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The Road of Legends: Introducing Violette

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8:30 A.M.


With BSU’s Orientation set to begin soon, the roadways around the campus are filled with congested lines of traffic. Local police manned the parking lot of Busteez Super Arena, directing vehicles to the proper locations for parking. Meanwhile, a platinum colored limousine took an alternate entrance near the back of the campus that was usually designated for truck drivers.


Inside the limo, Violette Beauregard, the heiress of Beauregard Industries sat sipping a Starbucks triple vanilla caramel latte with half coconut milk, half fat free milk, no foam with cinnamon sprinkled in. It was high in both flavor and caffeine which she needed this morning. She spent the previous night at her home on the Beauregard family estate, socializing with family and friends one last time before taking up permanent residence at Passion Tower. Violette watched television which featured local and entertainment news coverage of the impending orientation.


“We are almost there Ms. Violette, where would you like me to drop you off at?” asked the salt and pepper haired, mustachioed driver. The man operating the limo appeared to be in his 50s given his graying hair but was in magnificent shape, making it apparent he was more than just a mere driver.


“The dining hall will be fine.” Violette replied.


“Very well, we will be there shortly.” Charles responded.


Once they arrived at the destination, Charles got out of the vehicle and opened the door for Violette. People walking to the dining hall stopped to watch the limo as Violette emerged from inside.


“It is time Ms. Violette. There is no turning back now. Good luck out there.”


“Please Charles you know you don’t have to call me Ms.” Violette reminded him with a smile.


“It’s professional courtesy Ms. Violette, a very hard to break habit.” Charles answered with a smile of his own. Violette then embraced her attendant with a big hug and kissed him on the cheek. She maintained the hug for almost a minute.


“Thank you for all you have done for me over the years, Charles.” Violette said while embracing him tightly like she would a father.


“You’re very welcomed Ms. Violette. Although it is my job to assist you, it has become much more than that to me. I know you will do a great job, just remember what we went over, you’ve been here before. I will be in the audience, Vivi.


“I appreciate it.”


Violette waved bye to her loyal attendant as she made her way to the Dining hall. People stared as she walked, noticing that she was dressed in a rather conservative style of uniform. She wore a silver skirt along with a white button up dress shirt and a silver jacket which matched her skirt. Along with these, she had on white thigh high leggings with black platform high heel shoes. This was quite unusual because the standard BSU uniform showed a lot more T&A. Regardless of what she was wearing, the blue and pink haired prospect commanded the attention of dining hall patrons and employees. As she approached the line, a crew of 3 security officers waved her over. At the front of the line was Eric, the leader of the pack and Saitou’s most reliable subordinate. The line was long with most people in it being security, custodian crew and other university support staff hungry to get breakfast before starting their shift. The line full of men all turned their heads as the stunning and stacked beauty walked past them to get to Eric.


“Good mornin cutie! go ahead, ladies first.” Eric greeted.


Violette immediately grabbed a tray and moved to the front of the line.


“Merci beaucoup. (French for “Thank you very much“)” Violette replied before moving thru the line. She stopped in front of a grill.


“What would you like pretty lady?” asked the chef who was manning the grill with a smile. The handsome young cook was african american and between 18 and 20 in age. He had a strong sturdy build and stood about 6’2. His hair was dyed blonde and cut into a high top fade style.


“I’ll take an egg white omelette with tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers and ham.” requested the chemical company heiress.


“Cummin right up!” said the chef, making a playful double entendre. Violette watched the chef with a lecherous grin as he prepared her order. While Violette waited for her omelette, Eric made his move.


“Can I get you some water cuz you been runnin thru my mind all week!?” The security said while offering her a bottled water.


“I can get my own water.” Violette answered matter-of-factly, with a rather dull and uninterested facial expression. This caused the man to lower his head in defeat. Eric then cursed his two lower ranking cohorts for laughing at his attempt. The snickering got louder and heartier.


“You two can’t do any better so how about you shut the fuck up?!”


Violette smiled as the 1st line cook handed her the omelette plate. He responded with a head nod. As she moved further down the line she noticed that his name tag read “Terrell”. Violette bit her lip slightly while staring at him as to signal her interest. The next part of the line was the area where customers could choose their main course protein. Behind the counter stood another handsome young chef. He was caucasian with long white hair styled into a ponytail. His nametag said ‘Ryan’.


“Know what you want miss?”


Violette looked at his well toned arms, burly chest and lastly his face, looking into his hazel eyes as she spoke.


“I’ll have the large sausage please.”


“I’ll give you what you want!” Ryan replied with a suggestive grin before loading her plate with sausage links. Violette licked her lips as he handed her the plate. She then made her way to the table area to find a seat only to see Ashani and Nicole sitting at a table eating breakfast.


“Good morning Vivi!” Nicole greeted cheerfully.


“Good morning Nikki.” Violette replied as she sat next to Nicole and across from Ashani.


“That uniform is quite….prudish. More clothing than I expected from you.” Ashani observed.


“And you two have gone the other direction I see,” Violette retorted while looking at the tops they had chosen. Ashani was wearing a tiny bikini top which was held together by a ring which connected the small amount of fabric that covered her nipples. There were two pockets on her tits just over the nipples. Nicole was wearing even less with no bra at all. She only pockets covering her nipples.


“All of your tan lines are showing. You need to work on your tan a little more.” Violette chuckled while pointing to her tits which had a bikini top shaped imprint of lighter skin on them.


“The guys love it!” Nicole defended while squeezing her boobs.


“You gonna tell as what you have planned for orientation?” Ashani asked.


“That’s for me to know and for you to watch.”


Suddenly the doors flung open and a procession of male students flowed into the dining hall. They were lead by a tiny woman with flame-like shoulder-length orange hair.


“Don’t do it, don’t ruin my morning.” Eric pleaded to himself as he watched the woman he recognized.


After getting her food, the orange haired woman made her way to a nearby empty table. She was joined by several henchman-like male students who sat on the sides of the table while she positioned herself at one of the ends of the table, signifying that she was the head of the group.


“Good morning my fellow activists.” The woman greeted her group.


“Good morning Miss Brooke!” the group responded each nodding to acknowledge her.


“As you all know, Orientation is going to begin in 1 hour. I have received some clarification from security and the university Public Affairs department about the use of our protest signs. Unfortunately, they will not allow us to bring signs into the event.” Brooke explained.


“AWWWW!” groaned her followers in unison.


“I was told that even if our signs are not a security threat, we can’t bring them in because this is a nationally and internationally televised event. The powers that be do not want our message to be seen across the world as our signs would be picked up by many news outlets documenting the event.” Brooke stated before a pause.


“But still, they cannot silence our voice, we will be heard!” The tiny orange haired woman affirmed.


“We can still make ourselves known when it is time for me to present.” She said as her eyes wandered about. In that moment, she noticed Violette, Ashani and Nicole sitting a couple of tables down from her group.


“I’m going to pause this meeting temporarily. There’s someone I need to say hi to.” the woman remarked while slowly rising from her seat.


She immediately marched over to Violette’s table. The orange haired woman stopped right in front of the purple haired heiress. Eric watched from his table, shaking his head in annoyance.


“Oh miss Violette Beauregard is it? you are a DISGRACE to women everywhere!” Brooke said while pointing down at her.


Violette looked up in confusion at the woman who had just interrupted her meal.


“And you are?” Violette asked.


“I am Brooke Beaumont! I’ve been wanting to finally meet you in person.”


“What do you want? An autograph?”


“I want to let you know that I’m disappointed in you. You have a large platform with millions of impressionable girls around the world looking up to you yet you neglect the responsibility. You are setting a poor example for them with your actions. By enrolling at BSU you are sending a message that it is ok for women to be objectified and that their value is solely determined by men. Does your depravity know no bounds?! A pornstar is NOT what a woman should aspire to!”


“That is funny coming from a fellow BSU student.” Violette retorted with a grin.


“I am a journalist and a social activist. I’m enrolled here because I am working a story about BSU and the Adult Entertainment Industry as a whole. In order to understand it’s complex machinations, I have no choice but to become an immoral AE student. I can’t bring down the system without knowing how it operates. I’m making a sacrifice for the greater good by being here.” Brooke affirmed with steely resolve. It was clear by the stern expression on her face that she meant every word she was saying. Ashani rolled her eyes in an annoyed manner as if she was familiar with Brooke and her work.


“So you’re going to fuck and suck all these guys and write a tell-all memoir? Sounds like you’re an attention whore. Good luck with that.” Violette replied, causing Nicole to snicker.


