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Sister Act Blues

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It was a busy night of traffic on the streets of World City. Roads were congested with a plethora of vehicles both public and private. Taxi cabs and Voyager drivers were rushing to the airport to drop off customers for last minute flights while coach buses transported large numbers of passengers out of state. Others struggled with near bumper to bumper traffic. Horns honked loudly and motorists yelled and cursed at one another, for everyone had places to be and things to do. However, not everyone was stuck. A single black Japanese sport motorcycle raced through the backed up mess of vehicle, weaving through lanes and maneuvering around other cars. The rider was clad in a skin tight all black bodysuit which revealed the rider’s curvy stacked body, indicating it was a woman. Additionally, she wore a complementary black helmet with cat ears on top. A red light was soon coming up with the biker leading traffic. However, the impending stop signal didn’t slow her down. A Mack truck was at the intersection about to–




Rather than stop, the motorcycle rider punched the gas and headed straight for the truck as it was crossing.




The tires of the motorcycle skidded across the road as the leather clad rider turned sharply and leaned over all the way to the left, passing underneath the crossing truck.


The rider continued on at high speed passing by cutting off a red SUV which was being driven by Takiko who was on her way home dropping someone off at the airport.


“FUCK YOU! YOU RUDE ASS, NO DRIVING, GOLDEN SHOWER DRINKING BITCH!!!!” screamed the angry woman driver of the SUV while flipping off the motorcyclist.


The woman sped forward but another obstacle would soon get in her way. The street she was racing through had an upcoming road closure for construction. Other cars took a detour which lead them on a longer path to their destination. The biker did not heed the warning signs for the upcoming construction zone and pressed forward, speeding toward a ramp that was set up there.




The biker went up the ramp at maximum acceleration, sailing high above the construction zone. She flew completely across the blocked off area, cruising through the air for several hundred feet until clearing the end of the construction zone. With a loud thud, she landed on the ground safely and expertly. After a perfect landing, the rider turned right and travelled through numerous congested intersections before turning left. This brought her to Ash Gardens, a gated apartment community on the outskirts of the Pleasurview Mall area. The rider then parked at the back of the complex and dismounted before taking off her helmet. The woman was amazingly beautiful. Her skin was a rich, milk chocolate hue and her jaw length hair was a bright light red color. The woman’s eyes were a shining golden yellow very similar to the eyes of a cat.


“Commencing mission, assessing target location.” said the red haired woman into a bluetooth earpiece.


The woman then walked up to the fence and looked at it briefly like she was sizing it up.




The woman in black leapt upward, jumping at least 8 feet high. She sat perched at the top of the fence surveying the area.


“All clear.”


The woman jumped down from the fence and walked over to one of the buildings and jumped up, grabbing a hold of the protective hand rails on the second floor. She swung herself back and forth doing a reverse backflip to place herself on the top of the railing before repeating this to get to the third floor.


It was then time to get on the roof of the building. The young woman bent her knees slightly, springing herself up to the roof rather effortlessly. The woman took a brief moment to admire the view of the bright lights and busy streets of World City before resuming her task. She looked around at the roof tops for activity and spotted someone in the distance, a man lounging around in a lawn chair in a pool area atop a roof a few buildings down.


“Target acquired! Initiating engagement. He’s gonna pay for sure!”


The woman walked to the opposite end of the roof top to ready herself, before suddenly sprinting towards the other end at full speed. Before she reached the edge, the woman launched herself forward off the roof, jumping at least 20 feet in the air before landing on the roof of the next building over. The parkour expert’s landing was punctuated with an immediate roll on the ground of the roof. She did this 3 more times until she arrived at the roof of her target’s location. She walked quickly and silently towards the man who was turned away from her while reaching into the bag strapped to her back.


“Hey!” called the woman. The man looked over his shoulder to see the redhead approaching him, brandishing something from her backpack. His eyes widened as his mouth dropped in shock! This man was definitely going to get it.


“I have something with your name on it!!!”


The woman suddenly pulls out a brown paper bag containing a huge sandwich with sides and handed to the man.


“One foot long Buffalo Chicken on Garlic Parmesan bread with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, extra ranch and a large order of loaded cheese fries?”


“YES! That’s me! Wow! 15 minutes, I thought it would take at least an hour.” said the man while handing the darker skinned, red haired woman a $50 bill while she gave him his food.


“Keep the change.” instructed the man with a big smile.


“Wow! I appreciate it sir. Thank you for choosing Sonic Eats the #1 food delivery service app in the world! We deliver in 45 minutes or less or your order is free! Have a wonderful night and enjoy your meal.” replied the woman in black with a friendly smile.


“Mission complete!” spoke the woman as she walked away.


“Nice work Yuriko, once again another flawless outing.” replied the voice on the other end of the headset.


Yuriko Yamazaki worked for Sonic Eats, a food delivery service which licensed legendary platforming video game hero Sonic the Hedgehog as its mascot. “Delivering fresh food with sonic speed!” was the company slogan.


Yuriko walked to the edge of the rooftop which got the attention of the man she just delivered food to.


“Hey… what are you doing???”


Yuriko then leaned forward and let herself free fall.


“HOLY SHIT!!!!” The man runs over to the side of the roof to look down at the ground.


Yuriko looked up at the ground, the beautiful night cityscape of World City was in the sky from her point of view. She then performed a tumbling flip while falling. She oriented herself right side up, returning the world to normal perspective, and landed on her feet, bending her knees while pressing her palms against the ground.


As she strutted back to her motorcycle, swinging her hips side to side, her headset went off again.


“Another two orders just came in! Kim’s Korean BBQ. I need you to go there and pick up an order. Its for some students at BSU.


“What?! Kim’s is all the way on the other side of town and BSU is on the opposite end. Isn’t there anyone closer to who can do it?” asked the dark skinned redhead.


“There isn’t anyone else available who can make the time limit. Only you can make this work. Please Yuriko, you can do it.”


“Alright.” The woman said as she immediately got on her bike and put on her helmet, ready for the next job.


“Mission Accepted!”


The woman sped off leaving a thick cloud of smoke behind her.


The woman in black rode out for about 15 minutes, taking multiple shortcuts to get to Kim’s Korean BBQ. She looked at the receipt on the bag which listed the address: 6969 Blisshaven Blvd, Busteez Slut University, Room 403.


“I have 30 minutes left!” Yuriko remarked while getting back on her bike. The delivery driver zoomed away, hitting the road once again.


“The quickest way to BSU is to cross the Coconut Bay Bridge.”


Yuriko merged onto the highway that would lead her to the bridge, strafing from left to right while pulling ahead of other vehicles on the road. She masterfully avoided contact while advancing forward like the highway wasn’t busy. She rushed towards the bridge but saw it start to rise. This wasn’t a standard bridge, it was a drawbridge. It was being raised to allow a large courier ship passage for it was too big to pass underneath the bridge. Other vehicles began to slow down to stop.


“Shit! I don’t have time for this.”


Being stuck at a drawbridge was much like being stuck at a railroad crossing in the fact that it could hold someone up for at least 10 minutes. The clock was ticking and 25 minutes had already passed.


Realizing how critical this could be, Yuriko punched the gas once again riding up the drawbridge as it was being raised. As she approached the edge of the drawbridge she popped a wheelie, jumping off of the edge. The rider soared thousands of feet high, flying through the night sky with the moon in the background.


“WOO HOO!!!” Her bike cleared the second section of the bridge, landing on the other end.


She pushed further towards BSU, taking 2 exit turns which put her on the path to Summit Drive, the road that lead to BSU’s front gate. Yuriko reached into her pocket and realized she didn’t have her school ID. She quickly spun around and took another road, taking a detour that lead to the back of the university campus. After parking, Yuriko looked up and down the 10 foot high wall, taking a few steps backward before sprinting forward. In a display of pure agility, Yuriko placed one foot on the wall, followed by the other, instantly gaining traction. The young woman ran up the wall and sprung herself over the top of it, successfully breaching the school’s physical security. All that was left was to get to Passion Tower. The building was surrounded by a massive parking lot on all sides. The red haired woman dashed through the parking lot from the backside, quickly inching between closely parked vehicles. However, a returning student began to get out of her car by opening the door…


“Shit! she’s in the way!”


Yuriko avoided the student by jumping onto the hood of the vehicle. She was so swift and nimble about it, the girl opening the door didn’t see Yuriko jump or notice her on the hood of her car.


From there, the young woman dressed in black jumped from car to car like a platformer from an old timey video game, each progressing vehicle brought her closer to the massive tower dormitory. Yuriko made it to the front row of the parking area, the closest car to the building itself. Yuriko stopped for a moment and scanned for a way to get onto the second floor. The young woman spotted a 12 foot tall lamp post a few cars down and began formulating a plan. While she made mental calculations someone saw her.


“Hey! What are you doing on my car?!” asked the student owner.


Yuriko bent her knees and jumped from the hood of the car as high as she could, landing on top of the lamp post in a squatting position. She then propelled herself off the lamp post and towards the side of the tower. The courier clawed into the building with her fingernails, clinging onto the wall. She then climbed a few feet up before kicking off the wall and springing herself to the second floor balcony. Yuriko used the balcony railing as a springboard to propel herself higher. She ricocheted off of the tower to the third floor balcony, and bounced herself up to the 4th floor.


Yuriko looked at her watch seeing that she had 7 minutes left of the 45 minutes allotted to make the deliveries. The door on the 4th floor balcony happened to be unlocked. The woman walked down the hall of the circular floor, looking at the numbers on the doors. But before she could get to her destination, she made visual contact with a tall blonde haired man wearing baggy black cargo pants, black combat boots, a black polo shirt and a tactical vest with handcuffs, a flashlight and pepper spray in the multiple pockets on its front. There was a nightstick attached to his belt. Judging from the man’s brisk walking pace there was no doubt in her mind he was after her.


“That guy in the parking lot called security! Just fucking great!” Yuriko cursed. She turned and ran away, turning and going through a door that took her to a building stairwell. She jumped across to the wall and pushed herself off with her feet to the wall on the other side of the stairwell and then repeated this, bouncing back and forth between the walls while ascending higher, bypassing the stairs completely. As Yuriko reached the next floor of the stairs, she looked down to see Saitou at the bottom of the stairwell, quickly yet calmly walking up the steps. The woman went on to the next floor walking as fast as she could without running.


