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Paradise Babes Got Back

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)

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(3:00 P.M.)


After his unsuccessful hookup with Ashani El-Karim, Xavier wandered the busy beach for several hours filming various sexy activities and events, including the BSU volleyball team’s second victory. His wandering came to an end as he received a text message from his mother.




“Crap, I forgot about our dinner plans!” Xavier commented with a slight tone of panic.


The young student darted back to his hotel room to shower and change. Because of the restaurant’s dress code, Xavier had put on a suit. Luckily for him, Mei had an impeccable sense of style. He put on a black suit along with a navy blue dress shirt, black tie, and a navy blue handkerchief folded into a pocket square for his suit jacket. The young man took his video camera with him as he departed the room. Xavier headed over to the restaurant where he saw his mother standing in a long line going out of the door. She was dressed immaculately in a navy blue outfit that matched his suit. She wore a form fitting strapless evening gown which was reminiscent of the outfit worn by Jessica Rabbit. It hugged her curvaceous hips and humongous tits like it was a part of her body; it revealed lots of cleavage, barely covering up her areolas. She wore elbow length black gloves and a pair of black, platform, high heel pumps.


As Xavier approached Mei, he noticed that she was in the middle of a phone call.


“Y’all need to get ya culos out here ASAP! This is a big chance for us to expand. I heard “She” is out here too. Hurry up, Oye!” ordered Mei.


“I’ll be there in 20, Tasha is on her way to get me.”


“Don’t forget to wear a nice dress for dinner. And bring the new girl too. We need all the help we can get!” The milf ordered the person on the other line.


“Ok, we’ll be there shortly.”


While getting off of the phone, Mei noticed her dapper looking son as he walked up to the line.


“Ay mom!” greeted Xavier as he walked up to her.


“LOOK AT YOU JAVI! I told you that suit was dope. All the bitches in here are gonna be checking you out!”


Xavier chuckled and nodded with a smile to acknowledge that she might be right.


“Anyways, Que lo Que! (Dominican Spanish for “What’s up!“) Where you been at?!” The mother asked.


“Just been checking out the beach. Earlier I saw one of my professors from school.” Xavier replied with a nod.


“Muchos Culo eh!” Mei joked while pointing to the video camera her son was carrying.


“Yeah! I didn’t get it just to film random people banging though. I was recording a volleyball tournament and all the other stuff people were doing for SPLASH.


“Ta Nitida! (Dominican Spanish for “That’s neat!“) You don’t gotta lie Javi, I know you’re checking out all the hos running around… Tomar asiento!” (Spanish for “Have a seat!“) Mei said while slapping the empty beach chair next to her.


“Lo Siento, I haven’t been around much to help you. This is a big transition you’re goin through. How ya been feeling lately?” asked the mother with a look of concern.


“Uhhh…Uhhh…” Xavier fumbled nervously.


“Come on Javi! I’m your mama, I’m not gonna judge you.” assured Mei in her attempt to get him to talk.


[She’s been pressing me for days on school, girls everything. It’s embarrassing but I need to talk to someone!] lamented the nervous recruit.


“Alright!” Xavier responded before taking a deep breath. All of the pressure Mei had applied over the last week was about to pay off. Xavier was about to crack.


“Uhhhhh, I’ve been a little stressed out since all this started. I got accepted to BSU and… You see, BSU isn’t a normal school, its one of those sex schools that trains students to be porn performers…” Xavier explained.


“Is that so? Not what you were expecting huh?! Dame dato!” (Spanish for “Tell me more!“) Mei requested, pretending not to know about BSU just to get her son to continue talking.


“That interview I told you about that didn’t go so well, I had to uhh… sleep with that instructor I met… as part of the interview. I bombed that portion of it. So Professor Reed requires me to go on dates and find girls to hookup with so I can get practice before the school year starts.” Xavier continued.


As the line moved inside of the building, Mei sat down on a cushioned bench along the wall.


“Que Bacano! (Dominican Spanish for ‘That’s Great!‘) So that’s why you’ve been gone so much… perro sucio!” (Spanish for “You dirty dog!“) Mei chuckled while jabbing Xavier with her elbow.


“Is this how you did it?” Mei said as she stood up.


“MENA TU CHAPA!” (Dominican for “Shake that ass!“) yelled the busty bronze milf as she gestured with her hands like she were holding on to a big booty. She then started doing multiple pelvic thrusts against the air. Xavier couldn’t help but to laugh at her lewd impersonation of him.


“CUT IT OUT!” Xavier demanded while still laughing at his mom’s perverted display.


“THROW THAT ASS BACK BITCH! POP THAT COOOCHIE!” hollered Mei while thrusting even faster and making smacking motions with her hand. Her tits bounced around with every pelvic motion, one them even popped out of the top of the dress she was wearing.




Xavier turned his head as she stopped to put her boob back in.


“Don’t be ashamed Javi! When you were a bebécito you couldn’t keep your hands or your lips off these melons.” Mei joked while as she sat back down.


“MOMMMMM PLEASE STOP!!!” begged Xavier as he looked down. Mei giggled in response to his plea for mercy.


“So you been keeping busy to meet a sex quota huh? How has that gone?”


“I’ve gotten mixed results… One girl said I was terrible, three absolutely loved it, one said I need some work but shes gonna practice with me regularly to help me get better. The most recent girl said I was average. I still have to check in with Professor Reed again when SPLASH is over so my work isn’t done yet….”


“Ay, caramba! no wonder you look so tired all the time. Don’t be down on being rated as average! You’re a late bloomer so you’re just starting to learn. When you get there remember this, never go to bed alone! Every night you should be giving a woman some of that sweet lovin! If you’re anything like ‘HIM’ you’ll become the top dog of BSU and have all the hos bowing to ‘El Fuerte Bicho!’ (Dominican for “The Mighty Dick“) Just give it some time, Javi!” Mei assured.


After several minutes of silence, Mei watched Xavier sip his bottle of water. As she watched her boy, she noticed Xavier still looked uneasy, staring off into the distance.


“But… This isn’t what you want to tell me is it?” Mei questioned. Her keen motherly intuition told her that there was something else bothering him that he WANTED to share with her but was having trouble saying it.


Xavier shook his head slightly.


“It’s ok Javi, go ahead and tell me. I can’t help you if I don’t know.” asked the concerned mom. Xavier hesitated to continue speaking.


Xavier took one more deep breath before speaking again


“Well one of the girls I met…I think she’s ‘THE ONE'” Xavier admitted.


“Is it Matsunami? she was very sweet.” Mei asked.


“She’s cool as hell, we have great chemistry and the sex is amazing, but I don’t think she’s into me in that way.” Xavier confessed.


“Si, I agree with you there. She seems to be more into casual dating… Let me take a guess on who. It’s the chica you wore the tuxedo for, the one you took to Olympus! It has to be!” Mei asserted. She deduced that Xavier would only take a woman he potentially LOVED to Olympus Fun Center because of the significance this place held in his heart. Taking a girl there would be like sharing a part of himself.


“Yeah her. Her name is Mai. I met her at Otaku Palace when I went to buy Smash Bros. Eternal. That’s who I was talking to on the phone when you walked in on me the other day. It’s only been a short time but we just click like that. The other night we stayed up all night at this anime themed hotel.


“She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen! And she’s easy to talk to. I feel like even though we only recently met and hung out a few times, she understands me.” Xavier explained.


“A soulmate. I’ve had that feeling about a man once in my life…” Mei admitted before resuming her questions.


“So what’s the problem then?” She pressed the issue.


“WELL…… I never told her I’m going to school at BSU. With the requirement the Professor put on me, I have to sleep with other girls to maintain my spot as an incoming freshman. She doesn’t know any of this. I wanna tell her but I’m scared. I don’t know how she will take it. I don’t wanna lose her.”


“Son… You have to tell her the next time you see her! There are feelings involved on her side too. If she feels the same way about you then it will hurt her to hear it. If you don’t tell her she will find out another way and the backlash will be way worse. You really didn’t have a choice in the sleeping with other girls but you do have a choice to tell her the truth. She may accept it, she may not, but if you keep her informed, she will appreciate the honesty and see it as a positive character trait. Regardless of how she reacts though, if you handle this the right way you could get another chance with her.”


“You really think so?!” Xavier asked with a look of hope.


“Si, but first you have to do right by Mai. I know its tough but a REAL MAN has the cajones to stand up and face their problems no matter what!” Mei emphasized.


Xavier nodded in acknowledgment of her advice.


“I don’t want you running around breaking girl’s hearts, I raised you better than that Javi.”


Mother and son were then interrupted by 3 curvy female visitors. The first was Tia whom Xavier has known for many years. The sexy Asian hottie was dressed to kill the competition, wearing a golden gown similar to the one Mei was wearing except hers had a plunging “V” shaped neckline that went down to her stomach. Her heavy yet perky breasts were nearly on full display for Xavier and others nearby to enjoy. She wasn’t lacking in the rear department either. She swung her hips from side to side, drawing the attention of the many men in the waiting area. Her black locks which she typically wore up were down and nearly hung to the sand. Her eyes were silver gray hue which enchanted those who dared to look in them. The second woman was just as stunning as Tia, but unique in her own right. She was a creamy albino color which matched her near white blonde hair which was styled into long dreadlocks that draped her shoulders, hanging down to about her stomach. She had light brown eyes that pierced whoever she was looking at. She wore a shimmering silver gown that was shorter than the ones worn by Mei and Tia. Furthermore, her proportions were perfect, enough to make a grown man cry. Her shaped apple bottom melon tits were even bigger than Tia’s. The third woman was someone Xavier had never seen before. She too possessed a voluptuous, bra-busting figure. She had bright yellow blonde hair which was styled into a modest ponytail. She was dressed rather conservatively compared to Mei, Tia and her friends. She wore a light blue skirt and blazer along with a white dress shirt, having reported to the restaurant straight from work. However, her clothing did little to hide her huge tits and ass which protruded from her skirt and top. Xavier immediately jump out of his chair when he the trio of lovely ladies.


