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The Road of Legends: Introducing Matsunami

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It was early in the morning, 4 AM, not even daylight outside yet, but Apartment 300 of the Ocean Terrace complex was busy with activity. Inside, a thicc and curvy brunette wearing nothing but a pair of black thong underwear and a white tank top style t-shirt, moved her body swiftly while chugging a bottled water. Matsunami Shinoda swivelled her hips and bounced to the rap music playing from her phone and bluetooth speakers connected to it. The green eyed brunette made her way to the next room where she then sat down in front of a brown cardboard box.


“How ya doing in there Mai?” Matsunami yelled while tearing off the final piece of packing tape to place along the folded flaps of the cardboard box in front of her. The living room of the sisters’ apartment was full of similar boxes stacked on top of each other.


“I’m almost done Onee-chan!” yelled Maihime’s voice from the end of the hallway. Maihime Shinoda came walking down the hall with a stack of 2 boxes and set them down on the living room floor. Maihime was in an equal state of undress, wearing white panties and a cut off white t-shirt that exposed her chubby belly. Matsunami could tell that Maihime was still bothered by the events of what had happened with herself and now ex-boyfriend Xavier. She let out a long yawn as she entered the living room.


“Those are the last boxes from my room.” Maihime stated while putting the boxes on the living room floor.


“Alright, I have the truck ready downstairs. We have a few hours to get all our stuff into our new dorm rooms.” Matsunami reminded her younger sister as she got up to go to the bathroom.



(30 minutes later)


Matsunami emerged from the bathroom, having just finished taking a shower. Her hair was still glistening wet. Maihime sat on the living room couch waiting for her older sister while browsing the internet on her phone.


“Do you think we have enough time?” Mai asked while getting up to get clothed, pulling up a pair of baby blue sweatpants.


“Yeah I think we can get everything moved in before its time to go to orientation.” The brunette answered as she sat down and put on a pair of red and white Nike running shoes.


The sisters each picked up a couple of their boxes and walked out of the apartment.


Maihime looked back at it before closing the door “I’m going to miss this place…”


Matsunami nods “Now to the next chapter of our lives. Keep moving forward, Mai.”



(1 hour later)


After moving the boxes into the back of the truck. Matsunami got in the driver’s seat while Maihime sat in the passenger’s side.


“How are you feeling Onee-chan?” Mai asked curiously as Matsunami began to back out of the parking space.


“To be honest, I’m a little nervous.” Matsunami confessed. The younger Shinoda sister looked at her with a look of pure shock. Maihime had always known Matsunami as being cool, calm and collected.


“Nervous?” Maihime questioned while looking over to her sister.


“Even though I have some experience, probably more than any 1st year girl, college is still new to me. The expectations are going to be higher for me than everyone else because I already have my license and am the recipient of this year’s Rookie Performer of the Year award.” Matsunami explained while turning out of the complex slowly.


“And how are you feeling sis?” Matsunami asked.


“I don’t know… This is all going so fast. A lot has happened in the last two days, especially after last night.” Mai admitted.


“There’s more? Did something else happen to you?” Matsunami asked with a hint of worry.


After ‘the breakup’ happened, I couldn’t sleep so I put on the sexiest clothes I could find and went downtown. I was planning on going to see the new Sailor Moon movie. These two drunk guys started groping me at the bus stop when I got off the bus. These guys were ugly and so disgusting.” The blue eyed sister recounted. Matsunami looked at Mai with concern.


“I asked them to stop but they kept going, and I kinda got turned on. I just wanted the hurt to go away. I wanted to feel something besides the pain I had in my heart. I ended up going into a back alley with them….” Mai explained. Matsunami gasped in shock momentarily from what she heard.


“It was kind of exciting! I didn’t like the guys but it was something new I’d never experienced before. The risk of doing it out in public with total strangers. It was kind of like an adventure.”


“So you don’t regret doing it?” Matsunami inquired with her brow raised.


“No, don’t regret it. I think I learned some things about myself that night… It was crazy, after that I went to this place called Ran Soap House……” Maihime continued to tell the story as Matsunami drove to BSU…



(20 minutes later)


“And oh yeah, I confronted Xavier last night… But I guess we can talk about that another time.” Mai said as they pulled up to the gate.


“Yeah definitely some other time.” Matsunami replied with emphasis on “some other time”, still very much disgusted and disappointed with Xavier. The elder sister replied while showing their school ID cards to the gate guard


After having their moving truck searched at the gate, Matsunami and Maihime pulled up and backed into a parking space of the crowded Passion Tower. As expected of orientation day, campus was filled with the hustle and bustle of current and enrolling students.


While backing up into her spot, a pedestrian approached, stepping into view of Matsunami in the rear view mirror. The pedestrian was brown in complexion with a toned and in-shape figure. Her stomach was flat and her thighs were thick like turkey legs. She was wearing a tiny pair of black athletic shorts and a pink sports bra with the words “Just Do It” printed on the front. The woman also had on a pair of pink knee high socks which had two black stripes going around the top along with some black running shoes. Her face was obscured by the bill of a black baseball cap she was wearing. However, Matsunami could see light red hair which stuck out from underneath her cap. The pedestrian quickly held up her hand signaling for Matsunami to stop backing up.


“What’s she doing?” Maihime asked.


“I think she’s trying to spot for me.”


The pedestrian then did a pushing hand gesture with her hand, signaling for Matsunami to go forward. Mastsunami responded by rolling forward a bit. Following this, the pedestrian shifted her hand to the left with a sideways palm motion, signaling for Matsunami to adjust the steering wheel to the left slightly. Due to the height of the truck, Matsunami was unable to see everything to the sides of her. The pedestrian spotter then walked backwards waving for Matsunami to back up. She guided the massive truck to another parking space that was even closer to the Passion Tower building than the one Matsunami had originally chosen. Matsunami backed into the parking space with ease. As she got out of the vehicle she greeted the spotter who had helped her.


“Thank you so much.” Matsunami called out with a smile and a nod


“No problem.. I know how it is to have to move in at the last minute. Are you two first years?”


“Yes. I’m Matsunami Shinoda..This is my sister Maihime.” Matsunami introduced themselves while extending her hand to the pedestrian. Maihime waived and offered a smile as she stood behind her sister.


“Nice to meet you.” Maihime said.


“Nice to meet you both..Yuriko Yamazaki, first year future superstar live and in the flesh!” Yuriko revealed exuberantly while pointing at herself with her thumb.


Maihime giggled in response.


“Need some help?” Yuriko asked.


“I think we got—” before Matsunami could finish her sentence


“You can get it done a lot faster with some help. This can be my workout for the day!” Yuriko suggested with a friendly grin.


“Alright let’s go.” The stripper responded with a nod. Matsunami opened the hatch to the back of the truck. Maihime then climbed into the back of the truck and grabbed a dolly rolling device, handing it to Matsunami.


“Mai you can hand us the boxes and we’ll take them in.”


“Right!” Maihime answered before handing Matsunami 4 boxes to load onto the dolly.


“I can take at least 5!” Yuriko affirmed with her arms outstretched. Mai handed her one boxe
and then another until she was holding a stack of five.


How is she going to keep her balance?‘ The brunette thought to herself while looking at Maihime who was thinking the same thing.


Matsunami pushed her dolly alongside Yuriko who walked carrying her 5 boxes. Not a single box moved even an inch as she walked up the sidewalk that lead to the doors to the building.


“Shinoda huh, the name rings a bell. You’re one of those prospects everyone is talking about, ‘The Big Three’?” The red haired woman asked.


“I guess you can say that. I don’t like names like Big 3. I’m just a regular student trying to make it like everyone else.” The green eyed stripper confessed with humility.


“I’ve been in town for the summer. I was working for a food courier service while I waited for school to start. I dropped out of a community college and decided to come here. I don’t really know what I wanna do yet though.”


“Same here. I’m a licensed exotic dancer already. My boss at the club I worked at suggested that I pursue an education here. After doing some research, I decided to go for it. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to major in though…” Remarked the woman with short brown hair and green eyes.


Yuriko opened the door for Matsunami with one hand while still holding the stack of boxes with the other; the stack remained perfectly still.


“Which room numbers?” Yuriko asked after entering the lobby


“My room is 402.” Matsunami answered.


“Really?! I’m in room 401, neighbor.” Yuriko nodded with a friendly grin before continuing.


“I’ll meet you up there, Imma take the stairs.” Yuriko told Matsunami while nodding her head in the direction of the stairwell. Yuriko darted up the stairs at an incredible speed. None of the boxes fell from her grasp as she sped up to the 4th floor. People down below stopped what they were doing to watch the nimble chocolate redhead.


The lobby was packed with people, some grabbing breakfast and/or coffee from the Passion Cafe, others congregated in groups, socializing and talking about the upcoming Orientation event; and others milled around anxiously waiting for time to pass. There were so many people jammed into the lobby there was barely any room to walk.


“Excuse Me! Comin thru!” Matsunami barked to get people to move out of the way. She stopped briefly and looked towards the security desk to see if her father was there. Saitou was nowhere to be seen. The darked haired security that she couldn’t put a name to was sitting at Saitou’s desk answering questions and handing out campus maps. Matsunami then pressed ahead, pushing her way through to the elevator.


A couple of minutes later, Matsunami stepped off the elevator and found Yuriko waiting for her.


Strong, fast, and with perfect balance… No way she’s human…‘ Matsunami thought to herself as she unlocked the door to let Yuriko inside.


“I’ll take all of these inside. You can just drop your boxes here.” Yuriko assured her. Matsunami nodded and slid the stack of boxes off the dolly and proceeded to go back towards the elevator. By the time Matsunami got out of the door of Passion Tower, Yuriko was already at the truck getting more boxes.


“My room is 423.” Mai told Yuriko while putting her room key on top of the stack of boxes.



(1 hour later)


With the help of Yuriko, the Shinoda sisters moved all of their belongings into their respective dorm rooms, and even unboxed and put everything away.


“Thank you for your help Yuriko.” Matsunami said appreciatively.


“We wouldn’t have been able to get all of this done before orientation without you.” Maihime added.


“No problem! Glad to help a fellow freshmen!”


With everything done, they all sat down on the brand new couch, just one of a set of new furniture pieces purchased by her grandfather days before.


“Oooh…This is so soft!” Maihime said as she sat down on a light blue reclining sofa. So this is why you said I could have all the furniture from our apartment.” Maihime remarked as her body began to sink into the soft material of the seat.


“Yeah Gran Papa got it for me as a gift for starting college. It was delivered here the other day.”


“He got you something too. It just hasn’t arrived yet.” Matsunami told her younger sister.


“I wonder what it is.” Mai pondered aloud while pressing her chin with her index finger.


“It’s a surprise.” Matsunami responded with a mischievous grin.


“You know something don’t you Nami-chan? Tell me!” Maihime demanded loudly, jumping out of her chair and pointing at Matsunami while doing so.


“Come oooon!”


“You’ll just have to wait and see Hime-chan.” Matsunami said to Maihime while shaking her head from side to side. Yuriko chuckled with grin.


Suddenly, Matsunami could feel a rumbling within herself. Her arms and legs began to tremble uncontrollably. At the same time, the Shinoda sisters’ stomachs growled embarrassingly loud! Maihime’s face started to turn red with embarrassment.


“You two hungry?” Yuriko asked.


