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Nel’s Sexhibition

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Bleach stories)
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How? How did I let myself get dragged into this?!‘ the thought crossed Toshiro Hitsugaya’s mind as he sat waiting in the entrance hall of a night club.


He was summoned by a strange and ominous letter that his Vice Captain found in front of their office one day. She immediately started to tease her captain, believing the letter came from a secret admirer. At first he didn’t want to come but the orange haired woman pushed him to go and with no other excuses or chores left, he traveled into the Human World.


Ever since the former Captain-Commander’s death and the end of the war against the Wandenreich, visiting the Human World became much easier. After the aftermath of the war had been dealt with and the beginning of an era of peace, the title of ‘Captain’ quickly lost importance. Mostly due to the remnants of the Wandenreich going into exile with barely any power left, now that their king was dead for good. But also because the new leaders of Hueco Mundo did a surprisingly good job at keeping the Hollows away from the Human World for the most part.


There wasn’t much more written on the letter other than it came from a good friend, the address of this establishment and the scheduled time of his arrival. Given the building’s placement in Karakura Town, the red-light district no less, the young prodigy Captain instantly thought that this was just another one of Kisuke Urahra’s schemes.


Relaxing piano music continued playing while he waited for the doors that led further into the building to open. He could obviously just enter regardless, two heavy mahogany doors were hardly anything that would hold back a Captain after all, but the note on it asked him to wait outside until he was allowed to enter.


WOAH!!!” a female voice behind him wowed. He turned around and saw a scantily clad woman with green hair turning around to get a picture of the huge room. She wore a white leotard with fur at the edges that highlighted her slim but toned body. A skull on top of her head identified her as an Arrancar “So this is a nightclub of the Human World!”


“Nelliel Tu Odelschwank!” Toshiro rose up from his seat and bowed his head slightly “What brings one of the Queens of Hueco Mundo here?”


As if she only now noticed him, the tall woman waved at him. She jumped over to him, which made her massive tits jiggle every time “Oh, you’re that Captain from the Soul Society, right? Toshi-chan!”


A vein snapped on the white haired and blushing Shinigami’s head “It’s Captain Hitsugaya!”


“I assume that we got called here for the same reason, to meet someone in this place. I wonder who it was that sent this letter.” she ignored his demand of being called by his title and rambled about the things that crossed her mind.


Before he could respond, the sound of a key unlocking a door echoed through the entrance hall and the two heavy doors swung open. A large and dark room with several tables and poles in the middle, a bar at one end, several booths at the other end and a giant stage in front of the doors awaited them. Sitting on the stage was a woman who by her mere presence made shivers run down Toshiro’s spine.


“Greetings Captain Hitsugaya and Queen Odelschwank!” said Unohana as she rose to her feet. Unlike the last time Toshiro met her, she was now dressed only in a black bikini that showed off her curvaceous figure.


Gulping, Toshiro stepped forward with trembling legs “You are supposed to be dead!”


“Hahahaha!” the former Captain of the 4th Division laughed heartily as she jumped down elegantly from the stage, causing her massive tits to bounce up and down when she landed. “Your concern over my well-being is appreciated but unwarranted. My death was greatly exaggerated.”


Coming to a halt in front of the black haired woman, both Nelliel and Toshiro looked her up and down. Aside from her now impossibly big looking tits, Unohana looked just like she did the last time her colleague saw her. Because of the way she now carried her hair, they could see the scar that Kenpachi Zaraki inflicted on her all those years ago. The little scar however didn’t deter from her beauty in any way and only added an exotic flair to it.


“But how?” Toshiro asked again. The Spiritual Pressure emitting from the woman in front of him was without a doubt that of the first Kenpachi “The reports say that you died in the Central Great Underground Prison!”


The older woman shook her head from side to side “Is this really what you want to talk about? A woman needs to keep her secrets after all!” she then nodded and leaned her head to one side, a foreboding smile on her face “Yes, I definitely made the right choice by calling you here.”


In complete contrast to the white haired Shinigami to her left, Nelliel simply smiled back “Oh? What choice? Why did you call us here?”


“Why? To open a club that fulfills the perverted desires of all its patrons of course!!” answered Unohana and stretched her hands out to both sides as if she were to hug the two in front of her “And I have chosen you two to be my first employees!”




Their combined shout echoed through the big room. While Toshiro’s was one of outrage and shock, Nelliel seemed actually excited about the prospect of working in this place.


“We’re the first? Oh, that’s so exciting!” the teal haired Arrancar jumped up and down “Will we get outfits with our names on them? I hope they’re more interesting than the ones that Aizen made us wear when we were working under him.”


