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Muscling Through Sexy Situations

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of stories involving Original Characters)

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Day 2 of SPLASH was underway and people looking to party got things going in earnest, gathering on the beach and in resort bars to drink alcohol filled breakfasts. However, Xavier’s mind was far from the party scene. After showering and getting dressed, he kissed Kaede on her forehead causing her to wake momentarily.


“Where you going?” asked the groggy DJ as she yawned.


“I gotta go to the gym. I have some serious working out to do! I gotta get in better shape and I’m starting today.” Xavier answered with a determined grin.


“I would go with you but my body still so sore. Imma rest a little bit more before I have to work.” cooed Kaede with a content smile.


“You had my lungs on fire last night. I felt like I was gonna die trying to keep up!”


“Maybe later you can stop by for some dinner?” Kaede suggested as she removed the covers to show him her nude body. She flashed a sultry, suggestive grin as she teased him.


“Yeah! I’d love to.” Xavier replied with a smirk.


Kaede stood up and pecked him on the lips before grabbing his crotch.


“Don’t work out too hard, save some of that energy for me!” Kaede ordered.


“I’ll try…”


“Good luck…And call me!” Kaede said while hopping back into her bed.


“I will!” responded the youth as he walked out.



Xavier took out an energy bar from his pocket and began munching on his breakfast.


On his walk from the resort to the main gym facility he felt his phone vibrating. The caller ID flashed “Granddad” along with a picture of his face.


“Pops! What up!” Xavier answered with enthusiasm.


“What up son! Can’t pick up the phone and give us a call? Your grandmother told me about you. You got a few bitches now so you think you’re too cool for your grandparents eh boy!”


[Damn it mom! Why did you have to tell grandma!?] Xavier thought to himself.


“Nah it ain’t like that. Just been a little swamped dealing with college stuff. My bad on taking so long to call. What y’all up to?”


“Me and your grandmother are about to run the city marathon in couple of hours. I might be old and retired but I’m still a bad motherfucker! Watch me take first place.


Xavier chuckled at his grandfather’s comments.


“What’s that noise in the background? Are you eating?” Xavier questioned.


“Yeah, getting in the pre-race meal. Your grandmother made us a feast!”


“That doesn’t make you too full to run?!”


“Nope, I burn through it pretty quick!”


“Why not eat afterwards?” Xavier questioned.


“We gotta keep our energy up, The marathon is 27 miles! Your grandmother and I are loading up on carbs to build up strength and energy for the race.”


A lightbulb clicked in Xavier’s head as his grandfather finished his sentence.


“I’m about to work out again, myself.” Xavier said.


“It’s about time you got back into the gym! We’re gonna have to come to World City sometime to visit. Anyway, we got a meal to finish. I’ll text you a pic after I collect this trophy!” commented the grandfather.


“Good luck grandad! Tell grandma I said hi.”


After getting off of the phone, Xavier tossed his energy bar, ran to the nearest food stand and bought 7 breakfast pancake-dogs and 5 waffle donuts. He sat at the nearest empty bench along the boardwalk and devoured his jumbo breakfast with lightning speed. After a humongous burp, the young man allowed himself 30 minutes for his stomach to settle before going into the gym.


After checking in at the front desk, he looked around the facility taking notice of its tremendous size. It was a gargantuan space, 5 stories high which overlooked the coastline. Massive wall-like windows provided a perfect view of the beach below. The lustrous Brazilian Walnut wood floors were so crisp and clean that one could clearly see his/her reflection in it. The ceilings were adorned with matching wood fans to go along with the air conditioning to provide maximum ventilation and comfort for the gym’s workout warriors. Gym employees moved throughout the facility sanitizing workout equipment and providing thirsty patrons with bottled water. The ladies were dressed in frilly short skirts and resort branded sports bras while male workers wore shorts and tight dry fit athletic shirts similar to clothes worn by tennis players.


It was a busy morning and the gym was packed with sexy, stacked women. Tits ass and thighs were in abundance, and the short shorts, spandex leggings and tiny sports bras put them all on display!


[Where do I begin?] the young man thought to himself while wandering around the building.


Xavier stopped by a window at the rear of the building. He looked outside to see the exterior area around the building. It was totally loaded, complete with full size basketball and tennis courts along with football and soccer fields. However, its most popular feature was the fully equipped track and field area! This was a far cry from any of the gyms he’d been in, for it was more like a highend Olympic training center!


While still figuring out how to start off, Xavier walked past an aerobics room. The enclosed walls to the room were made of glass. Inside were at least 30 women doing a yoga class.


“My goodness, look at all those tight, round asses and big titties!” Xavier exclaimed.


He marveled at the assortment of limber ladies, which was like a bag of jelly beans; a variety of different, ethnic flavors to choose from. As he continued to scan the room, he saw someone he knew…


[MATSUNAMI…!!! So this is the busy workday she mentioned in the note. She’s performing here!] The young man thought to himself.


He then noticed of a very busty, yet toned caramel colored woman next to Matsunami, lying on her back. She grabbed one leg and lifted it up, placing it behind her head and then repeated this with her other leg, assuming human pretzel-like pose. As she raised her head, he recognized the owner of the fat camel toe imprinted into the crotch of her blue leggings…..




Xavier immediately turned his head and closed his eyes, desperately trying to erase that sight of Mei from his mind.


[Can’t go there. If mom sees me in here I’ll never get anything done!] lamented the youth.


He made his way into the heart of the gym and as he approached the main area of the facility, he took notice of a familiar face doing squat lifts. Her back was turned. The muscled bronze babe was putting up a ridiculous amount of weight though he could not tell how much was on the barbell. Each time she squatted down, her curvy yet toned ass giggled, looking like it was going to bust out of her coochie cutter athletic shorts. Xavier admired the woman’s strength and grace. Her form was perfect and her power explosive. Her combination of beauty and athleticism captivated the teen. He stared at her in awe, reminded of shredded warrior heroines he’d seen in countless superhero comics.


[That’s her, one of Rubii’s friends who were feeling me up yesterday.]


As Shikijou was putting down her barbell, the young man walked over to her.


“Ay Shiki!” Xavier called out.


Shikijou then stopped.


“X! How are you?! I see you’re taking my advice and getting back into shape.”


“Yeah, I had a couple of eye opening experiences yesterday.”


“Another bad date?”


