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The Road of Legends: Introducing Tigre

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(The night before orientation…)


8:00 P.M.


The wall mounted TV in the bathroom of Passion Tower’s room #416 blared as a thicc nude brunette woman made her way from her bedroom to the bathroom. A steaming hot bubble bath was waiting for her. By the looks of the room’s interior, one can tell immediately that it belonged to an athlete. Push up bars and a sit up bench sat on the far side of the room. Several big tubs of a protein supplement called Muscle Bomber sat on the floor next to her desk. Her chestnut wood desk was loaded with multiple stacks of magazines, trading card packs that hadn’t been opened yet and a 5 pack of black sharpie pen style markers. Her room had a colorful festive vibe to it. The walls were adorned with an assortment of vibrant Lucha Libre style masks. These masks, along a life sized cardboard cutout across from a king sized bed, identified who the room’s owner was. It was none other than the spectacular and oh so sexy Tigre Blanco!


The naked woman was quite athletic looking with very defined muscles. At the same time her body was still curvy and very feminine. Her hips are a wealth of wide goodness, her breasts are big and bountiful and her thighs are thick and thunderous. Sweat which hadn’t dried yet ran down her tanned olive complexioned figure. She had just returned from an intense physical training session. The woman then removed the last remaining piece of clothing she had on, a mask. The mask brushed up against the woman’s wavy dark brown hair as she pulled it off. She then walked over to the bathtub and stepped in, one foot at a time.


“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Cooed the woman as she lowered herself into the steaming pit of water and soap suds.


After spending the last 3 hours working out in BSU’s physical training facility, the hot bath was well deserved. She flipped through the channels on the wall mounted TV across from her; looking for her favorite Mexican Telenovela which came on around this time of night. But as she turned the channels, she passed something of interest. The unmasked woman quickly turned back to the previous channel which was airing Pop Culture Access, a celebrity news and gossip show which covers the happenings in popular culture in the United States. “America’s newest heartthrob was out and about again! Find out this and a lot more on today’s episode of Pop Culture Access with me, your host Robin Robbins!” announced the smooth, ear friendly voice coming from the TV. A brief intro along with intro music played before the image of an attractive harpy breed Beast Maiden appeared on the tv screen.


A bust photo of a man wearing a blue and gold mask appeared in the corner of the screen as the show’s host spoke.


“Dragón Fever is still on the rise today. Worldwide viral internet sensation Dragón Fuerte was spotted again in World City, this time he was working out. The masked hunk was seen running shirtless, flaunting his washboard abs around World City this past weekend. He even stopped to take selfies with a fan.”


Still images of Dragón Fuerte with Elizabeth Bloomfield appear on screen followed by an instagram story video of the two together.


The bathing woman stared at the masked man on screen for several seconds, a scowl forming on her face. She continued to watch as Robin detailed the brief history of Dragón Fuerte on social media.


“Como me encabrona este pendejo.. Farsante!” (Spanish for ‘This dumbass pisses me off… That Pretender!‘) Tigre growled in a low, annoyed tone before changing the channel to the telenovela to finally enjoy her program.



(15 minutes later)


The woman got out of the tub with several beads of water running down her gorgeous nude figure. She dried off before lotioning up her body before grabbing a black and white tiger striped bathrobe that was hanging from the hooks on the bathroom door. A stylized logo that read “Tigre Blanco” was sewn into the back of the robe. After exiting the bathroom, Tigre walked through the kitchen area and out of a doorway to her bedroom. She grabbed her cell phone off of a nearby dresser and pushed a button on the touchscreen which turned on the stereo system. The sexy sounds of Kokoro “Koko” Izumi’s most recent platinum selling album echoed through the room.




Tigre looked over to the door and smiled.


“Earlier than I thought.” Tigre said to herself while approaching the closet.


“I’ll be there in a minute!” Tigre yelled to the visitor on the other side of the door as she went through a variety of different colored masks in her closet. Tigre picked out a white mask with a black and red tiger stripe pattern which matched her bathrobe. Tigre then opened the door. A bear of a man stood on the other side. His appearance was that of the classic All-American man. The handsome young man stood about 6 foot 6 in height. His blonde hair was cut short yet not too much, resembling the hairstyle of the Marvel character Captain America. Tigre looked into his big blue eyes with lust. He was built like a superhero with a supremely defined physique, one which rivaled Superman’s.


“Come in.” Tigre said sweetly while grabbing the young man’s hand. Tigre had seen him several times working out in the gym. They exchanged stares on multiple occasions but hadn’t spoken until today when the man offered to spot her for a bench press.


“Tigre, I’ve been a big fan for a long time.” Said the handsome young man.


“Don’t lie to me. You’re already in my room, no need to kiss my ass.” Tigre remarked matter of factly, catching the hulking bodybuilder off guard.


“So you wanna skip the small talk huh?” The blonde man asked.


“There’s plenty of time to talk after. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to unwind a little.” Tigre answered before pulling the male student in close. Tigre took the lead, pressing her lips against his. Their tongues wrestled as the man wrapped his strong arms around her waist. He squeezed her incredibly toned yet soft cakes with both hands, shaking them up and down as they continued to make out.


MMMMMMMM… AHHHHHH!” moaned Tigre softly. She then reached down into the man’s pants and grabbed his cock, stroking it gently. The young man then moved up her side with one hand and opened her bathrobe, exposing her huge bare breasts. He groped and fondled them as they broke away from the kiss and the young man zeroed in on her tits. He kissed and nibbled on them, getting her nipples hard while at the same time she was jerking him to a full erection.


“Ooooh! Ahhh!” Tigre cooed in response


“You’re pretty big, gringo… let’s see what you got!”


Tigre grabbed the young man who had to be at least 300 pounds in weight and tossed him to the other side of the room with ease. He landed on Tigre’s bed, bouncing into the air once before landing on the mattress permanently.


“Empieza la cacería!” (Spanish for ‘The hunt begins’)


Tigre then dropped to her hands and knees, prowling towards her partner like she was an actual tiger. She then leapt from the floor and pounced on him. Tigre grabbed the waistband of the blonde haired man’s pants and yanked them down, pulling with so much force that his shoes came off along with his pants. Following this, the pro wrestler shrugged her shoulders once, causing the bathrobe to fall to the floor. The champion luchadora got on all fours again and stalked her way from the foot of the bed to the head.


RAWWWWR!” Tigre roared playfully as she made eye contact with the muscled man. The masked woman then straddled the man and leaned in close, meeting his blue eyes with her own.


“You look up to the task.” Tigre purred, for she could feel his cock now at full mast, poking one of her butt cheeks. She titled the young bodybuilder’s chin upwards and planted another juicy smooch on him while simultaneously bouncing her well shaped apple bottom up and down to the Latina and R&B infused pop song playing in the background courtesy of Koko. The wrestler jerked the man’s veiny flesh tube with her ass, occasionally clapping them together to the beat of the music. The young man grabbed her massive melons once more and squeezed, lightly pressing on her nipples with his thumbs. He squeezed and kneaded them like putty in his hands, causing Tigre to moan exuberantly.


“Mmmm… Ahhh! Ya baby, squeeze them tittays!” Tigre instructed.


The man then opened his mouth and began sucking on her nipples. He nibbled and chewed on her boobie buttons like an infant, syphoning milk from a bottle. Tigre grew warm and moist between the legs as the bodybuilder continued to play with her breasts.


“Ooohhh! AHHH!!! YES!” Tigre sounded. The wrestler was always sensitive to breast play and even typical non sexual breast contact that happens over the course of a 20 minute long wrestling match. The young man noticed this and squeezed even more. She snapped her head back which slung her brown hair behind her. With uttering another world the tiger woman crawled backwards slowly until she was face to face with the head of the man’s hefty dick. She took hold of his cock with one hand and grabbed his balls with the other. The tanned grappler stroked the man’s cock in a teasing fashion.


“You want Tigre to suck this big fat dick?” Asked the masked woman. The blonde haired man responded.


“I want you to say it out loud! Tell me how much you want it!” Tigre remarked.


YES TIGRE I WANT YOU TO SUCK MY DICK! PLEASE!” yelled the young man.


“Sí, that’s what I like to hear.” Replied the wrestler before opening her mouth. She then wrapped her lips around the man’s cock and started sucking him off. She moved her head up and down in a wild, frantic motion. She looked more like a tiger devouring its prey. The man groaned loudly.




UR CAWK… MOOOEY GRANDE!” Tigre said with a mouth full of meat. She gripped his shaft with her lips nice and tight like she was applying a headlock. She sucked furiously like a beast trying to suck the meat off of the bone. Tigre momentarily stopped and played with his cock with her hands, moving it around like it was an atari joystick. She playfully slapped herself in the face with the guy’s dick, which made an awkward popping sound each time she hit her cheeks with them. She tapped the head of her partner’s member against her chin 3 times before opening her mouth once more.




Tigre spit a large glob of saliva on the head of the muscle bound man’s dick to prepare for the next phase. She slowly took his pole between her lips once more. The masked woman grabbed a hold of the man’s thighs and tilted her head forward, gradually taking more and more cock, inch by inch. She gurgled slightly but took back even more meat, holding her position for a few seconds while looking up at her partner. She winked at him and gave her famous thumbs up pose.




The wrestler began sucking even faster and harder, taking his mass of meat into her throat repeatedly with little effort. The young man continued to groan until Tigre suddenly grabbed him by the legs. She wrapped her arms around them and lifted him up off of the bed. She held him up like she was doing a bear hug on his knee caps.


“What are you doing?” asked the startled lad as Tigre stared down at his dong.


“Hunting!” She replied before resuming the blowjob. She bobbed her head wildly, shaking her head from side to side like a wild cat stripping meat from the bones of her victim.


RAAWWWWR!!!!” growled the brunette as she savagely sucked him off! The young man was overwhelmed with a combination of pleasure and fear as he had never experienced anything like this before!


Tigre then began to sway her hips from side to side, which in turn made her partner sway as well. She slapped herself in the face with his dick and balls over and over, causing the thick coating of spit applied to splatter onto her beautiful tits.


“Who’s that bitch!?” She asked in between long licks of his wood. The tiger woman imposed her will on him with tongue strokes so strong she made the young man’s voice crack.


Y-YOU TIGRE!” The young man responded in a high pitched voice.


“Are you ready?” She asked.




I CAN’T HEAR YOU! I SAID…ARE YOU READYYYYY!” She asked with authority, asserting her dominance over him. Tigre put one hand up to her ear to listen for his response like she has done before in the ring.


YES TIGRE!” The blonde man screamed at the top of his lungs.


“That’s a good boy!” Tigre remarked before surprising him yet again by tossing him up in the air. She caught him in an overhead position, holding her prey above her head. The man’s dick was pointing downward towards her head. Tigre tilted her head back and opened her mouth before lowering him down. The buff stud’s pole breached her lips.




The man’s dick disappeared further in her throat the more she lowered him. His cock slowly raised up and out of her throat and mouth as she easily pressed him up.


What is she doing? What if this bitch drops me?! She’s crazy!


Although the man did have a big piece to work with, Tigre took it like a champion and deepthroated him without struggle. The wrestler repeated this 6 times, increasing her speed and explosiveness with each repetition. After the 6th time, she stopped and looked down at the mattress below her.




Tigre body slammed her partner onto the bed!!!! and then gently hopped off of it.


