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The Road of Legends: Introducing Jade Zhen, Takiko Makoto, and Hitomi Shinoda

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(Immediately following Tigre Blanco’s Presentation)


The crowd was buzzing with chatter as Tigre Blanco departed the stage. Those in the audience speculated about whether or not Dragón would accept Tigre’s challenge.


“We should go see that! I wanna meet Dragón!” Maihime said enthusiastically.


“Uhhh, nothing special about him. You’d be wasting your time.” Matsunami replied in a rather unenthused manner.


“C’mon Matsunami, let’s go, It’s gonna be fun!” Yuriko urged, having figured out her sister Shikijou was only acting while watching Tigre vs Brass.


“This is gonna be a chemically epic showdown! I wanna go too!” Skyla chimed in while looking at both the Shinoda sisters.


“It’ll be fun, besides you love wrestling so why not?” Mai asked. There was a brief period of silence as Matsunami thought.


“Fine, I’ll go….” Matsunami answered reluctantly, not wanting to break down the reasoning for why she didn’t want to go. Nor did she want to crush Mai’s optimism about Dragón or her opportunity to make a new friend in Skyla.


“Tigre is on fire! I gotta get her to appear on my show.” Hitomi commented to Eiji.


“Yeah, she brings a built in fan base that follows whatever she’s doing.” Eiji replied.


“How do you feel?” Saitou asked Eric as he returned to his post right after being the referee for Tigre’s match.


“I almost busted a nut in my pants!” Eric confessed shamelessly.


“Their tits are so much bigger up close! I wish I could be a student.”


“Don’t forget why you’re here Eric. Stay focused.” Saitou reminded him.


“Yeah, I know…” replied the junior security officer.


“If Tai-Chan succeeds in setting this up, It will give us an extra platform to showcase our students.” Sara Reed spoke out loud.


“You’re right. Maybe we could even add some other events to this and make it like a Pay-Per-View wrestling card.” Ryoko brainstormed aloud.


“Let’s go to her office after orientation is over,” Professor Reed suggested.


“I wanna learn how to bounce my titties like them.” Takiko remarked to Kaede and Xavier.


“That flying booty smash Tigre did was hot. Imma add that to my repertoire!” Kaede replied. Xavier nodded to acknowledge their comments but it was clear that his thoughts were being dominated by another subject. Takiko then leaned over toward Xavier and whispered something into his ear. Xavier’s eyes enlarged as he listened to her. After this he responded by questioning her.


“Why didn’t you ask me about this a few days ago?”


“I tried but you wouldn’t answer the goddamn phone when I called you about 100 times! It kept going straight to voicemail.” Takiko pointed out.


Oh yeah, I did have my phone turned off the last 2 days.‘ Xavier recalled to himself.


“Yeah, I can help you…” The auburn haired young man responded.


“I’ll let you know when.” Takiko instructed. Xavier silently nodded in acknowledgment of her words.


After a few minutes the banter and chatter between students quieted down, as everyone in the crowd pondered the same question… WHO’S NEXT?!


The lighting in the arena dimmed somewhat. Music began to play which emanated from the stage itself. The wrestling ring had disappeared back under the stage floor only to be replaced by another set style display. The Jazz inspired music was coming from a live band which had quickly set up immediately following Tigre Blanco’s stage exit.


The sounds of Drums, piano, horns, guitars, and saxophone and violins and bass came together harmoniously to create a festive nightclub-like atmosphere from the big band heavy, prohibition era of 1920’s and 30’s United States. Members of the audience nodded their heads and clapped their hands to the music as the doors at the end of the center aisle opened once more. A procession of scantily clad women came flooding through the open double doorway, each carrying a tray loaded with nearly full glasses of wine, mugs of draft beer and shot glasses of cognac. The women carrying these trays wore revealing one piece teddy style lingerie garments in an array of colors. They all wore black stockings on their legs along a white ruffle lace garter straps around their thighs, along with white button cuffs around their wrists. Each of the women wore a unique and fancy hat that matched their attire. It looked like these servers had walked in right out of a steampunk themed ecchi anime. This beautiful collection of women filtered out and began serving courtesy drinks to the spectators in the crowd.


Once all of the servers came through the door, all that was left was a single silhouette of a woman standing in the center of the double doors. The curvaceous shadow stood holding what appeared to be a cane in front of her. The figure then stepped forward where a bright spotlight awaited her. The woman’s uniform was similar to outfits worn by her drink serving cohorts that preceded her. Her attire consisted of a silver mini skirt with a gold stripe across the bottom along with a gold and navy bikini top which was adorned with silver pockets. Her thick thighs were covered in black fishnet style stockings with a white lace garter strapped around the right leg. Her silver uniform coat rested on her shoulders. Her blue top was contrasted with a bright red bowtie which sat on her chest, just above her big round breasts. The woman’s most notable feature was her hair. Her dark black locks had been dyed into a pattern of jade green stars that covered all of her hair. No doubt this took a lot of time to do. Her look was completed with a mini black hat which featured a red bow on the side of it, very similar to the one worn around her neck.


“Oh my god! Look at you Jade! You look so beautiful!” Matsunami remarked.


WOW! It came out even better than I imagined it would!” Mai replied with a beaming look of satisfaction on her face.


“You helped her with this?” Matsunami asked.


“Yes,” Mai answered with nod.


Jade walked slowly down the aisle, doing somewhat of a two step dance. She swung her hips to the beat of the band’s music with each step she took, making a distinct clicking noise. The clicking sound went with the flow of the music perfectly as if it were part of the song itself. The noise she made came from the metal taps on the bottom of her heels.


Jade swaggered her way down the aisle, twirling her lime green cane and tossing it into air, catching it each time as if she were a martial artist doing a demonstration with a Bo Staff. Eiji got up from his seat and walked to the end of his aisle so he could record video of his friend and coworker as she was walking by. Jade stopped once she got to Eiji’s row and then tossed her cane high into the air. She walked over to Eiji, raising her hand into the air. Just as she got about 3 feet away she caught the cane and pulled Eiji close with the hooked end. She pulled his head into her cleavage and mushed the basketball players face into it before giving him a long passionate smooch.


YEEEEEEAAAAHHHH!” cheered the audience in response.


The starry haired woman then approached the stage. The stage itself was now set up to look like a lounge. There was a bar, barstools and even a couch.


“Welcome, I’m glad you could all be here today. You could be anywhere in the world but you’re here with me. I wanna tell you a story about a working girl.” Jade spoke earnestly, looking over at the huge crowd before her.


“It was 3 AM in World City, last call for alcohol, drunk and horny clients departed with women, intent to tear down walls. ” Jade spoke as she walked seductively around the stage. She then moved behind the bar set up on the stage.


“The gentlemen’s club emptied out, customers were in hotels getting laid, while dancers who were with them were having fun gettin paid. But there was one girl who wasn’t, a bartender named Jade.” Spoke the teal eyed woman while wiping down the bar with a wet towel. She moved her body in a rhythmic manner, swaying her hips from side to side.


“There was one man left at the bar finishing off his beer. She told him we’re about to close, you can’t be here. The man raised his head and smiled before replying to Jade ‘Yeah, I know what you say is true but I’ve been sitting here all night to get a moment alone with you’”. The teal eyed woman quoted.


“This man was a regular at Peaches, he sat at the bar and kept to himself, a man of normal means, far from wealth. He looked up at me with a sexy smile and I felt something coming from him, something crazy and wild.” Jade recalled as she walked from behind the bar and sat on a nearby barstool.


“She always wanted to be a stripper, shakin her ass for all the ballers and tippers. But Jade didn’t have a license so she couldn’t get in on the dancer action. But now was a chance for her to find satisfaction.” Recited the steampunk poet beauty.


“Jade looked at the man again, she was feeling the tension. It was strong and thick, she was drawn to give him some attention. ‘Have a seat’ she told him while pointing to the couch. The man flopped back on the seat relaxed and slouched!” Jade rhymed while approaching the couch. She swung her hips which made her ass jiggle as she walked.


“With one word Jade cut on the music at the bar, then moved her body to sounds of the drums and guitar.” described the speckle haired beauty as she dropped down on the seat cushions of the couch knees first as if she was sitting in someone’s lap. She bounced her ass and pressed the front of her hips against the seat cushion as if a man were sitting there. The bartender winded her body fluidly while bouncing her ass on the seat.


“She danced and pranced in the man’s lap, shaking her tits and pumping her hips. Jade felt even hotter as the man grew stiff. The man’s dick poked her in her stomach with its burly tip, causing the girl to stare and lick her lips” recited the erotic poet before stopping to look at the audience. Jade stared down the cameras, licking her lips and slowly fluttering her big bedroom eyes. Members of the audience were allured by the barmaid’s velvety smooth voice and stage presence.


“This story she’s telling is pretty hot…” Violette remarked while subtly crossing her legs.


“It’s nothing special.” Nicole replied dismissively.


“And that’s why you just covered your crotch with your purse right?” Ashani countered with her sarcastic question while fanning herself with an assembly program.


The black and green haired woman dropped down to her knees in a slinky, stripper like motion.


“Jade slowly dropped down to the floor and unzipped his pants. His cock was a hog, stunned her at first glance!” Jade rhymed before turning her head to face the crowd, her eyes enlarged and her mouth hanging wide open.


Jade then grabbed a bottle of champagne that was sitting on the couch and started going up and down the bottle with her hand like she was jerking off a big beefy cock.


“The stranger grunted and moaned as Jade jerked him off, he loved the feel of her hands and her tits were big oh so soft. Her tits felt so good against the man’s tube of flesh. Her mouth began to water, she knew what to do next. She didn’t know if she could take every inch but she opened her mouth like a good whore, a willing wench!” Jade recited before opening her mouth wide.


The starry haired hottie pointed the top of the champagne bottle towards her face. She then took the mock cock into her mouth as if it was the real thing, allowing her lips to drift across the glass dick as more and more slowly disappeared into her mouth.


“Annhhh! Ummmm! Glugg!” sounded the barmaid as she down the enormous ‘cock’. Jade took herself to her limits taking the bottle as far back as possible. At the same time, she reached underneath her skirt with her other hand and pulled her thong panties to the side. The front of her underwear was wet and her slit was glistening from being covered in her own juices. She dug her two fingers into her moist hole, lightly probing as she continued to suck the massive phallus in front of her.


UMMMMPH! YUR CAWKS SHO BIG! I WAWNT IT INSHIDE MI!” Jade gurgled excitedly. Her juices ran down her thighs and dripped down to the stage floor. Excess saliva ran down Jade’s chin and dripped onto her breasts. After a few seconds, Jade rose to her feet and wedged the bottle in between two of the seat cushions so that it stood upright. She then turned to the audience once again. She groped her own tits and played with her twat as she spoke.


“With every minute Jade’s lust grew stronger. She wanted to feel his dick inside, she couldn’t wait any longer.” Jade told the audience, still speaking about herself in the third person. The sparkle haired bombshell climbed on the couch once more and hovered over the top of the bottle rubbing her pussy against the top of it in a teasing fashion before slowly sitting down on it.


AHHH YEAH! YOUR DICK FEELS SO GOOD GOING IN! YOU WANT ME TO RIDE IT FOR YOU?!” Jade asked convincingly. She rode the glass dick rough and fast, holding on to the top of the couch for leverage. Her ass cheeks smacked together making a thunderous clapping sound with every downward thrust of her hips.




The audience watched in awe, completely caught off guard by the display. The aspiring stripper then spun around and leaned forward, putting her hands on the floor taking a posture that was similar to doggy style.




OOHH BABY! YOU LIKE THAT!?” Jade asked as she continued to fuck the faux penis. She threw her ass back and forth aggressively, reminiscent of how Matsunami moves when being fucked from behind. Maihime watched with her eyes wide, for she had never seen this side of Jade before.