From my perspective, yes, I ran out of gas when she wasn’t ready to stop. I’ve never encountered someone with such a drive”


“In our line of work, sex is a marathon not a sprint, in more ways than one.”


“Yeah I’m starting to learn that… Also, how much weight were you squatting!?” Xavier asked with a surprised expression.


“500 pounds!” Shikijou answered proudly.


“OH SHIT! Talk about strength. You’re the real life She-Hulk!!” Xavier exclaimed, comparing her to a superhero he often read about.


“Oh yeah! I’m getting ready for the ‘Miss Fitness Universe’ competition! I can’t miss a day in the gym even with SPLASH going on.”


“What’s Miss Fitness Universe?” Xavier asked.


“It’s an international event that’s part fitness/body building competition and part beauty pageant. The fit women in the world gather in one place to decide who the best is. I’m entering again this year. I got third place last year. I’m gonna win it this time for sure.” Shikijou said, with fiery determination in her eyes.


Xavier nodded. “So are there contests or something?”


“Yeah there are a few different categories including a bikini contest and an obstacle course event. It’s kinda like that show ‘Ninja Warrior’ but more extreme. There is a panel of judges that tally up scores from the different events and decide the winner.


“1st place is in the bag! you got this!” Xavier said with his fist held out.


“Hell yeah I got this!”


“Speaking of becoming the best, would you mind working out with me, you know help me get into shape? I can use some one on one personal training.”


Shikijou frowned and shook her head.


“Sorry X… Right now BSU doesn’t have a PE professor and I’m filling in for the time being. I’m gonna be busy teaching until a replacement is found. Between that, my own classes, and getting ready for the competition, I have a lot going on right now.” Shikijou answered with a frown.


“Oh ok.” Xavier responded, a tone of disappointment in his voice.


“I didn’t say I wasn’t available though!”


“I’m sure we can work something out some time in the near future. You have to talk to Rubii first since she’s your PSA. She’s highly invested in your progress at BSU and developing your skills. And SHE wants to be the one to take you to the next level and make you a STAR!” Shikijou admitted with a chuckle.


“Thank you.” responded the green eyed freshman.


“But anyways, I need to finish my workout before its time to go to volleyball practice. We got another game today. Come by and show us some love!”


“I will, see ya later.”


Xavier left the main areas and continued to think on how to begin his work out. After walking around for a couple of minutes he settled on a starting point. Xavier entered a room full of treadmills and stationary exercise bikes. There was one exercise bike available.


[I guess I’ll start here.] he decides to himself.


The novice student rode the bike while watching the television hanging from the ceiling in front of him. Not feeling much pressure, he gradually increased the difficulty on the bike to give him more resistance. He nodded his head to the music coming from his head phones. Despite riding the bicycle for several minutes, he didn’t get ‘The Feeling’ he was looking for.


[This isn’t it. This just isn’t doing it.]


The scar-faced teen got off the exercise bike and walked around the gym once more, lost on how to go about things. He ventured to the other end of the building and walked into a room so big it could be its own gym. It appeared that this area of the gym was designated for combat sports. He saw several men wrestling in pairs trying to take one another down to the mat covered ground. Off to the side, there were men hitting punching bags and doing striking drills with partners holding up pads. He then looked to a boxing ring where two men were about to begin sparring. The first combatant wore black shorts a white tank top and red headgear. The second fighter wore gray shorts and blue headgear. Neither men was wearing shoes which suggested this was going to be a kickboxing bout.


[This could be interesting…]


Shortly after the round started the fighter with blue headgear launched an assault, throwing several fast and powerful punches. The red fighter skillfully dodged every blow using agile and elusive footwork. He countered the blue fighter with a spinning roundhouse kick to the stomach, collapsing his foe to the floor. The red fighter quickly grabbed his opponent and locked him into a guillotine choke hold, forcing the victim to tap out.


“Next!” yelled the fighter in the red headgear.


Several men stepped up to challenge the man with the red headgear. In the end, the red fighter dispatched each opponent by either knockout or submission. Some went longer and took more than a few minutes while others were fairly quick; but by the end of the sparring session, the red fighter defeated and finished 16 consecutive opponents without ever taking a break between bouts.


“That guy in red is a fighting machine! 16 rounds without a break. This guy has beyond pro level cardio!” Xavier said to himself with awe.


The red fighter removed his headgear while stepping out of the ring.


[MR. SAITOU!?] Xavier thought as he recognized the man who had on the red headgear!


Saitou looked around and took notice of his mentee watching him. “X!”


“Ay, Mr. Saitou!” Xavier greeted while high-fiving the older man. “WHOA! You did all of those rounds without going to the corner to rest!?”


“Yeah, its part of how I stay sharp. I still got it though, 40 years old and dusting kids half my age!” bragged Saitou while unlacing his boxing gloves.


“But what are you doing here? I thought you had to work this morning. Shouldn’t you be on the beach instead of in here kicking ass?”


“My shift doesn’t begin till noon. I wanted to get a workout in before it was time to hit the beach. What brings you to the gym? I figured you would be sleeping with that waitress that was really into you.


“Well I’d rather be laying with her right now but I have to start preparing. I couldn’t’ keep up with her last night. She rode my dick until it went limp… and kept going after! It was painful. No matter how many times I made her climax, she wanted more. I fucked her until I had nothing left to give. This girl ain’t human! She had me dizzy and gasping for air… That’s why I really need to get back in fighting shape!


“What have you done so far?”


“I tried the exercise bike but I don’t think that works for me.”


“You’re right. Your workouts need to simulate the exertion of energy and effort required for a sexual encounter. You need high intensity, fast paced exercises that will push your body to its breaking point. Lets step outside.”


Xavier followed Saitou out of the back door of the gym to an outdoor track.


“We’re gonna get in some REAL blood and guts exercise here. I want you to sprint 2 lap around the track as fast as you can. Don’t hold anything back!” Saitou said.


“Alright… lets do this!” Xavier lined up at the start point and waited for a cue. He suddenly let out an uncomfortable burp.


[Maybe I ate a little TOO MUCH for breakfast… Man, I hope I don’t throw up!]


“3-2-1 GO!


Xavier burst into a high speed sprint, running as hard as possible. His lungs burned as he made it to the finish. He walked with his hands behind his head to get air before bending down and grabbing his knees.


“Come on, one more time. Lets go!”