“Be still!” She instructed as she walked over to her desk. The young man watched on, pondering what she was gonna do next. The brunette tiger then climbed up to the top of her workstation and outstretched her arms in the air over her shoulders, pointing outward with her index and middle fingers to strike a pose.


“Wait a minute are you gonna…..” the man started to ask but before he could finish……


AQUÍ VENNNNGOOOOO!” (Spanish for ‘HERE I COME!‘) Tigre yelled before leaping off the top of her desk like it was the top rope of a wrestling ring. The white Tiger caught some major hangtime, soaring in the air gracefully as she descended toward her partner.




“Vaya! SÍ ME GUSTA AHHHH!” (Spanish for ‘Whoa! Yes I like!‘)


Tigre landed perfectly on her partner’s cock. The impact sent a shock-like rippling feeling of pleasure thru her body.




Tigre placed her hands on his barrel chest and grasped tightly, using it as leverage to ride him fast and hard. She worked her hips back and forth while bouncing up and down on the muscle bound man’s dick. He struggled to keep up with Tigre’s unchained aggression and frenetic pace. Her tits swung in a circular motion, occasionally colliding with her chin.


ÁNDALE! Hazte hombre! Esfuérzate, quiero ver tu espíritu de lucha!” (Spanish for ‘Man up! put your back into it. I wanna see your fighting spirit!‘) Tigre encouraged. Although the man didn’t know what Tigre was saying, her message was clear to him. He pumped his hips in response however he strained not to cum early.


“Eso es! Oh dios mio, que rica verga” (Spanish for ‘That’s it! Oh my god, this cock feels so good!‘) Tigre screamed gleefully. The wrestler became even more forceful by grabbing her partners ankles, standing up and shifting their posture into the amazon position. She moaned while slamming her pelvic area into him with great force.




YOU MS. TIGRE!” The man answered loudly.


¿QUIÉN ES MI PERRA? WHO’S MY BITCH?” asked the white tiger. The man hesitated to answer the question because he didn’t want to call himself a bitch. Tigre then thrust her hips faster and tightened the grip she held on his cock.


“Tell me ese!”


“I’m your bitch Tigre!”


AHHH! I’M GETTING CLOSER I’M ALMOST THERE!” Tigre screamed. She was further turned on by his answers to her questions. The brunette slams into his cock one final time, engulfing it into her wet hole. The man’s member disappeared entirely as she grinded up against him.


Tigre pulled away and rose to her feet, standing victoriously over her partner while still holding on to his ankles. She looked on, pleased with herself as she watched cum erupt from the muscle man’s dick and splattered Tigre’s tits. Shortly after, Tigre dropped down and sat at the edge of her bed.


“That was fucking amazing!” Complimented the handsome man. Tigre looked over to him, shooting a rather disappointed expression his way.


“That’s all you got?” she asked. The young man looked confused.


“I made you cum tho.” The young man retorted confidently.


“I made myself cum, you just happened to be here. I didn’t even break a sweat. I expected more ese! You look the part but you fooled me.” Tigre replied with a deflated sigh. By the look on his face, this was the first time he had gotten this kind of review from a woman.


Nobody ever finished me off this fast before! This chick is a monster!‘ He thought to himself as he got up and scrambled to get dressed. After this awkward and somewhat emasculating ending, the man wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible.


“Adiós amigo.” Tigre greeted the young man as he darted to the door to leave.


“Hmph, not how I hoped that would go, I guess looks can be deceiving…” The brunette remarked as she took her mask off and laid down.


Tomorrow I officially introduce myself to the Adult Entertainment World! I wonder who’s gonna be in my class. Hopefully there’s guys in my class who can get me off….’ she thought optimistically before closing her eyes.’



(The next morning, Orientation day)


Tigre’s multiple alarm clocks went off simultaneously. Due to her tendency to reflexively press the snooze button she had 3 alarm clocks; a traditional alarm clock next to her bed, her cellphone which was right next to her on the other side of her and a third alarm on the other side of the room which played very loud mariachi band music. After a few minutes a sustained noise from the trifecta of alarm clocks, Tigre slowly sat up, raising her arms as she let out a long yawn. Her humongous bare breasts bounced slightly as she stretched out, bumping one another as she rose to her feet. The naked woman looked around her bedroom glancing at the assortment of wrestling championship belts, and other memorabilia that was mounted on her wall.


“Today I begin again!” Tigre remarked excitedly while approaching a calendar on the wall which featured her own likeness on it. The young wrestler marked an “X” on today’s date. After taking a shower and washing her hair, Tigre went into her closet and pulled out her school uniform. It consisted of a silver ruffled micro skirt which was trimmed with gold. Along with it was a matching mini bikini top and a sleeveless, navy blue shirt. The uniform ensemble was completed by a red tie. At the top of her closet were a pair of brand new, European made wrestling boots. They were white with a black tiger stripe design all over and had gold soles. Tigre had the boots made over a month ago while fulfilling the last leg of tour dates on her wrestling contract, which ended with her appearance in World City for Slamfest. She grabbed the uniform and boots and laid them on her bed before going to her drawer. The wrestler pulled out a small plastic box and removed the lid portion, which revealed a brand new mask. The mask was a new style for Tigre that revealed more of her face than any mask she had ever worn before. It had holes for her mouth and eyes which she usually kept covered as a wrestler. Additionally, the top portion of the mask which covered the scalp area was gone completely. This meant her long wavy brown hair would be completely visible instead of sticking out from the bottom of her mask.


“I hope they like it.” Tigre remarked as she stared into the box. The young woman was somewhat apprehensive and self conscious about showing this much of her face as she was used to having it fully covered.


She then looked at her old mask which was hanging on the wall as she began to reminisce and flashback to her earlier life and wrestling career.



(13 years ago…)


The voice of a man rang out in the gym.. One girl and 3 boys stood in the middle of a wrestling ring


“Come on! Hit the floor like you mean it! GO! GO! GO!”


The four children immediately flopped backwards and landed back first on the hard floor of the wrestling ring. The young girl grimaced briefly but got up immediately, faster than any of the boys. She had repeatedly driven herself into the mat over and over; the pain was evident on her face as the sweat ran down her cheeks but she smiled and kept going. ]


“I pushed myself to my limits and beyond; bump after bump to get here.” Tigre thought to herself



(9 years ago……)


A teenage Tigre stood across the ring from her opponent, veteran mexican superstar Volcanica in her very first wrestling match. The then nameless Tigre had not yet developed her famous white tiger persona.




Volcanica rushed Tigre before the bell to start the match could be rung and struck her with a thunderous clothesline. She pummeled Tigre with power slams, suplexes, backbreakers and powerbombs for 7 minutes. The debuting pro didn’t land a single blow of offense the entire match. After landing a big splash from the top rope, Volcanica hoisted the rookie on her shoulders for the dreaded Torture Rack. Tigre quickly waved her hand in the air, signaling to the ref that she was submitting.


(After the match……)


“I know you’re ready, you have been training for this all your life, but before you can be in main events and be a superstar you have to pay your dues. In order to carry yourself as a champion you must first be able to accept defeat gracefully and do the job when called upon.” Remarked Tigre’s father.


“I’m a better wrestler than anyone you have on the roster papa. I shouldn’t be jobbing out to everyone.”


“You’re my daughter. How would it look to everyone else if I made you my top star from the very beginning? While I am your father and I want you to succeed, I’m also a businessman. I can’t put any one individual above the business, even you.”


Tigre sat silently on the locker room bench listening as her father spoke.


“Besides, working in front of a live audience is much different than just having matches in the gym. You learn how to understand the fans and work the crowd by starting at the bottom of the card. It’s not only about doing but watching and observing how the veterans do things.”


“I understand papa…” Tigre acknowledged begrudgingly.



“I have dedicated my whole life to Lucha Libre and became one of the best at it…” Tigre remarked before trailing off. The wrestling superstar then got dressed into her uniform putting on everything except the mask. She then grabbed the mask and held it up in front of her.


“A new beginning means another long path to becoming great. But this time without mama and papa to guide me through it. But still, I will be victorious!” Tigre affirmed loudly before putting on her new mask for the first time.


“Almost ready!” The brunette remarked as she marched over to a long leather bag that was laying on the couch nearby. Tigre unzipped the bag to reveal a shimmering new championship belt. Its face plate was made of solid gold and was engraved with the visage of the globe atop the shoulders of a massively winged eagle. The words ‘BSU Campeón’ and ‘Luchador Mundial’ were engraved on the top and bottom of the face plate respectively. The side plates had the letters ‘BSU’ engraved on them.


“Now i’m ready!” Tigre said as she picked up the belt and put it into her backpack. She decided to keep it there and not unveil it until it was time to take the stage at orientation.


After a few minutes, it was time for Tigre to depart. As she stepped off of the elevator into the lobby of Passion Tower she was swarmed by male students.


“It’s Tigre Blanco!”


“Hey Tigre, can I get an autograph?!”


“Can I take a picture with you??”


Tigre was taken by surprise with the amount of support she was receiving. Male students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year surrounded her. Some female students gave Tigre the side eye, frowning with envy as they watched. This certainly meant that her popularity as a wrestler would no doubt carry over into her new career. Tigre graciously signed autographs and took pictures with her adoring fans, trying to get as many done as possible. However the crowd continued to grow, making it difficult for passersby to exit Passion Tower and go to the arena for orientation.


“Let’s break this up before it becomes too much of a safety hazard.” Saitou suggested to Eric who was sitting next to him at the security desk. Eric had just successfully shut down a disturbance in the dining hall involving 4 other high profile freshmen. Eric immediately sprang into action. The junior ranking security officer got up and immediately headed towards the growing mob around Tigre.


“Hey, let’s break it up. Keep it movin fellas!” Eric announced while approaching the crowd, power walking to get to them.


“You guys wouldn’t wanna make her late for assembly now would you? You all should be making your way to the arena so you aren’t late.” Saitou added. Several young men gave up on trying to get an autograph and moved on, exiting the lobby. Meanwhile some students continueds press.


“Did you hear what the Chief said? GET OUTTA HERE!” Eric yelled while pushing and shoving his way through the remaining crowd, eventually getting to Tigre herself.


“Mind if I get a picture with you? It’ll be quick. Pleeeeeaaaassse?” The security guard asked in a weak, begging tone of voice.


Tigre then looked at the time on a nearby clock.


“Fine…” sighed the sexy teal eyed wrestler reluctantly. Eric quickly pulled out his phone and snapped a picture of himself and Tigre before getting back to his duties.


“Let’s go, people! You don’t wanna be late! There’s no tellin what the punishment for a tardy will be.” Eric announced as he shepherded more and more students out of the lobby. Tigre then left the building herself. Saitou approached Eric while shaking his head in confusion.


“You shouldn’t have done that kid. Now it looks like we broke up this crowd of fanboys so you could get a picture with her.” Saitou explained to his partner. Eric couldn’t retort back because he knew Saitou was right. Eric then looked at the photo he’d taken.


“Goddammit! look at this!” Eric yelled, outraged by the photograph on his phone’s screen. Saitou took a look for himself.


“AHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA! You deserved that one Eric!” Saitou remarked while pointing to the photo. Tigre was standing with her arms crossed, looking off to the side and away from the camera.


“See, told ya kid. You keep this up, the students are gonna start calling you out on it.” advised the Security Chief. Two other security officers then arrived to relieve Saitou and Eric so they could take their post in the arena.



