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The Road of Legends: Introducing Xavier

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BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” screeched the alarm clock on the dresser next to Xavier’s bed. The young man looked to his side and paused the game he had on his phone before pushing the off button on his alarm clock. He had completely lost track of time, having played Bleach: Lost Souls on his phone since arriving home from Olympus Fun Center.


That was quick….‘ The young man thought to himself, wishing he had more time left before he had to go to school.


It was the second consecutive sleepless night for Xavier. Since the incident at Maihime’s apartment he hadn’t been himself. For the past 36 hours, Xavier had kept to himself occupied by working out, playing video games and packing up his things to take with him to BSU. He was barely home and didn’t answer any phone calls much to his mother’s worry.


“I guess it’s time to do this…” Xavier sighed reluctantly while getting out of bed.


The young man staggered to the bathroom to get ready, his typical morning enthusiasm was non existent.



(1 hour later.)


After showering and getting dressed, the spiky haired young man stacked up 3 fully packed cardboard boxes and lifted them up; carrying them downstairs to load into his car. Xavier repeated this 10 times until he had everything loaded into his car. His personal belonging took up all the space in the trunk as well as the back seat.


Xavier then walked into the kitchen where he saw a note left for him on the table:


I’m sorry things didn’t work out with you and Mai. I had to take care of some business. I made you a big lunch for today. It’s in the refrigerator. Good luck on your first day. Gimme a call later when you’re out of school. I love you.



Thanks Mom, I needed that.‘ Xavier thought to himself while grabbing the mini cooler that contained his lunch from the refrigerator. The gesture of Mei to make him a much needed lunch and her encouraging words made him feel just a little bit more positive. The young man then got in his car and made his way towards BSU.


Orientation is at 10 so I’ll have a little over 3 hours to find the Guidance Counselor and pick my classes. Shouldn’t take that long. Even if there is a line that should be more than enough time.’ He contemplated as he cruised down the road silently, thinking about the ‘road’ that was ahead of him.


“It’s finally here. Orientation came too fast.” Lamented the youth.



(15 minutes later.)


After checking in with security at the main gate, Xavier followed the signs on the road to the administrative building of Busteez Slut University. As he got out of the car, he saw hordes of people scrambling around outside of the building, some in their newly issued uniforms and some still in street clothes, many of them were last minute stragglers who hadn’t completed the registration process yet.


Damn, I have a lot of shit to do. I should have taken care of all this yesterday…‘ he thought, however, the young man’s thoughts were elsewhere yesterday.


Xavier approached the stairs to the Admin office, passing a number of students who recognized his face from social media. Girls giggled and whispered to one another as he passed them which made Xavier feel even smaller than he already was.


Is there anybody here that didn’t see HER post about me?!” he wondered out loud as he walked up the steps. Upon entering the building Xavier stopped at a ‘Student Assistance Station’, a kiosk that provides assistance to students, gives directions and answers frequently-asked-questions. After pushing the start button on the touch screen, a petit young woman with blonde hair, big green eyes and an enormous set of knockers appeared on screen. She was dressed in the metallic silver and gold signature colors of the university and offered a cute giggling smile.


“Good morning and welcome to BSU. I’m your assistant, the omniscient Narrator-chan and I will be answering all of your questions today. Ask away.”


“Where is the Guidance Counselors office?” Xavier asked.


“The Counselor’s office is on the 4th floor, but have you gotten your University ID yet? You will need that to complete other important tasks here on campus.” asked Assistant-chan.




“Have you been issued your school uniform yet?”




“Have you registered at the hospital, gotten immunizations and done any Sexually Transmitted Disease testing?


“No, not yet.”


“Have you selected your courses for the upcoming semester?”


“That’s why I’m looking for the Guidance Counselor’s office!” Xavier yelled in frustration.


“These tasks must be completed by Orientation or else you will not be eligible to attend classes for Fall Semester.” Explained the Assistant-chan.


“WHAAAT?! THAT’S A LOT TO DO!!!! AND I ONLY HAVE 3 HOURS UNTIL ORIENTATION!!!!” Xavier said loudly with panic, his eyes bugging out, drawing the attention of female passerbys.


“Please hurry! Orientation begins at 10 A.M. and is taking place at Busteez Arena on the far left end of the campus!” Assistant-chan replied.


I have to get my ID card FIRST! I need that in order to do everything else!’ he thought as panic took over his body. He darted frantically to find the office he needed to go to.


The green eyed recruit followed the arrow marked signs that directed him to the Academic Records and Registration Department. This office is responsible for issuing student IDs along with other duties such as maintaining copies of transcripts and another other important information.


Holy shit! Thats a lot of people!’ he thought as he saw the 6 rows of chairs completely filled up. There were no more available chairs to sit in, the waiting area was a standing room only.


The layout of this place was rather plain looking, no different than the local Department of Motor Vehicles. However, the decor was much different than a typical waiting room. Posters of Sara Reed, Headmistress Taiyohime, Dean of Students Leilani Kane, and other pornstars turned university professors adorned the walls. Each poster depicted a nude professor along with some motivational message from them.


Xavier looked around the room noticing several framed portraits hanging on one of the other walls. He recognized both Taiyohime and Sara’s portraits, assuming the others were professors he hadn’t met yet. Above them was one gigantic framed portrait of a beautiful, older woman with long silver hair. She had piercing brown eyes and a smile that brightens a stormy day. She had a marking on her face, underneath her eye, similar to the ones Ashani El-Karim had. Xavier looked at the portrait, interested in who this woman was.


“Must be someone really high up in the business?” he guessed to himself as he stood along the wall. The scar faced man then saw a coffee table laden with magazines to read. However there were no Sports Illustrated, People, or Home and Lifestyle mags here. In their place were issues of AFN (Adult Film News), It’s a weekly magazine about the porn industry that reviewed current releases, interviewed pornstars and covered industry rumors. On the cover was Barbie Stevens, a buxom angelic looking blonde with blue eyes. Underneath the photo there was the headline: ‘2ND GENERATION, 2ND YEAR BSU STAR!’ in bold gold and silver lettering.


While waiting anxiously, he read the magazines to kill the time. After finishing the Barbie issue, he picked up the current AEU (Adult Entertainment University) Special, an annual special issue which covered AE schools and their potential break out stars. Koko Izumi was featured on the cover and inside were articles about other BSU first years such as Violette Beauregard, Hitomi, Matsunami Shinoda, Ashani El-Karim and Nicole Wellington.


Evil Bitch!’ he thought to himself as he picked up the magazine to read.


The young man waited for nearly an hour before it was his turn to be called up. The clerk was a woman with semi short purple hair which was swept to one side. Her brown eyes were behind a pair of rectangle shaped black framed glasses. She was young and vibrant looking, about age 25. The curvy woman was dressed in some tight form fitting leggings and a sleeveless style sweater.


“Good morning sir! How may I help you?” asked the bubbly clerk with a welcoming smile.


“I need to get my school ID please.” Xavier answered courteously while handing her his driver’s license. The clerk could tell Xavier was not in the best of moods from his dull and dreary facial expression. She looked up his name in the computer to verify his status while initiating a conversation.


“What’s the matter? You look exhausted. Rough night?” the clerk asked.


“Yeah, something like that.”


“Well don’t you worry! Everything’s gonna be alright! Today is a new day. You gotta make it worthwhile!” Replied the perky clerk as she stood. The young man looked at her blankly.


“Please have a seat in the chair to the right.” instructed the clerk.


Xavier sat in the chair in front of a background on the wall which featured the BSU heart logo.


“WHOA! You look like hell! Have you gotten any sleep?” she asked. Xavier shook his head.


“This isn’t going to work.” sighed the purple haired woman.


“Makeup!” yelled the clerk, prompting two women carrying makeup kits to rush from the back office. They marched to where Xavier was sitting.


“Makeup?! NO WAY!” Xavier barked, startling the two makeup artists, causing them to jump. One of them approached him again to begin applying makeup. X put his hands up and grabbed her wrists.


“Please don’t!” Xavier begged. The clerk intervened and spoke…


“Listen, this picture is important. It’s going to show up on computer screens for people to see. This picture will be available for other students as well as teachers to see on Linkum. Your picture will be the first thing the girls will see and that can be the difference between being alone at night and having some company. You need to put your best face forward!” cooed the clerk while gently rubbing his face as she stood in front of him.


“Ugh… Okay I’ll do it…” Xavier replied with a slight reluctance. The two makeup artists went to work upon receiving the young man’s consent. The pair masterfully covered the bags underneath his eyes and the stress wrinkles in his skin. One of the girls applied the makeup to his face while the other tilted his head back to put some drops in his eyes to clear away the redness. After finishing, the pair quickly returned to their office.The clerk then grabbed a mirror and held it in front of Xavier’s face.


“Take a look, you’re like new. You’re quite handsome when you’re not looking dead.” The clerk complimented. Xavier kept a straight face, still annoyed by the fact he had makeup on. He then looked at himself in the mirror and turned his head left and right before giving her nod. The clerk then moved behind the camera at her desk.


“Look into the camera until until you see the flash.” the clerk instructed. Xavier stared into the camera with an unhappy scowl.


“Come on Xavier, lemme me see that cute smile!” the clerk said as she activated the mounted camera at her desk. Xavier sat with a straight face despite the clerks request.


“SAY TITTIES!” the clerk yelled while lifting up her top, revealing her huge braless boobs. The big tit loving youth smiled immediately, staring at the clerk’s melons like he was going to jump out of his seat and suck them right then and there. At that moment, the camera flashed and snapped a photo.


“See, that wasn’t so bad.” Remarked the woman with a big grin as she repositioned her sweater back to normal to conceal her bountiful bosoms. Xavier chuckled as he stood up.


“Your ID will be ready in about 10 minutes.” The woman said. Xavier nodded and sat down in one of the now empty chairs.


This is taking a lot longer than I thought…’ he lamented as he thumbed through the various magazines on the waiting room table.


“Xavier Wiiliams!” called the clerk, twenty minutes later. The auburn haired recruit walked up to the counter and received his ID from the sexy clerk.


“This is just a temporary ID but it will suffice until your permanent one is ready.”


“When will it be ready?” Xavier asked.


“It will be ready on the first day of Fall Semester when your classes begin.”


“Thank you.”


“You’re welcome Mr. Williams. Just remember what I said… And try to smile a little more. It might help.”


“I’ll try.” Xavier replied with a nod before waving goodbye to the clerk.


The young man contemplated as he left the records office. Trying to quickly decide where to go next.


I think the guidance counselor and the place to get uniforms are in this building too…’ He thought while quickly scaling the steps to the next floor. The first thing he saw once he got to the top of the steps was another large room with with a sign above the door that said ‘Financial Aid’.


I didn’t get the scholarship and this is gonna cost me a few hundred thousand at the least, maybe even a full million dollars…’ Xavier thought anxiously as he stood atop the steps. His mind flashbacked to a previous conversation with his mother.



“So how do we pay for this?” Xavier asked.


“That’s something for me to worry about Javi. I want you to focus on being the best you can be.” said Mei with a smile.



Mom, You’ve done so much for me already. I can’t leave you stuck paying for all of this by yourself. Let’s see what I can do.’ he thought as he walked into the financial aid office.