“TIA! TASHA!” exclaimed the excited young man as he got up from his table and ran to greet them. He hugged Tia first and then Tasha, pushing his face up against their mammoth boobs while doing so. His hands ventured rather low during the hugs, clutching onto their thicc rears.


“Hey X!” said the two lovely women.


“You’ve grown up to be quite the horndog I see!”


“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!” Tia remarked.


“What are you two doing here. Vacation or something?” Xavier asked excitedly.


“We moved to World City!” Tia answered.


“Your mom invited us to work for her!” Tasha added.


“Yes! That’s great!” remarked the happy youth.


“Maybe we can stay up and watch movies all night like when I was little, you know ‘Netflix and Chill’!” Xavier suggested to Tia, his former babysitter with his brow raised and a perverted grin.


“Boy! You so silly!” replied Tia to Xavier’s comment.


“Mei, you better come get your son! Over here bein nasty!” remarked Tasha with a giggle.


“Oye bitches! We have some serious business to talk about.”


“Who is that other girl?!” remarked Xavier as the trio of women walked over to to sit down at the bench with Mei.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t introduce you! Evelyn, this is my son Xavier.”


“Nice to meet you Evelyn.” greeted the teen while offering a handshake.


“Hello, you can call me Eve.” the blonde hair, brown eyes, very curvaceous woman said in response.


“Wait a minute, you’re the voice I hear whenever I call the office to speak with mom!” Xavier recalled.


“Yeah, I’m Mei’s receptionist. I remember your voice too.” Eve said while accepting the handshake.


“It’s a pleasure to meet you Eve.” Xavier said with a smile.


The women spoke amongst each other while Xavier left momentarily to go refill his water at nearby water fountain.


“When did he get so bold with women? I thought he was gonna pop out my tit and start sucking!” Tasha asked with a laugh.


“He’s getting ready for school, he is going to BSU after all. He’s been getting a lot of reps with the ladies around the city to prepare so I’m not surprised he’s getting touchy with you, he is MY son afterall.” Mei laughed.


“It’s that hot Rodriguez blood awakening!” Tasha remarked while doing a quick salsa move.


“Javi has had a boy crush on you since he was 9. I can set you two up on a date!” Mei suggested while looking at Tia with her eyebrow raised.


“Stop playin girl!” Tia giggled.



(4:30 P.M.)


After returning from refilling his water, Xavier lustfully gazed at Tia, Tasha, and Eve.


“Y’all look great!” Xavier remarked while eying his mother’s 3 employees.


“What about me pequeño?” Mei asked with her brow raised.


“I was talking to everyone!” Xavier answered as they walked in.


“Don’t get any ideas about my friends Javi!” Mei whispered to her son jokingly.


“Welcome to Paradise!” said a very stacked blonde hostess at the front entrance podium.


“I have reservations for Rodriguez.” informed Mei.


“Party of 4, your tables ready.” replied the hostess after looking at a tablet that displayed all the reservations.”


On cue, a well dressed waiter approached the 4 women.


“Right this way ladies” instructed the waiter as he lead the ladies to their seats.


“What’s going on here?” he thought to himself.


“Allow me to explain. Paradise Grill was no ordinary restaurant, it was specialty establishment not only known for it’s high quality cuisine but for the unique dining experience that it provided to customers. It used a sexy concept no restaurant has ever done before. Paradise offered Hibachi style cooking in which the chefs prepared meals right in front of the customers but with a sexy twist! Men and women were seated separately and food was prepared by chefs of the opposite sex. Chefs wore very little clothing and often flirted with the patrons they were cooking for. This concept was inspired by the idea of SPLASH itself.” The hostess said cheerfully.


“Oh okay.” remarked Xavier as the hostess finished explaining things to him


“Your table is ready, come with me.” informed the busty blonde hostess as she lead Xavier to his table. He was, however, preoccupied with locating where Mei was sitting.


[Where are they?] thought the youth as he scanned the dining room for his mom’s party.


While looking around the area, Xavier took notice of a waitress bending over to pick up a tip off of a table. Her gargantuan backside grabbed his attention. The woman’s ass had devoured the underwear she was wearing, only the waistband was visible. Her ass looked softer than a pillow and had a perfect shape to go along with it’s bountiful size. Xavier continued to look to the side at the girl’s huge booty as he was lead to his table.


[I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE!!] Xavier thought to himself. The song ‘Baby Got Back’ played in his mind as he admired her salt shaker.


The waitress turned around to go to her next table and caught Xavier staring at her which alarmed the young man. His eyes widened as they made contact with hers. He blushed in embarrassment as she looked back with a sultry grin. She gave him a quick wave before walking away to grab a round of drinks for other customers.


“A server will be with you shortly to take your drink order.”


“Thank you.” replied the auburn haired young man while continuing to look around.


Suddenly 3 other men were lead to the table where Xavier was sitting. He recognized them as they got closer.


“What up Mr. Saitou!” Xavier announced while standing up to greet BSU’s Head of Security.


“How ya doin X?”


The two shook hands and embraced in a manly hug.


“I’m ok, just taking care of some school business. You here to party?” Xavier asked.


“Nah, I’m working. They needed additional security for all the VIPs attending here.”


“And the pay is good. They offered us free room because we work for BSU” Eric, Saitou’s protégé, added.


“Ay! I know you. You’re the other security guard from last week! You took over for Mr. Saitou when he took a break to chat with me.”


“Yeah, the name is Eric. What up bro.”


The two shook hands. Just as Xavier was about to sit back down he was joined by yet another familar face.


“Eiji?! What’s good homie?” Xavier asked while the two shook hands


“X! Not much, I didn’t know this restaurant was like this. The hostess just explained everything to me. I came here with Hitomi and they seated her first.”


“Hmm? Who is Hitomi?” Xavier questioned.


“Bro! You don’t know who Hitomi is?!” Eric asked.


“She’s a famous online social media personality who has millions of followers and will be part of BSU’s upcoming freshman class.” Saitou answered.


“She’s the energetic babe that’s been MCing the volleyball tournament.” Eiji continued.


“Oh shit. She’s fine as hell!” observed the green eyed youth.


“Your class is shaping up to be quite formidable X. Exceedingly talented individuals from all over the world is gathering this year.” Saitou remarked.


“There’s this guy named Han whose one of the top 3 recruits and this other guy that’s a–” Eiji began.


“Meh, I don’t care for hearing about other dudes in our class!” Xavier commented with an uninterested expression.


“You should care, that’s who we will be compared to! and from what I’ve heard about your dates, you should be worried…” Eiji said.


Xavier shot an annoyed glare towards Eiji, clearly unhappy with his statement.


“No sense in worrying about what other people are capable of…. I have no control over them or what they can do. I’m focused on myself and the stuff I can control.”


“That’s the wrong attitude to have, kid. Any one of the guys who step through those classroom doors could become your rival.” Saitou shared.


“What’s the point? Why would I want a rival?” Xavier asked, puzzled by Saitou’s remark.


“It is through rivalries that an individual pushes themselves to continuously improve and refine their skills. Without a rival, most people end up being content with their current level and/or slow pace of progress. Rivalries makes an individual hungry, helps fuel their inner fire to become better, making it possible to break the glass ceiling above them to reach the next level.” explained the old veteran.


“So this is like a competitive sport then?” questioned the spikes haired man.


“It is no different than any of the great rivalries in boxing or mixed martial arts. A formidable foe forces one to evolve, adapt, and innovate to surpass the competition.”


Xavier nodded in clear understanding of Saitou’s words. Having competed in the squared circle in the past, the fighting analogy hit home with the teen.


“Whoa! That’s some profound shit bro! I never thought about fucking in that way before!” commented Eric as he seemed to have had his mind blown by Saitou’s explanation.


“Speaking of rivals, I see you made a female one earlier.”


“What?” Xavier asked, confused.


“I saw you getting it on with Ashani EL-Karim this morning! Color me impressed!”


“Huh?! How did you see that?!”


“I was standing by as additional security when the princess and her entourage arrived at the beach. You’re lucky she ordered us to stand down, I was afraid I had to tackle you for a moment!” The middle aged man said half-jokingly.


“P-P-Princess?!” asked Xavier with wide eyes.


“Oh you didn’t know!? haha!” Mocked Eric.


“You can’t talk. Don’t act like you’re in the know! I had to give you a history lesson about her family this morning!” Saitou chided while looking at Eric. Both Xavier and Eiji laughed at the call out.


“How did it go?” asked Xavier’s mentor


“I’ll tell you about it later.” Xavier answered in a whispering tone while leaning closer to him.


Saitou surmised from that answer and gesture that things didn’t go as the young man had hoped and simply responded with a nod. Xavier then looked around again but just as he spotted Mei and her friends, a voice spoke. He looked behind him to see it was the same big booty waitress from earlier!


“Good evening! My name is Kaede, I will be your server tonight. What would you like to drink?” asked the waitress while passing out drink menus. Xavier noticed Kaede looking at him in particular with a welcoming smile.


Kaede was indeed a sight to see! The first thing Xavier noticed were they gray almond shaped shaped eyes gazing at him. Her face was was beautiful and exotic, so much so that he wouldn’t mind looking at her all day! She had short, slightly messy black hair with red highlights in the front. Kaede possessed a tight body as well. She had big soft looking tits that begged to be squeezed but by far her greatest asset was her plump, well rounded rear end. Her ass stuck out from underneath the frilly black uniform skirt she had on, jiggling from side to side as she walked. Her rump was so big that she could stand up straight and hold full glass of water without spilling any of it.


Xavier looked up at Kaede to order his drink and she looked back, her eyes locked on his. It was no ordinary look. Xavier didn’t notice anything about the gaze but Saitou did. He rubbed his chin and nodded while the little guy placed his order.


“I’ll take root beer please.” Xavier requested.


“I’ll have Dr. Pepper!” Eric added.


“Sprite please.” Eiji stated.


“I’ll have four shots of the best Tequila you got!” The middle aged man said.


“Great! I’ll be right back!” replied Kaede before turning to head to the bar. The trio of young men all stared at her huge, jiggly ass as she walked away.



