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Here Comes a New Challenger

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It was very early in the morning, still as black as night outside but individuals at BSU campus were stirring all over Passion Tower’s dormitories. Some people woke up early to get a head start on last minute school errands while others did laundry and took care of other dorm related matters. The gym echoed with the loud clanging and banging of weights, the dining hall was filled with hungry chattering youth looking to get an early meal before attending school business. However, the students were not the only ones engaged in early morning hustle


Sara Reed came in early that morning to catch up on some paperwork. Shortly after turning on the lights and computer, VIC, the school AI, alerted her of a new message.


“Professor Reed, you have a new video message.” VIC noted.


“Open.” Sara commanded the AI.


A window opened displaying a video of a big titted, dark haired woman on screen. It was Mizuki, the new science division applicant. She was a prodigy of sorts and an exciting new addition to BSU’s freshman year and R&D Division. No doubt, great things will be coming from this bright individual. The busty professor wondered what was she contacting her for?


“Hello Ms. Reed. I know I committed to attending BSU this year but some amazing things have happened since we last spoke. Harlot State approached me with an unbelievable offer I simply could not refuse. I’m making this video to inform you that I am withdrawing my application from Busteez Slut University effective immediately. I’m sorry.”


The video ended after Mizuki apologized.


Sara was stunned with shock for a couple of minutes. She rewound the video and noticed a timestamp in the lower right corner. The video had been recorded 2 days earlier.


“Damn it!” cursed Sara while pounding her fist on the desk.


“HSU poached another applicant!!! This is a disaster! There’s no way I can find someone to replace that kind of talent!” Sara panicked.


“This is the worst possible time for this to happen. I have a meeting in a few hours, what if Tai-chan asks about it?! I have to do something!”


This was indeed a major loss for the university. Mizuki pioneered the development of a fully interactive, 3D virtual reality system, the first and only of its kind. She had recently performed a successful demonstration of it’s prototype. Such a device would have been a tremendous asset to the university.


Sara immediately went to work to find an applicant worthy of filling Mizuki’s slot. The woman sat down at her desk at grabbed a thick stack of applicant files to look over. She read through the files and took note of potential replacements, reading as fast as she could.



(7:30 A.M.)


Summer was waning down and it was a busy morning on the grounds of BSU despite the sun not being up yet. Students scrambled around the campus making the rounds through the administrative offices, getting schedules and handling other class business. Straggler students got assigned their dorm rooms while others moved furniture and other belongings into their rooms.


The faculty of Busteez Slut University were also hard at work preparing for a new year. Some were organizing supplies while others went through their curriculum to make sure it was correct. Along with her job as the Dead of the Admissions department, Sara Reed was a full time professor in the University’s Life Skills department. The educator specializes in health, serving as the Professor for Sexual Education courses. Additionally, she had been assigned to oversee the BSU freshman Class 1-A as their homeroom teacher. All of practical performance examinations, activities and the filming of pornogaphic scenes occur during the homeroom class. However, preparations would need to wait, Sara was facing a major crisis given the departure of BSU’ most promising science major.


After 2 and a half hours of re-reviewing files, she had a number of applicants in mind but hadn’t found the “perfect candidate” she was searching for. Leaning her head forward defeatedly onto her stack of papers, she then received a text message.


Tai-chan: Good Morning Serrabelle! I won’t be attending the meeting this morning. I have to meet with the board of directors off site. Lei-Chan will be in charge while I am gone.


“That reminds me, the meeting is in 30 minutes….” With her last half hour she brewed some coffee and had a quick breakfast of fruit and donuts before departing her office.


The Busty blonde walked hurriedly, moving as she could down the hallway without spilling coffee on herself.


“Tai-chan won’t be there. Hopefully I can get this issue squared away before she finds out… I don’t want to get chewed out.” thought the blonde professor to herself while navigating around both students and staff to get to her destination.


Sara was disappointed. Mizuki the science prodigy, was one of BSU’s most promising recruits and was to be the Research and Development department’s crown jewel. It was a shocking turn of events for the standout student to defect to Harlot State, BSU’s most hated rival, after being offered unlimited funding for her scientific research and projects. With only 2 days left until the start of the school year, it was critical Sara find a qualified replacement; for the loss of Mizuki didn’t only affect her, it sullied the reputation of the R&D department and their head as well.


After about five minutes, the busty blue-eyed professor came upon a room and opened the door.


“Good morning Sara, nice of you to join us,” remarked a woman with long navy colored hair standing at the front of the room. She was a remarkable looking tanned beauty, with big melon sized tits that were tucked away underneath a frilly white dress shirt and bow tie. She also had on a black blazer and matching thigh length skirt. Her rear end protruded out so much it threatened to rip open the back of her skirt. The woman possessed big, earthy dark green eyes which pierced anyone she looked at. Her dark blue locks were adorned with a single pink Hibiscus flower which was on the right side of her head.


“Good morning, Lei-Chan.” Sara replied groggily to the blue haired woman. Lei-Chan was short for Leilani Kane, BSU’s Dean of Students and Headmistress Taiyohime’s second-in-command.


There was an empty seat at the table in between two of Sara’s friends and colleagues. The first woman was voluptuous with shoulder length blur hair. Her eyes were a combination of brown and hazel. On the other side of her was a thick redhead. Her long red, blonde frosted hair matched the crimson hue of her eyes. She wore gold framed square shaped glasses which were slightly tinted and a white lab coat over her red dress shirt. Sara sat down as the meeting commenced.


“Thank you all for coming. Headmistress Kuriyue is tending to some business with the board of directors.” informed the Dean of Students.


“The first order of business is an incident that occurred between 2 of our freshmen recruits. VIC show them.” ordered the Dean to the school’s AI.


A video screen then lowered down from the ceiling which showed footage of Koko’s social media accounts and a post that read.


“ATTENTION: Ladies if you see this guy around avoid him at all costs and definitely don’t fuck him! YES, he is THAT bad. Don’t waste your time!”


This post accompanied the photograph Koko had taken of Xavier. This was followed by a video from Koko’s Linkum story which she detailed the failed encounter. Sara winced as she watched, feeling sympathy for the young man for she was the one who accepted him into the university.


“Kokoro Izumi did this yesterday. The question is this… Is this a violation of BSU student policy?” asked the Dean of Students.


“It clearly is. She needs to be disciplined.” Answered a voice. The voice belonged to a curvy redhead dressed in a sexy S&M version of a catholic nun uniform. Parts of her hair stuck out from underneath the front of her hood. Her crystal blue eyes where narrow and stern in appearance this particular moment. She nodded heartily while giving her response.


“I disagree with that notion Professor O’Malley.” Replied a deep male voice. It was the man sitting across from Cathy. He was dressed impeccably in black single breasted suit with a subdued gray plaid pattern on it. He wore a white dress shirt underneath it along with a plaid patterned red tie. His slicked back black hair shined from the light in the room. He sat leaning forward in his chair with elbows on the table, his fist balled up into the palm of his other hand.


“I don’t think she should be punished for this. There isn’t any justification for it.” The man said with a smug surety.


“What is the reasoning behind this, Damien?”


“The answer is simple. Orientation hasn’t happened yet. For this reason Ms. Izumi is not officially a student. Furthermore, she committed these acts on her own personal time outside of BSU. Now if she did this next week that would be a whole different conversation.”


“Orientation is only two days away. We need to send a message to everyone that this level of conduct violation is unacceptable at BSU. Letting Ms. Izumi off the hook sends the wrong message completely, not only to freshman class but to Ms. Izumi herself. This will only encourage her foul behavior.” Cathy argued.


“And if she does it again after orientation, you’re free to take her into that dungeon of yours.” Damien retorted. “As things stand, she is not yet a student. One of the purposes of orientation is for the students to become familiar with school policy. After they’ve gone over the student handbook, they are required to sign it. So as a nonstudent, our only recourse is to withdraw her application.”


“Koko already believes herself to be above the rules of common decency. With her status, there’s no reason for her to think this is unacceptable. We must make an example out of her.”


“Since the Headmistress isn’t here, how about we take a vote on it?” interjected the Dean of Students. “Those in favor of punishing Ms. Kokoro Izumi say ‘Yea’, those who oppose say ‘Nay’.”


Cathy raised her hand giving a firm “Yea.”


“Ryoko?” nodded the Dean to the blue haired woman.




“Nay.” Sara answered.


“Nay.” Scarlette followed.


“Yea.” remarked a black haired female doctor.


“Nay.” Damien affirmed.


“Yea.” answered the Drama professor.


Another Professor sat staring at her phone, uninterested in what was going on in the meeting. The woman’s dull facial expression was framed by her jaw length, hime cut, dark brown hair. Her sharp yellow eyes darted from left to right as she scrolled down her phone screen, ventilating herself with a fan she had in her other hand. She was dressed for comfort in comparison to the other professors. Her small camouflage tank top revealed she had no bra on her heavy tits, making her air conditioning hardened nipples clear to see through her top.


“Professor Ling? Ahem, Professor Ling…” called Leilani in an attempt to get her attention. She was zoned out and focused on her phone.


ALEXIS!” snapped the Dean.


The Cinematography & Photography Professor quietly answered with a simple “Nay.” before going back to what she was doing.


The voting was tied at 4 votes. The Dean of Students herself was the deciding vote.


“And lastly, I vote Nay. So it is settled then. Ms. Izumi has escaped punishment this time but she will be held accountable for her next incident like this. Professor Annabelle please proceed with the next topic of discussion.”


“Tch!” Cathy clicked her tongue and crossed her arms in disapproval, unhappy with the results of the voting.


