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The Road of Legends: Introducing Brooke

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Classical music blared from the inside of Passion Tower’s dorm room 40. In the room’s bathroom, a very short and petite young woman stood underneath the rain-like jets that sprayed from the shower head above her. She was rather lithe with moderately sized breasts with a rather small rear end. Her soapy skin glistened as water came down on her.




The nude young woman snapped her head back, slinging her inferno-like orange and yellow, shampoo-laden hair backwards. She let out a deep sigh, as the spraying rinsed the soapy suds from her body. The young woman stood in the shower for a few minutes more, her hands pressed against the wall in front of her.


After so long… My time has come. No school administration will hold me back this time!‘ thought the orange haired waif.


She got out of the shower, dried off and blow dried her hair, which took on the shape of a flame blowing in the wind. The nude woman then walked from the bathroom to her bedroom, grabbing some plain white, cotton “granny” style panties and put them on before heading to the closet.


“I like these new uniforms. This really fits my style.” She remarked while getting dressed.


Her uniform was different from all of the other variations. It was far more conservative than what other female students chose to wear. For starters, the shirt did not have an opening to reveal the breasts. She wore her coat normally instead of draping it over her shoulders like most students and kept it fully buttoned. This accompanied a gold striped silver skirt which was longer than the mini and micro mini skirts that were prevalent on the BSU campus.


The young firebrand nodded her head in approval in front of her mirror before going to the kitchen where a TV dinner looking tray revolved inside of the microwave.




The pint sized freshman opened the microwave and took a deep breath, savoring the aroma that drifted from the plate.


“Mmmmmm…Potatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms scrambled tofu and…..I can’t believe it’s not Bacon!” Brook exclaimed before taking a bite of what looked and smelled like a strip of bacon.”


“Liz’s company outdid themselves with this vegan breakfast instameal.” Brooke said in between bites.


She then stepped to her right where her Kcup coffee maker was finishing her mug of coffee. Brooke then added a few spoonfuls of sugar before grabbing a cylinder shaped container that was labeled ‘Incredible Dairy! Almond Milk Creamer’. The young woman poured some of the creamer into her cup of coffee and took a sip.


“Mmm!!! I can’t tell the difference. It tastes just like real creamer! I need to leave a positive review for this product later.” Brooke declared with a big smile.


The orange haired woman then grabbed her breakfast and walked over to her laptop which was sitting on her desk. She opened up Skype and immediately received a video call. A video feed which displayed 4 different individuals on her screen popped up as she answered the call. They are all journalists from various websites and publications that support the growing Anti-Porn Movement.


“Good Morning Brooke!” Greeted the four individuals in the group video chat.


“Good morning everyone! Everything is prepared. I will be 4th in the presentation order today.” Brooke stated with a cunning smirk.


“We have purchased ad space all over the internet. Our message will appear on search engines, gaming websites and even a few porn video sites to promote our cause.” Replied one of the females in the chat, a blonde.


“As we speak our supporters are reposting and sharing #Purity on all social media platforms. It is trending at #4 and still rising because people are wondering what it means.” informed the second female, a brunette.


“What’s number 1 and number 2?” Brooke asked.


“Number 2 is Kokoro Izumi. She announced becoming a BSU student and doxxed some poor kid who couldn’t satisfy her on the same day. As for number 1, it’s some guy running around with a mask on calling himself Dragón Fuerte. He’s gone viral over the last few days.


“Hmmpf… How silly.” Brooke sounded in response to the news. She had recalled seeing footage of Dragón at SPLASH. She then shifted her attention.


“There are editorials that will appear in the primary newspapers in all of the major cities within the United States today. All of our promotional preparation measures are in place.”


“This will be the first big shot heard around the world for the movement! Your name will be etched across the fabric of history. Brooke Beaumont will forever be known as the woman who changed the world forever!” Added the male journalist in an excited tone.


Brooke ignored the male journalist’s patronizing comments.


“Good, the table is now set for me to serve these heathens some food for thought!” Brooke remarked while pounding the top of her desk with an enclosed fist.


“You’re very welcome Lady Brooke!” Responded all 4 of Brooke’s allies in unison.


“There’s some things I have to do before orientation on my end so I have to go for now. I would like to thank you all for lending your support and giving me the platform to preach our truth to the world. Until we meet again, be safe and always remember what it is we are fighting for.”


After ending the chat, Brooke grabbed her backpack. Attached to it was a big white and blue megaphone, a device that had become one of her trademarks since arriving on campus. As Brooke exited her room she made contact with a group of other first year students who all made frowning or scowling expressions that were directed at the tiny, controversial freshman.


While on the elevator, Brooke checked all of the major social media platforms. In the minutes since the conversation with her journalist backers, #Purity climbed up to from #4 to the #3 spot on the list of hot, trending topics.


The curiosity is building. These fools don’t know it but they are starving to hear the truth.‘ Brooke thought to herself as the elevator door opened.


As Brooke entered the lobby area she took notice of two of her fellow freshman students, the first being a tall short haired brunette, while the second young woman was much shorter with a thick chubby body type talking to Saitou Shinoda who was sitting at his desk in the lobby. She chuckled slightly as she watched the security chief gush over his daughters.


“So he’s their father.” Brooke keenly deduced after witnessing his display of affection.


Just as the Shinoda sisters were departing the security desk to go get some cappuccino from the coffee shop the flame haired waif approached them.


“Good morning Frost!” Brooke called out while approaching them in line.


“The AEWA’s Rookie of the Year… I bet you’re pretty proud of that accomplishment huh?” She asked in a rather sarcastic tone of voice. Matsunami shot Brooke a cold stare as she waited for her to get to the point.


“Are you proud of committing adultery with married men, taking hard earned money away from the wives and children of sexist scum you serve?


“I don’t have any control over the choices my clients make. These men are responsible for their own actions.” Matsunami answered.


“How about the poor example you are setting for the generation behind you? You’re projecting the idea that being a whoremonger is glamorous and prestigious.”


“There is nothing poor or shameful about what I do for a living. It’s better than the wholesale slander you call journalism. Sex work is honest and legal. The adult industry creates jobs and contributes tax dollars to the community. I’m proud of what I do.” Matsunami affirmed while nodding her head confidently.


“Proud? You should truly be ashamed of yourself Matsumami Shinoda. Your actions drag down intelligent hard working ladies such as myself and force them to stoop to your level.” Brooke asserted aggressively.


“Funny you should say that. It’s ironic because you’re also attending school here. You hated this place so much you decided to come back and try again.” Matsunami retorted, unfazed by Brooke’s incendiary accusations.


“There is a distinct difference between what I’m doing and the debauchery you’re involved in. How about you educate yourself. Here is some truth to enlighten your mind with.” the tiny firecracker replied while handing her a pamphlet of literature to read from her backpack. Matsunami looked at the cover of the brochure which had an image of doves flying above a flowing river of crystal clear water. The text on the brochure cover read. “THE MESSAGE: Restoring Purity to Our World”


Matsunami turned to the first page looking as if she was going to start reading it right there in line. However while turning the page, the brunette stopped and looked at Brooke, shaking her head ‘No’ before inserting the brochure into Brooke’s coat pocket.


“I can’t learn anything from your ‘truth’” Matsunami said flatly.


“How dare you ignore my….” Before Brooke could finish her sentence Mai tugged Matsunami’s shirt sleeve.


“The line is moving, it’s going to be our turn to order, Nami-chan.” Mai interrupted in an attempt to diffuse the situation.


“Maihime!” Brooke exclaimed, while offering an excited smile. Mai was confused by this sudden shift in demeanor.


Does she know me?’ Mai wondered.


“I think what you’re doing is brave and inspiring! challenging the status quo of what defines beauty. Someone needed to do it. Mai, you are a great role model for body positivity!” Brooke commended while offering a friendly handshake. Mai hesitantly accepted the gesture, somewhat confused that Brooke bashed Matsunami while giving her praise for being in the same field of work.


“Young women and girls these days shouldn’t be pressured to be what mainstream media considers ‘beautiful’, whether its looks or body type. Our TV and pop culture are creating an unrealistic and unreasonable standard of beauty that the majority of women cannot possibly meet. Maihime, you are challenging these notions and the society that sets them with what you are doing by being here. You have my complete support!”


“Thank you…” Mai replied graciously, blushing slightly.


“I was following the school uniform contest, that is how I discovered you! Your uniform designs are brilliant! So comfortable, and they offer plenty of variety!” Brooke commented while doing a modeling pose in her uniform.


“Wow, thank you! I try..” Mai responded humbly. She then looked over her shoulder to see Matsunami at the counter ordering.


“It has been a pleasure to finally meet you Mai. Good luck, I believe you will do well this year.”


“I hope so… Nice to meet you too.” Said the chubby silver haired beauty before waving and turning away.


Maihime Shinoda… She could potentially become an ally to the cause.’ Brooke thought to herself as she walked away. The orange blonde haired young woman departed Passion Tower to head to her first destination, the BSU Administration Office; she had to pick up the finalized version of her schedule. People stopped and stared at her as she walked, with many of them gasping and whispering amongst themselves. “Is that her?” One girl asked one of her friends. Brooke was unfazed by this, holding her head high and carrying herself with unquestioned confidence.


Along the way, Brooke took notice of Eiji Nakamura who was sitting on a park bench in the grass alongside the sidewalk. He was chowing down on a breakfast sandwich and enjoying the company of his friend and popular YouTube personality, Hitomi. Brooke was well aware of who exactly Eiji was. Although she had business to attend to, this was her first time seeing him in person so she couldn’t ignore the opportunity to speak to him.


YOU’RE EIJI NAKAMURA!” Brooke exclaimed in an excited tone. She gave him a big, starstruck googly eyed look as she spoke. Eiji had been in this kind of situation hundreds of times before. He reacted accordingly giving a rather nonchalant nod and a cocky smile after finishing a bite of his sandwich.


“Yeah, thats me, in the flesh.” Eiji responded with a cool demeanor. Eiji was used to being accosted by fangirls and groupies as it was part of his life as an internationally known top ranked young basketball savant.


“What can I do for ya?” Eiji asked with a suggestive smirk.


“I’m such a big fan! Can I PLEAAAASE have your autograph?!” Brooke asked in a high pitch and very girly tone, swooning for him.


“Sure, but you’re welcomed to a lot more than that.” Eiji quipped while flashing his perfect pearly white grin. Brooke then pulled a photo of him from her binder.


“Who do I make this out to?” Eiji asked.


“Brooke” she replied while moving closer to him.


Eiji signed the photo, handing it back to Brooke.


“Do you mind signing one more for me?”


