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Double Dick for Directions

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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Beginning (Part 0): [LINK]
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Just outside the borders of the Busteez Nudist Beach and Colony, a single car was parked in a long term lot meant for visitors. It was a rental vehicle, with nothing all that special to note about it, other than it seemed to be moving on its own! Thankfully, no one was around to see it, so Kon wasn’t worried about being seen.


COME, OOOOOON!!!! EEEAAAGH!!!!” yelped the mod soul inside the tiny stuffed lion plushie as he tugged on the door locking pin with his tiny stuffed claw fingers. Normally, it was a simple task, but stuffed animal cloth triangle claws lacked the dexterity to properly grip the pin. He had been trying to get loose for an hour now, and so far all he’d managed was to toss himself around the inside of the car when he lost his grip and fell back from the door.


“Why couldn’t Orihime get a newer car!?” he yelled to himself, “One of those ones where you can unlock all the doors from the inside by just pushing a button…” He stood in the driver’s seat of the car, pacing back and forth as he thought of what he might be able to do to get out of here. He had a special instant gigai Urahara had given him, but he was warned to deploy it over the sand, as it put out a lot of heat when forming. If he tried to deploy it here, it would most definitely damage the car, possibly even blow it up! His gikongai pill body would probably survive such a blast, but he didn’t wanna risk it, being stuck as a little green pill the size of a BB was NOT the reason he’d come along.


“Ugh, this is so annoying. There’s an Eden of naked beautiful women just over the hill, and I’m stuck here in this stupid car!!!” Kon yelled, “All because these stupid lin paws can’t grip a tiny little pin hard enough to pull it up!” he said while looking at his hands. “I mean, it’s not like I can just pull on the handle and the door will unlo…” Kon said as he grabbed at the door handle and pulled, causing the pin to automatically pop up, unlocking the door.


Waaaah, now I look so stupid!’ he thought to himself as he pushed open the door and stepped out into some hot, but fresh air!


“Just wait a little longer ladies! Kon is coming at’cha soon!” Kon said as he pulled out the small device currently kept inside the pouch that his plushie body now had. It looked like one of those fancy cigarette lighters, the kind that didn’t produce a flame, but instead heated up a small coil inside until you could burn things with it. Kon ran over to the beach, remembering Urahara said to deploy the gigai on the sand.


Once there, he tapped the button and…




A pillar of fire that looked like it might be as tall as a skyscraper shot up into the air for several seconds! Inside the pillar, Kon screamed as he felt his plush body burning.


NOOOO, I DON’T WANNA DIIIIE!!! KISUKE I’LL HAUNT YOUUUUU!!!” Kon shouted as the flames vanished quickly and Kon looked down at his now human hands.


“Aha! HAHAHAHA!!!!” he laughed triumphantly to the sky. His new human body was a gigai replica of the last body he’d inhabited, meaning Ichigo’s. Kon stood naked inside a small glass crater, and when he looked down he saw two disturbing things.


First was his plush body, mildly singed at the edges by the massive fire pillar. No real harm there, he’d suffered far worse in his time.


The second, made him curse Kisuke all over again! “Urahara, you ass!!! You said this would be a perfect replica of Ichigo’s body, so why is my dick so small!?!?!?!”


Kon had been inside Ichigo’s body hundreds of times, he knew it inside and out, and Ichigo’s penis was a LOT bigger than this copy’s! Like a LOT bigger! This one he now had couldn’t have been any thicker than his wrist, and was by his best guess, only as long as his forearm. By most human standards, that was still almost inhumanly big, but he knew Ichigo’s was even bigger! It was then that Urahara’s words echoed back to him.


The gigai only has so much material to expand into, so while the outer appearance should be close to Ichigo’s, it might be a few inches shorter or so.


So that’s what he meant. At the time, Kon thought he simply meant a few inches shorter from head to toe, not from balls to glans!