Over at the women’s dining area, Mei’s table was full of mixed drinks and empty shot glasses. Mei and company were drinking, joking, and having a good time. However, it would soon be time for the meal to begin. A young man dressed in chef’s whites with dirty blonde hair, glasses, and a tall chef’s hat walked over to Mei’s table from the kitchen


“GOOD EVENING MY FAIR LADIES!” announced the Chef enthusiastically.


The 5 ladies looked toward the cooking station in front of the table where the young man stood.


“Welcome to Paradise Grill! My name is Auron and I will be chef tonight. It is my duty to give you divine maidens the best dining experience you ever had!”


“I will begin soon, but first I would like to know whom I have the great honor of serving. Please share your names with me so they become engraved in my heart!” the amourous cook requested.


Auron left his cooking station and walked over to the table, stopping at Hitomi who was the closest to him. He got down on one knee and gently took her hand.


“My name is Hitomi-chan!”


“As beautiful a name as the woman herself. It truly fits you mon cheri.” remarked the chef as he kissed Hitomi’s hand. He then moved on to Eve.


“Hi, I’m Eve” the woman said.


“So vibrant and full of energy, you give meaning to the word ‘life'” complimented Auron. The 18 year old turned flush as he kissed her hand. He then moved over to Natasha.


“Hello, I’m Natasha!”


“So magnificent, you are truly a gift to the world!” Auron stated as he kissed her hand. He then moved on to Tia and got on one knee once more.


“My name is Tián.” remarked Tia with a smile and a nod.


“Such a holy and dignified woman, I am blessed to be in your presence!” complimented the chef before kissing her hand. Lastly he approached Mei and kneeled for the final time.


“Mi nombre Melañie.” Mei said.


“Richer than the sweetest honey! Allow me to bask in your heavenly glory!” Praised Auron while blushing. He held on to her hand slightly longer than he did the other ladies while kissing it. She responded by flashing a smirk and raising an eyebrow.


Auron then went back to his cooking station. The young man then flung off his chef’s coat, throwing it to the side, revealing his Adonis-like shirtless physique. The ladies a;; gazed as he pointed at them with a rose he whipped out of his pocket.


“Let us begin our journey into bliss together!” declared the confident cooking prodigy.


The blonde chef quickly started by placing 5 small round pans on 5 of the 6 stove burners he had in front of him. Next, Auron added rice and some white wine to each of the pans. The young man moved with a purpose, performing multiple cooking tasks at once, adding lobster tails and butter to a larger pot to poach.


“Look at the body on him, I HAVE to get him for a live stream!” admired Hitomi.


“Look at how he moves, so quick yet so graceful. Looks like he could be fun in the sack!” whispered Tia to Mei.


“I bet he could work wonders on me with those big, strong hands…” noted Tasha while biting her lip.


Auron then grabbed a large knife and began cutting shallots. He sliced and diced the baby onions with the precision of an expert swordsman, adding them to the mixture along with some salt, pepper, and chicken stock. Finally, he added some parmesan cheese to the mix as the rice expanded to add a creamy texture and taste. The ingredients came together to create an enticing aroma that teased the senses.


“Mmm… Muy Delicioso! It smells amazing!” Mei said while taking in the scent with a deep breath.


Auron then plated the dish, placing a Lobster on top of each plate of rice. He then brought the plates to the table to serve.


“Behold! This is Paradise Grill’s own Signature Lobster Risotto! Bon Appétit!”


Auron watched the girls as they grabbed their spoons to take their first bite. The array of flavors and textures exploded like an atom bomb as the ladies tasted Auron’s Risotto dish.


“MMMM! OHHH!!! THIS IS FANTASTIC! Its so creamy, so thick, so soft. It’s melting in my mouth!” remarked the BSU freshman with a look a satisfaction on her face.


“ITS LIKE A PARTY IN MY MOUTH! I CAN’T STOP EATING!” Tasha added, stuffing more and more of it in her mouth.


“I CAN’T EXPLAIN WHAT I’M FEELING! ITS LIKE I’M HORNY FROM JUST EATING FOOD!!!” stated Tia as her long slender legs trembled.




“Enjoy!” Auron said as he looked on with fulfillment as the women savored their meal.



Back in the men’s area, Kaede rushed to bring Xavier’s group their drinks. Due to SPLASH, it was a very busy night and the front of the house was being manhandled as a consequence of not having enough staff.


“Here ya go! Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, and 4 shots of Tequila! Let me know if there’s ANYTHING else I can do for you” announced the waitress while looking at the 4 men. She stopped at Xavier while saying ‘ANYTHING‘ giving him a very suggestive stare before darting off to the bar to take care of other drink orders.


Saitou then gave each of the 3 teenagers a shot glass.


“What’s this for?” Xavier inquired.


“It’s a toast to ring in the new school year!”


“But we’re all underage!” remarked Eric.


“It is customary for students to take a shot of tequila for good luck leading up to the big day. The legal drinking age for BSU students and staff is 18 on school grounds and at BSU sponsored events.”


“Why is that?” questioned the spiked haired young man.


“As an adult film star, you will be invited to parties and social events where alcohol is present. Allowing underage students to indulge in it gets them used to the feeling of alcohol and learn how to carry themselves while drinking. Also, students will learn what their limits are. This helps prevent graduates from going buck wild and fucking up their careers after turning 21.”


“That’s a pretty sound idea” stated the bartender while reaching for a shot.


“Allowing it on campus provides a safe environment for students to drink and discourages them from sneaking into downtown bars and getting in trouble.”


“That makes sense, it gives the school a degree of control.”


“Anyways. you boys ready?”


The 3 young men raised their glasses in the air along with Saitou.




The 4 men each downed their shot. Xavier immediately coughed, Eric nearly spit out his drink. Eiji, on the other hand consumed the shot with no problem, slamming his glass on the table when he was finished. Xavier immediately took a big swig of his root beer, while Eric quickly downed about half of his Dr. Pepper.


“WHEW! That burned like hell!!” Eric said while coughing and gasping.


“That’ll put some hair on your chest!” Saitou asserted.


The men were then approached by a young woman dressed in a white chefs uniform similar to Auron’s. She was built like a brick house with curves that stuck out, even though her body was covered by a full uniform. She had two toned hair, half blonde and half blue which hung just below her jaw line. Xavier, Eric and Eiji all looked at her in awe.


“Good evening! I’m Diana and I would like to welcome you to my world of food!” Diana said while looking at her customers, offering a seductive grin.




Diana ripped away her uniform revealing a tiny all white revealing bikini.


“Bet I can get her number first.” Eric whispered to Eiji”


“You’re on.” Eiji whispered back with a confident smirk.


The group watched as Diana began to prepare their meal. First to set a pot of water to boil. While the water was boiling, She chopped up leeks, mushrooms and garlic, adding them to a pan to sautee in olive oil. Her movements were swift yet seductive and pleasing to the eye. She wiggled her hips and shook her ass while tossing the vegetables in the pan, teasing them as if she were doing an impromptu strip performance.


“This is my kinda place!” Xavier remarked to Saitou while raising his camera to record Diana cooking.


“There’s some pretty unique stuff to discover in World City, you just gotta look for it.” Saitou replied.


As the vegetables came close to finishing, Diana added some butter, fresh cream, shrimp, and sage. Next she dropped some freshly made pasta into the water, timing it perfectly so that the shrimp and the pasta would finish simultaneously. She then placed some grilled bruschetta bread on the plates before mixing the pasta and sauce together. The young lady added parsley for a garnish.


“Bear witness to Diana’s Shrimp Scampi Pasta!”


Xavier immediately went to work, demolishing his plate in a matter of seconds, much to Dianas amusement as well as Saitou, Eric, and Eiji.


“THIS IS DELICIOUS!” yelled Xavier in a high pitched voice so loud that nearby tables looked over.


“Yeah, nothing like a beautiful woman who can cook!” Eiji complimented, causing Diana to blush.


While the men ate, Kaede cashed out another table she was working. It was a young couple who came to the Paradise Grill for a dinner date. Knowing that the man was separated from his girlfriend she looked at the man sweetly while handing him the receipt of payment.


“Thank you for coming to us this evening! I hope you and your girlfriend have a wonderful night!”


“I already am!” replied the lecherous man, his eyes affixed to Kaede’s spectacular ass.


“Please COME again, any time!” Kaede charmingly remarked.


“I sure will!” the man responded while handing her a $50 bill.


Kaede’s big ass jiggled hypnotically as she walked away, giving the man one final glance at perfection.


The girlfriend grabbed her boyfriend’s ear in response to his unfaithful behavior. “And just what exactly are you staring at?!”


As Kaede walked by to get drinks for another table, she shot another conspicuous stare in Xavier’s direction. The two made eye contact with each other as she got closer.


“She’s looking at me! again….” Xavier thought to himself.


The two locked eyes for several seconds until she walked by. The black haired server swung her hips from side to side as she passed, brushing up against the side of his face with her massive rear end. After delivering the drinks and collecting a healthy tip from yet another table she heard a voice called her.


“Hey Kaede!” sounded the voice. It was another waitress.


“I see you’re making all the money tonight girl!” said the other waitress as she watched Kaede stuffed a wad of $20 bills into her bra.


“Yep! Its because of this right here!” Kaede declared proudly while giving her shapely ass a loud smack.


“Most dudes have never seen an ass as big as mine before so when they see me, they can’t help but show their appreciation with big tips~” Kaede explained.


“How did you do it? I want an ass like that myself!” asked the 2nd waitress.


“It’s mostly genetics but squats help a lot!” Kaede answered with a confident smirk.


She looked over her shoulder to see that the guys at Xavier’s table were close to finishing their sodas.


“I gotta go, duty calls!” remarked the black haired beauty as she dashed back to the kitchen to get a refill. She returned to the table and served another round of drinks, engaging the men in conversation.


“Here are refills for your drinks! How are you guys enjoying the meal?” she asked politely.


“It’s been fantastic! I can’t wait for next course.” Saitou replied. Xavier, Eiji and Eric all nodded in agreement with him.


