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Gigai Powered Paizuri (Special Edition)

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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Ichigo Kurosaki gulped audibly as he looked up at Rangiku. The strawberry blonde woman always did have impressive tits, but this was beyond ridiculous! Hat and Clogs pervy personality it seemed had no limits. With a simple pinch and twist of the nipples of her gigai, Rangiku had made her tits grow to massive size.


“H… How are you even standing!?” he asked. The orange haired man couldn’t even guess at the weight of those things, but if he were to try he’d start with double Rangiku’s original weight and go up from there.


Giggling, Rangiku moved over to him as Nel and Orihime moved out of the way. The top heavy shinigami woman then wrapped her gigantic cow udder tits around his equally massive erection. Ichigo groaned at the feeling, her tits were just as soft and warm as before, and with this new size they were easily a match for his dick!


“Why worry about the small stuff darling?” his wife asked as she knelt down beside him. Orihime kissed him again, pushing her tongue into his mouth gently. Ichigo closed his eyes and kissed her back lovingly, loving her taste as she moved his hand to fondle her breast gently.


“Yeah daddy, just have fun!” Nel added as she copied Orihime with his other hand. “Ahhhh, Nel loves when daddy plays with her titties!” she moaned happily. Ichigo groaned into Orihime’s mouth, sucking her tongue back into his own.


“Mmmmmmmh…” the orange haired woman moaned happily as he gave her breast a squeeze, loving the way his fingers sank into the soft elastic skin. He could feel his cock tensing as it throbbed between Rangiku’s now giant tits as the woman kept them pressed tightly around his cock. The rock hard flesh of his dick felt so nice against the warm softness of her milk tanks as Rangiku began slowly rubbing his length up and down.


He gasped softly when Orihime broke their kiss before grabbing his head and turning him to face Nel. The teal haired woman then kissed him hard, forcing her tongue between his lips and practically down his throat!


“Mmmmmmmh, dhaddyyyy…” Nel cooed happily against his lips. The feel of their tongues wrestling one another made Ichigo feel dizzy as he kissed her back, his eyes closing as he let himself enjoy the three women. He’d never really imagined his life would be like this one day. And though he’d never admit it out loud, he actually was enjoying himself!


“Mmmmmmh…” Ichigo groaned back into Nel’s mouth, squeezing her big heavy tit and his wife’s together. Nel was about equal to Orihime in size, but she had a rounder shape to her breast. And it was just a little firmer, but not by much. He began squeezing them both in unison, trying to detect the subtle differences. Moving his hand under and all around the heavy mounds, slowly tracing his thumbs over their nipples as he felt Rangiku sliding her tits up and down his cock.


Nel then gently broke away, pulling her head back, a long thin rope of their mixed saliva stretching between their mouths. She looked so beautiful, her face had such an erotic expression on it as her hazel eyes looked down at him. Next Nel leaned up and closer, pushing her breasts in his face. Without thinking, Ichigo wrapped his mouth around one nipple and began sucking it gently, loving the feel of the stiff nub of flesh against his tongue! He then heard the wet smacking sound of two people kissing sloppily.


Opening his eyes, Ichigo watched from the corner of his vision as Nel and his wife locked lips! Orihime let out the most erotic moan against Nel’s mouth as the two women began wrestling their tongues together.


“Mmmmmmh, Nel-shan, Nel-shan…” Orihime slurred, hers and Nel’s mouths glistening in the sunlight. Ichigo groaned against Nel’s nipple, nibbling it softly and listening as she moaned against Orihime’s mouth. Why did the sight of his wife kissing another woman turn him on so much!? He groaned again as he pushed up with his hips, thrusting his dick between Rangiku’s tits now. The strawberry blonde woman giggled as she pressed those huge warm chest blimps around his thick cock even harder!


Ichigo then watched as Orihime and Nel broke apart, but only slightly, letting him see their tongue swirling around one anothers. “Ahhh, ‘rihime, ‘rihime! You tashte sho nishe…” Nel moaned softly, “Wanna kissh and shuck ‘ou moar…!”


“Hmmmhmmhmm…” was his wife’s only response before she closed their lips together again. Their combined spit began to overflow from their sloppy liplock, running down their chins to drip down onto his cheek.