“And you Ms. Wellington. You should be ashamed of yourself as well, the way you carry on with that disgusting reality show of yours. You have spent more time in hotel rooms than the most experienced flight attendants. All you do is party, waste money and act irresponsibly! You have poisoned the minds of everyone who watches that filth you call television! And now here you are following this jezebel’s lead, do you not have a mind of your own? What will you do when your show is inevitably canceled?” the tiny tornado of a woman challenged before shifting her attention back to Violette.


“I’m going to bring back an age of decency and self respect. Change things back to how things were before your family ruined society!” Brooke said firmly while looking in Ashani’s direction.


“Decency huh, that’s outlandish. How dare you try to impose your ‘morals’ on the world.” Ashani fired back.


“Why do they even allow you to attend school here?!” Nicole challenged.


“I am well qualified to be here, if I wasn’t I would have been rejected. BSU happens to offer one of the best journalism programs in the country by the way so I couldn’t turn it down.”


“Whatever your beliefs, you are just in my way. A fly pestering a lioness. If you don’t mind, I would like to finish my breakfast in peace.” Violette said in a dismissive tone. Before Brooke could respond the conversation was interrupted by Eric who walked over to the table.


“Brooke can you please stop doing this? It’s Orientation time and this is a really big event. We don’t have time for your shenanigans. If you’re not here to eat please leave, you’re disturbing everyone else who is.”


“I am exercising my right of free speech. I cannot be silenced. I’m fully within my rights to be here and you know it Eric. I’m not even protesting this time. I was about to leave anyway, I have a presentation to prepare for.”


“Give it some thought to what I said Ms. Beauregard. You will all see the light soon enough.” Brooke declared before marching off, her band of henchmen in tow.


“Well that was weird.” Nicole commented.


“Nevermind her. Brooke has been up to this for a few years now. She does articles and Vlogs for numerous anti-sex movement websites. She’s developed quite a social media presence, seems there are people in the world that share her views.” Ashani informed her friends.


“The girl has gotten to several guys by the looks of it. She controls them like a personal army of yes-men.” Nicole observed.


“The anti-sex movement has been picking up steam in the past couple of years. Brooke is at the center of it, the charismatic leader. The movement now has an outspoken figure to represent them. With the number of websites who support her views and her going to BSU, she has a bigger platform than ever. Harlot State and several AE Universities refused to offer her a spot because of her views. I don’t know why but I heard the Headmistress refused to deny her admission when she could have.”


“Allowing her to be here is a big mistake.” Violette said before taking another bite of the plump sausage in her plate.


The trio finished their meal and Violette looked at the time on her phone which said 9:20 A.M.


“We have 40 minutes until showtime and we have to find good seats. We better head out now.”


“You’re right. Getting through security won’t be an issue though, I have that taken care of.” Ashani commented with a smirk.


The group stood up and walked toward the exit of the dining hall to head to the arena. Violette looked over her shoulder to see the Terell one handsome cooks she met, cleaning up after breakfast.


“I’ll meet up with you there. I have some business to attend to.” Violette said with a mischievous smirk.


“Alright. See ya there~” giggled both Nicole and Ashani simultaneously while looking over at Terrell at the grill. Each had a clear idea of what kind of business Violette was getting into.


Walking over to the young cook, Violette smiled as she watched him lift a gray colored tub loaded up with dirty dishes from underneath his grill station effortlessly as if the bin were completely empty. His well toned arms bulged slightly against the white shirt he wore as he placed the bin onto a nearby cart.


“Hey, tell John to use the blue soap this time, that pink stuff can leave a film on the dishes and spoil the flavor of the food.” he told another kitchen worker as he began pushing the cart away.


“You got it.” the coworker said, an older worker with a neatly shaven head and indistinct features. The kind of person easily forgotten when passed on the streets


“Hello,” said Violette as she came up to Terrell, “Are you going to be free later?” she asked directly.


Terrell smiled back at her, wiping his hands off on a damp towel that hung from a loop on his waist. “I’m free now, the dishwasher takes care of the rest.” he told her.


“I’ve never seen you around here before.” Terrell told her.


“First year?” He asked.


“Yes. I moved in a couple of weeks ago. This was my first time eating here. Your omelette was so delicious! très bien! I didn’t expect that from a school dining facility.” the busty model confessed.


“Thanks I try. The university provides a very generous food budget, so we do our best to acquire the best ingredients. Anyways, I’m about to go on my break. Come on around and I’ll show you around ‘My Office’” Terrell remarked pointing to an entrance she could walk through at the end of the grill area.


Violette walked through a waist high mini-door which lead to the grill area. As they walked, the man showed Violette around the massive kitchen area and all of the individual cooking stations. Violette was well aware that Terrell was just trying to keep the conversation going long enough to get to their destination. As they exited the kitchen and entered the back area behind the kitchen area, Terrell led Violette to rather large living room space. There were multiple couches, chairs and high top tables along with its own kitchen and bar stools to go along with it.


“Do you want anything to drink?” Terrell asked as he went to the refrigerator.


“I’ll take water s’il vous plaît.” Violette requested. When handed an ice cold bottle, Violette opened it and took several big gulps.


“So how do you like it here at–” Before Terrell could finish Violette cut him off.


“You can stop pretending to be interested in minor details about me in order to create conversation. You don’t have to convince me to open my legs to you, I’ve already decided we’re going to fuck.” The streaky haired slut confirmed with a sexy grin on her face. She lifted up her uniform skirt to reveal her big, juicy camel toe! Violette then moved in close and wrapped her arms around the cook, initiating a deep French kiss. She moaned as Terrell’s unbuttoned her shirt and opened up her bra, squeezing on her soft orbs of flesh. To her slight surprise, her partner wasn’t the least bit shocked or nervous like most people would be in this sort of situation.


“Annhhhh! Ahhhhh!” Violette cooed in approval of Terrell’s fondling motion. The first year phenom then took one of Terrell’s hands and slid it down her stomach and down her barely-there thong panties. He wedged 2 of his fingers between the outer folds of her moist twat, massaging the opening in a steady up and down motion. The buxom prodigy’s warmth trickled down her ivory smooth skin. As they continued to kiss, Violette grabbed the crotch area of his pants and felt it swell in her hand.


“So long and thick! It’s practically a feast!” Violette remarked before pushing Terrell backwards onto the couch behind him. The first year stand out immediately dropped down to her knees and opened up the cook’s pants revealing his hefty spear of a penis. She stared with a wide smile, admiring his big dong as if she were worshipping a god.


“Very good!” praised the thicc princess, patting to head of his cock with her hand like she petting a dog, it was indeed a woman’s best friend.


Grabbing Terrell’s cock in her hand, Violette opened her mouth wide, moaning in delight at the feel of his thickness slipping easily down her throat. She could feel her neck distending slightly as his cock moved through it. She slowly closed her lips around his shaft before pulling her head back up slowly, letting out a long lewd moan as she left his cock glistening with her saliva before dipping her head back down again.


“Ohh, fuuuuck…” Terrell groaned, and Violette smirked inwardly as she took his entire length into her mouth, making sure to moan loudly so that her throat vibrated around him as she slipped off the couch to kneel in front of him.


“Mmmmmmph… Hmmmmmmph… Mmmmmmmmph…” Violette moaned as she moved her head up and down slowly, then lifted her head away entirely before quickly leaning down to lick at Terrell’s heavy balls; making sure that his cock rubbed against her face as she rolled both of them around with her tongue. The pink and purple haired heiress then slowly brushed her tongue all along the underside of his cock as she licked it from the base to the tip in one long stroke.


The door to the break room then slid open,


“Hey T, I got those steaks out of the freezer, where you…?” asked Ryan, the other cook Violette saw earlier as he came in, stopping short when he saw the current situation.


“You know, I can come back later.” he said as he began to slowly backpedal. Picking up her now empty water bottle, Violette tossed it at the door control and caused it to slide closed behind him.


“Stay.” she said as if speaking to a dog. Ryan nodded which caused her to smirk.


“Good boy.” she told him before making a ‘come here’ gesture with her finger. Her hands moved faster than most eyes could track as she unbuckled the other man’s belt and pulled his cock free in an instant. She gripped his length and licked her lips as she stroked him to full erectness. The debutante then moved to sit on the couch with both men in front of her.


She smiled and licked her lips slowly as if eyeing a delicious meal made just for her!


“Mmmmmh, I just can’t decide… So I’ll take both!” she said with a grin before she pulled the men closer and took both cocks into her mouth simultaneously! She delighted in the sounds of their combined groaning as she relaxed her throat to let them both fit down it, her eyes rolled back in her sockets as she let herself savor the feel of two big thick cocks in her hot little mouth at once!


