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Dining with Different Dicks

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Bleach stories)
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(Two days ago…)


“K- Kurosaki-kun? Kurosaki-kun!!!” Orihime Inoue slapped her boyfriend’s cheek softly with one hand while checking his pulse with the other.


“Uuuuurgh…!” Ichigo groaned weakly, with his eyes fluttering open for a couple brief seconds. It looked as if he wanted to push himself up again, with his body tensing up again as he pressed his hand against the mattress beneath him. Then the moment passed and his body went slack again. “Uffffff!!”


The two lovers were still in Orihime’s bedroom, as it was just only a mere few moments after Ichigo had passed out from fucking her too hard. His dick, albeit slightly shorter than before, was still reaching high towards the ceiling. The veins all over it twitched and throbbed desperately while more of his white gunk oozed down the length. A salty smell that made it increasingly hard for Orihime to focus on healing her boyfriend filled the room and brought her mind constantly back to the incredible sex they just had. Her eyes constantly wandered back to his cock, with her mouth watering and overflowing with her saliva as she forced herself to fight back this urge in her to just suck her beloved’s dick again!


It’s still so big…’ Her pussy twitched in raw need again as her heart skipped a few beats. She licked her lips while edging closer towards the orange haired Substitute Shinigami’s throbbing schlong, ‘I can’t resist! It’s too big… Keeping a hard on for too long isn’t healthy!’ she reasoned with herself in an attempt to excuse her less than actually professional behavior.


As she put her lips around one of his balls, she immediately felt her pussy beginning to overflow with joy and lust again, “Hrrrrrrr…!!” Ichigo grunted in his sleep, as a shudder started coursing through his body at the sensation of her warm and wet lips around his cantaloupe sized nutsacks.


MMMMMMHHH!!!” moaned Orihime. She put both hands on her beloved’s hips and gently began sucking on the hairless orb as if it was the most delicious lollipop she ever had. “SHO GHUUUGH!!!” she slurred wetly and with saliva running out of her mouth and down her chin.


The weight of Ichigo’s cock rested on her head, with the many veins throbbing in a constant rhythm that only further encouraged her in her perverted endeavor. The cum that ran down the length felt so wonderfully warm and gooey against her face, she couldn’t help but moan in raw anticipation.


I shouldn’t be doing this… This isn’t right!’ she thought to herself, “Bud dish dashde… aye can’d ghet enouph oph idddd…!!!” Orihime said as silently as possible around his ball as she breathed in the intoxicating scent of her boyfriend’s cum and privates.


It filled her nostrils, clogged her nose, filled her mind with all sorts of fantasies and desires, and just made her want to continue sucking him like this for hours and hours on end. She swayed her ass from side to side, simply for the heck of it, since Ichigo wasn’t able to appreciate it anyways. But it just felt right! Natural!


HRRRRM… KUROSHAGI-KHUUUUNN!!!!” Orihime moaned from deep in her throat before letting his nutsack pop out. She then immediately went on to lick the cum from the side of his cock.


“Heheheheee… Inoue…!” Ichigo chuckled lightly in his sleep in response to her tongue brushing over the most sensitive part of his body!


A soft grin spread across his face as she then swallowed his other nutsack, “MMMMMH!! THEY’WE SHDILL SHO PHULL… ID’SH LIKE U HAPHN’D EVEN CUM ONSHE!!!!!” she howled like a banshee, her words vibrating across Ichigo’s genitals, making him groan in pleasure. “AYE… AYE WAND ID ALL INSHIDE OPH MEEEEEEEH!!!!!”


The veins on his dick became even more pronounced. Red hot blood got pumped through it as Orihime used every trick she learned since she began working in Urahara’s club. Well, working was a bit over-exaggerated, given how the club hasn’t even officially opened yet. What she did, however, was to spend time training with Yoruichi to get even better at pleasing men. Though, recently, Yoruichi was more busy spending time with her new lover, Mila Rose. Instead, Orihime had helped the workers around the club with setting everything up to make it ready for the big opening in a couple of days.