A ravishing brunette stood up and approached the podium. Her long wavy sapphire locks flashed with bright sparkles as she walked to the front of the room. The woman was stacked thicker than a brick house. She was letting it all hang out this morning, her plump ass was nearly busting out of the form fitting long dress. Her tits were nearly popping out of the low cut upper part of her dress. The woman looked more like a Hollywood movie star than a school teacher. She is Annabelle Schneider, BSU’s drama professor.


“Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Thank you all for attending…” greeted Annabelle in a smooth velvety voice.


“Over the last 6 months, BSU has held an open invitation for aspiring designers to create a new uniform for our students. It has taken countless hours to evaluate the several thousand designs that were submitted. The final decision has been made and the results are in for the new design for BSU’s school uniform.”


Suddenly, an unexplained drumroll started out of nowhere.


“The winner is…..” announced Annabelle while opening up a golden envelope.


“Maihime Shinoda!”


Annabelle then pointed to the smaller room as Shikijou Yamazaki stepped out modeling her uniform. The second year student swaggered into the conference room flexing and showing off her curvy and voluptuous yet beautifully muscled physique. She wore a miniskirt with spandex shorts underneath. Up top she wore a bare midriff dress shirt. It’s design was very minimal with the breast part of the shirt being completely open. Along with this, she wore a triangle style bikini top with pockets on each breast. There was a bow tie around her neck just beneath the shirt collar. A mini long sleeved uniform jacket draped down from her shoulders.


“Just look at the style here. The cut off shirt really pops with that jacket.” Narrated the blue haired professor.


Shikijou walked all the way down to the end of the conference room before stopping to strike a glamour pose. She held her jacket over her shoulder with one hand, swinging her hips one time and winking at the faculty before walking again.


“She’s really working it today. So much feeling! That uniform just screams fuck me while still looking professional!” Ryoko commented.


“That is a hot design!” Sara complimented.


“Maybe this Maihime girl can design my next dominatrix outfit.” Cathy suggested with an excited grin.


“Give a round of applause for our second year student and temporary physical education instructor Shikijou Yamazaki!”


All of the professors clapped their hands. After the applause subsided, Sara stood up.


“Ms. Shinoda is a prospect to attend BSU! I spoke with her yesterday at SPLASH. Hopefully, I will be hearing back from her on her decision soon.


“Ms. Shinoda will be a welcomed addition to our freshman class,” nodded the Dean of Students.


As Annabelle and Shikijou took their seats, Damien walked up to the podium.


“Good morning ladies. I’m proud to announce to you today that the campus Slut Shop will be enacting a new merchandise program this year. As you all know the Slut Shop has been a been a great vehicle for promoting the university and our students to the AE community and the greater world in general. To continue upward progress the shop will be offering new individual specific merchandise for purchase.”


“What kind of items will be available?” Scarlette questioned with a curious expression.


“I’m glad you asked Professor Beauregard. The store will be offering new items featuring our students. It will begin with a series of trading cards, statue figures, and posters featuring our first year students. Customers will be able to purchase these products from the Slut Shop, online and from AE retailers who support us. Along with increased exposure, students can earn revenue from these sales. I will be overseeing this program and tracking all of the sales data.”


“Professor Douglas, I want to know what is the purpose of your program.” remarked a raven haired woman wearing a lab coat and a stethoscope around her neck. The doctor was dressed in short white skirt with deep slits on the sides along with a snug fitting sleeveless purple sweater which hugged her enormous tits. Her hair was styled in an updo type style, very similar to the nobles of Feudal Japan. The woman wore a look of concern on her pretty face, her aqua eyes narrowed slightly in skepticism.


“My goal is simple Dr. Ozawa. I want our students to maximize their potential in every way possible. I believe that this program will help facilitate that.”


“My concern with your plan is that some students will sell out while others remain on the shelf untouched. Are you sure this will help our new recruits?”


“I agree with Yumi. Putting that kind of pressure on a freshmen could do more harm than good.” Ryoko asserted.


“The self-esteem of the students who don’t sell any merch will be affected by this.” Sara added.


“Yes, some kids will forge ahead quicker than others and some people might not draw a dime, but there is value to be taken from this. Popularity is a part of the business and that’s a fact. The sales reports could help drive stragglers to improve their skills and evolve. The adult entertainment industry is a competition. Survival of the fittest. We must do as much as we can to prepare our students for life in the industry going forward.”


“I like the idea. Sales and merchandising are an important part of being a great performer. This will give the students a taste of what the real world is like.” Annabelle agreed.


“The data could prove to be a valuable tool to help them progress. And it could be pretty interesting for us to look at too.” Scarlette pointed out with a nod.


“This is quite intriguing. It’s worth at least a test run to see how things go. I approve.” declared the Dean of Students.


“Headmistress Kuriyue has already given me the approval to move forward with this program. I look forward to hearing your feedback as this program progresses into the new school year.”


Damien then returned to his seat.


“Professor Fuji, please step forward” Leilani requested.


Ryoko Fuji took a sip of her coffee before stepping up to the podium.


“Hello, I’m in charge of organizing this year’s orientation. I want to let everyone know that this year orientation will be done a little differently. Instead of the usual homeroom orientation with individual classes we are doing something bigger! We are going to have a campus wide assembly for all of our students. First second and third year students will be there as well as all of BSU faculty. First year students will be required to introduce themselves.”


“What is the justification for this change in how we conduct orientations?” the Dean of Students asked.


“Well, part of being an entertainer is going before an audience, performing live. We will get to see how our freshmen recruits react under spontaneous pressure. It gives us the chance to see our first year students naturally. These introductions are technically their very first performance at BSU. The introductions will be calculated into the initial student rankings.” Ryoko explained.


“That is an interesting proposal Professor Fuiji. I can use the opportunity to analyze their mental states.” praised Damien.


“There is another reason for this assembly as well. There is a special guest who will be in attendance. Our guest would like to address the student body.”


“Who is it?” Annabelle asked.


“For security reasons I cannot reveal the identity of our guest speaker. Only the Headmistress and myself are aware.”


“This assembly is mandatory for all students and staff. Any student who doesn’t show up will face expulsion and any professor who isn’t present will be terminated effective immediately!” Ryoko asserted.


“So this is very serious business. You might wanna set 2 alarm clocks that morning.” Scarlette suggested.


“Are there any other concerns, to discuss?” asked the Dean of Students.


Everyone in the room was silent.


“Then consider this meeting adjourned. Everyone have a great day… And don’t forget… SLUTS FOREVER!”


SLUTS FOREVER!” yelled almost everyone in the conference room, much like the motivational phrases yelled at the end of football and basketball team huddles. Every BSU staff meeting ended with a team chant.


After the meeting concluded, Sara went back to her office and continued reviewing applicants. The professor had many she hadn’t seen due to applications coming in after the deadline. At the time there was no reason to continue reviewing them for they missed the cutoff date. She read through file after file until she found one that grabbed her interest. It was the young woman’s photo which first grabbed her attention. She looked different than other applicants she had seen, possessing somewhat of a nerdy, girl next door look. She had long, flowing dark green hair which was styled into twin tails near the end. She wore a pair of round swirly lens glasses typical of inventor characters in anime.


“Skyla Wu..” Sara said as she read the applicant’s name.


Upon opening her file, Sara saw her application along with a number of articles she included which detailed Skyla’s various appearances at science conventions and contests all over the country.


“First place! She’s pretty good,” Sara thought while looking through articles and pictures. One of the pictures was from a recent event about a year ago. What surprised her was who else was in the photo. Mizuki was standing next to Skyla, holding a giant golden cup trophy with her.


“She knows Mizuki? That means they are probably of equal talent.” Sara hypothesized to herself.


She then googled Skyla’s name and the results that came back shocked her. Skyla was a multiple world science fair champion having been in competition every year since the 4th grade. At age 15 ,she appeared on the television show ‘Robo Battle’, a series in which contestants design their own Robots to battle one another for a cash prize. Only the best aspiring engineers make the cut to compete with their robots. Skyla entered with a fully functioning replica Gundam mech complete with weaponry, and it was even capable of interfacing with her. Skyla swept through the tournament without a single loss and defended her title the next season before retiring from competition undefeated. She was the foremost expert in robotics at age 18 and below and even surpassed the skill of most individuals working in the robotics field professionally.


“This girl might be just who I’m looking for….” Sara said while getting up from her desk.


After a few unsuccessful phone calls to Skyla’s home, the blonde professor headed the campus subway and boarded the next train out of the university, with the goal being to speak to the standout applicant in person. Sara took the train and then a city bus, getting off at a stop in front of a middle class housing subdivision. Children were playing outside, elderly people were walking their dogs and many a milf were jogging around the neighborhood to keep their bodies fit and tight. As she walked into the subdivision and down the street she noticed that the area was familiar to her. The professor had been here once before to “interview” a male student, Eiji Nakamura.


Sara walked up to the Wu home and rang the doorbell but there wasn’t an immediate answer. She waited for a while before ringing the doorbell again, followed by giving it a firm knock.


“There’s two cars in the driveway, I know somebody is home.” the teacher thought to herself.


Sara then listened closely, picking up the sounds of loud screams coming from the other side of the door.


Finally the door opened, revealing a beautiful green haired woman wearing nothing but a bathrobe. Beads of sweat dripped down her face, hinting she was a little “preoccupied.” In the background, Sara could see a younger man, presumably her boyfriend rushing to get his pants on. Sara struggled to maintain a straight face upon seeing this.


“I’m sorry for the delay, was kind of in the middle of something. How can I help you?”


“It’s ok. Good morning. I’m Sara Reed the Head of the Admissions Department at BSU. I’m here to speak to Ms. Skyla Wu.”


“Oh! Come on in!” replied the green haired woman, presumably Skyla’s mother.


“She’s down in the basement.” Skyla’s mother said as she lead Sara to the door.


