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Seaside Slam Session

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Bleach stories)
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MMMMMMMMMHH!!! SHUCH A NISHE AND BHIG CAWK!!!” Rukia moaned lasciviously as she kept dragging her tongue against the underside of the thick piece of man meat directly next to her face. She kept fondling her tit to the musky and manly smell that kept clogging her mind with every breath, “To think that you’d get back at me for absolutely winning our little competition the other day… you’re a lot more shrewd than I gave you credit for, Orihime!”


“I didn’t lose any competition, Rukia! In fact, we came here just to teach you a lesson about what it means messing with me.” Orihime explained casually from her place on the sun lounger next to her black haired friend as she dipped both her index and middle finger into her already soaking wet twat.


“Teach me a lesson? With this dick?” Rukia laughed while slapping the humongous cock against her cheek. “If anything, this will only make me wanna mess with and challenge you more! Which girl in her right mind would say ‘No!’ to getting fucked by such a big, manly, smelly, hard, and perfect cock like that?!”


Rukia accentuated each word with a kiss on Ichigo’s dick and balls, painting them in the same crimson red color that adorned her lips and nails. Ichigo had to chuckle, “Y’know, back when you first broke into my house, I never would have guessed that you were that big of a slut!” He told the short stacked Shinigami bluntly.


MMMMHH, YES!!!! Call me your little slut! It only makes me wanna devour your cock even more!” Rukia replied before swiftly stuffing her mouth full with the first two inches of his gargantuan manmeat. “HMMMMMMMPH!!!!”


While still not fully erect, Ichigo’s manhood was already bigger than that of 80% of the human population, Rukia imagined. She only knew three other people up close who were bigger than the Substitute Shinigami who saved her life a couple years ago in his half-hard state. One was the first client she ever had back when Unohana’s club had its public opening. The other two were Hanataro Yamada and Toshiro Hitsugaya, who she came to know first-hand when she auditioned for a job in the former Captain’s new establishment.


Other than those three, not a single man came even remotely close to Ichigo’s bitch breaker! Not even her dear Renji! It was a force to be reckoned with, so she didn’t even give him a chance to get any momentum!


As the orange haired stud still enjoyed the warm wetness of her mouth around his cock, Rukia crawled forward more and more. She pressed her tits against his crotch, while using her dainty hands to heft them up and around the base of his length, “MMMMPH!!! ISH DISH WHA’ ‘OU WAND?? MUH BHIG, PHAT MILKERSH AWOUND ‘OUW CAWK???” Rukia asked with a mischievous glow in her dark eyes as she began massaging the hard meat sword with her boobs.


“Aaaaaah… I wouldn’t exactly call them big or fat or anything, but they do feel quite nice, I have to admit!” Ichigo joked with a satisfied grin on his face.


You little… Seems like you’re the one who needs to learn a lesson!’ Rukia thought. With her mouth still sealed airtight around the upper half of the rapidly growing and hardening manmeat, the young Shinigami used her hands to squeeze his balls through her tits.


In a second, Ichigo’s body went stiff like a board and the grin on his face became a little less wide, “Hrrrrrgh…!!” He groaned as Rukia clenched her melons tight around his family jewels. “You little…!!”


HMHMHMHMHM!! WHAT’SH DA MADDAH?? CAN’T HANDWE MUH BLOWSHOB SHKILLSH??” Rukia asked and blinked her eyes innocently, while casually swallowing yet another five inches of cock with barely any effort. Her otherwise thin throat was stretched past its natural limit as the noticeable outline of Ichigo’s dick moved back and forth there.


“Darling, you won’t let her push you around like that, right?” Orihime asked from her place a short distance away from them. The orangette slut fondled her own tit to the sight of another woman servicing HER man, while her pussy gushed like a broken faucet around the fingers of her other hand. “Put her in her place, da~rling!”


Oh no, he won’t!’ Just as Ichigo was about to put his hands on her head, probably to fuck her at his pace, Rukia pulled back again. A mix of her saliva and Ichigo’s precum trickled down the underside of his cock as she instead put one of his fat nuts in her mouth.