“Is there anything else you want to order?” Kaede then leaned in close to Xavier and whispered in his ear.


“Like my fat asian ass?” Kaede asked with a smirk on her face. Xavier was caught completely off guard by Kaede’s forthright approach. He face turned several shades redder while returning a grin.


“I know you want it…” remarked the big booty waitress before walking away. Kaede smoothly lifted up her skirt slightly to provide a better view, even making it bounce subtlely as she went to get the drinks.


“Whoa! You better get on that lil bro. That big booty waitress is totally digging you!” Eric pointed out.


“She might just be working me to get a bigger tip.” Xavier responded skeptically.


“If she was fishing for tips, I would have been the target.” Saitou reasoned.


“Eric is right, she’s ripe for the picking. You better make your move soon or else she will lose interest.” Eiji added.


“If you weren’t so busy looking around you would have caught it! Hey, what were you looking for anyway?” Eric questioned.


“My mom is here with some of her friends.” Xavier answered.


“Bro! Your mom is here!? I wonder how she looks? I bet she’s a total…”


“Don’t you even think about it!!!” ordered the spiked haired youth as his eyes narrowed.


“Ha! She has to be hot. That’s why you’re getting so defensive! Right or wrong?” Eric asked as he looked to Eiji for his opinion.


“Knock it off, Eric. Last thing I want is to have to pull him off of you because you don’t know when to shut up.” Counseled Saitou.


The tension lifted as Diana brought the fellas their next course, perfectly cooked Filet Mignon steaks. The 3 young men got an eyeful of Diana as she served them, this time she was topless!


“Bon Appétit!” exclaimed the bare, bountiful breasted chef.


Both Xavier and Mei’s tables indulged on the second course while their respective chefs prepared dessert.



(60 Minutes later)


After a satisfying meal, and after saying his farewells to his friends and mentor as they left, Xavier felt a hand grab his shoulder from behind. He looked over his shoulder to see that it was the waitress Kaede.


“I think you dropped something!” Kaede said while pointing to the floor.


Xavier squatted down to grab the item, his eyes widen with surprise as he noticed the item on the floor was a quadruple XL mega-sized condom with a phone number written across the top of the white packaging. As he stood back up, Xavier caught a glance up her skirt. Her pussy was freshly shaved and the front of her thong panties rested in between the outer folds of her crotch.


It was quite the clever move by the server that brought a big grin to the young man’s face. It served as proof to him that Kaede’s earlier flirtation wasn’t her angling for a bigger tip, as most waitresses do. At that moment he realized he hadn’t introduced himself!


“I’m Xavier by the way!” said the teen. Having picked up on Kaede’s interest in him, Xavier decided on a bold move, emulating the romantic men he’d scene in movies. He grabbed her hand and kissed it, drawing a pleased reaction from the sexy vixen.


“What are you doing later?” the black and red haired woman asked.


“I got no plans for tonight.” answered the youth.


“You do now! Yo fine ass shouldn’t be alone tonight.” Kaede replied while grabbing a napkin from a nearby counter.


“My shift will be over in an hour. I’m gonna be working as the DJ for this party later. We need to link up, come see me.” Kaede requested before leaning in close and kissing him on the lips, causing him to turn red.


“I’ll be waiting for you…” Kaede teased as she walked away. Knowing Xavier would look over to watch her leave. She swiveled her hips and gave herself a smack on the ass while flashing a sultry smile.


[My goodness! that’s a lotta ass!] thought the young man to himself.


This was indeed an unexpected development for Xavier seemingly secured a second date for the day and a chance to bounce back from his failed encounter with Ashani.



(100 minutes later)


After taking a shower and changing, Xavier anxiously waited, watching TV in his hotel room until what he thought was the appropriate time to leave arrived. He didn’t wanna get there before she was ready which would appear desperate or thirsty. He was very excited for this date but he had to control those feelings in order to avoid making a fool of himself again. After a short walk, he finally made it over to Kaede’s room.


[Stay calm, she wanted to hang out with you, there’s no reason to be antsy and scared!] he thought to himself nervously while knocking on her door. The door opened to reveal Kaede standing on the other side wearing a shimmering black corset style bikini with a pattern of multiple golden stars on it. The small bikini exposed her shapely body which was a wondrous sight to see.


“About time! the manager gave me a break and let me leave early so I’ve been waiting! Lets go!” Kaede ordered as she stepped out of the hotel room, grabbing Xavier by the hand.


“So where are we going?” asked the young man.


“You’ll see its a surprise!” Kaede answered.


[Everyone keeps telling me that…!] he thought to himself.


“So what kind of DJ are you? What kind of music do you like?”


“I mainly do rap. It’s my favorite type of music. I grew up on it and hip hop culture.”


“Same here!” Xavier replied


“I used to work the clubs around the city before I got the job here. I took the position here so I could perform during SPLASH.” Kaede explained


“With all the music industry guys that are here, you could get noticed. It would be a huge boost to your career.”


“Yeah that’s what I’m hoping happens. I’ve been grinding for a while to get to the position I’m in now.”


Kaede then lead Xavier out the door to a balcony with a massive pool. Rap music blasted loudly from the building as girls and guys danced, played in the pool, and even fucked publicly. Xavier went over to an empty beach chair and sat down, observing what was going on. Kaede walked over to a platform podium, noticing that there was nothing on top of it. Her eyes enlarged in horror as she stared at the blank platform.


“X! ALL OF MY SHIT IS GONE!” yelled Kaede.


All of her DJ equipment was missing. Her turntables, laptop, speakers, and headset microphone were all missing. Kaede locked them up inside of a compartment inside of the platform earlier in the day when she was setting up her DJ station.


“Without my equipment I can’t perform! This was suppose to be my big chance to be seen on a larger scale! Theres a bunch of influential music industry executives out here! I’m supposed to start my set in 20 minutes! Failing to perform at SPLASH will DESTROY my career!” Kaede panicked. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she thought all hope was lost.


“20 minutes huh, that’s still enough time for us to find it! I’ll help you.” Xavier assured her in a calm tone.


After a moment, the panicked beauty regained her composure. “My turntable set has a graffiti design. It says “DJ K-Booty” on on the side. My laptop and speakers have a design to match the turntables.” Kaede detailed as she showed him a picture of her DJ set on her phone.


“Let’s split up. You check around the building and I’ll go look around the beach for your stuff.”


“Alright lets go! I need this!”


“I got you!” Xavier declared as he turned to leave.


Kaede began searching the hotel, using the stairs to go from floor to floor. Meanwhile, Xavier headed down to the crowded beach to look for Kaede’s missing equipment. There were many parties already going on which meant numerous crowds of people he had to maneuver around. He jogged the sands of Sapphire Shores, weaving through the sea of drunken partygoers, visually checking various stations set up for other DJs to perform at.


[There’s so many parties going on, so many people in the way…] Thought the young man as he ran.


He visited multiple DJ stations, giving visual inspection for a set that matched Kaede’s description, much to the ire of other DJs. They scowled and mean mugged him, some even thought he was looking to jack their equipment. The clock was running and Xavier didn’t have time to explain himself, for explaining himself would waste precious minutes. Xavier passed by Saitou and Eric who were working a night shift. They watched in confusion as he ran down the beach.


“That’s Xavier! what the hell is he doing?” A perplexed Eric asked.


“I don’t know, I thought he would have been with the server from the restaurant.” Saitou observed.


Xavier then came across another DJ setting up his station. He found it suspicious that the man was hooking up equipment when parties were already getting underway. He approached the man, paying careful attention to the equipment. He immediately noticed a multi colored laptop with a big “DJ K-Booty” sticker on the back.


[Thats it! This guy jacked Kaede’s stuff!]


“Ay! What up homie?” Xavier greeted.


“What up. You here to see my show?” asked the DJ.


“Yeah. That’s some nice gear you have there. Where did you get it?” Xavier asked.


“It’s a custom.” answered DJ.


“Custom as in you stole it?!” Xavier said, accusing the DJ.


He stood up and looked at Xavier, clearly flustered because the scar faced teen was on to him.


“K-Booty is a friend of mine, I don’t appreciate you taking her shit. So I’m gonna ask you once, give me her equipment back!”


“And what if I don’t?”


“We’re gonna fight right now and you won’t get to perform!” threatened Xavier with a look of burning rage in his eyes.


“Well go ahead then.”


Several other men approached the two, moving behind the DJ. They were his friends.


“Lets see you get it back now!” said the DJ while crossing his arms confidently.


[Shit! Theres 7 of them, I’m gonna get a beatdown for sure! It’s too late to back down now! I gotta try!] thought the overmatched young man to himself.


Xavier clenched his fists and prepared to do battle, despite knowing he would lose and most likely take a severe ass whooping. But to him, that was a better option than letting them take Kaede’s stuff without a fight.


“HEY!” yelled a deep powerful voice. Xavier looked back to see a group of guys and girls wearing blue bandanas. Their numbers were great, there had to be at least 20 of them. Judging by their attire they were more than likely gang members.


“I heard y’all talkin. This KB’s gear?” asked the leader of the group. He was a tall, muscular, black gentleman. His appearance was reminiscent of famous actor Terry Crews.


The DJ and his crew stood frozen in terror as if they saw a ghost. The bandana wearing group were big fans of Kaede’s.


“Yeah, these motherfuckers stole it from her set. She has a show to do in 10 minutes. I came to to get her stuff back!” Xavier explained.


“KB got a lot of love in the streets. You tryin to ruin her gig?!” asked the groups leader.


“She’s the hottest DJ in World City! She rocks the clubs better than anybody out here yo! And her mixtape is straight fire!” added a female group member as they moved behind Xavier to back him up.


“We rock with her. If you fuckin wit KB you fuckin us!” said a teenaged group member.


“And if you fuckin wit us you got BIG problems comin your way!” declared the group’s leader with authority.


“WE ARE THE KB NATION!” yelled the gang in unison while all striking Super Sentai-like poses.


“KB Nation??” Xavier asked confused confusedly.