Sara walked down the stairs of the basement with more and more of the room becoming visible to her each step she took. Sara was amazed by what she saw once she got to the bottom. The room looked like an expensive high-tech laboratory. The walls were adorned with multiple white boards all filled with math equations and personal notes and invention schematics. Skyla had written notes to herself in a way only she could understand. Off to the side was a massive counter which held beakers, flasks, bunsen burners and other devices used for chemistry. There were multiple diagram charts on the walls for various inventions. In the center of the room was a bed-like white slab, similar to the ones in the local morgue. On that same table was what appeared to be a body completely covered by a white sheet.


“Creepy… I wonder what that is?”


At the end of the room, Sara saw a green haired female figure wearing a white lab coat and a pair of thigh high white socks with her back turned.


“Ms. Wu, I’m……”


“ProfessorSaraReedFromBusteezSlutUniversity!!!!” replied Skyla in a fast jittery tone as she turned around and waved at Sara. Skyla was wearing next to nothing, only a pair of tiny science themed boxer shorts with flasks of different color chemicals printed all over them along with a matching bra and her socks.


“I’ve been expecting you… Would you like some coffee?!”


“Sure, cream and sugar please.”


Skyla poured up an oversized mug of coffee adding lots of sugar and some liquid french vanilla flavored creamer before walking it over to Sara.


“I apologize for being late with my application. We could have avoided all of this had I turned it in sooner. ”


“What do you mean?” Sara asked.


“I know why you’re here professor. My contemporary dropped out in favor of Harlot State correct?”


“Yes. But how did you know?”


“We scientists have our social circles just like everyone else. Word gets out pretty quick. I heard about Mizuki being approached by them over the weekend during SPLASH.”


“After that happened, I deduced that the probability of you paying me a visit which was 99.5%. If I wasn’t late with my application, I’mCertainIWouldHaveBeenYourFirstChoiceAndWeWouldn’tBeHereRightNow!!!” Skyla affirmed with confidence.


“You’re a confident one, however try to slow it down when you speak.” Sara noted.


“Sorry, my nerves are kinda bad.” Skyla confessed.


“But thank you, my mom used to tell me the first step to achieving is believing. So corny yet so true!” Skyla said.


“Don’tworryaboutlosingMizuki! Whenyoulosesomethingthatpresentsopportunitytoupgrade!” Skyla spouted off without taking a breath. Sara had to listen closely.


“I’m the best upgrade you can get!” Skyla gloated with a smug grin, pointing at herself with both of her thumbs.


However, Skyla began to freeze, distort and flicker, and move in slow motion.


“AHHH! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!” Sara screamed in horror. Skyla then faded away gradually until she disappeared completely.


Suddenly a door on the other side of the basement opened and another Skyla walked out wearing the same clothing the first one had.


“Goooood morning…” greeted the green haired beauty in a groggy sounding voice. This Skyla was not wearing glasses which revealed her deep purple eyes. The scientist then poured herself a beer stein sized mug of coffee, scooping in a big measuring cups worth of sugar and pouring in a large amount of creamer. She took a sip and immediately perked up, her posture changing from a hunched over slouch to her standing upright.


“Surprised?” Skyla asked.


“Yeah, what was that I just saw?” Sara questioned.


“That was a holographic image of me. I was in the middle of running a test when you came in, so I decided to mess with you a little bit.” Skyla admitted with a chuckle.


“Why did it just die?”


“I’m still working out the kinks to how to power the system. I was running some batteries I designed to see how long they would last.”


“Well that was amazing!” Sara praised.


“I’ll turn it back on… The system can use electricity but I didn’t want that to be the primary power source.”


“Why is that?” Sara questioned.


“It’s because I want my VR system capable and ready for use no matter where it is.” Skyla answered while plugging a cord into the wall. However just as she plugged it up, she felt a strong jolt of power surge through her body. Her hair suddenly became wildly curly and frizzy! Skyla let out a quiet shriek as she was enveloped by a yellow aura of electricity which shocked her for almost half a minute. Her body illuminated and flashed repeatedly, making her bones visible for Sara to see. The professor panicked and watched in sheer horror for any attempt to help could cause her to get electrocuted as well. Once the shock end, Skyla slowly got back to her feet as if nothing happened. Her lab coat, bra and underwear sparked with static electricity.


“Are you alright?! Do you need me to call someone?!” Sara asked while rushing over to her.


“Yes, I’m ok. As a scientist, you get used to things like this pretty quickly since it happens so often.” Skyla joked. A sweatdrop appeared on the side of Sara’s head as she can still see the steam emanating from Skyla.


“Well If you’re okay then let’s begin the interview.” Suggested the professor.




The two sat down at the lab station on the side of the room.


“I have a few questions. How much sexual experience do you have?” Sara inquired.


Skyla took a pause and a deep breath before speaking.


“Not much. I’ve been very busy travelling to all of the events. I haven’t had a lot of time for that. Plus there aren’t many options in terms of guys. I kinda have a thing for watching people fuck. It gets me off.


“That’s ok, Skyla. I recall you watching me a couple of weeks ago. You were watching me interview a male student next door from your window.” admitted the professor.


“YOUSAWME!?” Skyla asked while blushing, embarrassed that she had got caught.


“Yes, there is nothing wrong with you being a voyeur. It’s actually quite a normal fetish compared to some of the more extreme stuff. You have nothing to be ashamed of Ms. Wu.” assured the blonde professor.


“At BSU you will get plenty of opportunities to watch as well as take part in sexual performances with our male students, including your neighbor.” Sara teased with a smirk. Skyla blushed upon the mention of her brown haired neighbor.


“It’s not like that!” Skyla corrected while shaking her head, her face flush brighter with embarrassment.


“If you say so.” Sara retorted with a smile, amused by Skyla’s innocence. Skyla immediately redirected the conversation by changing the subject.


“What are the lab facilities like?” Skyla questioned curiously.


“Our research and development department has state of the art facilities and equipment for your use 24 hours a day. It has recently been upgraded for this coming school year. Once you sign on, you will get to see it’s wonder for yourself.” the professor stated confidently.


“I have one more question to ask you Ms. Wu. Why do you want to attend BSU?” the busty blonde queried.


“Well even in today’s world of sexual liberation there are still some people out there who have difficulty making connections with others. This is for a number of reasons, low self esteem, awkwardness, shame or even just being afraid of rejection. I’ve have had trouble connecting with boys. I was shy, awkward and nerdy. Every school dance I waited to be asked out but it never happened. Rejection hurts, I want to help keep others from having to feel that. Companionship is an important part of the human experience. “Positive relationships and interactions make for healthy and happy people.” Skyla explained.


“I want to provide further means for people to make those ever so important connections.” Skyla said while standing up and walking to the white slab.


“I want to prove that there is no limit on how we make those connections. I will do that with my hyper VR drives and ‘THIS’ right here…” Skyla said while nodding to the object underneath the slab.


“Please tell me more.” Sara requested.


“Right here is not the proper place to show and demonstrate what I mean. Would you mind if I did a formal presentation?” Skyla asked.


“Not at all. I’m certain I’m not the only professor interested in hearing it. So do you accept my invitation to attend Busteez Slut University?”


“SHA SHA! I ACCEPT!.” Skyla replied loudly


“That’s great! So how about we head over to the campus? We can finish the paperwork and make things official there.”


“Very well, just give me a minute to get changed and pack my stuff.”


“Alright.” the professor responded as Skyla went back to her bedroom. Sara then took a sip of her coffee. She immediately felt a strong jolt of energy which made her lips quiver and her legs shake slightly. Sara’s hand wiggled uncontrollably as if she was panicking.


“What did you put in this coffee!?” yelled the professor while beginning to sweat. Skyla came out of her bedroom, wearing a pair of tight jeans along with a tiny t-shirt that read ‘I❤🍆’ on it.


“Oh that? It’s a brand I found recently. It’s called Tombstone. It has the HIGHEST caffeine content in all of the world. It’s how I get through long nights of working on designs. You like it?”


“ITSABITSTRONGFORME!!!” Sara answered quickly.


“Now you’re the one that needs to slow down!” Skyla chuckled.


“Give it a few minutes, it will settle down soon.”


“Itbetter! I’mstartingtoitch!!!”


Skyla gathered her equipment and the wiring to it and put it into a large duffle bag. However, she kept her cellphone on her person allowing her to activate her other devices remotely as well as staying connected to the internet.


“Alright, I’m ready.” Skyla said to the admissions chief who was at that point standing in front of an air conditioning vent to cool her caffeine induced fever.


Skyla handed Sara a cold water from the freezer before she walked up the stairs.


“I didn’t bring my car so we’ll have to take the train to get there. There is a station nearby.”


They walked around the corner to the World Central Subway Station. It was a sea of activity of people coming and going, commuting one place or another by train. In the last 10-15 years, citizens of World City used personal vehicles less in favor of public transportation to avoid busy traffic on the road. The streets of the metropolis is almost always congested, so mass transit is the preferable choice to get from point A to point B. Sara and Skyla weaved through copious amounts of people to get to a long but quickly moving line at the turnstyle. The blonde professor scanned her university ID to get through and then handed it to Skyla to badge in since she has yet to get her own BSU ID which contained a chip for the subway and bus pass. Upon arrival into the main area of the station, the pair were stopped by a man who appeared to be in his late 30’s-early 40’s, Sara’s age group.


“Hey! Sara Reed is that you?” the man asked. Sara responded with a simple nod.


“Mind if I get a picture with you?”


“Not at all.” The professor answered.


“Could you take the picture?” The man asked Skyla.


“Sure.” the green haired teen answered as he handed over his phone.


