on his part to be allowed into the kitchen, but thankfully the manager of the hotel had sample his food during SPLASH and was more than happy to let him use the kitchen so long as she got a portion for herself in the process. Leda finished foodgasming long enough to sip at her coffee, her eyes went wide and she looked at the cup in surprise.


“How?” she asked.


“The coffee they have in stock is pretty low grade stuff, but there’s a trick to countering the acrid flavor that makes it so nasty. Just the tiniest pinch of salt in the entire brew pot helps it come out better. The trick is getting it just right, too much and it’s like one used sea water to brew it, too little and it’s still just as disgusting.” Auron explained.


“Well, you nailed it pretty boy.” Leda said, taking another sip of her coffee, “Ahhh, I feel alive again…”


“You’re welcome my sweet Lady Leda.”


“Call me that again and I’ll kick you in the balls so hard they’ll come out your mouth.” Leda said sternly.


“I’m so very sorry my dear I meant no insult.” Auron said.


“Right, sorry, sorry… You made me this delicious breakfast. It’s just, I hate being called ‘Lady’ is all.” Leda told him. “Bad memories from home, and I can be a bit touchy in the morning when I sleep by myself.” she confessed. “The other day I got the greatest opportunity of my life, and now I’m kinda nervous that I might screw it up, so I guess I’m a bit on edge.”


“Bad memories?” Auron inquired gently.


“Oh, yeah, sorry, my mom is close to the royal family back in Japan. So I get called ‘Lady Leda’ a lot there, and it annoys me, makes me feel like everyone is sucking up for no reason other than that.” She explained.


“Hang on, are you royalty!?” Auron asked, his eyes going wide.


“No no no! I mean not exactly… A good friend of mine is, she’s like a big sister almost, but no, if anything I’m just a low ranking noble with no real power like a Duchess or something, I forget.” She explained.


“Ahh, okay. So, tell me more about your family then.” Auron said with a smile.


Leda smiled back at him, “See, if you were more like this instead of all gushy like some crazy fanboy, I’d like you more.” She said and stuck her tongue out at him.


Auron laughed and moved to sit at the table with her. “Alright.” He said in a casual tone, “Don’t like flattery then?”


“Flattery is fine, as long as it’s sincere, but I can’t stand indifferent flattery, it bores me.” She told him then reached a hand over and poked his chest, “You, get all head over heels at the sight of a pretty girl, it’s like one of those comedic womanizers from an american cartoon. I never liked those guys.”


Now things made more sense to him. He’d met Leda’s kind before, women who liked to be made to feel special. When they saw someone who loved everyone such as himself, they generally got nasty. He made a mental note to try and hold back on his flattery and natural poetic speech with her, honest and sincere as it was.


Leda sighed as she took another bite of the meal he’d prepared for her, “Mmmmmmh, so, my family huh? Well, there’s my mom, one of the most beautiful women on Earth. I also have two adopted sisters, one older, one younger. My big sister is a pioneer in Bio-Technology, my little sister, well, she’ll fit right in here at BSU if she decides to attend.”


“Bio-tech? Like designer virus’ and genetically modified animals?” Auron asked nervously.


“If you’re worried about that incident on the island near Antarctica forever ago, don’t be. THAT kind of research has been banned ever since. Virus’ that revive dead cells and make people flesh hungry corpses, yeesh, no wonder they nuked it and all the research with it. Nah, Fu-chan is all about beneficial stuff. She’s got this one project that should go public in a year or so, it’ll be big news when it does.”


“Fu-chan?” Auron echoed.


“My older sister, adopted, but family is more than blood. Her name is Futaba.” She told him.


“What’s her project?” Auron inquired.


“Can’t tell you, don’t wanna jeopardize her roll out. She’ll probably be annoyed that I talked about it in the first place.”


“My lips, are forever sealed.” Auron said with a light bow.


“Watch it.” Leda said.


“What about your dad?” Auron asked.


“Oh, that’s… Complicated, we have a good relationship, just, explaining it is…” Leda trailed off, looking out the window and touching a finger to her lips.


“Complicated?” Auron offered.


“Bingo! Got it in one pretty boy.” Leda said with a giggle.


“Okay, I’ll leave it at that then.” Auron said.


VRRRR… VRRRR… Leda’s phone vibrated on the table. Auron watched her pick it up off the table and unlock it with a cheerful facial expression that made his loins tingle. Her expression changed to a more excited one as she scanned the text she’d just gotten.


“Oh my, Tika needs to see me! Yay!!! Gotta jet pretty boy, try being more sincere and maybe I’ll give you a blowjob sometime. Thanks for breakfast and some conversation, byyyyeeeee!”


“Well, she cheered up quickly.” Auron said to no one in particular as he smiled to himself.


Sitting by the desk in his hotel room, Eiji Nakamura adjusted the straps on his knee brace before activating the automatic alignment function. The brace whirred quietly as it tightened and locked into place. Bending his leg a couple times to be sure everything lined up, he then stood and put some weight on the knee cautiously.


He regretted it instantly as pain shot up his thigh like a bolt of lightning. Hissing to himself, Eiji sat back down and reached over to a small bottle sitting on top of the desk. Unscrewing the cap, Eiji shook out two small pills into the palm of his hand before setting the bottle down then popping them into his mouth. Pain still biting through his thigh, Eiji crunched both of them into a powder with his teeth, ignoring the bitter flavor in his mouth before drinking from the water glass also on the desk.


“You take a lot of those…” said a soft, though nearly monotone voice from across the room.


Eiji turned to look at Hitomi, still lying naked in bed, only a single blue sheet draped over her voluptuous body. After the party at the Black Diamond the previous night, the two continued their own private party in his hotel room.


“I know, and I hate it.” Eiji replied as the pain began to ebb away very slowly.


Hitomi climbed out of bed and walked naked over to him, her heavy tits jiggling and bouncing erotically with her every step. She moved to stand behind him and leaned down to wrap her arms around his chest, pressing those naked tits against his bare back and kissing the top of his head. He smiled back at her and leaned his head back against her shoulder. She smelled nice, it made him relax as she gently traced her fingers over his pectoral muscles.


“You sure you wanna stay and help with the clean-up?” she asked quietly, “Staying off that leg will be better for you….”


“I already signed on for it, and I need the exercise.” Eiji said.


“I know some better exercise….” Hitomi said with a gentle smile as she moved to straddle his lap. Eiji wrapped his arms around her waist, running the tips of his fingers down the curve of her plump ass.


“Mmmh…” Hitomi sighed softly before Eiji leaned his head up to kiss her lips. Hitomi kissed back, sliding her tongue between his lips to explore the inside of his mouth.


Eiji held the kiss with her for a long moment before breaking away gently. “Mmmmh, as much as I want to, I gotta be there soon.”


“Really?” she asked in her quiet off-stage voice, “You can’t spare even a few minutes?”


Eiji gritted his teeth as Hitomi began grinding her naked ass in his lap, “You’re terrible, you know that?”


She smiled, “Yep…” she told him as she reached a hand down between them, slipping her fingers into the waistband of his shorts and pulling his cock out before guiding it inside her. “Mmmmmmh…” she cooed, taking all of him inside her slowly and hugging her body against his. Eiji groaned in pleasure at the feel of her tight pussy wrapping around his cock like a glove before she began rolling her hips. He moved his hands to grab her ass, squeezing it tightly as he moved his body in time with her.