“Not at all. Anything for a fan, especially one as cute as you, Eiji answered. As he started to sign the cover of the packet both he and Hitomi noticed the message printed on it, the same one that was on the brochure Brooke had given to Matsunami. While Eiji didn’t know what it meant, Hitomi figured it out. However, before Hitomi could give warning, Brooke spoke.


“Typical dumb jock. Always thinking with the wrong head.” Brooke chided while shaking her head. Eiji’s eyes enlarged comically wide as she verbally chastised him.


“You have abused your talent, status and fame as an athlete and used it to take advantage of women. They throw themselves at your feet because you can dribble a ball well!” Brooke said in a hard tone, minimizing Eiji’s own ability and accomplishments.


“What…?” Eiji asked, still dumbfounded by Brooke’s sharp, pointed words


“It is disgusting! men like you that have made this world the cesspool of filth that it is today. You’re no different than corporate executives who stage ‘casting couch’ meetings to select their employees . Eiji Nakamura, you are nothing but a SEXIST PIG!” Brooke scolded loudly. Other people nearby heard this, including a pig Beast Maiden.


The young woman was short in stature, even smaller than Brooke. However, her body type was much different. She had wide hips, thick thighs and enormous breasts which made her what internet hentai enthusiasts referred to as a “shortstack”. Her skin was a vibrant light pink color. Her light brown hair was long and flowing with pink streaks which complimented her skin color. The young woman’s ears drooped forward, and rested on the top of her head. Her nose was shaped like a smaller version of a pig’s snout which was more akin to the size of a typical human nose. Her eyes were a tan dark beige tone with hints of brown which went well with the color of her hair. A short, curly pink tail poked out from her lower back.


The pig woman immediately stared at Brooke. It was clear by her facial expression that Brooke had offended her.


EXCUSE ME. What’s wrong with being a pig?!” The woman asked while shooting a hard, disapproving gaze at Brooke. The orange haired student was quiet for a moment, gathering her thoughts.


“Ummm, That’s not it! It was a poor choice of words. What I meant to say is that this guy is a disgusting, shallow and overall wretched person.” Brooke stuttered as a sweatdrop formed above her head.


“So are you saying pigs are disgusting, shallow and wretched beings? Oink oink! That’s what you think of us?! How dare you! You’re such a racist! oink!” The pig woman accused, feeling further disrespected by Brooke’s misguided attempt at explaining herself. A crowd began to assemble around the park bench to watch what was taking place. The color of Brooke’s skin shifted from the pale white it had taken before to a dark blue as images of total disaster flashed in her mind.


BROOKE BEAUMONT, THE BIGOT!” read a newspaper headline that she imagined in her head. She stood there frozen trying to come up with a response. There was no doubt in her mind that journalists who opposed the Purity Movement would use this against her and write scathing articles to derail her. Additionally, her internet rivals would certainly use this as an opportunity to rile up an internet hate mob to ‘cancel’ her. What was only a few seconds felt like hours to Brooke as she imagined the ruin such a faux pas could bring her. However, she had to say something because prolonged silence would only make her look worse. So she said the first thing that came to her.


“I’m not a racist! Some of my best friends are Beast Maidens!” Brooke asserted in her own defense. The pig woman gave her a dour frown, unconvinced by what she was saying. Spectators shook their heads and facepalmed as they all stared Brooke down. Sweat ran down her face as she felt the heat of 10 suns bearing down on her.


“Really, it’s not like that! I’m sorry!” Brooke exclaimed. She could feel the people turning on her at that very moment.


I guess this is going to be the end. This is just the ammo the school needs to expel me.‘ Brooke thought to herself with extreme worry. Her career flashed before her eyes as she imagined herself being escorted off of school grounds by security.


“That was amazing work Brooke! Your acting is spot on. So much dedication to your character!” Eiji praised while quickly winking at Brooke. Brooke stood there slightly confused about what was going on. She thought for a moment before making the realization.


“T-Thanks Eiji! I’ve been practicing method acting all summer. I’m not supposed to break character but if there was a time to do it, it’s right now.” Brooke said as she smiled awkwardly. The pig girl’s expression then shifted from one of anger to one of understanding. Hitomi strained not to laugh at what was going on so as to not give them away.


“I’m sorry for offending you. I was merely in character. Sometimes I go overboard while I’m practicing.” Brooke apologized with a convincing look of remorse on her face.


“It’s ok, I forgive you. Looks like this was just a simple misunderstanding.” Replied the pig.


“By the way, my name is Brooke Beaumont. Nice to meet you.”


“I’m Peggy oink oink!” the pig said, introducing herself to Brooke. The crowd began to disperse as they realized the misunderstanding.


“You’re a skilled actress oink!” The pig complimented before walking away. Brooke waited until the area cleared out and it was only just the three of them.


“Thank you for bailing me out there.”


“You’re welcome… This disgusting, shallow, wretched jock just saved your ass. Didn’t think I would do that huh?” Eiji replied with a self assured grin.


“As a matter of fact I didn’t. You did surprise me Eiji Nakamura, but that doesn’t change what I think of you.” Brooke retorted.


“That’s fine with me. But don’t forget that I saved your ass, now you owe me!” Eiji reminded her with a sure nod and a wink


Brooke then crossed her arms and tilted her nose up


“By the way, I don’t just dribble the ball well, I got a serious jumpshot too.” Eiji jokingly told her.


HMPH!” sounded the tiny inferno before walking away.


I still have to go get the finalized version of my schedule.‘ Brooke thought to herself as she resumed her way down the paved path. Eyes continued to pay attention to the young firebrand. As she continued down the paved pathway a single male student approached and followed behind her. This young man was joined by another and another until there were a small legion of men marching and orbiting around Brooke like loyal warriors serving their queen.


The group that had amassed behind Brooke stood and waited in front of the Administrative Building while she attended to her business. As she approached the entrance, a young man who was in front of her stopped and opened the door for her. The auburn spiky-haired student looked familiar to Brooke, however she couldn’t identify where she saw him before. His most noticeable feature was a long scar that went down his left eye. Instead of walking through the door he held open for her, Brooke stopped and put her hands on her hips, offended and disrespected by his gentlemanly gesture.


“What’s your angle? Do you think because you opened the door for me, I’m gonna open my legs for you?” Brooke questioned in a confrontational tone. The young man continued to hold the door with a look of confusion on his face.


“You toxic men have taken common courtesy and used it as a means to lure women into your deceitful traps!” Brooke barked. The young man remained still as the spectators commenting from the bottom of the steps encouraged Brooke.


“Yeah! Tell ‘em what it is Brooke!” Yelled one female voice.


“Hit em with some truth bombs!” Blurted a loud male voice.


“I’m an independent woman, I don’t need your help, I don’t need a man for anything. Do you think I’m too weak to open doors myself?” Brooke asked. The scar faced young man stood there, clueless on how to respond.


“That wasn’t a rhetorical question, answer me!” Brooke demanded in a furious tone. The young man was so flustered that he couldn’t form the words




“Then don’t try to scam me!”


What the fuck!? I was just trying to be nice…” the green eyed young man thought to himself as he let go of the door. After the door closed completely, Brooke opened the door herself and walked inside the building. Xavier shrugged his shoulders in bewilderment at what had just occurred. Brooke exited the building after a couple of minutes and got back on the path she was walking. The orange haired woman was trailed closely by the white knights, her band of supporters who acted as henchmen and did her bidding.


“To the dining hall!” Brooke ordered while pointing to the BSU dining facility.


Brooke marched to the dining hall with purpose, her goons following in perfect step with one another like a military drill team. The group stormed into the dining hall as if they were taking it over. The group filtered through the line rather quickly. Brooke kept her interaction with the flirtatious cook duo Terrell and Ryan to a minimum.


After getting her food, the orange haired woman made her way to a nearby empty table. She was joined by several henchman-like male students who sat on the sides of the table while she positioned herself at one of the ends of the table, signifying that she was the head of the group.


“Good morning my fellow activists.” The woman greeted her group.


“Good morning Miss Brooke!” the group responded each nodding to acknowledge her.


“As you all know, Orientation is going to begin in 1 hour. I have received some clarification from security and the University Public Affairs Department about the use of our protest signs. Unfortunately, they will not allow us to bring signs into the event.” Brooke explained.


AWWWW!” groaned her followers in unison.


“I was told that even if our signs are not a security threat, we can’t bring them in because this is a nationally and internationally televised event. The powers that be do not want our message to be seen across the world as our signs would be picked up by many news outlets documenting the event.” Brooke stated before a pause.


“But still, they cannot silence our voice, we will be heard!” The tiny orange haired woman affirmed.


“We can still make ourselves known when it is time for me to present.” She said as her eyes wandered about. In that moment, she noticed Violette Beauregard, Ashani El-Karim and Nicole Wellington sitting a couple of tables down from her group.


“I’m going to pause this meeting temporarily. There’s someone I need to say hi to.” the woman remarked while slowly rising from her seat.


She immediately marched over to Violette’s table. The orange haired woman stopped right in front of the purple haired heiress. Eric, one of BSU’s security staff, watched from his table, shaking his head in annoyance.


“Oh miss Violette Beauregard is it? you are a DISGRACE to women everywhere!” Brooke said while pointing down at her.


Violette looked up in confusion at the woman who had just interrupted her meal.


“And you are?” Violette asked dryly.


“I am Brooke Beaumont! I’ve been wanting to finally meet you in person.”


“What do you want? An autograph?”


“I want to let you know that I’m disappointed in you. You have a large platform with millions of impressionable girls around the world looking up to you yet you neglect the responsibility. You are setting a poor example for them with your actions. By enrolling at BSU you are sending a message that it is ok for women to be objectified and that their value is solely determined by men. Does your depravity know no bounds?! A pornstar is NOT what a woman should aspire to!”


“That is funny coming from a fellow BSU student.” Violette retorted with a grin.


“I am a journalist and a social activist. I’m enrolled here because I am working a story about BSU and the Adult Entertainment Industry as a whole. In order to understand it’s complex machinations, I have no choice but to become an immoral AE student. I can’t bring down the system without knowing how it operates. I’m making a sacrifice for the greater good by being here.” Brooke affirmed with steely resolve. It was clear by the stern expression on her face that she meant every word she was saying. Ashani rolled her eyes in an annoyed manner as if she was familiar with Brooke and her work.


“So you’re going to fuck and suck all these guys and write a tell-all memoir? Sounds like you’re an attention whore. Good luck with that.” Violette replied, causing Nicole to snicker.