The man stood next to Sara and wrapped his arm around her waist” Suddenly as Skyla instructed them to say cheese, the veteran sex performer kissed the man on the cheek, making that the pose for the picture.


“Thank you soooo much!” said the man before walking away.


Sara was then approached by a younger man carrying a boxed set of the Shag Pirates adult film series. Shag Pirates was one of Sara’s biggest hits with each entry into the series selling multi platinum. A parody of pirate films, anime and general tropes, these were Sara’s last full length films. Sara autographed the young man’s dvd set, took a picture with him and gave him a big hug.


After the quick photo op, a distinct subway car pulled up. It was purple in color with BSU’s signature gold lettering painted on to the sides. It was different than the majority of the other subway trains at the station, most of which were the basic gray in color.


“We’re taking this one.” Sara informed the green haired genius.


As they got on, Sara started to explain the subway system.


“We have a network of trains that go back and forth to and from the campus, stopping along the way to various stations to pick up our students. You can go anywhere in the city free of charge.


The doors shut and the train began to move. As the rail car raced out of a tunnel, Skyla looked out of the window, seeing a billboard of Sara in a bikini.


“Professor, I have a question. What’s it like being a pornstar? Do you like it?”


“That’s a broad question.” Sara replied before pausing.


“It is a lot more work than what it looks like from the outside. There is a lot that comes with it. From long hours of shooting, to time promoting your films, working out and staying in shape. And as you saw? setting aside time for fans. I enjoy being able to have sex as often as I do and I have made life long friends from being in this industry. It is a matter of perspective. I have made lots of money but that isn’t what I get out of it. I enjoy the thrill.” Sara admitted.


“Does the fame ever bother you? Seems like you can’t go anywhere without being recognized”


“It’s a part of the territory, the more successful you are, the more attention you attract. Engaging with your fans is a part of the business. Without them we can’t earn the amounts we do. It can be tedious and time consuming yet fulfilling at the same time. That interaction from us can be the difference between someone else having a great day and a terrible one. However, if I’m out with friends and family off the clock it can sometimes go too far but most fans are respectful enough to let us have our private time. Part of the business is learning to separate your personal and professional life.


“That is a chemically sound answer professor! I can kinda relate to that myself. People gather from all over the world for these science and technology events. One time this guy in the crowd brought a sign that said “Marry Me Skyla!…Sha Sha!” explained the purple eyed nerd.


“You will see a lot of that and more from fans in this industry.”


“What does it feel like to shoot a scene? All those lights and cameras! It seems so scary, I don’t know if I can handle that. I’ve never even taken my clothes off in front of anyone before!”


“It can be at times, especially when you’re first starting. But you have to realize the young men you will encounter are in the same boat. They are just as nervous as you are. You will be working with classmates who are of a similar level of experience as you. The nerves go away with time. At it’s best, being in front of the camera can make you feel liberated and powerful, like you command the room.


“Really? that sounds like chemical greatness! Sha! Sha!” Skyla bellowed as she imagined herself being worshipped by millions bowing at her feet.


The train then arrived at it’s next stop. A man with slicked back blonde hair with a 5 o’clock shadow stubble of a beard stepped onto the train. He wore brown khaki colored cargo pants and a form fitting black and white polo shirt that showed off his well toned, muscular arms and upper body. He flashed a smile at Sara and Skyla before looking for a seat.


“Good morning Sara!” greeted the man cheerily.


“Good morning Saitou. How are you doing? You seem to be in a good mood.”


“I can’t complain. Got to have breakfast with my amazing daughter before she went to work so I’m VERY happy!” Saitou admitted while sitting in the only available seat next to Sara.


“Still recruiting? I thought all the freshman classes were filled.” He asked while looking at Skyla.


“Not yet, my work is never done. This young woman is BSU’s newest first year student. I’d like to introduce you to Ms. Skyla Wu. Skyla, this is Saitou, he is the university’s Chief of Security.”


“GoodmorningMr.Saitou!” Skyla said quickly, her eyes widened in lust in response to Saitou’s rugged good looks. Skyla crossed her legs to hide her excitement.


“Good morning Skyla. Welcome aboard to BSU.” Saitou greeted while extending her hand. The young standout held onto his hand a little too long, maintaining a tight grip as the older man tried to release it.


“Eee!! Sorrysir!” Skyla apologized as she let go, her face flush with embarrassment causing Sara to chuckle slightly.


“It’s ok, you can just call me Saitou.”


“Saitou operates out of our Passion Heights dormitory building and also helps manage that facility. If you’re ever locked out of your room, he’s your man.”


“If I gotta wake up at 3:00 am to unlock your room, its gonna cost you $50.” Saitou said in jest causing Skyla to giggle.


“Ms. Wu, You asked me earlier what it’s like to do a scene. I think I can show you better than I can tell you.” Sara smirked.


“What?” Skyla asked in confusion.


Without saying a word, Sara leaned over and turned Saitou’s head toward him, surprising the man with a juicy kiss. He was momentarily stunned but quickly picked up on what the professor was doing and engaged with her. Skyla looked on with her eyes wide for she never saw anything like this happen so close to her. The train stopped again at a station near Sapphire Shores, filling up with more passengers heading back to BSU, including Shikijou. As she sat down, she noticed her former homeroom professor and the head of security making out.


“What in the world?!” the second year student thought to herself.


The lusty makeout session caught the attention of everyone on the train, prompting students to whip out their phones. Some recorded while others sent texts to their friends about what they were seeing.


Sara glided her tongue into Saitous mouth, poking his tongue with her own. At the same time Saitou inched closer, reaching out to grope her breast.


“Mmmm! ”


Skyla’s eyes were permanently affixed to the encounter taking place, squeezing one of her own tits in the same fashion Saitou was doing to professor Reed. Her body temperature gradually began to rise as she rubbed on her thigh with the other hand.


The blonde haired man nimbly released two of the buttons oh on her shirt and unhooked Sara’s front clasp bra in what looked like a single fluid hand motion. He ran his fingertips across her soft skin applying light pressure, going from outside inward until he reached her areolas.


“Ahhh! I see you haven’t lost your touch Saitou.”


“I think I should take the train more often.” Saitou quipped while feeling up her huge bosoms.


Sara pushed her chest out and began to shake her torso from side to side, gently paint brushing him with her ever stiffening nipples. The security guard sat there and smiled for a moment, sticking his tongue out as her tits brushed across his face. As Skyla continued to gawk at the two BSU employees, she strained to resist the urge to touch herself.


Sara let out what was a combination of a moan and a giggle as Saitou began to lick her succulent titties. He poked and prodded at her nipples with his tongue while clamping down on her areolas with his thumbs, applying moderate pressure. Sara cooed as goosebumps spread all over her breasts.


“Ohhh yeah! This is how we do it at BSU. Pay attention closely Skyla!”


After instructing the new recruit, Sara reached downward and skimmed up Saitou’s leg with her hand and loosened his belt before opening up his pants. Skyla’s mouth drop as Sara partially unfurled the 6’4 security chief’s jumbo sized dong.


“SHA SHA! That guys dick is so big and beautiful. Is this what my classmates will be like?” thought the purple eyed nerd in amazement. A flashing pink exclamation point appeared over her head while looking on, punctuating her shock and surprise quite literally. She gripped her purse tightly with both hands in anticipation, still trying not to surrender to the urge to masturbate.


Sara grasped his cock and slowly went up and down on it, smoothly careening over Saitou’s gradually swelling veins. Her touch was like a touch of pure magic for it took a masterful hand to make a man feel it in his veins. She jerked him off with precision and skill, first using one before switching both hands to stroke the security man’s hefty cock.


“Now this is how you give a blowjob Skyla.” Sara instructed as she squatted down on the train floor. Saitou grabbed onto one of the train’s support poles and stood up, making Sara’s job of depantsing him easier. The professor gave his pants a light tug and pulled them down


“The number one rule of sucking dick is ‘don’t hurt him’” Sara explained before opening her mouth. The professor welcomed the thick log into her mouth, wrapping her lips around the upper and lower sides of his dick; smoothly gliding across his skin as she started to bob her head back and forth. Skyla watched on, partly aroused but partly in awe of Sara’s technique. The professor grasped his cock with one hand to help her move the giant flesh cylinder in and out of her mouth. However, Sara was making sudden movements with her hand, pressing on his skin like buttons on a trumpet.




Skyla watched from close up, even leaning in closer to watch the blowjob performance taking place


“Look at her go!.. The way she moves her lips, the ever so subtle touch with her fingers. CHEMICALLY SPLENDOROUS!” the genius thought to herself, her hands holding on to her purse tightly. Shikijou looked while holding her phone to record the encounter.


“This will be interesting, the professor and our security guy. How is he going to last with her?”


The buxom blonde superstar sucked Saitou’s dick with fervor and energy as she perched on the floor of the moving train. Her eyes focused on Saitou’s face while she worked. It was almost as if Sara was smiling with her eyes as she watched him groan, totally afixed on pleasing him rather than her own desire. However, Sara herself was aroused by the act of giving and it was evident in her body language. Her huge tits pressed up against each other, sandwiched in between her knees, catching the drops of excess spit that ran down her chin. Sara glided her hand down her own thigh and up her skirt, rubbing the opening of her vagina.




“Oh yeah Serrabelle, suck a little harder!”


“You sure you can handle it?” Sara teased jokingly.


“You’re really gonna ask me that?” Saitou replied sarcastically.


“You asked for it.”


Sara licked her lips and took a deep breath before resuming the suck job. She opened her mouth like a great white shark, taking it all in like she was devouring prey. She locked her jaw like a pitbull and proceeded to bathe Saitou’s cock in her oral goodness. Sara pressed tightly with her lips and went back and forth, inhaling with her mouth to create a strong pulling sensation on Saitou’s skin. He thrusted his hips slightly, while holding on to the back of her head to brace himself. As Sara bobbed her head forward, she exhaled powerfully, blowing him in a very literal sense. This is a technique that required not only sexual skill but powerful lungs as well to create sensation of blowing his dick.


