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(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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A stiff breeze blew across Ichigo’s exposed skin as he walked along a narrow path in the Busteez Nudist Beach and Colony. The sun had begun to set overhead, and he could already see the moon rising over the horizon. ‘How do I always get in these situations?’ he thought to himself.


After hearing Orihime out on her proposal of having a second and third wife in the form of Rangiku and Nel, Ichigo had somehow managed to agree. He tried to say no to the idea, but it made her look as though she were about to cry! He couldn’t say no to her whenever she got like that. It was weird that Orihime wanted him to be married to not one, but two other women. She had even researched the legality of it all. While polyamy wasn’t exactly legal, there was a loophole.


Ichigo would marry Nel and Rangiku in a private ceremony if they could find someone willing to perform the ceremony. Which shouldn’t be too hard, since Uryu was technically ordained after all, and he even officiated his marriage to Orihime. Then, all Ichigo had to do was include the two of them in his last will and testament, as well as declare Nel and Rangiku as godparents to his as yet unborn child. It was pretty much the same as a regular marriage, on paper anyway.


After they were finished at the beach, Orihime had taken Nel and Rangiku with her to go see a shop in the city. What they were getting was meant to be a surprise for Ichigo, so right now, he was on his own for a little while. As such, he decided to take a walk with no particular destination in mind. He wasn’t really concerned about not knowing the layout of the area very well, as he could easily just feel out Nel or Orihime’s Reiatsu to make his way back to them. Rangiku’s Reiatsu was harder to feel out as she was intentionally suppressing it, though he still could find it if he tried hard enough. It was almost like having a kind of natural GPS, only it wouldn’t tell him to turn at random times.


Ichigo came up to a large park area that led into a small mountain that was still part of the colony. He could see man-made paths all throughout the area, and the mountain only qualified as such as it was clearly above sea-level. He didn’t see a lot of people around. So there was less chance of running into a woman or group of people that would invite him to join them the moment that they saw his dick hanging down almost past his knees. Something that had already happened a couple of times on his walk. One woman in particular was very hard to resist, she was gorgeous, with long jet black hair, dark blue eyes, and a figure that would make a supermodel jealous. Something about her set off red flags in his mind though, maybe it was the way she came onto him as though there was no doubt he’d go with it. Or maybe it was the creepy huge snake that was wrapped around her body. The lady even had a pair of golden snake earrings. She seemed very full of herself to Ichigo, and he was only made more certain of his choice after her indignant reaction when he turned her down.


The orange haired man turned to walk along the path marked the Nature Walk, which was mostly surrounded by trees. It felt odd walking through a forest in the buff, but as they said, when in Rome… He walked along the path for about twenty minutes when he reached the top of the “mountain”. It overlooked the city area in the distance. All the buildings were beginning to light up like a sea of multi-colored stars. The colony itself was a lot bigger than Ichigo realized, the more developed area could rightfully be called a city, with a number of tall buildings. Nothing that could be called a skyscraper, but still larger than five stories.


Ichigo was admiring the view when he felt something that actually put him on guard! There was an unfamiliar Reiatsu approaching him. It wasn’t quite at the level of a Seated Shinigami, but it was still stronger than the average human. Far stronger. Strong enough in fact that if Ichigo had to fight them, he’d actually have to put in some effort, especially in his human form since he had no means of expelling his soul from his body right now. He hadn’t sensed anything like this from anyone here so far. What was really weird though is that it didn’t feel like a Shinigami, or a Quincy, or even a Hollow. It felt human, for the most part, just strong enough that he could feel it without making an effort.


As the presence came closer, Ichigo could hear the footsteps of the owner combined with an annoyed grumbling sound of their voice. As the voice became clearer, it was clear that whomever it was was a woman. She was muttering in English.


“[…Stupid dragon curse…]” he caught her saying before her voice went back to muttering so low he couldn’t hear her clearly. “[…That thing looked so weird too, with that big hole in its chest…]”


That caught Ichigo’s attention even more! A Hollow, here? He hadn’t sensed anything since they had arrived on the beach. He did sense a local Shinigami, but they were moving around in the city, and the presence was so small, he hadn’t even given it any thought until now. He could still feel that Shinigami, whoever they were, was just one of the common footsoldier types deployed to handle the transition of souls and the occasional low level hollow threat.


The person the voice and Reiatsu belonged to finally came into view. It was a young woman, maybe around Ichigo’s age or possibly younger, possibly older. It was hard to tell for sure since Ichigo knew so many people now who looked like they were in their teens but were in fact, centuries old.



