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A Sexy Celebrity Encounter

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“AHHH! OHHH! THATS RIGHT GET IN THAT PUSSY YOU BEAST DICK MONSTER!” howled the busty teal haired Takiko as she watched Xavier rail another girl from behind.


“TEAR MY FAT ASIAN ASS UP DADDY!” Screamed Kaede while Xavier analyzed her. Kaede grabbed on to the end of bed, hanging on for dear life as he stuffed her with his enormous bull cock!


“MMMMM!!!” hummed Takiko, positioned at side; giving him a long romantic kiss. Xavier fingered Takiko with one hand a while palming Kaede’s lower back with the other. He fucked Kaede hard and fast, plunging deep into her tight ass.




Takiko pushed Xavier on his back.


“HEY! I WASN’T DONE YET!!!” Kaede giggled back as she turned to see Takiko climbing on his monster log.


“YES! YES!” chuckled the young man as Takiko bounced on top of him. Kaede crawled over and mounted the young man’s face. Xavier grabbed a big handful of Kaede’s giant rear end, fingering her ass while at the same time sucking her juicy pussy


“AHHHHHHHH!!! MORE!!! DON’T STOP!!! I’M ALMOST THERE!!!! I’M GONNA CUMMMMMMM!!!” The two women roared simultaneously!



BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” sounded a loud blaring alarm clock, bringing the young man’s threesome fantasy filled slumber to an abrupt end.


The groggy young man looked around him at the dark, empty room.






Xavier reached out from his bed and turned the screeching alarm off, disappointed that the ménage trois with his foul mouthed heavy chested sweetheart and his amazing assed, hyper nympho darling was only a figment of his very active imagination.


“Damn…” sighed the youth as he got out of bed.


The previous day had been a busy one for Xavier. After leaving the gym, he spent the day with Takiko up until she had to go to work that evening. That night he had attended a party at one of the beachside night clubs as Kaede’s guest, serving as her hype man while she performed as the club’s DJ. He capped off his day with a late night, after hours meal with Kaede before walking the exhausted hotel employee to her room where she passed out in her bed. Although he didn’t get the chance to redeem himself with her, he was happy with getting to hang out with her and get to know the curvy DJ.


After brushing his teeth and showering, Xavier wandered pass the suite’s master bedroom and noticed his mother Mei wasn’t there. She had already departed for the gym. However, when he opened the refrigerator he to get a bottle of water, he noticed a plastic container with a label that said ‘Javi, try this!’ The young man opened the container to find there was a rather massive hunk of roast pork along with big helping of greens and multiple chunks of pineapple. Mei had grabbed some more of Auron’s specialty dish to go after leaving the pavilion the previous day.


“Hmmm… smells pretty good…” Xavier observed while pulling the container out of the microwave. He took one bite… but then quickly demolished the contents of the container!


“WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?!?!” yelled the youth as he popped out of his seat.





Xavier’s muscles tightened and adrenaline surged through his body, giving him the strength to run through a brick wall. He clenched his fists tightly. Suddenly his hotel room surroundings shifted to a battlefield; a ravaged green planet full of stacked female enemies clad in spandex like body armor. Standing in the forefront was an extra curvy blue and purple haired, red eyed temptress cackling. She was completely nude and skin was a shiny pearl white color. The woman had a rather large tail swaying behind her. Eiji, Eric and Saitou lay defeated in her wake.




She watched on in shock as Xavier’s power level skyrocketed. Powerful futuristic metal music began to play in the background.


“WHAT….IS….THIS!?” questioned to blue haired woman.




Xavier’s clothing changed, going from workout shorts a white t-shirt to an orange martial arts gi with navy blue wristbands, boots and undershirt. The back of his gi was emblazoned with the kanji 無限 (Mugen, Japanese for ‘Infinite’). His body became engulfed in a white flame-like aura. His hair repeatedly flashed between its normal auburn color and a bright golden hue. The ground cratered beneath his feet as he powered up. Thunder clapped and bolts of lighting struck around him. Rocks and pieces of the ground floated into the air before disintegrating.




“Ugggh… Ahhhh!.. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!” roared Xavier as he transformed, burning with rage.. His hair became fully gold as he stood silently with his head down and his fist clenched. His bursting power destroyed his clothing, revealing a massive dick so large it could put horses to shame.


“You low level probation clowns are like roaches you just won’t go away. So you changed your hair, you’re still not man enough to make me cum!


“We’ll see about that… Let’s finish this!”


“You think you can please me?! I told you once before you should just give up Xavier.. Is that even your name? I can’t recall.


“You’ll be screaming it when you submit to me Violette!”


Xavier and Violette approached each other engaging in an intense stare down as they got closer.


“Xavier has awakened and an awesome new power but can he overcome the mighty intergalactic conqueror Violette Beauregard!? The sexy showdown for the fate of the world is about to begin! Find out who reigns supreme on the next episode of BUSTEE-Z!” teased the narrator.



Xavier’s amped up daydream came to a close, bringing him back to reality.


“Damn, I thought that was real. This meat is a hell of a drug. I feel strong as fuck! Today is gonna be a good day!” the teen energetically remarked as he grabbed his backpack and left the hotel room. After a quick round of stretching, Xavier took off running along the beaches of Sapphire Shores. Xavier nodded his head to the sounds of Michael Jackson which pumped through his oversized headphones. The coarse beach sand provided ample resistance for legs forcing him to use all of his muscles.


[Why are there are there so many people out this early?] Xavier pondered to himself, looking around him as he made his way down the beach.


Despite it being so early in the morning the beach was already crowded with partygoers partaking in liquid breakfasts in a glass. Either they’re getting started in earnest or maybe the party from last night never ended? Either way, there was a sea of bodies for Xavier to navigate around, providing more exercise. As Xavier ran, he side stepped, did spins and twirls to avoid running into people and even hurdled objects such as coolers and barbecue grills that obstructed his path.


“DO YOU REMEMBER THE TIME, WHEN WE FELL IN LOVE? DO YOU REMEMBER THE TIME? WHEN WE FIRST MET GIRL!” sang the young man while making eye contact with a group of girls in passing, pointing at leader of the group as if he were singing to her.


“1-2-3-4!” counted the youth while beginning to throw punch combinations. He shadow boxed down the beach, maintaining an intense running pace. Speed, explosiveness, stamina, coordination, focus; all of these sustained as he travelled further and further. Whatever was in that pork definitely worked. It’s been half an hour and he still wasn’t tired!


He continued to run for what seemed like hours, going up and down the beach back and forth. The salty sea air breathed deep into his lungs. There was suddenly a vibration coming from his pocket which was a cell phone notifications alerting him. Xavier hadn’t actively checked his Linkum account since his blind date with Matsunami over a week prior.


“5 new comments huh? lets see.”


IceyHotDivinity: I had SO MUCH fun hanging out with you! See ya soon for SWEET LOVIN Part 4!!!!” -Matsunami


Jazzy B: You made me feel so GOOD! I came 3 times! So adorable and such a gentleman too. Call me. XOXOXO!” -Brass


DJ_K-Booty: OMG! You’re the best I EVER had!!!! I’m still thinking about you now. Thank you for getting my stuff back. Hit me up, lets chill after my next show!” -Kaede


FastFuriousTaki: You REALLY worked my cunt good at the gym! And in the shower, and in my truck! You got that dope ‘D’ but don’t think I’m fucking in love with you or anything, asshole!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥” -Takiko


Heavenly_RU: I see you, doin it BIG sweetheart! Don’t let the setbacks get you down, it will all come together in time. We need to talk about our date schedule.” -Rubii


Rubii’s message had multiple kiss emoji’s after it.


“Oh shit! This is great!!! Things are finally looking up!” the green eyed youth yelled excitedly. He ran even harder, further energized by what he saw on his Linkum account. The positive feedback gave him the extra motivation and confidence boost to go the extra mile.




Xavier broke into a full sprint, running as fast as he could for as long as possible. There was a noticeable difference in his speed and explosiveness.


“What the hell was in that food I had?! Whatever it is, it’s working!”


Xavier stopped running back and forth laps, instead going in a single direction. His travels brought him to a crowded stage area with a massive group of spectators. A local band performed to warm up the crowd and get them hyped up for the upcoming strip show.



(Peaches Gentleman’s Club Stage)


The Sapphire Splash party event was pretty much everything Eiji expected it to be. G-string bikini’s as far as the eye could see, lots of big jiggling bouncing tits, and even a few ladies that went full nudist! A little while ago, Hitomi invited him to be her guest at the event as she MC’ed several of the events going on. Right now she was on stage being her peppy cheerful self. It was strange to think that underneath that hyper-cheerful persona there was a cool and quiet girl that was a complete 180 of who he was watching now.