“WOW! Professor Reed just used air to pleasure him!? That’s amazing!” Shikijou noted.


“MMMMM! AHHHH!” Sara moaned while rhythmically pushing two fingers in and out of her pussy. Drool began to run from Skyla’s lip as she watched in a lustful trance. Her legs trembled and she felt a strong tingling feeling surging through her body making it even tougher to resist the urge to play with herself.


Sara grabbed onto Saitou’s buttocks and pulled him close, pushing her head forward and taking in inch after inch of his thick meat until her forehead was touching his stomach. She sat there and held it before pulling back and deepthroating Saitou once more. His dong glided down her throat with ease, creating a visible bulge for Skyla and others to see.


“HOW IS SHE ABLE DO THAT?!” the green haired academic standout thought to herself.


“I’m ready to fuck!” Sara declared loudly, talking at Saitou’s dick as if she were speaking into a microphone.


“The warm up is over, now let’s get serious, I’m trying to show her what it’s like on our side.” Sara spoke before rising to her feet. She walked over to a nearby window


“So you want it hard?” Saitou asked while following Sara.


“Yeah, show her what she will be getting from our boys.”


The security chief slipped Sara’s light blue thong down around her thighs. Saitou then grabbed a hold of his dick and slapped Sara on the ass with it, rubbing on the opening of her hole with the head of his cock. Sara’s juices ran down her thighs, a sign she was eager to be penetrated. The man then slapped his dick up against her butt cheeks and teasingly thrusted, rubbing the top side of his dong in between the folds of her pussy.


“Ooooh Saitou! Feed me that big dick!” Sara demanded while looking over her shoulder at him. Saitou squeezed his way into her tight vagina, wiggling his cock from side to side. The process of entry in itself was pleasurable for the professor, making her slit run with moisture. The security guard penetrated Sara deep and steady from behind. The professor cooed lighty as Saitou began pumping.


“Yeah daddy show her how it’s done! AHHH!!! ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION!?!” Sara screamed while looking over her shoulder at Skyla.


The bus stopped again but Saitou did not, in fact he ramped up his fuck offensive, thrusting harder and faster as more students entered the train to travel to BSU campus. The man railed her with heavy, stiff thrusts, sending chills into the pit of Sara’s stomach.




“I’d be happy too!” Saitou replied.


Saitou bashed Sara with herculean thrusts, using his legs to generate more power. Sara leaned on the window of the train for support, her giant tits pressing up against the glass.






The security guard fucked her so hard, he lifted her up off the ground a few inches, causing Sara to come out of her high heels. Sara brushed up against the train window, drifting up and down from the epic pounding Saitou was giving her. Skyla could no longer resist the urge to touch herself. Watching Sara and Saitou go at it drove Skyla’s lust beyond the point of being controlled. She unsnapped her pants and reach down into her panties to rub her moist slit.


“Ahhhh!…Yes!” Skyla moaned while playing with herself, massaging her huge tits with the other hand. The green haired teen leaned back against the seat.


Saitou nearly lost his balance and fell as the train started back up, causing some giggles. He grabbed onto a handpole for balance and to gain leverage while plugging Sara. However, Saitou’s pants, restricted his movements and limited him on what he could do.


“Hey! Gimme a sec!”


Saitou sat down in an empty seat nearby, Sara assisting him by getting the restrictive khakis off of the man. The professor then turned around, slowly lowering her well trimmed pussy down on Saitou’s fully hardened shaft.




There was a loud pop as Saitou squeezed into Sara’s tight cunt. This was followed by a squishy slosh-like sound. Sara bounced up and down slowly in Saitou’s lap, rotating her hips around. The security guard unbuttoned Sara’s blouse and pulled down her miniskirt, getting all of the clothing out of the way.


“Now that’s more like it!” Saitou grinned.


Sara transitioned from a slow seductive grind to hard bouncing on his dick, increasing her speed and intensity, coming down on Saitou with her ass and thighs each time.






Taking a cue from Saitou, Skyla pulled her own pants down for easier masturbation. She picked and fingered away, causing liquid love to run down her legs. The new recruit lifted one leg up, placing her foot on the edge of her seat. She spread her other leg out and went to work, digging into her pussy like she was searching for buried treasure.


“OH SHIT! SAITOU!” Skyla yelled as she watched. She had gone into full voyeur mode, mentally placing herself into Sara’s position.


Saitou looked across at Skyla, seeing that she was into it.


“Your new student is full of school spirit!” Saitou remarked with a smirk before thrusting his hips upwards. The security guard impacted the blondes pussy with amazing force yet perfect technique, hitting her G-spot with little effort finding it. It was like had some kind of sixth sense guiding him. It was apparent that Saitou had far more experience in sexual performance than the average security guard.




Sara exploded with liquid love, splattering it all around the immediate area like a water sprinkler. Some of the juice even got on Skyla. Seeing Sara fucked to bliss like that gave her tremendous satisfaction as well.


“OHHHH! MR. SAITOU! THIS FEELS GREAT!!!” Skyla screamed.


Skyla’s fingers were no longer enough for her as she needed something stronger. She reached into her purse and pulled out a vibrator, setting it to speed 1. She waved the wand like device from side to side on her lower region, hollering loudly enough to compete with Sara.


The man then lifted up the professor and laid her down on the seat. He then got on top of her, shoving his huge dick inside of Sara’s pussy once more. The moisture made it easier for the hung security man to get in. He lunged forward with a powerful thrust, heading deep inside the administrator’s vaginal canal.




Saitou pounced on Sara with lively aggression, impaling her with power strokes. Sara pulled Saitou close and initiated yet another kiss. The pounding thrusts made loud bumping sound as Saitou fucked her against the seats.




“OOOHHHH! GIVE IT TO ME BABY! AHHHH!!! I FEEL YOU!!!” yelled the purple eyed voyeur and she adjusted the speed on her vibrator to speed 2. Her juices ran abundantly down the seat and to the floor. Skyla pushed her tits up with her other arm, licking and nibbling on them.


Saitou then sat up and continued to fuck her, raising one of Sara’s legs and holding it up. He sent rumbling shocks through her belly and into her chest. Sara’s body began to quiver and her juices flowed like waves in the ocean. He picked up speed, bringing a pure hurricane of dick upon the professor! The security guard brought her to the peaks of bliss.




At the same time, Skyla was approaching her own climax. Watching Sara and Saitou had completely freed her of her inhibitions temporarily. Skyla’s body quivered all over, her pussy pulsating uncontrollably! She screamed in unison with Sara, simultaneously having an orgasm with her.


Shikijou panned with her phone switching between Skyla and Sara’s reaction.


Sara exploded with moist euphoria, squirting a stream of her juice which splattered on the security guards chest. The blonde convulsed on the seat as her climax ran its course.




Saitou placed his cock in between Sara’ giant knockers and slid it back and forth. The professor, squeezed her melons together, jerking him off with them. Saitou felt that powerful surge through his cock. He smirked as he began to unload a powerful shot of spunk.


“GIVE IT TO ME!” Sara begged.


“YEAH!” Saitou yelled as he erupted. He basted Sara with cum, covering her tits and tongue in his thick viscous white fluid. Just as Saitou had finished, the train had arrived at the BSU station.


“No time to hang around and cuddle.” Sara remarked to Skyla who was completely naked and stretched out on her seat with a euphoric smile on her face. She was breathing hard and her eyes were squinting like she was about to fall asleep. Sara wiped the cum away and quickly got dressed before walking over to Skyla.


“Chemicaaallllllly…..Wonderfuuullll…” Skyla sighed as she lounged in the seat.


“WAKE UP!” Sara ordered before grabbing the teen’s shoulder and shaking her wildly.


“What?” Skyla responded groggily.


“Get dressed, we’re at the university.”


“Ohhhhhh! Okkkkkk!” Replied the teen while reaching for her clothing.


Skyla got dressed in the following minutes, her state of euphoria subsided and she gradually went back to normal.


“WOW!” Skyla exclaimed while stepping off of the train. The walls of the station’s interior were adorned with pictures of famous alumni from both the adult and mainstream worlds, including Sara herself.


“Welcome to BSU!” Sara said while waving her hand and presenting the campus to her as they stepped out of the train station and onto the campus.


The two walked along a pathway that branched in multiple directions. Skyla noted the numerous sign posts in the ground to help guide students to the right destination.


“SHA SHA! This place is huge! It’s like an amusement park!” marveled the green haired purple eyed beauty.


“This campus is far larger than Disneyworld. BSU has enough land to have its own zip code. In fact, People call this area ‘University City’ for good reason!” the professor explained while leading the way.


“University City was designed to meet all of a student’s needs without ever having to leave. Not just dormitories but stores, restaurants, movie theaters and even bars to hang out at after hours.


“Bars? I just turned 18. I’m not old enough to drink!” Skyla pointed out.


“The legal drinking age on campus is 18. Its to help our students gradually adjust to the lifestyle of an entertainer.


“I see.. So it’s safer to get wasted here and than it is to sneak off campus and do it.


“Exactly.. .It also prevents binging after turning 21, the age for most graduates.”


As they made their way to the administrative office, Skyla took notice of a group of people who appeared to be protesting in the front courtyard area. A man walked back and forth beating a bass drum that was strapped to his shoulders. Other men held up signs with messages that read. “NO MORE WHORES!” “PORN CORRUPTS!” “STAND AGAINST SEXISM” “STOP DEGRADING WOMEN!” and a host of other feminist messages. The group of men chanted loudly while marching in a circle in front of BSU’S main office.