“Dammit, this sucks!” Kon groaned, rubbing at his now orange hair. He then stopped after a moment, “Hang on, this only means Orihime won’t be on the menu… I didn’t come here for her anyway. This is still really big by most human standards, so I won’t have any trouble at all!” he said to himself as he began running towards the hill.


“Hang on ladies, Kon will be there soon!!!!” he yelled.


The orange haired man then took off running, quickly passing a sign that read:


[NO VISITORS UNDER 18 (Exception for Colony Residents)]


“Onee-chaAAAAAAN!!” a voice called, gradually growing louder as the source grew closer.


GHOOOOOOPH!!!!” Kon grunted as someone slammed into him from behind, sending him tumbling end over end through the sand until he wound up with his head buried in a small dune like an ostrich. He struggled to pull his head free and gasped for breath once he managed it, spitting out a mouthful of sand.


“Hey!” he shouted at the person who’d ran into him. He hadn’t fared any better, with his face in the sand and his ass up in the air. He had dark skin, the color of hot chocolate and a very slender, borderline feminine build. But the huge dick hanging down between his legs left no question about his gender. ‘Guess I know where all his testosterone went,’ Kon thought bitterly as he moved over to help the guy up.


“Can you watch where you’re going!?” Kon snapped at him once he was on his feet. He looked barely out of his teens, and hard dark purple, nearly black hair, and bright yellow eyes. Something about him was very familiar, but Kon couldn’t place it.


“Sorry…” the dark skinned youth apologized as he brushed the sand out of his face and blinked several times, likely having gotten some in his eyes. “Didn’t see you…” he said before looking up at him.


“Huh, Ichigo?” he asked, recognition clear on his face. He then moved to try and grab Kon by the clothes he didn’t have on and settled for grabbing him by the shoulder, “Where’s my big sister!?!?” he shouted.



“So you’re one of those Mod Souls?” Yushiro asked Kon as they walked along the beach together. “I heard about them, but I never met one before. Never sat well with me what the powers that be did to them.”


“Thanks for that,” Kon said, happy that not everyone in the Soul Society just blindly accepted the judgements of the ruling body. It took Kon almost five minutes to convince Yushiro that he wasn’t Ichigo before introductions were exchanged. At least now, Kon knew why he looked so familiar, he was Yoruichi’s little brother. The family resemblance was uncanny.


The two of them continued following the shoreline for several minutes and had already passed three couples either making out or outright fucking The girls unfortunately all seemed way into the men they were already with, so Kon didn’t even bother trying to talk with them. Yushiro explained that he had found out his sister was coming here to see someone and had managed to grab himself a gigai to come to the living world to see her.


Kon wasn’t entirely aware of the politics in the Soul Society right now, but he had thought that the banishments of both Urahara and Yoruichi had been lifted! It was just the two actively chose to remain in their quasi-exile. Not unlike how that Kukaku woman, who turned out to be Ichigo’s aunt, chose to live outside the Seireitei. She had come to see his father for a rather noisy week after Ichigo let slip who his father was to his acquaintance Ganju.


They were coming up on a series of condo apartment buildings as they neared the residential area. Kon knew they were Condo Apartments since there was a large sign advertising them as such. The only thing that required a monthly bill was a maintenance worker for whatever issues might come up that the unit owner didn’t want to deal with.


Not a bad deal really, though Kon guessed that owning such a unit was crazy overpriced. ‘Then again…’ he thought to himself as he spotted a beautiful pair of women walking around the outside of one of the buildings. Both of them were completely naked, and deliciously ALONE!


One girl, Kon recognized instantly once he got closer, it was one of Ichigo and Orihime’s former classmates when they were in high school. Chizuru something-or-other. The woman with her Kon didn’t recognize, but he could feel from her reiatsu that she was a Shinigami.


“Oh, there’s Captain Kotetsu, she’ll know where my sister is!” Yushiro said as he took off running, “CAPTAAAAIN!!!!” he called out while waving his right hand high in the air.