Up on stage, the band finished its set and Hitomi walked out and struck a pose, “Hihihi!!!!! Hitomi-tomi-chan coming at’cha LIVE FROM PEACHES GENTLEMAN’S CLUB AT SAPPHIRE SPLASH! WOOOOO!!! AND THE PARTY HAS ALREADY BEGUN!” she then began introducing the next singer as she came up on the stage.


Eiji’s job was easier than usual at that moment. He was assigned to deliver drinks to the customers in the audience rather than his usual post at the bar mixing beverages. It was still early and orders hadn’t started flooding in yet so he had the freedom to roam around. He listened to the band play while admiring Hitomi’s onstage antics.


Occasionally, the pain from his bad knee would flare up, causing him to momentarily contract with pain. However, it would go away once he took a pill out of his prescription container and pop it into his mouth like a cough drop.


“Hey Eiji!” Matsunami called as she walked up to him.


“Eyy Frost! What’s up?”


“Nothing much yet. I’m not taking the stage for at least another hour or so, so I have a little bit of time to kill. You’re not working the trailer today?” she asked.


“No thankfully. I’d rather do this, I get to move around and enjoy the entertainment. After I’m done here, I’m gonna be hopping around the beach. Hitomi is booked appearing at parties all day and she invited me to accompany her.” Eiji stated.


Eiji and Matsunami conversed and listened to the singer onstage perform, meanwhile Xavier’s spirited running session brought him to the Peaches stage area. He glanced around and noticed Matsunami from the back. He slowly crept up behind her and Eiji like stealth ninja seeking out his next victim.


“BOOOOO!” yelled Xavier while leaping toward Matsunami, startling them both and causing Matsunami to jump.


“Ahh! You fucker!” yelled Matsunami while halfway laughing.


“Gotcha!” the youth remarked as he playfully tickled Matsunami’s stomach, continuing the silly horseplay from their last date.


“Cut it out!” giggled the thick vixen before retaliating with tickles of her own.


“Alright! Alright! You got me!” chuckled the auburn haired man as he backed down.


“Nice try but I win again.” Matsunami said with a smirk.


“What’s up Eiji? What yall up to?” Xavier asked.


“Just chilling out before things get busy over here.” Eiji replied. The two exchange fist bumps.


“Who won the bet last night?” the youth questioned, jokingly jabbing Eiji with his elbow while asking. The auburn haired youth was referencing the wager Eiji made with Eric at the Paradise Grill the other night; specifically which of the two can hook up with Diana the cook.


“It’s still ongoing.” Eiji answered with a chuckle.


“What are you doing?” Matsunami asked Xavier.


“I just started getting back into working out everyday again. Getting in some cardio right now. I saw you at the gym yesterday I was gonna say hi but I didn’t wanna interrupt the yoga class…”


“Yeah, sure…” retorted the short haired brunette, completely aware that she knew he was avoiding seeing both her and his mother together.


“This guy I know is helping me get back into peak shape. I got lazy since I stopped boxing….Speaking of that what are you doing later on?” Xavier asked.


“I’m gonna be working soon, but after my shift I don’t have any plans.” She crossed her arms and said with a nod.


“Maybe we can go to the pool or something.” the scar faced teen said with a grin.


“Yeah, we can do that!”


“Cool, I’ll see ya around then.” Xavier nodded to both of them before resuming his run and disappearing into the distance.


“It was nice of him to drop by. We should all hang out more often.” Matsunami said to Eiji


“Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of time to do things together when we go to BSU” Eiji said before popping another pain pill in his mouth.


“What are you talking about?”


“You, me and him.” the blue eyed young man answered.


“Interesting… He never mentioned he was going to BSU when we hung out…” Matsunami looked over at the direction Xavier ran off to, her eye narrowing.


Yeah, we talked while he was waiting for you to take the stage that night at the club.


“So he’s getting in shape for school then.”


“Yeah, that’s what it looks like. He’s cool with the head security guard on campus too. That’s probably who he’s training with.” Eiji noted.


“I see… Training with the head security guard huh… He be better off training on his own.” Matsunami replied dismissively.


Before Eiji could respond, the buzzer on his hip sounded, indicating there were orders for him to run.


“Things are getting busy early!” remarked the former basketball player.


“Right, I should get going too. I gotta get my costume and makeup together.”


“Good luck on your set.” Eiji wished.


“You too. Don’t get too far behind, we all know you love to flirt with the customers!” remarked the dancer.



Xavier continued to run, going a couple of miles beyond the area he had frequented the last 2 days. He heard Hitomi’s voice on the microphone once again as he got closer yet another stage set up. It was one of MANY on this party holiday weekend.


“Hitomi is all over the place! She was just at the Peaches stage a while ago!” observed the work out warrior.


The crowd was quite enormous and a loud one at that, nearly drowning Hitomi out with their cheers for her.


“This must be something big…” Xavier remarked while sprinting to the stage. He weaved, dodged and pushed his way through the inebriated fans until he managed to get to the front row, right in front of the stage.




Hitomi stood front and center in the middle of a massive stage. The stage area was quite was the set up spectacularly complete with a megatron-like big screen above the stage.








Fans began to cheer as some of them began to figure out who Hitomi was talking about.




The fans roared in approval as most of them knew who was about to be introduced.




Xavier eagerly watched on as Kokoro made her way on stage. Though he didn’t follow celebrities or pop culture, Xavier was heavily invested in seeing Kokoro up close. He had known the foxgirl for her lead role in the classic children’s comedy movie ‘Home By Myself’ where Kokoro played the main role of a young girl who set traps for robbers trying to break into her home. Xavier had been enamored with her for years, often showing support for her projects. Most recently she had played the role of Rukia Kuchiki in the live action film adaptations of the #1 hit worldwide phenomenon anime/manga Bleach, Bleach: Rise of the Arrancar and it’s sequel Bleach: The Solitary God were number 1 box office hits. The young man had a crush on Kokoro years but never thought it was possible to see her in person.




As Kokoro came onstage it became crystal clear why Xavier had been so taken with her for so long. The young woman stepped out displaying a curvy yet compact figure. She was similar to Xavier in height yet possessed a wonderful set of full perky breasts along with a big, fluffy and round backside. Her metallic black sling bikini barely covered her assets. The beautiful fox woman had short, dirty blonde hair with white tips which framed her face perfectly. Kokoro’s blue eyes were big and almond shape as if she walked straight out of a manga! Her ears were perked up out of excitement and her fluffy tail wagged behind her as she walked. Fireworks and pyro went off as the blue-eyed fox strut her stuff across the stage. She made her way to the edge of the stage and high-fived hands with fans in the front row. Koko took notice of Xavier for unknown reasons and made eye contact with him. Xavier’s face reddened as her eyes met with his.


[She’s looking at me! She smiled! Why me??]


After slapping hands with the front row fans, Koko approached Hitomi and gave her a hug. The two kissed each other on the cheek and sat down in the 2 movie director-like wooden chairs at the center of the stage.


“Thank you for joining us Kokoro! you’ve been a busy girl, how does it feel to be at SPLASH?!” The cosplay E-celeb said, directed at the superstar.


“I feel great! I’m a little late because I just wrapped filming for Bleach. I’ve had so much going on lately. I just closed some new deals.”


“Ohh!! Like what? Are you able to talk about it yet?” Hitomi questioned.


“Yes, I have come to an agreement with a number of retailers, including Ultimate Cosmetics and World-Mart to distribute Foxxy Cosmetics in their stores! You will be able to get my products in a retailer near you!” Koko admitted excitedly as the audience cheered.


“Congratulations! As someone who uses your products in my cosplay and Youtube videos, I can vouch that it is high quality.


“Thank you, Hitomi.” The foxgirl placed a hand on the other woman’s shoulder and smiled.


“So Koko, you’ve had quite a career, you started off as a child actor in commercials and moved on to television, starring in Koko the Magical Fox where you played a foxgirl who transforms into a superhero that fight bad guys with magical powers. Then you landed your hit show Foxxy Felicia on the Disney channel which ran for 5 seasons. Then like many Disney actresses, you transitioned into a successful music career, gaining further international fame and notoriety. This landed you a role in a string of hit movies, most recently the live action Bleach films. And now you’re a successful business woman, CEO of your own cosmetic company. You’re making a lot of big moves these days. What else do you have going on?”


“I recently launched a charity called ‘Survive’. It’s goal is to protect and repopulate dozens of endangered species around the world. Among them is the the Golden Fox, my species, which is nearly extinct because of poachers who have slaughtered my people for their fur to be sold on the black market.” Koko explained before a pause. The crowd began to boo at the mention of poachers. Such occupation is vilified in the modern world which consists of a society that coexists with beastmen.


