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Yuri Showdown in the Sheets

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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Walking up to the apartment condominium, Orihime Kurosaki hummed softly to herself as she bounced her tits up and down in her hands. She loved this colony! It let her finally fully indulge in her perverted side. Sending Ichigo here with Rangiku was the right call. It didn’t take her long at all to break down his conservative hang-ups and embrace his carnal side.


He even agreed to take Nel and Rangiku as extra wives! That was the best part. Orihime was looking forward to nightly three and foursomes from now on. As she passed a decorative mirror mounted on the wall, Orihime caught her reflection. It was nice to see her regular figure again, though she did worry about her actual body back in Karakura. The one she currently inhabited was just a special kind of Gigai Kisuke had made. A Gikongan was currently occupying her actual body, dealing with the swollen feet and near endless nausea that came with late stage pregnancy.


She WAS happy to be having Ichigo’s child. Truly. But the downsides of pregnancy were hitting her harder than most. This little reprieve was a much needed respite from it all. Striking a sexy pose at her reflection, Orihime giggled at her own silliness before resuming her trek to her destination this morning.


Retsu Unohana’s apartment condo’s main entrance was just a few paces away. Last time they were here, the dark haired former Squad 4 Captain had asked Orihime to come by alone when she had time. So when she managed to wake up before Ichigo, a rare thing since she usually slept in, she decided now was as good a time as any.


The orange haired girl was just a few steps away from the door when it opened and Isane Kotetsu stepped out of the apartment. The tall platinum haired woman was completely naked save for some simple flip flops. Her unblemished skin seemed to almost glow in the morning light.


“Megami-sama! Wait for meeee!” said a girlish voice as another naked woman came running out of the apartment. This girl Orihime knew a bit better than Isane. Her name was Chizuru Honsho, an old classmate of Orihime’s and a very proud lesbian. Like, in your face proud. And that wasn’t a bad thing in itself. It was just a little irritating as she viewed all men in a rather negative light. Though she hid it well, most of the time.


Chizuru hugged her naked body against Isane’s, nuzzling her face against her tits and moaning happily, “Ahh, pure bliss…” she cooed.


Isane looked at Chizuru with an expression that was one part exasperation, one part adoration. But not the adoration that one would look at their significant other with. More like how one would view a troublesome, but still beloved pet!


“It’s alright Chizuru, the store isn’t going anywhere.” Isane said.


“I knoooow, but being apart from you is pure torture!” Chizuru said, “I get so lonely without your perfect breasts to bury my head in!” she said, as she pushed her face into Isane’s cleavage.


Orihime giggled, since Chizuru’s line was so corny, but she said it with a perfectly sincere expression on her face! Her laugh drew the attention of the two women and she waved in greeting.


“Oh, Hime-sama! Hello!” Chizuru said, still hugging Isane.


“Good morning, Orihime.” Isane greeted her.


“Good morning, to the both of you. Is Retsu still home?” Orihime replied.


Isane nodded, “Yes. She’s taking a morning shower, but should be finished soon,” Isane explained as she held the door open for Orihime, “You can wait in the living room.” she told her.


“Thank you,” Orihime said gratefully, “So, are you going to be living here too for a while?” she asked.


“Looks that way. And fortunately, I even have a decent excuse. The girls from the Western Branch have sensed dragons in this area. They normally don’t come this far east, so I’m assigned to investigate things as the local Shinigami for the next decade or so.” Isane said, “Dragons are no small issue. So even a hint of one being in the area is enough to warrant assigning a Captain rank here as the area Shinigami.”


“I see,” said Orihime, “And your leave?” she asked, remembering that was what Isane was originally trying to get so she could stay here a while.


“For someone with my rank, being assigned as a neighborhood shinigami IS the same as being on leave. The dragon issue just made things go smoother.” Isane explained.


“Now Megami-sama is free to marry me!” Chizuru said joyously, hugging Isane and moving to begin sucking on her nipple!


Isane let out a soft sound, with her face turning just a little pink as she tried to detach Chizuru from herself. Not an easy task, as the girl was clinging to her like a tick!


“No one, said anything, about getting, MARRIED!” Isane said, struggling to, then finally managing to get Chizuru off. She then turned the redhead to a pile of mush with a passionate kiss to her lips.


“Ahhhhh, Megami-sama’s lips. I’m in heaven….” Chizuru babbled.


