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Truth and Reflection

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It was early morning and Mai had a rather restless night. She tossed and turned for hours, unable to get to sleep. No longer wanting to try and sleep, the young woman got out of bed and went to the bathroom to shower. She turned the knob and waited for the water to heat up. As the warm water blasted from the shower head, Mai stood covered in soap suds, her head down in deep thought.


Javi, why did you have to go and do this? I thought we had something special.’ Fumed the discouraged young woman as the water washed the soap bubbles from her body.


What do I do now?’ she thought to herself while stepping out of the shower.


Mai stood in front of the mirror while drying off. Harsh thoughts from her various encounters the previous day flooded her mind.


“Get out of the way you fat bitch!”


“I’m sorry, 14 is the largest size we have ma’am.”


“NO!” Mai barked loudly while slamming her hands on the sink.


Mai stared in the mirror, desperate to quell the pain and emptiness in her heart.


“I’m going out!” declared the conflicted bbw.


She walked into her room and turned on her iPads music player to help ease her mind. The sounds of anime opening theme music pumped out of the speakers


Mai rummaged through her underwear drawer, looking for the right pair for her late night outing. First she pulled out a cute pair of teddy bear print panties.


“Too boring!” Mai said as she put them back in the drawer.


Next, she pulled out a zebra print thong and held it up.


“Too loud!” Mai said while slowly turning her neck from side to side.


“I’ll come back to it.” Mai said, undecided on what type of underwear to put on.


The pudgy prize of a woman danced her way into her closet and went through the hundreds of hangers on the rack until she found the tiniest pair of shorts in her collection. They were a light blue shade with golden trim and had a gold and blue heart in the upper front area, just above the crotch. The shorts were so small that they couldn’t be worn with underwear. They were a gift from Matsunami, one she didn’t have the confidence to ever wear before. She liked it but she was very shy about wearing revealing clothing.


“Hmmmmm. I think I’ll wear this one!” Mai remarked with a head nod. She was feeling especially brave at this moment because she’d never went downtown before and wanted to do something bold.


She continued to go through the hangers, looking for a shirt to go with it. She found a purple cut off halter top and pulled it off the rack. Mai looked at it hesitantly because of her own self conscious nature. She typically didn’t wear anything that showed off her belly and had been afraid to for a long time. She gave the shirt a hard stare for a few seconds.


“I’ll give it a try…” Mai said reticently unsure of how she would be perceived wearing it.


The big boned beauty then got dressed and looked in the mirror at herself, striking a number of model style poses. She turned her back to the mirror and put her hands on her hips, looking at the ass exposing shorts.


“This is it!” Mai confirmed loudly while nodding her head to the music.


“Still not complete though…I need something else!” Mai thought to herself. She looked over to the very front of her closet and gazed at a BSU uniform jacket. The jacket was a metallic silver in color with gold stripes which wrapped around the end of the sleeves. The collar and the opening to the jacket were outlined with gold. It was one of the prototypes she designed to submit for the Busteez Slut University Uniform Design Contest she won.


“Yeah…I think this will fit perfectly.”


The talented young designer put the jacket on and then put on a pair of shimmering glitter laden purple high heels before walking back and forth across her bedroom stopping to pose occasionally as if there were photographers taking pictures.


“I’m a sexy little thang!” Mai loudly affirmed, her confidence starting to grow.


The newly confident woman grabbed her purse and left the room, slightly hobbling to the door because she still wasn’t used to platform shoes. Mai gingerly walked down the stairs from her apartment, holding on to the handrails to assure she wouldn’t fall. She practiced her steps while walking, passing by bushes and shrubs that lined the sidewalks of the complex. Mai hobbled through the half empty parking lot which was slowly filling with cars returning from late night outings at the bar. Several residents walked the opposite direction, returning home with new friends they were going to ‘Netflix and Chill’ with. The young woman stumbled through the security gate to the complex as it opened for her. On the sidewalk right outside of the gate was the bus stop.


“I really gotta get the hang of this!” Mai commented with a slight giggle while pacing around the bus stop. As the time approached the bus’ scheduled arrival, Mai sat down, filled with nervous energy.


I really don’t know what I wanna do in the city, but I have to get out of the house and do something to get my mind off what happened earlier…’ She thought to herself. The bus arrived on schedule and Mai boarded, carefully walking up the steps. As the chubby freckled woman paid for her bus pass, all eyes shifted to her. Mai turned to find her seat and saw the bus was loaded with an eccentric and eclectic assortment of people. Mai looked to her right to the bus driver and offered a smile. The driver was a bald black man in his late 20s. He sported a low cut hairstyle style which was hidden underneath a black doo rag. The man’s facial hair was styled into a thin tapered goatee which connected to his mustache. Mai had befriended the bus driver shortly after arriving in World City, as he always worked the route that took Mai to and from work.


“Hi Cliff!” greeted the young woman.


“What up Mai? How ya doin tonight? It’s pretty late ya know.” the man asked with concern, having noticed her unusual and near non existent attire.


“I’m alright, just going downtown for a bit.”


“That’s good. Nothin wrong with blowin off a little steam every now and then. We need it sometimes!” Cliff remarked.


Mai nodded in agreement and stood still for a moment, scanning the interior of the bus for an empty seat.


“YOU MUST REPENT YOUR SINS YOUNG LADY!” yelled a disheveled looking Bulldog species Beastman while rising out of his seat.


“REPENT AND THE LORD SHALL SET YOUR SOUL FREE! THE LORD SITS ON HIGH AND LOOKS DOWN LOW READY TO BLESS YOU WITH HIS HEAVENLY FORGIVENESS!” the man continued in a throaty and gravelly screaming tone, reminiscent of the fire and brimstone preachers found in southern churches of the United States.


“Sit yo ass down!” yelled the Cliff, irritated with the man’s antics.


As Mai continued to walk, she noticed a woman in her 40s talking to herself. From what she could hear, it was all nonsense. Mai continued along and felt an uncomfortable gaze focused on her. She looked to her right to see a man dressed in a clown outfit staring at her silently. Mai looked away, slightly creeped out by the man. The young woman found one empty seat near the back of the bus. She sat quietly as the bus started to drive away, the destination: downtown. As the bus cruised out of the area and took the exit to the highway, Mai saw an enormous billboard to the side of the road. Pictured on the billboard was an extremely chesty woman with two tone purple hair. Her rosey cheeks shined bright in the bright lights that illuminated the highway. She was topless with glittery purple heart shaped pasties over her nipples. The woman on the billboard was doing a come here hand gesture with one finger. At the bottom of the billboard there was a stylized logo that read “EMPIRE”.


The thrum of the bus engine echoed in Mai’s ear as she looked out at the streets of World City. All she wanted right now was to just forget the last few weeks, especially the last 24 hours. There was an old movie on last night about some ex-cop who joined a secret organization that kept aliens or something a secret. They had a device Mai wished were real, in a flash it wiped away memories. Unfortunately for her, it was only a movie.


The bus began to slow and Mai stood up from her seat. When it came to a stop, the doors squeaked open and she stepped out onto the dirty sidewalk of World City’s seedier redlight district. After stepping off the bus, she looked down the street to see dozens brightly lit buildings and numerous women dressed in their slutty late night best. The big boned, freckled woman stood there, unsure of what to do or where to go next. Mai hastily looked at her phone seeing an alert that said the new Sailor Moon Anime film was making its US. early premiere at the Boardwalk Movie theater a couple of miles down, off of the Sapphire Shores Boardwalk. The first showing was an hour and 45 minutes from now.


“I guess I’ll go see the movie.” Mai decided to herself.


A neon sign buzzed loudly from the entrance to a nearby bar. Mai could hear loud music thumping from base speakers as the door opened and two men walked out. The platinum haired beauty could smell them from the bus stop! Both men reeked of cheap alcohol, the first to emerge was a tall black man with a shaved head. His rosey cheeks told Mai he was thoroughly drunk already, as did the stumbling, staggered steps as he walked. He was dressed in a white tank top and some purple and yellow athletic shorts.


The second was an Asian man. He was a couple inches shorter with curly black hair and a bit of a gut, he wore a red t-shirt and some denim shorts. Both men however had strong looking arms that looked like the kind you might find on low rent bouncers at some of the nightclubs around the city.


“Heeeey, check out this babe!” the fat one said to the bald one, taken with Mai’s thicc curvy frame.


Baldy let out a low whistle, “Niiiice, don’t see any decent thicc bitches ‘round here! Always those skinny stick girls that’ll break like a toothpick.” he said as the two began making their way over to her.


“Aw shit!” Mai cursed silently. Their pungent odor only intensified as they closed in. The two of them smelled like they sprinted five miles in old underwear they never took off ever! Disgusting! The young woman started walking the opposite direction.


“Hey hey, babe, where you going? We don’t bite.” said the man with the Beergut as he moved to block Mai’s path while Baldy closed in from behind. They swooped on her like a couple of starving vultures looking to make a night’s food haul.


“Yeah, we’ll show you a really good time.” said Baldy as he reached down to grab Mai’s ass.


“Oh, nice and soft, but firm too!” he added


Mai felt her heart racing as a mild panic set in, for she was inexperienced in handling such situations. Usually it was her older sister that warded off these encounters.


“Hey, hand’s off.” Mai said, though not as forcefully as she had meant to.


“Awww, don’t be like that sugar tits,” said Baldy as he gave her ass another squeeze.


“Yeah, we’ll show you a really good time!” said Beergut as he closed in as well, reaching a hand out to grope her right tit. This was building up to be like a sequence right out of one of those hentai dvds she had put on the shelf while at work the previous morning!


“Get off of me.” Mai urged while trying to step to the side. However she wasn’t quick enough. The pot bellied man grasped her tit and squeezed hard, causing Mai to jump slightly.


“Holy shit they’re real! And none of that BimboGel stuff! I hate that fake shit!”


“She’s the real deal. Ain’t no plastic on her!” confirmed Baldy as he moved his hands to grab her tits from behind as he pressed his crotch against her ass.


Mai could feel something stiff poking at her through his pants. In spite of herself, Mai could feel her nipples getting hard from the attention as Beergut moved to run his hand along her stockinged thigh.


“Holy fuck, niiice!” said Baldy as Mai winced at his breath, it reeked of onion rings and horseradish sauce.


“Ha, come with us baby, my friend and I will show you a great time.” said Beergut, his breath being no better, smelling like hot wings and ranch dressing.


Ugh they stink!’ Mai thought to herself.


But, I do kinda like the attention…


Baldy continued fondling her tits as Beergut leaned in close and brushed his tongue along the side of her neck


“Mmmmh, you taste good.” he told her.


With whatever crap they serve in that bar, I bet anything would!’ Mai thought as she wrinkled her nose at his breath again.


Mai tried to wiggle free of Baldy’s hands, the awkward discomfort evident on her face.


“I’m busy.” she said.


“Oh I’m sure a fine bitch like yourself can make some time.” said Baldy as he kneaded her tits a little rougher.


“I promise you won’t regret it.” he said to her as his friend moved his hand between her legs. He passed his thumb over Mai’s slit and she felt a tiny sensation move through her.


“Mmmn…” she moaned slightly.


“I can’t do this…” Mai urged weakly in an attempt to convince them to leave her alone.


“See?” Beergut asked as he moved to nibble on her ear. The fondling of two men whittled away at her already compromised resolve, easing her into willingness with their touch. Mai couldn’t pinpoint what exactly she was feeling. While there was apprehension on her part, Mai was taken by a subtle sense of excitement! This was a totally spontaneous encounter with two complete strangers, something right out of the lusty graphic novels she occasionally read.


“Well…” Mai said as she felt herself getting turned on more and more as the two men fondled her. She’d never done anything like this before, at least not with two guys at once! The idea began to excite her more as her pussy dampened from Beergut’s probing sausage fingers.


“Over there.” said Baldy with a nod to the alleyway next to the bar the two had emerged from. Mai followed them as they took her into the alley. The first thing that hit her was the smell! vomit and curdled milk mixed with rotten eggs and spoiled meat that had been left sitting out all day! She could almost taste it in the air as they led her away and out of sight of the bar entrance. She heard a rat squeak as it scurried away, knocking around an empty beer can. The lighting was terrible, but she could see enough to navigate. However, the diminished light served a purpose for Mai as it obscured the the two men’s faces from her view and hid her from the sight of the public somewhat. Someone had dumped an old mattress at the back of the alley. It was clear it had a lot of mileage given the wear and tear. The mattress was stained with the bodily fluids left from years of punishing usage; with springs poking out at random spots.


The men chuckled as they stood behind her, both gripping her tits as they pulled her top up, exposing her stiff pink nipples. Beergut then found the zipper on the side of her skirt and undid it, letting her hand made design piece fall onto the filthy ground. Mai heard them both unzip their shorts before she felt their hard dick pressing against her now fully exposed hips. Both were fairly long, but Beergut was noticeably thicker as her hands moved to grip both cocks. Mai had had bigger though, way bigger! She let out a gasp as the thought made her think about things she wanted to forget.


Their dicks smelled like musk and sweat. The scent popped her in the nose like a stiff jab. It clung within her nostrils, making her feel dizzy.


“Damn these are some nice tits!” said Baldy with a long mouthed joker-like grin.


“Yeah, but I like this ass better!” said Beergut as he grabbed Mai’s ass in his hand again as she began stroking both of them.


Mai reticently smiled at the compliment as she moved to turn around when they came closer to the mattress. Her heart pumped uncontrollably at the thought of what she was about to do.


I’m really going to do this!?’ she thought to herself, in disbelief of herself.


There’s no turning back now.’ Mai thought to herself, driven by the rising impulses of her own body.


She slowly dropped down to her knees and looked at both of their cocks. The smell was even stronger up close, she could barely think anymore as she leaned over towards Baldy. His cock twitched and throbbed in her face as she leaned her head down and brushed her tongue along its underside. It tasted gross, like greasy fast food with too much salt, yet somehow the taste only turned her on more as she made her way to the tip before opening her mouth wide and swallowing his length whole! It wasn’t easy and she nearly choked but her practice with the cucumbers served her well.