Eric and other security guards struggled to maintain order. Saitou’s second in command approached what was the eye of the anti BSU storm. He pushed his way through to get to the center of the group. What he saw astounded him. The group of protesters was lead by a single woman, an amazingly beautiful one at that. Her most noticeable trait was her bright, neon orange hair which defied the laws of physics with its shape and style. The mystery woman was tiny in size, barely 5 feet tall if that, even smaller than Xavier. Her body was very petite and waifish, however her face possessed a mature, elegant beauty that made it clear she wasn’t a child. Eric was mesmerized by her. She looked up at the security man as he walked up.


“M-Ma’am could you please move your protest somewhere else?” the fledgling security guard stuttered.


“Why?! I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m well within my right of free speech! We are peacefully assembling and exercising our freedom of expression! You can’t stop us from doing that.” the orange haired woman asserted while crossing her arms.


“Come on Brooke, you know I can’t let you protest in this particular spot. This is the front of the school.”


“Exactly my point! Anyone who decides to pay BSU a visit will see us and hear our message! You can’t silence me!” replied the fiery orange haired woman.


“We go through this almost everyday. I’m just doing my job. Can you please give it a break?” the security guard pleaded.


“I have to do my duty, just like you do. I can’t stop! I won’t stop until I get a meeting with Headmistress Kuriyue!”


“She’s not here. The Headmistress is out of the office all day.” Eric sighed.


“I know, but she will have to return eventually and the board of directors will be with her! I will wait for their arrival and finally give them all a piece of my mind!” yelled the tiny firebrand to Eric.


Meanwhile, some of Brooke’s follower’s stared at her with lust and spoke amongst themselves.


“What are we protesting again?” asked the first follower.


“I dunno, I think it’s some feminist bullshit. I just came because shes is so so SOOO fucking hot!” replied a tall, lanky second follower with unkempt hair.


“Same here, I bet she’s a hellcat in bed. I’m gonna find out for sure.” said the overweight, pimple faced third follower.


“If you hate porn and nudity so much then why are you here?” Eric asked curiously.


“The only way I can change this filthy perverted world is from within!” Brooke admitted with a smirk.


“Hey get away from her you oppressive male pig!!!” interrupted one of Brooke’s followers


“You can’t stop our revolution!” yelled the second follower.


“Hey! You’re too close to our goddess! that’s sexual harassment!” screamed the third follower.


“Hey how about you ass-kissing white knights shut the fuck up?!” Eric yelled back while gesturing to reach for a billy club on his hip.


Brooke turned her attention to Sara and Skyla who were trying to get by so they could go to Sara’s office and fill out scholarship paperwork.




“Who is she? And what’s she talking about?” Skyla asked.


“You’ll probably find out soon. She’s a regular trouble maker of ours.”


“YOU’RE MAKING A MISTAKE! YOUR VALUE ISN’T DETERMINED BY THE MALE GAZE!!!” Brooke pleaded as they entered the building.


Once inside, Sara and Skyla did all the necessary paperwork to finalize her enrollment and financial aid.



After half an hour, the two walked out of the administrative building. While walking, they both took notice of Brooke once more, this time the orange haired hot tamale was talking to scantily clad university student passersbys with her megaphone.




“Is protesting a regular thing?” Skyla asked.


“Until recently, no, this is the second year this has happened. She started protesting here last year.” Sara explained.


They headed over to the science complex, which in itself was a massive structure. After going inside, they turned a few hallways and went a set of huge sliding double doors. This area was secured by AI controlled locks.


“Please scan your security badge.” instructed VIC, the school AI that controls much of the university’s functions.


Sara held her badge to the scanner.


“Authentication Phase 1 complete. Commencing Phase 2. Please press your finger on the fingerprint scanner.”


Sara then placed her index finger on the scanner.


“Authentication Phase 2 complete. Commencing Phase 3. Please provide a retina scan.”


Sara leaned forward as the door scanned her eye with a red laser.


“These are some nice security features here.” Skyla complimented.


“Our security systems are state of the art. This is one of the few areas that are protected with maximum level security measures. Our editing room is another. Our student and staff database is protected by some of the highest level tech experts in the world.”


“To protect BSU’s vast archive of video footage, on top of everyone’s personal information?” Skyla inferred.


“Yes, we have a lot of sensitive material that must be safeguarded from exposure and piracy. This includes amateur videos of student productions and training, and well as completed movies and scenes that haven’t been released yet. Also our curriculum is highly sensitive. There’s thousands of hours of instruction and training material on our database. Additionally, the department has a number of prototype devices that are in development that the rest of the Adult industry and the greater world don’t know about. Our rivals would love to get their hands on our creations. Anyway, welcome to the Research and Development department!”


The pair entered a massive room, complete with desks, sinks, storage closets, TV monitor screens and just about anything else a scientist would need to assist in performing experiments. Skyla looked up at the ceiling and saw multiple mechanical arms mounted up there.


“CHEMICALLY EXQUISITE!” Skyla awed. Fireworks bursting around her head.


“These arms will assist you whenever you need an extra hand or 2 or even 3 to help you work.”


“I like it but I think I’m gonna install more. There’s no such thing as too much help!”


Skyla looked around the lab, nearly everything had been cleared out by Mizuki over the weekend. She saw an object on a nearby table, it was one of the virtual reality headsets.


“She left something behind I see.” Skyla confirmed as she picked up the VR helmet. Her eyes narrowed. Her demeanor became more serious and her expression took on a more focused look.


Epic anime battle music began to play loudly in the background. Skyla’s hair started blow like there was a strong wind in the room despite that not being the case. Skyla’s voice became a bit deeper and more authoritative.


“VIC! ENCRYPTION BREAK! 0001011-0000010-1010011-0001110-0000111-1100100! SEQUENCE DOWN, R, UP, L, Y, B!”


A sound of confirmation echoed throughout the room.


“Welcome Primary! Good morning!” greeted the AI. VIC’s voice had changed from the default setting to a custom female voice.




Sara stood dumbfounded as she watched with bugged out eyes, Skyla effortlessly took control of BSU’s VIC AI system. Because Skyla hadn’t been issued an ID yet, she would not have been able to control VIC at all.


“How is she doing this? Is she…a hacker?!” the professor thought as her mouth hung wide open.


“Wait, this is more than hacking…Could she be…VIC’S CREATOR?!”


The big screen television monitor turned on. The screen showed footage of Mizuki and Rayne’s test run of her virtual reality device.



“Pretty soon you will. The University brought me on because I’m a wiz with this stuff. Several of the VR-MMO’s on the market today are made from my own designs!” Mizuki said proudly. “Hey VIC, two well hung studs please. Randomize their appearance and make sure they’re both at LEAST eighteen inches or longer.”


“Oh my, SOOOOO big!!!” Rayne said with a giggle, “This is totally turning me on already! Mmmmh, you know, this might actually help me, it’s been a month or two since I’ve taken anything nearly this big.” she confessed………..


Watching both their bodies and the screen, Sara moaned as she began rubbing at her clit, hot juices dripping down her thighs as she moaned softly. ‘Mmmmmh such big dicks!‘ she thought as she watched the two girls beginning to move on their own now. The camera shifted to let her see those thick meat sticks plunging deep into Rayne and Mizuki’s gushing pussies. Sara reached into the inner pocket of the jacket she had on over her blouse and pulled out a second, smaller high frequency vibration dildo. She quickly turned it on to the max setting and jammed it into her own pussy.]



Seeing the footage over again made Sara recall that very day.


“Looks like this system was only 42% complete on the date this took place.” remarked Skyla with her arms crossed. She correctly made such a judgment after only seeing a couple of seconds of the system in action.


“Total Immersion huh… seems we are like night and day with our ideas. She went with the sentrodes.” noted Skyla to herself while nodding head slowly.


“What do you mean?” Sara asked.


“Mizuki and I both have virtual reality devices but they are vastly different.”


“How are they different?” the blonde asked.


“I will explain that during my official presentation.” Skyla answered.


“I will need a little time to set up the lab. Do you mind?”


“It’s fine. While you do that, I’ll get the ball rolling.”


Skyla’s voice then returned to it’s light timid tone.


“Thank you for extending this offer. I will do my best to honor you with my effort! Sha sha!!” pledged the green haired freshman.


“You have a bright future at BSU Ms. Wu, I look forward to seeing what you accomplish.” Sara affirmed while walking towards the lab’s exit.


“Thank you… Professor, I have a request to ask of you.”


“What is it?” the blonde asked.


“Don’t tell anyone what you saw in here today.” Skyla begged while putting her hands together like she was praying.


“Your secret is safe with me.”


Once Sara left the young genius, Skyla reached into her giant duffle bag and took out a metal backpack. It was made of a lightweight yet sturdy alloy allowing for maximum functionality. She laid it on the floor and spoke…


“Activate Grapple Arms now!”


8 flexible tentacle-like appendages shot out from each side of the mysterious backpack, each with a humanoid-like hand at the end of them. The 16 appendages meant 8 sets of hands to assist her in setting up her lab. With the help of the grappler arms, they can help set up her equipment, move things and decorate the room in a timely fashion.



(6:00 P.M.)


It was nearly time for Skyla to present her work. Aside from setting up her laboratory, She studied and reviewed her work and created a presentation to use. As the hours and minutes pass, Skyla grew more and more nervous. The anxiety built up and weighed upon the recruit as 6:30 approached.


“IT’SALMOSTIMETHEY’RECOMINGIT’SALMOSTIMETHEY’RECOMING!” Skyla rambled repeatedly followed by an exhausted sigh. Her hands and feet steadily trembled.




Along with the bad nerves, Skyla began to feel a bit weary. She reached into her purse and pulled out a bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups and another bag full of jelly beans.