“I want to establish lands where the Golden Fox and other endangered species can thrive and replenish their population. I also want to go after the poachers and marketers who trade in fur, ivory and other animal resources and bring them to justice!” Koko stated with furious resolve. The crowd cheered in response.


“Do you have a website where people can donate?


“Yes, its WildLifeSurvive.org. Any amount helps so donate if you can. Those who do will get a free t-shirt. Today I will be autographing photos, posters and other merchandise with 100% of the proceeds will go to my charity. This is a cause very dear to my heart.”


Xavier immediately went to www.wildlifesurvive.org on his phone and pledged a donation of $40 to the charity.


“So, your album is still #1 on the charts. Any idea when you’re getting back in the studio to record again?


“I don’t know, my music career is kind of on hold right now.”


“BOOOOOOOOO!!!” yelled the crowd in disapproval


“Hold on! Hold on! I got something else to tell you.” Koko teased.


“Not only is my music on hold but so is my acting career. I won’t be putting out any music or movies for awhile.” Koko stated flatly like she was intentionally trying to anger the audience.




“RELAX! I didn’t say you wouldn’t see me. Truth is I’m taking a break from music and movies so I can attend college. You might get to see more of me than you ever imagined.” Koko hinted to the crowd.


“Anyone wanna guess what university I’m going to?” Koko asked while opening up her purse.


Members of the audience yelled out there guesses, many of them answering BSU. Harlot state students screamed for Harlot State, while students of other schools yelled out their universities as well. Koko pulled a rolled up t-shirt from her purse and waved it around while swiveling her hips from side to side. She then began to very slowly unroll the shirt. Xavier watched in suspense.


“What if she’s going to…..”


Xavier’s train of thought was interrupted by the unrolling of the shirt. After the shirt completely unrolled the letters “BSU” were visible in gold lettering.


[YES! YES! HELL YEEES!!! WHAT IF SHES IN MY CLASS!?] Xavier thought to himself while fist pumping exuberantly. The crowd burst into a mix of loud cheers and boos; The cheers coming from BSU students and boos coming from students of rivals and other schools.


“That’s right, I’m headed to Busteez Slut University in just a couple of days. You boys will finally get to see ALL OF ME!…. SLUTS FOREVER!”


“HARLOTS NEVER!” responded the audience.


Hitomi joined Koko and the two put their arms around each other.


“SLUTS FOREVER! HARLOTS NEVER!” Chanted the duo! The crowd followed along with the chant. Music began to play, cueing an impromptu musical performance. The sexy fox seductively shook her ass and bounced her tits which was something fans had never saw her do. Under her previous Disney family-friendly persona, Koko couldn’t do anything like this. She was limited in what she could say and do as well as how she could express herself. Koko was like a caterpillar emerging from its cocoon as a butterfly! Hitomi acted as Koko’s backup dancer, turning around and twerking on her.




Koko repeatedly slapped Hitomi’s ass much to the approval of the audience. She then moved over to the edge of the stage, singing to the fans in the front row. The blue eyed fox stopped squarely in front of the green eyed young man and squatted down, seemingly serenading him. Xavier’s heart pounded so hard in his chest that Koko could sense his anxiety. She looked him squarely in the eyes while singing to him, prompting a nervous grin from Xavier.


[She’s singing to……Me!?]


Sex with me, so amazing!
All this all hard work, no vacation!
Stay up off my Linkum, pure temptation!
Sex with me, So amazing! sex with me, so amazing!


Koko then went back to center stage to finish her performance. It was marked by another round of fireworks to close out the show. The diva blew kisses to the audience as the curtains came down.



(20 minutes later)


After leaving the stag,e Koko met with her manager and a number of personal assistants.


“Alright! Let’s get ready for the autograph session.”


“Well Koko, we have one small problem… The merchandise isn’t here.” admitted a middle aged man, Koko’s manager.




“The truck isn’t here”




“I’m trying to find out…”


Koko’s manager got on the phone to call around and find out what happened.


The angry fox paced around frantically


“Ok, it turns out that the truck with all the pictures, posters and other items went to Los Angeles and another truck full of warehouse supplies came to World City…”




“I’m so sorry Ms. Izumi!”


“I’m sorry too. I’m gonna have to let you go.”




“YOU’RE FIRED! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!” ordered the fox woman to her manager since childhood. The sad old man meandered away with his head down while she gave an ultimatum to her other employees


“If I don’t start hearing some ideas for what to do in the next two minutes you’re all fired!” yelled the enraged fox while pacing back and forth. Her hair appeared a shade darker and her eyes took on a more narrow, serious look. This was a major contrast to her gentle public demeanor with the cute almond-shaped moe eyes. She gazed down at the time on her phone to send a message that she was serious. Xavier watched the commotion from a distance, curious about what was happening before walking toward Koko’s group. Just as there was a mere 20 seconds left on Koko’s timer one of her assistants yelled for her attention.


“Miss Koko! I think I have something!”


“What is it?!” Koko replied with an impatient scowl.


“Uh– uh– we could take new photos and use them for the autograph signing?”


“Pfft! That will have to do since I don’t have much time! Congratulations you’re still employed!” Koko scoffed matter of factly.


Xavier got close enough to overhear parts of the conversation as he was walking by.


“What about my personal photographer? Is our guy here?”


“I don’t think so.”


“Well go find someone and HURRY UP!!!!”


“Excuse me, did you just say you need a photographer?” Xavier asked as he approached Koko, his voice cracking slightly. He was standing face to face with the only celebrity he had ever desired to meet in person. The scar faced teen anchored his feet to the sand to prevent his legs from shaking and gulped to get the lump out of his throat.


“Why do you ask??” Queried the popular TV starlet while sizing him up.


“I took numerous photos during my first day of SPLASH, including the volleyball matches. I’m a hobbyist photographer, maybe I can help???” Xavier answered while pulling his camera out of his backpack. The camera was a top of the line model, the same as the ones many professionals used in the field. It was a birthday gift from his mother a couple of birthdays ago.


“I dunno, can you deliver the quality I’m looking for? You look about my age. How much experience do you have exactly?”


“Well I’ve taken photography all 4 years of high school and I’ve worked some high school sports events…”


“Hmm. I’m not sold.”


“How about this, we can do a couple of test shots and if you don’t like them I’ll go. But if you do……”


“Alright, let’s go. We don’t have much time.” remarked the blue-eyed beauty. She lead him and her crew to a part of the beach that wasn’t as populated, where she quickly lied down in the sand. Koko then struck a sexy pose on cue, her hair and eyes going back to the way they were when she first came on stage. Xavier snapped away, taking pic after pic, adjusting his positioning and angles he shot from for variety.


“Beautiful! Gimme more!” Xavier said. Koko struck more poses including one in which she got on all fours and crawled towards him.


“Tilt your head just a little bit, and lemme see those fangs!” coached the young photographer. Koko then flashed her fangs and stuck her tongue out to the camera giving off a wild yet sexy vibe. The sun melded into the background perfectly from the angle Xavier was shooting from.


“SASSY!” Xavier joked in a fake effeminate voice.


The duo shot more pictures than Koko expected, about 100 in total. As they continued the chemistry between them became evident to her staff who watched the impromptu photoshoot from the side. Xavier proved himself to be a maestro behind the camera, despite never doing a sexy photo shoot like this before. Koko got more and more into it as they progressed striking more provocative poses, pulling her bikini straps down and forming a hand bra. She fluttered her moe eyes steadily at the camera and made a number of faces almost as if she making love to him through the camera’s lens. The sultry singer then peeled her bikini all the way off and laid back with her hands behind her head, exposing her glorious bare bra busting tits and cleanly shaven vagina to him! She gave him a very tempting and flirtatious “Good Girl” facial expression as he stood over her taking pictures from above.


[Holy shit! She just got butt naked for me!] thought the aspiring director to himself. He squeezed his legs together tightly, desperately trying to prevent an embarrassing and rather unprofessional boner from happening during this moment. Koko, giggled at his as posture having noticed what he was trying to do. Although it was only their first time working together, it was like Xavier had been her photographer for years.




Her nipples grew rock hard as she groped her tits and rubbed on the inner folds of her pussy with her fingers. This photo shoot went further than Xavier had ever imagined it would. Just as a crowd started to gather, Koko caught herself and put her bikini back on.


“Now let’s see the pics!” Koko demanded eagerly. Xavier cycled through the photos on his camera.