Giggling again, Orihime moved past Isane and into the apartment. The women bade one another farewell and Orihime locked the door for her before heading into the apartment. The place was well decorated, including the erotic artwork that hung on one wall. She could hear a shower going from the direction of the master bedroom and headed to the living room to wait. Retsu no doubt knew Orihime was here already, so she didn’t bother calling out to announce herself.


She sat down on a plush sofa to wait. Idly, Orihime wondered what Retsu wanted to talk to her about alone. She didn’t think it could be anything heavily serious, otherwise she would have wanted to talk to Ichigo about it. Thinking of her husband, currently alone in that big bed with Rangiku, made Orihime wet! Nel had left for Hueco Mundo around the time she had, telling her she needed to get something to eat to help her sustain herself in the living world. Unlike Hollows, Arrancar could reason, and weren’t ENTIRELY violent. Though that last part applied to some of them more than others. Nel was as laid back as it got, and Tier, the current leader of Hueco Mundo, was surprisingly reasonable. Though, she seemed so sad all the time. Orihime had only met and spoken with her once, when the peace treaty between the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo was signed.


Orihime reached a hand between her naked thighs, then began stroking herself as she imagined Tier’s face twisted in ecstasy as Ichigo’s big dick stretched her pussy out! She dipped two fingers into herself as she pictured what Tier’s ahegao face would look like!


“Ahhmmmmmh…” Orihime moaned, fully masturbating now as she leaned back on the couch with her legs spread wide. She stabbed her fingers into her juicy cunt, while imagining that dark skinned beauty wailing in pleasure as Ichigo made her cum again and again.


“Ah heh heh, cum in her lots darling…” Orihime said, while she drooled slightly at her little fantasy. She could see it now. Tier laying on her side while Ichigo’s giant dick plunged in and out of her, making her belly move up and down as he fucked her womb! He’d then dump so much cum into her, and she’d howl like a whore as she came from being cream pied!


“Ahhh, ahh, ah…!” Orihime moaned, while she moved her fingers in and out of her pussy quickly. She was so close, she could feel that pressure building inside, and she wanted to let it all out. “Ahhhh, I’m gonna cummmmm….!” she moaned, wanting to squirt her juices everywhere inside Retsu’s apartment. She moved her hand even faster, closing her eyes as that sweet pressure continued to build until…


“Ah…!” Orihime gasped when someone grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away from her crotch just before that final instant!


“My my, someone’s having fun…” Retsu Unohana said with a warm, almost motherly smile. “And without inviting me…”


Orihime could only pant softly, her pussy screaming for her to continue. Retsu’s dark eyes gazed into Orihime’s for several heartbeats. The dark haired woman licked her lips slowly, with her gaze then turning to eye her naked body. In spite of everything, Orihime felt a little embarrassed, which was odd. This was a town where she wouldn’t be judged for her fantasies, but praised for them. After another moment, Orihime realized what she felt wasn’t embarrassment, but an even deeper arousal!


Without a word, the two naked women kissed, a full, lewd, passionate porno kiss! Their tongues met, swirling around one anothers in a slippery dance. Orihime then moaned as the two of them brought their mouths together. Their tongues then began wrestling for dominance as both of them breathed heavily.


“Mmmmmmmh!!” Orihime moaned as Retsu pressed her naked and heavy tits against her own. They mashed together like four squishy pillows and Orihime could feel her nipples rubbing against the other woman’s.


“Nmmmh…” Retsu moaned in a calmer tone, clearly savoring her taste as she moved her tongue around the inside of Orihime’s mouth.


The two of them kissed for what felt like hours as time seemed to move at a snail’s pace. Retsu was the one to break the liplock first, pulling away from Orihime, with a long rope of their mixed saliva stretching between them. Retsu then took both of Orihime’s hands and pulled her to her feet.


“Come with me,” she said sweetly, as she began leading her through the apartment to the master bedroom. The dark haired woman practically shoved Orihime through the bedroom door first before following after her and hugging her from behind. Retsu’s body felt soft and warm. She smelled like bath soap and shampoo, reminding Orihime that she’d just come from the shower when she caught her earlier.


“Ahhhhhh…!” Orihime moaned as Retsu drew a slow line from her navel to her throat with one hand while holding her breast in the other. At the same time, she gently nibbled her neck, then brushed her tongue along the edge of her ear. The orange haired woman felt her pussy beginning to scream for attention again, even as her hot and heady juices were running down both her creamy thighs.


“Nmmmmmh, such a juicy little girl,” Retsu giggled, while gently biting and tugging on Orihime’s earlobe, “Your pussy smells so good, I’m getting dizzy from it.”


