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Profile: Xavier Williams


Xavier’s most recognizable trait is the scar that goes down his left eye. It has often been the subject of intrigue to his peers, with many wondering and some even asking him how he got it. The answer to this question remains unknown. He is very small in stature for his age. Standing 5 foot 2, Xavier is the shortest male student in Busteez Slut University and one of the shortest overall. This is a major source of insecurity for Xavier, who hates short jokes and wishes he was taller. He has a cut and defined muscular physique for his height which is comparable to a smaller weight boxer or a MMA fighter.


Xavier possesses a child-like face that makes him appear younger than he is. This often draws comments from female friends and peers about how cute and adorable he is. Xavier has vertical spiked auburn hair that seemingly stands up on its own and is very sharp on the ends. His rather narrow, expresssive and soulful green eyes can, at times, convey his feelings to others through his gaze.


Xavier has a very unique and retro “90’s” style of dress that is totally opposite of the popular trends with people his age. He can almost always be seen wearing baggy fitting clothing, even for his school uniform. This is partially done to hide his penis, which tight clothes cannot do, but he also likes this style having adopted it from his grandfather.



Xavier has always maintained a very close relationship with his mother. Having grown up with very little as a boy, he watched his mother toil and struggle to make ends meet. He wanted nothing more than to make her happy and this motivated him to work hard at everything he did. Xavier dreamed that one day he would be able to make enough money as an adult to provide Mei with a comfortable and lavish life so she’d never have to work again


As he grew older, his desire to please extended to the rest of his family, neighborhood kids, classmates and even people he didn’t know. He sought respect and acceptance from others and tried to earn it through his deeds. Xavier’s naturally tendency towards this was heavily influenced by his grandmother whose own words and actions taught him the value of giving and helping others. He is willing to give even when it threatens to cost him personally, an attribute that has earned him devoted friends since signing up at BSU.


As an adult performer, this trait shows clearly in how he interacts with women. His primary goal is to please his partner and show her the best time possible regardless of how much effort it takes. His own needs and wants are secondary. From massaging her feet, to eating pussy to trying unorthodox sex positions, he is all about providing a satisfying experience for the ladies both on and off camera.


Xavier is quite the introvert, often spending significant amounts of time in his head while in public. A result of being ostracized throughout his school years, he’s found that keeping to himself was easier and less problematic than trying to interact with others. He sometimes appears to be in a daze and can’t hear other people when they are talking to him. He is prone to daydreaming, unconsciously venturing into his own inner world for varying periods of time, completely isolated from what’s going on around him. He is content to remain in his own thoughts rather than share them with others due to his intense anxiety regarding rejection.


However, his move to World City has brought change. Being a BSU student has forced Xavier to do the thing he fears most, talking to women. His fear comes from failed previous attempts as well as ridicule from the female peers he desired. Sara Reed’s date requirement forced him to take risks and step far outside of his comfort zone. In order to keep his spot in BSU and secure dates, he had to not only talk to the opposite sex but lead the conversation and be aggressive. Since then, Xavier has become more comfortable interacting with the opposite sex due to this requirement placed on him by Sara. With no knowledge of pick up lines or other veteran techniques, Xavier relies on being himself with the ladies win, lose or draw. While he continues to be anxious and nervous about his encounters with women he has managed to cope and not allow his fear to overtake him in the heat of the moment.


He has developed an unusual charm about himself combining his straightforward, awkwardly honest and inquisitive approach to women with his non typical appearance to build interest in him one woman at a time. In conversation Xavier keeps the focus on the other person, making them feel important as they always have his undivided attention. While this doesn’t always work, Xavier held the interest of women far beyond his level of experience and social status this way.


Repeated failures take a toll on him both mentally and emotionally, sapping away his confidence. His poor opening performance with Sara followed by his disastrous hook up with Violette and subsequent negative Linkum comments drove him to consider giving up on going to BSU. Xavier is prone to becoming discouraged in the face of failure at times to the point that he lives these moments over and over in his imagination.


Xavier has difficulty hiding his thoughts and feelings at times, which usually shows in his facial expressions, eye contact and body language. This is especially true with feelings of sadness. Saitou Shinoda has noted that Xavier is a terrible liar.


He has shown that he has a fiery temper which usually comes out in situations involving his mother. He becomes very flustered when Mei flaunts her body in revealing clothing. He considers this to be highly embarrassing. Xavier dislikes stares, cat calls or hook up attempts directed at Mei and is very quick to shut down these occurrences when he sees them. In high school, he once angrily attacked a classmate for approaching her with sexual comments while picking him up from school.


Xavier has displayed a duality in how he behaves. While he is usually shy and soft spoken, he can become very animated, energetic and wild in some scenarios, doing a complete 180 in how he carries himself. This is most evident with Matsunami and Maihime Shinoda. He often engages in entertaining banter during sex with them, showing the more light hearted fun and charismatic side of his personality. Recently, Matsunami has been trying to bring this more confident and out of him on a more sustained and consistent basis. Additionally, he has shown himself to be very sexually assertive behind closed doors


He has also shown this change when faced with danger. While he and Matsunami were being robbed all of his fear, anxiety and nerves disappeared. He calmly and patiently waited for the right moment to strike, giving Matsunami the opening she needed to attack and turn the tables on the criminals. Xavier displayed this killer instinct again during SPLASH while confronting a rival DJ who had stolen Kaede’s equipment.


Though Xavier is determined to achieve his goals in life, he rises to another level when called out. He hates being told he isn’t capable or not good enough to achieve something, which he takes as a personal challenge. This ignites the spark within his soul, pushing him to focus all of his energy into the task at hand. Since being embarrassed by Koko and facing off with the hostile audience at BSU Orientation a fire has been lit within him that hasn’t burned since he last fought as a boxer.


(Sexual Powers, Techniques and Abilities)

Inexperienced Sexual Prowess: Xavier’s sexual experience is minimal at best. As a result of his lack of sexual experience, Xavier has been classified as D-Class and the lowest ranked individual in Class 1A and all first year students. He was a virgin until his 18th birthday, having sex for the first time 2 months before moving to World City. Prior to his interview with BSU professor and Head of the Admissions Sara Reed, he had never French kissed a woman before. After a poor showing, Sara declined to offer him a scholarship due to his practical evaluation score. During her critique, Sara noted that Xavier’s form and control were very poor, a result of his lack of sexual activity. She elaborated, telling Xavier, “The only tool you have in your tool box is a hammer which isn’t always needed” and that he needed to improve his technique. He even struggled to remove her bra and needed her assistance to get it off during the encounter.

Since initially being accepted at the university, Xavier has aggressively embarked on a quest to improve by having sex with a variety of women, taking note of their opinions of him. Using a day to practice, Xavier took his mother’s bras and some pillows, using them for drills by unhooking the bra clasps. Now he can swiftly remove bras with ease as demonstrated with Brass and Maihime. He improved dramatically over the short span of time, a fact that was noticed by Matsunami and Maihime in their last 2 encounters. BSU’s Head Guidance Counselor, Tomoe Kagurazaka confirmed this while conducting her own impromptu evaluation on Orientation day.


Unique Sex Style: One’s own style of lovemaking is a key component to satisfying a woman and more importantly satisfying the consumers who pay to see you perform. Though Xavier’s inexperience puts him at a clear disadvantage, he’s started his BSU career as a blank slate. This means he has no bad habits to be broken from. In Mixed Martial Arts, a fighter develops a unique style from taking what they learn from others, cultivating that knowledge and forging it into a completely unique and formidable style. In similar fashion, Xavier has been using what he’s learned at BSU to create his own style that fits him best. He has taken the technical knowledge and skills learned in class and combined them with the techniques and observations he’s gained from his sexual encounters, and unifying them all into what he calls his MSA (Mixed Sexual Arts). While just a fledgling style, Xavier has found success with it since starting at BSU. However, it is still a work in progress and will take time to perfect.


Will to Please: Xavier has always been a very giving person, willing to share with others in need, putting them first before himself. This aspect of his personality heavily influences his style as a lover. Xavier greatly values his partner’s experience with him and wants every woman he encounters to enjoy their time spent with him.

He has been willing to try nearly anything to satisfy the woman he’s with. During his date with the amazon giant Brass Jazzsinger, he allowed Brass to pick him up in the Standing-Carry position for sex. This position was typically done with the male as the dominant one. Although it was a very emasculating and “unmanly” experience for Xavier, Brass loved it as no other man had allowed her to do it. Xavier gets more satisfaction from witnessing his partner’s pleasure than the sex itself. Xavier uses his emotions to further please his partner’s during sexual encounters. Be it positive or negative feelings, Xavier is able to use them for energy. He fucks with all his heart and feelings which is something his sex partner can sense and feel from him.

Additionally, Xavier has a habit of cuddling with his partner after a sexual encounter. He does this to make his partner feel wanted and loved long after the sex is over, leaving a long lasting impression. Xavier attempted to cuddle with Violette after they fucked but was dismissed right after. As for the act itself, Xavier enjoys cuddling as well, often using his partner’s breasts as he can rest his head on and suck throughout the night.

Arousal Inducement: Xavier displays a lot of excitement and enthusiasm prior to sexual encounters. This is evident in how he behaves in heated moments, often trembling anxiously with a heartbeat so loud, his partner can both hear and feel it. While some women find this to be “novice” and unattractive, others are turned on by it. In Xavier’s case, his excitement and attitude often becomes infectious, getting his partner more aroused and pumped up for the encounter. Plus his wild desire and enthusiasm for his partner encourages them to go all out to please him. Such reaction also serve as a compliment to his partner for appreciating her overall sexiness.


Spiritual Connection: Xavier possesses a unique aptitude towards understanding his partners mind, body and spirit. This enables him to feel his partner’s emotions to a degree, making it easier to decipher what it is his partner wants during sex without having to speak. This allows him to establish a deeper connection with his partner through intercourse and have more intense climaxes with them. Additionally, this gives women the impression that he is an incredible lover, due to him knowing exactly what they want. The basis of this power is not fully understood and Xavier has no control over it, but its been said that others with it have learned to harness and control such a skill. Xavier characterizes this as a “sixth sense”. In contrast to perceiving one’s partner with the five physical senses, this connection is perceived using one’s heart.


Experienced Cunnilingus Practitioner: Xavier is skilled in the art of eating pussy, an act he enjoys doing. Despite not being sexually active for very long, he has picked up the art of cunnilingus rather quickly. After accidentally hurting Violette Beauregard in his first attempt, and ultimately bombing with her, Xavier studied hours upon hours of porn videos to improve his craft. On one well known free porn streaming site, Porn$tash, he watched hundreds of videos of the greats in action studying everything from foreplay to cunnilingus to fucking. In encounters since then, Xavier has pleased the ladies, demonstrating the ability to make women orgasm from his oral skills alone. Maihime and Matsunami Shinoda as well as Rubii Tiānshàng and Brass Jazzsinger have all cum as a result of his tongue skills. Counselor Tomoe Kagurazaka and Ashani El-Karim have also praised Xavier in this field.

The fact that he enjoys eating pussy contributes to his skill in the art. Xavier looks forward to getting a woman’s clothes off so he can taste her. He has noted that pussy, and its juices, have a generally sweet taste but every woman is different and unique in her own way. Like a taster of fine wines and liquor, Xavier looks forward to tasting every new woman he meets.

• Dragon Spear: A signature technique of Xavier; which consists of him pushing his tongue deep into his partner’s vagina, quickly lashing the clitoris with multiple slap-like tongue strokes. He tops this off by firmly pressing the clit with the tip of his tongue, creating a shock effect, usually resulting in orgasm. Xavier has used this technique on Maihime Shinoda, Brass Jazzsinger, and Matsunami Shinoda resulting in intense orgasms.

• Motorboat Frenzy: A rather simple yet effective technique, Xavier uses the standard motorboating technique but on the clitoris instead of the breasts. It causes immense pleasure for the recipient, sometimes orgasm. Xavier usually does this in as a lead up to the Dragon Spear. Xavier used this technique on Matsunami causing her to squirt.

• Vacuum: Xavier adapted this technique from watching Ashani El-Karim perform it while giving him a blowjob. This technique requires the user to press his/her lips around the opening of the pussy tightly to create a seal. Next, the user inhales and sucks on the pussy, creating a vacuum-like pulling effect. Xavier first performed this technique on Maihime Shinoda, causing her to seize in orgasmic bliss, nearly suffocating him between her thighs.

• Sonic Wave: The male variant of Brass Jazzsinger’s Banshee Wave technique. Brass taught Xavier this while he was filming a music video for a song project Brass was working on for her music class. In it, Brass deepthroats her partner and exhales from her diaphragm, creating a subtle yet powerful vibration with her vocal chords, causing ejaculation. In Xavier’s version, he gathers air from the diaphragm and makes a loud “Kiai” sound similar to a martial artist when throwing a punch or kick. This creates a wave-like effect, inducing an orgasm for the recipient.