Xavier reluctantly nodded and began the second lap around the track, still running hard but slower than before and his breathing was more labored. He sat down on a set of concrete steps by the back entry door.


“Is that the feeling you’re talking about?” Saitou said as he walked along the track


“Yeah…. I…. can… barely breathe…!” Xavier said between big gasps of air.


“Pushing yourself to the extreme is how you increase your lung capacity and overall physical stamina. You have to get used to using your body at maximum exertion.” Saitou explained.


“I don’t know if I can do this…”


Along with exhaustion, his meal hadn’t settled yet, which left him feeling a bit queasy.


“It feels impossible right now because you’re just starting back up. It takes time to acclimate to being active again.” said Shikijou’s voice from behind him.


The young woman said as she walked through the back entry door and sat next to Xavier. Digging into her backpack, she handed him 2 bottles, the first was the bottle of water the second was Furyade.


“You need to keep hydrated and stock up on electrolytes.”


She then saw Saitou standing on the track below.


“Hey Saitou!”


“If it isn’t the strongest woman in the world! How you been?!” Saitou said as he walked towards them.


Shikijou gave Saitou a big hug after walking up to him.


“Overworked, the Headmistress still hasn’t found a replacement for Professor Daniels.”


“Yea, I heard. He’s in Tokyo living it up. Blowing money on girls, gambling, and Sake. Can’t blame him for leaving though. If I won the Ultra Powerball lottery, I’d be gone too!” admitted the BSU security chief.


“I know, but in the meantime the Headmistress has assigned me to teach his courses until they hire somebody. Other than that, I’ve been good.”


“That’s good to hear. I’m helping young X over here prepare for the school year.” Saitou informed her.


“I met him yesterday for the first time. Rubii thinks he’s something special. I have to admit he’s quite interesting.”


“Our conversating has given him too long of a break.” Saitou stated. He then called Xavier over to them.


“It’s time to resume! Next we’re gonna do some circuit training and by ‘we’ I mean ‘you’.”


Xavier was all too familiar with circuit training exercises. His grandfather tortured him with such rigorous routines as a child learning how to box and fight.


“Alright, take care boys, My workout cooldown is over! I gotta get back inside and finish my workout!” Shikijou said while tussling Xavier’s spiky hair and giving Saitou a high five before hurriedly going back inside.


Saitou waved goodbye to her before returning his focus to Xavier.


“Let’s start with some flutter kicks. Get down!”


Xavier lie down on his back and began kicking his legs up and down in a scissoring motion, going at maximum intensity.


“I want you to kick until you can’t anymore!” Saitou barked.


The youth pushed himself, straining through the burn that surged up his legs and in the core of his abdomen. This was followed by several rounds of push ups, sit ups, lunges, leg lifts, jumping jacks, pull ups and burpees. This lasted for 90 minutes with very short breaks in between sets. Saitou was very vocal, yelling out encouraging speeches while Xavier worked to strengthen the boy’s resolve By the end of the teen was coughing to the point of nearly vomiting, gasping for breath and sweating profusely.



After 20 minutes of intense working out, Xavier was was bent over leaning on his knees and breathing heavily.


“Damn Mr. Saitou! are you tryin to kill me?!” asked the exhausted student.


“No, but the closer you get to it, the stronger you will become. No pain ,no gain!” explained Xavier’s mentor.


“I came close to it today!”


“Today is just the start. There will be more pain ahead if you stick with me on this.


“No way, I’m quitting after the first work out. Pain is only temporary.” Xavier remarked before taking a large gulp of water.


“I think you’ve had enough for today, lets go back inside and get out of this damn heat. It’s too early in the morning to be 95 out here!


Xavier and Saitou went back inside, heading to a workout room that wasn’t occupied. On the way there, Saitou noticed a curvy woman with blueish green hair and neon looking yellow eyes staring at Xavier. She followed them visually until they entered the room. The two men sat down and leaned against the wall.


“Mr. Saitou, I got a question.”


Xavier thought back at Sara’s words during his first interview.


[One of the courses we teach at BSU is acting. You see, sometimes we have to ‘compensate’ for the performance, or should I say lack of performance, by our male counterparts. It’s a necessity for producing quality content.] Xavier recalled.


“Shoot” replied Saitou


“If the girls are the stars and they get all of this acting training to fake it during scenes, why does BSU need us? Couldn’t they just take any guys of the street and give them jobs?”


“Well, even though they’re trained in acting, it isn’t meant to be used all the time. It’s kinda a last resort. We are trying to deliver the best experience for the consumers. To get the best products, the interactions need to be authentic. Regular guys off the street are not able to deliver a good performance.” Saitou explained.


“Strong, talented, and capable men are needed to perform with the ladies of BSU. Plus no girl wants to work guys who can’t get them off. While this is a business, there is a fun factor to it as well. Everyone in the biz wants to enjoy working. It’s not like only the girls are making money.


“What do you mean?” Xavier asked.


“Guys aren’t the only ones buying porn these days. With the system that’s in place right now women are buying and watching adult videos more than ever. With that said, you guys are the objects of their fantasies just like the girls are to male fans. You can build your own fan base. If you’re good, all the popular, highly paid actresses will be kicking down your door to lay with you. That my friend, is how you raise your value in the industry. There is definitely a way to make big money for you if you’re dedicated to your craft.” elaborated the blond haired man.


“That’s not the only thing I wanted to ask. There’s something else…”


While giving his explanation, Saitou noticed the same young woman hovering the work out area they were in. Knowing that the young man had caught a woman’s eye, he decided to cut the conversation short.


“We will have to continue the conversation another time. I have to finish my workout, get some food, and get ready for work.” said the mentor while rising to his feet.


“That’s cool man. Thanks for your help today!”


“No problem kid. Keep one thing in mind, all the circuit training drills you did today can be done in your dorm room, no additional equipment needed. This gives you things to do when its inconvenient. I got some old weights and other equipment I can give you for when you move in if you want. BSU has a stacked gym but sometimes you might not want to leave the comforts of the dorm.”


“Yeah, I’ll take it!” affirmed the scar faced young man.


“Alright, come see me when its time for you to move in.”




The two men fist bumped before Saitou made his way out. The green eyed youth gave some thought to all that had taken place since moving to World City.


[All of this is happening so fast….]


Shortly after Saitou departed the room, a visitor entered, interrupting Xavier’s thought.