ACHOO!!!” Rukia Abarai sneezed loudly as she sat in her home.


“Rukia, you alright?” Asked her husband, Renji.


“I’m fine, just someone thinking about me. Stop worrying. I’m pregnant, not dying!” Rukia shouted back at him as she looked down at her swollen belly.



“[Who are you?]” the dark haired woman asked in English when she spotted Ichigo.


“I could ask you the same thing.” Ichigo said, using the same even tone of voice as the woman. She was rather attractive, with long dark hair and an odd barret on one side of her head that looked like a horn. It was the only clothing that she had on aside from a pair of flip flops. Her breasts were rather large, capped with perfectly pink nipples, and her skin was very fair, like she didn’t spend a lot of time in the sun. She did have an odd tattoo though, just above her pussy that was shaped like some kind of heart.


No, not a heart,’ thought Ichigo when he looked closer, the design looked closer to a loose diagram of the female womb than an actual heart. It was in the same place as her womb would be as well. Something about it needled at the back of his mind, but he couldn’t place it.


“I’m from, out of town,” The woman said, her Japanese was fluent, but very rough and accented, as if she hadn’t spoken it in a long time.


“[I speak English if that helps.]” said Ichigo, switching to said language. He didn’t work as a translator for nothing after all. It’d taken him a while to loosen his own Japanese inflections on some words, but he liked to think himself perfectly fluent.


“Oh good!” the woman said, switching to English like he’d heard her speak before. Her accent was definitely British, but he could tell by looking at her that she was of Japanese descent. It was the first time he’d met someone from Japan that was likely raised abroad. Still, he had his guard up slightly, her Reiatsu was actually stronger than he thought. Now that she was closer, he could tell she was suppressing it actively, and she was easily at a 3rd seat or a lieutenant level.


“My name is Ichigo Kurosaki,” he said, introducing himself Western style, “English to Japanese translator, and Substitute Shinigami.” He decided the direct approach might be best, if she wasn’t what he THOUGHT she was, then she’d likely just think he was being weird and move on.


The woman blinked her dark blue eyes once, twice, three times, then he saw the barest hint of a smile on her face, or was it relief?


“Oh great, I’m glad I found you! Wing Bind told me I’d find one of you here who had the skills to help me… Out… Nnngh…” she began to say, then broke off in mid-sentence as what he’d thought was a tattoo at first began to glow! Ichigo could feel a different Reiatsu emanating from it as she bent forwards slightly, grabbing at her crotch with both hands as he saw glistening juices begin running down both her legs.


“Not agaaainnnn…!! Aghnnnnnmmmh!!!” the woman moaned, her fingers rubbing at her pussy furiously, making a wet squishing noise with every motion, “Haaaaah, my pussy…. Ahhh, my pussy’s going crazy!!!” she moaned, her voice getting higher, like she had been intentionally lowering it to sound more mature. Ichigo took a cautious step forward as the woman dropped to her knees! She then fell forward, putting out one hand to hold herself from falling over entirely, while the other remained between her thighs!




“Hey, hold on!” said Ichigo as he reached out for her, but he pulled back the instant his hand touched the bare skin of her shoulder. Her skin was almost burning hot, but more than that, that brief contact sent a jolt through his body and he suddenly found his cock standing fully erect! It was as though someone had injected liquid steel into his dick as he stood up straight. In the same instant, the dark haired woman shot up on her knees, moaning in raw lust and desire.


HAAAAAH!!! AHH, AH, OOOH…!” the woman said, her scream turning to a gasp of awe as she had somehow managed to sit up on her knees in a way that landed his giant erection across her equally large tits!


Have they gotten bigger…?’ thought Ichigo as the woman placed one hand over the tip of his cock with the other gently cradling his balls. He didn’t have time to contemplate long, as her touch was almost like an electric current running through his dick! It throbbed and tensed repeatedly, and Ichigo groaned, feeling like it might explode at any second. He didn’t even try to protest when she moved to kneel directly in front of him and grabbed his dick with both of her slender hands. She couldn’t even grasp the entire girth using both of them, but that didn’t stop her as she opened her mouth wide and swallowed his entire length down her now bulging throat!


GUMMMMMMPH…!!!” the dark haired woman moaned both in pleasure and oddly enough, relief, as though the very act of having his dick in her mouth took away some unbearable pain.


“Ahh, uhh…” groaned Ichigo as he looked down at the woman, as her blue eyes were almost completely white, having rolled far back in their sockets as she felt his cock in her mouth. Ichigo could actually FEEL the pit of her stomach with the tip of his dick, but she didn’t seem the least bit fazed by it.