“Her emotions look so genuine. It’s almost like she’s actually with a man!”


“I guess she’s been watching me at work.” Matsunami replied jokingly with a wink.


“Now I remember where I saw her before. She was sucking you off in that BJ contest a couple of weeks ago.” Brass commented. Xavier reddened slightly in the face while holding in his reaction. He kept a serious expression. Xavier watched on, mystified by Jade. He thought back to the blowjob he received from her at SPLASH.


I’m sure she hates me too. She gave me the stare of death earlier. I guess I won’t get to finish what we started at SPLASH.’ Xavier thought to himself.


“I thought live sex on stage wasn’t allowed in presentations.” Eric said to Saitou while positioning his hands in front of his crotch and holding his enclosed fist with his other hand to obstruct his boner from sight.


“Jade’s presentation isn’t considered sex under the rules because she’s by herself. Sex requires at least 2 people. She’s reciting poetry and acting out a sequence. This is considered “Performance Art”. Pretty clever of her.” Saitou pointed out.


The stunning Asian bartender then sat up in a reverse cowgirl position. She grabbed on to the arm of the couch with one hand and the top of the headrest with the other one. She rolled her hips in a circle while bouncing rapidly on top. Her massive melons flopped up and down, slapping against her shoulders


OHHHH MY GAWD!!!! IT’S SO DEEP!!!! ANHHH!!..UGGGHHHH!!! CUM FOR ME BABY!” Jade hollered while coming up off of the top of the bottle.




Champagne shot out of the bottle like a geyser, spraying Jade all over her face, tits and hair. This alcohol money shot wowed the audience! The bubbly woman opened her mouth and swallowed as much of the ‘cum’ as she could, rubbing the excess all over her ass and tits. As the champagne spray receded and eventually stopped, Jade looked into the camera with a sexy grin. She then stood up and walked back to center stage.


“My name is Jade and that was just a sample. Step to me boys and I’ll make you an example. I wanna run my own clubs someday, take it to the top. Once I get started I can’t be stopped. I ain’t ever told a lie, everything I claim is true. Welcome to Jade’s world, girls, boys of BSU!” Jade declared to conclude her presentation.


The crowd roared in response to Jade’s improvisational presentation. It created a relaxed vibe while still giving off the sexy aesthetic. Jade created her own unique style of showmanship which the audience appreciated. They showed their appreciation with loud cheers.






She then picked up the bottle and the clothing she had shed and walked behind the stage curtain to shower and put on a fresh uniform. The stage went dark as the set crew quickly cleaned the stage and returned it to its original appearance.


“That was pretty lit!” Kaede remarked, admiring Jade’s one woman show.


“That’s my girl! She nailed it!” Matsunami cheered loudly.


“You were great Jade!” Maihime added.


“I really like Jade’s energy. She put a lot into this and she was by herself. Just imagine her on set with an actual man to play with!” Sara said.


“She’s got quite the sense of style too. The outfit, poetry, the live band playing, and the drinks. She really knows how to create an atmosphere for the audience!” Ryoko added.


“Taniesha was right about all 3 students she suggested to me. Who knew the Peaches Gentlemans Club can gather such exceptional talent.” Sara replied with a nod to Ryoko, her friend, colleague and competitor; The home room professor for BSU’s 1st year class 1B.


“I’m looking forward to introducing myself to her,” Brass commented to Xavier, who sat next to her.


“Y’all both have that flare for performing.” Xavier replied.


“She can rhyme too. Maybe the 3 of us can get together sometime!” Brass suggested with a big grin.”


“Uhhh…..Maybe.” Xavier replied, unsure about the idea.


No way that’s gonna happen, not with what she thinks of me. Damn, I really hope I don’t get put with her when school starts.‘ he thought to himself, dreading a potential confrontation with Jade.



(A few minutes later…)


“The lights dimmed once more as megatron screens faded to black. Rainbow colored text then started to appear on the TV monitors


HI-YAAAA!!!!….ARE YOU READY TO HAVE SOME FUN?!” read the text on the screen. The audience immediately responded with raucous cheers, for they recognized the popular opening greeting. A portion of the stage floor lowered down beneath the stage once again and raised back up with another custom set. It was decorated like a gaming room, complete with a huge desk and gaming chair, a top of the line gaming PC and all of the current generation gaming consoles. The desk was lined with action figures of numerous video game and anime heroes. It was amazing that the stage crew set this up so quickly in between presentations.


The doors to the arena entrance opened to reveal a thicc and immaculately shaped beauty in a tiny BSU uniform. The woman’s appearance was ravishingly beautiful, with raven black, blonde highlighted hair which she wore upwards in a spiky ponytail. This, along with her style of uniform gave her a cute Japanese schoolgirl aesthetic. Her uniform wore a silver miniskirt which was mostly covered up by her jacket; which was tied around her shapely hips, along with a long sleeved navy blue shirt and bikini top. Her big red bow tie made her look as if she was a walking gift to the audience. Her tits were bigger than even the largest watermelons World City had to offer, yet still perky with just the right amount of firmness in the nipples. In fact, her pair are some of the biggest among in the first year ranks! In her hand she carried her cell phone, filming herself as she broadcasted her entrance to the stage.




It’s her, I keep seeing this girl around on Youtube… Eiji was talking about her… She was the one Koko picked to interview her at SPLASH. Hitomi has a lot of juice in the streets and online… Maybe she can help me fix my rep out here.‘ Xavier thought to himself


YEEEEEAH! Stunt on the hoes Tomi-chan. Look at them views go up!” Eiji cheered while quickly viewing his phone screen.


“She’s one of ‘Spotlight Magazines Top 21 under 21’. Hitomi is gonna be tough to compete against…” Maihime added in somewhat of an overwhelmed tone.


Hitomi stood at the entrance for a moment and waved at the audience. She turned while waving to greet each section of the crowd before turning her phone on the cameraman who was filming. She blew a kiss at the cameraman causing him to blush which she captured in her livestream. The internet idol then began skipping down the center aisle, swinging her hips from side to side, prancing to J-Pop music that blasted from the arena speakers. Fans sitting on the end of the aisles waved and gestured to Hitomi, attempting to get her attention. She stopped in front of an overweight young man with very thick glasses, the epitome of what society considers to be uncool. She wrapped her arm around him and kissed him on the cheek for her livestream. Hitomi even grabbed his hand to grope one of her tits with it. As she broke away, the camera picked up a dark stain on the crotch of the fan’s pants.


“Hi-YAAAA!” Hitomi yelled to the crowd while giving herself a loud slap on the ass.


“HiHi! Good morning my friends!” Hitomi greeted into her headset. She then did her signature wave greeting gesture, in which she waved slowly with one hand and confidently placed the other hand on her hip while offering a big bright smile.


“It’s Tomi-chan coming to you live, once again from Busteez Slut University’s annual Orientation!” said the famous livestream celebrity in her signature high pitched tone.


“I’m gonna do things a little different today! Instead of just standing up here and giving a speech, how about we do a little AMA, an Ask me Anything! You can ask me questions in the chat on my livestream and I will answer them. But don’t forget to like, hit the subscribe button and follow me on all of my social media sites!” Hitomi reminded the audience. All of Hitomi’s Social Media information, such as Youtube, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter and Linkum, appeared on the megatron screen for about 20 seconds. Her number of views and subscribers instantly shot up as a result. Hitomi looked at the ascending numbers on her cell phone and put her hand over her mouth, intentionally enlarging her eyes in response to the rapidly growing number of followers.


LOOK! There’s 400K people watching in my livestream!” Hitomi bellowed out while jumping up and down jubilantly. Her massive milk bags nearly fell out of her top as she expressed her happiness. She continued to jump 4 more times while holding her phone in a way that captured upskirt footage. This drew a loud cheering response from audience members who followed her on livestream.


“Okay! let’s see what questions are waiting in the chat!” Hitomi remarked while walking over the desk set up on stage. The black and blonde haired bombshell sat down in front of the PC and monitor on the desk and logged into all of her streaming accounts.


“The first question comes from Tomi_Slave from Youtube.


“Hi-YAHHHH! Good morning Hitomi. I would like to know what is you favorite sex position and why?”


HMMM…” Hitomi sounded as she raised her head and looked up to signify that she was thinking.


“I actually like them all. But my favorite is missionary because I get to watch my partner pound my pussy and have his way with me. It turns me on. I love to watch my partner’s facial expression when he’s cumming. Those can be so funny!” Hitomi answered with a girlish giggle.


“The next question comes from Bigdickcharlie98 from Twitch…What’s up Hitomi? Do you like sucking dick?”


“Great question Bigdickcharlie98!.. Yes and no, it depends on the guy. Giving head is good because it warms the guy up and gets him hard and ready to fuck. The really big ones can be tough to take. The first time I had a huge one I took it too far back and gagged myself. I threw up all over him. I was mortified!!!” Hitomi recalled. Several ladies in the audience busted out in laughter, giving Hitomi acknowledgement that she wasn’t the only one that experienced this.


“I remember those days early in my career.” Sara commented to Ryoko.


“It’s like that was just yesterday.” Ryoko agreed.


Taiyohime looked at Leilani and simply giggled. Leilani crossed her arms and tilted her head up slightly.


“What’s so funny? I never choked on a dick before.”


“Whatever you say, Lei-chan.” Taiyohime retorted with a big grin, implying disbelief.


“The small to average ones are good because they won’t stretch out your jaw out like a snake. I like em big but not too big. The worst is when you come across a dude that stinks down there.” The streaming star explained while comically pinching her nose and shaking her head no.


“Tomi-chan says no to Stinky winky. Fellas please do us a favor and wash your dicks and balls.” Advised Hitomi. The crowd chuckled in response to this but a couple of female voices spoke out in dissent.


“I disagree! there’s nothing more erotic than the smell a guy’s manly musk down there!” Commented one human woman in the audience


“Yeah, It’s so raw and natural. A real man isn’t gonna smell like strawberry kiwi or apple cinnamon!” Agreed a second voice which belonged to a bear breed Beast Maiden.


“Next question comes from Big Henry from Linkum….Do you like the taste of cum?…The cum is different for every guy. Some are thicker than others. Some guys taste really sweet like candy while some taste sour and some others are really bitter. Your diet has the biggest effect on how your cum tastes. Eating really salty foods makes your nut really salty. I can definitely tell when a man eats a lot of fish!” The grey eyed beauty revealed. Her eyes turned into two “Xs” like when characters supposedly die in old cartoons.


“Do your wife, girlfriend, and/or fuck buddy a favor and eat lots of fruit. She’ll be grateful for it. Tell her Tomi-Chan told you!” The young starlet pitched with her with a cheeky smile and her signature hand wave. Xavier took out a pen and began writing something in his notebook.


That reminds me I need to stock up on fruit asap!‘ Xavier thought to himself. He then looked back at Hitomi. ‘She looks so good! I wonder what she tastes like…‘ The young man pondered before picking up his phone to type something.


“Next, we have a question from Seymour Butts. What do your parents think of you going to BSU and being in the Adult Entertainment Industry?”


“My parents are cool with it. They were surprised when I first told them but they were understanding. My mom is actually pretty excited. She’s looking forward to me winning awards and her getting to come to red carpet events with me. She settled down and got married pretty young so I think she’s living her fantasies through my life and experiences. My dad has been pretty quiet about it though. I don’t think he likes talking about the details of my life.” Hitomi explained before browsing.


“Next we have 2 questions from SportyCakes on Twitter.