“Ohhhh, fuck yeah, bitch is taking it all like a pro!” groaned Baldy.


“Daamn, I’ve seen high cost hoes who can’t even do that!” said Beergut.


Mai felt a flush of pride at that, though in all honesty, these guys were decent in size, she had handled a tougher more monstrous dick earlier. The longer she sucked him off the more she adjusted. After about a minute, she barely felt Baldy’s dick anymore. She bobbed her head up and down slowly, she could do this all day and not choke!


“Yeah, that looks so fucking hot!” said Beergut as he knelt down next to Mai, pulling her panties up the crack of her ass.


“AY! Watsh it! Dose are ehxpenshive!” Mai gurgled around Baldy’s cock as she felt the fabric of her panties beginning to strain.


“Heheh, sorry babe, here, I’ll make it up to you!” said Beergut as she slipped two of his fingers into her now dripping cunt! Mai moaned around Baldy’s cock, moving her head a little faster now and listening to him groan in response.


“Oh yeah, this bitch’s throat is da shit!” Baldy groaned as Beergut continued slipping his fingers in and out of Mai slowly, making her moan around the cock in her mouth louder.


“Fuck man, this slut’s cunt just wants to be FUCKED!” said Beergut as he moved to kneel behind Mai, tugging her panties down to her knees before unceremoniously shoving his thicker cock into her.


“MMMMMMMMPH!!!” Mai moaned around Baldy’s cock. Beergut’s cock was thick! the platinum haired girl moaned in pleasure as she bounced back and forth between the two men.


Behind her, Beergut groaned as he brought his hand down on her ass, “Yeah, that’s it, horny bitches like you need to take it at both ends don’tcha!?”


“Fuck! it’s like she’s trying to suck my balls dry!” Baldy groaned as he grabbed Mai’s head in both hands.


“You want it that bad you whore, then TAKE IT!!!” he groaned as he began thrusting his cock into her face hard.


“AGUGH, GUH, GUH, GUH…!!!” Mai choked on his cock as he fucked her mouth and throat, strings of saliva hung off her chin as she let out long low moans as the two men pounded her fiercely.


“Mmmmmh, this fat ass of yours is amazing!” said Beergut as he spanked her again, then again, and again, treating her ass like a drum as he pounded his cock into her leaking pussy!


“Such a nice, tight, hole!!!!” he groaned, thrusting his cock balls deep with every word.


Ahhh, this is so gross,‘ thought Mai.


These stinking cocks are spearing my throat and pussy, they’re treating me like a cheap whore! But… It also… It feels good!’ Mai moaned as she continued bouncing back and forth. There was no love, tenderness or emotion here. This was a raw, rough and lecherous back alley romp!


“MOAR!!!” she slurred around Baldy’s cock,




Yes!’ she thought


“I wanna cum, I wanna cum so bad right now. Fuck me more, make me feel good more!’


“Ohhh yeah, this thicc hoe can’t get enough!” said Beergut as he leaned back on the filthy mattress, pulling Mai back and on top of him. She gasped for breath as she was yanked away from Baldy’s dick and let out a long hard moan of pleasure as she began bouncing herself up and down on top of Beergut. She used his fat belly like a cushion as she rolled her hips around, stirring that thick dick inside herself like a COCKtail drink!


“Nhhhoooo, I want moar in mah mouth…” she whined.


“Yeah, that’s a good slut!” said Baldy as he closed back in, shoving his cock down her throat again.


“YEEESHHHHH!!!! CAWK, CAWK IN MUH MOUPH!!!!” she slurred around him.


“MMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH…” she moaned as her lips made a lewd slurping noise.


“SLURP SLURP SLURP!” Mai sounded around his gross length.


It stinks,’ thought Mai, his cock is filling my mouth and throat, ‘The smell makes me so dizzy I can’t think, but, I can’t help it, I want more! Its intoxicating! I want more of these dirty cocks stuffing my mouth and cunt! Please, fuck me more, make me cum more, make me forget everything!




Mai gagged and moaned as Beergut bounced her ass up and down on his cock. She felt her heavy tits flopping and bouncing wildly, almost painfully until his hands reached up to stabilize them by grabbing and squeezing them tightly.


“MMMMMMMMMPH!!!!” Mai moaned as her entire body seized in pleasure. Hot juices sprayed from her pussy as Baldy shoved his cock deep into her mouth until she felt his balls pressing against her chin. Hot thick fluid suddenly clogged her throat, forcing her to swallow as her vision tripled when her eyes crossed. She barely felt the men pulling away after suddenly feeling a similar sensation in her twat.


“AaahhAHHHHH!” Mai screamed as she found herself on her back now, she barely remembered moving at all, everything was a blur of sensation as Baldy lay on top of her, his hand groping at her tits as he slammed his thinner dick into her pussy. Mai’s tight hole was in pristine shape for she had only been with Xavier and one other prior to this, an ex boyfriend from her high school days.


“Fuck man, even after taking you she’s still so fucking tight! This is premium pussy right here!” groaned Baldy as he leaned his head down to suck at her nipples.


“Yeah, this slut’s gotta be a pro!” said Beergut.


“She’s sucking my balls like a seasoned veteran skank!”


I just wish you’d wash them better!’ Mai managed to think as she swirled her tongue around Beergut’s nutsack.


As big as his dick was, his balls were tiny, she could easily get them both in her mouth and sucked on them gingerly.


Beergut pulled away and grabbed Mai’s chin, tilting her head back before shoving his cock down her throat. Her jaw ached instantly as she moaned. She could feel her throat bulging around his girth as he let out a low groan.


“HAWWWDERRRR!!!” Mai slurred as she watched Baldy thrash in and out of her pussy!


“PHUCK MEH HAWWWRDERRRRR!!!” she screamed loudly!


Both men laughed, “Damn, this bitch fucking needs it!” said Beergut.


“Yeah she does.” agreed Baldy as she began slamming their cocks into Mai more forcefully.


“HUGGH, GUH, GUH, GUH, GUH….!” Mai gagged around Beergut’s dick.


“GUUUUUUUGHMMMMMMH!!!!” she screamed as she felt herself cumming again.


Yes…’ Mai moaned in her mind, ‘Harder, more, do it more, I’m loving this, I wanna cum more, I wanna forget everything and just cum!!!


“MMMMMMPH!!!” Mai moaned aloud as Beergut pulled his cock out of her mouth. Mai gasped for air then yelped slightly as Baldy leaned back, pulling her up and on top of him.


“Yeah, that’a girl, ride that dick!” he told her as Mai instantly began moving her hips. Rolling and twirling them to stir his cock inside. Beergut moved to stand next to Mai, his dick hanging over her shoulder.


“Mine…” she breathed as she grabbed his cock and pulled it back to her mouth,




“Look at those titties bounce! I love whores like you!” Beergut praised.


“And that fine fat ass!” Baldy added. “She’s built to take monster dick!” he complimented.


The sound of her mouth around his cock echoed off the walls of the alley as she moved her head back and forth.


“Fuuuuck, she really is gonna suck my balls dry…” groaned Beergut.


“Shiiit, me too, this pussy is too much!!!” groaned Baldy.


They were spent already!?’ Mai tried to hide how disappointed she felt as both men came inside her again. Beergut’s cum was not as thick as Baldy’s, it didn’t clog her throat this time as she swallowed with ease.


The two of them pulled away from her after they finished cumming, leaving the platinum haired beauty lying on her side atop the dirty mattress. Mai panted for breath, her entire body felt like an overcooked noodle, but strangely enough she rather enjoyed the feeling.


Beergut and Baldy recovered their clothes. The latter reached into his pocket and tossed a wad of cash down next to Mai before the two of them walked off.


“Man that hoe is is so thicc and soft! I couldn’t hold on for long!” Baldy remarked.


“Yeah, she has such an amazing body! She’s a total dream bitch!” Beergut added.


Assholes, I’m not a whore!’ she thought as she laid there for several minutes before her limbs finally felt like cooperating again. Recovering her own clothes, Mai wrinkled her nose at the smell now clinging to her body.


“Shit, it’s on me now…” she complained. Mai made a note to next time find some guys at least worthy of her, those creeps could at least BATHE before going out for drinks.


“Ugh, I need a bath now, I wonder if there’s any place around here?” she wondered aloud.


As she got dressed again, Mai bent down to pick up the wad of cash left for her. Three hundred bucks!? Well, at least they were gentlemen when it came to paying, that whole affair couldn’t have been more than twenty minutes! The money was almost a week’s worth of pay at her job as an employee for Otaku Palace.


As she walked out of the alley, she saw a homeless man sitting a short distance away from the bar. Next to him was a crudely written sign on the side of a cardboard box; WHY LIE, I NEED BOOZE.


Mai appreciated his honesty as she put the entire bundle of cash into the chipped ceramic mug he had for handouts.


“Go nuts.” she told him as she began walking down the street in search of somewhere she could at least TRY and get this stench off of her. Mai was conflicted about the money, feeling that she wasn’t a whore like the two men repeatedly called her; believing herself to not be for sale.


I feel so…. dirty!’ Mai thought to herself, while exiting the alley. The spontaneous city romp with two total strangers left Mai feeling several things at once.


What does this make me?’ continued the young woman in thought as she made her way down the busy sidewalk.


“I just did ‘IT’ with two guys I didn’t know. I never even got their names! And they didn’t care to learn mine!” Mai lamented out loud.


Mai looked around expressionlessly while walking. She passed by a peep show spot which featured a curvy orange haired cat beast woman on display in the establishment’s front window similar to how mannequins are displayed in the windows of clothing stores. The woman playfully pawed at the window to get the attention of passersby. This tactic worked, drawing the man walking ahead of Mai to quickly turn and walk through the shop doors. Mai continued to walk, attracting whistles and catcalls from the wandering patrons of the red light district on both sides of the street. Despite her mixed feelings, the pudgy prospect stood a little taller as she strolled down the strip, her confidence growing as a result of the positive attention being showered on her.


“With all these places around here there has to be somewhere I can clean up…” Mai said glancing forward to what seemed like endless brothels, strip joints and rub-and-tug massage parlors. Each was uniquely lit and customer traffic hustled and bustled in and out of buildings as if no one had to work the next day. It was indeed a work night but no one in the red light district cared about how tired they would be the next morning!


One particular location grasped Mai’s attention as she walked by. The front of the building was emblazoned with a giant pink and purple outlined neon light sign which read 蘭 (Ran, lit. “Orchid”) Soap House. This establishment was a massive building which resembled the feudal era pagoda castles found in Japan.


“Soap House? This is just what I’m looking for!” exclaimed the freckle faced young lady before walking in. Inside was a reception area that matched the building’s exterior, resembling the inside of an ancient Japanese home with old style doors and tapestries and paintings of mythical folk beings hanging from its walls. They were made in classic ukiyo-e style, rich with colorful designs which reflected the tales of Ran’s country of origin. It was obvious that these weren’t just purchased from some art shop and hung up. On one wall, a painting depicted the god Susanoo battling Yamato no Orochi, the multi headed dragon of folklore. Another piece on a different wall showed Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun, ascending to the heavens with gold and red beams of radiant light forming a sunburst behind her. There were many more pieces of art like these that lined the lobby walls, too many to explain.


Several barefoot men sat in chairs which lined the walls of reception room waiting to be served.


“I want her!” yelled one man while pointing at Mai. He was a middle aged man with graying hair that had just begun thinning at the top. He had a bad five o’clock shadow over his face that was more white than what remained of his hair.


“That’s the one, give her to me!” yelled another, this one made Beergut look thin, though it may have been that his limbs weren’t as beefy in comparison. In no time, every man in the room was gazing at Mai with hungry eyes. She bashfully blushed as she took her seat in the empty chair next to the two men who spoke.


“I’m sorry, I don’t work here. I’m a customer like you but thanks…” Mai clarified with a smile.


“I’d pay all the money I have just to watch you bathe. You’re so sexy!” replied one of the men with a creepy grin.


“Thank you for the compliments.” Mai humbly responded, trying to keep a straight face. An awkward sweat drop appearing on the side of her head.


The two receptionists quickly filtered in the men waiting in line to be served until it was Mai’s turn to go up. Mai approached the reception desk where a beautiful brunette dressed in white and purple floral patterned kimono was sitting. Her dark hair was worn up and held in place by a long pen which resembled a chopstick. The woman’s brown eyes were behind a pair of thin framed glasses.


“Welcome to Ran Soap House. Have you been here before?” The woman asked.


“No I haven’t.” Mai answered curious about what was going to happen next.


“Here are the services we offer.” said receptionist, turning her head to a massive board behind her. The board resembled a restaurant menu in composition, listing a bevy of choices along with prices next to them Mai looked up immediately noticing the very first service on the board which said “Quickie” with 30 minute shower/bath in parentheses.


“I’ll take the quickie please!” Mai decided as she was pressed for time at the moment. The movie was in a little over an hour and she had to get to the Boardwalk theater before showtime.


“That will be $40 Ma’am.” informed the receptionist. Mai pulled out two $20 bills from her purse and paid.


“40 bucks to take a shower here? That’s pretty steep…” The bbw said in protest but realized she had no other options.


“Your room will be number 32. It’s on the third floor.” instructed the receptionist while handing Mai a keycard. The plump platinum haired cutie took the elevator to the third floor. There was a long hallway lined with doors each with its own number. Mai walked down the hall until she found room number 32 and swiped her keycard to enter


“This is amazing!” Mai gasped as she stared at the interior of the room. The immaculate bathing room resembled a celebrity master bathroom like the ones found in celebrity mansions. The black and white marble flooring glistened like no one had ever stepped foot on it before. The sink station was made out of the most expensive oak wood. Four gold faucets were aligned on the marble counter which accompanied the marble sinks. Multiple gold shower heads pointed to the center of the room from the ceiling and walls which allowed for spray coverage from all angles. Off to the side of the main shower area was a bubbling hot tub, warm and ready for use.