“I’MMMMMMMM READY!” yelled Skyla while jumping up and down. All the synapses were firing. The sugar in the candy had jump started her brain, allowing her to focus properly and think quicker. The caffeine content boosted her energy level along with her physical strength.


“CHEMICALLY STRONG!” the purple eyed woman loudly declared while putting her lab coat on. She then did a series of super sentai like poses ending with an aggressive thumbs up gesture.




Just as Skyla finished pumping herself up for the presentation Sara entered the lab. She was followed by Cathy, Damien, Scarlette, Ryoko, Shikijou, and Dr. Yumi Ozawa, head of BSU’s Medical Department, and the Dean of Students.


“Good evening Skyla, these are some of my fellow professors.”


“Good evening everyone.”


Skyla was then approached by the red and blonde haired woman in a white lab coat. The purple eyed recruit started shaking in her sneakers in awe of the woman.


“You’reScarlette Beareguardcreatorofbimbogel!” Skyla said rapidly.


“Yep that’s me!” Scarlette, the chief of BSU’s Research and Development Department, confirmed with a smile.


Ms. Beauregard is the head of the science tech division. Scarlette was a star in both the science and adult entertainment worlds, serving as a hero to young intellectual women everywhere such as Skyla.


“I look forward to your presentation.” Scarlette noted before sitting in one of many desks Skyla had moved into the lab for the presentation. The young woman took a deep breath and mumbled to herself.


“Just one more time Skyla…You can do it!”


This self assertion calmed her nerves which had been rattled by meeting Scarlette.


“Excuse me, I am ready to begin.” Skyla proclaimed with a smooth yet powerful voice, stopping the teachers from talking amongst themselves as if she was the professor and they were the students. Epic anime hero introduction music begins to play in the background.


“I am Skyla Wu, a freshman student who just signed to BSU this morning. I’d like to welcome you to my laboratory, or should I say Lady Wu’s World of Wonder!”


The room darkened at the snap of her fingers, prompting a TV monitor to lower.


“There are many things I can show you but I would like to highlight two of them for you all today. What is Reality?” Skyla asked the audience.


“It can be defined as the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.” She answered before a brief pause as she walked back and forth along the front of the room.


“Many including my departed predecessor Mizuki have attempted to fashion their own state of cyber existence known as ‘Virtual Reality’”


The TV screen then showed schematics and photographs of Mizuki’s TIER system (Total Immersion Enviroment Room). This was followed by video footage of Mizuki and Rayne’s encounter with the two virtual men.


“While this could be an entertaining world to be in, what makes this any different than the same old gimmicks that have been tried for decades, dating back to when 3D glasses were thought to be the next big thing?”


“This so called ‘Virtual Reality’ relies on devices manipulating the senses to create a feeling, projecting false images to the mind of the user to induce emotions such as pleasure and happiness. This is how such a “reality” comes to pass.“


“However I have something of my own I would like to show you.”


The TV showed pictures and schematics of a small square electronic device no bigger than a Playstation 6 console. There was the actual device on a small table next to where she was standing.


“So what does it do?” Cathy whispered to Damien.


“We shall see.”


“VIC! Initiate F.U.N.D.A.M protocol NOW! ” (Fantasy-Reality Unrestricted Nexus Drive Astral-Projection Module)


“FUNDAM LAUNCHING!” Yelled the custom female VIC voice.


Another Skyla appeared, wearing the swirly glasses dressed in formal lab attire. The second Skyla then hi fived the original.


“They just touched. A solid hologram?!” Ryoko awed.


“Is this real?!” asked a stunned Annabelle.


“To answer your question, yes!” replied the Skyla hologram.


“Just to prove this is not an elaborate trick I need a volunteer. How about you professor Beauregard!?”


The hologram Skyla approached Scarlette and rubbed her face, turning her head so that the two were facing each other. Holo Skyla pressed her lips against Scarlette’s own juicy lips. They engaged in a long sensual girl/girl liplock. Scarlette placed her hand on Holo Skyla’s breast.


“How could this be? She has a heartbeat!” Scarlette thought to herself in shock.


Holo-Skyla then reached low, gently massaging Scarlette’s thigh on the way to reaching up her skirt.


“AHHHH!” moaned Scarlette as the Hologram woman fingered her, nibbling on her neck at the same time. The professor then propped her leg up, exposing her bare pussy to Holo Skyla. The doppelganger then kneeled underneath the desk and began to lick Scarlette’s warm opening


The other professor’s mouths dropped as they watched an artificial image grope, kiss and lick their colleague. Judging by Scarlette’s screams this was definitely not an Illusion.


“I won’t bore you with all the details of how this works because we don’t have all day, but as you can see, solid tangible images are possible through a concept I call ‘Hardlight’. A multitude of complex physics equations scrolled on the screen which explained the hardlight concept.


“AHHHH YES! EXCELLENT I’M GONNA GIVE YOU AN A+ FOR THIS!” Scarlette hollered causing the rest of the teachers to chuckle.


The Skyla clone carefully nibbled on Scarlette’s slit, gently coating her clitoris with saliva. While eating away at Scarlette’s pussy. Holo-Skyla gently pinched her inner thighs, causing Scarlette’s knees to buckle It was like the hologram knew every inch of Scarlette’s body perfectly, all of her weak points and sensitive zones.




Holo-Skyla slipped her tongue deeper into the red headed professor’s sweet snatch, repeatedly jabbing her clit.




Holo-Skyla then resumed fingering her, pushing further in, hitting another orgasmic zone. Scarlette burst with moisture, washing the hologram’s face with her juicy love.




“You like that artificial tongue don’tcha?” Asked the hologram before leaning her face back into Scarlette’s twat. She ran her hand through the duplicate’s hair, drool ran from the R&D Chief’s luscious lips as Holo-Skyla went back to work on her.


However, Scarlette would denied the chance to climax a second time as the Holo-Skyla faded away.


“Hey! Why did you make your clone go away?! I wasn’t done!” Scarlette pouted with disappointment.


“It’s still a work in progress. I need a stronger power supply.” Skyla admitted with a childish giggle.


“The Nexus Drive system will allow for other features as well. For example, if you and your significant other are separated across the world, you can still make love to him or her with my VR device. By turning on your FUNDAM device and connecting to the internet and linking to your partner’s device you can project a 100% accurate hologram to your partner’s location. This enables for intimacy as if you were both in the same place at the same time.”


“I am often compared to my peer, Mizuki, especially when we have similar pieces of technology. However, her VR tech is about providing the user escapism from daily life. My system is about facilitating connections with other people. These holograms can be projected across vast distances anywhere in the world. This makes the application of my tech limitless. Imagine a famous surgeon from Hong Kong beginning emergency surgery on a little girl in New York in a matter of minutes. Imagine a famous call girl, such as Galactica, being able to do her job anywhere in the world from the comfort and safety of her own home without having to fly anywhere. People will literally be in two places at once!”


“WOW! That is impressive! What else is the Nexus Drive capable of?” Scarlette inquired with interest.


“The Nexus Drive is able to accurately recreate and project locations. The Drive will already come preloaded with thousands of real places but also offers an input to add your own. Lastly, the user can interface with the system allowing one to imagine and create his or her own custom world.


“I’m still not done developing FUNDAM, so once it’s ready there will be more features. Any questions?”


“Can I try it?!” Ryoko asked.


“I wanna give this thing a go too!” Annabelle added.


“Well are there are any other questions?” Skyla asked with a chuckle.


There was a brief silence. The momentary quiet was then followed by clapping and loud banging on desks.


After the cheers subsided, a loud crash of lightning banged which startled everyone except Skyla. The room suddenly went dark and a cacophony of thunder sounds echoed all around them. This was followed by what sounded like retro arcade machine music.


“HERE COMES A NEW COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!” scrolled across the TV screen in gold text.


A silhouette of a female figure with piercing glowing yellow eyes materialized on the TV screen. The figure appeared to have no hair. “She” had a remarkably huge bust and a proportionately fat, round ass. Glowing yellow lines flowed throughout the body of the figure like arteries and flashed like powerful electrical surges. The figure gestured ‘come here’ with her hand before turning her back, revealing the curvaceous shape of her ass.


“BSU, ARE YOU READY?!” flashed on screen as the music ended. The lights came back on and Skyla looked serious.


“Before we bring this to a close, I have a request to make. There is someone who would like to enroll as a freshman at BSU this year. She is ready and willing to take on all challengers and please any guy she faces!”


The teachers looked at each other all intrigued by this potential new challenger. Since Taiyohime was not present, the decision was up to the Dean of Students.


“One more student won’t hurt. We still have to go through the proper procedures but I think we can make it work. I want to see who this new challenger is! I will allow it!” decreed the Dean. The teachers then all stood up and grabbed their belongings.


“I will see you again in orientation” Scarlette guaranteed with an eager grin, causing Skyla to blush.


As the teachers departed the lab, Skyla looked around.


“I’m here now. After so many years I’m on the world’s biggest stage. Finally, I…No, WE will show them and go further than anyone imagined was possible. I swear it!”


Sara had averted a crisis with Mizuki’s departure and in the process and perhaps discovered an even greater talent in Skyla. However, the burning question is this; WHO is coming with Skyla to BSU?