“And you Ms. Wellington. You should be ashamed of yourself as well, the way you carry on with that disgusting reality show of yours. You have spent more time in hotel rooms than the most experienced flight attendants. All you do is party, waste money and act irresponsibly! You have poisoned the minds of everyone who watches that filth you call television! And now here you are following this jezebel’s lead, do you not have a mind of your own? What will you do when your show is inevitably canceled?” the tiny tornado of a woman challenged before shifting her attention back to Violette.


“I’m going to bring back an age of decency and self respect. Change things back to how things were before your family ruined society!” Brooke said firmly while looking in Ashani’s direction.


“Decency huh, that’s outlandish. How dare you try to impose your ‘morals’ on the world.” Ashani fired back.


“Why do they even allow you to attend school here?!” Nicole challenged.


“I am well qualified to be here, if I wasn’t I would have been rejected. BSU happens to offer one of the best journalism programs in the country by the way so I couldn’t turn it down.”


“Whatever your beliefs, you are just in my way. A fly pestering a lioness. If you don’t mind, I would like to finish my breakfast in peace.” Violette said in a dismissive tone. Before Brooke could respond the conversation was interrupted by Eric who walked over to the table.


“Brooke can you please stop doing this? It’s Orientation time and this is a really big event. We don’t have time for your shenanigans. If you’re not here to eat please leave, you’re disturbing everyone else who is.”


“I am exercising my right of free speech. I cannot be silenced. I’m fully within my rights to be here and you know it Eric. I’m not even protesting this time. I was about to leave anyway, I have a presentation to prepare for.”


“Give it some thought to what I said Ms. Beauregard. You will all see the light soon enough.” Brooke declared before marching off, her band of henchmen in tow.



(Later inside the arena, following Matsunami’s presentation….)


Matsunami had just finished her presentation; the crowd was still in a frenzy from witnessing such a display. She stood there taking in the moment. This was an intoxicating experience for her, not unlike her onstage romp during a blind date a few weeks earlier. The audience roared her name in unison as if she had taken BSU over and assumed power as its triumphant new ruler. However, Matsunami didn’t forget about the volunteer who helped her.


“Stand up!” Matsunami called out to Eiji who was still seated. Although it was too loud for him to hear her over the roaring crowd, he did read her lips. Matsunami walked over to Eiji, grasping his hand with hers.


YEEEEAHHHHH!!!” roared the audience as Matsunami raised Eiji’s hand as if she was dedicating the performance to him, making him an important part in her victory. This endorsement by Matsunami prompted the crowd to cheer for Eiji.


EIJI! EIJI! EIJI! EIJI!” The crowd yelled while stomping their feet to the ground, causing a rumbling chorus to till the arena.


The green eyed dancer then embraced Eiji tightly, giving him a long, passionate smooch.


OOOOOH!” Sounded the packed house in response to sensual liplock. Matsunami held the kiss for about 20 seconds for added dramatic effect. Not one to shy away from contact, Eiji indulged, squeezing Matsunami’s rump with both hands while they exchanged tongues. The kiss was so hot that the audience thought they were going to get a second act. The cheers for them grew even louder to a deafening pitch. She could feel Eiji growing erect once again however, just at the apex of that moment; Matsunami broke away. She then raised a hand to her face and fanned herself, as if she was cooling off from his steamy kiss. Eiji smirked in response, for he knew what the brunette was doing.


This could have been one of the worst days of my life…! The entire school just saw me cum my pants and yet she is doing all this to help me save face. She just saved my ass…


“Thank you, Frost.”


“No, thank you for cumming!” Matsunami whispered back in a flirtatious tone before facing the audience one more time to take a bow.




Matsunami then headed toward the steps to exit the stage, having hooked both the thousands of people in the auditorium and the millions watching on television. The rookie of the year had secured long term interest and established a fanbase for herself in only a few minutes. Matsunami walked confidently towards the center aisle to find her seat, but on the way there she made a brief stop. Matsunami stopped at the front row where Violette was seated and shot a sharp glare directly at her. Violette rose from her seat and stared back with her arms folded, shaking her head slowly as to silently tell Matsunami that she wasn’t impressed. Camera men zoomed in, dramatically capturing close ups of both of their faces before panning out to provide a full body view. After about 15 seconds, Matsunami finally returned to her seat. What Maihime had just seen left her speechless.


Shortly after that, a young lady with dark green hair styled into twin tails which draped her shoulders inched her way down the row stopping at the empty seat next to Maihime opposite Matsunami.


“What did I miss?” She asked Maihime as she sat down.


“My sister put on show. She called Eiji Nakamura to the stage.” Maihime answered.


“Eiji?!” Startled by the mention of his name, the green haired girl blushed a bright red and dropped her purse while sitting down, causing a few coffee flavored candies to spill on the floor. Maihime then reached down, picking up the purse and candy before handing them back busty, green haired bespectacled woman.


“Here ya go!” Mai said with a smile.


She reacted oddly to the mention of the guy’s name… Does she like him?’ Mai thought to herself.


“Thank you….” Said the green haired girl beforing hesitating to finish the sentence.


“My name is Maihime.” introduced the chubby silver haired cutie.


“And I’m Skyla, nice to chemically meet you! Would like some candy? It’s French Vanilla Cappuccino flavor.” Skyla offered.


“Sure, I love French Vanilla!” Mai answered before getting three pieces of candy from Skyla.


The raucous crowd gradually quieted down, wondering which student would be called to the altar next to present. The teachers chattered amongst each other because they knew who was on deck to take the stage. Dean of Students, Leilani Kane let out a sigh as she looked over to Taiyohime.


“You are making a mistake by allowing this Tai. If this goes wrong you could lose your career.” Leilani asserted.


“Yes, I know, but WE have all made mistakes before. Her talent makes her worth the risk.” After a few minutes of silence, a timer appeared on the massive megatron screen which depicted a timer counting down seconds and milliseconds. The White Knights along with Brooke’s female followers counted down from ten following the timer on screen.






As the timer counted from 1 down to 0, Brooke emerged from her seat near the back row. At first there was silence because no one knew if she was the next presenter or just another person getting up to go use the restroom. She then moved, easing her way past some people while others moved their feet to let her get by. Brooke glanced towards the stage as she approached the center aisle with purpose. It was at that moment that the audience figured out who she was and that she was next to present. The orange haired, yellow eyed woman started to hear boos from the row of seats around her. As she made it to the center aisle, chanting of boos gradually spread across the arena and grew in volume.




“So she’s the one behind all the cryptic stuff that’s been trending on social media the last few days.” Skyla commented to Maihime.


This is it Brooke! The entire movement, they’re all counting on me to deliver!’ Brooke thought to herself. A pillar of pure focus, she was unfazed by the chorus of boos the crowd showered her with. The television cameras zoomed in on Brooke as she approached the stage.








These and other derogatory comments could be heard being yelled out at her. The reception was even worse than what Xavier had gotten when he kicked off the presentations.






It seemed that nearly everyone except Xavier knew who she was. He looked on the big screen and recognized Brooke as the young woman he had a run in with at the Administrative Office earlier. He then shifted his gaze to his left and to his right, noticing that his friends were partaking in the chants as well.


They’re giving it to her worse than they did me… What did she do?’ He wondered.


Meanwhile Maihime nearby pondered the same thing.


“What was that with you and her earlier? And why are they booing her so hard?” Mai asked Matsunami.


“You’re about to find out. She can explain it better than I can.” Matsunami answered with a nod.


“I heard about her, rumor is that she was a freshman last year and something happened.” Hitomi remarked to Eiji.


“I heard something about a girl being suspended.” Eiji replied.


So this is the #2 freshman. Are her skills really beyond Frost Fireheart?’ Han thought to himself as he watched attentively.


Brooke marched down the aisle to the stage undeterred by the hostile crowd. The chants grew louder as Brooke’s fellow students began hurling trash at her. However, Brooke’s determination and resolve was solid, harder than steel; she had already planned for such a reaction, so this didn’t bother her the slightest bit.


“I wanna get up and kick that guy’s ass!” said one of the White Knights to another.


“Miss Brooke told us no matter what happens we have to keep calm and stand down. We don’t want another incident like last year.” Reminded the other White Knight, a second year student.


“Look at this Tai, this could start another riot.” Leilani pointed out.


“I don’t believe that to be the case. Ms. Beaumont’s people have remained composed. It is our students who are in the wrong here.” Taiyohime countered before sending a text message on her phone.


“I’ve had enough. We are broadcasting around the world Tai, BSU’s reputation is at stake! I will not stand for such unruliness.” Leilani glared at the crowd as she stood up. A faint green glow began to radiate from her body.


“Stop Leilani!!!” Taiyohime said while grasping her wrist. “You can’t keep disciplining our students like this! SIT. DOWN.” The Headmistress firmly ordered her second in command. The two exchanged serious looks before Leilani conceded her position and sat back down. The aura that surrounded Leilani faded away shortly after.


“You’re too soft on them.” The Dean of Students said before crossing her arms and looking away.




Saitou, Eric and another security officer stood vigilantly watching over the transpiring events. Eric had his palm placed on a nightstick attached to his hip, while Saitou’s palm was resting atop a can of pepper spray on his utility belt.


Brooke and her goons tried to mix it up with Violette, Nicole and the princess earlier.” Eric reported.


“Nothing came from it, so we’re good. I guess her and Todd learned something during their suspensions.” Saitou replied. The camera then briefly focused on Saitou and Eric along with other members of BSU’s security team, weapons at the ready which was displayed on the megatron. Eric scowled for the camera showing off his ‘fearsome’ mean mug while clutching the hilt of his baton, while Saitou stood calmly yet intimidating to onlookers. After this image was shown, the trash throwing came to an immediate halt. Once the camera panned away from them, Saitou chuckled at his former delinquent assistant.


“That wasn’t very professional, rookie. We aren’t supposed to look into the cameras. Not that YOU mad dogging on camera is gonna scare anyone.” Saitou joked.


“Whatever man.” Eric fumed in response to Saitou’s ribbing.


Brooke continued towards the steps located on the side of the stage, not bothering to look to either side of her.


“What exactly happened with her last year?” Damien asked Cathy. The Psychology professor had been away on an excursion in Tokyo at BSU’s sister university: Busteez Bimbo Academy in Japan. As such, he wasn’t around to witness this particular incident from the previous school year.