Accelerated Development and Adaptability: Perhaps Xavier’s greatest ability, he has demonstrated dramatic improvement over a short period of time. From the time he was accepted into BSU up until Orientation day, He’s gone from complete failure to getting a passing evaluation from high ranking professor Tomoe Kagurazaka. He spends a tremendous amount of time training both physically and sexually, he displayed a rate of growth unseen at BSU ever before. An adept learner, Xavier practices, applies and cultivates the skills he learned in class at an accelerated pace. Although he has the lowest “talent floor” of BSU’s Freshman class, the ceiling for his potential is without limits. Professor Sara Reed has expressed on more than one occasion that Xavier possesses immense potential, believing in it so strongly that she drafted him into her Homeroom Class 1A in order work with him personally.


Keen Talent Scout: As an aspiring director, one must be able to recognize, identify and cultivate talent. Xavier has proven himself to possess a keen eye for talent. Just days after being accepted into BSU, he made his first talent discovery in the form of Brass Jazzsinger. Xavier saw “IT” in Brass, the same quality that Sara saw in him. After showing Sara and Taiyohime a “home movie” that featured Brass singing and sexing him, Sara invited Brass in for an interview; in which she subsequently gained a scholarship offer and enrollment to BSU.


(Physical Characteristics and Skills)

Gigantic Dick: Growing up, Xavier didn’t always view his abnormally large penis as a gift. It was bulky and difficult to hide in his clothes. On top of that he was prone to having erections at the most inappropriate times, for example, right before a presentation he had to give in school. He was often ridiculed for his abnormality by other male students while changing in gym class, a sign of jealousy towards him. For the longest time, Xavier viewed his gift as more of a curse and liability to him more than anything else. It made shopping for underwear problematic.

It wasn’t until he moved to World City that things changed. Since becoming a BSU student he has astounded the ladies with size, shocking every woman who has seen it. Professor Sara Reed has confirmed that Xavier has the biggest dick on campus, even eclipsing the upperclassmen. However, Xavier doesn’t allow this fact to go to his head, realizing that the size of his dick doesn’t make him a great performer. Although this is true, packing a massive cock does help him close the large gap between himself and his more skilled peers.

Xavier’s well endowed size has served him immensely since arriving in World City. Girls go wild for his hefty cock when they see it, making stunned comments prior to sex or even when its bulging in his pants in public. He is often favorably compared to previous guys his partners have been with. Even though Koko Izumi attempted to destroy his reputation on social media, it hasn’t exactly stopped female BSU students from knocking on his door.

On the flip side, most women struggle to give him a blowjob, as its thick girth stretches their jaws and cheeks to the limits. Civilians, First Year girls, and even Second Years feel some pain and discomfort, also known as ‘Cock Shock‘, when he first enters their pussies. Because of this, Xavier has to start slow and easy to help them adjust to his tree trunk of a penis. He has to make sure his partner is properly lubed before penetration. Usually he does this by heavily fingering his partner or eating her pussy to get her ready for him.


Enhanced Tongue: Xavier’s tongue is unusually large, slightly bigger and longer than the average human tongue. This has proven useful during sexual encounters, aiding him in fulfilling his partners lusty urges.


Advanced Physical Conditioning: Xavier has spent most of his life going through the rigors of intensive physical training. As a kindergarten student, he was often bullied by other boys. This prompted his grandfather to teach him how to box. This served a dual purpose, not only to learn self defense but to build him up to be healthier. Being smaller than everyone else his age, it was critical for him to develop speed, stamina, reflexes and the ability to generate explosive power quickly. Xavier worked toward this with countless bouts of sparring, striking drills, calisthenics, weight training and running exercises. Although he stopped boxing competitively and is no longer in peak fighting shape, he’s still well conditioned far beyond the average college student.

Xavier realized just how much he had physically declined during a sexual encounter with Kaede Makoto. The sexy DJ drained him completely both physically and sexually. Unable to keep up with Kaede’s rampant sex drive, Xavier faded from exhaustion. This failed encounter renewed his desire to train and return to his peak physical form.

Enhanced Strength: Xavier is deceptively strong, especially given his size compared to the majority of his female peers. Having spent most of his life training to fight, he is no stranger to strength. Xavier demonstrated the ability to lift much taller and heavier partners with relative ease during sex. However, because of his small stature, he is naturally weaker than other male performers. His smaller muscles limit his pure strength. Be that as it may, with less bulk, Xavier can use his muscles more explosively. Rather than using brute strength, Xavier relies on his explosiveness, using all of the muscles in his body in aggressive powerful bursts. This method works with everything from thrusting to lifting up his larger female partners, such as Brass Jazzsinger or Rubii Tiānshàng. He is using strength from every muscle in his body to perform tasks rather than just his arms, or legs hips individually.

Enhanced Reflexes: One’s ‘Sexual Reflexes‘ is defined as ‘the ability to respond to sexual contact and erotic situations‘. With men specifically, this pertains to getting an erection and how quickly an individual can have one. While still in high school, Xavier heard about something called ‘Dick Dancing‘ that all the girls were talking about. Curious about what it was and whether or not he could do it, he looked it up and discovered that men can move their dicks around without using their hands by flexing the muscles in the pelvic region. Thinking this would be a cool move to do whenever he had his first special moment with someone, Xavier practiced and practiced for months to no avail. The penis, like every other muscle, can be built up and improved with intense training. Though he couldn’t see the results, he had gained something from it, unknowingly he had begun to develop his reflexes further. The primary benefit of his increased reflexes is quick recovery after cumming, so one can fuck again shortly after. During his beach romp with Matsunami at SPLASH, he demonstrated this by creampie-ing her, quickly recovering and taking a BJ from her to cum a second time in her mouth. Xavier achieved this feat a second time with Maihime, giving her a creampie and quickly rising to the occasion again when she hotdogged him. After starting his first semester at BSU, Xavier learned from Saitou that this is actually a skill that can be harnessed and controlled through focus and training.

Enhanced Stamina: Having spent most of his life training as a boxer, Xavier attained an extraordinary level of stamina. He has demonstrated the ability to perform hour long sex sessions and even performed multiple times in the same day. After picking up Matsunami from work for a date he fucked her in an alley, got a blowjob in his car and had sex with her throughout the night at his home, capping of the date with an early morning shag with her in the shower. During SPLASH, Xavier pulled double duty more than once in order to meet Sara’s date expectation of him. He took on Ashani in the morning and Kaede, later that evening, the latter encounter going over an hour. Additionally, he has done triple duty with 3 separate partners in the same day. On the final day of SPLASH, he had sexy encounters with Koko, Jade and Matsunami. Because being an Adult Film Star requires the performer to be in top physical form, Xavier rededicated himself to improving his physical conditioning; He works out and jogs nearly everyday to get himself in shape for shooting multiple scenes a day at BSU during Fall Semester.

Accelerated Metabolism and Monstrous Appetite: Xavier has a monstrous, near insatiable appetite, despite his small stature. His intense training regimen along with his insanely high metabolism burns off food at ridiculous speeds. Because of this, Xavier has to eat massive meals to keep up his strength and prevent his body from cannibalizing itself. Xavier’s grandmother realized his dietary needs far exceeded those of a normal child when he began boxing. He often appeared frail and was always tired. To combat this, she prepared family sized lunches and dinners for Xavier alone. Cereal was replaced with hearty breakfasts consisting of meat, eggs, fruit and heavy starch items like waffles, french toast and fluffy pancakes. On his first date with Maihime, he took her to the Big Bang Buffet where he ate round after round of food, tearing through plates like a tornado. One night while gaming at home by himself, he had 2 large pizzas, a 30 piece order of buffalo chicken wings and two 2 liter bottles of root beer.

Because of his immense appetite, Xavier appreciates a woman who knows how to cook. It makes his life easier, giving him more time to do schoolwork, train and engage in “extracurricular activities”. Knowing these things about the fledgling student, Rubii regularly prepares meals for him and manages his diet. Xavier’s other friends also make dinner for him at times. Matsunami and Maihime Shinoda, Brass Jazzsinger, Takiko Makoto, Kaede Makoto and Kiana have all cooked dinner for him during dates in his dorm room.


Keen Intellect: Having started his academic career at the very bottom, Xavier had to work hard to improve his grades and become a good student. He had a difficult time in all subjects and at one point had to attend special education classes. Tired of being made fun of for his academic difficulty and being considered less than everyone else, he stayed after school everyday for tutoring to get help. On top of that, he spent his free time practicing reading science and math at home with his mother. Gradually Xavier’s grades improved each year. At age 15, he stopped boxing in order to put his full focus into school so he could qualify to apply to a Cinematography school. With effort, determination and diligence, concepts like math that he once struggled with became his strong suit. In his senior year of high school, he graduated as one of the top students in his year. Xavier completes written assignments, homework and written tests with little trouble, often assisting his friends with their assignments when he is able to. Throughout high school, female classmates manipulated him into doing their homework and major projects in the hopes they will go out with him. Additionally, popular school athletes sought out his assistance with maintaining grades high enough to remain eligible to compete in sports.


Creativity: Xavier possesses a vivid imagination as seen in his frequent dreams and day dream sequences. This manifests itself in Xavier’s spontaneous decisions during sexual encounters. Always trying to keep things fresh and exciting, he has tried numerous sex positions to keep his partner entertained. Additionally, he has improvised creative uses for furniture and other ordinary items. During his gym encounter with Takiko Makoto, Xavier used an exercise bike as well as an exercise ball as platforms for sex. Lastly, he is not afraid to take chances and try new tricks during sex. He allowed Brass to use the ‘Standing-Carry’ and the ‘Amazon’ position, a female dominant version of missionary on him. With Matsunami, he bent her over a desk and squatted on top of the desk behind her, executing ‘the Froggy-style’ position. With Maihime, he debuted an awkward yet pleasurable position called ‘the Spider’, where both partners stand on their hands and feet, thrusting into each other. While he is usually successful, his tricks don’t always work such as the time he unsuccessfully used ‘the Piledriver’ with Koko. He is not above using props and sex toys to assist him in getting his woman off.


Active Imagination: An introvert who spends a lot of time in his own head, Xavier possesses a highly vivid imagination. Prone to moments of deep thought, he can lose all track of time when thinking about something. Xavier’s imagination takes actively in the form of daydreams and passively in the form of dreams while he is sleeping. Oftentimes Xavier’s daydreams are triggered by something that is currently happening or going to happen. While waiting in line at Otaku Palace to purchase Super Smash Bros. Eternal, he had a daydream that depicted him fighting off hordes of other gamers to buy the store’s last copy of the game. By the time the daydream ended, two hours had passed. Additionally, Xavier manifests his feelings into in-depth sequences akin to movies. This is especially true for negative emotions such as fear, nervousness or anxiety. During a date with Matsunami at his home, Xavier couldn’t get an erection due to cumming from a blowjob Matsunami had given him in his car just minutes earlier. Fearing that he wouldn’t be able to perform for her, he panicked, imagining himself in a funeral-like walk of shame with his Mother and Maihime mourning his inability to get hard. Xavier’s creative imagination is a trait that he shares with his mother, which she demonstrated with Galactica and Leda Kino during SPLASH. Mei was able to temporarily manifest her thoughts into reality and change the environment for the two to see and physically interact with. Although the method in how she performed this feat is unknown, it might be possible for Xavier to do this with training.


(Hobbies and Other Talents)

Martial Artist (Boxing): A style of combat Xavier has been practicing since a little boy. Boxing has provided him with the skills and knowledge he still uses now. The late evenings spent toiling in the gym with his grandfather taught him discipline, hard work, patience and mental fortitude, awakening his warrior spirit. Xavier’s years of boxing have given him a strong foundation for life as a pornstar. Being a pornstar requires a fit body in peak aerobic shape. Performers must be strong enough to lift and maintain positions for long periods of time. It is no easy task to lift and fuck someone for many many minutes at a time.


Avid Gamer: Gaming has always been a part of Xavier’s life. Xavier’s father introduced him to video games as a child. He watched his father play as a toddler, amazed at what he saw on the TV screen. After his father’s departure, Mei learned how to play video games so she could use gaming as a means of spending quality time with him. Xavier enjoys action titles but his favorite are fighting games. This gave him another avenue to explore his creative side, as he created his own innovative combos to use in matches. Additionally, gaming tested his mind’s ability to strategize, teaching him to read opponents in order to defeat them. Xavier’s uncanny ability to adapt on the fly with women can be credited in part to his many years spent playing video games. His favorite fighting game series is Street Fighter, partly due to all the thicc women. As a full time student, he doesn’t have nearly as much time play anymore but still does so on the weekend or whenever he’s completed all of his assignments. He frequently has epic gaming sessions with Maihime and also he has introduced video games to Kiana, who highly enjoys playing despite still learning the concept.