“Haaahhh..!” Ichigo groaned suddenly as he felt Rangiku bouncing her tits up and down faster now. The giant breasted woman then laughed as he heard the soft SLAP SLAP SLAP of her tits smacking against the lower half of his body.


Above him, Orihime and Nel both gasped and pulled away a bit, allowing him a clear view of the third woman. “Eeeh!?” Ichigo gasped in surprise as Rangiku held her hands behind her head, but her tits still firmly pressed around his cock as she moved her body up and down!


“Look, no hands! Can your girlfriend do this!?” she asked smugly as she continued moving her breasts up and down. “I bet she caaaan’t!” she said in a teasing tone.


“That’s WIFE, Rangiku.” Orihime protested playfully, “And of course I can’t, not with these mosquito bumps in comparison to those things!”


Rangiku laughed and moved to lean her body on top of her tits, not hard with their impossible size. “I’m just playing!” she said, then licked her lips as she looked at the tip of his massive dick still peeking up between those massive flesh orbs. “Thanks for the meal!” she said before opening her mouth wide and engulfing the head of his cock between her lips.


“Ooohhh…” Ichigo groaned as he once again felt the inside of her mouth. Ever since he’d gotten here with Rangiku, the top heavy shinigami used any excuse she could to suck on his cock! And now the woman had gotten quite good at it.


MMMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH…” Rangiku moaned and slurped around his cock. He could feel her tongue twirling around the tip of it as she bobbed her head up and down slowly, her drool running down his length and making his cock feel all slippery between her tits. He moved his hand to grab her gigantic nipples, each one of them bigger than his fist. Gripping them tightly, he gave them a sharp twist and tug, making Rangiku moan loudly around his cock.


Closing his eyes, Ichigo let himself enjoy the feel of Rangiku’s soft mouth and tits, gently thrusting his hips up with her movements. On either side of him, Nel and Orihime pressed in close, making a pillow of their pressed together breasts for him.


“Mmmmmh, does it feel good darling?” Orhime asked sweetly.


“Yeah daddy! Nel bets it feels so niiice!” Nel added.


Ichigo didn’t answer them, instead he leaned his head up, taking turns kissing both women as he let Rangiku continue servicing his cock. He listened to the wet noisy slurping of her lips around the tip of his cock as he swapped spit with the other two women. Still gripping Rangiku’s nipples, Ichigo groaned as he felt the pressure building in his balls.


MMMMMPH, MMMMPH, MMMPH…” Rangiku moaned around his cock softly, trying to completely hide his exposed length in her mouth now, “MMMMMPH, PLEASHE, CUM IN MUH MOUPH PUSSHY ISHIGOOOO… AYE WANT ID, AYE WANT UR CUM SHO BHAAAD!” Rangiku slurred around his cock.


“Mmmmmh, go ahead and feed her darling,” Orihime said, “I know you have more for the rest of us.” Nel giggled and nodded in agreement before kissing him again. Rangiku then moaned as her cheeks swelled out like that of a chipmunk as he began cumming hard in her mouth! He groaned loudly at the feeling as he thrust his hips up hard.


GUUUHMMMMMPH!!!” Rangiku choked as the sheer force of his cum began to burst out around her lips. Rangiku’s ice blue eyes rolled back in their sockets as she struggled to gulp down his cum.


“Ahhhh, don’t waste it Rangiku!” Orihime complained as she and Nel suddenly pulled away, depriving him of his tit pillows before they pressed their naked bodies against Rangiku’s giant tits. Nel and Orihime then began lapping up the cum that had leaked out from Rangiku’s mouth as they hugged themselves against her tits. The three women then all began licking the head of his cock together like it was an ice cream cone!


“Ahhh, dhaddy’sh cum ish sho shalty an’ tashtey…” said Nel as she slurped at his cock.


“Aye know, Aye luv dish flavorrr…” Rangiku added, dragging her tongue along the underside of his cock.


“It’sh sho addictiiive…” Orihime said as she lapped at the cum that was still running down Rangiku’s naked tits.


“Ahhhh, Aye could do dish evary dhay, let’sh do it shoon ‘rihime, let’sh all git mahrried…!” Rangiku said.