Inside the rather gigantic office, several financial aid specialists sat at their desks each with a student seated in a chair in front of them. This time it wasn’t a long wait to be helped. Xavier was approached by a tall, well toned and built woman in business attire. She had lively green skin akin to the marvel character She-Hulk. Her face was stunningly beautiful with almond like purple eyes. Her ears were longer than human ears, more like those of an elf, with multiple hoop earrings dangling from both the left and right sides. Her massive tits were barely held in by her top. Her black hair was styled in multiple long braids that swept backwards and were tied into a ponytail hanging from the back of her head. Although he wasn’t completely sure, Xavier had an idea of what race she was.


Is she an Ogre!!?’ The young man pondered to himself, trying to hold in his momentary excitement.


“Hello, my name is Shelur (Pronounced ‘Shell-oor’).” greeted the Ogre woman with a smile. She extended her hand which the excited Xavier quickly accepted with a grip that was tighter than he intended.


“I’m Xavier.” the young man replied with a head nod.


“Nice to meet you Xavier. How may I help you?”


“I want to sign up for financial aid. I’m hoping I qualify for some of the federal grants that are out there.”


“Sure, I can help you with that. Please follow me.” she said while waving him in the direction of her desk.


“I think can find something for you. When I was in college, I got a few grants because I came from a single parent home.”


“Me too. I’ll take whatever I can get. If I don’t qualify i’d like to see about a student loan.” Xavier replied as they walked.


She lead him to her desk and sat down with Xavier taking a seat in the chair in front of her desk.


“Here’s my ID.” Xavier said while handing his ID card to Shelur. The Ogre woman swiped his ID on the card reader that was built into her computer’s keyboard, pulling up all of Xavier’s information. Xavier watched her as she looked at her screen with a surprised expression, which in turn alarmed him.


“Xavier, your tuition and expenses are all paid in full.”


“What?! But how?” the youth questioned, suspicious at the unbelievable circumstance.


“Someone dropped off a check to take care of ALL of your expenses. It just cleared.”


“Who did it?” Xavier asked. The look on his face reflected absolute confusion for he didn’t know anyone who had that kind of money just laying around.


“I’m not at liberty to say. I’m sorry.”


“C’mon… pretty please?”


“I really can’t. I just got hired here. I can’t take any chances on getting fired. I’m sorry but I can’t help you.” she admitted. Xavier understood and dropped the topic, not wanting to endanger the woman’s livelihood.


“Thanks for your help.” Xavier said while standing up.


“You’re welcome. I hope you find the answer you’re looking for.” Shelur said while handing him his ID card.


“Well, at least I’m going to school for free.” he said with a half smile. The idea of his entire first year of school being paid in full cheered the young man up a little.


“Yeah, who paid it isn’t as important as the fact that you don’t have to pay it yourself.”


“I guess you’re right.” he said, politely waving at Shelur as he turned and walked away. Xavier immediately pulled out his phone and sent a group text to Mei and his grandfather.


X: The financial aid office just told me all of my expenses are paid. Do you know what’s going on?

Mom: That’s great, but It wasn’t me niño, I wish I had the mucho dinero for that!

Granddad: I don’t know. Maybe it was that bitch ass fox girl from the other day! She definitely has the money for it. Maybe she wants to apologize?!


BSU is not a cheap school, the idea that someone paid for an entire year of his college festered in his mind because he really wanted to know who did it.


UGH!’ He thought to himself at the possibility that this was Koko’s doing.


After leaving the Financial Aid office, Xavier had decided he was going to pick up his uniform next but he didn’t know where to go.


“Excuse me.” Xavier said to a good looking redhead walking by.


“Do you know where to go to get issued a uniform?” Xavier asked.


“Yeah, you have to go the the ‘Slut Station’” the girl answered.


“What’s that?”


“It’s the school store.”


“Oh, unique name.”


“It’s this big building at the very front of the campus. It has its own parking lot. You won’t miss it.”




Xavier then made his way to the Slut Station at a brisk pace, walking on a sidewalk that took him straight there. As he walked he passed a familiar face. The woman was Asian with black and green hair who was in full uniform. Her style was very steampunk lolita-like. She wore fishnet stockings and a mini hat which looked intentionally too small for her head. Her eyes narrowed and her face formed a scowl as she made eye contact with Xavier.


Jade…’ Xavier thought to himself


“Asshole!” said the woman with total contempt.


“Matsunami must have told her what happened…” Xavier realized while passing. There was no time to dwell on the Mai situation for he had things he had to get done before orientation. He continued to walk until he got to building. It was marked by a big stylized light up letters that said ‘Busteez Slut Station’ in gold outlined with silver.


There was heavy foot traffic in and out of its doors with students and parents alike coming out with silver plastic shopping bags full of merchandise. It was crowded with people shopping. There were hundreds of racks, some with clothes hanging from them and others contained bikini tops and tiny dress shirts. There were so many women and Beast Maidens in BSU uniform walking around that he couldn’t find any employees.


Where are the store workers?’ Xavier thought to himself.


He walked around looking lost and confused until he felt a light tap on his shoulder. He turned around and looked straight ahead to see a ravishing woman standing in front of him. She was slightly smaller than Xavier but still had a thicc body that poked out in all the right places. She had a huge bust and a shapely booty that was still jiggling after she stopped walking. Her hips, thighs and ass were hugged by a pair of skin tight gold leggings. Up top she wore a snug fitting silver t-shirt, so tight he could see the imprint of her nipples through it. As he looked up to make eye contact he noticed a gold plate style name tag above her right tit that said “Heidi”. Xavier glanced up to see an angelic smiling face. Heidi has light ice blue eyes with a mole off to the side of her left one with her right eye obscured by her hair. She was wearing a silver and gold military style cap on her head which had the BSU heart emblem on its front.


“Welcome to the Slut Station. Can I help you with something?…perhaps a uniform?” Heidi asked sweetly.


“How do you know if that’s what I’m here for?” Xavier questioned jokingly with a smile, his goal to stir up further conversation.


“The backpack gives away the fact that you’re a student. And you’re still in street clothes. No way you’re here for anything else.” she said astutely before smiling back at him.


“You got me.” Xavier chuckled.


“Come with me.”


“So do you just work here or are you a student too?”


“I’m a first year student. I got accepted during my senior year of high school. I moved in right after graduation and I worked full time over the summer.” Heidi explained.


“I just got accepted a couple of weeks ago. I’m new in town.”


“How do you like World City?”


“It’s cool. I’m a big city kid so I like the atmosphere.”


The two then arrived at a counter positioned near the entrance to the employees only storage area. Heidi grabbed a tape measure.


“Can you extend your arms to the side for me?” Heidi asked. She then took his measurements. After getting the measurement for his jacket she kneeled down to get the measurements for pants. While measuring the inseam of his pants Heidi accidentally bumped his inner thigh with the back of her hand, brushing up against a thick bulge in the leg of his jeans. Xavier played coy, looking around the store as if he didn’t notice.


This guy has a beast dick!’ Heidi thought to herself, marveling at the stranger’s phallus.


“So are you working through orientation?” Xavier asked.


“I’m only working a half day. My shift is over at 9:45. The store is gonna close for Orientation. I heard a rumor there’s gonna be a special guest speaker at the assembly. That’s why the second and third years have to attend.”


“Maybe it’s some superstar alum or something.” Xavier suggested.


“Maybe, I don’t know but the teachers are taking attendance. There’s gonna be major consequences for anyone who doesn’t show. Can’t be late for this.” Heidi said as she stood back up.


“You’re in luck we have your size. We have a catalog of styles and variants to choose from. I’m gonna go get it for you. Be right back.” Heidi said before walking behind the counter and handing him a magazine. She then sat next to him on the bench where he was now seated.


After thumbing through the pages and picking out a shirt and jacket, Xavier stopped at the pants.


“Heidi, are there any options in here for some bigger pants?” Xavier asked while looking around at some of the other male students in the store who were wearing tight “Skinny” style pants. This was the current popular trend in young men’s fashion.


“I can’t do the skinny jeans. Not my style.” Xavier added. Heidi then turned the page to the section for men’s pants. He glanced over the available pants and pointed out a style to Heidi that he wanted.


“I like these.” Xavier told Heidi.


“I’ll see what I can do.” Heidi replied before heading to the back.


Heidi returned with a bundle of clothing items each individually wrapped in plastic.


“I found something for you. I think you’ll like it. Mr. Retro.” Heidi joked While handing him the packages. He then went to the men’s dressing room. He got dressed, putting on the pair of navy blue pants on first, followed by a white long sleeve dress shirt and a red tie. Next, he put on a gold colored hoodie. Finally, he put on a silver uniform jacket. Xavier’s pants were extremely baggy fitting making him look like he was from the year 1996.


“There’s a few things missing but it looks good.” Xavier said while looking at himself in the mirror. Xavier then pulled up his jacket sleeves and rolled them up at the elbows. He stepped out of the dressing room and walked around in front of Heidi.


“I agree! This totally fits you!” Heidi complimented with a smile. Xavier nodded and smirked back at her before quickly returning to the dressing room and changing back.


After leaving the Slut Station, Xavier headed left, going in the direction of Passion Tower. As he got closer to the building, the human traffic he had to get through grew heavier and heavier. The green eyed nerd side stepped, walked around students and slipped in between people walking along the sidewalk. Eventually there were too many people in the way, causing the spiked haired young man to walk through the grass. Numerous sets of eyes focused on Xavier and some even stopped to whisper to their friends as he walked past. This was indeed an uncomfortable feeling for him, the heat of constant glares started to make him sweat. He faced forward and tried not to look to either side while advancing. The discomfort he felt caused his knees to wobble as he speed walked along the concrete path.


I really have become a meme! This isn’t going away anytime soon…’ Xavier thought with a sigh.


He continued to press forward, hearing loud music from cars in the parking lot and from dorm rooms with opened windows. The pungent aroma of sweaty sex hovered in the air, punching Xavier in the nose. The entrance to Passion Tower seemed like the busiest place on campus with hundreds of cardboard box and trash bag carrying residents walking through the glass doors.


“There’s a lot more people doing stuff at the last minute than I thought there would be.” he noted to himself.


Much to his surprise there wasn’t a huge line for the security desk when he walked in. It was Saitou who once again manned the front desk, answering questions and passing out maps in speedy fashion. The Security Chieftain managed the crowd masterfully, knocking down the line one person at a time like he was knocking out opponents in the ring. In a matter of only 2 minutes the line had all but disappeared, leaving Xavier standing in front of the Saitou.


“Hey X, how ya doin kid?”


“I’ve seen better days.” Xavier answered in a low tone.


“So I’ve heard. That fox girl incident was a tough break.” Saitou replied.


“Yeah, people have been eyeballing me, whispering to each other and cracking jokes all morning.”


“I’m sorry about that. ”


“It’s ok man, I’ll manage”


“So, how can I help ya?”


“Where do I go to get my dorm room and key?” Xavier asked while presenting his ID.


“You’ve come to the right place. I’m the guy for that.” Saitou answered while opening up his desk drawer.


“Looks like there’s only one first year room left.” Saitou informed him while handing him a keycard.


“That key goes to room 408. Just swipe the card and you’re in. Now don’t go losing this either. If I have to come let you into your room at 4 in the morning there’s gonna be hell to pay!”


At that moment Xavier imagined Saitou as an Army drill sergeant standing over him screaming as he did push ups.


“I’ll try not to.” Xavier responded with a hesitant grin. Saitou looked at Xavier’s ID card photo again, this time paying more attention to his facial expression.


“Ha! look at them raised eyebrows! First time I’ve seen a grin from you kid.” Saitou chuckled as he pointed out Xavier’s raised brow smirk.


