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Hanataro’s Huge Ass Encounter

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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Beginning (Part 0): [LINK]
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Upon parting from Kon and Yushiro, Isane Kotetsu noticed a large open air bath area on the bottom floor of Retsu’s Condo Apartment building. The entire area looked like something out of a royal bathhouse. There was even a small waterfall built into the steaming bath. The only thing Isane found odd was that the area wasn’t even crowded. Even if it was only for tenants, there should have been more people using it.


“Megami-sama, is something wrong?” Chizuru asked as they gathered some towels and other essentials for a bath.


“Hmm, no, nothing. I was just wondering why there aren’t more people here.” Isane confessed.


“Oh, probably because the building only has around four tenants, counting Retsu Okaa-sama.” Chizuru told her.


“Eh? That few? And how did you know that?” Isane asked as they walked into the main washing area. There was no men or womens side, given the setup of things in the colony, meaning mixed bathing was the only option. After parting from Retsu at the store, Chizuru had taken to calling her “Great Mother Retsu”, which was something her former captain found incredibly amusing and did nothing to discourage.


“The mailbox in the main lobby. Only four of them had names listed, and the rest were all blank.” Chizuru explained simply.


“Oh, I didn’t even think to look there.” Isane said. It really hadn’t even occurred to her to check the names on the mailboxes. But when she thought back to them, when she passed them the first night she had been here, there weren’t many names over the slots. It did explain the lack of activity here in the bath area as she went over to one wall where several faucets were installed. They were the new kind where you could pre-input the temperature of the water you wanted before turning the faucet on. It took about a half minute of playing with the controls before Isane figured it out.


“May I wash your back, Megami-sama?” Chizuru offered.


Isane nodded as she found a small blue stool and sat down on it while Chizuru filled a bucket with hot water. The platinum blonde waited while her little ‘pet’ filled the pale then upended it over her. The water had the perfect heat setting, for her at least. She hoped she hadn’t made it too hot since Chizuru ended up getting splashed too. The burgundy haired girl didn’t say anything, but she didn’t wince either, so she took that as a good sign.


From the edges of her vision, Isane saw Chizuru grab the bottle of body wash she brought with her and pop open the cap. Even from a few feet away she could smell the potent floral scent of the soap. Closing her gray eyes, Isane waited to feel Chizuru’s touch.


Unsurprisingly, she soon felt a heavy pair of tits pressing against her back, squishing and slipping against her skin as though covered in oil. Chizuru then moved her arms around her, grabbing her own gigantic breasts and squeezing them whilst smearing a thick layer of soap all over them.


“Nmmmmh…” Isane purred, enjoying the feel of the younger girl’s body rubbing against her own, all wet and slippery.


“Megami-samaaah…” Chizuru moaned softly into her ear before closing her lips around the edge of it. She didn’t use her teeth though, which somehow felt even more erotic as Chizuru cupped her hands under her giant tits and began lifting them up. She hefted them one after the other, as if trying to judge which one was heavier. Many times, the soap made her breast slip out of her grasp, forcing her to grab it all over again. Isane giggled and leaned back against her, enjoying the feel of her stiff nipples poking her back.


She then tilted her head back to rest on Chizuru’s shoulder and turned it to whisper in her ear, “Play with my pussy…” she breathed softly, making Chizuru shiver with delight. The girl’s right hand reluctantly let go of her breast and slipped down between her thick and creamy thighs. She felt her slender fingers gently caress the folds of her pussy, moving to fit the petals of her labia between them before slowly rubbing up and down. The soap made it all the more easier as Isane let out a gentle moan right into Chizuru’s ear.


“Ahhhh, that feels good…” she told her, “Mmmmmh, keep going… Nmmmmh, your fingers feel so good against my pussy…” she repeated, spreading her legs wider for Chizuru. The other girl giggled happily, moving to push two fingers inside of her as deep as they would go before dragging them back out.


Isane moaned again, offering no resistance when Chizuru turned her head so they were face to face. They kissed, and Isane welcomed the other girl’s tongue between her lips, lightly sucking it and loving the spongy texture and sweet flavor.


“Mmmmmmh… Mhegahmi-shamah… Mmmmmmh!!!” Chizuru moaned back into her mouth happily as she kissed Isane back, moving her fingers even harder as she rubbed her chest against her back more fervently.


Nmmmhmmhmmhmm…” Isane giggled, slowly humping her pussy against the girl’s fingers, making the plastic stool scrape lightly against the tiled floor. “Mmmmh, ahhh, yeah, push them in deeperrr… Ahhh…” Isane moaned as Chizuru continued working her fingers in and out of her pussy, the soap and her own juices making a lewd and wet SHLICK SHLICK SHLICK noise. Chizuru giggled, squeezing Isane’s breast harder as she moved her fingers faster, making the platinum haired woman squirm on top of the stool.




