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Profile: Brass Jazzsinger


Due to her enormous size, Brass possesses a unique and very distinct; almost one of a kind look to her. Standing 7 foot 3, her height is the first thing everyone notices when she is around. Brass’ titanic size is a result of Gigantism, a medical condition that greatly accelerates growth in humans. Along with being much taller than the average person, Brass has larger individual body parts such as her arms, legs, head, ass and breasts.


The young woman is a visual marvel! Very easy on the eyes to look at, Brass boasts a natural, earthly beauty that is apparent when you look at her face. Her eyes are very expressive and alluring, and often quickly shift from their natural almond shape to being larger and more round; especially while she is performing. She often wears brightly colored tinted glasses which serve as an accessory, highlighting the bright green hue of her eyes.


Brass’ ultra long, bouncy, bright orange hair is another signature of her appearance, as it immediately draws attention combined with her other glorious features. She typically wears it in a high arching genie style ponytail, however she is also known to let it hang freely.


Brass’ most obvious asset is her thicc curvaceous body. She boasts gigantic soft breasts 3-4 times the size of most people’s heads. Her thighs are also massive in size and thiccness, enough that most men can get lost between them. A super buffet of flesh, Brass is a fantasy for men who like their women meaty. Her skin tone is a vibrant, somewhat tanned cream color indicative of her Mediterranean lineage.


Ever the trendsetter, Brass is known for her unique sense of style. Having spent years trying to break into the music business, she developed and evolved her look through trial during her many musical performances. She likes BIG accessories such as the aforementioned glasses and her signature oversized musical note hoop earrings. Brass also likes to wear hats which vary from flashy fedoras to ten gallon top hats and even military style service caps. She has a penchant for wearing knee-high and thigh-high boots that make her even taller than she already is. These accessories assist her in presentation, further emphasizing her charismatic, larger than life persona.


Brass developed her eccentric, flashy style of dress from studying the all time great musical performers of various eras. The giantess opts for tiny outfits not only to accentuate her buxom frame, but also because it’s very practical given the difficulty of finding clothes that fit her in the store. Less equals much more in her case, micro mini skirts, bikini tops and tiny ass riding shorts do more for her than any expensive elaborate outfit ever could.


A combination of unusual physical gifts, natural beauty and impeccable, flamboyant style, Brass Jazzsinger is set to turn a lot of heads at BSU.



Brass is known for her upbeat and somewhat happy-go-lucky demeanor, which is rooted in her upbringing. Raised in the suburbs of Queens, New York by two blue collar working parents; she quickly learned the value of time. Because her parents spent so much time running their diner/dive bar, Brass relished every moment she and her siblings had with mom and dad. Unlike most modern children who are glued to their phones or holed up in their rooms playing video games all day, the Cantore household was more like the typical nuclear family. They spent plenty of time together and talked with one another, often engaging in big family style dinners in the evening.


The quality time spent with her family fostered her passion for singing. Brass’ parents were music connoisseurs themselves who often played songs of their favorite artists when they were home. In the rare occasions that video games were played, it was typically music and dance simulators. Games such as Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution were among the titles they all played together as a family.


Growing up as a giantess, Brass often encountered ridicule and isolation from her peers because she was different. From this she learned the importance of humility and treating others with respect. Rather than using her obvious physical advantages to punish her tormentors, she combatted their rude treatment of her with kindness. Her mother had taught her that more can be achieved through strength of the heart and mind than losing control of one’s emotions and lashing out with violence. Brass put these teachings into action throughout middle and high school, developing a thick skin towards the pettiness of her peers.


However, she also learned the importance of loyalty. Having not grown up with many friends, she cherished the positive relationships she did manage to forge; never forgetting those who have treated her well. Despite her insistence on not using violence to solve her own problems, Brass was always willing to resort to physiciality for the sake of those she cares about. This happened to be the case whenever her younger brother and sister were having problems with people at school. Her mere presence alone was enough to deter other kids from picking on them. Additionally, Brass’ is an extremely loyal friend who is willing to do just about anything to help those who have earned her trust. As she grew older, she figured out just who her friends actually were, particularly after starting university at BSU.


Brass has a rather optimistic view on the world and life itself which in part helps her to continue through the obstacles and setbacks she’s encountered on her path to greatness. This can be rather infectious at times, with Brass’ own stubborn optimism often spreading to her friends when they are in need of support. This comes from her own drive and determination to succeed. Her never say die attitude was inspired by her own personal experience. She was told ‘no’ and rejected many times growing up, be it being declined for acting roles, dates with boys or being turned away by record companies. She takes events like these as a personal challenge rather than allowing them to depress her.


Brass’ has tremendous work ethic which has served her well thus far. Knowing the odds were against her from the start, she gives her 100% at everything she’s ever done, be it playing instruments in the school band, singing, her former job at the Carnal Carnival or her current endeavors as an adult entertainer. She spends countless hours preparing and practicing for whatever task she is trying to achieve and is always willing to listen to feedback in order to improve herself. She displayed her dedication to her craft during her days at the Carnal Carnival by continuing to go back to the drawing board, adding and practicing new elements of her stage show. Instead of sticking to what currently works, Brass insists on refining her act and keep things fresh regardless of how much additional effort it required. With limited sexual experience she knows she will have to work hard to catch up to some of her more seasoned classmates.


A very emotional person, Brass wears her heart on sleeve most of the time which shows in how she behaves. During Orientation, she was moved to tears by the audience response after her performance for she had never received a standing ovation for anything she had done before in her life. She is quick to express her emotions through back breaking bear hugs to others when happy or excited, to calm intense stares when angry or annoyed, to pouty faces when she is sad. Brass is in tune with her feelings, choosing to express what it is that is on her mind and heart rather than allow it to fester and affect her on a long term basis.


(Sexual Powers, Techniques and Abilities)

Inexperienced Sexual Prowess: Brass is an amateur Adult Performer at best. During her preteen and teen years growing up, dating and sex weren’t high priorities for her. The young giant devoted all of her time and energy towards carving out a career as a recording artist. However, that didn’t mean she wasn’t interested in boys, she very much was. This became an emotional period of disappointment because the individuals who drew her attention had no interest in Brass because of her unusual height. Her rejections only motivated her more to succeed. Brass first gave up her maidenhood while on tour with the Carnal Carnival. It was in Los Angeles, California, the supposed city of dreams. A smooth talking fan who allegedly had ties to the music industry had promised that he could cut her a record deal when they met at a club following one of her shows. Her first time was a rather quick and disappointing go in a club for ladies. After he had climaxed, she never saw or heard from that fan again. In that moment, she realized that she was scammed and manipulated. From that moment forward, she tried to keep her business and personal lives separate. Over the course of her time on tour for the carnival, Brass had more hook ups with better partners up until her life changing experience in World City which lead to her enrolling in BSU. Although she has more experience than fellow classmates Xavier Williams and Maihime Shinoda, the two most novice students in all of the incoming freshman class; she is not that far ahead of them. Professor Sara Reed believes Brass has something great and unique to offer to the industry because of her unique appearance and charisma. Brass looks forward to having more fun exciting sexual experiences at BSU like the trailer romp that earned her a spot at the university.