“Ahhhaaa… Yes…” Hitomi panted quietly, rolling her hips faster now.


“Mmmmh, Hitomi…” Eiji groaned, kissing his way up her neck slowly.


“Eiji…” Hitomi moaned into his ear, “Mmmmmmh, harder…”


He smiled, moving to kiss her lips as he began bucking his hips in the chair, making it creak in protest as Hitomi let out another moan. She bounced up and down in his lap, her pussy making a wet squishing sound every time his cock slipped all the way inside her. Their tongues wrestled one another as she slowly dragged her well manicured fingernails along his naked back.


Still gripping her ass, Eiji stood slowly, lifting Hitomi up and placing her down on the desk. His pill bottle was knocked off and onto the floor. Hitomi leaned back, her legs wrapping around Eiji’s waist, holding him inside her as he began slamming his cock into her faster, making her massive tits jiggle in opposing circles before he reached out to grab them both, his fingers sinking deep into the soft flesh before he leaned over to wrap his mouth around one nipple and sucking it roughly.


“Nmmmmh!!!” Hitomi moaned as Eiji felt her entire body clench just as he pushed his entire length inside her as he came with the short haired girl. Hitomi almost had two personalities, her onstage self was chipper and full of energy that just spread through everyone watching. But her real self, the ‘True Hitomi’ was quieter, calmer. He grinned when he thought about the word, “Kuudere”. He’d never really met anyone that could fit that description until her. In a lot of ways, Eiji liked Hitomi’s private self more. Maybe it was because she trusted him enough to show that side to him, maybe he just liked the personality type.


It didn’t matter really as he moved up to kiss her again, holding his cock inside her as their juices mixed inside her.


“…ove you…” he heard her say, her voice barely above a whisper, he didn’t catch all of it.


“Hmm…?” he asked, standing upright again. Thanks to his meds and the knee brace Hitomi had gotten him it was a lot less painful this time.


“I said, you should get moving.” Hitomi said almost as quietly, her cheeks flushed a bright red. “You’ll be late.”


Eiji looked over at the time and silently cursed himself as he pulled out and away from Hitomi and began to get dressed hurriedly. He needed to be at the beach in less than twenty minutes if he wanted the free credits towards this years grade.


“I’ll make sure all your stuff gets back to your room at Passion Heights.” Hitomi said as she got up much more calmly. “Mmmh…”


“Thanks, and is everything okay?” he asked when he heard her moan again slightly.


“Yes, you know, you cum a lot.” she said nonchalantly.


“Huh!?” he exclaimed then blinked at the amount of thick spunk now leaking out from between her legs.


“Can you get me a towel from the bathroom please?” she asked just as nonchalantly.



The Beach was a complete mess! Auron had seen the aftermath of major parties before, but this was some next level stuff! Food wrappers, drink cans of just about every major and minor beverage company. A few lost coolers, some of them high end models that didn’t need ice. Ms. Reed told them that anything without an owners name or address on it was free to keep as trying to track down them down otherwise was a logistical nightmare.


All first year students volunteering to help with the clean-up and who put in at least eight hours of work would be receiving three free credits towards any of the classes they took this year. Though surprisingly, Auron saw only a few takers, less than the allotted number of positions made available.


Now, he understood why.


His job currently was collecting the discarded clothing on the beach. He had two large bins with him, one marked “Girls underclothes” which was already completely filled with swimsuits, panties, bras, and a number of daisy duke style shorts. He was gonna need more bins, A LOT more. A trickle of blood ran from his nose at the image of all those sexy bodies in all these erotic outfits. The second bin he’d marked “To Burn” and was filled with mens swim trunks and speedo’s. Those he used the little trash spear he’d been given to pick up.


The ladies clothes he figured would be sent off to be thoroughly cleaned and maybe sent to the BSU film department for wardrobe. Though that likely would be a stretch, still seemed a shame to waste so much fine clothing. Some of it was pretty high end stuff. He even found a full lingerie set from the Serenity line, the world’s premiere brand of women’s lingerie. Serenity was a brand favored by some of the adult world’s most influential stars. The maker of it was based out of Japan if he remembered correctly. As a matter of fact, the top Leda had on has the ‘S’ over a crescent moon that was the logo for the company on the tag. He wondered if they were hers or not, maybe not, she didn’t seem to wear underwear very much.


In the distance, someone sounded an air-horn that signaled everyone to take a break. SPLASH might have been over, but summer wasn’t, and the faculty didn’t want anyone catching heatstroke in the early afternoon sun.


He made his way over to the large tent that had been set up for the students. Underneath the tarp were a couple of tables loaded up with snacks and bottles of water. Among the handful of pretty young ladies was one that made Auron’s loins stir as hearts began pulsing in his eyes.


Long dark hair, hazel eyes, full pouty lips, huge tits and a perfectly matched ass! She was dressed in a bikini that may as well have been made of white dental floss. He was instantly in love! “Why hello my dear.” he said, walking up next to her as the young goddess grabbed a bottle of water and twisted the top off. He watched as she took a long swig of water from the bottle, her throat moving erotically with every gulp as she downed more than half the water in a single go! “Ahhh, a goddess descends!” he squealed as his nose began to bleed heavily and a pair of pink hearts pulsed in his eyes.


The dark haired girl giggled, a delightful sound, “Hi,” she said, “Wow, you’re an honest one, color me impressed.” she told him as she ran a hand through her long dark hair. Auron placed his hands over his chest to keep his heart from leaping out of it.


He smiled back at her and grabbed one of the waters for himself, but instead of drinking it, he poured the contents over his head to try and calm himself, the water quickly turning to steam as he felt himself cool off if only a little, “You’re assisting with the clean-up as well?” he asked her in a slightly calmer tone.


She nodded, “Yeah, it’s a good way to pass the time before my appointment.”


“Appointment, are you ill?” Auron asked, suddenly concerned for her.


“Nah, there’s this lady with a new brand of Bimbo Gel, I’m volunteering to try it out, but she won’t be here until this evening.” she explained.


“Ahh, I see, though if I may say, you don’t need it, I don’t think one can build on such perfection.” he told her, looking down at her already gigantic tits, both of them nearly as large as her torso.


“Keep talking.” the dark haired girl said, “I’m Alexandra by the way,” she said, holding out her hand.


“Auron.” Auron introduced himself, taking her hand and bringing it to his lips to kiss the back of it. “I’ll be attending BSU this year. In their newly founded food courses.”


“Oh, how interesting! I almost signed on with them, but Harlot State offered me a better deal so I could work on my game programming.”


“Oh, you’re a programmer then?” Auron asked as he opened his water and took a long sip.


“Yes, I love making games, telling all those amazing stories and rendering them in full 3D. Right now, I’m working on this full immersion type, where you can put yourself into the story instead of just controlling a character.


“Wow, I love fantasy games!”


“Really?” Alexandra asked.


“I’m a sucker for the classics, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, stuff like that.” he confessed.


“Me too! Ones like those are what got me into fantasy gaming, the big full world built stories, this mix of world with both modern and old technology side by side.” Alexandra said with a smile as she sipped her own drink. “What I wanna do now is make a world where you can lose yourself in the story.”


“Lose yourself how?” Auron asked.


“Well, have you heard of the full dive system?” Alexandra asked.


