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Profile: Matsunami Shinoda


Matsunami grabs the attention of anyone in the room wherever she goes. Her angelic beauty is one that allures and mystifies people. This is due in part to her emerald green eyes which appear to be absent of pupils. In actuality, her pupils are just a slight shade lighter than the rest of her eyes. This sometimes has a hypnotic effect on the people she encounters, especially those meeting her for the first time. Her alluring gaze is one that men cannot resist, so powerful it can make even the most stingy and frugal patrons bend the knee to Matsunami and empty their wallets and credit cards for her.


Her skin is fair, almost ivory in tone which glosses brightly in the light. Her meaty exterior is soft to the touch and indicative of her commitment to taking care of herself and keeping her body in the best shape possible, routinely doing spa treatments to keep herself ready for work at all times. Her hair is a deep earthy brown which she normally keeps cut at shoulder length, however in the past it used to be much longer. She has a single long bang which hangs about halfway down her face, positioned in between her eyes.


Matsunami possesses an amazing figure, with big full breasts, wide hips and thick thighs, softer than the finest cotton. Her rear end is fluffy yet muscular and perfectly curved, which compliments the rest of her goddess-like shape. Above her large backside is a tribal style lower-back tattoo. The brunette beauty maintains her stunning figure with an intense exercise regimen and gluttonous diet. Her arms, legs and stomach are finely toned similar to the bodies of crossfit competitors, and her back is strong and stout while also flexible. Matsunami’s stomach is toned and well defined, very much like a female crossfit athlete. She’s not shy all about showing off her body which is to be expected, given her status as an Adult Entertainer. However this is less about flaunting her curves and more about personal comfort. While off the clock, she can be seen usually wearing tiny skirts or form fitting short-shorts along with halter tops or t-shirts.


In a professional setting, she puts most other women to shame with her keen sense of style. From gaudy over the top robes and royal kimonos to expensive looking themed outfits and even having her entire body painted and adorned with jewels; she is always set to outshine her competitors. This is part of the reason she’s the Adult Entertainment World Association’s Rookie of the Year Award Winner and reigns as the #1 exotic dancer in World City.


The most pondered and mysterious feature about Matsunami’s appearance is the “X” shaped scar on her chest. Patrons of Peaches Gentlemen’s Club have speculated where it comes from but no one has had the courage to ask. This scar came from an important surgery she had as an infant to treat a rare heart condition that nearly claimed her life. This has added even more to the intrigue and mystique that surrounds Matsunami making her an enigmatic, desirable figure to those she comes into contact with.



Matsunami comes across as a mysterious individual to those who first meet her. Her cool and calm demeanor reflects her professional attitude towards her career. She is about her business and carries herself in such a way, letting her actions speak for her at times. This has created a mystical aura around her to those connected to and working in World City’s strip club circuit and even gives her an intimidating presence to those who don’t know her personally. It is these very qualities that keep her in demand and even lead to a bidding war for her erotic services among the city’s top establishments.


However, beneath the surface of Frost Fireheart lies Matsunami Shinoda, a thoughtful, caring and rather complex woman. She came from a somewhat shifting and unstable upbringing. Born with a heart that was too small to sustain her body’s needs, Matsunami remained in the intensive care unit with machines to assist in helping her pump blood. Doctors gave her a slim to zero chance of survival but she managed to hold on long enough for a donor to be found for a heart transplant.


Her mother disappeared from her life at a young age, leaving her father Saitou Shinoda to raise Matsunami and her younger sister Maihime as a single father. Saitou did the best he could without their mother in the picture, earning a living as an up and coming professional Mixed Martial Artist trying to make it to the big leagues. Times were hard and Saitou struggled to get booked for fights due to his potential opponents refusing to fight him because of his renowned skill and reputation. He often worked as a bouncer in night clubs to supplement his income. However, as a father what he lacked financially he made up for in the time energy and love which made an impression on Matsunami early on. Her strong yet caring nature can be attributed to the relationship she had with her father as a child.


Because of her unusual familial circumstances, Matsunami is very grateful and appreciative of the family she still has. She, in turn, devoted this same time and energy to her younger sister Maihime. When Saitou was suddenly arrested and sent to prison when she was 8 years of age, Matsunami took on an even bigger role in Maihime’s life. She acted as not only her big sister but her friend and confidant as well. When Maihime was being harassed and picked on in school, Matsunami stepped in, often beating up her bullies and teaching them a lesson about picking on her sister.


This was all due to Nobunaga’s influence. A man of the highest level of pride and respect, Nobunaga taught Matsunami his old school values such as discipline, loyalty, honesty, hard work, punctuality, respect for others and humility in oneself not only with his words but with his actions. Nobunaga carried himself in such a way in everything he did, from always showing up for work early to always delivering on his word. Nobunaga held himself and other people, including his granddaughters accountable for their actions whenever they did something wrong. Nobunaga helped shape Matsunami into the woman she is today.


Matsunami is a deeply compassionate person as a result of her struggles growing up. The source of her compassion stems from her near death experience as a baby and having to fight hard for everything she wanted from that point on. Because of this she could identify with people well, especially those facing disadvantageous circumstances in life. Such compassion has served to keep her humble, level headed and grateful for what she has. She and her sister formed an inseparable bond based on such compassion. Confident yet still humble, Matsunami hasn’t forgotten where she came from and what she’s been through to get where she is today. Tomorrow is not promised and this is something she understands wholeheartedly. While her circumstances are not ideal, she is grateful for the gift of life she’s been given and it shows in her zeal and enthusiasm for everything she does.


Matsunami has a rather adventurous nature about her and makes use of her time to the greatest extent. Time is valuable to her and with the time she has, she intends on living her life to the fullest. Her life saving heart transplant could have easily not have happened if not for the sympathy of the parents who lost their newborn baby, in order for her to live. Matsunami took insight and perspective from this when she grew old enough to understand the events of her birth. Not everyone gets a second chance at life, Matsunami understands this; and for this reason she chooses to live her life free and without regret.


Because she cherishes life, Matsunami hates being idle or having her time wasted, always wanting to do something meaningful with it. She dislikes waiting in long lines and becomes annoyed when stuck in backed up, stagnant traffic while on the road. She is extremely self reliant, and prefers to do things on her own rather than wait for assistance. As a teenager, she learned how to do typically male household maintenance jobs like minor plumbing, painting and other home improvement skills from watching Youtube. This saved her grandfather thousands of dollars he would have spent for someone else to do.


For Matsunami, living life to the fullest includes partaking in activities most people don’t want or are scared to do like skydiving and rock climbing. During a family vacation with Maihime and her Grandfather to Japan, she decided to climb up the country’s highest point, Mt. Senjo. With some convincing, her grandfather reluctantly joined her, terrified of what he was about to do.


Matsunami is a tomboy at heart and enjoys some of the same activities men do. This is no surprise due to her being raised by men for the majority of her life. She is an avid practitioner of martial arts, having started with Karate as a child before moving on to Mixed Martial arts. After her father’s incarceration, she continued training out of love for the art.


Matsunami has also taken to the art of parkour, also known as obstacle free running and even hangliding. She enjoys the rush and excitement of being alive from participating in dangerous activities such as these, allowing her to push herself to the limits of what she can do and beyond. When not working or pursuing other hobbies, Matsunami can be found in front of a television, playing video games or watching tv shows. Surprisingly one of her favorite things to watch is professional wrestling. Although she knows its scripted and simulated fighting, Matsunami is still entertained by it regardless due to the athleticism and skill it takes to be a professional wrestler.


Despite her fun, loving, adventurous and risk taking nature, Matsunami is highly responsible for her age. When her grandmother passed away it left her family devastated, breaking her grandfather’s heart and nearly crushing his spirit. Matsunami kept this from happening by getting him more involved with her and Maihime’s afterschool activities; coming to Karate tournaments, dance recitals, video game conventions and other events. Through the strength of her own will, she brought her workaholic grandfather closer to them while also finding a way for all 3 of them to cope over the loss of her grandmother.


Matsunami held down the homefront like an adult in the wake of her grandmother’s death. She took on many of the household tasks such as doing laundry, preparing meals and helping Maihime with her homework. In addition to these tasks she kept the house clean, shopped for groceries and regularly checked the mail; reminding her grandfather when bills were due. Matsunami also performed do-it-yourself maintenance tasks such as repairing wooden furniture, backed-up sinks, and cracked drywall. Additionally, Matsunami learned how to perform basic vehicle maintenance, such as changing a tire and changing the oil on her grandfather’s car. Doing all of this caused her to grow up fast and develop an understanding of what it’s like to be an adult many years ahead of time.


Matsunami has kept her circle of friends small growing up in order to keep things simple. With no mother and her father locked and sentenced to 10 years in prison, she felt she couldn’t get too close to people out of fear they would disappoint or betray her. However, Matsunami will go to the ends of the earth for the people she cares about.


While she does handle her business and take it very seriously, Matsunami does enjoy laughing and joking around. She possesses a dry deadpan sense of humor, which often makes people believe she is dead serious about something when in truth she is actually joking. This sometimes throws people off causes them to panic, amusing her even more.


Currently, Matsunami is single and not looking for a serious romantic relationship. When it comes to dating, Matsunami chooses to be the aggressor. When someone draws her interest she doesn’t wait for them to approach her, choosing to seize the moment and make the first move. Given her tomboyish nature, Matsunami pursues the opposite sex in way thats similar to what men do. Her forthright demeanor often puts her target on the defensive, making it easier for her to decipher him and figure him out. With the unique collection of personalities in her school, Matsunami is set to have some rather interesting interactions.


(Sexual Powers, Techniques and Abilities)

Experienced Sexual Prowess: Matsunami is considered to be one of a rising star in the industry even though she is just a student. Even before she had recieved any formal training, Matsunami had a healthy sex life. Throughout high school she dated casually and got some experience dealing with different types of men from smaller less endowed to average guys, to big hung studs. She exhausted her partners regardless of their size. Not wanting to limit herself to just one guy, Matsunami avoided becoming too attached to any one man by talking to 3 to 4 individuals at a time, being upfront about what she was doing. From this experience Matsunami realized how cut throat the dating scene can be. Many of Matsunami’s partners had girlfriends and even wives and children at home. This knowledge encouraged her to stick to her casual ways for she feared having her heart broken.

After graduating from high school and moving out to World City to live on her own, Matsunami played the field heavily. This was a completely different world than the town she came from, including the men. Matsunami was often tested in the bedroom, as the men of World City in general were on a higher level as lovers than in Coral Springs where she was from. While keeping up was a challenge, she had never been totally dominated. As Matsunami got used to living in World City, she improved as a lover herself making those who once were a challenge submit to her in the bedroom. However juggling a busy work life with dating and other things she wanted to do was tiring and time consuming.

After being discovered by Taneisha “Peach” Johnson, Matsunami accepted a job at Peaches Gentlemen’s Club as a Dancer. Peach personally trained Matsunami in all facets of being a dancer from etiquette to providing “Full Service” to customers. Most importantly, Peach taught her fledgling student how to milk the most money out of her customers.

In her first year as a stripper, Matsunami quickly became a top earner with her unique combination of skills, sex appeal and preparation. Those willing to pay top dollar got to see her even more up close and personal inside of one of the clubs infamous private Champagne Rooms. During her time working for lady Peach, she not only learned how to be a sex performer but how to control others with her sex appeal. Matsunami employs a very slow deliberate style both in dance and having sex. She takes her time with every move she makes, causing her target to want her more and more leading to an explosive climax both sexually and financially.

Matsunami is a well rounded sex performer, skilled in numerous acts, doing all of them well for a woman a mere 20 years of age. It is this rare versatility that helped propel her to the honor of being the AEWA’s rookie of the year. In addition to having star potential herself, Matsunami has the uncanny ability to elevate the performances of peers she works with. Her patience, humility and willingness to help less talented male partners has made her one of BSU’s top performing individuals, not just in BSU but all of the adult entertainment universities in the world.

Bedroom General: Having already earned her AEWA Adult Performer license, Matsunami has a level of experience beyond her first year peers. This experience made her somewhat of a leader amongst the freshman class. Bedroom General is an individual with the skill to raise the performance level of lesser talent to match their own during sexual encounters. The term “Bedroom General” comes from the fighting term “Ring General“. A Ring General knows where to be and what to do in any situation during a fight and is capable of figuring out a way to win; whatever the circumstances may be. Similarly, a Bedroom General can do these same things with regards to intercourse, the objective being to have a great sexual encounter.

A Bedroom General is capable of bringing their partner’s strengths to the forefront while also hiding their weaknesses. A Bedroom General can also give their partner “the rub” using their skill and experience to permanently enhance the performance level of an individual. For Matsunami, this isn’t a conscious thing she tries to do but rather raw instinct, an intuition of sorts.

Matsunami has proven herself to be a true Bedroom General prior to the start of the BSU’s fall semester. She has had many sexual encounters with novice first year recruit Xavier Williams in a very short period of time. So far the results have been outstanding, with Xavier improving exponentially each encounter. Matsunami was able to do this by encouraging him to take control of her during sex. This allowed him to make good use of his huge cock and also his creativity with sex positions and use of furniture. Matsunami’s approach raised Xavier’s confidence and made him more comfortable with sex, pushing him to further develop his strengths and eliminate his weaknesses. Since his first encounter with Matsunami, Xavier has improved continually with other female partners. Lastly, the greatest ability of a Bedroom General is to create another Bedroom General. Matsunami has done such with Xavier, an aspiring director and producer.


Fellatio Practitioner: Though the blowjob is a standard of any adult production, Matsunami gave it her own touch. Rather than try to suck as quickly and hard as possible as most women do, she takes her time with the dicks shes sucking. Matsunami uses her full, juicy mouth to methodically glide up and down her partner’s length. She locks her lips tightly around her partner’s penis, using her saliva to assist her. At the same time, she would slide her tongue back and forth on the underside of the dick. Rather than focus on a singular technique or style, Matsunami used all her assets, lips, tongue, throat, tits and hands to provide a mind blowing experience for her partner.

The testicles are an often neglected area, despite being located just below the penis. However, in Matsunami’s case it is quite the opposite. She gives her partner’s balls some much needed attention, massaging them with her hand, licking and even sucking on them while giving head or handjobs. This provides a unique pleasurable feeling, different from getting one’s dick sucked. Matsunami has even caused men to climax from sucking their balls alone.

Shipuuatsu Shimotsunami (疾風圧•霜津波, lit. “Gale-force Frost Tsunami”): A powerful oral sex technique which begins with Matsunami inhaling deeply, taking in as much air as possible, storing it in her lungs momentarily. As Matsunami opens her mouth to resume sucking her partner’s dick, she exhales simultaneously, releasing that stored air in a concentrated burst which sweeps over her partner’s member; creating an overwhelmingly pleasurable cooling sensation. Matsunami developed this technique from referencing her many years of Martial Arts experience.

Breathing is an integral part of fighting as it can be used to generate power for striking attacks. The most basic yet critical technique in Karate is the Seiken, a standard straight punch. It consists of first inhaling deeply to prepare for the strike and then throwing the punch while exhaling. The releasing of air during execution increases power, and makes a distinct snapping sound. Matsunami took the principles of the Seiken and applied them to performing oral sex to create the Shippuatsu Shimotsunami. As a seasoned hand to hand combat veteran, Matsunami can gather massive amounts of oxygen in a single breath; enough to generate the force needed to perform the Shippuatsu Shimotsunami repeatedly. Matsunami used both her “Frost” moniker and her first name to come up with the name of this technique.

