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Playing with the Pervert

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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“Haaaah, this is bliss…” cooed Chizuru as she laid her head in Isane’s lap. “Your thighs are so smooth and cool, and they smell so nice…!” In response, her goddess began slowly stroking her hair, not unlike how one would pet a cat that was taking a nap in their lap. Her touch felt so good, Chizuru actually purred as she nuzzled her face against her goddess’s creamy smooth thighs.


They were currently sitting inside a small shopping mall inside the main colony area. It was like any other mall Chizuru had ever visited, only its focus was a lot heavier on the adult themed stores. Her goddess’s friend, Yoruichi, the woman with the yellow eyes like a cat, had taken the two men with her along with her goddess’s little sister and headed off on their own. The white haired guy, someone named Toshiro, said they were gonna meet up with someone named Momo, who hadn’t been with them earlier. The woman who Chizuru had mistaken for her goddess’s mother was currently chatting with the owner of the store they were in.


Oddly enough, it was a clothing store. Something she’d seen a few of since arriving here. She found it strange that a place that encouraged people to walk around naked had so many places that sold clothes.


Although, when she looked closer, more than half of the clothes sold were some kind of fetish wear. In the end, Chizuru didn’t really care. She would wear anything her goddess asked, or go naked, no matter where they were!


“Nmmmmmmh!!!” Chizuru purred as her goddess Isane rubbed her hand over her head and down her back slowly. She stopped just above her butt for only a second, before giving her rear a gentle pat. The Goddess Isane gave a gentle giggle before gently grabbing Chizuru’s ass and squeezing softly. The burgundy haired girl gave an erotic moan, pushing her butt up into her goddess’s hand as she began caressing her ass playfully.


“Nyah!” Chizuru mewled, and smiled happily when Isane giggled, then ever so slowly slid her fingers between the well toned cheeks of Chizuru’s butt, then down between her legs, probing at her pussy. Chizuru moaned again, keeping her butt high in the air as she nuzzled Isane’s thighs some more. ‘Ahhn, my pussy! My Goddess is playing with my pussy!!!’ she thought happily as she felt Isane slip two fingers inside her before she began turning them from side to side like a key.


“Hmhmm… So cute…” Isane praised her as she used her other hand to trace the edge of her ear with her finger. Chizuru felt her entire body tingling at her goddesses touch as the rest of the world seemed to just fade away. All Chizuru knew was the sweet bread like smell of her goddesses body and the gentle sensation of her touch as she began dipping her fingers back and forth with a soft and wet squish squish squish noise as Chizuru’s juices flowed freely.


“Lay on your back,” her goddess instructed, “You can suck on my nipple again if you want.”


In a nearly imperceptible motion, Chizuru switched to lay on her back, with her head still resting in the platinum haired goddess’s lap, but now facing upwards. Her view was, Chizuru didn’t want to say blocked, but she couldn’t see her face. Instead all she could see was her gigantic heavenly breasts! With a happy moan, Chizuru grabbed hold of her goddess’s right tit, pulling the nipple to her lips and into her mouth.


“Ahhmmmmmmh…” Chizuru moaned, taking the entire thing, areola and all, between her lips. She slowly swirled her tongue around the already stiff numb, making it stiffen further. She then moaned around her nipple as Isane pushed the fingers of her left hand between Chizuru’s legs again, stroking her pussy from a better angle!


“There we go…” Isane said, giggling softly as she began stroking Chizuru’s pussy gently, then dipping her middle and ring fingers inside just as gently. Chizuru spread her legs wider for her goddess, letting her right leg hang off the edge of the bench they were on as she focused entirely on suckling the glorious tit in her mouth!


Ahhh, is this heaven!?’ she thought to herself. “Mmmmmmh… Megami-shamah…” she moaned, opening her gray eyes to look up at Isane, her position now allowing her to see the goddess’s beautiful face. Isane looked back at her, moving a hand to cradle Chizuru’s head against her breast. Chizuru couldn’t help but close her eyes as she continued sucking on her nipple. She just felt so relaxed and aroused at the same time!