Auron nodded, “I’ve read a few Japanese light novels that explored the concept.”


“Not a concept anymore.” Alex said with a smug grin. “The system I’ll be working with will make old style VR look like a first generation console by comparison. I’m talking all five senses working in the game, not just touch, sound, and sight, but taste and smell!” she said excitedly. She clasped her hands together in front of herself, “Just think of it, a full world to explore, where you can be the hero or heroine of your own tale.”


“Also, Harlot State recently poached some mad scientist girl from a rival university, I think her name was Mizu-chi, Mizu-… Bah, I can’t remember. I met her once already, one of those eccentric types. Anyway, she came to work there when they offered her a full grant to her project and near unlimited resources, including budget! I met her recently, one thing lead to another and I ended up pitching my game to her. She liked it so much she asked me to make my game featuring her advanced VR tech! It’s some really exciting stuff!” she told him then began explaining the details of how the Full Dive system would work. VR tech that responds to the user’s brain inputs? It sounded like something from a sci-fi show! Most of her explanation however was going well over his head, but Auron listened anyway, loving the way talking got her so excited.


She then blushed, “Sorry, I just get a little passionate over stuff like this sometimes.”


Auron smiled at her, “No no, don’t be embarrassed, tell me more!” he said, enjoying the way her tits bounced up and down as she rocked on her heels while she went on about her dreams.



Walking along the beach behind what amounted to a glorified lawn mowers, Eiji adjusted the scarf over his face as the machine kicked up more dust in the air. The machine was called a sifter, and what it did was ‘sift’ sand from the mountains of trash left behind after SPLASH. Things like cans, wrappers, and other junk were fed into a large hopper behind him, while the sand itself was spewed back out onto the beach. He should have asked for the rider one. But being dumb, he decided to follow his doctors advice of getting excercise for his knee, and he figered the push sifter would be a better choice.


When the airhorn for the break sounded he sighed with relief and headed for the tent where they were keeping snacks and refreshments for everyone volunteering. He barely made it a half dozen paces before his knee exploded with pain! Gritting his teeth, Eiji fell over, letting his weight settle on his good knee while he gripped his injured one.


“Oiy, you okay!? That looked like it hurt!” called a voice behind him.


“Yeah, I’m fine, I just… Need a minute…” Eiji hissed through his teeth.


“Yeah, and I’m the Queen of Tokyo.” said the voices owner sarcastically as she came around into his field of view. Eiji recognized her, he’d seen her a few days before SPLASH, just before the Bar-B-que.


“Oh! I remember you.” the girl said, “You were Vi’s friend, the one those two bimbos snatched away right? What was your name again?”


“Eiji,” he introduced himself, “Eiji Nakamura, how do you do?” he asked in Japanese.


“Stick with English, your accent is awful.” the girl said with a wince.


“Sorry, was raised in the US.” he told her.


“That’s obvious,” she said with a smile, “I’m Leda Kino, nice to meet you formally.”


“Same, you volunteering?” he asked.


“Nah, I had a little personal business to take care of before I headed back to my Sorority house.” Leda told him, “But that’s neither here nor there, lemme have a look at that knee. I saw how Vi pushed you past your limits before, looks like you did it on your own this time.”


“Yeah, looks that way. Working behind a bar is easier, the back and forth is only a short ways, cleaning up the beach is a little more than I counted on.” he confessed.


“Oh, you’re a bartender? Neat! Got any specialties?” Leda asked as her hands went to work removing his leg brace.


“I make a mean mojito.” Eiji told her.


“Blech, too minty. I like the sweet stuff.” Leda said as she finished removing the brace and gently set it aside.


“I make a decent cosmo too.” he said as the brunette gently straightened out his leg. She was good, there was hardly any pain at all.


“Too cliche, how about a white russian or Fuzzy Navel?” she asked.


Eiji laughed, “Yeah, those are easy, though the latter isn’t all that strong.


“Well I don’t care about the strength, just that they taste good!”


Eiji shook his head as he watched Leda press her thumbs around his knee on either side of the kneecap. “This will hurt for just a sec, but it’ll stop fast, I promise.” she told him. Eiji nodded, trusting her from some reason. Leda then pressed down hard and there was a loud pop!


“HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT HURTS!!!!!” he shouted as a stabbing pain shot through his entire leg. He gripped at the sands beneath him, digging deep finger sized trenches into the grandules. But, just as quick as the pain hit him, it vanished. What remained was a warm sensation in his knee as Leda began moving her fingers in circular motions, “Sorry…” he said sheepishly.


“Believe me, I’ve heard a lot worse.” Leda said with a smile. “This isn’t a permanent fix, buuuut, it’ll make it so you can get through the rest of the day at least. So long as you don’t do anything dumb.”


“What exactly are you doing?” he asked.


“Oh, nothing major, a mix of traditional massage with pressure point therapy. If I had my needles this would be better, but this should do for now.” she told him before moving to put his kneebrace back on.


“Where’d you learn this?” he asked.


“It’s my major. Full service massage techniques. Same place my idol started. A friend of my mom taught me the pressure points when I was a kid, discovered I had a bit of a talent for it. Really helped mom out with her back pains whenever she goes too long without her bra.”


“Huh?” he asked.


“Long story,” Leda said, “Anyway, how does that feel?” she asked once she finished reattaching the brace. He helped Eiji back to his feet and he testingly put some weight on his injured knee.


“Wow, that feels great, it’s not even stiff at all!”


“You’re welcome.” she said with a smug grin.


“Thank you.” he said earnestly, “Care to join me for a drink?”


“Sure, lead the way.” she agreed.


Eiji nodded and took the lead, enjoying the feel of being able to walk without any stiffness in his knee. Were it not for Leda’s warning, he would have taken off at a run just to feel it again. “So,” he asked, wanting to continue the conversation, “You mentioned your idol started in massage?”


“Oh yeah! After “Full Service” massage became legal, she quickly distinguished herself in the field before moving on to the High Class call girl field.” she explained.


“Who are you talking about?” Eiji asked.


“SAY WHAAAAAT!?” Leda asked, her jaw dropping down to her knees, “You’ve never heard of Galactica?”


Eiji shook his head and Leda fell over backwards, “You okay?” he asked her.


“HOW CAN YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF HER!? YOU’RE GOING TO BSU AREN’T YOU!?” Leda practically screamed at him.


“Well I…”


“Okay, history 101 Mr. Nakamura.” Leda said with her arms crossed over her impressive tits. “Galactia, or Tika to her friends, is the #1 call girl in this hemisphere! She’s so sexy she can make a gay man go straight! I’ve idolized her since I hit puberty! She holds damned near every adult entertainment award one can get, aside from the really weird ones.”


“Alright, I follow.” Eiji said.


“Bah, hang on.” Leda said as she pulled her phone out of her pocket and unlocked the screen. Eiji watched her flip through several images on the screen before finding what she was looking for and holding the phone up to him. Eiji gulped as the goddess on the screen. She had two tone hair and some of the biggest breasts he had ever seen!


“Told you!” Leda said with a giggle as she reached down to grab his erection through his shorts.


“Okay, you’ve made your point.” Eiji said.


“And I…” she said proudly, “Have just landed an internship at the escort service where she just signed on! She and I will be working closely together very soon. EEEEEEK! God just thinking about it makes me wet!” Leda told him.