“I’ve never seen anything like this!” Mai said while removing her heels. She placed them and her purse in an open up compartment in the wall for customers to store personal items. Just as Mai was about to get undressed, the door opened. A tall and somewhat thin onyx haired woman entered the room. Her long flowing dark locks hung past her, reaching the back of her knees. She was dressed in a white and red flame patterned kimono, the specific design was identical to one she made for Matsunami’s Okami themed SPLASH performance. Mai stared in bewilderment at the woman’s attire speechless about what she was witnessing. Her eyes enlarged to cartoonish levels as she stood afixed on this woman.


‘Somebody bootlegged my shit!’ Mai thought, still dumbfounded by what was in front of her. Mai didn’t know whether or not to be angry or honored, for imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The pale young woman circled around Mai quickly peeling off her jacket.


“What are you doing? Why are you here?!” Mai questioned.


“I’m here to serve you.” The woman answered while unhooking Mai’s skirt.


“Shes gonna…..”


It was at that moment Mai put together what was going on.



The scene changed to a classroom with a petit girl with big green eyes, blonde hair, and large breasts, appearing enormous relative to her size, standing in front of a podium.


“Hello! It’s your omniscient narrator-chan back again to provide some more world-building facts. I was on vacation in bahamas for a week but now I’m back! We last left off discussing the wondrous Beast Maidens, more specifically Dragon-types. Today we’re gonna cover some Adult Entertainment facts!” Narrator-Chan exclaimed enthusiastically while jumping up and down, her tits bouncing with her up and down as she moved. She then pulled down a projector screen and images of a busty brunette washing an overweight man’s back with her tits.


What you are seeing is no ordinary bath house, this what is known as a Sōpurando (ソープランド, Soapland) or Sopu! A Soapland is a house of prostitution which has a bathing theme.


An image of a nude busty teenage blonde rubbing her tits up against man’s chest in a shower appeared on the screen.


“Traditionally women bathe their clients using only their bodies, usually resulting in hot and literally steamy sex afterwards. This originated in Japan but the current golden age of adult entertainment has seen this type of establishment travel westward courtesy of ambitious business owners moving to the United States to expand their business.” Narrator-chan explained.


“Soaplands have become massively popular with American men and even women since the first one opened in this country twenty years ago. If you ever come to World City you should try one!” Narrator-chan urged with a smile.


“Now back to the story!” She said while accidentally pulling down too hard on all the charts, causing them to fall and bury her again.



“She’s gonna bathe me!?” thought the big boned hottie, stunned that she was about to shower with another woman. Her face became hot and flustered.


I already paid and I don’t have much have much time left until I have to be at the theater. Maybe this won’t be too awkward…’ Mai thought hesitantly.


The dark haired girl continued circling Mai almost like a buzzard quickly pecking away at her clothes. She grabbed Mai’s shirt and pulled it up, making her enormous tits flop out of it. The silver haired starlet’s boobs jiggled heavily as they fell out of her shirt. Next, the woman took the sides of Mai’s thong and slipped them down her legs. She kneeled down to get them all the way off with Mai helping by stepping out of them. Before she knew it, Mai was standing naked in the room! The smaller breasted woman scooped up Mai’s soiled clothes and dropped them in a chute that opened up on a nearby wall.


“Your clothes will be clean and dry by the time we finish.” she informed while advancing toward Mai.


The raven haired girl then easily slipped out of her own clothes with a single shrugging motion. Mai couldn’t help but be impressed at that, it wasn’t easy to set up a kimono to come off like that and still be able to move normally.


The girls body was amazing! She was thin and sexy, with perfectly curved hips and a cute little ass. Her pale ivory skin was completely flawless! Not a mole or blemish in sight as she came over to Mai and took her by the hand to main shower area. A golden footstool was set into the center of the shower. The girl led Mai over to the stool and asked her to have a seat. She did as told and the girl clapped her hands twice; The room echoed with a hissing sound as perfectly warmed water sprayed out from every faucet at once.


“Mmmmmmmhaaahhh…” Was all Mai could say as the water hit her naked flesh. Just the rinse alone did WONDERS for the smell that clung to her. It was gone nearly instantly, or at least removed to a point it wasn’t filling every breath she took! “Oh that feels so much better…” she purred.


“You must’ve been working very hard tonight.” said the girl in a soft voice.


“Something like that.” Mai said, not feeling like correcting the girls assumptions.


“Please, relax for me.” said the girl as she turned off the spray and walked over to another shelf inside the shower area. The shelf was lined with a variety of bottles and bars of soap of all kinds. “Liquid or bar?” the girl asked.


“Liquid,” Mai answered. Nodding, the dark haired girl grabbed a purple colored plastic bottle and squeezed out a large amount into her hand. Mai could smell the lilac and lavender from where she sat as the girls began spreading the soap all over her own slender naked body. Surprisingly, the soap began lathering up very quickly, most liquid soaps needed a medium of some kind to get a decent lather, like a loofah or even a washcloth.


“Um, what’s your name?” Mai asked the girl as she moved to kneel behind her.


“Sachiko.” the girl answered.


“Oh, that’s prettYYYY!!!!” Mai yelped suddenly as Sachiko pressed her naked lathery body against her bare back. Her skin felt soft and warm and very smooth thanks to the soap. The girl began rubbing her body up and down against Mai’s bare back, using herself as the loofa as her hands reached around to grab both Mai’s heavy tits.


“Ahhaaa…” Mai gasped. Her face was red as a cherry.


“They’re so big!” the girl said in a stunned tone as she began hefting both her tits in her tiny hands. Her fingers almost vanished in the soft orbs of flesh. You really won the genetic lottery. Your tits are perfect. Mine, not so much.” the black haired woman praised.


“Ahhaaa,” Mai moaned as she roughly kneaded her tits like they were made of dough.


“I… I think, you’re doing just fine…You…have a nice figure” she whimpered. “Um, could you not do that so hard please..? You’re making me feel funny…”


“What’s wrong? does it hurt?” Sachiko asked with a smirk.


“Kind of but it’s more a weird feeling than it is pain.” Mai answered.


“These are so soft and smushy, and your ass plump and jiggly, like a bowl of jello. The things I would do to get a body like this.” Sachiko said with a slight tinge of jealousy in her voice.


Sachiko groped and squeezed Mai’s breasts more aggressively than before, tugging and pulling at them like they were putty. She pressed her thumbs about Mai’s areolas, steady pressure to the nerves there.


“I’m jealous, girls with huge cow tits like yours get all the attention here and keep me from making big money.” the bather remarked gradually becoming annoyed by the obvious differences between Mai and herself.


“Annnh!!!” Mai cried lightly as she tried to fight the feeling that was taking over her body. Sachiko pressed her own tits up against Mai’s back once more, allowing her to feel her hardening nipples. Sachiko grinded her hips into Mai’s ass, brushing along its soft smooth surface with her pussy. A mixture of water and Sachiko’s love juice trickled down the back of Mai’s thighs


Was that her…


Before Mai could finish her thought Sachiko squeezed Mai’s juggs again, this time, moving her hands back and forth from the base of her tits all the way to the nipples like she was trying to milk a cow. The pain was only momentary as Mai got used to the way Sachiko was handling her. Her sounds gradually shifted from cries of pain to moans of pleasure. This was not Sachiko’s first time servicing a woman, especially one with big tits


“Ooooh! Ahhhhh!”


The thin black haired woman continued to pull and stretch Mai’s mounds of flesh, moving her hands in a circular motion causing Mai to holler loudly.


However, the fondling had to stop briefly because Mai needed her hair washed. The two ruffians from earlier had gotten some their putrid smelling cum in her hair earlier. The body wash she grabbed doubled as shampoo. The smaller proportioned girl poured shampoo in Mai’s wet hair and rubbed it in with both hands forcefully running her fingers through the bbw’s scalp.


“Yes!” Mai cooed, happy to get that stench out of her hair.


“I actually don’t mind this part…’ Mai thought to herself as she enjoyed the thorough hair washing.


“Stand up please.” Sachiko asked. Mai stood up and Sachiko pushed the stool away with her foot. With a clap of her hands Sachiko restarted the soft relaxing spray of water from above. Sachiko remained kneeling and poured a generous amount of body wash on herself, using her hands to create another foamy lather. She went up and down Mai’s meaty legs with her hands, squeezing as she washed them. The small chested woman rose up and circled around so that she was facing her customer.




The warm calming spray of water rained down from above on Mai once more. The bountiful freckled faced beauty closed her eyes and let out a long sigh of relief as the water rinsed the shampoo out of her hair. Sachiko walked forward and pressed her smaller tits against Mai’s while grabbing her ass with both her hands. The dark haired girl moved her torso up and down, poking Mai’s stiff nipples with her own. Sachiko placed her foot in between Mai’s feet so that their inner thighs were touching. The woman then moved her hips up and down, causing her pussy to brush up against Mai’s. The white haired chubby woman moaned hesitantly for it felt good to her even if she wasnt into girls.


“Mmmmmm! Ughhhh!”


This feels… why am I enjoying this?!’ Mai asked herself in her mind, unsure of the answer.


“You like that cow tits?” Sachiko asked rhetorically as she squeezed and smacked Mai’s ass. Mai’s body trembled in response, perhaps out of nervousness but quite possibly out of anticipation for what the breathtakingly beautiful Sachiko would do next. Warm juice ran down Mai’s legs mixing with the soap and water that was dripping from her. Sachiko suddenly grabbed Mai by the chin and looked her in the eyes.


“I understand why guys go for your cow tits….” Sachiko admitted with a prolonged stare into Mai’s deep blue eyes.




In a moment of heated spontaneity Sachiko planted a juicy smooch on Mai’s lips. She tried to pull back but Sachiko’s full sweet tasting lips were too alluring to resist. Mai allowed Sachiko to continue as she felt the girl’s tongue slither into her mouth.


“MMMMMMMM!!!!” Mai cooed as Sachiko seductively french kissed her while moving up her sides with her hands. Sachiko grasped Mai’s tits once more and brought her kisses down her neck and chest on the way to her puffy pink nipples. She slurped on and licked on them with powerful tongue strokes like she was lapping up an ice cream cone. She squeezed on Mai’s knockers at the same time, kneading them like she was trying juice a pair of oranges!


“AHHHH! OH SHIT! SUCK THEM BIG COW TITS BITCH!” Mai screamed, unable to contain herself any longer. Her body quivered in surprising delight, Mai never in her wildest dreams thought she would be getting it on with another girl!


Sachiko then moved lower, peppering Mai’s belly with wet kisses before dropping down to her knees. She slid up her inner thigh with her tongue and then went for Mai’s prize pussy, caressing it with her soapy hand. This served 2 purposes, the first was to cleanse away the filthy presence of the 2 random men from earlier; and the second of course was to get Mai off! Sachiko spread her pussy folds wide open and tickled her clit with the tip of her index finger, causing her knees to buckle.


“UGHHH! I’M SHAKING! DO IT, EAT IT NOW!” Mai demanded while grabbing the back of Sachiko’s head and pulling it closer to her snatch!


Sachiko immediately granted Mai’s wish, laying in deep sucking kisses on her pussy’s dripping opening. Mai grasped onto Sachiko’s long locks tightly.




The dark haired beauty then wrapped her lips around Mai’s cunt and sucked away on it, feasting on her sweet nectar. Sachiko went at it aggressively, sucking so hard it looks like she was trying suck the meat out of a clam shell. Mai clenched her teeth as her eyes shot up upward and rolled around in her head.


“GAWWWD THIS IS GOOD! GIVE ME MOAR!” Mai screamed in enjoyment.


The bather slid her tongue deep inside of Mai, swirling it around in circles. She paint brushed her clit with it as if she was painting a masterpiece. She was indeed, and Mai was the canvas. The thicc bbw wailed uproariously in ecstasy. Sachiko then went for her deciding move, she curled her tongue around Mai’s clit and squeezed with moderate pressure. This was enough to push Mai over the edge.




Mai exploded with rapturous joy as her vagina sprayed all over Sachiko’s face. She convulsed on her feet, holding to her partner’s head with both hands. Sachiko reached up and grabbed Mai’s forearms and held them to keep Mai from falling. She fell to her feet and the two embraced. The black haired woman looked Mai in the eyes and kissed her, giving her a long smooch.


“You really are perfect.” Sachiko admitted, causing Mai to blush.


“Your big cow tits, your freckles, that chubby belly and that cute shy smile of yours. You really are a beautiful woman.” said the black haired woman


A girl as pretty of her thinks that highly me?!’ Mai thought in disbelief, her face turning redder from a mixture of joy and embarrassment.


“Thank you…” Mai replied humbly, her face flush from the compliment.


“I think you’ll get pretty far in the business. You have that cute girl next door appeal that guys love.” Sachiko pointed out as she walked over to the chute on the wall.”


An elevator like platform rose up the chute containing Mai’s now clean and neatly folded clothes. She grabbed them and handed them to Mai.


“Would you happen to have a toothbrush?” Mai asked.


“I do actually. There’s some fresh ones under the sink. Let me guess, some filthy guys who don’t wash their dicks right?”


“Yeah. It smelled horrendous!” Mai answered while shaking her head.


“It’s like that sometimes. Occasionally your partners are gallant and clean and other times they’re disgusting and dirty.” Sachiko griped.


“But at least in my job you can wash them before touching them!” She said with a chuckle.


“I have to go and get ready for an appointment. I have a VIP customer coming in 45 minutes and he tips pretty good. Nice meeting you cow tits!” Said the worker as she put her kimono back on.


“My name is Maihime.”


“’The Love Princess’, it fits you nicely.” Sachiko pointed out with a smile.


“I don’t think this is the last we meet, Maihime.” She added with a suggestive grin before leaving the room. Mai stood at the sink going over what had just happened in her mind.


“First those two dirty drunks, then the guys in the waiting room and now here. I’ve been the center of attention since I got off the bus! Was I wrong this whole time?” Growing up, Mai was teased constantly by her peers and told she was a fat disgusting pig. However, the encounters today may prove them all wrong. The young woman looked at herself in the mirror as she brushed her teeth, nodding her head with new found confidence.