Fellatio Practitioner: Although she has very limited sexual experience, Brass has become quite skillful in the art of giving a blowjob. This partially due to her having a bigger mouth and throat as a result of her gigantism. Her jaw muscles are larger and stronger than the average woman’s which allows her to perform oral sex for longer periods before experiencing facial fatigue. However this does not fully explain her skills in this area. As an expert musician, Brass has played a number of horn like instruments like the trumpet. This requires skill and control to do and Brass has adapted these skills to serve her sexually. She uses her lips, jaws and tongue in concert with one another to produce a loud symphony of groans and grunts from her partner. She starts off wrapping her moist lips around the tip of her partner’s cock, not unlike blowing into the reed of a Saxophone or Clarinet. Similar to classmate and former flutist, Violette Beauregard, Brass also uses her hands to assist her, gently pressing on her partner’s member with her fingertips. Since becoming sexually active, Brass has started to develop her own individualized oral techniques.

• Osesso Le Ondata (Italian for “Banshee Wave”): Brass’ signature move, the Banshee Wave utilizes her masterful singing skills along with her enthusiasm to please her partner. While sucking off her partner, Brass gathers in air to the diaphragm before letting out a loud, high pitched moaning sound; creating a powerful vibrating wave-like effect that greatly stimulates the penis. The sensation is so potent, it can cause immediate ejaculation to those unprepared for this technique, leaving her partner quivering in delight. Brass performed this technique on Xavier during an encounter after orientation. This inspired Xavier to create his own variation of this technique, the Sonic Wave.


Cunnilingus Practitioner: It was during her time travelling with her Carnal Carnival colleagues that Brass was first introduced to the idea of girl-girl sexual encounters. Most of her fellow performers on the tour were women. Some were single, some attached, some had small children and significant others waiting for them at home. One woman in particular, Amy Airheart took a sexual interest in the rookie giant. Life on the road can be lonely and oftentimes performers find comfort in each other. Amy was the first to befriend Brass which lead to a sexual encounter between them in Brass’ trailer. Surprisingly she had a decent performance even making the more experienced Amy orgasm.

Brass learned how to eat pussy from Amy and practiced performing the act with her during their hookups. She became quite skillful at it rather quickly. That fact that Brass herself is a woman aided her progress immensely, for it made figuring out her partner’s body easier during lesbian encounters. Since arriving at BSU, Brass enjoys the pleasure of inducting her female peers who have never been with a woman before.

Although Brass prefers men, she enjoys eating pussy as well. Hearing the feminine screams of her female partners gets her off and can even cause her to climax. Now that she is a student, Brass has limitless choices of girls to play with, ranging from all shapes and sizes.


Paizuri Specialist: Brass’ most obvious assets are her humongous tits. She puts them to great use in order to make her partners explode. She discovered what paizuri was from watching Hentai anime. One of the most popular positions in animated porn, Brass often watched anime women with similar bodies to hers jerk and massage cocks to climax with their gargantuan breasts. Despite them being seemingly hard enough to bend steel and break through thick blocks of ice and concrete, Brass has one of the softest pairs on the BSU campus. They possess a highly malleable quality which allows Brass to conform her tits to the size and shape of her partner’s dick, creating a snug fit almost like a second pussy.

Because of her ability to move and flex her breasts on their own, there is no need for her to press them together with her hands. She is able to shake and bounce her tits while still pressed up against her partner’s schlong which is a sight to behold. Guys who are less endowed are easily overwhelmed by Brass’ Paizuri for their cocks easily become lost in between her mountainous mounds of flesh. The giantess prefers taking on larger monster sized partners because she can do more with them and put on a flashier more exciting show for the cameras.

Titty Twerk/Flexing Titjob: A Paizuri Technique in which Brass moves and gyrates her breasts on and around her partner’s member without using her hands for support. By flexing her chest muscles, Brass is able to move and control them at will to jerk, squeeze and handle her partner’s penis. She can even clap them together much like how women with large asses do with their cheeks.


Assertive Lover: Brass has a strong sexual appetite and is usually the one initiating sexual encounters. Having started late compared to most of her peers, she wishes to make up for lost time while at BSU. Her attitude towards sex is very cavalier as she enjoys experimenting and pushing boundaries to their edge. Prior to enrolling at BSU, most men were intimidated by her not only because of her size but her sexual fetishes. From unusual positions, to the use of props such as handcuffs and engaging in roleplay, Brass takes pleasure in veering away from the established sexual normalcies. She likes to take charge and lead during encounters, which can scare some men away. However, she makes it more than worthwhile for sex partners who are receptive to her wishes.

Amazon Position: A position in which the female participant takes a dominant missionary position which is typically assumed by the male partner. This allows her to fuck her partner like a man would a woman, slamming herself into her partner’s dick while her partners legs and feet are elevated in the air; allowing for Brass to grasp onto for leverage to fuck him harder. She first took an interest in using the amazon position after seeing it done in femdom porn movies which featured taller female actresses with smaller male performers. Femdom positions like this one can create a somewhat emasculating feelings for her partner. Despite liking the idea, Brass failed to find a willing partner for it up until recently. During a tour stop in World City, she found a willing dance partner in BSU first year recruit, Xavier Williams. She manhandled her much smaller date, resulting in a wild, core shaking, deeply satisfying encounter. In addition to missionary, Brass has discovered other ways to employ this technique. She also tried a standing carry variation of this with Xavier that night. Furthermore Brass has employed her own variation of the wheelbarrow and piledriver positions since becoming a BSU student. This kind of sex causes powerful excitement for her which can reach orgasmic heights.

Standing Carry Position: Another of Brass’ favorite sex positions in which she scoops her male partner by the legs and lifts him up. She then thrusts her hips back and forth into her partner’s pelvic region, stroking her partner’s dick with her pussy. This is a position traditionally done by the male partner carrying the woman partner. Performing this position stimulates her greatly, not only because of the deep penetration she gets from it but the feeling of control it grants her.

Cowgirl Practitioner: Given Brass’ nature and attitude in the bedroom, it is no surprise that she loves being on top. She relishes the feeling of control that comes with applying the cowgirl position. She uses her powerful legs and hips to energetically ride her partner’s dick, getting high elevation out of each successive bounce. Brass is rather aggressive and rides hard very much like how a horse racing jockey handles her stallion in the heat of a close race. Because of her incredible strength and her high energy approach to sex, Brass has accidentally or unknowingly injured her male partners while riding them. During her encounter with Xavier Williams, she bounced on him so hard she hurt his hips, legs and stomach areas. The next morning he walked with a slight limp, his body sore from the bouncy smashing he had taken from Brass.