Anime and Comic Enthusiast: A lifelong fan of anime, Xavier watches more of it than anything on television made in America. As a child, he preferred the gritty action, exciting fights and titillating ecchi over American animation which he found boring and unentertaining. His grandmother showed him his first anime while he and his parents were visiting his grandparents. Dragon Ball Z was among his favorites early on. While the Shonen genre was his favorite, Xavier also liked comedy and ecchi series. As he grew older, he unconsciously took on some of the personality traits of some of his favorite anime/manga and comic book heroes and villains. He admires the Saiyans from the Dragonball series for their sense of pride and honor as warriors. He respects the will and determination of Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach, viewing him as being mentally unbreakable. While Spiderman is far from the strongest superhero, he is the most iconic of them all. Xavier admires Spiderman’s heart, selflessness and ability to find a way to win in even the most bleak situations. Viewing Spidey as a true underdog hero, he based the design of Dragón Fuerte’s mask on the heroic web slinger’s own mask.

His favorite anime series is Bleach, a long running Shonen Metaseries that has spawned countless sequels, spinoffs and films over its highly successful multi-decade long run. A proud anime fan, he often tries to share his love of the entertainment genre with his female companions. He regularly watches it with Kiana after homework and sex, usually falling asleep with the TV on. At times, Maihime has attempted to get him to cosplay as anime characters which he reluctantly agrees to.


Professional-level Photographer: Enamored with cameras since a small child, Xavier has always had a desire to be behind the camera taking pictures. Mei noticed his affinity for the art because he continually took her phone and ran off with it trying to take pictures as a toddler. At the age of 5, his mother bought him his first camera and taught him how to use it. Xavier brought his camera with him everywhere he went. He took pictures of his family at BBQs, birthdays and other events and his aunts even paid him for his photos to encourage him to continue his hobby and show him he could do it for a living. Xavier also took pictures for the boxers who trained under his grandfather, documenting their triumphs for their social media. Being self taught, Xavier figured out key photography elements such as distance, angles, lighting and positioning on his own. However, it was in 8th grade that he took photography as a class in school and elevated his game. He then took photography as an elective throughout high school, developing his skills further to a professional level. During his high school years, his grandmother often found amazingly beautiful adult women for him to do photoshoots in order to get him some professional experience and earn him a few bucks for his talent. Although Xavier is almost always flustered by nude or topless women, this is not the case when he has a camera in his hand. His first major test came when he was recruited by Kokoro Izumi during SPLASH. He masterfully took shots of her and fearlessly gave her direction for poses and facial expressions, impressing her with his talent and leadership in her time of crisis. During his introduction at Orientation, he advertised his services which lead to dozens of female students lining up in front of his dorm room to schedule appointments on the sign in sheet on his door. Xavier’s photography has benefited him by supplying him with a variety of different women to sleep with and sex styles for him to experience to help improve his sexual prowess.


Singer (Freestyling Rap): Rapping is a hobby Xavier picked up from listening to old school rap music while training as a boxer. He and other young fighters on the boxing team used to hold sessions called “Ciphers” in which everyone rapped before boxing competitions to get everyone pumped up. Rapping also serves a therapeutic purpose for him. At Orientation, he gave a soul baring freestyle as means of facing his problems and confronting his enemies. He occasionally joins his musician friends Brass and Kaede for fun, private jam sessions; contributing his raps to go along with Kaede’s beats and Brass’ singing.


Dancer (Breakdancing): Xavier first saw breakdancing when fighters from his grandfather’s gym performed moves after winning their fights with spectacular knockouts. After learning a few moves from them, he watched videos on breaking and gradually figured out how to perform the moves himself. He became further interested in breaking as he got deeper into rap music and Hip Hop culture. For Xavier, breaking is a way to express himself through movement. This has become an important part of the Dragón Fuerte persona, providing him with a means drawing massive amounts of attention from women and making himself known in big public settings. While he had always been afraid to break in public as himself, it fits Dragón perfectly.


Bilingual: Xavier’s mother taught him Spanish at a young age believing it would be a valuable skill to him as an adult. Xavier speaks the language fluently, incorporating many spanish terms into his Dragón Fuerte persona. Furthermore, he speaks only Spanish during encounters with Spanish speaking women. Since assuming the identity of Dragón Fuerte, Xavier has used more Spanish as his normal self, especially when talking to Matsunami Shinoda. In the aftermath of the Maihime incident, Xavier has used his Spanish as a means of playfully breaking down her emotional defenses when they are required to work together on class projects. Xavier almost exclusively speaks Spanish while alone with Tigre Blanco, a famous Luchadora and classmate of Mexican descent.


(Alter Ego)

Dragón Fuerte (Spanish for “The Mightiest Dragon“): Born as a desperate response to being exposed to the world as a bad lay by popstar Kokoro Izumi on social media, Dragón Fuerte is represented by a customized blue, white, and gold luchador mask. On the suggestion of Matsunami Shinoda, Xavier altered the mask given to him by Tigre Blanco, his favorite professional wrestler. The anonymity provided by the mask gives Xavier the confidence to be himself without the fear of being ridiculed or rejected. Since his first appearance at SPLASH, Dragón Fuerte has become a viral worldwide social media phenomenon. Women of all species, shapes and walks of life have made videos offering themselves to him with some girls even asking him to marry them. “Dragon Fever” is especially big in World City where Xavier lives and goes to school.

Charismatic Personality: Dragón Fuerte is an outward manifestation of what Xavier wants to be and how he views himself in his subconscious inner thoughts. Dragón is very much the opposite of Xavier personality wise. He is cool and calm, approaching the ladies with supreme belief in himself. Dragón speaks in a distinct rugged yet silky voice that is very pleasing to the feminine ear. He communicates in a subtle yet forthright way, consciously avoiding gestures, body language and habits he has as Xavier Williams. While under the mask he resists, putting his hands in his pockets and scratching his head. He also gives more consideration to his speech as to not stutter. Although Dragón only stands at 5’2, he projects a powerful aura of charisma and confidence of a much more imposing figure. This is something that can be felt by women and tips situations in his favor before ever speaking a word.

As Dragón, Xavier makes use of his knowledge of the Spanish language, often blending in Spanish terms when referring to something important or sexual in nature. Knowing that non-Spanish speaking women will ask the meaning of his words, Xavier takes advantage by using his Spanish to further progress the interaction. Alternatively when interacting with Spanish speaking women, Dragon ditches his English altogether in favor of Spanish entirely. He uses this as a means of establishing a deeper bond/connection with his target.

Xavier is more hands on while underneath the Dragón mask, taking more liberties than he does as himself leading up to an encounter. When the moment is right, he will initiate physical contact and lightly fondle his target while engaging in conversation.

Excitement Inducement: A true master of ceremonies, Dragon is the life of the party, often taking over social scenes with his antics. He commands the attention of those around with his every action, often unintentionally inciting others to join or even copy what he’s doing. One such example was the SPLASH closing night party. This was the case when he started breakdancing and everyone joined in, following his lead.

Dancing: The art of dance is an effective seduction tool Dragon employs. Treating it as a ritual or rite of passage rather than a casual act, Dragon makes women feel like dancing with him is a major, special event. Usually leading the dance, Dragon often grabs body parts such as his partner’s thigh or buttocks while moving close to her and engaging in conversation. The interaction and physical contact is sensual and intimate. As the song progresses, Xavier gradually fondles his partner more until she succumbs to his advances. Salsa and other styles of latin music are his songs of choice due being taught latin dancing by his mother growing up.

Mystique and Desire Inducement: Xavier’s mask creates a mystique that intrigues the women he shares company with. The mask, combined with Dragón’s charming personality, makes him a desirable mystery man to those who spend time with him. If not for Nicole Wellington’s interference on the final night of SPLASH, he would have taken Violette Beauregard back to the hotel with him after only a few minutes of dancing with her. The question of who is underneath the mask is a mystery that keeps women interested, although most do not actually want to find out in order to prolong the mystery and excitement. Xavier fears being unmasked by a date while he’s sleeping, however, no one has ever tried out of adoration and respect for Dragón. Most women love the mystique he has and do not want to ruin it by unmasking him.




Melanie “Mei” Rodriguez (Mother)

Xavier has a very strong bond with his mother. Having been raised by a single mother, Xavier grew close to her very early in life. In the early years of his life, the two lived in poverty with Mei struggling to make ends meet as a result of his father’s departure. Even as a small child, Xavier was aware of their situation, often consoling her when she was sad or frustrated, giving her the strength to continue on. Having immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic, and starting from the very bottom, Mei instilled her strong work ethic, drive and determination into Xavier. As an adult, these traits reflect resolutely in his character. Along with helping Xavier with his homework and studies, Mei taught him Spanish as a youth; knowing that being bilingual would be a valuable skill as he got older.


Despite having to work countless hours and attend college so she could provide a better life for him, Mei always made time for her son. In the absence of his father, Mei participated in Xavier’s personal interests such as playing video games, even learning how to play to numerous fighting games so she would know what she was doing and create a more fun experience for him. As he struggled to make friends with other children his age, Mei often filled that role watching anime and movies with him frequently and playing games with him outside whenever she had the free time. Xavier is eternally grateful to Mei for her sacrifices and shows his appreciation by buying her gifts and setting up special events for her. He saved up money for months from his previous job as a pizza delivery man in order to do something special for her. Shortly after moving to World City, he reserved a table for 2 at the finest restaurant in the city, paying for an expensive designer dress, heels, bracelets and a necklace for her. He hopes that some day he can make enough money for Mei to retire and never have to work again.


Often nosy and prying into Xavier’s personal life, much to his annoyance, she is heavily invested in how he develops as a man; which is the reason she asks him so many embarrassing questions. Though Xavier gets irritated with her questions, teasing and jokes about his sex life and romantic relationships, he knows she only does this because she cares. Xavier is fiercely protective of Mei and strongly dislikes when men approach her in his presence. Like a rabid pit bull he almost always confronts potential suitors or hookups; staring them down, threatening and even getting physical in public much to Mei’s embarrassment. The exact reason for this behavior is unclear but it is possible that in the back of his mind he still holds out hope for his father returning and reuniting with them.


Her provocative and very revealing attire is a source of annoyance for Xavier; he almost always complains about what she is wearing or not wearing in public. Her youthful appearance and sense of style has lead to strangers mistaking them for a couple rather than mother and son much to his humiliation.


On the same token Mei never hesitated to show her motherly affection, even in public settings. She has been known to give him back breaking hugs and kisses on the cheek, often smothering him with her enormous breasts. This stems from Mei’s own upbringing as a child. Her parents spent countless hours working to provide and didn’t always give her the parental support and affection a young child needs. She overcompensates for this by making sure Xavier knows how much he is loved and valued.


Xavier trusts and believes in his mother’s opinion, often asking for her point of view on situations he’s going through. Mei answers his questions with the unfiltered truth whether or not Xavier will like her response which is the reason he values her opinion so highly. Throughout the years Mei has always been the ever doting and supportive mother, showing up to all of his school events, purchasing camera and video equipment for his photography and even being front and center at his amateur boxing matches, regardless of her fears for his safety and not wanting him to participate in it.


While Mei is Xavier’s mother, she is also his biggest cheerleader. From school talent shows and science fairs, to his boxing matches and his high school graduation, Mei was always front and center, boisterously cheering him on, taking pictures and recording video to document significant events in his life. Even though he is now going to college and living away from home for the first time, Xavier knows she will always be there for him.



[REDACTED] (Father)

Little is known about [REDACTED]. He was only 17 years old at the time Xavier was born. What is known is that [REDACTED] was an ever present figure for the first 4 years of his son’s life. Early on he was a doting, attentive and proud young father who spent as much time with Xavier and Mei as he could.


At one point, [REDACTED] and Mei were engaged and planned for little Xavier to be the ring bearer at their wedding. But mere days away from the wedding date, [REDACTED] disappeared without a trace. It is unknown why he did this but this was a devastating blow to both Xavier and his mother. However, Mei didn’t allow this sad event to destroy them.


Xavier grew up watching his mother toil and struggle to support him working multiple jobs and also going to school to get her degree. This planted the seeds of hatred in his mind for he blamed [REDACTED] as the reason his mother had to work so hard for them to survive. In addition, Mei and Xavier were deprived of both husband and father. When reviewing his application to BSU, Sara Reed noticed that Xavier left the father section of the application blank. While [REDACTED]‘s absence from his life angered him, he was more enraged that [REDACTED] broke his mother’s heart.


This anger is part of what drives Xavier’s burning desire to win. He wants to prove to himself that he can be different, a better man than his father was, succeed without him and not make the same mistakes he did. When Xavier neglected to tell Maihime about his BSU enrollment and his date requirement and they broke up, it hit him hard. Not only did he fail Maihime, but he failed to live up to his goal to be different than his father. However, his loss of Maihime has renewed his dedication to become a better man.


[REDACTED] still exists in Xavier’s life in the form of old pictures and videos from his childhood. Despite claiming to hate his father, he refuses to dispose of old family photos and videos that include [REDACTED], instead keeping them in albums among his most treasured personal belongings. This hints that somewhere in his heart he still misses and cares about his father.