“Ahhhh, don’t stop…!” Orihime begged, while turning her head towards Retsu’s at her side, “Please, play with my pussy… It’s so hot and wet…” she gasped.


“In good time,” Retsu promised, as she then moved to grab both her big tits and pinching her nipples in her fingers. She then gave them a firm twist and Orihime moaned as her breasts began to swell, growing bigger and bigger as Retsu moved her hands forward!


“This new model Gigai is so fun.” giggled Retsu, “These big tits suit you better.” she told Orihime and then stared into Orihime’s eyes through the mirror that was over the dresser in front of them. Her breasts were now three times bigger than her head, capped with soft pink nipples that were painfully stiff. Retsu was still pinching and tugging on those nipples, though not in the way to make her tits any bigger.


“Haaaaaah…!” moaned Orihime as Retsu moved her hands to heft and bounce her newly enlarged tits, making a soft PLAP PLAP sound. Orihime fell back against the other woman, with her legs weak with desire. Retsu smiled at her, while pulling one massive tit up and leaning her head over Orihime’s shoulder to suck on her nipple. Her tongue felt SOOO good as she swirled it around the areola.


“Fufufu. There’s only one downside,” Retsu said, “If you were in your real body, I’d get some tasty milk from these udders!” She then began sucking her nipple again, only more roughly this time as Orihime’s pussy let out a soft gush as she came at the thought of that!


“Ahhhn… My pussy, ahhh… Please, lick and suck my pussyyyy…” Orihime whined.


“So impatient…” Retsu said with another giggle before pushing her down onto the pink sheeted bed. The mattress was even bigger than the one back at the hotel. Orihime guessed nearly ten people could fuck on top of this bed and still have plenty of room to be comfortable. The orange haired woman pushed herself farther back on the bed as Retsu climbed onto the mattress with her. She immediately dove her head between Orihime’s legs, and then hooking the long limbs over her shoulders as she touched her fingers to the edges of her pussy.


“Mmmmh, such a pretty pink color, and this smell…” Retsu said before inhaling deeply through her nose, “Wonderful…” she said, “The smell of a woman in heat!”


“Ahhhhn, please Retsu, I can’t wait anymore! Eat my pussy noooow!!!” Orihime begged, “Lick it, suck my clit, you can even put your whole fist in me! Just please make me cum! I wanna cum so baad…!” she pleaded, as she humped her crotch towards Retsu’s face. The other woman looked up at Orihime between the two mountains that were her tits. She had a mischievous expression on her face, and Orihime feared she would tease her more.


“Ahhhhhh…” Retsu moaned, while opening her mouth wide and sticking out her tongue which she then brushed over Orihime’s cunt in one long, broad stroke. Her tongue was warm and soft and just a tiny bit rough. The feel of her taste buds dragging over her clit was almost maddening.


OoooOOooooWooooo…” Orihime moaned, arching her back and grabbing her own tits in a firm grip. It felt good, playing with her tits felt great! They were so sensitive now and Orihime didn’t pause before she began sucking both her own nipples.


NMMMMMMMMPH!!!!” Orihime moaned, while flicking the rock hard nubs as she felt Retsu covering her cunt with her hot, wet, mouth! She then moaned again as the other woman’s long tongue began licking deep inside, moving around like an eel and hitting many of her sensitive spots!


AHHHHHHHHHMMMH!!!” she screamed in pleasure, spitting her nipples out and continuing to molest her own breasts, with her fingers squeezing and pawing at them. “YES! AHHH, THAT FEELS SO GOOD!! MY PUSSY FEELS GOOOOD!!!” Orihime wailed.


“Mmmmh, nmmmmh, hmmmmmh…” Retsu moaned, while moving her tongue all over, like she was trying to map the inside of Orihime’s pussy. The younger woman felt Retsu gripping her ass, pulling her pelvis up with her as she moved to sit on her knees. Orihime’s legs hung over the woman’s shoulders as Retsu licked and lapped at her pussy, all while she moaned.


“Yes, yes, ah yes… Make me cum, please, I want to cum, I need to cummmm…” Orihime panted, her whole body weak and shaking with desire. In response, Retsu pushed eight fingers, four from each hand, into Orihime’s pussy. She then pried the well used hole open, looking down inside her before blowing sharply down into her.


HEEEEEEEGH!” Orihime moaned, with her insides feeling suddenly cold from the breath of air blown over them. Retsu then covered Orihime’s clit with her mouth, sucking and nibbling on it expertly as she did it.