Roleplayer: Brass greatly enjoys roleplay during sex as she finds it to be an exciting way to get closer to her partner. Dressing up in costumes and pretending to be someone else isn’t far from what she does each time she steps onto a stage to perform her music. Brass owns a number of themed outfits based on working occupations as well as fictional characters. Dressing up and engaging in role play allows her to actively explore her own fantasies and share them with someone else; literally acting out her greatest desires. Although Brass is usually the one to initiate this, roleplay requires input, creativity and effort from her partner in order to work. If done correctly, it will get her off without fail. However, most partners do not put in the effort needed and instead take a passive role, expecting her to do all the work. It is for this reason that Brass is picky about who she shares this experience with, only doing so with close friends or skilled performers she knows will engage and contribute.


Dynamic Performer: Brass Jazzsinger is a very free spirit and it reflects in how she performs in the bedroom. She has been described as wild and unpredictable. However, it is actually something bigger than that. As a trained professional circus performer, she knows when to hold back and when to give more in order to draw the biggest reaction from her audience. In this manner, she is very skilled at working an audience, orchestrating their emotions with precision. With said knowledge, Brass chooses to go full throttle every time she performs. Whether it be singing her hardest whenever she is holding a microphone in her hand or screaming her lungs out for her partner during a sex scene, Brass performs with an intensity that is rarely seen in new recruits. It was her high energy and aggression displayed with Xavier that ultimately convinced BSU Head of Admissions and Professor Sara Reed to offer her a scholarship.

• Osesso Tempesta (Italian for “Banshee Storm”): A variation of her Banshee Wave technique, the Banshee Storm is far more powerful than its predecessor. When in the heat of an intense sexual encounter, Brass screams much louder than usual, so much so that it can shatter glass. Brass’s primal and emotionally charged screams can reverberate and penetrate the surface of one’s skin and stimulate the partner’s nerves and erogenous areas such as the penis or vagina. Brass discovered this technique by mere accident. Shortly before BSU’s Orientation, Brass hooked up with Dana Copafeel, her former rival from her job at the Carnal Carnival. At the climax of their encounter, Dana drilled her with a vibrator set on full power. Brass howled at the top of her lungs breaking pictures on the wall, causing Dana to collapse from a vocally induced orgasm, more intense than anything she had felt in her life. Because of it’s rare and powerful nature the Banshee Storm is considered to be a Zetsugi (絶技, Special Technique).


Charismatic Stage Presence: The way Brass moves, the way she looks at people with her cute yet still very lecherous adult expressions, her interactions with the audience; These are all natural parts of her performance. She doesn’t practice or train for these parts of her performances she just does them in the moment. It is part of the charismatic aura she wields. Brass is able to show her personality with ease without ever saying a word. At BSU’s Orientation she left the audience completely spellbound, almost as if she had performed some kind of magic on them.

This innate charisma has been with her since she was a small child and she has displayed it at every performance level so far. Perhaps it is her bold demeanor and willingness to take risks that creates this presence about her. It is truly an unexplainable quality. What Brass possesses has been described as “it” but also has been referred to as “The Spark” by BSU professors. It was this quality that both Xavier and Sara saw within her.

Expert Showmanship: The ability to perform as an entertainer isn’t only about one’s skill or ability in their field of endeavor. A true entertainer understands that while substance is critical, a dose of style and flare only makes performers better entertainers overall. From an early age Brass understood this on its most basic level. She often improvised poses and held notes for extended periods of time while singing. Even when performing in organized choirs, Brass sometimes held high notes spontaneously for greater effect and loud pop reactions from the audience. While some traditionalists view this as selfish, this kind of brash risk taking is integral to succeeding as an entertainer.

Brass’ uses any resource she can think of to make her performances more eye catching and pleasing to the audience. From prop objects, fireworks, and special effects to her own body and sex appeal, Brass uses any technique available to further captivate her audience.

One such technique in her vast arsenal are her facial expressions and eye contact. Since becoming an adult performer Brass has developed a habit of looking directly into the camera at certain points while shooting a scene; sticking her tongue out, winking and blowing kisses on occasion and even looking into the camera during orgasms. This is from Brass’ own belief that one should acknowledge the audience and communicate with them while performing. As a singer, she often looks at audience members, making eye contact with them and doing some kind of sexy facial gestures. Such looks are often the cherry on top of intense on camera sex sessions.


(Physical Characteristics and Skills)

Curvaceous Figure (Natural): It is unknown how Brass would have developed if she didn’t have Gigantism, but it turned out to be a HUGE benefit to her. As she continued to develop into her preteen years through adulthood, Brass grew outward as well as upward, boasting a G cup and a 38 inch hip measurement. At the mere age of 12, the average stranger couldn’t distinguish her from an adult woman. This fact hit her in the face when she was denied the lead role in the school play Annie in middle school. The resulted in further isolation from her female peers, boy crazy girls who coveted her look for themselves. Feeling out of place after highschool, Brass took advantage of her unusual appearance to get a job at Carnal Carnival, a place where her abnormal proportions can be appreciated.

Gigantic Breasts: Brass’ magnificent breasts are perhaps her greatest tools of the trade. They draw massive amounts of attention wherever she goes, resulting in wide eyed stares from both men and women alike. Brass takes advantage of this by wearing as little as possible in terms of tops, even during school days. This is partially to get attention but also to give her comfort. Her pair is one of the best at BSU, Freshman, Junior or Senior year.

Powerful Bosom: The most notable trait about her gigantic flesh pillows are their function rather than appearance. Brass is able to perform a number of incredible feats with her boobs. She can bend or break through metal, smash concrete and destroy blocks of ice with her breasts the way martial artists do with their fists. These various acts were performed during the giant-sized woman’s performance during the BSU Orientation. It isn’t fully known how this is possible, but medical professionals at BSU speculate that it could be due to highly developed chest muscles stemming from her gigantism.

Brass discovered this one day by complete accident. One morning she had woken up late and was in danger of missing the bus. This particular date was midterm exam day. Missing this day meant automatic failure due to not taking the tests. Both her parents were at work, so neither could give her a ride if she missed the bus. Even if she did arrive late, she would at least fail the exam for her first period class. Brass scrambled to get dressed, she didn’t even have time to do her hair. On her way down the stairs she missed a step, causing her to fall. The giantess went down face forward but luckily her humongous melons broke her fall. She landed chest first onto the tile floor at the bottom of the staircase. When Brass got back to her feet she noticed two giant potholes in the floor, each 3 times the size of the heaviest bowling ball. Surprisingly she was uninjured, the floor took all of the punishment from her fall.

This incident made Brass curious about her tits and how strong they were. She set up a number of tests to find out if her pillow soft breasts were actually that strong or was it just that there was something wrong with the floors in her house. Brass started off with softer fruits like apples and oranges. She crushed the apple between her tits and squeezed herself a glass of juice with the orange. Next she moved on to thicker, sturdier fruits such as cantaloupes, watermelons. Finding that fruits were no match for her mighty tits, she continued on to more hardened objects such as wood and solidified clay eventually working her way up to crushing bricks and cinder blocks.