Xen Williams (Grandfather)

Xen “Ironfist” Williams is Xavier’s paternal Grandfather and a former Heavyweight World Champion boxer. As a champion fighter and a pillar of his community, Xen commanded respect from everyone both local and worldwide, which Xavier admired. In the absence of Xavier’s father, Xen became the masculine male presence in his life. Being raised by a single mother, Xavier was primarily around women; his mother, her friends and Tian, an older neighborhood girl who served as his babysitter when Mei had to work night shifts.


It was Xen who taught Xavier the principles of honor, discipline and respect that he still believes in today. The two formed a close bond after Xavier got beat up by bullies in first grade. Incensed by this, Xen suggested to Mei that he teach Xavier how to box. It was in Xen’s gym that Xavier learned the importance of heart determination, persistence and diligence. Under Xen’s tutelage Xavier became a skilled fighter, competing on the school boxing team during middle school and parts of high school.


In what became a regular ritual, Xen took Xavier to see countless martial arts films. Though Xen was a boxer by trade, he appreciated other styles and martial arts in general. Through watching movies with Xavier, Xen inspired Xavier’s creative musings and his interest in becoming a movie director.


Not wanting to make the same mistakes he made with his own son, Xavier’s father, Xen didn’t push Xavier to follow the path of a professional fighter. He instead encouraged Xavier’s creative pursuits growing up such as photography by hiring local aspiring models for Xavier to photograph so he could hone his skills.


Unlike most grandfathers, Xen was very hip and cool to say the least. His youthful, handsome appearance, forthright swagger and friendly joking demeanor made him popular everywhere he went even when around people who didn’t know who he was. Xen’s influence can be seen in Xavier from his love of baggy clothes and sneakers, his choices in music and his awkward yet honest charisma when talking to his female peers.


Xavier views Xen as a prime example of what a man should be, honorable, respectful, caring and honest; adopting him as his personal role model and hero. Despite Xavier’s desire to be like him, Xen always urged him to “Not to be the next Xen Williams but the first and only Xavier Williams.” Xavier took those words to heart pursuing his interests and dreams no matter what others said or thought about him. Xavier carries all off Xen’s teachings with him as he embarks on yet another new challenge at BSU.



Sharee Williams (Grandmother)

Sharee “Shar” Williams is Xavier’s paternal Grandmother. An ever present figure in his life, Sharee was the soft counterbalance to Xen’s strict discipline. It is from her that Xavier learned the value of compassion and helping others. When visiting his Grandparents for summers and holidays Xavier often accompanied Sharee to food drives and other events to help people less fortunate. Often times she opened her home to aspiring fighter’s from Xen’s gym when they needed a place to stay. Always willing to give and help others, her example has been a great influence on her Grandson.


An otaku and purveyor of nerd culture herself Sharee introduced Xavier to anime as a little boy. Further nurturing his creative spark, she often helped him assemble and custom paint gundams and even encouraging him to create and draw his own designs.


Though Xavier didn’t have many friends she made sure he wasn’t alone whenever he came to visit. She arranged birthday parties for him at Olympus Fun Center and invited all of the family, Xavier’s aunts and cousins to attend. These were landmark moments in his life, some of the most emotionally significant memories to him. From beating his grandfather in numerous arcade games, to teaming up with his cousins in laser tag, to hearing his mom and grandmother sing happy birthday; these times taught him a lot about, loyalty, family and love. In the absence of having friends, his family became his friends. Xavier still goes to Olympus as an adult to hang out and even brought Maihime there on their first date, sharing this part of himself with her.


If Mei is Xavier’s biggest cheerleader then Sharee is 1A. She could always be found sitting right next to Xavier’s mother for boxing, gaming and other events he participated in, usually preparing a meal fit for kings afterward.


Always looking to fatten him up, Sharee spoiled him with gluttonous feasts he didn’t get at home. Fried Chicken, Steak and Baked Potatoes and BBQ were some of Xavier’s favorite dishes. She kept him well fed to give him strength to train and fight but also offset his ultra high metabolism. With his first year at BSU starting, she stressed to him the importance of getting in at least 3 hearty meals a day and not neglecting his need to eat. “Having sex every day multiple times is quite draining. You have to eat and eat good to make these girls happy!” she advised him.


Sharee is quite the firecracker of woman, appearing to be only 1/3 of her age. Because of this Xavier is just as protective of her as he is with Mei. To her amusement, he is quick to challenge anyone who even looks in her direction.


Whenever Xavier was having a hard time be it in with school or socially with his peers, Sharee always knew what to say to make him feel better. After he graduated from high school she gave him one of the most important gems he’d ever heard. “Don’t let how others treat you change who you are inside, your time to shine will come. Maybe they don’t appreciate you now but they will.” Though it is difficult to follow, Xavier hasn’t lost his Grandmother’s insightful words.


Love Interest(s)


Maihime Shinoda

Maihime is one of Xavier’s closest friends and allies. Coming from a similar background with similar life experiences, Mai is able to relate to his struggles, hopes, dreams and ambitions better than anyone. An outcast herself, Mai is able to identify closely with his thoughts and feelings to the point she is able to read his thoughts at times and vice versa.


Meeting her in a chance encounter at the store she worked, this was the beginning of their intertwined paths as BSU students. Their relationship began as a whirlwind romance, coinciding with Xavier’s required preparation dates. Xavier and Mai accidentally bumped into each other while Mai was carrying a stack of books. One of the books hit Xavier in the face and knocked him out. When he woke up, Maihime was staring at him. He looked back at her, astounded by her beauty; certain in his mind he was looking at his future wife. This was probably the most nervous he had ever been in his life. After being treated for his injuries, Xavier introduced himself to Mai, taking her hand and making her blush. He didn’t have much time to talk to her because she had to return to work and her boss was calling her. He struggled with what to do but remembered what Saitou told him about not letting his fear freeze him. Just as she was leaving the room, he asked her out to dinner, getting a yes response from Maihime.


Their first date was a dinner at the Big Bang Buffet restaurant. It was a fun night for the two of them as they discovered how much alike they were. Each shared their details of their pasts which contained a common thread; both were outcasts looking for friends. Xavier encouraged her not to give up on her dream of becoming a fashion designer despite what others say, affirming that she was a beautiful person inside out. Maihime told Xavier how cool she thought he was, which no one had ever told him before. They shared in precious moments, even having a fun yet messy eating contest, for both of them had tremendous appetites. This was followed by a trip to Olympus Fun Center. This place held great sentimental value for Xavier, as he’d went there often and had many cherished memories with his family there. Xavier chose this location because he wanted to share the experience with Mai and create new memories with her. They played all sorts of games for hours with Xavier even giving her a sexy mini golf lesson.


It was a dream date for Mai. Xavier was a total gentleman. At the conclusion of their date Mai invited him into her home to “Netflix and Chill”, a term Xavier didn’t know. The TV session didn’t last long though, as Maihime had other plans. The two had a magical night together, making love before falling asleep. However, Xavier had to leave at 5:00 A.M. to avoid being caught in the apartment by her sister.

Their second date was just as electric as the first, but, prior to that Xavier had the idea of buying her a gift. He went to the mall and found a piece that represented how he felt about Mai but it was far too expensive for him to afford. Desperate to get her something, Xavier took some of his old collectors items to a local pawn shop to see how much he could get for them. After being told, what offered wouldn’t come close to getting him the amount of money he wanted, he returned home and filled up a giant trash bag of even more valuable otaku collectibles. He traded in nearly is entire lifes worth of treasured personal items, such as anime statues and collectible trading cards, in order to show Maihime how much he treasured her. It was a huge sacrifice but worth it.


Mai reserved a room at Jump Astoria, a fancy and expensive anime hotel. Continuing where they left off at Maihime’s apartment, they had sex in the zero gravity room before taking their romp out to the balcony pool. They fucked for what seemed like hours, having an explosive climax as the moon rose up. At that moment, Xavier surprised her by pulling a jewelry box from his backpack. Xavier presented Mai with a gold, sapphire and ruby Yin-Yang necklace. He explained the significance of the Yin and the Yang, balance and how each needs the other to continue existing. Likening Maihime to the moon,he told her that she was his Yin, meaning he needed her in his life. Mai was convinced she had found her future husband.


Things came to a harsh ending when he was caught with Mai, by her sister, Matsunami Shinoda. Mai was deeply hurt when she found out Xavier was untruthful about his status as a BSU student and his sleeping with other women, including her sister Matsunami. She felt betrayed as she had trusted Xavier with her heart and believed he was different than other manipulative, dishonest guys who had lead her on and hurt her in the past. This leads to their unfortunate break up.

In a shocking turn of events Mai accepted an offer to attend BSU shortly after their break up. Despite the end of their romantic relationship, Mai maintains that they are still close friends. Xavier was initially put off by seeing Mai regularly at school because of the awkward feeling it gave him. At Orientation, Xavier publicly apologized without naming Maihime, declaring that it would be best for both of them if they didn’t speak at all. However, sharing classes with Maihime meant they had to communicate and work together, making it impossible to disconnect from eachother. The two eventually started speaking again. Becoming a rock for Maihime, Xavier serves as a compassionate ear and a soothing voice to calm her worries, fears and insecurities, comforting her in times of sadness or disappointment. At the same time, Mai acts as a motivating force for Xavier giving him encouragement and a kick in the ass when necessary. In addition, Mai is able to break through his quiet, shy exterior and convince him to share his deepest innermost thoughts and feelings, quelling the anger, doubt and frustration he feels at times.


Because of her accepting and non judgmental attitude, Xavier feels comfortable sharing intimate details of his life and with her, things he won’t discuss with anyone else. Within the depths of Xavier’s mind/inner world, his sense of confidence and optimistic thoughts are personified by a katana wielding samurai version of Maihime. After returning home from their first date Xavier immediately fell asleep. In his dream he was approached by a woman wearing baggy clothes and a hat named “Vanessa”. She had lost to Xavier in a recent gaming tournament and wanted a rematch. However this woman was not Vanessa at all. It was actually Violette Beauregard in disguise. She transformed into a kimono wearing red oni. She gave chase as Xavier sped off in his car, urging him to give up on going to BSU and his dreams of becoming a director. She transformed again into a much larger more demonic dragon form. Xavier crashed his car while trying to avoid a fireball from Violette. Paralyzed from the crash he had no way to escape. Just as he was about to surrender to Violette, the manifestation of his self doubt and failures, Maihime arrived to protect him. Maihime defeated Violette in epic anime fashion with a named sword slash. However, Violette vowed to return as she crumbled away to dust. Mai healed Xavier’s wounds, promising she would always be by his side.


While both Xavier and Maihime are both focused on their individual goals, they support and celebrate each others successes and cushion one another’s failures. Because she never returned the Yin-Yang necklace he gave her after they broke up, It is unclear what lies ahead for them in the future.




Matsunami Shinoda

Matsunami is a very close and highly trusted friend to Xavier, perhaps even his best friend. Xavier met Matsunami after responding to a mysterious Linkum friend request and message. This lead him to Peaches Gentlemen’s Club where Matsunami worked as a dancer. She gave him the performance of a lifetime, culminating in the two having a wildly pleasurable encounter on the club’s stage. Her beauty and mystique intrigued Xavier immensely, prompting him to want to see Matsunami and get to know her more.

They went on multiple dates, each resulting in numerous hot steamy love sessions between the two. The chemistry and attraction between Xavier an Matsunami was evident to all who saw them together, including Xavier’s mother.


More importantly the two connected on a very personal level. Over the course of several long nights together, the usually business oriented Matsunami opened up to Xavier. As they had a lot in common. They shared a mutual interest in Mixed Martial Arts and both carry animosity towards their fathers. During their second date, Xavier picked up Matsunami from work at Peaches Gentleman Club. She was so hot to see him again that she didn’t want to wait until they got to his house to get started. The pair quickly got down to business in a nearby alley. But before they could finish, 3 men armed with baseball bats and knives interrupted and tried to rob them. After multiple failed attempts to negotiate a safe release and being double crossed by the criminals, Xavier angrily threw one of Matsunami’s high heels, hitting one of them in the face with it. This created the opening Matsunami needed to attack. Together they brought down the criminals, growing closer to each other in the process. Learning that Matsunami was a martial artist excited Xavier even more, while witnessing Xavier’s courage earned Matsunami’s respect.

In one particular conversation at the dinner table in Xavier’s kitchen, Matsunami revealed to him the origin of the cross shaped scar on her chest. Learning about her heart surgery, her lost career as a fighter, and her resolve to live life to the fullest inspired Xavier to push himself further in his attempts to become a BSU student.


Xavier views Matsunami with the utmost respect, regarding her as a warrior, much like he thinks of himself. With her calm charming demeanor and witty sense of humor, Matsunami has managed to break down Xavier’s defenses, allowing him to be comfortable being himself in her presence. She often catches him off guard with her sharp wit, often times intentionally putting him on the spot with personal questions to make him squirm.


However, this is all in good fun for she finds his stuttering and nervous gestures cute and charming. In addition, hitting it off with Xavier she has befriended Mei as well, often teaming up with her to tease him and make him comically uncomfortable. Mei has stated that she thinks Matsunami would make an outstanding wife for him although pointed out that Matsunami likely isn’t looking for a serious relationship.


Matsunami firmly believes in Xavier’s ability and his star potential, something she continually tries to convince Xavier himself to believe. She’s been there to comfort him in some of his lowest and most humiliating moments, most notably the Koko incident during SPLASH. Not wanting to see her friend give up, Matsunami affirmed her belief in him, telling him that fighters like themselves get back up when knocked down. Matsunami’s words touched his heart and stirred his mind, coming from her made them even more profound and meaningful. Given Matsunami’s own personal personal life challenges, most notably her having to move on after not being allowed to compete as a fighter, impacted Xavier in an uplifting way. To show Matsunami his appreciation, Xavier purchased a beautiful gold necklace which featured a golden phoenix with a heart made of ruby in its chest. He explained its meaning, comparing Matsunami to mighty phoenix. He detailed the mythology, explaining that the phoenix represents renewal and overcoming all challenges; lighting up the world with its flames so others can find there way. The gift and its heartfelt meaning brought Xavier and Matsunami even closer than ever.


Ever the professional, Matsunami continued to see Xavier after his break up with her sister Maihime for class related purposes. However, the animosity she felt towards him didn’t diminish their chemistry or attraction to each other. After being paired up for numerous encounters both on and off camera, they were able to talk and reconnect with Matsunami eventually forgiving him. Xavier has put his absolute trust in Matsunami. Having helped him create the Dragón Fuerte persona, Matsunami understands just how much he needs it to build his confidence. Rest assured she will never reveal Xavier’s secret to anyone. Perhaps, there is something stronger than friendship that bonds them so tightly.



Takiko Makoto

Takiko is one of Xavier’s most trusted friends. Though they never would have formed such a bond if it weren’t for a couple of run ins on the highway. Xavier and Takiko first met in a near-accident where he very narrowly missed ramming her vehicle with his own. Takiko went into road rage screaming, cursing and throwing lollipops at him from the driver’s side window. Their next encounter was an actual accident caused by Xavier. While driving to the World Arena for the Slamfest pro wrestling event, he and Matsunami listened to the preliminary matches on the radio. Xavier really got into listening to the match commentary and stopped paying attention to the road. He ended up missing a red light and slammed into the back of the car in front of him, which was being driven by Takiko. Takiko yelled and cursed at Xavier, calling him all kinds of colorful names until she was out of breath.


Xavier countered by offering her an apology, some money to rent a car while hers would be in the shop and a warm smile, earning both her gratitude and lust. As a Voyager driver, Xavier’s selfless gesture was critical to Takiko because without the rental car she would have been unable to work during SPLASH and lose out on thousands of dollars. This act made Takiko realize Xavier is a kind person rather than the asshole she initially assumed him to be. In the days that followed they saw each numerous times by chance until Takiko cornered him in a private room at a gym during SPLASH. After subtlely hinting her interest toward Xavier, she was taken by surprise when he unexpectedly embraced her. He stripped her naked and the two went at it, using exercise machines, exercise balls and other gym equipment to fuck on. After leaving the gym, they spent the rest of the day in Xavier’s hotel room fucking, cuddling and enjoying each other’s company.

Since that wild encounter, Takiko has remained close, usually eating lunch with Xavier and his other friends. While her harsh language and insults toward Xavier sound abusive, it is actually Takiko’s own unique way of expressing her affection for him. A true tsundere, Takiko has difficulty communicating her feelings at times, a fact Xavier himself can relate to. When alone with Xavier, Takiko is often very giddy and girly blushing and playing coy in response to his touching and playful antics.


Since the start of the school year, Xavier has further earned Takiko’s trust becoming a helping hand with homework and school projects as well as someone she can confide in. At the same time, Takiko has proven her merit to him. Aware of his secret identity as Dragón Fuerte, Takiko provides support in a number of ways helping to protect Xavier’s privacy. Takiko acts as Xavier’s driver while going on dates as Dragón, so he doesn’t risk outing himself by driving his own car. Excited to be in on the action, she dresses up as Dragón’s trusty sidekick Queen Cobra, wearing a suit, wig, hat and mask to protect her own identity. When Xavier cannot be found due to his activities as Dragón Fuerte, Takiko acts as an alibi of sorts and says he was with her.



Kaede Makoto

Kaede and Xavier met during the SPLASH event at Paradise Grill, the restaurant where she worked. Kaede spent the entire evening flirting with Xavier as she found the green eyed young man attractive. At the conclusion of the dinner Kaede cleverly bumped into him, dropping a condom with her phone number written across the top. Later in the evening while attending a part Kaede was DJing at, she discovered that all of her equipment was missing.


Xavier got on the case and tracked down the thief, a rival DJ and confronted him. He stood up to the thief and his gang, determined to get Kaede’s DJ equipment go down in a fight trying. With the assistance of the KB Nation, a group of feared gang members who are also Kaede’s fan club; Xavier got Kaede’s equipment back for her. Xavier earned Kaede’s trust with his actions, establishing a new friendship.


At the party Xavier and Kaede had a wild romp on a crowded hotel balcony in front of both Sara and Taiyohime. They fucked for over an hour with Xavier unwittingly awakening Kaede’s special ability, Lust Mode for the first time. The DJ rode him wildly like an insatiable demon, continuing to bounce on top of Xavier even after he’d gone flaccid. After failing to love her into submission, Xavier rededicated himself to training, vowing to fuck Kaede to the finish the next time.


Kaede and Xavier have built their relationship on their mutual interest in rap music and hip hop culture in general. Having grown up immersed in Hip Hop culture, Kaede has a clear affinity and preference for black men. It was this fetish that attracted Kaede to Xavier. Because of her love of black men and huge dicks, she immensely enjoys sex with Xavier. Though he considers his first encounter with her to be a failure, she described it as the best she’d ever had. Xavier and Kaede are a perfect sexual match for one another, as he induced in her the ultra rare phenomenon that is ‘Lust Mode’. She prefers him as her favorite over other guys, citing that his dick is just right for her. Kaede’s fetish for BBC also enhances sex for Xavier. It is very unique and exciting for him, as no other woman he’s been with has this fetish. Kaede’s energy and excitement shows in how she talks to him, constantly referencing both his Black and her Japanese ethnicity. They fuck very frequently, having ‘Friends-with-Benefits’ status. Kaede often calls Xavier to come to her room for late night booty calls.


Kaede is a fan of Dragón Fuerte, unaware that Dragón and Xavier are the same person. During Orientation, Kaede was very supportive, cheering him on while nearly everyone else booed him. In the aftermath of Xavier baring his heart and soul at Orientation Kaede along with Brass and Takiko rallied around him, cheering him up after his breakup with Maihime. Xavier frequently hangs out with Kaede both in and out of school, watching porn, listening to music and creating ‘home movies’ with her. The two often collaborate, with Xavier acting as director for Kaedes music videos she does to promote herself.



Brass Jazzsinger

Prior to meeting Xavier, Brass was working as a performer for the travelling sex themed circus, Carnal Carnival. Xavier came to see her perform when the Carnal Carnival came to World City. In a twist of fate, Xavier ran into Brass at a nearby ramen shop. Seeing that there was nowhere else for him to sit, Brass invited Xavier to sit at her table. Xavier struck up conversation discovering that she was from Queens, New York like he was. The two conversed eventually discussing one another’s lives. She explained the name Brass wasn’t her real name, but a stage name given to her due due to her powerful singing voice.


The busty giant identified herself as Bonfilia Cantore, the woman behind the big boobie amazon singer that had captivated him so much on stage. Separating herself from the cinder block busting character she portrayed on stage, Bonfilia detailed her thankless, underpaid grind on the carnival circuit, explaining her endless cycle of travelling from town to town.


Her life was filled with long hours on the road, copious amounts of time practicing and working out and performing. Despite being the hardest working and most talented performer on the tour, she was still relegated to working as a lower level act. This was not the path she wanted. A lifelong singer with a velvety voice, Brass had always desired to be a chart topping recording artist but struggled to get her foot in the door of the industry. Despite building a fan base with mixtapes and self funded music videos, big time record company executives didn’t take Brass seriously. At 7’3, she did not fit the cookie cutter formula used to create superstars in the music industry.


Xavier offered Brass comforting words, telling her that the reason people hold her back is because they fear her. He also presented Brass with a potential solution, suggesting that maybe he could help her get into BSU. After explaining that BSU offered music courses, he pointed out that there were numerous possibilities for her to find an exciting career. Once he dropped Brass off at her trailer, she invited him inside. Xavier and Brass then recorded a hardcore demo tape featuring Brass singing, sucking and fucking. The next day, Xavier showed the footage to Sara and Taiyohime, which lead to Brass being offered a scholarship to BSU.


Brass and Xavier enjoy a strong relationship based upon helping each other out when needed. Brass is rather touchy with him, frequently showing her affection with hugs and kisses. Unfortunately for Xavier, Brass doesn’t realize her herculean strength, nearly breaking his back with her hugs. Other students have often remarked that Xavier and Brass would make a cute couple, pointing at the size difference between them. Xavier often refers to Brass as Bonnie or Bon Bon, affectionate nicknames based on her real name. In turn, Brass sometimes refers to X as “Director”, a reference to their first night and movie together. Brass is very protective of Xavier, so much so that she considered beating up Kokoro Izumi to defend his honor. She takes personal offense to him being hurt in any way and is willing to fight on his behalf.



Rubii Tiānshàng

Rubii, a standout second year student, is Xavier’s Personal Student Aide. Acting as a liason between Xavier and BSU, she supervises Xavier’s academic performance, assists him in his studies and serves as his primary sex partner. After leaving a meeting with Sara and Taiyohime about Xavier’s date progress, he walked face first into Rubii’s breasts causing her to drop her purse. He wasn’t watching where he was going as he walked, still thinking about the meeting he just left . Fearful of being smacked by the 6’7 dragon woman Xavier apologized and stood ready to accept punishment.


However, that smack didn’t come. Rubii was actually very friendly, complimenting his scent and his appearance, especially his eyes. Xavier contained his excitement while introducing himself to her, not wanting to make a fool of himself. Immediately noticing that Xavier was freshman, she gave him an impromptu tour of the BSU campus. Scared but bold Xavier made his move on the second year star, initiating conversation. As they walked Xavier noticed the numerous physical differences between Rubii and human women.


While walking around they became very friendly and discussed a number of things including Xavier’s academic probation status. Luck was in his favor because Rubii herself was a Personal Student Aide, a 2nd year student who is assigned to provide academic support and training to a struggling first year. After showing him around the rest of the campus, Rubii took him to Passion Tower to show him around the dorms, eventually winding up in her dorm room. Playing off of the mutual attraction between them, Rubii invited Xavier to help her christen her new dorm room with sex. Things escalated quickly as they made out and Xavier noticed the more unique beast traits. Her body gradually warmed up, reaching its hottest point as he slammed his cock into her pussy for the first time. After the shock of her taking his enormous dick for the first time, she adjusted to it. Xavier didn’t know how to deal with a beast maiden in the bedroom, resulting in Rubii’s body eventually cooling down. He struggled to keep her body temperature from dropping. Sensing that Rubii was no longer into it he stopped thrusting. It was in that moment of failure that Xavier realized how amazing a woman he had. Rather than kick him out or make fun of him, Rubii claimed him, announcing herself as his PSA (Personal Student Aide) and promising to make him the top guy at BSU. A loyal friend, trusted confidant and a potential mate, Rubii is far beyond a beast maiden fetish hook up to him.


Xavier and Rubii have a unique relationship. Initially, it began with superficial lust toward one another but over time grew to be something much greater. Xavier holds Rubii in the highest regard for not only welcoming him on campus and giving him the time of day, but embracing him after having a terrible performance with her in bed. Like Sara, Rubii recognizes Xavier has potential and wants to bring it out of him. Also they are very flirtatious with each other at times, playing off their very first meeting. Rubii always refers to him as “Sweetheart” a pet name she gave to him because of his scent and his shy, sweet demeanor.


As partners, Xavier spends more time with Rubii than any other female student. Although she is one of the most popular and busy second year students, she always makes time in her schedule for him. On top of maintaining a rigorous training schedule for Xavier, Rubii manages his diet. She often prepares nutritious meals full of protein and carbs to give him strength to perform in their late night sex sessions. She has noted Xavier’s massive appetite is closer to a male Dragon than a human.


Rubii also promotes to Xavier the importance balancing out one’s life. Even though being a student is a grind, one must take time to relax and decompress. They often watch movies and hang out after their study/training sessions not only to relax but to further build their chemistry. Xavier considers Rubii to be his muse, as she was similarly inexperienced during her first year.




Han Seung-Yang

The polar opposite of Xavier in virtually every way, no 2 individuals could be more different. Han was a highly touted recruit, scouted by all AE Universities internationally, the number 1 overall Freshman prospect by all AE schools. This is a feat that hadn’t been done by a male student since BSU’s inception. He is cool, calm and collected and does everything with cold calculated precision, seemingly possessing every tool needed to be successful.


The two met one another for the first time on the first day of school. During a 30 minute break in between classes, Xavier approached Han in the main courtyard where he was talking to Eric, one of BSUs security guards. Due to the fanfare he had as a recruit many other students followed him and hovered around in awe of him. Han was the center of attention that week. Xavier had went over to speak to Eric, introducing himself to Han and offering a friendly handshake. Han rebuffed Xavier’s attempt to befriend him, turning his back and walking away. Everyone gasped and Ooohed, some even laughed and mocked Xavier as Han and his unintentional entourage left. Xavier felt humiliated and disrespected by this very public rejection, vowing to surpass him. Because of Xavier’s rap themed introduction, Han views Xavier as nothing more than a clown who doesn’t take being a student seriously.


Xavier views Han as a rival to surpass and uses his dislike of him as a source of motivation to improve his skills. Alternately, Han views Xavier as a joke who talked his way into a spot at BSU, undeserving of a position there. The two generally don’t get along with one another, but at the core, they may be more alike than either of them know.



Ashani El-Karim

After being given an hour by Sara and Taiyohime, Xavier chose Ashani as his target because of her beauty. Unaware of Ashani’s status as a princess, he approached like he would any other girl. This was a welcomed change of pace for Ashani who was used to males of the wealthy elite grovelling at her feet. Xavier’s “normal” approach and genuinely friendly demeanor attracted her interest and he kept it with conversation. Xavier tried to remain calm and not rush the moment, discussing topics such as travel, world city and Ashani’s hobby, surfing, even amusingly trying to surf with her board. Showing great improvement in his ability to talk and interact with women, Xavier charmed Ashani right out of her bikini with the clock winding down.


He unknowingly raised Ashani’s expectations of him with the highly pleasurable tongue lashing he put on her pussy. However in the end, Xavier gave her an average performance. He tried his best but his inexperience was too much of a detriment for him. In his own excitement of completing the challenge, Xavier failed to notice that Ashani didn’t climax. While Ashani did react to what he was doing, his performance wasn’t strong enough to WOW her. However it also wasn’t weak enough for him to be dismissed in the middle of the action. It was a middle of the road performance that didn’t stand out or set him apart from other guys. This was actually the worst possible outcome for him which Taiyohime and Sara confirmed, stating that being average leaves no impression at all. This is worse than a poor performance because a negative impression still creates expectations for improvement. In subsequent appearances, Ashani could not remember who Xavier was.


Xavier and Ashani have connected on a personal level to a which is something she wanted to explore further. He came across Ashani after Sara tasked him to find and successfully hook up with the woman of his choice, giving him a 1 hour time limit to do it. After looking around and seeing several women, he found Ashani surfing in an area she seemed to have entirely to herself. After a moment of watching her, Xavier mustered up the courage to speak to her, complimenting her surfing skills. Ashani signaled for her security team to stand down, giving Xavier easy access to her. From there Xavier got acquainted with her, discussing where they were both from and Ashani’s world travels. Ashani felt Xavier was very genuine in his approach, taking a real interest in learning about her rather than pandering to her like most men do. It was at that moment Ashani realized Xavier didn’t know who she was or her social status. This further intrigued her because it wasn’t often she got the chance to associate with “Regular guys”.


Xavier held Ashani’s interest with ease, obliging her offer to let him try to surf. He wiped out multiple times but continued to try, much to Ashani’s amusement. Xavier’s no quit attitude impressed the princess, prompting her to offer to teach him how to surf in the future. Xavier told Ashani about his love of photography, elaborating on his ambition to direct. Ashani talked about her interest in law even offering to represent him as his attorney. The two often talk about things such as these outside of the porn industry as Ashani desires to become something beyond a princess because that’s merely a birthright; a title she didn’t have to do anything to earn.


He was drawn to her down to earth personality which became even stronger after he discovered she was a princess. He views Ashani as being the antithesis to the spoiled elites and royal children he’s seen on TV such as Nicole Wellington. Ashani had high hopes for her hook up with Xavier after speaking with him for the first time. After a disappointing first date, Ashani’s hopes were eventually re-ignited when he spoke on stage at Orientation. Xavier mentioned her name without dissing her, seemingly shouting her out for her honest criticism of him. Ashani believes Xavier has gained something since their first encounter and that the fire, passion and desire he rapped with can be brought out in the bedroom. She is looking forward to hooking up with Xavier again in the near future. Xavier trains with the intention to fuck the princess senseless in the very near future.




Violette Beauregard

The high profile celebrity, socialite, influencer and second generation pornstar was Xavier’s first date and perhaps his biggest failure. Violette was the first woman to take notice of Xavier’s newly established Linkum account, immediately sending him a friend request. Excited, yet nervous and somewhat intimidated by Violette’s celebrity status, he accepted her invitation. Xavier met Violette at the Big Cupps Hotel and Casino in Pueblo Diablo, the gambling district of World City. Violette’s butler Charles lead him to a majestic suite where Violette awaited fully nude him sitting atop a golden throne. Mystified by her beauty, Xavier lost himself in fantasy while standing in front of her.


Violette at first didn’t believe Xavier to be the man she contacted on Linkum. Since his profile picture was a pic of his dick, Violette could not believe that such a small guy was packing such enormous meat. In order to prove he wasn’t a catfish he pulled out his dick. Violette was stunned by the enormous, beefy cock that dangled in between his legs. Completely unprepared for what was coming, Xavier was jumped by Violette who got the party started with a juicy blowjob. After sucking him off while being filmed, Violette laid back, spread her legs and presented her pussy for him to eat. He fumbled botched his attempt and accidentally hurting her. Frustrated by this but still hopeful, Violette had Xavier to fuck her from behind. Unaware of how to properly fuck her, Xavier bored Violette to the point of messaging other guys on her during his thrusts. Violette gave her best effort to salvage the encounter by riding him but it did nothing for her. In the end, Violette kicked him out of her suite, denying him a ride home from Charles who was sent to pick up another date for her. Following this monumental failure Xavier walked home in a thunderstorm.


After this encounter Violette left him a negative comment before forgetting who he was. Xavier took his failure with Violette very hard. Not only was it a devastating blow to his self-esteem and confidence, he wanted to drop out of school just a day after being accepted. However, After a chat with the school’s Head of Security, Xavier’s confidence was renewed. The young man was inspired to take to the internet and begin studying sex to improve and prepare himself to face off with Violette again. She exists in the back of his mind as a trident wielding she devil, a manifestation of Xavier’s fear and self doubt, returning regularly to torment him. The day after his unsuccessful date with her, she appeared to Xavier after being knocked out by a book after bumping into Maihime inside of the Otaku Palace. She appeared to him again while he was sleeping following his first date with Maihime, only to be thwarted by Xavier’s sword wielding mental Mai manifestation.


Since his failed date with Violette, Xavier has wanted another chance with her to redeem himself. He continues to prepare himself for when they have their eventual rematch. Annoyed and embarrassed by Xavier dropping her name at Orientation, Violette knows exactly who he is now.



Kokoro “Koko” Izumi

The story of Xavier and Koko is one that began many years before they actually met. A popular child singer and actress, her television shows and movies graced the TV screens of millions worldwide including the ones in the Williams household. Xavier developed a crush on Koko as a boy which continued into his teenage years. An avid fan of the manga/anime series Bleach, Xavier went to the New York City premiere of Koko’s first 4 Bleach films; Bleach, Bleach: Soul Society, Bleach: Rise of the Arrancar and Bleach: The Solitary God. Each time he just barely missed the chance to meet her in person. He never imagined that he would ever get another chance to meet her.


However, that would change after relocating to World City. By chance during SPLASH, Xavier stumbled across a beach party being hosted by Hitomi while working out. Curious about what was going on, Xavier joined the audience and pushed his way into the front row, right in front of the stage. His wish came true when Hitomi announced Koko was going to be her special guest for an exclusive interview.


After coming on stage, Koko high fived her fans in the front row, stopping at Xavier and making eye contact while giving him a flirtatious smile. Perhaps this was because of his distinct “sweet” scent or maybe it was something else about him. He froze in his excitement, his heart nearly exploded as they locked eyes. During the interview, Koko discussed her ‘Survive Charity’ and her Foxxy Cosmetics line, concluding with her big announcement that she would be attending BSU’s fall semester. Xavier was ecstatic to hear this as it meant we would be able to meet hang out with her and make love to his long time crush.


Once her announcement was finished, Koko gave an impromptu musical performance. She danced with Hitomi, eventually making her way back to Xavier. She squatted down in front of him and sang a sexy song to him, confirming there was a mutual attraction between them.


After the performance Koko was going to do an autograph and photo session for her charity but the truck that carried all her merchandise was mistakenly directed to Los Angeles instead of World City. Without any photos, posters or other merch to sign, she couldn’t do the session. On top of this, her photographer didn’t show up so she couldn’t take new pictures for the event. Panicked, she scrambled ordering members of her entourage to find a photographer ASAP. Xavier stuck around after Koko’s performance and overheard the conversation.


The young man nervously approached and told Koko he was a photographer, offering his services. After some conversation, Xavier convinced her that he was the man for the job. Although Koko was very skeptical, she had no other option. The two went to a secluded area of the beach and did a photoshoot. While Xavier was only a hobbyist photographer, he showed poise and skill far beyond his years behind the camera, adeptly taking charge and giving Koko direction for posing and facial expression. This attracted Koko to him even more for she liked men who weren’t intimidated by her star power. What started as just a few pinup bikini photos turned into a fully nude shoot of over 100 pictures taken. With Xavier’s help, her autograph signing was a huge success, generating several thousand dollars for her charity fund.


After finishing the autograph session, Xavier finally introduced himself to Koko properly. Impressed with Xavier’s skill and professionalism, Koko offered him a job as her full time photographer. Although he really wanted to take the job he respectfully declined, citing his recent commitment to go to Busteez Slut University. However, Koko still wanted Xavier on her team so she invited him to her trailer for lunch. Xavier obliged, not knowing that he was going to be Koko’s lunchtime meal.


The two ate sandwiches while engaging in conversation. Koko let her down her defenses and answered Xavier’s questions about her life as a superstar. Koko detailed the business’ affect on her personal and social life, that she didn’t get to go to school or have friends growing up because of her busy schedule. She confessed to him that she misses the normal things in life that regular teens take for granted such as going to high school and attending prom. Being in the business at such a young age and being her family’s primary source of income forced Koko to grow up fast, causing her to miss out on some of life’s important milestone moments. Always surrounded by an army of handlers and employees, Koko did not have the chance to develop normally. In a telling moment, Koko revealed that one of her reasons for attending BSU was to make up for missing out on the experience of going to high school. Her other reason was to seek out a new challenge. Having conquered every other field she tried, Koko wanted to reach the top of the Adult World next.


After switching the subject to Xavier himself, Koko was excited to hear he wanted to be a director. His nervousness in answering Koko’s questions built the sexual tension up even more. Xavier’s inexperience and probation status didn’t deter the horny fox, as she pounced when she thought he was ready. After a lengthy blowjob, Xavier and Koko got down to business having a wild fuck session on her couch. However things didn’t go as Xavier thought.


Koko swallowed multiple loads of Xavier’s cum, sucking and licking him clean afterwards. After rebuffing his attempt to shower with her, Koko revealed she had been faking her screaming and moaning the entire time. Disappointed by Xavier’s performance, Koko used this moment to have some fun at Xavier’s expense. He sat in horror as she verbally cut him down, praising her own cunning as a fox and her acting ability as it completely fooled him. Xavier realized that his failures with Beast Maidens were not isolated incidents and he clearly struggled with them in the bedroom. To add insult to injury, Koko insulted his manhood, telling him “I expected you to fuck my brains out but you failed at it. You’re clearly not the man I thought you would be. I got my hopes up for nothing.”


In a final act of disrespect, Koko took a photo of him while he was getting dressed before kicking him out. She posted the picture to all of her social media accounts with a caption, telling the world how bad he was. Humiliated, hurt and ashamed, Xavier left the trailer with his head down. Not only was he hurt but he was disappointed that the woman he tried for years to meet treated him so harshly.


Xavier and Koko have a very hostile relationship with one another. After being embarrassed in front of millions, Xavier fired back at Koko, exposing her true nature to BSU’s students and staff. He tore into her with unflattering facts, revealing that how she acts behind the scenes is completely different than her public persona. Not only did he embarrass Koko but he challenged her credibility and character as a person. Xavier’s Orientation rap damaged Koko’s reputation, painting her as a bully. In the days that followed, other students kept their distance from Koko, especially the guys. This made it difficult for Koko to make new friends. Although there is mutual contempt between them, Koko respects Xavier deep down for standing up to her and showing her that he won’t back down. This was something Koko had never experienced in Hollywood, as she always got what she wanted. Even with what has taken place, the mutual attraction still exists. Both students avoid looking at one another in class or when in the same area for this reason.




Sara Reed

Sara has played a pivotal role in Xavier’s time at BSU. She sent him the very first letter from any University which invited him to the campus. Prior to that he had been rejected by every other school he applied to, some didn’t even bother to respond to his application. He was losing hope and on the verge of giving up on his aspirations until Sara’s fateful invitation arrived. Xavier met with Sara for an interview after receiving the invitation. It took place in Sara’s suite in Passion Tower due to the appointment being set for one of her off days. Not knowing what to expect, he came into the meeting nervous and intimidated, so much so that he imagined Sara as a monstrous Ogre woman.


Once he actually saw the professor, Xavier grew even more nervous. He was unaccustomed to being in the presence of a beautiful woman of Sara’s caliber. Sara proceeded to ask him a number of questions during the interview which Xavier successfully answered, including the embarrassing ones regarding his sexual inexperience. After the question and answer portion of the interview, it was time for the practical evaluation portion. Sara was dumbfounded to find out from Xavier that he didn’t know BSU was an Adult Entertainment university. When found out, Xavier was shocked but eventually warmed up to the idea of working with numerous sexy women. Sara lead the way, kissing Xavier deeply while undressing him. After struggling to unhook Sara’s bra, she had to help him, which showed her just how much of a project he was going to be. He gave his best effort, fucking Sara with fast pelvic motions because thats what he saw on the internet. Sara feigned pleasure, screaming and moaning so the encounter would conclude naturally before giving her assessment. Xavier thought he was legitimately satisfying her based on the reaction he was getting from her. This was the first time he encountered such a situation.

After initially failing him for his poor performance, Sara still accepted his application. Maybe it was how he spoke or maybe it was the presence he had, but something convinced the professor that Xavier had a quality that could make him a superstar. Whatever ‘IT’ was, was the reason Sara allowed Xavier to attend BSU.


Xavier is extremely grateful to Sara for giving him a chance no one else would, including the 17 previous schools he applied for. She put her own credibility and reputation on the line when she chose to offer him a coveted spot that easily could have been given to one of thousands of more suitable candidates. They maintain a professional teacher/student relationship, however Xavier desires to know the professor on a more personal having seen her switch gears from serious and professional to fun, playful,light hearted and back again numerous times.


Sara strongly believes that Xavier has a vast well of latent potential just waiting to be untapped, and has pledged to help him unlock it. She is patient and understanding of Xaviers struggles, often talking him through them during their meetings. Although Xavier wants to achieve for himself he does feel pressure of her high expectations and belief in him. Wanting to make good on Sara’s confidence in his ability and prove her correct, he spends nearly all of his free time grinding or studying.



Saitou Shinoda

BSU’s Chief of Security, Xavier sees him in passing quite frequently, especially in Passion Tower. Usually taking their conversations outside, Saitou offers his opinion and counsel whenever Xavier is having issues. Moments like these include him failing his practical evaluation and talking him out of quitting when he was going to drop out of BSU. Saitou drops jewels of knowledge on Xavier whenever they are together, from Adult Entertainment History, to sex advice, to workout and fitness tips and general life advice. When Xavier bombed on his date with Violette, he immediately consulted Saitou, revealing his intent to drop out before the school year even started. Saitou reasoned with him, explaining that sex is no different than riding a bike or any new endeavor. He stressed that fear is natural but he must not let his fears freeze him, informing Xavier that fear of failure causes people to play it safe and stagnate, which actually limits their growth. Perhaps the best piece of advice Xavier ever received was this; “Life is about taking risks. If you go through life always following the easy road and never taking risks you could be closing the door on the possibility for happiness”. This gave Xavier the courage to ask out Maihime shortly after first meeting her. It was also Saitou that encouraged Xavier to watch videos of professional pornstars to help improve his craft.


Xavier’s encounter with Kaede made him realize that he was out of shape, having not boxed in years. During a chance run in with Saitou at the Ivory Sands resort gym, Xavier explained his problem. Saitou pointed out that riding exercise bikes and running on treadmills would not help in getting his body back into fighting shape. He then introduced Xavier to his own style of high intensity “Blood and Guts” workouts, making him do countless rounds of suicide sprints and muscle busting calesthenic exercises. After that day, Xavier began doing similar workouts on his own.


Saitou lends his knowledge of the AE industry to Xavier whenever needed. Ever the curious student of his craft, Xavier asked why he is even needed at BSU; citing that female performers are the stars can easily fake excitement regardless if their partners are regular guys off the street. Saitou schooled Xavier on his flawed notion, explaining that acting is only a last resort. He elaborated that strong male performers bring the best out of the ladies and that starlets prefer an authentic thrashing over faking it on camera. He also noted that women also watch porn and are fans of the the male performers. Xavier has put his total trust in Saitou, believing that he will never steer him wrong. Saitou trusts that Xavier will follow his words of wisdom, which is why he continually offers it to them.


Admittedly Saitou views Xavier as a younger version of himself and wants him to succeed. A father of two daughters who are BSU Freshmen, Saitou also wanted a son but it never happened. Perhaps this contributes to why Saitou has taken such a strong interest in helping a young man he only met which recently. He has been through numerous hardships both in life and relationships and gives Xavier his point of view and insight to help him avoid some of the pitfalls that come with becoming a man.


While Xavier does respect his grandfather, Saitou’s age gives him a younger man’s perspective, closer to that of a father figure. He offers a unique perspective on sex often comparing it to fighting which is something Xavier understands and does well. Such a mindset has helped Xavier on the difficult path to becoming a star.


Xavier considers Saitou a wise and intelligent man. He frequently challenges Xavier’s point of view on things, offering him alternative perspectives and ways to view situations. In one instance of this, Saitou explained to Xavier the importance of developing rivals and how it could drive an individual to become better. The young man previously saw no benefits in having rivalries, especially with other guys. However, Xavier would later go on to form a meaningful rivalry with Han Seung-Yang, who motivates him to becoming better. Along with giving Xavier advice and challenging him when he is wrong, Saitou listens to him and offers encouragement during their conversations. As a result of their many interactions, the young man frequently goes to Saitou whenever he needs advice or help. In a short period of time, they have formed a unique mentor-student relationship which continues to grow as Xavier attends BSU.


Most recently, Xavier has been very hesitant to speak with Saitou because of the incident with Saitou’s daughters, Matsunami and Maihime. They spoke briefly on Orientation day while Saitou issued Xavier his room and key. It was shortly after that he saw Maihime and Matsunami interact with Saitou, which revealed to Xavier that Saitou is their father. Since then Xavier has tried to avoid Saitou fearing that his mentor will beat him or even worse use his power to get him expelled. However, Saitou is actually much more sympathetic to Xavier’s plight than he knows. Understanding Xavier’s inexperience with relationships and knowing the pressure he was under to maintain his position as a student, Saitou holds no grudge against him. Having been in similar situations in his youth, Saitou identifies with the predicament Xavier was in.



• Xavier’s Voice Actor is Michael B. Jordan, who is best known for his role as Adonis Creed in the Rocky film series, and Erik Killmonger in Black Panther

• Xavier as a child is voiced by Regina King who voiced Huey Freeman from the animated series: The Boondocks

• As his Dragón Fuerte persona, Xavier’s Voice Actor is Steve Blum, who voiced Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop

• Xavier’s Seiyū is Isshin Chiba, who is best known for voicing Jin Kazama in the Tekken fighting game series

• Xavier is a huge fan of the music of Michael Jackson

• The character was originally conceived as a Bleach OC part of the ‘Road of Legends‘ series. Set 40 years after the end of the Bleach Manga, Road of Legends tells a tale of new heroes in the battle for the fate of the world. Xavier Willians, real name Hiten Kusanagi, son of deceased Gotei 13 captain Hiryu Kusanagi and legendary former Hueco Mundo Empress Sun Wukong lived as a human in the United States. Shortly after moving to Japan in a foreign exchange student program, he was attacked and nearly killed by a Hollow. His life was saved by exiled Shinigami Matsunami Shinoda. Stabbing him in the chest in his dying moments, Matsunami saved his life while also bestowing Shinigami powers on him; unwittingly making him the first Substitute Shinigami since the days of Ichigo Kurosaki. As a Shinigami, he wields the Zanpakutó: Seiryū (青竜, The Azure Dragon) which allowed him to manipulate light and nuclear energy. Xavier is the last heir to the nearly extinct, infamous Kusanagi Clan which nearly conquered all of Soul Society in the distant past.

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3 years ago

Is Hou Mei Xing Xavier’s mother in the Road of Legends…Err timeline?

3 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Oh that’s pretty cool, which you guys would continue making ROL. It’s cool to see all those OC’s and the various abilities you gave them.

3 years ago


4 years ago

Is it hard for Xavier having such a MILF for a mother? It seems as though his sexual interests and fetishes line up pretty well next to Mei. Has he ever had dirty thoughts about her?

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Has Xavier ever got hard thinking about her and felt guilty afterwards? Same with Mei, has her son ever crossed her mind in a sexual way?

4 years ago

Are there actually gonna be voice actors in this

4 years ago

I really loved Xavier’s chapter and his profile, and he’s a fan of the eternal King of Pop now i like him even more XD.

He’s the kind of MC that you can’t Hope but wish him the best, i really want to see him succeed because of his charisma, determination and kind personality, He is really fun to watch or should i say read in action. Can’t wait to see how He will improve his skills even more in the quest to become the King of Porn lol, and i really hope that He leaves quite a impression in the school.

Also the freestyle reminded me of 8 Mile for some reason lol

Now let’s talk about the profile 🙂

I liked the concept of Dragon Fuerte and how it fits X’s personality, both his ethnic Origins and his love for martial arts and wrestling, the dancing part is great and helps with The confidence that our boy needs to increase, i see Dragon Fuerte as a shell for Xavier, something to use and his own ideal of what He wants to become, i can definetly see in the future He becoming more confident with himself as he approaches the personality If his alter ego, and even mixing both personas of his character with his alter ego, so nice one here hehehe 😁😁

Now about his relationships, i loved the one that He hás with his mom, Mei is Amazing and a great, also talking about a bombshell, hope to see more of her in the future.

Koko is such a bitch lol, i really hope that Xavier makes her pay, but She got respect for him for stand up against her? Now that’s interesting lol. The hate sex will be amazing and definetly hot to see.

Matsunami and Maihime is really interesting, i can see a love triangle between then i know that Nami see him as a friend but i Can’t help but think watching their interactions that she probably likes him in a more romantic way lol

Takiko, Brass,Rubii and Kaede are so funny and entertaining i definetly Can’t wait to see him interact more with them lol.

Our little hero is quite a harem king aren’t him XD

Now Violette hohoho, probably my favorite interaction until now, definetly It has more than meets the eye, and i said before in Violette’s profile but is so ironical that she’s in love with Xavier even that she doesn’t know yet lol, that’s another thing that i liked about Dragon Fuerte, He gave Xavier the confidence to catch the attention of the confident girl ever lol, and said girl treated him as a loser before, now She is so interested on him, even with The disses in the freestyle rap i think that Xavier probably don’t dislikes Violette,he’s really excited to prove her that he’s good, now i wonder who of his personas Will Bed Violette first: Xavier or Dragon Fuerte? I’m betting in the latter lol

Now Sarah, Man i love her character she’s so kind, sweet and funny, also pretty smart and lovely, don’t forgetting that she’s hot as fuck jesus chist, probably the hottest girl in the verse (Violette, Mei, and Hitomi coming next), i liked the relationship that she has with X, wanting to make him improve and being a source of inspiration lol, but something on her caught my attention.

In the relationships says that Xavier wants to know her on a more personal level, so this means that Sarah can possibly become attracted for him in the future? I would love If this happened, Specially after reading the chapter of them having sex lol, i loved how sexy and Naughty She can be teasing him, and It would be awesome seeing Xavier teasing her back when they do It again showing How much He improved since their first time, i really hope that they have sex again, or even better If them has much more sex scenes after that lol

I have a question in Hitomi’s introduction chapter, It was Xavier that was pleasuring Sarah in her appartment? Because i read It his name in the earlier versions of the chapter, but later versions i didn’t see it lol, if It was him Man i would love lol.

Well anyways, awesome chapter and even better such an amazing séries lol.

Nice work Stryder and Enzo, i Can’t wait for more lol

4 years ago
Reply to  Lizardon

Thanks Lizardon. Glad you enjoyed the chapter. The last sequence in 8 mike inspired concept of him rapping. The situation was dire for him at the time and I wanted him to do something impactful at orientation. He was giving information about himself while taking respinsibility for his faults. Lastly I wanted him to confront his enemies in a very personal way. He was exorcising his demons. Yeah He’s one of the biggest Michael Jackson fans. His favorite songs is one called leave me alone, which is about michael confronting his detractors haters gold digging women and the press for printing lies about him. On another note about Mj. X/Dragon is similar to mike in that michael jackson had a public persona which was what he showed on TV and who he was in real life that he reconciled into one.

Im looking forward to showing and telling how he does improve. Lol at the King of Porn title. Reminds me of the King of Pop. He is biracial ethnically, Black and Dominican. I tried to integrate elemements of his upbringing culture into his character. His mom made him dance with her so much that he remembered all the steps lol.

Wrestling was another one of his passions. He has long known its scripted but what interests him is how the wrestlers make the contact look real. Its similar to how he takes an interest in how movies are produced behind the scenes.

Mei has been a constant in his life. He’s always been selfless. When they were poor and living in the hood after his father left X always consoled his mom in her moments of Sadness and stress which kept her going. She always made time for him and took part in his interests and hobbies, even taking the time to watch and understand the animes and mangas he liked so they could discuss them. She also taught herself how to play street fighter and other fighting games so they could have competive gaming weekends.

Now that I have established his inner circle of friends he hangs out with (Takiko, Kaede, Rubii, Brass, and Kianna) you will see more of him interacting and getting it on with them.

With Violette he doesn’t have the contempt for her he has for Koko. It is the fighter mentality that drove him to mention Violette. Its like in boxing or Mma when a guy loses he wants the rematch so he can redeem himself by winning. Violette occupies a lot of real estate in his mind because she was his date in world city and it went poorly. Slaying her in the bedroom is a hurdle to overcome. In manga id compare it to the soul society arc in bleach. She is the Byakuya to Xavier’s Ichigo.

With Sara it is a unique relationship. She wants to see him improve and she knows there is something there “The spark” he has. She believes she is the professor that can bring out his full potential. Although he is the lowest ranking He was one of Sara’s first choices when students were assigned to the professors. Xavier does want to know her more personally. There actually will be a system in place based on student performance that will allow students to get one on one time with the professors of their choice later on. There is a lot more artwork of Xavier and Sara so you dont have to worry about whether on not the hook up again.

Koko has been a bully for a long time. Shes amassed some major political power in Hollywood as shes been in show business since she was born. She uses that power to shut down other actresses who are potentualially competion for her. Because of her box office drawing power directors bend knee to what she wants on the set to keep her happy. So if she wants a cast member fired its done immediately. She respects that X didnt let her just run over him and do nothing about it. Koko is not used to people fightung back against her bullshit so its interesting for her. Shes also attracted to him so shes curious to find out where he goes and how he responds perfornance wise to what she did.

As for your question about the hitomi chapter, his very first appearance was retconned so he could getva proper introduction in his own chapter. However i do want to recreate the pussy eating sequence of his original appearance ia future chapter.

I appreciate the support and stay tuned

4 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Yo Stryder thank you Very much for replying me 😁😁

I’m happy with this, i really want to see more of Sara and Xavier scenes since i really liked their first sex chapter, and i’m quite a sucker for the Professor x Student relationship lol.

I was suspecting that the scene with Xavier in the Hitomi chapter was a retcon lol

Now everytime that you speak to me of the lore of your story blows my mind, you really planned Everything lol

I have a question about Sara, what is her Measurements?How big is She in comparison with The other girls? Did you planned already or you thinking yet? Also do you plan to make a profile of her? Because is something that i’m dying to see lol

Hugs Lizardon 🤗

4 years ago

I wonder if Mei’s romps with Auron have gone viral yet? lol

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

What did you find?

4 years ago

Does Xavier even have any male friends? He seems like a bit of a loner before he got to BSU.

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Did he have any friends prior to moving to World City?

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Who are they? I’m interested to know more about his life prior to moving to World City.

4 years ago

Who are the male BSU students? I can think of Xavier, Auron and Eiji but who else?

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

I wonder how many of them will smash Mei?

4 years ago

Has Mei ever had sex with any of Xavier’s friends?

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Actually I’ll ask both:

1. Has she had sex with any of his friends in the past?

2. Will she have sex with other male BSU students?

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Looking forward to it! I wonder what could have made Mei fuck her son’s friends?

4 years ago

[Ever the professional, Matsunami continued to see Xavier after his break up with her sister Maihime for class related purposes. However, the animosity she felt towards him didn’t diminish their chemistry or attraction to each other. After being paired up for numerous encounters both on and off camera, they were able to talk and reconnect with Matsunami eventually forgiving him. Xavier has put his absolute trust in Matsunami. Having helped him create the Dragón Fuerte persona, Matsunami understands just how much he needs it to build his confidence. Rest assured she will never reveal Xavier’s secret to anyone. Perhaps, there is something stronger than friendship that bonds them so tightly.]

Shouldn’t this count as a spoiler? I mean, i’m glad they eventually mend their friendship and relations but why reveal it so soon?

[ This was something Koko had never experienced in Hollywood, as she always got what she wanted. Even with what has taken place, the mutual attraction still exists. Both students avoid looking at one another in class or when in the same area for this reason.]

The hate sex will be glorious. Despite what happened, she still wants him and vice versa. Awkard doesn’t begin to describe it.

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

You’re right. The profile does enhance the reading. Will a profile be planned for every single character that shows up? That’ll be quite a lot of info to compile. Another thing I wanted to add was the Dragon Fuerte persona/mask. Reminds me of three anime where the character drastically changes persona to become a certified badass. Looking forward to Xavier’s growth where the personas merge and Xavier no longer needs to separate himself.

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

The anime are Fafner of the Azure, Zoids New Century, and Shokugeki no Soma

Fafner of the Azure’s Mamoru Kodate: Extremely meek and a pushover most of the time but the minute he puts on the Gobain Mask. He turns into a hot blooded super robot pilot with the confidence to match.Debut Episode 12

Zoids New Century’ Jamie Hemeros: Usually the CIC strategy guy. Avoids battle most of the time. Intense fighting awakens his family’s alter ego: The WIld Eagle. Hotblooded, ace pilot. Episode 13

This one you should know. Shokugeki no Soma: Ryo Kuroikiba and his headband. Guy is usually pretty chill. Comes cooking time however and the headband gets on his head? Out comes the manic grin and foul mouth right alongside the supreme cooking skill. Debut: anytime you see him

Not sure how you can use this but here they are. As for series where the personalities merge? Oh there are many. WHat I put above is just the ones I liked where the character changes personality by putting something on and then removing it.

4 years ago

This profile was really well detaled it gave a lot more insight on the chararcter. Plus it really helps explain their personalities a lot more. I saw around the end of rivals allies and enemies it felt like a foreshadowing of what the next stories involving these characters are going to like. But this is real good with so many charactes it did get overwhelming to keep up with them all so this will help a lot better knowing who who .

4 years ago

Really love how this character profile both sums up what we have seen from Xavier so far in the story and also grants new insight on things that weren’t mentioned in the story’s chapters. I really would love to see more of these character profiles for characters that we don’t know so much about. Good job!

4 years ago

This was an incredibly detailed profile, and also some major signs and foreshadowing of things to come.

Ashani being a rival to X is something I saw coming, no surprise there, but he’s gonna have bad blood with Han, huh? I can see why that’s set up that way, opposing personalities and all that. Not to mention in the enemy zone with Koko and Violette.

Plus it looks like he’s going to have a far better relationship with the ladies, especially with the Shinoda and Makoto sisters, Rubii, Brass, Ashani, and Sara. Not only that, it looks like he’s going to be involved in some really interesting things with them, if this profile is something to seriously take note on. Like a little music video and promotion with Kaede and Brass, and even Takiko donning a alter ego of her own. Now I’m really interested. And Saitou being a male mentor and father figure is a understandable thing, like Sara as the female mentor.

As for his Dragon Fruete persona, this is really very creative. This could really help him out if he uses it right. And so far, it’s worked out pretty well. Not only that, I like how his skills and traits are fleshed out too, as Dragon and himself. Nicely done.

His family life is the perhaps the biggest thing for me. Especially his estranged father, who is the biggest mystery of the story so far. Hopefully we’ll get more information on him as the story progresses. But it’s nice to see his relationships with Mei and his grandparents are positive.

Oh yeah, I like who you chose as voice actors and the Seiyuu for X, by the way. Great choices throughout.

I really like this. Can’t wait to see more of the profiles. 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks Hiryu!

Han and X have distinctly different personalities which is why they clash. This will be shown more as Han gets more features. Han feels that X cut in line due to how he got into BSU as Sara chose to accept him over people that were more qualified than him. X will view Han as being similar to the people who overlooked, ridiculed and ignored him all his life. X doesnt want to lose to someone like Han and X isn’t really on Han’s radar right now. I can’t really think of an anime rivalry to compare it to at the moment but there is one. Saitou’s remarks of rivalries in the Kaede chapters were foreshadowing this.

I think this cements who Xavier’s friends are. Takiko, Kaede, Brass and a girl named Kiana are essentially Xavier’s crew, his regular group of friends he hangs out with. Rubii is the second year student to go in that mix. As of right now things are uncertain between him and Mai as well as Matsunami so he doesnt know what to. He’s feels like he’s alone back to the wall and going up against the world by himself which is when he can become the most dangerous, however shooting scenes takes two so he can’t keep the lone wolf mentality he currently has.

I definitely have some fun ideas in mind for how to progress him further. If you are familar with the Bruce Lee then you may recognize the idea I have in mind for Takiko’s Alter Ego. I’m pumped to do more stuff with Saitou going forward. Hes one of my favorite characters to work with and is one of RT’s best OCs IMO. The dynamic between Saitou and X is somewhat based on Kenshin and Seijuro Hiko from the Rurouni Kenshin series.

Dragon Fuerte is a revisiting of an old idea from Road of Legends where Xavier lost his shinigami powers and became a masked martial arts based vigilante to continue protecting the city bad guys. The original idea was sparked by RT’s love of one punch man which he introduced me to. The idea of Dragon came along while working on Matsunami Phoenix chapter. I think its inspired by the world of MHA, another great series RT introduced me to. I went with spiderman because he in my opinion is the everyman’s superhero. I love both the peter parker miles morales versions of spiderman and both inspired me in building Xavier.

X has a good family base. His Grandparents have old school values. Firm but supportive. There are more members of the Williams family to come. A bitof fun info is that the Williams family is more or less the BSU equivalent to my Kusanagi Clan from Bleach. Shout out to RT for conceiving the idea to port them over!

I chose Michael B. Jordan because I like the emotion he gives. He was great in both the Creed movies and IMO was the best thing about Black Panther as Erik Killmonger. I like the range of emotion he shows when speaking. I chose Isshin because Im a huge Tekken fan and I love the Mishima family storyline with the devil gene and them fighting each other for power. Thanks again fir your support!

4 years ago

I think this has to be a very pivotal and the most important release of information and story so far. I absolutely adore how you crafted this character. i very briefly mentioned this in a post before but i really relate to Xavier’s character too much, i share a lot of the same insecurities, hobbies and attributes he has. But not only that the level of detail you and strider have put into this series is phenomenal, i did NOT initially expect this story to turn out to be this thorough and well made when i tuned in and read months ago. This has got to be the best story driven hentai OC series out there. Some bias of course but I’m really geeking out over this. I really hope Xavier gets a late growth spurt similarly to me when i turned 17 lmao. But i found it to be super interesting about that race bit “human(?)” Like there’s already so much speculation and ideas I’m coming to, perhaps he has an “adult” form like toshiro from bleach and finally gets taller and even more badass (temporarily). I’m honestly seeing so many possibilities for how this story goes and i love that. It really takes talent from an illustrative perspective and then the fucking art on top of it. You know it’s good when you feel for characters and have story aspects that really have people invested from a HENTAI story. (p.s i said “Oh shiiittt what the fuck” loudly and was then freaking out once it was revealed saitou was mai and matsunami’s dad, i put myself in Xavier’s shoes lol)
And to think this is only the beginning makes me so excited for the series’ future. Thank you so much for the hard work and the amount of time spent. ( it took me long enough to read the story and his character bio/info but it was worth every minute) love this series so much

4 years ago
Reply to  DracielGT

Thanks for the Kind words Draciel. It took a long time and a lot of work but its finally done. Seeing responses like this to our efforts is humbling. I’m happy to see that Xavier is connecting with you and other readers. Tried to shed more light and further explain points in the chapters while also detailing his character and background. Nearly all the moves in here come from story chapters he appeared in. There are still many mysteries to uncover as the story progresses. As for growth spurts Im not sure if he will get any taller, though he would love it. His insecurities and feelings come from a very real place. X finding out that Saitou is Mai and Nami’s father was indeed a stunner. I got chills writing that sequence and I’ve known the information for a year lol. I look forward to writing Xavier and Saitou’s first conversation. The chapter itself for me was like doing a fight, going into various sequences and building up to the moment he walked on stage. Writing the raps was a bit of a challenge because I haven’t rapped or written a rhyme since 2006. Im rusty lol. I appreciate you taking the time to read the chapters. Stay tuned!

4 years ago

Damn that’s really detailed. Really appreciate the amount of effort put into this. Ultra excited to see what adventures await our protagonist!

3 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Hey im a writer to

4 years ago

Wow you actually made a character profile and first one is with Xavier Williams, awesome Rtenzo, I wait to see more profiles of the other casts.

Also, What I never knew him was a Bleach OC from the Road of Legend section, this is the first time I find out. 😲

3 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Hey how can I do a character