“I’m a bit of a tomboy who was raised by my father. Just last week the guy I’ve wanted, a friend of mine since elementary school, asked me out. I don’t wear makeup and I usually wear my hair in a ponytail. My big date with this guy is in a few days! I don’t know what to do. Could you help me out?”


“Sure SportyCakes! Giving beauty tips will take more time than I have right now and you have to be ready in a couple of days. But…I’ll tell you what, I’m gonna hook you up! I’m gonna set you up with a complimentary appointment with Hana from Mama Hana’s Beauty Emporium! This is the best place in World City to take care of your beauty needs. They do hair, nails, makeup plus they just added a spa treatment center to the facility. Just DM me the day and time you wanna go!” Hitomi said with a smile before glancing back at her phone. Han smiled briefly as Hitomi talked about Mama Hana’s Beauty Emporium. Hitomi then began to read the next question.


“I’m still a virgin and I’m a little nervous about having sex for the first time. I really like this guy and I want my first time to be with him. I don’t know what to do! Have any advice for me?”


“There’s nothing like your first sexual experience, it can be quite magical under the right circumstances. I think you should be natural, and just let it flow, don’t force it. Whether it’s your first date, second date or even the 10th time hanging out, do it when the time feels right, don’t allow peer pressure from your friends to dictate your decision. You’ll feel it in your body and in your heart when it’s time. Chances are that if he has been your friend since elementary he feels the same way about you and just recently found courage to tell you. You both will know when the ‘the moment’ hits. Good luck on your first date!” Announced the social media star.


“And now we have a question from The_World_Warrior on Youtube. Oooh, it’s a pretty juicy one too… I was wondering, What kind of guys do you like?”


“I like guys who like to have fun, guys that can make me laugh, Someone who doesn’t mind streaming with me….. But most of all I want a man who sees me for who I am and accepts it completely.” Hitomi answered. Eiji smiled as she spoke, knowing he had seen her true personality. Xavier nodded his head acknowledging her answer. He had been curious about Hitomi since seeing her.


“And look what time it is…” she said while looking at her phone.


“It’s Game Time with Tomi-Chan!” Hitomi announced with a large contingent of males in the audience chanting along with her. This segment of her presentation opened with an anime intro of Hitomi fighting alongside several heroes from various video games.


“Let’s play some Call of Duty: Epic Warfare 5!… But first a word from our sponsor. Do you love playing video games online? Your in-game opponents aren’t the only people trying to shoot you down. Hackers, trolls and thieves are always looking to make a score on your personal information. But you can shut them down with Ronin VPN!” recited the busty streaming star.


“Ronin VPN allows you to browse the internet, play video games, watch streaming movies /Television safely and securely with COMPLETE anonymity. Wanna watch the newest Japanese Oppai flick? Or how about German Gangbangs? With Ronin VPN you can choose servers from all 195 countries as well as numerous territories which allows you to watch region-locked content from anywhere!”


“Sign up now! Ronin VPN is making a special offer to my fans and followers. When you register, enter the code Tomi and you’ll get 30% off Ronin VPN service and 3 months of Samurai Security free of charge. Samurai Security is the most trusted name in antivirus software for over 30 years.”


“Protect your online identity and information with Ronin VPN today!” Hitomi said to close out her ad spot. She then picked up the controller.


“So even as college students who are unproven, we can still get endorsements?” Maihime asked Matsunami.


“Yes, even if we are unproven in the industry some individuals come in with past history that can be exploited by businesses. Hitomi already has a following in the video streaming and gaming worlds. She can sell products to her existing base while also promoting herself to fans who may not be familiar with her. It’s a win for both her and her sponsors.” Matsunami explained.


“The way you describe it, this sounds like the girls who have sponsors start off with a competitive advantage against us.” Yuriko chimed in.


“That is kinda true. These sponsorships do get exposure for the people who have them. But they have to get in front of the cameras and perform just like we do. Endorsements and corporate backing doesn’t improve skill.” Matsunami pointed out.


“It doesn’t, but it still gives them a boost. Maybe I can get some company to sponsor my designs.” Mai replied quietly, the doubt evident in her voice. The 3 of them then shifted their attention back to the stage.


“Let’s see what I can do on here.” Hitomi remarked while turning her back to the audience to face the megatron screen behind her. The map selected was a futuristic night time cyberpunk cityscape, filled with various neon lights and colors. The sexy streamer started off the match immediately with a kill, dodging shots of an approaching opponent before delivering a pinpoint accurate counter.




“Got em! Headshot!” Hitomi yelled in her cute, teen idol voice while jumping up and down. Hitomi mowed down the opposition with ease in battle royale mode. The audience cheered at the surprising display of skill. The viewers laughed as Hitomi engaged her opponents on voice chat. Off to the side of the screen were mini screens which showed Hitomi from two alternate angles while she played. The first angle was a front view and the second was an upskirt angle which revealed her mini thong. The black and blonde haired woman went on a killing spree, taking out 7 consecutive enemies without being shot down herself. Just as she was about to gun down victim number 8 her character fell to the ground from a single shot.


“Murder4Life killed Tomi-Chan” read the text on the screen.


“It was a good streak while it lasted! I’ll start an even longer one when I come back!” Hitomi guaranteed.” But right after she revived, she was blasted a second time by the same opposing player. Hitomi had respawned in the exact same spot where she was killed the first time.


“Nice shot Murder4Life, but when you’re done riding your dildo and wanna face me for real, I’ll be waiting at respawn.” Hitomi challenged her opponent over voice chat.


“Yeah, right! Like I’m gonna throw down with the talking Fleshlight. Thanks, but no thanks.” Murder4Life fired back from in-game voice chat.


“Funny you say that! I was gonna assume a fleshlight was the closest you’ve gotten to a real pussy, the joke just writes itself, really…” the busty beauty retorted into her headset before shifting her attention to the audience. The audience was amused at Hitomi’s more competitive nature.


“See guys, this is the type of player you don’t want to be, a camper. This guy is sitting in one spot sniping people. He’s gonna try and do this for the whole match. He’s probably watching this broadcast and stream sniping me too.” Hitomi explained while waiting to respawn again.


“This gaming behavior is considered cowardly and a scrub tactic.” Hitomi further detailed so non-gamers could understand what was going on.


“And now we’re gonna go get em! Murder4Life won’t get another kill the rest of the match!” The twitch streamer boldly proclaimed while turning to face the megatron screen again.


“I’ve played these maps so much I know where all the camping spots are, watch this!” Hitomi narrated as she moved across the map to find her enemy. She eventually found Murder4Life on a hilltop, crouched behind a rock. She switched over her weapon from an assault rifle to a .45 caliber handgun as she crept up behind her unsuspecting foe.


OOOOOOHH!” awed the gamer’s in the crowd who knew what was about to happen.


BLAM! BOOM! POP!” sounded the speakers as Hitomi stood over her rival and shot 3 times execution style.


“Now what were you saying?” Hitomi asked rhetorically.


YEEEEEEEAAAAAH!” The crowd cheered after seeing Hitomi dispatch Murder4Life. She then resumed playing, gunning down her foes while skillfully evading gunfire. Hitomi was now 1 kill away from winning the match.


“How about we try a fighting game next, yeah Street Fighter 8!” Hitomi announced.


“Anyone in the audience like to play Street Fighter?” She asked with a grin. Several male voices and even a few female voices in the crowd responded with a yes, including Xavier and Maihime. Xavier himself was a lifelong fighting game enthusiast, having learned how to play as a little boy.


“How about this, I’m going to choose one of you to come on stage and play against me.” Hitomi said while walking down the stairs to exit the stage. The gamer suggested, prompting an excited uproar from the crowd. She walked around the arena looking around at gamers in the crowd with their hands raised. Some stood up and others jumped up and down.




She pranced around the arena looking for a competitor until suddenly stopping near the back row.


“I think I found someone… But before I tell you who it is I wanna know, how many of you like the anime Bleach?” She asked. The audience broke into a long, deafening roar. The cheers were broken up by a video that started playing on all of the screens in the arena.


“The greatest anime and manga series of all time returns with the newest installment in its mobile game series! Bleach: Blades of Destiny! Draw your Zanpakutou and relive the epic tale of souls as your favorite character!” Hitomi exclaimed as gameplay footage ran.


“Oh shit! Courageous Souls is getting a sequel!?” Xavier yelled, his mouth wide open in shock while looking at Kaede and Takiko.


“I guess so asshole!” Takiko replied in response to his excited yelling.


“Choose from over 20 game modes including Story, Player Vs Player, Senkaimon Challenge, Chronicle Quest, Guild Battle, Multiplayer, CO-OP and much more!”


“Wow! This looks crazy!” Maihime exclaimed in awe of the mobile game’s features.”


“Reach even greater levels of power with the new Transcendence feature!” Pitched the youtube star.


FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!” read the text on the screen. This was followed by an anime cutscene of Hitomi dressed in Shinigami garb, fighting off several Quincys. The in-game Hitomi character was wearing a sleeveless red hoodie along with a necklace which featured a distinct family crest.




“What the!?” Saitou remarked in utter shock as he watched on, staring at the emblem on Hitomi’s necklace.


IS SHE…?” Matsunami asked aloud, looking at her little sister with a stunned face.


NO WAY!” Maihime replied in disbelief.


“For a limited time you can get yours truly as a playable character for FREE! Join the fight and download Bleach Blades of Destiny from KLAB games!” Hitomi announced while striking Ichigo Kurosaki’s signature Bankai pose, pointing her arms out like she was holding a giant sword.


Xavier stared in awe at this, realizing just how big of a moment this was. He was amazed at the fact that a classmate is a character in his all time favorite anime/manga series. Goosebumps formed on his arms, not only at the idea of playing against Hitomi in Blades of Destiny, but the possibility of becoming a Bleach character himself.


“She’s just starting college and she’s appearing in video games, how does this work?” he asked Kaede.


“These corporations can scoop up anybody they think they can market. Doesn’t matter how old you are or what your status is.” Kaede explained. Takiko sat watching with a big grin on her face.


“Download today! Available on Android, Apple and Steam!” The sexy gamer announced to close this ad spot. She continued to walk before stopping at the back aisle.


YOU!” the beautiful content creator said decisively, while pointing out Xavier. He had been sitting there with his hand raised talking to Kaede, not expecting to be selected. Kaede and Takiko both pointed in Hitomi’s direction to clue Xavier in. He looked over to see Hitomi pointing at him from the center aisle.


“Come on Mr. Rapper man, let’s fight.” She urged. Xavier slowly got up out of his seat and followed her to the stage.


“That’s the guy that dissed Koko earlier. Must be revenge for her doxxing him on Linkum, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and even on a Youtube video after SPLASH.” Said one female student.


“Meh, This bum is just mad because he keeps bombing. So now he wants to diss everyone.” answered a male student dismissively.


“I don’t think it’s like that. He didn’t diss Professor Reed.” replied the female student.


“Well duh, he can’t diss the woman who accepted him to go to school here. That’s career suicide!” The young man retorted.


Once Xavier arrived on the stage , Hitomi handed him a microphone.


“So what’s your name again?” Hitomi asked.


“X…” Xavier answered nervously.


“I hope you’re ready X… CUZ YOU’RE ABOUT TO FACE THE ASS KICKING, DICK LICKING MAESTRO OF GAMING…TOMI-CHAAAAAAAN!” She yelled before tossing him a controller. The two combatants took to their chairs to do battle


“Nothing like a live video game showdown. This is gonna be chemically exciting!” Skyla said to Maihime who sat silent and ate a piece of candy.


Hitomi selected Chun Li while Xavier chose Ryu.


“Best 2 out of 3 matches, If you can beat me you get little surprise!” Hitomi said with sure confidence that she would prevail.


“What is this surprise?” Xavier questioned with his brow raised.