The group leader looked over to Xavier and spoke.


“That’s right! we are K-Booty’s devoted fan club. We go to all the clubs she DJs at, buy her mixtapes tapes, and show her support any way we can.”


Xavier nodded in acknowledgment


“What’s yo name lil homie?”


“X” answered the teen.


“Go ahead and take it. These bitches aint gon do shit! We got your back X.”


The DJ and his crew moved out of the way as Xavier gathered Kaede’s belongings.


“Thanks man, I appreciate the help!” Xavier said gratefully.


“No problem lil homie. A friend of K-Booty is a friend of ours. THE KB NATION IS RIDIN WITH YOU!”


The group members all squatted down and started twerking, imitating their idol. The freshman student strained not to laugh at the display. After they finished dancing, Xavier shook hands with the gang’s leader and gave his 2 finger salute to all of the other members. He then grabbed her speakers and ran back to the resort as fast as he could. He barreled through the doors leading to the balcony pool, noticing Kaede sitting down on a bench staring at the time on her phone.


“I GOT IT!” Xavier yelled triumphantly while rushing towards her. Kaede jumped out of her seat and hugged him as he put the speakers down.


“REALLY?! THANK YOU SO MUCH X!” Kaede exclaimed in happiness.


“Now to hook this up. We got a few minutes left.”


Xavier hooked up all of the equipment and Kaede checked to make sure everything is working.


“Everything is good!” Kaede told Xavier.


“Lets see what you got K-Booty!”


“Imma show you how I get down boo!” replied Kaede with a grin and a wink.




Kaede then began her performance and played the first song. The pool was packed with people and there was no room left. Other partygoers gathered on the sand 2 floors below. She scratched and spun records with expert precision and creativity. Xavier watched in awe with his video camera as she shook her ass to the beat. She did a number of songs while Xavier filmed her, controlling the crowd like putty in her hand. She hopped on top of the podium that held her turntables and started scratching and spinning with her feet; shaking her upper body and bouncing her tits around. She then turned her back to the audience and bounced her ass while still spinning records with her feet. Xavier started a chant, hyping up the crowd.


K-BOOTY! K-BOOTY! GET IT! ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO!” roared the audience as they ran with the chant Xavier started


Kaede jumped down from the platform and resumed DJing, pulling out another one of her tricks. She bent all the way down, resting her ass on her two turntables. She clapped and gyrated her booty, using her ass cheeks to make the records scratch!


“LET’S GET LIVE!” yelled the charismatic DJ




Kaede then set her laptop to play a special playlist of mix songs she blended together.


“Let’s dance boo!” suggested Kaede to Xavier as she took his camera and set it next to her turntables.


Xavier sat there hesitant to get up because he didn’t know how to dance.


“Come on! I didn’t bring you here to sit and look around!” Kaede demanded with a smile before taking his hand.


The thick beauty danced to the music while Xavier awkwardly tried to follow along with her.


“B-but! I can’t dance!” Xavier yelled in a panic.


“Its okay, I got this!”


Kaede then turned around and swayed her hips, shaking and bouncing her fat ass against his crotch. Her moves were like that of a twerking girl in a rap video. She seductively wiggled and moved her body to the beat of the music and grabbed Xavier’s hands, placing them on her hips.


“Just follow along with me and move your hips around. Do it like you’re fucking me in the ass!” Kaede advised.


Xavier blushed and followed her instructions, slowly pumping his hips against her soft rear while she grinded on him. Kaede then bent over and touched the ground with her hands, clapping her massive cheeks together on his dick bulge. Xavier placed his hand on the small of her back and continued his thrusting motions.


Those watching nearby began to cheer them on .


“GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO!”


Xavier started to get stiff in his shorts which was something Kaede felt. The top side of his hardening cock brushed up against her pussy as it slid between the bottom of her ass and inner thighs.


“OOOOH!” cooed the thick bodied DJ .


Kaede then stood back up and faced her smaller dance partner. Xavier grabbed on to her ass with one hand and lifted a leg with the other while Kaede gyrated her hips going up and down his johnson with her pussy. Their impromptu dry hump session was indeed electric, so much so that couples there who weren’t fucking already were encouraged to from seeing Xavier and Kaede’s lustful dance. There was definitely chemistry between them. Seizing the moment, Xavier moved in to kiss her. Kaede moved in and met his lips with her own, slipping tongue. They shared a prolonged tongue lip lock as they continued to dance.


“AHHH!” Kaede moaned while looking Xavier in the eyes. She then looked down after feeling his dick throbbing and poking her.


“HOLY FUCK!!! YOUR COCK IS HUGE!” gasped Kaede as she covered her mouth in awe, saying it loud enough to get the attention of nearly everyone at the scene. Xavier simply grinned back without saying anything.


Kaede looked on and saw her partner’s dick rise to a fully erect state. She then reached down under his shorts and caressed his member.


“This is a fat fucking dick! FOR SURE THE BIGGEST DICK I’VE EVER SEEN! ITS PERFECT!!!” Kaede remarked while licking her lips in lust… She dropped down to a squatting position and grabbed a hold of his shorts. Xavier’s eyes enlarged as he watched Kaede shimmy his shorts down his legs to let his beast free. Kaede examined the massive phallus in front of her with wide eyes, stroking it with one hand while holding his balls. Her mouth was watering as if she were about to feast on a thick juicy steak.


“IT’S SO LONG AND THICK! ITS LIKE A GIANT SAUSAGE! I GOTTA GET A TASTE OF YOUR BIG BLACK DICK!!!” Kaede said before opening her mouth wide and locking her lips around the head of Xavier’s cock.


While sucking him off, she used the excess saliva to help her suck down his gigantic cylinder of meat. She used a speed technique in which she bobbed her head back and forth quickly with the saliva providing a smooth path for her lips and tongue.


Nearby onlookers cheered at the display, encouraging of the sexy SPLASH behavior.


“MMMMMM! SO BIG AND TASTY!!!” moaned Kaede as she gave him an oral barrage of pure pleasure.


“This feels so good!” Xavier told Kaede while squinting his eyes.


The black haired diva made love to Xavier’s dick; moving across the surface of the dick gradually with her lips, tightly puckering them up to create an air tight seal around his thick phallus. Drool ran down her chin, dropping on to her perky tits.


“AHHHH!!!!! MMMMMM!!!” Kaede moaned as she blew her partner.


Her sounds of pleasure grew louder as she continued to suck him off. She was receiving just as much pleasure as he was from the act. Her hand ventured down her own thigh and into her bikini bottom, pressing her fingers in. She hooked them while moving up in an out of her moist orifice. She was truly getting off on it. She traversed Xavier’s dick with fervor, applying a tight yet still soft squeeze. Her fingers moved in unison with her head and neck as one act was enhancing the other, her moisture dripped down the bottom of her thighs and onto the floor.


Her quick and powerful sucking motions brought big smile to the young man’s face. The blowjob was so good that the usually timid and shy teen gave little thought to the fact that he was in public; something that usually terrifies him.




The sounds of her sucking Xavier’s dick and fingering herself was loud and audible. Kaede’s moist mouth made a distinct sound with each back and forth movement. The slurps sound like she was chugging down a bowl of hot soup. She briefly removed his dick from her mouth to gloat.


“You like this mouth don’tcha???”


Xavier nodded in approval, giving a 2 thumbs up gestures. The flashes from those taking pictures illuminated the darkening sky as Kaede relished being filmed by the other people at the pool, flashing a peace sign to let them know she was aware of the cameras while still maintaining focus on her partner. She planted deep kisses on his dick, slipping out her tongue and sliding it from side to side against his flesh. She then grasped it with both hands turning her wrists in clockwise and counterclockwise motions like she was twisting a pepper mill. While doing this she focused squarely on the head area of his dick, tickling it with her tongue while pressing down with her lips, going back and forth in short bursts. Her combination oral and handjob assault caused the teen’s veins to bulge, a clear sign she was very good at what she did.


The black haired girl then licked his cock over and over gliding over every thick inch of it with her tongue. She followed up by trying a deep throat. She managed a little less than half of it but was able to hold it in her throat for 10 seconds before gagging and pull away!


As Kaede removed his dick to breathe, Xavier lifted her up and carried her to the beach chair, lying her on her back before climbing onto the edge of the chair.


“Now I wanna taste you!” Xavier said enthusiastically.


Kaede reclined the chair back and rested her head on a folded towel as he stripped her of both her bikini top and bottom. He started off be kissing her supple tits, lightly pecking the areolas around the nipples.


“MMMMMM!!!” Kaede sounded in approval.


Xavier then went for the nipples themselves, sucking on the right one while squeezing the left one between his index finger and thumb and then alternating sides. He took in very deep breaths as he suckled her breasts. He inhaled air as if he were preparing to throw a punch, creating a strong, pleasurable suction effect. He nibbled on the nipple as he exhaled, the air from it creating a wind-like sensation against the Kaede’s knubs of flesh.


“OOOH BABY! I LIKE THAT! BITE THEM BIG TITTIES!” Kaede cried out in joy.


The young man nibbled harder, causing goosebumps to form on her tits. As he continued, Kaede’s pussy moistened up, her juice trickled down her thighs as he kissed down her belly. Kaede opened her legs to grant Xavier access to her love slit. He started his attack with his hands by rubbing on her pussy with the pads of his fingers. While doing this, he kissed and sucked on her inner thighs.


“AHHHH!!!!! EAT THAT PUSSY UP DADDY!” yelled Kaede, anxious for what was coming.


Having built up her anticipation, he moved in head first and licked the opening of her pussy. He gave her a thorough tongue job. Kaede closed her eyes and opened her mouth letting out a high pitched a scream.


“AHHHHHHH!!!!!! OOOOOOOHHH!!! IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! DON’T STOP X, ITS ALL YOU CAN EAT TONIGHT!” hollered the curvy DJ as Xavier licked up her juices.


Without a time limit working against him Xavier was able to take his time with Kaede. He glanced upward at Kaede to see her moaning which made him grin. He then spread her pussy open, fully exposing her clit to him. Xavier quickly moved his tongue up and down, repeatedly hitting her clit like it was a speed bag.