“Brooke Beaumont is a delinquent who should have been expelled and banned from all AE schools last year. She had numerous infractions during her 1st freshman year such as Vandalism and destruction of property. This is what happened…



It was a brisk autumn morning at BSU. Professor Cathy O’Malley came in extra early before the crack of dawn. In the forefront of the University’s courtyard stood two beautiful completely nude, lustrous golden statues. The first statue radiated the likeness of Akasha El-Karim, former United States Senator and legendary leader of the Adult Entertainer Freedom Movement. Through her tireless efforts, Akasha was able to legalize prostitution nationally and remove many restrictions that kept Adult Entertainment relegated to the shadows. Standing next to Akasha was her husband Leroy “Amir” El-Karim. Leroy, the patriarch of the family was a former pornstar himself whom Akasha met while in college. Leroy eventually retired as an active performer in order to settle down with Akasha and support her world changing aspirations as a politician. It was Akasha and Amir who founded Busteez Slut University in the United States and its sister school, Busteez Bimbo Academy in Japan; the first and second AE colleges to ever exist. Akasha’s statue was a stunning reflection of the woman herself with massive assets both up top and in the rear. Amir’s statue mirrored him perfectly as well; with its well endowed penis fully erect for all to see.


These statues served as a tribute to the university founders as well as a landmark within the modern AE world. Akasha and Amir stand hand in hand as symbols of excellence, inspiring countless generations of students to give it their all. Superstition states that male students can draw upon good luck by groping the Akasha statue’s breasts, ass and vagina, while females can tap into good fortune by stroking the Amir statue’s massive pole.


As Cathy approached the statues she looked up to notice that there were black wooden boards had been placed over the Akasha statue’s tits, ass and pussy, but even worse; the Amir statue was missing its trademark huge dick. Someone had cut it off! Cathy covered her mouth in horror as she dropped to the ground, completely flabbergasted by what she saw.


Worse of all, there were anti AE/sex messages spray painted all over the statues as well.



“We suspected it was her but we didn’t have any evidence to prove it. No video footage and no witnesses. Brooke planned this out meticulously. I believe she cased the night shift security staff for weeks prior to doing this. To completely avoid being seen by security, she would have to have known all the schedules, including the lunch times, breaks and what times walking patrols are done. Through this, she found a perfect window of opportunity to strike while guards were on breaks and doing patrols on other parts of the campus.” Cathy explained before taking a short pause.


“She was very good at what she did. Her little pranks could never be traced back to her. She even had brochures mailed to all students and teachers lecturing us on how sinful we are.”


“How did you catch her?”


“Well she pushed things a little too far… Brooke launched a protest and it spiraled out of her control.”



(January, 8 months prior)


It was a warm yet breezy day in World City. The BSU campus was bustling with excitement due to the announcement of a new initiative, The first annual AE world Student Film Festival. This event was one part competition and one part movie exhibition. Students attending AE Universities from all over the world converge in a single location to put their work on display. Each participating school chooses classes to participate and represent by submitting full length adult films to be viewed by professors, university alumni and current porn superstars. Limited numbers of tickets are available to the general public, with the event being broadcast on cable and online via Pay-Per-View. This provides an opportunity for students to garner more exposure, promote themselves and gain more fans.


However, Brooke disagreed with the concept, viewing it as a mere scheme for universities and the industry as a whole to parade students around and line their own pockets. She also took issue with the idea that taking a week off from classes for an exhibition is negligent, because it takes away from classes, homework and preparing for final exams. Brooke believed that such events were exploitation of the female students…..




CANCEL THE FILM FEST, WE AIN’T HOES!” chanted Brooke’s group of demonstrators.


“Rise everyone! We will not allow this lecherous, degenerate organization to put us on display and control us like puppets!” Brooke declared into her megaphone.


“The powers that be are putting a price on the value of women. They think we’re only good to have our bodies used and exploited for profit! We won’t stand for this! Show them we’re serious!”


Brooke’s followers marched back and forth, carrying and waving signs. However, Brooke would not have the floor to herself. Another group of students led by then first year students Shikijou Yamazaki and Leda Kino. They carried various signs in opposition that said “Go home Brooke” “BSU: Love it or leave it”, “Hypocrite Brooke” and “You don’t speak for us!” signs. They demonstrated in front of Brooke’s group showing their support for the festival. This would be a big opportunity for students, especially first years such as Shikijou, Leda and their shy friend Rubii, a monstrous yet meek Dragon woman who was on academic probation at the time.


“If you don’t like the festival, you can choose not to be in it. You don’t speak for all students. What makes you think you’re the moral authority for everyone?” The muscular blonde asserted.


“I don’t fault you for being ignorant to the truth. You, like most girls our age, you have been blinded by the narrative of the sex industry. I’m trying to wake you up!”


“No, you are the one that’s been blinded by your own ego. You want to bring down an entire industry because of your own insecurity!” Shikijou countered.


“You disappoint me Ms.Yamazaki. I respected you for what you’re trying to do, showing the beauty of muscular women and being physically fit. But allowing yourself to be taken advantage of is not the way.


“And you can do the same. There is a lane for all types of women to build a following.” Shikijou pointed out


“This is an opportunity that most of us want. You have no right to get that taken from us. We have worked hard to get a chance like this.” Leda added.


“You can’t talk about opportunity Leda. You’re a second generation degenerate! You’re here because of your jezebel of a mother. The family business. What would you be if not for her?” Brooke attacked, referencing Mako Kino, Leda’s Mega tit mega superstar mother


“Yeah right Brooke, going after family is the last resort of someone who knows they’re wrong!” Leda countered cynically.


“You and your dairy cow mother, leading young girls to their ruin. You know, breasts are for feeding babies, not sex…. What, why are you smiling?” Brooke questioned, annoyed by the fact that Leda wasn’t offended in the least bit.


“I know exactly what my mom would say to that is all.”




“Moo!” Leda said, holding her sides as she laughed.


While Brooke argued with Leda and Shikijou, the situation grew even more tense between followers on both sides. Brooke’s White Knights flexed and postured to opposing males. They argued, issued threats and chest bumped, as many men do when an altercation is brewing.




Suddenly a punch was thrown, it made a thunderous sound as if a firecracker had gone off when it connected. It was unclear to Brooke which side threw the punch but it was clear to her that things would only get worse from here.


“NOOOOO!” Brooke panicked as she watched Todd blast another male student with a right hand. More guys jumped into the fight, further escalating what Brooke planned as a peaceful protest into a donnybrook! Students brawled across the courtyard. Brooke tried stop it but at that point the adrenaline and anger was too much for herself, Leda and Shikijou to control




BSU first year student “Ramrod” landed a 3 punch combination on one of the white knights, knocking him down and busting his lip.




Todd then attacked Ramrod from behind, hitting him in the back of the head with his backpack full of textbooks and binders.


“Shagwell”, another male student and a former high school wrestler ragdolled the white knights, slamming and tossing them around like children.


What was originally planned to be a peaceful rally had quickly degenerated into a melee. People from the two sides slugged it out. Noses were busted, lips were split, eyes were swollen but no one was severely injured. However, the worst part about this incident was that spectators were filming, which meant that footage would surely reach the internet as well as the eyes of BSU’s rival Universities. The on-campus rumble continued until Saitou Shinoda arrived with several security officers. Those engaged in the fight scrambled to flee the scene as quickly as possible.



“As a result of this, BSU was disqualified from participating in the film festival. Harlot State eventually went on to win it.”


“And she was allowed to come back this year, hmmmmm…” Damien remarked surprised by this revelation.


“I don’t think Brooke intended for this to happen but if she wasn’t protesting this wouldn’t have happened!”


“For the Headmistress to let her come back in spite of what happened last year is peculiar. She must have some MAJOR upside that the Headmistress sees in her.” Professor Douglas suggested.


“I’m not exactly sure of the reason, but had she been expelled it’s possible she could have joined a competing University.”


“So that might be a factor.”


The shower of boos grew to a deafening level as Brooke walked up the steps to get to the stage. The young revolutionary then made her way to center stage where there was a wheeled chalkboard with a white sheet draped over it. Directly in front of the board was a microphone stand which held a cordless mic. Brooke moved in front of the stand and grabbed the microphone, patiently waiting for the storm of boos to stop so she could speak.








The audience were intentionally sustaining their boos and jeers toward Brooke in an effort to make it impossible for her to speak.


“This is a little extreme.” Xavier commented to Takiko, Kaede and Brass.


“You don’t know who this hoe is, do you?” Kaede replied.


“Well…No…” Xavier answered, unsure of why the crowd was showing so much hate to Brooke.


“Just watch her and see for yourself. It will make a lot of goddamn sense in a few minutes.” Takiko added.


“She doesn’t deserve all this!” Mai said to Matsunami. Like Xavier, Mai hadn’t seen or heard of Brooke until the incidents with her this morning


“You will soon see why people are reacting to her the way they are.” Matsunami answered.


“Your Grandmother couldn’t block her from being allowed to come back?” Violette asked Ashani.


“The Board of Directors allowed the Headmistress to make the call on this one.” Ashani answered. Brooke continued to wait and wait until she grew tired of the rudeness.


EXCUSE ME!” Brooke barked into the microphone while dragging her fingernails across the chalkboard.The combination of Brooke yelling into the mic and the screeching from her scratching the board silenced the crowd.


“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of BSU, and viewers watching from home. Some of you might know who I am from last year, some of you might be seeing me for the first time. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brooke Beaumont, and I’m here to bring change….” Brooke said as she walked along the front of the stage.


“But before I detail that change I’d like to share a little about myself so you understand better.”


“I grew up in California, the middle oldest child of 4 girls. I had both my mother and father so I guess my upbringing was what most people would describe as normal.” Brooke said before pausing.


“I had a hunger for knowledge. Math, English, Science but my favorite subject was history. I used to spend hours just reading about the history of the world. It quickly became apparent that I was outgrowing my parents in terms of what I needed and what they were able to provide for me with their income. They couldn’t afford the type of programs that could truly challenge me.” The young firebrand confessed.


“As I got older I grew apart from my elder and younger sisters because of our differences. I couldn’t relate to them or what they liked to do and they couldn’t relate to me. It was even difficult to relate to the other kids my age in the neighborhood because I had nothing in common with them.” Brooke admitted with a sigh, the distress evident in her tone.


“I had always been intrigued by courtroom drama TV shows and the idea of practicing law. In middle school I discovered the art of debating. Debating gave me a way to engage with other minds like my own and interact with them. It provided me with people who could challenge my thoughts and ideas. Debating allowed me to display my wit, logic and deductive reasoning in front of large groups of people .” Brooke explained to the audience with a gleeful grin. As she continued to detail her beginnings, Brooke paced back and forth across the front of the stage, occasionally talking with her hands for emphasis. This visual display kept the audience following her every move and word.


“I noticed that things around me were beginning to change. Girls were growing out with giant breasts and rear ends and they were wearing less and less clothing to school. My big sister was gone more and more, out doing god knows what with guys. In highschool titles like ‘Prom Queen’ and ‘Most likely to be a millionaire’ went to the most popular students… But what is popularity based on?” Brooke asked, challenging the crowd to answer.