“Yeah, just a little…Well really hungry.” Matsunami answered. Maihime seconded this with a distinct, slow head nodding motion.


“Lets make some breakfast Hime-chan!” Matsunami suggested as she got up from the couch she was sitting on. Maihime got out of her seat and made her way to the kitchen


“Yuriko you’re more than welcome to have breakfast with us. It’s the least we can do. All that running must have worked up an appetite?” Matsunami offered.


“Thank you, I am kinda hungry actually.” Yuriko added.


Matsunami and Maihime proceeded to the kitchen and grabbed several ingredients along with dishes and utensils to cook with. Dance music pumped out Matsunami’s bluetooth speakers that were linked to her phone as she cracked some eggs into a big stainless steel mixing bowl. Meanwhile, Maihime loaded up her plug-in flat top griddle with several sausage patties and strips of bacon. Matsunami shook her ass to the bass heavy beat of the song, swaying her hips as she cracked more eggs into a bowl. She then glanced over to Maihime who also started to move to the beat as well.


“Work it girl!” Matsunami cheered as she began to whip the eggs with a wire whisk.


“Bounce that ass bitch! Let it show! Drop down and shake that ass to the flo!” Maihime sang along as the music played. The two continued to dance, bouncing their asses against each other. Not wanting to sit around bored while her new friends cooked, Yuriko followed the bass filled sounds and joined the Shinoda sisters in the kitchen.


“I want in!” Yuriko exclaimed as she entered and saw the sisters rump shaking in the kitchen. She grabbed a box of pancake mix off of the counter.


“I’ll do the pancakes!” declared the redhead.


Matsunami tossed Yuriko another mixing bowl which Yuriko caught with one finger. The chocolate redhead poured the pancake mix into the bowl and danced her way to the sink.




The redhead stirred the pancake mix at such a speed her wrist and hand became a brown blur. Both Matsunami and Maihime stopped and stared in astonishment at her hand speed.


“Whoa!” Maihime sounded as she looked on.


“Yuriko, I have a question. Earlier you moved those heavy boxes around with almost no effort. You never lost your balance no matter how fast you were moving. Are you a Beast Maiden?” The brunette asked curiously.


“Yeah, well kinda. I’m considered a ‘hybrid’. I’m partially beast, specifically feline. You can say I’m a cat-woman.” Yuriko answered.


“Speaking of cats, would you happen to have some milk? I’m soooooo thirsty!” Yuriko asked while sticking out her tongue and winking, causing Maihime to giggle.


“Of course. We just got here so the fridge should still be fully stocked.” Matsunami smiled before grabbing a gallon jug of milk out of the refrigerator. The hybrid cat then poured herself a glass of milk, nearly overflowing it.


“GUUUUUULLLLLLPPPPPP!” Yuriko chugged down the milk, tilting her head back further and further until the glass was upside down! Excess milk ran down her lips and chin as she finished guzzling down the white fluid. She then put her glass down and licked her lips in a circular motion, cleaning all of the excess milk off of her face.


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Yuriko sighed in a very satisfied and sexual sounding tone. Maihime giggled as the sisters watched before returning to cooking



(1 hour later)


After The 3 young ladies finished preparing the meal they sat down at the kitchen table to eat.


“So how did you end up at BSU, Matsunami?” Yuriko asked while cutting through her pancakes. Matsunami paused and then took a big sip of her orange juice before speaking.


“My boss at the strip club I worked at suggested I go to college to maximize my earning potential. BSU is one of many that came up. While I was going over my options, Professor Reed called me and offered me a scholarship over the phone, no questions asked. I accepted of course.”


“That’s all?” Yuriko asked, somewhat underwhelmed by her answer.


“Well I had to come up here to meet with Professor Reed and sign the paperwork……” Matsunami continued with a pause. Both Maihime and Yuriko looked at Matsunami, urging her to continue with eye contact.


“Well here’s what went down.” Matsunami said, beginning to tell her story…..



Matsunami walked up the stairs, confident yet calm as she got closer to the office of Sara Reed, Busteez Slut University’s Head of Admissions. Although Sara had already offered the scholarship which she accepted; it was still important to make a strong first impression with the professor.


Knock! Knock!


“Come in!” Echoed a voice from within the office.


Matsunami slowly opened the door and stepped inside where she saw a well dressed busty blonde woman sitting at a desk. She offered a smile as Matsunami entered the room.


“Good morning Professor, I’m Matsunami Shinoda. Nice to meet you.


“Good morning Matsunami, it is a pleasure to finally meet the spectacular Frost Fireheart in person~” the blonde professor remarked.


Matsunami looked to her left and noticed that there was a second person in the room, a man. He was tall and handsome with gelled back black hair, wearing a Dark gray business suit with a white dress shirt and a pink tie.


“This man is Professor Damien Douglas. He teaches psychology here at BSU.” Sara introduced.


“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Professor Douglas.” Matsunami said with a slight head bow.


“The pleasure is all mine Ms. Shinoda.” The man said while returning a head nod.


“First we would like to thank you for choosing BSU. It is very competitive right now among the Adult Entertainment Education realm, especially with more AE Universities being established in recent years. I’m glad Peach brought you to my attention.”


“I’ve done my research. BSU is the very first college of its kind so there’s history, tradition. I feel BSU gives me the best chance to reach my goal.”


“What is your goal?” Sara asked.


“I want to be the best pornstar in the world.”


“You’ve set the bar high. There are many other students who say the same thing. What is it that makes you different than any of them?” Sara questioned with her brow raised.


“I can show you better than I could ever explain it.” Matsunami answered confidently as she walked around the edge of Sara’s desk and stood in front of her.


“I’ll let you see some of what I have to offer.” Matsunami said with a smirk as she grabbed the remote to the stereo system Sara had in her office. Matsunami proceeded to turn on some music. Damien watched in interest, taking notes on his clipboard while looking on.


Matsunami reached into her purse and pulled out her smartphone, she clicked on her personal music app and selected her favorite playlist before setting the phone down on top of Sara’s desk. The music began playing loudly and clearly, Matsunami was glad she sprung for the model with the speakers from Bose, a very high quality brand of speakers. As the beat built up slowly, Matsunami moved her body with it, undulating her entire figure with the pulse of the base, her big heavy tits bounced inside her top as she ran her hands down her sexy figure slowly. As the tone of the song shifted, Matsunami grabbed the front seam of her blouse and tore it open! The buttons of her top were sewn on with this move in mind, she silently thanked her little sister for making it as her deep red bra was exposed.


Her massive tits were barely contained by the red satin fabric and underwire. They bounced and jiggled inside the cups as she made her way around the desk. Sara sat quietly watching her with a mildly amused look as she paid close attention to her every motion. Matsunami slowly slipped out of her top, letting it fall to the floor with the quiet whisper of fabric sliding across skin. She then turned, giving the blonde a solid view of her wide hips and perfectly toned ass as she tore away her skirt with another shift in the music, exposing her matching red thong! It fit around her ass perfectly, without digging into her skin anywhere. As the beat of the music began switching to a drum solo, Matsunami moved her ass from side to side; making sure to tense just right so that the fat wiggled and jiggled erotically. This move never failed to make the young mens’ pants get tight when she did it on stage! She smiled as she saw Sara giving an approving nod and a slow lick of her plump pink lips.


Taking that as her cue, Matsunami moved over to lightly sit in Sara’s lap. She’d never done this move with a woman before. The absence of a tent growing in Sara’s lap made it difficult to gauge her progress. However, she called on her experience with women as she ever so gently rubbed her ass against the other woman’s lap. She gave a soft, low, and throaty moan as she slid her ass up against Sara’s thigh. Despite being out of her element here, Matsunami persisted. The young starlet slipped her tongue out of her mouth in a teasing manner as she grabbed the blonde’s wrists. Matsunami then placed Sara’s hands on her hips with a light ‘slap’ as her palms came down on her soft skin.


“Mmmmh…” Sara cooed, lightly dragging her nails over the other woman’s hips; hooking her fingers in the waistbands of her thong panties.


She picks up on things fast.’ Sara thought to herself as Matsunami rubbed her own hands over her thighs, moaning for the purpose of show.


She let more of her own weight rest on Sara’s lap, brushing up against the blue eyed professor’s thigh. Sara then gripped Matsunami’s thong and pulled it up, causing the crotch of the garment to dig neatly into the folds of her pussy!




Matsunami moaned again for show and began bucking her hips against her panties, letting them get wet with her own overflowing wetness. The deep red satin turned dark as they began getting soaked with her love juices. Matsunami moved her hand to grab the front of the thong before pulling upwards! The folds of her pussy peaked out around the fabric and Matsunami moaned in honest pleasure as she felt the fabric rubbing hard at her now throbbing clit for a few seconds before…




The crotch of her thong tore open with a loud noise, exposing her pussy for all to see! Matsunami made sure that she was freshly waxed for this interview, so not a trace of stubble was even remotely visible.


Sitting beneath her, Sara leaned her head up and whispered hotly into her ear.


“Not bad…” she said before blowing a slow breath into her ear gently. The sensation sent a shiver through Matsunami as Sara suddenly took a more active role! The blonde released what was left of her panties and moved her hands up to grab her heavy jiggling tits!


“Mmmmmmmh, very nice!” Sara complimented her as she gave her tits a firm squeeze before she slipped her fingers beneath the underwire and pushed her bra up and off!


Matsunami let out a soft gasp as her knockers wobbled free, her nipples already stiff and standing out against her skin. The exotic dancer then turned so that her back was facing Sara. Matsunami bounced her ass up against the professor’s thighs.




The loud smacking of flesh echoed through the room as Matsunami twerked away on Sara. She leaned back further towards the professor, grinding in her lap. Matsunami brushed up against Sara’s crotch, rubbing the blonde’s pussy with one of her thick bubble buns.


“Ooooohhh!” Sara giggled, her face reddening slightly.


She is pretty sensitive down there…’ Matsunami thought to herself. She could feel Sara’s pussy rapidly pulsating against her ass.


Matsunami took advantage of this, grinding her ass into Sara even harder, firmly massaging the professor’s snatch with her meaty cheeks.


The music on her playlist shifted seamlessly into the next song as Sara stood up suddenly, pulling Matsunami’s nearly naked body against her own. The dark haired girl let out a low gasp of surprise.


“Now, show me you can improvise as well…” Sara whispered into her ear before licking the outer edge softly.


The next song was a more rock theme than the usual club music she had on before. Thinking fast, she pressed her butt back against Sara again, and the blonde let out a soft giggle, moving her body in sync with Matsunami as she began swaying her hips from side to side. The blonde kept her body pressed flush against the brunette as her hands slowly slipped downwards from her tits to her flat stomach, then lower still to her ripped thong. Sara gripped the waistband and with a firm YANK, it snapped away, leaving her completely naked from the waist down. Matsunami laid her hands over Sara’s, trying to pull them back up to her tits, but the blonde had other things in mind. Pulling her hands free, Sara ran her hands down and over Matsunami’s shapely hips, slowly tracing her long red nails over her outer thighs, then inner thighs. The dark haired prospect had never had another woman touch her like this, she kind of liked it as she grabbed her own tits and grinded her ass back against Sara once more.