“Yesh, yesh! Nel want’sh dat too!!! Nel want’sh to marry dhaddyyy!!!” Nel agreed.


Ichigo blinked as he looked up at the three women, “Wait, what?” he asked.


Orihime lifted her head up and made a show of licking his cum from her lips, “Mmmmmh, I was gonna wait until later, but what do you think of having a second and third wife darling?”


Ichigo blinked again, then a third, and fourth time, “WHAAAAAAT!?” he shouted.



Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, just Nel to her friends, smiled and barely suppressed a giggle at the way Ichigo reacted to Orihime’s proposal! When she came to the living world to visit Ichigo the other day, she never expected it to turn out like this. Not that she was opposed in any way whatsoever.


No, Nel was excited at being her ‘daddy’s’ wife! She was ‘dressed’ in a special gigai made by Mr. Urahara. The same nice man who made her the bracelet that stabilized her reiatsu and allowed her to remain in her adult form for as long as she wanted. The gigai worked in the same way most others did, only it also hid the Hollow Hole in her body, and worked to process human food into reishi dense food that she could sustain herself on.


This was Nel’s first trip to the human world, or the world of the living. At least that she could remember. She was certain she had been human once, a VERY long time ago. But those memories were fleeting and difficult to hold on to, and they were all very sad. Nel didn’t like to think about them.


As she lay naked next to Ichigo, Nel smiled and hugged herself against him. He was so warm and soft, yet at the same time very firm. It just made her want to snuggle and cuddle with him all the time. Since the day she met him, Nel had been in love! Ichigo was SO her type of man. Strong, yet kind, fierce, but compassionate, and completely devoted to any and all he’d call friend. He’d even die to protect someone who was a stranger. Something that had shocked her back when she led him through Hueco Mundo. The lengths he went to to save Orihime and to protect Nel, they resonated with something deep inside Nel’s Arrancar soul.


“You can’t be serious…” she heard Ichigo say to Orihime as his shock finally died down.


“I’m completely serious!” Orihime said, sounding shocked that Ichigo would even think she wasn’t. “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, and I love the idea of having a couple of Sister Wives to take care of you with!”


“Sister wives?” Ichigo echoed.


“That’s the term for the women in a polyamorous marriage.” said Rangiku, the big tittied woman she and Orihime had found Ichigo with when they arrived.


That was a word Nel didn’t know, “Huh, what’s Polly Armorus?” she asked.


“Polyamorous,” Orihime corrected, enunciating for her. “It’s when multiple people are all in love with each other.”


“Oooooooh, okay!” said Nel, “Well, Nel loves daddy, and if Orihime and Rangiku love daddy too, then Nel loves you both as well!” she said, nuzzling her face against Ichigo’s chest. She could hear and feel Ichigo’s heart beating in his chest, it was a soothing Ba-dump Ba-dump sound, though right now it was more like ba-da ba-da ba-da like one of those rapid fire gun things she’d seen on the TV box thing at Orihime’s home before coming here.


Orihime giggled and leaned over to kiss Nel on the lips, the teal haired woman kissed her back, sliding her tongue along Orihime’s. She remembered the ride over here with her, when Orihime had said, “Ichigo likes seeing girls kissing and doing naughty stuff together, it gets him sooooo hard!”


“Hmmph, typical male ape.” Orihime’s friend Chizuru had said.


That girl confused Nel, but every time she tried talking to her, she just fell into playing with Nel’s boobs.


Nel turned her attention back to the now as she gently broke her kiss with Orihime and moved to kiss Ichigo. She felt the back of her head getting all tingly as she slipped her tongue along his, sucking on it softly as she rubbed her naked figure against his.


Rangiku then moved away, and Nel watched from the corner of her vision as Rangiku grabbed at her own nipples and made a twisting motion with both hands. The strawberry blonde woman’s mountain sized tits then shrank down like a pair of deflating balloons. When they were only just a little larger than her head did Rangiku let go and the shrinkage stop.


“Haaah, I need a drink, come on Nel, let’s let Ichigo settle things with his wife.” Rangiku said.


“Awwwww, but Nel wants to snuggle and fuck Daddy some more!” Nel whined.


“Me too, but I need to rehydrate, and I could use a little company.” said Rangiku.