AAAHMMMMMPH, NMMMMMMMPH, AGUWEH, HRMMMMMMPH, GUG, MMMMMMNPH, HURGH, GUHMMMMMMPH, AGUGH, NRMMMMMMPH…” she gagged and slurped at his cock, moving her head back and forth along his dick with a level of ease that was almost frightening. Even Nel needed a little bit of a warm-up!


OOOOOOH GAAAAWD, AYE CAHN’T SHTOOOOOP, GUG GUH GUG!!!” moaned the woman, with her voice badly garbled by the obstruction in her throat, “HMMMMMMPG, BUD ID PHEELSH SHO GUUD, AHHHGUH, GODDA SHUUUUCK, GODDA PHUCK!!! PWEASHE, WHOEVAH ‘OU ARE, PHUCK MUH PHASHE, PWEASHE, PWEEEEASSHE!!!!” she begged, with her voice completely desperate even with as garbled as it was. Tears ran down her cheeks as her eyes looked up at him pleadingly. She almost looked as though she were in pain!


Groaning, Ichigo grabbed the woman by the sides of her head, holding it firmly in place as he began swinging his hips, plunging his cock in and out of her mouth and throat wildly!


HAAAAAAAAGH!!!!” he groaned loudly as his dick pistoned back and forth.




“Ahh, fuuuuck… my dick feels insaaane…!!” Ichigo groaned. The feeling of electric currents running through him only got worse, though strangely enough it didn’t hurt. In fact, it seemed to make his dick even more sensitive! The woman’s mouth, throat, and stomach all felt amazing! He couldn’t stop himself as he began fucking her mouth even harder, moving her head back and forth in synch with his hips.


PHOOOGUUUUGH AGH AGUH GURK GUG GUG GUG, YESH, MOAR, MOOOAR, PHUCK MUH PHASHE HAWDERRRR, AHHH, SHO GUUD, DISH PHEELSH SHO GUUUD, GUUMMING GUUMMING GUUMMING, AYE CAHN’T SHTOB GUUMMINGGGHH!!!” the woman howled around his cock, with her eyes once again almost completely white. Long thick ropes of drool flung away from her lips with every thrust. More still hung off her chin and glistened in the moonlight.


“Haaah, shiiit, I can’t stop…!!!” Ichigo groaned as he felt the pressure slowly building in his balls. He wanted to cum so badly, but no matter how hard he fucked this stranger’s face, it just wasn’t enough yet!


NHOOOOOO, DHON’T!!!! DHON’T SHTOOOOB GUH GUB GUG!!! KHEEP PHUGGING MUH PHAAASHE AGH GUG GUG GUG, YESSSH, SHO GUUUUUD, PHEELSH SHE GUUUUUD!!!!” she gagged desperately around his cock as she grabbed her own tits and squeezed them roughly, with her fingers almost vanishing into the pliant flesh.


“Haaaah, shiiit… Ah fuuuck!!!” Ichigo groaned as the pressure mounting in his balls began to become painful. He needed to cum, now! His balls might explode if he didn’t! He all but shoved the woman off his cock, as the giant length springing free from her lips and flinging her saliva everywhere. She coughed hard several times, even with her jaw looking almost dislocated, but she worked it from side to side a few times, then closed it without issue.


NHOOO, DHON’T STOOOP, MORE, I NEED MORE IN MY MOUTH!!!” she pleaded with him, grabbing at his hips and rubbing her face against the side of his dick like a cat in heat.


“Well, I need more than your mouth!” Ichigo groaned, pushing her away and down onto the ground before he pulled her ass up in the air. The woman yelped and gasped, but before she could even try to protest, Ichigo SHOVED his dick all the way inside her overflowing pussy! A wet, warm, and oh so tight feeling engulfed his cock as the woman let out a loud squealing moan.


HWEEEEEEEEEGH, SO BHIIIIIIG, AHHH DHICK, DHIIIIIICK, THE DHICK MY PUSSY NEEDS IS FINALLY INSHIDE MEEEE!!!” she moaned in pleasure as he felt her pussy gushing and tightening as she came instantly. “YESH, DO IT!!! FUCK MY PUSSY, FUCK IT NOOOOOW, DHICK, DHIIIIICK!!!!” she cried desperately as she began rocking herself back against his cock


HRRRAAAAGH, HRR, HRR HRR HRR!!!” Ichigo roared like a beast, grabbing the woman’s shapely hips and pounding his length in and out of her mercilessly. A loud wet SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK echoed through the park as the dark haired woman clawed at the ground, leaving deep gouges in the dirt.