Both women jumped ever so slightly at the unexpected sound of someone dropping a plastic bucket on the floor loudly. Isane quickly turned in the direction of the noise, her hand instinctively dropping to the quick release point on her Gigai. It was something Retsu had shown her after teaching her how to dramatically augment parts of herself. The new Gigai model had a quick release point on the belly button that could only be triggered by the user. It was made for instances where there was no time to use a soul candy pill.


She wasn’t exactly worried about herself, but she did suddenly detect a strong-ish Reiatsu and she feared for Chizuru. That worry rapidly evaporated though as she recognized the Reiatsu quickly enough. Sure enough, when her eyes fell on the source of the noise, she relaxed.


“Uh, um, hi, Captain Kotetsu…” said Hanataro Yamada as he squatted nervously on a stool much like the one Isane was on. He was mostly covered in soap, with only a few dark brown spots on his skin. From the look of it, he’d been here since before she and Chizuru arrived. That neither of them even noticed him spoke volumes about how unremarkable he generally was. In fact, Isane was sure that if he had better general combat ability, then Squad 2 would be after him for the stealth force. But Isane knew even if that were the case, Hanataro wouldn’t really be interested. He was a gentle soul who didn’t like fighting and preferred to help heal others.


The source of the noise was the wash bucket he had with him, it had been suddenly knocked over by one of the biggest dicks Isane had seen since coming here!!! It wasn’t even all the way hard yet and already it was nearly as long as he was tall! Almost like how Ichigo’s Zanpakuto reflected his raw power.


“Well, no wonder you’re always slouching.” Isane said with a smile.


Hanataro’s cheeks turned a bright pink as he tried in vain to hide the gigantic and still growing erection. Isane figured he’d been watching since the two of them came in, and when Chizuru began getting playful, it had to have turned him on. She asked what he was doing here and Hanataro explained that he’d been asked by Captain Commander Shunsui to deliver something to Retsu for him. He was given a briefing about Captain Unohana still being alive, and then immediately sworn to secrecy about it. Hanataro wasn’t the most witty member of Squad 4, but he was loyal, and knew how to keep things compartmentalized when needed. Besides, the primary reason for the secret was to keep Captain Zaraki from running over to the living world to constantly challenge Retsu to a fight. Nothing more than that, really.


When Hanataro emerged through the gate, he’d been a little high off the ground and had fallen directly into a large compost heap by the garden of the building. Retsu had found him there and sent him off to the bath to get cleaned up.


“…And that’s when you and that girl there came in.” he finished explaining.


“Well fine then, you can finish washing up and get lost! Megami-sama and I are busy!” Chizuru said rudely while glaring at Hanataro hard enough to make him flinch.


“Be nice, Chizuru. Hanataro is one of my subordinates in Squad 4.” Isane said, making a late round of introductions.


Hanataro smiled and said hello to Chizuru, to which the burgundy haired young woman simply turned her head away with a “Hmmph!”


“You’ll have to forgive her. She can be a little prickly with men, especially such well endowed ones.” Isane said, licking her lips as she stared openly at Hanataro’s gigantic dick. She could already feel her pussy twinging in want at the sight of the huge erection which was still growing!


“Ahehehe, um, sorry, I uh…” Hanataro said, still pathetically trying to hide his dick.


“Hmmmmn, you know, it’s not good for you to just leave it like that.” Isane said to him as she grabbed her own breast while walking closer to him, swaying her hips with every step. She felt her body jiggling in all the right spots. His reaction was as impressive as it was predictable as his cock shot up to a full erection that was as big as his entire body!


“Guess if there’s nothing for it, I’ll help you take care of that.” Isane said gently.


“Hold on, Megami-sama!” Chizuru said, popping up between her and Hanataro with her arms crossed in an X in front of her. Before Isane could berate her, the other girl moved with a speed that rivaled a Shunpo, buzzing around Hanataro like a hummingbird and scrubbing his body with the loofa he had been using to clean himself.


WAIT, SHOWDOWN, WAHHH, YOU’RE SCRUBBING TOO HARD!!! AHH, IT BURNS, IT BUUURNS!!!!” Hanataro wailed in pain as the two of them were suddenly enveloped in a cloud of soapy lather before Chizuru filled another bucket with water and upended it over him. The soap was quickly rinsed away, leaving him so clean his skin actually sparkled!


“I know I said dicks are dirty, but his was REALLY dirty!” Chizuru said as she stood next to Hanataro proudly, she then turned to look at him, “NOW, you may service Megami-sama, and be grateful she deems you even worthy!”