Nel pouted slightly, but agreed to go with her. The two women then left the couple behind and began walking along the beach to the small building that was just a slight ways away from where they’d been hanging around. The building itself was a rest station with bathrooms and vending machines. Nel understood those things, though she didn’t have any money on her right now to buy anything out of them.


“Orihime’s gonna need a minute to get Ichigo to agree to this whole extra wives thing.” said Rangiku as she made a flicking motion with her hand and produced two slips of colorful paper. Nel blinked her hazel colored eye as she recognized the money.


“How’d you do that?” she asked as she repeated the movement perfectly. She felt a click in her wrist as her gigai felt a little looser around her hand for just a moment.


“Small pocket built into these newer models, like the trick with the tits.” Rangiku said, “I stored some cash in it for emergencies. Though I think the original intent was to keep some soul pills at the ready.” Nel nodded and Rangiku bought herself a drink from one of the vending machines, offering the other bill to her.


“So, you’re the Arrancar chick I heard about,” said Rangiku, “You’re cuter than I thought you’d be. Gotta say, the referring to yourself in the third person is adorable.” she told her as she twisted the cap off her drink and downed more than half of it in one go.


The two of them began exchanging information, with Nel telling her about the time she first met Ichigo and Orihime, and Rangiku talking about her own experiences with the two of them. Most of what Nel told her Rangiku already seemed to know, which tracked since she was good friends with Orihime. But Nel didn’t know Rangiku so well, she hadn’t been able to see Ichigo or Orihime much after the mess with Yhwach. When she did, their meetings were less than a day, and they really didn’t talk much about anything other than the topic of her visit. It was why Nel had chosen to drop in on them to begin with. Tier had given Nel permission to leave Hueco Mundo for as long as she wanted, so long as she didn’t cause any trouble that threatened the tentative peace with the Soul Society.


Then Nel arrived to find Orihime in technically two places at once! One place being her actual human body that was currently heavily pregnant with a new life, and the other being with her soul in a gigai much like the one she currently occupied. The two quickly exchanged information, and Orihime invited Nel to come along with her to see Ichigo at this naked place.


“You think daddy won’t wanna get married?” Nel asked, feeling sad at the idea.


Rangiku sipped her drink again, “Nah, he will. He just still has a few hang ups is all. I THOUGHT I had gotten him past most of those in the last day or so… But I guess monogamy is still pretty heavily ingrained in modern society.”


“Wha…?” Nel asked, having followed maybe half of that, “What’s wood got to do with getting married?” she asked.


Rangiku snickered and Nel pouted, “Hey! Nel might not know big words, but Nel isn’t dumb you know!”


“Sorry, sorry!” Rangiku said, “I forget you’re from Hueco Mundo and not the Soul Society, which says a lot since the broken mask is a dead give away. You really aren’t like other Arrancar I’ve met, or any hollow for that matter. You come across as almost entirely human.”


“Nel will take that as a compliment.” Nel said, not trying to hide the bitterness in her tone.


“It was. Monogamy is a word mainly defined as being married to only one person at any given time. Or even in a romantic relationship with only one person.” Rangiku explained, “Mahogany is the wood you were talking about, I can see why you got confused.”


“Well, that’s dumb, if you love someone, you should be with them!” Nel argued. “Even if it’s more than one someone. Nel loves her family back home!”


“Different kind of love, but I get what you mean. And I agree. Though I will admit, I’m more interested in the idea just to have regular access to that gigantic dick on the regular, but Ichigo is a good man, and I can see myself loving him just like Orihime and Rukia do.”


“Rukia? That little Shinigami woman?” Nel asked.


“Yeah, that’s a looooooong story, better told to you by either Orihime or Ichigo. Personally, and please, never tell Rukia I said this, I think she married Renji because she didn’t think polygamy was an option with Ichigo at the time.” Rangiku said.


Nel blinked and tilted her head to one side, “Hmm?” she asked.


“Long story, go ahead and get anything you like.” Rangiku told her, moving aside to give her a better view of the vending machines.


As Nel looked over the selection of snacks and drinks she said, “Can Nel ask you something?”


“Shoot.” Rangiku said to her, “If we’re gonna be sister wives, we should be able to talk about anything together.” she told her with a smirk.