Time was running out and Yuriko was a floor above where she needed to be to make her deliveries on time. She turned down a hallway which lead her into the Tower’s huge gym. Due to the number of students working out there, Yuriko was able to blend in with the crowd of active students. It appeared that she lost the security guard for now.


“Lost him but I still have to get back to the 4th floor…” Yuriko thought while running towards the exit at the other side of the gym. However, somehow the security guard was already there, walking toward her menacingly at the same deliberate pace he had been before. Yuriko was startled and confused by his presence, immediately turning around before running once again and going to another stairwell. Due to the intensity of the moment, The young woman made the mistake of going up a floor again instead of down, taking her even further away from her delivery location.


Yuriko emerged on another floor which looked like it was at the back of a restaurant kitchen. As she came out of the stairwell, she saw a man in a cooking apron dropping two full trash cans down a chute opening in the wall nearby. With nowhere else to go, Yuriko barged through a set of double doors that brought her into a busy kitchen of a packed restaurant.


“GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!” yelled one of the chefs.


The courier quickly complied and began nimbly avoiding restaurant employees with an array of agile movements until she made it out of the kitchen and into the dining room area. In her haste, Yuriko nearly ran into a server carrying a big tray of food but managed to narrowly evade her, gently stopping the waitress with her hands. The intruder looked over her shoulder and to her horror Saitou was on her tail once again. The security chief stalked Yuriko with stunning persistence, taking big deliberate steps like an invincible killer from a slasher film. The redheaded intruder bolted out like a flash of lightning, hopping on tables to avoid the many human obstructions. She looked at her watch and her eyes immediately enlarged in panic. While looking at her watch, Yuriko could not see where she was going, putting herself right in the path of someone getting out of her seat to go to the bathroom.




Yuriko crashed into a young woman with green twin tailed hair. It was Skyla Wu.


“MY GLASSES!” Screamed the green haired woman as she went down to the ground.


The force of the collision knocked both women down and made Skyla’s glasses fall off.


“HOW CHEMICALLY RUDE!” Skyla barked while staring Yuriko down angrily.


“Sorry!” Yuriko replied hurriedly while getting back up.


Saitou increased his pace after seeing Yuriko crash into Skyla. As Yuriko escaped, the security guard checked on Skyla to make sure she was alright. The food deliverer caught a lucky break when she looked back to see Saitou stopping to help Skyla look for her glasses.


“Under 3 minutes! I gotta lose this guy!”


Yuriko ran down to the other end of the building where she had found another stairwell. She went through the door and looked over the edge of the handrails on the stairs. With the clock running down, Yuriko only got one minute left.


“Here goes nothing!”


Yuriko jumped over the railing and off the floor she was on. She dropped two floors down, grabbing on to railing for the 4th floor. She pulled herself up over the rail and went through a door back to the 4th floor. She was back where she needed to be and headed to room 403. Yuriko pulled 2 large bags out of the backpack.




After few seconds, the door opened to reveal the purple and pink streak haired vixen, Violette Beauregard. She was wearing some tiny athletic shorts and no top. Ashani and Nicole were in the background with only their underwear on watching television on the couch. Yuriko eyes widened considerably from recognizing all 3 women.


“Wow! you’re…”


“Yeah I know.” Violette interrupted, stopping Yuriko from reminding her once again of her own hype.


“3 Bulgogi orders, 3 Galbi orders, a 50 piece korean fried chicken wings meal, 2 orders of Bi Bim Bap and 3 two liter lemonades.” Yuriko recited while handing her the bags of food. Ashani got up and took the bags from Violette. Because Sonic Eats food couriers work hard to make the 45 minute deadline, all of the food are transported in spill resistant packaging and packed extra tight in the bag to prevent spills during delivery.


Is that the Prince–


“Yes and this is Nicole Wellington.” Violette said while passing the sodas to Nicole. Nicole gave Yuriko a quick wave like she was one of her many fans.


“That will be $55, Ma’am”


“Do you accept credit cards?” Violette asked.


“Yes, we sure do,” Yuriko answered while pulling out a phone with a credit card swiping device on it. Violette went back into the room and Yuriko glimpsed inside to see a video playing over a big screen TV. It was a porno from the look of it. On the screen was a beautiful brunette with the biggest tits Yuriko had ever seen! Violette returned a moment later with a diamond studded gold credit card and Yuriko swiped it through the reader. It beeped when the card cleared and she handed it back to the socialite heiress. Yuriko was taken aback by the credit card, it was probably worth more than everything she owns!


“All clear! Thank you for choosing Sonic Eats, the #1 food delivery service app in the world. We deliver in 45 minutes or less or your order is free! Have a good evening Ms. Beauregard!”


Yuriko had a minute and a half left to make the delivery to her second customer. She knocked on the door. The door opened slowly revealing a man’s face. The customer appeared to be of Asian ethnicity. He had short, slightly shaggy black hair and narrow, broodingly pretty gray eyes. As the door opened further, Yuriko saw his muscled shirtless frame. It was obvious the man had spent time in the gym to get his strong, solid looking physique. The young man wore light brown khaki shorts along with a pair of expensive looking designer brown leather boat shoes. His chest gleamed as a result of a long gold chain that was draped around his neck. It radiate twinkles of light which confirmed its authenticity, meaning he had to have spent several thousand dollars on it. A large gold medallion hung from his neck. The medallion was had the shaped of a highly detailed kings crown in it.The crown itself was made of purple diamonds with a single white diamond at the top. Yuriko hesitated to speak because she was taken with the young man’s appearance.


He’s gorgeous!’ she thought to herself, her hands shaking as she held the bag. Her heartbeat quickened and her pulse accelerated as she stared at him for an awkward moment.


“Are you okay?” the young man asked while giving her a peculiar look. The sound of the young man’s voice voice snapped her out of her stupor.


“Yes! I’m sorry.” Yuriko apologized for staring.


“1 order of Bulgogi, fried rice and a raspberry Ice, that will be $24.99 sir.”


The young man gave her a $20 and a $10 bill to pay.


“The rest is for you…”


“I appreciate it sir and thank you for choosing Sonic Eats the #1 food delivery service app in the world! We deliver in 45 minutes or less or your meal is free!” exclaimed Yuriko in a much more perky and excited tone than she had when speaking to Violette.


“I just barely missed out on getting a free meal.” said the black haired young man with a slight chuckle.


“Do you have to say that catchphrase for every delivery?” he asked.


“Yeah, it’s the company slogan. You won’t believe how much I had to go through to get my orders in on time.”


“I appreciate all the dedication and effort you gave to make sure I got my food quickly. Thanks. I’ll leave you a positive review on your app website. What’s your name?” Questioned the black haired gray eyed man.


“Yuriko Yamazaki at your service! Best courier in the city!….And the sexiest I might add.” Yuriko replied while pointing at herself with her thumb and winking at Han.. The horizontal spikes of hair on the side of her head moved and perked up again as she gave her introduction. Yuriko extended her hand.


“It’s VERY nice to meet you Han.” greeted Yuriko, having gotten his name from the delivery order. She flashed a seductive smile while speaking, revealing that she had braces on her teeth.


“Nice to meet you too Yuriko. I’m gonna eat my dinner now so I’ll catch you around sometime if I order out again.You have a good night.”


As Yuriko turned she quickly thought to herself.


He’s such a sexy hunk! Get him before it’s too late!


“HAN!” Yuriko yelled before the door to Han’s room closed completely.


“Yes?” Han asked.


“I think you’re cute. W-Would you be down to have lunch with me tomorrow?”


“I don’t mind it.” Han answered. Yuriko then gave the young man her phone number.


“We can talk about the details later when I get off work. I gotta run too.” admitted the delivery driver. The excited youth skipped happily down the hall ‘Wow! He said yes! lucky!


After parting ways with Han, Yuriko pulled out her phone to check her Linkum, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook accounts. Her phone then chimed indicating there was a new notification from the Sonic Eats app.


“$100 Tip Deposit Pending.” the notification read.


“YES! That rich girl hooked me up with a very generous tip!” Yuriko exclaimed excitedly


While walking with her head down she couldn’t see where she was going.




Not paying attention, Yuriko bumped into someone. The young woman instinctively raised her head to look at the person in order to apologize, but who she saw stunned her.


“Shit!” cursed Yuriko. It was Saitou. If Yuriko had left right away instead of engaging Han in conversation, she would have gotten away before Saitou made his way back to the 4th floor. Her thirst for the freshman recruit had backfired and now she was about to be detained. Yuriko tried to turn and run away like she had before but this time Saitou was ready.




Saitou grabbed Yuriko by the wrist with blinding speed.


“Excuse me miss, but what you just did is trespassing. I have to detain you now.” said Saitou while handcuffing her.


“Hey! easy on the wrists!” The woman said with a bit of resistance.


“I gotta give you credit though, you’re incredibly fast. It’s almost inhuman.”


“I’m a student here! Let go of me!”


“Then do you have your student ID?”


“No.. but I’m telling you the truth!” She pleaded while resisting his hold.


“Let me ask you this. If you’re a student here, why are you performing parkour and jumping walls and sneaking around? A BSU student wouldn’t have to sneak onto campus grounds.” Saitou informed her.


“I work for Sonic Eats! I’m a delivery driver. I had some deliveries to make here. The gate was really backed up! I had to make my delivery in 45 minutes…”


“Or its free? Yeah, I know the catch phrase. I am actually a huge fan of your service.”


“Please sir, you gotta believe me!” Yuriko begged. Saitou looked at Yuriko, seeing sincerity in her eyes and hearing conviction in her voice.


“You could very well be telling me the truth, but you have no proof right now. So for now I have to take you in. Until you can provide me with some evidence that corroborates your story I have to detain you. There’s a phone you can use in the cell I’m taking you to.


“Damn it, I’m going to jail….” Yuriko sighed.


“No need to take the girl to holding. She’s good Saitou. I’m her proof. She’s my little sister.”


Saitou immediately recognized the woman’s voice and turned around.


“So this one is yours huh? I can see the resemblance in the eyes.” She said while grinning at Shikijou.


“Uree-chan is in the upcoming freshman class.”


Yuriko rolled her eyes at her sister.


“I see.” Saitou said while unhooking the handcuffs.


“I didn’t need your help ya know.” Yuriko scoffed.


