This page contains a collection of Bleach fanfictions.

Some stories might be one shot individual chapters and others might be part of a larger series!

Comment and share your thoughts!

Ongoing Series

Written by Katsuya

Written by SailorIo

Written by S22132

Written by A Stray Cloud

One Shot Individual Chapters

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1 year ago


1 year ago

I’m referring to the death and scat stuff you mentioned at the beginning of your message. I wasn’t talking about your FT ideas. They seem interesting enough, not sure what will happen next in the story tho

1 year ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

The death and scat stuff was just random ranting. Always hated and never understood why people like those. For one how did piss and scat even end up as fetishes. Just wonder what others thought when the first person to think about it and what their reactions were XD.

1 year ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

I’m one of those creative perverts who likes the super perverted thing. Like vanilla but prefer things like girls breaking from pleasure. Best types are the ones where the girl suggests it or is just a natural born slut. Like futa but it’s hard to do it right. Hate ntr cheating and all that. If it’s gross like scat and fucked up like death it’s 100% not me. Imo it just has to be people enjoying sex. Slutty or otherwise. If the girl or guy is getting hurt like punched then fuck that. Abuse isn’t hot. One thing I like the most or fantasize about is just having a girl ties to multiple vibrator and left to orgasm for several days or be in a constant state of orgasm denial for like a week. Second she orgasms she flails around for like 20 minutes in 1 giant orgasm. Kind of like the grey one you wrote but on a much bigger scale.

2 years ago