The workers in and around the building sure appreciated that she had offered to help them out and provide them with snacks and drinks during their work time!


Just like she appreciated the sensation of all that cum squirming around inside of Ichigo’s balls. “SHLLLLLURGH, UUUUUGH…” she moaned as she continued sucking his ball while leaning with her cheek even harder against his cock. ‘He’s not getting any softer… How can Kurosaki-kun stay hard for so long?


Ichigo’s chest raised and fell steadily, “Hrrrrrrrm… I- Inoue…!” he whispered. His entire body relaxed with the sole exception of his dick, who instead seemed to get even harder. “Feels… good…!!”


MHMMMMPH!!! ID PHEELSH GHUUD PHO MEH ASH WELL!!!!” the orangette replied from the deepest part of her heart. She spat out his nutsack, saliva connecting her lips with it for a while until it snapped. Both orbs were now coated with her smeared off black lipstick, which made them stand out even more against his orange pubic hairs, “But… you know…” she mewled hoarsely, unsure if he could even understand or hear her. “I want something more!”


Her eyes wandered up and down the length of his cock. At times like this, she found it to be the most beautiful and mesmerizing sight of the entire world, rivaling even the striking and masculine features of her boyfriend’s face. She climbed off the bed and crawled closer towards his crotch again. She was about to pull his pants fully away to try out something new, when she noticed a note sticking out of his pocket. Normally she would have ignored it, but this one had ‘FOR ORIHIME INOUE~❤’ written on it, in a way that made it clear that it wasn’t Ichigo who wrote it.


For a single moment she hesitated, ‘Should I read it? Who wrote this?’ she asked herself, as the need in her pussy slowly changed into interest at the note. ‘It is addressed to me, and Kurosaki-kun didn’t say anything about a note…


She pulled it out of his pocket.



(The present day…)


“I’m so glad you found the time to meet me here, Inoue-san. I’ve been wanting to talk with you for quite a while now.” said Retsu Unohana, the former Captain of the 4th Division and the current owner of ‘Unohana’s Palace of Harlots and Gigolos’.


“Hehehehe…! It was quite the surprise finding that note. But finding out you were the writer of it was even more surprising, Unohana-san.” she admitted while sheepishly rubbing the back of her head.


The two gorgeous women, dressed in rather revealing bikinis that left most of their skin open to the sun above them, sat at a table along the river at the foot of Mount Fuji, “Oh, I’m certain it was! You know, I actually left notes in each and every one of Kuroaski-san’s pants and shirts in the hopes of getting in contact with you.” Unohana explained to her with a sideways gleam at Orihime. She folded her hands and looked over the sweets and cans of coffee and tea that separated them and smiled. “You’re harder to get a hold of than I thought!”


“Really?” Orihime raised an eyebrow and turned towards the older woman. “Wait! Does that mean that you’re the reason why Kurosaki-kun wasn’t as enthusiastic about having sex as usual?


Despite the unbelievably large age difference between them, one could have mistaken them for mother and daughter, or even just siblings. That was if you ignore the black haired woman’s more composed posture and confident aura that surrounded her. There was a weight and seriousness in her eyes and words that you wouldn’t find in someone who hadn’t lived and experienced as much as the first Kenpachi did. There’s also her motherly nature, which instantly made everyone feel relaxed and at ease… if they didn’t already know about her more savage, bloodthirsty nature that is. Luckily, this wasn’t the case at the moment. If the simple golden strap over her boobs and the thong that dug deep into her moist and neatly shaven pussy were any indication, the average person would think of her as nothing more than a hungry cougar on the hunt for her next target.


“Guilty as charged!” Unohana answered with a warm smile on her face, “But enough about all of that! Urahara-san does a good job at keeping the Spiritual Energy of all his employees incredibly hard to detect. I don’t know how he does that, but it works incredibly well.” admitted the black haired woman. “My employees and I are completely unable to locate any of his at all.”