“Win and you’ll find out. Just maybe you’ll get lucky and beat me.” Hitomi teased while sticking her tongue out.


ROUND 1 FIGHT!” Yelled the game’s announcer, signifying the start of battle. Hitomi blocked a jumping kick and counter with a 6 hit combo that ended with a lightning kick. She applied tremendous pressure on Xavier, with high speed combos that forced him to block. The moment he attempted to attack, Hitomi beat him to the punch with a quicker attack. Her flurry of light attacks proved too much for him and she won the round without much issue. Using the same strategy, Hitomi forced him into another corner and proceeded to win the second round as well, sweeping the match in dominant fashion.


Oh shit, this girl is no joke…’ Xavier thought to himself.


In the second match, Xavier adjusted to Hitomi’s aggressive style of play, using an assortment of mix up techniques and cross up combos, alternating between standing and ducking attack, confusing her defense until he claimed victory in the first round. Hitomi changed her strategy in round 2 by throwing multiple Kikoken projectile attacks, forcing Xavier to fire back with Hadokens to nullify Hitomi’s long range assault. Chun li’s projectiles were much quicker than Ryu’s and covered distance on the screen quickly. She used this advantage to close the distance and apply pressure, resulting in several combos being exchanged. Hitomi claimed round one by eating up Xavier’s guard meter resulting in a guard break. Ryu stood stunned and unable to move allowing Hitomi to press the advantage.


KIKOSHO!” screamed Chun Li loudly as she fired a massive dome-like projectile attack that enveloped most of the screen in blue and white light. Xavier’s health depleted until it was gone which sent Ryu flying in slow motion until he hit the ground, ending the second round with a Hitomi victory.


With one round left in the second match Hitomi was on the cusp of winning while Xavier was facing being swept two matches to zero. Beads of sweat ran down their faces as the tension rose to an even higher level!


Despite winning most of the rounds thus far, this guy is adapting very quickly…’ Hitomi thought in the back of her mind.


This time, Xavier fought more aggressively stringing together an impressive 50 hit combo which ended with a super move from Ryu!


SHINKUUUUU….HADOKEN!” Ryu yelled before firing a massive beam-like wave of ki which sent Chun-Li crashing to the other end.


FUCK!‘ Xavier cursed under his breath. He thought that combo would kill his opponent but that wasn’t the case. He had closed the distance in health between them, but Hitomi had miniscule amount left.


Now with both their health bars near empty, the two combatants dueled one another with projectiles, each hoping the other would block or slip up on the projectile input command. This created a fireball vs fireball stalemate that wittled the clock down to 10 seconds. Neither fighter wanted to make a move out of fear of making a mistake but someone had to or else this contest would come down to a draw. With time winding down they each made their move which coincidentally was the same move, a jumping hard kick.




Ryu and Chun Li clashed and traded hits.


AHHHHHHHH!” screamed Chun Li in defeat. Xavier barely survived this one, having a fraction of a percent more health than Hitomi did. Xavier dropped his hands and let out a sigh of relief.


“Pretty decent, Mr. Rapper man!” The skilled gamer girl commented somewhat dismissively. Xavier didn’t respond, instead staying focused.


I SURVIVED!‘ Thought the green eyed youth while taking a very deep breath.


“You got lucky there! Better catch your breath while you can Mr. Rapper man.” Hitomi suggested as she got out of her seat for the final match. Xavier stood silent as the crowd roared for Hitomi even louder than before.




TOMI-CHAN! TOMI-CHAN! TOMI-CHAN!” cheered the audience who were firmly behind Hitomi.


The final match between them was a calculated and masterful exchange. Hitomi won the first round and Xavier took the second. As the final round began, Hitomi sat at the edge of her seat while Xavier got out of his chair completely. They battled it out furiously in round 3 but Hitomi gained the upper hand, landing a throw before chaining a 7-hit combo to it, putting Xavier’s health at a bare minimum once again. If he blocked 1 more special or super move it would drain the little bit of stamina his character had left. Hitomi was in the lead with 25% of her character’s health bar remaining. The spiky haired student showed skillful defense, jumping over projectiles and avoiding Hitomi’s attempts to force him to block health draining special moves.


I got him, the clock is going to force him to attack. If he doesn’t he’ll lose by time over.‘ Hitomi thought to herself. She jumped over a Hadoken, landing right in front of her opponent. Right after Hitomi did a quick input which started animation for an Ultra attack.


SENRETSUKYAKU!” Screamed Chun Li. Xavier was doomed, it didn’t matter if he blocked because the attack would still KO him anyway. With a split second to act there was only one thing he could do which was virtually impossible to pull off. As Hitomi delivered the first blow of her ultra attack, Xavier somehow blocked it. Ryu took on a different pose than the regular blocking animation.




NO WAY!‘ Hitomi thought to herself as she watched Ryu defend against each hit of Chun Li’s Ultra combo. Many gamers in the crowd awed in response to the display of skill they were witnessing!


He’s doing it! The full parry!‘ Hitomi thought as she stood there hoping Xavier would botch an input command. The parry is a defensive technique that blocks an opponent’s attack without costing any health. The controller input must be input repeatedly to defend against each blow of the opponent’s attack. Xavier did so to Hiitomi’s complete astonishment!


He had performed the near non-existent FULL PARRY technique, deflecting every kick of Chun Li’s 20-hit Ultra attack. Then for a brief moment there was quiet, until he hit her with a forward dashing elbow to the gut. This was the opening animation to Ryu’s own Ultra attack…


SHINNN SHORYU KENNN!!!!” Ryu bellowed while shifting into his Evil Ryu form for his rising uppercut finisher! Several members of the audience stood up and cheered, hyped up because of the dramatic finish to the final match of their contest.


REALLY!?” Hitomi exclaimed in disbelief at her amazing comeback defeat. She then stood up and turned to face the audience.


I HATE LOSING!” The grey eyed gamer fumed cutely, making a playful pouty face while putting her controller on the desk.


“I gave my word, so I guess I have to deliver on my promise. The streaming star admitted while biting her lip with a semi frown. Give me a minute.” Hitomi said before dashing behind the curtain. Self promotional ads of Hitomi played on the megatron screen while she was off stage.


After about a minute she came back out dressed as the one and only Chun Li herself. Hitomi sported her own variation of Chun Li’s sexy alternate china dress costume. It consisted of a long qipao style dress which was slit open on the sides to show off Hitomi’s holiday ham-sized thighs. The sleeveless dress had a plunging “V” style neckline to reveal the youtube star’s ample cleavage. The chest area of the dress was decorated with gold fabric and formed a curving pattern that was present on all of Chun Li’s attire. There was a white Obi style belt around her waist. On her feet, she wore matching white kung fu slippers. Hitomi’s wrists were adorned with black titanium bracelets with spikes protruding outward from them. Unlike the original costume which was black, Hitomi had gotten a cherry red version made to fit her personal style. Hitomi had also let her hair down, allowing it to hang freely to match Chun Li’s look.


Xavier’s mouth dropped and his heart’s pace quickened as he watched Hitomi step from behind the curtain. The audience let out hollers and catcall whistling as Hitomi approached the spiky haired gamer.


“I need you to sit down Mr. Rapper man!” Hitomi ordered. Xavier backed down in his chair nervously. A sexy pop music remix of Chun Li’s stage theme then came on as Hitomi approached Xavier.


She stood directly across from him and began doing a slow motion Kata-like dance, moving fluidly with the music while performing stances, punches and kicks based on Chun Li’s in game movesets.


“Oh my god! She’s about to do a striptease!” said one ticket buying Hitomi fan, surprised by what was happening.


“Hitomi has built her fanbase through teasing and doing non-nude only content which is amazing. I myself had only seen her in action for the first time when she submitted her video application to get into BSU.” Sara Reed commented.


“You took her from me before I ever got the chance to see her audition tape.” Ryoko complained jokingly.


“You act like you didn’t cherry pick any of the girls you saw first for your class.” Sara retorted. Hitomi then took her jacket from around her waist and dropped it to the floor. She then swayed her hips slowly to the left and slowly to the right as she turned her back to the scar faced young man. Xavier quivered, partly out of anxiety from being on the orientation stage and partly because he was getting up close and personal with yet another celebrity who could potentially become a classmate. The fact that he struck out 3 times with other high profile students; Violette, Ashani and most recently Koko took over his mind as he sat there. Sweat ran down his face as thoughts of the worst kind ran through his mind.


Eiji busted a nut up here without even being touched. What if that happens to me? My comeback will be dead before I can get it going!’ He thought to himself with growing worry.


The cosplay expert then approached Xavier, walking towards him in Chun Li’s fighting stance much like her in-game counterpart does. Suddenly, Hitomi stopped right in front of Xavier and then did a series of kicks, low, mid level and high, mimicking Chun Li’s lightning kick. Xavier didn’t flinch at despite how close Hitomi got to hitting him in the face with her foot. This display revealed Hitomi’s paper thin red thong which was sinking between the folds of her ever moistening pussy.


“You’re a shy one I see…” Hitomi said sweetly as she leaned forward and gently rubbed his face.


“And you’re getting off on this huh?” Xavier asked in a low voice.


Following her words, Hitomi squatted down and started twerking. The two toned haired video princess seductively moved her lady humps in a fluid side to side motion, each time ending with a resounding clapping noise. She took a step back and got even closer to the nervous teenager, moving that ass on Xavier’s legs. The young man leaned back in his chair as Hitomi grinded up against him, bringing her booty further up his legs and closer to his crotch area. The boy squeezed his legs together tightly to restrain his third leg from rising upward but it was of no use.


“You’re not used to getting this kind of attention are you?” Hitomi asked the squeamish recruit as she turned around and sat in his lap.


“It’s okay, just go with the flow. I have plenty of fans who are like you, just enjoy your victory… Next time we play you won’t be so lucky!” Hitomi remarked with a smirk while leaning in even closer.” She pressed her huge tits up against the reluctant guest’s face moving them from side to side while grinding rhythmically in his lap.


“How does this guy just keep running into chicks like like this!? I’ve been trying to get laid by a female student for months.” Eric complained to Saitou.


“You already know the answer to that question.” the security chief quipped back.


Maihime looked on with a conflicted expression on her face. It was one of hurt because it was Xavier who was up there mixed with admiration for Hitomi.


Why did you have to do this X?…You could have just told me Professor Reed gave you the date quota.


The Silver haired woman’s emotional wounds were still raw over the last 2 days worth of events and it was awkward and painful for her to see her ex boyfriend with another woman on stage. However, she was mystified to see Hitomi’s sexual power in action.


She has tons of people online who worship her and are just happy to get a response from her to their messages. She started from nothing just like I’m doing…‘ she thought.


As Hitomi continued to dance on Xavier his legs loosened up slightly. She felt something hard brush up against her thigh.


“Oooh! So you do have a pulse after all.” The internet starlet said with a sultry grin as she began to bounce up against him. Hitomi lightly slapped Xavier in the face with her flesh orbs while slowly dry humping him. She then leaned backwards arching her back towards the floor and planted her palms firmly on the ground and backflipped off of her opponent, landing on her feet. Hitomi then threw a combination attack which consisted of a string of high speed punches and kicks. The Youtube star masterfully controlled her attacks, coming close to but never actually striking Xavier. It was crystal clear that Hitomi had a martial arts background. At the conclusion of her combo, she crouched down into a low stance….




Hitomi exploded upward, launching herself into the air with a rising triple roundhouse kick! She whipped her right leg for the first part of the attack before continuing with her left leg for the second kick. As she continued to spin, Hitomi finished the attack with another kick with the right leg. Xavier looked up in awe admiring, not the recognizable Chun-Li technique and Hitomi’s physical ability, but the obvious pussy flash that came with such a move.