The professor licked her lips and pressed her crotch back against the recruits ass as she moved her hands to grab Matsunami’s opposing hips. She then twirled her around so that they were facing each other! Their lips met and Matsunami felt a light tingling sensation at the back of her head as Sara explored the inside of her mouth with her tongue! Matsunami had never kissed another girl like this before! Sara’s lips were softer, smoother and felt oh-so-very nice against her own. She pushed her tongue back along Sara’s, and the blonde pulled her head back just a little. Matsunami let out an almost plaintive whimper until she felt Sara swirling her tongue along her own. She quickly realized she was making a show for Damien who was watching them both with rapt attention!


Picking up on this, Matsunami found her rhythm with Sara, slipping and sliding her tongue against Sara’s and lightly sucking on her tongue when their mouths closed on one another again.


She’s trying to intimidate me.’ Matsunami thought to herself as Sara’s hands went down to grip her butt tightly, her fingers digging gently into the soft pliant flesh.


Matsunami was fully aware of what the blonde professor was trying to do. However Matsunami didn’t shy away from the sustained contact.




Matsunami firmly spanked Sara repeatedly with one hand while pressing her other palm against the professor’s head. She then kissed the professor deeply, pushing back with her tongue as far as it would go. At the same time the brunette pressed her body against Sara’s curves; moving and grinding in an up and down pattern. Matsunami squeezed Sara’s ass while brushing up against her, pressing her tits against the professor’s now bullet-like nipples.


The peaches standout leaned in even closer, gently pecking the side of Sara’s neck. She nibbled on it slightly, sending a chill through the professor’s body. Matsunami felt that she had hit a sensitive area.


That’s her weak spot!‘ Matsunami observed. She then persisted even more aggressively suckling the side of Sara’s neck like a vampire that hasn’t eaten in days! She could feel the moisture from Sara’s inner thighs against her own leg. Matsunami pulled away briefly and stared Sara directly in the eyes offering a smirk, causing Sara to giggle and smile back at her


She’s getting more comfortable with this. Her confidence is growing rapidly.‘ Damien noted to himself as he continued taking notes.


Sara then turned the two of them around and pushed Matsunami down into the chair she had previously occupied. She reached her hand down to grab the front of Matsunami’s bra. With just the one hand, she undid the front clasps of her bra, the two halves falling to either side of her heaving bosom as Matsunami panted softly from the intensity of that kiss!


With her other hand, Sara reached behind to grab her bra and lift it up and off. Making a display of flinging it down onto the floor with her other discarded clothes. Now sitting naked in the plush seat, Matsunami watched as Sara Reed took over, she pressed her high heeled foot against her abdomen, holding in place as she began quickly, and expertly slipping away her clothes one layer at a time. She moved her body in perfect synch to the rock ballad playing from her phone with an almost rehearsed ease!


She’s incredible… she’s matching my song perfectly on the spot!’ The young recruit thought to herself.


Within two verses, Sara had completely stripped herself down! Her skin was flawless and nearly glowed in the light of the room as she grabbed her own breasts and again made a show of licking and sucking on each of her own nipples! Following this she lowered herself so that she was facing Matsunami.


Having removed Matsunami’s bra completely, the “X” shaped scar on her chest was in full view of the professors. Sara was drawn to the mysterious marking like steel to a magnet, grabbing one tit with both hands. She moved along the darkened trail of flesh with her thumb in a soft, methodical massaging motion. The rookie cooed, letting out a deep breath of pleasure.




Sara then kissed on and around the scarred areas, lightly blowing on the brunette’s chest between each smacking kiss. Sara pressed firmly against Matsunami’s skin with the tip of her tongue, licking the left breast and then the right one. Matsunami let out deep breaths as her body tensed up. She grasped the bun on the back of Sara’s head, twisting around the pin that held Sara’s hair up. Sara’s long flowing hair fell down her back, down past her big booty.


“Ohhh yeeeeeah! Ahhh! Keep biting them!” Matsunami moaned as Sara nibbled away. She then grabbed a big handful of her blonde locks, pulling back on her hair.


Sara then shifted her attention, raising her head as she locked eyes with Matsunami. While moving in for another kiss, she pressed her breasts and nipples against Matsunami’s hefty rack. Sara pushed forward as their lips met poking Matsunami’s nipples with her own. The dark haired green eyed woman kissed her back softly, but this one was short lived as Sara pulled back quickly, a long rope of saliva connected their mouths for a moment before snapping out of existence silently.


Kneeling down now, Sara grabbed Matsunami’s tits with both hands and pressed them together, pushing her nipples side by side as she took them both into her mouth together. Matsunami moaned as she felt Sara’s tongue swirling around her painfully stiff nipples. She then gently bit down on them and leaned her head up to tug on them with her teeth!


“Ahhh! Yeaaahhh” Matsunami sounded lightly.


She has a good sense of balance with her foreplay, not too soft, but at the same time not overly aggressive. The professor has been doing just enough to tease and test how I react. Looks like she’s going to turn it up very soon.‘ Matsunami thought to herself calmly as the busty blonde leaned in even closer.


Sara then opened her mouth, releasing the heavy mounds of chest meat before leaning her head between her breasts and slowly dragging her tongue over her skin as she made her way down slowly. She stopped for a moment at her navel to tease the rim with her tongue before heading farther south. The veteran superstar then placed her hands on Matsunami’s thighs, slowly spreading them open like broadway stage show curtains, squeezing her inner thighs with moderate pressure. This revealed the morning’s glistening main attraction.


Everything she does, down to the slightest touch, serves a purpose, even the subtle changes of her facial expression.’ The Brunette thought as Sara massaged her inner thighs


Looking down past the canyon of her tits, Matsunami watched as Sara covered her pussy with her mouth! The new recruit looked on attentively and with poise as she gazed at the admissions chief’s technique. Matsunami noted Sara’s quick whips of the tongue as she licked. All the while professor Douglas noticed Matsunami’s astute stare.


BSU’S Head of Admissions again demonstrated why that title befits her so well, dipping her tongue in and out of Matsunami’s pussy, brushing her clit with the tip of the tongue each time. Nami gripped the armrests of the chair as a jolt of pleasure ran through her body. She lightly chewed on her lower lip as she bucked her hips forward, clutching the back of Sara’s hair bun with her palm!


The green eyed student glanced down again as Sara moved methodically with her tongue, tracing the walls of her labia slowly, stopping to tease her clit with the tip of her tongue and smiling up at her whenever she tensed slightly. She then planted an almost tender kiss on her fleshy jewel of a clit before lovingly sucking it between those plump lips! Matsunami stared into Sara’s eyes with a look of pure lust.


AHHH!!! UNNNNGGGHH! TASTE ME PROFESSOR!!!” Matsunami yelled and moaned naughtily, her body shaking in a mildly powerful orgasm!


Matsunami struggled to keep herself from falling out of the chair as Sara continued, holding her thighs open with both hands as she took her time alternating between licking, kissing and sucking on various spots on her pussy!


“Haaahh, AHHHHH!! YES….YESSS!!!” Matsunami moaned as Sara made her cum once, twice, three times in rapid succession!


The blonde then lifted her head up with a smile as she climbed into the seat and kissed her again, letting her taste her own juices on her lips.


Matsunami kissed the professor back as Sara pressed her breasts back against her own again. The brunette rookie sensation moaned into the kiss and again swirled her tongue against Sara’s, her hands reached up to grope her shapely ass. Sara let out a small giggle and grabbed her wrists, moving her hands to the lower part of her own ass where Matsunami squeezed it roughly. The blonde woman then gently broke their kiss and stood up straight, lifting her leg to rest her foot against the armrest of the chair Matsunami sat in. Matsunami looked up as Sara reached down with her fingers to spread the pink folds of her pussy wide for her.


Sara looked down in eager anticipation to see how Matsunami would handle this. Matsunami stared upward and at Sara, shooting her with a confident smirk.


“Let’s do this my way!” The brunette declared as she rose to her feet.


Matsunami pushed Sara softly onto the end of her desk and stood before her; running her hand up the professor’s leg. As she approached her thigh, Matsunami moved her fingers in a walking-like motion, pressing into the meaty thigh with her fingertips. While doing this Matsunami undid the pins that held Sara’s hair in place with her other hand. The thicc brunette then crept up to the professor’s juicy opening, caressing its folds with her fingers. Sara let out a breathy moans as she watched Matsunami play with her slit.


“Ahhhh… Matsu…”


Before Sara could finish what she was saying, she felt a subtle shock when Matsunami pushed into her pussy with both fingers going as deeply as possible! Matsunami looked Sara in the eyes and grabbed a handful of her blonde locks, pulling the professor closer as to let her know “I’m in control!” without actually saying it. She smirked at Sara before meeting her lips with a sensual french kiss!


The exotic dancer probed deep, increasing the pace of her finger strokes. Sara’s body started to quiver as her tongue met with Matsunami’s once more. They locked lips for about 15 seconds before Matsunami nibbled at the nape of her neck.


“Ahh…right there! That’s it…keep going..” the professor cooed as Matsunami rubbed her clit with the tip of her fingers. Emboldened by Sara’s response, Matsunami slowly dropped down, pecking the blonde’s breasts and nipples, exploring down to her belly. The brunette could feel the wetness increasing between Sara’s legs as she dropped down to her knees. However, she stopped just short of her pussy. Like the skilled stripper she is, Matsunami held off licking the professor by kissing around her slit while still pumping her fingers. Sara looked down with an eager grin, her body trembling even more in anticipation!


That’s right! Beg for it!’ Matsunami thought to herself as she kissed the professor’s inner thighs. Sara clenched on to the corners of her desk.


Ms. Shinoda has a keen ability to adapt. She’s been noting Sara’s every response.’ Damien thought to himself.


“I wanna feel you taste my pussy!” Sara urged, her interest and curiosity at its peak. Having already sensed it was time, Matsunami proceeded on, first kissing Sara’s opening before brushing it with her tongue. The brunette lapped away like a thirsty cat with a bowl of milk!


“Ooooh!!! Mmmmmm! Ahhhhhhh!”


The student then locked her lips around Sara’s cunt much like the professor had done to her minutes earlier. Matsunami aggressively sucked on the curvaceous teacher’s clam, spreading her slit wide to expose the pearl at her juicy center!


YES! AHH! YOU’RE DOOIIIIIINNNNNG GRRRRREAAAAT!” Sara yelled as she leaned back, using her arms to hold herself up.


While eating out Professor Reed, Matsunami entertained Professor Douglas by twerking her ass to the music. She bounced the left cheek and then the right before bouncing both simultaneously. What made this so impressive is that Matsunami did this without moving her legs or hips!




The loud smacking of booty cheeks served as a baseline for Sara’s ever growing moans. Sara watched in delight as Matsunami licked and sucked away at her snatch. She probed once more with her fingers while eating the professor out. She then gave herself a big smack on the ass as if she was signaling to Damien


“Yes Matsunami, you’re catching onnnnn.” purred the blue eyed temptress while gazing down at her new student.


The blonde woman moaned again as Matsunami began dipping her tongue in and out of her slowly. She felt Sara’s hand on the back of her head, pushing her face into her crotch gently as Matsunami licked and lapped at her pussy harder. The teacher stayed like that for another minute before she finally pulled back gently. She reached a hand down and took the dark haired girls chin in her fingers, pulling her to her feet. Their lips locked for another long sensuous kiss that made the back of her head tingle again before breaking away.


“Alright, let’s see how you are in your proper element then.” Sara said, then turned to Damien.


“Professor Douglas, would you mind assisting me with my assessment?” Sara asked sweetly.