“I’ll tell you more about it later. I still have some other stuff I gotta finish before 10.”


“Don’t forget to come see me later. There’s some things we need to catch up on.” Saitou said. Xavier nodded before continuing on toward the elevator. He looked to his left and saw numerous people at the lobby’s cafe sipping on Lattes and Frappes. This included Hitomi, who was sitting in front of her laptop doing a special Orientation pregame livestream.


That’s Hitomi, the girl that was hosting everything at SPLASH that Eiji was talking about. Am I going to have classes with her??? I hope she’s not a fake like Koko or be totally different than how she appears. My luck with these celebrity girls have been terrible! Bad things keep happening…” Xavier said as he recalled his previous encounters with Violette, Koko and Ashani.


The elevator door opened to reveal a curvy mocha complexioned redhead who was on her way out. She had short, light red hair that was slightly jagged on the ends. Her yellow glistened like crystal which reminded him of the golden eyes possessed by cats.


My goodness, that girl is fine!’ he thought lustfully as his sleepless eyes perked up.


Xavier couldn’t help but to sneak a peek at her amazing figure. However, she glanced over and caught him, causing the young man to look away. Yuriko chuckled at the shy recruit as she passed, entertained by his nervous gesture.


The elevator took him to the 4th floor. As he walked down the hallway, he felt the apathetic gaze of the black haired male student walking the opposite direction. He was stylishly dressed with freshly pressed uniform pants, a halfway unbuttoned white dress shirt and a pair of expensive looking alligator skin loafers without any socks. His silver uniform jacket was draped over his shoulders, swinging from side to side as he walked. A gold chain with a crown medallion hung down his chest. Xavier stared back with a hard scowl, taking the other man’s gaze as a sign of hostility. The two locked eyes until they passed one another and could no longer make eye contact. In passing the black haired youth turned his head up in an aloof, dismissive fashion, much to Xavier’s annoyance.


Bitch!’ Xavier thought as he arrived at his room. He opened the door to shock having found his room had already been furnished. There was a comfortable King sized bed, a 65 inch television and surround sound system and brand new furniture.


“What the Fuck!?” the young man yelled excitedly as he walked through the room.


Xavier had sweat profusely during all his scrambling.


I stink, I need to shower again!!!’ Xavier thought to himself, not wanting anyone he could be sitting next to at Orientation pick up on his funky odor.


After hastily showering, Xavier put on a heavy amount of deodorant, body spray and cologne so he could smell fresh while finishing his rushed registration. He quickly got dressed in his school uniform and went back down to the lobby, nodding towards Saitou as he walked by. While going out of the door, he noticed 2 very familiar ladies going in. It was Matsunami and Mai. Xavier stopped dead in his tracks unsure of how to react. His heart dropped as a bead of sweat ran down his forehead. At that moment, he realized how difficult going to school with them would be. It was an awkward and very uneasy moment. Both sisters could see the discomfort in his expression. Matsunami shot him yet another cold stare before closing her eyes and made her way inside. Mai was more courteous on the other hand, stopping to greet him.


“Hi Jav…Xavier…” Mai said with a polite wave. Xavier didn’t know how to respond to Mai’s gesture so he stood silent, only offering a slight head nod. This was indeed a jarring moment for him.


This would be easier to deal with if I never saw her again…’ he quickly lamented.


“I’m sorry about my sister. She gets that way sometimes. She’s very protective of me, ever since we were little.”


“Its ok… no problem. I understand.” Xavier replied.


“Well, I have to go. I’m not finished with moving all of my stuff into my room. See ya at orientation.” Mai said before going inside. Xavier stood helplessly watching as she walked away from him. His mind was still racked with guilt and sadness about what had happened with Mai and himself. Seeing her again made him think about it once more.


Just as he was about to turn around and leave, he heard someone yelling and saw both Mai and Matsunami had stopped at the security desk. The scar faced rookie then stepped back inside to get a better look at what was going on.


“MY PRECIOUS LITTLE GIRLS!” Saitou yelled excitedly as he hopped out of his seat. He immediately hugged Mai, gently rubbing his face against hers. Mai grimaced at the itchy feeling of her father’s coarse stubble scratching her soft round cheek.


“OW OW OWEE!!” Mai complained as her eyes began to comically swirl as he lowered her to the floor.


“You did it Mai! I’m so proud!” gushed the happy father. Other students in the lobby stopped what they were doing to watch Saitou’s embarrassing fatherly outburst.


“Matsu! My little Fireheart, my rookie of the year! I knew you would make i—” Saitou cheered as he moved to give Matsunami a hug.




Saitou’s attempted embrace was interrupted by a rocket-like right hook that sent the Security Chief flying to the end of the lobby and crashing into the wall.


CRASH! A lump quickly formed on his forehead after hitting the wall.


“Stop doing that old man! You’re embarrassing all of us!” Matsunami yelled with narrow eyes and teeth that had become humorously sharp and pointed like a shark.


Mai immediately rushed to Saitou’s aid.


“Pop pop! Are you alright?” Mai asked while helping him to his feet.


“Yeah, ouch! I’m fine.” Saitou confirmed, easing his younger daughters worries. Saitou then hugged her once more, tossing her into the air and catching her like she was still a baby


“My little princess! I used to do this all the time when you were little!” Saitou revealed as he repeatedly tossed her upwards in the air.


“Daaaaaaad! We’re in publiiiiiiiiiiic.” Mai said while being tossed, unable to control her giggles.


“You’re so sweet and caring, that’s why you look like me!” Saitou said as he swung her around in circles by her hands. He did several revolutions before putting her down


“What?!” Matsunami interjected while walking up to her father and sister.


“I look more like you! unfortunately….” Matsunami continued.


“No, my hair is blonde. Yours is brown, little fireheart.” Saitou countered. Matsunami briefly rolled her eyes at Saitou before speaking again.


“Your hair is brown too, you just bleach it blonde!” Matsunami refuted. Saitou turned ash gray as he froze like a stone statue. His lip quivered and his forehead wrinkled at the fact that Matsunami exposed he was dying his hair.


Mai giggled at their back and forth.


“I guess you have a point. You’ve also grown up to pack one hell of a punch too!” Saitou acknowledged with a chuckle as his color returned to him. Saitou then looked at two girls again.


“Well, I guess it’s time for me to get back to work.” the Security Chief remarked as he was suddenly bombarded by a horde of students who had been waiting to ask him questions. He left out a sigh as a sweatdrop appeared on the side of his head.


He’s…..Their father!?’ Xavier thought as he stood in disbelief of what he just saw. He then thought back to a previous conversation with Saitou from the morning after his first date with Mai



“4 dates since we last spoke huh? not bad! so tell me about how the first one went.”


“Well, I was terrified to speak to her at first…..” recalled the spiked haired young man.


“But I got it together after thinking about what you told me.


“How did you meet her?” inquired Xavier’s mentor.


“Well, I met her at the Otaku Palace. We bumped into each other while she was carrying a stack of books. She works there.” explained Xavier.


“Otaku Palace? I actually know someone who works there myself.” chimed Saitou between puffs.



“SHIT! If he doesn’t already know about the other night with his daughters he will soon! I’m gonna have an angry dad after me! A dad who is trained and the Head of Security of the school I will be attending!!! I’m a dead man….” Xavier worried.


“Plus he’s knows all the teachers, I bet he could probably get me expelled if he wanted…” he lamented as sweat drops ran down his face.


The young man turned around and exited the dormitory, completely beside himself about what happened AND what could happen with Saitou the next time they see each other.


“I still have to pick my classes too!” panicked the antsy nerd while pacing back and forth in front of the building. Xavier checked his phone to discover it was 9:00 A.M. There was no time to waste, the young man power walked back to the administration building and followed the signs mounted from the ceiling inside.


Walking through the hall where he’d been directed, Xavier quickly found the door he was looking for. It wouldn’t have been hard to find even without directions as it had “Guidance Counselor” written in black lettering against a gold plate set at eye level. Xavier raised his enclosed fist to knock on the door gently.


“It’s open!” called out a voice from within.


Placing his hand on the doorknob, the handle turned smoothly and Xavier pushed the door inwards. He had to stop himself from gasping at the beauty that greeted him on the other side. She had super long dark blue, nearly black hair that came down nearly to her ankles. Piercing dark blue eyes looked across the small office to him from behind a medium sized mahogany office desk. She was dressed in a beige blazer over a purple front tie blouse with frills along the open collar, the blouse and blazer did little to hide her heavy looking tits just barely exposed by a few loose buttons. Xavier quickly glanced down at her desk, spotting a name placard that read “Tomoe Kagurazaka” and the words “Director of Student Resources”. Ms. Kagurazaka was not only head Guidance Counselor but also the Chief of Student Resources, the department that offered services such as financial aid and initiatives like the PSA (Personal Student Aide) program which Xavier was enrolled in. He then looked down at Ms. Kagurazaka who was grinning at her desk.


Smiling up at him, the counselor got up from her seat and came around her desk as Xavier let himself in and closed the door behind him. She wore a dress skirt that matched her blazer, the entire outfit looked like high end fabric from some designer whose name he couldn’t pronounce. He walked over to her and extended his hand to hers.


“Good morning, I’m—” he began, but was stopped short as the counselor grabbed his hand and yanked him forward! Her mouth instantly covered his own as her tongue forced its way in between his lips. His eyes went wide as he tasted her sweet tongue against his own. She leaned back against the edge of her desk as she moved both her hands around his waist and pulled him flush against her. Her perfume filled his nose, a rich flowery scent like roses and lilac. There was no doubt in his mind that he was being evaluated.


Don’t fold X! You gotta keep it together. This could be the difference between making it to orientation and being dropped!’ the young man thought.


A while ago, this might have surprised Xavier, but not so much anymore, for he’d done this once before with Sara. Nervous yet resolute, he returned the kiss, pushing his tongue back against hers as he moved his hands to unbutton her blazer before slipping it down her shoulders and off her body. It fell silently and slowly to the floor.


Be aggressive! Don’t let her sense your fear!’ the anxiety ridden teen affirmed to himself as he continued to undress her.


Knowing he had to make a positive impact here, Xavier shifted his attention to her top, yanking her blouse open, sending the buttons scattering in all directions.


Her impressive tits were barely contained by a lavender colored tube top that could easily be pulled down the front to release her hefty breasts. An odd choice of undergarment, but he wasn’t complaining, as bras were annoying to unhook. Xavier pinched the upper part of her top between his thumb and forefinger and pulled down, slowly peeling the top away. This allowed those huge knockers to spill free. They bounced and jiggled as if to say “Ahhhh, thank you!”


A split second later, Xavier grabbed those luscious melons in both hands, revelling in the soft silky feel of them in his grasp as he held the kiss with her. He traced his thumbs over her nipples pushing the stiff knobs of flesh around like tiny joystick controllers.


“Mmmmh…” the counselor moaned into his mouth as she pressed her tits against his hands as if urging him on.


At the same time, he felt her hands working at his belt, moving with the nimbleness and grace of a piano player. She swiftly unbuckled his belt and pants with ease, pulling the top of them open and reaching under his shorts to grip his dick in her soft, warm, hand.


The counselor broke the kiss a half second later, dropping down to her knees and pulling his pants down. His beefy cock was already over half hard, flopping outward to slap her in the face.


“Oh my!” she said with a gasp, her blue eyes widened.


“Sara wasn’t kidding!”


“Uhhh, sorry…?” Xavier said bashfully, feeling bad for slapping her in the face with his dick.