Brass maintains and even increases her mammary strength by regularly working out, specifically focusing on exercises and weight routines that target the chest and back areas. One must have a strong back to carry such heavy breasts around 24 hours a day. In addition to this, Brass practices her breaking at least 3 times a week to keep her skills from diminishing. She enjoys having her tits sucked, massaged and played with even when not engaging in sex. She finds it therapeutic and relaxing especially after long, busy days of filming or stressful test days.

Huge Ass: While not as big as her tits, Brass’ posterior is complementary to her enormous physique and is still an impressive sight to behold. Having learned to dance as part of her training to become a singer, she has decent twerking ability, however it pales in comparison to the skills of classmates such as Matsunami Shinoda or Kaede Makoto. Nevertheless it is still an important part of her singing performances. She often swings and sensually gyrates her hips while singing, especially during more sexually suggestive lyrics for added emphasis.


Giantess Physique: Since birth Brass has been afflicted with Gigantism, a condition in which the pituitary gland overproduces human growth hormones, resulting in accelerated growth. Although Brass believed this was a curse when she was younger, her disorder bestowed upon her numerous gifts and abilities she wouldn’t have had otherwise. Over time Brass grew to accept who she is inside and out, embracing her Amazonian frame. At 7’3, Brass is still not finished growing which she admitted herself at orientation.

Monstrous Strength: Brass gained a number of unexpected perks from her Gigantism. One of them is her amazing strength. Her muscles are 3-4 times the size of most humans. Her natural strength is inhuman. In terms of her physical attributes and characteristics, Brass has more in common with Beast Maidens than she does humans. Rubii Tiānshàng confirmed this while watching her at orientation.

Her unusual strength was apparent very early in life. As a child she accidentally broke many of her toys just from playing with them normally. This trend continued throughout her life with Brass accidentally bending silverware from holding it too tightly and shattering fragile objects such as ice cream cones in her grasp. In high school she accidentally broke the lock on her locker while opening it, pulling the locker door off in the process. She didn’t know her own strength which caused numerous innocent accidents. However, she became mindful of this and acted more carefully especially when hugging family members and friends. However she still forgets at times, often giving close friend Xavier Williams back breaking, boob smothering bearhugs, something he doesn’t actually mind despite nearly suffocating each time she does it.

Brass continued to grow stronger with age which was accelerated when she began working out. She lifted weights often to further build up her body for Boob Flexing and breaking. While training at the BSU gym, she lifted half a ton worth of weights which was witnessed by her friends Takiko, Kaede and Xavier. Brass’ physical strength is so great that prior to attending BSU, she had to be careful while working out on weight machines to avoid over-lifting and tearing up gym equipment. Thankfully, BSU has durable equipment designed to service Beastmen and physical marvels such as Brass.

Furthermore, Brass also has an insanely strong lower body with thicc, thunderous, powerhouse thighs. During her orientation performance she demonstrated an 8 foot high vertical jump to get on stage. And when she did, it was clear that not much effort was required to do it. She dedicates a portion of her workouts strictly to her legs. She is able to leg press 1500 pounds which is nearly a ton.


Immense Physical Conditioning: Brass Jazzsinger is in near peak physical shape and it shows with nearly everything she does. Due to a combination of natural ability and hardwork and dedication in the gym, she holds her own with and even surpasses some beast beings with her amazing level of conditioning. Brass is far from being a plodding, lumbering giant for she is light and agile on her feet with the speed of a gazelle whenever she runs. In addition to being fast, Brass takes enormous strides while running making it possible for her to smash record times for the mile run and other track related dashes of varying distances. Along with working out regularly, Brass routinely works on her stage performance, doing concert rehearsals that simulate real concerts as well as taking part in dance practices outside of class.

Immense Stamina: Possessing an unbelievable gas tank, it seems as if Brass was built to be an adult entertainer. She is capable of performing in multiple scenes a day with little time needed in between to rest. This enables her to create content at a fast rate, making her one of the most prolific and hardworking members of the freshman class. Brass has larger lungs than the average human, which allows for a greater oxygen intake. Because of this, she can engage in strenuous aerobic physical activity for longer durations which includes sex. Brass can go for longer than the typically scripted 20-30 minute scenes which makes for longer more customized content. Even the fittest athletes have trouble keeping up with her in the bedroom. During her time as a Carnal Carnival performer, the giantess did most of the pre-show set preparation and post show disassembly of show sets. Not only did this required constant lifting of heavy objects, it also required her to move quickly in order to transport set and stage parts back to the truck. Having to work fast to meet scheduled show and departure times, Brass worked with an intense pace and sense of purpose to get things done. These incredible work loads further built her up to be the cardio machine she is now.

This is further augmented by her stout workout routines which are geared towards increasing stamina. As a singer, Brass must multitask during her musical performances, integrating high precision dance moves and other intense movements while singing. This can be exhausting for even the most skilled vocalists but Brass manages this with relative ease all while staying on pace with the music, not missing a beat.

Immense Endurance: Brass’ enormous figure has granted her numerous gifts to help kick start her career as an Adult entertainer. With her immense size comes an extraordinary level of durability. Brass easily exceeds the capabilities of human women in this category. Brass incredibly resilient body is more comparable to that of a Beast Maiden.

While she is extremely sensitive to the male penis due to her relative sexual inexperience, Brass is is able to have longer sex sessions with larger, more endowed partners. While the vagina is meant to be filled with dick, it does have limitations. The grueling performances can be tough on newcomers with multiple hard pounding sessions a day causing soreness and discomfort afterwards. However, Brass has a higher endurance threshold when it comes to this. Similar to most Beast Maidens, Brass can take a heavy pounding by a huge dick as evidenced by her encounter with BSU’s largest dick, Xavier Williams.

In addition to her natural endurance, Brass has unknowingly built up her sexual endurance through years of masturbation. Given her difficulty in securing a boyfriend as a teenager, she satiated her sexual urges herself. Starting off using just her fingers she progressed to using vibrators and dildos, starting with the smallest size. Brass stuffed herself with facsimile plastic cock at least once a day, most of the time more than that. After a while Brass moved up to bigger sizes. It was her constant masturbation that prepared her for Xavier. Such endurance will serve her well in the adventures that lie ahead in BSU.


Keen intellect: Looks can be very deceiving as is the case with Brass. She is a highly intelligent individual and she expresses it through her creativity rather than traditional academic knowledge. In school, English was her favorite subject because it dealt with words and therefore could help her ambitions with music. Despite the improper way she typically speaks, Brass has an extensive vocabulary. This shows in how she uses the uses the written word when crafting songs.