OOOOH YES, FUCK MHEEEE!!! OH GOD, I CAN’T THINK, MY MIND IS GOING NUMB, EVERYTHING IS DHIIIICK!!!! OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!!! CUMMING, I’M CUMMING SO HAAAAARD, I… I… I’M LOSING MY MIIIIND, BUT IT FEELS SO GOOD I DON’T EVEN CAAAAARE!!! FUCK ME HARDER YOU HORSE DICKED STUD, MESS UP MY PUSSY HARDER, OH GOD YES, LIKE THAT, JUST LIKE THAAAAT!!!! AHH AHHH AHHHH!!!!!” the woman screamed like a whore as she bucked and rolled her entire body into Ichigo’s rough thrusts. The baby fat of her ass rippled like jell-o from every thrust, undulating erotically as Ichigo groaned in pleasure. Her belly stretched out in a perfect outline of his dick as it completely stuffed her womb!


“Haaaaahaah, feels, so good, aghhh, can’t make it stop, my hips, they’re moving by themselves…!” Ichigo groaned, “I can’t… Ahhh, I can’t hold bhack!!!” he groaned as he began slamming his cock into her even harder, the force of his pelvis against her ass beginning to turn it red.




“Hah, ah, hah, ah, HURR, HURR, HURR, HURRRAAAAGH, FUCK I’M CUMMING!!!!!” Ichigo roared as the most intense, and at the same time, most painful orgasm he’d ever felt in his entire life ripped through him like a Cero blast. His cock felt like it had boiling water shooting through it as his balls finally unloaded themselves into her pussy!




Ichigo finally felt like his body was moving in response to his brain as he slowed his thrusts to a stop. The two just knelt there, panting heavily, with their bodies glistening with sweat in the moonlight.


“Hah, hah, hah… Are you… Okay…?” Ichigo managed to ask, “I’m sor…” his words were cut off mid-word as a long clanging WHACK sounded as someone attacked him from behind with something thick and metallic.


GUOOOOOMPH!!!” Ichigo grunted as he suddenly found himself tumbling forward, end over end as he flipped over the dark haired woman. His cock slipped out of her pussy with a SHLUUUUP noise, pulling out easily as it had finally began to soften. As he landed hard on his back almost a dozen feet away, he heard a sound like if one were to open a five gallon water bottle and turn it on its side.


“[GET AWAY FROM HER, YOU PERV!!!]” shouted a new female voice in British accented English. “[Noel, are you okay?! I’m sorry I didn’t get here sooner!]” the new woman’s voice said to the dark haired woman now identified as Noel.


“Nin…ny…?” Noel gasped out weakly.


“[Don’t worry! I’ll kill this asshole right now and then we’ll get you help!]” the girl Noel called Ninny said.


“Hey, agh, hold on a second…” Ichigo groaned, switching back to Japanese as his head was throbbing and spinning. It was hard to think, and his vision was doubled.


“[You’re so dead, you fucking perv!! Taking advantage of a girl like that!]” Ninny hissed at him, and Ichigo’s vision cleared enough for him to look back at her. His line of sight was upside down, but he could still see this Ninny clearly. She was a young blonde haired woman with her hair done up in a pair of twintails and green eyes that had a murderous glare in them. Like Noel, she was naked, but that didn’t really surprise him. In her hands she held a metal pole with a couple of wooden arrows bolted into it.


A sign post.


The other end of the post had a broken chunk of concrete still clinging to it where Ninny had pulled it out of the ground! “[Sayonara, asshole!]” Ninny said, her voice seething with raw hate as she raised the pole high over her head.


“Ninny stop!” Noel managed to call out clearly, “It’s not his fault! It was this damned curse mark that Dark Dragon hit me with!”


Almost instantly, the murderous look on Ninny’s face melted into one of annoyed anger, “You sure?” Ninny asked, cautiously lowering her improvised weapon, “With everything we’ve seen since coming here, I thought this guy jumped you!”


“No, it wasn’t his fault! If anything, it was mine!” Noel said, while picking herself up off the ground, as her thighs were covered with the cum that had poured out of her pussy. Her stomach looked a little stretched out, but Ichigo could tell she’d be perfectly fine in a few more minutes.


“Alright,” Ninny said, while dropping the signpost with a loud clang that told Ichigo that this was a solid chunk of metal and not an empty pipe! The fact that he was still even conscious was a testament to everything he’d been through since he was in high school. When his head stopped ringing, Ichigo managed to sit up and rub at the thick knot forming at the back of his skull.