“No answer? Well how about we get into this together?” Brooke asked the audience matter of factly.


“Guys usually become popular because of their merits and accomplishments such as being an athlete and personality traits like charisma. But what garners attention for us ladies? Tits….Ass….Thighs….Hips and most commonly, PUTTING OUT! This is how women are judged, not just in highschool but society in general.” Brooke pointed out.


“When I was 16 years old, I started applying for jobs at different places around the city so I could make money for the summer. I put in my application everywhere, constantly attended interviews. Restaurants, stores, hotels, gas stations, you name it. Now, I know how to do a good interview, and answer questions the right way. I was captain of the debate team, answering questions is what I do!”


“Despite my efforts, my phone never rang. At first I thought maybe I was the problem. I was thinking that maybe I didn’t try hard enough. That was until I went to World-Mart and saw some of the other girls that were interviewed before and after me working there, in fact every single one of them. They all had that cookie cutter “Violette Beauregard” shape you all see around that she claims is ‘natural’; all while pushing body enhancement cream to the masses with her mother, a ‘highly esteemed’ professor at BSU.” Brooke said sarcastically while doing air-quotes. The crowd let out a collective OOOOOOOHHHHHH in response to Brooke’s direct verbal jab at the competition. Violette clenched her fist and shot a mean glare towards Brooke while Scarlette remained composed, offering no reaction to the remark.


“My point being that no matter how hard you work or the level of talent you possess, there is a system in place that values sex appeal over anything else which isn’t fair to the vast majority of women in our society who don’t possess these traits; for example, women such as myself.” Brooke pointed out while glancing down at her own body.


“So I did a little research and discovered that I wasn’t the only person who felt that way. There were thousands, even millions of people all over the world who felt my pain who were part of the “The Movement“. I read articles and watched YouTube videos about sex, and how its being used to corrupt society. By doing this, I found my calling, my truth in life.” Brooke recalled fondly.


“Journalism was always a hobby of mine, in fact I wanted to become one for a career. At the time, my high school needed writers as well as an editor for the school paper. This was my big moment, my opportunity to share my truth with my peers. I took the position at the school paper. I immediately started publishing articles and editorials in the paper, including ONE about how I felt about the school’s VERY relaxed dress code. I was dismissed from the school paper after only 2 issues had been released because of my ‘controversial’ views.” Brooke said pointedly with frustration.


“I was being silenced by my school, they didn’t like it. It was at that point I realized that something had to change. At first I was unsure of how to do that, so I just continued on. In my free time I continued to pursue journalism by doing freelance articles about news, world events and popular culture for various online news services. Over a two year period, I earned multiple awards for best amateur journalist from several websites and even got invited to interview for an internship with Westview Publishing, one of the biggest magazine companies in the world. Finally I was gonna get my due. This internship would lead to a career. ” Brooke stated, giving a sigh of relief before pausing.


“I flew out to their headquarters in World City for a week. I was just one of many journalist hopefuls who came out to attend interviews. I had practiced for this moment for weeks with my parents and teachers conducting mock interviews. I was a little nervous but still I felt ready.”


“I got interviewed by the chief executive editor of Westview Publishing, Tad Cameron!I gave a damn good interview too!” Brooke explained to the audience with the optimism and excitement in her voice that she had felt that very day. Brooke then stopped taking time to compose herself before getting into what she had to say next.


“I thought I had the internship in the bag but that turned out to not be the case” informed the young woman in a very deflated way.


“I got a call the next day from one of the secretaries. She told me that the executive editor was impressed by my skill and knowledge and attention to detail but ultimately he decided to go a different direction. I didn’t know how to feel, I put everything into this, I gave everything I had yet I still failed to achieve my goal. I was left to wonder whether or not this was because I wasn’t suited to make it as a journalist or because something else was going on.”


After my interview I still had a few days left in World City. The city was full of hookers, Adult theaters, strip clubs and brothels. It was a cesspool of sin! It was horrible, pimps tried to recruit me and Johns offered me money to “service” them. However, the biggest shock came when I took a tour of BSU which was open to the public for a week. It was a hedonistic world of debauchery and lust disguised as an institution of higher learning! It was unlike anything I had ever seen in my life. I left the campus thoroughly disgusted at what I saw at the campus!” Brooke admitted while shaking her head.


“After returning home from World City, I had to reevaluate what i wanted to do. I had scholarship offers from several universities across the country. While I was figuring things out, the Journogate scandal with Westview publishing and the companies under its banner happened. Numerous executives were doxxed with emails, text messages, pictures and video leaked to the internet. The men implicated in this were exposed for trading company positions in exchange for sexual favors. In addition to this, Westview execs took bribes of money and sexual favors from television studios, video game developers and record companies in exchange for positive reviews. I even heard that an upcoming BSU student, a Ms. Kokoro Izumi, did something ‘strange’ to change the review of her cosmetic products!” Brooke said while pointing at Koko in the audience. The camera men immediately shifted their attention on the pop star who looked away from the camera.




“But that isn’t the only thing I’ve heard about you Ms. Izumi….” Brooke asserted in a teasing manner, pointing her microphone at Koko.


“You’ve been on quite a press run since your last album dropped. Do you want to know what I heard about that?” Brooke asked the audience in an inquisitive tone of voice. The audience rumbled with speculation amongst each other. Brooke stood there, holding out the microphone to pick up the chatter, intentionally stalling to increase interest and suspense in what she has to say.


“From what my sources tell me, Koko has allegedly been paying movie critics and online journalists to get favorable reviews. That gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘Certified Fresh’!” Brooke pointed out in a matter of fact manner, this caused a few people in the audience to chuckle. Everyone then focused on Koko, including the cameraman, who displayed Koko’s face on the large megatron cameras hung around the arena for the audience to see. Koko glared towards the center stage, staring at Brooke, the rage obvious in her eyes.


The crowd gasped in response to Brooke’s revelations. Everyone knew about Journogate already but people were shocked by Brooke’s connection to it as well as her supposed knowledge of Koko’s alleged self promotion tactics.


“But I digress…The Journogate Scandal confirmed everything I had felt for years. There was indeed a problem with the world and it was much worse than I originally thought. My visit to World City enlightened me, showing me the truth. Change cannot be made from the outside, it must come from within. This is a systemic problem that begins in the entertainment industry! Girls follow what they see on television and in popular culture! For decades our youth have been brainwashed into thinking that women are sluts whose only value lies between their legs. Enough is ENOUGH! it’s time for a change!” Brooke asserted, with passion in her voice, fire in her belly and unshakeable conviction in her soul


“The world we live in today was made possible by Akasha El-Karim and she did that by becoming a United States Senator! However misguided she was, it was still an epic accomplishment. It is a challenge for me, A challenge for me to unravel and destroy the society she established so many years ago.” Brooke recalled, staring directly into the eyes of Ashani El-Karim, Akasha’s descendant and current heir to the family.


“Ashani El-Karim, The famed “Princess of Porn” ladies and gentlemen.” Brooke announced while extending her hand outward and turning to the side as if she was presenting Ashani to the rest of the audience.


“Now what has she done to earn such a title?” Brooke asked before pausing briefly.


“Nothing… She was born into it. Ashani is worshipped and idolized by both people in the business and the general public for no legitimate reason. She’s accomplished nothing yet she is promoted as being far above everyone else who attends BSU, above students at any of the AE schools. The very definition of ‘Privilege’!”


“Nice try at pushing for me being expelled, Princess. You don’t have as much power as you thought huh?” Brooke asked sharply. The audience responded with a collective gasp.


“Why would the almighty Princess and heiress to the EL-Karim family want me gone so badly?” Brooke asked rhetorically.


“Her answer would probably sound like this…’I’m defending the honor of my family~’” Brooke said in a mockingly prim and proper voice, even causing some audience members to laugh. Although she was boiling mad, Ashani maintained her composure


Stay strong… This hoe wants you to get pissed and go off on live national television. That would get her even more attention.’ The Princess thought to herself.


Ashani then leaned back in her seat, expressionless. She didn’t want to do anything that would reflect poorly on her family.


“The truth is that her family is at the top of the hierarchy. They established the current system that has manipulated millions of women over multiple generations! I represent change. Ashani is our generation’s representative for that oppressive system. With us potentially being classmates at BSU, that puts us in direct competition. The Princess fears that, she fears me…”


“Are you just gonna sit here and let this bitch talk about you like that?” Nicole whispered to Ashani. The princess sat there quietly.


“And that brings me to YOU Nicole Wellington.” Brooke announced. Nicole’s eyes widened.


“The Wellington Petroleum Company’s future leader? I don’t think so!” Brooke jabbed.


“You partied, took vacations and drank your way through a reality show about you and your whore sisters for several seasons. You sucked dick and took it in the ass and posted it to social media. You spend money like it’s nothing, flaunting cars, clothes, jewels and mansions you don’t own. Living it up, but now all of a sudden you’re a college student. Hmmmmm, I think I know why.” Brooke declared while scanning the audience Nicole froze up in horror as if she knew what Brooke was going to say next.


“From what I hear, Nicole isn’t at BSU by choice. She’s embarrassed her father with her drunken bimbo behavior and wasted millions of dollars of her family’s money, so much so that he’s grown tired of her. He’s gotten so sick of Nicole’s spoiled, bratty and irresponsible behavior that he cut her off from her inheritance and all Wellington family funds. Nicole has to graduate from a university and establish a career before she can ever see a dime of that money.” Brooke asserted forcefully. Nicole put her head down into her hands, mortified by Brooke’s words. It is unclear how Brooke came upon such information but it is true. Violette put her arm around her best friend to comfort her.


“Holy shit! She’s goin hard on everybody! Who is she gonna expose next?” Xavier pondered out loud; on the edge of his seat, eager to hear who Brooke would go after next. He looked over to the megatron screen and noticed Nicole crying and being consoled by Violette. He felt no sympathy for the two of them however he did feel slightly bad for Princess Ashani, who was visibly bothered and struggling to stay composed.


Man, this is some heavy shit!’ Xavier thought as he looked at the distressed Princess.


“The worst part about this is that Nicole’s presence here is taking opportunity away from other more deserving candidates who actually want to educate themselves and become successful. She doesn’t want to be here yet here she is!” Brooke informed the crowd while slowly shaking her head and closing her eyes. The audience was silent, in total shock of what they were seeing and hearing. Brooke scanned the audience as if she were looking for someone until she found who she was looking for.


“I’m sure you all know who Hitomi is; The cute, cheerful YouTube personality. I think the term people use for her is ‘Kawaii’.” Brooke said while walking back and forth across the stage again.