When Brass first began to play instruments in the school band, she didn’t know how to read sheet music. She instead listened to music being played noting the pitch of the sounds. She played completely by ear, accurately guessing the appropriate notes. She then repeated what she heard. She was able to play any song or section of music she heard after listening to it only once or twice. This requires extreme attention to detail as well as a powerful memory.

Expert Songwriter: Most star recording artists don’t write their own music, choosing to hire professional songwriters to pen billboard chart topping hits for them. This practice can at times be very formulaic and “cookie cutter”, with writers aiming to pen music that caters to a record company’s view what they think will sell. Brass views this approach to music as being unoriginal because everyone looks and are presented the same way based on what is popular at the time. She walks to the beat of a different drummer, instead choosing to write her own songs which reflect her feelings, her experiences, her life. As a child she kept a journal she wrote in daily which documented events both significant or minor and whatever emotions she was feeling at the time. She maintained several notebooks of years worth of material which she refers back to when writing songs now. Music and singing are something personal to her so she feels the only way to go is to put all of her being into her songs.

This approach makes her stand out as being different than most talent in the pop genre as every song she crafts are her words, thoughts and feelings rather than those of someone else. No topic is off limits to her when it comes to songwriting. From sex, romance and friendship to her own struggles as a giantess and working horse to pay the bills; to her fun party anthems meant to make people dance, Brass tries to create music that people can relate to and resonate in their soul.

It can sometimes be a long, tedious process and she sometimes incurs writer’s block but Brass finds the struggle and effort worth it because she values her creativity and artistic integrity which she will not compromise. For this reason, she is fine with being rejected and not being signed to any record company.


(Hobbies and Other Talents)

Professional-level Singer: With a smooth natural voice and nearly her entire life up until now spent training; Brass is not only an incredible singer but one of the most talented in the world. Brass is an experienced vocalist, having sung on an amateur level for 15 years. Over the course of her amateur career she amassed a staggering number of awards for her school choirs and glee clubs as well as community and state level organized choir competition events. The young giant used this as somewhat of a proving ground to hone her skills against other young vocalists.

Although she had a naturally good singing voice, Brass worked hard to expand her skills as she got older. Due to her parents not being able to afford a professional vocal coach, Brass took to Youtube and watched countless videos that gave instructions on how to cultivate and improve one’s singing voice. She practiced religiously, doing vocal drills in her basement.

While going through puberty her voice naturally changed and grew deeper. Her home training helped on making this transition period go smoothly. She developed a high and powerful vocal range with her voice spanning 7 octaves; meaning she can go up to 7 different tones of voice from base upwards to high pitched screeching. This is an impressive feat for a human of her age with no professional training.


Dancer/Choreographer: Dance helps convey to others how you feel without the need for actual words. While not as skilled at dancing as she is singing, Brass is still a capable dancer and she enjoys doing it. Having never taken a single dance class, she learned how to move her body by playing dance based video games like Dance Dance Revolution. In the process of having fun playing with her parents, brother and sister, she developed her balance and footwork to a high level. This made her incredibly agile and graceful in her movements, especially for someone of her physical stature. As an aspiring pop star, knowing how to dance is an important facet of entertainment, particularly while performing live on stage in front of thousands of people. This is paramount because dance gives the audience a visual element while listening to the song. Additionally, a person only has one chance to get it right while performing live, any misstep could potentially become career ending meme bait for the internet.

Brass studied the craft independently by repeatedly watching the music videos of the world’s top recording artists including one Kokoro Izumi, her classmate in BSU. With the help of her siblings as back up dancers, Brass figured out how to choreograph her own dance routines. She borrowed moves from Koko and a host of other noteworthy performers while also integrating in popular dance moves from popular online memes and viral videos to develop her own unique style to go with her music.


Musical Instruments Expertise: In addition to being a skilled singer, Brass is also highly adept at playing a wide variety of musical instruments. She developed her interest in them as a result of the toys she got from birthdays and Christmas as a small child. One of her very first Christmas present was a toy drum set. When Brass wasn’t singing and dancing around the house she could be found pounding away on the electronic drum while her sister rattled away with a tambourine. In elementary school, she began learning to play brass, horn based instruments such as the trumpet. Brass had a natural feel for it and progressed rather quickly. She spent many nights in her basement playing away, following along with CDs of her father’s favorite jazz musicians, imitating the notes they played by ear, as she hadn’t learned how to read sheet music yet. After that she took on the task of learning how to play other instruments such as the French Horn, Trombone and the Tuba. She spent numerous evenings after school with her music teacher, practicing and improving.

Brass then moved onto the Clarinet and eventually worked her way up to the Saxophone. From playing these instruments. This actually helped Brass in being able to perform oral sex better. She learned touch, timing and breath control from using her mouth to play music, even figuring out how to use air as a means to pleasure her partner, which helped her in developing her Banshee wave and Banshee Storm techniques.


Circus Performer: When Brass first signed up to work at the Carnal Carnival she wasn’t given the role she’s known for currently. As a new employee, she was assigned to do what was needed rather than anything suited to her talents. The amazon was an extra who helped other acts on top of the role she was assigned to do.

The giantess got her start as a strong woman, lifting heavy objects, pulling cars and performing other feats of strength while wearing sexy outfits such as lingerie, bikinis or sexy apparel that promoted the local sports teams in the cities she performed in. Brass bided her time and did what she was told as she learned the ropes at her new job. She continued the strong woman act for about a month before being asked to take part in Parades Du Luxure also known as “PDL” behind the scenes. This was an acrobatic dance troupe who performed numerous acrobatic stunts which often included several individuals standing on the shoulders of one another or holding each other up. Because of her size and strength, Brass usually acted as the base for such tricks. She grew comfortable and accustomed to being naked in public due in part to having do these acts in body paint rather than traditional acrobatic tights.


Arts and Crafts Enthusiast: Brass’ enthusiasm for the fine arts extends beyond singing. She also enjoys arts and crafts. She took up drawing as a child, often doodling pictures of her favorite cartoon characters. In time she took a liking to other forms of art such as crafting her own jewelry. She used beads and other household objects and junk to create her own necklaces and earrings. Brass would make jewelry pieces for her family as gifts. Her signature gold musical note earrings are based on a pair she made out of old copper when she was younger.


Amateur Novelist: Brass is an avid fan of mystery based stories ranging from old time whodunit murder mystery novels to more modern fare like the Law and Order TV series. She is such a fan of them that she writes her own mystery stories under the internet pen name ‘Sumiezu‘. She posts them free of charge on numerous mystery forums and message boards on the internet. Her style blends traditional and modern mystery elements with graphic love scenes akin to erotica. Since starting at BSU, Brass has shared her works with Xavier to a positive reception. Brass hopes to one day turn some of her stories in feature length pornos.


Bilingual: As a third generation American citizen of Italian descent, Brass was taught by both her parents and grandparents that no matter how high one ascends in life, don’t ever forget where you came from. Since arriving in the United States three generations ago, the Cantore family has passed down their native language to their children. Young Bonfilia learned to speak Italian as toddler alongside learning English. At large family gatherings such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, Italian was the primary language spoken amongst members of the family. Brass sometimes blends Italian terms into her vocabulary while speaking English. She frequently uses the greeting Ciao! At the beginning or end of conversations to say hello or goodbye.