“What the hell is going on here?” he asked, and Ninny blinked in surprise, likely that he was speaking clear English back to them. “Who the hell are you two, and what’s this mess about dragons and curses?”


“You said you’re a Shinigami. Don’t you know?” Noel asked him as she came over and offered a hand to help him to his feet. The mark over her womb wasn’t glowing anymore, in fact, it seemed to fade a little. He cautiously took her hand and she helped him to his feet. Her touch didn’t send his dick into overdrive this time, which was a relief, considering that his balls still hurt from before.


“Oh, is this the guy they sent us here to find?” Ninny asked Noel, her face brightening if only slightly before she looked back at Ichigo, “Great! Use that Kido stuff or whatever and get this curse off my partner here!”


“Hate to break it to you, but I suck at Kido. I think I know who it is you’re looking for though.” Ichigo told them, “Now, how about answering my question first: Who are you two, and what are you talking about?”


“My name is Noel Niihashi,” Noel Introduced herself, “This is my partner, Ninny Spangcole. We’re from Wing Bind in the Reverse London area of the Western Branch of the Soul Society.”


Ichigo just blinked several times before saying, “Uh, what?”

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Smiling Fiend
1 year ago

Can’t wait to see where this goes now that Noel and Ninny joined in !

1 year ago
Reply to  Smiling Fiend

We’ll find out soon

Ichigo Kurosaki
1 year ago

yeeeesssssss Burn the witch
ojala que ichigo le baje su actitud a Ninny a punta de folladas

Last edited 1 year ago by Ichigo Kurosaki
1 year ago

We’ll find out

1 year ago

Burn the Witch! Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Fuck the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Fuck the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!

1 year ago
Reply to  Xcelsior


1 year ago

Well well! This was a fun one to read!

The girls of Burn The Witch make an appearance and it really helped make this scenario even more interesting than it already was.

Not only that I liked how it was paced, including the sex itself. Plus the references. XD

I do hope that the girls find the Kido expert they’re looking for. Though I have a feeling it won’t be too hard.

Very well done. 😀👍

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Yeah, since Burn The Witch is in the same universe as Bleach, I figure Wing Bind and the Gotei 13 do know about one another, though they rarely interact. I’m still mentally working out the explanation to Ichigo and Orihime mentally. They have no idea what’s going on. The shinigami characters all do, but like I said, since they rarely come into contact with one another, no one to date has even bothered to mention it to Ichigo since in their minds, it wasn’t relevant information. Nel has some idea about it I figure, but she doesn’t really care, so she didn’t mention it either.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Interesting to see a Hancock cameo. I think this is your first One Piece easteregg in your stories, if I remember correctly (that being said, I thought that Rtenzo didn’t want any eastereggs like this anymore). I really liked Noel’s introduction into the whole thing. She just kinda popped up there, already naked and suffering from the inmon mark that a Hollow seemed to have put on her. It even seems to be somewhat contagious as Ichigo became hard as steel after touching her. Makes me wonder if that “gimmick” will stick around or if they’ll find a cure for her, ’cause I think it could lead to a number of interesting scenarios. The sex was incredible (obviously) and I like how Ichigo just says “your mouth ain’t good enough to make me cum” before pounding her pussy. Shows that either a) the inmon mark makes life a bit hard for him (in more than one way) or b) after spending so much time on the beach, he’s used to sex now and needs some more intense action before he cums. Either way, that ending was absolutely hilarious! I liked how Ninny simply knocked him over the head with the sign post.

Definitely one of my favorite chapters so far.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

I asked permission first, and I made an extreme point NOT to drop any names, only descriptions. The OP fans would recognize her only, anyone who didn’t would just take her as an eccentric resident of the colony.

The story behind her Inmon mark will be explained in upcoming chapters. There’s a lot of the usual misunderstandings when heroes meet for the first time. Ichigo is making assumptions on the limited information he overheard from Noel. To sum it up:

He heard that she faced a dragon-like Hollow that she found weird.
However, that was AFTER she arrived here. Meaning when she mentioned the curse mark from a Dark Dragon, that happened BEFORE coming here as she’s here seeking Unohana to have the mark removed.

A lot of explaining needs to be done. 🙂 Glad you liked the bit with Ninny, given her personality, I can see her making an intro like that under these conditions.

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
1 year ago

Wait! Boa Hancock is at the colony and hitting on other men?!

Also, wife number 4 is here.

1 year ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

Ah, you caught her! Just a visual cameo, not actually her.