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Profile: Violette Beauregard


The name Violette suits the eldest Beauregard child, for the royal color suits her beautiful, graceful appearance. Her combination of French and Japanaese ancestry has given her an exotic look that catches people’s attention. One such feature are her eyes. Their beautiful dark red hue are a rare sight, possibly a hereditary trait she shares with her mother. She has frozen the hearts of many men with her alluring gaze which is capable of breaking even the most brash and arrogant of individuals. Violette’s supreme confidence in herself reflects in her eyes.


Another one of Violette’s defining traits is her distinctive hairstyle. Her long dark blue, pink streaked locks hang down to her back, her bangs rest and form a perfect hime-cut hairstyle. The sides of her bangs extend further down to her cheeks which nicely frames her face. Violette’s fair skin is soft to the touch and possesses a creamy yet glistening aesthetic to it, proof of her regular visits for spa treatment. She takes great care of herself frequently getting manicures, pedicures and facials often, no pun intended.


Violette’s most noticeable feature of course is her buxom curvy figure. She’s far from lacking in T&A but is best known for her huge, bountiful breasts. Violette often flaunts them in revealing clothing and bikinis that leave little to the imagination whenever she’s at the beach. Along with this, her round derriere is enough to satisfy those who prefer booty. Her body is so amazing that it defies logic, for she is often compared to the visually perfect women that are common in anime. However there is nothing artificial here, Violette is one hundred percent natural woman. She has been blessed with phenomenal genes, which is enhanced by her commitment to diet and exercise.


When it comes to fashion, Violette wears nothing but the best for clothing and accessories. Not only because she likes the high quality but, because of her own personal ethos; Look great, feel great, perform great. Violette takes great pride in her physical appearance and for good reason. Considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, Violette’s likeness is adorned as posters on the walls of teenagers and young men all around the globe.



One of Violette Beauregard’s defining characteristics is her supreme confidence in herself, and it clearly shows in how she carries herself. From her walk, her mannerisms, to the way she talks to others, Violette is absolutely sure of herself. Such an ego is attributed to her unique upbringing. Violette was taught to be the best from a young age and as a result of that, she not only believes she can be the best, but she always expects the best for herself.


This goes for every aspect of her life including sex. Violette loves to take a good dicking and appreciate those who are able to give it to her. She has been known to give out naked posters of herself to men who have shown her a good time and connected with her. This is somewhat of a badge of honor but also a memento for recipients to remember her by. She gave Eiji Nakamura a poster after finding out he was a BSU student, specifically as a welcoming gift when he moved into Passion Towers. This image of her currently adorns the wall in Eiji’s dorm room.


Violette carries herself in a very dignified way, always speaking properly and sometimes even addressing her peers as Mr. or Ms. on occasion. This is a result of many years of training in proper etiquette. This extends to how she walks and even the way she eats, always using the proper utensils and never gorging herself with food unlike some of her BSU classmates. Never one to shy away from praise, Violette has been known to curtsy after giving a great performance. She enjoys the limelight and being the center of everyone’s attention, never missing the opportunity to promote herself. This was the case when she accepted a challenge for an impromptu romp with a second year male student at the annual 2nd year BBQ event.


On the other hand, Violette dislikes being upstaged or having attention taken away from her. This is especially true when other females are involved such as when she and Eiji ran into Alexandra prior to the BSU Annual Summer BBQ. Ever the competitor, Violette sometimes clash with peers who hold a similar status to her own. Such was true when she initially met Ashani El-Karim. The two exchanged verbal jabs until Nicole Wellington intervened. It is this competitive nature and ego that propels her. Violette’s sense of pride pushes her to achieve and go further down her path to greatness.


Despite her sometimes arrogant, I’m-better-than-you attitude and her stubborn pride, Violette is more mature than she usually acts. She rarely shows this side of herself, but when she does it usually involves people she cares deeply about. During the Sapphire SPLASH event, Violette educated her best friend Nicole Wellington about her spoiled misguided way of thinking. She lectured Nicole about the importance of not looking down on other people and keeping an open mind about the experiences that were to come at BSU. Unlike Violette, Nicole was left to her own devices for most of her life with her parents spoiling her with material possessions rather than giving her the time and attention she needed. Violette recognizes Nicole’s attitude wasn’t completely her fault given her upbringing. Violette offers her blunt yet honest opinions to Nicole in hopes that it will help her. On the same token she isn’t afraid to shine that same light of truth upon herself when necessary. Although she is ever confident, even Violette has worries, fears and insecurities. However, she keeps these thoughts tightly locked up inside because she doesn’t want to give the outward impression of weakness. She carries this with her, afraid to share her deepest thoughts and feelings with someone else.


Not one to mince words or waste time with small talk, Violette gets right to the point when it comes to hook ups and things she wants. She is usually the aggressor when it comes to sex, which is very much appropriate for her dominant alpha female nature. On that same note, she hates for her time to be wasted. After unsuccessfully attempting to salvage a bad encounter with Xavier Williams, she contacted Eiji Nakamura on Linkum to schedule an immediate booty call right after.


Violette is surprisingly cool under pressure and tries not to allow her negative emotions to show in public. This can be attributed to the immense pressure to succeed her entire life. She was taught that pressure and stress are a part of life and one must endure and persevere through it. Additionally, one must do so while wearing a poker face as to not expose one’s own weakness to those willing to prey upon them. However, there could be more than meets the eye to her confident demeanor. As a first year student at BSU, she will truly face the ultimate test of pressure and stress.


(Sexual Powers, Techniques and Abilities)

Experienced Sexual Prowess: Violette Beauregard has been sexually active since her early teen years, developing her lust worthy talent throughout her time as a high school student. Her well stacked curves made her the center of attention, giving her the choice of any guy she wanted to sleep with. Rather than waiting to be asked, she takes a straightforward approach to finding hook up opportunities, presenting herself to guys she found attractive. Violette impressively displayed her aptitude for sex on the socialite party scene, seducing some of the world’s moste eligable young men, frequently wearing them out in the bedroom. Her sexual exploits as a teenager became legendary among teen social circles and industry insiders, with word eventually making its way to the ears of BSU officials. As the daughter of popular pornstar, master scientist and BSU Head of Research and Development Scarlette Beauregard, Violette was a prime candidate to become a second generation superstar. In an application video sent to BSU Head of Admissions Sara Reed, Violette more than lived up to the hype that surrounded her. She took on not one but two, well endowed studs, an incredible feat for a rookie recruit. Violette skillfully handled both cocks, sucking, fucking and even taking a double penetration! In the end she exhausted both men, taking a bow at the conclusion of the video.


Gangbang/Group Sex Enthusiast: Violette’s lust can be overpowering, too much for a single man to handle alone. Sometimes she requires 2 or more people at a time to satisfy her insatiable libido. Violette is well versed in the practices of group sex and is capable of using a combination of 3 or more of her assets at once to please multiple partners at once; Vaginal, oral, anal, mammary and digital (hands).

Violette enjoys gangbangs because more partners prolongs her pleasure. Additionally she finds fucking multiple men at once to be an exciting challenge. Violette honed her skills as an amatuer behind the closed doors of some of the most exclusive teen socialite parties and gatherings in the world.