(Orientation, Shortly after Brooke’s presentation……)


The room remained silent even after Brooke had reclaimed her seat.


“You were terrific! Absolutely flawless up there Ms. Brooke. Best presentation of all time! You really let those jezebels have it!” Todd whispered excitedly into Brooke’s ear. The young firebrand ignored her henchman’s empty compliments and looked ahead to the stage.


“It’s taking awhile for the next person…I wonder what’s going on.” Brooke questioned.


“They’re so awed by your presentation, whoever is next is scared to present.” Todd commented.


Elsewhere in the crowd others reacted to what they had just witnessed. Second year students Leda, Rubii and Shikijou all looked at one another, unsurprised by Brooke’s open disrespect towards her peers.


“Well, Brooke hasn’t changed at all. She’s just as friendly as ever.” Leda remarked with a dour face.


“If anything, that suspension made her even worse. But, Brooke’s attitude isn’t the only thing that’s different about her.” Rubii astutely observed.


“I agree. Her confidence is through the roof. Her resolve is strong. She truly believes everything she’s saying.” Shikijou replied with a head nod.


“No doubt she’s practiced and gotten stronger but how much?” Rubii asked.


“That’s something only the Headmistress knows for sure. I can tell she’s holding something back, masking her aura.” Shikijou keenly deduced.


“She is likely on the same level that we are.” Leda concluded. Shikijou then abruptly got up from her seat and left without saying anything. Rubii and Leda looked at each other with confusion.


Hmm… Brooke Beaumont, she’s quite an interesting character. I’ll have to keep an eye on her.’ Han thought to himself.


“She won’t be getting an invite to stream with me!” Hitomi scoffed “But why did she just stop in the middle of dissing me?” asked the online sensation.


“I dunno, maybe she forgot what she was going to say next…” Eiji answered calmly, lying about his interference. Violette, Ashani and Nicole all looked at each other silently until Violette broke ranks and spoke.


“That bitch… I’m gonna beat her… I swear it.”


“Now you see what I mean?” Takiko asked Xavier. He responded with a simple nod. In actuality he was intrigued by Brooke and rather entertained by her dissing Violette and Koko.


“The nerve of this hoe to come up in here and act like she’s holy. Fuck outta here, miss me with that.” Kaede commented.


“She’s a nothing but a hypocrite.. She wants to bring down the industry we are all in while also using it to her own benefit.” Brass added.


“No… like… HER!” Kiana remarked while rising to her feet and pointing directly to Brooke while jumping up and down. Her huge and almost bare breasts flopped up and down.


“Kiana…” Xavier called out in a high whisper. The heavily tattooed woman stopped jumping and looked to see the rest of the row staring at her.


“So she wants to end porn by doing porn herself… World domination at it’s finest. She was handing out flyers this morning, I got one when I stepped off the elevator in the dorms.” Yuriko remarked to Matsunami.


“I got one while I was in line at the coffee shop.” Matsunami replied.


“Oh my dear Brooke! You sexy feminist femme fatale. Though you are wrong, that doesn’t change the way I feel. I can’t wait to serve you.” Auron gushed in a short soliloquy.


Suddenly without any warning, the lights in the arena went out. Shortly after, a loud gong noise reverberated through the arena. This was followed by a powerful drum baseline which was accompanied by the sound of maracas being shaken. This warrior-like music was immediately recognized by Xavier along with several other students. The crowd exploded with long sustained cheers. Xavier stood up and looked at the auditorium entrance anticipating the arrival of whoever was about to walk the double doors.


“It’s her! She’s here! What if she’s in my class?!” Xavier yelled, eager to see the woman who was about to arrive.


A spotlight then shot down from the ceiling at center stage to reveal that a wrestling ring was now on stage and Professor Damien Douglas was standing in the center of it holding a microphone. The doors to the auditorium swung open and a tall majestic looking female figure stepped in. She wore a wool cloak with white tiger striped print pattern and a helmet designed to look like the head of Byakko, the legendary beast of eastern mythology. She stood at the entryway with her head down.






Several fireworks went off in rapid succession prompting the figure to raise her head up. Sparks and embers shot up into the air to the immediate left and right of the cloaked figure.


TIGRE, TIGRE! TIGRE, TIGRE! TIGRE, TIGRE! TIGRE, TIGRE! TIGRE, TIGRE!” Chanted the audience in unison with a slow dragging cadence which matched the pace of Tigre’s entrance music. The megatron screens in the auditorium showed a graphic of her logo followed by footage of Tigre dominating various opponents in wrestling matches The sparks and ember continued to shoot out from the floor to the sides and in front of Tigre, some of it hitting her directly. She continued to stand there, allowing anticipation for her next move to build. The cheers for her grew even louder the longer she stood still. It was almost if she were waiting for something specific to occur. The roar of the crowd hit an absolute crescendo; and at that moment…




Tigre raised her arms aggressively, causing the cloak and her helmet to fly off. Tigre then threw a combination of strikes at the air, ending her combo with a somersault kick, better known as the Flash Kick, or as Tigre calls it the Flash Fang. At that moment, there was another loud explosion followed by a cyclic machine gun like pyrotechnics going off. As for the cloak she sent flying, Xavier jumped out of his seat and snatched it out of the air before it could drift low enough for anyone else to reach it.


“Walking down the Aisle, Hailing from Mexico City, Mexico and weighing in at 235 pounds, This woman has held multiple world championships all over the world! She has led the resurgence in popularity of professional wrestling internationally, selling out arenas and breaking Pay Per View records! She has recently decided to take on the challenge of attending college at BSU! I present to you the one and only TIGREEEEEEE BLANCOOOOOOOO!!!!” announced Damien.


The smoke from the pyro created a haze like effect which only added to the mystique of Tigre’s entrance. She stopped in front of the stage and looked up before jumping from the floor to the edge of the stage. This feat of athleticism prompted yet another eruption from the audience. From there, Tigre approached the ring and jumped again, landing on the ring apron. The wrestling starlet completed her entrance by doing a front flip over the ring ropes and landing in the ring. Tigre then took the gleaming new championship belt from around her waist and held it up with both hands in the center of the ring.


“What is that belt she’s carrying? It’s not the Women’s championship.” Matsunami said, wondering what this new piece of hardware was.


Tigre then draped the belt over her shoulder and looked over to professor Douglas who handed her the mic before stepping out of the ring.


FINALLY…………… Tigre Blanco has come to Busteez Slut University!” Bellowed the teal eyed woman to the much approving audience.


“Take your time, we have plenty of it…” Tigre said with a smile before closing her eyes and taking a very deep breath. She held it as the audience continued to cheer. The wrestling superstar relished the adoration that was showered upon her.




The young masked woman waved her hands around like a conductor controlling her band of hundreds of adoring fans. The cheers eventually quieted down which gave the brunette opportunity to speak.


QUUUEEEE PAAAAASSSSOOOO TIGRE NACION! (Spanish for ‘What’s up Tiger Nation!‘)


QUE PASO TIGRE!” The fans replied energetically.


“Good morning people. For those of you who don’t watch wrestling, I’m Tigre. I’ve been doing this all my life, I come from a long line of Luchadors that dates back 6 generations. You could say I was born to do this.” remarked the white tiger in her introduction.


“I was born and raised in Mexico City, daughter of famous wrestler and wrestling promoter, Asterisco. Grew up pretty well off. I’ve never been to a barrio, experienced poverty or been a member of a gang. I had both of my parents in my life. I’m not like the others. I didn’t grow up surrounded by servants and yes-men praising my every action and telling me how great I am. I wasn’t born with any life threatening conditions or defects. I don’t know how to sing, write music or play musical instruments. Nor am I trying to change the world or defeat the system. Pretty boring, cierto?” Tigre asked rhetorically.


“My life actually was pretty boring until I decided I wanted to be a luchadora. It was then that all of the perceived advantages I had in life were turned against me.” Stated the brunette candidly. Tigre’s many fans in the audience watched at the edge of their seats because this was the first time she had ever spoken out of character publically.


“My father didn’t want his other students or their parents to feel like he was favoring me so he went out of his way to prove to them he wasn’t.” The masked woman explained. But before she could go any further someone interrupted her.


TIGRE!” yelled a voice from the audience, interrupting the wrestler’s presentation. A woman wearing a black business suit and black tiger-like mask stood up and interrupted Tigre. Most of her face was hidden behind the mask but her mouth was visible, as the lower half of her face was exposed by the opening there to make it easier to speak. She had fair skin and black lipstick. Her long black hair hung freely from underneath the bottom of her mask. Tigre looked down into the crowd. Her mouth dropped and her eyes enlarged. Tigre looked as if she saw a ghost.


“What do you want?!” Tigre asked.


The cameras zoomed in on the woman.


“It’s Black Tigress!” remarked Xavier and Matsunami simultaneously.


“Tigre, you think you can just walk away and start a new career? You think I’m just gonna let you forget about the last year and a half?” Black Tigress questioned.


“We were a team. We trained together since we were kids. You were my first tag team partner. I remember when we first started… We fought together, We bled together, we cried together. Whether we won or we lost, I always knew I had someone I could count on; I knew I had my best friend until I didn’t.” Black Tigress remarked. The megatron screens then showed footage of the then womens tag team champions, The Wild Tigers against the Raging Demons.



Tigre was lying outside of the ring after being pummeled with brass knuckles behind the referee’s back. This left Black Tigress to stand alone against her two larger foes.


“Black Tigress is fighting with all she’s got! look at her go!”


Black Tigress attacked both foes with an array of punches, drop kicks and clotheslines in an effort to buy time for Tigre Blanco to recover and get back into the fight. Black Tigress had the upper hand, however Hellspawn, the Raging Demons’ manager got on the ring apron and distracted the referee. This allowed one of their opponents, Metsu, to grab a steel chair.




Metsu smashed Black Tigress in the back of the head as hard as she could, knocking her face down onto the canvas before tossing the chair out of the ring. Hellspawn then stopped arguing with the referee and got off of the ring apron. Metsu picked Black Tigress up off the mat and hoisted the unconscious woman on her shoulders in a sitting position. Shinku, Metsu’s tag team partner then climbed the top rope. As this was going on, Tigre began to move and stir on the arena floor. She slowly got to her feet just in time to witness Shinku jump off of the top rope and connect with a flying clothesline on Black Tigress. The blow knocked Black Tigress off of Metsu’s shoulders. The impact was so hard it caused her to backflip before landing on her head.


GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!! THEY KILLED HER!” Screamed the commentator.


Tigre rushed into the ring as Shinku pinned Black Tigress. Metsu grabbed Tigre in a bearhug to prevent her from interrupting the ref’s count


1!…. 2! …3!


NO! NO! NOT LIKE THIS! THE WILD TIGERS HAVE BEEN DEFEATED! THIS IS A TRAVESTY!” yelled the commentator, angry with what just happened.


While they had just lost, the tag team belts were not even a concern for Tigre. Black Tigress lay motionless in the middle of the ring.


SOMEONE GET SOME HELP OUT HERE PLEASE!!!” Tigre yelled while holding her best friend’s still body in her arms.



“That was the last time we had a match together. When I hit the mat I landed on my head and broke my neck…It took over a year for me to recover. But while I was out having surgeries and rehabbing I never once got any get well cards or even a single phone call from you Tigre. You moved on like nothing ever happened. You became an even bigger star. You even won the world title. You may be the champion but you’re worthless as a person!