“The world is full of people who all think differently! everyone has their own taste. And for some people, it’s girls like me!” She realized while rinsing with mouthwash. The designer then looked at her phone and saw the time. She has about 15 minutes to get to the theater, luckily for her she hadn’t missed the bus yet!


“I gotta hurry, the next bus will be here in a couple of minutes!” she blurted out loud.


Mai took the elevator back to the lobby area. She walked with a little bit more swagger, her head held high as she swung her hips; doing her best impression of Matsunami’s stage walk which she saw many times at home. The silver haired bbw turned every head in the lobby. The lecherous old men whistled and howled as blood trickled down their noses. Even employees of the soap house stopped to gawk at Mai as she made her exit from the building. The bus pulled up just as she left Ran Soap House, coming to a halt at the bus stop that was right there out in front.


“Hey Mai! You’re looking a little bit happier than you were before!” Cliff the bus driver greeted as Mai boarded the now empty bus.


“Did you have fun?” he asked.


“Yes!” Mai nodded with a sincere smile.


“I’m not quite done yet though.” She added.


“Where to next?” Cliff inquired.


“Boardwalk theater! I’m going to the movies.” Mai answered energetically before taking the first seat behind Cliff.


“I got you.” Cliff assured with a head nod. The bus driver then drove a few blocks, made a few turns and drove a couple of miles stopping at another bus stop. The traffic was a litany of vehicles struggling to find open paid parking spaces because all of the free ones were taken up. Numerous busty and barely clothed women trekked down the sidewalks, some of them pros while others were ‘Janes’ looking for a good time with escorts and gigolos who frequented the area.


“Here ya go! This is the last stop for me. I’m gonna go take this bus back to the station, enjoy the movie, go home and go to sleep.


“Good night Cliff!”


“Good night, you be safe out here, ya hear me.” Cliff urged. Mai nodded as she stood up, waving at Cliff as she made her way down the bus stairs.


Mai looked straight ahead and saw a huge crowd of people congregated in front of a massive building. It was an opulent megastructure, reminiscent of the feudal palaces that housed territorial emperors during the Three Kingdoms era of ancient China. At the front of the building stood four lustrous golden statues of menacing looking armored men. They were carved in the likeness of Bishamon-ten, Kōmoku-ten, Zōjō-ten and Jikoku-ten, the Four Heavenly Kings of Buddhist mythology. Gold and crystal wind chimes hung from the building’s rooftop which lightly echoed in the night from the cool late summer breeze that swept through the area. The pearl white marble floors in front of the theater shone so bright that Mai could clearly see her own reflection on the ground.


This must be it!’ the portly beauty thought to herself. As Mai approached she saw a number of things uncommon to a typical movie theater. Television camera crews and photographers scrambled to get video footage of numerous individuals walking across the red carpet covered grounds. As she got even closer, she noticed several men impeccably dressed men and women stopping on the carpet for a photo opportunity. The ladies were all dressed in expensive, extravagant and very revealing evening gowns. This was definitely not the standard movie opening! Nor was it the standard movie theater. It was Lee’s Boardwalk Theater. The Boardwalk theater had been and continues to be THE spot in World City for big time movie premiers. It was a virtual who’s who of superstars from the sports and entertainment world each time a lavish premier party was held.


Wow! what is this!?’ Mai thought as she watched several faces she’d seen on TV walked the red carpet. Among them was none other than Violette Beauregard. The standout BSU first year star looked radiant in her long shimmering sleeveless. violet colored gown. It was form fitting and showed off Violettes buxom, curvaceous figure. The dress had a “V” style opening that put her glorious cleavage on display for all to admire.


That’s Violette! Wow!’ Mai thought.


She wasn’t the only star there. Next on the red carpet was a deeply tanned blonde. It was Violette’s best friend and fellow BSU freshman, Nicole Wellington. Not to be outdone by her bff, Nicole displayed own sexy sense of style. She wore a long two piece dress which had deep slits going up the sides, showing off her meaty bronze thighs. The upper part of the dress was like a sleeveless bare midriff top with a large opening in the front. Laces which criss crossed from side to side held the top together which kept it from falling off her. Nicole’s massive tits had very visible talines which was a signature look for her. The heiress’ dress sparkled heavily thanks to flakes of pure platinum being weaved into the fabric. Fans cheered for the duo as they approached the center of the red carpet to be photographed.


Wow! This is a VIP premier?! How am I gonna get in to see the movie?’ Mai wondered as she got closer. Suddenly a stretch limo pulled to the side of the street. Paparazzi all turned their cameras to the vehicle eager to snap whoever was stepping out. As the driver opened the door, one sparkling red high heel stepped out, followed by the other. Kokoro Izumi emerged from the back seat of the limousine looking like Sailor Moon herself! Her outfit was a modified version of the Sailor Moon costume, altered to be long dress. It clung to her body so tight it looked like it was painted on! It revealed her shapely compact curves perfectly. The sexy fox arrived at the last minute intentionally to create a lasting impression on everyone’s mind. The crowd exploded with wild chants for Koko as she waved and blew kisses to them. Mai herself couldn’t help but cheer for Koko as she watched all her TV shows and movies growing up. Koko slowly made her way up the red carpet, milking every second she could to get publicity. She even stopped at the statue of Bishamon-ten, wrapping her arm around it and reaching for its crotch while licking her lips. Showing up for this premier was a smart publicity stunt for all 3 ladies for it provided them and their various business brands free promotion. Koko was the last of the many celebrities to arrive and Mai still didn’t know how she was going to get inside.


“Hey Mai!” called a female voice. The silver haired girl looked over her shoulder to see 2 individuals, The first was a stout and strong looking bald black man dressed in an all black suit and tie. He was a menacing behemoth of a man, standing near 7 feet tall. It was Rico, the Head of Security at Peaches Gentlemen’s Club. Behind him was a totally stacked woman dressed in an elegant red ball room type dress. She had creamy milk chocolate skin, complemented by her golden bedroom eyes. Her smooth wooly hair was styled in thin cornrows on the top while hanging freely in the front and back. It was dyed in a unique tri color pattern, orange with streaks of blonde which was highlighted with crimson red outlining. This unusual style made the woman look as if she walked straight out of an abstract style masterpiece painting. Her low cut top barely held her humongous bra busters in place. The pair approached Mai.


“Hello Maihime, nice to finally meet you!” greeted the woman while extending her hand in friendship. Mai accepted, taking the woman’s hand. She was confused as to how this mysterious woman knew who she was and it showed in her bewildered expression.


“I assume you’re trying to get in? Come with me.” The streaky haired woman suggested.


“Okay…” Mai replied, not questioning the situation.


“I’m Peach by the way.”


“Peach? So you’re… Ms. Peach?! Owner of Peaches Gentleman Club where my sister works?!”


Yup, I’m THAT Peach. I’ve heard a lot about you from Matsunami.” Peach pointed out as they walked past security and entered the mega theater.


“She’s got pictures of you two together all over her locker. You’re very beautiful as well as immensely talented.”


“Thank you.” Mai acknowledged with a beaming smile.


“Matsunami has gotten far and achieved a lot in a very short period of time. She was recently named the AEWA (Adult Entertainment World Association) Rookie Performer of the Year and all. And I believe you had a big role in that Maihime.” Peach explained as one of the ushers lead the group to the screening room.


“Really? You think so..?!” Mai asked with slight disbelief.


“It’s not just about a dancer’s onstage performance. With stripping, the costume helps form a customer’s first impression of a performer. The more detailed and elaborate a costume is, the more eager guys will be to see it come off. The amount of care and effort you put into your creations is evident every time your older sister steps on stage.


“I try. Designing clothes is something I’ve been doing for a long time.” Mai responded.


“Your high quality costumes enable Matsunami to take her stripping to the next level. It allows her to capture the audience’s attention like a Siren that draws people towards her with little effort. Your skills are truly impressive despite being an amateur level.”


“I’m honored by your praise…” Mai said happily, nodding her head slightly to bow. The silver haired beauty turned her direction to the massive theater. The screening room was packed nearly to capacity with only a few rows of seats left available. The usher lead them to an empty row in the middle of the theater that Peach had reserved.


“Congratulations on your offer from BSU. Sara told me about the uniform competition and how you blew everyone away. Not a lot of women win such a life changing opportunity.” Peach praised while looking at the jacket.


“I’m still thinking on it right now. I have to let Ms. Sara know my decision later today.” Mai said as she sat down next to Peach.


“I actually wanted to hire you to work with some of my other girls but I didn’t know who was the one behind Matsunami’s designs until Sara told me. Matsunami wouldn’t reveal who was doing her outfits.”


“I guess she didn’t want anyone else copying our style. I wouldn’t have made costumes with anyone competing with my sister.” Mai chuckled.


“Your loyalty to your family is admirable. Nami is very fortunate to have you in her corner.”


“We are a team and have been since we were little.” Mai said a smile, brief flashes of happy memory in her mind of the two growing up.


“So how is business at the club?” Mai asked.


“I’m doing well but I just lost a few key members of my staff to BSU. Nami was my top earning dancer. I also lost my top bartender and Jade, who was my best manager.


“Jade is starting class there too?!” Mai asked of Jade, a friend to both Matsunami and herself since her sister started at Peaches Gentlemen’s Club


“Yeah, BSU is recruiting away all my employees!” Peach joked.


“Jokes aside, there IS someone new in town that’s taking employees away from everyone.”


“What do you mean?” Mai asked


“A new business called Empire Escorts just opened up. They have billboards of Galactica all over the city.”


“Does she have purple hair?” Mai questioned, thinking back to earlier when she was on the bus.


“Yeah, she’s the biggest escort in the world. Word on the street is that she joined Empire a couple of days ago.”


“So are they targeting your girls?” Mai asked with concern.


“Not yet, but I think they will eventually. The CEO of their organization has big plans from what I see. Little is known about her except that she goes by the name ‘La Reina’.” Peach informed her.


“I’m not worried though. I’ve been in the biz a long time, it wouldn’t be the first time someone challenged me and it won’t be the last. I’m here to stay.” Peach affirmed confidently.


“I’m sure you’ll be just fine.” Mai agreed with a smile.


A chestnut blonde haired young man with glasses entered the screening room carrying a massive tray of snacks with both hands. It was so much that that the tall stack of food was partially blocking his vision. He approached the isle where Mai was sitting.


“Excuse me! Sorry! Coming through!!” said the man as he walked through the crowded aisle of people sitting in their seats. As he got closer to Mai, he noticed one empty seat in particular, the one next to where the angelic bbw was sitting. He briefly stopped to gaze at Mai. The young man was immediately mesmerized by her amazing beauty.


“This woman is incredible! Her curves, the freckles. She’s absolutely gorgeous!” He mumbled lowly. He pressed forward toward the empty seat,bumping into Rico’s knee as inched by him and peach, drawing an annoyed stare. Mai noticed he was having trouble keeping the snacks from falling.


“Do you need some help?” Mai got up off her seat to ask. The chestnut blonde haired young man quickly nodded in response. Mai took the tray from him so he could sit down.


“So whom do I have the pleasure of thanking?” the bespectacled young man asked with a smile, his face blushing as red as a strawberry.


“You’re welcome. My name is Maihime. Maihime Shinoda.” Mai answered.


“Ahhh! What a beautiful name, you are indeed a radiant princess of adoration. My heart flutters in your presence!” gushed the blonde man while kneeling down in front of Mai. Mai blushed as the young man gently took her hand.


“Auron Sorelle at your service. It is an honor to meet you!” Auron said before kissing her hand.


This guy is kinda strange, but he is cute. He reminds me of a gentlemanly casanova kind of anime character.’ Mai thought to herself as she turned flush.


Auron stood up and sat next to Mai before offering to share his snacks with her.


“Would you like to have some?” Auron asked. Mai’s stomach rumbled right after he asked.


“Yes please…” Mai replied with slight embarrassment. Her stomach growled louder than she wanted. Luckily, the theater was loudly packed with people so hopefully he didn’t hear her.


“Your wish is my command darling!” Auron said while handing her the XL sized bucket of popcorn and one of the 2 large drinks he had on the tray.


“Thank you!”


“You’re very welcome!” Auron responded. The lights in the room shut off indicating it was time for the movie to begin.


The opening scene of the film started with a black screen and the loud screams of a woman. The first image of the film was one of a real woman made up to look like Sailor Moon, bouncing on the tremendous dick of a man who looked like Tuxedo Mask.


“What in the world?! This is not Sailor Moon!” Mai blurted out, causing Auron to chuckle. The opening scene finished with Sailor Moon sucking Tuxedo Mask off until he exploded with a massive money shot in her face. Mai recoiled with shock as the title card of the film appeared as “Sailor Poon”


“I’m at the wrong movie…!” Mai whispered to Auron.


“What?” Auron asked.


“I misread the movie listing on my phone. I thought this was going to be the new Sailor Moon movie…”


“That movie already had its advance premier last week.” Auron informed.


This isn’t what I came to see. It feels so weird to be in watching porn in public. I think im gonna leave…’ Mai thought to herself while getting up. Although very hesitant and uncomfortable, a part of her was curious about the movie.


“You should stick around. You never know you might enjoy it!” Auron urged.


“Well… Alright. I DID get in for free… It would be rude to walk out early.” Mai responded before sitting back down.


The movie played for 2 hours, displaying a buffet of hard core XXX action. At times Mai squirmed in her seat for she couldn’t help but to be turned on. Auron looked around and noticed various couples around the theater fucking out in the open. However, he noticed that the girl he was sitting next to was completely enthralled with the film. Auron smiled, able to tell Mai hadn’t seen much porn in her life based on her various reactions.


“Are you alright?” Auron inquired.


“Yeah, I’ve just never been to an adult film before.” Mai said while wiping away the moisture from her inner thighs with a napkin. Auron looked on spellbound by the sight of her thicc, meaty legs. His eyes filled with pink hearts and steam shot out of his ears as he watched. Mai then looked up at Auron, catching him in the act.