When Matsunami performed this on Professor Damien Douglas during the day of BSU Orientation, he struggled to maintain his composure, nearly ejaculating prematurely. Had she not pinched his cock, he would have. After the encounter Professor Douglas described it as being more powerful than a cool breeze; almost like “A strong gust of Autumn wind” Damien recounted to Professor Sara Reed as they conducted a post encounter evaluation of Matsunami’s performance. This technique is considered to be a Zetsugi (絶技, Special Technique).


Cowgirl Enthusiast: The cowgirl position is one in which the woman is entirely in control of the situation. This is not only Matsunami’s best position but her personal favorite. As an exotic dancer, Matsunami is always in control, bending her customers to her whim while taking them in a wallet emptying tour-de-force of lust. The feeling of taking the stage with hundreds of whom have all come to see you is quite empowering. The cowgirl is no different. Matsunami relishes being in control, for the cowgirl allows her to exercise and express her sexual dominance. It is in many ways the counterbalance to the missionary position. A competitor in the bedroom, Matsunami uses the cowgirl and its sister technique, the reverse cowgirl, to bring about an explosive relaxing climax with the hope that her partner will explode before she does. Matsunami enjoys seeing the look on her partner’s face as she rides him.

Matsunami rides dick with energy and passion, using her highly fit frame to her advantage. She uses the muscles in her legs and hips to generate power as she bounces on top of her partner. This can cause her to rise higher and even lift off her partner’s dick for a moment before landing back on it. Her motions are like that of someone bouncing up and down on top of a trampoline. Matsunami can fly even higher into the air when her partner cooperates with her. During her encounter with Xavier Williams during the Sapphire SPLASH, the combination of Matsunami’s forceful riding and Xavier’s upward thrusts launched her airborne repeatedly.


Doggy Style Enthusiast: A staple sex position, doggy style traditionally gives the male participant a great amount of leverage to pound his female partner into sexual submission. However, Matsunami knows how to take a good thrashing from behind. It’s a commonly used position by those with the money to afford to take Matsunami to the champagne room and is indeed quite the treat for her partner.

Throwback (返す, Kaesu): Rather than remain passive while her partner thrusts, she takes an active role in the fucking. Matsunami is renowned for her ability to move her body, which she puts to good use, while being fucked from behind. She routinely “Throws that ass back” by swinging her hips and rear back towards her thrusting partner. These hard, repeated movements create loud flesh-on-flesh slapping noises and a pleasurable sensation for both individuals involved. Weaker men have been bowled over and even finished prematurely due to Matsunami’s ass swinging splendor. Stronger men request and even demand that she “Put her ass into it!” This often turns into a contest of strength Matsunami and her partner get in to see who will orgasm first.

Senakasori (背中•反り, lit. “Bach Arch“): One of the notable posture forms Matsunami regularly utilizes during sex is the Back Arch. By arching one’s back, flattening out her upper body on the bed and raising her hips and ass into the air as high as possible; a woman can enable deeper penetration for her partner. However it is extremely difficult to maintain the Back Arch, especially if dealing with a ferocious partner. The difference between Matsunami’s Back Arch and everyone else’s is that she can maintain the posture no matter how fierce a thrashing she’s getting. Her ability to hold the Back Arch posture stems from her extensive martial arts training. One of the pillars of Karate is maintaining a strong stance. A strong stance is the foundation for a powerful defense and a crushing offense. Matsunami took this concept and applied it to sex. She practiced the Back Arch as a part of her daily stretching routine while working out. Additionally, the Back Arch stance provides Matsunami a powerful base to execute her Throwback recoiling technique from.


Anal Sex Enthusiast: Anal sex is known as a specialty act in the adult world, one that not every starlet is capable of or even willing to try because of the discomfort and physical pain involved. However, Matsunami Shinoda accepted this challenge. As an in-demand and high profile stripper, Matsunami received many special requests from private room clients, one of which was anal sex. Matsunami has taken dicks ranging from tiny cocks to huge behemoths. Matsunami herself has stated in conversation that anal IS VERY painful initially, but after a while the pain gives way to immense pleasure and even orgasms that surpass the standard vaginal climaxes.

Matsunami credits her ability to take and endure long rounds of anal sex to breathing. Breath control is an integral part of fighting. Proper breathing technique enables the body to relax and better endure physical stress and pain. Through well timed breathing, she minimizes the pain she feels. As she gained experience working at Peaches Gentlemen’s Club, she became more skilled, even riding Xavier Williams’ monster cock for several minutes. Given their mutual appreciation for the act, Matsunami and Xavier frequently engage in anal.

Kōmon Washizukami (肛門•鷲掴み, lit. “Anal Vice“): The anus, much like the vagina, can be strengthened through kegel exercises. In order to make her body more able to take larger partners in the ass, Matsunami regularly did rear-focused kegel exercises. This lead to creation of her Zetsugi (絶技, Special Technique), The Anal Vice. Matsunami is able to tighten the anal muscles to squeeze her partner’s cock like python constricting its prey. She can literally squeeze her partner to near instant climax.


Indomitable Will: Counted out by every doctor at birth due to her heart condition, Matsunami overcame all odds and lived long enough to receive a heart transplant. This immense determination to live prompted her father to give her the nickname “Fireheart”, so that she will always remember her immeasurable willpower. Growing up, Matsunami has never allowed her disadvantages to defeat her or hold her back. She approaches life with fierce tenacity and without fear, for tomorrow isn’t promised and you must live life to the fullest. This same determination applies to Matsunami as an entertainer. No dick in the world intimidates her no matter how monstrous in shape and size. She will take on all challenges. Additionally, she has never “tapped out” to a sex partner during an encounter or been fucked senseless to the point of displaying “The Ahegao” face. In this same way, Matsunami has demonstrated the ability to not only hold her own against more experienced male talent, but even overwhelm them with her beast-like sexual fervor. Matsunami is a fighter both literally and in spirit and it reflects in her style of lovemaking. She doesn’t hold back because anything less than giving her all would be a disservice to herself and to her partner. Matsunami makes love the same way she lives, pushing to the limit without regret. Xavier called her “The Phoenix“, likening her to the legendary bird of eastern mythology. This perfectly describes her as a performer and as a person.


Charismatic Stage Presence: The presentation of oneself can be the difference between becoming a top tier performer and being just another girl on stage. This aspect of the business was something Matsunami inherently understood since her first night working as an exotic dancer. All women possess some of the same physical assets be it big tits, a plump, round ass or thick, welcoming thighs; But not everyone possesses the aura or presence to command an audience. Matsunami possesses this innate grandeur in spades. From how the way she looks at her customer/partner, to her smooth, hypnotic,snake like movements, to how she methodically strips away her clothing, it is all a part of her mystique.

While some of these tools are natural, others she picked up through her experience as a licensed entertainer. Her gaze has somewhat of a mystifying effect on most men because of their unique appearance, often causing her target to get lost in them. Her alluring stare can get most men hard immediately, prepping them to break out their wallets for her. Matsunami uses this as an offensive weapon, making well timed facial expressions that fit whatever mood she is trying to create. Her masterful use of facial expressions allows her to communicate with her partner/customer without ever having to speak. Matsunami rarely speaks while dancing because her body language are more effective in enticing targets to spend money. This also makes the rare moments she does talk on stage more special.

Matsunami employs a very slow seductive style of dance, utilizing all of her physical attributes from her amazing flexibility and balance to her bouncy booty shaking. Peach personally taught her this method, explaining to her that less can be more. “Customers will invest in and desire you even more when you take your time.” Peach explained to her. Matsunami operates with the thought that how one takes off their clothes is more important than how quickly she reveals her goods. Although she usually takes it slow, Matsunami knows when to accelerate and pick up the pace as well. Going with the flow of the moment, she becomes more intense when needed as she demonstrated during her blind date with Xavier Williams.

Matsunami’s choice of outfits are a critical part of her presentation. She sports very elaborate costumes which draw influence from cultural mythology as well as anime, manga, movies and video games. Her vast assortment of costumes are all designed and custom made by her younger sister Maihime. They immediately draw attention whenever she steps on stage. She is known to use her outfits in her dance routines, teasing her target with articles of clothing shes taken off. During orientation she even stuffed Eiji Nakamura’s mouth with a thong she had taken off. Matsunami’s awesome presence is a combination of her natural ability and diligent preparation.

Hospitality Specialist: The art of erotic and exotic dancing is far more than just taking off one’s clothes for clients. It is just as much psychological as it is physical. Part of ensnaring a customer and convincing them to break the bank is knowing how to talk to them. Matsunami is highly skilled at talking with her clients. Matsunami approaches this in a very cerebral manner, listening to her clients tell their filthy thoughts and playing off them with her own words. She often adjusts what she says and how she says it according to her client’s personality. If Matsunami is lap dancing for a submissive client, she tailors her dialogue to be very assertive and dominant over them. Matsunami has danced for men from all walks of life from the wage earning working man looking to blow off some steam, to the wealthy and powerful CEOs who wish to be humbled by a strong woman. Matsunami is also very observant when it comes to her client’s personal kinks and chooses her words based upon her observations.


Enthusiastic Performer: Matsunami Shinoda can never be accused of not enjoying her work. While she is the consummate professional, this doesn’t stop her from having fun. Matsunami approaches sex as an adventure, with each new partner representing a new challenging escapade to indulge in. She is very expressive during sex and leading up to, often talking dirty and complimenting her partner during foreplay.

Once the action gets going, Matsunami isn’t shy about telling her partner what she wants. She moans instructions and loudly encourages her partner to go harder or give her more as the encounter intensifies. She gradually amps up her activity, matching her partner’s pace or pushing them to match her pace and intensity; turning it into an immensely satisfying battle of wills between herself and her partner.

Rather than try to dominate her partner as some women do, Matsunami uses her energy to work with her partner playing off of him and his energy to create a more explosive encounter for both of them. This reflects in her scenes when people view them. Her energy and enthusiasm for sex nearly bursts out from the TV screen.

Intense Climaxes: Ever the exciting presence, Matsunami is known for the amount of energy and effort she puts into satisfying her partner and the avid consumers who watch her videos. Her orgasms are no exception. When engaged in a rigorous sexual encounter, Matsunami often shakes rapidly, sometimes going into blissful body-tightening convulsions; even making her partner cum with her own orgasms. In addition to her movements, Matsunami is quite the screamer, talking dirty and yelling her partner’s name loud enough to awaken the heavens.


Experienced Exotic Dancer: Matsunami’s skill as a dancer stems from years of experience in dance that began during her childhood. Under the stewardship of Asuka Shinoda, Matsunami learned many types of dance; continuing after her passing to honor her memory.

A protege of Taniesha “Peach” Johnson, one of the greatest exotic dancers ever, Matsunami absorbed the knowledge she shared like a sponge. While Peach shared knowledge on all facets of the business with Matsunami; she put particular emphasis on the psychological elements of dancing. Reading a client and quickly understanding what he is all about enables a dancer to cater to him perfectly and maximize profits as quickly and efficiently as possible. Peach also stressed the importance of physical fitness and diet, as that is paramount to longevity in the industry.

Pole Dancing: The pole is an institution in all strip clubs, an iconic tool that every stripper uses during a stage performance. Matsunami is well versed in how to use the stripper pole. Her incredible balance, agility and grace while on the pole are reminiscent of monkey breed Beast Maidens; a species of animals adept at climbing trees. Matsunami’s strength and flexibility allow her to execute and sustain a number of positions such as hanging upside down in various ways, swinging from the pole sideways and drifting up and down the length of the pole. Matsunami has a diverse arsenal of pole dancing techniques which continues to grow as she hones her body with new training methods such as yoga.

During her performance at the BSU Orientation, Matsunami put on quite a display of pole dancing skill. For the last segment of her presentation, she chose Eiji Nakamura, a male classmate and coworker from the audience and brought him on stage with her, performing an impromptu lap dance. The young dancer gave a glorious showing of pole dancing splendor which combined flashiness with skill. Matsunami did a midair split as well as a “Reverse Firefighter”, sliding down the pole in a circular pattern while hanging upside down. She overwhelmed Eiji to the point she caused him to cum prematurely without ever touching his penis.


Low-level Kiatsu: Kiatsu (気圧, lit. “Ki Pressure“) is one’s sexual aura, a phenomenon that is characterized as a sort of presence, an energy or vibe that can be felt by others. This is something that people realize as soon as an individual with it enters the room. Traditionally, Kiatsu is something that is developed and refined by a rare few as they gain experience in the adult entertainment industry. When individuals engage in an intense and spirited encounter, their emotions heighten and their sexual energy manifests into a physical aura that takes on distinct nature, quality, behavior, and intent.

Kiatsu emits with it the nature or ‘heart’ of the user and therefore it is different for every person. One’s character determines the ‘form’ of their Kiatsu. Values such as Determination, Loyalty, Love, and Compassion are the qualities that best define the individual that is Matsunami Shinoda. As a result, her Kiatsu takes on the form of a blazing, intertwined aura of ice and fire, dancing around her body in perfect harmony akin to the opposing, primordial forces of Yin and Yang.

Kiatsu is said to be the representation of an individual’s sexual prowess or ‘power level’. The greater an individual’s sexual mastery, the greater the potency of one’s aura. Through this, the ‘quality’ of one’s Kiatsu can be determined. An individual with a powerful aura can affect far beyond themselves and influence the environment around them, including other people. In the case of Matsunami, she is only able to briefly manifest her Kiatsu as an aura that thinly veils her body. Additionally, this is not something she can freely control as of yet.

Kiatsu resonates most strongly with the feelings and emotions of the user and can become even more powerful when an individual is in a heightened emotional state. Because of this, it has been said that one’s aura is the outward visual manifestation of the user’s innermost profound feelings. As a result, emotions is what determines the ‘behavior’ of an individual’s Kiatsu. Feelings of lust can make the user more susceptible to arousal, heightening pleasure and prolonging orgasm. Feelings of confidence can induce a powerful orgasm in others. This was exemplified on the day of BSU Orientation when Matsunami brought Professor Sara Reed and Damien Douglas to a spectacular and dominant double climax. Additionally, Feelings of anger can enhance the physical attributes of the user, intensifying lovemaking. In the case of Matsunami, her feelings of anger instilled Xavier Williams with tangible dread when she caught him with her sister Maihime at her apartment.

The mastery of Kiatsu is becoming realized when a user can freely manipulate and direct their Kiatsu with a specific ‘intent’. Above emotions is the willpower of an individual. When you project your Kiatsu on others, you are projecting your will onto others. The will carries with it the intent of the user. And this intent the user has directed towards others will manifest into a physical or emotional sensation or effect. Those who have not reached this level of mastery or understanding will oftentimes induce an effect unintentionally or without consciously realizing they are doing it. In the case of Matsunami, she seemingly paralyzed Xavier Williams when they first made eye contact during her blind date performance for him at Peaches Gentlemen’s Club. It was a brief moment, but Xavier felt something from her that he couldn’t fathom in his mind; leaving him spellbound as she danced for him.

The concept of Kiatsu was derived from the ancient martial arts concept of Buki (武気, lit. “Warrior Spirit“). For centuries, it was practiced and perfected by martial artists and monks to attain mastery over their mind, body, and spirit. In the current age of sexual freedom, it has been adopted by adult performers and used for porn. Only those who understand the nature of Ki (気, lit. “Energy”) can freely manipulate their own Kiatsu and interact with the Kiatsu of others. However, it can still influence and be felt/sensed by ordinary individuals should the user will it. To the undoctrinated, Kiatsu is recognized as an invisible, compelling force, riveting those around the user, based upon the intent of the individual. In contrast, one’s sexual aura can be suppressed by the user to mask it from others; but such a level of manipulation is rare even among the superstars of the porn industry. Lastly, because change and growth is a part of life, the nature and characteristics of one’s Kiatsu can change with the individual.


Improvisation and Adaptability: As a lifelong athlete and fighter, Matsunami Shinoda is no stranger to adversity. Able to quickly assess a situation and react, Matsunami doesn’t buckle under pressure. During her time working at Peaches there have been times when other dancers have been unable to show up for work. This meant that Matsunami had to perform more often during her shift to occupy the audience. The young starlet keenly avoided the law of diminishing returns by changing her makeup frequently in between performances and using a number of themed costumes Maihime had designed for her. In addition to this, she switched up her routine, style of dance and music multiple times. It was like she came out as a different person each time she took the stage.

Although she had already been accepted into BSU, Matsunami still wanted to give the university officials a demonstration of her skills. Professor Sara Reed surprised Matsunami during the session. Rather than bring in a random male partner to work with for the assessment, Sara offered herself as well as male professor, Damien Douglas as her partners for the session. Matsunami had no girl/girl experience prior to that moment as she hadn’t been called upon to do it at work up to that point. Although she was nervous, she didn’t show it outwardly. She performed as usual but took note of all of Sara’s actions, particularly when the professor performed cunnilingus on her. Having never eaten pussy before, Matsunami mimicked what Sara did and recalled the Dragon Spear, a move that Xavier Williams used to give her a highly intense orgasm. Matsunami copied this, resulting in a powerful climax for Sara.


(Physical Characteristics and Skills)

Curvaceous Body (Natural): Matsunami Shinoda possesses a flawless figure that’s thick in all the right places. This is a result of genes. Asuka Shinoda, Matsunami’s Grandmother was quite the voluptuous and curvy woman. In addition to this Matsunami’s mother also possessed a well stacked figure. Matsunami is the perfect balance of tits, ass hips and thighs; capable of satisfying fans of all three. Matsunami often shows off her curves wearing tiny tight fitting shorts or short skirts along with skin tight tops, leaving little to the imagination. She doesn’t do it to show off, it’s more about personal comfort.

Big Ass: Matsunami’s best assets are, well, her assets. She boasts a big and shapely, yet meaty rump which is the result of genetics and rigorous exercise. Her gluttonous diet also helps, as all of the weight seems to go straight to her backside. Matsunami keeps her booty tight with a daily routine of ass and thigh exercises including sumo squats, bridges, leg lifts, leg extensions and rainbows. During sex, Matsunami often gyrates her ass for greater effect, especially in the cowgirl or doggystyle positions. Not only does it increase the sensation felt, it’s also quite the sight for her partner to look at while plowing her.

Huge Breasts: While her ass is Matsunami’s best physical feature, her breasts are a very close second. Along with being massive in size, Matsunami’s boobs are known for their trademark softness. While working as an exotic dancer, Matsunami’s coworkers often fondled and groped them in the locker dressing room both before and after shows. Lady Peach once told Matsunami she has “The softest pair of tits in World City”. While the reason for Matsunami’s incredible titty texture is unknown, some suspected that this is a result of her heart condition and subsequent transplant surgery early in life. However, it may also be hereditary because Maihime’s breasts are equally soft. Because of this, their squishy mammaries have caused many male students at BSU clamoring for ‘The Shinoda Sisters Famed Pillow Paizuris‘.

Enhanced Sensitivity: One of Matsunami’s most noticeable features is the scars on her breasts. Due to her heart transplant surgery, Matsunami was left with a large “X” shaped scar on her chest. It garners a lot of attention, some people like it while others don’t. Either way it is unique and helps to set her apart from other young starlets which is a plus.

The scar tissue there is extremely sensitive to the touch, moreso than any other area on her body. Even the slightest contact causes intense stimulation in the area and even her entire body at times. Touching Matsunami’s scars prompts a strong reaction from her, making her body tremble uncontrollably. She will also moan in a higher tone of voice than usual. This causes rapid arousal and even invokes a state of being in heat. This is considered to be an erogenous zone for her. While Matsunami enjoys having her scars caressed, licked and sucked on, she personally views this sensitivity as a weakness because it throws off her sense of control at times. In some instances her partner’s attack this area in an attempt to get the upper hand on her during sex. Xavier Williams often targets her scars during sex but only to enhance her experiences with him and heighten her pleasure. Professor Sara Reed discovered Matsunami’s sensitivity during an exhibition in her office in which Sara sucked on Matsunami’s breasts. She got a very strong moaning reaction immediately after touching the student’s scar.

• Shinoda Sisters Twin Pillow Paizuri Service (篠田•姉妹•ダブル•ピロー•パイ擦り•サーヴィス, Shinōda Shimai Daburu Piroo Paizuri Saavisu): A Tag Team technique that requires the sisters to work in tandem to create a symphony of big titty paizuri goodness for their male partner. Not unlike the Fusion Dance from Dragon Ball Z, this technique requires perfect timing, positioning and cooperation from its participants to execute properly. First the sisters have to position themselves on the sides of their male partner. It can be done with him sitting upright but it is much easier to pull off if he’s lying down on a flat surface like a bed. Next, Matsunami and Maihime sandwich their partner’s cock, pushing their tits together in a symmetrical docking posture. Their breasts must be perfectly level with each other at the start or else it won’t work.

Once in position, the sisters then begin moving their tits up and down, stroking the lucky guy’s member in a fluid motion. They must move in perfect sync with one another, Matsunami usually leads and directs the pace, setting the speed in which they move. Maihime follows, matching her rhythm and making for perfect synchronization. This requires a lot of work and practice on Maihime’s part because she has bigger breasts and nipples. Mai can easily overwhelm Matsunami’s breasts and throw off the syncing rhythm and flow. If this happens then the sensation is no different than two ordinary women doing a sloppy out-of-sync double paizuri.

When executed correctly, the partner feels like he’s in the clouds, becoming engulfed in its softness and warmth as he drifts in the heavens. It is a divine pleasure, like being caressed by angels sent down from the heavens above. The sensation of bliss is so potent that they daydream this to be the case.

Matsunami and Maihime discovered this technique by accident. While playing the busty, bouncy, fighting game Dead or Alive 10XX in Xavier Williams’ dorm room, Matsunami and Mai got into a spirited debate over which of them had the softest boobs. After several minutes of arguing, the Shinoda sisters turned to Xavier to settle the dispute and choose which of them had the softer melons. Unable to decide ,he trembled hesitantly as both Matsunami and Mai stared him down. They grew tired of Xavier’s indecisiveness and agreed to have a contest paizuri contest, stripping Xavier naked and making him the judge. The titty jerking competition lasted for several minutes until the two unintentionally synchronized their movement. This led to Xavier making his signature howling WHOOOO! sound as he erupted like a geyser which rained down cum on the two sisters for minutes.

Subsequently Matsunami and Mai practiced this technique, using Xavier as their subject, swearing him to secrecy; for the Shinoda sisters planned to officially debut this technique at a future major event. Because most individuals focus on perfecting their own personal skills and abilities, this technique is considered to be an extremely rare Futari Zetsugi (二人絶技, Tag-Team Special Technique).


Tramp Stamp: On her lower back, Matsunami sports a tribal “Tramp Stamp” style tattoo that goes across from one side to the other, stopping at her shapely hips. While most assume this to be nothing more than the run of the mill Tramp Stamp that is common among young ladies today; It is actually something much more meaningful. It holds true value and personal significance to Matsunami. It is a symbol of the journey she’s taking in life and what is most important to her. The 3 branches that comprises the center tattoo represent the three virtues she values the most.

The first virtue is Freedom. To Matsunami, Freedom is being able to live her life beyond the limitations and expectations set by life’s own circumstances and challenges as well as those placed on her by other people and society as a whole. She has been counted out numerous times only to rise above and prove that she cannot be shackled down or anchored by restriction or circumspection. It is her desire to be free that shapes her attitude and way of thinking.

The second virtue is Purpose. Matsunami describes purpose as determining and pursuing one’s own personal goals and ambitions. Regardless of whether or not they are achieved in the end, there is value in one’s quest to achieve goals. To Matsunami, life is a journey that has many stops, dead ends and forks in the road to discover. Facing these are just as critical or even more important than reaching one’s destination, as one learns valuable lessons along the way.

The last virtue is Love. Love is a powerful and unquantifiable force that transcends the laws of the physical universe. Love makes the impossible possible. To Matsunami, Love inspires and even drives the other virtues: Freedom and Purpose. Although she seems rather relaxed and indifferent on the outside, she is a very passionate person who loves with all her heart. Although she carries contempt for Saitou, it was her father’s love for her that kept her alive. He made every effort he could to save her, forcing and even threatening violence against the doctors to keep pushing when they were going to give up on Matsunami and allow her to fade into the afterlife. It was her love for her sister Mai and vice versa has kept her strong even through the most difficult moments of times, as they leaned on each other for support. When their grandmother passed away their bond grew even stronger. This unfortunate event drove home the fact that tomorrow is not promised and that you must express your feelings to loved ones whenever possible. It is love that keeps her going when faced with insurmountable obstacles.

The tribal markings that surround the center piece represent the various roads in life one can take. They are curved, meaning there is no such thing as an easy, straight path to get to where one wants to be. However all of these roads lead to the same destination.


Immense Physical Conditioning: Matsunami’s heart issues influenced her to be very health conscious from an early age. Since the early days of practicing Karate with her father, Matsunami has maintained a very active lifestyle full of physical activity. While engaging in combat sports kept her active, other activities such as dance and participating in school league sports augmented her physical abilities even more, even making her a better fighter. Matsunami ranks among the top percentile among 20 year olds for overall health; second to only some breeds of beastmen/maidens who naturally possess higher physical attributes. Matsunami enjoys pushing herself to her absolute physical limits in whatever activity she’s doing. She once even competed in the World City Marathon, placing among the top 10 in a close race that was won by then BSU Freshman Shikijou Yamazaki.

Immense Stamina: In the world of professional sex, ones physical prowess can separate the elite from the average. High stamina means a performer can shoot longer scenes and film more often, leading to greater exposure. Ever the workout warrior, Matsunami has made a name for herself on the dancer circuit for her lengthy, enthusiastic, high energy stage routines where she regularly works up a sweat. The source of her stamina comes from a lifetime of discipline. Matsunami committed herself to training to be the best which meant countless hours in the gym working on either fighting or dance. She pushed herself until she could no longer continue regularly. Matsunami reaps the benefits of her efforts as a BSU student where she built a reputation for herself as an Iron Woman capable of exhausting partners into submission, even some of the second year men.

Immense Endurance: “Pain is only temporary, its weakness leaving the body. Eventually it goes away leaving only strength in its wake.” originally stated by Nobunaga Shinoda, Matsunami’s grandfather; Matsunami believes and embodies this ethos. In the world of sex, this can be quite literal. At nearly 6 feet tall and weighing over 200 pounds, Matsunami has a naturally durable frame to work with.

Shooting porn scenes can sometimes be very long and physically taxing, especially for female performers who take repeated dickings for hours; sometimes from several men at once. Most women have a very low threshold for this when first entering the business. Matsunami on the other hand, surprised BSU faculty as well as classmates with her incredible sexual endurance. For example, she has filmed 4 scenes in one day before, a feat that is far from the norm for a female freshman.

As a former stripper, Matsunami has worked very long hours, including double shifts which sometimes include multiple trips to the champagne room for the big spenders looking for more than a lapdance. It was tough at first, sometimes Matsuami put an ice pack between her legs to cooldown the throbbing soreness that comes from busy VIP filled nights. But with time she developed into an iron woman, taking on bigger and bigger dicks while needing less time to recover.

Incredible Flexibility: In Matsunami’s trade of stripping, one’s nimbleness and agility are key to wowing the audience and encouraging them to part ways with their hard earned dollars. Feats of flexibility and strength on stage have alway been a sure fire draw even to the most experienced strip club patrons. Splits, back bends, handstands and flips amongst other techniques are a staple of Matsunami’s stage performance. Her lithe, agile moves on stage are attributed to her daily workout routine which includes several rigorous stretching exercises. The importance of stretching before training or taking part in a martial arts contest was engraved into her mind by her father Saitou when he taught her Karate and later when he introduced her to mixed martial arts. Saitou instituted a number of leg stretches designed to help improve her kicks. In one such exercise, Saitou set up two chairs across from each other and made Matsunami place one foot on each chair, putting her into a splits position. Matsunami was required to maintain this posture for several minutes, going as long as she could without falling. The results of this show when Matsunami does her signature split leg cowgirl technique.

Through partaking in dance and MMA, Matsunami honed her body to be even more malleable. Dance required Matsunami to execute body bending moves such as splits and high kicks, crab walks and other acrobatic maneuvers while engaged in fast paced choreography. The grappling aspects of mixed martial arts often required Matsunami to put her body in awkward positions in order to execute devastating submission techniques.

Becoming a stripper elevated her skills even higher. Matsunami learned a variety of muscle stretching pole dancing moves from the “Grand Mistress of The Stage” Lady Peach. While Matsunami always possessed the athleticism required to do such moves, Peach taught Matsunami about timing and when to demonstrate her amazing feats of flexibility. Recently Matsunami has gotten into doing yoga. After accepting an invitation from Melanie Rodriguez, Matsumami started attending yoga classes with her regularly. She learned a number of poses and stretches to make her already tensile body even more pliable. Matsunami has since integrated new body contorting moves into both her strip routines and the way she has sex.


Weakened Immune System: As a result of her heart transplant, Matsunami’s immune system weakened, due to her body’s own adjustment to the new organ. Because of this, Matsunami is more susceptible to catching colds, flu and other minor illnesses. As a result, Matsunami doesn’t like cold weather or the winter season because of her sensitivity to it. During winter, she stays indoors as much as possible. In situations where she is forced to go outdoors in cold weather, Matsunami wears extra layers of clothing and multiple jackets and coats to go to classes. In the event that Matsunami gets too cold, her body will shut down and go into a coma-like state of hibernation. This requires a high, intense level of heat to revive her should this happen. World City having nearly year-long warm weather is one of the reasons she decided to move there. Even at night, the weather is cozy.


Keen Intellect: Matsunami has spent her entire life competing in some form or another. Although sports are primarily athletic contests, there is a cerebral element to them. The use of scripted plays in sports such as Basketball requires memory. In combat sports such as Karate, boxing and Mixed Martial Arts, a fighter must have a different kind of intelligence, the ability to perceive and “feel” one’s opponent in order to anticipate their moves and appropriately counter them. This is not unlike how Matsunami handles her clients at Peach’s Gentleman Club where she tries to figure them out to provide the best service possible.

While Matsunami was merely an average student in school, she possesses extremely high practical and emotional intelligence, memory and gut instincts which are traits that will help her succeed in the Adult Entertainment industry. She has demonstrated the ability to uncover her partner’s weak points or sensitive zones based mostly upon inferences about her partner’s appearance and behavior during pre-sex interractions. Matsunami commits every detail she discovers about her partner’s body, sensitive areas and preferences to memory in order to use for future encounters.

Highly Perceptive Performer: Behind Matsunami’s beautiful eyes lies a keen, analytical mind. She has always been a vicious competitor who wants to win, but even moreso, she doesn’t want to lose. Her competitive nature drove her to do everything within the rules to help achieve victory in whatever sport she was playing. This led to her sharpening her observational skills by paying close attention to the other team/her opponent, taking note of their tendencies and habits. For example, when Matsunami played baseball she watched closely how the opposing teams played, paying particular attention to the pitcher and the catcher. She observed astutely their hands, eventually figuring out which signal represented each type of pitch. Once she played against that team she knew everything the pitcher was going to throw at her while she was at bat, leading to her hitting several homeruns. In combat, she noted subtle movements of her opponents which telegraphed attacks, allowing her to easily counter or evade their attacks.

Matsunami learned to apply this same approach to sex during her time as a stripper. The young starlet would become very attuned to the behavior of her partner’s body. Simple things such as one’s breathing cadence, slight changes in facial expressions, reactionary gestures and body movements become information for Matsunami to absorb and process. Matsunami then uses said information to formulate her next move and overall strategy in a personal encounter. The knowledge she acquires during these sexual encounters enable her to provide a better performance that caters to her partner and audience. Additionally, Matsunami’s deductive abilities inform her on what’s working or what isn’t, and what her partner is feeling and how close they are to climax. Never was her analytical prowess more evident than during her exhibition with professors Sara Reed and Damien Douglas during the day of BSU Orientation.

During that encounter, Matsunami deduced that Sara Reed’s aggressive kissing and groping during her strip tease was an attempt to intimidate her, break her concentration and collapse her composure. However, this didn’t work due to Matsunami’s level of focus and experience in big events and high pressure situations. Matsunami also quickly realized that Sara, like herself, has a very sensitive neck, based on her reaction from nibbling on it. Furthermore, she came to realize how experienced the professor was, noting that all her actions and subtleties served a purpose and that none of her movements are wasted. As the threeway encounter neared its epic climax, Matsunami felt Sara’s rising pulse and decided that it was the prime opportunity to punctuate her performance with a new technique. Unleashing a flurry of tongue strokes, she was able to bring the professor to orgasm. As a student, Matsunami continues to sharpen her keen perception, using it to create electrifying sex scenes on the level comparable to recent BSU graduates.


(Hobbies and Other Talents)

Dance Expertise: As a stripper, Matsunami has become proficient in various styles of dance, knowing which goes best with a particular genre of music. This is a result of many years of practice in dance. As a child her grandmother enrolled her in tap dancing. Matsunami initially protested this but grew to like it over time as it improved her footwork, speed and agility as a Karate practitioner. Matsunami also came to realize that dancing was fun. Her very first time going on stage in front of people was tap dancing for a school talent show. Matsunami enjoyed the feeling of going on stage and performing publicly because it gave her a sense of thrill and power. As she got older, Matsunami took dance classes in other arts including Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Latin Dance and Belly Dancing.


Extreme Sports Enthusiast: Matsunami vowed to live her life to the fullest and experience everything life has to offer. Over the years she has become somewhat of an adrenaline junkie, taking great enjoyment from participating in heart pumping and dangerous recreational activities. She enjoys the rush that comes with taking risks. It provides her with a euphoric feeling she hasn’t yet been able to fully explain. Matsunami describes it as a feeling of “Being Alive”. So far Matsunami has done parkour runs, Skydiving, hangliding and motorcycle riding, having recently acquired her motorcycle driver’s license. On a family vacation to Japan, she convinced her grandfather to climb Mt. Senjo, the highest point in Japan, with her. Additionally, there are still a number of things she wants to do such as BASE jumping, Motocross, skiing and snowboarding. Her grandfather fears for her life and often tries to discourage Matsunami’s extreme hobbies. However Matsunami rebuffs his pleas, reminding him that your number can be called to the afterlife at any time or place no matter what you’re doing at any given moment. This way of thinking allows Matsunami to live freely and without fear, because when her time does come she can say she did everything she wanted without regret. Matsunami is looking forward to sharing her adventures with her close friends. Matsunami even managed to convince Xavier to go on a skydiving trip with her.


Travel Enthusiast: Matsunami grew up in a small suburban town, spending nearly her entire life there. At night she used to lay in her bed and look out towards the stars wondering what lies on the other side of the world to discover. Matsunami learned about the world through lectures and textbooks from her social studies class. She further fed her curiosity and interest by watching the popular Travel Channel tv show World Reservations. The show followed its host as he visited some of the world’s largest and smallest historical cities; taking in the culture, drinking with friends and eating delicious food. As an adolescent Matsunami created a bucket list of countries and cities she wanted to visit during her lifetime. Her list includes New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Hong Kong, Spain, Egypt, Thailand, Mexico, Jamaica, Bali, Brazil, Korea, England as well as revisit her family’s homeland, Japan among other places. Having moved from Coral Springs to World City, Matsunami has checked off the first box on her travel bucket list.


Martial Artist (Karate): While Matsunami is a mixed martial artist, Karate was her first love. She’s been practicing the art since she learned to walk, first learning from her father and later training with her grandfather when he rededicated himself to Karate in the wake of his wife’s passing. Karate has played an integral role in Matsunami’s life, for many of the pillars that are the base of her character were established on the hard mats of the Shinoda family dojo.

Tekishaseizon (適者生存, lit. “Survival of the Fittest“) is the ethos preached by those who practice Mukenryū, the Shinoda Clan’s style of Karate. While outsiders look down on this universal truth as cruel and barbaric, Matsunami embraced it, using the principle for her own self empowerment. Matsunami practiced 7 days a week, no matter how exhausted she was or how much pain she felt. No matter how bad those feelings were, they paled in comparison to failure and falling short of her goals. Despite her health issues, she never once used her heart condition as an excuse for defeat or felt sorry for herself; for that wasn’t the way of the warrior. Matsunami instead used it as fuel to burn the fire within her heart even hotter.

In addition to helping shape her attitude and build her superhuman resolve, practicing Karate helped her develop a tactical mind, an attribute that continues to serve Matsunami in her adult entertainment career.


Martial Artist (MMA): After getting a strong foothold in Karate, Matsunami began training in MMA. “While Mukenryuu is a formidable fighting technique, it is far from the only one. I won’t limit myself to just one method, nor will I do that to you.” Saitou told Matsunami before introducing her to the concept of Mixed Martial Arts. Saitou started showing her the art of grappling. Greco Roman Wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Sambo are all arts that fall under the umbrella of grappling. Matsunami struggled initially but picked up the concept, learning to enjoy takedowns and doing submission holds. Unfortunately she didn’t get to train under her father for very long due to his arrest and imprisonment on federal counterfeiting and piracy charges.

Without a coach to teach her Matsunami, reverted back to Karate winning nearly every competition she signed up for. However it was different than before and she didn’t get nearly as much excitement from doing Karate as she had when she was younger. To Matsunami it felt like she was missing out on something. She had gotten a taste of what Mixed Martial Arts had to offer and she craved more. For years the Coral Springs area was behind the times in martial arts culture and didn’t have an MMA gym. However once Matsunami found out one was established, she immediately joined. After being dispatched by a much younger opponent just minutes after walking in, Matsunami knew this would be her toughest challenge to date. She persisted and became a skilled fighter, good enough to make it into the SFC but she never got the chance to fight as a professional because she couldn’t get medical clearance.

Although she wasn’t able to fight professionally, MMA still holds a place in Matsunami’s heart. To her it represents her own personal philosophy. Mixed Martial artists are not limited by styles or old traditions passed down for centuries that are followed religiously due to being the status quo. Mixed Martial Arts is about learning all you can to become the best fighter possible. This mirrors Matsunami’s own views on life. She seeks to live her life to the fullest without any regrets, true freedom. Matsunami still stays close to the sport by watching it as a fan. She holds no ill will or resentment about her career or how it was cut short. Instead Matsunami, has taken the knowledge she has gained from it to apply to her new career as a rising starlet at BSU.


Professional Wrestling Fan: Matsunami has been a fan of professional wrestling all her life. She initially discovered it one night while flipping through the television channels on a monday while bored. The little girl stopped when she saw a burly looking man seemingly beating up a much smaller man in the center of a square shaped ring. Young Matsunami watched on cheering for the smaller man to make a comeback, for it is almost human nature to connect and sympathize with the underdog. Saitou came into the living room after getting a beer from the kitchen to see his eldest daughter captivated by the fictitious struggle taking place on the TV screen. At that moment Saitou realized Matsunami was hooked. He joined her in watching wrestling and this became a ritual for them on monday nights. Saitou even ordered the monthly Pay-Per-View wrestling events so they could watch them together.

The fact that professional Wrestling is scripted or “Fake” did not deter her from watching it. In fact, after having this spoiled by a classmate, Matsunami became even more intrigued and became a more avid fan than before. She was impressed by the fact that the wrestlers did so many dangerous moves without hurting each other. This made her respect the wrestlers even more because safely executing the hard, impactful slams and high flying dives and top rope maneuvers took discipline, self control and timing from both competitors in the ring.

After Saitou’s departure from her life, Matsunami continued to watch wrestling which her grandparents couldn’t understand. She got the newest wrestling video games every year so she could play out her own action filled storylines and matches, often dragging her sister into it as well. Although she has grown into an adult and changed a lot since she was just a girl, Matsunami still loves wrestling maybe more now than ever before. Recently, Matsunami attended her very first Slamfest. Despite a few setbacks getting to the arena, she managed to get there in time to see her favorite wrestler, Tigre Blanco in the main event.

Perhaps her love of wrestling is something that goes deeper than what the people close to her even know. Matsunami rarely discusses her father and when she does she is usually dismissive and critical of him. When Saitou was arrested and sentenced to prison, her grandparents never really explained the situation to her which only fed into her resentment even more because she didn’t understand. It is very possible that Matsunami continued to watch and follow professional wrestling as a coping mechanism to deal with her father’s 10 year absence from her life.


Dog Lover: Ever since she could remember Matsunami has been fond of dogs. In fact she’s been around them for almost her entire life. Matsunami got her first and only pet dog when she was just merely a toddler, a stray pug puppy that her father had taken Saitou named puppy Sozoshi because of his ear piercing bark. Little Matsunami and Sozoshi created mischief early on, running around the house, knocking over coffee tables, lamps, and other pieces of furniture, much too Saitou’s annoyance. Often when Saitous friends came over to watch boxing and SFC fights, Sozo barked rampantly, positioning himself between Matsunami and the house guests, vigilantly staring them down. Sozo was very protective of Matsunami and later Maihime, fearlessly refusing to back down from any threat, including other dogs.

On one occasion Saitou, Matsunami and Maihime were taking Sozo for a walk they passed another man with a pitbull. The pitbull immediately stopped and barked at the group repeatedly, causing Maihime to cry in her stroller. Sozo sprung into action jumping in front of Maihime’s stroller, baring its fangs and barking and growling even louder than the pitbull. While the chance of Sozo being defeated or even killed by the pitbull were very high, the little pug stood his ground. The pitbull eventually backed down, knowing it wouldn’t get away unscathed. This brave act cemented Matsunami’s feelings about Sozo and dogs in general as creatures of loyalty, love, and selflessness.


Bilingual: Matsunami possesses fluency in the Japanese language. As a third generation American citizen, she doesn’t necessarily need to know it but practices it anyway. Matsunami’s grandfather believes that to figure out where you are going in life you need to know where you came from. Nobunaga Shinoda stringently taught Japanese to his children to instill a sense of culture and knowledge of their heritage to them and to enable them to speak to extended family members who are still in Japan. Saitou continued this tradition by teaching Japanese to his daughters. Saitou schooled her in their family’s native language very early in her life concurrently with teaching her to speak English.

Saitou used anime and professional wrestling as tools to help his daughters learn and retain their knowledge of the language. Saitou showed Matsunami raw anime episodes and quizzed her afterwards, asking questions about episode dialogue. He also employed this technique by showing her Neo Japan wrestling and questioning her on the content of wrestler promos that were spoken. In addition to this, Matsunami was required to speak Japanese whenever she was training Karate with her father.

Because of how early she was taught and the methods used to teach her, Matsunami speaks it fluently. It is second nature to her and she doesn’t remember learning how to speak Japanese; as most people who only speak one language don’t remember ever learning to do it. Japanese was almost exclusive to Nobunaga’s household with the exception when there were non-Japanese speaking guests present at his home.

This knowledge will aid Matsunami in her career as an adult entertainer because this enables her to communicate directly with Japanese fans without any barriers. Japan is the second largest consumer of adult entertainment in the world. Matsunami sometimes speaks Japanese with Maihime, however some terms such as honorifics have been carried over into english. During times of nervousness and stress, Matsunami will speak only in japanese, a trait she shares with Maihime and her mother.

She has often been requested to speak Japanese to customers while working, especially when wearing Japanese inspired stage costumes. Her knowledge of the language comes in handy in the AE profession due american consumers’ fascination with hearing other languages being spoken during sexual encounters.

Matsunami is also known to speak Japanese to classmates and friends who also know the language, most notably her nemesis, Violette Beauregard. They sometimes engage in smart mouth exchange and throw insults toward one another in Japanese when in close contact.




Saitou Shinoda (Father)

Matsunami currently has a very strained relationship with her father, Saitou Shinoda. However, things weren’t always this way. With her mother gone, Saitou became a loving and devoted single father to Matsunami and her sister Maihime.


When Matsunami was born with a heart defect, she was given no chance of survival. She was afflicted with a rare medical condition in which her heart was too small to sustain her tiny body. However, Saitou refused to accept the doctor’s prognosis, demanding they save her life with fiery determination. In what seemed like a miracle, the doctors found a child heart suitable for donation. Saitou was the first thing baby Matsunami saw after waking up from a successful surgery. She didn’t cry or whimper at all. She simply smiled and reached out to grab her father’s finger. It was Saitou who coined her future stage name when he referred to her as “My little Fireheart”, a reference to her immense willpower to live.


Saitou remained by his daughter’s side in the hospital and served as her primary caretaker when she was finally released. While Matsunami’s mother worked, Saitou nursed his infant child into a healthy toddler, establishing the ever important connection a father has with his daughters.


Saitou devoted most of his time and his time and energy to raising his daughters. Some elements of this proved to be challenging for Saitou such as shopping for girls clothing and doing their hair. Matsunami was the easier of the two daughters to deal with because she was a tomboy and wasn’t picky about such matters.


Saitou bonded with Matsunami early on by sharing some of his own interests with her, namely martial arts. Saitou started off by teaching her Karate, a discipline that he himself was a black belt in. She soaked in Saitou’s combat knowledge like a sponge. It was through martial arts that Saitou taught Matsunami about discipline, respect and honor. These three principles make up the core of who she is today as an adult.


Young Matsunami developed into a tomboy which Saitou didn’t mind because he originally wanted a son. He supported this development by introducing her to the big 3 sports, basketball, and baseball, but more importantly, combat sports. On the weekends, she could be found watching boxing with Saitou and her Grandfather.


Saitou’s MMA career had started to blossom as Matsunami grew. He amassed victories like nothing as he was on the cusp of making it into the Supreme Fighting Championship league, the premier mixed martial arts organization in the world. However, Saitou’s luck would take a turn for the worst. In the biggest fight of his career, the owner of the SFC organization asked Saitou to take a dive and allow himself to be knocked out in the 3rd round in exchange for a massive payoff.


Saitou was faced with tremendous pressure going into this fight. He could take the fall and sacrifice his pride, his honor and his dreams in exchange for millions; enough to take care of his children for the rest of their lives. Or, he could choose to stand and fight with honor, and for his dreams and for Matsunami and Mai who were at home watching him on television. Saitou opted for the latter and scored a devastating highlight reel flying knee knockout just seconds into the first round.


Saitou believed he had punched his ticket and would soon be called up and recruited by the SFC but it never happened. Mysteriously, he was stripped of his license to fight professionally by the state athletic commission without warning. This meant he couldn’t fight in any event for any martial arts organization indefinitely. Suddenly out of work, Saitou had to provide for his family without using his fists. At first, he worked as a bouncer at a local night club but he eventually found higher paying work. Saitou was able to make a decent living and provide for his daughters as a steel mill worker. After a couple of months, it looked like Saitou had found a new career, but unfortunately for him they had budget cuts which meant employees were being laid off. Longer tenured employees were retained while newer employees like Saitou were cut.


In the aftermath of being downsized, Saitou couldn’t find work anywhere. A friend of Saitou’s claimed he had a job for him to do. This friend was actually a media pirate, someone who illegally distributes copyrighted video material for profit. Desperate to earn money to support his family, Saitou accepted the offer. He sold bootleg versions of movies and video games for discounted prices. However the most profitable thing he sold was pornography. Porn is the hottest entertainment media commodity in the world today, with sales generating billions of dollars. Those who buy pirated videos seek to acquire the work of the world’s top performers for mere pennies on the dollar. This is a lucrative business for bootleggers but is costly and harmful for pornstars and the industry at large. Saitou made money hand over fist, constantly having to resupply to keep up with demand. He made more money in just a few months bootlegging than his entire career as a cage fighter.


In addition to dealing pirated pornography, Saitou engaged in another even more highly illegal adult endeavor. Saitou engaged in the production and sale of counterfeit AEWA Sex Worker Certification licenses. In today’s world, those who perform in the adult entertainment industry must have a license to work. This license verifies that individuals have received quality training in their craft, are registered with the AEWA and are free of sexually transmitted diseases. This assures the safety of both performers and customers alike and guarantees the highest standard of performance and professionalism for adult entertainers. Counterfieit licenses enable individuals who don’t or can’t meet the standards to work in the sex industry, which is highly dangerous to patrons and performers. In terms of safety, these licenses can fall into the hands of dangerous individuals.


However this wouldn’t last. In Saitou’s biggest deal yet, he unknowingly sold hundreds of DVDs to an undercover AEWA agent. He had been set up in a sting operation. His friend whom he was working for had been apprehended days earlier had cut a deal with the government, falsely labeling Saitou as being the mastermind of the operation. Additionally, the turncoat bogusly told AEWA officials that Saitou controlled and facilitated the sale of bootleg Adult Performer Licenses and that he made the licenses to sell on Saitou’s orders. He provided evidence in the form of a prototype ID that hadn’t been given to Saitou to distribute yet. This model was the first of a new line of counterfeit IDs. It contains a chip that provides falsified personal information about the owner that registers as legitimate when scanned or inserted into any chip reader. As a result, these IDs easily bypass most medium-level security measures.


Saitou pleaded guilty and agreed to serve 10 years at a Federal AEWA prison facility for violation of Professional Adult Entertainment laws. He pleaded guilty to spare his family a humiliating trial, protect the Shinoda name and to prevent this story from ever going public. Nobunaga Shinoda, Saitou’s father as well as his attorney, negotiated Saitou’s deal with the federal government.


Matsunami grew up resenting her father. Because from her perspective, Saitou abandoned her and her sister. It was like he disappeared from the face of the earth without a trace; without any warning or a goodbye. Their grandfather, Nobunaga, decided not to say what happened to Saitou because he believed they were too young to understand. Saitou’s parents gained full custody of Matsunami and Maihime in the wake of Saitou’s prison sentence with Nobunaga raising them into adulthood.


Saitou’s was released after serving the full 10 year sentence. With Matsunami 18 years of age at this time, his first act was to attend her high school graduation. Matsunami rejected his attempts to reconnect with her, feeling that he had abandoned her. Their relationship remains fractured to this day but Saitou holds out hope that she will forgive him and allow him back into her life.



[REDACTED] (Mother)

Matsunami knows very little about her mother. [REDACTED] departed when Matsunami was only 2 years old, shortly after her sister Maihime was born. The only thing she can recall about her mother is that she had long, flowing silver hair. For unknown reasons, Matsunami’s father and grandparents never brought up her mother, almost as if the woman never existed.



Nobunaga Shinoda (Grandfather)

Nobunaga has been a continuous presence in Matsunami’s life ever since she was born. That presence grew once his son and Matsunami’s father Saitou was arrested for federal piracy charges. A criminal defense attorney by trade, Nobunaga advised Saitou to plead guilty due to the overwhelming amount of evidence against him as well as co-conspirators who turned informant against Saitou.


Nobunaga raised Matsunami and Maihime from the day of Saitou’s arrest going forward. A man of archaic customs and traditions, he vehemently opposed pornography and tried to discourage his granddaughters from going down that path. He viewed sex as something sacred and private between lovers and not a public exhibition to make money.


Nobunaga was a rigid disciplinarian, a firm but fair man who wanted the best for Matsunami and Maihime. Not wanting them to become involved in the adult industry, Nobunaga championed the importance of education, strictly monitoring their grades in school. A man of pride, honor and tradition, Nobunaga believed in the principle of survival of the fittest. Although Matsunami was born with a critical defect in her heart, Nobunaga believes that any weakness can be overcome with time, diligence and effort. He pushed Matsunami hard in whatever she was doing, turning her heart issue into motivation to succeed rather than a crutch or excuse for failure.


Although Nobunaga was often busy running his law firm, he made time for Matsunami. He could often be spotted front and center at her Karate tournaments and later her amatuer mma fights. He sat stoically with his arms crossed as he watched her compete, showing little reaction, even when she stood victorious. A master Karateka in his own right, Nobunaga always critiqued Matsunami’s fights win or lose, pointing out areas she could improve in or things she could have done to either win the fight or achieve a more decisive victory. Nobunaga’s reasoning behind this was to keep her working hard and to avoid the pitfalls of complacency. Because of this, Matsunami’s skills as an adult performer is always in a state of constant refinement.


It wasn’t all work, no play though. Nobunaga often took his granddaughters fishing along the shore of one of the nearby lakes in Coral Springs. When he wanted to catch more exotic fish they would go aboard his boat and fish the plentiful sea along the coast of Sapphire Shores. Their catch for the day would then be taken home where Asuka, Matsunami’s grandmother would prepare a delicious sushi meal for dinner. From fishing with Nobunaga, Matsunami learned patience and persistence. Sometimes catching a single fish could take all day while other times they would haul in dozens.


Nobunaga would face challenging times when his wife passed away. They were married for a blissful 45 years. This deeply impacted Nobunaga, driving him into a deep depression. He put in copious additional hours at work to mask the overwhelming sorrow he felt from her loss. And when he was at home, he was withdrawn, confining himself to his bedroom looking at old photos with a bottle of sake as his companion. It was during this time Matsunami age 12 and Maihime age 10 rallied around him. The two sisters teamed up to make a massive blanket which was emblazoned with images of the family during happier times. It took several months to make but it reminded him that he wasn’t alone. Matsunami and Mai were dealing with the loss as children.


Seeing Asuka’s face on the blanket made him realize that he himself needed to be strong for his granddaughters and for his son who couldn’t even say goodbye to his mother due to being incarcerated. It was at this time that Nobunaga took a more active role in Matsunami and Mai’s lives. He even donned his Karate gi and trained with Matsumami once more after not throwing a punch in decades. Seeing Matsunami flourish after what she’d endured gave him hope that he could overcome just like he had been teaching her for years.


From that day forward he never missed any of his granddaughters events. He went from being cold to showing more emotion than he ever had, taking off his suit jacket and swinging it over his head to cheer Matsunami on. Nobunaga also took Matsunami and Mai to professional wrestling shows.


When Matsunami graduated highschool, she informed her grandfather of her intent to move from their lifelong home of Coral Springs to World City. Nobunaga was very skeptical of this and urged her to reconsider. But seeing the passion in her eyes caused him to relent. She was an adult and needed to forge her own path in the world. However, he wouldn’t allow Mai to move with her on the grounds that she was only 16 years old and still in highschool at the time. Shortly after, Maihime secured an arrangement with her grandfather agreeing to get straight As for all her classes in exchange for being allowed to move in with Matsunami in World City. Nobunaga relented and agreed to the terms, believing that the life experience could help his younger granddaughter grow as a person.


Nobunaga didn’t approve of Matsunami’s decision to pursue a career in the adult entertainment industry. A strict man with an old school, conservative set of family values, he believed that pornography is an obscenity and that sex should be something private between oneself and one’s partner. However when Matsunami’s mother departed many years ago, Nobunaga agreed to not interfere with their career choices when they grow up. Nobunaga honored his word to Matsunami’s mother, allowing his granddaughters to pursue their dreams and decide what they want to do for the rest of their life.



Asuka Shinoda (Grandmother)

If the Shinoda family was a building then Asuka Shinoda was the sturdy foundation that held everything together. Both a loving mother and grandmother, she treasured her family through both the good and bad times that would befall the clan. When Matsunami’s mother departed shortly after giving birth to Matsumami’s sister, Asuka quickly took to the role of mother to the two little girls while never once blaming their mother for leaving them. This was a huge help for Saitou at the time, who was embarking on a new career he thought could bring home more money for his daughters. Asuka and her husband Nobunaga adored the two sisters, however they displayed their affection in vastly different ways. While Nobunaga, a lifetime Karateka and attorney, was cold, stern and discipline oriented; Asuka was the gentle and loving counter force. Both were needed to help the girls develop.


An avid lover of music and dance, Asuka enrolled Matsunami in classical dancing classes as an extracurricular activity. This was a means for grandmother and granddaughter to bond. Asuka behaved quite differently than Nobunaga did when attending her events. While he observed with a stoic and emotionless demeanor, she watched on with zeal calling out points in karate matches and applauding Matsunami’s dance performances.


Asuka had a very serene like quality to her personality. She was like the still waters of a lake, constant and steadfast; patient and sympathetic. When Matsunami first started participating in sports, she faced a major disadvantage in terms of stamina and endurance due to having a transplanted heart. In one of Matsunami’s very first competitions, she lost in the very first round of the tournament. Young Matsunami went home feeling sad that she had lost so quickly. Despite her quick exit from competition, Asuka prepared a big meal consisting of sushi made from exotic fish and shellfish Nobunaga caught in the waters of Sapphire Shores. As the family ate together Matsunami apologized to Saitou, Nobunaga and Asuka for losing.


“There is nothing to apologize for Matsu. You did your best and I’m proud of you.” Matsunami then asked why she wasn’t getting any stronger. Before Saitou could speak and answer, Asuka replied with an old Japanese proverb: “The deepest rivers flow slowly.” Matsunami scratched her head wondering what that meant exactly. Asuka explained to her the meaning, telling Matsunami that everything in the world has depth including herself, and that she must be patient in order to see progress. Cultivating one’s development and improving yourself takes time. This is something that motivated Matsunami to devote more time to practice. This was only one of many jewels wisdom the grandmother shared. Matsunami still carries this with her today.


Matsunami learned much from Asuka, and one critical element was responsibility. “Whenever you do something, you’re not only representing yourself but you represent us. And as the big sister, you will always have someone looking up to you.” Asuka often preached. This influenced the way she carries herself today as she is cognizant that her choices and actions reflect on herself and affect those she cares about.


Just two years after Saitou’s arrest and imprisonment, the Shinoda family would take another devastating blow. Asuka suddenly passed away in her sleep. She faded from this world in the same way, serene and peaceful. Matsunami wasn’t ready for the role this devastating situation thrusted her into. With Nobunaga suffering from crippling depression, it was up to Matsunami to take the responsibility of holding the family together as Asuka once did.



Maihime Shinoda (Sister)

Born only two years apart, Matsunami and Mai have always been extremely close. Though they had very differing personalities they almost always got along. The duo’s personalities complimented one another. As the elder sister, Matsunami always felt a responsibility towards Mai. Everything from helping with homework, to fending off bullies, to being the shoulder to cry on, Matsunami was there. Throughout Maihime’s life she had been considered overweight. Mai was mercilessly harassed and bullied for her appearance even as an elementary school student. However Matsunami frequently intervened by putting a stop to it, sometimes resorting to physical violence to do so, by beating up her bullies.


At the same time, Matsunami learned from her younger sister. As a social outcast, Maihime would always grin and bear through her problems, trying not to hold a grudge against her tormentors. Mai dealt with her problems by expressing herself creatively, from hand stitching clothing items to drawing designs. Mai also confided in Matsunami her true thoughts and feelings, be it sad, happy or otherwise. This encouraged Matsunami to share and open up as well. It was hard for the older sister to be emotionally vulnerable.


Matsunami, who was very much a rough and tumble tomboy at the time, could identify with what Mai felt, although she usually carried herself in a more reserved way. It was from Mai that Matsunami learned it was ok to express one’s emotions, even feelings of fear, doubt and sadness. This brought them even closer together because Matsunami had a friend to share her true feelings with who would never judge her and vice versa. There was an unbreakable bond of trust between them, for Mai felt she could talk to Matsunami about anything, including more personal things she couldn’t talk to her grandfather about, like boys and sex.


During their childhood, they would often stay up past their bedtime playing video games and talking to one another from their bunk beds in the bedroom they shared. The sisters would roleplay fanfiction stories starring themselves based upon their favorite tv shows; acting out their own adventures late into the night. This would often lead to their grandfather opening the door and telling them to “GO TO SLEEP!!!”, prompting them to lower their voices to a whisper and keep going. They would act out their ideas, playing outside and fighting against imaginary enemies using sticks and rocks as imaginary weapons to dispatch their foes. The sisters both loved Sailor Moon and when they played together, Matsunami allowed Mai to be Sailor Moon while she chose to play as Sailor Mars.


As the sisters got older, their bond only strengthened. They sometimes argued and bickered like most siblings do but when push came to shove and the chips were down they always stood united.


When Matsunami first moved to World City, Maihime begged Nobunaga to allow her to go as well. He initially forbade this but with time and diligence, the two sisters convinced him to let her move there. While in World City, Matsunami often took Maihime to numerous restaurants, far beyond any place she had been to in Coral Springs. Matsunami also took her to her very first anime convention cosplaying as Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars; bringing their childhood fantasies to life. While living with her older sister, Maihime didn’t have to pay rent or any of the other monthly expenses. This allowed her to use her money from working to buy fabric and equipment to make Matsunami’s stripper costumes and any personal things she may want. Matsunami would often spoil her younger sister by bringing back takeout from Mai’s favorite Japanese restaurant: Tenchi. Matsunami and Mai always ate meals together at least once a day regardless of how busy their schedules were. During these dinners and sometimes breakfasts, they talked about a number of subjects from how their day went to Mai’s new design ideas to reminiscing about the past with their grandparents. This was a way for them to stay close to one another while also honoring the memory of their late grandmother.


When Matsunami became a stripper, Mai surprised her with a gift, a custom made, highly detailed, sexified feudal japan era samurai costume complete with a Katana and Wakizashi as good luck charms for her first night of work.


While Matsunami generally doesn’t care about other people’s view or opinion of her, she does care deeply about what Mai thinks. After walking in on Mai and her then boyfriend Xavier Williams, Matsunami felt immediate pain, sadness and distress; not for herself but for Maihime. She was an unknowing participant in Xavier’s string of sexual rendezvous. Knowing Xavier as a guy that has been with numerous women, Matsunami considered him to be someone Maihime should avoid being in any sort of intimate relationship with. The two sisters got into an argument when Matsunami kicked Xavier out of her apartment. While this incident resulted in Mai breaking up with her boyfriend and being upset with her older sister, Matsunami and Maihime were able to talk things out. As a result, they became even closer than before.


With both now in World City and attending university as BSU freshmens, Matsunami and Maihime will support each other through the new challenges that await them.



Sozoshi Shinoda (Pet)

Matsunami’s pet pug, he has been with her nearly her whole life. A former stray, Sozoshi was discovered by Matsunami’s father after waking him up. Saitou went outside to find the little pug chasing away a would-be burglar. Thinking that Matsunami would like him, Saitou rewarded the homeless canine by taking him in. Saitou named the pup because as a result of this situation, citing just how incredibly loud and fierce the little dog’s bark was.


Matsunami hit it off quickly with Sozoshi, getting into mischief and accidentally breaking things all over the house. Sozo was very much a kindred spirit to Matsunami, for he loved to explore and venture into the outside world. Sometimes while everyone else was asleep, Sozoshi would craftily unlock the living room window with its mouth sneak outside, running into the streets, clashing with other canines and generally having fun while his owner slept.


Ever the intelligent creature, Sozoshi could seemingly tell time because he always made it back home before his family woke up, fixing the window as if he never left. It is unknown how many puppies Sozoshi has sired over the years because of his late night prowling habits. As Matsunami got older and more independent, Sozo went on his own adventures and disappeared more often, Sometimes being gone for days but he always came home.


Sozoshi also enjoyed going outside with Matsunami and Maihime. He often accompanied them outside and played with them when the sisters went to battle against imaginary enemies, comically biting the fictitious enemies and mauling them to death. Whenever they would visit Matsunami’s Grandparents’ house they would climb up into a treehouse Nobunaga converted into Sailor Moon’s Castle. While playing up there one time, Sozo slipped and fell out of the tree, plummeting 30 feet to the ground. Usually a fall from that height could severely injure and even kill a dog of Sozoshi’s size, however the pug got up like nothing had happened to him. He has proven to be comically indestructible over the years. He has fallen down stairs, been hit by swinging doors, rolled down hills and taken other hard bumps while sustaining minimal damage. People from Matsunami’s past would often be shocked that Sozoshi is still alive whenever they see him, referencing his advanced age and habit of getting into mischief.


Sozoshi possesses the uncanny ability to tell how Matsunami is feeling just by being in her presence. When she came home from her martial arts tournaments victorious he would run circles around her before jumping into her arms and licking her face. However, Sozo was most supportive during the tough times. When Matsunami’s grandmother passed away, Sozo immediately realized what happened and stayed close, even sleeping in her bed. At Asuka’s funeral, Sozo sat by Matsunami at her grave crying along with her as she said goodbye.


When Matsunami left Coral Springs to move World City she didn’t take her beloved pug with her because she needed to find a job and establish herself before trying to support a pet. During that year, Sozo remained at home with her grandfather. However, Matsunami and Sozo were reunited shortly after she enrolled at BSU, Sozoshi was permitted to live with Matsunami in her dorm room as long as certain requirements are met.



Patricia “Trish” Nishikawa

A former waitress at the Coral Springs’ Ready Roast Cafe, Trish is Nobunaga Shinoda’s girlfriend. At 24 years of age, she isn’t much older than Matsunami. Youthful, beautiful and manipulative, it is clear to most people that she is a gold digger with hungry eyes for Nobunaga’s money. She lives a lavish lifestyle driven by Nobunaga’s lucrative salary as a high powered private attorney. Nobunaga provided Trish with everything she could ever want or need; cars, jewelry, clothes, vacations and even a brand new mansion when he moved his law firm to World City.


Matsunami disapproves of the relationship, sometimes verbally chastising her grandfather for allowing her to take advantage of him as much as she does. Despite her repeated warnings about Trish, Nobunaga blindly ignores her, continuing his sugar daddy behavior.


After Matsunami and Maihime departed for World City, Nobunaga was completely alone. Gone were his responsibilities as a grandfather to raise them. This lead to him reverting back to drinking to cope with his loneliness after returning home from 12 hour days of work. Before work, he would go to the Ready Roast Cafe to eat breakfast and have coffee. One morning he was greeted by a beautiful woman who had approached to take his order. Nobunaga was dumbfounded. This woman looked identical to his late wife Asuka when they first met over 40 years ago. Trish’s polite demeanor, friendly attitude won him over rather quickly and commanded some very healthy tips.


Nobunaga continued to go to the cafe every morning, expanding his routine to include Saturday and Sunday, his days off from work. Trish was promptly at his favorite table awaiting his arrival every morning, taking his suit jacket and pulling out his chair for him when he walked in. She gave Nobunaga her undivided attention whenever she was there, engaging him in conversation about numerous subjects but mainly his job as a lawyer. Trish made Nobunaga feel like a king whenever he came around, giving him the impression that she cared about his life and what he had to say. Eventually Nobunaga started going to the Ready Roast Cafe for lunch as well, for he greatly desired the warmth and companionship that Trish provided.


After seeing her there every day for nearly 2 months, Nobunaga decided to ask her out to dinner. Trish answered yes immediately. The two have been nearly inseparable since their first date. Nearly two years have passed since they started dating and there is no end for the couple in sight. Though Matsunami disagrees with Nobunaga’s choices in the situation, she accepts the fact that he has the right to be with who he wants.


When it comes to her interaction with his granddaughters, Trish has not bothered to even try to ingratiate herself to Matsunami, often getting her name wrong whenever they see each other, often calling her “Masami”. Matsunami used to correct her but after Trish continued to botch her name so many times, she realized she doesn’t actually care to remember. Matsunami has become indifferent to Trish, remaining cordial when she does see her for Nobunaga’s sake. However, Matsunami hopes Nobunaga never proposes to her or even worse impregnates her.




Xavier Williams

Matsunami has a very close and complex relationship with Xavier. She initially came across him on Linkum. While browsing random men on the social media platform, she came across a partial picture of a massive penis. Out of curiosity, she went to his page which was almost completely blank, leading her to suspect he was nothing more than a catfish using a fraudulent profile picture. However while scrolling down the page, she noticed a single comment from socialite and fellow first year prospect, Violette Beauregard. The comment belittled Xavier for a poor sexual performance with her a couple of days prior. The comment verified that the owner of the penis in question was in fact legitimate and not a catfish. The mystery man attracted Matsunami’s attention, not only because of his dick size but the fact that Matsunami had a grudge to settle with Violette. She sent a message to xXxDragonxXx, Xavier’s Linkum account name, inviting him to Peaches Gentlemen’s Club to meet her.


Matsunami chose a specific seat to be arranged right in front of the stage she was performing so she could easily identify him once she came out to begin her set. Once she took the stage, she was surprised by who she saw sitting there. Rather than the typical swaggering, confident musclehead usually found on Linkum, Matsunami saw an undersized teen who looked too young to buy a mature rated video game, let alone be in a strip club.


As Matsunami descended from the ceiling, she got a closer look at her blind date. She noticed his eyes were full of soul, reflecting an assortment of uncontrolled emotion; excitement, nervousness, fear and shock. Matsunami could easily see he was a newbie to being in this type of environment and his fresh faced excitement only served to make her more thrilled to perform for him. The long scar that went down the left side of Xavier’s face gave him a bit of mystique, implying to Matsunami he had gone through something rough in the past, further drawing her interest.


Matsunami used all of her stage time on Xavier as he was her guest of honor that night. What resulted was an electrifying live sex show on stage between the two strangers that impressed the audience and brought in biggest haul the club had ever seen in one night.


Matsunami’s friendship with Xavier began based upon mutual lust and developed into something else. Matsunami was pleasantly surprised that Xavier wasn’t who or what she expected. Following their initial encounter, Matsunami went on more dates with Xavier. It was through these events that their bond grew. Matsunami saw in him an awkward yet forthright boyish charm that made him stand out from most men she encountered. During their second date, their spontaneous romp in an uptown alleyway was interrupted by 3 men looking to rob them using weapons. When they threatened to abduct Matsunami, Xavier was willing to get into danger to save her. To his pleasant surprise, he learned that she was a mixed martial artist as Matsunami easily dispatched the three criminals. Afterwards, they resumed their lecherous date and went to Xavier’s home next. On the way there, Matsunami teased him, fondling his penis before unzipping his pants and sucking him off while he was driving. Matsunami got off on providing Xavier with a sloppy wet distraction from the road, feeling a sense of risk and adventure from it. His pleas for her to stop only emboldened her to suck his dick even more ferociously, resulting in Xavier stalling in traffic and nearly having an accident. After narrowly evading a police traffic stop, they resumed their date at Xavier’s house, fucking in every room except his mother’s bedroom. This was capped off with a morning session in the shower followed by Xavier serving her breakfast.


The two share a number of common interests, mainly the love of combat sports and professional wrestling; they even went to see Slamfest shortly after their second date. Slamfest was a big Pay-Per-View event held by the World Wrestling League. Matsunami and Xavier listened to a radio broadcast of the event on the way to the venue. Both cheered loudly, and during a momentary lapse of focus on the road, Xavier crashed into another motorist, a voyager driver. After being interviewed by police, Matsunami and Xavier made it to the arena just in time for the main event. Matsunami got a chuckle out of seeing superstar wrestler Tigre Blanco remove one of her masks and put it on Xavier. This gesture is one Tigre did during every ring entrance, giving her mask to a child in the audience. This flustered Xavier as he was not a child. The two continued their night together at Xavier’s house, where they indulged in more rounds of sweaty rapturous sex; eventually being caught in the act by Xavier’s mother.


Matsunami won Xavier’s trust, easing his fears, insecurities and shame about sex during their numerous encounters. She comforted him amidst failures with other women, encouraging him to not give up; citing her own mind bending experiences with him as proof that he indeed possessed a latent talent for lovemaking. As a thank you for her support, Xavier presented her with a golden necklace which was highlighted by a Phoenix pendant. Xavier compared Matsunami to the legendary Phoenix because of her intense will to live and her free spirit.


After being publicly shamed on the internet by international superstar Koko Izumi, Matsunami helped Xavier through one of the most stressful moments in his life. Being exposed to the world as a bad lay to her millions of social media followers, Xavier felt an overwhelming amount of humiliation, shame and dread. In the wake of the horrendous encounter with Koko during SPLASH, Matsunami assisted him in creating the masked identity, Dragón Fuerte, encouraging him to use it in order to be himself more freely in public without fear of being shamed for the Koko incident.


Xavier cares deeply about Matsunami, viewing her as a true do or die friend, possibly even more than that. After failing in two consecutive and critical sexual encounters right after moving to World City, Matsunami’s approval meant a lot to him. Their vastly different personalities meshed together to create a rare chemistry that is seldom seen even among the veteran ranks of the industry. Although they are greatly attracted to one another, it was something beneath the surface that drew him even closer to her. Matsunami never once judged him, something that was almost never the case for Xavier when interacting with his peers. This along with Matsunami’s cool and relaxed demeanor made him comfortable, enabling him to go beyond what he thought he was capable of in the bedroom and give his best “Sweet Lovin” so far as Matsunami would say. Xavier appreciates that Matsunami has supported him in his lowest moments, encouraging him to keep trying, and bringing his aggression, ferocity and competitive rage to the surface. In Matsunami’s presence, Xavier is able to be himself without fear of rejection which is a very positive influence. Lastly Matsunami’s patience and experience helped Xavier to rapidly improve as a lover; after only being in World City for less than a month. It is for all these reasons that he has complete trust in her. However, their relationship took a turn for the worst just days before BSU Orientation. Xavier had been sleeping with Matsunami and Maihime, who was his girlfriend, along with a host of other women to maintain his student eligibility at BSU. Unaware that they were sisters, Xavier didn’t tell Maihime what was going on with him out of fear of losing her. He wanted to let her know, but lost his nerve every time he tried. One night, Matsunami walked in on him having sex with her sister. She was outraged at the sight of this because she was aware of him sleeping with other women. Matsumami believed Xavier to be a player or ladies man and absolutely didn’t want that kind of a person involved with her little sister. Matsunami saw these types of guys all the time at her job; unfaithful men who had their fun with Peaches worker while wives or girlfriends and their children waited at home. Matsunami loves her sister too much to allow her to be with that kind of a man.


Maihime, unaware of what Xavier had been doing immediately confronted Matsunami about walking in on them, revealing that Xavier was indeed her boyfriend. Enraged by what she had been told, Matsunami revealed the truth to Maihime. She revealed that Xavier was a BSU student, and told Maihime that Xavier had been cheating on her. She backed up her assertion by pointing out his Linkum account which was filled with comments from other women he previously had sex with including Matsunami herself.


The evidence against Xavier was so overwhelming that there was nothing he could even try to say in his own defense. Feeling hurt and betrayed Maihime smacked Xavier across the face before kicking him out of the apartment. On the way out of the door, Matsunami took off the Phoenix necklace he’d given her and returned it to him.


Since this incident occurred, Matsunami has stared him down whenever they see each other. Her dirty looks are to let him know how upset and disappointed she is with him; she expected better from him. Xavier did everything he could to avoid both Matsunami and Mai following the incident, even taking paths around campus to get to where he was going to keep from seeing one or the other in passing. However, fate intervened putting Matsunami and Xavier in some of the same courses. They were paired together for a group project, forcing them to interact with each other in order to create a video for class.


Their first meeting was tense. Matsunami was still angry and full of resentment toward Xavier over the incident. Xavier’s fear, nerves and anxiety were at an all time high. He would have preferred to be anywhere else other than Matsunami’s dorm room at that moment. They sat across from each other in an awkward silence for several minutes; Matsunami staring at Xavier in disgust as he looked back with a blank emotionless expression. Matsunami looked Xavier in the eyes and said “Let’s get this over with.” Realizing that just sitting there wasn’t going to make his problems go away, Xavier stood up and approached Matsunami, grabbing her hips and pulling her towards him for a kiss. Ever the professional, Matsunami went along with it despite her ill feelings towards him. This lead to a hot, emotional, angry, hate sex-like love session between them which was all captured on video by Xavier’s tripod mounted video camera. They fucked repeatedly for hours, climax after climax until both were unable to move. Matsunami attempted to kick him out of her room but he couldn’t leave because he couldn’t get up. Because of this Matsunami was left to lay on top of Xavier until she fell asleep with her head resting on his chest. He departed Matsunami’s room as soon as he was physically able to get up, leaving her a handwritten note for her on her dresser. The note contained Xavier’s explanation of everything that had happened from his point of view, detailing his intentions, the immense pressure he was under and the feelings that ultimately prevented him from coming clean with Maihime.