“OH SHIT! OH SHIT! TAKE ME THERE!” howled Kaede while squeezing the back of his head. Her legs quivered as she spoke.


“I WANT YOU INSIDE ME! LEMME RIDE THAT BIG BLACK DICK!” demanded the big booty date.


The two swapped places with Xavier sitting on the chair and leaned back while Kaede squatted over his giant dong with her back turned to him, assuming a reverse cowgirl position. She grabbed his cock by it’s base and sat down on it. It was a very snug fit and took multiple attempts to get in. Xavier grabbed her by the waist and helped by pulling down on her hips.




Kaede immediately felt his massive dick enter into her tight pussy; she winced slightly while sitting down on it for the first time. After a few minutes of pleasure pain, she gradually relaxed as she began to ride him, the slight yelps of pain quickly gave way to screams of joy. Xavier squeezed her thick squishy rear end with both hands as she bounced on his dick, looking down with a big grin while her ass jiggled in front of him.


“UGHHHH!!! AHHHHHH!!! GOD DAMN! THIS DICK IS FIRE!!!” screamed the thick bodied DJ. She had taken some large cocks before but by far it this was the biggest shed felt. Kaede felt a shock of pleasure each time she lowered her self on Xavier’s mountain of meat. Her pussy got wetter and wetter as she continued, the additional lubrication allowed her to move faster. She moved her body to the rhythm of the music; her ass cheeks clapped together and her screams provided a boisterous melody, to the point she was drowning out the other women being fucked at the pool.


“AHHHHH! YAAAHHHH! FUCK!!! YOU LIKE HOW I RIDE IT?!?!” Kaede yelled as she looked over her shoulder at her partner.


“HELL YEAH!” responded the green eyed young man as he started to thrust.


Xavier bent his knees and exploded upwards, using the muscles in his lower body pound Kaede’s pussy from below. The young man bucked upwards with forceful thrusts nearly knocking her off of him each time he slammed his lengthy rod inside her. Kaede held on to his knee caps to help maintain balance.


“OOOOH!!!THATS RIGHT!! FUCK THAT SLUTTY PUSSY!! I WANT EVERY FUCKING INCH!!!” Kaede howled as she he bounced wildly on his dick. Her big tits flopped around slapping against her as he pumped her full of dick. Other guests at the pool stopped what they were doing to watch the epic romp that was taking place, including BSU’s Headmistress, Taiyohime. She herself was completely nude, observing from a chair on the other side of the pool.


“Hmmm… she’s a spirited one!” thought the Headmistress to herself.


Xavier then lifted Kaede up and carried her to a more open area and placed her on the ground, bending her over so that she was on all fours. He grabbed her ass with both hands and proceeded to ram her doggy style. The young man pumped his hips with aggression, each thrust made a resounding smacking sound. Kaede arched her back and bent all the way down to help get the deepest penetration possible.


“HARDER! DON’T STOP!!! FUCK I CAN FEEL IT IN MY STOMACH!” Kaede yelled as he pumped her.


Xavier obliged and put forth greater effort to please her, putting more strength into his strokes. He charged his way in like a bull in a china shop, getting a full exertion out of every thrust.




“AHHHHHHHHH! YES! YES! FUCK MEEEEEE!!!!” moaned the black haired nymph.


She thrusted her ass back at him almost like she was competing against him to see who would cum first. Cameras flashed and videos rolled as spectators recorded the encounter to post online. Xavier ramped up his effort once more, building up to a frenetic pace. Kaede’s juices splattered, creating a small puddle underneath them. Her whole body trembled and her eyes rolled as she made a Ahegao face!


“SO DEEP! YOU’RE SMASHING MY UTERUS! OHHHHHHOOOOOOHHHHH!!! UMMMMMM!” Kaede hollered as he probed her even deeper than before!


Sweat poured down Xavier’s face and body as he was determined to redeem himself from his earlier encounter with Ashani that morning. He was fucking her more like a machine than a man. Kaede moved her hips back and forth on his dick which now fit to his length like a hand in a glove. Xavier watched as she skillfully moved her ass up, down and in a circle, controlling it like were a clutch. She too began to sweat for she had not experienced a fucking like this before!




Xavier sloshed inside Kaede’s pussy, getting it so wet it was like a waterslide! Her extra moist vagina was so slick Xavier’s dick popped out in-between pumps.


“PUT IT IN MY ASS DADDY!!!” Kaede moaned to him.


Kaede then sandwiched his dick between her ass cheeks and raised her hips, jerking him off with only her backside. She swung her ass from side to side. She grinded her pussy against his rod as she hotdogged him, dreching him in her juices.




Xavier nodded and spread her ass cheeks open with his thumb, exposing her tiny anal hole. He grabbed a hold of his johnson and pushed it’s head in. It was extremely tight; Xavier had to wiggle his dick to squeeze his way in.






Kaede grimaced slightly as he fed his dick into her asshole, though she had taken anal many times before, she had never taken on a monster dong the size of Xavier before. He pumped steadily and slowly at first to give himself a little more time to catch his breath.


Kaede moaned heavily from the steady strokes Xavier gave her. She was especially sensitive to anal sex, even moreso this time because of her partner was hung like a horse. Each trust made her body tremble, causing her you involuntarily clench her anus around her partners length.




He pumped faster and harder, filling her with the full length of his dick each time. Kaede clenched her fists and her eyes rolled in her head as he vigorously slammed her asshole. Drops of sweat ran down her pretty face as she nibbled on her lower lip.




Xavier pumped harder, Sledgehammering her hole like he was trying to break through a concrete wall. The heavy pounding sent waves of pleasure pulsing through Kaede entire body! Her eyes began to water and her lips quivered as he buried his cock deep into her backside!


“THIS IS FUCKIN AMAZING! OOOOHHH!!!! WAAAAHHHH! OOOAAAHHH!” Kaede moaned as she enjoyed his long dick strokes.


Kaede threw that ass back at him, thrusting her hips back and moving her ass around in circular motion. She flexed the muscles in her ass and squeezed his dick, nearly making him cum prematurely and causing him to back off momentarily.




“Not yet!” Xavier replied, rising to Kaede’s challenge.


Xavier completely mounted her, straightening out his legs and grabbing on to her shoulders for leverage.




Xavier fucked in a way that was almost missionary, coming down on her from above using all of his bodyweight to split her ass!




Xavier pulled his hips back and delivered one more momentous thrust!




Her legs wobbled uncontrollably as she squirted her juices on the ground below. Kaede stretched out her legs, collapsing onto the floor; Lying on contently on her stomach while she climaxed. She cooed happily, moaning his name.




Xavier then rose to his feet and extended his hand, helping Kaede to her feet. He then scooped her up by her thighs into a standing carry position and pushed his length into her dripping snatch once more.




Their pulses raced as he slammed her pussy with a jackhammer-like pace and rhythm. She wrapped her arms around him in a tight embrace, caressing the back of his head with her hand. Each could feel the other’s increasing heartbeat as they gazed into each other’s eyes. The chemistry was undeniable!


“SHE’S A FUCKIN BEAST!” Xavier thought to himself as he noticed she wasn’t slowing down.


Kaede’s body quaked with every thunderous thrust, Xavier launched into her, forming goosebumps all over her skin. She wrapped her legs around his waist to brace herself as Xavier thrashed her with all his might! He bent his knees and exploded upward to gain more spring and leverage to smash her with even greater force.


“OH MY FUCKIN GOD! MAKE YOUR BITCH!!! GIMME MOAR!!!!” Kaede screamed in ecstasy.


At that point Xavier had been banging her for at least 40 minutes, he had done this once before but never at such a frenzied pace. He was tiring but Kaede’s screams and the adrenaline coursing through his veins motivated him to push even further. He took her back to the chair and laid her on her back, mounting her for missionary. He leaned forward into each heavy thrust, filling her body with an ever increasing tension she had never felt with previous partners. Kaede gripped on to his shoulder, unconsciously digging her nails into his skin and scratching him.


“AHHHHH!!! OHHHHH! I’M GONNA BREAK!” Kaede wailed as he ferociously drilled her.


Sensing the end was near Xavier went for broke, putting all of the energy he had left into his final run. He stroked her pussy with tremendous power, so much so that it was causing the chair to slide backwards on the floor. The tension in her body reached its maximum!


“THIS FEELING I’M GONNA CUM!… YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! AHHH!!!!” howled Kaede in a long sustained primal scream.


Her toes curled and her body shook uncontrollably as Xavier had seemingly given her an explosive climax. Kaede closed her eyes as intense pleasure took over. Xavier smirked as he gasped for air, enjoying the feeling of a job well done.


[WOW! This was a tough one!] he thought to himself.


However, just as he thought Kaede was coming down from her blissful dick induced high she opened her eyes with renewed determination!


[WHAT THE FUCK!?] he thought to himself as he looked into her eyes.


Kaede’s eyes had changed, in the pupils of her almond eyes was a glowing pink heart. Xavier’s eyes enlarged as he saw the change in Kaede’s expression and demeanor. The Ahegao-like look on her face was one of lust, pure, unbridled passion!


“YOU READY FOR ROUND 2 DADDY!?” Kaede asked before licking her lips.


“W-WAI–” Was all Xavier could say before Kaede rolled him on his back and started bouncing on his still rock hard cock. He thrusted her hips back and forth as she rode him, using Xavier’s own hammer technique against him. Her gyrations were powerful yet welcoming to him, causing him to strain to hold out long enough finish the job.


“Amazing…. is that?” remarked Taiyohime as she put her drink down to get a closer look.




She glided on his dick energetically as if she hadn’t already been fucking for an hour, reinvigorated somehow.


[What is this!? I made her cum but she’s still going like it never happened! SHE’S A MONSTER!!] Xavier thought to himself, worried as he was running out of gas.


“Looks like he helped awakened her inner slut!” remarked the Headmistress with slight intrigue as she watched.