“Sure! I thought you’d never ask.” Damien replied while holding up his clipboard, revealing a rather healthy sized boner in his pants.


Matsunami let out a light gasp as she’d almost forgotten he was even in the room, not to mention the hulking silhouette of a penis before her! Sara led Matsunami by her chin over to where the dark haired man sat. Damien set his clipboard underneath his chair, Matsunami saw all kinds of notes written on the surface, but she didn’t have enough time to see any of them in greater detail.


“Show me what you got.” Sara said with a smile.


Matsunami grinned as she saw the tent already throbbing in his lap as she sauntered over to him and straddled his lap with the grace of a crane landing in a pond. Resting her arms on his shoulders, she locked eyes with him as she began grinding her hips against his lap. Feeling that familiar and welcome bulge against her twat, Matsunami let out a low moan.


“Mmmmmmh, is that for me?” she asked in a husky voice that often drove men insane at the club.


“Mmmmhhhmmm…” Damien groaned with a nod as Matsunami found her rhythm again, rocking her hips in time to the beat of the music still playing from her phone.


She pushed her heavy and now slightly sweaty tits against his face, shaking them slightly. She then pressed her lips to his, feeling far more at ease at the feel of the light stubble on his face as she sucked on his tongue. She felt his hands on her tits and pressed them against him, silently encouraging him to fondle her as she began rubbing her ass up and down the now even more pronounced swell in his pants!


When she felt him shaking with arousal, Matsunami grinned, sliding off of him slowly and kneeling down in front of him. She made sure he had a good view of her licking her lips slowly before she used her teeth alone to open his pants, his big cock flopping out of its confines and slapping her in the face!


“Mmmmmmh, very nice!” she purred like a cat in heat as she slipped her tongue out.




Matsunami started at the base of the male professors thick shaft, pressing her tongue against it and slowly. She left a thick trail of saliva which dripped down the professors cock as she lapped up and down. Damien groaned softly as the new recruit worked. She did this numerous times before stopping at the tip of his cock. Matsunami then grabbed it and pulled it down slightly so the psychology professor’s cock head was pointed directly at her face! She then proceeded to move her tongue in a circular motion, doing laps around the head of his dick.


Matsunami then took Damien’s mass of meat into her mouth and locked her lips tightly around Damien’s rod. So tight it was that there weren’t any small gaps or openings for air to pass through. She pushed with her smooth lips as she went down on it and pulled back with her jaw as her head bobbed back up, creating faint high pitch buzzing squeal-like sound. This was not Sonic Reverberation like Brass had demonstrated or Vacuum Suction like Princess Ashani El-Karim had done. Matsunami used pure power to squeeze her partner’s cock as she sucked away. Matsunami applied a tight yet pillow soft embrace with her lips, creating a massage-like compression effect. The new recruit maintained her vice-like grip while bobbing back and forth, locking her lips so tight that it felt more like a penetration than a blowjob.


“Ummmph!” Damien groaned while squeezing the arm rests.


The green eyed standout picked up speed and gradually sucked faster, pressing firmly against him with her lips


“UMMMMM! TAYSTES SOOO GUUUUD!” Matsunami gurgled as sparse amounts of precum dripped onto her tongue. The male professor nodded in approval, pleasantly surprised by what he had just felt.


The curvy new student released her grip on Damien’s dong and licked him once more, painting his cock with a thick coating of her saliva in preparation for her next move.




The busty stripper bobbed her head forward quickly making inch after inch of Damien’s dick disappear in her mouth!


“Guuuuuhmmmmph…!” she moaned around his cock as she felt her throat bulging around his girth. She let out a long low moan, vibrating her throat around his cock as she began bobbing her head up and down slowly. She purposely let herself drool a little, coating his cock with even more her saliva to make it easier to slide along his length.


“Mmmmh, impressive technique.” Sara complimented her as she moved to kneel down next to Matsunami.


“Gummmph, gummmph gummmmph!” Matsunami replied, not slowing down for a second as Sara leaned her face in close and began licking his balls gently.


From the edge of her vision, Matsunami saw Sara tenderly take one nut into her mouth and roll it around with her tongue before gently spitting it back out. Matsunami then slowly lifted her head free, seamlessly allowing Sara to take his cock into her own mouth as she moved down to do the same with his balls.


“Mmmmmph, mmmph, mmmph!!!” Sara moaned around his cock as she too bobbed her blonde head up and down. All the while, Damien sat in his seat, groaning in obscene pleasure as he watched the two women taking turns sucking his cock!


Matsunami gazed at Sara as she gulped down Damien’s pole once more, sucking on it for an extended period of time. She then looked back at Matsunami and raised an eyebrow at her. The student took this as a challenge and snatched the male professor’s rod from Sara and deepthroated him, taking in as much as she could in an attempt to make him cum before Sara.




Matsunami moaned as she took Damien’s thick cock down her throat again, Sara’s face hovered next to her own until she lifted herself free. The blonde then took Damien’s dick back from Matsunami and resumed giving the blowjob; letting out a lewd gurgling moan as she deepthroated the dark haired man’s rod. She gave Matsunami a thumbs up before stopping to speak


“That’s how it’s done!”


The two of them alternated between one another for a long while before the student took Damien’s cock again


Matsunami stopped momentarily and took a VERY deep breath, much like how martial artists inhale before throwing a punch. Then she took Damien’s cock into her mouth once again, tightening her lips while blowing outward. A powerful force of pleasure swept across his body like a Tsunami. Damien clenched his teeth resisting the urge to cum early. The brunette then pinched his cock between her thumb and index finger, stopping any chance of a premature ending.


Wait…That was…She’s more skilled than any of us thought…’ Sara said to herself in disbelief.


Her ability is beyond a typical recruit. This woman has the potential to be a top freshman …’ Damien thought, also shocked by what Matsunami just did. Having seen enough, Sara pulled Matsunami back so Damien could stand up so they could do the next portion of the evaluation.


Sara led the brown haired woman over to her desk, Matsunami happily climbed up on top of the expensive looking desk and began waving her ass from side to side wantonly. Damien took a few moments to finish stripping himself down before he climbed onto the desk with her. Biting her lower lip, Matsunami let out a needy moan as he brought his hand down on her ass hard, making the baby fat jiggle and wobble erotically before he plunged his cock deep inside her!


“Hmmmmmmmh, so thiiiick, I LOVE IT!!!” Matsunami moaned as she rocked her body back at him.


“I love having a thick dick spreading my pussy so wiiide!!!” she moaned as Damien grabbed her hips and began pumping in and out!


“HAH….AH…AAAAHHHH!!!” she moaned as his pelvis smacked against her ass. She then squealed in pleasure as he brought his hand back down on her round ass!




YES, SPANK MY ASSS!!!!” yelled the brunette as she swung her hips back and forth, crashing into his washboard abs with each thrust. Damien chuckled and brought his hand down on her ass again, then again, and again, slapping her butt as though her buns were a pair of bongo drum!


“Your ass makes a satisfying sound when spanked!” Damien told her as he brought both hands down on her supple rear.


“HNNNMMMMM!!!” Matsunami moaned, throwing that ass back against him again. She buckled slightly, grabbing on to the edge of the desk as Damien’s dick stirred around inside her! Sara had moved back into her executive chair, her leg hanging over one arm rest as she rubbed at her clit with her middle and index fingers. Her pink gem poked out from between her fingers, glistening while she watched.


“Ahhhh! Keep going. Show me what ya got!” Sara encouraged loudly, growing more and more aroused with every passing second.


“HAH….AH…AH…AH….YESSSSS!!!” Matsunami moaned as she bucked forward on top of the desk; her fat heavy tits swaying as they hung from her chest like cow udders. Sara licked her lips slowly as she watched them for a short while before she stood up and climbed onto the desk to join them.


“Mmmmmh, you learn so quick…” Sara said to her as Matsunami moaned; syncing with the loud slapping thrusts of Professor Douglas. Sara watched on lustfully from her chair, penetrating herself with 3 fingers while squeezing her tits with her hand.


HAHHHHNMMMMM!!! ANNNHHH!” Matsunami wailed as Damien brought her to another small orgasm! Damien then turned Matsunami onto her side! Grabbing her left leg and holding it against his naked chest, he plunged his cock into her again and again while reaching out to grab one of her massive tits.


“Mmmmh, such a pretty pussy, and even prettier with a nice fat cock penetrating it!” Sara purred in excitement. She then rose to her feet and stepped in front of the desk to get an up-close view. Sara leaned her head down towards Matsunami’s cunt as Damien pulled his cock out fully. The short haired beauty fell flat on her back atop the desk as Sara took Damien’s cock into her mouth again. Matsunami could see her throat stretching from his sheer thickness as she held him in her mouth. After a long moment Sara pulled away as Damien lifted Matsunami by her thighs. Sara guided his schlong back inside, pushing deep while glaring at Matsunami with a lecherous grin.


Moaning in pleasure, Matsunami rolled her hips against Damien’s thrusts as Sara watched how the recruit’s snatch clung to his dick every time he pulled out. The desk made a loud creaking sound due to the weight and forceful fucking happening on top of it. At this point Matsunami’s wet love spot had started soaking the folders underneath her thighs. This was of no consequence to Sara because she could easily obtain new folders and print out more documents.




Damien fucked her harder and faster, making the brunette’s tits bounce and swing in a circular pattern.




The combination of Damien’s intensity and Matsumami’s juices caused the professor’s dick to fall out of her. Matsumami looked at Damien with a confident smirk.


Before Damien could reinsert his cock into her, Matsunami stood up and grabbed the professor by his hand and turned her body around, switching places with Damien. His back was now turned to the desk. Matsunami placed her hand in the center of his chest and pushed him backwards, causing him to fall back on top of the desk. The student then climbed atop the desk and crawled over to Damien, leaning in and coming face to face with him.


“I’m gonna rock your world!” Matsunami uttered in a seductive tone while straddling the psychology teacher.


The stripper slowly lowered herself onto the professor’s length. His thick pipe spread out her inner walls like curtains being opened in the morning! She hugged his cock like a tight pair of daisy duke shorts, barely squeezing him inside her.


“Ahhhhhhhh!” Matsunami cooed slowly as she sat down, making his cock disappear inside her.


The brunette rocked her hips back and forth matching the rhythmic base from bursting from the speakers, swinging her hips so hard it made the desktop slide. Sara watched from the side as Matsunami took charge of the stud professor.


The song playing on her phone changed to a more up-tempo techno/house sounding beat, which prompted the short haired exotic dancer to adjust. As she rocked, she began swiveling her hips and rotating them in a circle, controlling Damien’s dick like the gear shift on a top-of-the-line Ferrari. Damien grabbed two big handfuls of ass, smacking it as she gyrated on top of him.


“AHHHH! OOOHHH!! You like it Mr. Douglas!?” Matsunami moaned while moving her body faster. Sara watched in excitement as she stood at the opposite end of the desk.


Matsunami altered her position a bit and started bouncing up and down on the teacher’s bulky cock. Her ass cheeks slapped against Damien’s thighs each time Matsunami came down on him. She bounced with great vigor and force, nearly coming off the professor’s dong.




The brunette woman’s heavy tits bounced around like pinballs, swinging around and knocking together as she rebounded over and over. Damien reached up and squeezed her melons, running his thumbs along her scars.


UMMMMMM! OH GOD THIS FEELS GOOD!” Matsunami howled as Damien started to pump his hips along with her.