“Wait! You’ve been looking for us? Why?” Orihime asked the former Captain.


Unohana merely shook her head, “But, isn’t it obvious?! Any club owner would kill to get their hands on Yoruichi Shihoin, Sui-Feng, or Mila Rose! The same thing can also be said for the former Fullbringer woman Jackie Tristan, if that livestream with her and Yushiro a while ago was any indication!” Unohana answered casually while turning around to face Orihime directly. “And you’re no exception, Inoue-san! Just look at you…”


Without any more warning, the older woman vanished from her seat, only to appear a split second later behind Orihime, grabbing and squeezing her natural big and oh so soft boobs, “AYYYEH!!!!” squealed Orihime, jumping up a little at the sensation of the skilled healer’s hands slipping underneath the silver fabric of her bikini.


“They’re so plump and full… Do you know how many guys there are who cum in their shorts just by seeing you walk around on the streets!?” Unohana went on to say as she began pressing her index and middle fingers around Orihime’s nipples, “And those hips, that ass, pretty face, and overall body of yours, let alone your somewhat bubbly and naive personality… There aren’t many girls out there who can cater to as many fantasies as you do!”


MMMMMMMH…!!!” Orihime moaned as her nipples quickly grew harder than diamond. She reflexively pushed her chest more against Unohana’s hands as she rose to her shaking feet. “You really think so?”


“What more proof do you need, other than the reaction other men get when you have sex with them? You know, Captain Hitsugaya and young Hanataro were incredibly honest and direct about how much you managed to tire them out when they accidentally tried to recruit you.” she said while letting go of one breast to let her hand wander down the young girl’s curvaceous body. “It only made my interest in you grow that much more. A woman, so young and talented as yourself… It would be such a shame to see you waste your potential at Urahara-san’s place!”


“Waste my, HMMM, potential…?” echoed Orihime, all the while her light gray eyes were shimmering with lust and desire as she looked into the taller woman’s eyes.


Unohana’s fingers found their way past Orihime’s bikini bottom and into the entrance of her positively wet and hot pussy, “There’s so much more you could do… for both yourself and Kurosaki-san!” Unohana told her as she dipped her fingers into the orangette’s cunt. “If you had the right teacher, of course! From what I’ve heard, Yoruichi’s attempts at winning anyone over for the club have been… lackluster, to say the least.”


“W- well, she did manage to win over Mila Rose…” Orihime tried to defend her friend and colleague while simultaneously beginning to sway her entire body against Unohana’s hands. Years of medical experience allowed Unohana to easily find any and all of Orihime’s weak spots, resulting in causing her legs to tremble and shake as her lust grew exponentially.


“Mila Rose.” Unohana brushed off her argument. “What’s one girl when compared to a series of failures!? From what I’ve understood, Yoruichi didn’t manage to find a single recruit otherwise, isn’t that right? How do you expect to get better at sex for your beloved Kurosaki-san, if your own teacher can’t even manage to sway a man’s heart with her body and performance?” she argued while she shook her head.


The orangette’s pussy twitched in need as wet squishing noises reached her ears, “You… you really think so?” she gasped as Unohana began to finger-fuck her pussy furiously.


“You have so much potential! Don’t you wanna find out what you’re capable of under the right tutelage?” Unohana went on, guiding the course of their discussion in the direction that she wanted.


MMMMMHHHMMM!!!!!!” Orihime nodded, unable to disagree with anything that Unohana just said, regardless of how much she wanted. The constant SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH of Unohana’s fingers jamming hard into her pussy robbed her of any coherent thought as she instead gave herself to the pleasure!


Warm juices ran down the young girl’s thighs while her nipples seemed to grow harder with each heartbeat, “Good answer! Then why don’t we see what you’re capable of already…” Unohana let out a long whistle that bounced off of the nearby trees.