Yes,’ she concluded mentally, ‘I’m in heaven. I must have died somehow after getting here! Please don’t mourn me Hime-san, I’m in a better place now!’ she thought before moaning loudly around Isane’s nipple as the platinum haired goddess pushed her fingers in deep!


NMMMMMMMH!!!!” Chizuru moaned, trying hard not to bite her goddess as her pussy let out a hot spray of juices.


Isane smiled at her as Chizuru relinquished the nipple in her mouth to lay back on Isane’s lap, panting softly.


“Did you like that?” she asked, continuing to dip her fingers in and out of her with a wet squishing sound.


“I worship you, Megami-sama…” Chizuru gasped softly. Then moaned as her hips bucked up against Isane’s fingers, urging them in deeper.


Isane blushed slightly, “You don’t have to call me that, you know. It’s kind of embarrassing…”


“Why should it be? Technically, you are one.” said the voice of the woman her goddess looked up to, Retsu Unohana. The woman came back over to them from speaking with the store owner behind the counter. Chizuru could understand why her goddess looked up to this woman. Somehow, she had all the poise and dignity of a Queen, even when standing completely naked but for a pair of flip flops on her feet. Chizuru had tried calling her ‘My Queen’ once, but Retsu asked her not to, and something about her smile told her to obey or face something frightening!


“Cap… I mean, Retsu…!” Isane said.


“You know what we are, right Ms. Honsho?” Retsu asked as Isane began rubbing at the inside of Chizuru’s pussy. Her goddess then spread her fingers wide inside her, sending lightning bolts of pleasure through her.


“Orihime and Ichigo told me about the Shinigami and everything after all that craziness in high school.” Chizuru said as she sat up slightly, “Since you know Orihime, and she said we were going to meet up with some of them, I’m guessing you’re all some of those Shinigami?”


It was true, Orihime and Ichigo came to talk to her after her encounter with that insanely scary guy when Karakura went strangely empty. Then there were those monsters she fought with the Karakura-Raizer team. A lot of crazy stuff that threatened her sanity as it all compounded. When Ichigo and Orihime explained everything to her, she felt better, even if she didn’t entirely comprehend all of it. Especially how they explained the After Life, though she did admit, it was a relief those mean people at the Church in her town were entirely wrong. Though Chizuru wasn’t petty enough to rub it in their faces, not that they’d believe her if she tried.


“Gold star,” said Retsu, “Though to be completely honest, I’m retired, and Isane and her friends are visiting me.”


“Huh… Then, you’re gonna go away Megami-sama…?” Chizuru asked, feeling her throat tighten as tears began welling up in the corners of her eyes. She couldn’t stand the idea of being parted from her goddess, not so soon after finding her!


“Well, I…” Isane began and Chizuru felt a tear trickle down her cheek.


“Oh, I think something can be arranged.” Retsu said, “You’re due for some serious leave, aren’t you Isane?”


“Retsu…?” Isane said and Chizuru looked up at the dark haired woman.


“Shinigami look at time on a far different scale than humans. Someone of Isane’s rank can take some extended leave of several years or even a few decades without much issue. Worst case scenario, she might have to go back to the Soul Society once or twice a month for about a weekend’s worth of time.” explained Retsu.


“But Retsu, I have so many respon…” Isane began, but Retsu held up a hand.


“Responsibilities that can be delegated to your sister and even those under her. We are in a tentative truce with Hueco Mundo for the time being, so incidents requiring a Captain’s level of power are incredibly few and far between. Also, should you be needed, it’s as simple as a phone call to get you there.” Retsu said, “So you can stay here for a while. I’ll talk to Shunsui, but I don’t foresee any real trouble.”


“Yay!!!! Please Megami-sama, let me stay with youuuu!!!!” Chizuru pleaded, wrapping her arms around her goddess’s shoulders, hugging her tightly.


“Humans live what, an average of eighty some odd years, weighed against the centuries ahead of you Isane, sixty or seventy years is less than a blink.” Retsu told her, “Plenty of time to properly train your new pet!”


“Yes, please, train me more!!!” Chizuru begged and moaned as Isane found her g-spot and began rubbing it directly. The burgundy haired girl’s eyes crossed and rolled back in her head as she let out a long blissful moan, “Ahhhhh, cumminnnnggggh…” she whimpered in pleasure.