The platinum haired woman turned and Kon felt his jaw drop as he got a better view of her. To say she was beautiful was a massive understatement! Her breasts, ass, hips, and thighs were all perfect, so big and soft looking, Kon just wanted to bury his face in her lap and stay there.


Recognition dawned on the platinum beauty’s face, followed immediately by a slight blush. For a moment, Kon saw her trying to cover her perfect nipples and crotch with her hands, but she stopped just as quickly as she began. Yushiro continued to run over, and just when he was a few paces away, Chizuru jumped in front of the other woman with an almost feral look on her face.


“Stay away from Megami-sama, you dirty mutt!! Hrrrrrr!!!!” she snapped at him, growling like a dog.


Yushiro stopped dead in his tracks and actually backed up a step, looking pale when faced with the fierceness of Chizuru. ‘Is she actually foaming at the mouth…?’ Kon thought as he ran over to catch up.


“Down, Chizuru,” said the platinum haired woman, patting the top of Chizuru’s head gently. Her reaction was immediate as she shifted from looking like a rabid dog to a loyal puppy wagging its tail.


“Yes, Megami-sama!” Chizuru said.


“You’re Yushiro, right? The head of the Shihoin Clan?” she asked. When she looked over to Kon, her face switched to one of confusion, “You’re not Ichigo.” she said plainly.


Kon rubbed at the back of his head, “Yeah, uh, that’s a bit complicated…” he began.


“He’s a mod soul in a gigai. Listen, Captain, have you seen my big sister here?” Yushiro interrupted.


“Just Isane is fine,” Isane said, then looked back at Kon, “Oh right, I think I heard Renji talking about you in passing once. Gon, was it?” she asked.


“Kon, actually.” Kon said.


“Pleasure to meet you.” said Isane with a gentle smile that made Kon finally understand why Chizuru was calling her a goddess.


ENOUGH ALREADY!” Chizuru and Yushiro shouted together as they sprung up between Kon and Isane.


“Megami-sama, let’s go. You don’t need to hang around these dirty apes.” said Chizuru, clasping her hands in front of herself as she looked up at Isane with pleading eyes.


“I just wanna know if you’ve seen my big sis!” said Yushiro.


Isane sighed and patted Chizuru on the head lightly, making the burgundy haired girl seem to melt like ice cream in the sun. She then turned to look at Yushiro and Kon.


“I could tell you, but do you think you could do something for me first?” she asked, her voice lowering to a slightly husky tone as she slowly licked her lips. The look in her eyes reminded Kon of a hungry predator that had just cornered its prey.


“Uh, what do you need?” Yushiro asked nervously.


“Nmmmmmmh, nothing much, just a long, hard, thick, dick!” Isane purred as she leaned in close to Yushiro, moving her left hand down to run along the length of his dick which hung down past his knee in its soft state. “If you boys can satisfy me, I’ll tell you where Yoruichi is hanging out.”


“Me… Megami-samaaaa…” whined Chizuru.


“Don’t worry, I’m not leaving you Chizuru, but you did know I love big, fat, hard cocks!” Isane said with a giggle before turning to look back at Kon and Yushiro as she licked her lips slowly.


“I’m in!” Kon said excitedly, feeling his dick shoot to a full erection in the space of two heart beats. Isane turned to him, her eyes instantly drawn down below his waist and he saw her lick her lips again, then wipe at her chin with the back of her wrist. The platinum haired woman then quickly got down in a squatting position, grabbing Kon’s dick in one hand and slowly stroking its length.


“Oooooh…” Kon groaned, amazed by just how GOOD her soft hand felt on his dick as she lovingly stroked it up and down. When he looked down at Isane, he felt his dick jounce in her grip slightly at the look of open lust on her face as she stared at his dick with her mouth open and breathing heavily.


“Ahhhh, I… I can’t wait anymore!” she moaned, opening her mouth wider and sliding his cock down her throat in one swift and smooth motion!