“Tigress, If you’re gonna tell a story, tell the whole story.” Tigre retorted as she walked around the ring. Yeah we grew up together and, trained together and fought as a team. But you know, a team is SUPPOSED to be 50-50.” Tigre pointed out. Xavier, Matsunami and many of Tigre’s other fans listened intently


“The Wild Tigers were never 50-50! Ever since we started at the bottom of the card, I had to make up for everything YOU didn’t have!” Tigre said while pointing her finger at Black Tigress


“I carried you for years! You were always a burden to me, but after a while that burden became too much for me to carry. Tigress, you were like an anchor wrapped around my leg, dragging me to the bottom of the sea. I did all I could to pull you up and stay afloat but in the end there was only one way for me to survive… I had to cut you loose.” Tigre admitted. Black Tigress stood there with a scowl on her face as Tigre showed her true nature. The audience gradually voiced their disapproval with loud boos. Xavier gasped with shock, dumbfounded by what he just heard.


“Tigre? No! How can you do this?!” exclaimed Tigre’s biggest fan with a frown on his face.


“I was right because without you there to weigh me down , I went to the next level. I won world championships, got endorsement deals and made millions of dollars RAWR! The truth is that I NEVER needed you, but YOU always needed me! You know they say the truth hurts, how does it feel to know you’re weak?”


“So you think i’m weak?! Why don’t you see for yourself bitch!?” Tigress challenged.


“Come show me!” Tigre roared back.


The crowd exploded upon hearing Tigre’s remarks.


“Holy shit! The Wild Tigers are gonna face off right now!…..And Shiki is the referee!” Xavier exclaimed while jumping out of his seat.


At that moment, A muscular yet voluptuous and curvy, dark skinned, blonde haired woman stepped out from behind the stage curtain. It was Shikijou! However, she was no longer wearing her BSU uniform. Instead she wore a pair black spandex shorts and a cut of black and white striped shirt.


“And Shiki is the referee too! This is gonna be good!” Xavier yelled.


“Hmmph! She’s always trying to make herself the center of attention.” Yuriko scoffed, unimpressed by her sister.


Black Tigress then left the audience and stormed the stage. She ripped off her casual suit to reveal she had on wrestling gear underneath. She sprinted to the stage and lept on to it. Ready to oblige her former tag team partner in combat, Tigre threw her championship belt on the canvas and rushed to strike her former tag team partner while she was getting into the ring. She swung with a right hand but Black Tigress ducked underneath the blow and countered by ramming her in the stomach with her shoulder. Black Tigress then jumped over the ropes and connected with a flying knee which staggered Tigre and sent her stumbling backwards into the ropes that were behind her.


DING! DING! DING!” sounded the bell as Shikijou called for the start of the match.


The crowd roared once again, this time cheering for Black Tigress. She attacked Tigre with several right hands, the cheers getting louder with each punch thrown. However, Tigre managed to counter with a quick rake of the eyes.




Tigre then whipped Tigress into the ropes and turned around, jumping up and hitting Tigress in the face with an ass bump. She then stood over her opponent’s face and dropped down slamming her crotch into her opponent’s face. Tigre then peppered her with right hands before grinding her hips and rubbing vagina all over her face, taunting the crowd.


The white tiger got up and pulled Tigress by the hair and pulled back to throw another punch. However, Tigress blocked the punch and countered with a hard chop to the chest. This caused Tigre’s melons to bounce




Tigress connected with 3 more titty chops each causing Tigre’s breasts to bounce even more before delivering a powerful clothesline which sent her over the top rope and out of the ring. The Black clad Tiger woman then jumped up to the top turnbuckle, signaling to the audience with a pawing hand gesture. Just as Tigre rose to her feet.


RAWWWWR!!!” Tigress yelled before leaping off the top turnbuckle with a flying cross body splash.




Tigress hit Tigre, sending them both down to the stage floor. The impact from the collision caused both colossal pairs of boobs to fall out of their bikini style tops. Shikijou then started the count. The two wrestlers had until the count of 10 to get back into the ring or else they would be counted out. Both women rolled around on the floor, selling the contact for the audience. Tigress got to her feet first and grabbed a big chunk of Tigre’s hair and pulled her to her feet, and then connected with a right hand. Tigre stumbled backwards, her tits flopping about as Tigress readied another clobbering right. However, Tigre Blanco managed to kick her in the gut and counter with a right hand of her own. The two bare breasted felines brawled outside of the ring, exchanging punches. The crowd cheered with each blow that was thrown, applauding the display of T & A while neither wrestler bothered to adjust their attire.


“6!” Shikijou counted…..


Black Tigress then grabbed Tigre and tried to whip her into the ring post however, the white tiger reversed the move, sending her adversary into the steel post instead. Black Tigress smacked into the post, forcefully plummeting to the mat.




Tigre slid back into the ring with intent to win the match by count out. She stood in the center of taunting her downed opponent. The crowd booed loudly as Tigre raised her arms encouraging them to jeer even louder. Black Tigress, slowly began to get up, using the nearby ring steps to pull herself up.




The cheers from the crowd willed the Black Tiger to her feet She reentered the ring by sliding underneath the bottom rope. Tigre Blanco immediately attacked her rival, stomping her on the back of the head. The white tiger then pulled Black Tigress up by the hair once again and embraced her in a bearhug.


AHHHHHH!” Screamed Black Tigress, writhing in pain. Tigre worked the hold, squeezing tightly in an attempt to crush her opponent. Their massive tits grinded up against each other as Black Tigress struggled to break free. Goosebumps formed upon Tigre’s areolas as her silver dollar sized nipples hardened from tit to tit contact. The more Black Tigress tried to break free the more aroused Tigre became.


SI! Grita para mi gatita! Te duele pero se siente rico, ¿no es así? Deja de resistir y ríndete… Reconóceme como la más grande!!” (Spanish for ‘YEAH! Scream for me, kitten! Hurts so good doesn’t it? Stop fighting and surrender… Acknowledge me as the greatest!‘) Demanded Tigre Blanco.


“NO!” replied Black Tigress as she wiggled around trying to break free. She managed to slip one of her arms out from Tigre’s grasp and gripped one of the White tiger’s nipples between her thumb and index finger. She then turned her hand in a clockwise motion, initiating the dreaded titty twister.




YAAAHHHH!” Tigre yelled. Black Tigress capitalized on the opening that was left by her rival’s loosening bearhug grip. Drawing upon the loud cheers of the fans, Black Tigress broke her other arm from the bearhug and grabbed her other nipple. Tigre had no choice but to let go of her opponent. Tigress continued to twist away, applying so much torque that it forced Tigre Blanco to her knees. The black tiger let go of one of Tigre’s nipples and placed that hand on the back of her opponent’s head. She then proceeded to thrust her hips into Tigre’s face, grinding her smooth pussy all over her enemy’s eyes and mouth. Black Tigress then moved her hips in a seductive winding motion while pressing Tigre’s face against ever moistening twat, which had soaked through her tights. The black cat gyrated her hips sensually, doing somewhat of a slow dance.


“It’s the Tiger Shake! Look at her go!” Xavier yelled excitedly. Tigress did the Tiger Shake dance for a few seconds before pulling away


“Para por favor, lo siento! No lo hagas!” (Spanish for ‘Please stop, I’m sorry! Don’t do this!‘) begged Tigre Blanco. She shook her head ‘no’ and put her hands together in a praying gesture.


“Lo siento! (Spanish for ‘I’m sorry!‘) Tigre pleaded, which temporarily halted her foe’s sexy attack.


“Don’t fall for it!” Xavier yelled.


This lull in activity gave Tigre the opening she needed. She grabbed the waist part of Tigress’ tights and pulled her down, flinging her opponent forward into the ropes behind Tigre. Black Tigress fell and hit her throat on the ring ropes. She was snapped backwards slamming into the canvas on her back. The fallen Tigress rolled around on the mat holding her neck and throat with both hands.


The white cat stood up and hovered over her opponent and looked into one of the cameras.


“I told you, she can’t even lace my boots on her best day!”


Tigre then dropped to the ground and grabbed Tigress by the throat, blatantly choking her right in front of Shikijou.


“1…….2…….3…….4…….5! Break!” Shikijou yelled, grabbing her shoulder and ordering Tigre to release the illegal chokehold. Tigre rose to her feet again and got in the referee’s face.


“Don’t you ever put your fuckin hands on me again puta!”


“I ain’t scared of you! Do that shit again and you’re disqualified!” Shikijou yelled back, holding her ground against the wrestler. As Tigre continued to argue with the ref she was left open. Black Tigress moved in from behind with a surprise Roll-Up Pin. The crowd roared in hope of a 3 count.


“1!……2!……” But Tigre kicked her legs to break free at the last possible moment!


“She kicked out!” Matsunami yelled anxiously. Both wrestlers hopped to their feet, but instead of resuming the match, Tigre addressed the referee again.


“You tried to fast count me bitch! Who decided you could be a ref anyway?! You better call this match fair or i’m gonna break you next!” Tigre threatened while giving a light shove. However her accusations of a fast count were completely erroneous.


“You better back off Tigre! This is my warning! Next one you’re disqualified!” Shikijou barked back. By this time Black Tigress was back to her feet. She ran and bounced off of the ropes behind her, using that momentum to deliver a flying forearm smash to the back of Tigre’s head.




Tigre fell forward, accidentally striking Shikijou with her elbow. Both wrestler and referee went down, however Tigre fell on top of the referee, making her take the brunt of the impact from falling.


With the referee down, the Wild Tigers charged one another and started brawling in the middle of the ring. Black Tigress was the quicker of the two athletes and managed to duck underneath a haymaker from Tigre, countering with three stinging left handed jabs followed by a crashing right hand that floored the white tiger. Tigre crawled to the ropes and grabbed on, using them to pull herself back to her feet.




Black Tigress continued the assault, connecting with a super kick to the face. The kick knocked Tigre into the corner turnbuckle behind her. Tigress then pointed to the opposite corner causing the crowd to erupt once again with glorious cheers. The black cat walked to the corner diagonally opposite of Tigre and got on all fours, walking around like she was an actual tiger.


RAAAAAAWWWWWWRRR!” she screamed before springing to her feet and running towards Tigre at full speed. Her tits bounced around and smacked together like a pair of oversized basketballs as she sprinted across the ring. At about the halfway point, Black Tigress leapt forward into the air getting about 8 feet high. The black tiger sailed gracefully, her melons still bouncing as she got close to her opponent.




Black Tigress crashed tits first into Tigre’s face as if she had been hit full force by a pair of airbags in a head on car collision. Tigre’s head snapped back with whiplash from the impact. Tigre Blanco then flopped face down to the canvas. At that moment, the referee began to stir on the ground slightly


“Vivan Las Tigres!” (Spanish for ‘Long Live the Tigers!‘) bellowed Black Tigress, using the rallying cry she and Tigre used together back when they were a team. The crowd yelled it back at her as a show of solidarity with her. With the fans fully behind her, Black Tigress prepared to finish off her rival and pulled her back up to her feet but before she could make her next move, Tigre instinctually countered with a low blow, hitting Tigress between the legs with her arm. She fell to the floor and Tigre crawled outside of the ring. Fans booed loudly as she grabbed her championship belt and reentered the ring. The white tiger stood holding the belt with two hands with a sadistic, bloodthirsty grin on her face. She waited for the hobbled Tigress to stand up and at the moment she did….