To Xavier’s surprise, it was Takiko of all people! His eyes enlarged at the sight of her, nearly causing him to choke on the water he was drinking. She was looking quite irresistible this morning. She had just finished her own morning workout. Sweat glistened as it ran down her face and stomach. She was wearing a pink spandex ensemble which displayed her amazing figure. It consisted of small, ass hugging shorts and a snug fitting pink and white sports bra.


“Takiko?! What are you doing here!?”


“I saw you a while ago. I just came by to hi, but if you wanna be a god damn rude ass bitch I can fuckin go!” Retorted the dark haired beauty with her hands on her hips, tilting her head upward and rolling her eyes.


“NO! NO! I didn’t mean it like that! I was just surprised to see you here. Not that that’s a bad thing.” Xavier clarified with a shy smile in an attempt to recover.


Takiko’s expression softened as he finished his sentence.


“If you’re wondering why I’m here, I’m trying to build up my stamina…”


“Stamina?” remarked Takiko with a suggestive expression.


“I wanna expand my gas tank.”


“Lifting weights, running, and doing push ups, and sit ups will give you a strong, fuckable body but for ‘REAL‘ stamina you gotta train that big ol’ fat dick of yours.” remarked Takiko with a coy expression


“T-train my dick?!” Xavier repeated with a blush on his face.


“Yeah! you gotta practice fucking without cumming. Maybe you can find a willing partner around here that’s down for a hot and dirty, nasty bang session!” Takiko pointed out.


Xavier glanced at her.


“N-not that I wanna do it with you or anything!” Takiko declared as she began to blush.


[She’s blushing. Does that mean she wants to…?! But I’ve been working out for at least an hour and a half. I’m already tired. I’m beat…]


Xavier went against his better judgement and took a chance. He got up and began approaching Takiko.


“If you don’t want to… why are you blushing?!” Xavier asked with a smirk.


[Is he…?] Takiko thought, watching him get closer and closer.


Before Takiko could finish her thought, Xavier put his hands on her hips and pulled her close enough to deliver a kiss. He pecked her on the lips and surprisingly Takiko offered no resistance to his advances. The pair locked lips for a number of seconds, exchanging tongues in a lusty smooch. During the exchange, he felt a metal ball brush up against his tongue. She had a tongue piercing.


“Ya know, I been thinkin about you ever since you almost hit my car the first time.”


“Oh reeeeally?” Questioned the teen with a smile.


“I saw you and your friend getting it on in your car.” Takiko admitted while grabbing his crotch.


Xavier and Takiko resumed kissing as he squeezed her ass. She rubbed her hand up and down his dong, causing the blood to rush down and become erect. The hardening cock was straining against the man’s shorts.


[MMMMM!! so thick and long!!]


The young man then lifted up and removed her sports bra, freeing her colossal tits. He lightly kissed them, placing smacking kisses all over her heavy hanging breasts.




The man figured that Takiko’s breasts were a very sensitive zone for her, especially with her nipple piercings. Xavier took a cue from her increasingly intense moans and gently massaged them with his hands. The busty vixen’s body began to shudder as the young man worked her tits, licking her areolas and nibbling on her nipples.


“Oooooh! My body is so fuckin warm! It feels so good! Suck them titties dry! Squeeze em hard!


She shook her torso from side to side, lightly slapping him in the face with her bountiful boobs. Her nipples repeatedly brushed up against his tongue. He then grabbed her titanic tits with both hands, squeezing them firmly yet gently enough not to hurt her. He licked the tips of her nipples like an animal, using his tongue to play with her stud piercings.


“AHHHHH! You got my pussy all hot and wet! I want your dick sooooo bad!!!!”


Takiko was on fire, immensely turned on by Xavier’s boob play. She looked down and watched him work, becoming even more wet from watching the act. Now hot and ready to fuck, she pushed her ever moistening camel toe against his caged cock. The green haired hottie moved her hips in an up and down motion. As Xavier’s meat pipe hardened, it pressed into Takiko’s shorts, his thick shaft dividing the outer folds of her pussy. Xavier thrust his pelvis in a slow fashion, sliding up and down between her pussy lips like he was swiping a credit card.




Takiko rubbed on his giant member with one hand while pressing him up against the wall. The green haired driver pressed her lips against his once more. She smoothly slipped off his tank top while delivering a juicy smooch. Following that, Takiko gradually drifted downward rubbing her palms and fingernails down his chest and stomach. The sexy Asian girl swayed her hips in a side to side motion as she lowered her body into a squatting position. She reached over to the side of her and grabbed a cushion, putting it on the floor in front of her legs. Takiko teased him by playfully biting on his shaft while still in his shorts, looking like she was chowing down on a rack of BBQ ribs. She then grabbed the waistband of his shorts and slowly inched them down, gradually unsheathing his thick and meaty flesh sword. She kissed the head of the teen’s dick twice, causing it to swell even harder to point of throbbing in anticipation.


“I’M GONNA SUCK YOUR COCK SO FUCKIN GOOD YOU’RE GONNA STILL FEEL IT NEXT WEEK BITCH!!!” The foul mouthed woman confidently declared.


Takiko turned her head to the side, removed the lollipop from her mouth and locked on to his shaft, very gently nibbling on his cock while sliding her tongue on the underside of his dick. Her control was masterful, the nibbling itself felt like very soft, like pleasurable pokes from her a cotton swab rather than teeth. This unique maneuver drew soft groans from Xavier.


[What’s she’s doing? I never felt this before..] Xavier thought to himself.


She went up and down his cock like a piece of corn on the cob, covering his dick in her saliva.


“Say AHHHHH!” commanded the auburn haired man. Takiko opened her mouth wide and leaned her head forward, enclosing her lips around his meaty pole. The woman bobbed her head back and forth slowly, using the saliva on her slips to smoothly suck away.




“MMMMM! THIZZ….IZ…SO…GAWD DAMM DELISHISS!” gurgled Takiko. She then dropped down to her knees from her squatting position to get more comfortable.


The young woman sucked harder and faster, sliding her tongue back and forth under his dick. The silver cock stud on her tongue caressed the sensitive nerves of his dick as it slid across his skin, creating unique sensation.


Feeling a bit more comfortable with Takiko, he began to pump his hips slightly, thrusting his dick into her mouth repeatedly.