Brass has been known to scream and speak to her partner in Italian while engaging in particularly exciting sexual encounters. So far she has demonstrated this during her first date with Xavier Williams and during her unexpected tryst with Dana Copafeel just prior to presenting at BSU Orientation. Italian is considered to be one of the languages of love and romance by the world as a whole which Brass has taken into account, often incorporating such phrases into her onscreen persona while performing on camera.

Like her Class 1A peers Violette and Xavier, Brass is able to and does use her second language to her advantage, interacting with fans who speak the language and promoting herself internationally.




Nico Cantore (Father)

Family is something deeply important to Brass and for the Cantore family, Nico was the strong anchoring presence. A blue collar citizen, Nico owned Cantore’s Diner/ Dive Bar that offered Karaoke at night. A firm yet fair man, Nico instilled within Brass the ideals of hard work, discipline and respect. He himself worked up from the bottom washing dishes and cooking until he became successful enough to run his own business.


Often during Brass’ childhood she would come home sad and in tears after a rough day in school. It was Nico who dried her tears and made her feel better with words and a comforting after school meal. “Nevermind the other kids. They’re just jealous because they can’t be like you.” He would assure his daughter while serving up a plate of Veal Parmigiana, which would become a comfort food and one of Brass’ favorite dishes.


Nico was always supportive of Brass’ hobbies interests and ambitions despite whether or not he agreed with them. He was never keen on the idea of Brass becoming a singer because of the very low percentage of people who actually become successful in the music industry. He personally felt Brass should take a path less risky and go to college so she could have something to fall back on if music didn’t work out. This lead to many disagreements between the two. Brass believed that there’s no way she could be successful as a musician if she put all of her time and energy into plan B in case Plan A doesn’t work rather than giving her music her all.


Once Nico realized that this was not merely a phase that was going to go away, he gradually came on board, offering his restaurant as a venue for her to perform and get experience in front of a live audience. This proved fruitful because Brass developed her powerful stage presence and style of performing in front of a small audience who gathered to watch her sing 2 or 3 nights a week.


Nico assisted her in trying to secure a record deal by playing her original songs in his diner and distributing mixtapes around their Queens neighborhood. He is proud of Brass and he doesn’t hesitate to display his pride. His restaurant is full of Carnal Carnival posters featuring her likeness.


Upon finding out that she was leaving the Carnal Carnival to attend BSU, Nico arranged for a big Orientation watching party at his diner complete with free drinks for people who attended.



Simone Cantore (Mother)

Bonfilia’s mother was very much the opposite of her father Nico. While Nico was tough and rigid, Simone was the counter balancing force in the Cantore household. Very laid back and carefree, she often played loud music around the house; singing along with the songs as her small children danced to it. It was these moments that put her young daughter on the path to become a singer. In fact, it was Simone who first taught Brass how to sing.


Simone herself was once a singer in her younger years but she never made it into the music industry. She maintained her connection to music and singing through Cantore’s Diner, a business she shared with her husband Nico. It was her idea to host Karaoke at the diner and after harping on it for months Nico finally gave in. Simone encouraged young Brass to follow her heart’s desires while Nico was more practical and tried to give her more conventional wisdom. Simone purchased Brass her first set of recording equipment and modified the family basement into a makeshift studio for Brass to record her own original songs. While they are mother and daughter, they sometimes interact like sisters. They talk and gossip with each other on the phone, having conversations where nothing is off limits to discuss. This includes Brass’ sex life. Simone is usually at the edge of her seat when speaking to Brass on the phone eager to her daughters stories of lurid encounters with the handsome studs from school.


This is due in part to the fact that Simone lives vicariously through Brass and her experiences. Having failed to break into show business herself, Simone takes great pleasure and pride in witnessing Brass’ achievements. At the conclusion of Brass’ orientation speech, Simone broke down in tears watching her daughter on television. At the same moment, Brass became overwhelmed and broke down herself.




Xavier Williams

Brass and Xavier have a special relationship with one another. They have a number of things in common including them both being from Queens, New York.


During a stop in World City on The Carnal Carnival’s summer United States Tour, Brass crossed pop paths with the little man for the first time. Hungry after a long days work, the giantess walked to a local raman bar a few blocks away from the arena. It was at this moment that their paths crossed. Xavier went to the same ramen bar after watching Brass perform at her show. With the restaurant completely full there was nowhere for Xavier to sit, prompting him to ask Brass if he could sit with her. Being the nice person she is, Brass obliged.


The two conversed over dinner, initiating an impromptu date. To Xavier’s surprise, Brass vented to him her many frustrations about her life on the road. This was a cathartic feeling for Brass, as she had kept her thoughts and feelings bottled up for a long time. The fact that Xavier was one of her fans made Brass feel like she was talking to someone who cared despite him being a total stranger to her. Xavier felt he was talking to a kindred spirit of sorts as he related with Brass’ issues from loneliness to feelings of being underestimated by everyone else. However, Xavier presented her with a possible solution.


Brass listened to the tiny man as he explained that he was a BSU student and how the university offered a number of courses that could help her get into a number of fields, such as being a musician or an actress. She was skeptical at first but ultimately decided on trying to get into BSU. If it didn’t work, nothing lost, but if it did, it could change her future for the better. After being given a ride back to her trailer, Brass invited him inside. She seductively performed one of her songs for her new friend which lead to a passionate, intense and drought ending sexual encounter for the giantess, all of which was caught on video by Xavier’s cell phone. Shortly after their tryst, Brass was contacted by BSU head of Admissions, Professor Sara Reed for an interview.


The two share a mutual physical attraction that is based upon their differing sizes. Brass finds Xavier to be cute and adorable, while he views Brass as a beautiful, one of a kind mountain of woman. Xavier considers her perceived “flaws” as positives because they distinguish her from everyone else from both a performance and business standpoint. He believes 100% in Brass’ star potential and even claimed that she has “It” during his meeting with Sara and Headmistress Taiyohime Kuriyue. Brass deeply trusts Xavier’s judgment as far as her career goes, to the point that she has allowed him to serve as her manager unofficially.


The two click on a very personal level and often share their interests and hobbies with one another. She has given him copies of all of her original music for him to listen to while he works on his ideas for movie/ TV show stories. The auburn haired young man often shares said writings with Brass to get opinions and suggestions from her. Xavier highly respects Brass’ creativity as an artist and performer, believing she is a creative genius. She sometimes produces alongside him in projects he directs and produces. As sex performers, Brass and Xavier produce exciting, high energy scenes when paired on camera. This could be due to their friendship off screen and how well they know each other. Regardless of the reason, the two are are a formidable team both on and off camera.