“Are YOU alright???” She asked. Auron immediately turned whiter than a ghost as he realized she caught him staring.


“Yes, I was just admiring your heavenly splendor. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!” Auron gushed again, causing Mai to blush.


“Thank you.” Mai replied with a schoolgirl like giggle.


After defeating a minor villain, the Sailor Senshi celebrated by engaging in a 5 way girl orgy in the park where they had just finished fighting. The quintet vigorously licked each other’s pussies fingered each others assholes and penetrated one another with dildos, screaming in joyous rapture. Mai blushed as she watched this which Peach noticed.


“You like what you see?” she asked. Mai giggled nervously thinking back to her sexy shower with Sachiko.


As the movie continued to play, Mai tore through the array of popcorn, hot dogs, pretzels and nachos like she was a starving beast. Pieces of popcorn shot out of the bucket, with one hitting Auron in the face. He looked at her and smiled.


“You weren’t lying about being hungry!” Auron chuckled, pointing at some nacho cheese that was running down her chin.


Mai squirmed heavily during one particular sequence, one that saw Rei Hino/Sailor Mars take on 2 of her male classmates in an empty school gym. This reminded her of the unexpected encounter Mai had with the 2 goons earlier. She leaned back in her seat grabbing on to both armrests tightly. Peach looked to her side and saw this, chuckling in amusement.


She’s so different from her older sister…’ The older woman thought.


About halfway into the movie, Peach felt her phone vibrating in her purse. She pulled out her phone to look and her expression immediately changed to one of shock and worry. She then looked toward Rico and nodded before turning her attention back to Mai.


“I’m sorry, but I have to go. Something is happening at the club. Its urgent.” Peach whispered while extending her hand. Mai accepted the hand shake.


“It was nice to see you miss Peach. Thank you for the conversation.” Mai whispered back.


“Likewise, good luck with your decision.” Peach said as she stood up. Rico followed behind her.


The hard hitting sex escalated in the second half of the film which culminated in the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask facing off against the antagonist and her henchmen. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask double teamed the woman, fucking her into blissful submission, drawing loud cheers from the audience.


As the closing credits rolled, Auron and Mai sat around the emptying movie theater waiting to see if there was post credits scene.


“I appreciate the meal. I was starving.”


“This movie theater trash isn’t worth eating, I would have brought in some of my own cooking but I didn’t have time to prepare anything.”


“You’re a cook?!” Mai inquired.


“Yes, I’m a professional chef. I’m freelancing right now. I’ve cooked in some of the best kitchens in World City.” The man said with a thumbs up.


As the credits came to an end, their conversation was interrupted as the main cast of the film took to the stage. Raucous cheers ricocheted within the walls of the room making it impossible for Mai and Auron to hear each other. Britney Boom!, the pornstar who played Sailor Moon as well as the director took the mic to address the audience.


“Thank you all for coming out tonight! So how did you like the world premier of Sailor Poon?!” Britney asked. The crowd responded with deafening cheers and applause.


“I’d like to thank everyone who was involved in this project from producers to the stunts people. It has been a wonderful experience working with you all. However, there is one very special person I want to invite on stage. This woman designed all the costumes for the film! With anime adaptations, a lot of attention is focused on how authentic and true to form we look to the original characters. This woman did a masterful job not only creating costumes for us but directing the hair and make up department as well. Without her contribution, the film would not be as great as it is! Courtney Baker get up here!” Mai looked on in interest after that announcement.


The costume designer walked to the stage too much applause from the audience. Britney handed courtney the microphone.


“Thank you Britney for the praise and thank YOU ALL for your support. It took a lot of effort to put this together. I want to give a special thanks to all my staff who worked so hard during filming, without you none of this would be possible as well. I also wanna give a shout out to my alma mater, Busteez Slut University! I got my start there and grew from an amatuer cosplayer to where I am now. When I first started my classes there, I didn’t really have confidence in my abilities or know what it was I wanted to do for a career. With the help of my professors and classmates, I was able to grow and find myself. BSU is where I learned to elevate my skills and take them to the next level. I am forever grateful for that. SLUTS FOREVER!” Several women in the theater echoed the school slogan immediately, presumably other BSU graduates who work in the industry. After this the entire cast took a bow before exiting the stage to another round of applause.


“She’s like me…..” Mai thought to herself. She sat frozen in thought as people began to get up to leave.


“Are you feeling ok?” Auron asked, snapping her back into this moment.


“…I’m fine. I was just lost in contemplation.” Mai said as she stood up.


“I thought you were going into a food coma!” Auron joked.


“No, I’m fine. You should see me at a buffet!” Mai giggled as her face turned rosey once more.


“I’d love to prepare you a palate pleasing buffet of my very own gourmet cuisine M’lady!” Auron proclaimed loudly.


“I think I might take you up on that someday Chef Sorelle.” Mai agreed with a smile.


The pair left the aisle and walked toward the exit with Auron opening the door for her.


“Thanks, you’re quite the gentleman.”


“Thank you, gentlemen are rare these days.” Auron replied.


They continued out of the theater, aimlessly walking across the street.


“So what was your favorite part of the movie?” Auron questioned.


“I loved the part when Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask tag teamed and fucked the villain into submission. It was so romantic.”


“That was a good scene. My favorite part was the Sailor orgy.”


“This is my first time watching a full porn movie. It was pretty fun. I’m a little embarrassed about getting ‘hot’ like that in public.” Mai giggled.


“It’s okay, I’m definitely sure you’re not the only woman that was turned on in there.” Auron said. Mai looked ahead noticing that the Sapphire Shores Boardwalk was on the other side of the street. The waves were flowing heavily and smoothly on the beach on this breezy night.


“Look at the waves on the beach over there. It’s beautiful!” Mai said while pointing at the beach.


“It is nice. How about we go over there and get a closer look?” Auron suggested.


“I would like that.” Mai answered with a smile. The two crossed the boardwalk and headed down the steps towards the white sands of the beach.


“It’s been so long since I’ve gotten to go to the beach…” Mai admitted while bending over to take off her heels. Auron quickly took a peek at Mai’s ass while she was bent down.


“I’m here all the time but I don’t get to enjoy it.” Auron responded while taking off his shoes and socks.”


“Why is that?” Mai asked curiously while looking at him.


“I work at one of the resorts here. I’m a Sous Chef at the Paradise Grill. It’s been a very busy summer, especially last week with SPLASH. It’s nice to be on the beach and not have to worry about cooking.” Auron confessed as they walked along the beach.


“I used to go to the beach all the time when I was younger. Me and my sister loved to play in the water.”


The waves of the sea washed along the shore getting their feet wet. Mai jumped and giggled as the water hit her feet.


“So cool, and relaxing.” Mai said as they continued to walk. She looked out into the distance at the water and the moon seemingly going into a daze again which Auron noticed


“What is a woman like you doing having a night on the town alone?” Auron asked. Mai immediately stopped, realizing she had mentally wandered off again.


“I’m sorry Auron. I just have a lot on my mind right now”


“Must be something heavy. Seems like something is bothering you?” guessed the blonde haired young man. Mai thought for a moment as multiple images from the last 18 hours flashed in her head.


“Yeah, you could say that.” Mai answered as she sat down in the sand.


“If you don’t mind me asking, what’s wrong?” Auron inquired while sitting next to her. Though she was sitting next to a stranger she had just met two hours ago, Mai felt the need to talk about her situation and confide in him.


The platinum haired beauty gulped nervously as she prepared to speak. “Well…The last few days have been very eventful. The other day I met with Sara Reed, one of the professors from BSU. I design clothing and about 6 months ago I submitted my design for the new BSU uniforms. Sara contacted me to inform me that my designs were selected to be the new uniforms for the University starting this year…”


“That’s great!” Auron’s eyes widened with surprise.


“She also offered me a scholarship to attend school there… I’ve always been into fashion, ever since I was a little girl. I’ve submitted my designs to clothing brands and I even tried out for a fashion designer competitive reality TV show. They all turned me down because I didn’t have “The Look” they desired. And I recently got passed up for a promotion at Otaku Palace, a job I’ve been working at for the past two years and have never missed a single day of work.” Mai revealed before pausing.


“I know this is a big decision, but I can’t make up my mind. I never imagined myself ever getting into porn… I’ve always been self conscious about my body and my weight, I was even scared to put on a swimsuit. Growing up other girls always ridiculed me and called me a big fat cow. How could I get naked and have sex on camera?” Mai asked sadly.


“And I HAD a boyfriend.” Mai continued.


Auron frowned at the the boyfriend remark, continuing to listen intently.


“I met him two weeks ago at work. He’s new in town. We hit it off immediately, and went on a few dates with him and had a lot of fun. I thought he was such a sweet guy. I thought we had so much in common, anime, video games and he had a background similar to mine. I really liked him, I felt like he understood and accepted me even if it had only been a couple of weeks.” she sighed


“What went wrong?” Auron asked.


“I found out he was cheating on me. He was sleeping around with other women the entire time, even my older sister!” Mai vented with frustration before pausing again.


“I found this out tonight. My sister walked in on us… She freaked out on him and showed me his Linkum account. He had comments from several other girls all in the last two weeks. I broke up with him and kicked him out of my house!” Mai admitted, starting to lose her composure.


“On top of that he’s starting at BSU this year. and he didn’t tell me about it. Everything was a lie!” Mai fumed as she held back from crying.


“He’s not worth your tears.” Auron said softly, comforting her by putting his arm around her.


“I couldn’t sleep so I got up and got on the bus to come downtown. I’m so lost right now. I don’t know what to do.”


“Well, think about it this way, this might be a blessing in disguise.” Auron suggested.


“What do you mean?” Mai asked while looking him in the eyes.


“You’re young, talented, beautiful and you have a big opportunity in front of you. While BSU specializing in creating pornstars that isn’t the only career avenue for you to pursue there.”


“Really? How do you know?” Mai asked inquisitively.


“I’m also attending BSU starting this year. Sara Reed is giving me a chance to develop a culinary arts program. Nutrition is a very important part of daily life. I believe I can create food that helps bring the best out of performers. If they are willing to do that for me, imagine what they can do for you. Fashion has its place within place in porn industry. Costumes, clothes and make up are a big part of the business. BSU offers courses for that.” he explained.


“You do have a point.” Mai responded as she recalled earlier how important the costume designer head was to the making of Sailor Poon.


“Also there’s a lot of life to live. We’re young and have our futures ahead of us. Going to college isn’t just learning skills to prepare for careers. It’s a major life experience. You’ll get to meet new people, make new friends and experience all kinds of things you wouldn’t otherwise. A whole new world of possibilities will be opened up to you. It could be a lot of fun!” Auron suggested in a perky tone.


“Hmmm….” Mai thought out loud.


“In my humble opinion, You sound like you have big dreams, so I think it’s too early for you to be tied down by a relationship. There’s always time for that kind of stuff later on. This is a chance to achieve your goal in life. Some opportunities only come around once and if you don’t take it, you lose it forever.”


Mai sat for a moment allowing Auron’s words to sink in.


“You know what, I think you might be right.” Mai confessed.


“This is something you need to take some time and think about it. Don’t make your decision based only on what I’m saying.” Auron remarked.


“Thanks Auron… I think I feel a little better.”


The sun began to rise as the two sat along the shore. Darkness gave way to the bright rays of solar light as the sky slowly took on an orange color. The puffy cotton like clouds began to drift over them as they looked up at the sky.




Auron pulled his phone out and looked at the screen. That loud beeping sound was the alarm clock on his phone.


“8 A.M. We been here for hours… You should get some rest Mai.” The chef said to his new friend.


“That’s a good idea…” Mai said while yawning and rubbing her heavy eyes, trying to stay awake.


“I have a lot to think about today… I appreciate you keeping me company. You’ve given me a lot to consider.” Mai reaches over and tussled his hair, causing Auron to giggle with a big grin on his face.


“Need me to walk you to the bus stop?”


“Yes. I’d like that.”



(7:00 P.M.)


After the previous night, Xavier hadn’t spent much time at home. After a long, sleepless night he showered, got dressed and left home again, his whereabouts unknown. He hadn’t seen his mother since before he left to go visit Mai at her apartment.


(Meanwhile…… )


Mai had been trying to contact Xavier all day but her calls repeatedly went straight to voicemail without a single ring.


His phone has to be off.’ Mai thought to herself. She then looked in her phone and pulled up a second phone number which was Xavier’s house. She slowly dialed the number and waited as the phone started to ring. After 2 rings, someone answered.


“Hello.” said a female voice with a slight hispanic accent.


“Hello, is Jav…I mean is Xavier there?” Mai asked anxiously.


“He’s not home right now. May I ask who’s calling?” Mei, Xavier’s mother, responded.


“Nevermind…Sorry to disturb you.” Mai said, not wanting to identify herself.


“Mai?” Mei asked. Mai didn’t respond, deciding to hang up the phone. She was already uncomfortable and didn’t want an awkward conversation with Xavier’s mother.


“Javi’s been gone all day and now his girlfriend calls looking for him. I guess things went south for them last night…” Mei worried as she herself tried to call him once more, only to get voicemail.


Back at Mai’s apartment, she sat on the living room couch trying to watch TV but she continued to hear Matsunami’s words echo in her mind.



“He said he could explain…” Mai recalled.


“How could he?” Questioned the younger sister.


“The only way to know is by confronting him.” Matsunami said begrudgingly.


“I know you’re upset right now so take some time and think about it first. You can do this at your own pace so there’s no rush. Look Xavier in the eyes and ask him what happened. At the least hearing his explanation could help you find closure so you can move on” Matsunami explained reluctantly.



“I have to do this. I need to get closure…” Mai said while turning the TV off. She got up and walked out of her apartment, determined to find Xavier and get the answers she needed.



(3 hours later…..)


Mai sat looking out of the bus window as it departed the Pleasureview Mall. She had looked through every store on each floor and surrounding stores including the Otaku Palace which was holding a tournament for multiple fighting games that he played. Xavier had previously told her he planned on attending during one of their phone calls last week.