Over time Matsunami and Xavier gradually began speaking again due to school assignments and having to work together filming scenes; eventually mending their broken friendship. Matsunami enjoys sex with Xavier immenesly. Having to do so so often helped to break the her defenses and allow rebuild their relationship to be even stronger than before.



Jade Z

Outside of her sister Maihime, Jade is Matsunami’s closest friend. The two have known each other since childhood in Coral Springs, their shared hometown. They first met in elementary school on the school bus. When Jade first stepped onto the bus, she couldn’t find a seat. Matsunami saw this and moved her backpack so Jade could sit down. Seeing Matsunami’s then very short haircut, and her tomboyish attire, she mistakenly greeted her by saying “Whats up dude?” Matsunami corrected Jade, telling her that she was a girl while feigning an annoyed facial expression. This immediately made Jade feel uncomfortable, prompting her to apologize for misgendering Matsunami. The brunette tomboy then chuckled at Jade’s reaction, telling her that it was ok. Matsunami was used to this happening all the time so it didn’t bother her. Such mistakes were even comical to Matsunami. This remains an inside joke between the two of them, for Jade still sometimes greets Matsunami in this way.


Matsunami and Jade hit it off after that, becoming fast friends. Having recently moved into town Jade didn’t know anyone. However she gravitated toward Matsunami because they were classmates on top of living nearby and riding the same bus. The two couldn’t be anymore different than one another. Jade came from a traditional nuclear family while Matsunami was being raised by a single father with assistance from her grandparents at the time. Jade was into the usual things that little girls liked such as barbie dolls, kitchen/cooking themed toys and toy babies. Matsunami on the other hand enjoyed outdoor activities like bike riding, going fishing with her father and grandfather and playing sports.


It was their vast differences that brought them together for each had something new to offer the other. They shared their interests with one another with Jade joining Matsunami and Maihime in the backyard to play fight against imaginary anime enemies making her the third member of their group. Conversely, Jade invited Matsunami and Maihime to her house where she introduced the tomboy to playing dress up, making Matsunami over into a disney-esque princess. The two did a lot together from going to the mall arcade with Matsunami’s father to them taking turns having sleepovers at each other’s homes, staying up until the wee hours in the morning on weekends.


Matsunami respected Jade for her acceptance of Matsunami’s sister into their fold. Maihime didn’t have friends of her own growing up, something that Jade noticed. So whenever she invited Matsunami out to do something she welcomed Maihime to come as well, never allowing the younger Shinoda girl to feel excluded from activities. This is something that Matsunami greatly appreciated.


In the wake of the death of Asuka Shinoda, Matsunami’s grandmother, Jade and her family attended the funeral and helped prepare the reception afterwards. Following that unfortunate event, Jade hung out without Matsunami and Maihime even more often keeping the girls company and helping Matsunami do things around the house. Having lost her grandfather at age 7, Jade knew how Matsunami felt. While Matsunami did her best to remain strong for sister and grandmother through this ordeal, she too also needed support which Jade provided by listening to her voicing her pain and frustration.


As they got older, Jade became heavily active in “dating” boys from school. Around the same time Matsunami was growing out of her tomboy stage and taking an interest in the opposite sex herself. Jade detailed her romantic life and love interests in gossip with her friend, often eliciting Matsunami’s opinion/advice, given she was the more level headed of the two. She also constantly dug for information regarding who it was that Matsunami liked. Those types of conversations between them went on into their adulthood.


At age 15 the two best friends were separated. Jade’s family moved to World City after her father accepted a new, higher paying job there. Despite being apart, they stayed in contact by phone calls, text messages and emails. In the years that passed, both women grew into their own becoming working women. They were reunited when Matsunami moved to World City, eventually working with her at Peaches Gentlemen’s Club when she was recruited by Lady Peach. The duo worked seemlessly as a team of bartender and stripper. Jade often gave recommendations on who her bar patrons should spend money on, sending traffic Matsunami’s way. Matsunami returned the favor by encouraging patrons to buy more drinks, resulting in purchases of bottle service which Jade provided.


Jade often experimented mixing together new drinks of her own invention to feature at Peaches. Prior to presenting her new ideas to Lady Peach, Jade always made them at home, with Matsunami serving as her taster. Matsunami tasted the drinks and gave Jade feedback on what she thought. Jade then made adjustments, adding or subtracting components to improve the recipe until she perfected it. Their collaboration has led to the creation of 12 new mixed drinks that Jade has trademarked and authorized Peach to use at her establishments.


Though Jade was a successful bartender and manager, she always wanted to be a performer, however she was somewhat clumsy and had no dance training. In order to reach her goal, Matsunami often invited Jade to her apartment to learn dance while she practiced dance routines and made new ones. Jade started to learn how to move her body in a similar way, practicing her new moves on male friends she made in the city.
As Matsunami made a name for herself dancing, Jade made a name for herself as one of the best Mixologists in the country. When Matsunami was chosen as the AEWA Rookie of the Year, it coincided with Jade being named the Bartender of the Year by the USBA (United States Bartender Association). The fact that they accomplished these feats together made them even more meaningful.


Matsunami moving to World City also marked their first time getting to hang out as adults. Neither really established any close friends outside of one another while they were separated. Matsunami and Jade made up for lost time, hanging out as much as possible. They went on double dates, went shopping and got lit together in night clubs, commanding the attention of hot guys. Matsunami even convinced Jade to take part in one of her more dangerous hobbies, hangliding.


At ages 20 and 21 their paths run parallel once again as BSU students. With competition between female students being at an all time high, having a target on her back and numerous challengers seeking to best her; Matsunami is happy to have at least one true friend she can trust.



Eiji Nakamura

Another coworker from Matsunami’s former job, Eiji was a popular bartender there, while Matsunami was a dancer. They shared a mutual friend in Jade Li Xiao, the bar manager at the strip club. For the majority of Matsunami’s first year working there she was an enigma, coming in for work, doing her job and then going home. Up until recently, Eiji only knew her by her Stage name, Frost Fireheart. They spoke to one another in passing when Matsunami was coming in or going out of the club, usually with the typical hi and bye greetings. The former basketball player and bartender didn’t know how to approach her.


Eiji, a known ladies man, was mystified by Matsunami’s stage performances and even by her mere presence. He was stunned by the impromptu live sex show on stage with fellow BSU recruit Xavier Williams, wishing he was in that spot instead of Xavier. Matsunami and Eiji became more acquainted and got to know each other better during Sapphire Shores SPLASH event where they both worked on the beach. Given the summer vibe and the fact that her life was about to change once more, the exotic dancer’s attitude was more festive and relaxed on the job. This made approaching her easier. They had numerous friendly conversations during SPLASH.


Because they shared similar struggles, Matsunami is able to identify with Eiji’s struggle to reinvent himself after his career ending triple knee injury. This ended Eiji’s basketball career and destroyed his dreams of becoming a pro. As a child and later as a teen, Matsunami aspired to become a professional mixed martial artist with hopes that she would one day become World Champion. Eiji too wanted to become the best, for he dreamed of being the best basketball player to ever live. However those dreams would be shattered for both of them. Due to her heart condition, no state athletic commission would sanction Matsunami to compete even on the amateur level, let alone professional for fear of being legally responsible for her death if the unthinkable happened during a cage fight. For Eiji, his basketball career came to a close when the doctors told him he had torn 3 major ligaments: the ACL, MCL, and PCL all at once, making any sort of comeback to the sport he loved all but impossible.


In the wake of the incident between Maihime and her ex-boyfriend Xavier, Matsunami had to change plans for her orientation presentation. With Xavier, her original choice out of the picture, Matsunami needed a male assistant to participate in her presentation. She asked Eiji to assist her by joining her on stage and sitting in a chair as the object of her striptease routine. Eiji agreed to help, leading to an amazing show by Matsunami. With Orientation in the rearview mirror, Matsunami has made a new highly skilled friend to help on her path to super stardom.



Yuriko Yamazaki

Yuriko and Matsunami met one another for the first time on the morning of orientation. Having moved into the dorms at the very last minute Matsunami and her sister Maihime were unloading boxes, furniture and other personal belongings from the back of a U-Haul moving truck in the darkness of the early morning. Most students were still asleep at that time, however, Yuriko was wide awake. Unable to sleep due to lingering thoughts about being on television and going on stage in front of her older sister, Yuriko decided to get on her motorcycle and go to Ready Roast Cafe, a popular coffee shop and restaurant she made deliveries for since arriving in World City. Yuriko was a huge fan of their coffee as well as their food.


On her way back from picking her massive order she saw their Uhaul backing into one of the few empty parking spaces far from. Assuming that two women were fellow incoming freshmen she approached them, introducing herself and offering to help them. Time was of the essence and things had to be done quickly. Matsunami accepted the offer and the 3 of them got to work. Yuriko amazed the two sisters, grabbing multiple boxes and sprinting into Passion Tower without dropping any of the boxes she was carrying or even being off balance for a moment. Matsunami immediately noticed there was something about Yuriko that was abnormal.


It was daylight outside by the time everything was moved and organized. As a thank you Matsunami invited Yuriko to have breakfast with herself and Mai. Matsunami had purchased a massive amount of food on her way to Passion Tower with the moving truck. After that, Matsunami, Maihime and Yuriko got acquainted over breakfast. Yuriko already knew of Matsunami by reputation because of the speculation around the school about the ‘Big 3’, a trio of upcoming freshman prodigies who had been recruited.


Matsunami and Yuriko have connected on numerous levels due to having a lot in common. Both have siblings who are BSU students however their sibling relationships couldn’t be more different. While Matsunami and Maihime have been extremely close their entire lives, Yuriko has had a strained and often contentious relationship with her older sister Shikijou. Yuriko envies Maihime because of how well her and Matsunami get along and stick together. Due to the 2 year age difference and how much time Yuriko spends with Matsunami, they have gradually formed a sister-like bond.


As a responsible elder sibling who knows the importance of family bonds, Matsunami has encouraged Yuriko to make an effort to reconnect with her sister and come to an understanding. Having survived a life threatening heart condition that kills most, not having her mother and losing her grandmother as a child, Matsunami has a strong appreciation for her family. In one such conversation with Yuriko, Matsunami advised her friend with these words; “Whatever the beef between you and your sister, remember that tomorrow is not promised. If you were to lose her today how would you feel? Our time in this world is limited. You owe it to Shikijou and more importantly, you owe it to yourself to at least have a conversation.” Matsunami urged.


Like Matsunami, Yuriko was unsure of what to do after graduating high school. After dropping out of Junior college where she was doing mundane general studies classes, Yuriko applied to BSU on a whim, not even knowing what kind of university it is at first. Much like Matsunami, Yuriko is eager to explore life as a college student, especially hooking up with sexy guys. However Yuriko is a total novice with sex and dealing with men. The two often hang out together with Matsunami sharing her knowledge and tricks of the trade.


Over time Matsunami has convinced Yuriko to join her in some of her more extreme hobbies, such as motocross. They share a common interest in motorcycles, aside from riding with her; Yuriko used the knowledge she had of motorcycle maintenance to do routine work on Matsunami’s bike. From there, Matsunami persuaded her to try scuba diving and hangliding. The two developed somewhat of friendly rivalry, each trying to outdo the other. Yuriko’s continual improvement from sexual neophyte to a solid competitor keeps Matsunami on her heels and inspires her to go even further.




Han Seung-Yang

A fellow top BSU recruit, Han knew her by reputation for months before ever having the opportunity to see her in person. The first time he saw her was during the Freshman Orientation event. Although he didn’t show much reaction, he did acknowledge Matsunami’s skill. Matsunami also knew Han by reputation. As a result, there was an immediate mutual respect between them. They do not speak very often but Matsunami does think highly of him. This is because of Han’s unusual friendship with Matsunami’s younger sister Maihime. The two established a friendship based on their mutual love of food. Due to her concern for her younger sister fitting in, Matsunami is very appreciative of Han accepting Maihime’s attempt to reach out to him. On screen they have tremendous chemistry, being able to work together like a couple of veteran professionals, each knowing what to do and when to do it. Together they produce some of the most consumer ready content of any students today. Additionally, Han has further earned her respect because of how he performs as a man of only average size penis.



Taneisha “Peach” Johnson

The owner and proprietor of Peaches Gentlemen’s Club, Peach Johnson has risen from a New York City dancer in her youth to being the owner of several highly lucrative strip clubs worldwide including The Coconut Lounge, The Kiwi Cabaret, and the Green Apple Sports Bar. These go along with her highly touted self named World City HQ and its brother establishment The Cucumber Cocktail (Male Strip Club). Peach first discovered Matsunami during a chance encounter at World-Mart; Matsunami’s job after moving to World City from Coral Springs. Matsunami had been in the city for a year, working at World Mart while deciding on what to do next in life.


Having seen and observed Matsunami running the electronics section and interacting with customers, she noticed a natural charisma and ability to connect to people. During her last visit to the department store giant, Peach inquired about purchasing a new flat screen 5K TV, just to get the opportunity to speak with her for a few minutes. Matsunami showed her around and explained TV options including an 85 inch one that grabbed Peach’s interest. Unfortunately this model was out of stock. Matsunami guaranteed she could have one delivered to her in 24 hours. Peach agreed, cleverly sliding a business card to Matsunami at the cash register while telling her “You’re a gifted one.”


Matsunami was intrigued by Peach’s statement along with the business card. She knew of Peaches Gentlemen’s Club already because her friend, Jade Li Xiao was a bartender there. She had already been exploring the possibility of getting into the adult industry but was unsure of how to go about doing it. She decided to go on a delivery run to drop off the TV Peach purchased the next morning. Once the delivery was complete, Peach asked Matsunami for a few minutes of her time, assuring her that she would give her a ride back to World-Mart afterwards.


After Matsunami agreed, the club owner gave her a tour of the club, taking her through the stage area, the bar, and dressing room, all while explaining the positives of working there. While everything Peach showed her was impressive, she was still skeptical. Before ending the tour, Peach led Matsunami to an office on the second floor of the club. Two massive men dressed in black jeans and black t-shirts stood guard outside of the office door. Inside the office, Matsunami saw a hulking nearly seven foot tall man and a curvy woman with glasses on along with at least 12 big trash bags sitting on the floor. “This is where we count the money.” Peach explained as Rico and Cookie, two of her assistant managers, unloaded the bags and stacked them on the desk in front of a cash counting machine. These weren’t just $1 bills either. There were plenty of $5, $10 $20, $50 and even $100 bills in the trash bags. Matsunami was astounded by what she saw. It further blew her mind when Peach told her “We do this 3 times a day.” Matsunami got the message loud and clear for this was enough money to put her in a new tax bracket! Peach ended her tour by telling her, “The choice is yours.” Matsunami decided at that moment that this was the next step to seizing a new future for herself and creating an opportunity for Maihime who was going to be moving in with her soon. Matsunami accepted a job as a dancer, not returning to World-Mart that day.


Peach personally trained Matsunami on how to transfer her dance skills into a stage performance and also helped her prepare to take the AEWA License Certification Exam. Passing this exam is a requirement for all adult entertainers in order to apply their trade. Under Peach’s tutelage Matsunami passed the exam on her first attempt, after a mere 30 days of intense study and training.