Takiko Makoto

Takiko and Brass first met on the morning of BSU orientation. Having moved in recently, Brass really hadn’t had the time to meet anyone or socialize around campus not even her new roommate. Takiko interrupted Brass while she was masturbating in the shower, by banging on the door and screaming for her to come out of their shared bathroom. Takiko stood ready for a confrontation but was shocked and somewhat intimidated once she saw Brass. Takiko apologized which prompted Brass to apologize for taking too long in the shower. It was the smell of hot tea that melted the tension between them as both of them enjoyed a glass of chai in the morning.


They initially bonded with each other over common interests such as music but it grew beyond that over time. Their personalities complement one another. While Brass is usually polite and non confrontational, Takiko is loud, outspoken and foul mouthed. Each benefits from the other’s quirks as Brass keeps Takiko from getting into trouble and do the things she says and Takiko confronts and calls out Brass’ haters often giving them a good scolding. They have a mutual appreciation of the aforementioned tea and frequently have tea together in the morning.


Takiko and Brass try to hang out when possible, often going shopping together and getting new pieces of jewelry to sport around campus. However Takiko’s secret activities as Dragón Fuerte’s masked sidekick Queen Cobra prevents them from hanging out as much as Brass would like. Takiko is an uber fan of Brass’ music, she plays it almost every time she is driving somewhere. Brass is subtlely flirtatious with Takiko at times, remarking that the voyager drivers loud profanity laden tirades are cute. Brass finds Takiko’s unfiltered personality and behavior to be charming and hopes to be her roommate’s first sexual experience with another woman.



Kaede Makoto

Kaede and Brass were brought together by Kaede’s elder sister Takiko who introduced them at BSU Orientation. With Brass being a singer and Kaede being a popular local DJ, them linking up was inevitable. They took to one another quickly for Kaede could provide Brass with production tracks to sing over while Brass gave Kaede a recording artist to consistently collaborate with. While it was a mutual interest that connected them, Brass and Kaede are very liked minded. Kaede relates to Brass’s struggles in the music business better than anyone. Kaede embraced a similar grind, slowly building up her fan base through mixtapes and battling other DJs for real estate in the cities nightclub scene; as well as working as a waitress to help further her hustle as a DJ.


Since meeting, the duo have formed a partnership, forming an as yet unnamed musical group. In their free time, they create their own original music which is used in Class 1A adult film productions.


Brass and Kaede often joke around with each other sexually. When they first met, Brass grabbed Kaede’s ass while Kaede grabbed Brass’ breasts, jokingly wanting what the other had. They play off of one another sometimes, working in tandem for sexual encounters, giving the lucky guy a 1 2 punch of tits and ass.




Sara Reed

The BSU Head of Admissions first became aware of Brass courtesy of Xavier Williams showing her a sex tape from the night of their first date. Sara was impressed by what she saw. After the meeting concluded and Xavier left, Sara called Brass and invited her to the office the next day for a meeting. Sara was astounded to see Brass in person, for she looked even bigger than she did on TV. The interview was rather short because Sara had already passed her for the performance portion of the interview based on watching her sex tape. When the two sat down and spoke, Sara asked the giantess a single question, “Why do you want to be here?” Brass answered the question the only way she knew how to, by speaking straight from the heart.


“I grew up listening to all kinds of singers, Jazz, Rock & Roll , Pop, Rhythm & Blues, Techno and Rap. They are all different but had one thing in common, they all made me smile. For me it’s not about money or fame. I want to be the reason that people smile. It sounds so simple and small but a smile can make a difference for someone else. It did for me.”


Brass’ words made such a strong impression on the professor that she didn’t need to ask any further questions. Sara offered Brass a full scholarship at that moment. After enrollment, Sara selected Brass to be in first year Class 1A, Sara’s homeroom class whom she curated and assembled herself. The Professor is very supportive of Brass and is highly invested in her progress as a student. Sara believes that Brass, like Xavier who discovered her, possesses ‘the Spark’.



Danielle “Dana” Copafeel

A former rival to Brass during her time spent working for the Carnal Carnival, they have an awkward yet unique relationship. Dana, a seasoned veteran of the tour didn’t take kindly to the orange haired upstart giant when she arrived. The magician used her position and political power with the tour’s promoters to sabotage Brass’ efforts to advance while also protecting her own spot as the main event. However, Brass continued to work hard at her craft undeterred by the roadblocks thrown in her way. The amazon gradually earned Dana’s respect with her grit, professionalism and attitude, which struck a nerve with the main event magician.


Dana confessed this to be the case to Brass as the two spoke prior to BSU Orientation. In fact Dana admitted that Brass made her realize that she had stagnated in her own career. The magician recalled that Brass reminded her of herself when she first started. While Dana held on to her position for years, Brass had done something different by walking out on the Carnival and taking her chances at BSU to achieve her goal of making it as a singer. The two found understanding at that moment which lead to a spontaneous steamy love session between them.


Although their relationship began rough, Brass always maintained a degree of respect for Dana and what she had accomplished in her career. During her 1 year touring with the Carnal Carnival, Brass earned the magician’s respect and even inspired her to change her own career path. Enrolling in BSU next year is now on the horizon for Dana.




Kokoro “Koko” Izumi

Koko is in many ways the opposite of Brass and has walked an opposite path as the giantess. Brass watched Koko on television and followed her career as a burgeoning young singer and actress unfold. It was seeing Koko on TV that made her believe that she too could make it in show business. She bought CDs and DVDs of her music and television shows, dreaming that one day she could equal or even surpass the iconic teen sensation. Brass practiced religiously at her craft using Koko’s own work ethic as a model to follow. However Koko was everything Brass was not. The media, companies and the public at large took to Koko early on viewing her as a cute, lovable mischievous fox girl which made her a darling to consumers.


Brass had no such advantage during her years struggling to be noticed. Shunned by her peers and the industry alike, Brass had to think outside of the box to find a way for herself. As she got older Brass came to see Koko as the cookie-cutter physical representation of what record companies and the public accepted as being a star. However she did not harbor any ill will toward Koko for her success or Brass’ own lack of success breaking into the business.


Brass’ opinion of the standout star began to shift around the time she enrolled at BSU. During the World City Sapphire SPLASH event, Koko made headlines by doing a surprise concert and interview where she revealed she had enrolled at BSU and would be in the next freshman class. Shortly after this, Koko exposed Brass’ close friend Xavier to the world posting his face and name to social media along with comments that shamed him for his poor sexual performance with her after a photoshoot. This made the giant question the foxy singer’s moral character as it didn’t fit with the kind cheerful image that she portrayed to the media her entire career. This upset Brass so much that she even considered confronting Koko in person to defend Xavier’s honor. Xavier dissuaded her from this citing that it would be bad for her career to have an altercation with a superstar like Koko.