“MMMMM… FUK MY WETT FUKIN MOUF!” Takiko mumbled.


At the peak of one of his thrusts, Takiko grabbed him tightly by his backside to keep him from pulling back. She opened her mouth even wider and started deepthroating him even deeper. The busty green haired woman sucked him like a champ using her tongue and deepthroating skills together. Xavier knees wobbled as he watched her devour more than half his schlong. Her cheeks was puffed up and filled with cock. Tears of determination formed in her eyes. Takiko had purposely backed him up against the wall so he couldn’t back off when close to cumming.


Xavier placed his hand on the back of her head, grasping a handful of her hair. He obliged Takiko and thrusted his hips forward to face fuck her throat.


“MMMPH!!! MMMPH!!! MMMMMMMMPH!!!” Takiko gurgled with each plunge of his dick into her mouth. Takiko redoubled her efforts and began forcing more powerful deepthroat thrusts, enjoying every second of having her throat violated.


Her pussy throbbed for Xavier’s touch, but for the moment she used the mats underneath her satiate her lewd urge. She opened her knees wide and rubbed her pussy up against the cushions under her. Corners tickled her slit as she continued to suck him off.


[So that’s why she always has the lollipop! She has an oral fixation, a powerful one at that…Hang on, stay strong! You can hold it!]




Takiko then put the lollipop back in her mouth and flashed a sinister smirk before resuming the suck job. Xavier felt a warm, mellow, soothing feeling, something that was unlike anything he had ever felt before.


[Holy shit! what is this?!] Xavier thought to himself as he took a deep breath.




This was no ordinary lollipop. Takiko had a specialty lollipop meant to be eaten while sucking dick. It releases a menthol-like chemical that soothes the guy’s penis, creating a warm pleasing sensation similar to that of Icy Hot when applied to the skin. She made quick and powerful sucks as she bobbed back and forth, displaying the strength of her jaw muscles. She then pulled his cock out of her mouth and held his dick straight up in the air. She started a slow licking motion from his balls and skimmed all the way up to tip, the stud in her tongue rubbed against his skin like ball point pen, as she smoothly glided up his shaft. Saliva dripped from Takiko’s moist tongue, hitting the gray colored mat below. Xavier felt an eruption on the way and tugged her hair.


“AHHHHH! I LIKE THAT!” moaned the big titted hottie as he pulled her hair hard.


Takiko looked up at Xavier’s facial expression and could tell he was about to cum. She then gripped his dick head firmly with her hand, stopping the surge.




Takiko previously had encounters with guys who lacked the strength to withstand her head game, who finished before she ever got the chance to fuck them. She made sure this didn’t happen to Xavier. As a result of previous disappointments, she learned a useful trick from her sister called the ‘Denying Grip‘ in order to stop a man from cumming too soon.


The moment of truth was once again before him. He was already exhausted from working out prior and faced yet another daunting challenge. His body had burned through more than half of the food he had eaten earlier.


[I don’t have much energy left…. I probably can’t go for very long. I HAVE to figure out something to blow her mind with!!!] The young man thought desperately.


Xavier looked around as Takiko rose to her feet. The room was full of exercise equipment…


“Lets go!” Xavier demanded, trying to sound as confident as possible despite his nerves. He grabbed Takiko’s hand and lead her to a large purple body ball. He sat down on top of the ball and she smiled while moving in front of him, recognizing what he had in mind. He pulled her shorts and thong panties down. Takiko’s pussy was totally hairless, a sign that she had recently waxed it. She was already dripping wet and ready to be stuffed with dick.


“I WANNA FEEL THAT FAT FUCKING ELEPHANT TRUNK DICK IN ME NOW!!!” hollered Takiko while squatting down over the head of his dick. Xavier grabbed two big handfuls of ass and sat her down on his thick pole. He pressed down her ass cheeks, squeezing his way into her small slit. Takiko’s eyes widened as Xavier slowly pumped his hips, relaxing his way into her. There was shock with the first thrust because she hadn’t had a behemoth of Xavier’s size before. She gently bounced while rocking back and forth on the monster dong.




She forcefully thrust her hips forward, pressing his face into her huge boobs. Xavier leaned into the body ball with his back, using it as soft surface to lay on. This also enabled him to penetrate deeper into her vaginal canal than the previous position. Takiko bounced high and came down heavy on Xavier’s pipe. The strong recoil tension of the ball made her bouncing almost like she was jumping on a trampoline. She massaged Xavier’s rod with every bouncing movement, drawing a big grin from him




Takiko pressed her palms against his stomach to balance herself as she increased her speed. She bounced higher and with more strength, smacking his thighs with her fat ass. Takiko definitely felt his size, moaning loudly each time she came down. Her tits bounced in a wobbling circular motion, which Xavier watched happily.


[Great! she’s into it and I haven’t used any more energy yet!] thought the youth as she rode him.


However, it was time to show her what he could do. He began pump his hips upward with timed and explosive thrusts, using the recoil of the ball to add greater impact. He pushed deep into Takiko’s pussy, going further than any man before him. His power thrusts created multiple queefing noises which together with her moans was music to his ears. He reached up and squeezed her boobs, massaging them and playing with her nipples, closing his eyes with a wide cartoonish grin.






Takiko’s tongue wagged and her eyes widened completely as he pushed deeper and deeper into her womb. She watched her and Xavier’s reflection in a large gym mirror across from her which amplified the erotic atmosphere even more.




Xavier gained some confidence from her reaction as he sat back up. He stood and lead Takiko to a nearby exercise bike, positioning her in front of the handle bars and front wheel.


“Grab the handle bars!” Xavier requested, even though it sounded like he was ordering her. Takiko did as he said and he scooped her up by her thighs. Xavier held the busty slut in midair, in what looked like a standing missionary position with her gripping the bike’s handlebars to help balance and support her weight. Xavier held his dick and rapidly whipped and smacked her pussy with it.




Xavier pushed his thick meat into her once more, placing his hands underneath her lower back for grip and leverage. He dived deep into Takiko before pulling back. The young man pulled back so far he nearly pulled out of her before plunging in again and again. Takiko seized up in ecstasy, gleefully looking Xavier in the eyes as she screamed his name.




Xavier then lifted Takiko’s legs and hung them over his shoulders, still holding on to her lower back. She was in a cradle-like position, her thighs pressed up against her tits.