“If Saitou arrested you, you would have been stuck in jail all night and it would have taken hours to confirm your story. I saved you some time Uree-chan.”


“Stop calling me that!” barked Yuriko.


“Did you register and get your ID yet?” Shikijou asked.


“Not yet, I’m gonna do it in the morning. There’s still one day left before orientation.”


“Tsk.. Always doing things at the last minute. Luckily your Onee-sama is looking out for you!”


“I can issue you a dorm room and a key if you’d like.” Saitou offered.


“Yes, please do.” Yuriko said sourly.


“Alright follow me.” Saitou instructed.


The trio took the elevator down to the first floor where Saitou’s office was. Once inside he opened up a drawer, pulling out a plastic card with a computer chip. Attached to the card was tag with a number on it.


“This is your room key.” Saitou informed. Yuriko grabbed it and looked at it. The tag said 401 which was her room number.


“This key will function and allow you access to your new room for the next 24 hours. The number on the tag is your room number. After 24 hours, this key will no longer work. You need to take care of your registration and get your ID before then.” Saitou explained. Yuriko nodded.


“You stay out of trouble now. I got my eye on you.” Saitou said to her while pointing at his eye then pointing at her for emphasis.


“Thanks Saitou.” Shikijou said while bowing her head slightly in appreciation.


Yuriko then stood up and walked toward the exit door of the office.


“You’re WELCOME Uree-chan!” Shikijou remarked, to emphasize her own role in helping her sister.


“Hmph!” Yuriko scoffed while leaving the office, not bothering to say thank you to her sister.


“You two not getting along?” Saitou asked.


“I don’t know. She’s been giving me the cold shoulder every time I visit the family for the holidays.”


“Family issues huh? I have my fair share of them. One of my daughters dislikes me immensely for certain reasons.” The security chief told Shikijou.


“Yuriko has always tried to compete with me growing up, but this time things are more complicated.”


“The ole sibling rivalry huh? People grow and change on the way to adulthood. Her thoughts, opinions and even her perception of you might have changed since you’ve been away. These changes are a natural part of life and can affect relationships.”


“Do you think I can fix whatever is wrong?”


“Now you’re both adults attending the same college so you will be seeing each other, there’s no avoiding that. I think you can repair whatever the issue is but the key is to be patient. You’re still her older sister. There will come a time where she will need to turn to you for help or advice. Don’t force it, let it happen naturally.


“You know this from experience?” Shikijou asked curiously.


“I’m still waiting for that time to come for my daughter and I. It can be a long wait for some people, especially when you’re dealing with someone as stubborn as she is. I’m also waiting on their mother.” Saitou answered with a hopeful smile.


“I hope it happens for you soon.” wished the 2nd year student.


“I appreciate it.”


“Thank you for offering your sage wisdom once again.” Shikijou chuckled before giving Saitou a hug.


“Anytime, I’m sure things will work out.”


“I hope so. I’m gonna get back to my room and try to get some sleep. I can’t stay up late with this professor schedule while maintaining my workout regiment.” Shikijou admitted after a long yawn.


“Alright, get some sleep, I know you need it.”


“Goodnight Saitou.” the caramel blonde greeted with a wave before turning to walk out of the door.


“Same to you Shikijou. I’m gonna go to bed myself. It’s getting late.”



After finishing her shift, Yuriko returned to the Horny Day Inn Express, an extended stay hotel where she was living for the past month since moving to World City. The busty chocolate hottie stripped down to her underwear and jumped onto her bed. She then grabbed her phone and made a call.




“Hi mom!”


“How are you Yuriko?” asked Yuriko’s mother.


“I’m doing good. Orientation is in 2 days!” Yuriko informed in an excited tone.


“How are you feeling?”


“I have some butterflies about starting but I’m still looking forward to it! So many cute boys to meet!”


“Remember this isn’t some vacation Yuriko. You have to take this seriously.”


“I am mom! This is a sex school, excitement is part of being here.”


“I know, but don’t forget there’s still homework and tests to take. I want you to have fun but don’t take things lightly.


“Ok mom!”


“Did you get registered yet? Last time we spoke you hadn’t done yet.”


“I’m gonna do it in the morning. I got my dorm room today. I’m moving in tomorrow too.”


“That’s good. Have you and your sister spoken at all?”


“I saw her when I was making a delivery. I was pretty busy so there wasn’t much time to chit chat.” The redhead admitted.


“Shikijou hasn’t answered or returned any of my calls lately. I’m worried about her. Can you tell her that I miss her and to call me soon? your sisters have been wanting to talk to her.” asked the mother. Yuriko paused momentarily, irritated by the fact that her sister was ignoring their mom’s calls.


“Yeah I let her know….” Yuriko answered before pausing again.


“I’ve only been gone a month but it feels like years. I really miss you guys. It feels so weird being away from everyone.”


“We miss you too Yuriko, but you made the right choice by pursuing this. We are all here for you. You’ll get used to World City and make friends there plus your sister also goes to BSU so you won’t be alone.”


“Yeah I know but its still hard adjusting.”


“Just give it some time. You’ll be fine. You really should get some rest though. I don’t want you oversleeping. You have a lot to get done tomorrow.”


“Alright, I’ll call you after orientation is over to let you know how it went.”


“I love you Yuree!”


“I love you too mom!”



(AUGUST 26TH, The Next Morning, 8:00 P.M.)


Yuriko pulled up to the BSU campus, and after checking in with security, she parked her motorcycle. After unsecuring the two suitcases she had strapped to her bike, she made her way into Passion Tower and went to her dorm room. She had not yet been inside of it because she had to finish her shift after being released by Saitou. After work, she returned to her hotel to give Han a call about their lunch date plans after she spoke with her mother.


The parking lot was packed nearly to it’s capacity. Cars, trucks, motorcycles and even a few dirt bikes filled nearly every available space. Foot traffic was heavy in and out of the parking lot with many returning from shopping for school supplies. The interior of Passion Tower was bustling with activity. Saitou managed a long line at the security desk answering questions and handling student dorm concerns with ease. The elevators in the building were in constant use with large groups of students carrying boxes and bags of their belongings to their rooms.Yuriko went to the 4th floor and opened the door to her room only to discover the room was already furnished. The room had a pink color scheme with matching furniture. There was a big flat screen TV mounted on the wall.


“Sweet! I don’t have to buy any furniture!” Yuriko rejoiced. She quickly unpacked her things and filled her fridge with some food she brought from the hotel.


“I don’t have time to waste. I gotta go get all of this shit done before my lunch date with Han later.” sighed the redhead as she dropped her luggage. It was off to a busy day of processing.



(12:00 P.M.)


It was lunch time for most at BSU. Some congregated in lounges, others microwaved food in their rooms and some people drove off campus to get take out for lunch. Shikijou on the other hand did none of these things. She stepped off of the 4th floor elevator carrying multiple gift bags. She went to Yuriko’s room, knocked on the door and waited a couple of minutes, but there was no answer.


“I guess she’s not in her room. She might be still doing registration stuff.”


At the same time Eric, Saitou’s reliable security sidekick had just left the administration building after checking the fire extinguishers there. He had been tasked with checking the expiration dates on fire extinguishers on every floor of numerous buildings on campus to make sure they were all up to standard. Shikijou noticed him from down the hall while standing at her sister’s door.


“Excuse me!” Shikijou called out. Eric looked up, immediately stopping what he was doing to assist the 2nd year student.


“How can I help you?” Eric asked looking at her lustfully.


“Well, do you think you could help me out by letting me into this room? My little sister is a freshman. I wanted to surprise her with a few housewarming gifts.”


“I can’t just let you into her room. I REALLY want to but I can’t. Besides, how do I know you ain’t lyin?” Eric questioned.


“Do you know who I am?” Shikijou asked, knowing what his answer would be.


“Yes, you’re Shikijou Yamazaki, 2nd year student and captain of the BSU SPLASH volleyball team!” Eric confessed loudly, a bit starstruck by Shikijou’s presence.


“Correct but you wanna know what else. I’m working as a professor right now as well. Would a professor lie about this? If you think I’m lying, well go ahead and look up who lives in this room if you don’t believe me.” Shikijou challenged with her brow raised.


“NO! NO! I’m not calling you a liar Ms. Yamazaki, It’s just that the rules are the rules you know.”


“Come on, I’m not gonna tell anyone about this. Bending the rules just one time for ME isn’t gonna hurt anyone. PLEEEEAAAASE!” Shikijou begged.


“Alright I guess…” Eric replied in a low tone while reaching for his key card. The security guard swiped his key, opening the door for her.


“Thanks! I owe you one pretty boy!” Shikijou said, blowing a kiss at him before going into the room.



(12:30 P.M.)


Han strolled down the hallway of Passion Tower’s 4th floor with a nonchalant, aloof swagger about himself. He was on his way to Yuriko’s room, as he and Yuriko had decided the previous night that she would prepare lunch for them. He knocked on the door but when it opened Yuriko was not the woman he saw.


“Who are you?” The man asked.


“I could ask you the same thing.” Shikijou replied while shooting him a sultry loom from the doorway.


“Come in.” Shikijou invited, opening the door for the young man.


Han immediately took notice of Shikijou’s well toned body. The second year student was dressed in skin tight black spandex shorts that clung to her so snug that it looked like body paint rather than clothes. Shikijou’s purple top fit her big bouncy breasts just as tight. The bronze woman was an absolute marvel to admire and Han did just that while walking behind her. Shikijou had the chiseled muscles of a professional body builder, but also thick curves like a dancer in a rap video. This contrasting combination made her a unique and unusual beauty.


“Yuriko is my younger sister. I’m a second year student here. I came by to drop off a few gifts to welcome her to BSU. My name is Shikijou by the way.” Introduced the elder sister. Han simply nodded in acknowledgement.


“Are you one of my sister’s friends?” Shikijou asked.


“Not exactly.” Han answered curtly.


“Do you know where Yuriko is?” Han inquired, redirecting the conversation.


“She had to register for school, get her ID and do some other processing work. I guess she isn’t done yet. I assume you two made some arrangement to meet?”


“Something like that.” Han replied.


“I see you’re a man of few words. While we wait for her we might as well get acquainted. If you’re going to be involved with my sister. It would be nice to tell me who you are.”


Shikijou grabbed Han by the arm and dragged him over to the couch, taking a seat and patting the empty space next to her. Han reluctantly sat down next to the dark skinned blonde.


