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Truth and Consequences

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With SPLASH now over, the residents of World City were getting back into their normal routine. This wasn’t only true for students but all citizens. The city had become a hedonistic party world capital for those 3 days and all businesses around the city were booming. This was definitely the case for the Otaku Palace. During Splash, they sold out of numerous DVDs of the Hentai variety, as many customers bought them to use during hotel hookups. It was time to replenish the sold out stock.


Enter Maihime Shinoda. Mai was the most loyal and unselfish member of the Otaku Palace team. Having worked there for 2 years, she was skilled and knowledgeable at every task from working the register, to stocking shelves to assisting customers on the sales floor. Mai often worked overtime to cover staff shortages and to provide additional help during busy seasons. This was especially true for the Sapphire SPLASH event. Because of her busy 15 hour days during the event, she couldn’t attend and spend time with her boyfriend like she had really wanted to. Mai walked through the doors of the Otaku Palace, her supervisor and other members of management were congregating as if they were waiting on her arrival.


“Good morning Mai!” said brown haired woman with glasses.


“Good morning…” Mai replied in a groggy tone.


“Thanks for coming in early. There’s a lot of restocking to do today.”


“Where am I stationed today?” Mai asked.


“You’re going to be working the adult section today.”


“Okay!” acknowledged the silver haired young woman.


After clocking in, Mai sauntered over to large area of the store that was blocked off by thick black curtains. Just above the curtains was a big white sign with the words “ADULTS ONLY” printed in red. Mai stepped through the curtains to reveal a massive room which was like a store within a store, complete with its own cash registers. Otaku Palace’s adult section carried a huge variety of hentai videos, doujinshi, H computer games and other adult merchandise covering just about every otaku fetish. Loli, monster girls, yuri, tentacles, breast expansion, netorare along with some other more eccentric genres that cannot be mentioned. Mai looked around to see multiple stacks of boxes sitting on the floor in each aisle. This was all new merchandise that had been unloaded from a delivery truck a couple of hours prior. It all had to be stocked to the shelves before the 10 A.M. opening time.


This is A LOT of stuff. I better get going.‘ Mai thought to herself.


She opened up the first box which was full of dvds. She looked at the cover to see Rei Ayanami from the popular 1990’s anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion.” Standing behind Rei was a big overweight and unattractive man, holding on to her hips with a sinister grin. Mai look at the cover.


“Why are these so popular?” Mai thought to herself while staring at the dvd cover with a dour expression before putting it on the shelf.



(12:00 P.M., Elsewhere in World City)


After arriving home from SPLASH, Xavier immediately put on some workout shorts and got down to business. Running was again the order for the day. He ventured away from his house, alternating between jogging briskly and full on redline sprints without a set destination. However, he added one new piece to his routine. The young man was wearing the mask he created the night before. To avoid unwanted attention and further public mockery, he assumed the Dragón Fuerte persona. Additionally, wearing the mask served a practical purpose for this occasion because it completely covered his nose and mouth. The fabric of the mask while thin enough to breathe through still restricted the passage of air to a degree. This forced Xavier to practice controlling his breathing and better manage his intake of oxygen. The sounds of 1990’s era rap banged out from his headphones, serving to keep him amped up. He sprinted as hard as he could to the aggressive sound of DMX, one of his favorite rap artists.


X gon’ give it to ya, he gon’ give it to ya
X gon’ give it to ya, he gon’ give it to ya
First, we gonna rock, then we gonna roll
Then we let it pop, go, let it go!


The masked man made his way out of his neighborhood and ran along a sidewalk adjacent to a long line of palm trees. This path lead him to a busy intersection where he had to wait for the crosswalk light to come on. Not wanting to idly wait, Dragón briskly ran in place while he waited for the pedestrian light to turn green. He was not alone in waiting though, two preteen boys on bicycles along with a woman and her young son were also at the crosswalk.


“That guy over there running. He looks so badass!” said the first kid on a bike.


“Yeah, that mask is awesome!” said the second kid on a bike


The 3 boys all looked at Dragón excitedly like they were in the presence of a superhero. The little boy gave Dragón a thumbs up which he returned. The little boy’s mother, a shapely fair skinned blonde with short hair, red eyes and big balloon tits waved at him offering a seductive smile which Dragón acknowledged with a head nod.


When the light flashed green, The hopeful teen waved to the kids a goodbye and continued down several blocks passing by the local YMCA. The young man glanced over to the side long enough to see a man execute a rim shaking reverse dunk in a pick up basketball game taking place on one of the community center’s outdoor courts. This brought him down to one of the main roads. Dragón turned right a continued, entering another sprint. The disguised teen pushed as hard as possible passing by 2 gas stations and quickly glancing up at the signs to see that gas prices were down 7 cents.


During the next of his many sprints, Dragón darted past a worn down strip mall with numerous abandoned spaces, formerly local businesses now all adorned with signs that say for rent on them. The pavement of the accompanying vacant lot was filled with potholes and cracks that had tall weeds growing out of them. Dragón was nearing another part of the city known to its residents, police and the rest of World City as ‘World’s Edge’. It was called that not only because it was the end of city limits, but because it was the rough side of town full of poverty, homelessness and crime. Dragón continued further, running underneath an overpass, crossing into World’s Edge. As he passed, he saw drunken whinos stumbling about and homeless holding up signs requesting change. One particular individual got Dragón’s attention, a man who appeared to be in his 40’s holding up a sign that said ‘WHY LIE? I NEED A BEER’. The straight forward and surprise nature of sign compelled Dragón to stop and give the man $7, enough to purchase a 6 pack of beer. He gave money to other panhandlers on the street totaling to $20 he had given away. A malnourished gaunt looking older woman approached him from across the street. Her clothes were haggard and clearly had seen better days.


“Suckjobs $5. I’ll take good care of your dick you friendly neighborhood Spiderman.” offered the woman.


Dragón responded with a head shake and continued running, further up the street was the Road Warrior Lounge. The Road Warrior was a chain of nationwide truck stop/gas stations where truck drivers could park their rigs to sleep, shower and change clothes, get a meal and or snacks for the road and illegal pussy. The Road Warrior and other truck stops like it were known hubs for illegal prostitution. Unlicensed hookers plied their trade in seedy areas like World’s Edge, offering cheaper prices than AEWA (Adult Entertainment World Association) certified sex workers much to their annoyance. As he progressed deeper into World’s Edge he ran past numerous housing projects and low income housing developments. This made Dragón think back to when he and his mother were living in this kind of environment back in New York, when he was just a little boy after his father had abandoned them. He stared off into that area before stopping and turning away.


It’s about time for lunch. I better get going.’ Xavier thought to himself. The young man took off running as fast as he could to get out of World’s Edge. Something he saw there made him angry. After creating some distance the masked man turned his music back on and reverted back to a jogging pace.


Dragón Fuerte nodded his head and pumped his fist repeatedly while slowing down from a round of sprinting. The young man then took a water bottle out of his backpack and lifted up his mask halfway and guzzled down some of the refreshing liquid.


“HEY!” yelled a female voice


The masked man looked over his shoulder to see a woman running towards him. As she got closer to him, he could hear the ringing of a bell. She was tall and statuesque in shape. Her free hanging strawberry blonde hair swung from side to side. Her her big bountiful breasts bounced up and down in her silver sports bra as she approached; they had to be at least the size of beach balls. Upon closer inspection, Dragón noticed the woman had curved horns coming out of the sides of her head. It was a Beast Maiden! The horns and the bell around her neck identified her as a Holstaurus. A Holstaurus is a bovine breed of beast maiden most closely related to the common cow. Dragón’s heart began to pound like sledge hammer slamming against a brick wall. The experience with Koko had left him terrified to even be in the presence of beast women save for his friend and Student Aide Rubii.


“Oh shit! A super sexy cow! What do I do?! It’s too late to ignore her, I already looked!!”


“Dragón! I saw you last night at the Black Diamond. I tried to get your attention then! I wanted a dance!”


The masked man was about to speak but as Xavier and not Dragon. However, he caught himself before he could make that mistake and swiftly shifted into character.


“A dance you say? How could I have missed such a woman. My apologies miss…..”


“Elizabeth.” replied the cow.


“I’m sure we will meet again sometime miss Elizabeth. And when we do I will make good on that dance I owe you but for now I must finish my workout.” He said in a deeper voice.


“Do you mind if I get a picture first?”


“It would be my pleasure señorita!”


Elizabeth moved next to Dragón and pulled out her cell phone, running her other hand across Dragon’s sweaty bare chest. She then snapped multiple selfies with different facial expressions. Elizabeth followed up by recording a video to upload to her Instagram story.


“Look who I found out jogging?!”


The buxom bovine turned her back to Dragón and bent over, bouncing her ass up and down on the masked man’s pelvic region, filming herself doing so. While Elizabeth gyrated her gluteus maximus on Dragón, he fist pumped along with her movements, nodding his head like he was doing a dance. She gasped as she felt Dragon becoming aroused for she had gotten an idea of what kind of behemoth he had between his legs. The curvy cow looked at him and then gazed into camera, mouthing the words “He’s a monster!” with a grin.


Elizabeth then stood back up and kissed Dragón on the cheek while he posed with his arms crossed, slowly nodding his head.


“Thank you Dragón.”


“DE NADA!” Dragón replied while doing the same pointing pose he had done with Violette Beauregard the night before.


Dragón then quickly turned and put his headphones on and sprinted away. After he was out of range of any other people, he hid behind some bushes next to the sidewalk and unmasked before making his way back to his house. Upon walking inside the young man was punched in the nose with the smell of cumin, freshly chopped cilantro and chili powder. Mei had just finished preparing the day’s lunch, tacos.


“AY MOM! I’M HOME!” yelled Xavier while dashing to the kitchen.


“Ai Javi!” replied Mei while giving Xavier a hug.


“How was your run?”


“It was pretty good. I got in 14 miles.” answered the youth while putting on his shirt.


“Excellente! You’re gonna be a lean mean fucking machine pretty soon!” giggled the mother. Mei then handed him a large platter with 6 hard shell beef tacos and 6 chicken soft tacos loaded with sour cream, guacamole, shredded cheese and green taco sauce. It was a huge meal for a huge appetite as Xavier had to eat extra large portions to keep up his strength due to his abnormally high metabolism. After serving Xavier his food she made a plate for herself and sat across from him at the table.


“So you slept with that Voyager driver with the wild yellow eyes didn’t’cha??” Mei asked with her brow raised.


“Uhhhh….Yeah.” Xavier answered to Mei’s surprise.


“So how was it?”


“You know i’m not gonna answer that mom.”


“I know, I’m just teasin you.”


“Where were you at the last couple of days? I tried to call you but it kept going to voicemail.”


“No, where were YOU the past couple of days? You didn’t answer my calls either! Two can play that game pequenñ!” Mei retorted, flipping the question back on her son. By doing this, she avoided having to tell him what she had been doing those days.


“I got stuck in a bad situation.”


“What do you mean?”


“You remember Koko, that fox girl I had a crush on since I was little?”


“Yes.” Mei answered. She was happy that Xavier was volunteering information without her having to drill for it. Something had changed in him but she didn’t know what.”


“Well I had a run in with her yesterday and it didn’t go well. I bombed again….”


“But that’s not the worst part about it. After we were done she posted about it on all of her social media to mock me… Now the whole world knows! It got 8 million likes!” recalled the son.


“I know it’s humiliating but now there’s at least 8 million more people that know who you are than yesterday. You now have an audience. Those same 8 million people will be around to see your progress.” Mei said with a look of motherly assurance.


“I think I know why she did it.”


“Why?” Xavier asked




“What do you mean”


“Javi, Koko has been successful in everything she’s done for a long time. Now she’s on a new playing field where she may not be the best at what she does anymore. I think she wants to make a name for herself right away and show she’s a bigshot at BSU. She will humiliate and step on anyone to get her point across. Koko made that statement at your expense. The Adult Entertainment Industry is competition at its core. Some people will do whatever it takes to give themselves an edge. She’s coming from the cutthroat world of show business where tactics like this are common place. Underhanded tricks like these are fair game where she comes from.” Explained the wise mother.


“So there are no rules with her.” Xavier replied.


“If you ask me, I think she’s afraid and nervous about it all.” Mei predicted.




“Yes, in my experience, excessive outward confidence masks fear.”


“So what do I do?” questioned the son while scratching his head.


“Remember how Koko made you feel that day. That can be your fuel. Use what she did to you for energy when you need it.” Mei suggested with a serious look.


“How did she make you feel?” Mei asked.


“Weak… Powerless…. Alone…. Ashamed” replied the auburn haired teen.


“You have nothing to be ashamed of Javi. I know what kind of man you are. When the time comes show Koko who you really are. Fuck her into submission, make her surrender to you. Make her your personal bitch!” Mei demanded while banging on the table.


“Uhhh… Ok.” Xavier remarked, surprised by Mei’s response.


“This is how you get respect. Sex isn’t much different than a fight, only you’re giving out pleasure instead of pain.”


Xavier nodded in acknowledgment before shifting the topic.


“I’m gonna try to see Mai today.” Xavier stated, unable to hide his big bright smile.


“Do you have any pictures I wanna see who has you so smiling so much.”


Xavier pulled out his phone and started going through pictures he had taken with Mai during their last two dates. There were numerous pics with the two doing cute poses together like flashing bunny ears and them kissing each other. Mei then quickly took the phone away and got up.


“Ay mom! Gimme my phone back!” Xavier yelled as he got up to pursue his mother. Mei flipped through several pictures he didnt intend for her to see, including nude photos of Mai she had sent in text messages and pics/video of the two engaging in sex acts. After running around the house for about a minute, Mei sat back at the kitchen table and gave Xavier his phone back.


“You didn’t have to do that mom!” Xavier griped, his face red with embarrassment.


“I knew it!”


“You knew what?” Xavier asked.


“I knew you liked your women with a little more meat on their bones!” The mother giggled. Xavier didn’t respond to the comment.


“I can tell you’re REALLY into this chica. You almost never take pictures of yourself but you have a bunch you took with her.


“Yeah, Mai is a great person. I can relate to her. We’re not much different. She understands me. Plus she likes video games and anime too. We don’t have to have sex to have a good time. We can just chill and talk about stuff and it’s just as fun.” Xavier stated. His eyed narrowed and voice suddenly turned more serious in tone.


“This is why I have to tell her what’s been going on with me. I’m going to do it today.” The son asserted.


“It’s been far too long. I didn’t have the guts to tell her before but It’s something I gotta do. Mai deserves better than I’ve done. I haven’t kept it 100 with her.” Xavier lamented. Mei could see the resolve in his eyes.


“I don’t know how she will react to it but I have to do this….I think she could be “The One”. And if I want a future with her, I have to do the right thing and be honest with her.”


“Now you sound like the man I raised you to be Javi. Good luck.” Mei said as she stood up to collect the empty plates from lunch. She kissed him on the cheek while walking by to get his dishes.



Meanwhile, at the same time, Mai was about take her lunch break. It had been a busy day so far running the adult section of the Otaku palace. It had been nearly nonstop traffic with Mai working both the register and the sales floor with just one other employee to assist her. However, sales were good and things were moving smoothly.


“Alright Mai, I’ll take over. You can go to lunch.” said a coworker who had been sent to relieve Mai.


“Thanks… See you in an hour!” Mai said politely as she walked away.


The silver haired cashier went to the back of the store to clock out for lunch and Trent, one of the managers, was there to greet her.


“Hey Mai, would you mind signing this?” asked the man while handing her a card. It read congratulations on it. She opened it and saw several signatures and greetings from other Otaku Palace employees.


“Sandy just got promoted to assistant manager.” Trent remarked as Mai took a moment to stare blankly at the card before she signed it.


“Thanks Mai.”


Mai wore a somewhat disappointed facial expression as she clocked out. The assistant manager position is one that she had applied and interviewed for and felt she was most deserving of the position. She was a 2 year employee of Otaku Palace, having started the job when she was 16 years old.


She was the consummate professional, knowledgeable about numerous products as well as anime and manga in general. Mai was always punctual and did whatever she could to help. The young woman came in to work extra shifts whenever she was needed and gave her all no matter how tired or sick she was at times. She had even designed cosplay outfits of popular characters for other employees to wear during the launch of big titles, the last one being a Bowsette outfit for the release of Super Smash Bros. Eternal a couple of weeks ago.


I guess it just wasn’t meant to be this time….’ Mai thought to herself as she left Otaku Palace and ventured toward the mall food court. She looked around seeing numerous women wearing sexy clothes, short shorts, tiny bikini tops and even see-thru shirts revealing their perfectly toned and shaped bodies. Mai had seen these types of women all her life.


“Look at all these girls with their small waists and flat stomachs.” she mumbled in a deflated tone while looking at her pudgy belly.


As she looked around to choose a place to eat, she walked past a pair of young women who both stared at Mai in disgust.


“Fat pig!” mouthed one of girls while making eye contact with Mai. The silver haired beauty simply turned her head and looked away, frowning somewhat. Mai had gotten in line for The Chicken Shack, a place that specializes in chicken and were known for their chicken sandwiches, one of her favorite meals. But once it was her turn to order, she opted for the healthier option of a grilled chicken salad.


There’s nowhere to sit…’ Mai thought to herself. The young woman saw an empty table at the other end of the food court where she sat down and began her meal. As she gulped down the first bite of her lunch, her phone began to ring. She knew who was calling thanks to the distinct ringtone. Mai’s unenthusiastic demeanor shifted as she quickly and excitedly reached into her purse and looked at the screen which said ‘BAE’. She answered the call and a shirtless Xavier appeared on screen. Mai’s eyes lit up as she saw him and her voice perked up.


“Hey Bae!”


“What up babe? How you been?”


“I’m ok, just another day at work.” Mai droned.


“What’s wrong?” Xavier asked, sensing that something was bothering his girlfriend.


“Well… I got passed up for a promotion and found out from my manager when he asked me to sign a congratulations card for the girl they picked. I’m kinda bummed about it.”


“I know the feeling. That’s their loss though. I know it sucks but all you can do is keep trying. Spots like that open up all the time at these kinds of places. You never know, a much bigger and better opportunity could become available and now you’re available to it.”


“You think so?” Mai asked.


“Fuck Yeah! You’re hardworking, dedicated, selfless, you know everything there is to know about your job and you’re responsible. Plus your smile lights up the room!” Xavier pointed out. The sound of Xavier’s voice soothed Mai, his words put her at ease, making the silver haired girl feel that things were going to be alright.


“Now lets see that big beautiful smile!” Xavier chuckled. Mai stubbornly tried to resist only for Xavier to make a funny face which made her giggle. Mai then busted out in laughter.


“Thatta girl! That’s what I like to see!” Xavier said with a smile of his own.


“You’re so silly bae!”


“I wanted to ask you, are you free tonight? It’s been a while since we saw each other with your crazy work schedule and not being able to go to SPLASH with me.”


“Yes! I’m free bae, let’s do something later.”


“Maybe dinner and a movie or something?” Xavier suggested.


“I have something a little different in mind.”




“I have the apartment all to myself tonight. How about you come over? You won’t need to climb down my patio if my sister comes home this time. And… I’ll have all the dinner, dessert AND breakfast you need!” Mai teased with a sexy grin before moving her hand under the table and sticking the phone underneath her skirt. When she brought the phone back up Xavier was grinning from ear to ear.


“So you wanna come over tonight?” Mai asked in a sweet girly tone while twisting her hair playfully.


“You know it!” Xavier answered excitedly.


“I get off at 4. You can come by around 7.”


“Alright, I’ll be there.” Xavier replied.


There was a brief pause.


“Mai, I have something to tell you.” Xavier remarked suddenly. Out of nowhere he had brought this up. Xavier’s brain was going 200 miles an hour in that spontaneous moment


“What is it love?” Mai asked with concern. As soon as Xavier saw her facial expression he immediately questioned his own timing.


Wait! She’s already having a tough day, I can’t break this to her right now! She has the rest of her shift to finish still. It would suck to find out some bad news and then have to finish a work day! I just don’t feel right doing this over the phone. I’ll tell her tonight, in person!’ Xavier reasoned to himself. It seemed like several minutes had passed as Xavier wrestled with his thoughts, but in truth only a few seconds had gone by.


“I…..miss you!” answered the green eyed youth as he recovered.


“I miss you too bae!” Mai replied while kissing the screen on her phone.


“I gotta finish up my lunch and get back to work. I’ll see you tonight!” Mai nodded before showing Xavier a close up of her cleavage. Xavier smiled a nodded, giving her his two finger salute gesture.


“Alright later babe.”


“Bye!” Mai replied, winking and blowing him one last kiss before hanging up. The young woman was beaming after getting off of the phone, the conversation with Xavier had brought her spirits up. Mai finished her lunch, rejuvenated. The young woman returned to work after her lunch break was over with more bounce in her step, seemingly floating from the lunch time conversation.


On the other end of the phone line, Xavier took a deep breath.


There’s no turning back now. A real man always tells the truth no matter how tough it is, no matter the consequences.’ Xavier thought to himself while standing in front of a heavy punching bag in his basement.




The BSU recruit hit the bag with a hard right hand.



(4:00 P.M.)


It was the end of a grueling work day for the freckle faced princess. She had clocked out of work but it wasn’t quite time to go home yet. A female coworker noticed Mai’s rather happy expression in the breakroom. The purple haired coworker was taller than average, boasting a nice big perky set of boobs, at least an F cup. Her eyes were a dark forest green, a quite uncommon hair and eye color combination. Her lips were quite full and were all natural, thick enough to wrestle down dicks with ease. Her skin was a smooth olive shade, hinting that she was of mediterranean descent. She offered Mai a cherry smile, sensing she was in a good mood about something.


“I haven’t seen you smile that big in a while. Doing something after work?”


“Yeah, I do have plans. My boyfriend is coming over tonight.”


“Oooohh, so thats what has you smiling from ear to ear.”


“I’m gonna rock his world tonight. He’s been very good to me. He got me this necklace last week.” Mai said while showing her coworker a picture of herself wearing the necklace on her phone.


“Oh my god! It’s beautiful! I bet that was pretty expensive.” the coworker guessed.


“I don’t know about the cost but it’s what the necklace represents that’s important.”


“If you wanna get him a nice treat you can dress up in something special for him, like some kinky lingerie and maybe get some toys to play with. I like handcuffs personally.” remarked the coworker.


“I don’t know about the handcuffs but a special outfit, I like that. Problem is I don’t have time to make one, he’s coming over in 3 hours.”


“You can always buy one from one of these stores in the mall.” suggested the coworker.


“I guess I can take a look at some of the places here.” Mai replied.


“There’s this one place on the 3rd floor called Fran’s of Hollywood. They specialize in lingerie and sexy outfits. They have a wide variety of stuff to choose from..”


“I’ll go over there. Thanks for telling me.”


“Have fun tonight girl!” The coworker waved as Mai exited the breakroom.


Mai waved back as she walked away from the the Otaku Palace and into the mall area. It was even more crowded than it was during lunch time.


“Excuse me…” Mai said while inching past other mall patrons .


“Get out of the way you fat bitch!” snapped one of the young women Mai was trying to get by. Mai briefly lowered her head and turned away as she walked through both hurt and embarrassed by the loud, disrespectful words.


Despite what the classless women at the mall yelled at her, Mai was not deterred from her objective. She first went to the Victoria’s secret store. Mai’s eyes widened as she walked inside. Racks upon racks of beautiful bras panties, robes and other accessories were at Mai’s disposal. The silver haired woman glanced around, going through the store with greedy eyes, like a child travelling the isles of a toy store during Christmas.


“Oooh I like this one.” Mai said while stopping in front of a particular set of undergarments. She held up a set of gold sheer lace panties outlined with black fabric stitching. They were quite stylish with numerous small hearts embroidered into the fabric with a large heart shaped opening in the crotch area to give a man easy access to the wearer’s pussy. Along with it was matching golden lace bra with with big a heart shaped openings over the nipples. The front cup area of the bra was completely removable so the wearer could fully expose her tits in all their glory.


“I love this bra!” Mai said while playing with the removable front piece.


She then looked at the third piece of her erotic ensemble which was a golden robe. The sheer, see-thru robe was embroidered with black hearts which were outlined in gold stitching. The robe’s collar was adorned with golden fur which matched the fur that was around the ends of it’s sleeves.


“These are so sexy.” Mai said while looking through the different sizes on the rack. Mai looked all the way to the back of rack and on a nearby table but couldn’t find her size which was a 20.


“Excuse me.” Mai called while flagging down a store employee.


“Yes, how may I help you?” replied the store employee. The store worker was tall with a svelte build complete with long slender legs. Her face was angular in shape with thin eyes, prominent cheekbones and full lips. Her eyebrows and lashes were very pronounced, slightly longer than average. The woman’s dark brooding eyes matched her onyx hair which was worn up in a ball shaped top knot with hime cut bangs that obscured most of her forehead, leaving just enough in the open to see her eyebrows. The woman was dressed to impress wearing a pair of pastel yellow capri pants with a sleeveless white blouse and matching flat heel pumps.


“Oh my god! She’s so elegant!” mumbled the plump belle to herself as she made eye contact.


The amateur tailor momentarily gawked in astonishment of this woman as she approached. Women who looked like her were the standard bearers for what was considered beautiful in the fashion industry. Many a supermodel walked runways worldwide showing off the world’s top designer clothes and setting trends that young women and girls strived to follow. Truthfully this was becoming a bit stale in her eyes.


Mai meekly spoke, specifying her question to the store worker. “I can’t find these in my size.” Mai answered. The employee quickly glanced up and down Mai’s thick frame before speaking. Having seen situations like this before, other store employees stopped what they were doing to watch Mai. Fellow customers also joined in the inconsiderate gawking.


“What size are you looking for?” the employee asked. Mai looked at the employee’s facial expressions, nervous about her potential response.


“Size 20…” Mai answered uncomfortably while the employee sized her up rather openly and indiscreetly


“I’m sorry, 14 is the largest size we have ma’am.”


“Thanks anyway for your help.” Mai said as she turned to leave the store, her quiet tone voice projected her disappointment. The portly, freckled teen quickly exited store, almost doing a power walk, humiliated that not only did Victoria’s Secret not carry her size but other store customers and staff saw and understood what was going on. The employee snickered while Mai was leaving which did not fall on deaf ears. The blue eyed woman looked over her shoulder at the rude and unprofessional store worker, holding back tears. Her expression reflected defeat, having bombed on her first store.


“I guess Fran’s of Hollywood it is….” Mai thought to herself while lightly sniffling


Mai ascended the escalator to the third floor of the mall where Fran’s was located. The young woman navigated her way through a sea of people to get to Fran’s. She arrived to see a gigantic store space with 2 two giant enclosed glass display areas which also serve as windows to the store. While walking inside, Mai took notice of posters on the wall all of which featured slim, flat bellied waifs much smaller than Mai. The aspiring clothing designer looked at the posters in disgust for these were not just posters but a message that negatively influenced both boys and girls on the standard of how women should look.


It’s all the same everywhere I go. Is this what beauty is……?’ She shook her head and pressed further into the store to look at their offering of lingerie. While browsing, the mannequins in the store grabbed her attention. They were all modelled after a body type similar to the woman in the previous store. Her attention then shifted towards the women who were shopping, all of them bearing figures similar to the women she’d seen earlier.


“This doesn’t look hopeful.” the pudgy customer said to herself. Mai felt a sense of foreboding about being in this store, like disappointment was the only thing awaiting her.


However, the young woman spied a purple 2 piece bra and panty design along with a matching robe and stockings. The tags listed Cashmere as the fabric these items were made of.


“Cashmere…hmmm.” Mai muttered while holding up the robe. She visually inspected it, staring so hard she was squinting. As she looked longer her eyes acted like they had a zoom function, peering closer and closer into the fabric until she could see the tiny fibers that composed the garment. At the same time Mai pressed the pads of her fingers against the fabric, further inspecting it with her hands.


Theses fibers, there’s not nearly enough of them to be authentic cashmere, plus the fabric somewhat coarse to the touch. The texture is a bit off. This garment is….COUNTERFEIT!’ Mai noted with wide eyes


Mai put the robe down and began to inspect the other pieces of lingerie.


Maybe this is a mistake and somehow a bootleg got in with the originals…’ She thought to herself, believing that there was no way a huge international brand like this could willingly engaged in tomfoolery such as this. The freckle faced woman then examined a scarf which was advertised as being crafted completely by hand. Her keen “eye for fashion”, her microscope-like vision, saw numerous issues. The way the fibers were aligned indicated this was hastily done by a sewing machine and not sewn the old fashioned way like it was advertised to be.


NO WAY! this can’t be true!’ Thought Mai in disbelief. She checked one more item hoping that just maybe she was wrong with her assessments. She lastly picked up a frilly lingerie style skirt.


This one is off too! The craftsmanship is definitely not there. The sizing measurements are wrong as well. Whoever buys this will have to bring it back.’ Mai thought before putting the skirt back on the rack.”


An employee then approached the speckle faced chubby young lady and asked if she needed assistance.


“No, I’m about to leave but thank you anyway.” Mai replied, flabbergasted by what she had just observed. There was no longer a need to find out if they carried her size or not because this was a travesty Mai could not stand for.


“I can’t believe what I just saw! A popular world renowned brand doing shady business like this. A billion dollar company ripping off their customers with knock off products! This is utterly disgraceful. This is a huge disservice to everyone who supports them! What a scam!” Mai recounted with a scowl forming on her face.


Mai took this as a personal insult to not only herself but to every independent designer struggling to earn a living or even get their work noticed.


“If I had the chance, I could do far better than this inferior bootleg garbage!” Mai fumed to herself.


Mai refused to spend any of her hard earned money at such a place even though she was in need of outfit for the evening.


“Where else can I go?” Mai asked herself while looking at her phone. She did a search and after a few minutes of looking, she found a place nearby.


“Hmmmm, the Adult Emporium huh, It’s in walking distance too.” Mai said on her way down the escalator.


The white haired BBW left the mall and walked a few blocks to shopping center where the Adult Emporium was located. The Adult Emporium is a specialty adult video store that sells porn dvds, interactive games, sex toys/accessories, gift cards, adult themed birthday and holiday cards along with numerous other adult items. To top it off, the store had its own movie theater where customers could buy tickets to see the latest and hottest porn titles for a low low price. The Adult Emporium was also a partner and sponsor of BSU.


Mai was immediately awed by what she saw when she walked inside. The Emporium was big enough to rival The Otaku Palace in size. The store was full of people carrying shopping baskets full of merchandise. A plethora of young women of varying shapes and sizes assisted customers with finding items they needed. From skinny waifs and busty bimbos, to lovely lolis and brick house BBWs, the Adult Emporiums staff was a unique mix of ladies like the world itself. The store workers were wearing lilac purple t-shirts with the BSU emblem on the front to promote the University and films put out by BSU students and teachers. Curious about what was here, Mai took a look around the massive DVD/Blu-Ray department.


She walked through the isles, stopping after she caught a glimpse of a DVD that featured Sara Reed on the cover. It read “Platinum Hits Series” and “8 Hours”


“Wow! She’s sold millions of copies!”


Mai looked at the back cover which showed multiple still images of Sara being fucked, some were with anal, some were with 2 or 3 guys and others depicted her eating pussy. Mai blushed as she stared at the dvd back cover.


“I could be doing stuff like this!” Mai mumbled as she looked at the Sara Reed DVD.


“Can I help you find something?” asked a sweet sounding voice. Mai looked over her shoulder to see a pair of enormous bulging tits. The husky young prospect turned her head up slightly to so see a stunningly gorgeous woman whose own body type was similar to her own albeit taller. The woman had a thick curvy body with thighs that were bigger and meatier than Christmas hams. The woman’s chubby belly was revealed by her cut off BSU T-Shirt which hugged her knockers so snug that it looked like it was gonna tear open. The store worker had long royal blue hair which was parted and draped behind her ear on one side. On the opposite, her curved bangs hung down to her nose. The color of her hair gradually faded into a lighter shade as Mai glanced from the top of her head downward. The BBW store owner possessed hazel eyes which were a combination of olive green and brown. The thicky thick woman’s name tag read “Becky”.


“I’m looking for some sexy clothing, like lingerie or something.”


“Any specific type?” Becky asked.


“I just need something sexy for tonight. My boyfriend has never seen me dress up like this before.”


“I think I have a few ideas that can help. Follow me.” Becky directed as she walked upstairs to the second floor. Becky lead Mai to an area full of négligées, babydolls, chemise, bustiers, garters, leggings and robes and nightgowns.


“Do you have size 20?” asked the aspiring designer hesitantly as if she were expecting to hear no once more.


“Of course we do! Did you not find what you needed in other stores?”


“Nope, not at all.” Mai replied with her lips pressed out, speaking in a low tone However, the big boned fashionista’s expression changed to one of relief and her voice perked up as she spoke once more.


“I had to go to 2 other stores before getting here but I’m glad I did.” remarked the pudgy fashion standout. Mai gazed upon the racks and shelves with thirsty eyes, briefly imagining herself wearing each set of lusty undergarments she laid her eyes on.


“This red and white teddy would look great on me!” Mai declared with a giggle, putting one hand behind her head and the other on her hip to strike a sexy pose; all the while envisioning herself wearing it.


“And what about this purple one? It really accentuates my boobs, don’t’ cha think?” Mai inquired while looking over to Becky for her opinion.


“Yeah the sling V cut of this piece really does highlight that mega rack of yours!” Becky confirmed with an approving head nod while lifting one of her own tits up and down


“So much to choose from! I don’t know what to do!” Mai blurted out excitedly.


“I try to keep a stock of merchandise for all my customers. It’s not just the skinny girls that wanna get freaky ya know.”


“I know! that’s right.” Mai nodded with a chuckle.


“I get what I can but there aren’t many suppliers that make designs for big girls like us. I cobble together what I can from smaller named designers and It sells out quickly! You’re lucky because we just had a delivery this morning.” Becky informed her.


Mai and Becky looked around at the selection of items until the silver haired hottie came across something she liked more than all the other garments she checked out. Mai saw a black thong which had light blue lace and white fabric as trim in the front. There was a bra to match along with a pair of black stockings and blue and white leg garters. The set was complete with a black see-through robe with blue fur around the sleeves and collar.


“This little ensemble here is customizable.


“I really like this!” Mai exclaimed while holding up the bra and panties.”


“That’s a good choice we have some heels that match that we just got in.”


“I wanna see!” Mai replied gleefully.


“Let’s take a look, shall we?”


Becky lead Mai to the shoe department and showed her a set of clear light blue platform heels. The bottom looked like was some kind of gel floating inside. Mai held up the shoe next to the items she had picked out.


“I’ll take em all.”


“Excellent!” Becky smiled and took the young woman to a cash register on the second floor and Mai paid with her debit card. Becky looked at the name on the card.


“I’m impressed with your work miss Shinoda, don’t stop what you’re doin honey.” Becky said with a smile, much to Mai’s shock.


She knows who I am???


“Thanks for choosing the Adult Emporium. Now go and give that boyfriend of yours a night he’ll never forget!”


“Thank you for your help Becky. I really appreciate it.”


As Mai walked away, she noticed other store patrons crowding around Becky to take pictures with her.


She’s a pornstar!?


Mai had got what she needed but also discovered she had a fan in the store’s owner.
But who was this Becky? There was no time to figure out she was for Mai had catch the bus back home and get ready for her evening with Xavier.


While on the bus, Mai pondered the situation.


“I will have to tell Javi about my offer for BSU. I don’t know how he will react to it but I gotta let him know…” Mai thought to herself.



“We looked at the new school uniform concepts you designed. Your father submitted them to us a few months ago. I’m happy to inform you that the Headmistress loved it! We have selected your designs to be this years uniforms for our BSU students!”


“Really!? Oh my gawd!!!!” Mai asked in a high pitched tone which reflected her excitement.


“Yes, you are truly a prodigious talent. Maihime, you have a keen eye for fashion. I’m impressed with your skill and detail.”


“Thank you for giving me the chance Ms. Reed! I’ve been designing and making clothes for years. I’ve always dreamed of making it in the fashion industry.” Mai admitted.


“I have a question. Have you ever considered attending BSU?”



This conversation echoed in the back of her mind as she looked out of the bus window.



(6:30 P.M.)


It was almost time for Xavier to depart and go to Mai’s house. What he had to tell her weighed heavy on his mind but he had procrastinated enough. I was time to do it. He came down the stairs to the living room where his mother was waiting.


“Alright mom, I’m about to go.”

Mei paused the movie and stood up, approaching her son.


“You’re shaking Javi.” Mei noted as she looked at his hand quivering while holding a bouquet of blue roses.


“I know you’re scared but stay strong my son..”


“Thanks mom.” Xavier said while hugging his mother. The short adult stood on his toes to get high enough to kiss her on the cheek.


“Good luck!” wished the mother as Xavier walked out the door, giving a firm head nod as a show of support for her son. The young man got in his car and cruised down the city highway listening to music. Time seemed to move like is was on steroids. Minutes passed like they were seconds. Anxiety was building in Xaviers heart as he took the exit that would take him even closer to his destination.


“This is going by quick. I wish it took longer to get there.” The lyrics of popular 1980’s singer Phil Collins pumped out of the speakers.


I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord
Can you feel it coming in the air tonight? oh Lord, oh Lord



As Mai finished getting dressed into her sexy outfit she walked awkwardly for moment, adjusting to the feel of the platform heels she was wearing. The chubby white haired hottie lit candles and aphrodisiac incense to help set the mood. After that, she walked up to the living room window and looked out of the curtains, eagerly awaiting Xavier’s arrival.


I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord
Can you feel it coming in the air tonight? oh Lord, oh Lord


The Auburn haired teen’s heart rate went up more and more as he got closer to Mai’s apartment. Sweat ran down his face profusely like he had a bucket of water dumped on his head. Xavier wiped his face with a fast food napkin and turned the air conditioning to its coldest setting, pointing all of the air vents at himself to counter the nervous perspiration. His hands were so moist and clammy that he nearly lost grip of the steering wheel. After what seemed to him to be way too short of a time span, the scar faced teen pulled into Mai’s apartment complex. Xavier parked in an empty space in front of Mai’s apartment building. The cute chubby girlfriend stepped away from the window as she saw him approaching the stairs to get to her. Mai looked at herself in the mirror one more time in approval of both her outfit and more importantly of herself. Xavier ascended the stairs with the roses and a box of candy in hand trying to wear a normal looking facial expression. Now there was only a single door separating Xavier from what he had to do. He stood with his head down as he reached out for the door.




The door gradually came open, revealing Mai standing on the other side. Xavier immediately noticed the ravishing angel that stood in front of him, dressed for a night of devilish deeds.


“Ay!” Xavier greeted as he made eye contact with Mai. Xavier was stunned by how breathtakingly irresistible she looked. She was living perfection in his eyes. The young man stared at Mai for a couple of seconds, admiring her in all her thick BBW glory. Her alluring blue eyes could light up the night. Her slightly blue tinted white hair flowed down her back, bringing out the beauty of her freckles even more. The auburn haired young man took a moment to take in her sweet orchid scent. His apprehensive look shifted to a smile in that moment.


“Come in Bae!” Mai urged with an apparent pep in her tone which indicated she really wanted to see him. Xavier stepped inside slowly, giving Mai the idea that maybe he was playing a game with his slow and subtle actions to build her anticipation for him. The silver haired, stunningly dressed doe eyed beauty unexpectedly wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him all the way inside her home.


“Ahhhh!” sighed Maihime, letting out a deep breath of relief as she buried her head into Xavier’s chest. The green eyed young man’s presence alone gave the fashion specialist comfort after a long day of work. Her shopping mishaps were worth the trouble to have this moment.


“I missed you bae…” Mai admitted with a content smile. Mai’s hands wandered lower, squeezing her boyfriend’s buttocks while she wrapped one of her legs around his.


“I missed you too Mai.” Xavier replied as he held her close.


“Baby, we need to talk. There’s some things I gotta tell you.” informed the spiky haired young man.


“We can talk after we’re finished playing tonight. I had a long, rough day at work, I’m aching so bad. I want you to make it better for me.” urged the sensuous pudgy princess in a seductive voice. While teasing him, she pressed her pelvis against his. Mai brushed her thighs and her lace caged pussy against against the crotch of Xavier’s pants to wake up his sleeping giant. Mai was in heat which was evident by the warmth of her soft smushy thighs. The big boned temptress slowly moved her upper torso from side to side rubbing her ever so big and squishy tits on his chest.


“Let’s take our time love. We have all night, and You don’t have to leave.” Mai sang sweetly before pecking him on the lips. Xavier was somewhat bewitched, enchanted even. The combination of her touch and the sound of her voice was overwhelming. The young man slowly went with the flow of the moment allowing Mai to pepper him with sweet kisses on the lips. Xavier gently tossed the roses and candy onto the nearby couch as things escalated even more between himself and Mai.




“Mmmmm…Oh yes bae.” Mai mumbled as the light pecks gradually progressed into heavy, sloppy, lustful kisses. The two lip locked with open mouth smooches, exchanging tongues spiritedly. Xavier squeezed Mai’s pillowy ass with both hands, holding on tight and smacking her fluffy cheeks together. Mai closed her eyes, savoring the moment as she and Xavier shared saliva.


“Baaaeeeee!” Mai cooed softly in approval.


The auburn haired green eyed youth broke away briefly, leaving a string of Saliva that connected their lips. They made eye contact once more. Xavier then lowered his head and began pecking Mai’s neck. He pecked Mai’s sensitive neck area several times before latching on like a vampire.


“Ahhhhhh! Yeah right there bae. Keep going!”


As Xavier suckled Mais jugular, The silver BBW began to feel a slow tingling feeling traveling up her legs. Starting at her feet it’s gradually roses up until the shock reached her inner thighs.


“Ohh! This feeling… It’s so strong… I’ve never felt this before!”


Mai quivered so much that her knees were knocking together. Her body continued to rise in temperature while the moisture of her pussy dampened her panties. The husky blue-eyed doll reciprocated on Xavier by going after his weak spot, the ear lobe. This immediately made him shudder briefly.


“Bae, my body aches all over, I want you to make it better for me.” Mai cooed sweetly. The silver haired boobie princess took Xavier by his hand and lead him to her bedroom where there was a long and wide body pillow sitting on her bed. Xavier helped Mai out of her robe, moving behind her and peeling it out down her shoulders like he was disrobing a queen, in his eyes Mai was that and much more. Mai plopped onto the body pillow and laid her face down on it..


“My body is so sore, I need a massage bae.” Mai state whining yet still sexy tone.


A massage? Shit! I’ve never done one of these before. Think!


Although Xavier had never actually given a woman a massage before, he had numerous videos of the ‘Filthy Masseur’, a porn video series that featured a male massage therapist’s sessions with a bevy of sexy female clients. The Massuer performed legitimate massages which lead to more erotic massage and touching with each scene culminating in a fiery sex sequence. Xavier had watched these videos as part of his study for BSU but also for entertainment purposes prior to his enrollment.


I think there’s something I can do… Those filthy massage videos… gotta remember.’ Xavier thought to himself, trying to focus on recalling the techniques he saw.


The young man climbed on the bed next to where Mai was laying and looked over to the nearby dresser where some massage oil was sitting. Mai had provided him with all the tools to assist him.


“Hold on baby.” Xavier stated calmly while grabbing a lighter from his bag. The young man turned out the lights and lit the candles that Mai set up for him. Next, he lit several sticks of incense that were sitting in glass jars.


COME ON!…YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER!’ he thought in a panic.


Xavier grabbed the bottle of oil and poured a few light dabs on her back and shoulder blades. He slowly reached out with both hands nervously. He placed his hands on her shoulders and pressed down, moving his hands back and forth slowly. Mai’s skin was soft and smooth, akin to the world’s finest silk. As he rubbed her shoulders, images he saw in the massage videos flooded his mind all at once like lost memories returning after years of absence.


“I got it!”


The green eyed teen moved in unison with the image in his mind. He applied moderate pressure going in a steady motion. The oil helped him to easier glide across her skin with his fingers.


“Yessssssssss….” Mai said lightly as she rested her head on her hands. Her shoulders relaxed slumping slightly. Xavier worked the top of her shoulders gradually, transitioning to Mai’s shoulder blades and upper back. He moved his thumbs in a circular motion in between her shoulder blades, prompting long soft murmur from the well rounded, freckle bodied beauty. The combination of the oil and Xavier’s firm yet gentle touch stimulated the nerves.


“Ooooh yeah… I’m feeling better. .So soft and tingly. Show some of that love to my back.” Mai requested. Mai’s back was often sore due to the heavy lifting required at her job. This was compounded by her humongous breasts which were a heavy load to carry on her short frame.


Xavier’s hands ventured lower but her bra clasps were in the way, having now mastered removing a woman’s top, he unsnapped it in a single hand motion. Mai helped him undress her by slipping her arms out while he tried to pull it off. The bountiful bbw’s heavy boobs were free from captivity. They slowly bulged out from Mai’s sides, just beneath her folded arms, giving Xavier a nice viewing of sideboob. Xavier smoothly went down her back, pressing into her skin with his fingertips. Mai reflexively raised her legs, bending her knees as Xavier hit a sensitive spot. She let out a deep sigh of pleasure as her feet trembled slightly in the air. Mai was turned on and that her juices had started soaking through the body pillow she was laying on.


“Ahhhh..You’re sooo good with your hands bae. Have you done this before?”


“Nope!…I just remember some videos i watched a long time ago.” Xavier answered with a chuckle.


Next, the auburn haired teen gave Mai a series of quick chops in the lower back with both hands.


“Right there. Thats the spot Javi.”


Xavier continued to work on Mai’s lower back, relaxing the soreness out while building her anticipation even further for what he would do next. He then went lower down to Mai’s ass.




The scar faced young man smacked Mai’s ass repeatedly with both hands like he was playing a bongo drums.


“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Javi!” Mai giggled while looking over her shoulder at her boyfriend as he made a beat using her ass. The youth then kneaded her ass cheeks, giving her a thorough rubdown. He did so not knowing whether Mai would like it or not. Xavier squeezed her ass cheeks one at a time, occasionally giving her a firm smack much to Mai’s liking.


“That tickles bae!” snickered the big boned sweetheart.


Xavier continued to play with Mai’s ass, grabbing a hold of her cheeks, moving them up and down and knocking them together. This is something Xavier often did to entertain himself and make his partner laugh but he usually did it with tits.


“Boy, you play too much!” Mai joked while watching the green eyed teen play with her ass; for he was absolutely enamoured with it. Mai then wiggled her toes around which Xavier noticed. Mai then turned over on her back. Her enormous all natural tits slid slightly to the sides of her torso because of their tremendous size and weight. Xavier moved positioning himself in front of Mai’s feet, taking the hint that she wanted.


She wants me to rub her feet!?’ Xavier questioned to himself surprised by Mai’s gesture. Mai spent 10 hours or more standing each day. There was no wonder why she wanted a foot massage.


Xavier had never done this before as well and was a bit thrown off by Mai’s request. However, the young man’s intense urge to please his partner drove him. Xavier rubbed her feet, applying just enough pressure to relieve the pain but also induce sensations of pleasure. Xavier hit all the areas from the heel to her toes, creating a heavy relaxing feeling. Not only did he rub them but he bent and rolled them around, showing much attention and care. Xavier didn’t have a foot fetish but he appreciated women who took good care of their feet. Mai was no exception. It was clear that she had recently had a pedicure, as her feet were ivory smooth and her toenails were painted light blue with glittery silver stars on them. This matched her well treated fingernails.




A shock shot up Mai’s legs as Xavier rotated her foot in a circle.


“AHHH JAVI! WHAT WAS THAT?!” Mai asked loudly. Xavier had no clue what had just happened but looking up he could see that Mai’s pristine pussy was gleaming as a result of her natural lubrication, which had spread to her inner thighs. Mai was primed and ready to be fucked but Xavier continued to take his time, slowly moving up her leg with both hands. Mai looked down at Xavier with enlarged eyes, licking her lips as he massaged his way upwards.


“Come to me daddy, I’m waiting!” Mai whispered while moving her panties to the side to show him just how wet and ready she was.


The spiky haired teen teased his princess once more, bending down and licking her inner leg area, going all the way up her thigh but stopping just short of touching her vagina, licking her sweet tasting love juice. He repeated on the other leg until Mai couldn’t wait any longer.


“I’M READY! Eat that pussy Javi!” Mai demanded.


The young man moved the front of Mai’s thong panties to the side and grabbed a hold of Mai’s inner thighs.


“OHHH YEAH LICK IT, LICK IT GOOD! AHHHHH!” hollered the pudgy blue eyed girlfriend while watching Xavier work his tongue on her. He gave her an aggressive tongue lashing going up and down her twat like a cat lapping up milk.


Mai held on to the side of the body pillow with one hand, squeezing her tits with the other. The freckle faced girl-next-door’s nipples were so hard, they felt like they were gonna explode. Xavier reached up around her legs with both hand and grabbed onto her tits, pressing and pushing them with her thumbs.


“THIS FEELS SO GOOD! TO THE RIGHT A LITTLE MORE…. OOOOH JAVI BABY! UGGGGHHHH!!!” Mai screamed as she continued to watch Xavier eat her out. The young man spread her pussy open like he was taking a bite out of an expensive chocolate, exposing her juicy sweet center. The young man lapped up her love juice with his tongue before pushing it further down Mai’s love hole. He speared her clit, causing an instant reaction from Mai. Her legs wobbled rapidly, bumping Xavier’s shoulders and head as she bit her bottom lip in ecstasy.


“GOOD GOD! YOUR TONGUE IS AMAZING! I CAN’T HOLD ONNNNNNN!” wailed the chubby delight of a girlfriend.


“I got somethin for ya baby!” Xavier proclaimed.


The scar faced boyfriend pressed his lips around her slit tightly and sucked, creating an airtight vacuum on her pussy. The strong pull of his lips shooked the clitoris, causing Mai to clench her teeth and clutch the back of Xavier’s head with her hand.


“AHHHH! AHHH! JAVIIIII!!!” Mai yelled while while taking long, deep breaths.


Xavier then strongly exhaled, creating a vibration-like effect with his lips and the air being released. This was an absolutely tantalizing experience for Mai as she hadn’t felt anything like this before.




Mai leaned all the way backward, digging into the carpet with her nails and wrapping her legs around his head; unintentionally squeezing tightly. Her head tilted back as she screamed to the heavens.


“BANNNZAAAAIIIII!!!” Mai squealed in total joy!


Mai’s body pulsated feverishly as the orgasm took hold. She inadvertently cut off Xavier from breathing momentarily as she reached her blissful high. After she released her grip, Xavier sat up to take a breath. The technique he did was a combination of moves he picked up from watching Brass and Ashani suck him off during his encounters with them. He had learned and adapted their techniques for use on a woman!


After coming down from her climax, Mai pressed her foot against Xavier’s chest and pushed him backwards up against the pillows were behind him.


“Lay back and relax bae, now I’m gonna take care of you.” Mai whispered softly while crawling towards Xavier.


Mai stopped in front of him and looked him in the eyes.


“You won’t need these.” Mai uttered while reaching for his belt.


The fluffy freckled teen started by unbuckling his shorts and removing them. The freckled seductress relieved Xavier of his boxer shorts and tossed them to the side. Lastly, she kissed him on the lips again before removing his shirt. Mai then shifted her attention lower, grabbing her boyfriend’s monster of a cock with one hand and then the other. It was already halfway erect. She stroked the giant phallus with a slow up and down motion using both hands. Xavier’s dick gradually expanded in her hands, becoming much longer, thicker and veinier, so much so that she couldn’t get both hands completely around it. Mai continued to jerk him off with one hand while grabbing the bottle of massage oil with the other hand. The Pudgy prize girlfriend proceeded to pour oil on her hefty hanging tits, rubbing it all over them. Mai put on show for Xavier, groping her glistening breasts.


“You like it bae?” Mai asked sweetly while bouncing her tits up and down.


“Yeah baby.” Xavier said in a relaxed tone which was followed by a head nod.


Mai shook her boobs from side to side, and squished them together. She then moved in closer so Xavier could touch them. The huge titty bbw lightly slapped his face with her flesh mounds. Xavier grabbed and squeezed on her knockers, kneading them like putty in his hands. Goosebumps formed on Mai’s areolas. Xavier then sucked on her nipples, gently nibbling at them like a mouse eating cheese. Mai let out several deep breaths as he sucked her tits. As he stopped to take a breath, Mai slid down his chest, rubbing her boobs against him until she reached his dong. The blue eyed woman pushed her chest out and gripped the sides of her tits before slowly lowering herself down, positioning Xavier’s dick in between her tits.




Mai pressed her oily tits together, trapping Xavier’s dong between them. His member was almost completely engulfed in Mai’s pillowy mounds, which brought him to a full erection. The soft breasted woman began to stroke him once more, using her hands and forearms to hold her tits to help smush his cock. Xavier let out a slight groan in response to her up and down motions, leaning back to rest his head on the top of pillows on the bed. The blue eyed curvy cutie used her mammaries to pull and tug on Xavier’s beefy member. Mai used her hands to rub her tits against his dick in a manner that is similar to her rubbing her hands together


“Mai…” Xavier groaned softly.


The thick head of Xavier’s cock peered out from Mai’s cleavage almost like it was staring her in the face


Lets see out my practice worked out…’ Mai thought to herself. Mai opened her mouth and took in the the girthy crown of Xavier cock. The freckle faced angel used her tits and mouth in unison to please him, her boobs serving as grips to help her suck him off. Xavier closed his eyes and tried to relax so he wouldn’t get over excited and finish early. Mai then let go over her tits so she could focus completely on the blowjob. The silver haired woman again grabbed his cock and held it to her lips, planting wet, juicy kisses on it’s tip.




Mai took the giant dong into her mouth very slowly, swirling her tongue on his black bull dick. Mai didn’t struggle as much as she had in previous encounters. After their last date at the Jump World Astoria love hotel, Mai went to the grocery store and bought 6 of the longest and thickest cucumbers she could find, having seen something called ‘The Cucumber Challenge’ all over the internet. She practiced sucking on cucumbers in her room every night in an attempt to get used to Xavier’s dragon dick so she could better please him.


Mai jerked and sucked the mountain of a dick before her, using a slow and methodical technique. Starting with the top 5 inches, She took long slow slurping sucks each time she went down, and caressed the underside of his shaft each time she came back up. Her jaw was stretched nearly to the point of unhinging but Mai didn’t care, she was completely focused. Xavier let out a sigh of pleasure as he held onto the back of her head, occasionally playing with her long silver locks of hair.


“Mai goodness! More baby…” Xavier mumbled in a low tone. Mai gulped, unsure if she could take much more as she went down further and further each time.




Mai eventually gagged once she went down far enough on his length. The tip of the dick poked her in the back of her throat making her cough immediately.




“Are you alright?!”


“Yeah, just getting warmed up!”


Mai returned to giving the blowjob, this time licking his cock to start off. The pudgy beauty drifted up and down Xavier’s XL phallus from bottom to top, top to bottom and along its sides. She wiggled her tongue around while gliding along his long road of meat, occasionally stopping to smother his cock in kisses with her blue painted lips. This prepared Mai for what was next, the dreaded deep throat.


Here goes nothing!’ Mai sighed to herself. She opened her mouth as much as she could and went to work. The thick excess saliva coating left on his cock helped her gulp his well endowed flesh tube down much easier.




The young woman quickened her pace, smoothly gliding down his long shaft with her lips, building up a rhythm. Xavier’s grunts grew louder the longer Mai sucked him off. She herself was turned on by the act as her juice dripped onto the carpet underneath her. Xavier’s grunts of approval emboldened Mai, giving her the courage to literally go all in!




Mai took is dick into her mouth inch by inch, the massive member gradually easing to the back of her throat. She held back the urge to cough as she swallowed more and more dick. Xavier’s eyes enlarged comically, taking the shape of blue hearts.


Oh shit! she’s fucking incredible.‘ Xavier thought.




Mai’s eyes began to water as she pushed herself to the limit. Her throat expanded until she was unable to take anymore. She pulled her head back and withdrew.




“I still need to work on that but we’ll have lots of time to practice.” Mai said with a smile before opening her mouth again.




Mai resumed sucking his cock with a fury. She hadn’t made Xavier bust a nut with a bj before and she was determined to do so tonight. The thick princess used all she had, lips, tongue and hands to give him the most intense suckjob he’d ever received.


Oh shit! look at her go!’ Xavier thought in amazement. The young man tried to scoot away but Mai was having none of it. She sat down on his legs to keep him from backing away from her oral assault.


“YOU’RE GONNA COME FOR ME DADDY!” Mai yelled before continuing her wet, juicy suck. She bobbed up and down on his cock like it was a matter of life and death to make him cum. Xavier could not hold on any longer…….




Mai jerked him to an explosive finish, her mouth opening to receive his load. Xavier went off like shotgun shooting an extra large dose of his seed in her mouth and on her face. Mai swallowed his first shot, licking her lips while still giving him a double fisted handjob. The pudgy temptress milked a second massive cumshot that glazed her tremendous melons. Mai rubbed it all over her body like she was taking a milk bath.


“Mmmm… You taste so good Javi!” Mai said softly. Surprisingly, Xavier maintained his boner despite being taken to blowjob heaven.


“I’m gonna fuck you so good you’re still gonna be cumming tomorrow!” Mai teased as she climbed on top of him.


“Babe, how about we try something new.” Xavier suggested with his eyebrow raised.


Xavier put his hands on the mattress and pushed himself up so that he was on his hands and feet in the bridge position while Mai was on top of him.


“Next you lean back so your hands are on the ground like mine are.”




Mai grabbed Xavier’s dick and inserted the tip into her moist snatch. Xavier then pushed his way in, squeezing the first few inches inside of her. Mai then leaned back and put her hands on the ground.


“This looks like we’re playing twister.” Mai observed with a giggle.


“It’s called the spider.” Xavier informed her


Xavier pumped his hips forward thrusting his dick into Mai while she did the same, slamming into cock, sinking it deep inside her. This was an awkward 50/50 position where neither side had a dominant position. It caused strain on the arms but nevertheless it made for extremely pleasurable penetration.




Xavier and Mai rammed into each other, his balls slapping up against her ass. Each thunderous collison made Mai quake inside, for Xavier was hitting deeply and accurately with each long stroke.




Xavier’s cock easily slid in and out, for Mai was so wet she could put out a fire with her juices. The lusty couple clashed over and over in a standoff to find out just who was going to cum first. Xavier grinned while at the same time tried to control his excitement, Mai stared Xavier in the eyes while taking deep breaths. Mai’s pussy hugged Xavier’s cock with an ultra tight fit as if the two had been made for each other. Mai moved her legs and hips, putting more of the weight of her thicker, meatier body behind her thrusts. Xavier smiled and pumped harder, kissing her womb and nearly breaching it each time he rammed his dick into Mai’s perfect pussy.




Xavier pounded Mai’s pussy with one more momentous thrust that sent her overboard with happiness.


“AHHHHH! OOOOHHH! UGGGGHH! THIS IS HEAVENNNNNNNN!” Mai roared gleefully as a stream of her juices flowed onto the carpet, soaking all the way through.


It was Mai’s second orgasm of the evening but she wasn’t ready to call it a night. Her thirst for Xavier’s sweet lovin was not yet quenched.


“I WANNA RIDE THAT BEASTLY BLACK DICK !” Mai yelled exuberantly. Xavier’s arms were more limp than overcooked spaghetti noodles at that point, having had to support both his own and Mai’s weight in the spider position. Besides a little muscle fatigue, the young man was pumped and ready to continue.


“Lay back bae, I’m gonna take over now.”


Xavier granted Mai’s wish and laid down on his back. He watched as she climbed on top of him and took hold of his giant meat pole by it’s shaft. Mai moved to grind her juicy pussy against the length of his rod, letting him feel the heat coming off of her like a boiler. Xavier could feel her juices running down his length as she teased him for only a few moments as she rubbed her slick pussy up and down several times before impaling her cunt on his dick with a soft wet squishing sound!


“Nnnmmmmmh!” Mai moaned happily, her slippery pussy taking his cock in greedily as if it had been starving for it!


Xavier let out a low groan as he could feel every inch of his massive dong slipping inside her tight folds.


“Hmmmmmmmh, soooo fucking thiiiiiick, ahhh, I love this feeling!!! I’m so full, so very full…!”


The wavy haired angel straddled the young man as she took his entire length inside, biting her lower lip gently. She then began bobbing up and down on his cock at a frenetic pace. The platinum haired girl was well beyond the warm up stage as she pressed her palms against Xavier’s stomach for balance and rode him with untamed ferocity. She came down with energy and force, her round ass smacking loudly against his thighs as she moved her hips in quick deliberate circles, stirring his thick fuck meat around inside herself.


“WHOOO! YOUR COCK IS SO GOOD BAE! YAHHH!” Mai moaned happily.


“WHOOO! WELCOME TO SPACE MOUNTAIN BITCH!” Xavier yelled back with a big smile.




Xavier gave Mai several hard slaps on the ass prompting her to ride him even faster. The plump hottie’s tits bounced and flopped all over the place, up, down, and around in opposing circles.


“Fuuuck, so big, I feel it so far inside me… YES!!!! MORE, I NEED MORE!!! MOARMOARMOAR!!!” Mai screamed as she began rolling her hips faster.




Each time Mai came down on top of Xavier her thighs slammed into his stomach making a loud thumping sound. The bed creaked and groaned in mild protest as the two put the apartment structure to the test. Mai’s uproarious screams ensured that the neighbors and the people directly below them on the next floor knew “JAVI” was in the house this evening!


“Mmmmm, hell yeah baby…” Xavier groaned as he sat up, hugging Mai’s naked form against him as he wrapped his lips around one stiff nipple. He brushed his tongue around the stiff nub in long slow circles before biting down gently and listening as the beautiful girl squealed in pleasure. He then repeated this with her other breast, tugging on her nipple with his teeth and looking up as she went cross eyed for a moment as he felt her pussy spraying his crotch like a broken faucet!


He leaned forward again, pushing Mai onto her back now as she managed to get himself onto his knees. He held her up by her firm yet squishy ass, gripping those cheeks tightly as he plowed into her harder, making those tits jiggle and wobble like jello molds.


“HAHH… AHHH…. AHHHHHH!!!!” Mai screamed, “WAH!?!?” she yelped with a mix of surprise and pleasure as he lifted her up and managed to spin her around like a top on his dick! She giggled and managed to land herself on all fours like a cat, even purring in pleasure as she began arching her back and rocking her hips back against his cock.




Xavier grabbed Mai by both wrists, gripping them like a pair of handlebars as he plowed his cock deep inside. Mai yelped and moaned in pleasure, panting hard as the baby fat of her ass rippled every time his pelvis slapped against her shapely rump.


“AHHHHAAAHH… GOOD, FEELS SO GOOD!” Mai screamed. “I’M GOING CRAZY!!!! I’M CUMMING!! I’M CUMMING!! I’M CUMMING!! I’M CUMMING!!!!!” she howled as she arched back, rocking her hips in time with his thrusts.




Groaning in pleasure, Xavier chuckled, angling her wrists downwards for better leverage, he began pounding his cock into her as fast as he could, his balls smacking wetly against her thighs as the platinum blonde let out another long howl as her entire body shook in ecstasy. He felt her cunt clenching around his cock like a vice over and over as one orgasm after the next rocked her entire body. Hot heady smelling juices dripped off his balls as he reached down and pulled her into a kneeling position and leaned over her shoulder. She turned her head back to meet his lips with her own, their tongues swirling in one another’s mouths.


“SHO GUUD, DAHDDY… CUM… CUM INSHIDE MEEEE… HURRY, I WHAANNNT IIIIT!!!” she slurred against his lips.


Xavier then felt a mighty surge which swept over him like an F5 level hurricane. There was no trying to hold this one back. He erupted once more, firing an immensely potent and more powerful moneyshot than the first. The black stallion let loose like a cannon, pumping heavy blasts of cum into Mai like they were breeding! Each powerful load caused Mai to lean forward.


“A-ONE!” Xavier yelled during is first eruption.


“AHHHHHHHH!” Mai yelled while drifting forward.




“UGGGGGHHHH!!!!” wailed the big boned cutie as she drifted forward again, struggling to hold herself up.




“YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS JAAAAAVVVIIIIII!!!!!!!” Mai bellowed as she was washed over with complete euphoria as Xavier filled her fertile center with his seed. The force of the third creampie knocked her over, causing her to fall face first into the soft stack of pillows on the head of her bed.. Xavier fell on his ass as a result of the force. Mai turned over on her back, taking deep breaths as globs of Xavier’s viscous opaque fluid bubbled out of her swollen slit and ran down her thighs. She was on cloud nine.


“OH MY GAWD! That was amazing!” Mai said while fanning herself with a piece of mail from her dresser.


“You’re no slouch either!” Xavier replied with a smile as sweat poured down his face.


Mai reached into Xavier’s backpack and pulled out a bottle of water, guzzling it quickly to cool herself down.


“We’re not done yet bae.” Mai declared while shooting a loving stare at Xavier.


“What?” Xavier asked with a surprised expression.


“I want more..I want all of you….” she said calmly, her words hinted that what she desired was something more than physical pleasure.


Mai crawled up to the foot of her bed and sat in Xavier’s lap. She slowly grinded her hips and moved them up and down, sandwiching his healthy sized dong in between her ass cheeks. Xavier grabbed his phone off of the floor which had fallen out of his pocket when Mai relieved him of his pants.


“Wow! Look at all that woman!..Baby say hi to the camera for me..” Xavier chuckled while filming his shy partner.


“Baaaaeeee! stop being so silly!” Mai giggled as she twerked her hips up and down his length. She brushed up against his length with her throbbing slit. Her juices lubricated the hefty beast once again as Mai brought him to attention one more time. The kawaii sexpot was determined to fuck Xavier all night or at least until they both fell asleep. The young man pushed his hips outward, sliding his cock into Mai’s pussy again. Mai bounded onto his dong in a reverse position this time, clinging to it like a glove. Her wet love ran down his cock like lava out of a volcano. Mai savored each slow entrance into her womb, softly moaning while glancing over her shoulder into his mobile camera


“Ahhhh! This is just righhhhhhhht! I don’t want it to end.” Mai cooed softly while winding her hips on his dick and massaging his balls with her ass. Xavier captured the grinding, deep penetration on video, grinning ear to ear while he recorded.


However, the couple were no longer alone and would soon be joined by someone else. The door to the apartment opened with the turn of a key.


“MAI! I’M BACK!!! I got you some takeout from Tenchi!!!” Matsunami announced as she stepped into the apartment, carrying 2 large to-go order bags. She had picked up some food from Mai’s favorite Japanese restaurant on the other side of the city. It was an early night for Matsunami who was one of the guests of honor for a surprise going away party at Peaches. The establishment threw a party for the staff members leaving to attend BSU. However, Mai didn’t respond. Matsunami listened for a moment while dropping off the bags in the kitchen table. She overheard moaning and chatter coming from Mai’s bedroom.


“Someone is here with Mai!” Matsunami realized as she observed the sweet burning aroma of incense sticks.


Matsunami stepped carefully as she approached Mai’s bedroom as to not give away her presence. As she got closer to the door, she could hear Mai talking to someone.


“Don’t be shy, say something for the camera baby!”


Matsunami’s eyes widened with unease ‘It can’t be…’ She thought.


“Ooooh! Ahhhhh! You’ve been so good to me Javi…..You know what…You’re THE ONE.” Mai declared as she moaned in front of the camera..


“And now you’re my bitch! Ride or Die!” Xavier replied happily as he pumped his hips back and forth with her. The sexy bbw began to bounce her ass harder, caressing Xavier’s deeply submerged cock from its base to its head repeatedly.


It’s HIM!’ Matsunami thought to herself as her suspicious expression gave way to shock then, anger. The elder sister’s stride shifted to a full on sprint to Mai’s bedroom.


“GIVE IT TO ME JAVI! POUND IT HARD!” Mai moaned, looking naughtily into the lens of Xavier’s phone. Xavier clutched her rump with his other hand, smashing her pussy with wild thrusts from underneath her..




Matsunami stormed the proverbial gates by ramming the locked bedroom door open with a charging shoulder tackle. Her force was so great she took the door off the hinges with a single furious blow! The sudden interruption startled them both causing Xavier to slip out of Mai’s pussy pool mid stroke. Xavier and Mai both looked up in shock, seeing fire in Matsunami’s eyes as she stomped into the doorway.




Matsunami, NO!!…’ Xavier thought to himself in horror, realizing what just happened. Xavier turned pale like he had seen a ghost. Sweat immediately ran down his face as it dawned on him that he was in a REALLY bad spot!


“You broke my door Nami! What are you doing storming into my room and acting like a crazy person!?” Mai challenged, irritated by the sudden interruption. Xavier sat there silent and paralyzed in fear as if Matsunami’s angry gaze was about to turn him into stone.


“Why is HE with you!?” The fiery brunette questioned in an aggressive tone.


“He’s my boyfriend!” Answered Mai defensively, her annoyance clear in her voice.


“Boyfriend huh?! Is that so?!” Matsunami asked, looking squarely at Xavier while she spoke. Before Xavier could come up with a response, Mai spoke on his behalf.


“YES! Now could you PLEASE give us some privacy?!”


“NO!…..GET OUT!” Matsunami ordered X with authority. Xavier looked on, too afraid and overwhelmed by the moment to say anything. He had no clue what Matsunami would say next.


“WHY!?” questioned the younger Shinoda sister, half bothered and half worried which reflected in her face.


“Because he’s no good for you!” Matsunami replied forcefully.


“What are you talking about?! Do you two know each other???” Mai asked, nervous about what her sister’s response would be.


“Yes we do, we met on Linkum.” Matsunami answered with pure contempt in her eyes.


“Linkum??” Inquired the dumbfounded little sister.


Matsunami quickly took out her phone and went to Xavier’s Linkum profile page. She opened the app and handed it to Mai who quickly got up and stepped away from Xavier, now skeptical of him. As Mai grabbed the phone Xavier just sat there, paralyzed in the moment.


“This is Linkum, it’s a very popular social media app that people use to “connect” with each other.” explained the elder Shinoda sister while handing Mai the phone.


“These connections are from women he met since last week…”


Mai looked at the profile picture, there was no doubt in her mind the dick in the photo belonged to Xavier. Mai became more and more mortified as she read each of the sexually charged comments.


“These comments all came after our date…” said Mai, noting the timestamp of each of the comments that were left on the front page of Xavier’s profile..


“Wait, I can explain!” Xavier pleaded.


“So is everything you told me just an act to get laid?? I’m just another one of your many hook ups?!”


“No, it’s not like that!” Xavier declared in panic.


“What is it like then?!” Mai asked impatiently.


“I…I….I…” Xavier tried to explain but stuttered as he tried desperately to get the words out.


“He’s keeping secrets from you. Did you know he’s going to BSU?! Because I didn’t! I had to find out from a coworker!” interjected the elder sister while shooting Xavier a cold stare. Xavier closed his eyes and lowered his head in defeat. Mai looked at Xavier as he lowered his head, giving a look of utter disappointment, taking his gesture as her confirmation of Matsunami’s words.


“Yeah I am starting school there…” Xavier responded while scratching his head rapidly. The young man was filled with disgrace, shame and disgust with himself as he saw the pain and disappointment in Mai’s face.


“You… you lied to me…”


“I can expl–…”


“You made me think you were sincere! you made me think you were genuine and different from other guys! But all this time you’ve been playing me! I can’t believe anything you say!!!” Mai interrupted as tears slowly welled in her eyes.


“Mai…” Xavier tried to say.




Now at her boiling point, Mai reflexively slapped him in a haze of confusion, sadness and anger, leaving a pink palm shaped welt on his cheek.


“GET OUT!” Mai yelled seething with rage.


The scar faced youth reluctantly gathered his belongings and slowly walked towards the door.


Xavier frowned as he walked slowly toward Matsunami, going for the exit. He looked over his shoulder at Mai sadly. As he passed Matsunami he made eye contact with her, feeling the heat from her gaze like she was burning a hole into his chest. Matsunami held her fist out to him, clenching the phoenix medallion he had given her at Sapphire Shores during SPLASH. Xavier stopped and opened his palm, knowing what was coming next. Matsunami opened her fist and released the necklace into his hand, resulting in a long chinging noise as it’s chain piled up in his palm. The very weight of his actions were crushing him inside.


The worst part about it was that he had multiple chances to get in front of this situation and tell Mai but didn’t.


How could I let this happen…’ he thought to himself.


Matsunami followed him with her eyes as he left, letting him know her anger with a piercing scowl. The young man shook his head slowly as he walked by, humbled acknowledgment of his offense. After Xavier left the room, Matsunami approached Mai and sat next to her as she got dressed.


“I thought he was different.” Mai said sadly in a slight whimpering tone. The young woman wiped the trickling tears from her eyes as she attempted to compose herself. She held up the Yin/Yang necklace he bought her on their second date.


“You aren’t the only one he had fooled.” Matsunami sighed, recalling the phoenix necklace she had just returned to him.


“He gave me that necklace I had to represent our friendship. I know how you feel.”


“It’s just that he seemed so real, so genuine, I’m at a lost right now…”


Mai thought back to their date at Olympus, recounting their fun times in her mind.



“What do I do now?” asked Mai, not knowing how to golf.


“You can’t be too strong with it. You gotta have some control so things are balanced. Power is good but it’s not necessary for every situation.” explained Xavier.


“Ok.” responded the gal.


“You ready?” asked the spiky haired instructor.


“YES!” yelled the excited student.


“Remember what I said, nice and easy.” The pair swung the club together, tapping the ball down the turf. It narrowly missed the windmill blade and went in the hole.


“YEEEEAAAAAHHH!!!!” yelled both of them while high fiving each other.



She then thought back to when she told Xavier about her goal in life.



“I want to become a big time fashion designer, own my own company, and sell my clothes in all the big stores!… Most people laughed when I told them that but my family, especially my grandma, believed in me.


“I believe in you too Mai.” Assured Xavier while gently grabbing her free hand. Mai’s face flushed with red. Xavier’s show of moral support brought a smile to her face.



Lastly, Mai thought back to the night he gave her the Yin Yang medallion she clutched in her hand.



“This symbol represents balance. Opposite yet equal halves of the same whole. One does not exist without the other.” explained Xavier.


“Balance?” wondered Mai.


“Light cannot exist without Darkness. You can’t have north without south. Each half drives the other to continue existing.”


Xavier then pointed at the Yin half. “Yin represents the moon. Serenity, calm, nurturing, femininity. Yang represents the sun. Intensity, desire, passion, masculinity. Yang needs Yin and vice versa.” commented Xavier before a pause.


Is he saying he needs me? Am I his other half?!‘ thought Mai to herself.


“You are the Yin….” Xavier continued.


“And you are my Yang…” Mai interrupted, her face blushing as she understood Xavier’s meaning.



“I can’t make sense of this. His sweet-talking words, expensive gifts and that look in his eyes… are merely a show?!” Mai recalled regretfully.


“Men like him come through my job all the time. Guys with girlfriends and wives at home who have no clue what their significant other is doing. I try to protect you from guys like this.”


“I gave him my trust!” Mai vented.


“I’m sorry this happened Mai. If I knew about you two, I would have never done anything with him…” Matsunami said, the sympathy apparent in her voice.


“How could you have known? How can you know how I feel?! We barely speak anymore.” Mai questioned while looking Matsunami in the eye.


“While you were out collecting awards, making money and becoming a star, I busted my ass designing all of your costumes; giving my time and energy to help you pursue your dreams.” Mai fumed.


“….” Matsunami closed her eyes and frowned, remaining silent for a bit.


After a couple of minutes, Matsunami spoke.


“Ever since we moved to World City, everything I’ve done has been for you. That’s why I’m gone so much. I work as much as I can to pay for what we have. All I want is for you to be happy because you’re all I have. Our mother abandoned us and our father was never there. Grandpa couldn’t come because of his business. I appreciate what you’ve done for me too sis. I would never do something to hurt you. All we have is each other.” Matsunami explained.


Mai sighed and nodded in acknowledgement of her older sister’s words. She then paused.


“He said he could explain…” Mai recalled.


“How could he?” Questioned the younger sister.


“The only way to know is by confronting him.” Matsunami said begrudgingly.


“What?” Mai inquired as she looked at her sister.


“I know you’re upset right now so take some time and think about it first. You can do this at your own pace so there’s no rush. Look Xavier in the eyes and ask him what happened. At the least hearing his explanation could help you find closure so you can move on” Matsunami explained reluctantly.


Mai sat for a moment to ponder her sister’s words before giving a slight nod to acknowledge what she was saying.


“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.” Mai replied having somewhat regained her composure.


“I brought back some sushi from your favorite place if you want something to eat.”


“No thanks, but save some for me. Just not hungry right now…” informed the freckled little sister as she rose back to her feet.


Matsunami embraced Mai tightly as if she were her mother and not just her big sister. Mai was transported back to 10 years ago when she was 8 years old.



“Don’t you ever mess with my sister again!” yelled a 10 year old Matsunami to a cowering group of girls who had been bullying Mai earlier in the day at school. The other girls fled as quickly as possible not wanting to face her wrath.


The leader of the group was in the worst shape, having sustained a black eye and busted mouth for her troubles. Because of this, her cohorts quickly scattered, wanting no part of the elder sister.


“Are you alright?” Asked a young Matsunami as she held onto her bloody hand, having cut her knuckles on one of the bullies front teeth.


“You’re hurt!” young Mai exclaimed, concerned for Matsunami’s well being.


“I’ll be ok! It’s just a scratch!” Matsunami claimed confidently giving Mai a thumbs up.


“I’m alright.” Mai sniffled after making sure Matsunami was ok.


“Let’s go home.” Matsunami suggested as the sister duo walked away from the bus stop to go home.


“Yeah, I gotta take care of that hand for you!”


“I told you I’ll be fine!”


“What’s the matter? Scared of a little rubbing alcohol?” Mai teased.


“No way! I just don’t need any.” Matsunami asserted.


“Lets get it cleaned up anyway. I don’t want you to get an infection.”


“Fine.” Matsunami agreed reticently.


“You wanna watch Sailor Moon with me after we do our homework?!” Mai asked excitedly.


“Sure!” Matsunami answered with a smile as they disappeared into the distance.



As her moment of reminiscence ended, Matsunami spoke again.


“No matter what, I’ll always be here for you Mai.” Matsunami assured while patting Mai on the head. Her sympathetic words seemingly eased the tension between the Shinoda sisters.


“Thank you nee-chan. I appreciate it.” Mai admitted, still sniffling slightly.


“If you ever need to talk, just say the word.”


“Alright. I’m just feeling so lost right now. I don’t know how to feel or what to think. It’s a lot to deal with…” Mai confided in her while looking down and shaking her head.


“I’ve been there sis. It happens to the best of us.”


“I think I’m gonna turn in early for the night….” Mai admitted.


“Rest well sis. Your food is in the fridge if you get hungry.” Matsunami reminded her as she walked toward the door.


“Nami, one more thing!”


“What is it Mai?”


“Don’t ever forget that I’m here for you too!” Mai admitted, forcing a smile.


“You always have been. I can never forget that.”


“Goodnight!” said the Shinoda sisters simultaneously.


After Matsunami departed, Mai picked up the medallion Xavier gave her, putting it back in its box. She walked over to her closet and opened up a chest full of old personal belongings she hadn’t touched in years. Mai looked at the necklace one more time before putting it inside of the chest and locking it shut, shaking her head as she did so. Once in bed, Mai stared up at the ceiling fan that endlessly turned above her before shutting out the lights and closing her eyes.


It was a tumultuous, emotional night for Mai, having been betrayed by the man she wanted to spend her future with. However, there wasn’t much time to lament for Mai had a big life decision to make.



(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Several things going on with this artwork, I don’t even know where to start, so… The actual artwork is a masterpiece. Xavier’s sausage between Maihime’s buns looks really great, as does her facial expression towards the interruptor. It’s filled with lust, which sets this scene a few moments behind the three panels with each characters reaction shots. This is were one problem begins: We humans read/look at things from top to bottom, making the things above usually the thing that happens first and the stuff on the bottom happening last, chronological. Here however are the reaction shots, which happen at a later time than the artwork, above most of the actual stuff going on which makes this a little tricky to look at. Maybe placing these three panels at the bottom of the artwork or even just below the action would have been better to show a chronologic order. Secondly, Xavier’s shocked expression almost looks more comedic than truly horrified but perhabs I’m just misinterpreting it. Thridly, this isn’t Maihime’s room at all, given what we have seen of it from the first chapter featuring these two. It also isn’t Xavier’s, since we have seen that one during the start of the Sapphire SPLASH Arc, where he fucked Matsunami in it. So you can’t even argue with that if you want to excuse it somehow. I’m not blaming you Rtenzo, I don’t know how clear the story was in mind when you draw it, but if it was already known, how it turned out than it is sadly really inconsistent. Fourthly, and this can be explained with a little bit of perspective in mind, but the bed looks extremely small. I mean, it looks like Xavier rests his back on the pillows, which are on the top-end of the bed, while his feet are hanging off of the lower end. Was this bed designed for Hobbits, xd? The makeup version is nice. It doesn’t look that good on Maihime’s face but the marks on X’s dark dong make a really sexy contrast. Really sexy to see how he is cumming on Maihime’s back, I feel that we don’t get to see it that often. And the bit of cum on her surprised face in the reaction panel is just divine.

Things got hot and harsh real fast. You just need to look at the amounts of comments to know that you created a controversial masterpiece with this one. I think you made it pretty obvious, but this is not a “Xavier chapter”. He is in it, sure but the main character for this and next chapter is Maihime. We basically read the whole day through her eyes and experience the stuff she has to endure. Some of which, I agree with and understand and some, that I don’t quite get. For example, I have no idea what she did expect, when it comes to the promotion. She is like, what? 18-20 years old? Even if someone works his ass off for a job, no boss with a clear mind (that I know of) will give such an important job to someone who works for roughly only 4 years. She is a hard worker yes, but I doubt that she has enough knowledge about the whole business to do the job right, sorry. I don’t know how old “Sandy” is but I hope you won’t go the route, that she just got the job because of her looks and because she blew the manager or something like that, just so Maihime will be more of an underdog. By now it is also pretty clear that BSU, or the porn industry / the AEWA in general is something of a trendsetter in this world and with them promoting different body types in stores in whatever and influencing girls like Violette, Ashani and Brooke into different positions, regarding their sexual standpoint, I don’t really get why so many stores still don’t have lingerie that is big enough for Maihime or how the people bully her for her appearance. I know, teenagers can be assholes but still, with how prominent porn is in this world is and with how influencal BSU is, you guess that something like her body type would be a minor concern. It could however be also be the opposite, that in a world with so many hot and 10/10 girls jumping around, that body shaming is an even bigger issue but than BSU’s influence in that regard don’t really make much sense. Maihime’s ability to see if the fabric of clothing is, as it is said to be is really interesting and makes sense, given her profession. That however, leads to one of my least favorite things in fiction ever: The shop that doesn’t have clothing for Maihime’s size is “bad” because it is so superficial and uses only cheap stuff, to rip off it’s customers. The shop that BSU supports, has something for every bodytype and only has the best of the best, when it comes to fabric. I don’t really like this “Everything the bad guys do is cheap and dirty and everything the good guys do is just and socially aceptable, especially in such a more realistic setting.” Xavier’s experience for the day was also really interesting, with him masking himself to get unnoticed and to meet one of his “fans”, the cowgirl Elizabeth and later getting support from his mother for the whole Koko situation. It makes for a different experience than Mai, who until their fucking in the evening had a pretty bad day, which influenced her even more to join BSU. Speaking of sex, it was really great and showed that Mai has real potential, when it comes to the art of sex. But everything changed when the big reveal happened: WHAT? Maihime and Matsunami are sisters? What a twist!! jokes aside, it was a nice twist, that you actually saw comming from a mile away if you just paid enough attention (or if the author spoilered you beforehand. Thanks for that again, xd Please don’t take this serious). I’m conflicted about that one. On one hand Xavier and Maihime have a really sweet dynamic, where I understand why so many people shipped those two. On the other hand, they only had like two dates before this moment and knew themself for only ten days, which isn’t to say that deep bonds can’t be made in such a short time and it actually even helps a little bit, since that makes Xavier’s “dark secret” a little bit less of a mess, compared to what would have been if he cheated on her for a month or so. Matsunami actually has a valid point, with her being mad at him because she found out that he joins BSU as well just because of a co-worker. And honestly, Xavier is something of an asshole in this situation, from both girls perspective, he has a deep and I mean DEEP connection with both of them and even gifted them something really valuable to show how much he loves/cares about both of them, which obviously made them feel like they are the only woman in his heart. So yeah, not the smartest choice there, X.

I think this and the next artwork are two sides of the same coin. Excellent storytelling and build-up from several chapters ago made for one hell of an emotional experience. The artwork is a mixed bag but overall really good.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Yeah, this is the most controversial and commented on chapters in all of the series. This chapter is an Xavier chapter yet it isnt. I wanted to show how the day was progressing from both of their perspectives with the two meeting each other at the center. I will get into the store part first. I wasn’t trying to represent one store as good or bad. But some brand names do only cater to women of certain sizes which is very realistic. Take versace for example, when have you ever seen them make clothes for a big or chubby girl. This is what I was going for with that sequence. The store itself isnt “bad” I was just trying to highlight Mai’s special abilities of perception. Also there have been bootlegging scandals and mishaps from some of the biggest and most well known brands in fashion and there havr been times where bootlegged stuff has made it into stores and gotten sold in real life.

Now I will address Sandy. Its not that Sandy is pretty or preferred for looks per se. Sandy getting promoted over Mai is good ol fashioned office politics at work the same thing that happens daily. Id say sandy is an ass kisser who babysits for her superiors, kisses ass and social engineers her way up the corporate ladder. My point with this was to highlight that Mai is unappreciated for her effort, product knowledge and customer service skills which are all top tier. She is rather meek and on the quiet side. Also id say sandy was a charismatic personality at the office. And sometimes being a charismatic, well liked personality hides your weaknesses or outright causes your boss to overlook them. My objective here was to show that Mai was snubbed out of a promotion she earned on pure individual merit.

The BSU world is much more liberal and progressive than the real world, However it still has its issues. What people today call “Bullying” still exists. Fat shaming, teasing on online and other things still go on. On a brief side note I consinder bullying to be much more serious than making fun of someone over the internet. When I was kid bullying meant getting jumped beat up and having your money taken from you. And in the case of girls it was mean pranks along with some of the jumping i mentioned. The internet and social media didnt exist and things were more up close and personal. But back on topic.

The Adult Emporium is not the “Good” store however, Becky the store’s owner is also a BBW woman herself, so she is offering something that caters to everyone, all shapes and sizes. Becky is aware there is a market out there that is underserved by everyone else and shes capitalizing on this. This is merely smart business. Also Becky is there to be an adult character whom Mai can relate to. Becky undestands Mai’s plight. Hint, this isn’t the last time Becky or The Adult Emporium store appear in the story.

As for Xavier’s part I had a few objectives i was trying to accomplish the first. First was to show him encounter one of Dragon Fuerte’s fans for the first time. He’s still not used to being in character so he has to consciously make the effort to not accidentally speak as Xavier while wearing the mask. He was clearly intimidated by Elizabeth which I wanted readers to see. Xavier loves beast maidens so the fact that he has performed poorly with them is like an anchor around his neck thats pulling him down mentally self esteem wise. This is something he will have to overcome to go forward.

My next Objective was to do some world building. World’s Edge is the Ghetto or the hood of World city. Theres a lot of Illegal sex activity going on in and around the outskirts of World’s Edge. Unlicensed hookers on the streets. Illegal Brothels being run out of the backs of bars and taverns. Unaccredited Massage parlors being operated out chinese restraunts etc. This isn’t to say that World’s Edge is the only place in the city that has this stuff. There are other places but people in Worlds Edge are very good at hiding illegal sex activity under the cover over of non sex businesses. Bars, Restaurants, Barber shops and even pawn shops can be used as fronts for unlicensed sex business. There is less scrutiny from the AEWA if they do this on the outskirts of the city.

My third objective was to have X talk to his mom about the Koko incident and Mai. From the feedback ive gotten everyone loves the mother/son chats Mei and X have. There was an opening for one here so I tried to have a good one.

I was going for a fiery sex scene to lead into the climax of the chapter. I was going for a mix of freaky nastiness and love. I felt like a massage segment was needed because of how i wrote mais part earlier. I wanted to unfold this sex scene slowly and make sure everything was done right, as this will be the last time Xavier and Mai have sex with each other or are even alone with one another for a while given how the chapter ended. So I wanted things to play put gloriously before Matsunami’s walk in.

And now for the big moment. As you saw everyone felt some kind of way about the ending of this chapter. I have spoken on it before. Some people criticized the way Xavier was characterized with how he didn’t tell Mai the truth. I have had a year to reflect and think back and i will tell you this. Yeah he fucked up big time and made a huge mistake. This mistake was meant to happen, i referenced X thinking and talking about what he needed to do to build up to the moment. That being said, I think the critics out there didn’t give any consideration to how difficult it can be to come clean of all of your secrets. He wanted to do it but took his time figuring out what to do and how to do it. Doing the right thing can be hard and terrifying especially when you know its gonna hurt the one you love. One can become frozen when forced to make a decision, Xavier became frozen and stuck for a bit and things just didnt work out his way. This is still his own fault but i feel it needs to be taken into account that X has been thrust into overwhelming circumstances that he hasnt yet figured out how to manage. He just turned 18 with now prior sex/relationship history. He was bound to fuck up.

Mai was utterly crushed because she believed Xavier was her Kindred spirit, her soul mate and future husband. Sure the only did a few dates but it is possible to bond strongly over a very short time period. There are couples who have been happily married for 30 plus years who had short dating periods so anything is possible. The fact that not only was going to BSU and sleeping with other women hurt, but it especially hurt for her to know that X was regularly sleeping with Matsunami.

The feeling to her was like being stabbed in the heart. She had the right to do evetything she did. Matsunami also had the right to be angry. I liked doing the sequence after Xavier left the most when Matsunami and Mai were arguing with each other. I think that was a strong moment so see them at odds but in the end the sisterly bond they have won out. I look forward to seeing your reactions to the next 2 chapters. Thanks for reading and for your support!

4 years ago

Sorry to say X but this happened cause you couldn’t own up and be be honest. Seems like Mei will give you a chance to explain so you need to man up and come clean. Knew shit was gonna hit the fan dude needs some guidance so one of his male friends or Saito can just offer cause this guy isn’t going to think of asking for help. Also please let him at least make things right with the two of them.

4 years ago

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! No, no, no, no,no this wasn’t supposed to happen!?!? No. The ship is RUINED! Xavier x matsunami has been blown up. God. This is not my favorite story. 😓😥😭
Edit: this is the biggest fuck you moment that I’ve recieved so far in this story. 😞

4 years ago
Reply to  Animefan1

It was a tough blow for everyone. It invokes emotion. I wanted to make people feel some kind of way. Xavier has a lot on him now. Hitting rock bottom means there is nowhere to go but up. Thanks for reading!

4 years ago

Someone was going to get their heart broken but damn this was harsh. Fucks up with Violette, Koko screws him over. Ah well, at least he has Matsu,,,,wait what? Matsu and Mai are sisters? Yeah, Xavier fucked up. This may be rock bottom for him but I don’t see how he’s getting back into anyone’s goo graces. His rep is shot, and with two days before orientation as well as Matsu’s support gone? (I was rooting for her and Xavier myself), Xavier’s life will be hell before anything gets even close to better.

4 years ago

Ouch… I mean. I knew that this would come eventually but still… Sheesh, this was a sad chapter. Never thought I could end up this heartbroken from watching one of your stories. Not saying that the story was badly written, just saying that this is a sad ordeal.

Something I’ve been forgetting to ask you. How are the BSU stories written? Do you and Hyriu sit down together and talk about it or you just trust Hyriu to write these on his own?

4 years ago

Thanks Gabe ! I was trying to make you guys cry with this one. I understand you man. I had trouble writing parts of this.

As for the process of how I write chapters, It depends on the characters being featured in each individual chapter. I do a lot of it myself for my OCs (Xavier, Maihime, Mei etc.) Im also very familiar with Enzo’s Main OCs such as Matsunami, Saitou and Taiyohime. There is more discussion for OCs I don’t own and am not familiar with them (Auron)

Enzo and myself do discuss a couple of bullet points for major events that need to occur each chapter. I detail the points we discussed while adding in my own and I figure out how to get to the important events and tie everything together in a way that makes sense

4 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Oh dear, I got the Strider Ninjas mixed up, sorry ^w^’ (There’s a user in here who goes by the name of Hiryu)

Glad that you were feeling bad when writing this. It means that I’m not a cry baby who can’t stand anything out of my comfort zone. Again, congratulations on the writing, as it is hard for a fictional story to get an actual reaction from me.

4 years ago

You meant me? It’s cool. XD

4 years ago

will an image of the cow girl be posted ?

4 years ago
Reply to  Ikana

Elizabeth? Yes, she will appear in the Orientation Arc

4 years ago

This, is what you call a perfect storm of bad decisions coming together. I mean BOOM!!!

In all a good chapter, but I really wanna see things get better for X now. Meet new and exciting women who help him recover from this. I want he and Mai back together eventually, they make a nice pairing.

As to the image, VERY nice, Nami looks PISSED!!!!! That “I wanna rip your your spine and feed it to you” look.

The massage bit in it made me think about Leda, how he could benefit from a course where she’s the TA.

I’m really looking forward to X’s life improving from this point as I gotta say, this HAS to be ROCK BOTTOM, nowhere to go but up now.

In all a great chapter. Looking forward to what comes next!

4 years ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Thanks Sailor! You’re not the only one who wants to see things get better for Xavier, I’ve heard it a few times since the chapter. Meeting New and exciting women? Hmm maybe there are a few in the works. Any suggestions? Skype me! Part of his gimmick so to speak is his willingness to try different unusual things most men wont do to satisfy the ladies wild get them off which is why the massage (especially the part with mais’s feet) is there. Leda is a Teacher’s Assistant? Massage therapy is a course He’d select for his class schedule. Talk to you later this weekend.

4 years ago

That’s it, fuck this story. Don’t take this in a bad way, it’s just my opinion, and I’m not trying to discourage you to continue this. It’s just something I wanted to get off my chest.

4 years ago

What’s wrong? 🙁

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Alright, let me give you my thoughts. I really, really, really HATE the stupid misunderstanding that it could have been easily avoided if someone would have finished the sentence just in time, this case Xavier. Oh and I know that the point of the story is about how Xavier must overcome the obstacles that could ruin his path to his career, but boy you’re putting a lot of shit on him to get through that if I were him, I would just pack my shit and get the hell out of this fucking city and forget about BSU.

Also I’m starting to hate Xavier because I’m not used to read his overreaction as if he were a shounen main character or something like that, but also because he doesn’t even think about what he’s doing before making decisions, like taking so long to confess Mai about BSU and stuff, he should have take the chance on the second date with her.

The point I’m trying to make is that I can see some cliches in this story that really gets on my nerves and this is the reason why I stopped reading your story. Don’t get me wrong, I like your writing, your description in sex scenes, and even your drawings. But I don’t think this series is for me.

*SIGH* That’s what I wanted to tell you for a long time, I couldn’t tell you the truth because I didn’t want to ruin your motivation to continue this series, but please, don’t take this too seriously, keep doing what you love, I was just telling you my opinion.

4 years ago

First off, I appreciate your feedback and that you read the story. It really means a lot to me. With that said, Do not worry, I am heavily invested in this series along with my writers/partners/commissioners Strider and Sailorio. A lot of people are also invested so they help keep us going.

To be fair, even if Xavier got in his explanation, it would not help him since he took so long to inform Mai. He did mess up but that shows hes not perfect. He’s meant to face adversity and he will eventually overcome it which is why it seems a lot of bad luck is befalling him right now. Everything will work out eventually. You’ll see that Xavier has a support system he developed from his past encounters. He’s not gonna face BSU alone.

If you do keep reading the story, I’d be honored and look forward to your feedback, if you don’t I understand. I know you’re invested in Xavier’s progress, things will work out eventually.

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

I’m sorry dude, but I’m official done with this, even if you are gonna make things work out with Xavier, I’m so sick of those fucking cliches and get to read the same shit over and over and over again.

And let me respond about that wouldn’t help Xavier if he confessed already, of course that wouldn’t, but keeping that for a long time until she finds out makes things even worse, that’s why I hate this chapter. I can’t take this anymore.

4 years ago

And one more thing, is true that nobody is perfect, but no one like Xavier can be fucking stupid to take too much time to confess something. And even if he was not confident to do it so he should’ve asked anyone about it!

4 years ago

To be fair, you said you were done commenting and following this story 4 months ago but here we are. It’s okay if you don’t like the story and don’t want to follow it further. It seems like no matter what I say, your decision is made. I appreciate you following up to this point. (Also X DID ask someone about it, in a previous chapter)

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Actually I bumped this pic somewhere else and I thought I could give the story a chance. But nope, not only the chapter was my biggest “FUCK YOU” moment, also I lost my motive to write my own OC-centric story. And the fact that X did ask someone about trust, it was already too late dude, the damage was already done before this chapter.

4 years ago

Earlier you suggested he should have sought advice for his uncertainty, ya? Now you’re saying if he had to do that, then its already too late? You’re arguing against your own advice. I get it. You do not like Xavier and that is okay with me. You don’t have to read the story, it’s that simple lol You’re not offending me or anything, it really IS okay.

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

You’re really missing the point, but I’m done with this.

4 years ago

And if you must know I learned so much about writing quality that I think you should also learn, so don’t think about I’m just blabbering nonsense

4 years ago

Hoes mad, [I DO NOT MEAN TO PROVOKE, JUST MY OPINION.] i understand your criticism but to add on from what rtenzo mentioned here and in earlier posts strider mentioned this is for Xavier’s development. This took in the place in the span of only a few weeks, you act like Xavier has been holding this dark secret for AGES. You mention he writes xavier like a shonen or is reminiscent of it in some way, but it’s been shown in numerous occasions that he has remorse for his actions. this is a very HUMAN and often realistic aspect of his character, I’m biased here since I relate to his character a lot. He’s an adaptive person, not a cliche shonen protag in my honest opinion. It’s left to interpretation really but even if he was this cliche protag rtenzo was directly influenced by kubo and other mangakas so it’s only natural to leave some bits or chunks of influence there. How else can you expect xavier to act when you said yourself that he’s been through enough shit and additionally attending a sex school since that’s a plot driven idea? He’s not perfect, he’s an organic character that has been yet to be fleshed out since its not even orientation rn. I know you’re done and i won’t persuade you but that’s my two cents.

4 years ago
Reply to  DracielGT

Alright, let me explain you what’s my problem with Xavier, the problem is he should’ve put telling the truth to Mai as a priority and he had time before this chapter. I mean, if I were him I would tell her sooner before waiting for weeks, and even though it wouldn’t make things better at least I told her the truth before she’d find out.

The reason I see Xavier as a shounen character is because sometimes he overreacts in his dialogues to see as an adaptive person as you said. Yes, he feels remorse, but that’s not enough for me to change my mind.

I know the point of the story is to show that nobody is perfect, but there are better ways to show it. In this case, it looks like you’re forcing X go through a lot of shit in short time to realize how he needs to be better.

I appreciate your response, but this is how I feel about this whole thing.

4 years ago

I understand how you feel, and in some ways, I even agree with you. But to be quite honest with you, I feel like you’re taking this a little too personally.

On one hand, I agree that Xavier has gone through way too much shit in a short amount of time, and much of it would have been avoided if he just manned up and told Mai everything about what he was up to with the BSU quota and the other girls a lot sooner. It wouldn’t totally change her feelings obviously, but at least it would’ve softened the blow and it probably wouldn’t have gone this far.

But on the other hand, it also shows that he’s human and he’s prone to make mistakes. It didn’t help that he’s still very inexperienced, both in sex and in life, especially in relationships with others. He just had to learn this lesson the hard way. Plus he’s also the underdog of this story too, to top it off. Meaning he has to prove himself and overcome all these problems and more.

If what I’ve seen and followed from this story up until now is right, this is his rock bottom period. Meaning he has nowhere else to go but up. And most of all, I’m pretty sure he’ll get back with Mai eventually as they do have legitimate feelings for each other. Though I’m more concerned with his now strained relationship with Matsunami, given how everything has gone down. And being one of his first real supportive friends. Way I see it, if he’s gonna stand any chance of getting back on Mai’s good graces, he’ll have to go through big sis first, all while rebuilding his already shot reputation due to the Koko shitshow.

My point is this: This is being done for a reason. I personally don’t like how some of it’s being done either, not gonna lie to you. But as a writer myself and a fan, I can totally understand it. Don’t take any of this personally, okay?

4 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

The fact that I’m taking this seriously is because I have a critic side, and I’ve learned from experience and other critics.

And honestly I don’t like the idea that Xavier is inexperienced in life, and I think it was too much to make him learn how life is tough.

Nevertheless I appreciate you understand my thoughts

4 years ago

Trust me, I’m also speaking as a guy who’s been down that road before. It’s anything but fun, believe me. XD

4 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

I believe you, just saying for Xavier was too much that he would spend his entire life locked

4 years ago

You’re not exactly wrong there…

4 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Yep… Glad you see what I mean

4 years ago

Hello francis. Do you have a skype, discord or other account for messaging?

4 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Yeah, on Discord, my name is this same as here, but if you have trouble to find me, give me your account or tag so it could be easy to find you. And sorry for the delay, I had some stuff to do that I forgot to check your comment.

4 years ago

thats a bruh moment right there

4 years ago
Reply to  Vinny


4 years ago

Neat having the story start off with Maihime, giving some insight of what she’s been up to: showing the type of worker she is while also giving some detail of the items sold at her work. Keeping a careful eye for fashion, it’s nice that she was able to find some clothing she was looking for, was a bit odd to have numerous people repeatedly making fun of her along the way, but in turn nice to meet someone with a similar body type as her. Good on Maihime for considering about going to BSU, getting that opportunity to progress down a path much better than being an assistant manager. I like to imagine how Maihime would look doing paizuri with her massive soft tits, also glad Maihime wasn’t able to successfully deepthroat it’s cute to see her struggle a bit, very nice she gets to be one of females with that rare innocent trait. What an entrance with Matsunami storming into the room to protect her sister, turning the romantic evening into a heated event. Having both sisters kick Xavier out for the for playing around with them and other females was unfortunate but realistic. Curious as to how this with continue, overall nice job!

Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson
4 years ago

this pic IS ONE OF THE BEST YOU’VE EVER DONE ENZO !!! 😫😭🙌👏 its so good ! You know im already a fan of this humor ecchi/now hentai scenario you’ve been doing with your artwork and this one looks like a hentai comic page. Plus being my second hentai pose of Hotdogging?! You are a genius !

4 years ago
Reply to  Jimmy Johnson

I love hotdogs! and hell ya man, happy you like it JJ. I really appreciate the kind words <3

4 years ago

This was a great chapter, Xavier fucked up and now he is paying for his mistake, but even if this is the biggest hit he has taken throughout the story, I’m sure he’ll make everything right again since it seems his feelings for Maihime (and hers for him too) seem to be real, maybe after both girls let things cool down for a bit, they’ll give him another chance, and I say both because Matsunami was enraged too.
All in all, the most worrying thing for Xavier will most surely be going into Orientation while being on bad terms with Matsunami, who not only is one of the few friends he has in BSU, but also is one of the people that has supported him the most.

4 years ago
Reply to  xfuski

Thank you for the high marks Fuski. This was something that had been building up since he their first date. He wanted to tell her but couldnt figure out how to go about it. This L hurt bad, not for just him but for Mai and Matsunami as well. The affect on Matsunami is great too. Although she was unaware of X and Mai being a couple, she still feels some guilt especially being the big sister whose seen Mai’s struggles in life. Mai is sensitive and very easily hurt. This was devastating because she took a risk and put her total faith and trust in Xavier in a short period of time. So for her this is a huge betrayal. X and Mai’s feelings for each other are very real. Hes going to be torn up about this. It could have been prevented but fuck ups like these are part of living. Hesitation can be the difference between life and death. There is something to be gained from going through this for both Mai and X. Stay tuned

4 years ago

This genuinely almost made me cry, i can’t say I’ve been in a situation like Xavier but it’s really damn close. I sincerely relate to xavier on so many levels and this hurt. Having multiple assets, not knowing how to use them, being picked on early as a kid, utter embarrassment. I really wish this could’ve ended differently but i know the direction it’s going is for the best. Xavier wanted to say it so badly but it was horrible timing, the guilt he feels is almost unbearable to me as it hits home hard. At the end of the day I’m still really all up for mai and Xavier as an established couple and that took a big shot today. All i could do now as a reader is pray for that to happen lol

4 years ago
Reply to  DracielGT

Thanks Draciel. My goal was to present something with emotional weight to it. I wanted to stir peoples feelings. Young love has complications like these especially with two sensitive people like Xavier and Mai. Stuff like this can be trial and error many times with people learning the hard way. Sometimes you know you need to say or do something that is right but its so difficult it weighs you down and eventually crushes you. I’m happy you are able to relate to my characters and stories. X has bottomed out at this point but once you’re there up is the only way you can go. All mistakes come with a cost no matter if its intentional or not. All he can do is stand up like a man and own his fuck ups. I appreciate the support and stay tuned.

4 years ago

I’m applauding this simply amazing story chapter. I can’t even get into everything I want to say or it’s gonna be way to long and take all day. Just know this story hit on so much. I love Mei and seeing her stories and more about Han but I think this development is now the thing I’m looking forward to the most. Now I gotta see if mai joins the class for whatever reason if she does. Also it’s great to see Xavier taking things he’s learned and experienced and applying them on his own. I hope they make up so they can be “for lack of a better term” each other sparring partners if they both join BSU

4 years ago
Reply to  Princenoctis

I appreciate the compliments Noctis! Mai has a lot to think about and with this on her heart its not getting easier. Mai is a brilliant talent but shes been denied a platform to display her ability all her life. This could get her to the platform she needs. Mai has some serious soul searching to do. Her decision will come in my next chapter. Nice catch on the Xavier and the new trick he picked up. His style is based on creativity, adapting and being willing to take risks that others wont. As far as Xavier and Mai’s future together, it seems impossible but you can never say never. Thanks for the support!

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Of course love the work in these stories. Btw I absolutely love the mom rant about making koko submit to Xavier. Sexual wrestling and stuff like that is my ultimate kink. I know it probably won’t be implemented in the stories but just know talks like that are my favorite things. Lol I can only imagine a sexual wrestling class or one of Xavier’s graphic daydreams

4 years ago

Damn damn just damm. Jokes aside this was a heart puller because damn did X fuck up bad and should have been honest and now he pretty much on his own at school no one going to be his side but a few people you can tell he going to have it tough and if MAI going to BSU shit he going have to deal with the fact she going to fuck the other guys. This one was a hard read but all in all nice work on the multiple panels Rtenzo and Strider damn good story. Had to pause reading cause it got so real in the end

4 years ago
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Thanks Jojo, I was going for an emotional real, thought provoking story here. The truth is the best thing to do no matter how tough it is to tell. Honestly Xavier is far behind the curve compared to the other male characters due to his relative inexperience in dealing with women and relationships. I feel for Mai because she was really into him and also her background of being hurt before in dating. Xavier’ intentions were good but but finding the courage to do the right thing in a tough situation can be a struggle. He knows where he fucked up and how. This is a learning experience some things are better learned the hard way

At this point if Mai does go to BSU there isn’t anything he can say or do it would be a bitter pill to swallow. You have a point, X has pretty much hit rock bottom. He’s on an island to himself. But some people rise to the occasion and are most dangerous when backed into corner. Glad you enjoyed the story.

4 years ago

Wow, no words can express how this chapter turn out to be, it going good in the start, but then at end sheesh talk about a downer outcome for Xavier and one more worser than his time Violette and Koko. When saw the image on top I just knew that things was gonna get ugly. Also to think that Maihime and Matsunami were related to each other as sisters was unexpected surprise. But for Xavier to be scolded by said sisters hit him so hard, should told the truth and now he lost his dream girlfriend (Maihime) and supportive friend (Matsunami) for betraying their trust in you and all before the orientation. I hope this didn’t last forever that all I can say.

Anyway great image with the mult panels, Rtenzo! 😁👍

Also the story was great as well except for the downer part Strider. 👍

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Thanks Nameless. This is the biggest hit Xavier has taken so far. Its a tough situation that Xavier is in. He had virtually no sexual/dating experience before moving to world city and he finds his perfect woman after enrolling in a sex school. The sexual encounter quota placed him by Sara forced him to sleep with other women or be expelled from school. Thats shit luck lol. It would be overwhelming go from having no women at all having multiple women throwing ass at him. Thats pretty overwhelming to deal with. Its pretty jarrring, a huge culture shock for him. These are pretty common mistakes when youre experiencing sex and getting women for the first time. But even so he fucked up by not straight up about bsu and his sex quota. He was scared of losing Mai by telling her but in the end he lost because he didnt have the courage to face her.

Im surprised most people didnt catch that Nami and Mai are sisters. Both mentioned having a sister earlier on. What did you think of the interraction beteween mai and matsunami?

4 years ago

…Ouch. That’s probably the biggest kick he’s gotten to date. At the same time, I get the girls being upset and confused, but this seems like overkill- especially after what Koko did.
Overall, this was a nice deconstruction of the “Really gets around” trope, but at the same time I wish it hadn’t happened so harshly on the girls’ side…even though realistically speaking that’s about the reaction you’d get.
X did fuck up, badly…and I don’t see the explanation making things too much better, all things considered. Unless he gets to explain the necklaces in particular, but even then it’s gonna be rough.

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Thanks anon!It’s an unfortunate scenario but the sisters have a right to be angry with X. He had 2 weeks to tell Mai in order to prevent this. They actually took it better than a lot of real life women would. I know if the roles were reversed and it was a girl with 2 brothers more than likely the dudes are gonna fight and tear shit up instead of talking it out like the girls did. lol. His explanation will not excuse him but its better to give it than to leave it unsaid IMO. I hope you enjoyed the chapter!

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I did, yea…just hoping X catches a break soon- he’s been through a lot.

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Just have to say that this was a really good chapter, always felt that something like this would happen eventually, and honestly I find matsunami and xavier were a train wreck waiting to happen, and am glad it happened.

Once again great chapter and the artwork is great.

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Thanks Shadow, glad you liked the chapter! Just curious why do you think Matsunami and X were a train wreck?

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As far as them being a train wreck goes, there are many different ways to phrase it and that’s the way I chose to. But from what I’ve read it’s felt like matsunami was at the very least mostly upfront and truthful to x while x did his own thing while knowing the consequences, didn’t do anything about them cause he focused on other things. If I had to pick a trope to put it under it would be the ‘you don’t talk to me’ one, there are probably better tropes to put it under, but I went with this one.

4 years ago

Well shit… This picture and this chapter not only confirmed my initial suspicions, but this ended things in the worst possible way for everyone involved. Especially Xavier.

But first let me just say that this is exactly why people have to tell other people shit about what they’re doing. Otherwise it only ends badly. And this chapter right here proves it. I’ll get back to that in a minute.

Okay, time for my reaction/review and criticism. The way this chapter was written was pretty good. I really enjoyed the build up and the interactions here. Not only that I loved the way the sexual content was handled. Very well done.

Plus, I knew it! I totally knew that Mai and Matsu were sisters. The earlier childhood reveals and their own comments before now were a dead giveaway, as well as their other reveal here. Also, it made way too much sense if you really thought about it. Also, this explains Matsu’s costumes earlier on too and why Mai has the eye for clothing quality. Nice.

Oh and the cow girl Elizabeth was a good move too, nice job with that. Not to mention Mei dropping some more knowledge on X, which in all honesty he really should have taken more seriously.

Which leads me to the ending… I’ll be honest with you, they really could have handled this situation a hell of a lot better. X should have just told Mai what was going on with him going to BSU and with the other girls he met to start with, as he really didn’t have a choice on that one. Matsu’s reaction and response, while understandable as a sibling, didn’t help whatsoever. In fact, that was a low blow, even for her. And poor Mai, hers was just crushing also and I felt for her the most. In truth, all three of them handled this one very badly, X should’ve said something earlier and the girls to me really overreacted there, Matsu more so. But at least they now have a chance to rebuild their sisterly bond. And all this before orientation too…

Now there’s going to be some seriously hard feelings going into the start of the school year. And now X not only has to rebuild his reputation, but also make things right with BOTH sisters too. I can only imagine how this opening arc ends. Jesus… O_O

Overall, this was a tough one to read and look at, but also one I enjoyed. Nice work.

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Thanks Hiryu! Glad you felt this one. You’re the only person that figured out Matsunami and Mai are sisters. Mai and Matsunami are a team, a unit in a way. Matsunami’s elaborate stripping outfits are 100% Mai’s creations down to even the finger nail and facepaint color patterns. I’m happy you took notice of Elizabeth. Shes quite a beauty. As you can tell shes a fan of dragon.

Yes X could have handled this better but you cant judge a man until you walk in his shoes. It was a process of building up the guts to and courage to say the words. That can take time to build especially for a teen.

I think the girls handled it well actually. Matsunami could have done a lot more than just knocking the door down. She could have kicked his ass and he wouldnt have fought back. Mai could have done it too lol.

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Wait, you’re saying Mai is just as strong as Matsu, if not more? [Glup] Welp. That’s a scary thought. XD

4 years ago

Kind of a random comment but I always enjoyed Matsunami with Xavier than Mai, still it was a well done chapter with some good plot progression. So great job Strider!

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Thanks skill! We try to provide a variety of girls and personalities. Im a fan of both the shinoda sisters personally. Glad you enjoyed the chapter.