“What’s not so ‘kawaii’ is the filth content she posts! Hitomi regularly releases videos of herself engaging in unprotected sex, mostly with strangers, often in public and sometimes even with multiple men. Girls emulate this behavior because they think it’s cool because Hitomi is doing it or because they think that spreading legs will make guys like them.” Brooke stated while staring down Hitomi. Hitomi looked very worried, given how Brooke had talked about other students before her. Eiji immediately regretted helping Brooke earlier


“And I just saved her ass too.” Eiji lamented. He then stood up and…


“Hitomi encourages young women to engage in this behavior and some even follow in her footsteps. Hitomi is super popular amongst teenagers, what do you think they’re doing? Instead of studying and using their minds to become productive citizens, they are learning how to livestream and make videos themselves so they can….”


At that moment Brooke noticed Eiji standing up and gesturing for her to stop. His face wore a pleading expression.


That’s right.. She was with him earlier when he helped me save face…‘ Brooke quickly realized. She closed her eyes and then sighed.


“I think everyone gets the idea, but this leads me to my next point. The individuals like those whom I’ve called out today, and the stars of the industry re-enforce the sexist, chauvinist way of thinking that infects the vast majority of men today. Pornographic videos encourage boys to act like the buffoons who appear with these whores in their videos. Boys emulate this behavior and often go on to harass and mistreat women in their daily life! One such example is standing in this arena right now!”


Brooke then pointed to the back of the arena to where Saitou and Eric were standing. As the cameras began to focus on them. Saitou stepped out of camera view as if to say “It’s not me” silently.


“This is Security officer Eric Solomon, or E-Solo as he likes to refer to himself. That’s such an awesome street name by the way!” Brooke taunted. The audience burst into laughter as they all turned to look at Eric.


“Eric is infamous for harassing female BSU students. He spits out horrid pick up lines, violates our personal space and doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘no’. He persists even after being turned down several times. Eric is abusing his position and authority as a university security officer.” Brooke accused, despite no woman ever filing a complaint against Eric.


“Ladies, just like men in society as a whole, Eric believes himself to be entitled to get whatever he wants whenever he wants from us! This scum doesn’t belong here!” Brooke barked into the microphone. Eric stood there terrified, his eyes the size of a 1980’s anime girls eyes.


This rotten lying bitch. I never abused my power….Well…I never touched anyone…. Maybe I did come on a little too strong at times…‘ Eric contemplated in his mind.


Shit! The press is gonna ask questions, even worse the school is gonna investigate this!’ Eric thought to himself, panicked by fact that his career might be in danger.


“This young man represents what the patriarchy in the Adult Entertainment Industry has conditioned our men and boys to be. Change has to come or else we are headed for self destruction….” Brooke announced as she ended her attack on Eric.


“It took an act of government to create this world and It will take an act of government to end it. I will bring my own change, an era of decency where women are respected and respect themselves!”


“I have penned articles for numerous online blogs and websites; I’ve preached my truth in dozens of Youtube videos to an ever growing fan base of supporters. But I have realized that In order to defeat this industry, I must know how it works, what makes it run.” Revealed the tiny inferno of a woman as she pointed to the audience with the microphone.


“How are you gonna change the world Brooke?” She asked herself rhetorically. The young woman took a moment to prepare her next announcement. She then pulled the white sheet off of the chalkboard behind her.


“I will make my dreams and ideals come true by becoming the President!” Brooke declared emphatically while raising her fist into the air.” The audience was completely silent, dumbfounded by Brooke’s bold declaration.


Naturally, one must understand the enemy before he or she can overcome and eventually defeat it. By attending an AE University I will get the understanding I need… And there is no other place better to serve as the starting point on my quest for equality! This is why I’m here at BSU!” She affirmed forcefully while stepping to the side to allow cameras to film the chalkboard.


The chalkboard was covered with personal notes which contained a list of objectives such as “Obtain Law Degree” and “Build a following” “Establish Body Positivity” “Eliminate Racism” “Purge Toxic Masculinity” amongst other things. Brooke’s words hit like a KO punch to the gut, leaving even Sara Reed speechless.


“This chalkboard is full of my thoughts and ideas, objectives and feelings. Take a good look at it.” Instructed the feisty firebrand to the cameraman filming her.


“I envision a better world. A world in which we are not subjected to the male gaze. Imagine a world where our value as individuals is not determined by the opposite sex, a world where we decide our own value. Imagine our worth coming from here” Brooke gestures, pointing to her head. “Instead of here.” Brooke gestures, pointing to her breasts. “Imagine being judged by the caliber of our competence rather than how willing we are to open our legs in some office, hotel room or couch. I want to create a perfect world for all women, a safe world for all women.” Brooke uttered softly as she opened her eyes.


“To establish this new world I must first achieve my goal…..I will abolish the AEWA! (Adult Entertainment World Association)” Brooke declared boisterously. This revelation causes a slight stir in the audience, chattering can be heard.


“Since its inception, the AEWA has encouraged the destruction of the female sex, in fact the AEWA is the worst thing that has happened to women in the modern world, perhaps even in history! This deplorable organization has led women down the path of subservience to men; encouraging us to blindly obey their every want and desires like second class citizens!”


“This is the first step on my path. I will defeat you all in your own arena!” Brooke promised. While saying this Brooke glanced at her enemies and rivals which included second year students Shikijou, Rubii and Leda as well as first year students Violette, Ashani, Nicole, Hitomi, Matsunami and Koko.


“It may be difficult to grasp because you are all living in this very moment right now, but what you are all witnessing today IS history! This is the beginning of a legend, the legend of Brooke Beaumont!” Brooke bellowed into the microphone.


“I will graduate as the #1 student with legions of fans who will follow me on my way to the top! I hope you all are ready for what’s to come, the age of Purity will begin soon.” Brooke said in closing, dropping the microphone to the floor as she approached the stage exit. The sea of people responded mostly with silence, however several gasps rang out loudly. But the initial gasping noises quickly faded into obscurity. The pristine silence that had taken over the auditorium made more of an impact than any amount of cheers or boos could ever accomplish.


“There is a lot at stake here with her coming back.” Leilani commented.


“Yes I know. What she does after she graduates is up to her. But for the next three years she is with us. People grow and change what they think all the time. Beneath all of that bravado, bluster and attitude, Brooke truly wants to be at BSU. She belongs here. Her desire and competitive fire are unquestionable, I know you feel the same, Leilani.” Taiyohime affirmed with authority, punctuating her remark with a confident smirk.

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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3 years ago

If you wanna read more about the character, Check out Brooke’s Character Profile here:

IMPORTANT: Starting next chapter, we will not be posting character profiles regularly in the hopes of being able to release more BSU chapters at a faster rate

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Brooke… where to start? Her design is something truly outstanding and her clothes alone set her appart drastically from all other female characters so far (and in general I’d say). Safe to say, that I think she has one of the most interesting designs so far, not only because she isn’t as big as others. The different version and the makeup one are really interesting. The red lipstick can be clearly distinguished from her orange hair and her red nails are definitely visible. I think the special version shows what she thinks of the AEWA and BSU: It’s trash to her. It also serves as a double meaning for me which I will explain soon. The orange aura around her is an interesting touch.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. What a fantastic chapter. Reading how Brooke fucked up all the people during the Orientation harder than any big hung stud ever could was, what made this chapter the most entertaining so far. I don’t wanna go too deeply into the whole “SJW” aspect but I think that she has many strong arguments going on for her with some… interesting stuff mixed in for nuance. For example: her fooling Eiji and then calling him a pig was good but the stuff done afterwards with the pig beast maiden was somewhat unnecessary and, for me at least, was just there so that she didn’t fuck up more people than she would have liked to. That’s not a bad thing per se but if you think about it, when calling a people “pig” is considered offensive, than calling someone “bitch”, “mole”, “rat”, etc. has to be the same. And you couldn’t even excuse it by saying that it was an overreaction from Brooke since it was an ordinary BSU student, so I would say that a dog beast person would react the same way as Peggy did. Maybe Peggy is alone with that view but I wouldn’t be so sure. Back to the chapter however, her Orientation performance was really interesting, in the way that she did nothing extraordinary and just simply stated “facts” (however biased they may be). I don’t really understand why all the people are booing her ’cause, yeah, she says stuff the audience doesn’t like to hear and mostly think is wrong but she did have a valid standpoint and her arguments were truly astounding. The way she fired shots at Ashani, Violette, Koko, Nicolle and her attempt to fuck up Hitomi were absolutely hillarious. Her backstory was also something really neat, with it being revealed that this is her second time at BSU, which explains her rank, and how she (unwillingly) messed up her first try with a demonstration that went horribly wrong, as well as the way she (or someone who believes in her) vandalized the founders statues. I can’t wait to see more of her and I don’t even mean it in a sexual way but because I’d like to get a better view at her worldview and how she maybe acknowledges that not everything from the AEWA is as bad as she thinks.

Now for the double meaning I mentioned earlier, when I talked about the special version of the artwork: Brooke really, strongly reminds me of Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter books. Now, I don’t know if you watched the films or even read the books but in the books she basically started a movement to free House-elves (like Dobby and Kreacher) from the opression they are under, despite it being widely accepted in the wizard world, that it is their natural place. So naturally not many, other than her two closest friends, support her in her goals and even the House-elves themself think of her more of a hindrance/annoyance. The special artwork, with the floating trash bin and the aura around her, combined with her wild mane and her goals just remind me of Hermione Granger. And even the way most people view her helps in that regard. I’m impressed with wide range of different relationships she has with different people: admiring and respecting Maihime as an outcast in a society with absurd beauty standarts; accepting Xavier as a platonic friend, despite their strange first meeting; viewing Matsunami as a rival, she still respects as a hindrance of her goals; and of course the many, many enemies she made, most notebly Koko, with which she shares a complex history. I’m still not the biggest fan of “Kiatsu” and how it just cames kinda out of nowhere but I like how she has an advanced “Lust Mode”. While at it, “Lust Mode” is something a woman experiences when she gets fucked by a man with a penis who is perfect for whichever hole he is fucking at the moment right? Wouldn’t that mean that the guy experiences something similar during this? Obviously not a mode where he goes ahegao and all but still something close. I just wonder. Her backstory overall is pretty fascinating with her two sibling who “teached” her how to take cock and please a man. Her many nicknames are hilarious (I’m especially fond of: Mini Meteor and The Human Pinball) and her rank is nothing to scoff at. With the only person who stands above the woman who wants to bring down the establishment being Han. Quite hilarious when you think about it. Not quite sure how a bunch of guys, who probably didn’t even attent an Adult Entertainment School, she slept with during one year manages to make her better than Matsunami, who was trained by Peach personally; Ashani, who most likely did porn or sex her whole life and Violette, who has the same things going on for her (although it is already established, that she simply underestimated her competition).

Great stuff. You could say that the chapter lacked a sex scene but to that I say: Have you seen how she ripped all these girls ass open and how she fucked them up?! If that is not considered a gangbang, than I don’t know what is.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Hello.. Sorry for the delays with Mei and Violette. I will get to those comments soon. I’ve been off sick from work for about a month now and ive been trying to get as much new content written as possible before I return to work on wednesday.

Well lets get into Brooke, no pun intended. This character was an idea originally thought up by RT. She’s was conceived to be a parody of things we see and hear about in the news and online in regards to social politics.

I took the idea and ran with it. She does have an intriguing look about her. I think it goes with her personality. Also I like that shes small compared to the other girls.

Her point of view on the world is one of a kind which is what I think makes people like her. I tried to go over the top with some of the stuff shes done during her 1st freshman year ar BSU. I will confirm that Brooke did do all of the vandalism she was accused of. The school just doesnt have the proof. I was trying to present points with her that readers can both agree and disagree with for balance. She is unpopular for her opinions which are controversial in the BSU world. Her disses and insults towards Violette, Ashani, Koko, Hitomi etc. Was her expressing how she feels and what thinks. They all represent things she finds wrong with society. Also i’d like to add that Brooke is her own woman. She stands for what sje believes no matter how unpopular it may be.

Lets talk about her relationships. Brooke becomes friends with Mai because she views her as being similar to herself. Also she see’s Mai as brilliant creative mind, which is something that is overlooked by most. Though they are different and have different views of the world, What they have in common brings them together.

Brooke and Xavier’s friendship is meant to be an oddball relationship no one would expect.. They disagree and argue with each other and debate all day but deep down Brooke knows that he is a lot like her despite being a porn director in training. Brooke defends Xavier if other girls such as koko put him down in her presence. And X is protective of Brooke due to her main weakness, her naive nature when it comes to her followers. Xavier tries to protect her from being manipulated by Todd and others who want to use her and her causs to benefit themselves.

You are correct about her relationship with Koko. They are from 2 different worlds and were brought together by chance. Its very complex between and they are at odds because of their different beliefs.

While Brooke was suspended being in her home state of California helped. The skill level of the average guy is higher than most places. California is home of hollywood and is the porn production capital of the united states so thats a lot of sex going on. Also she got half a year of training prior to her suspension during her first freshman year. Just to explain, there was no sex scene here because i thought it would be contradictory for her to have a sex scene and then give a presentation with the message shes trying to get out.

Thanks again fror reading. I appreciate the support!

3 years ago

Strider, i got some ideas for lemons that you could use in your story, i just don’t know If is good enough. You want me to talk for you here or in pm? If you want of course lol

3 years ago
Reply to  Lizardon888X

look below

3 years ago

Yo Stryder awesome, Thanks for replying, yeah i was imagining this. I have a question about both Eiji and Jade they are the two characters that i’m more interested in see their character designs, is Eiji a normal tall Guy? Lol

Also about Jade, her character design is based in that character of Bleach that IS from the Royalguard? I mean that asian girl with a chinese hairstyle? I forgot her name lol

But that’s awesome, you really plan a lot of your story. For some reason i can see a chapter now of Violette and Matsunami competing in the gym to see who is better, Who can lift more and endure more lol, even throw Shikijou there to tease the two and say that it’s child play what their doing 😂😂. Now i Wonder How much Violette can benchpress, Barbell Squat and Leg press? I’m curious now lol

3 years ago
Reply to  Lizardon888X

see my responses below

3 years ago

Stryder i have a question about the story, sorry for leave this one in some pages because i don’t know If one of you guys Will see because one of those pages are already old 😅

About Violette, what kind of exercises She does in the gym? Could you give some examples? I remember that you described Matsunami routine and some exercises in her profile regarding her MMA training, but what about Violette? What kind of exercises She does? I think She do something involving her Tennis routine…..Does she do Barbell Squats, hip thrusts, Leg press, leg curls, benchpress and some yoga? I think these ones are part of the Tennis player routine

3 years ago
Reply to  Lizardon888X

I’ll let Strider know you sent him a message

3 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Thanks Enzo ^^ 😁

3 years ago
Reply to  Lizardon888X

Violette does a lot of leg exercises because Tennis requires speed, quick acceleration and explosive power to be able to intercept the ball quickly. Leg presses, squats, leg extensions, calf raises, dumbell lunges, leg curls etc. Also she does a lot of upper body work for her arms, shoulders and chest like the bench press/dumbell bench press, curls, push ups, pull ups and dips. This is so she can generate powerful swings and serves.

Violette also does a lot of cardio based workouts. long distance running, sprint drills such as suicides and circuit training drills.

3 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Yo Stryder awesome, Thanks for replying, yeah i was imagining this. I have a question about both Eiji and Jade they are the two characters that i’m more interested in see their character designs, is Eiji a normal tall Guy? Lol

Also about Jade, her character design is based in that character of Bleach that IS from the Royalguard? I mean that asian girl with a chinese hairstyle? I forgot her name lol

3 years ago
Reply to  Lizardon888X

Eij is pretty tall, given hes a basketball player. He’s between 6’2 and 6’4 in height. Jade isn’t based on Shutara.

3 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

But that’s awesome, you really plan a lot of your story. For some reason i can see a chapter now of Violette and Matsunami competing in the gym to see who is better, Who can lift more and endure more lol, even throw Shikijou there to tease the two and say that it’s child play what their doing 😂😂. Now i Wonder How much Violette can bench and Squat. I’m curious now lol

3 years ago
Reply to  Lizardon888X

I had some preliminary ideas for their rivalry. I think Violette VS. Matsunami will be one of the most entertaining rivalries of the story. I was thinking that they may compete with one another in stuff other than sex. Working out could be one of them. I remember when in Naruto how naruto and sasuke competed in stuff and even guy challenging kakashis to an array of cotests. Maybe eating, some gym stuff, stripping, tennis etc.

3 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

So it Will be Very anime like, i like how you managed to add all these stuff with your story is so creative lol. I imagine Xavier Will be a key factor in their rivalry even more with The El Dragon Persona, the funny part is that Violette Will be in love with X without knowing lol, i wonder If Matsunami Will fall for him,i like Maihime but i always thought that Matsunami is more perfect for him lol.

Also how much Violette and Matsunami can benchpress, Barbell Squat and Leg press? I’m curious now lol

3 years ago
Reply to  Lizardon888X

The rivalry is definitely going.To heat up. Xavier will keep his distance from this for the time being. He is not in Matsunami’s good graces right now lol. Matsunami is not looking for love or a significant other at this time in her life. Shes wanting to enjoy her life and achieve her goals.

Dragon is very elusive to Violette. She does want him but hes very hard for her to get in touch with. Xavier doesn’t have the confidence to face Violette again right now. As Dragon he is trying avoid contact with Violette until he has improved his skills enough that he feels ready to face her again. Their first dance made a strong impression on her. Dragons elusiveness makes her want him even more.

I actually dont know how much they can do. The women in BSU are bigger and stronger than the average real life women with many being 6 foot in height or close to it

3 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

This is awesome Strider, i got some ideas for lemons that you could use in your story, i just don’t know If is good enough. You want me to talk for you here or in pm? If you want of course lol

3 years ago
Reply to  Lizardon888X


3 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Yo Strider did you recieved my E-mail? ^^ i don’t know If i sended correctly lol

3 years ago
Reply to  Lizardon888X

Yes, I responded

3 years ago
Reply to  Strider_Seiryu

Strider i sended my ideas for you, Tell me what you think. I Hope you like 😁

3 years ago

Not very sexy but every good story needs a plot 👍

3 years ago

Brooke does bring up something that seems to make me ponder, quote ” “You and your dairy cow mother, leading young girls to their ruin.”
That leads me to wonder, what does she know that makes her think she can say that?
The breast for babies thing, yeah that is self explanatory.
But the first part is making me curious on what happens to the girls, after they reach a certain age.
Some sure, could go on to found companies like the mom. But not everyone can do that.
(looks on pondering)

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
3 years ago

Hmm… so, no profiles for Mei or Tika anytime soon…

3 years ago

Now this was a plot filled introduction of a character. Hell just noticing there wasn’t any sex , which doesn’t take away how good the chapter was. Brooke is a young woman on a mission and hell I’m not the only who is surprised that she is placed at #2 in the school (I’m sure we’ll see why in future arcs and chapters) but man I guess it’s true about red heads they all have fiery personalities and dispositions. Well the bombshell she just dropped I’m sure even more eyes are going to be on her in interest just as much as disdain. Very informative chapter on a special character, I’m sure a lot of interesting things are going to come from her.

3 years ago

Thanks VB! Im glad you enjoyed it. The fact that Brooke is ranked #2 shocked everyone. It was a twist put in because that rank doesnt conventionally fit with Brooke’s personality or her view of the world given the industry shes getting into. There are some fun things I have in mind for Brooke going forward. I decided to hold off sex her so I can deliver a strong on screen sex debut along a hentai an amazing hentai piece from RT featuring Brooke minus the clothes. I appreciate the kind words and the continued support for BSU and my writing. Stay tuned! More BSU action coming soon!

3 years ago

Yo Stryder 🤗

Man amazing chapter, Brooke is so interesting, what you did with her character is something so different, she’s Pretty much a desconstruction of a trope that we have today in modern society, the SJW warrior.

But unlike these sjw in real life that are most selfish asshats that think that are fighting for some cause, Brooke is one of a kind that makes her different of the rest. She’s fighting for the rights and regal of the prospect of the conservatory family values that unfortunately we don’t have anymore these days. She still acts like some of the sjw people we have irl but She still has her motivations that makes her kind unique and different from them in the same time, She was raízes in a different upbring so her motivations are noble in her true core, She wants to show the world that women doesn’t need to degrade themselves or change who they are, the thing here that makes interesting is that even If her cause and values are good in her heart, many of the girls and boys on BSU choose to follow this career because It’s their dreams, so even If she understand she feels conflicted about the situation, something that i found interesting is about her father and mother, i Will read her profile again to not miss a thing, but If i’m not wrong her father was a porn actor or atleast don’t mind this work, this brings a interesting inner conflict about her character motivations, She has potential to have an amazing character development in the story, seeing and interpretating the different aspects of her new life. Also She being one of the top tiers in class is really interesting i didn’t see that comming lol

Leda’s counter argument about cows was Really funny and clever i couldn’t help but laugh together with her, so She is the cow beastwoman? Then It’s cool, we have the Trinity of beastmaidens with Rubii, Shikijou and Leda (The Dragon, the Cat and the Cow) lol

And in Brooke’s profile her list of friends and allies are really interesting i wasn’t expecting that she would get along with people so different than her, Can’t wait to see this in the story lol.