“Megami-sama, what do you think!?” Chizuru asked with a smile as she grabbed her own big tits and squished them together while pushing them up. The top she’d put on barely contained the huge mounds, making them look even bigger. The words ‘OPPAI OJOU‘ were printed in bold lettering across her tits beneath the image of a crown. They were in one of the clothing stores of the mall that sold more regular clothes. Well, regular in that they were close to what you might find in a store outside the colony. Though the clerks in the store all recommended things that were two, sometimes three sizes too small. Especially with tops for the ladies as Chizuru had discovered.


With her skimpy tank top, Chizuru had also put on a pair of extremely short shorts that were more panties than pants. For some reason, wearing clothes again felt almost alien to Chizuru. She preferred being naked for her goddess!


“Very cute.” her goddess told her. Isane herself was still naked, though she was currently browsing through the lingerie section of the store. She turned away from Chizuru to again look at this beautiful white negligee. The fabric it was made from was so sheer, nothing would be left to the imagination when worn. Her goddess was beautiful when she was naked, but something like that would only add to her beauty!


“I think you should get it!” Chizuru said, hugging her goddess from behind and grabbing her huge tits. They felt so good in her hands, so full and heavy, with just the right mix of firmness and softness. Isane made a soft squeaking noise as she jumped ever so slightly, then made a soft cooing sound.


“I just might, nmmmh, squeeze harder…” the goddess commanded her, then moaned openly as Chizuru did as she was ordered.


“Ahhhh, your breasts feel sooooo nice, Megami-sama…” Chizuru cooed happily as she gently pinched Isane’s nipples, loving how they almost instantly turned stiff, becoming like a pair of pebbles in her fingers.


“Ahhhnmmmmmmh…” Isane moaned back gently pushing her tits against Chizuru’s hands. The platinum haired goddess lifted the negligee off the peg it was hanging from and nodded towards the dressing area that Chizuru had just come from. The spot wasn’t built really for privacy, but to allow the customer access to a mirror since no one here cared when you were naked. Also, inside every dressing room was a very nice small bed built into the wall. Chizuru figured it was meant to be a cushioned bench, but it was now clearly a bed!


Once inside, Isane hung the negligee on the peg just inside the room before she turned around and pulled Chizuru between her divine breasts. The burgundy haired girl didn’t put up even the slightest resistance, burying her face in the valley of soft pillows and moaning happily. She kissed the inner side of her left tit, sliding her arms around Isane’s waist and hugging herself against the goddess. At the same time, Isane giggled softly, while gently petting the top of Chizuru’s head, sending tingles down her spine.


“Ahhh, Megami-sama…” Chizuru moaned, turning her head to look up at Isane. The goddess was easily over a head taller than Chizuru, making it so even when she stood up straight, Chizuru’s eyes only came up to her breasts. Not that Chizuru found that in any way a bad thing!


Isane looked back down at her and gave a warm smile, leaning her head down to gently kiss Chizuru’s forehead. Chizuru’s face turned nearly as red as her hair as she felt steam coming off the top of her head. Isane then let go of her slowly, pulling away. Chizuru made a plaintive whimper, but it only lasted a split second as Isane then grabbed the edge of the top Chizuru had on and began pulling it up. Chizuru’s big tits spilled out of the tight fitting fabric and she lifted her arms up to allow Isane to take the top off. Her goddess then got down on one knee, undoing and pulling down the ill-fitting shorts, stripping Chizuru as naked as she was.


Her platinum goddess then gently pushed Chizuru onto the bed in the dressing room. Chizuru gasped and quickly spread her legs wide for Isane. The goddess then reached a hand between her legs again, using two fingers to spread open the lips of her pussy.


“Ahhhn, Megami-sama, it’s all yours, do whatever you want to me!” Chizuru moaned, unknowingly sounding like another woman in recent days.


“I’ll hold you to that!” Isane told her.


“I mean it!” Chizuru said, grabbing and pawing at her own breasts, “You can do anything you want with me, use me, abuse me, humiliate me, anything. You can even be the one with the cock! Just please, let me stay by your side Megami-sama!” Chizuru vowed, “I want to be yours!”