The young prospect rode Damien furiously. Beads of sweat ran down her naked body, dripping onto her partner and the desk. Matsunami moved her hands up the sides of her body, grabbing Damien by the wrists. She then leaned forward, pinning his arms down to the desk. She looked Damien in the eyes and smiled.


“This is how we do it at Peaches!” Matsunami said confidently before locking lips with Damien once more. With her hands still interlocked with his, Matsunami raised her hips and ass in the air, rising off of his cock like she was jumping on a bed. She came back down with precision landing perfectly on the thick meat pole! She took every inch of Damien, which caused a strong rumbling in her belly. Sara continued to watch and observe.


“This is how I get down!” Matsunami said in a powerful yet seductive tone before initiating another kiss. She continued to pin his arms to the top of the desk as she gave him a long moaning smooch. As she broke away, Damien’s excited grin told Matsunami exactly what she needed to know. Matsunami pulled Damien’s hands up which were still interlocked with hers. While coming down on his dick, she spread her legs out into a full split! Using the strength in her legs and gripping Damien’s hands for added leverage, she pushed herself up like she was coming up from the splits only to let herself slide back down Damien’s cock! Matsunami repeated this over and over causing Sara’s mouth drop. It was an extremely rare moment in which Sara was surprised, especially by a student.


AHHHH!! FUCK! POUND THAT PUSSY TEACHER! you gonna cum for me?!” Matsunami asked.


Matsunami’s ass jiggled with each spear like thrust from below. The standout new student then pointed at Sara, demanding for her to ‘come here’. The blonde professor kicked off her high heels and climbed on top of the desk. She stood directly above Damien’s face. Matsunami extended one hand outward and reached around to grab Sara’s ass, squeezing it with one hand and pulling the blonde closer. The sexy 1st year recruit opened her mouth wide and latched on her pussy without having to slow her pace riding Damien! Matsunami head bobbed up as massaged Sara’s slit with her tongue, catching the juicy goodness that ran down on her taste buds!


AHHHH! YOU’RE GETTING GOOD FAST!” moaned Sara as her body quivered once more.


UM….NAAAWWWT DUUNN YET!” Responded the brunette, nearly face deep into Sara’s muff! Matsunami used her tongue to probe even deeper. Sara felt a sudden jolt that flowed through her body, a sensation so powerful it caused her knees to buckle! Matsunami had breached a sensitive zone. Simultaneously, she could feel Damien’s throbbing cock pulsate even harder inside her.


IT FEELS LIKE I’M GONNA BURST!” Screamed the busty blonde, clutching onto the back of Matsumami’s head as if she were gripping a softball!


Matsunami held on to Sara’s ass with both hands to help maintain her balance while continuing to bounce fervently on Damien’s cock. The green eyed hottie knew she had both professors on the ropes and it was only a matter of time until they reached their explosive ending!


UMMMMPH! OOOOOF!” Matsunami mumbled loudly, her mouth full of muff!


Matsunami felt her own body tense up even more as Damien sped his thrusts to a cyclic pace. A powerful sensation washed over Matsunami, one she had not felt before. She was both giving and receiving immense pleasure at the same time, a first for her with a man and a woman! Matsunami was really feeling it now but she had to stay focused. She quickly thought about how to punctuate her performance, after a few seconds she recalled something Xavier did on her.


She’s almost there! This is my chance to finish her!‘ Matsunami thought to herself.


The award winning stripper placed her hands on Sara’s inner thighs, spreading her wide open.


“How many licks does it take to make Professor Reed cum?!” Matsunami asked while looking up at Sara.


“Let’s see, shall we?” The brunette continued while shoving 2 fingers into Sara’s warm throbbing hole. She licked and fingered the blue eyed teacher in preparation for what she was going to do next.


“1!” counted Matsunami.


Matsunami curled the sides of her tongue, much like what Xavier had done to her. She rolled her tongue completely, wrapping Sara’s clit like a sushi roll.


AHHHHHH!” screamed Sara as she slid her tongue back and forth against her fleshy jewel.


“2!” resumed Matsunami as she prepared for his second lick.


Matsunami pressed her clit between her plump lips and tongue.


OOHHHHHH SHIT!!! THIS FEELS MAGNIFICENT! I’M ALMOST THERE!!” screamed the blue eyed beauty in bliss. She clutched the back of Matsunami’s head with both hands, squeezing her scalp with her fingers.


“Ohhh!!!” Sara’s body was quaked with enjoyment.




Matsunami speared Sara’s clit with her tongue and opened her mouth around her slit, sucking back on her clit as she was taking a double shot of tequila!


MATSUUUUUU…… NAAAAAMMMMMIIIII!” Roared Sara in glorious rapture. This was quite a feat. It wasn’t just physical pleasure that was getting the professor off. It was Mataunami’s powerful sexual presence! Despite not knowing how to please a woman, Matsunami managed to make Sara, Porn Superstar extraordinaire and BSU Professor, cum!


As Sara was climaxing, Matsunami bounced even faster and harder, now in a squatting position. She rode Damien’s dick wildly! She bit her lip in lust, her pussy thrumming in excitement as she reached the peak of pleasure!


AHHH! AHHH! I’M CUMMING SO HAAAARRRRDDDD! GAAAWWWWD DAMMMNNN TEACHER!!!!!” Matsunami screamed uproariously. Her body trembled and spasmed in orgasmic bliss. She grabbed a hold of Sara’s leg for support as her body shook involuntarily.


The expression on Damiens face let her know he was about to explode as well. Damien pulled out at the last second shooting a geyser of cum which splattered all over Matsunami’s big tits and pretty face. It dripped from her chin and ran down her thicc curves. After a few seconds she was able to move again. Matsunami rocked her hips slowly, continuing to ride Damien until his cock went soft.


“Wooooo….” Matsunami gasped lightly as she took a deep breath. Both Damien and Sara applauded her as she climbed off of the male professor.


“Your AEWA Rookie of the Year title is indeed justified.” Damien commented with a nod as he got up. Sara climbed off the desk and casually sat back down in her chair. She started to type something on her computer which caused the printer in the corner of the office whirred to life.


“Impressive, you don’t break under pressure and kept composed until the BIG ending!” Sara added with a confident smile.


“Thank you professors. I try.” Matsunami replied humbly.


“You’ll need to fill this out Miss Shinoda,” Sara told her as she slipped the paper across the desk and over to Matsunami.


“And one more thing, Welcome to BSU.”



“And that’s how it went down.” Matsunami stated as she finished explaining the story to Maihime and Yuriko. Maihime’s heart was beating rapidly and her face was as red as a cherry. Matsunami chuckled as she looked at them, noticing that Yuriko’s breasts seemed like they were about to bust through her sports bra! The imprint of her puffy nipples were clearly visible; They looked hard enough to cut through glass. Sweat dripped down her face as she noticed Matsunami was aware how much the story turned her on.


“Nami-chan, I’m gonna go to my room and take a shower real quick.” Maihime said as she stood up, holding a magazine she picked up in front her pelvic and vaginal regions. She walked out of the kitchen hastily and exited through Matsunami’s bedroom.


“So she’s the shy one?” Yuriko asked with a giggle.


“Yeah, she is a little timid, but she’ll be alright.” Matsunami assured.


“Perfect timing, It’s about time to start getting ready!” Yuriko remarked while looking at the time on her cell phone.


“You can use the shower first. I have to get some things ready for orientation.” Matsunami suggested. Yuriko then stood up and walked out of the door on the opposite side of the kitchen/bathroom area which took her to her room on the other side of said door.



In the aftermath of Brass’ stunning performance along with her insightful and telling introduction to the world, the audience were full of chatter. Some talked among each other about Brass and the show she put on while others speculated on who was going to present next.


“Is it you?” Eiji asked Hitomi with an eager smile.


“Not just yet.” Hitomi answered. Elsewhere, Leilani and Taiyohime spoke.


“The next one is another of your protege’s selections, correct?” Leilani asked.


“Yes…” Taiyohime answered with a single nod of her head. The pint sized Headmistress sat patiently with an unusual steady smile on her face.


Meanwhile, Brass walked happily back to her seat, skipping every few steps. As she walked down the aisle to get to the back row of seats, Brass stopped in front of Xavier, who was still in the middle of the aisle.


“That was SO dope! You’re gonna take over this music game!” Xavier exclaimed proudly. Brass responded by lifting him off the ground in a tight embrace, giving him a quick peck on the lips before putting him down. The giant then returned to the last row of seats where Takiko, Kaede and Kiana each gave her a hug.


“You really fucked everyone in the ass with that one! We all have gaping assholes now!” Takiko remarked excitedly.


“I try.” Brass replied modestly as she took her seat. Xavier followed after folding in his tripod and putting it into his backpack.


After several minutes of chatter back and forth, everyone shifted their attention back to center stage eagerly awaiting the next student introduction. Maihime sat, the seat next to her now empty, holding her hands together like she was praying.


“I know you can do it sis. Show them what we are about!” Maihime thought out loud to herself eagerly.


The lighting in the room dimmed and the temperature dropped rapidly in the room. Bits of snow and snowflakes slowly drifted down from the ceiling, creating the effect of a snow storm. This caused many within the audience began to shiver. Traditional japanese koto music started pumping through the arena speakers.


“Oooh… It’s gettin god damn chilly in here…” Takiko remarked while crossing her arms and rubbing her shoulders.


Suddenly what appears to be small burning embers fell from above along with the snow, creating a swirling visual storm of fire and ice in the air.


“It’s her….” Xavier thought to himself out loud as he looked at the falling mixture of snowflakes and embers. Xavier’s suspicions were confirmed, as several light images that appeared in the air. The red silhouette of a phoenix with its wings spread out just above the stage. The image of the phoenix was outlined with what appeared to be blue flames. The kanji 降霜 (Kōsō, lit. “Frost“) appeared next to the images, one character stacked on top of the other. On the right side, 4 more kanji characters appeared; 意気火事 (Ikkikaji, lit. “Fireheart“). The kanji characters were outlined with what looked like orange/red flames.


“Frost put some serious thought into this. I wonder how much Lady Peach paid for all this.” Eiji remarked


“That logo is new isn’t it? I never saw that at the club before.” Jade noticed as she focused on the image above the stage.


“Yeah Jay-chan. It was a last minute thing she asked me to whip up” Maihime answered with a surefire grin.


While most of the audience focused on the visual effects above the stage, a figure clad in a half red, half blue suddenly appeared on center stage as if it were an act of magic or illusion. Those who were looking on stage noticed the figure who obscured its face behind the two fans he or she held, one blue and the other red. The cameras filming this zoomed in on the figure’s closed eyes. The figure then opened its eyes revealing them to be a deep green hue. Every big screen throughout the arena showed these eyes at once drawing everyone’s attention. These eyes were haunting yet beautiful, as if they can gaze into your soul.




With a single explosion of light, the figure lowered her arms, quickly bringing the fans she held down to her side; revealing her face in full. With this explosion came a loud assortment of OOOOHHHS and AHHHS that came from the spellbound audience as they tried to identify the mysteriously kimono clad brunette before them. Violette immediately recognized the green eyes as the ones that stared down at her earlier.


“That bitch!” Violette remarked as the ooh and ahh noises grew to a deafening pitch. Blood ran cold while also surging hot within the hundreds of mystified members of the crowd.


“She is another one who might be troublesome to my revolution.” Brooke said under her breath while looking toward Matsunami.