[Lets see how she likes this…!]


He walked the both of them to the center of the room so he could have open space. Winding back as far as he can, the young man propelled his hips forward and back with thunderous force, crashing deep into her vaginal canal and striking one of her “Spots”. Each penetration caushed a loud ‘clapping’ sound from the skin on skin smacking contact.






The cradle position he used made it easier to hit one of her sensitive areas. Xavier continued to slam her love hole, watching her orgasm with a satisfied smirk. However, he couldn’t sustain this position long as it required a lot of strength and energy, things he didn’t have much of left. The youth scanned the enviroment and zeroed in on nearby Stairmaster machine. Xavier then carried Takiko to the machine and walked up it’s steps to the top.


“What are you doing?” Takiko asked curiously.


“You’ll see or should I say, you’ll feel soon! Let your body fall back, I won’t let you fall!” Xavier assured.


Takiko leaned back which put her in a hanging upside down position. She pressed her palms against the bottom steps in a handstand posture. According to a book he read about sex positions, this one was called the Poplar position.


Xavier held on to her thighs and stroked her with far reaching downward thrusts, pushing deep down inside her. He hit her clit on the way to her uterus, Prompting her to scream in ecstasy.




Takiko pushed herself up with her hands, moving her hips into Xavier’s thrusts. She wiggled her hips back and forth, moving his dick around like a how pendulum swings as he pumped her.


[Oh shit! look at her go!] thought the youth to himself.


As the blood rushed to her head, Takiko experienced a unique high-like feeling that amplified her blissful fuck.




Her love juice trickled from her slit down her stomach. Her enormous tits flopped and bounced around; slapping up against her face!


“X! FUCK ME FROM BEHIND PLEAEEAAASSE!” Takiko moaned loudly. Her request couldn’t have came at a better time as his muscles were beginning to blow up. He put her down and she got on all fours.


“You ready?” Xavier asked.


“The question is, are you!?” quipped Takiko while looking over her shoulder at him. He simply nodded with a smirk. Xavier grabbed her by the hips and speared her pussy with a powerful first thrust. He boffed her with a strong and steady rhythm, slamming into her huge round ass harder and harder. Takiko pressed her palms deep into the mat. A fierce shivering sensation shot from her pussy up through her spine!


“AHH! AHH! AHH! YOU GOT IT! UUGH!!!!” shouted the yellow eyed sexpot as she clamped down on her bottom lip. Filled with pleasure, her eyes began to cross!


Xavier looked down and saw a semi thick, white substance on his cock as he continued to stroke her throbbing twat. Takiko was creaming! He must had hit one of her major erogenous spots. Her arms and legs began to wobble and her voice cracked as she screamed. It was time for the young man to really pour it on. He pumped faster and and began tickling her anus with his thumb while palming her ass.


“SWEET JESUS! I’M GONNA EXPLODE” roared Takiko while her eyes crossed.


With his free hand, Xavier reached for the tie in her hair and loosened it up; remembering she had liked when he pulled her hair earlier. He grabbed a handful of her green locks and pulled back like he were holding the reigns to a prize winning filly, completing his improved three pronged assault on Takiko’s senses!


“OOOOOOWEEE!!! I’M GONNA FUCKIN CUMMMMMMMM! AHHHHH!!!!!” Howled Takiko as she tilted her head back, screaming to the heavens in ecstasy!


Takiko leaned forward, pressing knees and palms into the mat as overwhelming pleasure took a hold of her. Her body quivered in bliss and her moist gratitude ran down her inner thighs, a symbol of a job well done. The young man slowed his stroke, leaning forward to share an affectionate kiss. He too was getting close to a finish.


Feeling the rapid pulsing and throbbing of his dick inside her, Takiko sensed the end was near and turned around, still on her hands and knees.




She sucked him vigorously using her lips, jaw, and tongue like she was trying to pull his soul from his body. She snapped her head back and forth rapidly, bringing forth a powerful surge. The pierced beauty opened her mouth as wide as possible.


“GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!” Xavier yelled as he felt the money shot about to happen!




Xavier fired off like a cannon, shooting a massive load on Takiko’s face and tongue. With closed eyes and an open mouth she took it like a pro, swallowing down both his first and second cumshots. She looked him in the eyes with an affectionate gaze, thoroughly pleased with his showing. Xavier sat down and leaned, back on the mat, taking deep breaths as he returned her stare.


However, Takiko wasn’t finished yet. She crawled toward him and stuck her tongue out again, licking the excess cum off of his cock and balls like a submissive wife. After licking him clean, she too sat down.


“Oh…My…GOD! You blew my fuckin mind, you sledgehammer swinging, hair pulling, nipple biting, cum blasting little cutie!” praised the hot green haired bombshell.


“The pleasure is all mine….Well, and yours!” replied the happy scar faced youth.


Xavier could not contain his happiness. After a string of losses, he was finally about to bounce back and satisfy a sexy stranger! The young man suddenly rose to his feet and hit a moonwalk! Xavier glided across the mat as if he was walking on water. It was a perfect recreation of the King of Pop’s signature dance move. He finished his celebration by doing a 360 spin move and pointing at Takiko, his dick swing from side to side. She couldn’t help but to giggle at his display.


“HAHAHA! You’re so fuckin goofy! I like it.” cooed Takiko with a grin.




“SHIT!!!” said the young woman as she jumped up an dashed to her backpack to answer he phone, her jumbo juggs bouncing as she ran to the other side of the room. Xavier could hear the conversation but only what Takiko was saying.




“Hey! Can you pick me up some lunch?” asked the voice on the other end of the phone.


“I’m not a GOD DAMN DELIVERY driver ya know!!! How about you get off your fat ass and go get something yourself?!”


“C’MON!….Pleeeeeaaaaassse. I’m so tired and sore from last night!! I don’t feel like moving out of beeeeeeeed!” begged the voice on the other end of the phone with a whiny tone of voice. He listened while putting his clothes back on.


“ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!! I’ll do it for you just this ONCE!” sighed Takiko.


“You’re the best!”


“YA I KNOW!!” The busty driver said before hanging up and turning her focus back to Xavier.


“Ok, I gotta jet, I need to grab my sister some lunch.” Takiko said while getting dressed.


“You know, you’re KINDA sexy with your no drivin ass!” admitted the buxom voyager driver while blushing. Xavier nodded his head with his eyes closed and wide clown like smile.