The two share a more friendly relationship than most business owners have with their employees. Matsunami respected Peach both as a businesswoman and as a person because she gave Matsunami the major opportunity she desperately needed after relocating to World City. As a former stripper herself, Peach shared stories and experiences from her own career to help Matsunami avoid the pitfalls of the business. She saw potential for Matsunami to transcend beyond her job at Peaches and become a world renowned star. One night about 6 months ago, Peach sat down with Matsunami after a long yet very profitable shift. She asked Matsunami what it was she saw in her future. Unsure of what to say, Matsunami answered honestly with “I don’t know”. Peach told Matsunami that she is capable of much more, suggesting that she look into going to college. This showed how much Peach actually does care about Matsunami and her future. Most business owners wouldn’t make such a selfless suggestion, especially not to their biggest draw, because it would impact them financially.


Matsunami initially refused Peach’s suggestion out of loyalty and gratitude for getting her out of World-Mart and putting her in the position to change her life. Peach explained to Matsunami that part of her job as a teacher and mentor is to help her proteges find the best path for THEM and not what benefits her the most. It is for this reason that Peach was willing to allow her best act to move forward to the next stage of their life. “I am where I’m at today because someone else kept it real with me the way I’m keeping it real with you. I don’t want to hold you here when I know you can reach greater heights. You don’t owe me anything but you do owe it to yourself to climb as high as you can.” Peach explained to Matsunami as she urged her to take the next step in her career. Matsunami is eternally grateful to Peach for helping get her career going. They still keep in contact by telephone. Matsunami still comes to her club and does shows occasionally when she has time.



Sara Reed

The BSU Head of Admissions and current Homeroom Professor to Class 1A took notice of Matsunami months before she ever decided to attend college at BSU. As a resident of World City, Sara networked with and befriended numerous owners of local AE businesses. Through these relationships, Sara gained information on everything going on locally including hot up and coming prospects. She first heard about Matsunami from her employer Lady Peach, owner of Peaches Gentlemen’s Club; the top strip club in the city and one of the best in the country. After seeking counsel from Lady Peach and having an in depth discussion, Matsunami started researching universities. Once Matsunami decided she was going to pursue higher education, Lady Peach recommended Matsunami to Sara, suggesting to the professor she offer an immediate scholarship. Peach also brought up BSU to Matsunami, telling the prospect that her eldest daughter is a 2nd year student at BSU. She also told Matsunami about her contact within BSU’s faculty.


Professor Reed visited Peaches Gentlemen’s Club near the end of the summer to see her perform in person but also to get a sit down with her. However, she also ran into Eiji Nakamura, a bartender and fellow high ranking prospect which resulted in her leaving with him before she could speak to Matsunami. This subsequently led Sara to call her offering her a scholarship based upon numerous recommendations from Peach and other industry heavyweights.


Although she was accepted into BSU purely by recommendation, Matsunami insisted on giving a demonstration to show what she was capable of and make a statement. During her first BSU visit, Matsunami proceeded to give an impromptu performance for Sara and another professor, Damien Douglas who was sitting in and observing. Matsunami dazzled both professors in a lusty threesome encounter, resulting in her being selected first to be in Sara’s homeroom Class 1A when the homeroom professors choose their class membership shortly before BSU Orientation.



Melanie “Mei” Rodriguez

Matsunami and Mei first met when she came home early from work during the night of Slamfest and walked in on Matsunami being hammered in the wheelbarrow position by her son Xavier. Matsunami maintained her composure in the awkward moment as she calmly explained what was going on. Rather than be outraged by what she saw, Mei was glad to see that Xavier had been making friends and found someone his age that cared about him.


The two conversed in the dining room of the Williams home while eating a very late dinner. Matsunami clicked with Mei instantly because of her candid, honest and outspoken nature, a trait the two share. Even after Xavier came into the room they continued to talk and joke about him, leaving no secrets for him to unearth about their conversation. From talking to Mei for that brief period Matsunami recognized that she is a caring and attentive mother, so much so that she could feel the warmth of her personality as if it were tangible. This is something that Matsunami had desired to have in her own childhood with her own mother. Ever the open and honest presence, Matsunami respected the fact that Mei asked her about the scar on her chest rather than continuing to stare while not bringing it up in discussion.


Matsunami and Mei became fast friends after that night given their similar senses of humor and mutual interest in physical fitness. After a chance meeting at SPLASH, the two began working out together, lifting weights, doing cardio and attending yoga classes together. They have since built a trusting friendship that even continued after Matsunami’s falling out with Xavier. Surprisingly, Mei was very sympathetic towards Matsunami and Maihime’s feelings of being betrayed despite Xavier being her son. Without making any excuses for him, Mei explained Xavier’s side of the incident to her, giving Matsunami a better understanding of Xavier’s dilemna.Through these conversations Mei has earned Matsunami’s trust, becoming a confidant to her.


However, there seems to be more to Matsunami and Mei’s relationship than Xavier knows. The two recognized one another and it was clear the two women had seen one another at least once in the past. When Matsunami mentioned that Mei looked familiar, Xavier dismissed it as being mistaken identity, having only moved to World City not too long ago.


Mei is also interested in Matsunami as a performer, and follows her career at BSU as well as her sister Maihime very closely, hoping to recruit them to work at Empire Escort services intermittently while attending school. Mei sees great superstar potential and earning power in both of them which could help grow her brand even further.




Violette Beauregard

In many ways Matsunami and Violette are alike. Both are highly scouted recruits and bonafied competitors. Both have dreams of making it to the top of the industry and both women seek to create their own paths in life. While they may differ in many ways, perhaps the fact they are so much alike fuels their rivalry.


Matsunami’s bad blood with Violette has been boiling for over a year. However, it wasn’t until recently at Orientation that they came face to face for the first time. The issue between Matsunami and Violette began as a result of an incident between Violette and Matsunami’s younger sister Maihime. The two met while the socialite was shopping at The Otaku Palace, Maihime’s employer at the time. While paying for an assortment of items, Violette took notice of the immaculate looking wardrobe Maihime was wearing. The expertly made ensemble included a colorful skirt, blouse and matching scarf that impressed Violette so much she wanted it for herself. The stand out recruit asked Maihime where she got from and the cashier revealed that she made it herself. Seeing that this was a big opportunity to help establish her brand and get her designs noticed, Maihime humbly asked Violette if she would like to try out some of her designs, offering Violette some of her brand new outfits free of charge. Violette immediately responded rather coldly, stating that clothing created by “some retail cashier” was not good enough for her. This crushed Maihime and nearly destroyed her spirit. Feeling hurt, embarrassed and disrespected Maihime nearly gave up on her dream of making it in the fashion industry. Matsunami managed to convince her to keep trying but even after more than a year, Matsunami still burns for revenge. Things become personal when someone hurts her baby sister. So far the two have briefly faced off twice during BSU Orientation once after each of their presentations.


The personal beef elevates their rivalry to an even higher level as Matsunami seeks to humble the egotistical Violette; and Violette wishes to finally crush Matsunami under her heel and prove herself supreme at BSU. Their mutual disdain for one another brings the best out of both of them and has since become one of the most talked about subjects amongst the student body. With the exception of a select few, no one on campus knows the origin of their feud which adds even more intrigue and mystique to their rivalry.



• Matsunami’s Voice Actress is Sally Cahill, who voiced Ada Wong in the Resident Evil series, particularly in Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 4, and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.

• Matsunami’s Seiyū is Hitomi Nabatame, who voiced Nanao Ise from Bleach and Unchou Kan-u from the Ikki Tousen series.

• Matsunami Shinoda is Rtenzo’s very first Original Character, created back in 2012. Originally a Bleach OC, the character followed Ichigo Kurosaki’s power evolution in order for the artist to draw the OC in the various forms shown on Bleach.

• The character was originally conceived as a Bleach OC part of the ‘Road of Legends‘ series. Set 40 years after the end of the Bleach Manga, Road of Legends tells a tale of new heroes in the battle for the fate of the world. The eldest of Taiyohime and Nobunaga Shinoda’s twin daughters, Matsunami came from a hybrid Shinigami/Quincy lineage. Because Matsunami was born blind, Nobunaga deemed her to be worthless, a liability to the Shinoda Clan. With Taiyohime comatose, there was no one to stop Nobunaga from disposing of his newborn daughter in the wilderness. Hiryu Kusanagi, friend of Taiyohime’s father, retrieved Matsunami, delivering her to her older brother Saitou, a Gotei 13 Captain. Saitou raised Matsunami like she was his own daughter to avoid questions from her about her parentage. He taught her Hakuda early on in life as means teaching her how to use her other 4 senses and overcome her blindness. Over the years Matsunami trained and became a Shinigami, eventually attaining the rank of Vice Captain in the 9th Division. During a scouting mission in Hueco Mundo, the team she was leading was ambushed by another group of Shinigami lead by a dark haired woman wearing a Captains haori. Matsunami’s team was slaughtered mercilessly. She was defeated in battle by the mysterious Captain and left to die in the sands of Hueco Mundo. She reawakened as a hollowfied soul with no memory of her past, only able to recall the final moments of her life as a shinigami.

• Matsunami’s stage moniker “Frost Fireheart” is a reference to her Zanpakutó: Shimoyake no Myōjō (霜焼けの明星, lit. “Chilblains of Venus“) and her ability to manipulate temperature and unleash Frostfire.

• In Road of Legends, Matsunami and Maihime are fraternal twins.

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4 years ago

I like her overall, even if I’m worried I just spoilt myself on where certain story directions’re going. ‘s good to get a deep dive. And I somehow failed to connect who she is with who she was, which is embarrassing.

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
4 years ago

So both Xavier and the Shinoda sister have a parent who got redacted?… I honestly can’t tell how I’m more excited to see first, the person who won over Mei or the Milf?

Also, looking forward to seeing the sister teaming up.

4 years ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

Both are characters in the story. The tag team Paizuri will be worked on in the near future

4 years ago

I won’t lie. This is just simply too much information to dump into one profile. Like there is such a thing as information overload, and all these profiles suffer from it.

I appreciate the amount of work Strider puts in these, but after a while I just get tired of reading it and start just skipping sections. After a while I feel like I’m reading just repeated information or redundant information and it’s just really mentally draining. I’m not really certain what the point of all these profiles are anyway. Like I guess if you want to cliff notes version of what’s happening storywise these are helpful, but at the same time it’s like a massive exposition dump that would work better being steadily integrated into the story.

But I know there are people who love just having all this information in one piece, so I’m sure they’ll appreciate this. As for me, it was far too much and I honestly lost interest in reading all of it.

4 years ago

Truly impressive! This is probably the most revealing profile so far. It’s really a lot to take in.

Matsu was a fighter from birth to where she is now, her heart condition, immune system and otherwise. Not to mention how human she really is, even with her very impressive skillset. Even I have to appreciate that and can’t help but feel for her. I also say this because I had a very similar upbringing growing up as a kid. That said, I love the work that was put in here.

Aside from her more than obvious sexual prowess and style, her overall personality, hobbies and interests are both between feminine and tomboyish with a very unique middle ground. Being a Karate expert, pro wrestling fan and amateur MMA fighter helped. Not gonna lie, she’s my type, brains, brawn and beauty. XD

Now only that, her relationships with her family is also quite interesting, like her grandparents and her father Saitou. Now I totally understand why she hates him so much. I really do hope they reconnect somehow. Plus there’s also Trish. Can anyone say gold digger? This reminds of various forms of relationships and marriages like that and even reminds that one from The Boondocks. {If anyone gets the reference, you get a thumbs up. XD} Of course we know how close she is with Mai, but this goes further than expected, which I like. Finally there’s her mother, who is probably the biggest question mark at the moment. Silver hair… No, don’t tell me…! If this is who I think it is, then I guess we better get ready for a very emotional moment later on. O_O

And now the most interesting section of all, her friendships and allies. I say this partly because her arch rivalry with Violette is pretty much already set in stone. First, I liked that she already knew Jade and Eiji for a really long time, which was more than helpful in many ways. Not only that, her relationships with Lady Peach and Mei also represent serious trust, with Peach giving her the big break she needed and teaching her almost everything she knew and with Mei being the confidant and friend that related to her situation being a woman herself as well as a parent, not to mention really interested in recruiting her for her escort business. I’m genuinely surprised that she’s allies with Han, though given what I’ve read I can understand why as it’s connected to Mai as well as mutual respect due to reputation. {Guess we’ll see more on that in their respective turns later on. } Not to mention, Sara being the teacher who sees great things in her.

Which now leads us to Xavier and Yuriko, possibly the most important ones of all, in my opinion. In X’s case, how Matsu interacts with him since the break up with Mai and falling out with him are more than understandable, but it looks like this is something that they’ll both have to confront either way, even if it’s during class and assignments. And if the profile’s right, it’s gonna be really emotional and almost full on angry hate sex. :O But luckily it looks like they’ll actually make up and repair and rebuild their friendship from square one after it and make it far better than before, same with Mai. As for Yuriko, I can definitely see why they bonded the way they have. They’re similar in a lot of ways, with the exceptions of Yuriko being less skilled sexually and her having a very rocky relationship with her sister Shikijou compared to Matsu’s sisterly bond with Mai. But it’s good to see they’ll have a very good friendship of their own, like motorcycles and sports. These two in particular are the ones I’m looking forward to seeing the most.

Finally, her voice actress and Seiyuu choices are surprisingly fitting. I really like the picks.

Overall, very, very impressive work here! Can’t wait for more!

4 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks for reading Hiryu, glad you enjoyed it. This one was a long time labor. I had been sick 3 separate times in the process which limited my ability to wrote and come up with Ideas. Also i was trying to get everything Just right since I was profiling an OC that isnt mine for the first time.

I was looking to go for substance in terms of character content and detailing her way of thinking, her feelings and what makes her tick. To me that is more important than how powerful a character is or how long their list of skills is. Matsunami does have more skills than everyone else so far because shes already a licensed professional. I tried to give the logic reasoning and psychology on how and why things are within the skill descriptions with examples from previous chapters.

Her family situation is quite common and i think it reflects whats going on in real life with. There are a lot more single fathers out there than people think. Also theres a lot of kids out there being raised by grandparents. To my knowledhe Matsunami doesnt know the reason why her father was sent to prison.

The trish character was RTs idea. When I was writing her I thought about about Cristal from the boondocks as well as some real life mega gold diggers who married really old multi millionaires and cashed in after they died. Trish is a non factor. Matsunami tolerates her presence and acknowleges her put of respect for Nobunaga.

Yuriko is one id like ti develop more in terms of her friendship with Matsunami. I think there is something there. Peach is a rare breed of person. She’s not as concerned for the bottom line as she his her staffs well being. She urged matsunami to go to college because it was the right thing to do. Shes a master at what she does and is always scouting new talent so she always build and train new starlets.

One part that interested me the most was her dog. RT is a dog lover in real life, I wasn’t fond of them for most of my life. But they’ve grown on me. RT showed a video of a dog at his owners grave mourning and crying. I tried to make the dog as human acting as i could.

Matsunami and X will have a an emotional sexual showdown eventually .however it isnt just that encounter that brings them back together. Theres more that will play out

4 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Interesting information there, especially about the dog. That’s really very interesting.

Interesting trivia: My family had a dog also, but sadly it passed on recently. He was a real handful, but he was a real bright spot for us, even me! And I’m more of a cat or rabbit guy, if I’m being honest. XD

4 years ago

Dam, the sisters titfuck sounds amazing, would draw fanart of it if i knew how to draw. lol!