Big Dick Enthusiast/Size Queen: Violette enjoys and considers herself to be a connoisseur of long, thick penis. She first started off having sex with guys carrying small to average sized cocks but as she developed her skills, and became better at sex, those sizes could no longer satisfy her desire. She sought out well endowed partners to fuck, finding bigger and bigger ones to conquer. Violette enjoys the depth of penetration offered by a long cock, and the spreading and filling sensation of a thick girthy one. She was so excited at seeing Xavier Williams’ dick on his Linkum profile that she invited him for a sexual rendezvous on the same day.


Enhanced Endurance: Over the last 4 years taking lots of dick, Violette has shown herself to be quite resilient when taking a good pounding. She has demonstrated the ability to handle some of the largest dicks around without even a slight wince. In her application video, one of her partners was 14 inches long. During the BSU 2nd year Student BBQ, Violette accepted a challenge laid down by second year student Rubii Tiānshàng to have sex with a second year male student. A young man known by the nickname “Ramrod”. Although Ramrod ass fucked her into submission, she lasted longer than any new recruit who ever tried. Considering the skill gap and that her male partner was a 2nd year student, Violette lasting as long as she did was an incredible feat.


Perfectly Tight Pussy: Violette’s vaginal region remains in pristine shape despite her very high level of sexual activity. This is a result of countless hours of vaginal exercise to prevent becoming loose. As a second generation starlet, Violette has access to her mother’s knowledge of sex science. Scarlette taught Violette how to perform Kegel exercises as a teenager. The kegel is a muscle strengthening technique in which a woman flexes the muscles in the vagina to strengthen them. Repetition of this exercise tightens the vagina itself, making the orifice functionally smaller. Though this is a staple skill for all female performers, Scarlette took this to the next level during her porn career, mastering the art. The mother Beauregard’s pussy is able to mold and adjust to fit the size of her male partner’s penis like a sheath for a sword, no matter how large or small. This provides for some exciting wet, penetration and enabled Scarlette to get the best out of partners in every scene. She has passed this knowledge down to her daughter. Although Violette knows the skill she has a long way to go until she achieves mastery of this level.


Exhibititionist: Violette enjoys being the center of attention and as a result of this, she has no qualms about having sex in front of large numbers of people. She is extremely confident in her sexual abilities and loves to show them off. The attention of being in front of an audience can be intoxicating for her, heightening her pleasure during the encounter even further. In fact, it was a very public sexual encounter that initially got her name buzzing around the BSU campus. During Spring Break, Violette and Nicole Wellington took a trip down to the French Riviera to attend a Fashion Week being held there, as well as to blow off some steam after completing their semester exams. She documented her adventures on her Linkum and Snapchat accounts.

The duo received VIP backstage passes to a big fashion show and afterwards she and Nicole had a wild gangbang session with all of studs that walked the runway in the show. This went viral and spread throughout BSU, creating speculation that she might become a student there. Sara Reed was impressed with Violette’s onscreen presence and how naturally comfortable she was on camera as well as her ability to take dick. This sparked the professor’s interest to recruit Violette.


Experienced Fellatio Practitioner: Sucking cock is an art that comes naturally to Violette for she enjoys wrapping her lips around a big dick. With years of giving head under her belt, Violette encountered dicks of nearly all lengths and degrees of thickness. Unveiling her partner’s cock is like unwrapping gifts on one’s birthday, she loves the surprise of what she’s going to get. Unless dictated by her partner, she initiates her sexual encounters with a good BJ. Her moist mouth Violette produces plenty of saliva while performing a blowjob, often leaving excess dangling from her partners cock. The fact that she enjoys sucking dick enhances her skill at it.

Deepthroat Specialist: Violette is quite skilled in this basic technique. As a connoisseur of cock, Violette loves to give head and prides herself on her ability to do it well. She is able to deepthroat with very little gag reflex. Her deepthroat skills were put to the test by a 2nd year student. Violette was absolutely throttled by Ramrod, becoming dizzy as he skull fucked her throat, but she managed to take it without choking which in itself is an impressive feat for a brand new freshman.

Enhanced Deepthroat: Violette is able to augment the standard Deepthroat technique into a more efficient and pleasurable sex act. By gathering air through her nostrils and then blowing it outwards through her mouth, she can temporarily cause her throat to expand several times wider. This enables her to more easily perform deepthroat on more well endowed partners with thicker dicks such as Auron Sorelle or Xavier Williams. In addition, she is able to maintain the act of deepthroat for much longer than she usually does. However, this ability cannot be used if her partner becomes domineering and decides to plug up her nostrils.

Double BJ: A signature skill of Violette’s, she learned how to perform double oral through her numerous double team experiences. She is able to handle two dicks in her mouth at once even with greatly endowed partners. The excess saliva of her unusually moist mouth allows dicks to easily glide in and out of her mouth. Additionally, her cocky demeanor and enhanced throat capacity invites challengers to conquer the Beauregard’s beautiful yet slutty face.

Pied Piper: A combination technique that combines oral sex with a hand job. Violette vigorously sucks her partner off while holding his dick with both hands, deeply pressing and massaging the cock with her finger tips. The pressure exerted from her fingers and the sucking sensation of her lips and tongue work in fluid harmony to milk her partner dry. When performing this move it looks like shes playing the flute. Perhaps this was inspired by her time as a flutist in in elementary and middle school.


Experienced Dick Rider: Violette’s favorite sex position is the cowgirl. It suits her personality well due to her her dominant personality. She immensely enjoys being on top of her partner because it allows her to be in full control of the encounter. Violette rides dick like a pro, using her hips and thighs to help up bounce high and hard. When she rides a dick it makes distinct smacking sound, the result of her ass and thighs making contact with her partner’s skin. At times this has been known to give her partner a sore stomach due to the amount of force Violette employs.

Fuzen Nigiri (不善握り (Vice de Plaisir), French for “Vice of Pleasure“, Japanese for “Sin’s Grasp“): A product of Violette’s own creation and one worthy enough to be considered a Zetsugi (絶技, Special Technique). While Violette is riding her partner, she flexes her pelvic and vaginal muscles tightly to constrict around her partner’s dick, creating an immensely euphoric sensation for them. This often causes her dates to ejaculate prematurely. However, through practice and refinement of this maneuver, Violette can now induce a partner to ejaculate at will. This technique was derived from her years of diligent practice of the kegel exercise, which afforded her full control of her vaginal region. She is able to easily adjust to her partner’s dick size and even control the intensity of the sensation she delivers.

Violette used this technique to end her disappointing encounter with Xavier Williams because she wasn’t enjoying it. However, bringing an end to unsatisfying sexual encounters isn’t the only use of this ability. She is capable of using this to prolong pleasurable encounters with a maneuver known as edging. Edging is the act of bringing one’s partner to the cusp of climaxing only to prevent ejaculation from occurring. This is performed by constricting the vaginal muscles so tight that it blocks cum from being released. It works much like a clamp, allowing her partner’s imminent explosion to recede before continuing to ride him until she’s satisfied. Violette frequently edges guys she likes to get the most time possible with them. This suits her alpha woman demeanor as she loves to be in control and have sex on her own terms, only stopping once she’s ready to.