“Don’t let that compliment go to your head tho!!!” snapped Takiko comically while putting her arm around him.


“If you say so.” retorted the scar faced teen as he put his arm around her waist. The two walked out of the room together, unaware of the many gym patrons gawking at them. Most of them could hear Takiko’s screams from outside the room.


Xavier unknowingly passed Saitou and Shikijou working out on the bench press. Just looking at Takiko’s disheveled hair, the pair looked at each other with a head nod, fully aware of what went down in the room. Saitou did a single fist pump with pride.


“I see you’re rooting for him.” Shikijou said with a smile.


“I like the kid. He reminds me of myself. Besides, I never had a son, so its cool to be able to help him out.”


“So you’re his Mr. Miyagi then? His wise martial arts sensei?”


“If he wants me to train him… All he has to do is ask.”


As Xavier and Takiko left the gym he made a suggestion to her.


“You’re welcomed to come to my room and shower.” remarked the young man with an eyebrow raising, smirking expression reminiscent of Mei.


“Alright, but only for a shower. Don’t get any nasty ideas!” Takiko replied while shaking her head from side to side.


Xavier then palmed her ass, pressing is thumb along her anal area. Takiko squeaked and immediately jumped in surprise. Her face becoming as red as a cherry.


“I GUESS you can shower with me, but I got to go get some food for my sister. After that, I have couple of hours to ‘hang out'” confessed the voyager driver, her face flush.


While his first gym visit did not improve his physical conditioning as much as he had hoped, Xavier learned today that his creativity and improvisation can make up for what he lacked.

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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3 years ago

I know originally, Rtenzo and Strider-Seryu were making a Bleach story called Road of Legends. So… what would Kaede and Takiko Shikai’s and Bankai’s be? It would be really interesting to know what kind of badasses these two would be.

3 years ago
Reply to  JackJack

Similiar to Yamamoto’s Zanpakuto. Kaede’s Shikai and Bankai are in the ROL gallery. I even drew an image back on Deviantart of her mastered Bankai form where shes clad in a samurai-like art. I’ve never posted it here tho. Maybe someday.

Takiko however, we’ve never planned.

3 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Took me a while to find it. Looks pretty cool. Have you guys tried reviving the Road to Legends? I mean, I’m sure you know we don’t just like your work for the porn lmao.

If it helps, I can offer exactly $0.00 to the project.

…I’m broke ya see ;-;

3 years ago
Reply to  JackJack

No, I lost the ability to draw Bleach OCs/designs. Its a muscle I’ve not worked out in many years and so my skills have decayed in that regard. I do wanna do something with ROL eventually but nothing happening soon.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

This artwork is sexy and breathtaking in every sense of the word. Not only does it feature one of my favorite girls, but the setting and position is also something completely unique and something I’ve never seen before. The equipment looks stunnishingly good and the gym background is not only very well drawn, but it also makes sense with the story in mind. I already mentioned that I like Takiko’s personality and with such an amazing body to boot it makes her even better. Her lipstick and eyeliner looks very beautiful next to her teal colored hair, the lipstick marks on Xavier’s body, leading from his cheek, down his chest and finally on his cock are drawn very nicely and the red color downright shines on his brown skin. I, once again, love that some cum managed to find it’s way into the mouth of the orally fixated young woman and how splendid the spunk on her body looks in gen-eral. Other things I’d like to mention are: I love that we finally have a girl with piercings and that her quirk with the lollipops is used in a very creative way to enhance her oral prowess. Other than that, I think that the recent chapters are doing a somewhat bad job when it comes to Xavier’s dick size. It maybe is said in the story that Xavier has one, if not the biggest cock around, but than we have artworks like douple paizuri with Candice, Ka-gura and Eiji where his cock seems almost bigger than Xaviers and later down the line with the Auron X Mei artworks, he looks bigger than X as well.

Beginning the chapter with a little more Kaede and Xavier interaction was really sweet, es-pecially when you compare the two. Xavier still quite demoralized from his experience, the previous evening and Kaede who remembers nothing other than the fact, that she is still sore from all the fucking which means that Xavier MUST have done a good job. Of course this whole thing leads to the conclusion that he must train in order to keep up with Lust Mode and other girls who have high stamina and experience (Violette, Ashani). His first two attempts leading to somewhat of a failure (the first one as he asked Shikijou out, if she can help him with his training and the second one as he tries it by himself) but at the end still leading to a success, not only from a training aspect but also because he managed to fuck Takiko. I like that Saitou continues to train the little twerp and the adives he gives him. The sex was really intinuitive and completely different fuckings so far. The use of the surroundings and other equipment was absolutely perfect and Takiko X Xavier have a really nice chemistry between them, I honestly haven’t realized, until this chapter, that Takiko is a Tsundere XD. The fact that the other gym goers heard them was even funnier and the ending with the call between Takiko and her sister was pretty funny. Also because of her reluctant response to his request for a “quick” shower at her place.

Though not much has happened in terms of world building or introducing characters, this chapter did a phenomenal job at enhancing Xavier’s stamina and physique.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Hello again first I will address The discrepancies you mentioned with dick sizes in the pictures. I commission the majority of Xavier’s artwork and most of his pics predate the existence of the Welcome to BSU series, I was getting them made for fun years ago while still working on Bleach Road of Legends. You will see X get bigger sizes that match storyline as things progress. The other pics you mentioned were commissioned by other people to their specification requests.

Now on to the chapter. I wanted to start off right where the last chapter ended. You are correct in guessing that X did do a good job of fucking Kaede. Her body and holes are sore so he had to have done something right. Keep Kaede’s dinner invitation in mind for later.

The phonecall between Xavier and his Grandfather was important because Xen pointed out one major thing that X is doing wrong. He’s not eating enough. A critical part of training is eating right because the nutrients from food provide him the vitamins minerals and energy he needs for strenuous exercise and sex. I showed off his gluttonous appepite in past chapters before. He isn’t a glutton because he just loves to eat, he is one because needs that much food to sustain himself. He hasn’t been eating enough very consistently. This wasn’t a problem before he attended BSU because he wasn’t having sex, plus he has been out of amatuer boxing for 2-3 Years so he didn’t need the energy he needs now back then.