“WHOA! These are really good! The angles, you made me look great! My photographer makes me look fat sometimes. You’re it! I want you to help me.”


“Thanks, I’m glad you like me work.” replied the young man with a red face. He had impressed Koko not only with his skill taking pictures but his professionalism and his fearlessness when it came to giving her direction with poses. The blue eyed fox had a tendency to be a domineering diva at times but appreciated having people around her who weren’t intimidated by her attitude.


“I’m going to be autographing some pictures for fans but the truck that had all the promotional pictures and posters isn’t here. So instead, I need you to take pictures of me and my fans so I have something to sign.” Koko explained.


“Alright, we need to get a printer from somewhere to do this. I can connect my camera to the printer through Wi-Fi to print them.” Xavier pointed out as they walked toward the area that was being set up for her autograph session.


“Hey!” Koko yelled to one of her assistants.


“Could you go to one of these resorts and borrow a printer?!” the young singer asked.


“Sure!” answered the assistant before darting off.


“If you still want to have posters and other merchandise available, you could probably send one of your people to World-Mart to pick some up.” suggested the green eyed young man.


“That’s a damn good idea.” Koko said with a head nod. She then waved over a second assistant and instructed her to go to the store and pick up some posters, t-shirts hats and other items. The first assistant came back with the best photo quality printer she could find a few minutes later.


“Now we’re rolling!” exclaimed fox with a grin. Xavier hooked up the printer and helped the rest of Koko’s staff set up the tables for her autograph station. Koko’s crisis had been averted. The presence of the auburn haired stranger gave her a sense of calm, a feeling that everything was going to be alright.


“Ay! Everything is ready to go!” Xavier yelled to Koko.


After the set up was complete Koko took her seat at the table.


“I’M OPEN FOR BUSINESS!” Koko declared triumphantly.


She was immediately swarmed by fans. Staff members and security corralled the massive group into an orderly line. The operation ran smoothly with Xavier taking photos of Koko with fans and promptly printing them for her to sign with her glittering gold marker. About 20 minutes into it, her second assistant arrived with the posters and other items from World-Mart.


In a period of 2 hours Koko raised over $10,000 for her charity. Despite a rough start, the event was a huge success.



(20 minutes after the end of Koko’s signing.)


“It’s Koko again. I just finished a fundraiser at SPLASH! I just wanna thank you all for your help in making it a success! I truly appreciate it! I’ll be sending a special surprise to everyone who donates online!” Koko said with a wink into her phone’s camera lens. She then focused the phone on her tits before shifting it to her ass and finally her crotch area.


After counting all of the money and posting her thank you video to social media, Koko ran toward Xavier while he was helping break down the tables from her autograph station. Her tits bounced and flopped wildly as she sprinted toward him, nearly slapping her in the face on the way to him.


“HEY!” screamed the fox girl to get the young photographer’s attention. Xavier looked at her direction and was mesmerized by the curvaceous vulpine figure advancing toward him. He lost all focus of what he was doing, dropping his camera in the sand rather than the compartment in his backpack he meant to put it in. Koko was like poetry in motion to Xavier, appearing to be moving much slower than she actually was. Before he knew it she was in reach of him.




Koko jumped on Xavier, nearly knocking him down but having done this once before with Mai he held his footing much better.


“We raised $10,000! I couldn’t have done it without you!” exclaimed the movie star as she wrapped her arms around him.


“$10,000 in 2 hours?! That’s dope! Glad I was able to help!!!”


“MMMMMWAAAH!” smacked the cosmetics diva while kissing him on the cheek.


“Thank you sooooo much………” expressed the fox before pausing because she didn’t know his name.


“I’m Xavier. Xavier Williams.” said the youth as he continued to hold her up by the thick thighs.


Koko let go of her grip on him, landing on her feet as she let him go.


“I have an offer for you Xavier. How about you be my full time personal photographer?” Koko asked sweetly.


“Umm… I’d love to… but I can’t. I start school in a couple of days, I won’t have the time with classes, homework and all.”


“I see, how about we get some lunch then and we can talk about it?”


“Yeah, I don’t mind that! That sounds great!”


“Follow me then!” Koko told him while walking away from him and swinging her hips from side to side. Xavier followed her to a nondescript looking trailer a little further down the beach and right by one of the parking lots.


Entering said trailer, the young man was amazed to see the interior, for it was spacious and rather lavish for a temporary hang out spot. It looked more like a two bedroom apartment than it did one of those on set trailers actors used while filming. The floors were made of a shiny Oakwood and the walls were adorned with pictures of Koko at various ages and points in her career. The living room was complete with very comfortable looking leather sectional couch with a matching recliner and loveseat. The Kitchen/ dining room combo are was designed to look like a bar, with cherry wood stools that matched the color of the floor.


“This is a nice little place you have to crash at. ”


“I had it made a couple of years ago. I bring it with me whenever I’m on the road.” Koko replied while walking over to the rather massive refrigerator. She opened it revealing a variety of cold foods that had been delivered by catering while she was out.


“What do you want? I have some salads, wraps, sandwiches and a few other things.”


“I’ll take a wrap.” Xavier requested.


“There’s a club, a chicken Caesar and a southwest steak.”


“Southwest steak please.”


Koko grabbed the wrap and a cobb salad for herself and sat down on the couch. Xavier hesitantly sauntered around, still somewhat nervous about being in the presence of his celebrity crush.


“C’mon! Get comfortable, I don’t bite.” Koko remarked with a slight sexual innuendo while slapping the empty spot next to her on the couch.


Koko’s words clued him in that she was comfortable with him which eased his nerves a bit.


“So what it like being a star? You know, travelling, filming and performing all the time. Seems like it would be hard to get ANY privacy.


“I’ve been doing this since I was a toddler appearing in TV commercials. Show business is what I know. It can get hectic and stressful at times but I’m used to it. Part of being a celebrity is managing fame. Everyone wants the money that comes with it but not everyone can handle the attention that comes with it. I for one LOVE the attention! I guess I’ve been doing this so long it’s like second nature to me.” Koko rationalized before taking a bite of her salad.


“I mean it’s not easy but I manage. Not all child stars are as fortunate as I’ve been in my career. Some age out and are unable find work in the business as they become adults. Other’s have fallen victim to parents who steal or piss away all their money before they are old enough to touch it.”


“Is there anything you miss about normal life?” asked the auburn haired teen.


“Yeah, I really didn’t get to go school the way a normal kid would. I was home schooled by tutors most of my life. Whenever I was filming or on the road, the tutor came with me. It would have been impossible for me to go to a normal school in middle and high school. I missed out on stuff that normal kids do like cheerleading, going to the prom and making friends. There’s other girls in the business that i’m cool with but it’s not the same because at the end of the day they are my competition. I would have liked to attend public school just to see what its like. That’s part of why I’m going to BSU, the experience.


“What are the other reasons?”


“I’ve already done a lot for an 18 year old. I’ve starred in TV and movies, made hit songs, traveled the world and I own a successful business. I’ve conquered everything I tried so far, I want to conquer something new, the adult entertainment business! For me, it’s not about the fame or the money, I crave the challenge. Getting to share a bed with cute guys doesn’t hurt either. I think it will be fun to finally be on my own without parents, employees and having to go to business meetings. My sister is going to handle all of that while I’m off doing college.


“You have a sister?! I never seen or heard about her in the media.”


“She prefers to stay in the background. She’s older and helps me manage all of this. Kozue is more of the bookworm type. My parents put her through university to learn business and law. We are a team. I couldn’t do this without her.”


“I saw an old man with you. Who was that?”


“Yes, that was tutor and former manager… He mixed up the truck delivery that created all the problems… He’s supposed to make sure that stuff doesn’t happen.”


“So you fired him?”


“People get let go for less all the time in the business. Errors like that cost a lot of time and money. More money than the individual is worth.” Koko defended.


But before Xavier could ever ask another question Koko cut him off–


“Enough about me, I wanna know a lil about you Xavier Williams.”


“Uh, there’s not much to me really..” Xavier said shyly.


“You gotta tell me something!” Koko urged.


“Ask away…”


“You said you can’t be my photographer because school starts in two days. BSU’s orientation is in two days. Are you by chance going to BSU?


Xavier was blindsided by the direct yes or no question. He knew he couldn’t make the same mistake twice.


“Uhhh Yeah.” Xavier answered.


“Interesting! we could be in the same class. You wanna become some superstar porn stud? Or do you just wanna get laid by sexy ladies? You must be quite the fuck if you got accepted to BSU, they turn away 90% of male applicants.” Said the fox with a smile.


“Well, BSU was the only school that accepted my application. I got turned down by 17 other schools that offered the program I wanted to get into. I didn’t know what kind of school BSU was when I first applied.” Xavier admitted before taking a bite of his wrap.


“If you don’t wanna be a porn star, What do you want to go to school for?”


“I was always into movies growing up. Action, martial arts and sci fi. I was always more fascinated by what goes on behind the scenes than the what happens in the movies themselves. I wanna get into directing and producing movies and TV. Someday I wanna create my own franchise like Star Wars or Marvel. I wanna make something that people will loved, a legacy series that last long after I am gone. CLASSIC, LEGENDARY shit! Maybe even produce my own anime!” the youth explained hopefully.


This was unfamiliar territory for Xavier. He usually directed the conversation to focus on the girls he talked to in order get to know them, establish a bond.


“So that’s how you took the pictures you did. You have quite the artistic eye.”


“I took photography so I could get familiar the equipment and the art of properly capturing an image within a composition. I took creative writing and art classes to learn how create and illustrate the ideas I have in my mind. There’s a lot of stuff in different areas one has to learn be a good director. I’ve been working toward this since middle school. I am a little nervous about going to BSU though.


“Why are you nervous?” the blue eyed vixen inquired with interest.


“Uhhh I…. Never mind!”


The youth realized he made an error by telling her he was nervous about going to BSU. However, saying never mind only made the situation worse as most times ‘Never mind’ serves to make the other person more eager to find out information during a conversation.


“C’mon Xavier, It’s okay! you can tell me about it. I won’t laugh.” Koko reassured him.


“Well, I’m not the most experienced guy in the world. When I interviewed with professor Reed, I didn’t do great. I barely got accepted…” the green eyed youth confessed with a sigh.


“Professor Reed? I was interviewed by her. She’s very pretty.”


“I’m on academic probation right now.” Koko sniffed the air slightly while Xavier was talking.


“What does that mean?”


“I have to meet with Professor Reed and the Headmistress regularly to discuss my progress. Since I got accepted I’ve had to go on dates with as many girls as possible to get experience and improve my performance. I have to report the results to Professor Reed and Headmistress Kuriyue. If I don’t meet their date requirement they will withdraw their offer for me to attend school at BSU…”


“So did you help me out just so you could get something to report to them?” Koko asked suspiciously with her brow raised. She slid closer to him while looking into his eyes.


“NO!!! NO!! It’s not like that!!!” Xavier answered in panic.


“So you don’t wanna tap this SWEET FOXXY ASS?!” the blonde questioned in very condescending tone while squeezing her magnificent tits, implying she was insulted by Xavier’s last answer.


“I didn’t mean it like that. I……”


Koko the put her index finger over his lips to cut off his flustered attempt to explain himself and prevent him from ruining the moment. She then took a deep breath, inhaling in his scent.


[So that’s why she kept smiling at me on stage!] the youth thought to himself puzzled by this because he spent the morning working up a sweat running on the beach and was smelling quite ripe by human standards. The combination of perspiration and Xavier’s pheromones was too much for Koko to resist, enticing her beastly sexual urges. The tension had been building since she first caught his scent back at the Hitomi interview.


“Ahhhhhh! So rugged and manly! I love the scent of a rough, sweaty man!”




The lusty blonde fox licked the side of his face, savoring the salty taste of the dried sweat on his cheek. She then leaned in for a kiss. Xavier met her halfway. Koko aggressively slipped her tongue into his mouth. Their tongues tussled in a prolonged lip lock, getting the seductive fox hotter with every passing second.


“MMMMMMM!!!!!!” Koko moaned while making out with Xavier.


[You can do this! She wants you! Don’t screw this up! You’ve been doing well so far!] thought the young man to himself as he came to the realization that what was happening was indeed real. He placed one hand on her hip and moved across her soft delicate skin with his palm. He caressed her thigh in gentle up and down. With his other hand he pulled her closer to him. Koko’s heart began to beat at rapid pace as her tits pressed up against him. The fox girls nipples where as hard as bullets at this point, pressing into his shirt and chest. Koko was just as nervous as he was. With her busy schedule and having family members around her regularly Koko hadn’t had many opportunities to be intimate with guys despite her sexy image.


[My body is so warm! I’m so turned on right now! YES!] She thought to herself.


The two momentarily broke their kiss to take a breath, giving Koko the opportunity to look him in the eyes. There were no words between them in that moment, for words were not needed. The young starlet felt a thick bulge up against the front of her thigh. It was so full and hefty that she had to glance downward to take a look.


[That thing is GIANT! I don’t know if I’m ready for this!] pondered the fox with slight panic.


Xavier’s confidence rose along with his dick. He sensed that Koko was just as tense as he was, possibly implying she didn’t have a ton of experience either. He went for the jugular quite literally, peppering her neck with light kisses before gently sucking on it. Koko grabbed the back of his head and ran her hand through his spiked locks.


“Oooooh! I like that” Koko cooed into his ear, before lowering his head so that he was facing her tits. Xavier took the hint and went to work, licking on her nipples. He feasted on her succulent melons, nibbling on her nipples while sucking them. She moved her leg back and forth, grinding up against her partner’s cock to jerk him off.


“Ummmm! Ohhhh!” Koko moaned. She then felt his manhood rise even more to the point it was poking her stomach.


“GOD DAMN YOU’RE HUGE! I never thought a guy the same size as me would be packing this much dick!” Koko commented, stunned by the size of his monster dong. The blue eyed fox then lightly pushed him backwards so that he was leaning on the arm of the couch. She crawled towards him on her hands and knees much like a sexy forest predator stalking it’s prey for the kill.


“I’m still hungry!” Koko teased while pulling his shorts down.


[Crap! I didn’t take a shower from my workout!! She’s gonna suck my dick after I’ve been working out all morning!?] the young man thought to himself surprised at this. Although he would have preferred to have showered before this he knew he couldn’t interrupt the moment for that.


Koko pressed her lips against the head of his cock planting several kisses on it before beginning to lick. The fox licked up and down his massive shaft, grazing every inch of it with her tongue.




The salty taste of sweat didn’t bother her in the least, in fact she savored it. The scent of his sweat and pheromones represented power and ignited her primal lust. Her own anxiety and inhibitions melted away as she worked his cock with her mouth. She even went down on his balls, licking them clean before taking them into her mouth, one at a time. The sexy blonde used her tongue to roll his balls around in her mouth before sucking on them like they were hard candy. She tickled the hyper sensitive nerves in the area causing Xavier to groan lightly. The pop star devoted equal time to the left and right doing each for about 90 seconds. After that, she focused her attention on his dong once more, wrapping her lips around the tip.






Koko sucked him off in a very methodical fashion, slowly bobbing up and down on it. Her mouth watered heavily, making it easier to surmount the monolith before her. Her black lipstick smeared on his cock. Xavier’s dick slid back and forth between her fangs. Koko used the smooth surface of her fangs to massage the sides of his dick while she sucked.




Xavier looked down into Koko’s doe eyes and grinned as he saw how much she loved giving head as much as he loved receiving it. Her tail wagged back and forth while she gulped down his dick. Her pussy watered as well; the longer she sucked the more hot and horny she became. Her love juices dripped down on the seat cushion below her. It was not only the fact she enjoyed giving oral but the thrill of the hunt that excited the busty fox. She had Xavier cornered like prey, determined to complete the hunt and make him blow an explosive load.


“AHHHH! UGGGGHHH! HOW DO YOU LIKE BEING MY LUNCH BABY?!” Koko asked with sweet, Kawaii expression and tone. The green teen responded with multiple head nods.




Koko didn’t use any finesse techniques like previous girls like Ashani, Rubii and Takiko had but she was indeed special in the art of dick sucking. While she lacked skill she made up for it with raw power. As a beast maiden, Koko was blessed with very strong jaw muscles, several times stronger than the average human woman. This was to aid in killing and devouring prey but Koko found a much more satisfying use for her gift.




Koko bobbed faster, sucking so hard that she pulled at his skin. This created a unique sensation he never felt before. She pulled him further and further into her mouth, gradually transitioning into deep throat. The fox woman eagerly worked his meat but overindulged, taking in too much and gagged.




Koko pulled away and coughed prompting Xavier to smile.


“You alright?” Xavier asked.


“Yeah, I’m good. That’s a sign. Its time for you fuck now” giggled Koko while climbing on top of him. She sat down on his thick log of a dick.




Koko winced in discomfort initially while mounting Xavier’s gigantic rod. She hadn’t encountered anyone like this during her time in Hollywood. The young man wiggled his dick back and forth with his hand to help Koko along with the process.


“Relax, nice and easy…” Xavier encouraged while holding on to her supple ass with his other hand.




“AHHHH!” hollered the fox as he entered her. Koko rocked her hips back and forth slowly, grinding on Xavier’s pole, squeezing her thighs together to lock on an even tighter grip on him. She was smooth and fluid with her hip movement almost like she were performing a slow dance from one of her songs on top of him.




Koko then started to rotating her hips, swiveling them in a circular motion as if she had a hula hoop around her waist. The fox gradually picked up speed, swinging her hips around from side to side like a pendulum.


“OHHHHH! SHOW ME WHAT YOU’RE WORKIN WITH AND SMASH MY SLUTTY HOLE!” yelled Koko as she continued to grind on him. Xavier thrust bestial dick home steadily ramming her while trying to match her rhythm. Koko pressed her hands against his stomach, using it as a grip to hold onto. She matched him thrust for thrust, raising her hips to bounce up and down on his cock.




The young starlet bounced even faster and harder, putting her beastly strength to good use. She used all the muscles in her to come down on his giant dick, riding him wildly! Koko propelled herself upward with each bounce, nearly coming off of his dick like she was jumping on a trampoline!




Xavier felt mild discomfort in his stomach area given Koko’s body strength, but he didn’t care, for he was literally hitting the jackpot. He was fucking Kokoro Izumi!


“UGGGHHH! OWWWWWW! MY PUSSY IS GONNA CAVE IN!” Koko yelled in pure delight. Xavier slapped her plump ass repeatedly creating a loud echoing sound in the room.




Koko leaned forward and embraced Xavier wrapping her arms around him. He fucked her face to face, staring into her blue eyes deeply while ramming her with long dick. Koko nibbled on her lip squeezing him tighter and tighter with each upward thrust.


“MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!” cooed the fox girl while exchanging a deep passionate kiss with Xavier.


The scar faced young man hoisted her up and put Koko on her feet. The pair were standing on top of the seat cushions at this point.


“Assume the position!” Xavier commanded with a smirk.


Xavier smacked her on the ass to signal for her to turn around. Koko obeyed the command and turned around, placing her hands on the wall. The youth spread her ass cheeks open exposing her glorious pussy.


“I’ve been a naughty girl! Are you gonna punish me Mr. Officer?” Koko asked sweetly.


“Yeah, lets start with a full cavity search!”




Xavier immediately went to work, deeply probing the blonde haired fox. He slammed her hard and deliberately, pumping her with powerful thrusts from the doggy style position.


“YAAAAAHHHH! OHHHHH! PUNISH ME GOOD! AHHHHH!” howled Koko while looking back at him, seductively showing her fangs.




His forceful thrusts sent ripples through her ass cheeks like a wave pool, causing Koko to lean into the wall for support. Xavier followed suit, leaning in close behind her. He grabbed hold of her epic tits, kneading them like pizza dough while at the same time using them for leverage to pound her with greater intensity! Koko’s fluffy tail wagged fervently while he ravaged her insides. At the same time, Xavier nibbled on her neck creating a triple threat of pleasure for her.


“OH MY GAAAWWWWD! YOU’RE BLOWING MY BACK OUT!” roared the teen idol.


Not wanting to be outdone, Koko moved her waist back and forth pushing ass into his thrusts, slapping his stomach.


[Holy shit, she’s strong. I didn’t expect that from a little fox girl!] Xavier thought to himself.




Koko obliged him, throwing her ass back so hard she knocked him off balance, nearly causing him to fall off the couch.


“WHOA!!!” Xavier quickly regrouped and made a suggestion to Koko. “I wanna try something new…”


“Let’s go baby! Bring it on!”


Xavier turned Koko around to face him and scooped her up by her legs. He then moved a pillow from the side of the couch to the edge of the couch’s seat cushion.


“Lean back sweetie!” Xavier requested.


Koko let herself fall back so that her head was down and her feet pointing upward, resting her head on the pillow. This was called the pile driver position. Xavier reentered her moist vagina and grabbed on to her ankles for leverage.




“OH SHIT! FUCKING HELL, IT HURTS SO GOOD! UGGGGGHH! OOOHHHH!” screamed Koko at the top of her lungs. He came down on her like a falling cement block, railing her with heavy piston-like downward thrusts. Koko reached out and grabbed another pillow and hugged it tightly biting down on it as he vigorously stroked her.




FUCK ME! ANNNNNHHH!” the fox woman wailed in response to the thorough shagging she was receiving.


Xavier then shifted the position again, leaning forward and laying on top of Koko. He put his feet up against the wall in order to get in the laying posture. It was a unique take on the missionary position. Koko’s legs were in the air with her knees bent near her head. The young man pumped rapidly, putting all of his remaining energy into it. Koko’s legs quivered and the thunderous smacks flesh on flesh sounded like an audience was applauding him. Koko’s high pitched screams echoed thru the room. Her body tensed up causing her to involuntarily squeeze Xavier’s cock with her vaginal muscle.


“GIVE IT ALL TO ME! AHHHHHHHHH!!!” Koko closed her eyes and grasped on seat cushions, preparing for the end.


“I can’t hold it any longer!” the green eyed man warned.


“AHHHHH! CUM FOR ME! LEMME MILK THAT GIANT DICK BABY!” hollered the lecherous fox.


Xavier pulled out and from there Koko grasped his meat with both hands.






Xavier went off like steam shooting from a boiling tea kettle. He shot off like a canon, one explosive load after another Koko opened her mouth as wide as possible to receive his protein bombs. She caught shot after shot in her throat, gulping it down like she was in an eating contest. The young actress then leaned her head forward and sucked his cock some more. Although Koko didn’t have a ton of experience, she made up for it with her eager to please attitude and willingness to try anything. She continued giving Xavier a blowjob for about 2 minutes after he was done cumming, taking joy out of making him squirm.


After it was all done, Xavier sat up, exhausted and out of breath from the session. Koko was unusually silent after they had finished. The youth took slow deep breaths while walking over to the refrigerator to grab a bottled water Koko stood up as well, heading toward the bathroom.


“I’m gonna take a shower. Be right back.” Koko said.


“Oh? How about I join you?”


“How about NO!” Koko answered sharply. Xavier scratched his head in confusion about what she said. Koko’s hair darkened slightly and became more rough and jagged around the edges. The whisker like markings on her cheeks became thicker and more pronounced. Her eyes narrowed, her pupils thinned taking on more of a cat-like slit shape.


“I can see the wheels turning in your head. I’ll just tell you now and save some time. You were less skilled than I thought you would be. I’m not impressed. Considering how prestigious BSU is, I thought the talks about you being on academic probation was a joke! No way would they admit someone to attend the university that doesn’t deserve it! I was wrong, how disappointing, I see you truly deserve such a status.” declared the blonde fox bluntly. Xavier’s eyes enlarged in shock. He was completely dumbfounded by this revelation.


[How?!] he thought to himself.


“You see, looks can be deceiving. I am a fox after all. But more importantly, I’m a life long actress so it wasn’t hard to fool you. If you didn’t notice, I didn’t cum. Heh heh.” Koko chuckled, answering Xavier’s question as if she read his mind. Xavier was horrified by the revelation.


[One of the courses we teach at BSU is acting. You see, sometimes we have to ‘compensate’ for the performance, or should I say lack of performance, by our male counterparts.] Xavier recalled Sara’s remarks from his interview day. Despite being utterly embarrassed he resumed the conversation to get more feedback.


“If you didn’t like it why bother keeping the lie going?” the flustered young man asked.


“It was the least I can do for saving my ass earlier. I also thought I’d get a good shag out of it in the process but… Nope.”


“I also wanted to know what I was capable of and where my skill level stand when up against a fellow student of BSU, one of the top AE (Adult Entertainment) schools in the world…”


[You’ve never been with a beast girl before, making love to a dragon is different than human women… It requires a different technique.] Xavier recalled Rubii’s words after they fucked, lamenting over the fact that her words rang true once again.


“I expected you to fuck my brains out but you failed at it. You’re clearly not the man I thought you would be. I got my hopes up for nothing.” remarked the fox flatly.


Xavier’s heart sunk as he heard that last statement. It cut deeply into his pride as a man, making him feel smaller than an ant. He was sad and deflated, almost like he had taken a punch to the gut from the heavyweight champion of the world.


Koko continued her string of insults but by this point, Xavier was tired of hearing her talk and decided to walk out. He turned away and started heading to the door.


“Don’t go just yet, I still have to pay for the photos earlier. There’s an envelope on my desk, take it on your way out!”


Xavier took the envelope as he made his way to the exit, not caring how much cash was inside of it.


“Hey! one more thing!”


Xavier looked over his shoulder at her to see what she wanted.


“Say cheeeeese!”




His eyes widened in surprise as realized Koko took a picture of him


“Posted!” said the fox with a sinister grin.


[FUCK!] Xavier cursed to himself. This was perhaps the most humiliating experience he’d had since coming World City. This was made worse by Koko taking a picture. There was no telling what she posted with it. As Xavier left the trailer, he slammed the door in frustration, concerned over Koko taking his picture.



(Minutes later…….)


Numerous cell phones were alerted with a share notification.


While getting dressed after showering, Matsunami picked up her phone and opened her notifications


“Oh FUCK! This is bad!” exclaimed Matsunami while she read the shared status.



Elsewhere, Violette was sitting in a beach chair sipping a strawberry daiquiri when she received the notification.


“HAHAHAHAHAHA!” roared the two tone haired heiress. Nicole and Ashani then approached.


“What’s so funny?” asked both Nicole and Ashani.


“You gotta check this out!” Violette exclaimed while showing them her phone screen. The pair joined Violette in boisterous laughter.



Hitomi received the notification shortly after concluding a livestream. She was alone in her hotel room taking a break from hosting SPLASH.


“Huh… Koko…?”


“Ha…. God damn… This is so funny….”


She then heard a knocking at her door.


“Come in, Eiji….”



Rubii got the message while practicing for the beach volleyball finals. She stopped to check her notifications, reading the status Koko left on her social media.


“Fuck! This is a disaster!!! I feel for you sweetheart…. X doesn’t have the experience to handle beast women yet and he hasn’t had the chance to learn.” said the concerned dragon as Leda, Kagura, Candice and Shikijou walked up to see what was going on


Rubii then sent Xavier a text message…..



Meanwhile Saitou and Eric were on a lunch break when Saitou’s phone chimed. He looked at the notification. His eyes widened in discomfort as he read Koko’s status.


“Stay strong kid… You have to overcome this… Don’t let it break you.” lamented Xavier’s mentor.



Elsewhere on Sapphire Shores, A silver haired, freckle faced chubby girl sat in one of the beach’s restaurants. It was Maihime.


Browsing the internet through her phone, she noticed a sudden notification from Koko. However, since her mind was preoccupied, she chose not to read her update. The beautiful BBW appeared nervous, anxious about something that was about to happen.


“Good Afternoon, Ms. Shinoda.” greeted a blonde haired visitor who joined Maihime at the table. She was wearing a sexy bikini that was a couple sizes too small for her voluptuous figure. But she also had book bag around her shoulders for business related matters.


“Good Afternoon to you too, Professor Reed.” Maihime replied with a tentative smile.


“First off I would like to thank you for coming on such short notice Maihime. That’s a beautiful necklace you have there.” Sara complimented while pointing at her Ruby/Sapphire yin yang necklace.


“Thank you. My boyfriend got it for me.” Mai informed Sara, her face beaming and flush red.


“He’s fortunate to have such a beautiful and talented girlfriend.”


“He’s a very sweet guy.” Mai nodded.


“We looked at the new school uniform concepts you designed. Your father submitted them to us a few months ago. I’m happy to inform you that the Headmistress loved it! We have selected your designs to be this years uniforms for our BSU students!”


“Really!? Oh my gawd!!!!” Mai asked in a high pitched tone which reflected her excitement.


“Yes, you are truly a prodigious talent. Maihime, you have a keen eye for fashion. I’m impressed with your skill and detail.”


“Thank you for giving me the chance Ms. Reed! I’ve been designing and making clothes for years. I’ve always dreamed of making it in the fashion industry.” Mai admitted.


“I have a question. Have you ever considered attending BSU?”



The disheartened teen walked back silently, he wanted to get back to his hotel as soon as possible so he could be alone. Several guys and girls laughed pointed at him and cracked jokes, many of them wearing BSU t-shirts.


“That evil bitch! She posted about me and shared it with everyone on Linkum worldwide!” fumed Xavier while clinching his fist. His sadness shifted to panic as he fully understood what happened.


[This is a mess! EVERYONE knows about this now. People are laughing and cracking jokes, there’s no way I can show my face on campus!] thought the teen to himself. His pace quickened to a brisk power walk as lamented the situation.


“There was no reason for her to do that! This is no one else’s business!…..”


[Orientation is in three days! I’m gonna be the big punchline for all of BSU!] worried the frantic youth. He began to sweat profusely and take more labored breaths as a result of the stress he was feeling.


“X!” yelled a familiar voice. He looked over his shoulder to see Matsunami walking behind him in the distance. He stopped and waited for her to catch up.


“Come ‘mere!” called the sexy brunette while pulling him closer to her. Matsunami gave him a long hug, sensing that he needed someone there for him.


“Ay what up?” Xavier greeted with a low tone.


“I’m just getting off work. I’m free the rest of the day. Let’s go hang out!” Matsunami suggested with a warm smile, hinting that she wanted to spend her free time with him. she grabbed him by the hand and led him to the table where they both sat down.


“I don’t think I’m up to it right now…”


“Tell me what is wrong.” The brunette asked, completely aware of the Koko fiasco.


“Nothin really. Just not feeling good today.” The young man said while looking away.


“You’re a terrible liar ya know. You always look me in the eyes when we talk but now you can’t.”


Having spent multiple nights and shared numerous intimate moments with Xavier, Matsunami had a good feel for him and his mannerisms.


[She’s more like my mom than I thought…]


“I saw what Koko posted about you. That’s fucked up. Who knew she was such a bitch…”


“Yeah… You mind if we go somewhere else?” Xavier requested, noticing people in the area whispering, giggling and pointing at him.


“Good idea.” answered the young woman.



“She didn’t have to go that far. Theres no reason for it… Especially after I saved her charity session…” Xavier said sadly before taking a big gulp of water.


“She outed me to the world and there’s nothing I can do about it! This shit is so embarrassing I regret helping her…”


“You know, one thing I like the most about you is that you always put the needs of others before your own. Even in the bedroom you try your best to please your partner. When Koko was in trouble, you came to her help. It takes a special person to be that caring.”


“But what do I do? How do I get past this? School hasn’t even started yet and she already ruined my reputation…”


“You’re a fighter… what do you do when you get knocked down?”


“I get back up…”


“Right, and the way I see it, the more eyes on you, the better. Because you’ll prove to everyone that Koko was wrong about you… As you climb your way up the rankings in BSU.” The brunette says with confidence.


“And what makes you so sure?”


“Because you proven to this girl a long time ago that what Koko is saying about you now is false. You wowed me on our first date afterall!”


Xavier blushes slightly and chuckles.


“You can’t let this break you. You have to keep moving forward because I KNOW you are not the disappointment Koko say you are. And I’m sure there are others who would disagree with her as well.” Xavier is then reminded of all the positive comments he got on his Linkum account recently. He recalled reading the comments by Brass, Kaede, Takiko, and Rubii earlier today. Their words cheered him up and motivated him to work even harder to be a better performer.


But it wasn’t just them that Xavier remembered. He began remembering everyone that has supported him or believed in him going into BSU: His mother, his grandparents, Mr. Saitou, Mai, Shikijou, Professor Reed, Headmaster Kuriyue, etc.


“You’re right Nami… I have many reasons to not let this stop me. I won’t give Koko that satisfaction.” Xavier said with renewed determination.



“Call me!” Matsunami said while waving at him goodbye. Xavier waved back and began heading back to his hotel room at the local resort. The two had talked for over an hour and lost track of time.


The young man then pulled out his phone and dialed his mother, however it went straight to voicemail.


“Where are you mom?” pondered the young man.


When he put his phone back in his pocket, he pulled out the envelope Koko left him. Xavier decided to finally open it, revealing a thick stack of $100 bills. It was so much he didn’t even bother to count it.


“Nami… What you said meant a lot to me. I needed that.” he thought to himself. He stared at the wad of cash. Talking to Matsunami soothed him, easing his nerves and making the rest of the ordeal easier to bear.


[She was there for me when I needed it most. I’ll show her how much it means.] Xavier thought to himself.

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

One of the few times, where I don’t mind that the Pin Up is kinda static, since it makes sense storywise because of the photo shooting Xavier had with this beauty. Koko has not overly large breasts, like some of the other girls seen so far and some really nice hips and thighs to oogle at. Those three stripes in her face look really like those of Naruto. That in combination with such a fluffy tail makes it pretty obvious what kind of mischievous beast maiden Xavier is dealing with. The background is very fine crafted as always (as if anybody in this world uses condoms xd). Her bikini looks very nice and hides just enough, while also leaving barely nothing open for interpretation. The black lipstick fits her really well and her cum soaked body is very pleasant to look at.

Starting of with another dream of Xavier is a nice idea, especially since, who wouldn’t dream about having sex with Takiko and Kaede? Wholesome is the word I would describe the scene, when Xavier reads through all the messages of the girls he managed to fuck and honestly, he needs it after such a bumb of a sex. Glad to see a little bit more Eiji and Matsunami interaction since they work together at the same place it makes sense that they understand each other. And, oooh boy, it seems that the cat is out of the bag, now that Matsunami knows that Xavier goes to BSU as well. I wonder what she thinks about that?! The effects of Auron’s food on the body is nothing to sneeze at and the workout sequenze was nice to read through. Now for the main event: Koko’s introduction was done pretty well and I like that we get to see most BSU students one at a time, instead of such throwing them into our faces at the Orientation. Her movie career is quite impressive, though I wonder: Isn’t it some sort of “whitewashing” to give her the role of a human character in a movie/show? I mean wouldn’t it be the same equivalent, IF they made, for example, a One Piece life action movie and instead of using beast folk for the minks, they use normal human in fursuits? I’m most likely taking this to seriously but it is still some-thing that kinda bugs me. Other than that, you can make this series as advanced and liberal as you want, with all the open mindedness towards sex and whatever, but there is NO WAY IN HELL, that they can make a life-action movie about an anime and the people like it xd. That’s just straight up delusional and way too sci-fi to make any sense in my mind xd. The last two sentences should be taken with a grain of salt and not too serious. Xaviers initial interaction with Koko was pretty nice and I like how the photo shooting showed his skill as a director/photographer and his expertise with lighting and position of the people infront of the camera. Interesting choice, making him accidentally spill the beans about his sexual inexperience, since Koko would have discovered it anyway. The sex was pretty standart in my eyes and made me almost hope, that not all new students in BSU are already experienced in the art of sex in some shape or form. But as it seems, every girl who attends BSU is either already aquainted with the sex business (Violette, Matsunami, Ashani, Nicole) or is already pretty well known with an audience to their craft (Kaede, Tigre, once again Matsunami, Koko) which is just something of a let down for me. I mean, it makes sense to give the characters their own little quirks and field where they stand out but that makes Koko the fourth girl in the series so far who utterly outmatches Xavier (fifth if you count Lust Mode Kaede), whether this comes from her beast maiden trait or just her sexual experience is an open question, and the fourth “bitchy” rich-girl. I guess it makes sense to give X another incentive to get better and show these girls what he can do but I fear that you somehow make these characters he will most likely share a class with for the upcoming future a little bit too antagonistic. The different reactions to Koko’s post were really interesting, but I highly doubt that all these people on the beach all follow her on social media (not quite sure with that one though, since all the persons I know follow no celebrity/actor and I don’t know how it is elsewhere). Also pretty interesting to see Maihime on the beach and the open invitation for BSU for her from Ms. Reed.

Not the biggest Koko fan, not in the way it was intended. I guess it was meant to hate her because of her actions against Xavier but I’m just slightly disapointed in her overall portrayal. I really hoped to see another person who is equally new to the whole sex-thing as Xavier is, it would have even made sense because of her previous connections with Disney, but whatever. You’re the boss of the whole thing and I can’t wait to see how/if she will redeem herself in the eyes of the reader.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Good morning and Hello once again.
I See this one didn’t do well with you ratings wise. I will try to explain this chapter a bit more. I had a few goals here, first was to introduce Koko to the readers and establish her as being on team BSU. The interview with Hitomi and her stage performance to give an idea of how she behaves in public and when cameras are rolling.

I personally love her body proportions. She is much smaller than the other girls revealed save for Mai. Both are about the same size as Xavier who is only 5’2 in height I think her breasts are a good size for how small she is and shes also thick everywhere else.

The photography sequence had a dual purpose here. First was to show Xavier doing something he’s good at. This hadn’t been done in BSU yet. Having done hundreds of photoshoots in her career, she quickly discern whether a photographer or anyone shes working is the real deal or not. Xavier is the real deal. I also was trying to show a glimpse of Xavier’s leadership. Koko realized it during the photoshoot. X didn’t hesitate to correct Koko on her form. He gave her instruction and wasn’t intimidated by her status. He even started cracking jokes and doing voices. He is able to relax more and show his more of his personality when hes doing something hes good at. He was very quick with ideas and pretty much telling Koko’s staff what they needed to do to make this autograph session work.

He impressed Koko a lot, maybe a little too much with how he carried himself in front her on thr set. This raised Koko’s expectations for the sex sequence. She was REALLY into him.

Now for the sex scene. Koko is a novice at sex and has about the same level of experience as X. However She is an expert at dance and movement and a lot of that can be transitioned into sex to make her appear more skilled than she actually is to the audience. I pointed out that pleasing a beast maiden is different and can be more difficult than satisfying a human woman, even when both the beast woman and the human male are both inexperienced.

You said you don’t care for Koko as a character. I was going for the audience having a distaste for her. I hinted in this chapter to something more, on two occasions her appearance changed slightly. First when she was firing her manager and going off on her staff and again when she was kicking Xavier out of her trailer. I’m looking forward to telling more of Koko’s backstory in the future. Having grown up in show business all her life she has constantly been in competition with other kids for work. As she said she missed out on getting to go to school and do the normal things kids and teens do. There is more to Koko’s character than what has been shown here. As the story continues to ufold I want to reveal more about her to explain why she is the way she is now.

To Xavier this is his biggest failure because he had a 1 in a million chance to meet the girl he’s desired all his life and he bombed once he won her over and got her to open up to him. Additionally he lost out on gaining a powerful ally in show business who could help him achieve his goals. Id say she is Xavier’s biggest antagonist because unlike Violette He has been connected to Koko for years as a fan. He is embarassed and shamed by his own performance with Koko but also upset about the way she treated him after. This is much more personal to him than Violette Ashani or any of his other losses. Theres is an old saying that states you should never meet your idols because they will let you down. Some of that is in affect here.

As for the reactions to Koko’s post spreading so quickly. Not everyone on the is following her but many other characters in the story are. Koko is a top tier A-Lister within the BSU world. Also i laughed at your comments about live action anime adaptations. That was really funny. In the world of BSU the studios who make movies are more competent than the hollywood that exists in real life. Bleach is the greatest anime/Manga created, a long running metaseries that has multiple sequels and sub stories.

On another note Koko is somewhat of a trailblazer. She’s one of the first beast maidens to play the role of prominent human character lol. She looks close enough to being human to play the role of Rukia and is a similar size. Her ears can be covered by the by a black wig/hairpiece. her tail can be tucked into those baggy ass Hakama pants Lol. And her facial markings can be covered with make up. Id say humans are not offended by beasts playing human roles. Especially Koko because her acting skills are so grear she can go for any role she wants to pursue.

With Maihime’s appearance I was trying to convey that things are coming down to the wire and that it is almost time for orientation as well as showing just how talented Mai is. She’s not just some retail store worker.

The pressure is mounting on X even further because on top of his school problems he still hasn’t told Mai the truth. This chapter I wanted to show him being overwhelmed by what life is throwing him right now.

I enjoyed writing Matsunami’s part at the end. She has a way about her. She manages to find pull something positive out of the worst situations. Xavier does need that in his life. I think their chemistry is probably the best in the series so far. I guess she is his muse maybe. Thank you again for continuing to support my writing! Stay tuned!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

While I didn’t say that I don’t care for her character, I guess my rant about her came off as a bit too negative and I apologize for that. She has her very own characteristics and her somewhat inexperience during sex was shown quite well. The thing that distracted me the most was probably that she was a Beast Maiden and that, because she’s an actress, she faked her inexperience with Xavier to test out his skill. The fact that she, at first glance, is the same “bitchy” girl like Violette, Ashani and Nicole doesn’t help much either in my eyes. Still, I find it much too sci-fi for any good anime live action adaptations to happen xd.

Thanks that you took some time and replied to my comment.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

No problem.

5 years ago

Wow just freaking WOW. My only thoughts right now are “join the dark side X and become more powerful” I can see Xavier getting his revenge on all those girls later and turning the tables on them. Honestly I hope he gets way better then shows Koko no mercy because that was messed up. Amazing work as always love the BSU stories I’m just mind blown right now

5 years ago
Reply to  Princenoctis

Xavier will improve he’s in the process of figuring out how. Funny you mention the Anakin Skywalker sith lord angle as something like that could come in the form of another school taking interest. There is still more to uncover about Koko’s character. This is only the beginning. Thanks for your support noctis! glad you enjoyed it