“They’re definitely more interesting than everything you wore before. Although I doubt that you will have to wear them often, given your sexy body.” Unohana said as she looked the other woman up and down “All I need now, to make sure that you two are perfect for this job, is a little presentation.”


As if on cue, all the lights behind the stage went on. Making it glimmer and shine as the lights changed from pink to red to purple to cyan. A slow but sensual beat began blasting out of several boxes throughout the room.


With his face turning as red as a tomato, Toshiro stumbled back a few steps “Wait! Presentation? I didn’t agree to anything like that!”


“Aww! Come on, Toshi-chan! This will be fun!” Nelliel hugged herself against the short man and pressed her tits into his face in the process.


“Listen to Queen Odelschwank!” said Unohana. She leaned her head to the opposite side. “I would highly appreciate it if I knew that you were working with me, Captain Hitsugaya!” despite not putting any emphasis into her words, an ominous and foreboding aura spread throughout the room that once more made shivers run down Toshiro’s spine.


In the blink of an eye, he flash-stepped onto the stage. He stood completely naked, his clothes laying as a neatly folded pile on one of the many free tables. The blush on his face deepened when he looked down at Nelliel. “What are you waiting for?! Captain Unohana wants to see a presentation, so let’s begin!”


“How very nice of you.” Unohana clapped her hands together and smiled heartily. He might be smaller than the average man and almost seem like a child but his cock more than made up for it ‘Hmm… Not even half erect and already as thick as my wrist~!


Just like him, Nelliel disappeared for a brief second and reappeared completely naked behind the young man. Her face beamed of excitement and her already stiff nipples pressed against his back. If it weren’t for the already bizarre situation he was in, he would have said something because of it. As it was, he simply looked at the former Captain for guidance.


“So, what do you want us to do?”


Sitting down on one of the nearby chairs, Unohana continued smiling “Impress me. You’re both at an age where you should definitely know what to expect from your partner and more importantly, what you want!


Toshiro looked up and into the Arrancar’s face. Before he knew it, he found himself lying on his back with Nelliel’s tits wrapped around his rapidly hardening erection. The teal haired woman licked her lips as she pressed her breasts harder around the shaft between them and began pumping them up and down with her hands.


Nelliel watched with wide eyes how the penis grew until it reached its full length. It was now thicker than her arm and easily as long! She licked her lips sensually “Hmmm… So big~!” she cooed before opening her mouth wide and swallowing down more than half of his cock in one swift move.


“Hurrrgh…!” Toshiro groaned as his partner began bobbing her head back and forth while kneading her soft tits like dough around his balls!


GUGH… HMMM… HUGGGH… SHOOO BHIGG… YOUW CAWK PHEELSH SHO GUUHUUD!!!!!!!!” she gagged, her words slurred by the thick cock in her mouth. Drool began running down his length as she picked up speed while keeping eye contact with the young Captain “AYE WUV IT!!!!! SHOOO PHICK… SHOOO TASHTY…!!!!


Clenching his hands into fists, Toshiro growled as a jolt of pleasure ran through his cock “Haaa… Fuck!!!”


MMMMPH… GUH, GUG, HUGHEEE… YEPH!!!! PHUCK!!! PHUCK MUH PHROAT AND GIMME YOUW LOAD!!!!!!!!” choked Nelliel around his cock.


Her throat visibly distended as the tip of his cock moved through it in strong and swift motions. She continued to knead her tits around the base of this thick shaft and his balls, sensing how the two nutsacks pulsated steadily.


Even through all the noise Nelliel made whilst sucking his cock, Toshiro could still hear her gushing pussy. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over their bodies as every time the Captain’s cock went down Nelliel’s throat, another orgasm rocked her body!


The perverted performance went on for minutes, Nelliel would match her movement to the increasing beat of the music. Between her tits, Nelliel could feel the white haired man’s balls throbbing. They felt thick and so very full of cum!


FFFUUUCCCKKK!!!” Unohana watched as the other girl’s cheeks suddenly bloated out while Toshiro released his load directly into her mouth with a guttural scream.


Nelliel’s eyes started rolling into her head, an orgasm of her own coursing through her entire body “GUPH!! GULGH!!! AHUGWEEEEH!!!!!!!” despite her best efforts at gulping down the seemingly never ending flood, it proved too much for her!


With a loud and wet sounding PLOP! her head let go of the Captain’s cock! Like water from a geyser, his cum shot into the air, only to rain down on the green haired woman’s tits and face. The incredibly viscous fluid ran down her body and spread its heady aroma across the room.


The sounds of clapping from in front of the stage caught their attention and they watched Unohana rose to her feet “Wonderful! If this was truly your first time then you hid it flawlessly. You fuck with more vigor and energy than the best pornstars the Human World has to offer!”