Isane shook her head, “I don’t think I’ll need to go THAT far, but, I appreciate the sentiment.” she told her before she blew a soft breath over the throbbing bud that was Chizuru’s clit!


AAAAHHHHHHH…!” Chizuru moaned, bucking her hips lightly as her pussy began overflowing instantly.


Isane giggled, “You know, you’re really cute sometimes…” she purred before leaning her head down and slowly brushing her tongue over Chizuru’s pussy. The burgundy haired girl let out another loud moan, fighting to keep her hips from bucking again as she felt her goddess’s tongue sliding between the soft folds of her cunt.


AHHHH, YESSS, MEGAMI-SAMAAAH, PLEASE, DON’T STOOOOP…!” Chizuru begged, moaning in pleasure as Isane began licking her harder, dipping her tongue in and out of her pussy quickly.


“Nmmmh, nmmmh, nmmmh… Mmmmmmh, shweet…” Isane moaned as she began licking Chizuru’s pussy harder, moving her hands up to gently grip her thighs.


AHHH, SO GOOD, MEGAMI-SAMAAAAH… I… I’M GONNA CUMMMMM!!!” Chizuru moaned, feeling her heart racing in her chest as she squeezed her own breasts tightly.


“Nmmmh, nhot yhet…” Isane moaned into Chizuru’s pussy.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, AHHH, DHON’T STOP… IT FEELS SO GOOOOOD!!!” Chizuru moaned as Isane slid her tongue as far as it would go inside her. “MEGAMI-SAMA, MEGAMI-SAMA, AHHHH, MEGAMI, MEGAMI, MEGAMI… I… I CAN’T HOLD IT, I’M GONNA CUM, I’M CUMMING, MY GODDESS IS MAKING ME CUUUUUMMMMMM!!!!!” Chizuru screamed in pleasure as her entire body shook in orgasm.


Slowly, her Goddess lifted her head up and began slowly licking her way up Chizuru’s body, stopping only when their mouths connected. Chizuru moaned happily, kissing her goddess back and tasting her own love juices on her tongue.


Isane held the kiss with Chizuru for a long moment until someone knocked at the door to the changing room. “Ladies, while you’re not breaking any rules technically, my manager would like to ask that you keep it down a little. There are some who are here to actually shop.” said the clerk.


Both women blushed a deep red as they said together, “Sorry!”


Isane then looked back to Chizuru and both of them giggled as they got up, grabbing the clothes they’d brought in with them. The next few minutes were something of a blur as they bought the items at the checkout desk and had their items bagged.


“Where to now, Megami-sama?” Chizuru asked.


“We should meet up with Retsu and the rest. It’ll be getting late soon, and we’ll need to head back to the apartment for whenever Ichigo and his wife come by.” Isane said. “But before that, I think I saw a place that sold collars…”


Chizuru couldn’t keep herself from grinning at that as she happily followed after her goddess!

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Ichigo Kurosaki
1 year ago

More this couple more Chizuru x Isane or Toshiro x Momo next
Kiyone x Ichigo

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
1 year ago

A truly captivating story that delivers on the relationship between Isane and Chizuru that had been built up in the last two chapters. I liked it, though I kinda feel like the sex was a bit hotter in the other chapters. Nothing against how it was here, but I don’t think there is any really rememberable scene there. Well, at least not as rememberable as the stuff between Chizuru and Isane in the other chapters so far. Still, I like how Isane can now basically stay in the human world for quite some while to continue be Chizuru’s “Megami-sama”.

Would be cool to see some more of them in the future.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Yeah, i needed a reason for her to hang around.

1 year ago

Oppai go brr

1 year ago

you should rename yourself rtenzo-bleach or rtenzo-Fairy Tail

1 year ago
Reply to  Oaza

Dude, rude!

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Lmao Rtenzo’s response XD

1 year ago
Reply to  Oaza

That’s a good idea

1 year ago

Heheheehe fun to see this patreon pic of mine make an appearance, and I love how loyal Chizuru is.

1 year ago
Reply to  BioYuGi

Glad you enjoyed the story I did for your commission!

1 year ago

Can you make ChizuruxIchigo