Hanataro still squatted on the stool, his skin slightly red from the vigorous scrub-down and his eyes spinning in their sockets. When the dizziness wore off, he shook his head and said, “Megami-sama?”


“Long story.” Isane said as she beckoned Hanataro to follow her after quickly rinsing herself off as well. She led him out to the main bath area. There was steam wafting up from the massive but shallow pool as she moved over to the edge of it and knelt down on all fours. Like the sidewalks in the area, the flooring wasn’t concrete exactly. It looked like it, but it was actually some kind of textured silicon material that had just enough yield to it to not chafe against the skin if one were to get down on their knees on it. Which Isane did, pushing her wide ass up in the air as she rested most of her weight on her huge tits.


Behind her, she heard Hanataro gulp lightly as Isane shook her ass from side to side, “Go ahead and do whatever you like.” she said to him with a smile.


“Uhh, Ca… Ca… Captain…?” Hanataro stammered.


“You heard her, Flower-boy!!!” Chizuru snapped at him, “You should be honored Megami-sama is willing to help you with that oversized meat stick!” she told him as she moved up behind him and shoved him forward. Hanataro stumbled forwards several steps, stopping only when he bumped into Isane’s big ass. His cock landed neatly between the wide buns of her butt as he grabbed her hips to help steady himself.


Isane smiled back at him, “That’s the spirit!” she said encouragingly. She could feel his cock throbbing between the cheeks of her ass as she looked back at him to see Hanataro sweating bullets.


“It’s alright, just do whatever you like. I’ll make sure to drain those balls dry!” she told him


“Ahhaah,” Hanataro stammered, gulping loudly, “It… It’s really alright?” he asked, and Isane nodded.


Chizuru then moved to stand beside her and gave her big ass a slap, “You’d better make Megami-sama cum, or else you’ll answer to me. Got it!?” she snarled at him.


“Ahhaaaah, ye… YES MA’AM!” Hanataro yelped nervously as he began sliding his gigantic dick back and forth between the cheeks of her ass. Isane purred at the feeling, it was so thick and hard, and she could actually feel the blood pumping through it. Her pussy twitched again as she rocked herself against his movements. Chizuru, ever the helpful little pet, grabbed a bottle of body oil from the toiletries they had brought and poured it over her ass and his dick, making everything suddenly turn all wet and slippery!


“Oooooh, that feels goooood…” Isane moaned, clenching her butt cheeks around Hanataro’s cock and twerking her ass to stroke his length faster. She loved the feel of it dragging against her ass and pussy as the body oil quickly began getting warmer, the excess running down over the folds of her pussy, making it tingle with the added heat.


“Ahhhhaah, Ca… Captaaaaain…” Hanataro moaned, with his voice sounding almost girlish as he began thrusting his hips harder.


“Nmmmmmh, yeah, don’t hold back, 3rd Seat Yamada! Push that giant fuck stick into meeee…!” Isane moaned, “Ahhh, I wanna feel it stretching my insides around it! My pussy, my ass, either one, just hurry uuuup…!!” she moaned.


“Ahh, hah, uh, ri… Right…!” Hanataro stammered, pulling his cock back until the tip was pressing against the spot between her asshole and pussy. When he thrusted forward again, the angle shoved his cock upwards and into her ass!


HWEEEEEEEEEGH!!!! MY ASS, AHHHH, MY ASSSSSSS!!!!! SO BIIIIIIIG, YOU’RE STRETCHING OUT MY ASSHOOOOOLE!!!” Isane screamed as she came instantly as she both felt and saw her stomach stretching up and out as his cock plunged into her guts.


“Waaaahaah, S… Sooorrryy…!!!” Hanataro moaned as he began pulling back.


DHON’T STOOOOP, AHHHH, YEAH, MY ASS, MY ASSSS, IT FEELS SO GOOOOOD!!!!” Isane moaned with him, rocking herself back against him, trying to force his cock in deeper.


“You heard Megami-sama, keep going!!!” Chizuru shouted at him as she looked at Isane with lust filled eyes. She grabbed at her own tits, pinching and tugging at the nipples as Hanataro got over the initial shock and began moving on his own again.


HMMMMMMMMH!!!! YEEEAAAH, THAT’S IT, SO THICK AND LOOONG, MY ASS, MY ASS IS SO FULLLLLL!!!! AHH, AHHH, AHHHH, CUMMING!!! YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM WITH THAT GIANT DICK UP MY ASSSSS!!!!” Isane screamed in pleasure as she rocked herself back into Hanataro’s thrusts.


“Haaahhnnn, Captain… It feels so good…” Hanataro moaned again, gripping her hips tightly as he swung his hips back and forth, his heavy balls slapping against Isane’s thighs wetly. At the same time, her stomach rose and fell in a perfect outline of his cock as it pushed up between her tits.