Nevertheless, Brass was still awestruck by Koko when they came face to face with one another briefly. At the SPLASH summer closing party, Koko performed on stage right in front of her eyes. It was the first time she had ever seen Koko live. As Koko exited the stage, Brass pushed her way through several other fans and stood face to face with the teen idol. She couldn’t muster the words to say express her respect for Koko and what she achieved, but in that moment Brass’ goals were reaffirmed.


Although she will never admit it, Koko does view Brass as competition and a threat to her. She intentionally gave a nonchalant reaction in order to not look impressed by Brass singing ability during Orientation. With the two now attending the same school and both being members of Class 1A they are on a collision course in more ways than one.



• Brass’ Voice Actress is Christina Vee, who voiced Rei Hino/Sailor Mars in the Sailor Moon series.

• Brass’ Seiyū is Miyuki Sawashiro, who voiced Fujiko Mine from the Lupin the Third series.

• She has an affinity for hats and often sports exaggeratedly tall hats of many different styles, her favorite being a traditional top hat.

• The character was originally conceived as a Bleach OC part of the ‘Road of Legends‘ series. Set 40 years after the end of the Bleach Manga, Road of Legends tells a tale of new heroes in the battle for the fate of the world. In the past, Brass served the Gotei 13’s 8th Division. While leading a team investigating suspicious Hollow activity in Rukongai, Brass was attacked by a fox-like Hollow who attempted to consume her and use her body as a vessel. Brass held on long enough to call out for help which was answered by Quincy infiltrator, Violette Beauregard. Brass resisted full Hollowfication, resulting in the manifestation of a Kitsune-like Hollow mask. With Violette’s assistance, Brass stabilized. Knowing she could not return to the Seireitei in her new state as a Visored, she followed Violette; joining her Sternjaeger faction. However, once she discovered the true objectives of Violette and the Quincy, she defected, taking refuge in Yosai city. Brass found work in the Human World as an investigator who specialized in supernatural events and crimes the police couldn’t solve. Through her work as private investigator, she crossed paths with Xavier Williams, Matsunami and Maihime Shinoda, Kaede Makoto and Eiji Nakamura, joining forces with them to fight against new enemies that threaten to plunge the world into chaos.

• Brass’ online pen name for her amateur novels is “Sumiezu“, a reference to her Zanpakutó name from the ‘Road of Legends’ Bleach series. Sumiezu (墨絵図, Ink Drawing) is a Zanpakutó with the power to manipulate ink in a number of ways. With it, Brass can create objects and even bring spiritual constructs to life with her ink. This makes full use of Brass’ creativity and artistic personality.

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4 years ago

I do wonder would Brass actually try and play with a straight girl’s orientation and give said straight girl a BSU make over?

4 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

I pray she gets that assignment. ^_^
A straight average looking girl, getting a complete sexual orientation change and a BSU make over.

4 years ago

This is a very nice and descriptive profile on Bonfilia, better known as Brass.

This not only goes over what we already know about her so far, it also goes even deeper into her background and state of mind. In all honesty, I find it quite informative.

I also really like how it details her skillset and abilities, as well as her Amazonian gigantism condition. Very intriguing insight right there. Same thing goes for her other hobbies.

The most important thing here, for me anyway, is her relationships with her parents and her friends. That really tells me what else to expect and how it’ll define her too as the story goes on. Xavier and the Makoto sisters {Takiko and Kaede} are more than obvious, but still very telling regardless. However the allies and rival parts are the most interesting of all. Looks like Sara will have the mentor role for Brass, which will really prove to be beneficial. Dana on the other hand, is something very different. I kind of liken that to how the relationship with Guts and Casca from Berserk turned out. If she does go to BSU later on, it would be a unique dynamic for sure. As for a rival, I find it really interesting that Koko is her only one, but it’s also an important one given what was revealed and shown so far.

Finally I found in interesting that she has two voices for English and Japanese, both for when she normally talks and when she’s singing. I like that dynamic.

Overall, I really enjoyed this profile. Nice work. 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Thanks Hiryu. I try. therea a lot of trial, error and rweriting which Is a headache but I guess it pays off when you guys see the final product. Dont remember How i came up with her bj moves but it did take time.

Profiles will be updated with new infirmation as the story progresses further. Ive not thought 9n yow her interractions with sara go, theyve never appeared in a story togethet.

Interesting comparison between with brass and guts and casca to Dana and Brass. Its highly likely that Dana will be a BSU Freshman in year 2 of the story. I actually saw the dual voice actor thing done on an anime before but I can’t remember which one. Im glad you liked her profile. Thanks again!

4 years ago

Great as always, rtenzo 👍
I know it wouldn’t make a lot of sense with the story’s context, but I kinda wish there was a cum covered version of the pic.

4 years ago

Man it kills me how you put special techniques for the characters lol it’s like an anime with each character having special moves or attacks. The “Banshe wave” is probably one of my favorite things and makes me read Brass’s chapter over and over again. Gonna check out her orientation chapter next. Stay great guys and happy new year

4 years ago
Reply to  Princenoctis

Thanks Noctis. BSU functions like a like a shonen series in some aspects with sex in the place of fighting, down to the inclusion of special moves and character abilities. Glad you like the Banshee wave. I hope you like the chapter. I appreciste the support and happy new year.

4 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Thanks, I suppose you can still call it a “battle” in a way lol though instead of getting beaten up or killed etc. they get a knock out orgasm? Or pass out from the sex or sexual act? In that aspect that would be very interesting. Finally I hope they do a somewhat of a call out to their “techniques” like shounen anime/manga. Cheers everyone look forward to the new year

4 years ago
Reply to  Princenoctis

Well in head to head competion two characters go at it until one of them is no longer able to continue, fucking your opponent into submission per se. In Violettes profile I mentioned a new concept we havent done in story yet called Taiketsu. Its similar to the food wars seenbin Shokugeki No Soma. I havent completely figured out how the rules to Taiketsu work but Imagine the character special moves will be important here.Some of the competions will be Taiketsu held in a tournament format. Eventually when other schools and their chars get introduced BSU will go ahead to head with their rivals in team competition

4 years ago

…So, as someone who’s lapsed on the BSU canon, holy cow this woman hits all the stuff I love. Tall, sweet, smart, talented, gorgeous, hard-working, determined… How’d I miss her so far?!

I really hope the world doesn’t crush that fundamental goodness out of her. And, to be fair, it doesn’t look like it will. She’s turned antagonist into friendship by repaying bile with kindness once already, and literally her only rival is the biggest pure heel in the story so far… and even that rivalry is tinged with mutual respect.

I guess what I’m getting at is, if I end up getting back into BSU, it’ll probably be because of her. Thanks.

4 years ago
Reply to  SpectralTime

Thank Spectral! Glad you have really taken to the character. She’s a rather optimistic woman. And has built a strong personal foundation around herself. With what shes gone through already.

Koko has to respect Brass because of her talent but that doesnt mean they wont have an entertaining feud. I hope you do get back into it. Inaporeciate you takingvthe time to read the profile