My goodness! She got a fatty on her!‘ Xavier thought to himself while admiring Hitomi’s vajayjay.


Hitomi began to lose momentum as she was right above Xavier. She leaned forward as gravity ran its course, allowing herself to fall into a front flip. Hitomi spread her legs while falling, landing in Xavier’s lap in a full split.


WHAT WAS THAT?!” Xavier asked her. Hitomi purposely ignored the question as answering it would kill the mood. Hitomi moaned loudly as she felt Xavier’s monstrous trouser snake rise to full mast in his pants. She grasped his shoulders bucking her hips back and forth against his giant tentpole. The friction between their bodies caused her tits to fall out of her top. Hitomi went along with this by moving her torso from side to side. She gently brushed his face and lips with her nipples. Unable to resist, Xavier flipped out his tongue and licked Hitomi’ big pink nips before latching on to them.


AHHHH…UMMM! OOOH YEAH BABY! That’s it lemme feel that cock!” Hitomi moaned. Having gotten more comfortable, Xavier grabbed 2 big handfuls of Hitomi’s ass. But before things could heat up even further….




Hitomi then stood back up and put her tits back into her top. She glanced over to her computer and saw she had reached yet another record milestone for Youtube. In response, she jumped up and down repeatedly, her tits bouncing around like 2 oversized basketballs. As she finished, she closed her eyes and flashed a big smile while throwing up the peace sign.


YATTA!” yelled Hitomi exuberantly, quoting Chun Li in her victory pose. She then allowed herself a moment to take a few deep breaths. She appeared to be exhausted.


“Looks like time is up on my stream! That was just a little preview. If you wanna see me really get wild, follow me on social media and subscribe to my channel! Till we see each other again, STAY HORNY MY FRIENDS! BYE-YAAAAA!” Hitomi yelled while waving at the audience and the TV cameras filming her.


The streaming video vixen then pranced off of the stage as the lights on stage went down. At the same time, Xavier’s phone vibrated. He looked at the message and immediately got up and walked behind the stage curtain. The audience cheered Hitomi loudly as she walked back to her seat. A young blue haired twin tailed woman, dressed in what appeared to be a samurai inspired uniform rose to her feet, clapping and cheering.


“That’s my sister! Way to show them the strength of our family!” Yelled the blue haired woman excitedly.




“I hit a new record!” Hitomi boasted as she returned to her seat next to Eiji.


“I got a million people watching my stream!” She detailed while showing Eiji her account information on her cell phone’s screen.


“Hell of a show you put on, but you didn’t have to blue balls the guy the way you did.” Eiji joked with a chuckle.


“This was just a preview…I can’t give everything away on a free TV broadcast.” Hitomi explained.


“I getcha. You’re gonna have the entire gaming world at your fingertips.” Predicted the former basketball player


“Hell yeah I am… What are you gonna do for your presentation?” Hitomi asked curiously


“You’ll have to wait and see.” Eiji answered with a smile. Elsewhere in the arena, other students talked amongst each other.


“Where did Takiko go? She’s been gone for a while. She said she had to go to the bathroom” Brass remarked while looking over at Kaede.


“I don’t know.” Kaede answered with a coy smirk.


“She’s going next isn’t she?” Brass guessed dryly.


Backstage, Takiko was waiting for Xavier to walk behind the curtain after Hitomi’s presentation ended. She handed him a shopping bag.


“Put this on.” Takiko instructed. Xavier looked inside of the bag and immediately frowned.


“C’mon…Really?” Xavier asked.


“Fuck yes! I really need you to do it. Remember you told me you got me right?” Takiko asked.


“Yeah, I got you.” Xavier replied with a head nod.


“Alright I gotta go,” Takiko said while walking up close. She gave Xavier a kiss on the lips.


“Thank you!” She commented before turning to walk away.


“Good luck Kiko. Go kill it!” the green eyed teen replied while giving Takiko a smack on her backside, causing her to blush. A few minutes passed as Takiko prepared herself. Other students speculated amongst themselves on who was going next.


“Who do you think is going up next?” Nicole asked while looking at Violette and Ashani.


“Hmmm. I don’t have a clue.” Violette replied as she thought about potential presenters.


“Eiji, That basketball player you hooked up with hasn’t presented yet.” Nicole remarked.


“There’s also Han too. The #1 ranked freshman.” Ashani remarked putting emphasis on his rank.


“Yeah, yeah… Whatever…” Violette scoffed.


“The lighting dimmed again and the double doors to the arena opened up once again.




The chatter in the arena was broken up by the loud sounds of an engine being revved up. Everyone in the crowd shifted their attention to the door. At that moment, Xavier stepped out of the doorway, embarrassingly dressed in a pair of skin tight black bicycle shorts along with a very tight fitting black and white striped sleeveless referee shirt. He stopped in front of the doorway and pulled out a prop revolver hand, raising it into the air. The audience let out a collective OOOOHHHH as some people figured out what was about to happen.




Xavier fired a single shot into the air prompting more engine revving. As he stepped to the side the front of a silver sports car rolled slowly through the doorway. This was the Nissan Chikara series T-1, a prototype specially made for Voyager.


“This is the first time the T-1 has ever been seen anywhere!”


Fans cheered as they got their first glimpse at the pimped out ride. The jewel encrusted rims shined brightly, creating a twinkling effect around the car’s low profile tires. This model of car had to be imported from Japan, for such a sleek body design hadn’t been seen on American shores. The car was reminiscent of rides seen in the early 2000’s era blockbuster street racing movies. Cameras zoomed in on the windows in an unsuccessful attempt to peek in and see who was driving, however the completely blacked out tint job prevented anyone from being able to id the driver. The vehicle cruised at 1 mile an hour causing hundreds of cell phones to flash. The custom sports car was painted with the BSU school colors and had numerous company logos emblazoned on its body; including the emblem of Voyager, the nations #1 ride/transport service. Other logos included Yokohama tires, gas station and convenience store chain Motor Mart and Auto World, a well known store which specialized in vehicle parts including speakers and other sound equipment. Loud rap music pumped from the silver car’s speakers which was so powerful it created vibrations that could be seen around it as the driver continued to move slowly.


A caravan of other vehicles ranging from luxury sports cars, pimped out pickup trucks, SUVs, rolled down each of the 6 aisleways in the arena. Scantily clad women shook their asses, bounced their tits and flashed audience members from the beds of the pickup trucks. These other vehicles trailed behind the T-1 as it treaded along.




The driver of the silver sports car suddenly punched the gas, pushing the pedal all the way to the floor. The car instantly accelerated going about 20 feet.




The driver abruptly hit the brakes, causing the vehicle seemingly to spin out of control, doing a 360 degree rotation. She skillfully controlled the brake and the steering wheel to drift the rest of the way down the aisle at a diagonal angle. As she got closer to the stage, she whipped the steering wheel, turning the car completely backwards and pumped the brakes, drifting off to the side of the stage entrance like she was backing into a parking space


“With a drift like that she’s definitely a legit street racer!” Matsunami remarked. She was somewhat familiar with the street racing scene in World City because of her own street biking background.


“I haven’t seen a drift that smooth in real life. That was straight out of the movies!” Yuriko added.


Noticing all of the sponsor logos he saw on the car while it was spinning, Eiji said, “Whoever this is she’s got some heavy hitters backing her up.”


“Yeah, she has almost as many sponsors as me. Those speakers are boomin! I could feel it between my legs as it passed us.I wanna know who did the sound system for that car.” Hitomi remarked.


“That’s a hell of a way to make an entrance,” Brass said to Kaede.


The sports car pulled up to the stage and the door on the driver’s side opened. The driver slowly stepped out, revealing herself to be dressed in a skin tight silver racing jumpsuit and black platform high heel shoes. The figure’s face was hidden underneath an all black helmet with a tinted visor to hide her identity. The masked driver pumped her fist in the air which drew a powerful response from the crowd.


“Do you know who that is under the helmet?” Eric asked Saitou.


“Of course I do and you should too. It sounds to me that you didn’t review the security documents I sent the entire BSU security staff a couple of days ago.” The Head of Security answered with one eyebrow raised.


“Uhhh, I did! I just couldn’t remember!” Eric replied.


“Excuses, Excuses. Look and pay attention,” Saitou chided while shaking.


“Whoever she is, She’s stacked.” commented the junior security officer.


The masked driver then walked up the steps to the stage, moving her body in a slow, seductive fashion. She squeezed her bountiful boobs and knocked them together while swaying her hips in suggestive fashion. The masked figure then ran her hands down her sides and hips. The female then started shaking and bouncing her tits while grasping the zipper at the top of her jumpsuit, gradually unzipping it and revealing her gargantuan breasts which were held by a silver bikini top. The figure continued her dance-like movements, bringing her shoulders back and forth while peeling off the sleeve portions of the jumpsuit. The jumpsuit fell to the ground, showing off the figure’s uniform in full. It consisted of a silver micro miniskirt, and a navy blue shirt with a matching thong underneath the skirt. The figure’s skirt was different from other female students because it had a belt accessory. The audience began to chant loudly.




The figure on stage then pointed to her helmet in a teasing fashion which drew even louder chants.




The figure grabbed her helmet and began to lift her helmet.




She removed her helmet to reveal a beautiful face with distinct wild looking neon yellow eyes. The stick to a lollipop poked out from in between her black painted lips several people in the audience recognized the figure’s face from around the city.


“I know her… She’s a voyager driver. She was doing a lot of drop offs and pick ups at the club.” Matsunami remarked to Mai, Yuriko, and Skyla.


“I’ve seen her before. I got a ride to a concert a few months ago.” Hitomi recalled.


“Get em girl!” Xavier exclaimed while pumping his fist in support of Takiko. She grabbed the microphone from the stand sitting at center stage.


KONICHIWA BITCHES!!” Takiko greeted before holding the mic outward towards the crowd.




“I know some of y’all out here and I know some of y’all know me. But for those of you not in the know, I’m Takiko Makoto also known as ‘Taki Turbo’. Voyager driver extraordinaire, the baddest bitch to ever sit behind the wheel of a car! I’m the best cab driver in World City, check my stats if you don’t believe me!” Takiko boasted. Numerous individuals in the crowd started looking up her ratings.


“5 stars for 100% of my clients! Now imma tell you a little more about myself but before I do, I gotta tell you about one of my sponsors.


A video package began to play which showed a variety of different automobiles.


“My employer Voyager is known for being the best in personal transportation service but now we’re about to get into a new venture. Voyager rental car service! Yeah, that’s right motherfuckers, Voyager is the new name in excellence for renting vehicles. We have a vast selection of cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, vans whatever you need for the lowest possible price. We even have boats for rent for the sailors and fisherman out there!”


Our customer service professionals are friendly and easy to deal with plus they are available over the phone and online 24 hours a day!


Video shows a busty, beautiful and scantily clad female dressed in lingerie having a video chat with a customer.


We can help you find the perfect car to fit your travel needs. Plus we’ll come pick you up!


Video shows the lingerie clad woman pulling up to an apartment complex to pick up the man she was video chatting with.


“Give us a try, and we’ll give you the ride… and rental of your life!” Said the female voice narrating the video.


After the commercial was done playing, Takiko then began to walk along the front of the stage.


“So let me tell you a little about me. I’m from the ‘The Edge’ of World City. For those of you who don’t know, World’s Edge is the slums of World City, housing projects, gangs and crime are the regular over there. If you can make it in The Edge then you can make it anywhere. Me and my sister grew up with just our mom in the early days there. I don’t know who my biological father is and I don’t care to know either.”


“My mom worked 2 god damn jobs to take care of us. Once we were old enough, my sis and I stayed at home by ourselves while she was at work. That gave me a lot of time to run the streets and generally fuck up.”