Tigre Blanco blasted Black Tigress in the face with her title belt, knocking her foe out cold. She then slid the belt out of the ring and pinned Black Tigress, waiting for Shikijou to crawl to her to make the 3 count. The referee did make her way to the two combatants, however she didn’t make a count at all.




Shikijou had called for the bell.


THE WINNER OF THIS BOUT AS A RESULT OF A DISQUALIFICATION……BLACK TIGRESS!!!” Damien announced much to the chagrin of the audience.




“What the hell are you doing?!” Tigre asked angrily.


“You think I didn’t see you hit her with the belt and throw it out of the ring? I warned you and you didn’t listen!” Shilijou replied in kind before getting up. Tigre stood there, enraged about the fact she had been caught cheating and disqualified. And then as the referee turned her back to leave the ring, Tigre hit Shikijou in the back of the head with a double axe handle smash. She then lifted Shikijou up and pressed the referee over her head. The audience gasped in fear for her safety.


“Fly!” Tigre yelled before hurling Shikijou over the top rope and out of the ring. The referee was flipped in midair by the force in which she was thrown. She landed hard, hitting her back on the arena floor. Shikijou writhed in pain, holding her back with one hand. Those sitting in the front row watched on in horror, not knowing if this was part of the show or not. Everyone was silent as the paramedics came to assist the fallen second year student. They applied a neck brace before loading her up onto a stretcher to wheel her out of the arena. There was silence. Yuriko watched on, horrified by what she had just seen. She sat still while processing what had just happened in her mind. There was total silence, however the crowd was divided on whether or not Shikijou was really injured.


After this, Tigre resumed the match and approached her downed opponent once more. She pulled Black Tigress up by her hair again and dragged her to the ropes nearby.


“Tu presencia de por si es un insulto. Fuera de mi ring! (Spanish for ‘Your presence alone is insulting. Get out of my ring!‘) Whispered Tigre into her foe’s ear before clotheslining her over the top rope.




“Gimme the mic!” Tigre screamed to Damien who then tossed her a microphone.


VIVA LA TIGRE BLANCO!” Roared the brunette into the mic while being showered with.


“Ayo, you basura got a problem with me? Stop booing and come do somethin about it! Ven a mi hermano!” (Spanish for ‘Come at me bro!‘) Taunted the self proclaimed BSU Campion.


“I’ll tell you what. I’ll put my new championship on the line against any of you weaklings. I’m laying down an open challenge to any puta in the crowd to get in the ring with me right now!”


OOOOOOHHHHH!” sounded the full house of attendees in unison. After about 10 seconds.


“I’d do anything for the chance to have my head crushed by Tigre’s magnificent thighs!” Auron gushed while imagining such an image in his mind.


“Should I go up there?” Matsunami asked her sister.


“I don’t know, you could probably take her.” Maihime answered. At that moment, Yuriko had snapped out of her dazed state of thought and interjected.


“NO…I’m going in… I’m gonna TEAR THIS BITCH APART!!!” Yuriko replied to her new friends, the Shinoda sisters, in a growling tone. Yuriko, boiling with rage having witnessed what Tigre had done to her sister, wanted to go in the ring and fight for real. Her Beast Maiden lineage became more pronounced due to her anger as her gritted teeth were now jagged and sharp like fangs. Realizing that Yuriko didn’t know this was a work, Matsunami and Mai both grabbed their friend by the wrists to prevent her from going to the ring to fight. Cameramen meanwhile focused on Yuriko’s face to get her reaction to what had just happened to her big sister.


But before Yuriko could make a move, Tigre noticed someone else, a giant standing up in the back row. This couldn’t have turned out any better for the white tiger.


“So the wannabe pop singer wants to step up? Go ahead and try!” Tigre said mockingly, goading Brass to come forward.


“Are you sure about this?” Xavier asked with concern.


“Of course! This is an opportunity for me to be seen! I can handle myself in there.” Brass answered before giving a wink. The orange haired giant then walked down the aisle to the ring, drawing a huge pop from the audience.


WOW! She’s good! Tigre has made them suspend their disbelief. Even though everyone knows this is a work, she managed to blur the line between performance and reality.” Rubii commented.


“Judging by her sister’s reaction, Shikijou didn’t tell her about this beforehand.” Leda replied with a slight chuckle of amusement.


Once Brass arrived in front of the stage, she jumped from the arena floor to the stage effortlessly. The amazon jumped again, this time from the stage to the ring apron. Brass stared at Tigre from the apron for a few seconds before raising one of her legs and taking a giant step over the top rope to get in the ring. Tigre and Brass circled one another slowly, neither taking their eyes off of the opponent.


“Due to the referee having an unfortunate accident, we need a volunteer to call the match before we begin!” announced Tigre as she turned to the crowd. She scanned the audience, shooting her gaze towards the back of the arena where Saitou and Eric were standing.


“Tú, ven aquí!” (Spanish for ‘You, come here!‘) Ordered Tigre while pointing at Eric. The security guard looked at Saitou and then to the guard on his other side as if Tigre had pointed at someone other than himself.


“She’s pointing to you, Eric.” Saitou stated.


“I don’t wanna go up there and be on TV not after what Brooke did!” Eric argued.


“You’re already on TV. The cameras are pointing at you right now.” Saitou pointed out. Besides you’re always looking for action with the girls. Here’s your chance.”


“Don’t make me drag you up here muchacho! get your ass in this ring right now. ÁNDALE ÁNDALE!!! ¿QUÉ ESPERAS? (Spanish for ‘HURRY UP, HURRY UP!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!‘)


Eric reluctantly walked down the aisle to the stage.


“Can’t be that hard, I just gotta count when there’s a pin or when they are outside of the ring.” Eric mumbled lowley as he continued towards the stage. As he approached the front row of the audience someone tossed him a black and white striped referee shirt.


“Do your job and do it right!” Tigre demanded of the special guest referee. Both Brass and Tigre looked at Eric who was just standing there. This was a signal for him to call for the opening bell to begin the match. The two combatants walked up to one another and had a stare down.


“Right now it looks like we are trash talking each other to the audience. I’m gonna help you out with what to do so we both look strong for the cameras. Just follow my lead.” Tigre explained.


“Yeah, I gotcha! I’m not a hardcore fan but I do know the moves. At one point, being a wrestler was a job option for me. I think I know enough to be able to follow your calls.


“Good, we can really put on a show then.”


“So how are we gonna kick this off?” The amazon questioned. Xavier, Matsunami and the rest of the freshman class watched in awe. The conversation between them raised the tension to an even higher level because everyone wondered what they were saying.


“Looks like they’re roasting each other!” Takiko observed.


DING! DING! DING! sounded the bell after Eric signaling for it. Tigre began by shoving Brass, causing her to stumble slightly. She quickly recovered and returned the favor, pushing Tigre so hard she was sent rolling backwards on the mat. She immediately got back up and got in Brass’ face.


The audience gasped, pleasantly surprised at how strong Brass was compared to Tigre.


“I’m gonna slap you and then you slap me back”


“Are you sure?”






Tigre slapped Brass in the face hard enough for the sound to be picked up by the television cameras. The green eyed tower fired back with a thumping smack of her own which sent Tigre down to the canvas for a second time.


The audience cheered for Brass, happy the challenger was overpowering the villain.


Tigre got back up nodding slightly while stroking her cheek, a small acknowledgement of Brass’ power. She walked toward Brass and raised one arm.


“Come on, lets see how strong you are.” The white tiger urged. Brass stepped forward and locked knuckles with Tigre for a test of strength. They grasped hands, interlacing the fingers before pushing towards one another. Their tits rubbed up against one another as the two combatants jockeyed for the superior position. Eric looked on, as he had never been in the same space with two girls “getting it on”. The two women pushed with all their strength which gave the camera men a good view of their asses during the struggle. The stalemate between them eventually broke. Tigre started to lean backwards while Brass gradually pushed forward, gaining even more ground.


“She’s doing it. Look at how strong she is! Get her Jazzy!” Xavier cheered fervently, still on his feet watching.


GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!” strained the white Tiger. Sweat began to run down her face as she was driven backwards even more. She bent over backwards into a bridging position to prevent Brass from pushing her all the way down to her back.


“Get ready!”




Tigre kicked upward and hit Brass with a hard blow to the gut which caused Brass to let go of her hands and clutch her stomach.


“Hey! That hurt!” Brass said while lowering her head. Tigre then charged her larger opponent and peppered her with right hands before shoving her into the turnbuckle.


“I had to make that kick look legit!” replied the wrestling champion. She then kicked Brass in the stomach several times causing her to fall into a sitting position. The brunette then ran to the opposing corner and struck a pose, doing the decapitation hand gesture. She then took off running toward her downed foe and rammed Brass’ face with her crotch. Tigre then began bouncing up and on Brass’ face, rubbing her pussy all over it. Eric watched in lust, struggling not to pop a boner on national television.




“What is she doing?” Maihime asked Matsunami


“It’s called The Bronco Buster…And yes she is doing what you’re thinking she’s doing.”


Tigre continued this for several seconds.


“Count to 5 and then break it up!” Tigre ordered Eric.


“1… 2… 3… 4… 5! Break it up Tigre!” Eric demanded forcefully before trying to pull Tigre away. She then got in the special guest referee’s face.


“Don’t laugh…” She said to the ref before going into a long verbal tirade against the referee.


“No me toques, cabrón! Pinche marrano, pervertido, descarado, aspirante a policía con una verga inútil, corta y flaca! No tienes huevos, hijo de la chingada!” (Spanish for ‘Don’t touch me, motherfucker! You fucking nasty, perverted, disrespectful, cop wannabe with a useless pencil dick! You have no balls, you son of a bitch!‘)


The rookie referee struggled not to break character and laugh as the masked woman verbally dismantled him in Spanish. Brass stood back up while Tigre insulted Eric and walked behind her. The amazon grabbed her opponent by the shoulder and turned her around so the two were facing each other. Brass immediately clocked Tigre with a right and which sent her flying across the ring. Tigre sold the contact like she had been hit with a shotgun blast in order to promote her rival’s brute strength to the crowd. She followed up by pulling Tigre to her feet and knocking her back down with another right hand. After being pulled up again, Tigre gave more instructions.


“Grab me by the hair and flip me over. Then beat me up from there.” Tigre told Brass. The orange haired beauty did just that, pulling her hair and flinging her around like a ragdoll.


AHHHHHHH!!!” Tigre hollered in pain. The giant stalked her and grabbed her by the throat with one hand and raised her up from the canvas like she was nothing, extending her arm outward as she held the wild tiger high above her head. The brunette Tigre kicked her legs around but failed to hit Brass because of her long wingspan. Though it looked like Brass was slowly squeezing the life out of Tigre to the audience, she was actually awaiting for instructions from her veteran dance partner


“Running chokeslam!” Tigre gurgled. The giant then bounced off the ropes behind her and picked up a head of steam. She ran as fast as she could before leaping forward and ascending 8 feet into the air.




Brass slammed Tigre on her back with the force of a super rail train moving at full speed. Brass knew right away on her own that she needed to make a pin. She covered Tigre and hooked the leg using her weight to prevent her from putting her shoulder up to break the pinfall.


A FLYING GIANT CHOKESLAM! SHE’S GONNA DO IT! SHE’S GONNA WIN!” Xavier screamed enthusiastically


NO ONE HAS EVER DONE THAT BEFORE!” Matsunami yelled with equal excitement. Maihime smiled as she witnessed Matsunami break her usually cool and relaxed demeanor in favor of full fan mode.


Eric dived to the floor to begin making the count. Xavier and Matsunami counting loudly along as Eric slapped the mat.


“1… 2…!”


Tigre just barely got her foot on the bottom rope before his hand hit the mat for the third time.






“I knew he liked wrestling but I didn’t think it got him THIS excited.” Takiko commented to her sister.


“He’s really into it!. .Maybe I should put on some wrestling in the background for him next time” Kaede remarked with a smirk.


Brass then grabbed Tigre by the foot and dragged her to the middle of the ring. Next the giant stepped out of the ring and climbed the top rope!


“Let’s end this!” Brass yelled while raising her hands in the air! The orange haired amazon took flight once with a top rope leg drop, however, Tigre was able to roll out of the way. Brass landed hard and flat on her ass! The masked competitor now had an opening.


NO! You’re not stealing the spotlight away from me! This is MY moment, ya hear me!?!” Tigre yelled while grabbing her own top.


The luchadora pulled her bikini top off once again, this time intentionally causing another uproar from the crowd. She shook and bounced her awesome flesh orbs for the fans before wrapping the bikini top around Brass’ neck; using it as a weapon for a blatant choke.


“Cmon now you can’t do this right in front of my face. Break it up!” Eric ordered. Tigre continued to strangle Brass who was struggling to break free.


1… 2… 3… 4…


Tigre then released the hold to avoid being disqualified a second time. She pulled Brass back to her feet and punched her 3 times before trying to whip her into the corner turnbuckle. However, Brass reversed this and sent Tigre running face first into the corner.


OUUUUUCH!” screamed the white tiger after hitting the turnbuckle hard with her tits. Brass continued her assault by slamming her face into the turnbuckle.


“Who wants to see her get fucked?!” Brass yelled to the crowd. The audience roared with approval as Brass began doing hard pelvic thrusts, hitting Tigres bouncy cheeks with her pussy.




Brass grinded her hips in an up and down fashion in between pumps. Their vaginas rubbed together with each thrust.




Eric watched on eagerly as the two simulated fucking under the transparent disguise of a wrestling hold.


“Do you give up?” Eric asked Tigre.




Their pussy lips grinded against one another as Brass held Tigre against the turnbuckle. The giant’s silver micro mini skirt began to darken from being splashed by a mixture of their love juices. Tigre continued to scream before biting down on the ring rope while Eric began his 5 count for Brass to release the hold. Brass let go at 4 for and then turned her around so that they were facing each other.




The green eyed tower of power connected with a hard clothesline in the corner which snapped Tigre’s head back. Brass then climbed up the turnbuckle using the middle ropes on both sides of the corner to support her weight. She then raised her fist as if she was going to start punching her face but paused once the fans started chanting to her.




Brass pointed at her gargantuan breasts.


“Is this what you want?” She yelled to the audience before starting to flex her boobs. She bounced them up and down and side to side, flopping them so hard that she popped her bikini top off. The crowd went wild as Brass struck Tigre in the face with her tits, using them to punch her in the face. The audience counted each strike.




For the final blow Brass clapped Tigre’s head between her tits.




Brass then jumped down from the turnbuckle, allowing Tigre to flop down face first into the mat. She pulled Tigre back up and grabbed her by the shoulders.


“Let me show you my bearhug.”


The giant pulled Tigre close, lodging the tiger’s head in between her glorious amazon mega melons! Brass then outstretched her arms in order to show off.


“Look no hands!” Brass yelled playfully as she proceeded to lift her foe off of the ground using only her breasts. Tigre was lost in the mountains of flesh that were squeezing her head. She tried to dislodge herself from the hold to no avail.


MAKE HER TAP! MAKE HER TAP! MAKE HER TAP! MAKE HER TAP! MAKE HER TAP!” chanted fans in fervent support of the challenger. Eric was bewitched by what he was seeing, so much so that he forgot to check if Tigre was still conscious. In a tremendous feat of strength the pop singer flung Tigre high into the air with her tits, sending her flying into the other corner. At that moment, Eric returned to his senses and asked Tigre a question.


“Are you able to continue?”


“Yeah, stay close!” the pro wrestler instructed. At the same time, Brass positioned herself in the diagonally opposite corner and charged towards her opponent. She then turned and jumped ass first, using Tigre’s own booty bump maneuver. In a truly heelish move, Tigre pulled Eric in the way.


“What the?!”




The orange haired giant inadvertently hit Eric in the face with her amazon sized cakes. This smushed the referee in between Brass’ ass and Tigre’s titties. He fell flat on the mat, prompting Brass to shift her attention to the fallen ring official.


“I’m soooo sorry Mr. Referee! Are you ok?!” She asked while shaking Eric. Brass continued to try and revive him. Unbeknownst to her, Tigre was climbing the top rope for her next cheapshot. The brunette came down with an impactful knee drop on the back of Brass’ head.




The wild tiger did a throat slashing gesture to signify that she was going to bring this match to an end. She pulled Brass up and shoved her head between her legs, assuming a powerbomb position. Next, Tigre hooked Brass’ arms.


“No! No!…It’s the Tiger Bomb!” Xavier yelled in horror. The White Tiger easily lifted the enormous Brass and jumped up, driving her into the canvas with a sit down powerbomb. Tigre made the pin however, Eric was still down.


“Levántate! No estás herido! Ven para acá y empieza a contar!” (Spanish for ‘Get up! You’re not hurt! Get over here and make the count!‘) Tigre ordered.


The tanned brunette looked at Eric with frustration as he struggled to get to his knees.


“Dammit!” Tigre cursed as she got off of Brass and got her into position to do her finisher a second time.


“Do a back body drop!” Tigre said to her opponent.


The champion attempted a second Tiger Bomb, but Brass resisted, which kept Tigre from being able to lift her up. By exploding with her legs, Brass was able to raise herself into an upright position, flipping Tigre high into the air. The champion landed hard on her back. To the glee of the thousands of spectators watching, Tigre’s attempt to cheat backfired. The giant fired up a comeback, knocking her opponent repeatedly with thunderous clotheslines after she tried to get up.


AHHHHHHHH!” roared the giant, letting out a war primal war cry. As Tigre was getting up from the last clothesline, Brass launched herself forward and blasted her with a crushing spear tackle. After they crashed into the mat, she immediately followed up and lifted Tigre into a vertical suplex position.


“Oh shit! She’s gonna do the Jackhammer! Get her Jazzy!” Xavier yelled while jumping up and down. Brass held Tigre up for about 20 seconds, longer than any man had done when performing the move. While being held upside down, Tigre reached into the back of her mask. Being held upside down for so long was disorienting but Tigre managed to flip out of Brass’ grasp and landed behind her.


NO!” Xavier yelled out sensing that Brass was in trouble. And he turned out to be correct in his worry. Tigre grabbed Brass by the shoulder and turned her around, throwing salt in her face.


SHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTT! IT BURNS!” screamed the amazon in pain. She turned away from Tigre, covering her eyes. This created an opening which Tigre exploited. She caught Brass with a surprise roll up pin from behind and grabbed a hold of her thong to get additional leverage. Eric who was still groggy and didn’t see Tigre’s cheating, made a slow count to 3.


“1…… 2…… 3!” the bell rang signaling the end of the match!


The crowd serenaded Tigre with boos as she stood up with her arms raised in victory.




“Your winner AND STILL BSU champion… TIGRE BLANCO!” announced Damien announced.


The boos were so loud that they were drowning out her entrance music. The white tiger grabbed her championship belt and dropped down to the mat in front of Brass.


“Thank you so much for working with me! Listen to the fans, we’re both over!” Tigre praised while holding the belt up to her defeated opponent’s face.


“We should have a rematch, no fans no refs, just you and me.” The giant responded, still on the ground in a defeated pose.


“I can arrange that but for now we have to part ways. I have to do an interview.” Tigre said before standing back up. The green eyed amazon rolled out of the ring and limped her way behind the curtain to receive medical attention. The victorious Tigre continued to play to the crowd inciting more jeers. She took very deep, exhausted breaths and held her head with one hand to sell damage Brass had done; to show her opponent had put up a fight and get her over with the fans even more. Suddenly another woman entered the ring carrying a microphone. The woman had long dark wavy hair with sparkling, light blue, dust like speckles running throughout. and dark red eyes. Her long red dress hugged her perfectly shaped body.


“Its professor Annabelle Schneider! Such a heavenly being! I would love to prepare lunch for you my love!” Auron announced loudly.


“Tigre Blanco! Congratulations on your victory. Is there anything you want to say?” Annabelle questioned while holding the mic to her.


“¡Sí, tengo mucho que decir!” (Spanish for ‘Yes I have a lot to say‘)


“And now I’m here!…I have dominated the world of professional wrestling, defeated everyone who stood in my way. And now I’m seeking a new challenge, dominating the Adult Entertainment Industry. My conquest begins right here, right now at BSU. It doesn’t matter who you are, a martial artist, a singer, a reality tv star, a billionaire heiress, a basketball player, a club DJ, an activist, or the princess of the royal family, I don’t give a damn! You’re all food for the hungry tiger! It’s only a matter of time before hunting season begins so get ready! You’re all nothing but my prey!” Tigre boasted confidently. She then grabbed the mic away from Annabelle.


“But speaking of prey, there’s somebody out there that’s making a lot of noise on TV and social media! That noise was loud enough to get my attention. This man has done the one thing you don’t ever do, piss off a wild tiger!” Tigre remarked angrily. The tension could be felt by everyone in the crowd. Something had changed about Tigre’s demeanor.


“Dragón Fuerte, me ofendiste a mi, ofendiste a mi familia y ofendiste a la Lucha Libre!”


“For those of you don’t speak Spanish I said this… Dragón Fuerte, you have offended me, you have offended my family and you have offended Lucha Libre!” The crowd grew silent as Tigre repeated what she said in English.


“She’s not in character anymore. What she’s saying is very real.” Matsunami commented to Maihime, Yuriko and Skyla. Xavier looked on silently as Tigre continued.


“You run around World City with your little blue mask like it’s cute, making a fool of yourself and mocking my culture, you’re a fucking disgrace, a poor excuse of a man! You don’t have even the slightest clue of what wearing a mask means.” Tigre said before taking a pause.


Takiko glanced over at Xavier, noticing the look of worry on his face. She also observed that one of his legs was quivering uncontrollably.


He’s nervous…‘ Takiko thought to herself. She recognized this behavior because she’s seen it before after their car accident.


“For over a century la máscara (the mask) has been a part of the storied history of Lucha Libre. Men have pushed themselves to their limits and beyond, breaking their bodies and giving their blood sweat and tears for our business and for our fans. The mask is something that was earned by every person who donned one.


“You good for nothing, bottom feeding, attention whoring worm! Using my country’s tradition to make yourself a viral internet superstar! Why don’t you show your face you miserable coward! Couldn’t get a woman on your own so you have to pretend to be someone else huh, you little puta! How dare you tarnish the art of Lucha Libre. You will pay for your disrespect!”


At that moment Xavier’s expression changed. His anxiety gave way to rage as his eyes narrowed after hearing Tigre’s insults. His breathing became heavier as he continued listening to the tiger’s remarks. However he didn’t notice that his reactions were being watched.