“Haaa… haaa… haaa… So… that’s it? You’re satisfied with our performance?” Toshiro asked. Sweat pearled down his body and his legs were still trembling after his orgasm.


She nodded “Yes, I’m satisfied. Seeing how willing you are to have sex with strangers will be crucial for the future.” with a smile on her face she saw how the young Captain’s face turned beet red once more but she raised a hand, gesturing him to keep quiet before he could say anything “However, there is one person here who seems like she still could go another round or two.” Following her line of sight, Toshiro gulped when he saw the hungry look in Nelliel’s eyes as she stared at the cum that continued oozing out of his still rock hard erection!


“More! Please, that was so fun! Give me more of your thick Shinigami cock!!!” she begged. The Arrancar Queen turned around, presenting her firm and massive ass for him. She then spread it with both her hands “I promise, you’ll like it, Toshi-chan!”


“Captain Hitsugaya…” he corrected her half-heartedly. With one last sigh he stood up and moved behind his partner. The tip of his cock poked against her tight asshole, making the woman shiver in anticipation “Okay, one last ti-”


CUMMING!!!” while he spoke he shoved his cock inside, only to get interrupted as she squealed in orgasmic bliss “FUCK!! THIS FEELS SOOO GOOD!!!!


Putting his hands on her butt for better leverage, he halted for a moment “Already? Are you sure you will be okay when I-”


YES! YES, YES, YES, YESYESYESYESYESYES!!!!!!!!” Nelliel screamed like a banshee as she threw her hips back and forth against the white haired man’s cock. Her stomach shifted as the thick behemoth moved through it in rapid succession. A steady spray of her arousal streamed out of her pussy and onto the stage below.


Toshiro took hold of her buns for dear life in an attempt not to be thrown off the stage by the sheer force of her thrusts “You’re so fucking tight!!” he growled through gritted teeth.


Before long he matched her rhythm and began pounding her in sync with her own movement. His cum and her saliva all over his cock made for an excellent lubricant and he experienced a pleasure unlike anything he ever felt in his entire life!


The FWACK FWACK FWACK of his hips colliding with her ass echoed in his ears. His fingers sunk deeper and deeper into her buttocks as the pace became more and more frantic!


FUCK!!!! CUMMING!!!!! I’M CUMMING SO FUCKING MUCH!!!!!!” Nelliel’s screams of ecstasy hollered through the room. Toshiro’s cum from earlier dropped into all directions when her tits jiggled and bounced with their thrusts. Her painfully stiff and oh so sensitive nipples draped across the floor, causing thousands of imaginary ants to travel through her entire body.


He spanked her ass, making her squeal in delight as the fat rippled “HARDER! SPANK ME HARDER!! I NEED IT!!!!


“Heee… Heee… Hehehehe!” You’re one depraved slut, you know that?!” he asked her through gritted teeth, already on the verge of cumming again.




From the audience floor, Unohana raised an eyebrow, genuinely surprised by the other girl’s wild screams ‘Was she always like that or is that some aftereffect of that other Arrancar’s heinous attack on her and the scar she received because of it?’


Spanking her other ass cheek, Toshiro looked at the woman’s lust contorted expression. Her tongue hung out of her open mouth and her eyes were rolled back into their sockets.


“You want it hard?! You! Get! It! Fucking! Hard! You! SLUT!!!!!” each word was emphasized by his cock being driven deeper than ever into her ass! Not long after, he found his cock convulsing again “Take my load!”


His cock erupted in her stomach, painting her insides white “OHHHH YES!!! CUMMING!!” she screamed like a banshee. Her arms and feet gave in and she collapsed to the floor “HNNNNNNNNGH~~~!!!! TOSHI-CHAN!!!


Toshiro pulled his cock out, spattering her back with his thick white cockmilk in the process. The large ‘3’ tattooed on it made for an excellent target as thick globs of his load landed right on it!


After what felt like an eternity of cumming, Toshiro stumbled and fell on his back. His chest heaved with every ragged breath he took while his head throbbed like crazy. The sweat on his body practically steamed off of him “It’s Captain Hitsugaya! Hurr… Hurr… Hurr… Remember it already!”


As both of her soon-to-be employees passed out, Unohana took a brief moment to praise herself “Good! Very good! This will turn out splendidly!” She turned around in the huge room. It wasn’t much at the moment but this place will become vital for her venture “A club for all our friends and allies to relax and let out some steam after the hurdles they went through… If this isn’t unique and unheard of, then I don’t know what is!”

(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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2 years ago

I hope ichigo has the biggest dick not just in length but in width as well and that he has absolutely terrifying veins to go with his ridiculous size.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 years ago
Reply to  Whitis

We will see. I can only write what’s in the artworks.