“Unlike most girls, I wasn’t into dolls and cooking playsets as a kid. I really liked cars. I collected everything from mini hot wheels to the race tracks you can build to remote control cars. That was me all day every day. I used to race remote control cars against boys. And I would always win too.”


“When I was about 8 years old, my mom started dating this guy who worked as a bus driver. Of course he wasn’t rich but that didn’t matter. I was just happy that my mom found someone that loved her and treated her right.”


“But Cliff treated me and my sister right too. It takes a goddamn hell of a man to take in another man’s children and raise them as your own. Me and Cliff clicked instantly. He was really into cars too. As a side job, he fixes cars, he’s not a professional mechanic but this dude has tons of fuckin skills! He used to take me with him whenever he had a mechanic run to make, I was his little helper. I got him tools when he needed and shined the flashlight on stuff when he needed it. From watching him I learned how to be a mechanic myself. He even taught me how to drive when I was 10.” Takiko recalled with a smile.


She’s Cliff’s daughter…‘ Mai thought to herself as she recalled her friendly neighborhood bus driver.


“Eventually Cliff married my mom and we moved out of the hood to live with him. Cliff and my mom bought a 5 bedroom house that was bigger than anything I had ever seen! As I got older, my parents started having children together which completed our family. But at that time, I started hanging with the wrong crowd. I would go back to see my friends in the old neighborhood. By this time the boys I grew up with in The Edge were full blown thugs. They had money and clothes from hustling in the streets but most importantly to me, they had cars.”


The street racing circuit in World City has always been poppin. Having watched racing on TV as a kid I always wanted to be a race car driver. The gangsters and hustlers were also into the street racing scene. That’s how I got my first break. One of my friend’s let me drive his car in a race against one of his rivals. This shit wasn’t just any old race, it was high stakes and for big money. The guy I was representing had 5K he bet on me so the pressure was on. I was nervous as FUCK but I had been driving for years at this point. And guess what? I SMOKED THAT WEAK ASS NO DRIVING CAN’T HANDLE THE STICK ASS MOTHAFUCKA!!” Takiko bellowed loudly prompting a long sustained bout of laughter from the audience


“From there it was off to the races for me. Pun intended. I dedicated all of my time to becoming a better driver and racer. The gang I repped gave me a cut of the money from the races I won and even gave me my own car to customize and race with. At the same time, my grades started slipping in school. Eventually my parents found out what I was doing and they forbade me to race. They were worried about my safety both driving and associating with gang members. Both my mom and my dad were big on education, they wanted my sisters, brothers and I to be able to create better lives for ourselves than they had.” Takiko explained with a serious expression.


“But you know what? I didn’t give a fuck about what my parents had to say, I wanted the money. I was a rebel. I felt like I could achieve what they wanted and what I wanted for myself in my own way. So when I was 16 years old I dropped out of high school and moved out on my own.” She detailed with a sigh which reflected a degree of regret.


“I became a street racer full time. My adventures as a racer took me all over the world. I went up against the best racers, made tons of money, got into some of the most exclusive parties…I was living the dream. And I did this shit for 3 years…”


“I bet you’re wondering how I went from being a gambling street racer to standing on this stage in front of you. I wanted a change. I hadn’t seen my family at all during that time, I missed being home and I just wanted to do something different. I didn’t graduate from high school so I originally didn’t qualify to attend BSU. But a student here helped me over the summer with correspondence courses and studying for my GED exam. You know who you are slut…Thank you!” Takiko said with a happy smile. Rubii nodded in acknowledgement to Takiko’s words.


“She’s talking about you?” Leda asked Rubii


“Yeah, I worked with her to help her get accepted. I got the idea for the Personal Student Assistant Program from my work with Takiko over the summer.” The red dragon explained.


“Everyone has their own reasons for doing this. Some want fame and status, some want to achieve wealth while others seek power. I’m in it to help my family. I wanna make enough money to take care of my family so my parents don’t have to work anymore… And I wanna do this legally! They have worked hard and busted their asses all their lives. I want them to take a break.” The teal haired beauty admitted wishfully.


“But also, being a pornstar sounds like it’ll be so fuckin fun! Maybe someday I can be the top pornstar and the top race car driver at the same time! We still got a couple of weeks until classes start but until then if you ever need a ride somewhere, just call the 5 Star Phantom, Taki Turbo! I’m out bitches!” Barked Takiko before picking up her jumpsuit off the floor. The audience cheered as she got back into her car.




“Takiko has worked hard to get where she is and she’s had to overcome a lot. I’m excited to have her here.” Taiyohime said to Leilani


“She has a very checkered past though. Do you really think she can keep on the straight and narrow while she’s a student at BSU?” The Dean of Students replied.


“You don’t always have to be so negative. We’ve seen 3 more potential superstars. Why don’t you try being more supportive of our students.” The Headmistress suggested.


So far 9 students have presented and there are plenty more left. Who else is waiting in the wings? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Welcome to BSU!!!

(Story by User: Strider_Seiryu)



• Jade’s Voice Actress is Rachel Landon, who voiced Ikumi Mito from Shokugeki no Soma.

• Jade’s Seiyū is Shizuka Ito, who voiced Akeno Himejima from Highschool DxD.

• Jade is a new, original character created specifically for Welcome to BSU and as such, has no Road of Legends counterpart.

• Jade began as a minor side character to Matsunami. After she appeared alongside Matsunami and Eiji numerous times in the story, her creator decided to add her to the Class 1A roster as an aspiring stripper and strip club owner.

• Jade’s character and style was inspired by Burlesque stage performers and old era European and American Old West style clothing that are popular in Steampunk culture today.



• Hitomi’s Voice Actress is Tara Strong. Hitomi’s public, overly excited persona sounds like Strong’s rendition of Harley Quinn from numerous DC/Batman medias while Hitomi’s true Kuudere personality sounds like Raven from Teen Titans.

• Hitomi’s Seiyū is Nana Mizuki, who voiced Hinata Hyuga from Naruto.

• As revealed in chapter 13, Hitomi is a Kuudere. Underneath her vibrant, bubbly public persona lies a more private person. When not in front of cameras, Hitomi exudes a laid back and almost emotionless personality. This is exemplified by the slow, syrupy drawl she speaks with her calm and relaxed demeanor and her sometimes expressionless face. Hitomi will show this side of herself to those she has formed a strong connection with. She stunned Eiji Nakamura the morning after their first date. Although she seems cold, Hitomi is very caring to those she’s bonded with, and enjoys having coffee and breakfast with the chosen few who get to see her more private side. Hitomi developed her public persona when she first launched her Youtube page. Due to the intense competition in the online game streaming space, Hitomi felt that viewers would find her boring. To make herself stand out amongst the field of busty female gaming sirens, Hitomi created a personality inspired by the cute kawaii gravure idols prevalent in her native Japan. This was a major success for her which lead to Hitomi expanding her brand to include cosplaying, beauty products and makeup tips, vlogging, Q&A and lifestyle advice. With all of her success, she has kept herself grounded by remembering who she is inside.

• The character was originally conceived as a Bleach OC part of the ‘Road of Legends‘ series. Set 40 years after the end of the Bleach Manga, Road of Legends tells a tale of new heroes in the battle for the fate of the world. Hitomi is a member of the hidden hybrid Shinigami/Quincy Shinoda Clan. Ever the mischievous and adventurous soul, Hitomi longed to leave the confines of her clan’s village at Mt. Senjo. A highly skilled martial artist and swordsman, Hitomi was determined to leave home and serve in the Gotei 13. As a teenager, she left home without her parents consent and enlisted in Shin’ō Academy. After an early Shinigami career full of ups downs and even a stint in prison, Hitomi rose to the rank of Lieutenant, serving alongside relative and fellow Shinoda clan member Matsunami Shinoda. Approximately 200 years prior to the beginning of Bleach, Hitomi was tasked to investigate a disturbance in the Zaraki district of Rukongai. However, this was a trap. Former Captain Yumi Ozawa had discovered her Quincy lineage and sought to eliminate her because of it. Hitomi fought against Yumi in a battle for her own survival but ultimately she was defeated. In a cruel twist of fate, Yumi chose not to kill Hitomi but instead banished her to hell with a forbidden Kidō. While in hell, She fought against the hordes of Togabito for nearly 200 years, eventually being chosen by the Kushanāda to become their Warden of Hell. As a result, The Kushanāda bestowed new powers to Hitomi which drastically altered her Shinigami powers, giving her the ability to wield hellfire as well as the power to summon the forces of hell to come to her aid when needed. Although she is the Warden of Hell, Hitomi is still able to travel to Soul Society and the Human World.



• Takiko’s Voice Actress is Colleen Clinkenbeard, who voiced Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail.

• Takiko’s Seiyū is Eri Kitamura, who voiced Juri Han from the fighting game series: Street Fighters.

• The character was originally conceived as a Bleach OC part of the ‘Road of Legends‘ series. Set 40 years after the end of the Bleach Manga, Road of Legends tells a tale of new heroes in the battle for the fate of the world. Takiko is a member of the prestigious Gozen Clan, one of the oldest and most storied families in Soul Society’s history. A skilled swordsman, assassin and spy, Takiko served as guardian to her cousin and exiled heiress to the Gozen clan Tsukyo Gozen; also known as Gotei 13 2nd Division Lieutenant, Kaede Makoto. Takiko watches over Kaede from the shadows as a silent protector, emerging to assist Kaede when she is facing dire circumstances. Later on Takiko comes face to face with Kaede and is forced to reveal her true lineage, and train her in Tsukihana-Ryū (月花流, lit. “Moon-Blossom Sword Style“) in order to prepare her for the inevitable battle against a new Quincy threat.

• In Welcome to BSU, Takiko is Kaede’s older sister. They have different fathers but share the same mother. Having grown up in World’s Edge, Takiko is gritty, tough and streetsmart. She believes that with her upbringing, life has prepared her for the rigors of being in the adult entertainment industry.

• Takiko is a Tsundere. She is known for her foul mouth, ill temper and often loud and sometimes physically abusive behavior. Takiko often berates her close friend, Xavier Williams with disrespectful and often lewd insults, based on their tumultuous first encounter with one another on a busy World City highway. However, this is how she expresses her affection for him. Growing up on the rough and tumble streets of World’s Edge, she learned to be tough and to not show weakness. She carried this into her teen and adult years for she had to show strength in the male dominated street racing circuit. Oftentimes she reveals her softer side to him, opening up to Xavier and showing him what lies beneath her tough exterior.

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Ichigo Kurosaki
1 year ago

la verdad me gustaria que mi oc no kanon en kengan ashura se follara a las tres chicas ya que hay chicas hibridas tambien soñar no cuesta nada

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 years ago

Finally cought up with the story. And what a fun and interesting experience this was. Many and I mean MANY really outstanding artworks and stories. Can’t wait to see/read more.

I kinda like that you decided to have (up to) three characters be represented per chapter now. While it is nice to give each character their own spotlight, it also slows down the pace and having 24 or so artworks with the same background, nearly identical clothing and being mostly just Pin Up’s has the potential to become pretty boring. Safe to say, I like where this is going. The three beauties here are all extremely beautiful and it’s for me at least, the first Hitomi artwork I really like. Her tits look a little bit smaller than in the other two but that could also stem from her not being as close as in the other two and because she has to share this artwork with two other incredible hot beauties. I like her pose and that she has her phone in her hand. It looks in-character and as if she just did a selfie or is making a video of her/the audience. Takiko is another sexy girl and the pose she strikes really helps to divide the artwork into three segments. She has probably the second most endowed body of the three (Hitomi being the thiccest) and her challenging look, combined with her trademark lollipop is just awesome. Jade is a character I’m quite possibly the most exited about. The way her jacket just hangs over her shoulder reminds me of many One Piece characters and her overall outfit is just splendid. Compared to the other two girls, she has the most intruiging design. The fishnet stockings are really hot, her hair is certainly unique (perhabs a bit too much) and the little hat is just adorable. Their makeups are pretty good (Takiko > Jade > Hitomi) and the special version is a masterpiece on its own. Not as individual as the others before but still good. The flying love letters, roses, petals and heart shaped boxes are really nice.