For a minute, nothing happened. Unohana simply pulled her hands out of Orihime’s pussy and away from her pussy, leaving her denied and longing for more. Panting like a dog in heat, she was about to ask why Unohana stopped so suddenly, when suddenly two men appeared in front of them. One with striking red hair that went down to his shoulders, and the other with shorter blue hair.


Black tattoos adorned Renji Abarai’s naked muscular body as he took a step forward. While not nearly as impressive as her beloved Ichigo, especially in its semi-erect state, his dick wasn’t bad to look at. Far from it, actually, as the many veins now seemingly came to life, pumping blood throughout the entire thing in a beautifully hypnotic fashion. Next to him, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez crossed his hands in front of his scarred chest as he eyed the two girls up and down. He licked his lips dangerously slowly, like a panther who had just found its prey. Like a sword made of flesh, his already rock hard cock pointed straight at Orihime, making her experience all kinds of emotions, especially given her past with the blue haired Arrancar.


“Mmmh~ The dessert finally came! I was just about t-!”


“Orihime is mine! I don’t care about the other one!” Grimmjow interrupted Unohana’s playful comment on the arrival of her two employees.


“How rude of you!” Unohana pouted, “Guess I’ll have to teach you some manners later.” she said with a much more serious tone before walking over to meet Renji. “But not right now! Inoue-san, dear, you can take care of him, right?!”


“Take… care of him…?” the orangette repeated with a gulp, with her eyes now fixated on the Arrancar’s bulging erection. ‘He’s so big… Not nearly as big as Kurosaki-kun, but still~!


Watching with one eye as Orihime walked over towards Grimmjow, Unohana dropped to her knees in front of her partner, “Be careful! Those Arrancar can be a destructive and aggressive bunch during sex!” she warned the other girl before promptly swallowing Renji’s entire dick in one swift move. “UMMMMMPH!!!!!


“Hrrrrr… You’re doing this good…” Renji groaned as the former Captain began bobbing her face back and forth on his dick in a slow rhythm. She didn’t gag or choke one bit, even when taking his length all the way, “Though… Nel was much more easy to deal with and far less aggressive!” the red haired Vice-Captain informed them as he put one hand on the back of Unohana’s head.


“Nelliel! Pfft!” Grimmjow waved the other man’s comment off while forcing Orihime to squat down right before his cock, “That girl is probably the tamest Arrancar in all of Hueco Mundo! Unless you rile her up real good, she’ll probably eat out of the palm of your hand!” he said while shoving his dick between Orihime’s tits. “Not that you’d be able to do this with your little needle dick!”


“Oh! You’re on!” Flashing a dangerous grin, Renji looked down on Unohana. “Sorry, Captain! But I have something to prove now!”


Without further ado, he then began moving Unohana’s head for her, “UUUUGH, GUUUUH, UGH, UGH, UGH, UGH, GHUUAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!” the older woman moaned around his length as he moved her face, not simply back and forth, but in steady circles that ensured that his dick would hit every single corner of her tight little mouth. “YEPH, REMPHI!!!! YEEEEPH!!!! PHUCK MUH MOUPH-PUSSHY LIKE U MEAN IDDD!!!!!! DESHTWOY MEEEEEH!!!!!!!


“Tsk. Show off!” the former Sexta Espada clicked his tongue at the lewd sounds from his right. He then looked down at Orihime who, so far, had only carefully pressed her boobs around his cock without actually stroking it. “And what’s up with you, bitch?! Scared that I might be a better lay than your boyfriend!? Or that he would be devastated when he finds out that you had sex with another man?!”


“N- no… we already talked about these kinds of things…” Orihime answered while fighting back the urge to moan as the blue haired man’s cock rubbed against all her most sensitive parts.


Grimmjow snarled, “Then what are you waiting for!?” He put both hands on either side of her face before simply SHOVING his cock as far as he could into her mouth! “Less talking, more sucking, you dumb slut!”