When in engaged in a Taiketsu (対決, Showdown), a head to head competition in which two individuals or teams attempt to fuck the other into submission; Violette can use this technique to make her opponent cum immediately to claim victory. This technique has given Violette a fierce reputation on campus as someone no man wants to face off with. The majority of her victories have come within the first minute of intercourse and most people don’t know why. It was Violette’s use of this technique during her BSU video application that grabbed Professor Sara Reed’s attention. She understood the level of mastery of that Violette achieved with her body in order to perform this technique.

Inverse Fuzen Nigiri: The opposite of Violette’s Fuzen Nigiri technique. This maneuver enables Violette to induce an immediate erection on her partner without any delay or waiting period. This is done by constricting her vaginal muscles so tight that it produces a suction effect on the penis. Like pumping air into a tire, With slow movements Violette can make her partner hard again. She demonstrated this technique on Orientation day with Terrell, one of the 2 cooks that served her breakfast in the dining hall. This is considered to be a very handy and practical manuever, especially on set while filming scenes. Violette is able to compensate for premature ejaculations by male partners, resuming the action immediately after. However, this ability is not without it’s downsides. Giving her partner an erection over and over again have diminishing returns on effectiveness, for a hard-on means nothing if the person lacks the physical stamina or mental will to continue.


Intimidating Presence: Violette’s prestige and status as one of the world’s richest and most desirable young celebrities gives her a powerful presence. This along with her sexual skills and her dominant demeanor makes her an intimidating person for most men. This is especially true when meeting her for the first time. Her piercing eyes and judgmental gaze can cause the most confident of pick up artists to become timid and nervous. When speaking to her, the internal thoughts of most men is that of constant worry, trying to keep the conversation engaging to keep her entertained, only to become overwhelmed and lose her interest.

Some partners have climaxed prematurely during intercourse just from the mere pressure of having to satisfy her desires. This can be a source of frustration for Violette since she demands total satisfaction from her sexual encounters. Xavier Williams was mesmerized upon stepping into her hotel room and couldn’t believe he was about to get it on with her. Violette’s intimidating aura put him into a spellbound state causing the nervous young man to have an uncontrollable daydream in which he was a samurai warrior who was about to conceive with the goddess he championed. Violette has flustered many men with her almost regal presence even causing some to ruin their dates with her.


(Physical Characteristics and Skills)

Curvaceous Physique (Natural): Despite being the heiress to Beauregard Industries, the creator of BimboGel, Violette’s 44-24-40 curvaceous figure is all natural. This is due in part to her genetics. Scarlette Beauregard, Violette’s mother, is a highly stacked physical specimen in her own right. Along with good genes, Violettes maintains a healthy diet and exercising daily to maintain her thicc figure. While her breasts are truly a sight to behold, Violette also possesses a big round rump, ready to be pumped. Violette is proud of her amazing figure and the fact that she hasn’t had any artificial enhancements. She doesn’t hesitate to answer the question of whether or not she’s all natural, in fact she enjoys doing so.

Huge Breasts: While Violette has a number of desirable assets, her most notable are her tits. They are bountiful and soft to the touch, possessing a feel that is similar to the richest cotton. Along with their size, Violette’s breasts are perfectly shaped and have a natural slope to them. Known breast lover, Xavier Williams remarked that Violette had the body of a goddess when he first saw her, a notion that BSU students and staff at large agree with.

Big Ass: Although Violette’s most recognizable and talked about feature are her massive tits, she is far from lacking in the rear department. Her ass is larger than most women who claim to have have big butts, and can satisfy the most picky of ass man. Denim shorts become denim thongs when she puts them on, getting lost in between her soft cakes. Violette’s ass is soft to the touch and has a natural jiggle to it when she moves, proof that she is all natural. Violette’s thick rump isn’t just for show as she knows how to use it as well. She is known to shake, gyrate and twerk her ass while riding her partner, often slapping it up against their stomach and legs. Furthermore, Violette is adept at anal sex, and quite enjoys it. She makes use of her ass to provide additional pleasure by rocking back and forth, caressing her partner’s dick with her ass cheeks as he thrusts. Violette has been known to completely dominate more timid and submissive partners by making them perform analingus on her, an act she rather enjoys. Violette maintains her ass by sticking to a diet that is very high in fat, which sustains her body through strenuous exercise and high energy sex.


Great Physical Conditioning: Although she has an ultra soft, thicc body, her level of fitness mustn’t be underestimated. Violette is in great physical condition. For many years, she played tennis, an intensely high stamina sport which has long lasting matches. Additionally, Violette danced ballet for most of her life which requires stamina, balance, flexibility, timing and execution. Given her wealth, Violette has had access to personal trainers who constantly change and update her diet and workout regimen with the newest most cutting edge training programs and health fads. Additionally, the most state of the art equipment for training and physical recovery are available to her. Violette’s heart rate, calories burned and other statistical factors are continually monitored and documented whenever she is exercising. After every workout she does cryotherapy to help her muscles recover faster from her high impact routines. Scarlette Beauregard has devised a recipe for delicious and nutritious shakes specifically for Violette’s needs. They are high in vitamins, minerals, protein and fat. High levels of fat are necessary to replenish fat burned off by heavy exercise. This helps Violette maintain the thicc curvy body she is renowned for. Lastly, Violette has been very highly sexually active since high school. Sex itself is a high stamina and endurance activity. After especially rigorous, tiring love sessions/scenes, she eats to help replenish her strength.

Immense Stamina: Violette is able to go the distance in long bouts of sex and loves doing it. During high school, her countless escapades helped improve her already impressive natural stamina, engaging in hour long gangbang sessions. Much like a boxer or MMA fighter, going long rounds with multiple partners not only built up her endurance to take a good dicking, but greatly improved her overall aerobic conditioning. Her love of using the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions also helped for these are the sex positions where the female performer is the most active. Violette keeps up a fast frenetic pace which has often gotten her partners tired. Normal men struggle to keep up with Violette’s energy and often tire and gas out before she’s been satisfied. Prior to Orientation, she fucked Eiji Nakamura, an accomplished athlete for over an hour to satisfaction.

Incredible Flexibility: Violette is incredibly flexible, which is a great asset to have as a pornstar. She developed this skill growing up, participating in ballet which builds and stretches the muscles in the legs, allowing the performer to execute poses and positions that are typically difficult to do while having sex. She uses her lithe and limber movements to wow both the audience and her partner. At the BSU Summer BBQ held by second year students, Violette performed a midair split while being held upside down by her partner. Later on in that same encounter, she was put into a full nelson position. Being locked into a full nelson is typically straining and uncomfortable if one does not stretch everyday like Violette does.


Keen intellect: Violette is much more than a pretty face and curvy body, she is quite the intellectual as well. She attended the best private schools in the world growing up, first in France and later on in the United States. The smaller classes that devoted more attention to the individual student than a typical public school allowed her to flourish academically from a young age. Although she didn’t need the additional study time, Scarlette enlisted the services of ivy league tutors to help train her to Violette retain more knowledge. Additionally, the tutoring is to help keep her razor sharp mentally during the summer when most kids brain dump what they have learned throughout the previous school year. Reading and Literature classes were among her favorite courses in school as she loved to read. Over the course of growing up, she progressed from the classic fiction titles and popular series like Harry Potter to more graphic sex novels aimed primarily at young women. Another subject Violette excelled at was science. Her mother Dr. Scarlette Beauregard is a master in multiple fields within the realm of science and she instilled her knowledge into Violette early. Violette is also very knowledgeable about history, it is not only a result of her schooling but her close relationship with her personal attendant, bodyguard and surrogate father Charles O’Neal. Charles taught Violette about the history of the world in a quite different way than school teachers did. He did so by telling her stories about the world in an exciting and entertaining ways detailing events as if they were television shows. This made the information stick much better than sitting through boring classes. This influence shows in how Violette behaves as she has been known to reference historical figures like she did Joan of Arc in her orientation presentation. Charles also taught her how to play the game of chess, something she still does occasionally to this day. Through her educational experiences, she has developed into a well rounded performer capable of reaching the top echelon of BSU performers.

Porn Historian: Although Violette enjoys watching pornography, she took it more seriously after deciding that she wanted to be in the porn industry. She followed the careers of the all time greats, reading about their performances and experiences in the industry through Adult Film News articles and tell-all autobiographies. Among them were Sara Reed, Becky Bazoomz, Taiyohime Kuriyue, Sheryl Staxxx, Aisha El-Karim, Mako Kino and her own mother Scarlette Beauregard. Violette believes that by studying superstars of the past and present she can help elevate herself to become the top star of the future, by incorporating the knowledge and experience they have shared into herself. Violette is a true student of her craft. Through this independent study, she learned things and saw a side of her mother she never knew existed, her desire, passion and fervor for sex; bringing them somewhat closer as they are both Adult Entertainment Performers. She often talks about pornstars with her friends the way teenage boys talk about anime/manga or comic books. This is especially true with her friend and fellow second generation starlet Leda Kino. The two are able to go back and forth for hours discussing their favorites as well as stud male performers they’d love to sleep with. She would often show classic porn videos to her friends during sleepovers and hangouts. One instance of this was during a sleepover in her dorm room in which she watched videos of Leda’s mother Mako Kino in action, with Nicole Wellington and Ashani El-Karim wearing only thong underwear and eating Korean BBQ.

Human Biology Expert: A little known fact about Violette is her knowledge of science, specifically the field of Biology. Scarlette attempted to instill her love of science in Violette growing up. She became quite skillful at it, earning 1st place at the science fairs held while she was in elementary and middle school. Although she didn’t particularly enjoy science classes or doing projects for them, In high school she took an interest in biology. This was around the time she decided she wanted to be a Pornstar. Violette paid specific attention to human biology for the purpose of attaining knowledge that would help her as an AE performer. She learned everything she could about the human body and its systems in order to attain an understanding of how to please her partners during sex. It is through this that lead Violette towards developing her unique sexual techniques and abilities, such as the ‘Enhanced Deepthroat’.


(Hobbies and Other Talents)

Modeling: A combination of Violette’s look, her confidence and overall presence makes her quite photogenic and pleasing to the lens of a camera. She has been featured in numerous magazine spreads. Although she has never been professionally trained to be a model, she has all of the natural instincts to be an elite-level international supermodel. She uses her alluring red eyes to practically make love to the camera. She strikes sexy yet classy poses which can fit in adult and family friendly mainstream magazines. Her facial expressions flawlessly convey emotion that the person looking can feel and sense. This can give readers a feel of who she is just from the picture alone. Such natural ability will serve her well once she begins shooting movies at BSU.


Masterful Orator: Violette is no stranger to public speaking. She’s done dozens of interviews with teen oriented publications worldwide. Violette speaks with a calm confident aura about her, delivering speeches with believable authenticity. She has a firm command of the English language which shows in her choice of words and how she articulates herself. Violette speaks properly almost all the time, choosing not to use slang terms or improper words to express herself. With the exception of discussing sex or during sexual activity, Violette abstains from the use of foul language as she believes that a man curses because he doesn’t have the vocabulary to express himself. This is a result of years of training to be a proper aristocratic woman.

Violette understands that there is more to speaking publicly than just the words themselves. An integral part of this is how the words are delivered. During her presentation at BSU’s orientation, she eloquently talked about her life in detail, explaining the events that led her to choose a career as a Pornstar. She speaks in a way that is more like having a conversation with her audience. Violette uses her body language to command attention. She stands up straight with proper posture and often moves as close as she can to the audience. Violette makes proper use of her voice, often raising it at points for emphasis and to convey her emotions. Violette is very candid and honest when talking, she doesn’t hold back her opinions. This was demonstrated at Orientation when she detailed how she rejected her parents wishes for her to work for Beauregard Industries. Violette uses her combination of delivery, body language and emotion to make herself relatable to whoever she’s speaking to regardless of their differences.


Dancer: Violette enjoys listening and dancing to music and frequently goes out to nightclubs to have a good time. An aficionado of music, Violette likes just about any genre as long as they are songs she can dance to. During her time in France, she picked up house, techno and electronica often having dance events complete with popular DJs at her birthday parties every year. After moving to the US, she became more familiar with other genres including hip hop and American pop music. The heiress learned of more sexy moves such as twerking and lap dancing from the internet and from American girls such as her best friend Nicole Wellington. Her body was tailor made for seductive moves like those. The chemical princess learned how to perform these dances rather quickly. As a professionally trained ballerina, Violette was able to blend what she already knew with what she learned in America making for quite the show whenever she was in the club. Violette loves to show off her flexibility on the dance floor, often doing the splits and twerking, making it look like she is humping the ground. Violette is also known to swing from poles and hang upside down like a stripper. On one occasion the young amatuer even caught the eye of Lady Peach, owner of Peaches Gentlemans Club. Peach offered Violette a job during her senior year of high school, however, she declined because she already decided on going to BSU. On more than one occasion, Violette has caused the man she was dancing with to cum from mild twerking; something that amuses her. Violette also likes men who are able to dance well. She sees how a man moves on the dance floor to be an indication of one’s prowess in the bedroom. This is part of the reason she was so taken with Dragón Fuerte. His assertive confidence and smooth technique on the dance floor immediately drew her interest.


Tennis Player: The game of Tennis is one of Violette’s favorite things to do outside of having sex. Having started playing as a little girl, Violette was taught by some the the best instructors money can buy. She honed her skills playing against high level talent, most of whom are now professional Tennis players as adults today. As an individual sport, Tennis allowed the blossoming young lady to channel the competitive fire that burned in her heart in ways she couldn’t do otherwise. Her style of play is aggressive and physical not unlike her style of lovemaking. Perhaps, her sex style was even influenced by how she played on the court. Violette was known for her explosive strength and her ability to sprint to get to the ball which enabled her to pull off some spectacular match winning smashes. As she got older, her buxom body drew massive crowds to watch her play at whatever country club or gym she competed at. Violette’s body type was unique within the ranks of female tennis players as most of them were built with more lithe frames with small breasts as to not hinder movement speed and agility. However, the prodigy’s tremendous assets didn’t hinder her at all which is a testament to her overall physical conditioning. Violette continued to play the game after enrolling at BSU. Although the university does not have a sanctioned competitive athletic program like some of the other AE schools; Violette started her own intramural tennis league. Taking a cue from the BSU SPLASH Beach Volleyball Team, she established a dress code for competition which required players to either wear bikinis or go topless during matches. This has become a popular event that all students enjoy watching. Over time this has helped to bring together the eccentric group of personalities in Class 1A.