No backstory. No long leadup. Straight into the next presentation. I love it. And Jade certainly did start strong with her cafè/rhiming sequence. Good stuff. And the way she used not only her cane but also a champagne bottle to represent a guys dick was just astounding. The only thing that would have maked this even better is, if she would have kept rhiming while going all slutty. But I supose you can’t have all of it XD. This rhime did so many things right but the thing I’m most grateful for is that she didn’t just talk about her backstory and motivation but made it interesting and unique. Hitomi was a for me the most interesting one. The Q&A section was pretty interesting but I would have loved to see more about Brooke’s influence because the Mini Meteor did start to “attack” her and I would have loved to hear the responce of her. Watching her play a game sounded nice but in the end it wasn’t special. I actually skipped the part where she mentioned her sponsor LOL. While I have nothing against the way Bleach is a world wide phenomenon in this world in particular, the fact that seemingly anyone in the audience cheered for it, knows about it and is a fan of it, seems to me too much of a power fantasy. I guess, it wouldn’t be too wild of a guess for that to be the case but when I compare it to other media juggernauts (like the MCU for movies or Attack on Titan or Dragon Ball for anime) it seems just a bit far stretched to have so many enthusiasts in one room, unless it is for this specific event. Perhabs I read too much into it or it comes from me coming from a pretty rural region in europe but I still… It’s your story so you can’t write what you want but it still bugs me a little bit. Her battle against Xavier was good. I don’t care about fighting games and don’t know about that EVO stuff but still good. The way she blue balled Xavier was pretty hot aswell. Takiko was probably the least interesting of the three. Probably because I don’t care about cars and because she did a pretty standart presentation in general (talking about her family, her motivation, etc. ).

Glad to finally be on the same page as everyone else. Amazing artwork and mixed rankings througout.
8,5/10 (Jade: Amazing artwork and one of my favorite presentations so far)
7,5/10 (Hitomi: Best artwork of her so far and one of the most unique presentations. I can’t deny that it did many things right)
7/10 (Takiko: Awesome pose but not the best presentation)

8/10 (The whole package)

Citizen V
Citizen V
3 years ago

Amazing, 3 for one chapter its great to finally be introduced to Jade and what an introduction that was. Tomi ever the fun girl she is, I love the evo reference when she played against X. Takiko is that girl gotta love her rough style always making things interesting. One thing for sure is Kiki is that girl.

Nice chapter Strider

3 years ago
Reply to  Citizen V

Its been a while V, nice to have you back. Jade appeared in stories since the beginning of BSU and finally after 2 years of writing shes here lol. Recreating EVO was pretty fun. I remember that moment from when it first happened. Takiko is definitely a special girl. I look forward to showing more of her character in the future. Glad you enjoyed the chapter and thank you for supporting my writing

3 years ago

Long time no see!!!
Always loving the direction each student’s theme in introductions are going, all throwing their hearts and desires out into the world, and these three definitely met the expectations and more: stand-up poetry, live-gaming event, and auto show, all in that order, certainly fill in the big-city university event list superbly. And what would a BSU introduction be without the REAL show of character, with such close similarities in terms of their physical perks yet enough to differentiate each and make for unique figures.
Jade’s remained an interesting side-character throughout the story thus far, from her friendships with Nami and Eiji and her various interactions with other key players in this game, and merging her experiences in bartending and….well, you know, and articulating it into purest poetry is beyond stellar: plus, her being a character originally (and thus far, exclusively) created for Busteez adds on some intrigue in terms of what else she’s capable of when competing with most of the other students in 1A and beyond.
And speaking of games, what else would make for Hitomi’s class debut than interacting with her fellow students, especially going a bit further in terms of competitive PVP with a certain little fella hehe. I’m also grown fascinated with this whole Bleach: Road of Legends continuity you and Rtenzo have worked on, so much so that it’s peaked my interests in getting back into watching the Bleach series after about eight or nine years since I finished it, and so many of the OC’s I’ve seen hold dear to the original designs of the series while taking steps towards advancement and even individuality in each character development, with Hitomi’s almost tied with Nani’s with so much change to her and awesome transitions in appearances!!!
But of the three, there can only be one fave-babe, and that’s managed to remain unchanged over the past year-and-a-half: Takiko, to this reader’s eyes. I honestly can’t explain, let alone figure out, what it is about her that makes her my favorite of the OC menagerie here: maybe it’s her tsundere-by-nature personality, maybe it’s because of a perfect and absolutely favored choice in her English voice actor <3, maybe her overall appearance and certain habits make cute to me, or even EVERYTHING about her is just bordering on perfect here, I don’t know (yeah, I’ll just go with that: Kiko’s perfect) XD
But now I definitely find her more interesting as her own character with a backstory leading to true-grit determination in her goals, and now it’s going even further with her interactions with Xavier: there’s certainly been a bit more socializing between them in their respective friend group than other so far, and quite the twist in fate from where they started out together, along with her and Kaede starting up on equal footing here, if you know what I’m saying. Also, Kiko’s appearance and backstory in the Bleach fanfic keep drawing me in favoring her: won’t deny it, gotta thing for assassins, and her image above certainly draws out a desire for more!!!
I’m certainly looking forward to seeing where everyone else’s introductions are gonna go, Kaede chief among them now, and I wouldn’t mind learning more about the Bleach: Road of Legends story, if possible. As always, superb work on these introductions and everyone’s thus far, and hope y’all keep safe in these oddball days!!!

3 years ago
Reply to  Iceberg

Ay Iceberg. Good to have you back! I’ll begin with Jade. When I first started thinking on what she would be and what she would do I struggled with ideas. Prior to this she was a side character who was known most for being Matsunami’s friend. I decided to go in the opposite direction for Jade. Matsunami was deeply rooted in the physicality, self discipline and inner strength that comes with practicing martial arts all your life.

Jade is moreso rooted in the fine arts/intellectual realm. She is a master bartender/mixologist who wants to someday have her own clubs like her mentor Lady Peach. She enjoys reading books about past eras of the world. However her decision to get into the AE business is somewhat inspired by Matsunami. Jade craved the attention that the girls got showered with at the strip club.

I was thinking about the old America and the heyday of Jazz/big band music while developing her and listened to jazz music while writing her. I lot of longs from the old days had spoken word poetry bits the singers would do at the beginning of the song before they actually started singing.

Hitomi’s presentation is based on the ideas od late night variety talk shows along with some of the things Youtubers do. Specically the VPN ad reads and mobile game ad. Originally, I included an ad for RAID SHADOW LEGENDS! but we decided against using.

I’m really at how many people caught the Daigo Full Parry evo reference. Didn’t know I had this many fight gamers amongst readers. I tried to display all of the areas Hitomi is good at or has knowledge of.

My favorite part was Takiko’s portion of the chapter. Hers was the most personal of the 3. I had fun giving the sample of her character and story here. She’s had a very eventful life and shes been through a lot. Takiko and Xavier are connected through Rubii, She created the Personal Student Assistant tutoring program based on her work with Takiko in summer school. I think her path is very unique because she’s the only high school drop out at BSU so far. However she has a good amount of knowledge and experience in other aspects of life due to running away and essentially becoming an adult at 15/16 years old. I look forward to telling more of Takiko’s story. Im Glad you enjoyed the chapter and thank you for your support!

3 years ago

What a treat this chapter was, featuring 2/3 of my favorite girls in the series (so far), Hitomi and Takiko.
Same as with almost every other chapter in this arc, it was great to get to know more of the backgrounds of the girls during their presentations and also finally see Jade in a picture, she had appeared quite often in the story and I was wondering when we’d get to see how she looks.
As for the presentations themselves my favorite was definitely Hitomi’s, followed by Jade’s and last is Takiko’s.
Hitomi’s presentation was just great, I loved the whole streaming and gaming aspect of it, the challenge to the crowd, the Evo Moment 37 reference, the Chun li cosplay lapdance reward and the new knowledge that she’s a Shinoda, thus related to Maihime, Matsunami and Saitou.
I don’t have much to say about Jade’s presentation other than it was really hot and kinky to have her tell her story in the form of a poem while riding a champagne bottle and ending it with a champagne money shot lol.
Takiko’s presentation wasn’t bad, but I’m not really too into cars, while the whole thing sounded very cool, I think she should have done something sexy on the stage, after all this is her Busteez Slut University presentation. Anyways at the very least I enjoyed her back story told by her very own and characteristic foul mouth.
By the way, it seems now Hitomi and X have some unfinished business, can’t wait to see how that goes.
Overall I enjoyed the chapter a lot, the only faults to me were that I expected something sexier for Takiko’s presentation and that I really would have loved to see a full blown sex scene in this chapter too.
Keep up the great work you have been doing with this series Strider!

3 years ago
Reply to  xfuski

Ay Fuski! Nice to see you back again. Jade had been in the story a lot before actually being seen lol. I follow the the gaming scene a lot well i do for fighting games. Evo got cancelled in 2020 which saddened me so I figured I could do my own evo like thing here. The call of duty portion came me watching videos of online matches of call of duty and whatever battlefield game was put. There was a lot of trolling and shit talking between the players. The bleach tie in and Hitomi having her own Bleach character comes from A game I play in real life called Bleach Brave Souls. The Bleach Blades of Destiny is a similar type of game I made up to exist in the BSU World.

Chun-Li is my favorite female fictional character of All time so I reference her a lot. This is just one example. I guess X and Hitomi do have some unfinished business. I would like have some kind of video game rivalry. Along with the reveal of her being part of the Shinoda family I also wanted to show that he has some sort of martial arts background.

Glad you enjoyed the chapter. And thanks again for your continued support.

3 years ago

Wow, there is so many things I want to comment about this chapter, that I don’t think I can say much. To make it short and quick, I have to say. This is most phenomenal chapter ever so far. The way each of three ladies above were presented in different scenarios to show what their possessed. Also the three events each girl did was so incredible and sexy. A club show, a video game challenge streaming plus cosplaying, and a car show, also the lewd and intimate stuff in the mix were all super marvelous. A grade S-tier hard worked writing here Strider_Seiryu, a remarkably fantastic job! 😁👍👍👍👍

3 years ago
Reply to  NamelessR04

Welcome back Nameless! Its been a while since I’ve seen you in the comments section. I appreciate the kind words. There are plenty of other chapters in the archive if you’re behind. I put a lot of effort into writing these so it makes me happy to see you back.Thank you for your support!

3 years ago

Man this was quite the way to start the New year hehehe. An Amazing first chapter of 2021 for BSU, that’s Amazing no wonder is my favorite story Hehehehe 😁

Let’s start the review, 3 amazing girls were debuted (more less lol) in this chapter we have Jade whose real name is a little hard to spell XD, Hitomi and Takiko

Let’s Start with Jade, i loved her presentation Very theatrical also She has a Nice musical taste, i could picture the Jass, R&B, Blues influence with The band and scenario of the 20’s and 30’s. Her presentation was Very sexy with Jade telling everyone a story that i’m pretty certain that happened with her lol, also using the staff and the bottle as a sex Tool was Very kinky. I can see dildos, anal beads and other kinky objects being used in her Future sex scenes in the story, i liked X reaction worried that He might lose his chance of continue that blowjob Jade gave her on Splash. Don’t worry X i’m certain that Everything Will be okay 😃

Now we have Hitomi, by Far my favorite presentation, i really liked How you guys did this one, It was a mix of a talk show, with Videogame streaming and anime convention. We see more sides of Hitomi here she’s from the Shinoda family? Wow so she’s probably a relative of Matsunami, Maihime and Saltou? Or maybe the Shinodas are a Clan. I’m Very curious now with this Piece of information 🙂

Continuing her presentation we can see that Hitomi is very wise and empathetic with those around her, giving many tips to help others I really liked this side of her.

Then we get to the videogame part, Man that was Amazing,i really like the intro with Hitomi interacting with different vídeogame characters, reminded me of a Youtuber and streamer i watch MaximilianDood, also the thrash talk with Hitomi taunting the other players was hilarious, Very similar to these rage and salt videos we see on Youtube with games like Battlefield, CoD, PUBG, i cracked my ass off with The fleshlight bit 😂

Then we suddenly discover that Hitomi is a character in Bleach séries, i can see that here you guys used her old version of Road To Legends to add in the anime. That was quite an easter egg here hehehe 😁

We have already a Street Fighter 8? Lol i Wonder now what year this story takes place, maybe 2040’s or 2050’s?

Even better maybe in 2077? 😂😂

Well continue She calls X to play with her and i really enjoyed, also i loved How you guys referenced the infamous Daigo Umehara vs Justin Wong moment. The Legendary Evo Moment 37, with Ryu instead of Ken. But still pretty awesome 😁

I noticed the sexual tension between X and Hitomi, i Hope something happens between these two during the story, i can see Hitomi satisfying all of X fantasies of having sex with his favorite female characters lol, and i noticed that Hitomi got very interested on him too.

We Saw a too a small glimpse of Hitomi’s Sister, Kazehana i suppose 🤔

Now let’s talk about the last Girl, Takiko, i really liked her presentation, the girl brought already a car to the stage lol, also her past is Very Interesting so Takiko and Kaede are half sisters? I wasn’t imagining this. Got me on surprise 😳😮

Man that was an Amazing chapter,what way of start the year.

10/10. I Wonder who’s next, i Hope we get more 3 characters introductions in the future.

Lizardon out 🤗

3 years ago
Reply to  Lizardon888X

What up Lizardman! It took longer than expected by im happy to present the next chapter.

Jade’s presentation has been one of the more difficult to come up with ideas for. Jade has always wanted to get into the arts. She is into poetry drama and stuff like that. You may be on to something with your guess of Jade being into using toys and props during sex lol. She’s a great story teller and enjoys doing so in this way. I had a lot of fun writing her part because of how different it is.

Hitomi’s part was meant to be a much larger version of her youtube livestream show. She blended in the various areas she makes videos about and blended them into one. She likes to interact with her fans is
which why she does the Q&A. I wanted to show her helping out one of her fans in need of advice

She is skilled in all genres of gaming but enjoys fighting games the most. Good eye on you catching the Daigo full parry sequence. I didnt know you were into fighting games like that. I had to switch it to Ryu because X mains ryu and hes a big influence on him inspiration wise. As far as tension goes, Their match could lead to a gamer rivalry later on. As for the time period, it is unknown exactly what year BSU is taking place in, given its not the real world we live in but id say its in the future somewhat.

The Call of duty part is based cod multi player troll videos.

Takiko and Kaede are half sisters. They have different fathers but the same mother. Thank you again for your support and stay tuned!

3 years ago

Interesting chapter, though it’s rather long given we have three characters to get through in one go. Jade was alright and had a neat presentation idea though her appearance doesn’t appeal much to me. Hitomi I think I liked the most of the three shown in this chapter but I have one small nitpick though nothing too negative which is it’s a little odd using real world products and sponsors in a fictionalized world, but it’s not a huge deal. Takiko suffers from me not really caring about cars at all so I had no real connection to her presentation. She does however look nice so that does put her above Jade.

Overall all it’s a well written chapter but a bit too long. I feel that also placing multiple presentations in the same chapter gives this feeling of picking favorites for the viewer since we have a fresh perspective to compare them from each other.

Here’s a super random question. When Vtubers started becoming more popular in America, a lot of E-Thot girls became vocally against people watching them due to it hurting their revenue. Would Hitomi be against Vtubers as well, would she just ignore the craze, or would she try to make her own Vtuber persona like some E-Thot girls attempted?

3 years ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Ay! what up homie, thank you for your assessment of the chapter. As far as length goes. I don’t think this is especially long as I had to squeeze 3 characters into one chapter. It isn’t that we are playing favorites, We are expediting the progress of the current story arc. There are several girls in the story and more who haven’t been introduced yet. I understand that everyone has their tastes and not every character is going to get over with every reader. We try to provide an assortment of looks and personalities for the cast of characters so that there is something from everyone.

As far as the Vtuber thing goes I have heard of them but I didnt know there was a controversy about it. I will do some more research on the vtuber stuff. I think might have some storyline ideas I could do with this. As always I appreciate the support and stay tuned

3 years ago

Nice, love BSU!

3 years ago
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Thank you Alta! glad you like it!

3 years ago

Talk about a triple header! This isn’t the chapter of Welcome to BSU I was expecting, but it was certainly the one I think we needed!

But first, before I get to anything about it, I want to apologize for not reviewing anything for the last several stories here in the site until now. My family and I had a major COVID scare when my younger sister was told she was tested positive, but it was later revealed that it was a false positive after another test. Luckily everyone else, me included, went and got tested and we turned out negative. So we’re getting back to the swing of things now. I’ll go review the other stories on the site right after this one. 😀

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic at hand. The new developments of the Orientation arc. Now given that we have three character stories in one chapter, I’m going to review and react to it a bit differently than the others that’s already done up until now. So without any more delay, let’s get started! XD

So today we get the triple threat of Takiko, Hitomi and Jade, who we finally got a full design of huh? Wasn’t expecting the direction each of them took here. But I’ll say this. I love their updated designs. Each one looks really crisp and vibrant. Not to mention the attention to detail each one has in the picture. Very nice work!

Now, let’s get to Jade’s presentation, which gets kicked off right after Tigre’s show. We saw that was still a talking point, even with the open challenge she made to Dragon. Not to mention some really wanting to see it happen, albeit with different reasons. Haha. Anyway, Jade’s turn on stage was totally different from most of the others as she not only had the old Prohibition era style uniform and stage setting going, she also told one hell of a tale in the third person, which was all about a very wild hookup she had. But she didn’t just simply tell the story, she flat out acted it out, body language, speech and all! As well as revealing what her goals are, which are more than commendable I’d say. Needless to say, she made a very strong first impression and her friends really loved the show. Even though poor Xavier is still on her shit list. I liked this from a unconventional and unique perspective.

Next, we get Hitomi’s presentation. Now this one was the most unconventional of the three. Instead of simply giving a speech, Hitomi treated this as a mini livestream and game show, like EVO and E3. More on this in a moment though. 😉 Anyway, she started it as a AMA, which was vastly different from every other student, and answered every question she had time to get to. This even brought back some memories for some of the teachers and staff in attendance. Haha. Next we also see her playing some Call of Duty with another player while chatting with them, as well as showing off the Bleach game with Hitomi herself as a playable character! This is where company endorsements play a key role in the student’s success and popularity, which gets expanded on in more detail here as well as Taki’s turn. Then we see Hitomi play a Street Fighter game, this time with X as her opponent, and this was a huge reference to the Chun-Li vs Ken SFIII fight at EVO years ago, only here it’s Chun-Li vs Ryu. Still, this was a fun little show. And it only got better, or worse or having mixed feelings if you’re Mai, when she gave him his reward, a striptease and lap dance. Though it’s understandable why X was acting the way he was, due mostly to recent events. But luckily she didn’t actually humiliate him, though she did blue ball him. Haha. This was still quite a good display. I like this from a creative perspective. Though I really find it interesting that her surname is Shinoda. Distant relative of Saitou, Matsu and Mai perhaps? Hmm… Very interesting indeed.

And finally, we have Takiko’s presentation. She herself made quite an impact of her own. Here she really represented Voyager in the best possible way with the car she drove in, which gave me some crazy memories from Initial D, Ridge Racer, Midnight Club and Gran Turismo, as well as the racing suit and helmet that she was wearing, not to mention her race queen style uniform. It was like sitting through a actual practice run on the track! Plus the car itself had some serious sponsors on it. Not only that, she really represented her driving roots and where she and Kaede came from. Being from the streets can do that, but that was also where they were molded to become who they are. Her backstory only went further into it, such as her family, being the daughter of the bus driver Cliff, the thrill of racing and mechanical working, especially street racing, and how she got into BSU in the first place through Rubii, which explains how the PSA job came to be. All this while swearing her ass off, of course! XD Out of the three parts, this one is my favorite from a storytelling and emotional perspective. Naturally, this is just Taki’s POV. Now I’m really looking forward to seeing Kaede’s after this. 🙂

On a bonus note, I really liked who their voice actresses and Seiyuu would be for their chosen characters and mannerisms. Very nice picks there.

Overall, I really liked what we ended up with here. And I can’t wait to see more from Welcome to BSU.

Very nice job. Keep up the good work! 😀

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Reply to  Hiryu

What up Hiryu! Its okay man, Im just glad you and your family are okay. I’ve been overworked, even moreso than in previous years. I’m still working 2 jobs in the health service field. Multiple positive covid tests by co workers have forced me to work 6-7 days and week with extra shifts. This did affectvthe release of todays chapter which I apologize for.

This chapter is the first of a new format we are trying for the rest of the orientation arc. Having 3 characters to feature instead of 1 was pretty challenging because I had to make them all different from each other while also making them unique in comparison to previous character features in past chapters.

I’ start with Jade. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about her over the last year. I wanted to give her a presentstation that separates her from being just Matsunami’s friend. I was going for retro sexy with the style of unifiorm. Oddly enough im heavily into resesrching the criminal underworld of the past, including the prohibition era. Jade is into dramatic performance and stuff like plays. The idea for her presentation came from old movie Moulin Rouge. Sexual intercourse/oral during presentations are against the rules because everyone would do the same presentation if it were allowed. This makes the characters show more of who they are.

This solo act was considered legal because she used props instead of an actual man for the sex acts. Her goal was to give a “free sample” of what she can do to get guys attention. She also wanted to put the other freshmen girls on notice.

Hitomi’s presentation was meant to be hoe you percieved. She was basically doing an episode of her youtube show but on a much larger scale because she was national and international TV. The Bleach game here is a parody of a mobile game im into, Bleach Brave souls. I Imitated the Daigo full parry just to see if you would recognize it lol. I had to change it to Ryu instead of Ken because Xavier is heavily influenced by Ryu.

Hitomi was pushing the boundaries of the presentation rules. She did as much as she could get away with including brushing X with her tits and letting him suck them. More will eventually be revealed about her having the last name Shinoda.

Takiko had the most traditional presentation but the most personal. I remember all those racing games and the initial D anime from back in the day. I drew my inspiration from the first The Fast and the Furious movie and my home town in northern California. Modded_custom Japanese Cars and street racing is something I saw a lot while i was preteen living out west.

Takiko is the first Character to be revealed to have come from a blended family. She and Kaede have different biological fathers but both recognize Cliff as their actual dad. I got the idea from some female friends who come from blended families and have stepfathers. When I first introduced the Worlds Edge section of World City i knew I wanted to have a character from there. Takiko and Kaede fit the best. Her entrance was inspired by my experiences seeing people drifting with their cars. I was trying to create the atmosohere of a big night time California street race . Glad you enjoyed the chapter and thanks for reading.