AAAAAGH!!!!” A distinct distention formed in Orihime’s throat as she gasped hard, “SHO BHIIIIIIHIIIIIGGGH!!!! AYE CAN PHEEL IT IN MUH SHTOMASH!!!!!” she gurgled around his cock while clenching her tits even harder around the 12 inches or so that weren’t in her mouth yet. “IT’SH… AAAAMPH, UUUUUNGH, UUUURGH!!!! SHO GHUUUUUDDD!!!!!!


FUCK!! Your throat is TIGHT!!!” Grimmjow closed his eyes as he simply swayed his hips back and forth. “Did your boyfriend even fuck your mouth before!?”


MMMHMM!!!!” nodding as best as she could, Orihime stirred his cock even more around, “MUUUUUGH, PHOOOOO, GOOOOGH!!!!!” Drool flew off in every direction as Grimmjow took complete control of their rhythm.


His large balls collided in a rapid SLAP SLAP SLAP with her throat, making her choke and gag even more than she already did! Her pussy clamped around thin air as he face-fucked her to the brink of orgasm like it was nothing!


Next to them, Renji kept moving Unohana’s face clockwise while moving his own hips in the opposing direction, “DIISH PHEEELSH GHUUUUD!!!!!” moaned the black haired former Captain as she licked and sucked on her partner’s cock as good as she could. “AYE CAN SHEE HOW RUKIA BECAME SHO GHUUUUUDH AD DISH… WIPH U ASH HER PARTNER…!!!


“Thanks for the… hurr, hurr, hurr… flattery!” Renji panted. “Though, most of her skill is simply natural or sheer iron-clad determination! You should see the stuff she can pull off with her Bankai…!


Instead of giving a clear answer, Unohana simply moaned even louder around the ginger haired man’s cock, all the while her pussy let out a torrent of her juices as she actually climaxed from having her face fucked!


Her eyes rolled back in their sockets, “MMMPPH… DERE’SH NOPHING BEDDAH DAN A PHICK CAAAAAAAAWWWKK!!!!!!” moaned the skilled medic as she came over and over with each thrust and turn of Renji’s dick. “UUUUGH, UUUUUGH… CUM! AYE’M CUMMING SHO GHUUUUUUUDH!!!!!!


PHHUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCK!!!!! OU’W CAAAA, CAAAAAGH, GUUURRRRRGH, UUUUUMMMPH!!!!!! OU’W CAAAAAAAWWK!!!!! OU’W GONNA SHPLIT MUH PHASHE IN TWOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” Orihime cried with pure lust as Grimmjow continued fucking her face at his own pace!


YEAH!!! Take it, you fucking whore!” roared Grimmjow as the pressure in his balls built with each thrust. “You ready to take my load?! To taste what a real man tastes like!?”


He hadn’t even finished his last question when both he and Renji emptied their balls. Guttural groans from the men, elongated howls of sheer pleasure from the women, and the nasty wet BLOOOORHG sounds of cum filling the latters’ stomachs echoed over the river!


SHO MUUUUUSH CUUUUUMM!!!!!” moaned Unohana as she skillfully drank up each single drop of Renji’s seed. Nothing left her mouth! “AYE WUV IDDDDD!!!!!! THE TASHTE… IT’SH MAKINNNGH ME CUMMM EVEN MOOOOOOOAAAAH!!!!!!


MEEEEEH TOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Orihime’s body thrashed around uncontrollably as Grimmjow made sure to keep hold of her head, keeping her lips sealed around his girthy member. “AYE’M LOOOOOOOSHING MUH MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNDDD!!!!!!!!!!


“That’s a good slut!” he complimented her while gently patting the back of her head. Only a small trickle of his cum oozed out of the side of her mouth as she was unable to keep up with the torrent of jizz that flooded her body. “A bit more incentive and you might actually be worth something!”




The wet sound of Unohana letting go of Renji’s cock brought Grimmjow’s attention to her, “A bit more incentive, you say?!” she asked with a mischievous smile. “Inoue-san, what do you think about showing these two boys what we’re really made off?”