Matsunami stood there and took in the audience reaction to her. The longer she stood the more the people reacted to her.


“Is she going to say something or just stand there?!” Takiko asked rhetorically.


“She is establishing control by making us wait. She knows she has the audience hooked and how we wanna see what she’s gonna do next.”


“Yeah, It’s like what I do when DJing. I hold the hottest song as long as I can before playing it.” Kaede added.


“It’s important not to give your all too quickly in a live performance.” Brass summarized.


Matsunami slowly unhooked the obi she was wearing allowing the kimono part to open. The green eyed prodigy rolled her left shoulder back and then her right, revealing her near non-existent uniform. Her open shirt allowed for her huge melons to bask in the light with only a tiny pair of black suspenders to cover her nipples. Matsunami bared her chest scars proudly for she is secure about both her appearance and ability. The well toned dancer looked across the sea of humanity while she quickly processed the moment she was now controlling.


“Good Morning BSU.” Matsunami said calmly after grabbing a microphone from the arm of a reclining chair. She sat down in the chair in a relaxed fashion, strategically crossing and uncrossing her legs to give television cameras a peek of her camel toe.


“It’s a pleasure to be here today.” Matsunami stated as she panned across the audience. My name is Matsunami Shinoda, I’m just a girl from a small town a couple of hours away. Growing up, I never imagined I’d be sitting here in front of thousands of people, with TV cameras broadcasting to hundreds of thousands of people. I never planned on being an adult entertainer but here I am.”


I grew up in a small town called Coral Springs with my grandparents. They were very traditional Japanese folk, stressing the importance of education. I remember late night drilling math and spelling with my grandfather, he insisted I get perfect 100% scores on everything!” Matsunami recalled.


“I wasn’t like most little girls who were into Barbies and baby dolls. I was a tomboy. I loved sports. Football, Basketball, Baseball, I liked all sports and I was pretty good at any sport I tried” Matsunami admitted with a candid smile.


“It was the thrill of competition that I loved the most about sports. However…..” Matsunami said before pausing


“There is no greater level of competition than in combat.” The Brunette declared as she rose to her feet.


The Shinoda style of Karate, Mukenryū, has been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. I’ve been practicing Karate since I was old enough to walk.” Matsunami explained before throwing a snapping Seiken style punch.


“I fought in tournaments first locally and then statewide. I kept winning until I got invited to compete on the national level. I won a bunch of tournaments over the years, so many that it became boring.” Matsunami recalled with a heavy sigh.


“I saw these Ads on TV for this boxing gym that trained martial arts. This made me curious because at the time I thought no one could beat me. … I couldn’t have been more wrong.”


I walked in there, feeling myself and challenged anyone who was willing to fight me.” Matsunami said, pausing intentionally for dramatic effect.


“The coach looked at a girl who couldn’t have been any older than 8 or 9 years old. I didn’t take her seriously. THIS girl took me off my feet with the quickness of a rabbit and slammed me on my back. This was my first encounter with grappling…. THIS, was mixed martial arts. This was what I had been looking for, a new challenge!” Matsunami exclaimed in a passionate tone.


“So I joined that gym and signed up for MMA lessons. I picked it up fairly quickly. By age 15, I was fighting on the amatuer circuit and had a winning fight record. This had become something more than just a hobby, It was my life. My coach told me I had the potential to become a world champion! This only motivated me to train even harder.”


Matsunami was walking back and forth across the stage at that point. However, during her pause from speaking her pace slowed down, leading to her taking her seat once again. Maihime looked up with a worried frown because she knew what was coming next. After sitting back down Matsunami took a moment to gather herself.


“I went undefeated as an amatuer with 7 victories. I could feel it in my bones, it was time for me to go professional. I registered with the athletic commission and got the ball rolling for my first professional fight. Everything was going smoothly until I had to go in for a physical.” Matsunami recalled in a deflated tone.


Matsunami stood up and walked to the edge of the stage. She opened up her shirt a little more to reveal the scars on her chest.


“I didn’t pass the physical required to be licensed as a professional fighter because of this….” Matsunami revealed. Many in the crowd gasped, some out of shock and others out of utter confusion.


“So this is what makes her a top recruit. She’s faced certain death and survived. No challenge or obstacle can break her… She lives without fear.” Han mumbled to himself.


“These scars are from surgery…. I was born with a rare heart disease that causes heart failure in 95% of people who are diagnosed with it. Fortunately, doctors were able to find a donor for me.” Matsunami said with a backdrop of complete silence. It was so quiet one could hear a pin drop on the floor.


Headmistress Taiyohime watched on with a somber facial expression. Her eyes began to well up with tears as she listened to Matsunami speak. Taiyohime couldn’t hold in her emotion and gushed out to continuous streams that ran down her face like waterfalls! It was like a scene straight out of an anime! The upper part of her shirt was soaked! Leilani stared at Taiyohime as she pulled out a handkerchief from her purse , putting it to her eyes in an attempt to block the flow of tears like a dam.


“Umm… Are you alright?” Leilani asked, her face ripe with confusion.


“Yes, I’m fine. Just had something in my eye.” sniffled Taiyohime in response.


“It took a few days to find a donor but I managed to hang on long enough for it to happen. My dad gave me the nickname Fireheart because of my fire and will to survive. This became part of my professional moniker.” Matsunami said before trailing off. She did not want to acknowledge Saitou at all but did so reluctantly because she had to in order to explain her professional name later. Saitou smiled like the proud father he was, standing alone near the back of the auditorium.


So this is the girl…’ Han thought to himself, recognizing the Fireheart name.


“The state athletic commission wont license me because I have a transplanted heart, because if something happened with my heart during a fight, the commission would be responsible.” Matsunami reported sadly. Her demeanor flowed and changed with the words she spoke.


“It was like a part of me died! Fighting was my passion, I’d been doing it in some way for as long as I could remember. I learned many life lessons through the martial arts.”


“The meaning of discipline is doing something you hate, but doing it like you love it! My grandfather used to tell me this during the seemingly endless rice barrel drills. I had built who I was based upon being a martial artist. With it being almost time for me to graduate I had to figure out not only a new way to make a living, but more importantly I had to figure out who I was!” Matsunami said emotionally. The crowd reacted with a low sweeping awwww sound.


“I decided that in order to find the answers I was looking for I needed to leave Coral Springs….For good… I had visited World City a few times growing up. It always seemed like such a wondrous place to me, the city of dreams. I departed shortly after my graduation with just a few hundred bucks from my grandfather. I was working a small time minimum wage job at World-Mart to pay my rent while figuring out a plan. The low pay, the long hours; It sucked but I learned some valuable skills like customer service and pleasing people.” Matsunami admitted gratefully.


“After working at World-Mart for almost a year, I met someone that was gonna help me decide that plan, right there in the electronics department, asking me about a TV.”


“This woman was none other than Peach Johnson, owner of the world renown Peaches Gentlemen’s Club. I knew a little about the club because a friend of mine who moved to World City before me worked there. She had mentioned trying out but I didn’t give it much thought at the time. Lady Peach was looking for a new TV to install in her club. I helped her pick out the 85 inch TV she was looking for and arranged for It to be delivered the next day. Lady Peach gave me her business card at the register while she was paying.” The brunette recounted looking into the air like she was recalling more memories.


“I was curious about Lady Peach and her interest in me so I decided to help do the delivery to her club the next day. After the installation was complete, Lady Peach asked to talk to me for a few minutes. She gave me a tour of all the different areas of the club. This place was incredible, I had never seen anything like it in my life, but then again it was the only strip club I’d ever been in!” She remarked comically, drawing some laughs from the crowd.”


“At the end of the tour, Lady Peach took me to this room where two big dudes dressed in all black were standing guard outside the door. When I stepped inside the office I saw stacks and stacks of trash bags leaning against the wall. There were at least 12 of them, all of full cash. Her two assistant managers Rico and Cookie manned several cash counting machines. The craziest part about it was when Peach told me they do this 3 times a day! After seeing that, I knew I was never going back to World-Mart. I was starting a new path as an exotic dancer!” Matsunami declared enthusiastically.


“I already knew how to dance because I had taken classes in several styles of dance when I was little and chose dance courses as my electives all through middle and high school. I enjoyed it but not as much as Martial Arts. I think the dancing even helped to make me a better fighter. Lady Peach trained me personally on how to be a proper entertainer and command attention. Where attention goes, money follows. With her help I passed the AEWA license exam after only a month of studying…I just needed one thing…A name. Peach used to call me Frost because of the cold demeanor I had towards my new coworkers when I first started. I combined that with my childhood nickname “Fireheart” to create… FROST FIREHEART!” Matsunami yelled into the microphone.




Sparkling, red and blue machine gun-like fireworks went off as Matsunami said her stage name, triggering yet another loud outburst from the crowd.


The audience responded with loud OOOHHHHS and AHHHS as the majority of them had been waiting for the moment when Matsunami would say it.


“With all that said, I think I’ve done enough talking! I think I can show you who I am better than I can tell you!” Matsunami said boisterously. Her charisma could be felt by everyone in the room. Chants of ‘FIREHEART’ rippled through the crowd as they realized an impromptu performance was about to happen. Matsunami stood at the edge of the stage staring into the sea of humanity before her. She pointed the microphone to the left side of the audience and they yelled FROST. Next she shifted the mic to the right side and they responded by screaming FIREHEART back.


“Before I can start I need 1 willing volunteer fellas.” Matsunami stated as she scanned the crowd full of raised male hands. She took a few seconds to look before casually jumping off the stage to get a closer look from the floor. Matsunami gazed both far and near, ignoring the more nonchalant looking individuals because they looked boring. Had these individuals known this, they would have put in more effort. She also passed up individuals that looked overly thirsty. You know, guys who stood up waving their arms back and forth or the ones who jump up and down with their hands in the air. Matsunami made eye contact with one brown haired man in particular, her coworker Eiji Nakamura. Matsunami pointed out Eiji who was sitting next to Hitomi. An overhead spotlight illuminated the lucky individual for all to see, while multiple cameras which documented the event focused zoomed in on Eiji like he was just chosen to compete on a game show! Eiji smiled before looking over to Hitomi. Hitomi smiled back at him and held up her phone to record him as he got up.


“Go for it bae,” Hitomi said as she watched him head up onto the stage. She kept the camera on her phone aimed up at him as he made his way over to Matsunami and walked with her back up onto the stage.


The brown haired woman led Eiji over to the chair she had been sitting in before and lightly shoved him down into it. She then held her right hand up high and snapped her fingers. As if waiting for that cue, the speakers began blaring a powerful musical number of pulsing drums like they were straight out of a movie soundtrack. She started by swinging her hips to the thrumming beat of the drums, making the minor bit of baby fat in her ass jiggle and bounce; much to the delight of the audience. Roars filled the air as Matsunami circled the chair slowly.


“Reminds me of the school dances back home.” said one girl in the audience with a chuckle.


As she came back around in front of Eiji, Matsunami stomped her foot down with one powerful drum beat! Then, as a techno beat began to play, lights flashed and a low layer of fog was pumped out onto the stage as a long golden strippers pole slid up from the floor silently right next to her foot! Matsunami grabbed the pole once it was high enough and did a simple spin around it, but as she did so she stripped away her micro-skirt, and the crowd roared as she stood there in her thong panties. She smiled and moved to begin slowly grinding her crotch against the pole in time with the music.


The exotic pro then hugged the stripper pole with her arms, centering it between her massive magumbos. Matsunami then wrapped one leg around the pole and then the other, pulling herself higher up the stripper pole with her arms. In an instant, Matsunami was high above Eiji, still grasping on to the pole. The young man looked up in great anticipation, his legs quivering as he watched from below.


As the beat of the music picked up in pace, Matsunami let go of the pole with her hands. She allowed herself to hang upside down, shaking her tits at both Eiji and the small unmanned television camera that was mounted on the ceiling. She looked into the camera and winked at it to acknowledge the millions of viewers at home.


“Ohh! It’s easy to forget about the audience at home watching from the cameras. To be able to acknowledge the cameras and put some focus towards the viewers shows a high level of situational and environmental awareness. She’s like a stage performer like me.” Brass remarked to Takiko


In a tremendous feat of strength, Matsunami began to swing herself around, her legs still wrapped around the pole. She spun in circles while drifting down the pole, shaking and her tits with her hands.


“Like REALLY? Is that actually possible!?” Nicole remarked to Ashani dumbfounded by what she saw.


“Yeah, pole dancing, while a part of exotic dance, is an art all its own. It takes a lot of strength, balance and timing to do it successfully.” Ashani replied. Violette looked on with a flat dour facial expression, clicking her tongue dismissively.


As Matsumami descended closer to Eiji, she grabbed onto the stripper pole with her hands while still having her legs wrapped around it. At that point, the green eyed marvel was drifting down the pole in circles like a firefighter would, except she was upside down! The crowd erupted into new chants of GIVE US MORE!


Matsunami grasped the pole tightly as she got to being evenly across from Eiji, effectively putting on the brakes with her hands. With her back turned to him, she did a full split and clapped her ass cheeks together. She was facing the audience as she hung upside down. While bouncing her ass for Eiji, she hugged the pole and closed her eyes, licking the pole as if it were the shaft of a giant, golden penis! The pole began to glisten even more than it was already as the brunette grinded her hips and caressed the pole with her pussy!


She then spun around to give the audience a rear view, while also allowing Eiji to watch her simulate giving a tongue lashing to the stripper pole. The crowd erupted once more as she gyrated her humps while still upside down in the splits. Shikijou Yamazaki watched along with her friends and fellow second year students Rubii Tiānshàng and Leda Kino.


“This one has good muscular endurance, she’s been holding herself up on the pole for a while now.” Shikijou pointed out.


“She’s not showing any fatigue either.” Leda added.


Matsunami continued to work the pole with both her hips and her mouth, while also squeezing her breasts against it like she was doing paizuri.


“Anhhhh! Ahhhhh!” Matsunami cooed to Eiji before flipping off of the pole and landing on her feet. She then grabbed the pole with her hand and kicked her leg up in the air, holding it in a standing split before twirling around in a circle, her leg still raised in the air.


All the while, the brunette kept eye contact with Eiji, giving him a little wink as she moved around to stand between him and the pole. She leaned her body forward, shaking her shoulders now, making her fat, heavy tits sway and giggle enticingly. She then spun around to the back side of the pole, turning her back to him. At the same time, she pressed the strippers pole between the cheeks of her nearly bare ass, clapping her ass cheeks against both sides of the stripper pole .


Eiji gulped as she then moved in closer, pressing her tits against his lap and slowly moving them from side to side. The straps covering her breasts were easily pushed aside, giving him a clear view of her stiff nipples as she switched from a side to side to an up and down motion.


“Hmmm, like what you see?” she asked as she felt his dick throbbing in his pants.


He nodded and Matsunami moved slowly, dragging her breasts up his body as she moved to mount his lap on the chair, her exposed breasts fully in his face! She then began moving her hips in a slow rocking motion, dry humping herself against his lap. At the same time, she reached her hands down to grab the sides of her panties, and with a quick snapping motion, the hidden clasps came undone and she easily pulled them up between her legs, making sure the fabric rubbed against the folds of her pussy before she stuffed them into the pocket of Eiji’s shirt.


“I’ll want those back,” she whispered to him as she continued her lapdance. She then rotated her entire body around, passing her leg in front of Eiji’s face and turning to give the crowd a view of her next to naked body. She smiled at how they cheered for her as she began grinding her ass back and forth against his lap before she got up and grabbed the pole again, leaning her body against it so that the smooth cool metal rested between her tits. Slowly, Matsunami licked the pole like a cock as she waved her ass from side to side in Eiji’s face. Then with a quick twerking motion, she made the cheeks of her ass clap once, twice, three times much to the crowds delight!


After doing one final rotation around the pole, Matsunami moved to strip away the remainder of her clothes, standing on stage in nothing but her heels as she jumped onto Eiji’s lap again, grabbing his shoulders as she began riding his crotch, letting out a little moan as his cock throbbed just beneath the fabric of his pants, pressing it up against her cunt as she leaned her body back and began moving as if she were riding him cowgirl style. At the same time, the music moved into an undulating sound, perfect to match the motions she was making as her tits jiggled and bounced wildly! With every wave on her body, Matsunami leaned herself back farther and farther, until her head was looking back at a world upside down!


“F…uck…” Eiji groaned and Matsunami licked her lips slowly as the music slowed and she moved back up to sit on his lap properly. She then grabbed his face and moved in close as if to kiss him, but instead only slowly brushed her tongue over his nose and up his forehead! The music then came to a sudden and complete stop.


Smiling, Matsunami got up and turned to face the crowd in all her naked glory as she held her fist up above her head, as if proclaiming a victory. At first Eiji didn’t understand until he saw the dark stain in the crotch of his pants where he’d cum just from her lap dancing motions! The audience roared in laughter at Eiji briefly for how quickly he had released without penetrating Matsunami, getting blowjob or even a handjob. The laughs at Eiji’s expense quickly shifted into deafening cheers for Matsunami. Eiji quietly exited the stage and went behind the curtain, allowing Matsunami to have the stage to herself. The cheers were sustained for over 2 minutes




Taiyohime watched silently, nodding her head and clapping her hands as Matsunami exited the stage. It was almost like she was incredibly proud of Matsunami.


“I may have the top first year student this year.” Sara remarked with a smile.


“We shall see. The school year hasn’t even started yet. You haven’t seen anyone in my homeroom class yet. I’ll give you credit, you really know how to pick em.” Ryoko replied.


As Matsunami walked down the stage steps she looked into the distance. Students were on their feet and all eyes were on her. In this moment she had staked her claim to the title of being Queen of the first year students. Walking back to her seat, she stared at Violette once more, to put the exclamation point on the statement she had just made. School hasn’t even started yet and competition is in full swing! There are still many sexy students left present and from the looks of it, things are only going to heat up even more at BSU!

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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4 years ago

If you wanna read more about the character, Check out Matsunami’s Character Profile here:

1 year ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

So I have to ask. You used to have a bleach character oc of the same name, mostly sfw stuff. is there a way to get those images? paid? unpaid? they were awesome but you deactivated your deviantart. I remember being floored with how good they were

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1 year ago
Reply to  Barnaby

you can go view all my Matsunami pics in the bleach OC gallery

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Where do I even begin? First and foremost, I think I have to adress the elephant in the room. Matsunami’s outfit here looks almost identical to Violette’s outfit two chapters ago. The biggest differences are there poses, where Violette was much more confident and smug, Matsunami has a certain aura of coolness and level headedness around her, which is shown excellently in her relaxed pose and the confident look towards the reader. Both of them also seem to favor the same type of clothing, with just suspenders covering their nipples. Unfortunately, Matsunami’s “Frost Fire” aspect isn’t seen all to well in the second version. The money does fit her because of her profession of a stripper but I think some blue flames or the like would have been even better.

The beginning was quite the low burn at first but soon developed into a blazing storm of lust and passion. Weird poetics aside, the meeting between Yuriko, Matsunami and Maihime at the start of the chapter, right after the latter two moved out of their old appartment was… there and lead into a nice backstory. Little bit contrived but good nevertheless. But before I get there, there are a few things that kinda bug me. It seems kinda weird to me how nonchalant Matsunami is about her sister joining BSU, a school where she has to fuck a wide range of different and random guys, right after the older sister was so furious because she fucked a close friend and even threw him out. I know that Matsunami most likely was so furious because she had to learn threw Eiji that Xavier attends BSU as well but I would think that she would be much more against her sister choining the school (not that she could do much about it but still). With that out of the system, I have to admit that the sex scene between her and the two professors Reed and Damien was pretty hot. Great adaptability from Matsunami’s part, where she was able to match Ms. Reed quite well and even used one of Xavier’s move (the counting thing) against her. The change of pace, once Mr. Damien joined was done fantatic and I find it really interesting, just how well Matsunami performed against two professors at the same time. I wouldn’t go so far, as to say that she dominated them but she certainly stood her ground and didn’t just impress them but me as well. All her sex scenes with Xavier, where she was able to be so “easily” pleased, made me think that she would be beneath Violette in the student ranking. How naive of me! I mean, the girl literally stole the show and delivered the best Orientation performance so far. She easily outclassed Xavier and Violette and even Brass, which is no small feat I might add. What a better way to start her school year/career than to make a man (Eiji) cream his pants without even touching him. This actually makes me wonder: He didn’t cum during Leilani’s little trick at the beginning of the Orientation right? All the girls were basically squirting their juices all over the place and even Han had to bury his fingers into his flesh/seat (don’t know anymore, sorry) to prevent himself from cumming/being overwhelmed by her power. If he didn’t, then I think that sort of makes the whole thing somewhat underwhelming, since it basically had no consequences. Other than that, great show of power on Matsunami’s side. Her rivalry with Violette is also pretty interesting and I just wanna see more of them (in more ways than one).

This is probably the biggest and most developed Character Profile so far. And let’s just say, I have kinda mixed feelings about it. On one hand I’m grateful for all the new information, with how her father got into jail, her pet pug, her childhood, where she wanted to become a martial artist but couldn’t because of her predicament. On the other hand however, I think that it’s simply too much and much was repeated just so often. I’m also not the biggest fan of the Kiatsu system. I don’t know how long the story will continue but I firmly believe that it comes a little bit too late to be to my liking. It also feels kinda out of place, since all the other Zetsugi so far, while also kinda specific and really shonen-esque felt much more grounded. Even the Lust Mode feels more realistic than Kiatsu. Interesting nontheless, maybe you will surprise me in the future and make it better but so far, I can think of no way, how you can put it into a sex scene, without making it feel weird. On another note, the way Matsunami and Maihime developed their signature Shinoda Sisters Twin Pillow Paizuri Service was nice and it showed, that even if she isn’t quite sure with Xavier now, things will get better between the two of them in the future. Nice to see that she has a Tramp Stamp, I hope we will get to see it in later.
Matsunami: She might not be my favorite female (or even character in general) in the series but she has quite a few things going for it. Her design is fantastic and I love how you incorporate her scars in the artworks or explain how it enhances her breasts sensitivity.

Matsunami absolutely stole the spotlight. In some cases I even think that she was made too perfect and has received too much attention. It all feels natural and in-character for her but the fact, that there is basically nothing I can hold against her kinda… I don’t know. I don’t wanna say that she is perfect but it does feel like you want her in certain way, I don’t necessarily like.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Hello again

I will begin with the uniforms. Yes they are similar. There are a variety of styles to choose from. This is somewhat by design. They are rivals and have strongly contrasting personalities. Them both having suspenders is there to reflect small bits of similarity between them. I think it fits her because suspenders are often used as outfits for strippers.

I covered her moving because Matsunami hadn’t moved yet prior and Mai just made her decision to attend BSU so she had to move fast I thought it would be good to show this and meeting Yuriko all together so I wont have to do this again for mai and yuriko’s chapters later.

Matsunami isn’t nonchalant about my joining BSU. She knows Mai is also an adult and has to make her own choices. This provides Mai with an avenue to get into the fashion industry plus shes going to school and getting an education for free. Also Matsunami can’t tell Mai not to go to BSU because she herself is also a student and no one told her not to go or be a stripper before that. She has to respect Mai’s decision because it would be hypocritical if she didn’t

On to the sex scene. My goal was show whar Matsunami can do with a more skilled partner than herself to present her with a challenge he had never faced before which was girl/girl sex. I wanted to show how she is calm under pressure and how she is able to adapt to whatever task she’s given. She didn’t over power the professors, id say that Sara and Damien only gave enough to measure Matsinami’s skill as the professor characters are on a much higher level. This was also my first 2 girls on 1 guy scene. It was important to me to deliver something strong on my first outing doing this. Damien was caught off guard by her bj move, I will say that.

As for thinking she was beneath and how she was “easily” satisfied by Xavier there are a few factors that play into how this happens.

1. Matsunami was already a licensed sex worker and had almost 2 years experience as a pro which Violette and other freshmen dont have.

2. Through that experience working she has learned how to work with a variety of men, all shapes and sizes. She is able to compensate for her partners weaknesses. Also during her scenes with X she occasionally coached him on what she wanted.

3. After Xavier bombed with Violette he watched porn for a whole day observing what the pro guys do, studying and taking notes. So he picked up some technique in between violette and his first encounter with Matsunami.

4. Xavier has had sex with Matsunami 10-14 times already with some of them occuring off screen Matsunami spent nights him. So hes figured out what she likes and how to get her off.

5. Some people just have good chemistry/connection. They have strong sexual chemistry with each other. One’s connection to another can enhance the sex between two individuals. Their personalities gel and click well so that makes their sex better.

You mentioned Leilani’s yell and Eiji. When I did that I think I gave a general description of how it affects people in general only focused on two specific characters one male and one female just to show how it works. It would have been time and space consuming to write out a reaction for each individual character.

With her presentstion I was looking to try and top what I did with Brass. There are rules to what you can and cant do in presentations. Students can have others participate in performances but no sex is allowed on stage. This is because if there was just about everyone would do it. With jer being a stripper the obvious choice was a strip tease. Overall I tried to surpass the other two strip performances shes done so far.

As for the profile, yes there is a lot of information. The reason why is because Matsunami is one of the longest existing characters in BSU. She is RT’s main OC and the first. He and myself have worked on her together for 10 years, since we first started our Bleach Road of Legends story. so she was pretty much fully formed already. I was also trying to impress him since shes his most important character. Additonally I felt the need show what her moveset is because shes ranked #3 and its good to show the reasons why.

The scars on Matsunsmi’s chest are a carry over from the Bleach version of the character. She got the scars in combat. Also she was blind in that series. I made up her heart defect to explain why she has the scars but also to give her a weakness like the blindness she had in Bleach.

The Shinoda Sisters Twin Pillow Paizuri Service!!! is my favorite character move. I got the idea for it from the fusion dance in Dragonball Z. The concept of syncing with the other girl, matching pace and rhythm comes from that. As for the tramp stamp you will eventually get to see it.

Glad you liked the chapter and thank you again for the support!!!!

4 years ago

How big is Xavier dick in inches, centimeters, or feet and how thick is his dick?

4 years ago

Xavier’s exact dick measurement isn’t specfied in the story because it varies in the artwork and also I don’t want to stick to an exact number. It is subject to change to because Xavier just turned 18 currently and isn’t finished growing yet

4 years ago

Excellent read and well worth the wait.

This chapter was a great read and in sight to one of the top characters and a character I really didn’t pay much attention to at first. Now I look forward to seeing when the school year starts and how she really performs with and against her classmates.

Some interesting side points from other characters also.

These orientations are great I can’t wait to see who’s next.

4 years ago

Thanks Beast! Glad you enjoyed it. Matsunami had a lot of mystique surrounding her and a lot of peopkevasked questions about her. It took longer than I had hoped to get it . Im also looking forward to the school year. The next Chapter will be more of a traditional bsu chapter. It features Mei and Galactica! Stay tuned!

4 years ago

Before I begin my reaction and review of this long awaited entry of Welcome to BSU, I got something I want to say first before I do anything else here. I really got to give it to the writers on here. They truly deserve a lot more credit and attention than they’re already getting, not to mention acknowledging that it’s a very difficult position to be in. So, hats off to them!

That being said, let’s get on with the feedback from Hiryu’s reaction and review! MAN OH MAN! This is probably one of my favorite character chapters in the overall story thus far! I can see that you really struggled with this one, but in spite of that you really pulled off a solid performance all the way around.

Today’s primary focus is on Matsu’s {Matsunami} point of view, I see? Let’s start with the picture. I am really loving her updated look and design. Not only that, she’s actually one of my favorite types. Impressive!

Now for the story. Starting with Matsu and Mai moving out from their apartment to the the dorms in Passion Tower and also meeting and befriending Yuriko, who’s now Matsu’s neighbor huh? I really liked how it went down. We not only learned more about the two Shinoda sisters, including them both still reeling from what happened between them and Xavier, but also Yuriko as well. {I’ll talk more about them in Matsu’s profile. 😉 } I also liked how Matsu picked up on Yuriko being a Beast Maiden by paying close attention to her. Very impressive job there.

Not only that, we see and witness exactly what happened for Matsu to be recommended for BSU, with Sara and Damien. What started out as a skills examination turned into a lesbian session and then a full on threesome! Needless to say she really left a serious impression on them. Lovely work with that part.

With now leads us to the main event of the chapter, the orientation part. This part also solidified her place among the top of her new class. Her turn on stage, from the costume change with her kimono to her uniform, to her telling her background to the audience, as well as the readers, and her pole dancing segment with Eiji. The comments and reactions were also telling, with the most interesting ones coming from Han, Brooke, Ashani, Jade the second year group like Shikijou and Leda, the ride or die gang of Xavier and his friends, Saitou, Ryoko and most notably Taiyo, who was crying her eyeballs out! Now that’s not something you would expect from the head of the school but more like from a sibling or a parent, so either she was really touched by Matsu’s history or there’s more than this particular part than what’s been revealed so far. O_O

My only real complaint is that this was far longer than it needed to be, but it doesn’t mean that long and informative chapters weren’t needed. Hell, far from it.

Overall, I really believe that this was a very stellar performance from Matsu and the overall writing itself. Like I said, I can tell that you really struggled with this chapter, but I applaud and appreciate what you’ve done.

Looking forward to the next chapter. Nice work! 😀

4 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

I thought showing them moving was a good way to represent transition and change for the shinoda sisters. Yuriko was meant to be a major character and also a close friend of Matsunami. You spot on with the sister stuff.

With the sex scene I was trying to illustrate her starting of awakwardly because shes never been with a woman and gradually turn the tide until she was in control fully. Wanted to put her against adversity right away. Who knows maybe taiyo really was touched by namis story lol.

For her Orientation dance session I looked up pole dancing videos for moves Matsunami can do. Lol at Eiji. I know this one was a little long, I didnt even doba page count I just wrote until I was finished. Im going to be making some changes to the way I write these orientation stories to makevthem shorter. Thanks for the feedback!

4 years ago

This was an interesting read. First off Matsu is a lot younger than I thought she was. I always assumed she was like 28 due to her body and face, she just looks more like an mom than a teenager.

I will say Matsunami seems perfect, can dance, cook, fight, has unending endurance, perfect grades, the ability to become amazing at anything mere moments after partaking in them, and has now shown sexual supremacy by dominating two teachers at the same time. And… that’s kind of a problem…

For someone who has just started, she seems like shes already the best by a LARGE margin. I mean she bested two professionals just in her interview, what else is there to really overcome in her first year? I want to believe this is meant to set up a very hard fall for her but as I keep being told, this is a porn story, so i suppose that means she’ll just remain the best at all times.

I understand her life threatening condition has left her with basically unshatterable confidence which does help a lot with excelling at things but holy shit Matsunami is at a very different level than basically every other first year student. She honestly sounds like something someone would expect from a 3rd year student with just the amount of pure talent she seems to already have.

Hell, I feel bad for Eiji even because she either intentionally or unintentionally just humiliated him IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE SCHOOL, by just showing how above his level she is making him cum without actually doing any sexual act to him. And the fact that its specifically stated that the crowd was laughing at his expense proves that fact, I’m honestly surprised we didnt have a moment of Xaiver having deja vu after what happened to him with Koko. I used to really like Matsunami, but I feel like this chapter kind of showed what the true intentions were for her character and I don’t care too much for characters who are just too op or perfect.

Moving pass all that, the story is really well written and there is a lot of detail put into all the actions which I like. Though for me personally, I thought there was too much sex. Now I get it, this is a porn series there has to be sex, but I’m more speaking from a pacing perspective.

We tend to see the sex scene as the climax, pun intended, but here we had a really long drawn out sex scene with Matsunami, Sara, and Douglas, only for the story to keep going and basically have a second climax with the performance with Eiji. The issue with having two climaxes like this is your reader tends to get a little worn down and sometimes tune out a bit or have to take a break and continue later.

But I dunno, as I’m sure someone will tell me, “I’m overthinking it. Just fap and get out.”

4 years ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Thank you for commenting. I always enjoy your feedback even if its sometimes more negative than positive lol. Matsunami was drawn with the intention of looking in her early to mid 20s, so I guess 28 isn’t far off that mark. Not sure what about her body makes her look 28 as oppose to her current age though.

Its hard to explain but basically if the teachers wanted to dominate Matsunami in intercourse, they could have if they wanted to. It reminds me of Spiderman Homecoming when Peter told Stark that he took on Captain America in Civil War, but then he reveals to Peter that if Cap really wanted to lay Peter out, he would have. Obviously this is just an interview, meant for her to show them what she can do. Since the school year hasnt even begun, the teachers ‘levels’ aren’t properly established yet. Even so, Succumbing to bliss is okay if you allow it. A higher level character can feel pleasure from a lower level partner if they allow it. That is the case here. In Bleach, a transcendent level being can allow others to feel their Reiatsu if they willingly lower themselves to their level.

If she looks pretty good thats because shes IS best student introduced ‘so far’. Shes ranked 3rd and the two students ahead of her are on the pricipice of breaking the ceiling to reach the level of 2nd years.

The scene with Eiji was meant to be comical not mean spirited. Yes, it was intended for her to be a higher level character to start but she’s not OP. In the end she is D-Class like in a ranking system in One Punch Man for example, there are tiers even within the same power Class, especailly in S-Class. In MHA, All Might used a comparison for Deku and Bakugo about progression with Deku being lvl 1, and Bakugo starting at lvl 60. Anyways, I hope you keep an open mind and not write her off, every character in this introduction arc NEEDED to be different and unique in their own way. Matsunami’s resolve helped propel her progression further.

I agree, the chapter is a tad long and we are working on that. Hopefully the next chapter is much shorter. Thank you for reading.