The gym workout sequence was one that I enjoyed writing. You are correct in suggesting that Xavier was trying to get a date with Shikijou. He was trying get both assistance with his health/ Physical shape as well capitalize on their previous meeting and secure some alone time with her in the future.

Saitou’s part was my favorite to write. He’s a cool guy but is no nonsense when its time to be serious as well as getting his point across in an inspirational way. What Saitou is doing is called “Smoking” Its inspired by my dad and myself as a teenager oncebi started having ideas of joining the military in high school. The object of smoking someone is to push the other person to the absolute limits of what they can do physically. Being smoked regularly will eventually boost stamina, endurance overall cardiovascular conditioning which is needed for high level competive sports and in Welcome to BSU, sex.

Now for the main event, the sex scene. Takiko does go to the gym to stay in shape because her job as transport driver. The previous run ins with Takiko were to build up to this. She made up her mind That she wanted Xavier after how he treated her immediately following the car accident in the slamfest chapter. It wasn’t a coincidence that she was the driver that picked X and Mei up for SPLASH. She knew Mei’s name from the insurance exchange during the accident and when she popped up on the app has needing a ride she called dibs on that pick up and told other drivers not to try. Had she not coincidentally ran in to him at the gym she would have set up an encounter with him in some other way.

In the opening scene I wanted to show his apprehensiveness and confirm Her Tsundere status. Im surprised you didn’t catch that in her other appearances. X was both afraid of Takiko herself and the idea of having sex after blowing himself up with 2 hour workout. He was terrified that he was going to bomb with Takiko. However he was put into a situation where he had to do what he had to do.

Takiko is very skillful at oral sex as you saw and She enjoys giving head. She was getting off watching his reactions and facial expressions. She likes watching him squirm.
The tongue piercing and her special candy is a part of her style.

Xavier had to think fast. He came up with using the gym equipment as a way to help him show Takiko a great time while conserving what little strength he had left. However he did end up using it anyway. In this scene I was trying to show Xavier’s intelligence resourcefulness and ability to adapt to unfavorable situations. The thing with the exercise bike was done becuse her holding on to the handlebars held her bodyweight. The excercise ball could have been used in a few other ways but he wanted to do cowgirl because the girl does all of the work in that position. He used that time to catch his breath, this is why he did that first. The stairmaster is an idea that he applied because in that position Takiko is helping to carry her own weight but the main reason he used this was to get her upside down to get her blood rushing to her head to give her additional pleasure.

Takiko is overall a top 5 in terms of my favorite girls to use. I love the Tsundere personality and her foul mouth. She is rude and mean to him because that is her way of expressing her affection. In Road of Legends the Tsundere character was going to be Kaede but because Kaede has the rap dj/big booty/ Identifying with black culture character the Tsundere was given to Takiko.

Xavier finds her attitude comforting. Her showing her softer side and admitting she was into him was a moral shot in the arm. He figured out she is a tsundere in this chapter. As seen in the ending he is more comfortable showing his more perverted side by groping and grabbing her curves publically which he hasn’t done with anyone else. I look forward to working with Takiko a lot more going forward. Thank you for reading and all of your support!

5 years ago

Ok, finally got around to reading this, first off, nice Quagmire reference, though the last chick I remember saying that was a rapey nutcase. Good use of the equipment around them. I also loved the Tsundere moments. Well done. I’m kinda curious about her sister now too. Hope we meet her. Hope that word of this encounter gets back to Sara. I also have a sudden desire to do something with Taiyohime, I think I’m gonna use a bit of Rory from Gate with her. Mainly that night at the hot spring resort, only without the cell phone interruption.

5 years ago

As much as I liked the scene, I can’t help but feel that caps lock is being abused a lot in these. Not really a lot of sense in describing someone as cooing or whimpering and then a full sentence of caps lock.

5 years ago
Reply to  Odin92

Thanks for the feedback! we fixed the part with the Cooed and Whimpered. I hope you enjoyed the chapter tho

5 years ago

That was pretty nice. I don’t mind the characters who are pretty foul mouthed, especially the women since their language makes them sound sexy, though I can’t help but feel like she can be a drama queen sometimes, and clearly that doesn’t mean she’s a Tsundere, maybe more than that. Still, she might be one of my favorite characters and I’d like to see more of her. By the way I think I know who’s her sister, but I’m not gonna say anything or I’d spoil lol

Also the sex scene was really great.

I wish I could have something else to say but right now I’m very focused with my new story and I have more ideas I’d like to share with you.

5 years ago

Thanks francis! Takiko is quite the character. Her foul mouth and hard demeanor is inspired by how some big city cab drivers act in real life. Another piece of info is that her lollipop trick comes from and old trick i heard about girls doing back when I was in high school. sucking on Halls cough drops while giving head supposedly enhances the the bjj lol.Glad you enjoyed the sex scene. Took a while to figure it out and get it just right. You will definity be seeing more of her in the story. I’m curious about who you think her sister is.

5 years ago

Ha nice to have Mei working out at the gym with Matsunami together. Good that Shikijou is focusing on her goals and responsibilities, a lil sad to hear she’ll only be a temporary PE teacher. Hot to think that Takiko has a preference with oral, and even hotter that she’s sucking the lollipop along as well. after all the positions it was rather nice that the climax would be returning to her oral skills. tbh I did initially thought she’d look a bit different as the earlier descriptions depicted her with ‘Raven’ colored hair. I like how Takiko is a tsundere, as I’m a big fan of that personality, overall nice introduction for her.

5 years ago
Reply to  AuronJack117

Updated the ‘Raven’ to ‘Teal’

5 years ago
Reply to  AuronJack117

Sorry for the delayed response. I work on the weekends and I don’t get reception on my phone, plus i cant go to this site on my work wifi for obvious reasons. Yeah Mei and Matsunami are becoming fast friends. Theres a few things Matsunami could learn from her. Mei really likes Matsunami as a potential long term partner for Xavier and is shipping them as a couple lol. Shiki might only be filling in as a professor for now but there will be plenty of chances to see her perform both as a student and as the PE teacher while she has the position. Shes another of my favorites and one of my first OCs. Takiko is quite the sweetheart under her foulf mouthed exterior with an iteresting story as well. I look forward to revealing her background as well. I misjudged the color of her hair from the original ROL artwork of her. It looks darker there. Creating a girl with an oral fixation is always something always i wanted to do. Glad you liked the chapter. Thanks for supporting my writing!