“Mmmmmppph, mmmmppph, mmmmmppph…!” she moaned loudly, bubbles blowing and popping in the small space between the two cocks as she bobbed her head up and down expertly.


“Ohhhh fuuuck man…” Ryan groaned.


“Yeah, first years, fuuuck… So damned eager…” said Terrell as he looked down at Violette.


“Mmmmmmppph, moar…!” Violette slurred around their cocks.


“MUH PUSSHY’S ON PHIRE!!!” she said as she lifted her mouth free and got up on the couch. She dropped down on all fours, pulling her skirt up over her ass before she nearly ripped her panties off, “You there, ponytail boy, stuff that big cock up my pussy right now!” she commanded him, then looked back to Terrell.


“As for you, I’m still hungry!” she told him before taking his cock back between her lips after he climbed up onto the couch with her again. She savored the feel of her throat stretching around that whopper once again as the other man, (she knew his name was Ryan, but men responded better when she talked down to them) moved to kneel behind her on the couch. She let out a long protracted howl of pleasure as she felt that big dick slipping inside her sopping wet pussy with ease. Violette loved the feel of a big, thick, dick sliding inside, filling her cunt with its throbbing girth. She clenched her inner muscles around him, winding her hips slightly as the two began bouncing her back and forth between them.


“MMMMMMPH!!! YESH, HARRRRDER, SKEHWER MEH LIKE A PHUCKING PIIIIG!!!!” she screamed around Terrell’s cock, gripping her own tits as she bucked between the two men. Her entire body shook with pleasure as she gagged lightly on the cock fucking her throat!


“Fuck, her pussy’s like a vice man!!!” groaned Ryan as he held onto Violette’s hips, slamming his cock into her again and again, she could feel her ass rippling from every impact as she slurped around the base of Terrell’s cock with her tongue.


“No kidding, ahhh, I don’t think I can hold out much longer… I’m gonna bust another nut already!!!” Terrell said as Violette began deepthroating him again.


“HMMMMMMMPH!!! DHON’T SHTOOOOP!!! PHUUUUCK MEH HOLESH!!!” Violette demanded as she clamped down on Ryan’s cock with her pussy.


She felt a spray of liquid warmth in her stomach as Terrell came inside her again, followed by the all too familiar liquid heat inside her cunt. She pulled herself away from Ryan, knocking Terrell onto his back on top of the couch. Gripping his cock tightly in one hand, she wouldn’t let his erection get away as she quickly mounted him and began working her inner muscles to massage his cock back to full hardness in an instant!


“There, that’s better!” she said with a smug expression.


“Damn girl, just who are you?!” Terrell asked.


“So you really don’t know? Then consider yourself lucky for you are fucking the one and only Violette Beauregard!” said Violette as she began rolling her hips slowly stirring that big dick inside herself as she looked back at Ryan and reached out to grip his still hard dick, “Oh my, now there’s a good boy! Staying all nice and hard for me!” she said as she pulled him closer, guiding his cock into her asshole!


“MMMMMMMH FUCK!!! Yeah, this is what I needed…” she purred like a cat in heat as she felt both cocks stuffing her ass and pussy full!


“Now, both of you, be good boys and pound my holes!!!” she told them.


Ryan and Terrell both groaned as the two of them began thrusting into her. It took the two men a moment to find the right rhythm, but they got it after a few strokes. Violette chewed on her lower lip as she let out a long low moan before leaning back and grabbing Ryan by his ponytail, pulling his face to her own and pushing her tongue into his mouth as she used her free arm to pull Terrell’s head into her chest. He buried his face in her tits, wrapping his mouth around her nipple and sucking it roughly.


“Nnnnnnmmmmh, yeah… dun’t shtop… Haarderr…” Violette moaned into Ryan’s mouth as she swirled her tongue around his.


She felt Terrell’s teeth tugging on her nipple and let out another long moan as she continued rocking her hips in time with their thrusts.


“YESH… YEEEEESH, SHUCH BHIG CAWKS are DHIGGING OUT MUH INSHIDES…!” Violette moaned happily as she felt her entire body shaking in pleasure as she came hard! She broke away from Ryan and leaned her weight onto Terrell.






The cook duo rammed Violette’s pussy and ass like clockwork, pounding away at her holes like they were tenderizing meat.


“OHHHHH MY GAWWWD! I’M ABOUT TO BURRRRRRST!” Violette wailed, screaming so loud that people could hear her from the dining room.


“Damn! I’m gonna bust another nut!” Terrell declared loudly.


“NAWT YET!” yelled the debutante, squeezing him tight with her vaginal muscles that she stopped him from cumming.


“Lemme me get some of that ass!” Terrell yelled excitedly. Ryan took a step back as Terrell lifted Violette and put her in a reverse cowgirl position on top of him. She grasped his cock and guided it into her ass. At the same time, Ryan got on top of her, squatting on the couch and pushed his way in, resulting in 2 simultaneous popping sounds!


“AHHHHHH!” Voilette hollered wildly in ecstasy.


She pumped her hips back and forth taking alternating thrusts from the big ebony and ivory twin poles. The sexy heiress was ricocheted between the two cocks like a pinball. Terrell and Ryan each pumped harder and harder like they were dueling for Violette’s screams.




The two men worked her over good and hard, the rapid and non stop smacking of flesh sounded like firecrackers! Violette’s toes curled and her body trembled as she got closer and closer to an orgasm. She put one arm around Terrell and grabbed on to Ryan’s shoulder to brace herself for the end. Her eyes rolled back and forth in her head as the two cooks took her to the promised land!


“FUUUUUCCCK! JE SUIS AU PARADIS! (French for ‘I am in paradise!)” Violette bellowed as she raptured, clenching her asshole even tighter. Her pussy was so wet that Ryan slipped out of her. Terrell wrapped his arms around her waist and stomach as handles to bang her ass with even more force.


“GIMME THAT DHICK!” moaned while pointing to Ryan. He stood up in front of her and presented his cock for to suck once more. Violette opened her mouth as much as possible and leaned forward and latched onto his dick, pulling him all the way in. Her neck bulged out as she made Ryan’s dick disappear completely. Ryan’s eyes enlarged as his dick ran further down her throat.




“Oh shit!” he groaned as Violette bobbed her head back and released him. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out as he glazed her pretty face with cum.


“That ass is so tight!” Terrell groaned




“UGGGGHHH I PHEEL IT IN IN MY CHEST!!! OWWWWWW” Violette roared with her eyes wide open as she climaxed yet again.


As the orgasm subsided, Violette spun off of him and landed on her knees in front of Terrell. She grabbed his dick with both hands and went down on him, jerking his shaft while bobbing and blowing the head of his cock. Violette pressed lightly into his skin with her fingertips as she sucked almost like she were playing the flute. She masterfully sucked and kneaded Terrell’s dick, his groans serving as music to her ears as she played a tune of pleasure.


“Be a good boy and cum for me, won’t you?” Violette asked with a confident smirk.


“Goddamn!” Terrell groaned as she gave him a firm squeeze. Violette milked him dry, licking his shaft as cum shot upwards like a geyser! It came down raining into her hair and on her face as she caught some of it on her tongue. The two men sat across from each other tired and worn out for Violette had drained them both. She stood proud admiring her own work.


“And you two still have half a day of work left.” Chuckled the princess as she walked into the nearby fridge and handed her two conquests each a sports drink bottle. Ryan and Terrell were both speechless and in awe of the magnificent specimen that is Violette Beauregard! She grabbed a towel and wiped the cum out of her hair before getting dressed. As she walked toward the door, she stopped and looked over her shoulder to ask a single question.


“What’s my name?”


“VIOLETTE!” yelled the two cooks.


“Profitez, de c’était le meilleur jour de nos vies! (French for “Enjoy, this was the best day of your lives!”)


Violette waved as she walked out the door.


“Au revoir!” she said while bidding farewell to her duo of exhausted partners. Violette quickly headed to her room to shower and change her uniform before making her way to the arena.





‘Fucking asshole!’ Violette thought to herself as she saw and heard him insult her. She then looked at the time on her phone and immediately stood up. Violette power walked her way to the back exit and stepped out of the door.


Meanwhile, Xavier took the long walk down the aisle to get back to his seat which was all the way in the back row. He felt nothing but the immense fatigue that came from going 2 days without sleep. As he walked back, he could feel a pair of familiar eyes on him. Sitting off to the side in his peripheral, he noticed 2 figures, one short haired brunette, the other had long silver hair. He didn’t turn his head to look but he knew who they were. Xavier wondered how ‘SHE’ felt after hearing his emotional poetry.