Now he’s angry! There’s only one reason why Tigre’s words are affecting him this much…‘ Takiko thought. Her eyes enlarged as the realization hit her.


“But you know what? I’m gonna give you a chance…A chance to defend yourself. I challenge you to a match. I want you to step into the ring and face me in 3 weeks, Dragon VS. Tiger. If you beat me then you can have this!” Exclaimed the champion while holding up her championship belt.


“But if I beat you….You have to go away… FOREVER!


“And after I kick your ass I’m gonna rip that mask off and expose you to the world!”


“You could always decline but if you do, that proves everything I’ve said about you is the truth! If you truly believe in your heart that you are the Mightiest Dragon, you will accept my challenge….The choice is yours….” Tigre said before dropping the mic. Her theme music began to play once more. Xavier’s look again changed to one of shock and dumbfoundedness. He could feel his stomach churning as he resisted the urge to vomit. Takiko leaned over to him and asked a question.


“Are you alright?”


“Yeah, I’m good..Just a little tired. Haven’t slept in a while.” Xavier answered.


She has backed you into a corner. You have no choice but to accept sweetheart.‘ Rubii thought to herself as she hid her own worry from showing on her face.


“This should be interesting. We get to see what Dragon guy is made of.” Shikijou remarked.


“This could be made into a big event that brings in funds for the University and promotes our students. One of our top recruits is taking on the biggest internet sensation in decades!” Taiyohime chimed aloud, giddy with the prospect of receiving more funding.


“Is this even within regulations to do?” Leilani asked.


“I’m sure we can get approval. Me and the Chairman of the Board of Directors go way back!” Taiyohime pointed out.


Tigre, I was your biggest fan, but now we are opponents. I have to accept this challenge or else Dragón will look like a coward to the world. I have no idea how strong you actually are but I have to face you. No matter what, I will rise to defeat you, Tigre Blanco!‘ Xavier thought to himself as he watched Tigre pick up her uniform and go behind the stage curtain.


The eccentric yet powerful Tigre Blanco has made an immediate impact on both students and professors at BSU. With her self promotional savvy she has made her first outing one of the most anticipated debuts among all of the AE schools. What twists and turns will come next? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Welcome To BSU!

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)

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3 years ago

Update: I forgot to add Tigre’s Infobox, it has now been added. I will also add a reminder in the next chapter to check out Tigre’s infobox since it seems most people who follow this series missed it >_<

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

I’m really impressed with what you did with Tigre in the artwork. Out of all the artworks in this arc so far (other than the outstanding Mei X Galactica one) it is the first one, where the character doesn’t has this “cool swagger-theme (Xavier, Violette, Matsunami and Brooke) or such an open friendly feeling (like with Brass). She just looks like she is up to any challenge and ready to fuck or wrestle everyone who dares to stand before her to the ground. I like how you improved her artwork from the ROL section in all the right ways. Obviously the lighting has become much better but also stuff like her hair color and skin are much more defined. Her muscles are to die for and just about everything of her is simply fantastic. The black makeup goes slightly unnoticed, which is enhanced even more in the special version with the light show behind her. Great artwork though overall.

Now, I feel VERY conflicted about this chapter. Objectively I love how you depicted sex with her and just how dominating she is during is. The way she uses wrestling during sex and vice versa, how she sexualized her wrestling matches against “Black Tigress” and Brass is really unique and certainly refreshing. Interesting to see that she decided to be depicted as a “villain” for her introduction to BSU and how she basically challenges the entire school and most notebly Dragòn Fuerte, who has offeneded her in some shape or form (I never was into wrestling or any sport for that matter, so I have no idea what this is about). This leads pretty nice into the thing that makes this chapter so conflicting for me: Subjectively I think that this chapter dragged too much on certain points and didn’t really hook me. The sex scene was really good and I like how you implemented her wrestling background into it. Same thing can’t be said for the actual wrestling part, which felt like a real drag down for me. I know that you wanted to make it feel entertaining and to explain certain aspects about wrestling, how they talked beforehand on what to do and how it was stated on numerous occasions that Tigre is the “bad guy” during this (throwing Shikijou, the referee, out of the and using the substitute referee Eric as a shield for an incomming attack) or how she even used some dirty tricks to win, which naturally lead to the chapter becoming as long as it is but at a certain point I just wished for it to end. I also don’t really understand what get’s Tigre so angry about Dragòn. Yes, he has a mask but isn’t she the one who “sexualised” this type of sport? Unless it’s her four predecessors (since you said that she is a 5th generation pro wrestler) wish for it to be so sexual, I don’t really understand what get’s her so mad about one guy using a wrestling mask. Next up, I feel that Xavier isn’t really backed into a corner here. He might have been cought that one time as Dragòn Fuerte during his jogging routine by Elizabeth but that was one day after SPLASH. All he has to do is to say (as Dragòn) that he was in World City only during SPLASH and that he lives somewhere else or has actual work to do or something like that to avoid the confrontation. I know, really boring way to deal with the situation and Xavier is definitely not the way to do something like this but right now I don’t see him getting good enough to beat someone who has trained her whole life in just three weeks. Nonetheless, great how you incorporated Takiko figuring out that Xavier is Dragòn, which naturally leads to her becomming his sidekick.

Out of all the class mates in this arc so far, Tigre is the least interesting, for me at least. We know the least about her and the lack of a Character Profile doesn’t really help in that regard. Not the biggest fan of her philosophy (loving attention, hating apathy/indifference).

Fantastic design, great way she handles sex but it all dragged on for far to long (subjectively).
7,5/10 (6/10 if I look at it with my indifference towards wrestling or my dislike of her philosophy)

P.S. Don’t worry about not replying to my other older comments during the three Mei chapters or during the Violette chapter. As long as you recognized them, that’s all that matters. I mean, I wrote them several month/year after the stories were published so it’s no big deal.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Hello again! I responded to your comment on Mei’s chapter.

The reason this chapter is so long is because Tigre didn’t get to appear in a normal chapter prior to orientation, so this is her debut. I didn’t have the chance to build her slower leading up to this arc like Xavier, Matsunami, Mai, Violette etc. Because of this I had a lot of material about her that had to be covered in this one chapter that couldnt wait until she appears in a picture again.

I’m a big fan of professional wrestling so I tried to incorporate as much of that character element into this chapter. From her lover style to how she acts Tigre lives the gimmick. There is a real person underneath the outfit and mask, It is just WAY too early to show any of that right now.

I will explain why shes mad at Dragon Fuerte. This is rooted in mexican wrestling culture. The mask is considered sacred and Tigre respects the tradition. Dragon who is not a wrestler is running around wearing a mexican wrestling mask. She takes offense to him wearing it becoming famous doing it although Xavier wasn’t trying achieve fame by doing so. Tigre thinks its disrespectful to wrestlers who have to earn their mask through years of rigorous training to be a pro wrestler. So for X to put on a mask and go viral partying while wearing it is an insult.

Tigre is a portraying a character almost the whole time, she was 100% serious when she addressed Dragon though. Shes been portraying herself as this Tigre Persona for years now. This gives her a sense of privacy to move under the radar in her normal life. She wants to protect that, so shes in character anytime shes being filmed.

Xavier felt he had to accept the challenge because of his pride as a man. He is very timid and is having self esteem issues right now but he is a warrior, a fighter both literally and in spirit. So if someone calls him out, issues a challenge or disrespects him hes going to respond. Stuff like this motivates him and gets him going. Also he doesn’t want anyone to view Dragon as being a coward. Dragon has something Xavier doesnt see in his normal self. Dragon is popular, respected and well liked by everyone except Tigre so he wants to protect that image. So he has external and internal motives that are pressuring him to accept her challenge.

Tigre chose to turn heel (wrestling term for villain) because shes been a babyface (Wrestling term for hero) her entire career. She wanted to her BSU debut to be shocking to audience. No one expected her to turn heel which is why she did it. In wrestling the performers will switch from one side to the other to keep their characters fresh. The biggest example of this is Hulk Hogan. After being the biggest babyface of the 80s his schtick got stale so he turned heel, formed the New World order group and revitalized his career as the biggest villain in wrestling, making millions upon millions of dollars as a result. Tigre is doing something similar here.
She cheated in her matches and “Injured” Shikijou to get the point across that she is no longer the heroine fans knew her to be. Thanka for your continued support of my work!

3 years ago

Does Xavier have the biggest dick in this series? Also when he becomes an adult will his cock grow bigger and thicker and if so does that means he’s still growing?

3 years ago

He’s definitely in the upper tier of dick sizes probably occupied with other characters. I’ve not decided if there will be characters introduced with bigger dick sizes. For example, veteran pornstar characters or stuff like that. And yes, it will grow visually in art

3 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

If you decide can you make Xavier wielder of the biggest dick in the series and give him the biggest dick?

3 years ago

This was an incredible chapter and a unforgettable presentation. Tiger is in interesting character and I loved all the wrestling input and shout outs. It was a big surprise to find out she’s not a fan of Xavier’s alter ego Dragon Fuerte that boy just seemed to get into something no matter what he tries. Tigre is surely a a character of to keep an eye on and her sex scene are surely the wildest ones so far with how she even incorporate wrestling into that. Its going to be hard to follow up a live mini wrestling show after that introduction. Who ever is next gotta really impress people. Look forward to seeing what lies ahead with Tigre Blanco and her eventual encounter with Dragon Fuerte. Its gonna be big.

Also can’t wait for her full BSU profile

Good job as always Strider.

3 years ago

Thanks fot the kind words VB. I enjoyed writing all of the wrestling stuff. Lol Xavier broke the luchador code by wearing a mask. Its funny that Tigre is unknowingly beefing with her biggest fan and admirer. I’m thinking of more wrestling inspired sex holds and positions to put into the big match. Pro wrestling is loaded with with sexual innuendo type of moves lol. The Tombstone is a standing 69.

As for what comes next im working on it. we have quite the unique cast of girls to work with. I’m trying to vary things up as much as possible with these presentations so everyone isnt going up there and giving a speech. I have few ideas. Glad you enjoyed the chapter. I appreciate your support.

3 years ago

Amazing chapter guys.

Tigre really impressed me, i Wonder How her relationship with X Will turn out to be since She hates his alter ego lol, Besides that she’s one of the most charismatic characters in the story right now. The way She engages the audience looks like a mix of Rainbow Mika from Street Fighter and Jaycee from Tekken.

I also loved that you used elements of wrestling like shock value and the heel turn besides the techniques, And Who would have guessed. Brass knows how to fight!!! Each chapter that have her as one of the characters acting makes her one of my favorites lol

The lemon scene was erotic, she’s Very dominant, and i liked that she totally bended the other guy to totally obey all her wishes.

Amazing chapter like always, Can’t wait for the next one.

Hugs Lizardon 🤗

3 years ago
Reply to  Lizardon888X

Ay Lizardman! Happy you liked the offering I have presented today. Because im a lover of Street Fighter and all fighting games capcom I tried to incorporate as much of R. Mika as I could into Tigre’s personality and mamnerisms. I gave he the flying booty smash move Rainbow has. Jaycee/Julia Chang from Tekken and La Mariposa/Lisa Hamilton from Doa also had some slight influence. Because of Tigre’s size and strength shes more of a power wrestler in the ring. I Originally tried to make her more of a high flying traditional luchador but I abandoned that because I felt with her size and strength it was better go for a big girl match.