With his dripping wet cock now resting on her face, she looked up at the tall and muscular man, “You weren’t close to cumming yet, right? I totally didn’t accidentally stop sucking your cock the second before you could empty those balls in my tight and hot little mouth, did I?!” the playful vixen asked with a smug smirk, while switching between the two jewels!


Each of them had such a unique, strong taste and smell to it, it made her head spin! They were slightly salty from the ocean just a couple meters behind them, but still tasted oh so good on her tongue, it made her want to suck on them forever. Veins were throbbing like crazy on the cantaloupe sized nuts as the cum within them began to boil, pulsing to the beat of Ichigo’s heart.


“Grrr…!! I’m so gonna enjoy fucking your pussy, shrimp!” Ichigo growled under his breath. He clenched his hands into fists and arched his back in response to Rukia licking every single inch of his balls.


“Oh, will you now, big boy?” Rukia teased the orange haired man. Reaching up above her face with one hand, she then stroked his slick and wet dick, though she was unable to fully grab even half of it. “Hmmmm! ‘ou’re sho hawd alweady… awe ‘ou shure ‘ou’ll be abwe to even fuck me wight after ‘ou bushted ‘ouw load?”


“Big talk for a slut who’s dripping all over the beach just from sucking my darling’s balls.” commented Orihime after a quick glance between Rukia’s legs. As she licked her lips, the taller of the two women got off the sun lounger and crawled over towards her boyfriend and the woman who was currently more than eagerly gobbling up his ballsack. “Seems like someone is craving something stuffed into her hole, hm?”


For all but a second, every single stubble of hair on Rukia’s arms stood up as Orihime pulled on the thin piece of fabric of her bikini that was meant to cover her privates, “AYEEEEEK!!!” She squealed as her blue slingkine rode up her ass and pussy before ripping in half!


“Mmmmmh… would you look at that? You basically already creamed yourself!” Orihime noted, while tossing the remains of Rukia’s bikini to the side. Throwing her hands around the other girl’s waist, the orangette put her face on Rukia’s soft and pillowy butt. “What are you waiting for, darling? Can’t you see how badly she needs your cock?”


“God, I love you so much!” Ichigo told Orihime as he walked around Rukia.


“I know!” Still holding on to Rukia’s waist with one hand, she gave her a quick kiss on the butt before spanking her playfully. The resulting PLAP sound echoed loudly over the deserted beach, made even better by the way Rukia’s cheeks kept jiggling like jello. “So, where do you wanna fuck this little bitch first?”


Orihime spread the two buttocks apart with her hand, granting her boyfriend a good look at both Rukia’s tight ass and soaking wet cunt, “Hm, where to put it first?” Ichigo mused to himself while sawing his cock between the black haired girl’s legs, “Ass…” He slapped his cock against her ass two times, then pushed just the tip of it in the hot hole. “Or pussy?” He gently rocked his dick into her cunt, loving the way it made her moan in absolute pleasure.


OOOOOOOHH!!! If you can’t decide… I’LL DO IT FOR YOU!!!” Instead of giving in to the pleasure of his cock and letting Ichigo take control, Rukia threw her hips back against the muscular man! Instantaneously, her belly stretched out in a perfect outline of his cock!


“Hehehe. She caught you off guard, didn’t she darling?” as Ichigo tried to compose himself from Rukia suddenly taking control of the situation by dedicating the speed at which she got fucked by him, Orihime pulled her boyfriend’s face closer, “MWAH~❤!


“Hrrrm!!” Ichigo moaned into the orange haired bimbo’s mouth as she pushed her tongue into his. Her tongue searched for his and, once she found it, guided it into her mouth to suck on it, “Mmmmmmmhh!! Shweet!” He almost purred in relaxation.


Being so close to his girlfriend, with her boobs pressing against his chest and her sucking on his tongue like it was candy, really made him feel more at ease. Even when Rukia decided to pick up the pace!




“You really want it that bad, hm?!” Ichigo broke the kiss with Orihime, much to her dismay. Long and thin ropes of saliva connected their lips for a good couple seconds until finally snapping. “Okay then. I hope you’re better prepared than last time, otherwise you might just lose your mind!”