I’ve done it now, I’ve made enemies with the entire school… But at least I got to say what I had to say. Its all out in the open now, I can’t be exposed by anyone anymore…’ He thought to himself. Xavier noticed people staring at him as he walked by. He was still the center of attention despite having left the stage.


He arrived at the back row, breathing hard and wheezing slightly, exhausted from his presentation. He looked to see 4 pairs of eyes on him. He recognized 3 of them. Kaede, Takiko and Brass sat on the sides of his empty chair. The 4th woman had short light purple hair. She had tanned glistening skin, hinting that she spent a lot of time outdoors. Her thicc curves were covered in tattoos, making her look as if she was from some kind of indigenous tribe. Her uniform matched the woman herself as she wore armbands and ankle braces that were made from animal fur. Although he didn’t know her she still looked concerned for him.


“Whoa! you have some big fuckin balls!” Takiko complimented.


“That took some courage. Way to stand up to that bitch Koko!” Brass congratulated


“Yo those rhymes were so dope! You killed it up there!” Kaede explained


Xavier stood there quietly, gasping for air. He was so overwhelmed by the moment it was affecting him physically.


“Are you alright?!” Kaede asked with concern. Xavier nodded weakly in response. She then grabbed his hand and pulled him over to her into the empty seat in between herself and Brass.


“Relax boo.” remarked Brass, the orange haired amazon calmly. She ran her hand through his hair, gently massaging his scalp, while Kaede rubbed his chest to calm him down.


Xavier settled down and let out a sigh of relief, for he was near hyperventilating


“Thanks.” Xavier said to his two friends as he caught his breath.


Takiko got up out of her seat and walked up to Xavier, handing him a cold bottle of water from her backpack.


“Take this.. You’re hot.” Takiko remarked with a double entendre, causing Xavier to chuckle slightly.


Xavier held the bottle of water on his forehead before opening it and taking a sip.


“I’m just a little tired. I haven’t slept for a long time.”


“Its ok X. Stuff like that happens when you’re first getting into dating. Most of us make mistakes.” Takiko remarked before moving in close and giving him a hug, causing his face to turn red.


“Just give it some time, you’ll feel better.” Brass added while pressing her gigantic tits into his face. She buried his head between her gigantic magumbos, nearly smothering him. Xavier frantically flailed his arms in the air. After about 15 seconds she released him.


“I kinda feel better…” Xavier remarked while shaking off the dizziness as he looked at each of his 3 friends. The young man then took another big gulp of water and let out another deep breath before looking over to Kaede.


“I think you need to blow off some steam.” Kaede remarked while giving him a hug.


“Blow off some steam?” Xavier asked.


“Yeah, you know, hang out, do something fun to ease your mind a little. I know some places we can all go to later.”


“I don’t know, I’m just worried about getting through orientation without falling asleep.”


The mystery woman then got out of her seat and walked over to Xavier to be closer to him. She then looked at Xavier and his friends, pointing at herself with her thumb


“Me…..Kiana!” the woman said in very broken english while smiling at him. Xavier immediately picked up on the fact that Kiana had some kind of speech impediment or language barrier. He pointed to himself.


“Me…I’m X?” Xavier replied while flashing a forced smile. Kiana then pointed at Xavier.


“X….Sexy!” Kiana commented before licking her lips, causing Xavier to blush and his friends to giggle.


“X….Mad?” Kiana asked while pretending to hold a microphone in her hand. She pointed, nodded her head and narrowed her eyes; doing an angry face to impersonate Xavier while he was rapping. It was so accurate that she resembled him briefly. Her hair even spiked upward to mimic Xavier’s hairstyle for a moment. Kiana had succeeded in her attempt at humor. Xavier broke down in laughter as did Kaede, Brass and Takiko. This was a much needed moment for Xavier as it helped to ease the anger, sadness and tension he felt inside.


“Kiana make X feel good!” The tattooed woman said with a seductive grin before jumping on him and giving him a big hug. X’s eyes bugged out when she felt her knee accidentally smashing his nuts.




Before Xavier can say anything else, Headmistress Taiyohime on stage spoke once again. Everyone took their seats and looked ahead to see he with the microphone again.


“And now I present to you our next student!”


The lights went out in the auditorium. The room filled with monk-like gregorian chants,similar to humming that comes at the beginning of the Halo theme music. The room then filled with a dim blue light as medieval orchestra style music began to pump out from the speakers. A bright spotlight shot down from the ceiling right in front of the main entry doors. The doors flung open and a procession of men entered. Each was dressed in full French crusades era uniforms complete with body armor and chainmail. Their garments were emblazoned with the Beauregard coat of arms. The first 4 men marched forward carrying swords and shields. They were lead by a fifth man, a flag bearer who waved the French and Japanese flags. Behind them were 4 more men carrying a long golden slab. Atop the slab was a bejeweled platinum colored throne. Those in the crowd looked up to see Violette sitting in the throne with a sword laying across her lap. The streaky haired princess sat with her elbow on the throne’s armrest and her fist underneath her chin. She was dressed in a white battle dress resembling the white cloth uniforms of Crusades era french soldiers. Outside of her knee length dress, she wore a skirt style silver armor that went down to her knees. Her legs were covered with shimmering silver thigh high leg armor. Violette had similar style armor on her arms. The audience all looked upward, recognizing who it was sitting on the throne.


“That’s a hell of an entrance! The armor, the throne! This is like a wrestling Pay-Per-View entrance!” Tigre commented to Yuriko, whom she met recently on a delivery.


“Violette has a hot sense of style.” Hitomi remarked to Eiji.


“This is pretty cool!” Eiji replied with a head nod.


“Wow! She put a lot of thought into her outfit. She looks like Joan of Arc.” Mai pointed out to Matsunami.


“I wonder how much all this costs. Is that a real sword?!” Jade said to her friends, the Shinoda sisters.


“It’s definitely not a prop. Look at the edges.” Mai said, her sharp eye noticing the razor clean edges of the blade.


The procession continued until they got down to the end of the aisle.



Elsewhere on the Arena’s second floor, Saitou was on a routine foot patrol. This was a typical procedure for a massive floor like this one. Nothing was out of the ordinary. The hallways have been nearly emptied as the majority of spectators have found seating on the arena floor. Things are going as smoothly as Saitou had hoped.


“Sage, there has been suspicious movement reported on the fourth floor. Please respond.” Spoke a voice over the handheld radio that was stored in the pocket of his tactical vest.


“Copy that. I’m en route to target location.” Saitou replied into the earpiece he was wearing.


The BSU Security Chief headed to the nearest stairs, clearing the area before proceeding up the steps. He moved cautiously, visually surveying the area as he moved. Saitou saw nothing as he patrolled the hallways of the third floor. He then proceeded to the fourth floor. Once there. he cleared the corridors which lead him to a theater room. Saitou stopped and observed that the rooms doors were opened.


Something’s not right, there wasn’t anyone booked to be seated here.’ He thought to himself while approaching, one hand on his still holstered weapon.


He entered into the balcony-like room where guests could watch the assembly from above. There weren’t any people in this area as spectators had found somewhere to sit on one of the lower floors. Saitou heard something, it was in the room near the front of the balcony. He immediately drew his weapon while proceeding forward with caution.


FREEZE!” Saitou ordered as he carefully moved in. Saitou was certain something was in the room. He felt something, a presence that alarmed his senses, a living being. He had no doubt that he was not alone.




Saitou eyes widened as he watched himself drop his weapon, realizing immediately that he had been forcefully disarmed by an unseeable entity. The security officer quickly stepped back to create some distance. While doing so, he felt the wind sweep by his face and narrowly dodged an oncoming strike. He then raised his guard and took a fighting stance.




Saitou felt an incredible force colliding into his stomach which was powerful enough to be felt through the tactical vest and bulletproof vest he had on underneath his shirt. This knocked the security chief back numerous steps. The momentary shock wore off as Saitou maintained a defensive posture to protect himself. Hearing a combination of quick footsteps, shifting clothes, and breathing coming right at him, Saitou raised his forearm to block another invisible attack. As he anticipated, he felt a powerful fist collide with himself and he reflexively reached out with his other hand to grab what felt like the opponent’s arm.