Multilingual: A product of French and Japanese ancestry, Violette speaks both languages fluently. She was taught both languages in anticipation that she would work for Beauregard Industries as an adult. With French being known as ‘the language of love’, Violette speaks it to her sex partners when engaged in exciting encounters. Knowing 2 additional languages, allows Violette to engage with and appeal two an even larger demographic of people, garnering her more fans and support.




Scarlette Beauregard (Mother)

Violette has a somewhat tense relationship with her mother. As a popular former pornstar, elite level scientist/inventor and a highly respected professor at BSU, Scarlette has high expectations of her daughter. As the heiress to the chemical empire and the oldest child, Violette was looked to by her parents to as the future leader of Beauregard industries.


With such high expectations came immense pressure on Violette to be successful in everything she did. Despite the family’s immense wealth Scarlette never spoiled her daughter, instead instilling discipline and teaching her the value of hard work. She did this by enrolling Violette into numerous after school activities such as ballet to keep from wasting her free time. Violette often received harsh criticisms from her mother no matter how well she performed. Scarlette’s purpose in this was to teach her never to settle for less than being the best. Violette often had to listen to her mother point out all of the mistakes and flaws in her science projects and reports despite getting A’s from her teachers on them.


This taught Violette to be perfectionist herself and encouraged her to put in extra effort into her school assignments in order to please her scholar of a mother. Although Scarlette is very strict and rigid with Violette, she only does it because she cares and wants her to succeed in life. While lecturing and chastising Violette for her flaws and mistakes in person, Scarlette is very complimentary and braggadocious about her daughter when discussing her with other people. Scarlette is tremendously proud of Violette and boasts about her. The fact that everyone knows Scarlette and Violette are mother and daughter makes things awkward for Violette when they see each other awkward on campus. In such situations Violette rarely acknowledges her in passing.



Gen Fubuki (Father)

Violette’s relationship with her father can be described as minimal at best. He is the current CEO of Beauregard Industries, Gen was a long time protégé of Braun Beauregard, Violette’s grandfather. He met Scarlette while she was on an excursion in Tokyo, Japan; where he worked at Beauregard Industries Asia Headquarters. Braun took an immediate liking to Gen because of his obsessive work ethic and his brilliant ideas from the time he was an 18 year old intern. Gen worked directly for Braun and was eventually handpicked to become his successor as head of the chemical giant. He later became romantically involved with Scarlette, which eventually lead to Violette’s birth.


Although he was present and provided for Violette and her brother, Gen is more comparable to an absent father who pays child support than a man who is active in his children’s lives. From how he behaved and how little Gen was around, Beauregard Industries was his real child and his main priority in life.


When he wasn’t holed up in his office at the World City headquarters or taking important meetings, Gen was out of the country on overseas business trips. Oftentimes he missed out on Violette’s activities such as ballet recitals, musical performances from her school band and other events, leaving the responsibility to long time family attendant and Violette’s godfather Charles. Even though Gen was hardly a presence in Violette’s life he made sure she was aware of his demands of her. Gen expected the absolute best results from Violette in everything she did, making it clear to her that anything less than victory is unacceptable.


Gen had meticulously planned out Violette’s future for her, declaring early on in her life that Violette would succeed him as CEO of Beauregard Industries. He often called while he was away just to check on Violette’s grades and enforce his edicts over the phone. Violette is rather indifferent to her father, feeling that he views her as a tool rather than his daughter. She has a much closer relationship with her caretaker, Charles O’Neal.



Charles O’Neal (Godfather)

A long time employee of the highly esteemed Beauregard family, Charles has maintained a presence in Violette’s life since she was born. He is a multi-purposed man who has served many roles in Violette’s life; from nanny and caretaker as a child, to chauffeur and personal security as she grew into an adult. However, his most critical role is serving as a friend to Violette. In the absence of her parents, Charles took on many parental responsibilities such as taking her ballet practice, tennis and school band recitals. When attending such events, Charles made it a point to sit in the front row so Violette could see him as he showed his support.


Gestures like this were not lost on her as she often looked to Charles for encouragement during her struggles. Win, lose or draw, Charles has always been there for Violette, be it celebrating her accomplishments or drying her tears in her moments of failure. Oftentimes, Charles took Violette out for ice cream after her weekly activities where he got her a double banana split, her favorite dessert. However, the conversations that took place during the ice cream trips were the best part for Violette. They talked openly and casually about her friends and favorite TV shows, something she could never do with either of her parents.


As a father and grandfather himself, Charles has decades of knowledge and experience with children. He acts as a surrogate parent to Violette and her brother, filling the void left by Scarlette and Gen. Violette loves Charles as if he was her own father and has even expressed to him that she wishes she were born into his family instead of her own.


Though her parents exercise control over her life, it is Charles who holds the most influence over her. He understands her feelings about her family as well as her life goals. He himself diverged from the path set for him, choosing to enlist in the army as a young man instead of going to college and getting a corporate job after high school. Violette confides in Charles and he in turn offers his counsel to her. He wisely advised her with these poignant and honest words. “No matter what others may dictate, your path in life is ultimately up to you. You must choose what is right for you, and you alone.” These words continue to ring in her mind as she embarks on her quest at BSU. In the future, she will have to choose between time honored tradition and a path laid out for her since birth, or a future of her choosing, one of infinite possibilities.



Braun Beauregard (Grandfather)

Braun is the current patriarch of the Beauregard family and CEO Emeritus of Beauregard Industries. The quintessential executive, Braun views his children and grandchildren as mere pawns to be developed into kings and queens to sustain and expand the Beauregard empire after his eventual demise. Braun molded Gen Fubuki, Violette’s father in his own image, teaching his son-in-law everything he knew from the time he was an upstart intern for the chemical conglomerate. Even as an elder statesman with numerous grandchildren, his focus remains on the future of his business, as he currently serves as a consultant to Violette’s father as he leads Beauregard Industries into a new era of growth and prosperity.


As a grandfather, Braun didn’t connect with Violette or any of his other grandchildren often. He held gatherings at his home for the family at his home for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas but didn’t have much of a presence outside of that. He instead showed his affection for Violette by showering her with material possessions and gifts rather than spending time with her. Scarlette herself became the kind of mother she is to Violette because this was how Braun raised her.


Braun sees great potential in Violette as a leader and a spokeswoman for the company, one who has not only ambition, but the charisma and look that appeals to the new generation of consumers. In fact when BimboGel was being developed, it was Braun who conceived the idea to use Violette as the face of the BimboGel ad campaign when the product was released. Though he disapproves of Violette’s involvement in the Adult Entertainment industry, he feels it will pay dividends for Beauregard Industries brand going forward. He views her desire to be a Pornstar as just a temporary phase she is going through, by exploring and having fun with sex as a young adult in college. Braun feels certain that Violette will grow out of this with time and resume her predestined path to heading up the family business.