Gasping for air after Grimmjow let go of her face, and after wiping the corner of her mouth free from the salty seed he left behind, Orihime returned the smile, “You read my mind, Unohana-san!” she said, as her pussy was far from satisfied from only cumming via a blowjob!


“Wait! What?” both men asked simultaneously.


Before either of the two had a chance to process what was going on, they already found themselves with a new partner, and in a completely new position! Renji now laid with his back on the mossy ground of the shore. Orihime’s body casted a shadow on his face as she easily inserted his dick into the welcoming warmth of her hungry pussy!


AAAAAAHHHH~❤!!!!” the orangette screamed in wanton lust as a barely noticeable distention moved through her stomach.


Meanwhile, Grimmjow found himself face to face with Unohana’s ass as she clenched her inner muscles around his still rock hard dick, “MMMMHH!!! Now… I think it’s time for me to teach you some manners, don’t you think?!” she asked with a glance over her shoulder. She swayed her hips from side to side, forcing his length to stir around inside of her, with her tight inner walls squeezing his dick hard! “And to also remind you of who’s truly in charge here!”


OH FUCK!!!!” groaned Grimmjow! Sweat pearled down his scarred chest as the older woman moved her body back and forth. His sore balls smacked wetly against her thicc thighs, only adding to the pleasure he experienced as she took his cock deeper and deeper into her tight hole.


“You like this? You like my tight booty?” asked the black haired club owner while biting down on her own lip. “Does it make you… cum?”


Almost as if on command, Grimmjow felt his balls pumping out his seed again, “What the FUUUUUUUUUUUCK?????” he asked as he arched his back! Her ass massaged his cock so good that it forced out a second orgasm in less than a minute after the first one. “WHAT IS THIS??


HMMMM!!!! So thick and creamy!!!” Unohana licked her lips, loving the way his cum sloshed away inside of her. And just like with Renji before, not a single drop left her orifice. “I hope you’re not done yet, cause I’ve only gotten started!”


Any response from Grimmjow turned into a animalistic growl as the former Captain began to shake and twerk her ass against his crotch, “OOOOOOAAARGH!!!!!!” he roared as he dug his fingers deep into her creamy butt in an attempt to stop her. But to no avail! Her ass vibrated stronger than a jackhammer, stimulating him beyond belief and forcing his cock to stay as hard as it was. “FUCK!!! Slow down, you fucking nymphomaniac! You’re gonna rip my dick off!”


Unohana chuckled, “Oh? Is the big and scary Arrancar afraid of my big ass?!” she asked while clenching her inner muscles like a vice around his schlong. “Is it too much for you to handle?” Licking her lips, her expression shifted from playful into something truly menacing as she began throwing her entire body back against his, even with her fat ass rippling from the impact against his hips. “Well, too bad! We’re not gonna stop until I’ve milked you dry of each and every single drop of cum you have!”


YESSSSS!!!!!! RENJI!!!!” howled Orihime with pink hearts throbbing in her gray eyes. “YOUR COOOOOCK!!!!!! IT FEELS SO GOODD!!!!! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!!!!


UUUURGH!!!! Slow… Slow down!!!” Renji pleaded as his fingers dug deep into the wet moss beneath him. “You’re… I’m gonna cum soon!!”


Putting both hands on her slightly distended belly, Orihime looked down on her red haired friend, “YES!! CUM!!!! GIVE ME ALL YOUR CUUUUMMMMMMMM!!!!!” she screamed as yet another orgasm coursed through her beautiful young body, “AND LET’S INVITE RUKIA NEXT TIME!!!!” she howled through gritted teeth. “IT’S GONNA BE SO MUCH FUUUN!!!


Both men could only gulp as the two women took complete control of the situation! Their previous talk seemed all but forgotten as they simply gave in to their most primal and carnal desires! Their combined lustful moans and groans would echo for another five hours all over the river and the nearby forest, scaring away wildlife and people alike!