A Beast Maiden with camouflage?! No, I’m fighting against an invisible man!’ Saitou thought to himself. Aiming to neutralize the enemy, he instantly jerked the invisible figure’s wrist downward in an attempt to break it. After hearing a loud RIP sound, Saitou looked down to see himself staring at a sport’s coat sleeve. The opponent had barely slipped away from Saitou’s grasp, leaving just the coat sleeve.


“So you’re wearing some kind of device that cloaks everything in contact with your body?” He asked his opponent, expecting no response in return.


Saitou shifted gears and went on the offensive, throwing a barrage of calculated punches at his invisible foe. As he expected, each punch missed. However, with each failed attack, Saitou gained a better idea of the opponent’s timing, range and rhythm. Things like the way the enemy moves and fights became clearer and clearer. The security chief then avoided several power punches but was taken aback when a kick connected with his hip, momentarily stunning him. This was immediately followed by another invisible kick to the ribs on the opposite side of his body. Saitou buckled slightly on impact but managed to catch the invisible foe’s leg.


The Security Chief immediately delivers a powerful straight punch directly into the gut of the opponent. Anticipating the enemy keeling forward from the impact and hearing the audible wincing in pain, Saitou grabbed the back of his foes head and locked the person in a Muay Thai style clinch. The man proceeded to deliver a hard knee strike right into the belt-line of the invisible man. After feeling the attack hit its mark, A second knee was attempted but was blocked by what Saitou presumed was the opponent’s own knee. He then felt the grip on his clinch break as the opponent jerked its head backwards. As the two broke apart, a front kick to the body sent the Head of Security sliding backwards a few feet. As he slid back, he saw that the invisible man was starting to materialize into a visible form.


The mysterious man who stood across from Saitou was well dressed in expensive designer clothing, he wore black slacks and a white dress shirt along with a black vest and tie. He appeared to be in his 60’s by the looks of his face. He was balding with horseshoe shaped gray hair that went around the back and sides of his head. The man had a cowboy style mustache and a thick long beard that hung down a couple of inches. The two stared one another down as they approached each other for round two of their exchange.


“Who sent you?! Tell me who you are!” Saitou asked, the other man offered no response. The two men continued their close quarters combat, exchanging barrages of punches and kicks. The mysterious gray haired man grabbed Saitou’s shoulders and rammed him into a nearby wall to gain an upper hand. Saitou grabbed onto the other man’s shoulder in response and the two began a grappling struggle. The two men tussled, slamming one another into the walls around them, trying to take the other person to the floor.


“I’m here for orientation. A family member is about to present.”


“Then why are you cloaking yourself and hiding on the 4th floor?!”


The two men wrestled each other evenly, taking their fight out of the room and into the main floor’s hallway.


“Sage, do you read. What is your status?” called the voice on the other end of Saitou’s radio. Saitou was unable to respond.


“Sage respond. Are you there?”


Saitou let go of the intruder with one of his arms and planted his feet down, throwing a powerful right hook across the gray haired man’s mouth. The man twirled with the momentum of the punch and delivered a spinning elbow back at the security chief’s jaw.


Meanwhile, Violette continued her entrance, the men carrying her throne knelt down to lower Violette’s seat to the floor. Scarlette watched on with pride while listening to an earpiece she had in one ear.


“Go Vivi! Strut your stuff girl!” Cheered the R&D Chief.


She was currently listening in on the security radio channel. Her team had recently upgraded the secure communication network and was listening to see how well it was working.


“Sage respond! What is going on up there?!”


Back on the fourth floor, Saitou and the gray haired man continued to fight in the hallway near a stairwell. Both men threw a right hook at each other at the same time….




The fist of both men connected, resulting in a double knockdown. Saitou sprung back up to his feet with a lightning fast kip up, only to see that his opponent have done the same thing. The radio came on again but Saitou still couldn’t respond.


“Sage come in! Backup is on the way.”


The intruder immediately thrusted at Saitou with a knife-palm strike with the recipient narrowly ducking to avoid the dangerous attack. In response, the security guard grabbed the opponent’s arm and answered with a thunderous shoulder throw, slamming the other man onto his back with a loud THUD. While maintaining his grasp on the enemy’s arm, Saitou dropped to the floor and quickly transitioned to an arm bar submission hold. Wrapping his legs around the mans arm, Saitou pulled back with all his might in an attempt to break it. It seemed Saitou had the gray haired man right where he wanted him! However, in a shocking display of strength, the unknown suspect resisted the armbar and began lifting his trapped arm from the floor and Saitou’s entire body along with it. The man stood back up with Saitou hanging onto his arm and flung him into the wall with ease.


“God damn you’re strong old man! In all my years of fighting, no one has ever gotten out of my arm bar like that! Are you a hybrid? that’s some beastman strength you got…!” Saitou said while tilting his head side to side to ‘pop’ his neck and prepare for round two.


“I know it looks strange but I am supposed to be here.” The man said.


“I registered to be here.”


“That’s a cloak activating utility belt. A device like that isn’t something that just anybody walks around with. This is only available on the black market. Only high level criminals and terrorists are known to have these!”


“I provided all the necessary documentation to the visitor’s center. They didn’t finish processing it in time. I need to be here to support her.”


I have a job to do. Maybe you’re telling the truth but I can’t risk taking you on your word. I will find that out once I take you in.” Saitou commented while reaching for a set of handcuffs.


“Turn around and put your hands behind your back.” Saitou ordered.


“I’m sorry sir but I can’t do that.”


“So be it I’m going to have to detain you.


Saitou sprung forth with leaping tackle like he was doing a long jump but without a running start.




He hit the gray haired man with great force causing them both to tumble to the floor. The two combatants scrambled on the ground with Saitou getting the other man in headlock.


“Chief Shinoda! Let him go!” yelled a female voice. It was Scarlette Beauregard. Both men looked up at her while getting back to their feet.


“This is Charles O’Neal! He is my daughter’s personal bodyguard.”


“That doesn’t justify sneaking around with a cloaking device. I thought you were an assassin. There are a lot of VIPs here that are susceptible to become targets, so I had to do what I had to do”.


“I understand that quite well. I was in the army for 20 years and I’ve done some security myself. I apologize for this. I registered but the results of my background check didn’t come back in time for me to attend orientation by normal means.


“I’m the one that gave Charles the okay to attend Orientation the way he did. I informed the Headmistress in advance about his situation. I thought she would have then informed you about what was going on.” Scarlette explained anxiously.


“She never tells me anything.” Saitou responds back with annoyance.


Charles then handed his military ID to Saitou. The blonde haired man then scanned his ID with his phone. After a couple of seconds, this brought up a full dossier for him to read.


“Sergeant Major Charles O’Neal, Army Ranger 13th Special Operations Division. Top Secret Security Clearance. 156 successful special operations deployments.” Saitou read aloud.


“No criminal record, employed by Beauregard Industries for the last 20 years. Looks like everything checks out. Very impressive history.” Saitou informed while pulling out his radio.


“HQ this is Sage. I’m all secure. Copy.” Saitou announced. He then looked over to Charles.


“You’re pretty good Mr. Shinoda. Did you serve in the military?”


“No I haven’t. I’m a lifetime martial artist. I used fight as an amateur back in the day. You’re no slouch yourself. I’ve never seen anyone get out of my armbar using nothing but pure strength.”


“Thanks. I try to stay in the best shape as possible in case I have to tussle with young guys like you.”


“Just curious, where did you get that utility belt from”


“It’s a prototype made for me by Beauregard Industries to assist me in my duties. Cloaking is one of the many features it has. Although Violette doesn’t know it, I am always nearby in case she ever needs me.


“My baby is about to present!” Scarlette reminded the two men, waving them back into the room they were fighting in previously.


Violette rose from her seat and began to walk toward the stage. She moved with elegance and grace while as she approached, her sword in hand. The audience erupted into raucous cheers for the Beauregard Industries heiress as she walked up the stairs.




Violette contained her emotions outwardly but on the inside she was smiling. This was the moment she had been waiting for since high school. The red eyed blue haired bombshell stopped at the center of the stage and grasped her sword handle with both hands and held the sword above her head as a spotlight from above shot down on her. The cheers for Violette grew even louder as she held the sword in the air. The first year phenom held the pose for a minute before bringing the sword down and pointing at the audience with it.


“Violette has quite a flare for the dramatic. She’s controlling them like clay in her hands.” Saitou remarked.


“Miss Violette has always loved the attention and limelight. She thrives in it.” Charles replied.


“That’s my Vivi!. She gets it from her mama!” Scarlette affirmed to Saitou while clapping.


Violette then stabbed her sword into the stage. As she walked around the stage, she swiveled and winded her hips melodically to the music before turning her back to the audience. Violette then bent down, showing her curvy ass to the crowd while running her hands up her right leg along the surface of the leg armor she was wearing until she got to her thigh. She captivated the audience with each deliberate move she made.




She then unlatched a notch at the top of the leg armor, allowing the two steel pieces to fall to the floor. This revealed her soft meaty leg which was covered by a sheer golden thigh high legging. Violette swayed her supple ass from side to side making it wobble like a flan dessert as she moved her hands over to the left leg. She repeated her action once more, drawing ooohs and ahhs from the thousands of spectators in attendance. Next, the BimboGel spokeswoman unhooked the skirt armor she was wearing while rotating her hips in a circular pattern, tossing it into the audience behind her back after she was done with it. Two male students struggled over the armor in a tug of war which made for even greater cheers. This provided a better view of her assets. She then bent all the way down, touching the floor with her palms.




The sounds of her ass cheeks smacking together reverberated through the arena. Violette had intentionally positioned herself next to the microphone stand so it would pick up the sound. Violette then raised her leg up slightly to the side of her, performing a standing split. She grabbed her ankle and did a 180 degree pivot so that she was facing the audience. This lifted up her dress exposing her pulsating pussy in all its glory. She was wearing a tiny dental floss thin thong that left nothing to the imagination. This was an impressive feat especially considering she did this with platform high heels on.


OH MY GOD LADY VIOLETTE YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT!” Auron praised loudly and enthusiastically from his seat, causing people sitting near him to stare


Violette then lowered her leg and resumed the seductive gyrations, moving her upper body in a slithering snake like motion as she reached for the shoulder part of her battle dress. She slowly unhooked the shoulder strap, letting it fall. She covered her breasts with one arm to tease the crowd while slowly thrusting with her hips. With her other hand she unhooked the strap on her other shoulder. The dress fell to the floor, revealing her school uniform in full.


This school uniform was different than what she had on before and showed a lot more skin. Gone was the shirt that completely covered her bodacious breasts, replaced by a smaller shirt that covered her upper chest area. Her tits were almost fully exposed, her nipples were covered by a pair of pockets that were held in place by suspenders attached to her silver and gold lined miniskirt. She wore golden thigh high stockings on her legs along with a pair of black designer platform high heels.


“That outfit is so sexy! It totally fits Vivi!” Nicole told Ashani.


“I like it. It’s very old school. Classy yet still revealing.” Ashani replied.


Matsunami watched attentively while sipping on a bottled water.


“So this is Violette Beauregard, a little too flashy in my humble opinion.” Leilani commented, eyebrow raised with skepticism.


“She is a promising prospect. BSU has high hopes for her. ” Taiyohime looked over and reminded her second-in-command.


“She was accepted on recommendations alone. Who recommended her besides her mother?” Leilani questioned in a skeptic rhetorical tone.


“Stop being so negative Leilani. She’s putting on a great show and entertaining the crowd.” Taiyohime countered.


“The only show that matters is the one that takes place in bed.” Leilani retorted.


Violette slowly removed her hand from her boobs, grabbing her suspenders with both hands. The blue and pink haired temptress moved her hands up and down the suspenders before pulling them both to the side, fully exposing her mega mammaries. She shook her tits from side to side while lifting up her skirt. From there she executed a slow full split, gradually drifting down to the floor. After completing the split, Violette grab her tits and licked her own prompting a loud sustained pop from the crowd


“I’ll need to borrow her to model for my photography class!” Alexis Ling, Professor of Cinematography and Photography, commented to Sara.


“I’m sure she won’t mind doing it. She’s never met a camera she didn’t like.” Sara joked


Violette stood there and waited for all the cheering and chattering to stop, taking it all in as she waited. This was where Violette wanted to be, performing and being the focus of everyone’s attention. She could not experience anything like this had she chosen to be an intern at Beauregard Industries. As the noise died down, Violette took the microphone from the stand that held it.


“I…have arrived.” Violette remarked in a confident tone, eliciting even more cheers.


“Interesting, what a presence she possesses. This girl has natural charisma.” Cathy O’Malley, BSU’s Head Disciplinarian remarked to Damien Douglas, Professor of Psychology.


“Indeed, as a first year her ability to command the audience is impressive.” Damien replied.


“Some of you already know who I am, some of you may not. Je m’appelle Violette Beauregard.” She said calmly she began to slowly pace across the stage. This wasn’t out of fear or nerves, this was intentional. She subtly swung her hips around as she walked.


“I’ve been described by many as a socialite, a celebrity, a model, a philanthropist, daughter of a pornstar, a spokeswoman for BimboGel, the Heiress to Beauregard Industries’ empire.”


Violette then stopped pacing at center stage.


“Forget all of these descriptions you have heard, there is only one that matters right now. And that is the title of SLUT!” Violette said, with extra emphasis on the word slut.


“But first, I would Like to talk to you all for a little bit.”


“Who. is. Violette Beauregard?” She asked before a pause.


“I was born in Tokyo, Japan 18 years ago. My father, Gen Fubuki is the CEO of Beauregard Industries. My mother Scarlette Beauregard, a pornstar and student studying for her degree in chemistry. Shortly after I was born, we moved to France because my father was assigned to the European headquarters in Paris . I lived a life of privilege, unaware that most other kids don’t have what I had and that most adults don’t come anywhere near the amount of money I’m worth.


“What is worth?” Violette asked the audience


“It is defined as one’s merit or value.”


“I grew up in a wealthy aristocratic society with other rich girls who bragged about how much their families are worth, the vacations they were going on, inheritance they were going to receive like spoiled little brats. ” Violette recounted before pausing, looking over at Nicole.


“That wasn’t how I was raised… My mother was strict about my education, requiring that I study 7 days a week. My mom hired the best Ivy league level tutors to work with me regularly. She expected the best from me every homework assignment, test and report card. Failure was not an option.”


My father meticulously managed my time for me, enrolling me in activities like ballet and tennis to keep me busy and my mind occupied. On top of that I was made a debutante, for those of you who don’t know what that is I will explain. I had to take a course that teaches teenage girls formal etiquette and how to carry oneself as a proper woman in aristocratic society. He had a plan for me, I would inherit Beauregard Industries. Everything I had to do was in preparation for me succeed him.” Violette admitted candidly as she walked slowly up and down the stage. She came across smooth like this wasn’t a speech but a conversation between her and the audience.


“When I was 14, I moved to World City because my parents were reassigned to the company’s headquarters there. This was mainly due to my mother’s employment at Busteez Slut University. It was a new country, a new world for me. I reunited with my best friend that I grew up with in France, Nicole Wellington. Her family moved back to the US a couple of years earlier. We had a lot of fun in high school. I was exposed to boys, parties and the life of a celebrity. I fucked almost all the time, I really enjoyed life in America. Nicole already had the media following her and her family and that is how they noticed me. I modeled for clothing lines and magazines, I loved the attention I got.” Violette explained.


“But it was soon time to decide what I wanted to do with my life after high school. Representatives from all of the country’s Ivy league universities came calling to recruit me. My father held his plan and demanded that I accept an offer from one of the Ivy league schools.”


“But this wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to do something fun and exciting something of my own choice. Concocting chemicals in a lab or sitting in an office running a multi billion dollar company just doesn’t work for me.” The buxom streaky haired young woman confessed to the audience.


“I love sex, I enjoy spending quality time with men and I want to do things on my own terms! After some thought I decided that I wanted to be an Adult Entertainer, a Pornstar but not just any run of the mill movie girl, I want to make it to the top!” Violette exclaimed exuberantly.


“I had made up my mind and I spent my free time watching videos of some of my idols in action and read their books and interviews to learn more. However, I still had to choose a school. After some videos of NikNik and I on vacation went viral, I got numerous offers from all of the top AE schools. I narrowed it down to just two, BSU and Harlot State. In the end I decided on BSU because of its rich history, the faculty and its proven track record.”


“Your worth has nothing to do with what you were born with, how you were raised or how much money you have in your account, It is something you determine yourself!” Violette declared with fiery vigor.”


“What is your life worth if don’t live it how you want to?” Violette asked the crowd.


“I’ve chosen to be a SLUT! Not a Harlot, Hoe or Floozy. I am here for one reason and one reason alone, to become the best. To be the top pornstar in the world!” Violette declared proudly while doing a number 1 hand gesture. She then resumed pacing.


“First year students, some of you may be my fans, some of you might hate me but you all have one thing in common. You will all BOW to me this year!”


This statement was met with gasps from the audience.


“Can you believe this chick?!” Kaede commented.


“I see humility is not one of her qualities.” Takiko agreed, nodding to Kaede.


“I think she’s just working the crowd. Violette is quite the showman! Listen to the cheers. Everyone is hyped for what shes gonna do this year!” Brass added, struggling to be heard over the roaring crowd.


Xavier sat with a focused stone faced expression, his eyes narrowed, holding his chin with one hand.


Han sat in his seat with his arms crossed, wearing an unimpressed expression.


“This chica knows how to cut a promo. She’d make an awesome heel.” Tigre said to Yuriko.


“You’re right. She has a hell of an ego. I’m gonna love beating her!” Yuriko replied with a grin.


Violette continued to speak.


“Friend or foe you will all get to know what it feels like to be with me, to fuck me, to love me, to worship me! I’ll see you all in 2 weeks. Vous êtes les bienvenus, le plaisir est à vous! (French for “You’re welcome, the pleasure is yours!“)”


Violette did a curtsy to conclude her presentation to loud cheers. She looked over to the area where her mother was supposed to be sitting and was surprised to see no one there.


Mom, where are you?? I don’t see Charles either….’ she thought to herself as she started to exit the stage. Scarlette watched on with a smile from the 4th floor balcony.


“She has made her statement. Her confidence is great but graduating from BSU won’t be as easy as she thinks.” Scarlette commented.


“Violette will have a target on her back given she’s your daughter. Everyone else is going to try even harder to beat her now.” Charles added.


“I think that can work in her favor. Competition brings the best out of people, iron sharpens iron. I told another student that during SPLASH.


“There’s no doubt about that. Speaking of other students, there is one in this bunch that interests me. The eccentric new scientist. She promised something major today.” Scarlette admitted with a head nod.


Back on the first floor of the arena other members of the BSU faculty spoke amongst each other.


Taiyohime looked over at Leilani with a childish grin.


Leilani taps her fingers on her arm rest for a moment. “Hmph…. Not bad…”


“That’s Scarlette’s daughter for sure! Bravo! She definitely has the charisma and energy to make it here!” remarked Professor Ryoko Fuji.


“And she has the skills to go along with it from my evaluations! She did earn my recommendation after all~” Sara revealed to Ryoko boastfully, confident that the highly touted BSU recruit will reach the upper echelons of BSU’s first year students.

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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4 years ago

If you wanna read more, Check out Violette’s Character Profile here:

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Yes. YES. More of the divine princess of sex herself, Violette, is always appreciated and with such a sexy outfit. I’m not the greatest fan of her pose, since it doesn’t really scream personality. In my mind something from a lower angle or perhabs with her looking down upon the viewer would fit her role better, but whatever. The purple lipstick fits her well and the money raining down on her in the other version makes sense, given her being the heir of one of the richest companies in this world.

Really nice idea showing each day from the perspective of different students allthough it could slow down the pace, with the whole Arc taking place on one day but still, awesome. I like the focus on Violette’s and Charles relationship. Charles in general has some really good moments througout the chapter and the reveals in the Character Profiles. Not only is he her bodyguard, but also god father and father figure, which makes me like this man even more. His fight with Saitou was described flawlessly, allthough I highly doubt that only criminals and terrorists have access to a cloaking device. I guess what you meant to say was that other than militair, only criminals and terrorists use this thing, since I don’t believe that the black market could so easily have a factory where they build these devices. What makes more sense, would be that they get it from a corrupt weapon manufacturer who works for the militair but also sells it to them. Still a nice action scene and the moment Violette notices that her mother and Charles aren’t even watching her performence must be a very serious moment for her, since both the persons she’s doing this aren’t even there. Speaking of her performance, while I did love the historical aspect with Jeanne d’Arc since I’m a history nerd myself, it is one of my lower ranked introduction performances so far. Xavier had a freestyle rap where he not only dissed Koko and came clear with the shit he messed up, Brass has a fucking musical number, complete with her smashing stuff to pieces with her tits and Matsunami,… I think I don’t even need to mention her, since you get the idea. Her little striptease and subsequent talk about her life doesn’t even come close to those other entrances. Her interaction with Brooke was interesting and I can admit that I’m quite intruiged by the little lioness and what her goals are. Violette’s sex scene with the two cooks was absolutely stellar and the way she demanded them to cum for her and say her name as she left was soooo hot. Other interesting or good stuff include Xavier who is now comforted by his sexy friends and the newest addition to the cast, Kiana. I wonder what her deal is and if she is perhabs one of the persons who are placed higher than Violette in the Class Rank.

And surprisingly, it turns out that Violette isn’t even in the Top 5 of her class with five characters having an overall better first impression or who are more experienced in sex than her. From what the character profile says and what the story indicates, I guess that Han is Number 1 with Matsunami close behind. I wonder if we get to see her family members further down the line, her brohter Jaune, to be exact, since I think it goes without saying, that her mother HAS TO get her very own artwork but I think her brohter might be a funny addition as well. I assume that a Zetsugi is something similar to the Bankai from Bleach, a powerful technique to end/further increase the pace of a sex scene. Her first encounter with Han was also rather interesting, since it made her fall several places down the Class Rank and made her realize to not only take second year students serious but also her class mates, with some of them who might, no ARE, on the same level as she is.
Violette: One of my all time favorite characters of this series and even ROL in particular, simply because she’s a Quincy. One of the many things I like about her, other than her absolutely godlike physique, is her personality. Call me a Nice Guy who thinks she’s the best, but in my eyes she did nothing wrong at her first encounter with Xavier. Yes, it was foolish of her to think that just because he has a big dick means that he is good in bed but I believe Xavier was the one to blame the most, since he knew, with whom he was dealing with and what to expect. It really helps that she is also quite the historian, which makes me worship this goddess even more.

Stellar artwork and story with one of my two favorite characters (Violette and Charles) but it sadly didn’t leave a strong impact on me.

4 years ago

Absolutely amazing!

4 years ago
Reply to  WillingSoul

Thank you so much man 😍👍

4 years ago

Yay i loved the chapter, and Violette looks really hot, so do you plan to create profile for all the characters? 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Lizardon

Only if you read them! 😍

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Sure Rtenzo, i love all your stories, and art so much 😁😁

4 years ago

Personally I can’t wait for her to learn some humility.

4 years ago
Reply to  Blackstriker94

Keep watching! I Think you will enjoy what comes next with her

4 years ago

Interesting introduction for the heiress and I’m quite astounded there is also more to her than just being a stick up rich bitch. Although I do enjoy seeing moments whens she smacked down to reality or someone puts her in check. This is going to get good real quick.

4 years ago

Thanks vendetta. Violette has reason to act the way she does. She’s been operating under extreme pressure with the shadow of both parents looming over her. She was bred to be the best in whatever she decided to do and faced consequences from her father for losing growing up. I will delve more into her character and background as the story progresses.

4 years ago

First things first, Violette’s looking really hot in the pic 😍
What a great episode to follow up Xavier’s introduction, I really enjoyed the different stories that happened during this chapter, from Violette having a threesome with the 2 cooks during breakfast to the fight between Saitou and Charles and finally Violette’s great entrance and introduction.
Though her appearance was short, I’m quite intrigued by Brooke now that we know what her cause is and that she has become a student at BSU just to try and destroy the AE industry from inside, I’m guessing she’ll have a more important role in the story later on, since she and her cause oppose pretty much all of the characters we have in the story so far, anyways I hate her holier than thou attitude, so fuck her I hope she fails and that her days at BSU turn her into a sex addict xD
The sex scene itself was really hot and well done, it helps us remember how experienced and skilled Violette is at sex, taking on both the cooks and milking them dry, clearly showing why she is one of the top recruits for BSU.
The best part for me though was yet to come, first Violette’s great entrance at the stage, I have to say from the way it was described it must have been a sight to behold, entering the stage being carried on top of a throne, while wearing crusader armor and carrying a sword, also escorted by crusaders. Then, the awesome fight between Saitou and Charles, it’s incredible how you described everything from Saitou’s way to deal with Charles’ invisibility gadget, to the reactions to every hit they took, the radio communications in between, everything was perfect 👍. I just loved the final part with Violette making a statement of her wanting to be the number 1 in the AE industry and basically proclaiming herself the queen of her class, only after revealing her story of being raised to be the best of the best at everything and obviously all the reactions from the various characters. I really wanted to know more about Violette and now I can see that she isn’t all that different from what I had perceived from the previous chapters, though now I see the reason why she’s the way she is, even if she is seen as an antagonist to Xavier I can’t hate this girl tbh.
Also, I’m glad to see the girls are supporting my boy X.
Overall, I think this is a very solid chapter, fun to read all throughout its length, good job!
PS: I admit I laughed at the word magumbos xD

4 years ago
Reply to  xfuski

Thanks Fuski This chapter was an eventful one. Violette has again established herself as a frontrunner among the freshman class. The charles and Saitou sequence is the first time ive done a non jobber fight sequence in years. It was pretty fun to work on. Glad you liked coat sleeve move, wanted to come up with a unique way of exposing charles as being cloaked.