“What’s happening?” Sara Reed, holding a couple of fresh beverages, asked as she came over to sit down besides Taiyohime in an empty beach chair.


“Whoa!! is that…?!” Sara asked as she looked over at Kaede and Xavier’s fornication.


“Yes.” Taiyohime nodded and observed. “That woman has entered ‘Lust Mode'”


“Lust Mode is a rare phenomenon, an enhanced state of being that only a very few individuals ever experience. In such a state, the individual’s inner sexual beast awakens as their physical and sexual prowess is greatly heightened; this includes their stamina, strength, sensitivity and endurance. The only downside to such a state is that, unless controlled and mastered, the individual cannot fully control their actions as their body is overcome with an insatiable need to fuck. But… HOW did this happen?” Sara said while turning to her colleague and mentor.


“The conditions vary among individuals but if I had to guess… she found the ‘perfect dick’.”


“Huh? The perfect dick??” The busty blonde BSU professor echoed.


“Lust Mode can be triggered when a woman encounters their version of the perfect dick. A dick that has the perfect length, thickness, texture, and overall fit to perfectly compliment the woman’s vagina. When this happens her partner hits ALL of her sensitive zones simultaneously to induce extreme pleasure and awaken the sexual beast within. Because every woman is different, the ideal penis is different for every woman. Due of such conditions, hardly anyone finds their perfect pairing, it is like finding a needle in a haystack…”


“OR maybe shes a size queen who loves giant cocks! I DON’T KNOW~!” Taiyohime said abruptly while sticking her tongue out and shrugging. This immediately causes Sara to nearly choke on her drink and fall off her seat.


After regaining her composure, Sara continued to watch “Amazing… The school year hasn’t even started and already something like this occurs. With all the interesting individuals gathering, this year could be something truly special.”


Kaede rode him vigorously, clapping her ass and twerking on his cock. He fit the contours of her pussy so finely that her every movement hit him like a tidal wave. Xavier was hanging on for his dear life like a man shipped wrecked and struggling not be pulled under by her sea of raw desire! The veins in his dick expanded as Kaede pushed him to his limit. Xavier sweat profusely; numerous beads ran down his face like he’s been sitting in a sauna set to maximum for an hour.


“AHHHHHHH!!! KEEP GOING! I’M NOT DONE YET!” Kaede ordered as she overwhelmed him with her amazing moves. Kaede then executed a full split while still bouncing on top of him, squeezing a flood of cum out of him as if she were juicing an orange between her legs!


“WHOOOO!” roared Xavier as Kaede finished him off. Completely drained and exhausted Xavier looked up to see that Kaede wasn’t finished. She kept going, hugging his beefy cock with her vaginal muscles. Despite already busting a nut already, Xavier’s dick continued to throb intensely, almost painfully so.




Kaede came down on him with great speed and ferocity; driving her ass and upper thighs into his pelvis and stomach area. Each rebound made a distinct bumping noise that was more akin to the hollow sound of a stout punch to the shoulder than the usual smacking associated with sex.


[DAMN! SHE AIN’T PLAYIN!] thought Xavier to himself.


The adrenaline that powered Xavier to this point left him along with the massive amount of sperm he fired into Kaede minutes earlier. She continued to work his cock fast and furiously, bouncing so hard that his stomach grew sore. She pressed her thighs together tightly, flexing her vaginal muscles again, milking out another big load of Xavier’s seed. It was less than the first which was a difference Kaede could feel as she drained him.


“OH MY GOD !! WHOOOOO!!” hollered Kaede as she felt another blissful surge. Unlike her previous climaxes during the session she was unfazed and didn’t need time to gather herself.


[D-DOES SHE NOT HAVE A LIMIT!?] Xavier thought in panic, unable to keep up with his partner.


The lust driven nymph grabbed Xavier’s shoulders, using them as handles to give her more leverage. She moved at a wild and feverish pace, bombarding her partner’s dong with tight, wet, vaginal goodness! Xavier came not once, not twice but three more times! Xavier’s vision became blurry as he was completely consumed by exhaustion. He could not make out her face clearly and saw 3 of her like she was projecting afterimages.


“WHAT’S WRONG!? YOU’RE CUMMING LESS AND LESS! DON’T GIVE OUT ON ME NOW!” urged the black haired slut in a somewhat disappointed tone to her fading partner.


Sara looks over at Taiyohime with concern, seemingly asking her if she could intervene. Taiyohime shakes her head and says… “It’s almost over.”


The tireless she devil rapidly massaged his cock, swallowing it into her insatiable love pit. Xavier groaned as she milked ALL the cum out of him. Kaede’s screams grew softer and softer with each subsequent creampie. Even after his dick went completely soft, she didn’t relent. They young man’s flaccid pole was squashed and folded underneath the weight of Kaede’s extra meaty curves, causing him to clench his teeth in discomfort.


For the next several minutes, Kaede rode Xavier’s flaccid dick. Entralled in her own sex frenzy, she tried to get as much pleasure out of Xavier as possible. Each collision onto Xavier’s body became more painful than pleasurable.


However, the gray eyed beauty gradually slowed down as she realized her partner could no longer continue. Xavier struggled to catch his breath as he allowed his arms to flop to his sides. He closed his eyes for a few seconds due to the blurry vision and dizziness he was feeling as he reopened them he saw Kaede staring into his eyes with a deflated expression. He knew then that he disappointed her. His heart sunk as he leaned his head back. He was too exhausted to move, let alone speak.


“AWWWWW! THATS ALL YOU GOT?!” Kaede said, the disappointment evident in her sad expression.


Xavier was totally speechless, awed by Kaede’s performance, while also disappointed because he failed to keep up with her.


“You had me so hot! I wanted to keep going all night long X!” Kaede admitted enthusiastically.


“My bad…” Xavier said while looking away.


Kaede’s eyes lowered as she let out a long yawn.


“I’m…. so… tired… now.” Kaede said, yawning after every word. Her eyes returning to normal, losing the hearts in her pupils.


Xavier looked at Kaede, puzzled at what he had just witnessed. The woman seemingly transformed into a sexual berserker right before his eyes. It was like she had become one of the nymphs of ancient myth!


[An insatiable sex drive, boundless energy. She made me bust like it was nothing.] he thought to himself.



“I’m so sleepy! Lets go to bed!” Kaede yawned.


The couple slowly got up and grabbed their clothes not even bothering to get dressed before going inside. Many spectators cheered and applauded Xavier, appreciating his valiant effort despite coming up short. It was bittersweet for him.



(5 minutes later.)


“We have to do that again sometime! but next time, give me more!” said Kaede. “You can do better than tonight right?” Kaede yawned before kissing him on the lips closing her eyes.


Xavier laid in bed lamenting what had just taken place while Kaede slept nestled close to him. Her apparent disappointment with his showing hit like an anvil had been dropped on him.


[What was that!? She became something else, a sexual beast? but it faded just like that!]


His eyes lowered in shame as he had fallen short again this time in front of a large audience.


“If BSU has girls like her how will I manage? Do I really have what it takes?”


He sat up and looked out of the window blankly, searching for an answer. This day had given him not one but two bitter defeats. He was visibly shaken by this.


“She’s right! I have to do better, but how?”


He thought back to previous encounters such as the one with Mai at the hotel. He had tired quickly after a short time in the pool with her.


[She knew I was getting tired! That’s why she said she was cold!] the young man realized.


He then thought back to Shikijou’s words when he met with the second year girls.


Physical fitness is an important part of being a BSU student, you need to stay in shape to perform optimally.

You’d better get back into the gym!

Some EXERCISE would help with the tension you’re feeling!


As he recalled Shikijou’s advice, it dawned on him just where to begin.


“Now I have somewhere to start! If I’m going to be sharing scenes with these kind of women, I need to be able to keep up with their immense sex drives! I gotta get back into shape, not just good shape but FIGHTING SHAPE! I’LL START FIRST THING IN THE MORNING!” the resolute young man declared as he clenched his fist. He then leaned back and put his arm around Kaede as he drifted to sleep himself.



A few hours later, Xavier felt her stir. This feeling was followed by soft pecks on the cheek. He opened his eyes to see Kaede looking at him.


“How you feeling?” Xavier asked then yawned.


“AMAZING! You’re the best I ever had!” Kaede blurted out excitedly, much to Xavier’s confusion.


“HUUUH?! Do you even REMEMBER what happened?” questioned the young man.


“No not exactly, but my body is sore all over! especially in the ‘Front’ and ‘Back’! You had to have REALLY rocked my world last night! I can barely walk!” Kaede confessed with a smile. Xavier chuckled in response.


[Whatever happened to her must have given her body a huge rush of adrenaline, putting her in overdrive. Now her body is drained as a result….] The spiked hair teen speculated.


“Next time, I’ll rock your whole universe!” Xavier joked.


“You better!” cooed Kaede before kissing him on the lips. Both Xavier and Kaede closed their eyes once more, fading into sleep.


With the first day of SPLASH at it’s end, Xavier had not one but 2 failed dates. However, in facing defeat, Xavier finally figured out the first step in his plan of action. With new motivation in his heart it was time to begin his quest to become the greatest!

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Where to even begin? First of, this artwork has many things going for it that makes it seem almost too similar to the one two chapters ago (Xavier X Matsunami), while also being very distinct in it’s own right. Both are basically the same when it comes to position of the girl, although Kaede’s boobs are much more squished together and Matsunami’s feet were in the air, both girls have a very prominent tramp stamp and both of them have an almost identical hairstyle (even the strand of hair over their faces are the exact same), although Kaede has much messier hair and a different color. But between the two artworks I prefer this one a lot more. The background looks much more natural with the setting sun coloring the horizon in nice shades of orange and of course the puddles of water around the young couple and the water/sweat running off of their bodies. I like that you went for black make-up for Kaede, it fits her style really well and looks great on Xavier’s body. And man, the cum version is leages better than the one with Xavier X Matsunami for example. It looks exceedingly good and the amount of it is just right for a girl like Kaede. For things that are holding the artwork back, all I can think of is the excellent story written, since the setting where both of them are is a party and I think that the lack of other people in the back-ground doesn’t make it seem that way. The pool wasn’t also used in the story and given the puddles around them, I really hoped to see some underwater action. Keep in mind, thats nothing negative for the artwork and it only comes up in conjunction with the story.