Nicole Wellington

The best friend of Violette since her early childhood, Nicole has been on many lusty adventures with Violette during their teen years. Nicole is the daughter of Billy Wellington, CEO of Wellington Petroleum and a friend of Violette’s father. Nicole is very much the opposite of Violette and, in some ways, they balance each other out. Violette is moreso the leader and the more responsible member of the duo, looking out for Nicole and trying to keep her out of trouble. Violette isn’t shy to call out Nicole for her mistakes and faults but she only does this because she cares.


Nicole is the more carefree of the two and is the one who finds fun parties and events for them to attend worldwide. Believing Violette is too uptight and stressed from her home life, Nicole always provides a fun atmosphere, usually filled with copious amounts of alcohol when they are together. They have somewhat of a friendly rivalry and sometimes try to upstage each other for the attention of men. But more often than not they agree to share when they both want the same man, giving the lucky guy a threesome.


Violette serves as a source of motivation for Nicole. Not wanting to be left behind by her friend, Nicole has dedicated more time and effort to her studies at BSU than anything shes ever done. She wants to keep up with Violette as she ascends to the top. Although she doesn’t say it, Violette is proud of Nicole for how far she’s come since their teen years.



Ashani El-Karim

Although they’ve never met until just recently at Sapphire SPLASH, Ashani and Violette knew each other by reputation for years. As a member of one of the Adult Entertainment World’s prestigious 5 families, Ashani has kept tabs on individuals who could become competition for her. They met for the first time during SPLASH. They initially clashed with one another, exchanging insults, however Nicole intervened and stopped this before it could escalate further. With Nicole serving as the bridge and peacekeeper between them and a few drinks, the two got along quite well. Violette was actually surprised that Ashani doesn’t carry herself as typical pretentious royalty. They laughed and joked with one another finding common ground in the fact both had failed sexual encounters with a man they had since forgotten and could not recall (Xavier Williams). Violette seeks to best Ashani in school and as a performer because of her pedigree in the industry. Ashani’s potential is currently unknown because of the reclusive nature of the El-Karim family but Violette does respect her and view her as an equal.



Eiji Nakamura

Violette first encountered Eiji shortly after a disastrous booty call with another young man on Linkum (Xavier Williams). It was so bad that she was already contacting Eiji on Linkum before her first partner was finished fucking her. After being given a ride to the Big Cupps Hotel and Casino where she was staying, Eiji showed her a good time, giving her a thorough shagging all over the luxury suite she had reserved. As a result, Violette left him him a positive Linkum comment about their date on his profile the next day which said “Average size, but a great fucking lay!” The next time they met, Violette gave him a life sized poster of herself to hang in his room. This was a welcome gift that she had given him to remember her by.


Violette is very flirtatious with Eiji, sometimes playing practical jokes on him by banging on his door pretending to be the “pussy police”. Given his background as a woman slaying basketball player, Eiji is a bachelor who doesn’t easily get attached to women. Although he likes Violette they have a mutual understanding that they are at BSU and will be fucking other people. This allows them to be open and honest without jealousy. For example, Eiji was not concerned when Violette spontaneously hooked up with a second year student at the BSU Annual Summer BBQ. At the same time, Violette wasn’t upset when she saw Eiji in Hitomi’s livestream.


With her immense financial resources, Violette often offers to help Eiji with things he needs such as rehab equipment for his injured knee and amenities for his dorm room. Violette doesn’t mind spending the money to help him out. However, Eiji almost never asks because he doesn’t want to feel indebted to her. Violette considers him an amazing guy and usually is one of the first people she contacts for a satisfying booty call. As a smooth operating jock, Eiji’s laid back attitude, confident swagger and ability to talk to women provides Violette with an entertaining presence to talk to. Although their relationship is a causal one, she has displayed a vulnerability to him that she doesn’t show to other guys. Eiji is able to relate to her celebrity status because he himself was once a celebrity, and knows very well the pressure that comes with it. As the consensus number #1 basketball prospect in the world throughout high school, he is no stranger to the attention and eyes and ears of the media. The two often share stories of their wild sexual escapades prior to BSU which leads to laughs but more often than not more steamy encounters to share with one another. Although Eiji never complains about his devastating triple knee injury ending his basketball career and costing him millions of dollars as a pro, Violette empathizes with his pain and supports him as he tries to rebuild his life and reinvent himself as an AE performer.



Leda Kino

A second year student and one of the mistresses of the PUSS-E Sorority at BSU. Violette first encountered Leda in passing while on her way to the BSU Annual Summer BBQ. A second generation performer herself, Leda already knew Violette by reputation. Word had spread of Violette being accepted into BSU solely off recommendation. Leda wants Violette to join her Sorority once she is eligible. The two share a love of having fun, partying and dick. However Leda’s interest in Violette may be more than just for friendship or recruiting. It was Leda who invited Violette to attend Sapphire SPLASH with her where they both met professional cook Auron Sorelle.


Leda admires Violette’s confident and dominant personality which itself screams that she is a star. As a fellow second generation performer, Leda is able to relate to Violette’s issues and the growing pains she experiences on her path at BSU. Leda acts as a senpai and older sister figure for Violette, providing advice and cheering her up during low moments. Leda also wants to repay Violette for introducing her to her Idol Galactica, who she met though Violette at SPLASH and will be working with at a newly founded Escort Agency.




Auron Sorelle

So far Violette has only met him once but that one meeting was an impactful one. Violette discovered him on the beaches of Sapphire Shores manning a humble food cart. Auron had been making food for SPLASH attendees to enjoy. However, this man had a unique rule for purchasing his cuisine, “Ladies Only”. When approached by the cook who offered to be her slave and cook for her forever, Violette coldly rejected him. Although shocked initially, to the point of turning to stone, the man was undeterred. The chef then offered Violette and her friend Leda a free meal, the only catch was that if they ended up liking it, they would have to friend him on Linkum. Accepting his challenge, Violette and Leda placed their orders. The two subsequently enjoyed a lunch which Auron prepared right in front of them. Violette asked for a gourmet cheeseburger with A5 quality steak, while Leda requested squid on a stick. Auron quickly produced an amazing burger that even included freshly made ketchup. Upon taking her first bite of the burger she experienced an immense joy that took over her body. She had cum from just the ordinary act of eating. This was the phenomenon known as the ‘foodgasm’. Auron then explained to her his idea and motivation behind cooking, detailing his desire to create foods to help pornstars reach their maximum potential. Shortly after, he sent Violette a friend request on Linkum. Violette finds Auron to be odd and a bit over emotional but because of his unique cooking ability, she is interested in him. They have yet to meet in a sexual encounter, but if his cooking is any indication she is in for a hell of a time.




Han Seung-Yang

A fellow high ranked recruit, Violette had heard word of some pretty boy hot shot named Han when she first moved into Passion Tower. Han’s fanfare as well as the description of his appearance had grabbed Violette’s interest in the week leading up to Orientation. The socialite generally likes to meet and become acquainted with the people she considered to be competition, because it’s always a good thing to know your enemies, no matter the occupation. The two met for the first time on the first official day of school during homeroom class.