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Very, and I mean very, beautiful artwork. Not only does it feature one of my favorite female characters of the series (Sara) but also gives us the designs for Saitou and the new girl Skyla. Glad to see that Saitou’s design is the same as from ROL, he looks really good and his beard and all kinda reminds me of Isshin from Bleach, which fits his role as somewhat of a father/mentor figure for Xavier in the story. Skyla looks absolutely gorgeous, even with so much clothing on her body. Would have loved to see her with her glasses on but she looks sexy nonetheless. The train setting is done pretty nicely with the skyline of the city in the background only a blur, because the train is moving so fast. Sara’s boobs and hands, pressed against the door of the train, look really sexy and the look in her eyes she has for Saitou is drawn astonishingly good. A little lipstick mark on a mans body does wonders, to this otherwise relatively tame makeup version. The biggest advantage this position (the womans boobs pressed against glass) has, is without a doubt the fact, that it greatly enhances the cum version, with the spunk pressed together between glass and boobs. Aside from that, the sperm lingering on her body and sliding down the door looks really great. Love the bit dangling off of her midriff and tits. Other noteworthy features include: the clothing each character wears are drawn phenomenally, especially the imprint on Skyla’s t-shirt; the little bit of Sara’s juices forming a puddle on her underwear; and the condensation on the glass infront of Saras open mouth, courtesy of the very steamy sex between the teacher and chief of security.

This was a cramped chapter. It introduces so many new characters, ideas and conepts that it might have been better to split it into two. First of, while it is great to have our first view (well, sort of) at the BSU staff, none of them really feel outstanding. Their speech pattern isn’t quite distinct enough to make them feel truly unique and it doesn’t help that there are basically only two men, making the whole thing very one dimensional, with all of the womenbeing very attractive, curvaceous and beautiful. Fitting for a school for sluts but it doesn’t make the girls feel distinct and outstanding. Out of all of them, Cathy and Damien had the biggest impression on me and I really wanna see her dungeon 😏. The decision they made, when it came towards the Koko/Xavier incident went as expected. Glad to see that Maihimes clothing will become the schools new uniform, although we already knew that from a few chapters ago. I simply don’t really have sympathy for Sara in this chapter, when it comes to the Mizuki situation. I mean, it’s BSU’s fault for letting a student, where they aren’t sure about if she even stays at BSU, into the school facility and letting her make her own inventions, well before the schoolyear even begins. Wouldn’t it be mandatory for a school, if they let a student into the school, to make a contract with him/her so that they are already legally bound to that school. I never was in a higher school or anything but that sounds like something that goes without saying. That aside, it lead to the introduction of the peeper, we saw long ago in the introduction chapter of Eiji. Skyla is a really fun to read and nice to look at character with very enjoyable little quirks, like how she talks really fast when excited and the “chemically”she puts infront of other words when she’s pumped up/excited and her “Sha Sha”-laughter. She utterly outclasses all of the teachers so far, which means nothing, since its a chapter with her at the spotlight. The sex scene Sara provided, to show Skyla what it means to be(come) a slut is done really well and I like that we get to see the reaction of other people in the train, including Skyla of course and Shikijou but also many others. The transition from Skyla from being simply an onlooker to slowly but surely also pleasure herself was done pretty well. By now it really shouldn’t be a surprise, who Saitou’s children are, given his last name and the hints scattered around the many chapters. Brooke is also a very nice addition to the cast and blends in quite naturally into the setting. Her activistic group of “anti-porn/sluts” was written really well, with all/most of them not knowing, what they are demonstrating against and simply do it because they wanna get to fuck the little lioness. It also fits because you guess that just because most of the people in this world love that sex is so easy these days, that there are also quite a few people out there who think that it empowers the wrong aspects and gives, especially young girls, “wrong” implications, when it comes to their role during sex. Other than that, I guess, that she is meant to be a comic relieve/joke character and she fits that role quite well. Interesting to see that Skyla is the creator of VIC and the presentation she made, to impress the professors was done impeccably good. She did a phenomenal job, with her wowing Violettes mother Scarlette and making her beg for more with her hardlight hologram, although it isn’t quite finished yet. The ending with the mysterious woman was done really well and makes me wish to see more Skyla-action in the future.

As I said, it is quite the cramped chapter with lots of stuff going on and many new ideas being introduced. The artwork is, as stated, phenomenal and I really wanna see Skyla in action as well.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Hello once again. Glad you enjoyed the picture! It was time consuming to design but I thought a sequence taking place on a subway train would be a good show. I apologize for the chapter feeling cramped, there were last minute, unforseen circumstances Rtenzo and I had to deal with during the production of this artwork and story.

Ill start with the professors meeting. This was heavily inspired by the first couple of captains meetings durung the soul society arc of bleach. They revealed the captains in a somewhat minimalist way showing them debating one another and conversing with each other without Kubo explaining much about who they are. Me being Bleach guy I tried to replicate the atmosphere of a captains meeting. I wanted to give a small glimpse of the characters without going deep into their background. Id even say the the hierarchy of the university characters are similar to the make up of the gotei 13. The professors are the captains with taiyohime as the head captain. Leilani can be likened to a senior level high experience captain with tenure such as Kyoraku. 2nd/and 3rd year students are like the Vice Captains and some have special duties like Rubii running the Personal Student Aide Program/tutoring Xavier and Shikijou filling in as a temporary professor. While the first year students are like the rank and file shinigami.

All of the subjects discussed had to be covered here and now in order to progress the story.

I really had fun doing Skyla’s character. She is very quirky and funny imo. I took some cues from other anime inventor characters such as washu from tenchi muyo when developing her RT also gave some suggestions to make her the way she is. I modified her appearance a bit from how she appears ROL. I used Julia Chang from the tekken series as an inspiration. Personality wise I also took some inspiration from one of my favorite and criminally underused and underrated Bleach girls, Mashiro Kuna.

As you can see she is a coffee lover and caffiene addict. If you didn’t notice before she actually had a cameo in the very first chapter I had ever written where Sara “interviews” Eiji. She watched everything from her window and now has the hots for our former basketball player.

This was a new type of sex scene for me to write. Having someone watch participate from a distance was a first for me. I tried to make this a fast paced action packed affair, given its Saitou’s first sex scene and the first between two “adult” characters. while all of the students are adults i use the term in writing to reference older generation characters such as teachers and parents. Switching back and forth between them and skyla’s solo voyeur act was quite interesting and helped me learn some things to improve my craft.

My favorite part of this was doing Skylas tour of the campus. Here we are introduced to Brooke, a new character and one of my personal favorites to work with writing wise. I enjoyed showing of Skyla’s inventions. I tried to make the reveal of her being VICS creator as epic as I could.

The Grapple arms may very well be seen again. The Fundam system is a reference to the gundam series complete with the acronyms. The Fundam system powerhouse of a machine, which in my opinion is superior to Mizuki’s VR system. Skyla was flexing and showing off in her presentation. She believes she is the best and baddest young scientist in the world and shes not affraid to tell you about it. I wouldnt call it arrogance though. She believes fully in her ability as a scientist and enjoys presenting her creations to the world. Her hologram system is her pride and joy. Lastly there was the end of her presentation. That teaser video was a street fighter reference lol. Its based on the intro for super street fighter 2 turbo. Im looking forward to feature her more! Glad you liked the chapter and thank you for the continued support of my writing.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Yeah, the introduction of the professors does remind me of the first scene with the captains. There are just notebly differences between this one and Tite Kubo’s one. First of the captains did indeed show massive amount of characters alone with how they stood, what they wore and what little they said, which is sort of given here. I’m not saying it’s bad or anything, I just think that maybe a teacher with a “cowboy/western” accent with a more arrogant demeanor (foots on the table, smoking, etc.) might have helped to characterize them a bit more. You did a good job describing them, given that you basically only have your words to use and not visuals like Kubo. In terms of introducing characters, I tend to favor the long-term introductions a little bit more. What I mean by that is basically how Oda did it in One Piece with the Seven Worlords all those years ago. We heard about this guy Jinbe, Zoro fought against Mihawk and was beaten to a pulp and just defeated the first warlord (Crocodile). When the readers heard that there was a meeting between all these powerful figures, we immagined that maybe all of them will appear but instead we only got to see three (one of them we have already seen). Same with the introduction of the Yonko. Garp mentioned there being four powerful pirates out there, who are basically emperors, each reigning of their own territory. At the end it took several years to reveal all of them, with several arcs building up the hype for their inevitable first appearance.

At the end, I accept the way you did it. The teachers each seem distinct from one another and I can’t wait to see more of them.

5 years ago

Unfortunate Mizuki leaves rather abruptly as she jumps between schools. Interesting having the higher ups have a meeting, curious how the women look like. Understandable Koko got off the hook this time because she was not officially a student yet. Neat for having Maihime to be the designer of the school uniforms. Neat idea having collectibles of the students, like figures, gotta get that full set of the females XD. Ooo a special guest? also pretty harsh consequences for the attendance of the assembly. Cute having Skyla not have much experience with sex, fun personality to go with as well. Sexy and cute having Skyla view the demonstration Sara and Saitou put on for her, letting her enjoy herself while getting off from watching them. Nice demonstration Skyla gave for the heads of BSU to showcase her skill while also leaving a bit of a tease ending having to wonder who she would like to bring along to BSU.

5 years ago

I really hope Mai joins BSU!

5 years ago
Reply to  Vinny

You’ll find out soon, the Orientation arc begins in 3 chapters!

5 years ago

Very well done, aside from a few word typos here and there. I like the new cast of characters introduced, especially Cathy! Skyla’s personality is very fun, was also nice to see what exactly Saitou looks like. I would love to see some character sheets one day of everyone, doesn’t need to be hentai images, just a standing shot of the characters. With so many of them gathering, it’ll get harder to keep track of them without some kind of visual aide.

Looking forward to the adventures of everyone going forward!

5 years ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

I figured Cathy would be your favorite of the teachers. Skyla has a lot of potential for fun both from a writing and reading standpoint. There will be something like data sheets, it will be similar to the bleach wiki character profile pages. Of course I would like to feature every girl we mention by name in art at some point. Things are ramping up soon. Thanks Sailor