Also i loved seeing her mocking Eric (especially after reading about their first interaction together, the Guy is really an idiot 😑) and Nicolle, since she’s really spoiled and vain and don’t have the charisma that Violette has, that was quite interesting so Brooke still respect the fact that some people are in the university. Her dialogue about Nicolle don’t deserving to be there because It feels that she’s robbing the spots of people that deserved to be there was Really good.

A really good chapter, Brooke really has my attention now and i Can’t wait to see her lol, also She’s beautiful unlike some sjw women that we have irl that envies beautiful and succesful women lol, another desconstruction of the theme that Is more than welcome lol.

Can’t wait for the next one i Will wait anxious lol

Hugs Lizardon 🤗

PS:So about the conversation we had in BSU page, so both Takiko and Kaede has a crush on X? That would be interesting lol

3 years ago
Reply to  Lizardon888X

Ay! How You been Lizard man? Glad you loved the chapter. The characterization of Brooke is inspired by a combination of girls ive known in real life from female family members to ex girlfirends and hook ups. In the current day the are more and more women like Brooke and less of the old fashioned housewife girls. I also drew from some of the over the top sjw propaganda i see on the internet. I tried make her a parody but still have to factual and relatable points. Nepotism and using ones sexuality to get ahead of more deserving people for jobs and whatnot

Her dad was a porno store/theater worker in the past. Her mom did camgirl work while in college. Brooke is the child of two former adult entertainment workers so she was technically born into the business. Lol about Leda. She’s not actually a cow. Leda’s mom has megaboobs so shes comparedvto a cow. However, Brooke actually have a cow friend. Elizabeth Bloomfield is a cow beast maiden. As for her other friends she indeed have an unlikely group.

I look forward of to telling the story of Brooke and Kokos past friendship and current beef. Brooke does still care about Koko but their paths in life have made them enemies. There will be a lot of drama between them.

Well Takiko definitely does have feelings for Xavier. Kaede strongly prefers Black men and has a fetish for the Xavier, specifically satisifies Kaede in a unique way that makes him her favorite guy to be with. on top of him being there when she needed help. So id say yes. Xavier doesnt know they’re sisters yet.

3 years ago

I can see why she has the name Brooke, because she just laid down some Phillip and April Brooks level pipe bombs in that introduction.

She’s a pretty interesting character honestly, and for the most part seems to have a goal that doesn’t feel as selfish as the other students who are there just to be labeled the best at fucking.

I also have to give props to Strider for being able to give her a proper public speaking skills and knowing how to engage the audience as she makes some compelling arguments. In a way she is one of the underdogs in the series so far, and unlike a lot of the other more popular characters, she is hated by her peers but refuses to let go of her ideals and presses forward regardless.

There is some hit and miss in this chapter though. The beginning felt like it dragged a little and these orientation chapters are really long. I’m also not sure how long this arc is meant to be as while they’re great for character building, they’re not great for plot building. Since each chapter takes place doing the same thing, which is just tell us about the characters, and with how long it takes to get to each new chapter it makes it hard to even remember what the actual plotline of the series is meant to be. I kind of hope this arc doesn’t drag on much longer, but with how many characters exist in this universe I feel like we’ll be here for at least another year which can kill interest and momentum.

That being said this was a good chapter and reminds me of what makes the BSU story one of the better ones on the site. Kind of using the new MHA series as an example since both use the same premise now. The level of character depth and detail, while formulating good characters and world building simply put it at a higher level than the more sex focused stories. Hell I didn’t even notice until right now that there wasn’t any sex in this chapter. There’s a difference between porn with plot and plot with sex, and I think this series excels at being an actual story that just happens to have sex in it.

3 years ago
Reply to  Unskilled

AY! Nice to see you here again. The CM punk reference is so accurate lol. To use a wrestling term, Brooke did pretty much cut a shoot promo against everyone. Brooke views the world in such a way that she is in a fake corrupt world and the only thing that is real is herself. This plays into her distrust of men. She believed Xavier was being fake when he opened the door for her. Also i think punk said something along those lines on his dvd.

You made a sound point that I agree with. Brookes motivations and goals do set her a part. Certain goals and motivations elevate the characater attached to them. Brooke is a case of this. Most people dont want to be the president let alone hold any political office.

I’m glad you see what I was trying to accomiplish here
There is no sex scene in this chapter because I wanted to save her sex debut to go with a hentai picture, as I feel new character sex debuts deserve to be paired with hardcore art. I feel this arc is more about detailing the individuals in the class than it is sex.

As for the pace, things will be picking up starting with the next chapter. Profiles will be on hiatus for a while. I have some more surprisesc lined up in the future

3 years ago

I’ve been looking forward to see this new chapter for a long while, it feels like forever since the last Orientation chapter. I’m glad this chapter is centered around Brooke, ever since her previous apperances I’d been wondering about what her motivations are for being so against the AE industry. It was a real shock for me to learn that she is the #2 freshman, being against the AE and everything I would have thought she wouldn’t be very experienced, though after reading from her profile, the skills she has clearly are top tier.
Good to know that the character profiles won’t come attached to the chapters, since they slowed down the pace of the story too much, even though I really do enjoy the profiles.

3 years ago
Reply to  xfuski

YO! Whats good man. Yeah its been too long since the last chapter release. Her being #2 was intentional. Most people would think a girl with political views would be a lame in the bedroom. This is definitely not the case with Brooke. With her i tried to do something unique. Her love style fits with her size and body type. She uses being small to her advantage and her partner’s benefit. Im glad you enjoyed todays chapter. I begin writing the next character. I think it will surprise you once again. Thank you for the continued support.

3 years ago

Holy fucking hell! It’s been so long since we’ve had a Welcome to BSU chapter! And quite frankly, I couldn’t be fucking happier! 😀

Though before I get started with my own reaction and impressions of the chapter, I do have to ask. Why is it taking so long to get these chapters out and ready? As a matter of fact this is probably the longest time in between chapters I’ve ever seen. Not to mention it feels rather unusual for it to be happening. I really hope that we get a more normalized schedule after this.

Anyway, let’s get on with the chapter as intended. We finally got a good look at Brooke and what she’s all about. And I won’t lie to you, she’s more contentious than I thought. In fact, it was that very attitude that gained her the notoriously bad rep that she has. And that wasn’t enough. She’s also the #2 ranked student in the freshman roster, which also makes her the most skilled girl in class overall?! Didn’t see that coming! No lie! O_O

Not only that, we also see how she’s rubbed people the wrong way, including but not limited to the rich girl’s circle of Violette, Ashani and Nicole, Hitomi, Eiji {who had to save her ass ironically}, Matsu {who really called her out on her seemingly self-righteous attitude and behavior and fired back}, Xavier to a somewhat lesser degree and especially Eric and Koko. The only one I’ve seen her genuinely welcoming with is Mai, which I honestly get, given what was revealed here.

It didn’t get any better when her turn on stage was happening, in fact, nearly everyone except X and Mai knew who exactly Brooke was. Hell, she got an even worse reaction from the crowd than what happened with X at the start of the arc. But we not only learned exactly what her goals are, we also learned through Cathy exactly why she has the bad rep that she has, including major vandalism and pranks and it all leading up to her getting suspended due to a protest that quickly became a all out brawl, which also included students that are now second years like Shikijou, Leda and even Rubii. That’s some heavy shit, not gonna lie. Now I see why Leilani and Cathy aren’t thrilled with it either, but Taiyo seems to be the only other person that recognizes her potential, in spite of everything. Though she really should’ve been expelled with what she’s pulled.

Still, I think this really changes the game for everyone. Brooke better watch herself though. I guess that’s everything I wanted to get out there now. This is probably the most head turning chapter of Welcome to BSU so far!

Can’t wait to see what’s next! 😀

3 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

What up homie! Welcome back. To answer your question, theres a few reasons things have slowed down in regards to posting progress. As RT has stated Im gonna be doing something different. Starting next month there will not be character profiles accompanying the chapters. However I will try to work on profiles at my own pace whilr doing the chapter stories.

Anyway, glad to see youre back reading. Brooke is indeed a character. She is virtually a second year student. She did half a year of school the prev.ious year prior to her suspension. During the time she waz away from BSU she did some intensive training of her own. This put her ahead of her peers substantially.

Brooke is a calculating individual. Though she took a 6 year suspension? She reversed it and made it work in her favor as shes come back with a lot more media attention, more hype and even corporate sponsors backing her. Corporate sponsorships will be a thing in future chapters because Brooke isnt the only character that has one. This affects a students popularity with the public. More sponsors means more ads and promotional opportunities which means more fan support.

Her presentation was thoroughly planned and thought out. With the exception of Eric, Her verbal attacks targeted people who have a higher public profile than she does. While her primary goal was to go after peoole she takes issue with. Going after people with more notariety than you and taking shine from them is an added bonus. In her profile i described her as a master marketing herself

Theres one beef Brooke has that is far more personal than the others, Koko. Check the profile for the spoilers on why. Thanks again for sticking with me thru all of the health issues and other things that slow me down. It helps a lot to know people look forward to BSU

3 years ago

We got some good worldbuilding this chapter from Leroy to Amir though. I dont even remember what Eiji looks like do we have a good character description for him for some reason I see Aomine from Kuruko no Basket.

3 years ago
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Thanks Skaddix. Eiji’s chapter will be coming up soon but this is how he looked in our other series Road of Legends. He was a fullbringer who can mimic the abilities of enemy races.comment image

3 years ago
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Thanks, now I am kinda curious about a Akasha and Leroy flashback to when they met. Interesting story for sure.

3 years ago
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Akasha and Leroy might be covered later on. She is an immigrant from Egypt who came to the United States. Leroy is a is a former blue collar worker, not sure what specific field yet but he got into porn by chance. He met a pornstar while at work and got hard while assisting her and she noticed the huge bulge in his pants. Akasha went to a nearby college and two eventually met early into leroy’s porn career. They were friends for a while, then started hooking up. Leroy gave up his own career which was starting to grow when the couple had their first child. He became a stay at home dad and supported Akasha’s burgeoning career as she was becoming a powerful civil rights attorney and had political aspirations. Amir is a pet name Akasha gave him when they first met which means prince in Arabic, Akasha’s native language. Leroy took that as his legal name and took her last name for himself and their children once she got into politics. So everyone had the same surname.