“For what?” she asked, blinking up at him with a confused look on her face.


But before he could reply she cut him off.


“Nevermind,” she said opening her mouth wide to engulf his entire cock with a single motion! He could see her throat bulging around his girth as she took his entire length down her throat!


“Mmmmmph!!!” the counselor moaned, closing her eyes with a look of delight on her face.


“Phhhuuuuck I wuv bhig onesh lyke dish…” she slurred, “Muh jaw hursth sho guud!!!”


“Oooohh…” Xavier groaned lightly as he felt his cock swelling inside her mouth, as she began working her head back and forth. Thick strands of saliva dripped off his length as the dark haired woman gagged and moaned in bliss. Xavier pressed his shoulders up against the wall to brace himself.


Gugh, SLURP!, gug, SLURP!, gug, SLURP!, gug, SLURP!, gug, SLURP!, gug, SLURP!


The sound of her mouth and throat echoed in his ears as she took his entire fully hardened dick like it was nothing! Her lips made lewd, wet sucking noises that only served to turn him on more every time she pulled her head back. The spiky haired teen took a long deep breath to help compose himself.




Grunting again, Xavier reached out to grab the back of her head, slowing her motions slightly before pushing his entire length down her throat hard. She gorged on his meaty cock, in and out up and down her throat like she was in a speed eating contest.


“MMMHMMMMPH!!” she moaned, her eyes rolling back in her head slightly. He loosened his grip after a few seconds and the counselor pulled her head free, gasping for breath.


“Mmmmm!” she giggled as she got up and grabbed Xavier by his shoulders, flipping their positions so his back was to her desk. She then reached behind him and swept her arm across its surface, clearing everything away. Papers flopped to the ground making a light wisping sound, while staplers and other heavier items thumped as they hit the floor.


Until this exact second, Xavier never thought that was an actual thing. He believed this was only done in TV love scenes.


The counselor then pushed him back onto her desk and made a show of stripping off the rest of her clothes for him. Her skin was flawless, like a super model’s. Her pussy was that perfect kind of hairless that only came from wax treatment. Her soft pink folds were already dripping wet as she climbed on top of him, making sure to drag her big soft tits over his cock and chest before she kissed him again. Xavier felt her skin pressing against his dick for a hot second before she broke away again.


She then turned herself around, pushing her ass in his face. Her womanly scent washed over him as he looked up at her flowingly juicy cunt. Her intent was as clear as the love juice dripping down onto his face. This was an advantageous position for Xavier, to be in for not only did he enjoy feasting on moist soft pussy, he was quite good at it. This moment was his best chance to make a strong impression.


I GOT THIS!’ he thought to himself.


Licking his lips, Xavier leaned his head up as he reached up to grab her creamy smooth ass. He felt her mouth and throat taking his cock in again just as he brushed his tongue along the moist warm folds of her snatch. The sound and feel of her moaning around his cock again was a joy for him to hear. Xavier could feel her thighs quivering on both sides of his head as he began moving his tongue. The young man lashed her pussy with long deliberate strokes, taking his time with it. She had an almost sweet yet almost spicy taste to her, akin to hot cinnamon candy! as he moved his tongue in and around the lips of her pussy, he paid special attention to her clit, which throbbed more and more every time his tongue rubbed against it.


“Guummph, guuummmph guuummmmph…” the counselor moaned around his cock as she bobbed her head up and down, her lips still making lewd wet slurping noises with every slow, wet, stroke.


“Mmmmmmmph, sho phucking bhiiiig…” she slurred happily, “Moar, ehat muh pusshy moar…!
Yeeesh, like daaaat….MMMMMMPH!” she moaned as Xavier buried his face in her ass, sliding his tongue as far inside her as it would go.


“Guuuahhhh…” she gasped as she lifted her head off his cock after a few minutes of this, “Ahhhh I can’t wait anymore, I gotta get this beast inside!” she told him as she moved so that they were face to face again. Her legs straddled his waist as she rubbed her ass up and down along his throbbing erection.


“Mmmmmh, I’m gonna enjoy this.” she said before raising her hip up, then impaling her pussy on his cock; The puffy wet folds spreading as wide as they could as his cock plunged deep inside her!


“OOOOH FUUUUUUCK!!!!” she moaned, straddling his cock now as she leaned back, “Fuck you’re so deep inside me, look, look at how your cock is spreading my pussy like a log!”


Xavier looked down at where they were connected, marveling at the sight of his dick inside her, the way her pussy clung to him like it never wanted to let go as she began bouncing herself up and down!




“OH FUUUUUCK, SO DEEP, SO FUCKING DEEP!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!” she howled as she began bucking her hips on top of him, using her knees to raise and lower herself faster and faster. Her fat tits bounced up and down, moving in opposing circles as she panted harder, a slight trickle of drool running down her chin.


“Oh shit…” groaned Xavier as he reached his hands up to grab her hips, only to have the counselor push them away and pin them at his sides as she began rocking herself on top of him.


“MMMMMMMMMH, SO FULL, SO, FUCKING, FULL!!!!!” the counselor screamed, rocking and bucking her hips with each panting moan.


Grunting, Xavier freed his hands, reaching up to grab those wildly jiggling tits and squeezing them both roughly. The counselor let out a slight squeal as he then shifted his weight, rolling the two of them over until he was on top! He then moved his hands down to her hips, lifting her up as he began slamming his cock inside her, loving the sight of her abdomen slightly distending in the shape of his cock inside her. Then, remembering a move from one of the many videos he watched what felt like forever ago, Xavier moved his right hand to grab the counselor’s left thigh, lifting her leg high and rotating her onto her hands and knees, his cock still inside her! It was a unique sensation to say the least, her pussy rotating around his dick like meat on a skewer. The move was a little tricky at the end as he needed to get his legs between hers down as she found herself in a doggy position!


“HMMMMMMMMMMMMH!!!” the counselor moaned as Xavier managed to correct himself before bringing his hand down on her ass with a loud SPANK! “OHHHHH!!!!!” moaned the counselor as he felt her pussy spraying against his balls suddenly.


“Wow, nice move sweetheart.” said a familiar voice from the doorway, surprised Xavier was present. Xavier looked to his side as she entered the office.


“Sorry I’m late. I had to finish doing some paperwork with Professor Reed to finalize my status as Xavier’s PSA.”


“It’s not a problem Rubii. Mr. Williams here happened to show up to my office by surprise. I figured I could get in a quick ‘evaluation’ before you arrived. In anycase, this works out since my meeting with you concerns Xavier.” Tomoe admitted while sliding off of her desk and into her chair, not bothering to put her clothes back down. Xavier quickly got dressed and sat down in a chair next to the red dragon girl. Tomoe then grabbed a clipboard and a pen and began writing.


“Based upon what I’ve read of Professor Reed’s assessment of your skill and my own experience with you, I have to say this is a great improvement!” Tomoe stated with a nod. Xavier did a single celebratory fist pump while looking over at his side to a smiling Rubii.


“With that said, don’t let this go to your head Mr. Williams. Continue to practice, you still have a long way to go if you want to be at the top.” Xavier nodded humbly in response to her advice.


“Yes.” he replied


“So now we have to pick our courses. Your first class is Sexual Health which is mandatory for all first year students. Your second course is also mandatory. It is Homeroom. You are assigned to class Homeroom Class 1A. Professor Reed will be your instructor for both Sexual Health and Homeroom. She requested that I assign you to her class.


“Uh oh!” Xavier mumbled on accident.


Xavier didn’t know whether to be excited or terrified by this development. On the bright side, he was familiar with Sara and knew her expectations. However, those expectations were extremely high.


“As a performer Professor Reed is one of the best and perhaps the biggest selling starlet of my generation. She is going to challenge you with her expectations and I know it can sound daunting. But I believe Professor Reed can bring the best out of you.” Tomoe said.


“Ms. Reed was my homeroom teacher last year. And now I have several agencies offering me lucrative contracts for when I graduate. I agree with Ms. Kagurazaka.” Rubii added.


“What are your interests? What would you like to do once you graduate?”


“Well I like martial arts. I used to be a boxer, but I didn’t wanna pursue becoming a pro. Getting punched hurts!” Xavier admitted.


“I also like anime/manga, video games, comic books and movies. I’m pretty good at photography too. I wanna be a director some day and create my own entertainment empire like Marvel Comics Studios.”


“Hmm…I think we offer a few courses that could work for you.” Tomoe said while highlighting several course names on a course list. She then handed it to Xavier.


“The highlighted classes are my suggestions. I highly recommend you sign up for our Cinematography course. You will learn how to be a cameraman as well as all of the behind the scenes elements that go into making a movie such as post production editing.


“Sign me up!” Xavier said enthusiastically.


“Bounty Hunting?” the young man questioned curiously.


“Yes there are bounty hunters in the Adult World. They apprehend industry related offenders such as unlicensed performers, and video pirates among a host of other sex criminals. There you will learn the laws of the adult industry and how to enforce them.”


“I like that one too. I’ll take it.”


“Anything else you see that interests you?” Tomoe questioned.


“How about Massage Therapy?” Xavier asked.


“This course is already at capacity with a long wait list… but…” The guidance counselor reached for her phone and tapped on the buttons, messaging someone. After a minute, she received a response and her face smiled.


“You’re quite lucky Xavier. I was able to get you into the class. Dr. Ozawa is Chief of Medicine here at BSU and so she only offers one class a week due to how busy she is.”


“Sweet!” Xavier replied.


“Do you see any others you want?”




Xavier scrolled down the page until he saw “Martial Arts Theory and Advance Conditioning”.


“Thats a course we were actually discussing phasing out because no one ever signs up for it. The Headmistress fought with the board of directors to keep it available. I’m not sure who the professor is or if we even have one for it right now.”


“I’ll take a chance on it! Sounds interesting.”


“Oh how exciting! I will put you in it. You’ll be the first student to attend this course!”


“Xavier, you have one more slot available for a class. Do you see anything else you might want to try?” Tomoe asked him. The youth continued to scroll down the page until he noticed a course entitled. “Dance Fitness”.


Dance… I remember in highschool, Dance classes satisfied both an elective requirement and a physical fitness requirement. This could mean I would have less classes to take later on…’ He thought to himself.


Xavier thought more about this, reminiscing back to his childhood, when his mother used to make him dance with her to the salsa music which blared from their home.


“This could be like those dancing with celebrity TV shows and I would get to dance with girls all the time. Our bodies in constant contact too…” Xavier thought while rubbing his chin. Xavier imagined himself in an exquisite ballroom setting dancing with Maihime. Xavier sat there, a perverted smile forming on his face.


“Do you have something in mind Xavier?” Tomoe asked, interrupting his train of thought.


“Yeah, I wanna sign up for Dance Fitness.”


“You got it.” Tomoe replied Rubii then looked at Tomoe and spoke.


“Ms. Kagurazaka, I have a suggestion. I think Xavier should be enrolled in Independent Study as well.” Rubii announced


“Study hall?!” Xavier asked.


“Yes its a class that allows time to study/work on assignments from your other classes and practice for scenes you will be filming in Homeroom.” Explained the red dragon.


“I agree with Rubii. I’m going to sign you up for it.”


Xavier nodded, though he wasn’t excited about having an extra class on his schedule. Tomoe looked at her watch and then shifted her attention back to Xavier.


“And that’s it! You are now enrolled! This will be your full course schedule for Fall semester. Did you finish the rest of your registration?” she asked.