HA!! BIG WORDS, TOUGH GUY! WHY DON’TCHA BACK ‘EM UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPP?!?!!!!!!” Rukia’s taunt turned into an elongated scream as Ichigo simply reached over her petite body and pressed her face on the sand beneath!


He then used the shift in position to get a better angle to fuck her pussy in. He leaned over her ass and roughly took hold of her pitch black hair. All the while, a rhythmic, but fast, PLAP PLAP PLAP filled the ears of all three people involved.


“That’s it! Take my cock like the slut you are!” Ichigo grunted.


AAAH!! FUCK! YOUR COCK!!! IT’S BIG… TOO BIG, I CAN FEEL IT IN MY WOMB!!! YOU’RE GONNA TEAR ME IN HALF!!!!!” Rukia screamed in wild pleasure and over the wet set squishing sounds of her stuffed pussy. “MAKE ME YOUR CUMSLUT-BITCH!!!


“Cumming already? What’s the matter, Rukia? Where did all that tough girl energy go?” Orihime asked with a satisfied grin. While fondling the short girl’s ass, she leaned forward to get her face next to Rukia’s, “Admit it! There’s no shame in accepting the truth and cumming your brain out because of my darling’s cock! Cum! CUUUUM!!!” She whispered into her ear.




“Is that so? Even if I do… this?! “


Ichigo’s entire skin turned more white. Fuzzy fur began to appear on his wrists and ankles, and bull-like horns shot out of the side of his head. Black markings appeared all over Ichigo’s body and a black hole appeared on his chest to finish the appearance of an emotionless and monstrous Hollow!


FUUUUCK!!!! WHY ARE YOU SO BIG ALL OF A SUDDEN???” Unable to see Ichigo’s transformation, due to her face pressed on the sand, the only way for Rukia to sense the change was due to the suddenly much bigger cock in her cunt. “CUMMING!!! I’M CUMMING SO GOOD ON YOUR BIG FAT COCK!!!! IT’S INSNAAAAAANEE!!!!


Using this trick again, hm darling?” Orihime asked with a glance over her shoulder before turning her attention back towards Rukia. “I hope you can take a good load of cum! In this form, Kurosaki-kun will absolutely destroy your insides if you’re not careful enough!”




The words hadn’t even fully left her mouth when Ichigo already climaxed, “Take it all, you BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!!!!!” He roared while pumping gallon after gallon after gallon after gallon straight into her womb!


Rukia’s eyes went cross and her tongue lolled out of her open mouth as all sense of up and down, right or wrong, and time left her psyche! She suddenly felt so very empty, but in the best kind of way. Like nothing in the world mattered anymore! All she needed to live was this cock inside of her for all time.


She didn’t know how much time had passed, only that the next thing she knew was her being held in Ichigo’s arms, with her legs above her head, Ichigo’s dick poking against the entrance of her ass, and Orihime squatting in front of her. The orangette bimbo eagerly ate out her overflowing pussy in long, sensual strokes while also taking extra good care of her still swollen clit. Rukia was about to say something, but just as she found her voice again, Ichigo pushed forward and buried his entire cock in her ass.


Rukia’s entire world went black, leaving her only with a sensation of ABSOLUTE fullness!



(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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20 days ago

Short but straight to the point, huh? I can deal with this! 😏

To give you the really short version, I really liked how it came out from start to finish. Rukia really had a hell of a time with Ichigo and Orihime, more so due to their dynamic. Especially when he had to go the Vasto Lorde route at the end. 👀

In addition, I also liked that from the top of the chapter, it was all sex straight away. And it was hot. 🥵

One thing’s for sure, Rukia wouldn’t be forgetting about this, not in mind or body. XD

Overall, nicely done. Until the next! 👌😎

– Hiryu

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
19 days ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Yeah, unfortunately this one ended up a bit shorter than the rest. Mostly because I actually didn’t knew what to do with the characters at hand, considering the setting of the story they’re in. So, I decided to give them a pure 100% sex story where they could show off some tricks they have.