Nel giggled and asked, “How’d you make your boobies all big and heavy like that?”


Rangiku laughed, “Oh that? It’s a trick built into this new model gigai.” she told her, “You can make your tits as big as you want in it, well, anything beyond your natural size that is.” she explained, “On that subject, nice rack, not often I meet a woman who can beat me in that department.” she said as she moved in front of Nel and grabbed her boobs. Nel blinked again and looked down as Rangiku hefted her tits up and began playing with them like Chizuru had in the car.


“Nel doesn’t know, you look really big too.” she told her, grabbing Rangiku’s tits in turn.


“Yeah, but I’m using my gigai to cheat a little. You might actually have a few centimeters on me.” Rangiku said as she traced her thumb around her right nipple, licking her lips as it quickly turned stiff. “Nice sensitivity.”


“Nel is a masochist, so Nel often puts clamps there under her clothes!” Nel said shamelessly.


“Oh really?” Rangiku asked, moving to pinch both her nipples tightly, making Nel moan in pleasure as her cheeks flushed pink. The strawberry blonde then tugged up on her nipples, pulling her breasts into an almost cone shape. Rangiku giggled at her reaction, twisting her nipples hard to the right, then the left.


Nel chewed her lower lip as her pussy began drooling down her legs, “Hweeegh, harderrr, pull Nel’s nipples harderrrrr…!! Yessssss..!” she squealed in excitement.


“Ara ara, you’re really getting off on just this, aren’t you?” Rangiku asked, letting go of her nipples then slapping both her tits hard, making them jiggle and wobbled wildly before she whirled Nel around and shoved her up against one of the vending machines, bringing her hand down on her ass hard with a loud echoing SPANK!


CUMMINGH!!!! NEL IS CUMMINGH!!!!!” Nel hissed through clenched teeth.


Rangiku giggled, pushing Nel against the vending machine harder, she then moved her so she stuck her ass out more before she slapped her fat sexy ass again just as hard. Nel could feel her butt jiggling as she bit her lower lip, her hazel eyes rolling back in their sockets. The other woman then spanked her again, and again, and yet again! She alternated between Nel’s ass cheek, slapping them roughly.




Laughing, Rangiku slapped her ass one last time before she shoved her index and middle fingers into the teal haired woman’s pussy while pushing her thumb up Nel’s ass! Nel squealed again, bucking against Rangiku’s hand, trying to push her fingers in deeper.


“Naughty little slut, calling Ichigo your daddy, what a perv!” Rangiku said with a grin as she began moving her fingers in and out roughly, pinching her thumb and fingers together inside her.


YESSS!!! NEL IS SO NAUGHTY, NEL IS A BAD BAD GIIIIRL…!!! AHHHH, CUMMINGH, NEL IS GONNA CUM AGAINNNN!!!” Nel moaned as her entire body shook in pleasure. She heard Rangiku giggling as she began moving her fingers back and forth faster and rougher, her pussy let out several hot sprays of her juices.


“Ara ara, go ahead and cum you naughty little slut!” Rangiku told her, pushing her fingers in harder. Nel bucked against her as she let out a loud moan that was then cut off by Rangiku’s mouth covering her own. She felt the other woman’s tongue exploring the inside of her mouth slowly, sucking her own long tongue back into her mouth.


NMMMHMMMMMMMPH!!! GUUMMING, NHEL ISH GUUMMINGGGH!!!!!” Nel slurred against her mouth.


“Mmmmmmmmh, nmmmmmh ahh…” Rangiku moaned and gasped softly as she broke the kiss, a long string of saliva stretched out between them, connecting their lips.


“Yeah, I could get used to this…” Rangiku cooed, turning Nel to face her before pulling her into a more tender kiss. Nell kissed her back, wrapping her arms around Rangiku, enjoying the softness of her breasts smooshing against her own. The two women hugged and groped at one another’s bodies, with Nel interlacing her thighs with Rangiku’s.


“Nmmmmh, mmmmmmh…” Nel moaned into Rangiku’s mouth, feeling dizzy from the powerful orgasms the woman had forced on her.


