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Profile: Brooke Beaumont


The woman known as Brooke Beaumont is a unique beauty all her own. Her natural fire-like orange and blonde colored hair turns heads whenever she walks into a room. Brooke’s mahogany brown eyes are sharp enough that she can make even the hardest of thugs look away from her; while at the same time they can be welcoming and warm like rays of the sun. Brooke is tiny in stature, Standing a mere 4’10 in height; Brooke is one of the shortest students on BSU’s campus. Her compact size makes her a treat to some porn enthusiasts who prefer lithe teen bodies. Brooke’s fair skin is near perfect, without a single blemish; the result of great hygiene, a healthy diet and deep skin moisturizing soaps and lotions. Her breasts are more modest than those most of her peers, however, it suits her well because of her size and body type. Brooke accepts what she has been born with for she prides herself on being 100% natural. In terms of attire, Brooke prefers business casual clothing. She often tries to cover up as much of her body as possible when not in uniform. Though it’s not by design, Brooke’s conservative approach to how she dresses has worked to her advantage, drawing more eyes to want to see her nude. Brooke thinks that the buttoned up approach makes her look far more classy and respectable in comparison to her female peers whose uniforms reveal nearly everything their body has to offer.



Never at a loss for words, Brooke Beaumont is going to tell you what she thinks whether you like it or not. Generally, Brooke is a very outspoken individual who doesn’t lie or sugarcoat things for the sake of others. This perhaps is due to her upbringing, as the middle child of three girls it was easy to get lost in the shuffle, so she verbally made herself known to get attention when she wanted or if she needed something from one of her parents.


Brooke’s demeanor is usually calm and reserved, vigilant of her surroundings and other people around her, making mental notes of what is happening. However, she can shift to becoming more loud and boisterous when excited, angry or flustered. This is especially apparent when she is having a disagreement with another person. Underneath her calm and proper speaking exterior, she has a passionate, vigorous soul. Far from being short on charisma, she is able to take over a room whenever she speaks. She displays this same charisma when performing on camera, which along with her feisty attitude has made her among BSU’s most popular 1st year students.


Brooke is highly suspicious of most men, viewing them as “Sexist Pigs”. Her sentiments are derived from her own life experiences, being passed up for career opportunities by men who preferred busty sluts who would put out. As a result of her suspicions and Ill feelings towards men, she cynically rejects all compliments and kind gestures done for her by them. She has been known to berate men for opening doors for her. However, her instincts aren’t always correct. Brooke strongly believes there is a systemic sexism problem deeply rooted in modern society. She blames the Adult Entertainment industry for this problem citing that it influences women to use their bodies to get what they want in life rather obtaining success through one’s own merit. Brooke has made it her goal to bring down the AE industry by attacking it from within. She maintains that proper change has to come from those who’s “Done it”.


In addition to this, Brooke, a self described Social Justice Warrior, identifies with a number of other movements such as racial equality, body positivity, anti bullying campaigns and fair treatment for Beast Maidens in the workforce and within America’s legal system. Her outspoken support of these movements has won her valuable allies, with many key figures within these communities endorsing Brooke in her world changing endeavors. As a result, these communities have strongly lended Brooke their support in progressing her career.


Although Brooke can be very defensive and standoffish at times, she is at her core a good and well meaning person. She takes her time getting to know potential friends, wanting them to prove their merit and trustworthiness to her. While most of her friends are supporters of the anti-Adult Entertainment Purity Movement, Brooke has made connections with others based upon the commonalities that bring them together, rather than their differences. Her usually serious no nonsense attitude can be softened with the right amount of humor. Although she won’t admit it, Brooke enjoys laughter and comedy.


Outside of going to school and performing on screen, Brooke enjoys reading books, both fiction and nonfiction. Brooke also likes board games and other games of strategy with her favorite being chess.


In terms of having sex, Brooke usually sticks to the basics such as missionary, which she prefers. A prude in comparison to her classmates, she hates to perform oral sex and refuses to do it while filming most times. She does this on the grounds that it is utterly degrading to do. Brooke also detests anal sex because that orifice “isn’t meant to be filled”. Brooke chooses only to shoot softcore scenes in which the penis and vagina are not shown. However, behind closed doors, it is rumored she can become something different entirely. The word on the street is that Brooke has a monstrous sexual appetite, a debaucherous attitude and she loves to make her man of choice cum over and over; which conflicts with her buttoned up public persona. Though Brooke opposes Adult Entertainment she doesn’t disagree with the act of sex itself. She believes that sex is a very intimate experience to be shared between two people who care deeply about each other. In her opinion, sex isn’t a commodity to be monetized and sold. In her private life Brooke is very selective of who she shares her bed with.


(Sexual Powers, Techniques and Abilities)

Advanced Sexual Prowess: Virtually a second year student in all but name, Brooke is one of the most promising first year students in all of the AE universities. Brooke is the total package for a female performer, looks, charisma, energy, attitude, sex appeal and the overwhelming skill in the art of pleasing dick. As the #2 ranked overall freshman, Brooke Beaumont is poised to ascend to the top of the BSU student rankings.

Brooke has drastically improved since her previous freshman year to the total surprise to just about everyone. Because, outside of her rhetoric and protesting, she didn’t stand out amongst the crowd. She entered her first freshman year with very little previous sexual experience, having won over BSU officials with her educational background and having a stellar interview session. She was entering one of the most gifted, talented freshman classes in BSU’s history at the time.

Brooke’s adult career had a very tumultuous start. In addition to having very little sexual experience, her previous partners had been smaller in size. She was unprepared to face her male classmates, all of whom were well hung and skilled studs. Her pussy was pummeled regularly during clases, sometimes to the point she had to stash bags of ice between her legs after school to dull the swelling and soreness. However, Brooke got used to this, gradually improving with each performance.

Brooke’s first year would be cut short because of a rash of incidents involving herself and members of her movement, culminating in a brawl between her white knights and opposing BSU students which erupted during peaceful protest. This resulted in severe disciplinary action from the university. After being suspended for the rest of the year, Brooke contemplated what she would do next. Ultimately she decided to go back to her home state of California. Not wanting to return home to live with her parents, Brooke reluctantly moved in with her elder sister Bristol and her younger sister Braelynn.

During this time, Brooke shadowed her sisters during their wild nights on the town in an attempt to improve herself as a performer. Though she doesn’t agree with their lifestyle, Brooke decided to participate for the purpose of research and independent study. Determined to return to BSU a far better version of herself, Brooke put the Purity Movement on hiatus and halted her other social activism activities in order to focus on sex. For the rest of that school year, she slept with as many men as possible sometimes having up to 4 dates in a single day! Brooke was pushed to her limits while living in Los Angeles, drastically improving as a lover. By the end of her self imposed exile from World City, Brooke could quickly drain even the biggest dicks with ease. When she returned to BSU to be reinstated, it was clear to Taiyohime Kuriyue that Brooke had awakened something tremendously powerful within herself during her absence.


Hand Job Expert: An often neglected art, the handjob is one of Brooke’s specialties. Those who have gotten a handjob from her have described the feeling as being unlike anything they have ever felt before. This is saying a lot for a mere tugjob. She developed her ability to perform handjobs as a teenager. Curious about sex, but unwilling to have intercourse due to her beliefs, Brooke decided to conduct an experiment.

She had never seen a man cum before but wanted to, so one day after debate practice she lured a trusted and unsuspecting male teammate to an empty classroom where she stripped him of his pants and fondled his pecker. To Brooke’s surprise, it didn’t feel as disgusting as she thought it would be. She proceeded to jerk him until he exploded with cum, making sure to move out of the way so none of it got on her. Brooke would do this regularly on the condition that her teammate never told anyone.

Since then Brooke has adopted handjobs as a normal part of her sexual arsenal. She has developed her own unique techniques that make use of her tiny, nimble fingers; such as the Purity Keyboard Cock Flesh Press. Additionally, Brooke’s skin care practices extend to her hands as well. Her male classmates have described her palms as being so smooth that no lube is required to jerk them off. Brooke’s unique style of handjobs makes use of her whole hand rather than just the palm. While stroking her partner’s dong, she rhythmically moves each of her fingers in a back and forth and up and down motions all at the same time. Such movements require a high level of coordination and reflexes that most people don’t possess. This level of dexterity comes from many years of playing the piano. Furthermore, Brooke built up her hand speed playing the Piano.

Purity! Keyboard Cock Flesh Press! (ピュアリティ•キーボード•コック•フレッシュ•プレス, Pyuaritii Kiiboodo Kokku Furesshu Puresu): A technique of Brooke’s own making, it is quite an impressive one worthy of being considered a Zetsugi (絶技, Special Technique). Brooke begins by grabbing her partner’s penis with both hands, wrapping her palms around them. She then begins to jerk her partner in a back and forth motion (or up and down in the case of her partner lying on his back instead of standing or sitting). Brooke gradually picks up speed, pressing her partner’s cock in various spots along the shaft with each of her fingers. These slight, yet pleasurable touches are swift yet powerful and well placed. Professors who have witnessed this technique in action have praised it both for its effectiveness in application and for how graceful it looks. Homeroom Professor Sara Reed has described it as poetry in motion. Brooke’s fast paced finger movements resemble those of a master pianist, hitting every note perfectly to the chorus of loud moans from her partner. Others have compared Brooke’s hand motions to that of a spider weaving a magnificent web tapestry. By applying heavy pressure along parts of the shaft she can induce immediate ejaculation. Alternately she can press firmly on her partner’s member to stop a premature money shot from taking place if she so desires.


Fellatio Practictioner: Performing oral sex is a disgusting, laborious chore of an act to do for Brooke. She deems it as morally wrong, believing that a woman’s mouth isn’t made for this purpose. She has gone on record stating the act of fellatio is a “practice in shaming and degrading women” She also uses the Bible along with other religious holy books as a reference to connect to the beliefs of her audience, pointing out that oral sex is outright considered a sin. However, Brooke’s distaste for the act of sucking dick doesn’t mean she isn’t skillful at doing it.

While living with her sisters last year, Brooke took the mental position that in order to best her foes, silence her detractors, and ultimately achieve her goals, she had to put all of her being into having sex. This meant doing so without restrictions or limitations. As a result, Brooke sucked off every guy she hooked up and spent time with. At first, Brooke struggled a lot, choking on dicks even to the point of vomiting. This was a blow to Brooke’s confidence as she had always succeeded in everything she’s done in the past. Even her little sister Braelynn, the least talented of the Beaumont sisters, possessed more skill than her.

However, Brooke persisted, honing her skills at a local glory hole hotspot suggested by her sister Bristol. She spent numerous hours at a time sucking dick after dick. Brooke learned to deepthroat through marathon-like gloryhole bj sessions and late night romps with the wingmen of her sisters’ dates. Over time, Brooke improved drastically, eventually eliminating the once prominent gag reflex she had. Though she objects to performing oral sex she thoroughly enjoys receiving it.

Oral Elasticity: For a woman so small, Brooke is able take in monster sized cocks. This is shocking because her mouth is smaller compared to those of her much larger female peers. Through repetition, Brooke has expanded how wide she can open her mouth which allows her to take more down her throat. Additionally, she can hold her partner’s cock in place for a sustained deepthroat for several seconds, before resuming the blowjob; which is quite the impressive feat.


Foreplay Specialist: Kissing is the gateway to most sexual encounters, yet most take it for granted as a mere formality. Brooke however disagrees with this notion wholeheartedly. She deeply values the art of kissing, viewing it as being a romantic, intimate moment to be savored. To her, the right kind of kiss is the difference between meaningless and meaningful encounters. Brooke enjoys kissing not only because of the intimacy involved but because she has never had a boyfriend or significant other up to this point. Brooke is well known for her loving kisses. The feeling of her soft lips are enough to make weaker men cum before ever getting their clothes off. Brooke also uses her kisses as a means to read her partner. Through a kiss, Brooke can discern information about her partner’s Kiatsu (気圧, lit. “Ki Pressure“).

Her kisses aren’t restricted to just her partner’s lips. Brooke targets potential weak points on her partner’s body, nibbling on necks, earlobes, chest and especially the nipples. Brooke enjoys making guys squeal by licking and nibbling on their nips because most “Toxically Masculine” men don’t want her near their nipples.

Purity! Full Body Paizuri Cleanse! (ピュアリティ•フル•ボディー•パイずり•クレンザー, Pyuaritii Furu Bodii Paizuri Kurenzaa): A technique of Brooke’s own creation, this is her substitute for traditional paizuri which requires larger breasts to do. To execute this technique, she mounts her partner like she’s going to assume the cowgirl position, pressing vagina and stomach up against her partner’s dong before sandwiching its head between her tits. She then moves her whole body rhythmically, using her entire body to jerk her partner’s cock and balls. For Brooke to be able to perform this technique, she needs a huge cock to work with. She first developed it while on suspension from BSU with a well endowed friend of her older sister Bristol. When Brooke finally slept with her close platonic friend Xavier Williams for the first time, she performed the Full Body Paizuri while also giving him a blowjob resulting in multiple intense and explosive money shots. The secret to this maneuver is the softness of Brooke’s skin, which ‘molds’ to the shape of her partner’s cock. Additionally she needs no saliva, sweat or other lubricant to glide up and down her partner’s dick. This technique is considered to be another of her Zetsugi, and one in which she has multiple variations of.

Purity! Full Body Cleansing Bearhug! (ピュアリティ•フル•ボディー•クレンジング•ベアハッグ, Pyuaritii Furu Bodii Kurenjingu Beahaggu): A variation of the Full Body Paizuri Cleanse in which Brooke sits indian style on top of her partner and wraps her legs and arms around her partner’s cock while moving melodically.

Purity! Full Body Cleansing Press! (ピュアリティ•フル•ボディー•クレンジング•プレス, Pyuaritii Furu Bodii Kurenjingu Puresu): When performing this version of the technique, Brooke lays on top of her partner and glides back and forth on him, caressing his cock with her breasts, stomach and pussy, similar to a body to body massage. In between movements, Brooke kisses her partner, targeting weak points if she knows what they are.

Purity! Half Body Paizuri Cleanse! (ピュアリティ•ハーフ•ボディー•パイずり•クレンザー, Pyuaritii Haafu Bodii Paizuri Kurenzaa): A modified version of her Full Body Paizuri Cleanse, this variant is specifically for men who aren’t packing enough down there for the Fullbody technique. Brooke positions herself in a squatting position in front of her seated partner. After sandwiching his member between her tits, Brooke begins to move her body around while shifting to a semi standing position before squatting back down again. This allows for smaller, less endowed men to get the same sensation that is felt when she performs her Fullbody Paizuri.

Purity! Submarine Sandwich! (ピュアリティ•サブマリン•サンドイッチ, Pyuaritii Sabumarin Sandoicchi): A technique in which Brooke stands in front of her partner either facing them or turning her back to them, positioning her partner’s cock in between her thighs. She then pumps and gyrates her hips and thighs, using them to jerk off her partner. In addition to this, she squeezes her partner’s member in between her thighs and pussy. The friction between her partner’s penis and the opening of her vagina pleasures Brooke as well. If doing this while facing her partner she often nibbles on her partner’s nipples and kisses them. When her back is turned to her partner she will simultaneously give him a double fisted handjob for even greater sensation. Brooke uses this technique to warm herself up for intercourse.


Double Penetration Specialist: Brooke finds the act of having sex with more than one man at a time to be detestable and morally wrong. She has gone on the record several times preaching this point of view, stating that sex is something that should be shared between two married individuals. In her opinion, tag teams, double teams, gangbangs and orgies violate the sanctity and intimacy of sex.

However, such acts are a part of the business and most performers will be called upon to participate in filming these sorts of scenes. BSU professors schedule such scenes to help female performers acclimate to the physical toll gangbangs have on the body, especially the double penetration.

During her first freshman year, Brooke dreaded her first double penetration scene. Having not even done anal before, Brooke struggled taking the two well endowed guys she was matched with. After her suspension and during her exile away from the university, Brooke told her sisters about her experience with her first DP and how it didn’t go the way she had hoped.

Brooke’s sisters Bristol and Braelynn were adept in the art of taking multiple cocks at a time. They achieved a fair level of success promoting cosmetics, clothing and other products on social media and built up a strong number of followers; including numerous handsome young men. Though highly reluctant of this, Brooke allowed her sisters to invite dates to their home for her to practice with. She took part in gangbangs with 2, 3, 4 and sometimes even 5 guys at time. These sessions involved lots of DP, with each male partner the chance to fuck all 3 of her holes. Brooke was thoroughly worked over and stretched in long lasting gangbangs several nights a week while staying with her sisters. She improved her ability to take DP so much that she brought her two partners to climax in easy and dominant fashion.

Purity! Double Dick Heavenly Milking! (ピュアリティ•ダブル•ディック•ヘブンリー•ミルキング, Pyuaritii Daburu Dikku Hebunrii Mirukingu): This technique is one the strongest in Brooke’s entire arsenal. It is the combination of the ‘Vice’ techniques displayed by Violette Beauregard’s Fuzen Nigiri and Matsunami Shinoda’s Kōmon Washizukami executed simultaneously by Brooke. Her holes are naturally proportionate to the size of the rest of her body, which means she has smaller and tighter orifices to begin with. Brooke takes immense pride in being able to adapt the special sex maneuvers of her rivals into a superior technique. During her laborious and exhausting double team sessions back home in California, The firebrand discovered that she could make taking double penetration easier by regulating her breathing. She would take a deep breath to relax her body, before immediately tensing up several muscles at once, including her arms, legs, stomach, vaginal, rectal and anal muscles. This resulted in a distinct squeezing effect, bearing down on her partner’s cocks with immense and sudden pressure. Brooke practiced this technique alone using vegetables such as cucumbers and zucchini as test partners. She worked on her technique and timing while double dildoing herself with the vegetables, strengthening her grip through repetition. She realized she had perfected the move during a practice session in which she exerted so much pressure she snapped 2 cucumbers in half. Now with her 2nd freshman year underway, she has a new weapon to deal with even the biggest dick duos.


Softcore Pornstar: Because of her beliefs, Brooke only films softcore adult scenes, meaning that penis, vagina and penetration are avoided with the use of alternate camera angles during filming. In post production editing, editors splice together an alternate softcore version of the scene. They are the closest to being “decent” by Brooke’s standards.

Although softcore porn is generally less popular than hardcore, uncensored pornography, Brooke has managed to deliver some powerful on screen performances. So much so that it almost makes her being a softcore performer irrelevant. This distinguishes Brooke from other performers because it gives her a unique characteristic consumers remember. Brooke has unintentionally carved out a distinct lane for herself in the industry, one that she unofficially owns.

Brooke has turned this into a marketing tool to reach a larger audience. Her controversial opinions about the business paired with her softcore only policy has garnered tremendous attention from the public at large, therefore spreading her message to an even wider audience.

Additionally, Brooke has popularized softcore porn, making it trendy to watch and buy amongst diehard porn aficionados. Fans have become enamored with the mystery of not seeing Brooke’s private parts and harbor curiosity about what her vagina looks like.

Energetic Performer: Brooke has become well known for the energy and effort she gives on screen. She gives it her all everytime she takes off her clothes for the camera. This may partially be a result of her disciplined abstinence based lifestyle prior to becoming a BSU student. The way she grasps onto her partner and squeezes tight as he pounds her in the missionary position is a sight to behold. Her high pitched screams and squeals and her body quivering at climactic moments convince viewers that she legitimately enjoys her work. She rides her partner’s dong with zeal and fervor, bouncing high and hard. Her movements are fast paced and frenetic. Because of this, she has been affectionately nicknamed ‘The Human Pinball’.


Moderate-level Kiatsu: Kiatsu (気圧, lit. “Ki Pressure“) is one’s sexual aura, a phenomenon that is characterized as a sort of presence, an energy or vibe that can be felt by others. This is something that people realize as soon as an individual with it enters the room. Traditionally, Kiatsu is something that is developed and refined by a rare few as they gain experience in the adult entertainment industry. When individuals engage in an intense and spirited encounter, their emotions heighten and their sexual energy manifests into a physical aura that takes on distinct nature, quality, behavior, and intent.

Kiatsu emits with it the nature or ‘heart’ of the user and therefore it is different for every person. Intensity, Obsession, desire and discipline are personality traits that accurately represent the woman named Brooke Beaumont. As a result, her sexual aura radiates from her body as a tri-colored, orange, red and yellow shroud of flame-like energy. Its moves and blows as if the wind were there, making a distinct crackling sound; which has compared to the sound of loud popping of wood being reduced to ash during a campfire. The heat from Brooke’s Kiatsu is intense enough to raise the temperature in a room, causing individuals nearby to sweat. It can also cause the air in the room to become hazy and blurry. Brooke consciously tries to control this in order to minimize the effect her Ki has on the cameraman and his ability to accurately record footage.


Lust Mode: Lust Mode is an extremely rare phenomenon which occurs in female performers in which ki surges uncontrollably throughout the body and the nerves of an individual until reaching the brain. This causes a shock-like reaction, elevating the user to a higher physical and sexual state of being, a transformation of sorts. Lust Mode grants the user uncanny sexual and physical power for a temporary period of time. Typically Lust Mode requires for the user to encounter their perfect sexual match, a male partner whose cock suits her perfectly in length, thickness, fit and overall feel. Very few women find this even in the Adult entertainment industry; which makes a woman who is able to use Lust Mode even more rare a find.

However, this isn’t the only way to awaken it. Since her early teens, Brooke’s has displayed an unnaturally high level of Kiatsu which continued to grow within her each year. Because of her personal beliefs, Brooke resisted her strong inner desire to have sex with pure discipline and willpower. The intentional denial of sexual gratification only intensified her Kiatsu even more, making it even more difficult to subdue. This continued to build up until Brooke’s first time having sex shortly before going to BSU.

She had chosen a male classmate whom she had previously given handjobs to because she could trust him to never reveal the stories of their encounters to anyone. Shortly after insertion something awakened within Brooke. She immediately took control and got on top of her partner and rode him wildly, cursing, talking dirty and demanding her partner to fuck her like a “real man” and stop playing around. Brooke had been consumed completely by her sexual desire. She roughly fucked the young man until he came, forcibly making him erect once more so she could continue. Brooke lost herself in this sexual fury, begging for more pleasure, however her partner was nowhere near being a match for her.

Brooke’s raw passion, desire and untamed Kiatsu manifests itself through Lust Mode. This is visually represented by pupils changing into heart shapes which resemble burning pink flames. This drastically alters Brooke’s personality, allowing her to release all of her sexual inhibitions and act out her innermost fantasies and fetishes. She is completely willing to perform acts she typically views as being demeaning or unacceptable to do. Brooke’s sexual stamina and endurance elevates drastically, enabling her to fuck continuously without tiring out or being fucked into submission by her partner/s. Normal men are unable to handle Brooke’s raw energy even in groups. It is so powerful that it can overwhelm seasoned veteran male AE performers.

Her persona is that of a sex thirsty nympho intent on fulfilling her lewd and nasty desires. She wants to both give and receive immense amounts of pleasure with the goal of obtaining the ultimate orgasm. Lust Mode grants amazing sexual power but has a time limit. Because of its wild nature, Lust Mode can only be sustained for a short period of time. As Lust Mode fades away, Brooke loses consciousness, exhausted from the toll it’s taken on her body. It requires several hours of sleep to recover from use of Lust Mode. Upon waking up afterwards, Brooke is able to remember and recall everything that took place before. Brooke reacts to such memories with tremendous shame and disgrace in regard to the acts she performed while in Lust Mode, as she feels she has violated her own principles, degraded and humiliated herself with her actions. When such an event occurs, Brooke isolates herself to her room for a period of time, not wanting to face the world.

Lust Mode Prime: This is the highest form Lust Mode can manifest itself. Through diligent training and repeated use of the form, a user can control Lust Mode for longer periods with minimal drawbacks, making it a readily available part of their sexual arsenal. However when a user masters Lust Mode, they are able to internalize its power, making it a part of their being. In other words, Brooke mastered this ability to the point that she is normally in a constant state of Lust Mode. The tangible presence of lust and the heart-shaped pupils associated with this form is no longer visible as Lust Mode is simply a part of who Brooke is now. The petite woman first gained control of the ability by focusing her mind and exhibiting extreme mental discipline. Brooke’s own desire and resolve to create a new world of social and sexual decency enabled her to forcibly subjugate her innermost nymphomaniacal desires and the energy that stems from them. The result is a powerful enhancement of Brooke’s sexual prowess across all physical and spiritual attributes.


Intimidating Presence: Some who have worked with Brooke have described a unique feeling while in her presence, especially just prior to filming her. This feeling is fear. Brooke exudes such a power that it instills a sense of foreboding in those around her. Brooke’s sexual presence is so overwhelming that it induces anxiety for those who are performing with her, causing men to doubt their own ability and confidence. Some have even crumbled before her on set, unable to sustain an erection. While most women take such an event as an insult, Brooke finds such incidents entertaining, deeming such men weak and unworthy of having sex with an upstanding, socially and morally conscious, righteous woman. The terror induced by Brooke’s fearsome presence has been described as paralyzing. Xavier Williams admitted that when Brooke first approached him he felt as if he were drowning in a limitless ocean with no way to escape. Outside of filming, Brooke is known for her feisty attitude and uncompromising disposition. A true firebrand of a woman, Brooke can often be verbally combative with others which intimidates costars, classmates and the student body as a whole, male and female alike.


(Physical Characteristics and Skills)

Lithe Body: Brooke Beaumont possesses a smaller frame than most other female BSU students, flaunting smaller breasts and ass than what a typical AE school student is known for. Though she is lacking in the curves department this makes her unique in a world where many women her age go under the knife for plastic surgery or resort to using Bimbo Gel to enhance their bodies. Brooke takes pride in her all natural, petite figure though she didn’t always feel that way. Earlier on in her life, Brooke envied the bimbo tits and asses sported by other girls around her, including her sisters. Over time she grew to accept and love her body as is. Through her involvement with the Body Positivity Movement, Brooke came to realize that every woman is beautiful no matter their bust and hip measurements, height or weight are. Brooke now preaches this truth to other women, especially those built similarly to herself. Brooke’s compact size makes her highly compatible with male partners of all shapes and sizes. She is great for the standing carry, standing full nelson, and other positions that require her to be lifted. Brooke also works well with men who are smaller in stature. Xavier Williams, BSU’s smallest male student has remarked that he loves working with Brooke because he can more easily utilize his custom sex positions with her and lift her for far longer than he can with larger, heavier women. Since re-debuting at BSU Brooke has attracted more fan interest to smaller, more moderately proportioned female performers like herself.

Small Breasts: Boasting a modest C cup, Brooke makes up for her lack of size with the energetic way in which she uses them. Brooke is known to grind her soft pair up against her partner’s face while riding them, poking their lips and tongue with her bullet-like rosy pink nipples. She rubs them and slaps them up against her lovers face like a woman with much larger tits.

Thick Thighs: Despite being smaller in the tits and ass departments, Brooke was blessed with thick legs. Her meaty thighs only allow for a tiny gap in between them. However, her glorious thighs are near impossible to see when she’s wearing clothes. This is due to Brooke’s conservative clothing choices. She often wears big fitting dress pants when in civilian clothes and her uniform skirt is long enough to mostly cover her thighs. She is well aware of this gift. Brooke has made use of her thighs in her special technique; The Purity Submarine Sandwich! Brooke has a tendency of wrapping her ham-like legs around her partner in certain sex positions such as missionary. The rare few who have felt her loving squeeze comparatively describe it as a unique phenomenon, a forceful yet pleasant like a bearhug being done with pillows. Xavier Williams jokes that Brooke once wrapped her legs around his neck so tight while performing oral on her; that she accidentally choked him out as she orgasmed.


Immense Physical Conditioning: Brooke Beaumont is in incredible physical shape, in fact she is one of the most physically fit among BSU’s first year ranks. She isn’t a natural athlete, nor did she play any sports growing up. Brooke worked her herself into impressive physical shape through having sex and training relentlessly. Brooke entered her first freshman year behind her peers from a physical standpoint. As she endured the rigors breaking into the business, Brooke realized how much she struggled to keep up with her more experienced classmates. Using then rival Shikijou Yamazaki as an example, Brooke embarked on a workout routine based on exercise DVDs that Headmistress Taiyohome Kuriyue released several years earlier while still an active full time performer. She chose Taiyohime’s DVD series for her base because like Brooke, the Headmistress was small in stature and the closest to her own body type. Brooke dedicated herself to fitness, working out 6 days a week to increase her stamina, strength, speed and reflexes. This quickly began to pay off for Brooke, enabling her establish her aggressive, pace driven style of lovemaking. Building a strong body also made it easier for Brooke to manage her volatile, often explosive Kiatsu.

Immense Stamina: When Brooke embarked on her new training regimen, her primary target was increasing her stamina and energy. She meticulously studied numerous different types of athletes and how they trained. After some research, Brooke adopted some of the training methods of triathlon competitors. She bought a bicycle to ride around the campus and also engaged in long distance running and swimming exercises. Through this kind of exercise, Brooke learned how to properly control her breathing and conserve precious oxygen. Over the course of this period and her subsequent suspension from BSU, Brooke developed her fast paced, hard hitting style of love making. A marvel of aerobic conditioning with energy to spare. Brooke is built to last and go the distance, the only question is can her new classmates keep up?

Immense Endurance: Brooke Beaumont’s suspension afforded her an abundance of time to continue to hone her craft independently. While staying with her sisters in California, Brooke used this time to improve her skills. She had sex at least twice a day, sometimes more with a variety cocks of all shapes and sizes. The types of encounters also varied from traditional one-on-one, to double teams to long lasting, pussy pounding gangbangs and gauntlet sessions. She was often left sore with throbbing and exhausted holes, but this gave Brooke a sample of what long days of filming would be like. Also by using this method of training, Brooke discovered her threshold limits, enabling her to work and push beyond them to go even further. Brooke returned to BSU a sexual tank, ready to take on even the most monstrous cocks on campus.


Genius Intellect: Throughout her life, Brooke has displayed a high degree of intelligence. This is partially due to natural ability and partially a result of painstaking work and effort studying and absorbing knowledge. In addition to her studies, Brooke often solved puzzles and played games of strategy such as chess. These activities trained her mind, expanding the ways in which she can approach a situation and how she views things in general. Brooke’s parents nurtured her talents by actively participating in activities with her from an early age; which started with them reading full length novels of middle school reading level before she learned to read herself. Brooke’s quest for knowledge was driven by her near endless curiosity.

Eidetic Memory: With a near perfect recollection, Brooke has always had a sharp memory. She is able to remember events that have happened in her life since the age of 3. She fine tuned this natural ability by relentlessly studying and doing drills and quizzes with her parents. She is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge, capable of giving the spelling, definition, synonyms and antonyms of most words on command if asked. In fact this ability comes from Brooke’s experience competing in Spelling Bee competition. It is a little known fact that Brooke has competed in and won multiple World Spelling Bee Championships prior to attending high school.

This not only applies to academics but to forms of entertainment as well. Though Brooke is not a full blown Otaku, she does read certain manga and watch their anime. Brooke is a fan of the Bleach series and has read every chapter, watched every episode and movie and read every spinoff of the popular Metaseries. Brooke knows the specific details about every character, chapter and storyline down to character dialogue. As a former fan and former best friend of classmate Kokoro Izumi, Brooke remembers the plot of every episode of Koko the Magical Fox, Power Rangers Infinity and other shows Koko either appeared in or did voice work for.

In regards to her porn career Brooke is able to recall specific instances from famous porn scenes she watched for research. She has used this knowledge to replicate elements such as sex positions, camera angles and attire from iconic, award winning scenes of the past in her own performances. Her reason for doing this has nothing to do with making nostalgic references, honoring stars of the past or the history of the business itself. Brooke does this to show off her own knowledge and “Flex” on her competition.

Porn Historian: Upon deciding to become an AE performer, Brooke began studying the business, including some of the greatest performers in the history of the New Age of porn. Brooke watched videos of several porn superstars, including performances of Sara Reed and Headmistress Taiyohime Kuriyue along with other current BSU professors. In addition to this, Brooke read the memoirs, autobiographies and interviews of numerous stars of the past. Through her research, Brooke has developed an understanding of how the business operates. Additionally, Brooke has studied the industry in great detail, down to its earliest roots of origin; in order to best learn how to bring the mighty Giant Sequoia of a business crashing down. Brooke is also intrigued by the family lineages that exist in Adult Entertainment. She has studied the EL-Karim family in depth along with the other 4 bloodlines that comprise the ‘5 Families’; the most influential lineages in Porn history. In addition to this, Brooke has investigated the numerous mentor/student relationships between porn stars that have existed in the business since its beginnings. This is important because these relationships reveal how individuals have passed down their Tenchōgi (天頂技, lit. ‘The Pinnacle Technique’) and knowledge over the generations and how their successors have improved and innovated the techniques passed down to them. She believes that by learning about the past of the industry and its stars, she can use this to make herself a better performer and fit in as a pornstar. One cannot establish a future without knowing the past.

Masterful Orator: Having competed in hundreds of debates, Brooke Beaumont is well versed in the art of convincing others with her speech. She uses her natural charisma along with her intellect to give passionate, yet logical and reasoned arguments, swaying even the most skeptical individuals to her side. Brooke’s style of speaking combines well thought out reasoning and fiery emotion in perfect, balanced harmony. Through her online video editorials, live streams and online chats, Brooke has single handedly grown the membership and strength of the Purity Movement, giving it a louder voice than it ever had before. She uses a very emotional style of speaking, feeling out the crowd as she addresses them and using elements and events from her own life to relate to them and ultimately win them over to her point of view. During her BSU Orientation speech, Brooke managed to invoke every emotion across the spectrum from the audience at will. Emotions such as anger, sadness, suspense, admiration, laughter and surprise were all invoked by Brooke. Despite being considered a pariah by the BSU student body at large, she still managed to connect strongly with the audience using her words. This is a testament to her charisma and wizardry on the microphone.

Master Manipulator: In addition to her uncanny ability to communicate with others, Brooke is skilled in the art of manipulation. She uses whatever means needed to convince other people to bend to her will and follow her lead. She is very self aware of her own skills and attributes including her physical beauty, and uses this to charm those around her. By playing upon the hopes, ambitions and unadulterated lust of those within the Purity Movement she secured political power and resources for her own personal use. The movement had never before had someone who was the complete package before which allowed Brooke to leverage her talent and look against them; becoming the public face of the Purity Movement in exchange for control and leadership behind the scenes. Such a play has made Brooke a powerful shotcaller within the anti-AE movement on the national level without officially holding any position of leadership. Through her clever politicking, Brooke managed to fund all of the pre-orientation promotional activity including the cryptic countdown website established to hype her orientation appearance and numerous paid advertisements in magazines and on various websites online.

Additionally, Brooke has built herself a loyal group of followers amongst BSU’s student body. As impossible as it sounds, she managed to draw people to her by questioning individuals on why they were there, inspiring doubt within them. This was especially successful with female peers. Brooke shamed weak minded male peers into viewing themselves as being ‘oppressors’ and ‘enablers’ of the ‘Sex Industrial Complex’, convincing them that by following her and obeying her commands they can find the “light“. Brooke maintains cult-like control over her followers and even organized a group of her male followers to form The White Knights, her personal security force.

Marketing Expert: Though not done intentionally at the outset, Brooke has established herself as a being a master of self promotion. Her softcore only performance policy and her stand against the Adult Entertainment industry unintentionally stoked the curiosity of the public. These elements have generated very strong interest in seeing Brooke perform. This is likely because she is going against what the audience wants, therefore giving the public someone to root against. Fans have become invested in Brooke because they wish to see her defeated by a more fan friendly traditional BSU student and are willing to pay to see that happen.

Other fans have become invested in Brooke because of her rebellious nature. There are those in society who themselves are rebels doing whatever they can to go against the status quo and accepted norms. Such individuals view Brooke as an anti-authority heroic figure. This has made Brooke popular within that particular community.

Lastly, Brooke has manipulated men into watching her even more by choosing to only do softcore performances. She has been designated as a “forbidden fruit” of sorts by porn retailers and websites because of her controversial views. This has encouraged fans to go against the grain and seek out movies and scenes featuring Brooke. The ever growing level of interest has hit young men with the force of a tidal wave, as many continue to support Brooke out of curiosity and hope that she will one day go full hardcore and show her pussy to the masses in all its juicy glory.

After initial numbers came back, Brooke realized she was on to something and that her social justice views were drawing people to pay to watch her. She dug her heels in even further by refusing to allow certain merchandise of her to be made. One such item is an artificial pussy/ass sex toy. Brooke denied the manufacturing of this item because making a mold of her private parts gives fans a way of simulating sex with her. By refusing to do this initially, Brooke has been able to increase demand for the product and garner even more attention for herself. The larger her star grows the more power she will have once it is time for her eventual move into politics.

Expert Journalist: Brooke has studied journalism for most of her life, beginning in the 4th grade. Early on she idolized local news anchors and reporters, accurately imitating them by discussing her days at school with her parents in a tv news style format. She perfectly replicated the speech and mannerisms of television reporters. As Brooke got older, she developed an interest in investigative reporting style news shows. This made a strong impact on her, inspiring her hard boiled, take no prisoners interview style. Brooke studied print journalism by reading both local and national newspapers daily, as well as popular American magazines; paying close attention to those who were said to be the best in their genres of reports such as current events or sports. Brooke blended the styles she had derived from reading popular print media with what she was learning in English and Creative Writing courses to develop her own style of writing. As a teenager, she wrote online blogs and editorials about matters of social justice. Brooke’s sharp wit, well detailed style, and pull no punches commentary style garnered her attention from the big names within the Social Justice Movement. It was her skillful, venomous yet still thoughtful use of the written word which launched her into the position she is in now. Though still young, Brooke has managed to cultivate relationships with those within the journalism world. It is through these trusty sources that Brooke has been able to unearth unflattering information about her high profile enemies, such as Kokoro Izumi and Nicole Wellington. As per the unwritten rules of journalism, Brooke will never reveal who her sources are.

Master Tactician: Since first becoming a member of the Social Justice Movement, Brooke has demonstrated tons of creativity when it comes to making a statement, getting her point across and expanding her own platform. She is known for her uncanny ability to think outside of the box. This is far from a coincidence. In her youth, she often tested her mettle in games of strategy, primarily chess. From this Brooke learned to take risks, and to attack her enemy ways they least expect. These lessons have manifested themselves into Brooke’s actions as a student at BSU. Her commando-like pranks though they risked and eventually did get her in trouble raised her profile within all AE universities, allowing her to come back with significant awe and fanfare when she returned to debut for her second freshman year; this time with the entire world watching her. Brooke also exhibited her tactical gamesmanship during the BSU Orientation Assembly Event. She used this platform and the screen time she was given not only to tell her story, but more importantly directly confront the powerbrokers of the Adult Entertainment Industry, the AEWA and the EL-Karim family, all of whom were present to witness Brooke call them out. Additionally Brooke took her classmates to task calling out her individual enemies one by one and exposing them publicly for their faults and hubris. With this display, Brooke was successful in outright intimidating her foes or gaining a psychological advantage over them.


(Hobbies and Other Talents)

Social Justice Activist: Though Brooke is focused on the Anti-Sex Movement, she also lends her support to a number causes she deems worthy. Brooke strongly supports the Racial Equality Movement, along with other hot button issues such as the prevention of the destruction of natural habitats, protecting endangered species and lands along with shutting down illegal poaching of animals and the black market which makes billions off of said slain animals.

Additionally, Brooke is a firm supporter of the online #WeToo Movement, a zealous female centric group that discourages the victimization of women. They regularly go after men for what they perceive to be crimes against women. They have persecuted men for such crimes as, smiling at a woman in passing, offering assistance with completing tasks such as changing a flat tire and even saying hello. Brooke demonstrated this when she first met Xavier Williams, giving him a verbal tongue lashing for opening a door for her. Brooke believes wholly that men exploit common kindness and use it to woo and mislead women into sleeping with them.

Body Positivity Activist: Brooke strongly believes that beauty is a state of mind and not necessarily a physical trait one exhibits. It is her opinion that the media and AE industry has brainwashed society into believing that there is only one type of beauty; this being the curvy, flat stomach, light skinned, blonde hair and blue eyed bimbo archetype. Over the decades, society has communicated this message by casting this definition of beauty as leading ladies in television and magazines, who are prominently featured as models in ad campaigns to sell products to ‘hungry’ individuals. Men have casted their vote in favor of bimbos as their choice of wives and girlfriends. These messages have subsequently poisoned the minds of girls and young women worldwide, especially in the United States. This message has been propagated through American youth by way of social media in modern times. This has resulted in body and appearance shaming of young women by their female peers. This has also manifested itself in the clothing business. Popular designers have deliberately made products only for the specific sizes and measurements of the type of customers they wish to cater to, those who fit the thin, busty bimbo physique. Brooke challenges this notion in her writings and interviews but most notably by her performances on screen. Brooke feels that there is room for women of all shapes, sizes, races and colors to be loved and that women should be loved and accepted for who they are.

Conservationist and Animal Rights Crusader: As previously mentioned, Brooke is heavily invested in protecting the environment. She has won several debates on such topics like the ‘destruction of the Amazon rainforest’, ‘global warming’ and ‘the development of clean resources as opposed to toxic burning fuels such as petroleum and coal’. Through diligence and persuasion, Brooke even managed to convince her parents to switch over to electric cars. In addition to this, Brooke practices what she preaches by recycling all of her trash items that can be reused. Brooke has made it a point to purchase goods and supplies that are made out of recycled materials such as paper. When she shops for groceries, she always brings her own 100% recyclable bags.

Brooke strongly contests the inhumane treatment of animals both in the wild and domestically. She considers the hunting of animals for fur, ivory and other parts to be reprehensible. This as well as the purchase of such products should be outlawed. On numerous occasions, she has tagged and called out fur sporting celebrities on Twitter and other social media outlets. In addition, Brooke has pushed for big game sport hunting to be considered a crime. She has led and organized demonstrations at both her local zoo back home, World City Zoo and World City’s own Oceania Water Park and Resort for keeping both land and sea creatures in captivity. She has asserted that these organizations are kidnapping animals and imprisoning them for the sake of making millions of dollars off their suffering.

Racial Equality Advocate: Brooke has always identified with opposing discrimination in all its forms. Having had very few friends and being passed up on opportunities because of who she was or wasn’t. She strongly believes that individuals should be judged by their competency, merit and character as people to which she doesn’t feel is always happening. Brooke feels that racism still exists in the world today and speaks out about it in some of her editorials. Brooke’s support of and strong solidarity with minorities also extends to Beast People as well. Though relationships between Beast People and humans are nowhere near hostile as it was in the past, there are still hate groups and Anti-Beast movements that exist, as well as unfair treatment for Beasts People in the workforce. In the Adult Entertainment Industry along with several other fields of endeavor, Beast Maidens have been paid less for their work in comparison to their male and human counterparts. Determined to end this practice, Brooke has steadily gained support from Beast Maidens in general even from fellow BSU students who disagree with her Anti-Porn point of view.

Vegan: As an extension of her views on conservation and animal rights, Brooke chooses to follow a strict vegan diet. She abstains from eating all meat, poultry and fish as well as animal byproducts such as eggs and milk. In order to supplement the vitamins and minerals lost due to being meat free, she takes tablets which contain the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients she needs. Her diet consists of fruit and veggie-based foods, almond milk, protein smoothies for breakfast along with fresh fruit. For lunch and dinner, she eats vegetable-based entree dishes. In between meals, she often munches on vegan friendly snack foods. Brooke promotes veganism to friends often. Most recently Brooke has partnered with her friend and classmate Elizabeth Bloomfield to promote her upcoming Incredible Foods meat substitute.


Master Pianist: Since a little girl, Brooke has played the piano. Her mother who was also a pianist as a youth taught her how to play and read sheet music. Brooke cherished her piano practice sessions because it provided her with precious alone time with her mother. These moments were about the only time Brooke had her mother’s undivided and uninterrupted attention. Through the repetition of playing, Brooke greatly increased her reflexes, hand eye coordination and dexterity in her fingers, which enabled her to perform such techniques as the Purity Keyboard Cock Press. To this day, playing the piano serves as a relaxing hobby for Brooke especially after an exhausting day of classes and or filming. Brooke enjoys playing music for those fortunate enough to be considered her friends.


Novice Martial Artist: As Brooke grew older and began developing her views, she saw value in learning how to defend herself, in case she gets into a situation where a man is trying to physically take advantage of her. She began taking women’s self defense classes to satisfy her need. Brooke learned some very basic combat techniques that were geared to create distance and give her time to escape from an attacker, rather than to defeat him in combat. However, because sexual assault can become a life and death situation, Brooke isn’t opposed to using techniques deemed ‘gruesome’ or ‘dirty’. When it comes down to survival there are no rules or limitations. Raking and gouging of the eyes, groin strikes, biting and anything else that takes advantage of her attacker’s weaknesses are fair game to be exploited. Since learning self defense, Brooke has only had to use her skills once so far. However, she has shown interest in partaking in more extensive martial arts training.


Pepper Spray User: In accordance with her belief in protecting herself against sexual assault, Brooke now carries a mini spray can of mace which she conceals in her purse. Brooke carries maximum strength mace which causes an intense burning sensation in the eyes which induces crying and intense skin irritation, coughing, choking and even vomiting. While Brooke has some self defense training she could still be at a disadvantage against much larger male attackers. Pepper spray gives her an equalizer to use against these perpetrators.


Stun Gun User: The self defense trifecta is completed by the Shockmaster 3000, a stun gun style taser designed to look and function like a fully operating flashlight. When in use, the Shockmaster 3000 administers millions of volts into the target to incapacitate him. In addition to also being a flashlight, the Shockmaster 3000’s handle can be used as a fully functioning vibrator, enabling Brooke to satisfy her sexual urges when she’s alone and feeling risky.


Classical Music Lover: Classical music was instilled within Brooke from a young age by her mother, a former pianist. She loves to listen to classical music, in fact she prefers it over any other genre. She enjoys the sound and melody of the instruments being played. She views singing, rapping or any kind of vocals as a distraction which diminishes from the artistry of the composer and the band playing the music. In addition to this, she likes that classical music doesn’t contain any profanity or vulgarity due to not having lyrics. She has a selection of music from all the greats including Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Bach and Tchaikovsky. As somewhat of a ritual, Brooke listens to her music before filming scenes. It is a form of preparation; a means of getting into ‘the zone’ or ‘flow’ for a performance. She undergoes a transformation of sorts, from Brooke Beaumont to Purity Brooks, her lecherous, sexy on screen persona.




Bradley Beaumont (Father)

Leader of the Beaumont Household, Bradley is the father of Brooke, as well as her elder sister Bristol, and her younger sister Baelynn. As a construction worker for California’s Highway Department, Brad was able to provide an upper middle class living for his wife and 3 daughters. Having spent his entire adult life doing back breaking labor, Brad wanted better for his girls. It was for this reason, he preached the importance of education. Brad took an active role in his daughters’ progress in school, helping his daughters with homework as well as providing educational extra curricular activities to participate in. Furthermore, he attended all of his daughters’ parent-teacher conferences with his wife Francine. Brooke by far was the most receptive to her parents approach to teaching, as she enjoyed learning new things. Brad supported Brooke’s educational pursuits by purchasing copious amounts of books for Brooke to read along with her mother.


However, Brad doesn’t agree with Brooke’s current stand against the Adult Entertainment Industry. As a young man at the age of 18, Brad worked in an adult video store for two years. Also as a heavy consumer of pornography, Brad frequently browsed the internet to entertain himself with adult content, which eventually lead him to meeting Francine, a then a financially struggling female college student who did independent web cam shows to help pay the bills. Brad held regular conversations with Francine and tipped her quite generously. They hit it off so well that Francine asked Brad out for a date. If it were not for the Adult Entertainment Industry, Brad and Francine would have never met and Brooke would never have been born.


Brad argued that “The Business” has its place in society and provides a much needed service for its patrons. Even if one doesn’t plan on being an Adult Entertainer as a career, AE schools such as BSU are highly accredited and offer other opportunities. While Brad disagrees with Brooke’s Purity Movement, he respects her choice; as he views this as a path she will learn from and eventually find herself en route reaching another goal.


They maintain a very joking relationship with one another with Brad playfully mocking Brooke’s views just to provoke her and get a reaction. This has led to many spirited debates that engulf the Beaumont family whenever they are together. To this day, Brad has never bested Brooke in a debate, a fact Brooke teasingly reminds him of when they see one another.


Francine Beaumont (Mother)

A former cam girl by trade, Francine Beaumont is a dedicated housewife and mother to Brooke and her sisters. She is the strong foundation of the family, always there for her children and husband when they needed her. Francine’s bond with Brooke, her middle child was especially strong. As the middle child, Brooke didn’t have the responsibility of being a leader nor was she as spoiled and needy as the youngest. This left Brooke in the middle of the shuffle at most times; however Francine took the time to show Brooke that she did indeed matter. Francine took an interest in academics, something which Brooke enjoyed and even studied such as math literature and history, so she could keep up with Brooke in conversations and activities. The two often engaged in board games such as Monopoly and Connect Four with the rest of the family. Brooke handily won such contests which helped her low self esteem as a child.


As Brooke grew older, she became insecure about her physical appearance. While her sisters Bristol and Braelyn blossomed prematurely, ripe with buxom, Coca Cola bottle-like figures, Brooke barely grew. Because of this, she was often mistaken as the little sister amongst the group. Francine assured Brooke that everyone develops into what they are supposed to be at their own pace. She reasoned that everyone is special in their own way and each person possesses their own unique strengths. Francine told Brooke that she was given the gifts of a keen and intelligent mind, and relentless determination that had carried her to achieve all of the accolades she acquired throughout middle and high school. Bristol and Braealyn had both benefited from Brooke’s help regardless if either one ever admits it. This encouragement hardened Brooke’s resolve even further to bring change to the world.


Brooke is unaware of Francine’s past as a sex worker. Since marrying Brad, she has played the role of homemaker, cooking meals, maintaining the household and raising her 3 girls. Underneath her housewife guise, Francine is a pure nympho who makes home movies with her husband, role plays and even invites other couples over for some swinging action. With all 3 of her daughters now adults and out on their own, Francine no longer has to be the wholesome mom around the house. It is possible Brooke’s own monstrous sexual desire was inherited from her mother.


Bristol Beaumont (Sister)

The eldest of the Beaumont sisters, she and Brooke were once very close. As little girls they were nearly inseparable; they watched TV, played outside and cooked food alongside their mother with their easy bake oven playset. Brooke looked up to Bristol during those times often following her lead when the two got into mischief, such as sneaking candy and snacks from the kitchen to their bedroom. The girls spent all of their pre-elementary school years at home with their mother rather than attending a preschool or daycare program used by working couples and single parents. This meant that neither Bristol or Brooke had much exposure to other children.


Bristol, a natural extrovert quickly became the center of attention. She made friends easily with her classmates soaking up the positive attention like a sponge. This was compounded once Bristol was given her first cell phone by her parents. Bristol’s new found popularity and friends deeply affected her relationship. Easily influenced by her peers, Bristol dismissed Brooke as being a “nerd” and “uncool” forbidding her from tagging along while Bristol hung out with her friends. This quietly and gradually drove a wedge between them that only got bigger as they grew older. This inspired Brooke to stand firm and walk to the beat of her own drum. Rather than hating Bristol, Brooke pities her sister, viewing her as lost, a victim of the ‘The System’ she wants to destroy.


Bristol can be rather selfish at times, putting her best interests first most of the time. However this flaw is covered up by her bubbly and magnetic personality. Although it is different than Brooke’s, Bristol possesses incredible charisma that has helped her get by in life. She has coasted most of her life, never having to push or challenge herself or face difficult odds like Brooke has. Bristol makes her living as an “Influencer” on social media, flaunting her stacked body and promoting a cornucopia of different products to her followers on Instagram, Linkum and other social media platforms. Most recently, Bristol along with youngest sister Braelynn have signed on to advertise for Beauregard Industries; promoting Bimbogel to their legion of followers.


Since both becoming adults, Bristol has attempted to reconnect with Brooke, albeit for selfish reasons. Since Brooke enrolled at BSU, Bristol has taken an interest in her once again and has asked Brooke on several occasions to join her in advertising products; however she has repeatedly declined. That is until Brooke was suspended last year. The two have reconnected with Bristol offering her home as a place to stay; a preferable alternative to going back home to live with her parents during her suspension period.


Things between the two have improved somewhat since Brooke initially attended BSU last year. After Brooke moved in, Bristol assisted her little sister with her ‘preparation’ for the next school year. The two bonded with one another, having long girl talk sessions where they discussed men and sex among other things. Bristol hopes to continue to get closer to Brooke not only to make up for lost time with her, but also in order to hang out and hook up with male BSU students, including Brooke’s classmates.


Braelynn Beaumont (Sister)

Third born child and the current youngest of the Beaumont clan, Braelynn has a distant relationship with Brooke despite being close to her in age. Braelynn followed Bristol’s lead as a girl, looking up to her because she was “cool”. Brooke’s habits of studying hard and focusing on her education didn’t appeal to Braelynn, however she was quick to lean on Brooke for help when her grades were failing.


Brooke attempted to be a role model to Braelynn albeit unsuccessfully. Braelynn chose to follow their eldest sister Bristol instead by engaging in sexual activity as a teenager. The two grew even further apart the older she got until Brooke was suspended from BSU during her first Freshman year at BSU. Braelynn assisted Brooke in becoming a better sexual performer. The two sisters bonded on a personal level that they never got to do as children.


Brielle Beaumont (Sister)

Little is known about Brielle, the 4th and youngest born of the Beaumont sisters. At some point she ran away from the family’s California home for unknown reasons. Brooke has attempted to track down Brielle to no avail. Though Brielle’s whereabouts are unknown, it is suspected she is living under a different identity in World City. Although they were never as close as they could have been, Brooke misses her very much.




Maihime Shinoda

Brooke first heard of Maihime before actually meeting her. She instantly became a fan of Maihime’s after seeing her uniform designs for the upcoming school year at BSU. Upon meeting Mai for the first time, Brooke commended her for her efforts. A strong supporter of the Body Positivity Movement, Brooke offered Mai encouragement in her pursuit to achieve her dreams of becoming a leading fashion designer. Intrigued by Brooke’s interest in her, Mai sought to befriend Brooke by inviting her over to her room to hang out. Brooke immediately clicked with Mai on a personal level due to the life struggles they share. Brooke was able to relate to Mai’s insecurity about her weight and appearance because of her own insecurity about her body proportions. They have held many conversations about this and many other subjects including Brooke’s Purity Movement. While Mai doesn’t agree with what Brooke is doing, she respects Brooke’s ambition and goal oriented nature. The two sometimes go out to eat, usually when Mai wants to show her the new “it” restaurant in World City. Although not a vegan herself, Maihime has kept an open mind and often accompanies Brooke in her personal quest to find and try the best Vegan cuisine the world has to offer, starting with World City. A fellow clothing lover, champion of the Body Positivity Movement and an avid small business supporter, Brooke is heavily invested in Mai’s success. She assists Mai by modeling her creations and offering her input and suggestions as well as buying custom pieces designed specifically for her. Brooke also serves as a model for Fashinoda, Mai’s own independent clothing line. Brooke’s stylish, business swaggering wardrobe is provided by Maihime. Brooke also supports Maihime’s clothing line by promoting it in her writings and interviews. The pair have managed to sustain their friendship despite Brooke’s rivalry with Mai’s sister Matsunami. As a result, Mai does her best to stay away from the conflict between the two of them as much as possible.



Elizabeth Bloomfield

Heiress to Bloomfield Farms Dairy Company, Elizebeth is the Chief Executive Officer of Incredible Foods Incorporated, a recently launched subsidiary company under the Bloomfield Farms banner. Incredible foods specializes in creating and manufacturing vegan and vegetarian food products, including near authentic tasting meat substitutes. They are best known for the Incredible Burger, a meat free hamburger which Incredible Foods launched in cooperation with a handful of restaurant chains and fast food brands. Brooke befriended Elizabeth after hearing about her from an activist mutual friend. The two kept in contact with one another while Brooke was away in California. They officially met one another in person when Brooke returned from her suspension from BSU during the summer. While Brooke had been into the Animal Rights Movement previously, It was Elizabeth who educated Brooke on just how far the cruelty goes. In their conversations Elizabeth detailed the atrocities that are committed against farm animals, including the horrible living conditions, being treated with a litany of drugs and steroids to increase their size and the amount of meat they yield. It was Elizabeth’s influence that convinced her to go vegan. Though Elizabeth isn’t a vegan herself due to drinking milk, she is as close as one can get to it as a vegetarian. Brooke and Elizabeth’s relationship is not only a friendship but a business partnership. Elizabeth convinced her mother and other high ranking officials at Bloomfield farms that Brooke Beaumont is a worthy asset to invest in. As a result, Brooke has signed a sponsorship contract with Bloomfield Farms/Incredible foods to endorse their products. This partnership has been fruitful for both Elizabeth and Brooke. Bloomfield Farms has seen an increase in sales since sponsoring Brooke, and Brooke has garnered even more spotlight for herself and her movement by appearing in ads.



Todd Kirkham

Having originally met Brooke online, Todd has been her closest follower since she joined the Purity Movement in high school. The two established their friendship through hours of skype conversations as teenagers. Because they lived in different states, online chats and phone conversations were their only means of communication. Through time, diligence and lots of kissing ass, Todd has earned Brooke’s absolute trust. When Brooke decided she would attend BSU for college, Todd vowed to follow her. A virgin with no knowledge about sex, Todd spent several thousand dollars of his parents money on escorts, call girls and hookers during his senior year of high school to prepare for the BSU professor interview that is required of most male students. This was possible because Todd is fairly well off financially. With a doctor and a businessman for parents, Todd has access to funds for whatever he needs.


Currently Todd serves as somewhat of an assistant to Brooke, helping her to devise strategies and tactics to promote the Purity Movement and protest the ‘system’ that oppresses women and girls. Todd is the leader of a faction of male BSU students who support Brooke known as ‘the White Knights’. They act as Brooke’s henchmen and protectors during protests. A fellow repeat first year student, Todd participated in numerous acts of vandalism alongside Brooke and allegedly threw the punch that started a brawl at a protest rally amongst Brooke supporters and a group of opposing first year students, led by Shikijou Yamazaki and Leda Kino. Todd agrees with virtually every idea Brooke puts forth, offering no resistance or criticism; making him more akin to a yes man henchman than a credible second-in-command. Todd behaves in this way to maintain Brookes favor, with the ultimate self serving hope of getting to sleep with her. Todd also plans to use Brooke’s popularity to promote himself and launch a successful, profitable career. Brooke, oblivious to Todd’s true intentions, has her absolute trust in him; looking to him as her second-in-command of the purity campaign. Brooke has somewhat of a blindspot when it comes to Todd. Having known and trusted him for years, Brooke is unable to perceive Todd’s true deceitful nature.



Xavier Williams

Brooke’s first meeting with Xavier was rather off putting to both of them. On Orientation day, the two crossed paths when Xavier opened the door for Brooke as he routinely does for all women. Surprisingly to Xavier, Brooke responded to his gesture skeptically, questioning his motives for opening the door for her. She accused him of using the gesture as a means to get her to sleep with him, which left Xavier confused and speechless, his mouth hanging wide open because he didn’t understand.


After hearing Xavier rap at Orientation, Brooke took a slight interest in learning more about the out of nowhere rookie recruit. Having vaguely remembered him from a Linkum post from one of her enemies, Kokoro Izumi and hearing Xavier diss her along with Violette Beauregard in his presentation; Brooke approached her shy classmate during a meet-and-greet session in homeroom class on the first day of school.


Because Xavier is an aspiring director, he should have been considered to be an ideological nemesis to the young orange haired revolutionary, however their shared status as social outcasts gave them a common ground on which they could connect. Despite Brooke’s being a pariah amongst the student body at large, Xavier doesn’t judge her for it because he too has “The World” against him like Brooke does.


Brooke and Xavier often argue and debate one another, going back and forth on various topics, almost always agreeing to disagree in the end. While Brooke views Xavier as a “future oppressor” of women due to his goal of directing and producing, she recognizes he possesses the same hunger and zeal to win that she does. Additionally Brooke is impressed with Xavier’s skills as a cameraman and photographer, working with him whenever possible. Although Xavier has seen Brooke nude several times over, he keeps things professional with her when in compromising scenarios. Though Brooke was initially surprised by this, she respects Xavier’s professionalism.


Although Xavier disagrees with many of Brooke’s ‘Social Justice Warrior’ points of view on things, he respects the fact that Brooke has the courage, determination and heart to stand up for what she believes in and see it through to the end. Brooke and Xavier maintain a close friendship despite the disapproval of their other friends such as White Knights leader, Todd Kirkham in Brooke’s case. Xavier also mutually disapproves of Brooke’s friendship with Todd. He strongly believes that Todd isn’t around to support Brooke or her cause, and instead is seeking to take advantage of Brooke and use her for his own benefit. Having been used and taken advantage of by fake friends in middle and high school, Xavier has a keen sense for identifying these types of people. However, he is aware that no matter how he tries to warn or protect Brooke from this, she must realize Todd’s deceit on her own in order to believe it.


Both Brooke and Xavier have kept their friendship platonic in order to preserve it. The two have never had sex on or off camera. Given the clear difference between their skill levels, Brooke doesn’t want to put him in a situation that could cause him to fail and crush his as of yet still fragile self confidence. Xavier avoids potential sexual situations with Brooke because he doesn’t want to risk damaging their friendship with a potentially poor sexual encounter. Despite their unspoken agreement, Xavier and Brooke have unquestionable chemistry with one another which has led to some rather awkward moments. This includes a long passionate kiss the two shared while alone in Xavier’s room editing the softcore cut for one of Brooke’s scenes. From that kiss Brooke felt the intense and rather beastial latent sexual power Xavier holds within. Brooke watches Xavier’s progress, looking forward to the day he is able to face her in the bedroom and unleash his dormant power.




Matsunami Shinoda

Brooke first encountered Matsunami while she was standing in line at a coffee shop in Passion Tower’s lobby. Having heard of Matsunami due to her meteoric 1 year rise to prominence as a dancer at Peaches Gentlemen’s Club; Brooke decided to approach her as she saw her in passing. Brooke’s intention was to get a read on what Matsunami was like and what kind of a person she was since they would be in direct competition with each other. The repeat first year student intentionally sent pointed verbal barbs at Matsunami, questioning her moral character because of her line of work. Matsunami reacted in a very calm and collected manner, not allowing Brooke to get into her head.


Brooke views Matsunami as a skilled foe coming for her position. As the #2 ranked freshman recruit, Brooke has paid attention to the upcoming group of classmates and researched some of them. At #3, Matsumami is ranked just behind Brooke. Although Brooke disapproves of Matsunami and her choice of employment, she respects her as a competitor and seeks to best her at every turn.


As a good friend of Mai, Brooke has heard stories about Matsunami from Mai about their childhood and even witnessed the two interact on several occasions. Brooke deeply respects Matsunami’s dedication to family and her love for Mai. Like Mai, Brooke was the second born child of her family, however her big sister Bristol ditched her immediately after making other friends. Brooke respects the fact that Matsunami chose to stay by her sister’s side and provide support when needed.




Violette Beauregard

Brooke and Violette’s feud dates back to the previous year during her first run as a BSU freshman. Brooke has been both Violette and Scarlette’s harshest critic, verbally dressing them down online and in print during interviews with anti-AE blogs and news sites over the launching of Beauregard Industries’ feminine body modification product, BimboGel. Since its launch, BimboGel has been a hot commodity with women, especially in the 18-30 age demographic.


Brooke strongly believes that BimboGel is poison to the minds and self esteem of young women, as individuals can grow reliant on it for their own personal self image. Given Violette’s celebrity socialite status as heiress of Beauregard Industries and her being a frequent guest star on her best friend Nicole’s popular reality show: Wellingtons’ World, Violette has worldwide reach to influence impressionable teenage girls. Violette has been idolized by these girls and more and more women are buying BimboGel immediately after coming of age with some people even video documenting getting Bimbogel on their 18th birthdays.


In addition to calling out Violette’s endorsing of Bimbogel and how it affects women, Brooke has taken her to task for her highly promiscuous public behavior and promotion of ‘Thot Culture’ through her social media posts, statuses and snaps. Brooke notes that highly suggestible teens emulate their idol’s behavior in an attempt to fit in and be “cool” and/or to get ahead in the increasingly sex driven world.


After initially ignoring Brooke in an attempt to deny her further attention from the public, Violette fired back shortly after Orientation during a livestream chat in which a fan asked for her opinion on Brooke and her criticisms of BimboGel, Violette and her mother Scarlette. Violette retaliated by calling Brooke a fraud and a charlatan of an activist who is manipulating her followers to her own end.


She elaborated by stating that Brooke Beaumont is merely a “gimmick” and is no different than an actor playing a character on television or a professional wrestler cutting promos to promote himself to millions of people worldwide. Violette then asserted herself online, attempting to pit Brooke’s own supporters against her. She told the fans that Brooke intends to quickly elevate herself to superstardom with the “so called” Purity Movement and that she has no intention of actually changing the world as she claims she will.


The situation becomes tense and even more spicy whenever Brooke and Violette are near each other. They always exchange jabs and insults and with the White Knights always at the ready, there is always the potential for the situation to explode. Brooke feels that not only does she need to defeat Violette in competition to prove she is superior but to prove that her message is the correct one and show the world that there is strength in having conviction.



Ashani El-Karim

Ashani and Brooke despise one another for ideological reasons. In the world of Adult Entertainment, the El Karim name is synonymous with excellence and royalty. The current Era of sexual empowerment and freedom was established by Ashani’s ancestor, Akasha El-Karim. Brooke views the El-Karim family as symbols of oppression towards women who have set them back in terms of their standing in society. As the current heiress to the El-Karim clan, Ashani represents the family by being an adult Entertainer.


Ashani views Brooke as being a hypocrite activist who is seeking to use the Adult Entertainment Industry as a springboard to launch herself into another stratosphere. A year prior to Ashani enrolling at BSU, she took notice of Brooke during her first outing as freshman BSU student. Brooke’s vandalism of the El-Karim monument made things personal between them before they ever got to meet face to face. In addition to this, Brooke has criticized Ashani’s mother, top pornstar Aisha El-Karim numerous times in interviews and during Purity Movement rallies of the last year.


Ashani has been quoted as saying that “Brooke Beaumont’s presence at BSU is an insult to my family and to all the men and women giving their best to perform as adult entertainers, past present and future.” As the loudest and strongest voice of opposition and the future leader of the AE world, Ashani is expected by her peers, her family and past porn superstars to defeat the infidel Brooke Beaumont and rid the industry of her presence.


Brooke sees Ashani as nothing but a drone, the current generation’s poster child for oppression; an elite one-percenter who is only in BSU to uphold the oppressive industry rule on their generation. A figurehead following orders and maintaining the status quo rather than thinking for herself. Ashani herself is an obstacle to Brooke’s goals, for she has many times attempted to have Brooke ousted from BSU behind the scenes. However her efforts have been for not due to Taiyohime having the support of BSU’s Board of Directors. Brooke verbally blasted Ashani on stage during Orientation; saying that the Princess was born into a life of privilege, and has done nothing to earn the revered status she holds.


The two almost always argue when in one another’s presence at school, each dissing each other with hard hitting insults and beating their opposing points of view. However Ashani is a strategic target for Brooke to pursue. By defeating her generation’s “Princess of Porn”, Brooke can strike a blow against the “establishment”, beating one of their “chosen ones” on their terms. She believes that by doing so she can gain even more traction for herself and the Purity Movement as a whole.


While Ashani does despise Brooke, she isn’t public with her feelings towards Brooke. Ashani has remained silent about Brooke on social media. This is in part due to Ashani’s sense of honor. As the princess of the EL-Karim family, she must carry herself with dignity and self respect as to not bring shame and dishonor to her family. Ashani has vowed to defeat Brooke, for she views it as being her duty and responsibility to do so. Not only for her family and for the Adult Entertainment industry but most importantly for herself.



Kokoro “Koko” Izumi

Growing up, Brooke was once a fan of Koko and watched her television shows and movies religiously. Seeing Koko’s family friendly brand of humor, wit and attitude always brought a smile to Brooke’s face after school, even amongst the loneliest of times. She felt Koko was someone she connected with, a kindred spirit, despite only knowing her through the character she played on television. In reality this was very true in a way. Like Brooke, Koko was very isolated as a child. As an actress, Koko was the primary provider for her family. This meant she was almost always on set for movies and television shows. Koko’s parents sacrificed her childhood in exchange for finding her work and therefore an income for themselves. To this end, Koko was booked for as many jobs as possible. As a result Koko missed out on getting to make friends. Brooke and Koko met for the first time during a chance encounter at Disneyland where Koko was doing a personal appearance. Brooke’s story about not having any friends and being an outcast in school resonated with Koko, so much so that she asked the Beaumont family to stay at Disneyland’s hotel resort instead of going home at closing time so Koko and Brooke could hang out. After closing time, the two girls wandered the park, went on rides together and stuffed themselves with the best cuisine Disneyland had to offer. This night on the town was a memorable landmark moment for both girls.


After this initial meeting, Brooke came out in force to support Koko by attending numerous Los Angeles premieres of Koko’s movies. The two even met and hung out several times, posing for selfies with one another at various events. From there the two grew even closer, staying in contact by phone and online. Whenever Koko was in town for business she chose to stay with the Beaumont family rather than a hotel or luxury rental property. There she could relax, avoid the press and experience something close to being a normal person.. Brooke was there for Koko as a friend and confidant she could trust. Koko was a true friend to Brooke who never judged or looked down on her, accepting her for who she is. Brooke never violated the trust that Koko placed in her, although she could have easily exploited it for her benefit several times over. Brooke and Koko have both shared their thoughts and have had low-key birthday celebrations together at Brooke’s home.


However things gradually changed as both Koko and Brooke grew into their own as women. They gradually grew apart and went their separate ways. As Koko forayed further into music, she took on an edgier, less family friendly approach to promoting herself as well as making progressively more suggestive and lewd songs. To Brooke’s shock, her friend did a complete 180 from the wholesome role model for girls Brooke saw her as during their childhood years. Her SPLASH announcement confirmed to Brooke that Koko had fully turned to the “Dark Side”. Brooke fired the first shot between them at BSU Orientation by leaking unfavorable information about Koko’s business practices and expressing her disappointment.


In comparison to other foes such as Vilolette Beauregard and Ashani El Karim, Brooke feels more disappointment towards Koko than she does anger. However, Brooke doesn’t blame Koko alone for this. She sees Koko as somewhat of a victim of the system having been indoctrinated into show business at an early age. She is a symbol of what Brooke wants to prevent from happening to other young women in the future.


It is rather awkward when the two of them are together, given their former friendship. Brooke has expressed her disappointment with Koko to her face, citing that she could have been a powerful force for good and represented women in a positive way. This infuriated Koko causing her to fire back at her former best friend with Koko telling Brooke that she is a “Self righteous cunt” who thinks she knows what’s best for everyone else. Koko also tore into Brooke for supposedly being a hypocrite and oppressing the freedom of expression allowed by the AE world. This is by far Brooke’s most personal and heated feud. Later on, Brooke admitted that calling out Koko publicly was one of the hardest things she ever had to do.



Eric “E-Solo” Solomon

A second year Security Officer at BSU, Eric was once a wayward delinquent teen who was drafted to work at BSU by Chief of Security, and former felon Saitou, Shinoda at the age of 17. During his tenure of employment at BSU, Eric has had numerous run ins with Brooke. From protest rallies, dining hall altercations between Brooke and other students and even bonfire burnings of porn DVDs and magazines on university property. Eric and Brooke have a very adversarial relationship which dates back to their very first time meeting one another over a year ago. Not knowing who Brooke was, Eric approached her and said “Hey baby, how about we go to my room and see what’s up?” as she asked him for assistance with locating different offices on the BSU campus. This interaction made a horrible first impression, one of many Eric has made with female students.


Viewing Eric as a clear example of what is wrong with men in today’s society, Brooke villainizes and antagonizes the security guard as much as possible whenever possible; in the hope that she will stress him out to the point of resigning his position. As a result, Eric dreads having to respond to incidents and situations involving Brooke because he doesn’t want to deal with her smart aleck and condescending comments, feisty attitude and constant challenges to his authority.


Most recently, Brooke went on the offensive against Eric at Orientation, calling him out for his lack of respect for women and unwanted advances toward them. She even accused Eric of sexual harassment. This was investigated by BSU officials. However, no woman at the university, student or staff has ever filed a complaint against Eric or accused him of any wrongdoing. Though Eric in fact did everything Brooke accused him of, most female students view him as a joke to dismiss and laugh at rather than a legitimate threat to their safety. This is the reason no one has ever filed a complaint or pressed charges against him.


Despite his behavior around women, Eric is a capable and competent security officer. Usually the first to respond to an incident or hostile situation, he has diffused several would be fights including numerous dust ups involving Brooke and her White Knights. He has successfully thwarted several of Brookes plans going back to her first freshman year. Eric’s surprising effectiveness as a campus security officer contributes to Brooke’s annoyance with him.



Cathy O’Malley

When Brooke first applied to BSU, several professors voiced their opposition to Brooke being a student there. Chief among them was Cathy O’Malley, Independent Studies professor and head of the universities Discipline and Infractions Department. Due to Brooke’s beliefs and outspoken personality, she is a constant troublemaker for the university, and has spent several terms of detention under Cathy’s supervision. The professor often made Brooke assume torturous stress positions while in her custody with the goal to break Brooke’s resolve and force her to give up being an AE student. In addition to this, Cathy subjected Brooke to her ‘office’ several times. “The Office” is a room full of dominatrix and S&M equipment meant to embarrass and humiliate student offenders into submission. However, Brooke didn’t surrender to Cathy’s will regardless of how many times she was restrained, gagged and paddled. Brooke wore this as a badge of honor, often greeting Cathy with remarks like “I’m still here.”


There were numerous cases of vandalism that went unsolved prior to the protest incident of last year all of which Cathy attributes to Brooke despite not having the evidence against her. Brooke’s return to BSU, courtesy of Taiyohime Kuriyue, has Cathy questioning the Headmistress’ decision making. “While the girl does possess many of the qualities of an elite Starlet, is that worth risking decades of tradition and potentially destroying the future of our industry?” She said to the Headmistress in protest to the decision to suspend Brooke, rather than expel her. Since Brooke’s return to the university, things have been somewhat quiet between the first year student and the disciplinarian, due to Brooke’s renewed focus on her craft and building relationships with new found friends she cares about. Although their contentious relationship has settled down since last year, Cathy still views Brooke as a prime threat to BSU’s future.




Eiji Nakamura

An unlikely ally, Eiji has been a target of the Purity Movement for a long time. As a lifelong elite athlete, Eiji has attracted the attention and interest of both girls his age and adult women since the 8th grade. As a result, Eiji gained much sexual experience from a young age. Throughout highschool and his freshman year, Eiji has had sex with hundreds of women, using his status as an athlete and mega earning potential to his advantage. A serial fornicator, Eiji has a reputation of avoiding, ignoring or summarily dismissing his female conquests once he’s gotten what he wanted or is no longer interested in them. He has committed himself to the bachelor lifestyle and enjoys life without romantic attachments. Given Eiji’s extremely promiscuous behavior and his lack of concern for the women he beds, Brooke labeled him a symbol of sexist, chauvinist and oppressive male society. She has written numerous unflattering articles directed at the former basketball prodigy. In fact, when Eiji suffered his career ending triple knee injury last year, Brooke remarked that this was karma. He had lost the one thing that made women take interest in him so much, his ability to play basketball.


The opportunity to confront Eiji face to face and tell him what she thought came during BSU’s First Annual Orientation Assembly day. She approached Eiji and berated him in front of his friend Hitomi, intending to deliver all her thoughts on the man to his face. Brooke lashed him with scathing remarks including calling him a ‘sexist pig’. Unfortunately for Brooke, Peggy, a pig breed Beast Maiden overheard the conversation and took offense to it. While trying to explain away this blunder, Brooke only pulled herself deeper underwater, offending Peggy even more. Surprisingly, it was Eiji who came to Brooke’s rescue. He covered for Brooke by explaining that the two were practicing acting for a scene together.


This impromptu save prevented Brooke from being embroiled in a discrimination scandal. Her fellow Social Justice Warriors would have eaten her alive. During Brooke’s presentation, she tore into several first year students including Eiji’s friend Hitomi. After seeing Eiji beg and gesture for mercy on Hitomi’s behalf, Brooke cut her verbal assault against her short and moved on to the next topic, as she felt she owed him for saving her earlier.


Eiji, an ‘Alpha’ male with a rather large ego, gives little thought, if any to most of what other people say or think about him, including Brooke. He continues to make flirtatious remarks to her despite knowing her opinion of him. Furthermore, the male standout seems to be emboldened even more by Brooke’s rejections of his sexual advances. Her continued resistance makes her an interesting challenge for Eiji to pursue. Unlike most BSU students, Eiji doesn’t care about Brooke’s political stance either way, however he does respect her drive and determination as a performer. Aside from his lust for Brooke, Eiji speaks highly of Brooke’s ‘business sense’, mistakenly viewing her Purity Movement as promotional gold that can be exploited, similiar to how he uses his fame from his high school and college basketball career, as well as his pre injury #1 NBA draft pick status.


Although Brooke dislikes Eiji’s attitude and mentality towards women, she acknowledges his status as one of the top recruits. She knows that she cannot achieve the industry transcendent success needed to enter the political arena without having quality male talent to work with. This makes Eiji a necessary evil of sorts, a man who cannot be denied in the grand scheme of things. The two have not worked together on screen but given their respectives rankings it is only a matter of time before they are paired for a scene.



Taiyohime Kuriyue

Brooke is allowed to attend BSU because of Taiyohime’s efforts. When Brooke first applied last year, Professor Sara Reed was away filming a movie in the Bahamas. Taiyohime served as the acting Head of Admissions during that time. Despite Brookes motives, objections and criticisms of the business. The Headmistress sensed a unique charisma about Brooke that radiated from her body with every word she spoke. Taiyohime sensed there was something raging underneath her conservative social justice preaching exterior that would be magical if unleashed. Although Taiyohime believed that Brooke’s zeal and passion are misplaced, that kind of passion and conviction is extremely rare. With the proper guidance Brooke could be honed and shaped into a top tier porn megastar of the future.


Taiyohime believed so strongly in this that after the protest incident, she plead her case to BSU’s Board of Directors to only suspend her. The Chairman of the Board ultimately left the decision to Taiyohime to make based on her own judgement.


Brooke harbors respect for Taiyohime despite feeling she is on the “wrong side”. Without Taiyohime’s faith in her ability as a performer, Brooke would have no platform to enact her change with. Brooke humbly acknowledged this to Taiyohime during the meeting to decide her fate in the aftermath of the protest incident. In addition to this, Brooke has studied Taiyohime’s on screen work extensively to help her prepare for becoming a pornstar. Oddly enough, Taiyohime sees similarity in Brooke to her younger self. Her passionate, aggressive lover style is very reminiscent of Taiyohime herself. Taiyohime has even given her a nickname, jokingly describing Brooke as a mini ‘meteor.’ This is a reference to her explosive attitude and sexiness along with natural inferno-esque hair color. This name is fitting for Brooke, as she is poised for a meteoric rise to the top.



• Brooke’s Voice Actress is Marieve Herington, who voiced Tatsumaki in the One-Punch Man series.

• Brooke’s Seiyū is Asami Tano, who voiced Ninny Spangcole from the Burn the Witch series.

• Brooke is a new, original character created specifically for Welcome to BSU. Unlike the characters from previous BSU Character profiles, Brooke does not have a Road of Legends counterpart.

• Brooke is an intended parody of feminist and social justice warrior ideals. Concept of the character was originally conceived by her creator and artist, Rtenzo. Her author, Strider-Seiryu used women he knows in real life to help develop Brooke’s character and personality.

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3 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Aww no more profiles damn that sucks.

3 years ago

profiles arent totally gone. I will try to continue them at my own pace. Chapter releases will no longer be held up by profiles. They take much longer than the chapters themselves to create

3 years ago

WOW! I really don’t know what to say here…! This definitely solidifies Brooke as the top girl in the class, whether anyone in it likes it or not. O_O

Her skillset and background are freakishly immense, basically like that of a second or third year student. But there were other things that really stuck out to me, like her having Lust Mode like Kaede for example, but a more powerful and refined version of it. Not to mention her using her short size and frame to her advantage, as well as having crazy stamina and endurance to go with it.

Now you would think that someone who has views and goals as drastically different as her’s would mean she’s a joke in bed, but that’s definitely not the case with Brooke at all, given what’s been revealed. Though that isn’t the only thing that makes her stand out. Her hobbies and overall personality make her stand out more than most, even if she’s barking up the wrong tree.

The relationships with her family and her other classmates and teachers are the things that stood out the most. Especially who her friends and allies would be, like Xavier, Eiji, Taiyo and Mai for example. Matsunami being her rival is surprisingly fitting, aside from their rank in the freshmen lineup obviously, but her enemies are the ones that really stuck out, with Violette, Ashani and Eric being the most obvious, but Cathy and Koko being the huge ones for me. Though as for Todd, I’d cut him loose if I was her…

And I think the actresses you chose for her really fit her character. Nicely done.

Overall she’s definitely quite the polarizing girl, but she does have seriously strong feelings and goals and a stronger drive and will.

Looking forward to seeing more! 😀

3 years ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Yes Brooke is a different than most girls who attend BSU. After being suspended Brooke realized she wasn’t ready for BSU. Her time back home was very intense. Id compare Brooke’s training and improvement during that time to ging into the room of spirit and time in dragon ball z. Throughout the story Brooke will learn more about people. Not all the peoole she thinks are bad truly are and not everyone she trusts and thinks are good are really that.

Koko is Brooke’s most controversial relationship. She feels very conflicted about Koko because at one point all they had was each other. Things will be tense between them given they are former best friends and current competitors. Brooke will learn some things.

Todd is the most dangerous person to Brooke. He is a predatory beta male. He doesnt care about the purity movement or anything Brooke is fighting for. As of right now she doesn’t see who Tood really is.