Upon commencing class that day, Professor Sara Reed gave the class a 30-minute social period to allow her students a little time to get acquainted with each other before going over the curriculum. Rather than waiting for him to approach her like she would normally do with most other people, Violette went directly to Han and introduced herself to him, offering a smile and her signature curtsy. It was a rather awkward moment from there as Han stood there giving a blank and uninterested look as if he had never heard of her before. After standing there for a moment, Han spoke with swift and concise surety saying “You overrate yourself.” to Violette, embarrassing her in front of everyone. She was used to men bowing down, showing deference and generally catering to her because of her wealth and status. Never before had she been shut down and silenced in such a harsh way before. Violette went on to place 6th in the Class 1A’s ranking which unwittingly validated Han’s words to her. With her pride injured and her confidence starting to wane, Violette is now in a position she has never been in. Now with something to prove she intends to make Han eat those words.



Brooke Beaumont

Brooke was first seen protesting against BSU in front of the university’s administration building. Unknown to Violette, she is also a 1st year student and one of her classmates in Class 1A. An independent journalist, Brooke writes scathing commentary on the Adult Entertainment industry for a number of conservative groups that oppose the sex friendly climate of the modern world. In recent months, Brooke has been highly critical of Violette both in print and in YouTube videos directed at her. At Orientation, the two had a brief verbal altercation in which Brooke accused Violette of being a poor role model for the girls who look up to her, elaborating by saying thousands of girls will join the adult industry because of her. Violette views Brooke as a zealot who wants to impose her narrow minded and outdated views on the world.


Brooke believes that she is capable of changing the world to what it was, bringing a return to the more sexually conservative age of the past. Unlike others who have tried and failed before her, Brooke plans to manipulate and change the Adult Industry from within. She believes that by becoming a popular performer, she can recruit more powerful and influential allies and followers for her cause. It is for this reason she wants to best Violette and any other highly renowned students. To her beating highly touted prospects and becoming a top student gives her power as well as a platform to spread her beliefs even further. The two share a rivalry, for neither wants to lose to the other because of their clashing personalities. Violette suspects that Brooke may not even believe in her cause and is using this as a gimmick to get attention and further her career. The two are very competitive because of their opposing goals.




Xavier Williams

Violette first saw Xavier when she checked out his Linkum account shortly after it was created. His profile picture was a partial shot of his penis lengthy dick that looked like it was a full photo. Violette excitedly sent him a friend request along with a message which invited him to a sexy rendezvous with her at the Big Cupps Hotel and Casino. Violette waited for him to arrive sitting on a throne-like chair, nude and ready to play with her long dick guest.


After performing a mindblowing suckjob on Xavier, the encounter didn’t go as expected, in fact it was a major disappointment. Xavier had proven to be a total bust in the bedroom, a complete waste of time in her opinion. Violette demanded that he leave after getting dressed. After this, she had forgotten all about him up until Kokoro Izumi exposed him on social media as a terrible lay. After being late for orientation, Xavier was forced to do his presentation first. He delivered a furious freestyle rap in which he dissed his perceived enemies which included Violette. Xavier mocked Violette, sarcastically saying hi and waving at her. This incensed Violette and since then, she hasn’t forgotten his name.



Matsunami Shinoda

Violette and Matsunami share a heated rivalry with one another. Violette came into BSU with much fanfare. As a second generation performer with a well known reputation on the social scene, Violette was thought by many amongst the BSU faculty to be the #1 prospect going into the start of the school year. While Matsunami didn’t have the worldwide notoriety that Violette did, she possessed numerous credentials. Already an adult performer, Matsunami earned her Adult Entertainment World Association Performer’s License at her former job working as a dancer at the world renowned Peaches Gentlemens Club. As the reigning AEWA Rookie Performer of the Year, Matsunami is more than formidable competition for Violette. Overestimating her own sexual prowess, Violette placed 6th in the official rankings for Class 1A while Matsunami placed 3rd. Matsunami out performed Violette in numerous areas during the class ranking. This frustrated Violette, for she expected to claim 1st place. Additionally their personalities often clash. While Violette can be brash and overconfident, Matsunami is more mellow and reserved, choosing to show her skills rather than brag about them. Their differences also show when doing team or group assignments. Violette often becomes frustrated when working with lesser talent, sometimes taking it out on her partner. While Matsunami is more patient and understanding of her partners weaknesses as she’s shown with Xavier. Violette dislikes being compared to Matsunami.


The origin of their tense relationship dates back a year and a half earlier to a chance meeting between Violette and Matsunami’s younger sister Maihime. The two first met while Violette was shopping at the Otaku Palace, the anime specialty store where Maihime worked. Maihime was working at the cash register. While paying for some DVDs, Blu-rays, gift cards and accessories, Violette took notice of Maihime’s clothing; specifically the high quality craftsmanship and the beautiful style and colors. Impressed by what she saw, the blue and pink haired woman asked Maihime what brand her outfit was. The portly cashier revealed to Violette that she had designed and made them herself. After some hesitation, Maihime worked up the courage to ask Violette if she would like to try out some of her designs, even offering to give Violette several outfits of her choice free of charge. This was a golden opportunity for Maihime to gain exposure for her clothing designs and attract the attention and interest of the fashion world. However this didn’t happen because Violette rejected Maihime’s request rather harshly. Believing clothes created by “some retail cashier” were not good enough for her, Violette totally dismissed the notion. This upset Maihime and hurt her feelings, nearly breaking her spirit to the point of giving up on her dream of being a fashion designer. This angered Matsunami immensely when she found out due to being fiercely protective of her younger sister. This resulted in an animosity that continued into their first year of BSU.


Love Interest(s)


Dragón Fuerte

Funny enough, while Violette despises Xavier Williams, she is emotionally and unknowingly invested in his masked Alter Ego, Dragón Fuerte. Their first meeting took place on the final night of SPLASH during the closing party. While looking for someone else, the masked man accidentally bumped into her, causing her to drop her purse. She thanked him and after a couple of seconds of delay, the masked man cleverly said “You’re welcome miss….” By trailing off at the word “miss”, he gave Violette the impression that he was a stranger who didn’t know who she was; effectively hiding his true identity from her and keeping his cover. This prompted her to introduce herself to him. The eccentric masked man introduced himself as Dragón Fuerte. Dragón immediately took control of the situation, which surprised the usually dominant alpha woman. He then asked her to dance with him, taking her hand and leading her to the dance floor. Violette was taken with his assertiveness, confidence and the fact he was wearing a mask, which gave him a unique aura and mystique she had never felt from a man before.


The pair chatted while doing a sensual salsa dance. Violette was captivated with the mystery man’s magnetic charm, charisma and energy which was unlike any man she had ever met before. She grew more and more aroused the longer they held one another. Dragón moved behind Violette and pressed up against her ass. Upon feeling his stiff, monster cock go up her skirt and up between her ass cheeks, she soaked her panties, ready to take the masked man home with her. She sensually hotdogged him to the beat of the music while he caressed her hips and thighs. However, this wasn’t to be that night because Ashani cut in and then Nicole separated them both from Dragón. Since then, Dragón became a worldwide internet sensation, hooking up with some of Violette’s BSU classmates. The tales of these romantic, mind blowing adventures only raised Violette’s desire for Dragón even more. Violette has yet to cross paths with Dragón again but when she does, there will be no interruptions or excuses. Just Violette, Dragón and a bed.