“I still have to go to medical.” Xavier answered.


“You better hurry, there isn’t much time left.”


“Thank you for seeing me on such short notice counselor!” Xavier said with an optimistic grin.


“Thank you, Xavier. You will have to come see me again when there is more time.” Tomoe suggested


“I will. I guess it’s time to get going. I’ll see y’all later. I’ll give you a call tonight!” Xavier assured Rubii with a smile.


Xavier then sprung to his feet and waved at both Rubii and Tomoe as he darted out of the office. Tomoe waved back and Rubii blew him a kiss.


“Good luck sweetheart!”


The young recruit bypassed the elevator once again, choosing the stairs to conserve time. After making his way down the stairs, he burst out the doors, sprinting down the sidewalk trail as fast as he could. Xavier sidestepped and dodged other students who were in his way while looking at the time on his phone.


“It’s almost time! Come on!”


Xavier moved to the side, in the grass so he could run unobstructed. As he reached top speed, Busteez Medical Center came into view. The young talent gradually slowed his stride as he approached the massive hospital facility. Once inside, he power walked to the front desk and spoke to the receptionist.


“Could you direct me to the lab department?” Xavier asked politely.


“The lab department is all the way on the other end of the building. It’s on the 6th floor.”


“Thank you!”


Xavier cursed to himself while speed walking to the nearby elevator. This time, he did not have access to stairs so he had to wait.


COME ON! HURRY UP!!!!!!’ he thought impatiently, pacing back and forth while waiting. 4 other patients stopped at the elevator as well. Once the elevator doors opened Xavier dashed inside and immediately pushed the ‘6’ button for the 6th floor. However the other 4 people in there with him were all going to different floors. Xavier groaned in annoyance as he saw them push the buttons for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors. He crossed his arms and impatiently tapped his foot on the ground as the elevator stopped on each of the other floors. After a few minutes the other people had gotten off and Xavier was finally on his way to the 6th floor. He speed walked out of the elevator, following signs to get to the Lab Department. His eyes widened in horror as he arrived.


“ARRRRGHH! NO!” Xavier thought as he scanned the nearly full waiting area. He went to the front desk to speak to the person working there, a brown haired man.


“Excuse me, I need to get an STD screening. Is this where I do that?”


“Yes, but first you need to fill this out.” replied the man while handing Xavier a thick packet of papers.


I have to do all of this!?’ He thought while walking to a chair, flipping through the papers with a nervous face. He sat down and put his pen to the paper filling out the document as fast as possible. As he finished filling out the mountain of paperwork he looked at the clock on the wall.


9:45! SHIT, HURRY UP! I GOTTA GO!’ he thought.


“Xavier Williams!” called a green haired nurse. The young man got up and followed the nurse to an examination room and sat in one of the room’s chairs.


“Before I can take your blood, I’m required to take your vitals.” The nurse stated while putting a blood pressure cuff on his arm. The seconds passed like minutes while the nurse slowly and methodically took his blood pressure, weight, height, temperature and checked his reflex which made Xavier visibly frustrated.


“Now I can give you the test.” the nurse remarked while quickly putting together the needle and tubes to collect a blood sample. She grabbed his arm to find a vein but immediately saw one bulging from underneath the skin of his inner elbow area.


“You’re stressed and tired. You need to get some rest as soon as you can.” the nurse advised before sticking him with the needle.


“I didn’t even have time to. I thought I just had to choose my classes. I’ve been trying to get all this registration stuff done before Orientation.” Xavier explained while his blood pumped into the tube.


“Don’t worry. I’m almost done.” replied the nurse. She removed the needle and bandaged Xavier’s arm.


“Finished! You’re free to go now.”


“Thanks! Do you know where the nearest stairs are?”


“They’re at the end of the hall when you go out of the double doors.” answered the nurse.


Xavier got up and bolted out of the lab clinic, sprinting as he got through the double doors. Next he turned the corner and ran down to the end of the hall where the stairs are. The clock in the stairwell said 9:55 as he passed it. It took a couple of minutes to get all the way back down to the first floor despite him haphazardly running down every other step. He was quite a distance away from the Busteez Arena which was on the opposite end of the vast campus from the hospital. Xavier burst out of the back door of the hospital like he was The Flash running as fast as his short legs would carry him.


“I HAVE TO MAKE IT! AHHHHHH!” Xavier roared as he pushed himself to the maximum, beads of sweat dripping down his face. The campus grounds were now barren because everyone else was already at the arena. This meant Xavier had a clear path without obstruction.



Orientation was mere minutes away!


The inside the arena’s auditorium rumbled with chatter from BSU’s thousands of students. The auditorium was divided into 3 massive sections of chairs with isles in between each so attendees had room to walk. Ushers handed out assembly programs to last minute stragglers who were still filtering into the massive arena auditorium. Some students took selfies with their friends while others posted about the impending Orientation ceremony on their social media accounts. Professors were posted next to numerous segments of the audience, conducting head counts of the students. Sara Reed was posted near the entrance of the massive auditorium, the section of her Homeroom class 1A being near the back. Taking a good look at her designated area, she took a mental note of everyone in attendance. Among the students seated were Yuriko Yamazaki, Eiji Nakamura, Hitomi, Han Seung-Yang, Takiko Makoto, Brass Jazzsinger, Maihime Shinoda, Matsunami Shinoda, Auron Sorelle, Koko Izumi, Violette Beauregard, Ashani El-Karim, Nicole Wellington, Kaede Makoto, Jade Zhen, Skyla Wu, and many others. There were exactly enough chairs for all the students and faculty required to attend, meaning that each empty chair represented someone who hadn’t shown up. As seats rapidly filled up, the chatter grew into a single incoherent cacophony.


“I still have one empty seat in the back row…..” Sara said with a tone of concern.


In another nearby section, second year students were taking their seats. Rubii Tiānshàng, Shikijou Yamazaki and Leda Kino made their way to the reserved seats in the front row. The seats were reserved due to Shikijou’s position as the acting P.E. Professor.


“Did you ever patch things up with Yuriko?” Rubii asked.


“Nah, we had a really bad fight the other day. I’m going to leave it alone for now. I think she’ll come around when she needs something.”


“I think that’s the right move. A little space could help. I bet right now is a stressful time for her. She needs the freedom to establish herself now that she’s out on her own.” Leda affirmed.


Nearby, Cathy O’Malley, BSU’s Head Disciplinarian, and Scarlette Beaurgard, Head of Research and Development, conversed about the event.


“I can’t believe my Vivi is all grown up. It seems like it was just yesterday she was just a girl. I’m so proud!” Scarlette gushed, her eyes filled with stars.


“Did she tell you anything about what she plans to do for her introduction?” Cathy asked.


“Nope, she’s been hush-hush about that. She won’t say a word about it. I can’t wait to find out.” Scarlette admitted with an excited grin.


In the professor’s seating area, Counselor Tomoe Kagurazaka and Dr. Yumi Ozawa sat and chatted while waiting for the assembly to begin.


“Thank you for opening a spot in your class to one of the students I texted you about earlier.” Tomoe informed.


“No problem! I miss being a professor full time. I like my current position but nothing is as fun and fulfilling as working with the students. I’m happy to be back to teaching even if it’s only part time.” Yumi admitted.


“You have an interesting roster for your class this year.”


“Yes, I have the top freshmen prospect and one of my medical students. I look forward to class starting.” Yumi confessed with a smile.


Saitou stood at the back of the auditorium with more equipment on than he usually wore on his uniform. The Security Chief was dressed for battle, wearing a tactical vest which had multiple compartments that held 2 pairs of handcuffs and multiple clips of bullets for the Desert Eagle handgun that was secured in his leg holster. Next to him were several security agents like the ones who guard Princess Ashani.


“There’s still a spot waiting for you in the royal guard if you want it. We could use you there. Higher pay, unbeatable benefits and lots of paid time off.” Said a salt and pepper haired man dressed in a gray suit.


“Thanks for the offer but I think I’ll stick around this crazy place for a while. My daughters are starting school here this fall.” Saitou replied.


As 10:00 A.M. hit, the ushers closed the doors to the auditorium. All but one seat in the room was accounted for. Two figures then marched towards the stage. The first was BSU’s Headmistress, Taiyohime Kuriyue. She was a pint sized gal, who most people would mistake as an adolescent, dressed in a specially tailored gold pantsuit that clung to her curves like spandex. It consisted of tight fitting pants along with matching blazer. Her white shirt and silver colored tab style tie complimented her suit perfectly.


“Ehh?! That little girl is in charge of BSU?” Maihime whispered to Matsunami, in disbelief.


“Yep and I hear from rumors that her skills are among the best of the best in the Adult World.” Maihime’s older sibling said in response.


“I guess looks can be deceiving. She must be an amazing woman then…” Maihime said, still surprised.


“Speaking of looks, her beautiful silver hair reminds me a lot of you.” Matsunami said with a chuckle.


The comparison brought a smile to the younger sister’s face.


Behind Taiyohime was her right hand and the BSU’s second-in-command, the Dean of Students, Leilani Kane. She wore a silver skirt with a matching vest and a frilly white, halfway buttoned dress shirt. Her outfit was completed with a golden ascot style tie. For this occasion the two comrades decided to wear the school colors as a sign of solidarity with the students they presided over. Taiyohime took the stage and made her way to the podium amongst the loud sounds of the students, nearly all of them engaging in their own conversations. Journalists and media members from AFN (Adult Film News) and several other websites and publications took pictures and recorded video.


The Headmistress stood patiently waiting for the audience to quiet down but loud chatter continued for nearly two minutes. Growing tired of waiting for the unruly crowd to settle, Leilani approached the podium.


SILENCE.” Leilani commanded sternly. After the order was given, a powerful, warm and luminous breeze washed over everyone in the audience like a tidal wave. What followed was a collective blissful moan from most of the students in the audience. Guys and girls suddenly became incredibly horny to the point of climax! One of the students, Han, bit his lip and pressed his own fingernails into his legs, using pain to resist the overwhelming feeling of euphoria. The sensation was immense as he fought and struggled to remain in control. Violette, Ashani and Nicole grabbed onto each other for support, evenly bracing themselves by crossing their legs. They trio let out light whimpering moans as they held onto each other. Matsunami anchored her feet to the floor, clenching her fists and gritting her teeth. What instantly followed was exhaustion, the kind of exhaustion one gets from hours of fucking. Matsunami gasped for breath while looking at Maihime who had passed out sitting next to her. Matsunami shook her gently to wake her up.


“As usual, the Dean is quite no nonsense.” Annabelle Schneider, the Drama and Acting Professor, whispered to Damien Douglas, Professor of Psychology.


“Leilani is good at her job and takes her duties seriously, which may be the reason why the Headmistress chose her.” Damien replied.


“She doesn’t pull any punches…” The female professor said while hand waving her face like a fan, slightly hot and sweaty due to what Leilani did to the entire arena.


“I told you before not to do that to the students.” Taiyohime reminded Leilani. The Dean of Students stepped aside and extended her arm to the side as if she was offering the podium to Taiyohime. Leilani remained silent as she was stared down by the silver haired ministress. The Headmistress then stepped up and spoke.


“Good morning, students, staff, Alumni and supporters of Busteez Slut University. I, Taiyohime Kuriyue humbly welcome you all to this year’s Student Orientation Ceremony. Thank you all for attending.


“As the first ever Adult Entertainer institution of higher learning, BSU looks to continue its trend of guiding our students as they progress raw prospects to highly skilled and motivated professionals!”


“This year we have forgone our usual class orientation format in favor of what we are doing today. As we are all performance artists, the university faculty as well as our board of directors have agreed that the assembly format provides a better overall experience to our incoming freshmen. As some of you may already know we will spotlighting the newest members to the BSU family, our first year students. Each first year student will be taking the stage and introducing themselves. This is perhaps the greatest collection of new talent we have ever recruited! Each one of them will go on to do great things and touch the lives of countless people! So, without any further ado, I proudly present to you the next generation of Busteez Slut University!”



While Taiyohime conducted the opening ceremonies, Xavier continued to sprint. The arena got closer and closer in his view as he mad dashed down the final stretch to get to the building. The young recruit powered his way across the parking lot, slowing down as he got closer because he was tiring. After arriving at the entry doors to the arena he pulled out his phone to look at the time.


“10:03!!! NOOO!!!” Xavier yelled before lowering his head.


“I’m late!….But I have to go in there or I’m expelled” he commented while bending down and grabbing his knees to catch his breath for a moment. He nervously walked into the building where he was greeted by numerous men dressed in dark suits, ties and sunglasses.


“The secret service!? They must be here for this mystery guest speaker.”


After being searched by the security team, Xavier was directed to the main auditorium.


“This is it!” Xavier mumbled as he put his hand on the double doors to enter. He heard loud applause as he stepped in like someone had just finished speaking. There was a standing ovation taking place with lots of cheers from the audience, perhaps this could serve as a distraction for him find a seat without being noticed. Headmistress Taiyohime stood on the stage waiting for the applause to subside.


Maybe I can sneak to a seat…’ the youth thought. Xavier stepped into the room and walked to his left where he saw a single empty seat in the very back row. Just as he was about to sit down….


“Good morning Mr. Williams. Nice of you to join us today.”


Xavier looked toward the stage in terror, paralyzed as he saw Taiyohime all the way on stage staring at him with a microphone in hand. As one of the spotlights shone down on him, all eyes in the arena was now on the spiked hair otaku.


“You have just volunteered to be the first of the Freshman recruits to present yourself to the students and staff. Please come to the stage.” Taiyohime remarked. Every pair of eyes in the room set upon Xavier. Taiyohime nodded and gestured with her hand for him to ‘come here’.


As he nervously began to walk down the center aisle he heard faint chuckles. One chuckle turned into several and continued to multiply until Xavier was being serenaded with a chorus of loud laughs and boos. There was no doubt the audience knew he was the guy Koko lambasted publicly on social media.




Xavier boiled with anger as he made his way to the stage. It was indeed a hostile crowd, they jeered and taunted him with every step. They grew even louder as he walked up the stage stairs and approached the Headmistress. He looked at her blankly as she handed him her cordless mic. Xavier then stood with his eyes closed at center stage, gathering his thoughts as he waited for the crowd to stop. But after another minute of this, he grew tired of listening and opened his eyes.


“AY!” Xavier forcefully roared into the microphone.


“Are y’all done yet? I got somethin to say.”


The audience gradually quieted down until it was completely silent.


“Good morning BSU. Judging by the boos, you all know my face…. But you don’t know who I am. So I’m gonna share a little bit with y’all about me.” Xavier said calmly.


♪♪ My name is Xavier, but you can call me X. /
Until 2 months ago, I never had sex! /
I’m short, nerdy and shy without an ounce of game, /
I paid a stripper for my first time, ain’t that a shame! ♪♪/


Xavier rapped before pausing briefly.


♪♪ Pull up a chair, get your drinks, popcorn and pretzels with cheese. /
Imma tell you the story of how I got into Busteez! ♪♪/


♪♪ It all started in Queens, the humble place I call home. /
No sign of pops, Mama raised me alone! /
Granddad stepped in and showed me how to box. /
He made me a man, and inspired my plan, /
To make movies, direct and create my own brand! ♪♪/


♪♪ I struggled in school, low grades, special classes, had to get a tutor, /
I felt like a fool. They told me I was dumb, wouldn’t amount to shit, /
But I knew in my heart I couldn’t afford to quit! /
I put my mind to the grind, and focused all my time, to get smarter, /
While everyone chilled after school, I worked even harder! ♪♪/


♪♪ Fast forward to now, /
Graduated somehow, /
With top marks, but the real work was about to start! /
I applied to colleges local and worldwide, /
Despite my hopes, results always came back: “DENIED”!!! /
17 schools said no, /
This was all in a row, /
“Mr. Williams we regret to inform you, your app is a NO GO!” ♪♪/


♪♪ Thought it was over, /
But I had one letter left to read. /
BSU accepted my app, invited me to see the professor, /
The one and only Sara Reed! ♪♪/


Xavier rapped while looking at Sara. She reacted with a smile as a result of the one and only remark.


♪♪ Interviewed in her room, she caught me off guard, /
After just a few questions, she had my dick goin hard. /
We went at it hardcore, call it a practical, /
She was screamin, and gleamin, I thought it was magical! /
When it over she failed me, No more fun, /
I thought I was done. ♪♪/


♪♪ I swear she had fun, believed I was the mack, /
But then she told me it was all just an act! /
No hard feelings Ms. Sara, I’m just spittin facts! ♪♪/


Xavier freestyled while looking at Sara and giving her a head nod.


♪♪ No scholarship offer but I still got accepted. /
She said I need a lot of work, I had to accept it. /
Told me I had potential, /
To become a storm, torrential, /
Gave me hope, /
But still, /
This is a steep, slippery slope! ♪♪/


♪♪ Got put on probation, progress I had to make. /
Had a weekly quota, for sleeping with dates. /
My first one said I sucked, didn’t have a clue! /
Good Morning Violette, Hi to you too! ♪♪/


Xavier remarked while making eye contact with Violette and waving at her slow and sarcastically. Violette didn’t move, trying not to acknowledge Xavier’s sarcastic jab. However, they locked eyes for a brief moment with Violette quickly rolling her eyes at him. The purple haired beauty then crossed her arms, tilted her head back and closed her eyes. She shook head to the left and to the right in response.


“TCH!” Violette clicked her tongue.


♪♪ Sent on a mission at SPLASH, had to find some ass, /
Beat the clock challenge, had an hour to smash. /
Saw this girl with a surfboard, she piqued my interest, /
But I didn’t know this chick was a princess! /
Got acquainted and friendly, /
I think she was into me. /
Next thing I knew we were bangin in the sand, I was going in savage, /
But she told me it was only ok, I was just average! ♪♪/


♪♪ To me that’s regrettable, /
Even forgettable, /
But it is what is, /
Time to put in work, /
Gotta handle my biz. ♪♪/


Xavier rapped while looking into Ashani’s eyes. She rubbed her chin and raised her brow, recalling who Xavier was. Even though he had bombed before, his candid words reignited her interest in him.


“He has the spark. I might give him another chance!” Ashani remarked.


♪♪ I’m far from perfect, /
The whole time I had a girl, and I didn’t come correct, /
About what I was doin, The quota, BSU, other girls I was screwin. /
I’m sorry for breaking your heart, /
Should have kept it real from the start. ♪♪/


Matsunami looked over at Mai next to her, seeing a slight frown forming on her face.


♪♪ I guess we ran our course,/
I’m sick with guilt and remorse, /
Now in the friend zone, I still miss you, /
but I guess it’s best, to leave you alone. ♪♪/


Mai was shocked as she listened to Xavier’s recollection of what had taken place. Matsunami put her arm around her little sister. Xavier then took a brief pause to compose himself as sweat poured down his face


♪♪ Now let’s address the elephant or should I say, the fox in the room, /
Put me on blast to the world, tried to send me to my doom. /
You wanted attention comin in, /
Now you got it, lets begin! ♪♪/


Xavier yelled into the microphone, looking squarely at Koko who was sitting front and center in the first row of her section.


♪♪ Fellas you should stay away from Koko, /
Her heart is ice cold yo, /
Split personalities, the girl is straight up loco! /
The sweetheart image is a gimmick, it’s a lie! /
You can see who she really is when you look into her eyes! /
Better run while you can, /
Shes cunning with a plan, /
Listen or end up, like the gingerbread man! ♪♪/


Koko squirmed in her chair as Xavier fired his verbal bullets. Her face visibly changed as she listened. Her eyes narrowed and her pupils sharpened. The whisker marks on her face became more wild looking. This physical change all but confirmed Xavier’s words were true. Xavier walked to the edge of the stage and pointed to where Koko was sitting so the audience would know where to look. When a spotlight shone down on Koko, everyone in the crowd shifted their attention to her. The young man stared her down, pointing at her then using the same hand to give her the thumbs down gesture, as he confronted her face to face. This was then followed by a crotch chop gesture, where brought both of his hands down and smacked them to the sides of his dick region, as if saying ‘SUCK IT!’.


♪♪ Girl, I know what this is about, /
You’re addicted, /
Hooked on the drug they call clout, /
Finally here, nervous, shook over your first year, /
Heart full of fear but that’s enough about her, /
It’s time to switch gears! /


After Xaver finished his verse, he stopped to look at Koko, who was staring back with cold, apathetic eyes.


♪♪ Well not quite, there’s a little bit more I can share here. ♪♪/


Koko furls her brow and grits her teeth in response. A slight hissing noise can be heard.


♪♪ I researched and did my homework, you’re a primadonna on set, /
Blackball any actress that you consider a threat! /
Don’t want anyone to see what lies beneath the mask, /
Threatened to quit Bleach if Orihime wasn’t recast! /
Those are cowardly tactics, /
Far from competitive. /
You gotta earn your spot here, stop with all the dramatics! ♪♪/


♪♪ Gave you a dope photoshoot, you said it was the shit, /
But you can put the pictures on the shelf, act like they don’t exist! /
You’d only be proving me right, /
Burying me out of spite!/
Girls, if you need a beast photographer hit up my linkum site! ♪♪/


Xavier rhymed furiously. He could have dissed Koko for longer with even more incendiary lines but he didn’t want this to become all about her. He then looked outward to the sea of humanity before him.


♪♪ Laugh all you want, you can boo me off stage, /
But you awakened the Dragon, unleashed from his cage! /
This year all the ladies will feel my rage! ♪♪/


Xavier remarked, doing multiple pelvic thrusts at the ‘feel my rage’ part of the statement. Then he resumed his lyrical assault, this time going against the audience in general.


♪♪ I been grindin all my life, /
Hustled hard, paid the price. /
Started off behind but I’m comin, /
A thousand miles and gunnin! /
My aim is the top, /
I’m gonna claim that spot, /
I swing the Xcalibur, you’ll know when you see my cock! ♪♪/


♪♪ Doesn’t matter if you like me or you wanna see me tank, /
When I pull out this dick, Imma literally rise thru the ranks! /
I swear by the end of the year, /
I’ll be in a whole ‘nother sphere, commanding respect from all of my peers! /
I walk the Road of Legends, by the time I graduate, /
You all will acknowledge, recognize me as great! /
It’s not about the money, I don’t care for the fame. /
I just want everybody to remember my name! /
And in closing, this is the moral to the story, /
Go hard or go home, NO NUTS NO GLORY! ♪♪/


Xavier yelled before dropping the microphone and closing his eyes again.


The audience offered no laughter, boos or chants against him, for he had effectively silenced the hostile crowd. Xavier let out several deep breaths as he stood alone at center stage, both mentally and emotionally drained. He then opened his eyes and departed the stage. Members of the audience including Sara and Taiyohime sat with their eyes wide and mouths open, having never seen or heard anything like this from a student at Orientation before. Alexis Ling, Professor of Cinematography and Photography, leaned in to Sara and whispered to her.