YESSSS, DON’T STOOOOP, MORE, MORE, FUCK ME MOOOORE, OH GO~D!!! I KEEP CUMMING AND CUMMING, IT WON’T STOOOOP…” Isane wailed in pleasure as her entire body felt alive with pleasure. Spots danced over her vision as she rocked herself against him harder, trying to make his dick reach into her deeper.


“Ahh, haah, ahnnn, I… I… I can’t stoooop…!!!” Hanataro moaned as he began slamming his cock into Isane’s ass even harder! A loud SLAP SLAP SLAP echoed in the air of the bathing area as Isane wailed in pleasure.




Behind the platinum haired woman, Hanataro’s eyes were swirls in his head as he moved almost on automatic before rolling back to turn completely white. In that same moment, he slammed his entire length inside her as his balls began rising and falling slightly. Isane let out a deep moan from the depths of her throat at the sudden massive feeling of fullness as she felt his cum flooding her stomach!


OOOOHHHAAAH, SO MUCH CUUUUUUM… IT’S FILLING ME UUUUUUP…!” Isane moaned. Her gray then eyes rolled back in her head as she felt Hanataro slipping back away from her, his cock pulling out of her with a loud wet sucking ‘pop’ sound.




The sound of the cum pouring back out of her gaping asshole was the only sound Isane could hear as her stomach rapidly emptied. Panting heavily as she recovered, it was a full five minutes before Isane felt strong enough to move again. She got up on her knees and looked over at Chizuru who was standing in front of her.


“You’re glorious…” the burgundy haired girl gasped. Isane smiled and beckoned her over, pulling her into a deep kiss again.


“Nmmmmmh, Mhegami-shamah…” Chizuru cooed back into her mouth.


“Mmmh…” Isane purred back, holding the kiss for a full minute before breaking away. She then turned to look back at Hanataro, “Not bad, though I could…” She stopped short.


“Megami-sama, where’d the mummy come from?” Chizuru asked as she looked down at the same shriveled husk that Isane was looking at. It looked like a mummified corpse, with sunken eyes and the lips peeling away from the teeth.


“Ahh, ah…” the mummy gasped, twitching lightly.


“I think that’s Hanataro.” Isane said.


“Will he be okay?” Chizuru asked, “I hate men, but I don’t want to see them die and all…”


Standing up, Isane lifted the now mummified Hanataro up and tossed him into the bath, “He’ll be fine, he’s just a little dehydrated.” she said with a smile, “Come on, let’s go finish washing up.” she said, heading back into the washing area with Chizuru in hand.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Ichigo Kurosaki
1 year ago

more Hanataro x Isane x Chizuru

Toshiro x Harribel

1 year ago

If you had to do an official listing of cock size for all the males in this series what would it look like?(Including Kazui and post wedding gift Ichigo)

Last edited 1 year ago by Whitis
1 year ago

TITS! I mean uh-

1 year ago
Reply to  Xcelsior


1 year ago

This was a fun one. Good to see Hanataro have some attention.

Too bad he ended up mummified for his trouble. But then again, getting it on with Isane can do that. 😂

That, and Chizuru is as prickly as ever it seems. 😆

Still, nicely done here.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

hehehe, Yeah, Chizuru is 790 from Lexx, loyal to Isane, but almost savage to everyone else with a penis.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

While I do love this couple (Isane and Chizuru) and the sexy time it provides us with, I’m also looking forward to see some more stuff (new or old) with the other characters. That being said, the scene where Chizuru rubbed her “Megami-sama’s” back with her own tits was incredibly hot, making me wish that was the actual artwork. Their interactions are a lot of fun and only got better once Hanataro got involved. I like the part where Chizuru thoroughly cleaned him before Isane got a chance to get down on him. Their sex, while short and not as detailed as some other sex scenes we’ve seen before, was incredible and I like how Hanataro was basically left behind as a mummy while Isane and Chizuru go back to have some fun on their own.

I really like the dynamic of this couple. Keep it up, man.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Yeah, I wanted Hanataro to go through the usual gag of being treated like shit, hence him landing in a compost heap and such. His mummification was due to his lack of stamina and control. I doubt he’s been laid much, he shot out all his fluids in one go. He’ll get better in time though.

1 year ago

Hahahaha, that’s terrific. I almost wish we’d been able to see that shot of Chizuru using her boobs to scrub Isane now. But the bit about her vigorously cleaning Hanataro off before he fucked Isane got me laughing. And of course the pic, excellent. Glad to see Hanataro get some huge cock loving again. Felt like he was the OG target for these shenanigans before Yushiro showed up.

1 year ago
Reply to  BioYuGi

Yeah, he also got milked so dry, he mummified. 😀