“Congrats!” Eiji said, smiling at her. “It a service I’ve heard of?”


“Nah,” Leda said, “They’re new, so I really doubt it, but the lady in charge is seriously ambitious.”


“Who’s ambitious?” asked a new voice.


Eiji turned to see a girl with two toned pink and blue just shy of purple hair. She was dressed in a white and very expensive looking sundress with a matching wide brimmed white hat and a pair of white pumps. Eiji recognized her instantly as Violette Beauregard.


“Hihi Vi-chan!!!” Leda said cheerfully before moving over to the other girl and giving her a hug.


“You’re really gonna call me that now aren’t you?” Violette asked dryly.


“Yep, you didn’t like Vivi, and I think Vi-chan is cuter!” Leda said with a cheeky grin.


Violette let out a soft groan of surrender, “Fine,” she said while shaking her head, “You’re lucky you’re cute.” she told Leda.


“Heehee! Come on, we were gonna grab a snack at the tent.” Leda said, leading her back over to Eiji.


“Mr. Nakamura, how’s the knee?” Violette said in greeting.


“Doing well, thanks. I didn’t know you were with the clean-up effort.” he replied.


“Oh I’m not. I stayed behind a couple days to deal with some business matters for my mother.” Violette explained, “This kind of thing is beneath me.”


“Oh boo, lighten up Vi-chan!” Leda said as she wedged herself between Eiji and Violette, linking her arms with both of them and taking the lead of their little walk.


“So, what were you talking about earlier?” Violette asked.


“Oh, you’ll never believe this! I landed an internship at an up and coming Escort Service where Tika just signed on! I’ll be working directly with her! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Eiji and Violette both winced at her squeal.


“Well, that’s great Leda, I’m happy for you.” Violette said, rubbing at the inside of her ear with one finger before checking it for blood.


“I know right!? I’m so stoked to start!”


“So,” Eiji spoke up, “What kind of business are you dealing with?”


“Oh that, there was rumor of a former employee here at SPLASH. I’m trying to track her down if I can.” Violette explained, “She was a researcher with our R&D department, but she was terminated when we caught her doing unauthorized research.” Violette explained.


“She was fired? Why are you looking for her then?” Leda asked.


“Because she took some proprietary technology with her when she left. Mother and I don’t want our company associated with any, how do I put it, unsavory practices.”


“Sounds ominous…” Eiji said.


“I wouldn’t worry. I only met her a couple of times. She’s a bit kinky even by todays standards, but I think just a reminder of her contracts with my company will be enough to avoid anything unpleasant.” Violette said.


There was a soft series of chiming bells and Violette stopped their little march to pull her phone from her pocket, “Oh, looks like they might have found her, I need to get going.”


“Awww, okay, byebye Vi-chan!!!” Leda said as she let go of the heiress.


“I’ll see you both at the University. Take care until then.” Violette said as she placed her phone to her ear, “Hello? Yes, have you confirmed it’s her? Well, do so! I’m on my way there now.”


“Mmmmmn, I was hoping the three of us could have some fun after we were done today.” Leda said with a slight frown.


“Must be tough, going to school and partially running a business at the same time.” Eiji said.


“Yeah…” Leda said then turned back to him with a big smile, “Come on, let’s get something to drink, I’m baking in this heat!”



Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Auron opened a second bottle of water and looked out over the beach. Things still looked pretty trashed, but it was looking a lot better than when he and the other volunteers first began this morning.


“So then, you would be able to set the story to follow in multiple directions. Right now the game’s A.I. would be limited to only a few set scenario’s, but with time, the only limit will be your imagination!” Alexandra continued as she explained the system she was working on for her game. Auron nodded, enjoying the view of her tits bouncing up and down as she hopped giddily at the idea of making her perfect fantasy game world.


“So would I for example, see a beautiful woman in the game and be able to interact with her however I liked?” he asked.


“Oh totally!” Alexandra nodded, “I already worked out all the rating modes from child settings to full adult modes.” she told him as she moved a little closer. “Say if on the highest safety settings you were to grab a NPC girl like thiiis…” she said, grabbing his hands and pressing them against her big heavy tits. Suddenly jets of blood shot out Auron’s nostrils as steam came out his ears, making Alexandra giggle, “Then in that case the girl may either smack you around a bit, or your hands would phase through like a ghost and you’d get a warning screen. Depending on whatever the parent might have set.” she explained, “Buuuut, most of the people actually buying the game won’t be kids, so with all the safeties removed as is the default setting…” she smiled again and shrugged out of her top.


“Yahaaaaa!!!!” Auron gasped as his palms came in contact with her bare tits, the nipples already stiff against his skin as she pressed herself in closer.


“Hehe, I really like honest guys like you.” Alexandra said as she moved to wrap her arms around Auron’s waist.


“Please, don’t encourage him.” said a new voice that made Auron turn to stone in Alexandra’s arms.


“Huh?” Alexandra said as she turned to see two newcomers arrive at the break tent.


“Gushy guys like him are such a snore.” said Leda Kino as she arrived with the man Alexandra called Eiji, who walked with his knee in a brace and just the slightest of limps.


“Say’s you,” Alex said, hugging her topless body to Auron, causing the stone around his body to crumble away, “I happen to enjoy a man who is honest about his desires. I take it as the highest of compliments!” she told Leda.


“Oh hi Eiji!” she said with a wave after noticing the man with Leda.


Leda shrugged, “Alright, whatever rubs your knockers. Which are very nice by the way.”


“Thank you.” Alex said, “They’ll be even nicer soon. I met this girl handing out these pink cards. When I called the number on the back they told me about this new experimental application of BimboGel that has much faster results.”


Eiji blinked and began fishing around his pocket, “Pink card, like this?” he asked, pulling out the card in question. It was a tiny business card in pink with a number printed on the back also in pink, but with a glossy ink that became visible when you held it against the light correctly.


“That’s the one!”


“Lemme see?” Leda asked.


The man handed it to her and Leda flipped it back and forth a bit before handing it back to him. “No company or group name, that’s odd.”


“Probably someone new, getting ready to go public.” Auron suggested as his hands continued fondling Alexandra’s huge tits.


Eiji placed the card back in his pocket, “I bumped into a girl who dropped it yesterday, never bothered to toss it.”


“No biggie, the lady that gave me mine was handing them out to girls left and right.” said Alexandra as she spun around in Auron’s arms and moved his hands to grab her tits from behind. “Mmmmh, squeeze them harder.” she told him.


“YES MA’AM!” Auron said with steam coming out his nose as he gripped those luscious breasts harder, loving the softness of them in his hands as he circled his fingers around her nipples.


“So girl, name’s Leda by the way,” Leda said, introducing herself. Everyone then made a quick round of proper introductions before Leda continued, “Whatcha gonna have done to those puppies?”


“Oh, well, you know how BimboGel takes multiple applications to show results?” Alexandra asked.


Leda nodded, “This lady says her method can get them in a day instead of a week. I figure it can’t hurt.” Alexandra explained.


“Wow, seriously? How much she charging you?” Leda asked.


“Same as buying that much gel. So worst case is I’m just out about a hundred and fifty bucks.”


“Well, that’s not so bad, you’ll make way more than that when your new system launches.” Auron told her, he then gasped as Alexandra began rubbing her ass back against his crotch.