“I just missed him….” Mai recalled, having seen his name on a tournament registration sheet in the store. Xavier was eliminated in the semifinal round.


“Where would I go if I were him…” she wondered to herself. After a few minutes of thinking, something came to her.



“Welcome to Olympus!” yelled Xavier while raising his arms up as if he was a mighty Greek god.


“These are the best arcades in the world! They have everything you could want!” exclaimed the excited teen as if he was a child again.



He’s gotta be there.’ Mai thought. She stayed on the bus until it pulled up at a stop right across the street from Olympus fun center. As Mai got off the bus, she scanned the parking lot looking for Xavier’s car. After a few minutes of walking around the lot, she saw a dark blue Nissan Sentra Sport parked away from other vehicles.


“He’s here.” Mai mumbled to herself as she walked down the parking lot. She looked over to her left and noticed a lone figure wearing a blue hoodie and baseball cap in the distance staring at the mini golf course. She increased her pace as she approached the figure. With each step the figure became clearer to her. Her heart began pounding hard as she advanced forward, noting the figure’s short stature. Mai’s adrenaline coursed through her body like she was about to go to battle. Once she was about 30 feet away, there was no doubt in her mind who it was.


“Xavier!” Mai yelled. The figure looked over his shoulder at her, confirming Mai’s thoughts. The young man looked different than she had ever seen him before, weary and exhausted like he hadn’t slept since their last fateful encounter. His eyes were drooping somewhat with bags underneath his eyelids. He looked like a total mess. His expression one of wide eyed surprise as he didn’t expect to see or hear from Mai again after breaking her heart the night before.


“We need to talk!” Mai declared. Mai held her composure and stood firm while speaking


“About what?” Xavier asked, unsure of the reason she had sought him out.


“Last night you said you could explain to me what happened. Between my sister and I cutting you off, you didn’t get a chance to tell me. I’m ready to listen now.” Mai told him with a serious gaze. Xavier turned around and gulped slightly, taking a pause to gather his racing thoughts.


“Well… It started when I was filling out applications for school. Going to BSU was never part of the plan, I was hoping to get into one of the Universities that had a well known cinematography program. I filled out a bunch of them and I got rejected by the last 17 of them with many others not even responding to me. A couple of days before I met you I got a letter in the mail from BSU. It was the latest application I filled out not knowing what kind of school it was. This application was pretty much my last shot. If I didn’t get accepted, I would have to give up on my dream as a director and producer. I would have to take some classes at a community college and get a job somewhere else.” Xavier told her before taking a deep breath. Mai stood with her arms crossed, waiting for him to continue.


I had to go interview with Ms. Sara Reed, the professor there who does most of the student admission stuff. During the interview, I had to do a “practical portion” so she could evaluate my skills. I totally bombed and she rejected my scholarship application. However, she did admit me as a normal student. I have to pay my own way and I was put on academic probation…” Xavier sighed. He then took a big gulp from the water bottle in his hand. Mai could tell Xavier’s anxiety was growing as he prepared to reveal more information. Mai’s own anxiety was building as well, however it didn’t show on her face or posture.


“One of the terms of my probation was a ‘Date Requirement’ I had to sleep with as many women as possible before orientation and report my progress to Sara and her boss. If I didn’t meet this weekly quota they were gonna rescind their offer and I wouldn’t be able to go to BSU.” Mai gave him a look of disgust but held her tongue because she promised to listen.


So it was just a mission you had to do to keep your spot!?’ she thought to herself. Xavier knew just what Mai was thinking from reading her clear look of disdain.


“The professor took a picture of my dick with my phone after the interview, installed the Linkum app and created an account for me… It was a way for me to meet women and also a means for her to track my progress. I didn’t know what Linkum was until Professor Reed told me.”


My very first time using the app I got a friend request from Violette Beauregard. That date didn’t go well either. The next day I almost withdrew from BSU. After a long talk with the Chief of Security, he convinced me not to withdraw.” Mai’s eyes briefly widened at that moment but she quickly stilled herself, still wanting to know more.


Chief of Security?! Does he mean…’ Her thoughts trailed off momentarily.


The next day I met you.” Xavier confessed.


“It’s not what you think. When we bumped into each other at your job and talked, that wasn’t school business. I asked you out to dinner because I wanted to be with you. It wasn’t about meeting some sex quota or trying to get a ‘win’ for my ego. I really liked you.” the young man confessed. “Things did move pretty fast but you are the woman I wanna be with.” For reasons she couldn’t identify, she believed Xavier’s words. She looked into his eyes and saw the same sincerity in his face she had always known.


“The truth is this. I had to keep getting dates or else BSU was going to let me go. I didn’t know how to deal with it. I knew I had to tell you but I was trying to figure out how to do it. You’re the first woman I’ve ever clicked with on that special level. I was worried about what your reaction would be once I told you. I was scared.” Xavier confessed while looking her directly in the eyes.


“I didn’t have the strength to tell you….” Xavier continued, his facial expression reflecting the regret he carried inside. Not only that, Xavier was ashamed of himself.


“Maihime, I’m sorry…..” Xavier apologized remorsefully. Mai strained to contain her emotion. While she was still angry with him for what he’d done, she also believed his words were real and sincere. Mai’s emotions swelled within her like a tidal wave. She stood there for a moment and gathered herself before taking a step closer.


“I understand…..” Mai acknowledged softly. Mai stared into Xavier’s green eyes as she prepared to continue.


“I forgive you.” Mai told him. Feeling a huge weight has been lifted, Xavier walked up to Mai with his arms stretched out, attempting to give her a hug. However he walked into Mai’s extended arm. She stood with her palm against his chest to keep him at a distance.


“There’s something I have to tell you.” Mai uttered.


“I’m going to BSU.”


“What!?” Xavier questioned, flabbergasted by this new revelation. A strong sinking feeling could be felt in the pit of his stomach.


“I decided that I’m going to start school there this fall.” Mai revealed to him.


“As an outcast in school I never had friends and as a result, was never invited to go out anywhere. It’s the same now. My days are uneventful. I work then go home and repeat this every day. It’s been an endless cycle. My life lacks adventure, all I do is play video games and watch tv. I have always felt like I was in the background of someone else’s story, tucked away in the shadows. But you know, it doesn’t have to be like that… It stopped being that way when you came into my life and made things more interesting. It was exciting to spend time with someone else like me.” Mai recounted.


“Today I’ve done things I never thought I would do in my wildest dreams.” Mai said. Xavier looked on nervously as Mai spoke, totally unprepared for what he was about to hear.


“Earlier today, I had a fling with two total strangers in an alley. It was spontaneous and new.” Xavier’s eyes enlarged as he heard this, a frown forming on his face.


“I couldn’t sleep after you left last night. I tossed and turned in bed for hours until I just got up got dressed and went downtown. I just wanted to take my mind off of what happened. These two creepy guys came up to me when I got off the bus. One thing lead to another and before I know it, I was in a dark alley with them. They were disgusting but a part of me liked the feeling and excitement.” Mai said candidly. Xavier grimaced at this, knowing there was nothing he could say to Mai because it was his own fault this happened.


“After that I went to this bathhouse to get cleaned up, but I didn’t know it was a Soapland. Another woman bathed. She fondled my tits and one thing lead to another again and I did it with a girl..” Mai explained. Xavier stood there stunned, his thoughts completely scrambled.


“I’ve always felt less than ordinary, but today, I felt so extraordinary. While you were out having fun at SPLASH I was working all that time dealing with rude ass customers, all day every day. Today I realized I wasn’t happy with my life. I want to make friends, have unforgettable experiences, go on adventures and evolve as a person. I can’t do that by staying where I’m currently at….” the silver haired woman remarked. Though Xavier didn’t like hearing this he understood where Mai was coming from with her words.


“But I don’t want to do that without you….” Mai emphasized. There was a brief silence as Mai paused.


“I want to see you achieve your dreams, and I want you to see me achieve mine. That’s what we should both be focused on, reaching our goals. So I’m not ready for a relationship right now and I don’t know when I will be.” admitted the plump new recruit.


“Can we still be friends?” Mai asked him. Xavier stared at her for a moment, eventually giving her a slight head nod while taking a step back. Xavier’s face reflected a calm Mai had never seen from him, almost like complete emptiness.


“I guess this is it then..” Xavier murmured in a low voice, saddened from the results of this meeting with her.


“I guess so…” Mai replied. She had mixed feelings about this meeting but she had gotten the truth from Xavier and revealed her truth to him.


“It’s getting really late. Already past midnight. Orientation starts in the morning. You should go get some sleep.” Xavier suggested. Mai acknowledged this with a nod. Having expressed their thoughts both Xavier and Mai turned from one another and walked away. Xavier headed back to his car while Mai returned to the bus stop. Mai watched Xavier’s car disappear into the night after passing her.


“So much has happened, so quickly. I start tomorrow….I don’t know what to expect but I will give it my best. I have to.” Mai lamented as the bus pulled up.


With orientation mere hours away, the freshman class is finally complete. What will happen when BSU’s 1st year recruits assemble for the very first time?!


(AUGUST 27th)



(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

I think, that the first thing to address here is the obvious elephant in the room? Which elephant? Well… where the hell is “Beerguts” penis coming out of XD? With “Baldy” you actually see the zipper of his shorts but nothing like that can be seen with his partner. Now, that that has been mentioned, it’s time to move to the actual artwork. “Baldy” and “Beergut” are really interesting looking fellows and the look on their faces is equally well drawn and disturbing to look at, though the latter was done most likely intentional, since they are obviously ugly bastards. The design on “Beerguts” T-shirt and the background are incredibly well detailed. Maihime’s shocked expression is depicted flawless, given the situation she’s in (two humongous cocks in her hands and both these men playing with her voluptuous tits). Great to get our (somewhat) first view at the BSU school uniform. I’m sadly not the biggest fan of the makeup version. It looks great and all but red doesn’t really fit her character that much, although you can argue that it is intentional since she wanted to be more outstanding in this chapter. The cum version is nice as fuck and I like how there is so much spunk on her shoked face and how some of it still runs down her thighs and out of the mens cocks.

As said before, this chapter and the previous are basically different parts of the same coin. In the previous, Mai had rough encounter after rough encounter and even found out what kind of man Xavier “really” is. In this she encounters numerous people who leer after her for her body and who compliment her for her skills as a tailor. After her desastrous night with Xavier it makes sense for her to seek distraction in the form of a new Sailor Moon movie. Her first encounter on the way there were the two drunken men “Baldy” and “Beergut”. Usually I don’t mind Ugly Bastard-stories, hell I like all of them so far here (be it Tsunade or Nami) but this one almost read a little bit too much like rape. Glad it didn’t turn out that way but I during the (amazingly naughty and dirty) sex, all I could think about was: “What would these two guys have done, if Mai said ‘No!'”. This situation just didn’t happen in the Tsunade/Nami Ugly Bastard-story and since this series here is much more “realistic” than Naruto/One Piece I didn’t like the implications as much. Still, awesome sex and I hope to see more naughty action in the future. Maihime’s decision afterwards to clean herself off of the stench of these two was pretty realistic and her encounter with Sachiko was pretty hot. Nice to see some lesbian action and Sachiko did basically the same thing to Maihime as “Baldy” and “Beergut”, which is pretty funny given how different the chubby princess felt after those encounters. Both encounters made her realize, that she is indeed beautiful and that men are even willing to pay her for a quick fuck and that even girls lust after her beautiful round body. I like how it turns out, that the Sailor Moon movie she was about to watch was actually a porn parody, which made the appearance of so many characters really believable, especially Violette, who stated that she in fact didn’t watch or like anime. Her meeting there with the one and only Peach really helped her appreciate, what she was creating and that even big names like Peach respect the outfits she creates. And even afterwards, the special thanks for the custome designer managed to push her one step closer, to join BSU. The movie was in that way interesting that she met Auron there, who surprisingly didn’t gush about her as he usually does with girls. Maybe has to do that he was in a cinema at the time, which begs the question: How did he get inside? Maihime got in because of Peach. Violette, Koko, Ashani and Nicolle are rich-kids with enough influence to get inside. But Auron? Maybe he made enough money during Sapphire SPLASH to pay for the entrance to such a big event or there is more to it, than meets the eye. Probably first because I know jackshit about stuff like that but it is a VIP premier so yeah… intruiging to say the least. Her talk with him was surprisingly devoid of sex and it lead to her going on a search for her X boyfriend. How she deduced that he has to be at Olympus felt a little bit strange and I find it highly doubtful that he actually stood here the whole time, just to feel sorry for himself. With all the stuff that happened in this chapter it is completely understandable for her to choin BSU and I hope to see more of her.

Really great way to end the arc and to begin the real stuff.

I just wanna say sorry for misinterpreting some stuff last chapter. Glad to find out that you also take ideas for other characters from fans. Though you most likely got enough from fans already, I also have an idea for a character. I hope you have seen my “reviews” for the two Mei chapters during the Sapphire SPLASH Arc. They are one of my favorites.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

This was quite the experience for Mai. She was still very much overwhelmed at the start of the chspter. She had a lot happen to her in 1 day. Her needing a break and her feelings about The days events gave her the courage to go out. I detailed the process of Mai picking out her clothes and getting dressed to show her gradual rise in comfidence while looking at herself in the mirror. She convinced herself that she was beautiful in those moments which was affirmed and realized once she got off the bus in downtown world city.

Speaking of the bus, I had fun writing the bus sequence. It is inspired by my few occasions using public transportation. Theres always some weirdos on the city bus, the city train or a bus/train station. I wanted to comically reference that. Cliff is friendly yet no nonsense bus driver that Mai has known and been friends with since she first started taking the bus after moving to world city. Cliff always has something positive or encouraging to say to Mai.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t into the 1st sex scene because I don’t like using Ugly bastard males or writing Double team/gangbang scenarios, but I gave my best effort to it. The point here was to show Mai realizing that the world is much bigger than her high school and that no matter what her peers say and think about her, there are others in the world who will feel different and find her attractive. While Mai didn’t like beergut baldy, she did like the feeling she got when showered with positive attention which she hasn’t really gotten at school or work. She went along with what happened next with the sex because of said attention. This really opened her eyes up. Also id say Mai doesnt prejudge others. Although imo beergut and baldy are some nasty fucks who didnt deserve to get her.

I really enjoyed the second sex scene. It was interesting to showcase another woman display so much interest in Mai. I turned the tables so Mai could see someone envious of her and wanting to look like her. Sachiko is indeed jealous of mai but at the same time admires her. I meant for this to be an exploratory experience for Mai. At first she was resistant but as the encounter progressed further she slowly got into it. And now she’s more open to experimenting with other girls. The soapland concept is yet another idea I have taken from Japan. The first being the anime themed hotel from X and Mai’s second date. I wents to Japan briefly while I was in the Military and got to experience some of this stuff myself. This will not be the only time you see soaplands.

Next is the Movie. Lady Peach. She has been mentioned several times in previous chapters and has a strip club named after her and now she has finally appeared. She is a long time admirer of Mai’s work and one of the only people Matsunami told about Mai as she didnt want coworkers trying to recruit Mai’s services. Peach had to leave abrupt to tend to some business. I will eventually cover this and why peach had to leave in a future chapter. It was funny to me that Mai didn’t know this was a porn parody in the beginning. And yes you are right, the shoutout the cast gave to the fashion designer for the movie did give Mai confidence and embolden her to make her decision even more.

And now for the end part of the chapter. Mai was looking for X because she wanted to give him a chance to explain his side of the story but also to tell him about her decision to attend BSU. Xavier wasn’t at Olympus the whole time. He was driving around and going to local arcades to try and help ease his mind. Mai didn’t just know he was at olympus. She deduced this from information Xavier told her. Olympus is a place of high sentimental value to him so she took a guess and was correct . The two talking to each other was an intense moment. She had very mixed feelings about Xavier’s explanation but she felt in her heart he was being honest.

But the big thing was her telling her truth. She was decisive and didn’t have any regrets about it. She has not only big dreams for her future but she wants to experience life and discover herself as a woman. Making friends and having memorable moments is just as important to her as the end goal itself. Though they have a lot in common they have completely opposite views of college and the world at large. Xavier doesn’t give a fuck about making friends or having memorable college expetiences. His main focus is his own survival because under the condition he came to BSU under he can be dismissed at any time since he is not a scholarship student and BSU has no financial investment in him being there. Along with his survival he wants to become strong and skilled enough to crush his enemies.

Even if Matsunami didn’t walk in on them, Mai and X would have still broke up. It just would have been more mutual and amicable. Mai would have thought it would be awkward to try to maintain a relationship while both are BSU students. It would be too complicated to manage with jealousy what not since both are novices in the relatiinship department. And Xavier would never accept a woman who fucks other men for a living as his girlfriend/significant other.

Another part i thought was impactful was how they departed olympus. Xavier was pressing to terminate the meeting by telling Mai its late and she needs to get some sleep. Mai didn’t ask him for a ride home and Xavier didn’t offer to give her one. This cemented the end for the two.

Overall this was a very insightful chapter and was great for Mai’s development. Glad you enjoyed it the next chapter is the start of orientation but also shows the aftermath of the walk in incident from Xavier’s point of view. Thanks for the support!

Uzumaki dragonslayer
Uzumaki dragonslayer
4 years ago

shit man you’re killing it with BSU I’m catching up on some stories I’ve missed from some weeks prior and wow I wish you’d post BSU at least once a week but I understand you take your time to make sure it’s this good and i love/hate it but keep it up, can’t wait to see what’ll happen now that the semester is about to start and what is coming up for the characters.

4 years ago

Thank you man! I’m so happy you’re catching up! the first chapter of the orientation arc is out and I look forward to your thoughts on that. We try to release a new story every 2-3 weeks for BSU

4 years ago

Quite the contrast, cute sweet Mai choking on sweaty, smelly, greasy ugly bastard cock and getting turned on from it!
Hope to see a lot of fat bubble butts and anal during the orientation arc!

4 years ago

I know this story already has a trillion characters but would the writer mind if I suggest an idea for one?

4 years ago
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4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

I was thinking a girl who’s an aspiring porn director. I havent read every single chapter so I apologize if there’s another character that fits this. I was thinking she could have brown hair, green eyes, thick round glasses, braces, and be VERY bottom heavy, but be nearly flat chested. She’s very “artsy” and dreams of pushing the medium of porn films into being true art. She was accepted into the school with only a vague understanding of what it is, and didn’t realize she would have to be involved in sex herself! She’s a shy virgin, and loves watching people fuck. Nothing turns her on more than getting a perfectly sexy shot with her camera, to the point that filming and perfectly capturing a truly sexy scene alone makes her cum in her pants! She also can’t have sex without filming it, so she captures all of her sexual encounters in full.

4 years ago
Reply to  Fluumblo

Interesting idea, can you elaborate more on the “artsy” facets of her personality? How does she want to make her film into “true art”?

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

She’s basically a film snob that wants to make porn films legitimate art instead something cheap and trashy to cum to. She’s not pretentious, but she is very creative and imaginative, and wants to make ambitious and high quality porn films that fit her vision. She is also constantly making references to films, actors, directors, television shows, etc.

Whenever she sees someone who is attractive, she imagines what their role would be in a movie of hers, to a point that she just HAS to get someone in a movie of hers if they seem perfect for the role. Sometimes she gets caught up in her fantasies of the scenes she’d film with that person, to a point that she’ll block out reality for a moment and masturbate, often being rudely awakened from her fantasy by someone.

4 years ago

I’m confused and I feel like I’m missing something. How did Mai apply and get accepted to BSU one day before Orientation? Are there details in another chapter I haven’t seen? I haven’t read most of the story. :/

Also, I didn’t feel sorry for Xavier for his actions until this chapter, and I hope he realizes his heart’s not worth losing over someone he just met two weeks ago. Once he does that, hopefully during Orientation, he’ll have a much easier time.

4 years ago
Reply to  RKL

She got offered in a previous chapter, she didn’t make a decision on whether to accept or reject it until this chapter.

4 years ago

Sorry for the late response I had a lot of thought after reading this chapter and I was also lazy too.

So, I’m just gonna say it simple short, I glad that Maihime gain a lot of confidence from her little adventure in World City and the heart to forgiven Xavier after listening to his explanation from the events of the last chapter. Also I like the lesbian action of her and Sachiko in the soapland.

The image on top surprised me rtenzo, showing two unknown men with Mai was unexpected and they weren’t even introduce. Which beg the question, does that mean those two will come back in a future chapter or is this one shot only appearance?

Anyway the image is incredible as always though the facial expression on the dark skin guy on the right creep me out, but his muscular jacked body is awesome like a superhero. So is the overweight Asian guy, he is well designed and detailed.👍

As for the story I rate it as 90% for the events in this final chapter of the introduction arc. But 100% for being well written and realistic.

Great outstanding work to the both of you!!! 😁👍👍

Can’t wait to see what the next chapter unfolds as the orientation arc begins.

4 years ago
Reply to  NamelessR04

Thanks nameless! Yeah she needed the boost. Mai is a beautiful and gifted woman. Sometimes you don’t know your gifts until you meet someone else who sees and envies them. Thats part of her realization here. Sachiko really put things into perspective in terms of Mai’s view of herself. Those two random guys are more than likely one offs and wont be seen again. The bald guy reminds me of seth from street fighter 4. Glad you like my style I try to incorporate interractions that are realistic in terms of how people go about dealing with problems. Mai came to terms with its by interracting with others and even made a new friend. Next chapter Xavier will come to terms with this on his end.

4 years ago

Mai has found her path. Good for her. I guess Xavier will have to forge his own path as well. Hopefully, he gets past the numbness and is able to move on. Won’t be easy considering he’ll be seeing Mai around campus, but if he’s that intent on his dream, he’ll have to stand back up and carry on. Good luck to him.

4 years ago
Reply to  Kino

You’re right, It definitely won’t be easy. From my own experience with relationships its much easier to never see your Ex again than it is to have to continually see her in daily life like at work or school. Hes gonna have to see her at school and probably see her hanging around other dudes on top of that. But he will find a way to move forward . Xavier is the type of person to get to work and stay busy and productive to keep his mind off of things that bother him. He has some catching up to do and has a lot of time to improve being he has no girlfriend to hang out with. In his mind he believes hes lost both his woman (Mai) and his closest friend (Matsunami) so he’s headed into hostile territory (BSU) by himself. Having not had many friends growing up hes used to standing alone. He’s the kind of guy that uses the bad in life as fuel, motivation to achieve , silence his critics and prove to himself he can be great. He’s carrying big chip on his shoulder right now which may even be helpful to him. Thanks for reading kino.

4 years ago

Okay, I see you’re not answering me Strider, probably because for what I said in the previous chapter, or I’m bothering you following you around and ask you the same question, or maybe you’re just too busy. In any case, why do you bother to ask me if I have a Skype or Discord or something? But it doesn’t matter know, because I’m done, I am so done with that.

I was willing to give this story another chance and I was really looking forward to talk with you Strider, but I take that back, I wasted my time waiting for your response. You can go ahead and pretend like I’m not even here or whatever, like I said, I’m done. I take my stupid name somewhere else and I mind my own stupid business.

And by the way, this chapter was the worse than the last one, but the lesbian scene was amazing.

Without anything else to say, good riddance and good luck.

4 years ago

Francis relax. He asked awhile ago and you took awhile to respond. If he’s no longer interested then he’s no longer interested. Theres no need to pursue other users relentlessly ya know? Anyways, I appreciate you checking this chapter out and sorry you didn’t like it. Hopefully you’ll enjoy future chapters we put out if you decide to continue. I look forward to your feedback whether its negative or positive man. Have a good one.

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Maybe you didn’t understand, I said I’m so done with the story. I won’t look forward for the new chapters, especially after this… ntr-like chapter. So from now on I just forget it.

Also he’s no longer interested? I am not surprised at all, but wow I wasted my time waiting for his answer.

4 years ago

Hello. I apologoize for the delays. I dont use discord much at all so im not very literate on how to do stuff on it. You never gave me the #tag number at the end of the your screen name. Discord requires that for searching and adding people. Could you post your full username and tag number?

4 years ago
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I told you, for the last time, I’M. DONE.

4 years ago

Oh well, that’s on you. I did try to reach out and you didn’t provide me with the correct information I needed in order to reach you. That is no fault of mine. I wish you the best in your in your future endeavors. Goodbye.

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Oh yeah, the classic “It’s not my fault, is yours” move. Really classic. I thought you are no longer interested to try to contact me, but let me ask you, what took you so long to let me know you couldn’t find me and provide you the tag number? That was a rhetorical question.

Anyway, I also wish you the best of luck… Ass.

4 years ago

Really nice being centered around Maihime and interesting having it start with her trying something different/new. Already getting off the bus she’s gotten into trouble with a couple of drunkies, it was gross but at the same time somewhat erotic as they had their way with her, unfortunate to what happened to her clothing getting dirty as it got thrown around. I do like some scenarios where someone precious gets defiled, but it’s one of the lesser fetishes that needs some circumstances met to be really appealing, guessing it was because seeing the faces of the unappealing/random males, type of environment and having her experience this right before classes start that it kind of tainted the scene for me, and making this the lowest point of the story. The multiple references to Xavier in this moment felt like insecure reassurance when comparing to the 2 current males, trying to enforce of X’s size being bigger/better, not trying to talk down of Maihime’s skill but this is her moment and not his, the practice with cucumbers was a nice/innocent reason though that would’ve been enough to explain why she had training done. A bit spontaneous for Maihime to begin her trip in the city with a bang session in an alley, getting defiled. Nice followup with Maihime going to a bath house to clean off the stench of her previous act. Sachiko sounded like a cute character being described with a small chest, ivory skin and very long onyx hair. The encounter with Sachiko felt more playful and innocent, kind of wished this scene had a pic as it sounded nice. Lol at Maihime’s circumstance as she came to a porn parody viewing of Sailor Moon. Cute reactions she was giving off from watching the film. After the movie, was cute having Auron walk with her to the beach and talk about her problems and worries while giving some advice that would hopefully help her. it was good for Auron to tone down his usual attitude, kind of like a character break or just a change, and be more serious when listening to her. Nice for Maihime to talk to Xavier about the recent events but also YIKES on how Maihime was explaining her actions with the 2 goons with detail, but it was coming from a place that yearns for excitement. Good on them to focus on their goals, yet still be friends, although felt like a very quick/short scene that could’ve been saved for orientation, when it could’ve been revealed to him that Maihime will be attending classes there and they can catch up then. Still wonderingwhat Matsunami did to recover from the previous scenario as I felt she was just as attracted to Xavier as Maihime was, and also directly affected with the shock/reveal event, especially with the discovery of her precious younger sister being involved. Overall seemed like a very positive day for Maihime, flip-flop from her usual interactions, as she’s getting showered in compliments and attention. Seemed like a very huge confidence booster for her and a push she needed to chase her dreams.

4 years ago

Bruh mib 4 hype! Hope it isnt as bad as the trailers made it seem

4 years ago
Reply to  Jose

Huh? trailers?

4 years ago

Great character insight for Mai. Chapter was a bit long but great. Personally when it comes to X I think he’s been knocked down enough as it is cause at this point Nami wants absolutely nothing to do with him maybe he’ll be targeted by the bitches at orientation and he’ll have to deal with the reputation that they have him. I’m not saying easy sailing from here on out but he’s already at rock bottom without dropping out. One more push and any man could break and throw in the towel. Dude needs help, he needs to get his head on straight and out of the clouds, and he just needs to be totally honest and go for things. Cause at this point all the other boys are doing great. Also will Harlot State try recruiting him at this point or soon cause this would be the opportune time to try. Side note, I don’t like Auron he seems more and more like a version of Sanii that actually gets some every time. P.S. Will one of the professors actually help cause it seems like they just care about the girls and keep the guys around so they and the female students can have good sex. Effort with helping Mai and disregarding the big ass girls grades but unwilling to put a effort in for X.

4 years ago
Reply to  Blackstriker94

Thanks Striker, glad you enjoyed the chapter. I don’t know how many pages long it was, I didn’t look at the count. I just write until whatever ideas I have in my head are all on paper. This was a lot for Mai to process in one night, but it had to be done. Xavier is in a bad spot but don’t count my dude out. While he’s alone and backed into a corner, that is when he is the most dangerous, in a figurative sense. In an earlier chapter Mei told him use the critics, Koko, and the negatives in his life as energy and motivation to drive him. Believe in Xavier. As far as Auron goes I’m not his owner, I’m not involved with his development or what is done with him creatively. With the exception of Sara, the professors haven’t met any of students yet. They will once classes start and thats when you will see more of them and witness them interact with the students more as well as appear in art more often. The girls are the big money makers in porn and the primary stars but in the BSU world the guys can become superstars as well. Women in the BSU world watch porn a lot more than real life women and buy the movies merchandise and support the male performers they like. I appreciate your support of my work. Stay tuned!

4 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Yeah but I think X has had enough knock downs for a while and yes maybe after orientation Sara will actually start helping him. Also would love to see him have some beast blood cause if that’s the case he could fix one of his biggest weaknesses. His height which affects his reach and strength so maybe he could go through a growth spurt after awakening some beastman blood. Also could Mai help him smooth things over with Nami.

4 years ago
Reply to  Blackstriker94

I agree with you on that. Xavier has taken enough of a beating so to speak. I don’t have the final say in the outcome of his encounters. He will be making some progress and have more meaningful interractions with teachers. Usually a hard fall like he hes had is followed by a rise. I think you will be happy with the stuff I have planned for him going forward.

4 years ago

Kind of a mixed bag here. Try not to take offense to that statement but I want to give a couple thoughts. First off I think this chapter is rather long. I understand why it is as it’s exploring a whole set of emotions with Mai which is great but at the same time it just feels like too much at one time. Now this is going to sound like a contradiction to my first statement which I’m sure I’ll be called out on but some elements feel rather rushed. Particularly the meeting of Mai and Xav, as personally I would have enjoyed more time for the two to really reflect on what happened.

I assume part of that choice may have been because people were troubled by the event in the previous chapter, but I like some drama and build up so it was a little deflating to have them at least admit things to one another just one chapter after the big event. I’m glad they didn’t get back together right away, but it was just kind of odd pacing here. We finally get more perspective from Mai’s view but it’s kind of all front loaded and packed into a really big chapter when it may have been better served being sprinkled through more chapters while also exploring where the other characters are after this such as Mai’s sister.

This is more of a personal taste thing so feel free to disregard this, but I really hate the whole fucking random ugly disgusting strangers thing, so that part was kind of a real mood killer. Like I said though, that’s personal taste so if it’s your thing then no judgement.

It’s still well written, and it feels like you have a good understanding of the characters and what their motives are which is good. Every series goes through growing pains, especially in their first arcs and such, so these are things like pacing and actions get better shaped over time. Keep up the good work, and let’s see what happens next.

4 years ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate the opinions. I agree that the chapter is kinda long but all of the chapters for this upcoming arc will be much shorter. Because of the previous chapter and what we have coming in the upcoming arc the situation with Mai and Xavier had to be addressed. Im always working on my writing. Thank you for the compliments on my understanding of the characters. I appreciate you supporting my writing

4 years ago

I didn’t expect to see a Maihime centered chapter, what a crazy night she had and with this crazy night she also got to know a side of herself she didn’t know, as expected she will be joining BSU which is good news. The 2 sex scenes were really hot, though personally I much prefered the second one, the lesbian action at the soaphouse with Sachiko, girl of whom I’d really love to see more of in the story, she must really be a pro to singlehandedly make Maihime develop some interest in women, as seen on how much she liked the lesbian scene on ‘Sailor Poon’. I was actually surprised she didn’t somehow end up fucking with Auron during or after the movie knowing how the rest of the night had gone for her, but definitely the advice Auron gave her was very valuable.
Finally, about the talk between Maihime and Xavier, which happened earlier than I expected, I have to say Maihime probably took the better decision for her own future, but this definitely is a big loss for Xavier, so it probably could be said this time he has been kicked while he was still down, as it can be seen from the state he was in when Mai found him, he suffered the events from the last chapter as much as Mai. On the bright side, he can have the relief that he has now told Mai the truth, also she trusted his word and still wanted to be his friend, so it was not that big a defeat, but still this probably puts him the lowest we have ever seen him.
I had a lot of fun reading this chapter and I can’t wait to see the start of the orientation arc with more awesome stories and hot pics 😉

4 years ago
Reply to  xfuski

Thanks. glad you enjoyed it. This is the first chapter of its type ive done. It was interesting to do the introspective parts with Mai. The second sex scene with Sachiko wasn’t planned to be in the chapter originally. It came about from RT and myself talking about soaplands In Japan and how I hope to visit Japan some day. Doing a lesbian scene was also a first for me. I didnt know how well it would go over so I was a little nervous. Sachiko definitely has a crush on Mai lol. Judging by the positive response to her she may appear later as a featured character.

Mai’s decision was a big one and there wasnt much time. for her to make it. Between this one and the last one shes had many things to consider going into her decision. Becky (the store owner from last chapter) The movie designer, Peach, Sara Auron, Sachiko and even Xavier’s own words from past chapters influenced her to think about the possibilities which are near limitless. I don’t think it was rushed cinsidering she had very little time to make a choice. She did do what was best for her. There is a glimmer of hope for her and Xavier. For him its a small relief that he told his side of the story, more importantly he faced the consequences of his actions like a man. Keep reading, things will get better for him.

4 years ago

Nice note to end the character intro arch on. I’m looking for to the adventures of everyone when school starts, and there’s still a few characters that have yet to appear and still may.

For now though, I gotta focus on the new MHA series.

4 years ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Thanks sailor! The orientation arc opens up on my next chapter. Girls who havent been seen yet will be revealed during the orientation event. When is MHA restarting

4 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Excuse me Strider, I don’t wanna bother you but I just wanna know if you get my last messages

4 years ago

NO HATE, NO HATE and I haven’t read the story yet but the black Guy? With the yellow shorts and ripped body is scary. His face reminds me of a horror film like leather face or someone who’s skin was burned. I’m sorry but he scares me. I hope you ero enzo respond and understand what I’m saying. Now I’m gonna read the story.

4 years ago
Reply to  Animefan1

He does look creepy but I think that was RTs intent. I think its the long jaw/mouth that does it. Let me know what you think once you’ve read it.

4 years ago

Will there be any ntr or cuckhold stuff in future chapters?

4 years ago
Reply to  Zen

Hopefully not

4 years ago
Reply to  DracielGT

God I hope not!

4 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

I hope it doesn’t as well, guess I should have been more specific when I asked.

4 years ago

Kind of a low note to end on, but there’s a bit of hope for these two…I’m really feeling for Xavier right now- that “emptiness” that comes from hitting rock bottom is something I’m sadly familiar with, even if the circumstances surrounding the breaking point were different…looking forward to the next chap- and I’m hoping that Xavier picks himself back up soon.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anon

Thank you for reading. Life is full of highs and lows and everything doesn’t end well. For Mai it does because she has figured out how to go about achieving what she wants and getting to explore a new environment. This was difficult for her as well. This was a meaningful event for her which saw find direction and purpose. As for Xavier that empty feeling I described is rock bottom. Its a tough way to learn but he did gain something from this. One can only become better from making mistakes in life. I hope you enjoyed

4 years ago

I honestly don’t know how to feel about this one, ugly bastards are a no go for me lol. i did like the closure and how mai was honest. Xavier will finally catch a break and for a long time i hope, can only go up from here.

4 years ago
Reply to  DracielGT

Thanks DracieI meant to create that i dont know feeling you have. The ugly guys here serves a purpose in the story. Mai had an experience with people she didn’t necessarily find appealing. Got this from those hentai pics that show attractive women with not so attractive men. Also RT was experimenting here as he hasnt drawn faces on random dudes before. I’d say Mai has found closure for herself but Xavier hasnt found closure or come to terms with whats happened yet. He is very much still shell shocked right now. Right now hes at his lowest point so there isnt anywhere to go but up. I hope I was able to stir some emotions. Thank you for reading once again and supporting my writing.

4 years ago

And with this chapter of Welcome to BSU, we have finally reached the end of one arc and now right at the doorstep of another. This was a very emotional chapter and resolution.

Also, it’s even better that this is a Mai focused chapter too, to top it all off. She’s a real favorite of mine.

But let’s get on to my thoughts, reaction and review! First, let’s get right to the sex scenes. Mai really is more of a horny beast than I thought! Those two drunk sleaze bags were one thing [Ugly bastard theme anyone?], but that soapland trip was quite another. The dudes in the waiting room and that woman Sachiko, who I’ll get back to in a minute. Those were really insane! Something tells me she’ll be the one to really watch out for in the Freshman roster as far as the girls go. She’s definitely learned some new tricks for her skillset.

Next, the narrator and mascot character, Narrator-Chan is back! I was wondering what happened to her. Hopefully we’ll get more of her in the next arc. Her explanations on certain things in the world really is a breath of fresh air.

Also, I really like the uniform, and other clothes and costumes Mai had. Very creative.

Moving on, the other characters and connections, even more so with the movie theater premiere. The more I see the cast speak with each other, the more their interactions evolve. The usual socialites in Violette and Nicole are back again, and Auron has returned, who was surprisingly quite helpful with some life advice this time. Cliff the bus driver was a nice guy too. I like him and how he was written. Plus we finally get to meet the well touted Miss Peach, the owner of Peaches Gentleman’s Club! That’s quite the lady. Plus it looks like we not only learned that Saitou is all but confirmed to being the father of Mai and Matsu but Jade is also confirmed to be going to BSU too. I had a feeling that would happen. As well as Mei’s business being serious competition to Peach. But the real show stealer here, to me anyway, is Sachiko. She was something else. Not to mention she really knew what she was doing. Guess she’s sure to play a much bigger role in the plot. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with her.

And finally, the long awaited heart to heart talk of truth of Mai and Xavier. This was the hardest part for me to read off. But at least he finally told her exactly what was going on, and she did the same. At the same time, looks like there’s still some hope of rebuilding what they had, as their love and feelings for each other are real. Mai more so, as she definitely didn’t seem or acted like she was ready to give up on him just yet, even though they aren’t a couple right now and just friends for now [hopefully good friends to then eventually back to couple status]. But X looks so defeated and broken here… Not to mention soulless too. That HAS to be his lowest ever. His rock bottom point, to be exact. To be honest, I was on the verge of tears with this one.

I got a feeling that the next time we see him, he’s really going to pop off! You can only take so much shit for so long, after all.

{Deep breath} Well, that was a powerful but still hopeful chapter. Can’t wait to see how orientation starts.

Well, that’s it from me for now. Nice work again. Especially you Seiryu.

4 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Excuse me, by any chance you know Strider Seiryu’s Discord account? He asked me about mine, I answered him but since then I didn’t get a response. I don’t know what does he want me to talk about but I’m trying to find him and I was wondering if you know.

4 years ago

Sorry, man. I don’t. Wish I could help you out.

4 years ago
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Dang it… Well, thanks for your time.

4 years ago

You know, I can see he’s so busy.

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Thanks Hiryu glad you liked it. Again you mention the details no one else points out. The Narrator is back and back for good. I will be using her more often. Do you remember the Shimigami golden cup segments or the arrancar encyclopedia bits that used to run at the end of bleach episodes? It will be along the lines of that with her world building facts. Lady peach is a major player and a respected figure in the adult industry. She owns multiple strip clubs world wide. There is a story to tell with her and i look forward to using her more. Who knows what the future holds for Mai and Xavier, however the door isnt completely closed on him. Right now he needs time to process the situation and come to terms wi5h it just as Mai did today. Next chapter you will see some of that. Stay tuned for more.

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Just what I thought…

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Don’t act like you don’t know, I know what you’re doing with me and guess what? I had enough.

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Alright I’m glad we got that over with quick. But for real this felt real Mai lived a pretty boring life and now she gotten a taste of what a new one can be and i think X needed this to cause around the end he was honest and even if he didn’t get his girlfriend back he got a friend which he needs more then a lover because college life and love life are hard to balance sometimes and when you think about the school they attending it makes more sense to hold off on relationships this is a big step forward for both characters and shows they got room to grow as people because yeah they both still feeling pretty hurt but if they are true about going after their dreams then a adventure awaits once they start freshman year. Nice story as always man can wait to see how you write X and everybody first year of school.

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Thanks Jojo. They say the truth will set you free and for Mai I think this literally did that. You are right about Mai. Having gotten a sample of life and the spontaneous events thats happened shes curious to have more adventures in life. Both Xavier and Mai will develop in different ways going forward from here. While Mai has found her purpose and knows how she wants to achieve it, Xavier is now the one lost and alone. He must now deal with the aftermath of this in his own way. Thanks for the support.

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BRAVO JUST BRAVO. It’s not just smut and fucking it’s a whole feels and real talks. This probably the best story chapter ever from this series. Well fucking done. Looking forward to the next arc and next sexy adventures. Writer take a bow

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Thanks Noctis! im glad you enjoyed it for what it is. I like to give doeses of reality in my writing. This is a very authentic chapter in terms of how people deal with their problems. Mai got to do some soul searching, exolore her options and reasons as well as making a new friend. I tried to give some insight into Mai and whats on her mind but also show how she goes about dealing with problems. She was the one feeling lost and alone last chapter but now the tables have turned on him. Writing this was a very surreal experience for me because I’ve been in a number of failed relationships some my fault and some not. Having a break up with a girl and then having to continue seeing her in daily life is very tough as well as awkward. I think at this point with happened now Matsunami out of his life he needs someone to talk to.

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Strider? Have you found my Discord account?