Wrestling psychology wise, Tigre turned heel at this moment because she has a bigger platform now than she ever had as a full time wrestler. She wanted to shock her current fans while also bringing something major to the eyes of those seeing her for the first time. To her all publicity is good so and negativity spreads like wildfire compared to positivity. Whether you tune in cheer for her or root against her you are going to have an opinion of Tigre Blanco. That is her philosophy. She loves attention and hates indifference/apathy.

Though she has a legit beef with Dragon she also realizes that capitalize on Dragon fevet by locking up with him. So this is business and personal at the same time.

The sex scene was there to give you guys a sample of her power and skill in the bedroom. This was the equivalent to a pro wrestling squash match. The big blonde dude looked part but could not actuallly go and got blown the fuck up by Tigre. She wants her partner to give her their all, struggle against her.

Given what Xavier does creatively with his use of different positions and the environment to assist in sex, Their showdown will be interesting. Thank you for your support and the words of encouragement youve given. It helps a lot! Stay Tuned!

3 years ago

This was a very fun to read chapter, even though I don’t know much about wrestling, the whole fight sequence was very entertaining and kept me hooked all the way through it. As for the initial sex scene, I kinda expected a character such as Tigre to be all about domination, using her muscular body to put herself in control and getting off to that, but damn she takes it to a whole other level with her wrestling prowess.
I also have to add, I’m very curious about how Xavier will handle Tigre’s challenge towards Dragón, I doubt he will decide not to show up, that would mean he chickened out and that he admits defeat, but how is he supposed to face a wrestling champion? Also, now that Takiko seems to know the truth about Dragón’s identity, I wonder what turn things will take.
Can’t wait to see what’s awaiting for us in the next story 🙂

3 years ago
Reply to  xfuski

What up! Glad you liked the chapter. I wrote the wrestling sequences in the way that I did to help readers who dont follow or know the ins and outs of professional wrestling. Tigre definitely gets off on control and domination of men, however she is seeking something with her aggression. She also likes it when a man can match her intensity in the bedroom. The guy she had at the beginning was no match for her and her style. Also having some knowledge of wrestling holds helps.

Xavier has been put into a position where he doesnt really have a choice but to accept the challenge. His reputation as himself is already fucked given his run ins with Violette, Ashani and Koko. He has to defend his reputation as Dragón because that is all he has right now. Though Tigre doesn’t know who is under Dragon’s mask she presented her challenge in a way that that forced Xavier to accept. Though X doesn’t know how to wrestle and he’s still very sexually inexperienced he’s far from a coward and has his sense of pride as a man that he must stand up for. Thank you once again for your support and assistance! Stay tuned for more of that BSU greatness.

3 years ago

Interesting character with a cool spin, really digged the appeal of her being a luchador, overall pretty tense. This orientation is pretty wild so far, can’t wait to see how they actually interact as classmates. I also really liked the subtle details and nods to “pro wrestling” like when the wrestler who was cheered on gets boo’d after doing something unsportsmanlike when they cheat. You incorporated it really well and saved that climatic battle and cliffhanger at the end, nicely done.

3 years ago
Reply to  DracielGT

WHAT UP HOMIE! Welcome back to BSU. Glad to see you back. Tigre was one of the most fun chapters ti make in this arc. I tried to hit on some of the comnon wrestling tropes like the tag team break up and the two team members feauding with each other. A lot of the wrestling stuff in the chapter is inspired by guys I grew up watching. The constant cheating comes from Ric Flair who almost always cheated to win.

I want to do more with Tigre and Brass, They deserve a rematch. I tried to make everyone feel like Tigre was actually going to lose the match. I was hoping the ending would stun everyone. This is start of a concept we will be implementing more as the story continues called Taiketsu. Where any student can challenge any other student to a duel of sorts.There will be even more unique characters and presentations in the coming months. Glad to have you back and thank you for your supportm

3 years ago

Already, She’s one of my favorites along with Brass, Maihime, and The MILF Goddess Mei <3

3 years ago
Reply to  Jungos60

Glad you like her. There will be more Tigre to come in the future. Thanks for the continued support of BSU and my writing.

3 years ago

Rather interesting chapter. Tigre has a very unique sexual style compared to the other ladies since she treats it very much like a wrestling match. It’s pretty over the top, but it makes for an entertaining read. Seems she doesn’t like to break Kayfabe hahaha. Though just like actual wrestling, don’t try that shit at home as you can break your dick (I’m warning you, don’t do it).

It seems like most of the students already have like a massive following except for Xavier which is interesting, especially as freshmen at the school. I spotted some references to how other wrestlers cut their promos, which is basically what this was for Tigre, especially with Black Tiger showing up.

I won’t lie, it was a little silly having a wrestling match during the presentation, but it’s all good fun. This whole chapter has a kind of kayfabe aura to it in the sense of capturing the wrestling feel. Brass fighting style was pretty fun with using her tits as a weapon. So overall a fun chapter and very wrestling heavy both in content and just the general feel of the entire chapter.

And because I like showing people, have these moves from wrestling: https://youtu.be/7qrjFBPJntI and https://youtu.be/8lXMlmVvbP8

3 years ago
Reply to  Unskilled

For some reason the website thought your message was spam, I think it might have been the youtube links, but it should be fine now tho

3 years ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Tigre’s style is all about aggression and dominance. She wants to test the mettle of her male partners. Her style is also very physical and tries to present that in the way she makes love. Take the gorilla press deep throat. I gotta say for a chick to be able to press a dude over and over while taking a dick in the throat without gagging is impressive lol. I got that from the ultimate warrior’s finisher. The Splash from the top of her desk is a reference to the macho man randy savage. She did the pose randy always did before jumping off of the turnbuckle. Dont underestimate her skill. like you said she could have crunched the the guy’s dick if the landing was even a little bit off.

As silly as her wrestling for almost her entire presentation may sound, it is clever because thats something no one else in the freshshmen class is going to have. You are right about Tigre and her desire to protect Kayfabe. When shes in street clothes walking around she either wears one of her masks or hides her face in some other way.

I was trying to present this on a multi perspective way, from the pov of fans watching buy also from the wrestlers in the ring while caling spots and moves. Glad you enjoyed the chapter. Thanks again for the support

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Now this is a unexpected surprise! We not only have a new Welcome to BSU chapter, but we also have our full official debut of luchadora Tigre Blanco, who made quite an impression!

Now let’s get started with the design of Tigre herself first. This was very impressive! She looks like a mix of Rainbow Mika and the masked wrestler from Taimanin Asagi. Not only that, her uniform is definitely what you would expect from a luchadora, not to mention that championship belt. Overall, quite nicely done.

Okay, now we’ll get to the overall story itself. First we got to see her sexual style, which is really aggressive. So much so her hookup couldn’t even keep up with her. Unfortunate but understandable, especially given how she did it. Next she got swarmed with fans on her way over to orientation, which was something Saitou and Eric had to handle really fast. Has to tough being popular. Haha.

Which leads us to the second half of the chapter, which was the orientation part. People were still feeling the brunt of Brooke’s scathing remarks and reveals during her presentation. Everyone really took notice of that, especially the second year girls. Then we see Tigre’s own presentation, which started quite like you’d expect from a pro wrestling star, even with her backstory being told. But it quickly became a full wrestling event when Black Tigress popped up and it all really got crazy from that point onwards!

Seriously though, I really liked how it went, more so being a fan myself. If you guys aren’t into pro wrestling in any way, don’t worry. This chapter will help clue you in on how it works really well, including some of the terminology and techniques. Haha. We saw much of the crowd really get into it, like Shiki being the referee for the first match (which Yuriko didn’t know about due to not talking to her), Damien acting as a ring announcer, and even Xavier and Matsu commenting to their friends throughout it (something that both Takiko and Kaede found really cute and genuinely nice). Then she did an open challenge for the others to take her on. Sure it would have been Yuriko or Matsu but Brass stepped up and tried it out, this time with Eric as the referee. Good job on Tigre for walking her through it and putting her over too. I honestly thought she was beaten too. XD

Which now leads us to the ending. Tigre challenging Xavier, or in this case his Dragon Fruete persona. Only she wasn’t in character this time, and only those who know the wrestling world and about Dragon’s real identity would pick up on it, including how Takiko saw Xavier’s attitude change up instantly. And he only has three weeks to prepare himself for it. I’m interested in seeing how the school sets this one up!

Overall, I really enjoyed this chapter. And I can only wonder how the next chapter will be.

Nice work! And Happy Halloween, by the way! 😀

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Happy Halloween my Dragon brother! Glad you liked the chapter. Starting with the design, Tigre’s appearance was inspired by Rachel Stanley from HSD Kenichi. I mixed in some of Mika’s moveset and personality though. Her belt is based on the “Winged Eagle”, The WWF Championship Belt used in the 80’s and 90’s by Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Bret the Hitman Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.

Tigre’s lover Style is very aggressive as you say, but also she has a great deal of control an technique. It takes precision to hit a top rope cowgirl body splash. Like a true pro wrestler she landed on his dick correctly. A miscalculation could have made her land on the guys dick with her thigh or an ass cheek and broke the guy’s dick.

With the matches I was trying to tell their stories from multiple perspectives. One from the view of the fans one from the action in the ring and one from the wrestlers as they worked the match and cooperated with each other. Whenever you see two wrestlers appearing to argue with each in a pre match stand off the wrestlers are really talking about match details and making it look like a standoff.

I wanted to get as many other characters involved in this as possible because a wrestler has ring announcers, referees and even heels laying out ooen challenges to the crowd. I wanted to create a 1997/98 WWF pay per view event feel.

With Brass’ part I was trying to present her as a legitimate contender eith a chance to actually win. HA! I got you with the false finish.

I look forward to actually doing the Tigre/ Dragon Fuerte match. Not only does he have to go against Tigre he has to go up against his anxiety and fear. Thank you for your contimued support. Stay tuned!

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Pretty hot chapter. Also, no offense but I wish you’d get a native speaker for the phrases in spanish…

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Thanks…As for the spanish, Im still working getting people. I have friends who assist me with the spanish lines but none of them are Mexican. And i have Mexican friends who dont know a word of Spanish lol. This is my first time doing a full chapter of dialogue with Tigre so Im still working on it. Glad you enjoyed the chapter!

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Spoke with a native speaker and made some edits, Hope it reads better now

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WOOOOW MAMA! Now that’s what I’m talking about! I love me some wrestling beauty! You nailed it on this one! Everything in this is was quite spectacular from her design, the way she holds her belt simply perfect. I have been a wrestling fan since I was 5 and seeing this got me extra hard. Story itself was incredible and quite long! So much was packed into this and it was all great. From her past to the rival match with her former partner all of it was great I hope to see more of her.

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What up combo! Welcome back to the wonderful world of Busteez Slut University. Good to see you back. Im a big fan of professional wrestling myself though The last time I really watched WWE was when CM Punk was still there.

The idea of Tigre was originally inspired by a Bleach character named Mask de Masculine, one of the stern ritter guys who was a wrestler. We repurposed her from a bleach oc into what you see now.

Tigre is a 5th generation pro wrestler both her parents were wrestlers so she feels she carries the torch for both her family/bloodline and Lucha Libre itself because her status as one of the top stars in the sport right now. This is why shes big on honor and the tradition of wrestling mask. But anyways, Thank you for your support!