“Yep, say, why don’t we all meet back here this evening. School starts soon, so I doubt we can all have fun together any time in the near future. Plus I wanna show off my new girls!” Alexandra told them with a grin.


“Hmmm, I don’t mind, you?” Auron asked Leda.


“Why not, my ride back leaves in the morning anyway.” Leda said with a shrug, “On the condition that YOU cook the meal, including one for him!” she told Auron while pointing to Eiji.


“Actually Leda, I’m meeting with my sister Keiko after this, she’s taking me back to the dorms tonight.” Eiji interrupted. “We haven’t shared many meals since I got accepted into BSU, and likely won’t again for a while once school starts.”


“Aww, really?” Leda asked with a pouty face.


“Yeah, so…” he began to apologize.


“It’s cool!” she cut him off, “Sisters ALWAYS come first. I have two myself and for them I’d blow off the last man on Earth.”


“A sentiment I can fully get behind.” Auron said while sending a silent thank you to Eiji.


Another airhorn sounded in the distance, signaling the end of the break. Auron departed the tent with Alexandra while that Eiji fellow ad Leda scrambled to grab some snacks and drinks before heading back to their own duties.


“See you tonight Leda, you’ll still come right!?” Alexandra asked with a pair of big puppy dog eyes.



(6:00 P.M.)


That evening, after a decent shower and a quick shave, Auron set up a small fire pit a few dozen yards away from the shoreline. Dressed in a pair of red swim trunks and a matching t-shirt, he looked out over the ocean. The tide was coming in, so he wanted some distance from the water while he worked. The sun was beginning to set in the horizon, and Auron was wondering where the girls were. Granted they never set a proper time, but Alex didn’t strike him as the type to set a date of any kind then stand up the other person.


Leda though…


Auron smiled, she was an interesting one, equal parts feisty and silly. She reminded him of his sister in a lot of ways. The young blonde moved to load a few bits of charcoal into the pit before setting it alight. The flames spread quickly and he held a hand out over the fire to gauge the temperature. It might take a few minutes, but he could work with what he had.


Turning around, Auron looked over the pots, pans, and various ingredients he’d brought with him. There wasn’t much left from his food stand, but it would work. [If only I had some beer…] he thought to himself, he could make a dish he’d been wanting to try, a beer battered fish fried in the peanut oil he had with him.


“Yo!” called a voice from down the beach.


Auron followed the sound and smiled at the sight of Leda walking along the beach. She was dressed in a sexy little black miniskirt with no panties and a blue t-shirt that was three sizes too small. His smile soured a bit when he saw she wasn’t alone. Walking alongside her was that Eiji fellow, wearing a pair of red swim trunks and a button up white shirt that he’d left unbuttoned.


“Look who I found.” Leda said with a grin.


“I thought you were leaving tonight?” Auron asked as the two came within earshot.


“So did I, but my sister’s car seems to have broken down out of the blue. Its at a local shop now.” Eiji explained, then held up his hand to show the six pack of high end beer, “I brought drinks.”


“THAT’S PERFECT!!!” Auron said, running over and grabbing one of the twelve ounce bottles from the case. “This is just what I needed!”


“Oookay…” Eiji said.


Leda looked around, “Hey, you seen Alexandra yet?”


“Not yet, she’s probably still at that appointment she mentioned.” Auron confessed.


A sudden warmth enveloped Auron as two soft and warm mounds wrapped around him from behind. “Just got out actually!” Alexandra said in a cheerful tone, “Hi Eiji, glad you decided to come!” she said with a wave. Auron looked down and his eyes went wide with hearts in them as he found himself enveloped in the largest pair of tits he’d ever seen in his life!


Alexandra pulled back and moved to stand next to Auron which caused him to gulp audibly, she was completely topless, not surprising since her tits were now easily larger than her entire body apart from her chest. What clothing she did wear comprised of a bikini bottom that was little more than a few strings that looked more like thread than anything else, with a tiny triangle with a cow print pattern.


“Didn’t have much of a choice actually.” Eiji said.


“I found him looking bored out of his mind at the service station a block or so away from my hotel.” Leda said with a grin, “I tried inviting his sister too, but she wanted to stay and keep an eye on her car.”


“Keiko is a little touchy about who works on her car,” Eiji said. “Also I think she’s a bit embarrassed that it broke down like that.”


“It’s all good.” Alexandra said, “I wanted a foursome anyways!”


“Ooooh, you’re bold! I like that!” Leda said with a laugh.


“I remember.” Eiji said with a slightly nervous smile.


Auron felt himself smile a little more broadly as tonight’s festivities took a welcome turn.


“Hey Alexandra…” Leda began.


“Alex is fine, the full thing is a mouthful I know.” the dark haired girl said.


“I see the procedure went well.” she said as she stared at the dark haired girls tits with just a hint of drool hanging off her lips.


“I KNOW, right!? I’m really amazed how well it worked. They had a selection of sizes, so I just picked the biggest one. I honestly didn’t think it was serious, but…” Alexandra said with a grin as she hefted her heavy knockers up. “The lady I met with put me in this big sci-fi like tank full of a pink goop that smelled like maple syrup. I felt a tingle in my tits, and by the time I came out they were bigger and heavier! The lady then asked me if I would be interested in something called ‘Bimbofication’, but when I asked what she meant by that she got kinda evasive. I could feel the tension in the air. Then some other nurse came in and whispered something into the first lady’s ear. She then told me they had to close up early and they showed me out. It was kind of odd…”


“Huh, sounds shady, you sure everything going on there was legal?” Leda asked.


“At this point, I’m not so sure anymore, but hey, I got these babies out of it!” Alexandra said, shaking her new tits from side to side.


A light flashed off of Auron’s eyes as he grabbed one of his pans, “Well then my dear Alex, allow me to prepare a meal for you in celebration of your new Divine body!” he said as he slammed the pan down over the fire and poured in some oil to heat. “I’ll make you both a meal that will set your senses ablaze!”


“Oh?” Leda and Alexandra asked together, their curiosity peaked.


“Honestly I’m jealous Alex!” Leda confessed, “I’ve wanted boobs like that myself. My mom has some just like that, but she got them kinda by accident, and she won’t let me do the same since I think it was kinda dangerous.”


“Dangerous how?” Alex asked.


“No clue,” Leda said with a shrug as they all moved to sit around the fire pit Auron had made. Alexandra’s new knockers spilled around her legs, covering them from sight completely. “It was before I was born, when it was just her and my big sister. Though I think it might have had something to do with Fu-nee’s research.”


“Fu-nee?” Eiji echoed.


“Oh, that’s my sisters name, Futaba, Fu-nee, get it?” she asked with a smile.


Auron smiled, “Well, then my research at school will be just what you’re looking for!” he said as he went to work.


“Oh yeah, I remember, you did say something about foods that could make a woman’s chest bigger.” Leda said as she watched him go to work.


The world around him faded into background noise as he began running through his head the ingredients, their flavors, and effects on both the tongue and the rest of the body. Not too long ago he boasted about making foods that could increase the bust size of women, now was the time to put up or shut up! Using the beer Eiji provided, Auron easily slapped together a basic beer batter for the fish. But after that he began adding a mix of herbs and spices to the mix. Portioning was key, too little and there’d be no noticeable effect at all, too much and the flavor would be ruined.


“Wow, look at him go.” he distantly heard Eiji say.


“Yeah, I’ll give him points for sheer skill if nothing else.” said Leda.


Their voices quickly became just noise, like the sound of the ocean lapping against the shore. He dipped the fish fillets into the batter once the mixture was ready, then threw the two portions of meat into the now heated oil.




The battered fish began cooking with a burst of sound and a fwoosh of flames. Using a pair of tongs, Auron flipped them over every few moments, not wanting either side to cook too long. A deep fryer would have been better for this, but a proper chef made do with what he had!


With his other hand Auron began assembling two paper plates, loading them up with some ready to serve side dishes he had left over from SPLASH. Thankfully the potato salad didn’t need heating and would serve as a coolant for the hot fish on the tongue.


In a few minutes the food was ready and Auron pulled the fish from his makeshift fryer, plating them with the potato salad and a side of steamed asparagus that he reheated on the edge of the firepit. “Ladies,” he said, holding out the plates to Leda and Alexandra, “Your meal.”


“You may be a goofy guy, but it’s amazing watching you work.” Leda said.


“High praise from you my sweet Leda.” he said with a smile.


“Whatever.” said Leda as she took the plate along with a plastic fork and knife. The knife wasn’t really needed as the fish broke apart with each, the only thing holding it together was the seasoned batter, meaning it would just fall apart in the mouth, spreading its flavor all over the tongue.


“Smells amazing,” Alexandra said, “Mmmmmh, I can’t remember the last time I had decent fried fish.”


“Amongst the highest of travesties!” Auron said, putting a hand over his heart and falling back onto the sand.


“Heheh, you’re too much man.” Eiji chuckled, “But I work a bar, half the job is presentation, so I get it.”


Auron sat up as the girls got down on their knees by the fire pit. Smiling, he watched as each of them took a bite.






Auron never got tired of this part, watching as both girls reacted to the first bite! Leda began squirming in place almost instantly! Her nipples turning hard and straining against her tiny top as she leaned her head back and slowly chewed.


“Ahhhhaaaa… So good… The fish is so flaky and rich, and yet it just melts in my mouth like butter!” Alexandra moaned.


“EEEEEEEE! The spices, ahhh, I feel the heat spreading over my whole body! Oh GOD!!! I can feel it over every inch of meeeeee…” Leda moaned as she squirmed even more, a trickle of juice running between her pressed thighs that glinted in the fire’s light.


“HMMMMMMMMMH…” Alexandra moaned anew, slowly chewing a bite of the potato salad. “OH FUUUUCK, THIS IS THE BEST POTATO SALAD EVERRRRRRR…”


“I knooooow… Mmmmmh, the perfect mix of softness and crunch, and the mayonnaise is so subtle as to not overpower the rest of its natural taste, ahhhh, I’m in heaven!!!”


“Damn man, what’d you put in that!?” Eiji asked.


“Trade secret.” Auron said smugly.


“OHHMMMMH!” Alexandra moaned as she took one bite after the next, devouring the meal Auron had made for her. In the space of a couple minutes her paper plate showed no signs of having held any food at all aside from some moisture stains on the paper itself!


“Mmmmm, fuck that was good… Hehehe, wheee, I feel all loose and noodly now.” Leda giggled, “Eiiiijiii-kuuuun, play with my boobies will you?” she cooed to Eiji as she turned towards him and crawled over like a cat in heat.


“Ahhaa, you okay Leda?” Eiji asked nervously. He then picked up one of the beer bottles, “I didn’t think beer batter could get you drunk?”


“Hehehe, I’m fine, I just want you to play with my boobies!” Leda said as she pounced on him, pressing her mouth against his as she pulled up her top, fully freeing her tits and pushing them into his face. “See, aren’t they like, soooo nice and soft!?” she giggled.


“Very.” Eiji agreed as he moved his hands up to grab both soft mounds and making the brunette moan happily.


“Ahhhnnn…” Alexandra moaned, leaning back in the sand as the others turned towards her. “All of a sudden, I feel… Ahhh, I have a terrible need to masturbate!!!” Alexandra moaned as she dipped her fingers into her dripping pussy. Gulping loudly, Auron felt the front of his shorts tear open as his massive cock shot to a full erection as he watched the dark haired girl play with herself in the sand. Her fingers began moving faster, pushing in deeper, “Ahhh, I can’t stop, my body, ahh, my body needs stimulation now!!!” Alexandra moaned. “Fuck me, all of you, fuck me nooooow!!!” she moaned needily as her fingers continued dipping in and out of her now sopping wet pussy.


Leda moved first, crawling over to Alexandra and wrapping both arms around her gigantic left tit as she began licking her huge stiff nipple before pulling it into her mouth and sucking hard. The dark haired girl moaned happily, moving to push her entire fist into her own pussy. “Mmmmmmmh, yummy titty…” Leda purred as she pulled away just long enough to shed her top and bottom before hugging her naked body against Alex’s tit again.


“Nnnnuhhh, Eijiiii, please, fuck my mouth, I wanna suck a big thick coooock.” Alex begged.


Eiji stood up and Auron watched as he pulled down his swim trunks to pull out his cock before moving to push it into Alexandra’s hot little mouth. Her plump lips sensuously enveloped his rod as she took his length down her throat with a loud slurping noise.


“What are you waiting for pretty boy!?” Leda snapped at Auron, snapping him out of his shock at the sudden shift in events. She made a show of slowly licking around Alexandra’s tight nipple, “Mmmmh, look at the poor girls pussy! Mmmmmmh, that pussy needs to be FUCKED!”


“YESH!!! HURRY, HURRRYYYYYY!” Alexandra begged around Eiji’s cock, pulling her fist out of herself and moaning lewdly around his dick as she rocked her head back and forth. “MMMMMPH, CAWKSH, CAWWWKSH! I WANT CAAAWWWKSH!!!!”


“Yahoo!!!” Auron cheered as he jumped over to Alex as she spread her legs as wide as she could. Auron’s huge erection slipped into her with ease, he groaned as the soft wet warmth of her pussy sliding around him as she thrusted her hips up to meet him. The first thing he felt was the sheer heat of her body, her pussy was almost a furnace as he propped himself up with his arms beneath her tits. Leda made a plaintive noise as she had to adjust herself but continued licking and sucking on the dark haired girls nipple happily, her eyes closed in bliss.


Eiji moved up to kneel above Alexandra, his cock still buried in her throat and her neck swelling with his girth as she howled around him in sheer pleasure! Auron groaned with her as he slammed his hips against her, his cock plowing in and out of her gushing hole over and over. In the distance, the sun finished setting, leaving only the light of the fire and the stars overhead to illuminate the scene.


“MMMMMMMPH!!! MOAR, MOAR, MOARMOARMOAR!!!!” Alexandra gagged around Eiji’s cock, her pussy clenching Auron’s dick tighter than any woman he’d ever been with! The dark haired girls moans were like sweet music in his ears as the three of them had their way with her!


“Mmmmmh, Alex, your pussy is amazing!!! Ahhhh so tight and wet, I can’t get enough!!!” Auron told her, “It’s truly a divine pussy!!!!”


“MMMMMMMMPH!!!” Alexandra moaned in response, her entire body bucking in pleasure.


“Mmmmmmh” Leda moaned as she moved to lay on top of Alexandra, burying her slender figure between those massive knockers and hugging them against her naked body. “Ahhhh, so big, and soft, and warm! Ahhhh, I love giant boobies!!!” she giggled happily. “Hey, don’t forget me boys, I wanna be spitroasted too!” she told them as she moved to lick Alexandra’s throat while wiggling her ass at Auron, “Come fuck my mouth cunt Eiji-kuuuun!” she cooed while making a waving motion towards her mouth with one hand.


Eiji pulled his cock from Alexandra’s mouth and pushed his cock between Leda’s lips. The short haired brunette let out a low moan like an animal as her throat bulged with his length.


“Mmmmmmh, big tasty balls full of yummy cum!” Alexandra said, her eyes glazed over with raw lust as she began licking and sucking at Eiji’s nuts as Auron pulled his cock free slowly before slamming it into Leda next. The PUSS-E coed howled around Eiji’s cock, shaking her hips in quick side to side motions, stirring Auron’s massive cock inside herself. Meanwhile Leda grabbed Alexandra’s nipples in both her hands, gripping them tight and twisting and pulling them, making the dark haired girl moan louder beneath her.


Auron groaned at the feel of Leda’s pussy, loving the way she moved her hips, he barely needed to move at all as the second year student began rocking her entire body on top of Alexandra. “Ahhhh, no fair, stealing my cocks!!! Put them back, I want moooore!!!” Alex moaned after a few moments.


“MMMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH, AHHHH! Learn to share girl!” Leda teased, licking Eiji’s length from the base to the tip before motioning for him to fuck Alexandra’s mouth again.


“MMMMMMMMMPH, CAAAAAAWK!!!!” Alexandra slurred around Eiji’s length. Auron began to pull back to return to Alex, but Leda wrapped her legs around his waist.


“Hold on, I ain’t through with that yet!” she told him and began bucking and rolling her entire body on his cock, “MMMMMMMMMMH, why didn’t you say you had such a big diiiick… MMMMMMH, I’d have been nicer if I had known!”


“Ooooohhhooo, you… Ahhhh…. Never assskked…” Auron groaned at the feel of Leda’s pussy swirling around his cock. “Ahhh your pussy, so good Ledaaaa…” he moaned.


“Damn right, PUSS-E don’t let in unskilled cunts!” she said proudly, “MMMMMMMH, FUCK I LOVE BEING FULL LIKE THIIIIIS…!” she moaned loudly before letting go with her thighs and pulling herself off of Auron’s cock with a wet ‘pop’. He immediately pushed his cock back inside Alexandra, loving the way it made her moan around Eiji’s cock again.


“CAWKSH!!!! CAWKSH, CAWKSH, CAWKSH, CAWKSH, CAWKSSSSSHHHH!!!!” Alexandra howled, bucking her body between the two of them as her tits wobbled about wildly until Leda hugged both of them into her arms and leaned up to wrap her mouth around her right tit now. Pulling her entire nipple into her mouth and bobbing her head up and down as she sucked it as though it were a short dick.


“Mmmmmmh, I luv boobies!” she moaned happily.


“Oooooohh…” Eiji groaned in pleasure as he continued pumping his dick into Alexandra’s throat. Auron watched as Leda pulled away from Alexandra’s tit to lick the length of Eiji’s cock every time he pulled back from the dark haired girls throat. Second year girls really knew what they were doing! Not a single motion was wasted with Leda as she rubbed her body erotically against Alexandra’s. The short haired girl then licked her way up as she climbed up Eiji’s body like a cat, bringing her mouth to his in a deep lewd “porno kiss”. That is, a french kiss where their mouth remained disconnected to let anyone and everyone see their tongues mingling.


“MMMMMMMMH… GUUD, GUUUD, PHEELSH SHO GUUUUD!!!!” Alexandra moaned between the three of them, “MOAR, MOAR!!! WANNA CUM SHO BHAAAD!!!”


“You heard her boys, pound those holes!!!!” Leda told them with a grin. She then moved into a sixty-nine with Alexandra, her aqua-marine eyes going wide at the sight of Auron’s cock spearing into the other girl.


“Mmmmmmh, you’re spreading her so fucking wide, it’s so pretty!” Leda moaned as she flicked her tongue against Alexandra’s clit. “Mmmmmmhmmm, yummy pussy!” Leda giggled.

On instinct, Auron pulled his cock free and Leda instantly had it in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down as she took it down her throat like a pro! “AGUGH, GUH GUH GUH GUH!!!!” she gagged slightly around his girth before pulling off and gasping for breath before guiding him back inside Alexandra. Leda then moaned as Eiji pulled free of the dark haired girl’s mouth and slammed into her pussy as Alexandra moved to suck his balls again.


“Mmmmmmmmh, yeah, pound my naughty little pussy!!!” Leda moaned as she held onto Auron for support then looked up at him, “Ahhhn, fuck my mouth again! I wanna be spit roasted again toooo!”


Grinning, Auron pulled out of Alexandra, making the giant tittied girl whimper slightly before pushing Leda’s head down on his cock. The brunette moaned and moved her entire body in a wave-like motion, pushing both cocks in and out of her body all on her own!




“Mmmmmmph, sho gwreedy…” Leda gag slurred around Auron’s cock as she moaned in bliss. The PUSS-E coed then lifted herself off of both young men and helped Alex back up onto her knees before helping Auron and Eiji sandwich her between them.


“OH FUCK YESSSSSSS!!!” Alex moaned as Leda guided both their cocks into her ass and cunt with Eiji in her ass and Auron in her hungry pussy. She then moved to kneel beside the trio, fingering herself as Auron and Eiji thrusting into Alexandra together. “YESSSS, COCKS!! TWO COCKS ARE DIGGING OUT MY INSIDES!!!!! AHHHAAAA… I’M CUMMING!!! CUMMING!!! SO GOOOOOOD!!!!!! PUSSY PUSSY PUSSY COOOOOCK!!!!” she stammered, no longer able to form a coherent sentence any longer.


“Mmmmmmh, fuck that looks so beautiful, I love seeing a big titted girl getting plowed by two dicks!” Leda moaned as her pussy gushed between her fingers. She then leaned back in the sand, still masturbating to the sight of the three of them, “Now, pull out and cum all over her!”


[When did she become the director here?] Auron wondered to himself. Still, he did as she said, lifting Alex off was more of a challenge than he would have thought, [She must weigh the better over three hundred pounds with these tits.] he thought to himself as he managed to pull free along with Eiji. The two of them stood over Alexandra as she kneeled between them. Auron then grunted as his cock let off like a fire hose! The first burst of cum completely painting Alexandra’s face in white!


“HOLY SHIT!” Leda gasped, “Now I wish I’d let you cum in me!”


Auron grinned as his cock let off a second volley, covering the girl new tits, then a third, fourth, and fifth burst. Before long Alexandra was practically covered from head to toe in thick white cum! The sand around them turned to thick sticky mud with the fluids.


“Ahhhh, so warm…” Alex moaned as she began rubbing all the cum into her skin.


“Hey! Save some for me!!!!” Leda complained, tackling the girl back onto the muddy sand and kissing her deeply before licking some of the cum from her face.


“Damn man, you have been saving up for a month or something!?” Eiji asked, his jaw hanging down to his chest.


Auron smuggly placed his hands on his hips, “I do cook for myself, you think I wouldn’t use my talents to give myself an edge on things like this?”



“Whew, man I needed that!” Alexandra said as she sat back in the sand.


“What brought that on so suddenly, not that I minded.” Leda asked.


“You know, I’m not sure, just all of a sudden I REALLY needed to fuck. Maybe a side effect of getting these?” Alexandra suggested as she rubbed her hands over her tits. “I know a highened sex drive is a known side effect of regular BimboGel use.”


“Maybe, how do you feel now?” asked Eiji.


“A little sore, but after taking both of you that’s normal. Otherwise I’m fine.” Alexandra said as she began tracing her fingers in the sand, drawing random patterns. Auron would have liked to think it was his food, but he only used a mixture to excite the palate, he didn’t have anything on hand for the more exotic effects he wanted to create with his cooking.


“Well, so long as she’s alright, I don’t see the problem.” he spoke up.


“That’s true!” Alexandra agreed. She then heaved a sigh, “You know, it sucks, after tonight, I might not see any of you for a long time!”


“Pfffft!” Leda huffed, “Girl, gimme your phone.” she told her. Alexandra reached between her tits and pulled out a medium sized smartphone and handed it over to Leda.


“Hang on, how did…?” Auron began.


“Girls secret.” Alexandra said with a mischievous wink.


“Here, that’s all my contact info, call anytime.” Leda said after handing back the phone.


“Thanks, I will!” Alexandra said with a smile.


Leda smiled back and reached into her purse, “And, I got a little present for you.” she said as she fished out a small golden collar with a green heart shaped gemstone set into the center. He handed it off to Alexandra, “It’s gonna be hell moving around with those beauties. May seem fine now, but you’ll feel that weight sooner or later.”


“What’s that?” Auron asked, “Some kind of fetish collar?” he asked with hearts in his eyes.


“Actually, yeah, you could say that. It’s a 0-G bra.” Leda said.


“A what now?” Auron, Alexandra, and Eiji asked together.


“Oh right, they haven’t hit the states yet!” Leda said, slapping her forehead. “You guys hear of those maglev trains they use in Japan now?” Everyone nodded, “Well, this is a new application for the technology, makes a zero-gravity field around the wearers breasts. Was made with tits like that in mind! I brought a couple with me in case I got my own up to that size while in school. Try it on!”


Everyone watched as Alexandra slipped the collar on. Once she had the clasp closed, there was a soft tone as the gem began glowing ever so lightly. The glow spread out to envelop both the dark haired girls titanic knockers.


“Hey, whoa…!” Alexandra gasped as her tits began to float just slightly. “Oh wow, this is awesome, I don’t even feel their weight anymore!”


“That’s the idea! Big tits shouldn’t mean broken backs!” said Leda, “Well, their still working on a slogan. I think they should hit the markets here this year. You can have that one, I got a spare at home.”


“Awwww, thank you!” Alexandra said as she got up effortlessly and leaned over to hug Leda. The short haired brunette hugged back and pressed her mouth to Alexandra’s in a deep kiss that got Auron’s cock stirring again!


“Down boy!” Leda said when she noticed.


“As much as I hate to do this, it’s getting late, we should all get going.” Eiji said as he got up.


“Yeah, agreed.” said Auron. “See you two at school?”


“Count on it!” Leda said, winking at him. The four students began cleaning up their little campsite before parting ways. Some would meet again soon as they embarked on the adventure of a lifetime!


(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Let’s begin this with a question: Clothed version or naked version? That is the question and the answer is, fuck it! Alexandra is a treat no matter if she’s naked or has a fitting cow print bikini, which matches her utterly beautiful cow udders. Her expression is also really fitting for a girl who just wants to have a good time with her recently enhanced tits and the condom in her hand (in the naked version) shows that really well. Black makeup fits her really well, the only thing that sort of misses is a tattoo across her massive breasts. The cum version however, OOH man… A real treat to see so much spunk on these TITanic orbs of flesh and lust, especially how some threats are dangling from them. For something more negative: Her right breast looks bigger than the left one and a little bit sad that this is the second Pin Up with the lovely Alexandra. It still looks great but when you consider the absolute mad- and greatness that is the sex scene in this chapter it just is kinda disappointing.

Letting the chapter start with one of the newest characters, Auron in an absolute amazing interaction with Leda, who turns out to be a princess, was a really funny idea and I like the difference between her and Alexandra when it comes to Auron’s funny quirks. The cleanup scene was also really funny, with how the cook separates the womens and the “trashes” clothing. Eiji’s little sexy time with Hitomi at the beginning was also done really well. Glad to see more of Alexandras passion for game design come to shine and how Auron really cares about that kind of stuff and not simply noddes along to get a quick fuck. He’s really into the girls and interested in the stuff they like, another comparison with my all time favorite: Sanji. And man, this chapter surely delivers, when it comes to mystery and setting up future events. First of the obvious: Alexandra goes to HSU instead of BSU, which is a smart choice because I think BSU has already quite enough sexy girls at it’s disposal and it would feel kinda forced if, let’s say, all female characters we know went to BSU. Secondly: The new company in town who also enhances a girls breast with a new experimental application similar to BimboGel and the somewhat shady stuff, in the form of bimbofication going on with them. Thirdly: Mizuki leaves BSU and joins HSU, not so strange at first but then you notice, that they let this girl already into the schools tech-rooms, despite the fact that it wasn’t sure if she stays at the school which was kinda stupid on BSUs side. Great way to introduce the new arc. Now, for the meat and potatoes: The sex was absolutely INCREDIBLE. Easily one of the best sex scenes with lot of switching positions and partners going on and an absolute sex starved Alexandra in the center. The 0-G bra is a nice addition to the already pre-existing tech and clothing in this world and it makes sense that something like it exists. Only downside to this is, that one would assume that stuff like this existed a tad earlier because of how many top heavy women there are in this world.

What a flawless way to start a new arc.

5 years ago

Really nice getting to know more about Leda, of her past and her family, would like to see and hear more of. Lol’d when describing how Auron was cleaning up clothing from the beach with his labeling on the bins, and how water steamed right away when he tried to cool himself off with water. Neat knowing more about Alexandra’s passion for game design. Interesting Leda knows some message techniques and good on Leda for being able to work with her idol. Seeing the difference between the 2 pics, interesting finally to see the effects of Bimbo gel being used on Alexandra. Neat having a small mention of Keiko, would like to see her sometime. Great to finally get some group activity and for the first time getting Leda to be in a scene, if i remember correctly. Hot having Alexandra be the center of attention with her giant breasts demanding the assistance of the other 3 to pleasure her. Really hot display describing the position and having the 2 males switch between the 2 girls. Feel a lil bad for Eiji when not mentioning him cumming on Alexandra, but was really hot and lol’d having Auron cover her in cum and having Leda admire, really hot having her going after Alexandra and licking the cum off of her body while Alexandra does a little cumplay with rubbing it over her skin. Unfortunate for Mizuki to get kicked out of BSU and saddening with how Alexandra mentioned they might not see her again or at least for a long while. A bit heartwarming giving a gift to her and swapping numbers to keep in contact with.

5 years ago
Reply to  AuronJack117

I’m really glad you enjoyed the story! I’m so glad Leda is getting more action in the series. I really hope to see her get in some pics someday.

As for Eiji, he came on her, just well, Auron outdid him! LOL

Yeah, I wanted to have erotic massage being Leda’s Major in BSU, and begin building her relationships with other characters.