I love how you can separate the story in two parts, with both parts having an equally inter-esting setting and tone to it. The first part of course is the “Paradise Grill” section where Xavier meets up with his mother, her three coworkers Tia, Tasha and Evelyn, as well as Saitou, Eric and Eiji and even two completely new characters in the form of Kaede, Diana and Auron. With the latter being already one of my favorite characters simply because of his similarity to one of my all time favorite characters: Sanji from One Piece. Great mo-ment for Xavier here, where he told his mother to what kind of school he is going and his talk with her about Maihime and what to do with that whole situation. The mystery about Mei continues to grow, with her looking after a certain girl/woman and her pretending to not know about BSU. The dinner section might be one of the best scenes so far period. Both groups (the men group with Xavier, Saitou, Eric and Eiji and the women group consisting of Mei, Tia, Tash, Evelyn and Hitomi) have very interesting dynamics going on between them and I really like that Mei gets her very own stud in the form of Auron for the future. Erics and Eiji’s competition who gets Diana’s number first as well as Xaviers almost oblivious nature towards Kaede’s flirt attempts, with him writing it of as an act, in order for her to get a bigger tip is really funny. The second part of the chapter with the party was really good too. You could say that, perhabs the part with her stolen equipment was a bit forced in order to create action but the introduction of the KB Nation was hilarious and it even deepened his connection with Kaede. Now, the sex scene is, where this chapter truly shines with perhabs one of the longest ones so far. It was really something else to see Xavier being so utterly outclassed by the “Lust Mode”, a really nice concept by the way where I wished that we would have gotten to see it on a more experienced character to further empathize just how crazy that ability is. Nonetheless, an amazingly breathtaking sex from start to unfortunate finish, which helped to show Xavier that simply looking good and being nice to the girls won’t get him nowhere in this school/world.

Despite this artworks similarities with an artwork two chapters ago, it’s still one of a kind with a top-notch chapter to boot.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Hello once again. Kaede is another one of my earliest OCs and one of my favorites. Her hair is actually much shorter than Matsunami’s and doesn’t show well because of the pose. I changed her look from how she looked when she was first created. She was originally based on Mikasa from attack on titan.

Working with her was fun. Her personality and gimmick was a combination of RT and myself bouncing back ideas. I particularly like her BBC fetish, love of black culture and rap music because I’m black in real life and I saw a lot of women similar to Kaede in other countries, especially Japan during my over seas travels in the military.

I enjoyed writing the restaurant scenes with Kaede. I was trying to show how flirty and straight forward she is when she sees a man she likes, as well as her ability to charm her targets. So far X has been put into the role of the hunter and having to seek out convince his targets that he is worth their time. With Kaede there is none of that. X is oblivious to her interest because he hasn’t really been to a guys night out where flirty imterraction with waitresses is commonplace. Kaede enjoyed teasing and playing with him especially the condom dropping bit near the cash register.

I found the parts with the guys talking at the table pretty funny and insightful, the latter being because of Saitou’s words. With Xavier and Kaede’s later interaction I wanted to really show them click on a fundamental level. Both are students when it comes to their shared interest in rap music. The only person she’s met who matches her knowledge of hip hop music ams culture is X.

If you haven’t noticed yet I have somewhat of a pattern going with the some of the friends hes made. He’s proven his worth and merit as a man and earned respect from the likes of Brass, Takiko and now Kaede outside of the bedroom. Was trying to show his old school chivalrous ways. Another thing I have been dropping hints on is X’s more aggressive side. First with Matsunami during the robbery and again with the DJs. both times something happened to prevent him from actually fighting.

The KB nation is a an idea of my doing a parody of gangsters. The scene wouldn’t have been what it was if Kaede’s goons were just normal gang members. A was looking to make them silly and over the top while also being feared.

Now for the sex itself. This was one of the longest sex sequences I’ve written because of its purpose. I wanted to show off lust mode and how it works as it is the first true anime like power up revealed in BSU. Kaede took him to the sexual and physical limits. She drained every drop of semen he had while also blowing up his lungs and making him tired. He tried to really impress her and she gave him more love than he could take. This is truly a monstrous power. She literally fucked him until he couldnt go anymore from both a physical and sexual standpoint This is just a taste of some of the ideas cooking.

Though X failed to fully please Kaede, he did trigger her lust mode which can help her in other encounters with other other people during the school year. On top of that Xavier and Kaede have established a both a special sexual connection due them being the perfect match for each other in the bedroom and a personal bond. They have the same interest in music, Kaede makes music and of course, music and soundtracks are a big part of TV and film productions which X is interested in doing.

You are correct in what you said about him knowing that being able to connect with women isn’t enough to be successful in the sex industry but it is a start. He is aware of some of what he is missing such as skill and experience but there are more that he learned this chapter such as sexual endurance/stamina. Glad you enjoyed the chapter and thank you for reading! I appreciate your support of my writing

5 years ago

Okay, aside from a lot of punctuation and and a couple spelling errors, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. The scene with the KB Nation guys was a fucking RIOT!!!! That had me laughing so hard I was coughing and had to stop reading for a minute. Next scene that really stuck out to me was when Kaede went full slut mode! The hearts in her eyes was a nice touch, kinda reminded me of the pink haired psycho from Love Tyrant, I forget her name, but how the hearts appear in her eyes when she gets excited was a great touch.

Having Taiyo and Sara there was a nice touch. I think X needs to meet when them one more time to let him know how well he’s doing, he needs some confidence boosters.

Over all I think this one was great!

5 years ago

Hey, I just wanna ask, is it okay if I make a story based on this universe? I’d make sure to give you credit for that

5 years ago

Yea man, Im lookin forward to your summer camp series!

5 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Okay, about summer camp series…. Wouldn’t you mind if I feature your OCs in my story? Think of it as an alternative universe. As much as I would love creating my own OCs I just cant’ stop thinking about your girls that I want them in my story.

5 years ago

It could be interesting. Are you wanting to only use the characters or the world as well? will it be set in another setting?

5 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

I’d say it would set to the same world you made since I really enjoyed your setting. But I’d say is some sort of a reboot, like instead it focuses on the university, it would set on the summer camp. You know what I mean?

5 years ago

interesting Mei is pretending not to know about BSU as it wasn’t revealed the she knows anything, I believe, and good on Xavier to talk to his mom about his stress that he got since being accepted, and got some much needed advice. Interesting getting 3 coworkers of Mei that we haven’t seen yet to come join for dinner. Interesting description for Diana with her hair color of blonde and blue, wonder if we’ll get to see her. As Kaede explained her music genre for her being a DJ, I thought she’d be more like Celldweller being more of electronic rock/drum and bass/electronica/industrial metal with her design with blacks and reds and would be more fitting, not rap, feels out of place with her design as I thought she’d be more of a punk/goth chick. Hot having Kaede have more of a focus on her large ass. It’s odd hearing multiple references to BBC when Xavier is more of a hispanic descent, if I’m not mistaken. An interesting concept of a girl achieving ‘Lust Mode’ when she meets her ideal dick, nice introduction of this mode and being too much for Xavier to handle.

5 years ago
Reply to  AuronJack117

The girls introduced in this chapter will all be eventually featured in artwork in the future. Kaede’s huge ass, her being into rap music and her love of BBC are all connected. Its a reference to black dudes generally loving big asses like hers. Kaede also grew up being into rap all her life. The black and red hair isnt just a goth/rocker thing either. To clarify Xavier’s ethnicity, he is mostly black. Mei is what is known as Afro-Latina, a black woman who hails from a hispanic/latino country. She’s from the Dominican Republic a country full of Afro-Latinos. Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil and a few other South American countries, have big Afro-Latino populations. His last name Williams is his father’s. Xavier’s dad is fully black and will eventually appear in the story. Aside from Mei, grew up around his grandparents and other relatives on his fathers side of the family. On another note I thought it was time to show Mei’s nurturing mother side this chapter as shes been sexy and funny up until now. Back to Kaede shes somewhat of a unicorn because of her lust mode. This is an ability has room for growth to become stronger. I had a lot of fun working with her and shes one of my favorite girls and one of the most treasured ocs I have. So far in Xs chapters his friends and foes/rivals are being identified/established. Kaede, Maihime, Matsunami, Brass, Rubii and Takiko as friends with Violette and Ashani as foes so far. Similar to how goku and other shonen heroes aquire allies and enemies. On yet another note What did you think of the Auron character’s appearance in this chapter? I’m very interested in hearing your thoughts.

5 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

I thought it was nice, thought he was going to be introduced in a different scenario but Paradise Grill was a good place fitting for his talent/preferences. Lol oh god, great to have Auron being gentlemanly/romantic while getting introductions with the 5 ladies he was serving, kissing all of their hands, and liked the way he talked as I envision the revealed Aikurō Mikisugi voice from kill la kill when saying “engraved in my Heart” and throwing out some french phrases as he cooked shirtless for them. Liked how the ladies were making compliments of wanting, but lil bummed Eve didn’t get to say anything during the cooking or food tasting, thought she might have something to say with how she blushed from the hand kiss. Looking forward to more of Auron

5 years ago
Reply to  AuronJack117

The compliments he gave to the girls each correspond to the meaning of each girls name

5 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Yeah I thought that was neat, glad he complimented them the way he did. Lil hyped as I know he’s going to be my favorite male character.

5 years ago

Another one for the favorites section. Love K big Asian ass. And I hope Mei gets a nice stud to take home when Xavier isn’t home, lol it would be funny if his hopefully soon to be rival Han gets to wreck Mei’s ass. Start of a beautiful rivalry. And I do have a question. Is Eric a student or is he just a young employee?

5 years ago
Reply to  Princenoctis

Glad you enjoyed it Noctis! To answer your question, Eric is a security officer at BSU. He is Saitou’s direct subirdinate. Thanks for the support and stay tuned!