Brooke was also the highlight for me writing wise. I think she brings a different energy and flavor whenever she appears and it reflects in how she interracts with people. I’m glad you hate her attitude actually. She’s the type that gets people to invest in her character for love or hate, she won’t be denied. Though people may not respect her views per se, she is still charismatic engaging and unique. It will be fun.

Violette’s entrance is actually inspired by pro wrestling. I got the Idea from the wrestler Triple H. He’s known for his elaborate and flashy ring entrances at wrestlemania. I just put a French twist on it with her referencing Joan of Arc.

I see what you mean by not being able to hate Violette. Though she is arrogant, she is also very genuine and has an it quality that draws people in. Her speech was from the heart and she meant every word of it and as you saw the reaction from other characters was mixed.

Brass Takiko and Kaede showed up right on time lol. X believes that it is him against the world right now and hes stressed out ane exhausted. The people hes been good to are now there for him, he doesn’t have to go up against the world alone.

Glad you enjoyed the story. I appreciate your support.

4 years ago

There are no words but simply BRAVO. This is at least in my opinion the best series and I look forward to see where the story takes the characters not just on the fucking level but also on the character development level. If only the fucking parts were allowed on screen I’d hope this would be made into a proper show lol. It will be interesting to see if we get stories of all the cha gets we met or probably just get a few more then the main story continues. As always I hope to see fuck rivalries so a bit of a rematch between X and violette even if it’s personal and not for school would be great in the future. There are so many more things I want to talk about but I’ll just say I can’t wait for more. Again fantastic job BRAVO

4 years ago
Reply to  Princenoctis

Thanks Noctis! We try to make the characters real in how they are presented. I want to tell a story about peoples lives while also doing the sexy stuff, as most times hentai are very shallow with characters and storytelling. We are going to try deliver these for the remaining 22 characters before resuming with the normal chapters. There will definitely be more rivalries. Eventually Xavier and Violette will clash in the bedroom once again. I appreciate the support!

4 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Fantastic also I do have a follow up question. Are kaede and takiko sisters? I’m pretty sure they have the same last name but I wasn’t sure. And thanks for the confirmation that we may have more of these character chapters before moving onto the main story. I also look forward to seeing the 3 new(ish?) characters Nicole, brook and Kiana.

4 years ago
Reply to  Princenoctis

They do have the same last name. They are sisters but it hasn’t been officially revealed in the story itself yet. Kaede’s last name being Makoto was revealed in Xavier’s character profile that accompanied his chapter.

4 years ago

Yo two characters intro down and they both came in with the heat one takes a stand for himself so.he doesn’t get putted and the other say how she going to rule all. Low key getting a kill la kill vibe from her with the sword and everything XD but this was good can’t wait for the other characters profile and to see how they all start the new arc

4 years ago
Reply to  Jojoleo

Thanks for the compliment Jojo. Violette really put down a challenge to everyone else so the other girls are really gonna be after her. At the same time shes also putting my pressure on herself. However shes been under tremendous pressure and expectations her whole life so shes not in new territory. Glad you liked it!

4 years ago

Oh yeah, off topic question. I know that there’s still a bunch of BSU pictures here in the site that don’t already have a story for them yet.

I was just wondering, would those have any chapters or story content at some point later on? Just curious. XD

4 years ago
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Probably not, were focused on putting out stories for new pictures. Maybe if there is a writer who wants to write for the older artwork perhaps?

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Fair enough. I really appreciate the response. 🙂

4 years ago

It’s been just about forever since we had a new chapter of Welcome to BSU, and I got to say, this DID NOT disappoint!

So today’s focus is on Violette, huh? Wasn’t expecting her turn this soon, honestly. But let me get right into my reaction and review! First, this is quite the updated look for her. I personally love her appearance, as well as the uniform she’s using here.

Secondly, this really whole chapter really sheds some more light on her as a whole. She’s a lot more complex than I initially took her for, as evidenced in her interactions with Charles, her butler and confidant [Who I’ll get back to in a little bit, don’t you worry about that. XD], Ashani and Nicole and how she addressed her backstory and profile to the crowd. Not to mention how she and the other girls and even Eric shot back at Brooke[Who I’ll be talking about a bit more in a moment.]. She’s really grown on me. As for Brooke, this also explains why she’s got an axe to grind for BSU and the AE industry as a whole, but I find it ironic since she’s a student herself. Personally I think she’s barking up the wrong tree. I really want to see what else she’s about.

Next, the sex sequence. She’s really good. In fact she’s improved tremendously since the last time she was seen taking some dick. Ryan and Terrell, huh? I got a feeling we’re going to be seeing more of them later on. More remarkably, she really has improved her control and skillset too. Very impressive!

Plus the assembly continues. I really liked how the second half of the chapter picks up right where Xavier’s part leaves off. Him getting some welcoming support from Brass, Kaede and Takiko was a sweet move, not to mention very nice seeing them pop up again. Plus we already meet Kiana, huh? Wasn’t expecting her to show herself this soon in the arc and into X straight away, to be honest with you. Not a bad debut on her part. Not only that I really liked the scene that had Saitou and Charles too. That was a very awesome job, but him being there in that way kinda got him into trouble. Haha. Good thing Scarlett was there to help clear things up, nice job mom. XD But you got to respect his loyalty and resume though! Next time Taiyo, tell somebody!

As for the ending itself, that was quite the show. I knew Violette was a showoff, but damn, girl! XD The folks on stage really aided her on that part. Not only that, her speech was something only a pro wrestling heel could pull off, but it worked. I also found it really interesting that she got a mixed reaction here, namely from Han, Matsu, Leilani, Yuriko and Tigre. As well as her mom, of course. Her attitude reminds me a little of Mei’s. XD

Overall, I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait for the next ones. Nice work gentlemen. Especially you Seiryu. 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks Hiryu I’m Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry for the wait. These chapters are more difficult than the normal stories so It takes a little longer to complete them. Coming up with powers/skills developing how they work is challenging at times. Its also pretty tricky to portray a character talking about themselves to an audience.

Violette has more layers than what has been shown in previous appearances. I was trying to show some of that here.

Onto Charles, Violette cares about Charles deeply and is closer to him than anyone in her biological family.

4 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks Hiryu I’m Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry for the wait. These chapters are more difficult than the normal stories so It takes a little longer to complete them. Coming up with powers/skills developing how they work is challenging at times. Its also pretty tricky to portray a character talking about themselves to an audience.

Violette has more layers than what has been shown in previous appearances. I was trying to show some of that here.

Onto Charles, Violette cares about Charles deeply and is closer to him than anyone in her biological family. He has practically raised her from birth and been there for all the highs and lows in her life. Violette wants to call her dad but Charles doesn’t allow it out of respect for her parents. The fight scene with Saitou was really fun to create. action based series are choreographing fights are my bread and butter in terms of writing. I don’t get to do them much its nice to have one. Charles’ utility belt is inspired by batman. I’m actually not sure how many gadgets/erapons he has stored inside of it.

As for Brooke she is quite the character. There hasn’t been much conflict between characters before orientation. I think this shows some more elements of college life and interraction. She’s one of my favorites to get into character with.

Xavier’s part here was to show that even with his mistakes failures, losses and enemies made, he isn’t alone which is new for him. Prior to moving to world city hasn’t made many meaningful connections with people outside of his family. Also this meant to show solidarity between him Kaede, Takiko and Brass. Lastly it was to introduce him and the other friends to Kiana. These 4 and Rubii make up his group of ride or die of friends that he hangs out and spends time with regularly both at school and after hours.

The sex scene was a last minute addition. It’s purpose was to display Violette’s moves that she hadn’t done yet as well as her Dominant demeanor with men. Ryan and Terrell may appear occasionally as background characters as I have done with some of the other non Student/teacher ocs who have appeared before.

Violette was staking her claim at BSU and letting everyone know this is her yard,everyone else is just playing in it. She’s outspoken and is going to say whats on her mind, no matter what other people think about it. The armor, throne, soldiers and the sword represent world conquest which is her goal in her adult film career.

Thanks again for the support