(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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Ichigo Kurosaki
10 months ago

Excellent History
nota: nunca hagas enojar a una mujer como Unohana es capaz de chuparte el alma
jajajaja eso le pasa a Grimmjow por andar de hocicon xD
pobre Renji siento lastima por el

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
10 months ago

Glad to read that you enjoyed the dynamic of the characters in this chapter. Unohana makes for quite the excellent cock-tamer, I’d say.

10 months ago

If I’ve learned anything from this chapter, it’s that if and when both Orihime and Unohana get serious, you’re in fucking trouble. 😱 And this also had some compelling arguments at the same time. Ones even I can’t disagree with. 👀

Seriously, this one was a blast from start to finish. Not only that, it was really intense and consistent overall. But let’s start from the beginning with Orihime and the missing piece of her night with Ichigo. She really wore him out that night! But that could also be due to Unohana dropping by the day before {and we know exactly what happened then!}. But more on her in just a moment! 😉 Anyway, she checked on him while at the same time still being extremely horny as she wasn’t quite finished with him yet and sucked him off some more! Really good work at showing off her mindset during all that! The same thing with his sleep talking. 🤣

It was during this time that she found a very peculiar note in Ichigo’s pocket that was written specifically for her! And it was the perfect segway for the real meat of the story for the chapter: Orihime meeting the big boss and the owner of the rival nightclub and brothel, Unohana herself. This was quite nicely done. 👏 Sure, there was no hostile intent or anything really negative. But she was still being somewhat manipulative here. However, it certainly wasn’t without legit reason. 🤔 Let’s talk about it in a little more detail:

Unohana revealed that she was looking for everyone else that’s currently in Urahara’s roster, especially the ladies. And her main target was Orihime herself, due to seeing untapped potential in her as well as criticizing Yoruichi and her lack of success and effort at recruitment and teaching. All this while she took the time to praise, savor and finger fuck her. That was sensual and intelligent at the same time. Unohana knew exactly what she was doing, thanks to lots of experience under her belt. But at the exact same time, she has a very good point too. One even I can’t disagree with her on. Orihime can benefit exponentially from someone who will really tutor and teach her about everything she’ll need to really please men, especially Ichigo. 😏 Personally, I think they should have something set up there for later. But that’s just me. 😆

This is where we see today’s chosen dudes, Renji and Grimmjow, and the sex that took place here. The first half of it was really something with the ladies taking one hell of a face fucking! But to both of their credit, they hung on and took it better than expected! However, this was where the guys really underestimated the girls as they took full control from then on. Orihime taking on what looked like a notable reference from Welcome to BSU in Lust Mode, with hearts in her eyes and fucking like a woman possessed, while Unohana went semi-Yachiru, or rather quasi-Yachiru, and showing why she was the one in charge and dominated! 😳

Needless to say, I loved this chapter! This is now one of my top favorites in the story. 😄 Frankly speaking, these were the Orihime and Unohana we need here more often. Being among my favorite female characters overall helps! Hopefully we’ll see where it goes with them both later on. 😁

Excellent work. Can’t wait for more! 👌😎

– Hiryu

Last edited 10 months ago by Hiryu
Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
10 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Happy to see that you enjoyed it. There’s one thing where you’re wrong though, with your analysis. The hearts in Orihime’s eyes weren’t an intentional reference to BSU’s Lust Mode. It’s a cool coincidence, but nothing that I had planned out when I wrote the chapter. Still, thanks for your kind words as always!

10 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

I stand corrected! 😅

Seriously, it was a great chapter otherwise.

10 months ago

HA! Fuckin grimmjow getting bitched

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
10 months ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

A certain someone suggested the idea of the women acting all slutty and docile at first, but later switch things around and take control of the situation. And I think, the idea of Grimmjow getting out-fucked/put in his place by Unohana does kinda fit. Glad you like it!