• Violette’s Voice Actress is Zelda Williams, who voiced Kuvira in the animated series: The Legend of Korra

• Violette’s Seiyū is Maaya Sakamoto, who voiced Lightning in the Final Fantasy 13 series of games.

• Violette’s name is derived from the color purple. Beauregard family members have names based on colors in French.

• Violette enjoys baking, particularly making french desserts. She has been known to bake special cakes for her friends on their birthdays.

• Violette Beauregard unintentionally shares the same name as a character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

• The character was originally conceived as a Bleach OC part of the ‘Road of Legends‘ series. Set 40 years after the end of the Bleach Manga, Road of Legends tells a tale of new heroes in the battle for the fate of the world. Violette Beauregard is one of the primary Quincy antagonists of the series. One of Yhwach’s earliest followers, she fought in the war against Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto and Soul society over 1000 years before the beginning of the Bleach manga. After being defeated by Hiryu Kusanagi at the climax of that conflict, Violette went into exile to allow time to heal her wounds and to prepare for Yhwach’s return and the inevitable Thousand Year Bloodwar. However, she did not reemerge until 50 years after the fall of Yhwach. With a new faction of Quincys, she is determined to finish what her Quincy King started. As a pure blooded Quincy, Violette holds the Holy Schrift designation “J – The Juggernaut” (絶対討伐 (ジ・ジャガーノート), Ji Jagānōto, Japanese for “Absolute Subjugation“). This granted Violette the power of adaptive evolution, allowing her to grow stronger with every battle. Her Quincy: Vollständig is named Ezekiel (神マイトの大天使 (イジーキーエル), Iji-kieru; Hebrew for “Strength of God“, Japanese for “Archangel of Divine Might“).

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Where is the viollete hentai

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una pregunta todos los persoanjes son tuyos ¿verda? ¿osea tu mismos los creaste y no son copias o plagios

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Stryder i have a question about the story, sorry for leave this one in some pages because i don’t know If one of you guys Will see because one of those pages are already old 😅

About Violette, what kind of exercises She does in the gym? Could you give some examples? I remember that you described Matsunami routine and some exercises in her profile regarding her MMA training, but what about Violette? What kind of exercises She does? I think She do something involving her Tennis routine…..Does she do Barbell Squats, hip thrusts, Leg press, leg curls, benchpress and some yoga? I think these ones are part of the Tennis player routine

4 years ago

Enzo, Stryder i have a question about the story, sorry for leave this one in some pages because i don’t know If one of you guys Will see because one of those pages are already old 😅

Besides Hitomi who is a social media celebrity, Does Violette and Matsunami have social media too that they use to post erotic pictures for their fans? This is something pretty common in real life these days. There’s chance of we seeing something like that in the story? Lol

I think It would be pretty cool, even hot and fanservice too lol

4 years ago

I wish I could create an OC like her based on her looks, but I don’t wanna rip off your character. Do you have some advice about creating OCs?

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Sounds good, I’ll give it a try.

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Will any of the male students have sex with Scarlette?

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Man this is really Amazing, i’m really loving what you guys are doing with all of this, makes me anxious for all the other profiles hehehe. Violette is so hot and delicious, She is my favorite girl alongside Maihime in the story, and her profile was Just perfect, reminded me of these character profiles in shonen wikias like FT, Naruto , Bleach, OP and etc.

Her personality is so much like Erina Nakiri from Food Wars, and i love it since i really like Erina’s character, i can hope to see more of her and some awesome character development with her, since in her personality description showed that even If she’s a Ojou-Sama, She still has a strong and cute sweet side on her. Her dynamic with Xavier is amazing and is quite funny that she’s in love with The guy that she hates(but She doesn’t know lol) so Can’t wait to see their relationship develop in the future.

Something that i’m curious, so Violette loves to workout? Make sense and all, of course with this thicc Goddess body, now i can picture She having sex with someone in the gym lol, please make that happen i would love so much, since i have a bit of a crush for girls that workout lol

Anyways this is really good, you guys just created your own anime series. Good job 😁😁😄😄

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Reply to  Lizardon

Thanks Lizardon! I’m happy you like Violette so much. These type of profiles are inspired by the Bleach Wiki profiles. The similarities to Erina are coincidence but I see what you’re saying. There is a more to her than what is on the surface. As for her dynamic with Xavier, it is complex and has some layers to it and will gradually play out as the story progresses.

With the work out stuff funny you should ask that. I actually have some picture ideas involving the gym? Some with violette. Stay tuned for more!

4 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Thanks Stryder for replying me, i definetly Can’t wait for the rest, of all the stories in the website, BSU is by Far my favorite hehe, about the gym sex with Violette i’m really curious to see How this Will play and who’s gonna be the Lucky Guy when It happens.

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Great profile. I loved that bit about she enjoying making timid guys eat her ass out! Lucky guys, eating that big round ass!

Not gonna lie, I’m anxious about Mai’s profile. She has really shown her naughty side the last chapter she was in. Would she enjoy anal or having her ass eaten? Or getting DP’d? Or even some domination fetushes like facesitting? Hope to see these answered some day.

Also, I wanted to tell RTenzo (and the writers too, of course) he’s done a great job this year! I legit get very excited to see new BSU episodes coming out, and they are always worth the wait.

4 years ago
Reply to  Vinny

Thanks Vinny! Violette has a very dominant persona, especially in the bedroom. She thinks of men as her pets. As for Mai I don’t know. She is a novice in terms of sexual experience so just about everything is new to her. Her profile and presentation will probably be one of the next ones in line. Still figuring things out.

4 years ago

This a very nice dossier on Violette. Now I think I’m being to understand her a lot better.

Firstly, her family background and skillset really make a lot more sense now, not to mention her relationships with the family, though the ones that really stuck out here for me are the ones with her mother Scarlett and Charles. In the case of Scarlett, it reminds me of the dynamic that Naruto and Boruto have. While Charles’s particular case is a little like that of Lili and Sebastian from Tekken, and more popularly, the long time relationship of Bruce Wayne/Batman and Alfred Pennyworth.

As for her friends, not a lot to say on that regard, but I do like the layouts for them, especially with Nicole, Leda and Eiji. I find those to be really helpful and unique. As for her rivals and enemies, this is what I find as the most telling of all here. She’ll be rivals with Han and Brooke, I see? Somehow I shouldn’t be too surprised, considering what happened in Violette’s turn in the assembly arc, but it does seem like it’s going to go deeper. I can only wonder who will be her biggest rival, though. As for enemies, Xavier is an obvious one, considering what’s already happened in the story so far although his Dragon persona is a real wild card and could change some things with her. But she’s also got nuclear heat with Matsu too?! O_O Damn…! Judging from what this profile suggests, it’s gonna be a far more bitter rivalry than what’s already being shown, sex, personality and all. Moral of the story, don’t fuck with Big Sister Matsu and NEVER, EVER fuck with Mai.

As for the VA and Seiyuu for her, I think those are pretty good picks. Like really good.

Well, overall, this is impressive work. Looking forward to more. Very nice job! 🙂