“This guy is a nice find, he’s got guts. I hope he’s one of mine.” she admitted.


“He is. Your courses are what he’s majoring in.” Sara replied with a smirk.


With Orientation now underway, Xavier opened the event in explosive fashion, captivating both teachers and students by sharing his heart and soul with them.

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Interesting. Very interesting. An artwork with no sex/ecchi action or any busty girl featured is quite unique. That being said, it absolutely makes sense given the story and the fact, that it also is used for a “wiki-article”. What I like about these artworks is, that in the different versions each character gets something that symbolizes them or shows something about their character. In this case Xavier with lots of flying undergarments around him which makes sense, since he his a “ladies man” (or at least that’s who he wants to be). I also quite like the lipstick marks on his face in the makeup version. Sadly, the clothing isn’t really my style and it also looks kinda strange how much he is wearing compared to his scantly clad class mates. I’m not saying that he has to run about with a speedo like Franky from One Piece but it still looks like too much clothing than the girls. Given the amount of girls in BSU, I would have guessed that the men would also wear something more revealing to show off. But hey, maybe we see that later down the line.

What an intruiging way to start the arc with many new faces and concepts. Let’s start with the stuff I don’t quite understand. Did Xavier really didn’t know about all the stuff he had to do before he can join the Orientation? There are two different possibilities: Either he forgot it all because of his breake off with Maihime or thought that joining a school for sex without checking or STDs or immunizing against them would be completely OK, which is just stupid. OR, BSU just didn’t said/send him anything along those lines and thought that it would be a given, which is just as stupid. Secondly: I might have misread this or simply forgot about it, but is the Orientation something the students can prepare for and therefore know about? I would say yes, since evey character besides Xavier did something which required tons of preparation and couldn’t simply be done with a whim. While Xavier’s freestyle rap was excellent and certainly entertaining, it also was rather spontaneous since Taiyohime only picked him because he came so late to the Orientation. And YES!!! This is how you incoroporate backstory into a story, at least when it comes to one character telling it another one. It felt completely natural and was really entertaining to read through. His diss tracks against Toko and Violette, aswell as his honesty with Maihime and Matsunami are done perfectly. Maybe a little bit jarring to have him appologize twice towards Maihime but hey, now even Matsunami at least knows about his point of view. The many girls this story introduced were also very interesting. Interesting to see that “omniscient Narrator-chan” is a real character and not just something you came up with to explain concepts. Shelur is described pretty well and I wonder if we get to see her in action sooner or later. REALLY intruiging with the ominous person who paid for Xavier’s scholarship. I would guess it has to be his father but we will see. Heidi is a girl we have already seen (at least in the ROL artworks) and while it is nice to see her here, I think it would have also made a cool concept if some of the Quincy girls and boys from ROL were part of a german/european sex school, to further develop the world and not simply throw every character in one city/school. Thats not to say, that it couldn’t happen in the future, since there are a lot of beautiful Quincy girls from you already, which I would like to see in the future. Tomoe… is a girl that is also were and if I were completely honest, I would say that this chapter could have really be done without a sex scene in it because it is just as good without one and the sex wasn’t even that special or interesting. The only thing it does was to make Xavie even more of an outcast because of it he came even later to the Orientation. As it turns out, Saitou is indeed the father of both Matsunami and Maihime, which was pretty much espected and known at this point. Still a nice reveal and his introduction with Matsunami reminds me quite alot of Ichigo and his father. I think that this summs up the chapter pretty well.

Now for the “wiki article” and my impressions of Xavier in general:
It seems that this “wiki article” reveals quite a bit of future stuff which isn’t bad per se, since I think that we won’t get to see a continues storyline after this arc. I think it would be pretty lame to just give him a sex scene for every day of the school year. So mentioning stuff like his first real meeting with Han or the fact that Dragòn Fuerte has a side kick in the form of Queen Cobra is completely fine with me. I also like how Matsunami is still in the “Friends” secition and Maihime in the “Love Interest” section, showing how he still has feelings for her and how they still like him, somehow. The reveal that Takiko and Kaede are sisters is also pretty funny and gives new meaning to his dream about having a threesome with the two of them during the Sapphire SPLASH Arc. I don’t quite understand why the name of Xavier’s father is redacted other than maybe hide the fact that we have already heard it before, which isn’t the case if I’m correct since you said he would be a black person and we haven’t really had a named black character so far (you could include “Baldy” from the previous chapter if you want XD). The second idea would be something of a fourth wall break, making this “article” a real file in the world of BSU and Xavier’s father is something of a secret agent or something among those lines and his name could not be named, which I don’t really see. And last but not least we have the case with Xavier’s race. Human? gives the impression that his father or mother might be a Beast Person which would kinda go against the implication that his father and paternal grandparents are black. Perhabs he is something different or the “Beast Person genes” come from something much earlier in his family.
Xavier: I’m not the biggest fan of his character or portrayal. I rarely like underdogs and sadly Xavier is one of them. He has a really interesting design but his type of clothing isn’t really to my liking and his many weird daydreams also didn’t help to make him more likeable. Glad to see that he doesn’t have them as often. You could always include them in the story, don’t get me wrong but his dreams with Violette and Ashani and Maihime as his warrior in shining white armour were just too much for me.

So yeah, shit get’s real and I can’t wait for the rest of the cast to show their abilities.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Hello, Its been a couple of weeks since this was posted. I started the response then. I had some health issues and got admitted into the hospital for a few days. Sorry for the delay.

I will begin with the artwork. His style of dress perfectly fits his style. Xavier is a very retro era character who takes a lot of influence from 1990’s hip hop culture. I grew up in the 90’s and I wanted to put the influence/style of the world I grew up in into a character. His style is very outdated in the BSU world which is by design. No one else dresses like in the BSU world. The current popular trend in mens fashion in BSU is similar to the real world today with men wearing tight pants/Skinny jeans that should only be worn by women and shirts that are too small, so he is going against what is popular, going against the grain so to speak. However Xavier’s shoe game is on point. In this picture he is wearing the Air Jordan 11, a real shoe and one of the coolest sneakers ever made. Sneaker collecting is a hobby for him. On another note with clothing, I think Xavier is wearing the appropriate amount of clothes. The real objective of featuring the uniforms is to showcase the the girls in their outfits. Xavier and the other guys have them because I cant just design outfits for the girls and skip over the guys. It would be out of place to have scantily clad males in solo artwork. I Think that would actually turn people away from reading the chapter lol. Youre not going to see any of the guys shirtless with suspenders or anything like that for uniforms.

As for him not knowing about Orientation, He was overburdened by the date requirement set by Sara and really didn’t have the time to prepare anything. Even if he wasn’t late he was just going to figure what to do as he went along. In his profile one of his skills was his ability to think fast and adapt to stressful and adverse situations. His presentation.

This chapter starts off with Xavier at an all time low. He’s fucked up things with his woman and lost her as a result. He’s tired and hasnt eaten since before the Mai incident. Its a busy day and he had a lot he had to get done Narrator/Assistant chan is an actual person who can interact with the cast, just not sure when she will appear.

In while he was in the Id place I name dropped a 2nd year student who will be appearing after the orientation arc. I like the the Id clerk character. I want to use her again. Ih had fun doing her bubbly optimistic personality even if for a short time. I forgot to give her a name though. All throughout this chapter I had Xavier thinking stuff to himself, more than usual. I wanted to show his stream of consciousness and get into his head on what is his most stressful day so far. He is by himself walking from place to place most of the chapter so it fits. Shelur from the financial aid office will appear again, I just have to create a look and get artwork made for it. I can’t say who it is that paid for his tuition but I will say this, the suspect list is very small and that this person does care about Xavier’s well being and wants the best for him.

On the next leg of the BSU campus tour X took us to the Slut Station where we got to meet Heidi. She’s a girl I’m looking forward to putting into future artwork. Aside from her working the slut station she is a first year student so you will definitely see her again. In Xavier’s profile I mentioned how he has the tendency of being hyper masculine at times and while he was picking his clothes was no exception. He rejects the idea of men wearing skinny jeans and pretty all of the popular fashion trends going. I liked doing the bit where he runs into Saitou again to get his room keys and check out his room. I think Xavier and Saitou have a nice Father/Son type of chemistry which ranges from comical to profound. The mysterious benefactor also made sure Xavier has everything he could want when it comes to material possessions and supplies. The next two cameos, Han and Yuriko I put in to imply that Xavier will have significant encounters with them in the future. And of course next we have The big reveal that Saitou is the father of Mai and Matsunami. RT helped me with this part as far as the interaction between Saitou and the girls. Note that Saitou told X to see him later because they need to talk and catch up on some things. Saitou was referring to the Mai incident and X picked up on that after he saw the girls talking to Saitou. A man to man conversation on the topic is inevitable and this is one more reason for X to have anxiety about going to BSU. He is anticipating the worst from Saitou right now.

The next sequence caught Xavier off guard. He wasn’t expecting to have to fuck a professor when he went to see the guidance counselor. She was testing him. She wasn’t just testing his sexual performance. She was testing how Xavier responds under stress. Mental and emotional stress can prevent a male performer from being able to get it up. Counselor Kagurazaka was well aware of the Koko incident prior to him paying her a visit.

This is already a long message so I will skip to the main event, Xs presentation. I made him late so there was a reason for him to go first. He didn’t prepare for this at all, he didn’t even know he had to do a presentation. He was busy with juggling his date requirement and trying to navigate having a girlfriend.

During his long walk of shame to the stage the audience ridiculed him. The combination of the pressure on him from Sara/Taiyohime, failures with Violette, Ashani Koko and Kaede; Along with the Mai incident and subsequent breakup have all converged on him at once. While he stood on stage he was thinking about all of this. His freestyle was him lashing out and expressing everything on his mind. He told a little of his story, acknowledged his faults/weaknesses and took his anger out on his enemies in the form of disses. This is in a way the third part of Xavier’s character. Underneath his shy, nervous exterior he is a vicious and relentless individual, the warrior within so to speak. I teased this once before when the robbers attacked him and Matsunami in a previous chapter. When they threatened to take Matsunami and have their way with her he was about to go berserk and show them his bad side, but literally got tripped up by his pants. His rap is me giving another sample of this part of his character. Although he apologized to Mai once before he didn’t get out all he had to say. When he said it would be best for them to go their separate ways, he was responding to Mai suggesting they remain friends after the break up. They view things differently. Mai wants to continue to friends because she still has feelings and cares him while Xavier wants to put some distance between them for the same reasons. He knows that Mai being with other dudes his going to bother him, Especially since he is going to be the main camera man for his class and potentially have to film Mai scenes. This could be a distraction to what he has to do. Unlike mai and his other classmates He can be kicked out of BSU at any time, for any reason since he doesnt have a scholarship.Because of this he thinks distance is best for both of them to progress.