HNNNNGH!!!” Orihime hissed through gritted teeth, she was getting so close again, her pussy feeling so good from Retsu’s actions. “AAHHMMMMH, YES, I… I… I’M CUMMINGHHH!!!” Orihime howled in ecstasy as her entire body tensed in pleasure, with her pussy gushing hard into Retsu’s waiting mouth. When it stopped, Retsu made a show of licking her lips slowly, taking in the last drops or her orgasmic juices.


“Delicious.” she said simply. Orihime’s body twitched and shuddered after several orgasms for a few moments. When she recovered enough to move, she and Retsu locked eyes again and nodded to one another. Without a word, Retsu climbed on top of Orihime and positioned herself with her crotch hanging over the latter’s face. She then bent forward again, moving to place her own head back between Orihime’s legs. Reaching up to grab the other woman’s ass, Orihime immediately began licking, kissing, and sucking at Retsu’s pussy as Retsu did the same for her again.


Retsu’s pussy was a darker pink than Orihime’s, but was still beautiful to look at. The smell coming off her was so strong, Orihime’s head felt like it was spinning, but she inhaled it deeply anyway. Her juices were trickling down her thighs steadily as Orihime moved to lick her in one broad stroke with her tongue like she had for her. A slightly salty taste was her reward along with the erotic sound of Retsu moaning.


Orihime then focused on Retsu’s clit, noting how big it was. She could make out so many details as she flicked it with her tongue. It really did look like the tip of a tiny dick, and that detail made Orihime wanna slurp at it with a soft sucking sound.


“Ahhhhhn, yes! Suck my clit like that more!” Retsu moaned, “More, more, ahhh!!!” she cried, then let out a sound like a rutting beast as she gushed her juices all over Orihime’s face!


NMMMMMMMMMMH!!!” Retsu moaned in a throaty tone. “You’re good at that.” Retsu then said casually before crawling off of Orihime and over to the edge of the bed. Orihime pushed herself up on her elbows and watched Retsu’s sexy ass swaying enticingly as she pulled open a drawer on the nightstand by the bed. There was the quietest thump as she picked something up out the drawer, while bumping it against the frame of the stand.


When Retsu stood back up on her knees, she turned to look at Orihime and with a long double ended dildo in her hand. It was a two toned blue and green color, almost looking like some kind of novelty gummy candy. It wasn’t quite as big as the other dicks she’d had here. In fact it wasn’t even close to Ichigo’s or Chad’s cocks. But it was still so thick that Retsu could not close her fingers around it. The flared glans at either end were ringed with nubby thorns to add extra stimulation.


Orihime smiled and rolled onto her stomach before crawling over to Retsu on all fours. The two of them kissed again, with Orihime’s gigantic tits making Retsu’s head sized ones seem small by comparison. Hugging themselves against one another, they tongue wrestled again for over a minute before pulling away at the same time.


“Honestly, I’ve been wanting to use one of these for a while.” Orihime told her. There was always tribbing, but that took a lot of work and you had to be seriously turned on to really feel anything. Otherwise it was like trying to start a fire with two sticks.


“They sell them at the all-night corner store.” Retsu told her while pushing the green half of the dildo inside herself with a moan. The clear rubbery length made a soft squishing noise as Retsu pushed it deep inside herself.


That was even more reason for Orihime to raise their new family here! Ichigo could fuck either Nel, or Rangiku, or any other female guest while Orihime watched as she had sex with one of her sister wives. Or both even if they had a female guest like Rukia over!


Moving to scissor her legs with Retsu’s, Orihime moaned in bliss as she felt the hard, thick, rubbery length of the blue end of the dildo sliding into her. The thorns around the tip felt so GOOD! They were scraping all the right spots inside her cunt as Retsu pushed it all the way inside.


“I was planning to use this with Isane later, but that might make Chizuru jealous.” Retsu said.


“Probably,” Orihime agreed, while bracing herself back on her hands, “I’m so glad I came here.” she told her.


I came here to spend my retirement in debauchery and depravity, and haven’t been disappointed yet!” Retsu said, while positioning herself like Orihime had.


Orihime grinned and looked down at their dildo connected cunts, “Yeah, I bet! I’m so happy to know a woman as perverted as I am!”” she said as she began gyrating her hips, moving the dildo around inside both of them. She could feel the thick pole of rubber twisting around within her, with the thorns on the tips scraping and rubbing all around inside her pussy.


“Ahhh… Mmmmmmh, this feels so goood…” Orihime moaned.