Ooooh, yeeeaaaah!!! This is what I wanted! A beautiful woman is sucking my dick, and doing it so well!!!’ Kon thought to himself as he looked down at Isane, loving the beautifully lewd look on her face as she bobbed her head back and forth on his cock. Her slender neck bulged from the thickness of his cock as she easily took it all the way to the base. It was clear this wasn’t something new for the platinum haired beauty as she let out more sloppy wet moans as she worked to thoroughly coat his dick with her spit.


“Ahhhhn, Even while sucking dick, Megami-sama is so beautiful!” said Chizuru as she stood off to one side, one hand on her own breast with the other between her legs. “Hey, you! Be grateful my goddess sees you worthy of having her divine mouth on that dirty dick!”


“Oh, I am, believe me, I am!!!” Kon said, then leaned back and groaned in pleasure, “Nmmmmh, keep going Isane-san, that feels so great! Your mouth is so warm and wet, ahhh…!!!” he gasped as Isane began moving her head back and forth even faster!


AHHMMMPH GUG, NMMMMPH GUH, HRMMMMMPH, AHHH, GYESH, PHEELSH SHO GUUD IN MUH MOUPH, AHHHMMMMPH MMMMPH MMMMPH!!! WUV DISH… WUV DISH PHEELINGH!!!” gagged Isane as she moved to grab Kon’s cock with both hands, gripping it tight as she facefucked herself on his cock. “AGUH GUH, GUH, GUG, GURK, GUH, GWEH…!!! AGUMMMMMMMPH!!!” she gagged again and again.


Kon took the hint, grabbing Isane by her messy platinum blonde hair and pumping his hips, shoving his long meat stick in and out of her throat. Isane’s reaction was instant as she let out a long strangling moan that made her throat vibrate around his dick. Her pussy let out a hot spray of clear juices as her gray eyes rolled back in their sockets.




Kon had no idea what she was talking about, hell he barely understood a word at all, but right now he didn’t even care, a beautiful woman was polishing his knob, and he was loving it!!! He gripped her hair tighter, slamming his cock in and out of her mouth harder and listening as she gagged and moaned in approval.


GYESH, GYESH GYESH, MUH FASHE ISH A PUSSHY, PHUCK ID!!! PHUCK ID!!! GUH GUG GUH GUG GUG GUG GURK GWEK UBOOH HUUUGH GUG…!” Isane gagged again and again as Kon felt a blissful pressure building in his nuts as he pressed them up against her chin with every thrust.


“Ahhh, yes, do it you filthy ape! Make my Megami-sama cum more! Ahhh, she looks so beautiful!!!” Chizuru moaned from where she stood. Her fingers were rubbing at her pussy in quick circles centered on her clit.


“Ohhh, yeeeah, ahhh, feels so good!!” groaned Kon as he pumped Isane’s mouth back and forth.


Next to them, Yushiro began to slowly sidestep away, but before he could get very far, Isane made a cross-like gesture with one hand. Suddenly, the dark skinned young man’s arms seemed to pull themselves behind his back as though invisible ropes had suddenly bound him.


DAT CAWK ISHN’T GUUING ANYWHERE…!” Isane gagged around Kon’s cock as she suddenly pulled herself free. She didn’t even cough as she licked her lips again, slowly and erotically tracing her fingertips from her lips then down between her huge breasts.


“Mwaah, I said you boys, meaning both of you!” she said clearly now that her throat wasn’t obstructed.


“Well, I uh…” Yushiro said as he struggled to break the Kido spell Isane had used to bind him.


“Yushiro, come over here…” Isane said, and though she was smiling, Kon felt a frightening pressure behind that smile that made it clear there was ZERO room to argue. She then undid the Kido spell and Yushiro stumbled forward. Kon’s brown eyes went wide at the sight of the youth’s HUGE dick that stood out from between his legs. He’d been so focused on Isane that he hadn’t even seen how big she’d made him get with her lustful behavior. He was easily on par with Ichigo’s real body, maybe even bigger!


“You, down on the ground!” Isane ordered Kon.


Kon didn’t try to argue, he didn’t want to have that terrifying smile aimed at himself as he laid back on the concrete sidewalk. To his surprise, the surface was rather smooth, it didn’t feel like concrete really, it more felt like some kind of hard rubber material, and the only grit was from some sand tracked in from the beach. Once he was on his back, Isane squatted over him, sliding her pussy down onto his cock quickly.


Sweet, tight, soft, wet warmth enveloped Kon’s dick as Isane took him in. She let out a low erotic moan as she squatted over him like a frog, his cock spreading the lips of her pussy wide as he felt the entrace to her womb with the tip of his dick!


“Haaaaaah, yessssss, this feeling, so goooood…” Isane moaned from deep in her throat before she held up Yushiro’s dick with both her hands, unable to even come close to closing them around his girth with them.


“Time to eat!” she moaned before opening her mouth even wider than before, pushing his cock down into her stomach. Kon watched her throat bulge impossibly thick from Yushiro’s thick meaty dick as it moved through her throat.




“Ahhhh… Cap… Captain-saaan…” Yushiro groaned as Isane easily moved her head back and forth, slurping loudly on his cock as she bounced herself up and down on Kon’s dick. The orange haired Modsoul groaned as he felt Isane’s pussy squeezing and pulling on his cock. He quickly began moving his hips with her, thrusting up into her pussy with a lewd squishing noise.


AAAAGUUUUHHHH, YESH, YEEESSSSH, SHO GUUD, PHEELSH SHO GUUD!!! CUMMING, AYE’M CUMMING SHO MUUUUUSH!!!” Isane howled around Yushiro’s cock as both of them continued thrusting their hips, plunging their thick cocks into Isane again and again.


Kon grunted and groaned as he moved his hips with her, loving the feel and sight of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Her puffy pink labia clung tightly to his shaft every time he pulled out, almost like it didn’t want him to leave!


NMMMMPH, HMMMMPH, AGUUHHMMMMPH… PWAH, NOW, SHOVE THIS FAT DICK UP MY ASS!” Isane gasped and yelled, pulling her mouth off of Yushiro’s cock suddenly and leaning her body forward, burying Kon’s face in her huge tits. He reached his hands up to press those big soft knockers all over his head, turning it from side to side between them as he felt something hard and thick pushing into Isane from above.


AHHHHHH, YES, MY ASS, AHHH, MY ASS IS GETTING SPREAD SO WIIIIIDE!!! DON’T STOP, POUND THOSE HUGE DICKS INTO ME MORE AND MORE!!! AHHH, COCK HOARDING IS THE BEEEEEST!!!!” Isane panted and moaned as she suddenly began bouncing between the two of them.




Groaning, Kon continued pumping his cock into Isane with Yushiro as the three of them rolled over onto their sides. He and Yushiro then moved up onto their knees, still pounding their cocks into Isane’s ass and cunt. He glanced over to Chizuru as she continued masturbating as she watched them, or rather, Isane. She sucked at her own breast as she pushed three fingers in and out of herself. Her thighs and legs glistened with a steady stream of juices as she moaned around her own nipple!


“Ahhhhnnn, Ca… Captaaaain… Gonna cum… I’m gonna cummmm!!” Yushiro groaned.


“Me too, ahh, your pussy is so tiiiight!!!” groaned Kon.




Kon and Yushiro both groaned loudly, plunging their cocks into Isane hard as they both came together.




The three of them all moaned as one as Kon felt himself getting dizzy for a moment before he and Yushiro fell on top of Isane in a tangled mass of limbs. He wasn’t sure what all happened next, but when he came to fully, Kon found himself lying on a bench near where they had found Isane and Chizuru. Yushiro was gone, and Isane stood a few paces away with Chizuru kneeling down on all fours in front of her, her face buried between the tall woman’s thighs.


“Ahhhhmmmmmm… Yeah, suck it all out Chizuru, that’s a good girl…” Isane purred as she lightly patted the other girl’s head. When she saw Kon sitting up she said, “Yushiro went to go and pester his sister. You can come with us if you want. I was about to take Chizuru for a bath.”


Kon was tempted, but the glaring look Chizuru gave him made him think twice. “Uh, thanks, but maybe another time. You said Ichigo and Orihime would be here later?” he asked, referring to the information exchanged when everyone was making introductions.


“So I heard, you want Captain Unohana’s address?” Isane asked.


“Uh, nah, I’m not exactly supposed to be here anyway, I wanna save the chewing out until after I get home, ‘kay thanks, bye!” Kon shouted before using his mod soul legs to jump several stories away from the pair. He landed on the roof of a nearby building and took off running.


“Man, if girls from the Soul Society are like that here, I can’t wait to meet the local cuties! Hold on girls, Kon is coming at’cha!!!”

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Ichigo Kurosaki
1 year ago

Excellent history next Ichigo x Isane
Toshiro x Harribel or Nell
Ichigo x Nell

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

Nice way to explain Ichigo’s “smaller” size by saying that it’s Kon. I found him quite funny in this chapter as he meshed quite well with the other people. Yushiro I found to be a little bit aggressive at times but still really funny, especially when it came to him not in the mood for sex with Isane. That scene alone made it quite clear that Isane learned a decent amount from her Captain since she managed to convince him otherwise rather easily. The sex itself was incredibly hot and I like how Chizuru watched while playing with herself. Reminds me a lot of how Sui-Feng masturbated to the sight of Yoruichi getting plowed by Byakuya and Hitsugaya a few chapters ago.

Great story as always.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Yeah, it’s clear to me Isane was in love with Retsu, and it just made sense she’d pick up that trick of hers with that intimidating smile.

1 year ago

The sign said kids born in the colony are allowed to stay does that mean ichigo son is going to be born in the colony

1 year ago
Reply to  Jorge

Colony Residents, as long as you live there, it’s fine. The rule is to protect those who weren’t brought up in this environment.

1 year ago

I hope we see yushiro with isane more, chizuri included.

1 year ago
Reply to  Matthew

Chizuru, Definitely, even if she’s not in the images.

1 year ago

Now this was more fun than I thought it would be. 😀

We not only had some more Isane and Chizuru action, we actually had Kon and Yushiro pop up too! I thought it was handled really well. More so at the very beginning of it with Kon trying to get out of the rental car just outside of the resort. 🤣

Not to mention the guys getting familiar with each other soon after bumping into each other. That was a good segway.

Plus the sex itself was very nicely designed too. As well as the bit at the end of the chapter, which was pretty funny. Haha.

Overall, very nice work here. Looking forward to seeing what happens next. 👍

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Yeah, figuring out who knew who was a pain. Enzo helped out a lot there, so thanks to him for that. I knew Kon was there during some of the TYBW arc where they were in the palace, BUT, I didn’t remember if he met Yushiro or not when he popped up. I’ll freely admit, I stopped reading Bleach a little ways into the arc after they got to the palace because it got boring. The protagonists would reach new heights of power to bring down the bad guy after epic fights, only for him to get back up and ready to go again like nothing happened. It got really boring. Like every fight was a final boss in a FF game who had to be put down several times.

Chizuru I wanted to have as Isane’s loyal pet, this’ll be a vague reference as I don’t know if people remember it or not, but I’m writing her kind of like 790 from Lexx, or Tales from a Parallel Universe as it was called on Showtime. The Robot Head that was madly, insanely in love with Zev, and pretty feral to anyone who got near her, however, he did do as told by her.

I had to make it Kon in the story for a couple reasons,
A: Ichigo is currently elsewhere in the story.
B: Explain why his dick is suddenly smaller.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Very impressive. That was that went into it.

Still, nicely done. 😎

1 year ago

Patreon really likes Isane. You guys noticed that?

1 year ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

I like Isane

1 year ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

I like her too.

1 year ago
Reply to  Rtenzo