X did his homework on Koko while he was MIA post break up. His diss was effective because he brought new, unflattering information about Koko to light rather than just name calling. Koko couldn’t dispute anything Xavier was saying because he was spitting facts. In the later parts of it he laid out his intentions and proclaimed that he would become the best. He has been underestimated, counted out, pushed aside and been told he will amount to nothing for most of his life and here he is declaring that he will give everyone no choice but to respect him. He values being respected more than money, more than success, more than anything. I think him completely silencing the crowd, dropping his microphone and walking back to seat in total silence punctuated the vibe and feel I was going for. You have said several times before that you don’t like underdogs and that you don’t care for the Xavier character. I understand your opinion and there is a method to all of this. This chapter is the beginning of a shift and evolution for Xavier. He was very naive in the beginning. He has made mistakes personally and failed as a recruit. This is the start of having him learn and develop as a man. He wasn’t intended to be an instant casanova with ladies or sex master gary stu like the grear majority fan fiction writers do with their main characters. We had to break him down to a degree so I can build him up. Thank you for reading and continuing to support my work!

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

I forgot to address some of the profile points you mentioned. Xavier’s father is human and indeed black. Mei is 100% human. X’s dad’s name is redacted because of the type of character he is. There is mystique around him and who he is. He will be an important character once he is revealed. Look back into some of the previous chapters. He have had a cameo already. The human? Identification will eventually make sense but until we get there im interested in hearing speculation if you have any.

3 years ago

I know of a way to increase xaviers size if he ate one auron’s special cooking technique meals that increased his cock on purpose or by “accident”, I’ll give you my blood and soul if you make This happen! Also you could do something else where there is time skip where their is a sort of a break or something and Xavier goes abroad somewhere else and someone could make a cameo Easter egg from shokugeki no soma(most possibly souma) who makes the same meal Auron made or something similar that has the same outcome and everyone and I mean everyone his completely shocked by his knew cock size and some people even believe he might have grown in height an inch or two and also he spent time studying, working out hard core, practicing with and using his knew cock size, sharpening and improving his skills, becoming more confident( but is still kind of shy), and possibly try and become a bit more depraved and like I said before I’ll give you my blood and soul if you make this happen!

3 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Thank you, you are a god! And now that I think about it he wouldn’t want anything to do with the guy who banged his mom. But what did you think my shokugeki no soma cameo Easter egg idea it would have sorta been like with what you did with that naruto chapter with the fairy tail cameo Easter egg?

3 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Like I said before you are a god! But real quick question you actually thought about the whole special cooking technique meal when considering how to approach Xavier dick growth?

4 years ago

X gonna give it to ya. He gonna give to ya. Keep going Xavier. Dude’s marking his path.

4 years ago

NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN BOUT. POWER TO THE X. Would love to see Koko go at him first day only for Sara to stop her.

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Not a actual fight more of her trying to slap him or cuss him out.

Uzumaki dragonslayer
Uzumaki dragonslayer
4 years ago

I had mistaken this with the profile one but damn did Xavier really take a W for the first time in a long time loved the freestyle probably the best thing in the chapter and man is he probably going to have people after him now I love it it’ll lead to future growth. It was nice that just about everyone came out in this story and the list of 1A class is interesting can’t wait to see how that will turn out and especially the interactions between Xavier and Han it seems like it’ll be a Naruto and sasuke type of rivalry where Han won’t acknowledge Xavier and Xavier’s goal is to reach Han(since I believe you’ve said before he’s at the top of his class).

4 years ago

Okay now that was a dope ass way to kick off the new arc. I love the hell out of this series even more now. The sex scene was cool glad we get to meet more of the staff and teachers. I can’t wait too see what the teachers can really do when they get their chance. But the award to that freestyle, that shit was fire. My man X stood tall like G and laid it straight to everyone and even put some bitches in there place. This arc is going to be wild.

I expect wild things to happen.

4 years ago

Thanks Vendetta. That sex scene was a last minute addition to the Chapter. It shows how far he has progressed since he first started. The teachers will get featured more after we complete this arc.

A good diss song does two things.

#1. It Exposes the moral character of the person you are dissing and paints them in an unflattering light to the listeners. X did this when he revealed how fake she is. Koko got so angry and flustered that she showed what she really looks like for everyone to see.

#2. It reveals new information to the public that was previously unknown. X did that when he started talking about how Koko acts on the set of her movies, using her power in hollywood to blackball any other girl she sees as a threat to outshine her.

X took a beating in the story as far as negative things happening to him. This is my way of responding to that. Xavier is a shy quiet dude but he doesn’t take shit from people.

There were actually more raps that didn’t make the final cut. If people like this one I might do more raps for him im future chapters.

4 years ago

Great story, I kinda skipped the beginning of the rap because I thought it was gonna be a lazy fresh prime rip off, but I got proven wrong and really liked it.

Also, can we get some art of Heidi…

4 years ago
Reply to  Blackfyre

Thanks Blackfyre glad you enjoyed the chapter. The beginning of the rap was just there for him to introduce himself to the audience. The Fresh Prince opening song was the inspiration for the first few bars I wrote. The rest of it was me trying to emulate my some of my favorite rappers, DMX and Eminem. Heidi will appear as a featured character in future artwork but for now there is existing Road of Legends art of her.
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Glad you enjoyed the chapter!

4 years ago

Nice story ! I hope Elizabeth appear in the next chapter

4 years ago

So is Strider’s goal literally just to make things as awkward as humanly possible for X, Matsu and Mai?

Like did I miss the dad reveal in an earlier chapter? Because at this point i’m seriously beginning to think the author just hates his MC.

4 years ago

This series is so stupid. Get back to MHA stories already.

4 years ago
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What happend. Did you guys get into an argument, or something.

Edgar Hernandez Herrera
Edgar Hernandez Herrera
4 years ago
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ah man that sucks. I was actually looking forward to the mha storys

4 years ago

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I definitely didn’t expect the diss track at the end, great job on that, good to see Xavier still has the spirit to come back after all the shit he has gone through. The sex part with Tomoe was hot af, though poor X got cockblocked at the end by Rubii and had to go without cumming, still it’s better that way because if he stayed even a bit longer maybe he wouldn’t have made it to orientation xD. Good job overall it was a really fun to read chapter and hope we get to see more from the teachers on upcoming chapters.

4 years ago
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Rising of the shield hero style minus the Rape accusation by a princess and an adventure with a Trash waifu(Raccoon girl)

4 years ago

This man just declared war in the coldest way that a comeback right there. I cant wait to see how story goes from here.

4 years ago

Just one question: how long did it take to come up with that rap?

4 years ago

WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! This opening act for the Orientation arc was pretty surprising, and with X to top it off, picture, profile and all. GOD DAMN! :O

Let’s get right to the sex sequence first. That was quite the layout with Tomoe, the counselor. That was impressive as well as detailed. Not a lot to say here, aside from it being quite creative. Very well done.

Next, the overall story and traits. We’re off to a pretty good start, in my opinion. For the most part, X was STILL being hounded and made fun of, even by Jade [thanks in part to Matsu]. That was fucked up. But it was something that made some sense in the context of the plot. Despite that, he was really hustling with getting everything he needed to get done. It was a change of pace I personally liked. We also learned more about BSU itself. Very nice. And I wonder who paid off all X’s BSU expenses. Could it have been his estranged father? Hmm…

Plus the other characters, interactions, hints and all. Nice to see Rubii and Saitou still on X’s side, and it seems Mai is still being civil with him although Matsu is still pretty pissed off with him. I really hope they patch things up. Also, Saitou IS their dad like I thought, and that was a wacky interaction they had. Haha. And I saw the freshman roster, and Takiko and Kaede are SISTERS??? O_O This explains a lot, especially with what Takiko said about having a fat assed sister and Kaede talking about her own sister a bit, and that threesome dream he had a while back. Plus I liked how the faculty staff spoke with each other, as well as Leilani showed her power just from her commanding tone to quiet the crowd, something Taiyohime wasn’t quite fond of.

Which brings me to the main event. The rap! This reminded me of 8 Mile and Bulworth with a dash of old John Cena rapping [If you guys get what I’m saying you get a thumbs up!]. This was the most impressive part of all. I like how he went with it and how he called out Violette and especially Koko. At the same time, he managed to impress and silence everyone at the same time, student and teacher alike [even Ashani, Alexis Taiyo and Sara]. Hopefully it’ll be the start of him regaining what he’s lost, especially his friends and rep.

Well, that’s enough out of me for now. Not a bad start. Nice work. Can’t wait to who’s next! 🙂

P.S: ROL reference, FTW! 😀

4 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks a lot Hiryu! This chapter/profile was one of the toughest I’ve done because its a new concept with no set precedent to follow. The inclusion of the sex scene Tomoe sex scene was a last minute audible called by E.E. I wrote it to be shorter than my usual sex scenes to keep with the theme of Xavier being behind and pressed for time. This was a little sample of Tomoe for now. I plan to give this a sequel with Tomoe as the featured starlet in the art since Xavier didn’t have time to finish and she wants to do a full evaluation. Im looking forward to her being seen.

X was still being hounded because when you become a meme or the butt of a joke it can last a while before dying down. That crying Michael Jordan meme from several years ago is still being used on the internet and social media right now. Speaking of Jordan, heres a bit of trivia Xavier is wearing the Air Jordan 11 sneakers, one of my favorite shoes of all time.

With Jade you know how that goes. When a women is mad at you every other girl in her crew carries that grudge by association. Yep Saitou is girls father, though I thought more people would catch on before the reveal. He’s very emotional about his children and is very openly affectionate. Kind of reminds of of Isshin from Bleach. In his cameo at orientation itself I was trying get over the fact that Saitou isnt just some school resource officer. He has a strong rep and is highly respected in the law enforcement and security world. There is a definite reason why the secret service goons want him on their team. Plus being able to fire a big ass Eagle with one hand like its a 9mm is no joke. Im glad you enjoyed the interractions with the teachers. After orientation we will be able to put more focus on them in art and stories because the main freshman class will have already been introduced in full. Another goal of mine was to show non teacher bsu staff who support the professors in supplentary roles. We already had Saitou, but now we have some females too. Shelur, the financial aid counselor and the ID office lady will both get featured in artwork down the road. Going through the process of choosing a name for the female characters is tedious lol, so because of that want to feature any minor character Ive given a name to, this includes other girls like Crystal the dalmation, who is Xavier’s Jewler, Diana, the female chef that works with Auron and Eve, Mei’s youngest apprentice.

On the subject of Takiko and Kaede you guessed. It. They were originally cousins in ROL but it was changed to sisters for this.

Xavier and Mai are in two very different spaces right now. Their run in at passion was awkward for both of them. Mai is being civil despite the awkward feeling, she wasnt expecting to see him in passing and he wasn’t expecting to see her or Nami either. Of the two Matsunami’s anger and resentment for him is easier to deal with than Mai’s friendliness right now because hes used to being disliked and being alone. Having a breakup with your girlfriend and having to still see her daily in a profession environment is very uncomfortable, I know from experience. Right now his solution for this is to be distant while Mai’s view is that they can maintain friends.

And now for the rap. It was inpired by the final rap battle sequence of 8 mile. The style in which he raps is a combination of two of my favorite rappers of all time, DMX and Eminem. Its hard to convey his delivery; cadence, breath control, tone, speed in written form but id say its like DMX with Eminem ish raps. His purpose here was to put evetything out there because when you expose yourself no one else can after that. This is his way of responding to and fighting back against tide of negativity that has surrounded him. I included the bits about my to show he’s taken accountabilty for his own wrong doings here and not just blaming everyone else for his problems. My third point of this was for X to show his passion desire and hunger. Yes hes at the bottom of is class but hes coming up. He’s putting all the doubters and people on notice hes coming after their spot and the proverbial championship belt. Thank you again for taking the time to read both releases and for giving your opinion Hiryu. I appreciate your constant support.