“So tell me a little about yourself” Shikijou pressed. Backed into an unusual corner, Han was compelled to talk or face a potential cock block.


“My name is Han Seung-Yang. I’m starting my first year at BSU.”


Shikijou recalled overhearing something about Han a week ago at the BSU barbecue.



“The campus has been abuzz about you, but not because of your fame.” Leda told her. When Violette raised an eyebrow Leda continued with a grin, “It’s because you’re one of three students that got accepted into the freshman year based solely on recommendation.” she said, holding up a hand with three fingers extended, “An impressive feat I must admit, I think only four or five girls EVER had gotten in here just on recommendations so three this year is something of a hot topic.”


Violette puffed her chest out against Eiji some more and gave the mildly rude girl a proud grin. However, she then got curious, “Wait, who are the other two?”


Leda shrugged, “Oh, some pretty boy hotshot named Han….”



Han’s buzz has continued to grow since then, now that he moved into Passion Tower, his name was at the center of all the chatter amongst the female students


“So you’re the new freshman I’ve been hearing about. Your name has been on the lips of all the female students. What’s all this hype about with you I wonder?” Shikijou asked with an inquisitive grin.


“I don’t know. I do not follow ‘the hype’ about me. I have no interest in such things.” Han stated flatly.


“Not very friendly huh. You’re a bit standoffish I see.” Shikijou remarked.


“And your point is?” Han asked rather cynically.


“My point is this… if you don’t want to tell me what you’re about I will find out for myself.” Shikijou teased while leaning in close, putting her arm around him.


The professor-in-training then moved in aggressively, pressing her lips against Han’s. Han realized what Shikijo was aiming towards and for the time being, forgot about Yuriko. Han reciprocated her actions and grabbed a handful of Shikijou’s thigh and pressed on it with his thumb.


“You’re tense.” Han said as she finished pecking him on the lips. The black haired young man continued to apply pressure on Shikijou’s leg. The golden skinneds blonde let out a light moan as the youth rubbed her leg. Unlike most men, Han wasn’t going for the inner thigh and vagina area, he had intentionally targeted the meaty part of her thigh.


“A little lower.” cooed Shikijou


Han lowered his hand and pressed on the knotted and tightened muscles on the front of Shikijou’s thigh


“Ahh yeah, right there..”


His firm massage broke up the tension in Shikijou’s muscles, causing them to relax.


Impressive. Very perceptive of him to know that my muscles are sore…’ She noted to herself.


“How does that feel?” Han asked.


“It feels good but do you mind getting my shoulders. My traps and delts are burning.”




Shikijou laid face down on the couch and rested her head on a pillow. She shrugged off the straps down on her sports bra and pulled it all the way down to her waist so that they weren’t in Han’s way. Her massive flesh mounds rested on the seat. Han pulled up a chair.


“Nice and ready for you.” Shikijou whispered lightly while shrugging her shoulders.


Han placed his hands on her shoulders, moving them back and forth, pressing deep into her skin with his fingers using light pressure. The fit blonde moaned softly as Han made her feel a tingling sensation.


“Han, can you get my back a little bit?” Shikijou asked sweetly.


Han said nothing, he instead responded by sliding his hands just beneath her shoulder blades. He worked the muscles, gradually loosening them up while also arousing the aspiring professor. Her body began to shiver in excitement as Han’s hands moved further down her back.


“Yeah Han, can you go a little harder…”


The young man pushed harder with his fingers, squeezing Shikijou’s lower back region.


“You really know how to make a woman feel good…” Shikijou cooed happily.


“I think I need you to work on the back of my legs. I did so many squats. I feel so stiff there. They’ve been cramping up a lot lately.” explained the second year student. Shikijou closed her eyes and smiled while lowering her shorts and thong.


“Do you mind helping me out of these?” the caramel beauty asked.


“Sure.” Han said calmly before helping the blonde slip out of her shorts and underwear. Shikijou was now completely nude and ready for the taking. Han remained on his feet for a few seconds, admiring the perfection personified that lay on the couch before him. Her ass was plump, her thighs were thick and her hips were wide. Now that she was fully undressed it was crunch time. Han was in the heat of the moment and he had to deliver on what he started.


“What’cha gonna do now?” Shikijou asked teasingly while looking over her shoulder at him with a suggestive smirk. The youth sat back in his chair and took hold of Shikijou’s thigh with both hands, sliding them up and down while squeezing the muscles in it . Shikijou’s thighs began to steadily pulsate.


“This feels so great… All the pain is going away.”


The assistant professor shook her hips lightly from side to making her ass jiggle, brushing up against his forearm with her ass cheeks, causing Han to flash a brief smile.


He worked on one thigh and then the other, relaxing out the stiffness and pain. Shikijou then shook her ass a second time. The first time was a tease but the second time doing it was a sign. Han quickly picked up on the message Shikijou was sending.






Han gave Shikijou a firm paddle-like smack on the ass to let her know he got the message loud and clear. The young man grasped the big meaty booty that was in front of him. Han grabbed one cheek with each hand and smacked them together.


“Having fun I see.” Shikijou giggled while looking over her shoulder at Han. The black haired young squeezed and rubbed on her ass in a firm yet gentle fashion, easing the stress in her glutes from several hours of squats, leg presses and other lower body exercises.


“Ahhhhhhh! Rub it down real good! Make that ass happy!” encouraged the fit blonde.


Han obliged her, and pressed deeply once more occasionally giving her fat ass a slap.


The blonde woman shuddered at his every touch; this massage not only relieved the pain and soreness from working out but also got Shikijou aroused. As Han continued to rub down her ass and thighs, he felt a slight trickle of liquid running down her inner thigh. Shikijou was fully turned on and into it as the rub down Han was giving had crossed the line from a typical massage into lusty foreplay.


Shikijou looked back at Han after she realized he felt her juices dripping. Han ran his hand up her thigh, lightly brushing his fingertips against the outer folds of her pussy. He wiggled his finger back and forth and moved it around. The sexy body builder’s murmurings grew louder as he repeatedly grazed the surface of her vagina with his hand.


“You’ve got a pretty nice touch… How about we do this.”


Shikijou turned over on her back, seductively rubbing her legs and feet together like a model posing for a photoshoot. She rested her head on her hand and pointed at Han with her other hand.


“I’m still a little sore. We definitely aren’t done yet.” Shikijou asserted with a cat like grin. Han took a second to admire Shikijou’s ravishing beauty once more. Han then reached out with both hands and started fondling her heavy tits, gently squeezing and moving them around.


“Oooh! You know what I want before I even ask.”


He’s so observant and astute. So much attention to detail. I’m starting to see why he had so much hype…’ noted Shikijou mentally.


It was like he knew step by step what to do despite it being his first time with Shikijou. This was not mere guesswork on Han’s part either. He knew that most weight exercises involving the shoulders also worked the muscles in the chest. The young man left no part of her tits untouched. From the underboob area, to the areolas and finally her nipples; Han had all the bases covered. The gray eyed freshman ran his fingers along the bumpy surface of her areolas, moving his thumbs in a circular pattern around the nipples, causing them to fully harden. He then clamped onto Shikijou’s nipples pressing them down on them like buttons on a video game controller.


“AHHH! I’M MELTING IN YOUR HANDS!” Shikijou screamed with joy!


The freshman standout lowered his head and began softly kissing Shikijou’s awesome knockers, lightly sucking on them. At the same time ,his other hand ventured lower down to her abs. Han ran his finger down her impressive 6 pack, squeezing her abdominal muscles in between his thumb and index finger.


“UGGGGH!” Shikijou yelled while shaking slightly. Her stomach is one of her body’s sensitive zones. Han continued to suck on Shikijou’s nipples but eventually brought his kisses lower, making his way to her stomach.


“AHHHH! UGGGHHH! THE HYPE IS REAL! HOLY SHIT!!!” Shikijou screamed, prompting Han to look up at her with a grin.


Han put a second finger inside of her and hooked them, lightly brushing up against her clitoris.


“DAMMMMMNNNN!” Shikijou hollered in shock that he found her clit so quickly.


This guy IS a special talent… Everything I heard was true!


Shikijou’s eyes lowered in amusement as Han played with her twat, letting out deep breaths of pleasure. She was hot and ready to go. The woman sat up slightly.


“Han!” Said the blonde in a moaning voice. The young man looked up at her.


“The massage was wonderful. Now I want to share with you what I know.” declared the sexy blonde as she sat up. Shikijou smacked the seat cushion next to her, signaling for Han to sit there. Han followed her instructions and took a seat on the couch. Shikijou stood up and leaned down in front of him. She saw no fear or anxiety in his eyes which would usually be the case when a freshman is about to get busy with a second year student. The two shared a juicy tongue kiss, and to Shikijou’s surprise he was an excellent kisser. The new recruit fondled her tits as they exchanged saliva in an extended smooch. The aspiring instructor unbuckled his belt and opened his pants, reaching in to grab his cock. She was overcome with shock upon grasping his erect pole.


Damn. It’s below average in size. I was expecting more. Maybe he’s not fully hard yet.’ thought the sexy bodybuilder to herself.


Shikijou dropped down to her knees and continued to jerk him off but there was no change in Han’s length.


I guess this is it. Let’s see what he can do with it.’ Shikijou mentally noted. She pulled off Han’s shorts and and looked up at him.


“You’re gonna find out what a blowjob from a second year elite feels like.” boasted the creamy caramel vixen. Han’s facial expression didn’t change upon her revealing she was a highly ranked second year star. Shikijou’s attempts to unnerve him didn’t work.


He’s so calm and relaxed. His heartbeat hasn’t changed at all. He’s not nervous or overly excited. Normally rookies are antsy about banging 2nd years. How is he so in control of his emotions?’ the fitness expert thought to herself. Han wasn’t phased by Shikijou’s experience or her status which set him apart from just about every other male recruit.


The curvy blonde initiated the BJ with several long sucking kisses on Han’s dick, generating an immense pressure against his skin.




Han slouched back on the couch and placed his hands behind his head to enjoy the BJ. The blonde then played with his cock, jerking him off while licking the head of Han’s member. She pressed her tongue firmly against his skin, powerfully stroking his shaft with it. She slathered his dong in her spit with the excess dangling from her lips. Her firm yet still gentle tongue strokes brought a change in Han’s face causing him to smile.


“How does it feel?” Shikijou asked.


“Good.” Han answered, still calm.


“It’s going to get better, I hope you’re ready!” guaranteed the 2nd year student.


Shikijou opened her mouth and began to suck nice and slow. Her soft lips wrapped around Han’s dick tightly like a rubber band. She went down on him slow and steady to start off. Han let out a slight groan which triggered Shikijou to do more.






The 2nd year student sucked more aggressively, making very audible slurping noises. Her pace increased gradually each time she went down until it was bobbing so fast, Han couldn’t really see what she was doing.


“MMMM! GULP! AHHH! You haven’t cum yet?! Impressive!” Shikijou remarked.


The blonde went all the way down for a deepthroat, taking in all of Han’s dick, even making his balls disappear in her mouth. She then shook her head from side to side rattling his dick and balls in her mouth. Han’s eyes widened as he looked down for he had never seen or experienced anything like this. Shikijou repeated this multiple times but was unable to make Han explode.


He’s got a high pleasure threshold too….’ she thought to herself.


Suddenly she stopped sucking him off and stood up.


“I’ve been so busy with my professor duties my pussy hasn’t had any visitors. You wanna change that?” Shikijou questioned while hopping on the couch. She turned around and bent over, spreading her moist pussy with her fingers. She bent all the way over, arching her back and putting her face on the seat cushion, raising her ass as high as she could get it. This position made deep penetration easier for average to smaller sized dicks. Han moved behind her, grabbing her ass with one hand and inserting his dick inside her with the other. Shikijou’s wetness along with Han’s less than average size made for easy entry.


However, once inside, Shikijou’s pussy clenched on tight like a glove. It was almost like she adjusted her hole to fit her partner perfectly. Han began to thrust, maintaining a tight grasp on her hips. He stroked her with steady and hard pumps exploding from his legs to create momentum. Shikijou immediately felt a sensation.


“AHHH YES! KEEP ME COMPANY!” yelled the blonde with a grin.


Han pulled her into his thrusts, creating creating a high impact collision with her snatch with each stroke. He quickly pulled his hips all the way back in between pumps, utilizing all of his muscle to shag her. This was a very sound move which replaced bullish size with technique.


“OOOOH! UGGGHH! FUCK ME GOOD! MAKE THIS YOUR HOME! YOWWWW!” Shikijou hollered, impressed with Han’s form. It was apparent to her that he was no ordinary freshman but a prodigious slinger of dick.


The young standout alternated his hip movements, changing the way he moved which varied his thrusts, thus changing which areas he hit. Han shifted his waist upwards during his thrusts and then swiveled his hips in a circular motion while maintaining his aggression. Shikijou slid forward on the couch, lightly bumping her head on its arm rest.


“AHHHH! THE RUMORS WERE RIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHT! SHOW ME MOAR FRESHMAN!” Shikijou howled while grabbing on to the arm rest.


Han gave her several loud smacks on the ass as he pounded the well shaped beauty. Shikijou’s ass bounced like a basketball with her bountiful ass cheeks slapping up against her lower back. Shikijou responded by swinging her hips, slamming her fat ass into Han’s stomach, effectively knocking him on his ass. The bronze woman then sat up and crawled over to Han before getting in place for the next position.


“Bet you never had anyone ride you like this!” Shikijou said confidently while lowering herself on him for a reverse cowgirl.


Shikijou sat down on the youth’s dick, moaning softly as she inched her way down. She began by shifting her hips back and forth like she was sitting in a rocking chair. She started slowly and gradually picked up her pace.


“Ohhhh… Yeah, take it all in…” Han groaned quietly.


The second year student skillfully gyrated her waist , moving Han’s cock forward and backwards like a pull lever. The back and forth motion provided great stimulation for Shikijou.


“MMMMMH, FUUUUCK, SO THIIICK” she moaned as she stirred his cock around inside herself.




Shikijou’s tremendous strength made the seat nearly tip over. Han grabbed two big handfuls of ass, squeezing her booty while pumping his hips back and forth to sync with her frantic rhythm. The young man moved along with her in perfect sync like he was clairvoyant and able to see her every move. The bronze temptress then leaned back, taking a squatting posture and began bouncing on the black haired studs dick. She rebounded fast and hard, her huge bullet like tits flapped up and down, slapping up against her ribs and shoulders.




Shikijou pounced on Han with tremendous force and energy, beyond what most normal women are capable of. Sweat ran down her beautiful naked body, trickling down her face and stomach while also flying off her high flopping boobs. She came down on his short but thick cock like a ton of bricks, threatening to give Han a pleasurable death by SNU SNU! However, Han held firm and fucked her back, returning the favor with extra heavy upward thrusts.


“Hmmm, so eager aren’t you?” Han asked, grabbing her fat tits and pumping his hips in time with her own movement.


“YESSSSSS! I NEEDED THIS SO BAD!” Shikijou screamed in response. After several weeks without any male attention this was indeed a welcomed ending to her literal dry spell.


“I want to see your face!” Shikijou remarked in a mellow tone, interested to see his facial expressions. Shikijou then turned so that she was facing him in the cowgirl position. She looked into his eyes and saw a cold steely focus. He would not be intimidated or flustered by Shikijou or any other woman for that matter.


Those eyes… He’s so composed. I have never seen this in a rookie before…’ Shikijou thought.


She grasped his shoulders and resumed bouncing, using his shoulders as leverage to better please his cock. Han squeezed her fat ass once more, shaking her cheeks up and down. Her watermelon sized tits swung and bounced and smacked together, occasionally brushing up against the young man’s face.




Shikijou’s screaming was interrupted by the sound of the room door unlocking. She immediately stopped riding and put her arms up on the chair to cover up the fact she was butt naked. Han slumped back in the chair so he couldn’t be seen. There was no question who was about to enter the room.


The door opened revealing that it was indeed Yuriko on the other side.


“Hi Ureee-chan.” Shikijou greeted while trying her best to appear normal.


“What are YOU doing in MY room?!” an annoyed Yuriko asked while kicking off her flip flops.


“I just stopped by to drop off some stuff I bought for you.” informed the elder sister.


“You could have called me first ya know.”


“I tried, you would know if you actually checked your phone.” Shikijou retorted


“I was busy getting all my registration stuff done. I can’t stop in the middle of a meeting with the guidance counselor picking my classes.”


“As much as you’re on the phone checking all your social media and making snap videos, I’m sure you saw a missed call from me.” Shikijou pointed out.


“No thanks on the gifts, if I need something I’ll buy it myself.” Yuriko snapped back.


“Come on, I think you’ll like what I got you. Just take a look.” Shikijou urged.


“Fine.” Yuriko sighed while crossing her arms.


Yuriko then walked to the side of the room and grabbed one of the bags. From that angle, she noticed a pair of feet on the floor. Judging by their size they clearly belonged to a man.


“Whats going on here…?” Yuriko questioned as she approached the chair.


As she came to the front of the couch she saw the guy her sister was on top of was Han, whom she planned a date with.


“So much for bringing fucking gifts! I see what kinds of gifts you’ re giving! I liked Han. He came to see me and you fucked him, in my room of all places! You haven’t changed at all!” Yuriko fumed, her face reflecting anger, however she was not at all surprised.


“I’m sorry about this, it just happened. But you’ve been acting funny around me for awhile. Ever since I left for college, you’ve been giving me the cold shoulder ever since. What’s your REAL problem?!” Shikijou questioned rather aggressively, no longer paying attention to Han or the cowgirl position she was in.


“You really want to know?!” She questioned the elder sister.


“Yes!! tell me!”


“My problem is YOU!” You left us without a single word. You didn’t tell anyone you were going here, not even a goodbye to mom or our sisters. You abandoned our family and you abandoned me! You know how devastated we all were?!”


Shikijou remained silent for a moment before speaking. “I’m sorry Yuriko but I have my own wants and aspirations. I needed to leave home if I was ever going to achieve my dreams.”


“But what about me!? You were my best friend…” Yuriko inquires furiously.


“I set out to accomplish my goals when I made the decision to come here. This wasn’t for the family or any of my friends, I did this for me. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to be deterred. I couldn’t say goodbye to you because I felt you would have held me back.” explained the elder sister solemnly.


“Held… you… back?!” Yuriko just stood there for a moment, processing Shikijou’s words. Her hands and feet trembled uncontrollably as she seethed with anger. The young woman growled angrily and her shaking became more pronounced. Yuriko briefly closed her eyes and when she opened them up again, her pupils had changed from their typical round shape to sharp narrow slits. Shikijou’s eyes widened in worry for this wasn’t the first time she saw this.


“RAWWWWRRR!!!!!!” roared the younger sister.


“BITCH HOW DARE YOU!” Yuriko yelled in a deeper more animalistic voice.




Enraged by Shikijou, Yuriko dove at her sister, spearing her with a thunderous flying tackle. The two sisters slammed into the floor. Han, undaunted by the situation, watched the two sisters engage each other physically. The pair rolled and tussled on the floor for a few seconds with Shikijou, the stronger of the two winding up on top. However this advantage was short lived. Yuriko gripped Shikijou’s shoulders and planted her foot into her rival’s stomach, performing a rolling somersault throw; sending Shikijou flying upside down.




Shikijou slammed into wall, breaking the TV that was mounted there as well as damaging the wall itself. The woman hit the wall so hard she left an imprint on the damaged walls. Yuriko got back to her feet as Shikijou hit the ground.


“I’LL PULVERIZE YOU!” Yuriko yelled while charging her downed opponent. The younger sister lunged forward with a front kick, aiming to knock Shikijou out as she sat disoriented against the wall.




Shikijou leaned her head to the side and barely avoided what would have been a fight ending blow. Yuriko’s foot went through the wall and became lodged in it.




While Yuriko was stuck, Shikijou reached out with her arm and swiped her leg, sweeping her off her feet. However, the younger sister pulled her other foot out of the wall, ripping out chunks of plaster and wall paper with it. Before falling over, Yuriko transitioned into a back flip while still in midair, landing on both feet. The enraged woman pelted Shikijou with a flurry of punches and swipes while she was getting up. The elder sister raised her arms in a defensive stance covering herself from Yuriko’s assault.


“I’M DONE TALKING!” bellowed the angry younger sister. She continued with her barrage of strikes but Shikijou managed to duck underneath a haymaker right hand. The elder sister quickly moved behind Yuriko and applied a full nelson hold.


“I GOT YOU! NOW CHILL!” Shikijou urged while walking toward a wall with Yuriko in her grasp. “We can talk about this!”


Yuriko moved her shoulders and flailed her arms in an attempt to break free, accidentally tearing off her skirt in the process, but Shikjiou’s grip was like iron. Yuriko growled and roared like a feral beast. Shikijou tried to pin Yurikio to the wall to use it for leverage to restrain her but Yuriko had other plans


The wild red haired woman pressed her foot up against the wall and then took a step, enabling her to walk up the wall. She took 3 steps up the wall and then pushed off, backflipping behind Shikijou and breaking the full nelson hold. Yuriko immediately wrapped her arms around her sister’s neck to apply a choke hold. She locked it in tight, getting her forearm underneath the chin. Shikijou tried to pry Yuriko’s arms off but couldn’t.


“Who’s got who now!?” Yuriko asked. “Now take a long nap!”


Shikijou instinctively leaned forward and countered with a shoulder throw, planting Yuriko on the floor hard. A loud ‘thud’ could be heard, rocking the room.


“So you wanna make this serious now?!”


“I always was serious!” Yuriko answered while doing a kip up, hopping back onto her feet. Han got up and walked over to the kitchen to make a sandwich, showing no reaction to the brawl unfolding before him.


The two naked sisters rushed one another and locked up in another tussle. They went back and forth, slamming each other into tables chairs and other furniture, neither coming close to letting go of the other. Tits bounced and asses jiggled as the two sisters tore up Yuriko’s room. In the middle of the struggle, the room door swung open.


“HEY!! I RECEIVED A NOISE COMPLAINT! WHAT’S GOIN ON IN…..” Eric the security guard yelled before seeing what was taking place. He looked at Yuriko and Shikijou and then glanced over to the naked man sitting on the couch.


“What kind of kinky shit you got going on in here?!” Eric asked while shifting his attention back to the two feuding siblings. Eric’s face lit up as he watched them but suddenly it dawned on him.


“Wait… They’re fighting for real!”


Eric rushed to try to separate the two, grabbing Yuriko around her waist to pull her away from Shikijou, accidentally bumping into her ass with his crotch.


“ASSHOLE!” Yuriko screamed.




“AAAAWWWWRRRR!!” Yuriko roared and turned around, grabbed Eric and flung him all the way to the other side of the room.


“AHHHH!!!! HOLY SHI—” the flying young security crashes into a table, knocking all of the plates and content off it, including the mega sandwich Han was making. Han’s eyes widen with disappointment.


The young man slowly got back on his feet, trying to act like her throw didn’t faze him at all.


“I guess I should stay out of this….”


“I advise it if you value your health.” Han responded, trying to salvage his destroyed sandwich on the floor.


Meanwhile the two sisters squared off once more Yuriko kicked Shikijou in the stomach with a powerful kick which sent her sliding backwards across the carpet. Shikijou maintained her defensive posture, trying her best to cover up. Yuriko attacked with vicious rapid fire punches and scratches that battered and bruised Shikijou’s arms, possibly hinting to the two male spectators that maybe she was trying to hold back this entire time.




Yuriko connected with a punishing leg kick, one that was so hard that it made the muscular queen of leg workouts buckle.


“AHH!” Shikijou grimaced in pain.


Yuriko then ran along the side of the wall and sprung off with a flying kick like the maneuvers performed in Kung Fu films.




Shikijou was sent drifting off of her feet again, hitting the back of her head on the ground as she landed on her back.


“This is bad.” Eric remarked while reaching for his radio.


“No, let them fight. This is a personal matter between them, let them settle it.” Han said before raiding Yuriko’s fridge. He came out with big armfulls of food, including 2 racks of World City famous BBQ ribs, a big bag of BBQ chips and a 2 liter bottle of soda, all food Yuriko had been given for free before leaving work the previous night. He sat back down and continued to watch while indulging in a big lunch.


Yuriko stalked Shikijou slowly like a predator going after its wounded prey, thinking victory was hers. The blonde got up gingerly with blood trickling from her mouth. Yuriko reacted immediately by throwing a right hand, but Shikijou managed to catch it in her palm. The redhead then threw a left hand which was also caught. The elder sister then threw a heavy knee to the body which lifted Yuriko’s feet off of the ground. Yuriko coughed out violently from the impact. Shikijou then delivered a skull rattling headbutt which stunned the younger sister and had her stumbling backwards. The brawny blonde finished this sequence with a Superman punch.The tables had been turned and now Yuriko was the one crashing into a wall.




“Think you won?? I’m just getting started… Come on bitch!”


Eric watched on with his eyes nearly bulging out of his face.


“God damn! What’s the deal with these two?! I’ve never seen a fight like this before. Its like something off tv.” Eric commented.


“It looks like these two are hybrids.”




“Yeah, I’m almost sure of it. A Hybrid is a human that has Beast Maiden genes. A lot of the time they appear to be normal humans but have inherited beast traits from one or sometimes both sides of their family. A parent, Grandparent or even someone further down their family line is a beastman. Hybrids possess the enhanced physical attributes and skills of their beast predecessors. From the looks of it, these two have feline blood.” Han explained before taking a big bite out of one of the sandwiches.


“How do you know this?” Eric inquired.


“I have encountered one before. Someone important to me is like them.” Han answered. Eric watched in pure lust as the butt naked dorm room brawl continued.


“You’re making me angry Ureee-chan!!! If you’re not gonna stop on your own I guess I’ll have to fight seriously!” Shikijou threatened as her eyes shifted, her pupils becoming narrow slits matching her sister’s own golden yellow eyes. The muscle bound woman began to growl menacingly.




“You can try but it won’t work out like you think!” Yuriko snarled.


Yuriko quickly landed a right hand which sent Shikijou airborne, however she twisted and flipped in midair, landing on the wall with her hands and feet, taking the posture of a cat about to attack. She shot herself off of the wall and connected with a diving kick to the chest with both feet. Yuriko smacked into a nearby desk, going through it.


Once again standing on both her hands and feet in a cat posture, Yuriko rushed Shikijou, trying to stop the elder sister with a spinning kick. Shikijou immediately pounced forward with her muscular legs generating instantaneous explosive power.




Shikijou connected with a fierce flying clothesline, whiplashing Yuriko. The blow connected with the base of her chin along with her neck, landing so hard that it caused Yuriko to backflip and land face first on the floor. She coughed heavily while down on the ground. Shikijou grabbed Yuriko by the hair and pulled her up. The younger sister tried to counter with a backflip kick but Shikijou denied it by catching the Yuriko by the ankle.


Shikijou swung her sister around in circles while still grasping her leg. She spun around 4 times before letting her go, throwing her.




Yuriko slammed into the wall breaking through and nearly falling out of the other side into the bedroom. Yuriko fell forward to the floor and Shikijou pursued her as she groggily tried to get up but allowed her to get her footing. The elder sister easily dodged Yuriko’s punches and kicks, countering with some punches of her own. She dug in with a hooking body shot and followed lefts and rights, ending combo with an uppercut that knocked Yuriko off her feet. The younger sister recovered and landed on her feet also taking a cat stance. They circled each other briefly, sizing each other up before Shikijou made the first attack.




She swiped at Yuriko with her hand, using her fingernails as claws. Yuriko narrowly avoided being clawed in the face, but was still cut on the shoulder by the attack.




The couch where Eric and Han were sitting at split in half and fell over like two freshly sliced pieces of bread after being cut from the loaf. The young men fell down but continued to watch the cat fight from the floor, scooting back to one of the corners of the room so the girls had room to continue without them getting in the way.


“Good god these chicks are wild!!!” Eric said with disbelief to Han who was casually eating from a big bag of potato chips.


Yuriko and Shikijou hissed as they pawed each other in the face rising up on 2 legs as cats do when fighting. After exchanging a few strikes, the two sisters charged at one another simultaneously landing right hands. They stood and traded more blows, going toe to toe with neither woman backing down. They struck each other with power and fury like two lions battling for control of their pride. After several exchanges, Yuriko grabbed a hold of her elder sister’s hair nearly by its root and pulled on it. Shikijou did the same and another struggle ensued.


“Give up!”


“No! You give up!”


The rough and tumble fracas raged throughout Yuriko’s room with the rival sisters pulling hair and slamming one another into every object nearby. After a couple of minutes, their pace slowed down as both showed signs of tiring…


“You ready to quit yet bitch?!”


“No, but it looks like you are!”


Both women waned in energy but stubbornness kept them from retreating from the conflict.


“That is enough!!!” yelled a man’s voice. It was Saitou, the Chief of Security, entering room to end the conflict once and for all.


“Whatever is going on between you two needs to stop now!” Saitou yelled at the two naked cat women pulling each others hair. The security specialist darted over to the combatants and grabbed each woman by the shoulder with a powerful grip. He then ripped them from one another as if he was tearing a phonebook in half. However, the two sisters are determined to continue the fight. Yuriko ran up and tried to punch around Saitou while Shikijou tried to push her way past him.


The seasoned guardian simultaneously grabbed Shikijou by her arm and caught Yuriko’s fist firmly in his palm.




Saitou flung them away with ease sending both sisters sliding backwards, creating enough distance to prevent anymore fists from being thrown.


“Knock it off!” Saitou ordered as he forcefully separated them.


“That’s why I fucked you up bitch! You don’t want these hands!” Yuriko yelled as they separated, pointing her finger at Shikijou. Saitou stood in between them to keep the peace.


“You’re so tough now, talkin that hard when security is holding you back. You weren’t pointin and talkin shit when I was on yo ass a minute ago!” Shikijou countered while standing calmly. Han got dressed quickly and quietly.


“So what happened here?” Saitou asked.


“She jumped me!” Shikijou answered.


“Not before I caught you fucking my date in MY room.” Yuriko retorted.


“First things first, you two can’t be fighting on campus. BSU has a strict zero tolerance policy for violence by students. You could get suspended or even expelled.” Saitou chided before looking at Yuriko first and then Shikijou.


“As a second year student and an acting professor you should definitely know better!” Saitou counseled while looking at Shikijou. She simply nodded in acknowledgment. Saitou then nodded to Eric, gesturing a drinking hand sign to direct him to get the girls some water. Eric went to the kitchen and returned to the room with two ice cold bottles of water, handing them to each sister. Han walked out of the room quietly. Shikijou then noticed scratch marks on the back of his neck.


So that’s why I couldn’t get him to cum despite my best effort….’ The second year student thought to herself. ‘He didn’t have his arms behind his neck so he can relax, he had it there to hide the fact that he was digging his nails into his neck, using the pain as a means to stop an early ending. That guy is no ordinary freshmen…


After Han exited the scene, there was an awkward silence between the Yamazaki sisters. The two of them paced back and forth as Saitou nodded for Eric to leave the room.


“So let’s get to the bottom of this. What’s the real issue. What’s the real reason for you two going at it?” Saitou inquired, suspecting that this was bigger than the boy they each had just met.


“Its nothing, just a little disagreement between siblings. Nothing major.” Shikijou answered, trying to sound casual; Reluctant to discuss the matter in front of Saitou.


“HMPF! It’s nothing!” Yuriko asserted. Though she verbally denied there was anything wrong, her body language clearly said otherwise. Yuriko anxiously tapped her foot on the floor repeatedly, giving Saitou the indication there was indeed something she was holding in.


“I have 2 daughters myself. You’re not fooling anyone. You two might as well clear the air right now.”


“Well, I’ll tell you something. Shikijou has always been the best at everything she does. Track, Karate, school work, she always had a natural gift no matter what we were doing. I was always compared to her in everything.” Yuriko said before sipping some water.


“Because of how close we are in age and size, we were always placed in the same groups competing for first place, bragging rights and attention. No matter how hard I tried, You always beat me. No matter how much I worked or how hard I tried you had a talent I couldn’t overcome. I had to always watch our teammates and friends carry you off into the sunset.” Shikijou listened closely to what Yuriko said, surprised that this was how she always felt.


“Everything I wanted you took from me Shikijou. When I signed up for track you did it and beat me. I just wanted to have something to myself that I could call mine!” Yuriko vented in frustration. Shikijou looked on in surprise while Saitou watched.


“Even then, I still admired you, not for your accomplishments but for how you carried yourself. We used to do things together, you helped me with my homework and we used to hang out. But since you got accepted into BSU you changed. We used to be a team, sisters forever and now you tell me that I’m holding you back? Is that how you’ve always felt about your family? You didn’t hesitate to leave us when you graduated highschool. You’re a stranger to me now.” Shikijou remained silent as she listened.


“I’ve always been second to you, but not anymore. We are both at BSU now. So I will make a name for myself and break out of your shadow!” Yuriko stated while pointing at Shikijou with her water bottle.


Shikijou now fully dressed walked up to Yuriko, standing face to face with her.


“Sounds like you made up your mind. Very well, I accept your challenge!” Shikijou replied while offering a handshake. Yuriko refused to shake her sisters hand, instead crossing her arms and staring her down.


“I’m gonna surpass you and become a bigger star! This time, you’ll be in my shadow! And I won’t abandon the people I care about to do it!” Yuriko replied with her arms crossed.


“Now leave.” Yuriko demanded. The two exchanged stares for a moment before Shikijou walked away.


Saitou couldn’t help but chuckle, impressed by Yuriko’s declaration, as he followed Shikijou out of the room. “Your sister is quite an interesting woman. I did not know your relationship with her was so complicated. But now that you have clarity about the problems between you and your sister. This is at least a start for rebuilding your relationship with her.” Saitou noted.


“You think so? You think I can be forgiven?”


“Yes, while competition can be heated, it can bring two people together. She views you as her rival but her actual competitors are the other talented first year students. There will a time she needs insight from someone who has done it. I think there’s hope, but just give her time.


“I hope so… I’ll give it a try.”


“So you’re part cat woman huh? I had a feeling you might be a hybrid. I wanted to ask you earlier after catching your sister the other day. You’ve been hiding your true abilities the entire time you been at BSU. I’ve never seen you use any of your beast maiden abilities. Why is that?” Saitou asked.


“Well… it’s complicated but I’ll tell you…….” Shikijou replied as the two walked down the hall.


After they left, Yuriko looked around her room to survey the damage.


“Damn, we really tore this place up. This is gonna cost me!” Yuriko lamented loudly with an even louder sigh as she flopped on the floor.


“But it’s okay! I’m gonna become a huge star and have so much money I can buy millions of dollars worth of stuff.” Yuriko yelled while jumping up and down excitedly.


“I will become the best… and then you’ll have to respect me.” Yuriko said quietly while grabbing a broom to begin clean up.

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Finally. Finally we get our first view of the girls that more or less started this whole series all this time ago. Shikijou and Yuriko are girls I wanted to see for a long time and their design does not disappoint in the slightest. The older sibling has a surprising confident look on her face, given the situation she’s in, while her younger sisters look of surprise really fits the situation in the chapter. Yuriko’s outfit also is nice to look at and hides just enough to feel enticing. But wait, there’s more. Not only does this artwork give us these two fine ladies, but also our first glance of Han. He’s quite the handsome young lad, though I would have liked to see his medaillon in the artwork. The makeup version looks good enough, nothing special really but cyan makeup looks really good, not only on Hans cock but on Shikijou as well. Not so sure with the red lipstick for Yuriko though. Shikijou’s white painted back in the cum version looks absolutely stunning. I’m always one for some nice contrast and her dark skin in conjunction with Han’s white sperm looks really nice.

If there is one word to summarize this whole chapter in, it would be: ACTION. From the entrance which felt like the beginning of a heist/assassin movie, complete with a jump over a drawbridge; to the chase scene where Yuriko was pusued by Saitou; to the unique sex between Han and Shikijou; and last but not least the fight between the two sisters which was stopped rather easily by Saitou himself. And honestly, I could just stop here, because I already said everything this chapter showed but that wouldn’t do the chapter any justice in the slightest, since it is one of the best chapters so far and I really like the sibling dynamic and basically just about anything in it. It think that the first delivery to a random no-name was kinda unnecessary and maybe starting of with Yuriko on her motorcycle as she drove towards BSU would have been just as good. As it is, it didn’t show anything special, other than a little more parkour (which was described really well, I might add) but since the chase scene in BSU showed also something extremely similar, it just feels kinda like a filler to me. Yuriko’s interactions with numerous other people in BSU were really interesting: with her having heard about Violette before and a little bit of fangirling? over her was quite funny, the way she secured her date with Han wasn’t anything special in particular but I like how she is also relatively new to the whole sex/dating thing. And of course her meeting with Shikijou, after Saitou managed to catch her was really interesting as well. Sorry if I misinterpret this here but Shikijou just feels like a bitch to me. I mean, going into her sisters room without her knowledge, fucking her sisters date on her couch noless, and (in the past) leaving the whole family without saying a word? Sounds kinda like a bitch move for me. Speaking of date, Han brings a distinct and unique feeling to the whole sex thing. He literally rocked the world of a second year student and if Eiji wouldn’t have done the same thing with Candice and Kagura it would have felt much stronger. I think he is also leagues above Violette in terms of experience, given how her first encounter with a second year student went. I like how you explained that his dick is simply thick in it’s girth (as it can be seen in the artwork) and how it’s size is actually somewhat underwhelming. How he uses that however sets him worlds apart from Xavier, who is basically the exact opposite (large but without skill). The fight scene was described exceedingly well and the immage of two almost naked girls wrestling is quite arousing to be honest. In my eyes, the way Han had to describe Eric, what a hybrid is felt kinda clunky. Wouldn’t it be the same thing as if I had to describe someone, what a indian is? Or a canadian/irish/child between a black and a none-black person? I mean, beast folk aren’t really new to this world so it just feels that the knowledge, what a hybrid is should be pretty well known. Perhabs the “omniscient narrator-chan” would have been a better way to explain this to the reader. By now it should be quite obvious, who Saitou’s children are. I mean, Shinoda isn’t exactly a common name I think and the indicators are also unable to miss. The sibling dynamic between Yuriko and Shikijou was written really well and now I just wanna know what made Shikijou leave her family without a trace. I tend to agree with Yuriko however in this instance, not only because I am a younger sibling myself but also because I think she has the much stronger arguments.

ACTION. In the truest sense of the word.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Hello once again. This chapter kind of came together at the last. I forgot where I got the idea from for the intro, Just knew I wanted to involve a motorcycle and do some kind of an action chase and an assassin/spy sequence. The main objective of this was to put Yuriko’s physical prowess on display. The cameo’s from Violette are there because I wanted to have her deliver food to someone at BSU other than Han. Yuriko is another fish out of water like Xavier, She is not from world city.

I enjoyed writing the foot chase with her and saitou. That right there was excitement. I was trying to create the feeling of suspense

The way Yuriko asked him out was intended to be the way it was. She was mesmerized by him but still managed to pull it off. Because im a guy Im far better at writing these kinds of situations from a man’s perspective. And as you said she is new to sex and dating so her asking didnt need to be some epic entry.

As far as Shiki goes I have to agree that this was a bit of a bitchy move. She was curious about han, and you knoe what they say, curiosity killed the cat. The two sisters have a very checkered relationship that goes back to middle school. I hope to elaborate on that more in the future.

I was trying to show Han’s skills and why he is the number one ranked recruit. I didnt write the sex scene for the Eiji/Candice/Kagura and I think the way it was written gave you the wrong idea. Eiji did have a super strong showing with Candice and Kagura. They were going easy on him. If they were serious Eiji would have been done quickly. There is no comparison between Han and Eiji at this point. I’m not going to write freshman character to overwhelm 2 second year girls at the beginning of the story, doesnt make sense.

And now for the main event, the big fight. This was something I really could get into. I come from a background of writing action and fighting stories. This was very fun to write. The process of showing them go from normal people to literal feral cats helped tell the story of their sibling rivalry imo. I tried to give some background to them. I look forward to probing deeper into the sisters as the story continues. Thank you for continuing to support my work.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Just as a quick question and I don’t wanna come off as needy for attention or anything but I’m just curious: Have you read my “reviews” for the two Mei chapters during the Sapphire SPLASH Arc from a while ago? Don’t necessarily because of an answer but just because I think that they are one of your best stories so far and I wanted you to know that.

4 years ago

Have you thought about giving the orgasmic food different variations? Like certain kinds have different effects. Like some make the girl squirt, some makes them feel compelled to twerk, etc.

4 years ago
Reply to  Shumbley

Oh ya! the possibilities are endless lol

4 years ago

I think Han might get along well with X maybe even give him some pointers the Sanji cook clone not so much only being willing to serve women will grate any dudes nerves.

4 years ago
Reply to  Blackstriker94

We shall see about that. Xavier is very much shell shocked by the Koko incident and not even he knows how hes going to react to meeting classmates and fellow students going forward. So far he hasn’t interracted with anyone new to him since Koko.

Han is more of the type that doesn’t concern himself with others. Outside of his sexual interractions with women he keeps to himself and isn’t bothered with ingratiating himself with others. He doesn’t necessessarily care what others think Xavier on the other hand wants the girls to like him and enjoy the dick hes giving. He’s not had many friends so making these bonds that hes trying to establish is important to him.

Two different people and approaches to doing things. It will be interesting when they do mert. Thanks for the support striker.

4 years ago

Well I’ll be darn. Han is the opposite of X, his chain or medalian made me think of those old school disco medalians guys used to wear lol. I don’t have much to say on this chapter except the fight scene had me laughing. Now I suppose the next step is orientation and classes and I would guess who’s in each other’s class and how the react to each other.

4 years ago
Reply to  Princenoctis

Han is the polar opposite of Xavier. A naturally handsome and brooding figure. Hes muscled up and has the “cool guy” swagger going on. They differ in style too. Han is more methodical and skill/technique oriented, cold and calculating While Xavier uses his emotion and tries to play off of connections/chemistry made with the ladies as well as improvising stuff to do on the spot. The classic Mind Vs. Heart matchup. Thanks Noctis! I hope you enjoyed the chapter.

4 years ago

Really neat having the story focus around Yuriko, fun reveal having her be sisters with Shikijou, a beauty tan duo (so far). Fun occupation she has taking pride in speedy deliveries making her way to her objective as fast as possible, though be safe girl. Unfortunate to have her walk in on her sister getting in on with her to be date, although hot, shame on those 2 both should know better especially in Yuriko’s room. The reveal of Han is a bit low profile, although he has a talent for massages, he doesn’t really express his emotions maybe that’s just how he is. Interesting going the route with him having a smaller than average size, going with the path of how you use it, but also unfortunate he didn’t cum in the story. Would’ve been fun to see the girls fighting and the cum spreading/sticking to one another. Good for Shikijou to retain her confidence when finding out Han was trying to distract himself so he could last longer. Interesting having the girls, especially Yuriko, have the strong sense of sibling rivalry for always being compared to one another growing up.

4 years ago
Reply to  AuronJack117

Han is really meant to be a different kind of dude compared to the other male personalities at BSU. The low profile his part of his gimmick sets him a part. He is the type who is seemingly cold and always has the poker face on. This is why he didn’t panic and leisurely grabbed a sandwich chips, and soda while the girls were tearing each other and Yuriko’s dorm room apart. From what I’ve seen in real life with female friends and cousins the sibling rivalries almost always begon with the little brother/sister in the scenario initiating the hostility. It is a long road to work through such issues with family members. I hope you enjoy me telling the story of how Yuriko and Shikijou deal with the conflict and underlying issues. Thanks for reading.

4 years ago

This was a really fun chapter, from the start to the end it was a very entertaining read. We finally got introduced to Han, who as Shikijou noticed, seems to be clearly leagues above the other rookies, with his main strenght seemingly being knowledge. He seems like a cool guy too.
Yuriko and Shikijou’s relationship seems complicated, I think Yuriko’s reasons to be mad at Shikijou are valid, but not enough to want to fight her imo xD. The fact that Shikijou fucked her date doesn’t help at all either.
Shikijou and Yuriko being feline hybrids made everything that happened during the fight and during Yuriko’s food delivery make sense, there’s no way normal humans could do those things, so right when I was starting to think the chapter had been a bit unrealistic, Han came up with the insightful comment.
Overall a great read, keep up the good work 😉

4 years ago
Reply to  xfuski

Thanks Fuski. Han is very perceptive and technique oriented terms of his style. I think the fist fighting is warranted given the past AND what Yuriko walked into. I was going for the WTF disbelief with her early feats so the cat woman reveal would explain it and suspend said disbelief. Well they have at least all of this school year to sort out their issues lol

4 years ago

I don’t know what say about this except for one. That is the most SPECTACULAR BSU part to date. Not only did you brought back Yuriko from first chapter, you did in flawless effort. In the beginning the thought she was some secret agent, only to reveal as fast service food delivery girl with mad parkour skills and agility. Not just that is the fact she is part beastman or part feline beastman. And Shikijou was her older sister, uh on high note, if this fact was mentioned then I probably skipped or missed from the previous ones, if not then, that is new to me. But the most unexpected was the all-out sibling nude brawl between the two sisters was wild that Eric and that Han guy did ‘the sit back and watch in silence’ cliche before Saitou stopped them with little effort. Speaking of Han, during the sex scene he use self-inflicting pain to stop himself from finishing to early, also knows the fact the Yamazaki sister were hybrid beastmen which explains why he stopped them in the first place when the fighting started.

Anyway Outstanding job Rtenzo and Strider Seiryu for the image and well written story

4 years ago
Reply to  NamelessR04

Thanks Nameless! Glad you like it. Shiki mentioned she had a younger sister in her earlier appearances but didnt say who. I had fun with Yuriko and creating her personality. As for the feline like abiliities and mannerisms I didnt get to show all of them this time around. Them fighting completely nude came from my old memories of girls fighting on the jerry springer show, tearing each other’s clothes off. Stay tuned and as always I appreciate you reading my work.

4 years ago

I thought that was Mei for a second. lol

4 years ago
Reply to  Anon

lol ya they kinda look similiar. Here is a better view of Shikijoucomment image

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Same thing here.

4 years ago

I thoroughly enjoy the introduction of han so far, such a laid back person, only worried he’ll become a genuine asshole and act like he’s blatantly superior to xavier but we, the readers will find out in due time with the orientation arc coming soon (praying for no massive NTR) . he has a good character concept as well and i liked when he grabbed yuriko’s food lmao, i hope this is an ongoing gimmick similar to L’s (death note) candy obsession. I’m intrigued with Han so far and that’s already a good indication that you, Mr. Seiryu are doing a good job engaging us. Could go on a different tangent of how well you’ve already handled yuriko and shikijo’s little conflict and there isn’t much i would change. The character building is phenomenal as now we have to anxiously wait for more of han and his deal/origin, this beast gimmick and to top it all off whatever happens in the orientation arc. Both of you really work your asses off with the drawings and story respectively, good work y’all! 9/10

4 years ago
Reply to  DracielGT

Thanks Draciel. Han really is a different type of dude compared Xavier, Eiji and Auron. Good eye on the food. That is inspired by L. As for How he acts you will soon see more. I tried to be as realistic as I could with the conflict between the two sisters. It’s a fact that some people become distant from family when reaching adulthood and coming into their own. I tried to show off their feline traits one of which is that cats almost always land on their feet. I appreciate the support and kind words. Stay tuned for more. 2 chapters until orientation.

4 years ago

My favorite part of all this was in the beginning, where it looked like an assassin was closing in on a target.

I liked Yuriko’s creativeness on getting there with time to spare.

The cameos were also great! Really getting a feel of a world now. With people passing each other in a myriad of ways.

I actually said “Uh oh” when Shikijo and Han ran into each other, I KNEW that wasn’t going to end well. Gotta say I didn’t see the catgirl nature coming, that genuinely surprised me.

Over all a fun chapter I enjoyed it.

4 years ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Thanks sailor! In the opening I was going for the sleek ninja assassin vibe. Was trying some different techniques with this chapter. I think the cameos in a way open the world more with the random encounters. That shikijo han situation was an unavoidable one. No man would turn that down lol!

4 years ago

Welcome back Yuriko! And welcome to BSU, Mr. Han! This really escalated into quite a mess. By that I mean that ending! O_O

Okay, first off, this was a really well written chapter. I really enjoyed the pacing and setup. Not only that, the changes in tone were also executed nicely. Plus this was a great picture too. I love the work put in here.

Secondly, I liked how there was parkor and even martial arts here in the chapter. That was definitely a nice touch.

Also, I liked how some of the other girls had cameos here too. Plus how we got some more background info on Han and the Yamazaki sisters, especially Yuriko and them being hybrids. Pretty good move.

This leads me to the sex and that wild ending! First I really liked how you made it very sensual from the onset. Han is as good as he was rumored, but I hope he gets a little more personality aside from the man of few words angle [which I like]. Haha. Plus Shinjiko was no joke either, much to Yuriko’s anger. Now I got an idea of her own level too. As for the ending, that was both exciting and fucked up at the same time. So much so that Saitou and Eric had to step in. Jesus… Though it was pretty funny seeing Han and Eric just watched the show. XD

Now I see why people have issues. And I can relate to this point myself. I really hope that they’ll work this out during and after orientation. That was a pretty dark and shocking ending, in my opinion.

Well, overall, I really enjoyed this chapter. Nice work!

4 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Welcome back man. Glad youre doing better. This was a bit of an experimental chapter for me. The motorcycle sequence is inspired by car chase that was in the fast and the furious hobbs and shaw trailer. The wall bounce came from spiderman’s maximum spider super move from the mvc games. Fight/action story writing is my background, i had fun with it. I was trying to give off the mysterious vibe with him. What did you think of Saitou’s parts?

The girls definitely have issues to work through. From my own experience, being involved in sports activities instantly ignites or intensifies sibling rivalries. I tried to highlight their differences in physical attributes and individual styles. While both are quick Yuriko is more speed and agility oriented while Shiki is more power based. I’m gonna try to reflect this in their individual sex styles too. Thanks for your support and glad you enjoyed the chapter!

4 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

As far as Saitou is concerned, those parts alone says a lot about him, which I quite like. As well as some serious foreshadowing for later on. But I must admit that I wasn’t expecting him to be as open as he was about his family issues here. That’s a refreshing move. I hope he gets his problems in order himself.

And that’s a really good way to differentiate the sisters and their. While I admittedly like Shiki and her attitude more [more so since she was trying to avoid fighting altogether], I am interested in seeing what else Yuriko can do, especially considering how Yuriko vented out her feelings and frustration.

Hope that’s some clarification for you. Thanks for the reply. It’s good to be back! 🙂