“Yessss…” Retsu agreed, grinding her hips back against Orihime’s thrusts. “What it lacks in size it makes up for in textuuuure!” she moaned, “Ahhhhmmmmh, I want it deeper inside! Gimme your hand Orihime! Let’s make this thing vanish inside us!”


“Yes!” Orihime moaned, reaching out to grab Retsu’s hand when it was extended to her. “It feels incredible!” she moaned as the two of them pulled towards one another, the blue and green dildo vanish into both their soaking wet pussies. “Ahhhhhhhmmmh, move your hips more! Make it stir up my insides!!!” she begged Retsu.


The dark haired woman giggled and began moving her hips more vigorously, with her fat clit flicking against Orihime’s, “Ahhhhhhaaah…!” Retsu moaned, “It’s worming around inside me too!!! So good! Ahhh, we should do this again with some big cocked studs to fuck our mouths next time!” she told her.


AHHHH YESSS!!! THAT SOUNDS GREEEAT!!! THEY’LL WATCH US FUUUUCK THEN FUCK OUR MOUTH CUUUUNTS!!!” Orihime moaned, with a small dent in her pelvis rising up randomly as the dildo squigled and wriggled inside her from their combined motions!




Their pussies both made lewd sounds as they scissored themselves together. Orihime wailed in pleasure, becoming more aroused as she thought of Ichigo fucking Retsu’s mouth next time, with his gigantic cock stuffing her throat and making it bulge!


AHHHHHH, I WANT THAT, I WANNA SEE MY HUSBAND FUCK YOUR MOOOOOUTH!!!” Orihime screamed as she began cumming hard, her pussy spraying against Retsu’s.


“Oh yeah, then who’d fuck your mouth-cunt?” Retsu asked, while panting for breath now.




“Me too, me too, mmMEEE TOOOOOO! CUMMING, I’M CUMMMMINGH!!!!” Retsu grunted, then moaned as both hers and Orihime’s pussies gushed against one another, even with the heady juices spraying out in all directions and raining back down on their naked bodies. The two of them pressed their crotches together for a long moment, and then both fell flat, with their thighs still crossed with one another.


It took several minutes before either woman had the strength to move again. Retsu sat up, clenching her internal muscles to force the dildo out of herself with a wet squelch. Once her body was no longer holding it inside Orihime’s, the dildo came shooting out of her pussy and went airborne just far enough to fall on the floor with a thud.


“Haaah, what a nice way to start the day!” Retsu said as she got up and out of the bed. She retrieved the dildo from the floor and took it to the kitchen. Orihime followed, watching as she set the thing inside the dishwasher.


“Say Retsu, why did you wanna see me alone?” Orihime asked, finally remembering the reason she came in the first place.


“Oh that? I just wanted to offer to be your family doctor. You and Ichigo are both very powerful. So your child will likely be just as strong, if not stronger. It could prove too much for a human doctor to safely handle.” she explained.


“That’s true…” Orihime agreed, not having thought about that detail before. If that was the case, then moving out here was something of a must! There was always Ichigo’s father, but it would be better to live closer to a doctor who could handle things.


“That, and I wanna watch what happens when a child is raised in a place like this. There are other local children, sure, but I don’t think I could watch them as closely.” Retsu confessed. She then closed in on Orihime again, “And with a mother like you, I’m sure you’ll have quite the perverted child.” she whispered.


Orihime felt her cheeks heating up. That was true. Just imagining raising her son here was making her wet all over again. He’d likely have as big a dick as his father, and all the local women would be lining up to ride it!


“So, what do you say?” Retsu asked, “I figure if you agreed, Ichigo would fall in line easily after that. After all, you got him to agree to two new wives easily enough.”


“Okay!” Orihime agreed.



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13 days ago

Fall in line? More like there was already a connection forming there. Ichigo and Nel already some relationship going considering how much she liked him. Busted through her own weakness at t the time to save his life. As for Rangiku? Earlier chapter focusing on thos two developing things between them. If there was nothing there? Ichigo wouldn’t have budged. Orihime would not have been able to do squat. That’s just my headcanon.

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Always happy to see Bleach yuri chapters! Retsu and Orihime make a fun pair. Hoping to see more Chizuru featured in the future.

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There will be more chizuru, count on it

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When the first Kenpachi gets busy I get dizzy

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Yep, I like the idea of her being a complete nymphomaniac and fighting being the only thing she enjoys as much as sex, hence why she “retired” here

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Woohoo, kazui foreshadowing

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I hope to do the timeskip soon