They held the kiss for a long moment before finally breaking apart, though both of them kept their tongue swirling around the others in a lewd sloppy kiss. They then closed their mouths together again, rubbing themselves against each other as Nel moved her hand to grab at Rangiku’s wide bottom. The strawberry blonde moaned back against Nel, kissing her harder for a moment before breaking the kiss entirely. The two women gazed lustfully into one another’s eyes for a full minute before they both smiled and giggled.


“Let’s go check on our fiance to be.” Rangiku said.


“Yes, but first, can you show Nel how to make her boobies all big and naughty?” Nel asked her as they separated. Rangiku nodded and explained how the Gigai trick worked. Nel then twisted her nippled in the way she’d shown her, gasping in surprise at the sudden shift in weight as her already large breasts quintupled in size!


“Oh wowie!” Nel said, genuinely impressed as she managed to adjust her center of gravity to the added weight. “These’ll make Daddy extra hard!!!” she said with a giggle.


“Yep, though you overdid it a bit, you got the hair growth bit to trigger as well.” Rangiku said. Nel blinked and the other woman touched her fingers to a small tuft of teal green hair just above her pussy. “I did it myself a little while ago when Ichigo was nailing my ass on some railroad tracks. It’s an easy fix later.”


Nel nodded as she moved her body several times, making her new boobies jiggled and bounce as she grinned. She then moved over to one of the vending machines and slipped the bill Rangiku had given her into the slot. It sucked it in and chimed once. Nel pressed a selection on the screen and smiled as a small capsule dropped out of the bottom.


“Oh, interesting choice.” Rangiku said to her.


Nel grinned and opened the capsule, pulling out a pair of edible panties wich she quickly put on. They were several sizes too small, making the crotch dig into the folds of her pussy. The two women then made their way back the way they had come earlier. Ichigo and Orihime were both right where they’d left them. The smile on Orihime’s face told Nel everything she needed to know as she walked over to stand above Ichigo, as he lay back on the beach lounger.


“Hi daddy!!!” she said with a smile, making a V with one hand as his eyes widened at the sight of her new tits now blocking out the sun above them. Much to Nel’s delight, Ichigo’s half hard dick shot to a full erection in a split second.


Orihime spoke first, mirroring Nel’s V gesture, “We have a wedding to plan!” she said.


“Yay!!!” Nel and Rangiku both cheered as they jumped on top of Ichigo in a Sixty-Nine position.


“Itadakimasu!!!!” they said together as they both grabbed at his cock and began kissing and licking the throbbing length together!

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 year ago

If Rangiku will be Ichigo wife Retsu and Yoruichi to must be his wifes.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mihail


1 year ago

Really nice and interesting. Now Ichigo will have the perfect triple threat all the time. Especially if Orihime gigai can so the trick as well ans he deals with Orihime, Nell and Rangiku with their extra big sizes

1 year ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

Yup, Orihime’s gigai can do the same.

Ichigo Kurosaki
1 year ago

Excellent story more of Ichigo, Orihime, Rangiku and Nel please, it is seen that our shinigami is completely lucky, I patiently wait for the next story and I like how the relationship of these beautiful women is going, I hope that Ichigo is no longer yes I want but I don’t want to I want to enjoy and at the same time I know what he knows let’s go Ichigo you have three beautiful women with enormous magumbos

Last edited 1 year ago by Ichigo Kurosaki
1 year ago

Lol, don’t worry, he’ll loosen up!

1 year ago

Nel and Rangiku aren’t letting this man breathe ever. Especially Rangiku’s catty ass ya love to see it😂

1 year ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Hehehe, gnope!

Smiling Fiend
1 year ago

I feel bad for sperging out about ichiruki on a series clearly focused around him with Orihime, Rangiku and Nel but thank you so much for actually listening to my feedback, Sailor !
I’m eating so good rn !!

1 year ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

Hmm, whatcha mean?

Smiling Fiend
1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

I’m assuming Rukia being mentioned often in these stories had to do with my comments saying I’d like to see her and Ichigo at the honeymoon, if possible !
But tbh I don’t know if I really had anything to do with it.

1 year ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

I promise, I will write the story as soon as I have a decent pic for it.

Smiling Fiend
1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

It’s ok, bro ! I know you can’t control and have to work around the pics given to you. So take your time and don’t rush perfection, I know you can do it since the quality of these bleach stories have been consistently good imo.

1 year ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend