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Dio’s Dark Skinned Dick-athon

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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Beginning (Part 0): [LINK]
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Walking through the streets of the human city, Franceska Mila Rose felt like her body weighed twice what it normally did. These Gigai things were cumbersome and uncomfortable. Franceska could handle the hampered movements and heaviness just fine. But walking around buck naked was beginning to get on her nerves!


Everywhere she looked, human men were leering at her like she was some slab of meat! If not for the fact that they would taste awful, she would have devoured every last one of their souls just for looking at her. The Gigai she wore would convert any food she ate into reishi that she could digest, so there was that much at least. Franceska scarcely remembered what regular food even tasted like. Her human memories were faint to say the least, she couldn’t even tell how long ago her “life” was. She’d been in Harribel-sama’s service for over a century, so it was at least that long ago.


As she thought about her mistress, Franceska began to wonder why Harribel-sama would even come to a place like this in the human world? Most of the humans in this town walked around naked and fornicated openly in public! Just a few minutes ago on the beach, she’d seen three humans, two girls and one guy, having sex right out in the open. The man lay on his back while one woman straddled his face and the other rode on top of his dick, moaning like a cheap whore!


Not one of them showed even a trace of shame, and all around the trio, more humans were gathering, cheering them on! Franceska watched as long as she could before the sight began making her feel rather odd. So the chocolate skinned woman quietly extricated herself from the gathering crowd and continued on with her search. Tier Harribel was somewhere in this human city, and Franceska intended to find her and bring her home!


Turning a corner on the street, Franceska grunted as she ran face first into someone and promptly fell back onto her ass!


“Ooomph! Hey, watch where you’re going!” she snapped at the person she’d bumped into.


“Me!? You’re the one spacing out as you walk, lady!” the person snapped back at her.


“The hell you say!” Franceska yelled as she managed to get to her feet and take a look at her adversary. It was another woman with dark skin and a voluptuous figure. Her dark colored hair was cut in an asymmetrical bob and was so straight Franceska was instantly jealous!


“I do say! You’re the one who wasn’t watching where she was going!” the woman yelled after she got up, staring Franceska down, “What, can’t find a decent guy and moping about it?” she quipped.


“Whaaaaat!?” Franceska growled back at the woman, clenching her fists at her sides.


The dark haired woman smirked back at Franceska. Was she looking for a fight? The Arrancar woman was just about ready to give her one when someone spoke up to the left of them.


“What are you doing here?” asked a woman’s voice.


“You know these ladies?” asked a man’s voice.


“Yeah, kinda. That one a little more than the other. Friend of mine told me about the other woman a bit.” the woman’s voice said.


Franceska turned to her left to see another dark skinned woman with deep purple hair walking towards them. In her company was a balding fat man with strangely well toned arms and legs. Both were naked save for some flip flops. She recognized the woman as Yoruichi Shihoin; she had been there for the negotiations between Hueco Mundo and the Soul Society. All Franceska knew about her was that she was someone with a bit of clout in that world.


“You one of Harribel’s flunkies, right?” Yoruichi asked, “Sung-sun, or…”


“I’m Franceska Mila Rose, and we prefer the term Fraccion. Didn’t think I’d run into one of you here.” Franceska said, as her encounter with the rude woman was now completely forgotten, “That’s good, though. You can help me find Lady Harribel.”


“Huh? She’s here too?” asked Yoruichi, “I had no idea. I knew Nel was here, but that was it.”


Neliel Tu Odelschwanck, the former #3 Espada. Franceska knew the name, but had never met the girl herself. Last she heard of her, she was living out in the wilds of Hueco Mundo with her “flunkies” as Yoruichi had put it. The term applied there much better.


“You can’t sense her out?” Yoruichi suggested.


“Tried that already, but this stupid Gigai thing is making it hard.” Franceska told her.


“Ah, well, haven’t seen her.” Yoruichi told her.


“I’m not gonna pretend to know what you ladies are talking about,” said the man traveling with Yoruichi, “But, it’s getting late, and neither of you look local, so if you’d like, I can offer both of you a place to stay tonight.”


Yoruichi seemed amused, “That’s awfully nice. Hoping for some extra action?” she asked him.


“Bwahaha, why not. Also, I’m too much of a gentleman to leave two lovely ladies out in the cold at night!” the man said.


You’re no gentleman.” Yoruichi said, still looking amused.


“I was looking for a place to rest actually.” the woman Franceska bumped into said, suddenly sounding much more polite, “So I’ll accept.”


“I will too. I could use your help, Shinigami bitch.” Franceska said.


“Ha, this lady’s no bitch!” the man said, while slapping his hand on Yoruichi’s ass, “A horny cat though, that works!”


“Nyah!” Yoruichi said, moving her hands like a cat batting at something in the air.



Yoruichi and the man she was with, Dio, took them to a house in the suburb section of the town. The house was nicer than some of the other human dwellings that Franceska had seen. The interior smelled oddly nice, she fully expected the place to be a pigsty judging from the human that owned it. But it was surprisingly clean, and the only clutter she saw was a few magazines sitting haphazardly on the coffee table in the living room.


“You ladies make yourselves comfortable. I’ll get us something to eat.” Dio said as he left the room.


“Why are you with that guy?” the woman Franceska had learned was named Jackie Tristan asked. “Thought a girl as good looking as yourself could be a little more picky.”


“Eh, he has a big dick and knows how to use it.” Yoruichi said dismissively with a shrug. She then moved to sit on the couch and put her feet up on the coffee table, “And he’s actually a pretty decent cook. So, you know why Harribel decided to come here?”


Franceska shook her head, “No, she just vanished the other day. I followed her Reiatsu here and borrowed this annoying Gigai thing so I could move around among the humans.”


“I still can’t believe you’re an Arrancar.” Jackie said. “Where’s your mask remnant?” she asked.


“Still here, it just doesn’t show through the Gigai.” Franceska said.


“Hmmn, alright.” said Jackie, “I can’t see spirit beings like I used to, it’s probably why I couldn’t sense how strong you are. Wouldn’t have tried picking a fight then.” said the short haired woman.


“Speaking of, Renji said you were a fairly reasonable person to begin with. Why are you picking fights anyway?” Yoruichi asked her.


“It’s a long story. One I don’t feel like talking about.” Jackie said, “But for what it’s worth, I’m sorry.” she told Franceska.


“Whatever. I have bigger things to worry about.” Fanceska said dismissively, as her anger from the earlier incident was already forgotten. She was much more worried about Lady Harribel. While Dio was in the kitchen, Yoruichi explained that the newer model Gigai’s could suppress the wearer’s Reiatsu if they wanted, which was why she couldn’t sense Lady Harribel’s presence.


“I’ll help you find her in the morning,” Yoruichi said, “This town is fairly big, and it’ll give me something to do.”


“Thank yo…” Franceska stopped mid-word as a heavenly scent filled the air. It was sweet, savory, and spicy all at once. “What the hell is that smell?”


Jackie sniffed the air, “Curry huh?” she said.


“What’s curry?” Franceska asked.


“Seriously? Oh wait, that’s right, you don’t eat food in the regular sense, do you?” Jackie asked.


“It’s fine, the Gigai she’s wearing will take care of it.” Yoruichi told her. She then turned her head in the direction Dio had gone off in, “Smells good!” she called out to him.


“Eh, it’s just left overs, I didn’t expect so much company here tonight.” Dio hollered back.


“At least he’s honest.” Jackie said.


Dio returned a few minutes later with a big pot full of the delicious smelling “curry” as Jackie had called it, along with a big pot of rice. The three women went over to a large table where Dio then set out four large plates while Yoruichi served.


It felt odd to Franceska, sitting at a table to eat while completely naked. The rice on her plate was a shiny white color, slowly turning a strange brown after the sauce from the pot was poured over it.


Taking a spoon that was handed to her, Franceska scooped up a small portion of the food. ‘So this is what humans eat… Looks gross.’ she thought, though it did smell good. Closing her eyes, she placed the spoon in her mouth and closed her lips around it.


HMMMH!” Franceska exclaimed as her green eyes went wide. “HAAAMMMPH HMMMPH NOMMMPH HMMPH HRMMMPH!!!” she grunted as she began shoveling the food into her mouth as fast as she could! She had never tasted anything so delicious in her entire existence! Sweet, but savory, with just a hint of heat behind it. The mouth feel of it was soft, but with mushy chunks that released even more flavor when she chewed them. Eating a soul was completely different. Many Arrancar and sentient Hollows described it as delicious, but it wasn’t really about flavor really, but rather a sense of fulfillment, of filling the emptiness inside them.


HAH HAH HAH! She eats with gusto!” Dio said with a laugh, “My kind of lady!”


“When you go as long as she has without eating anything flavorful, I’m not all that surprised.” said Yoruichi.


“Huh, she from some kind of convent or something?” Dio asked.


“It’s complicated.” Yoruichi said.


“It is good though, I haven’t had curry in a while.” Jackie said as she ate her meal more politely.


Franceska didn’t really care though as she quickly cleaned her plate and asked for another, finishing that helping just as quickly. “She reminds me of you when you’re gobbling cock!” Dio said to Yoruichi, “Only neater.”


The purple haired woman only raised an eyebrow as she drank from a glass that Franceska assumed held wine. When she lowered the glass, she slowly licked her lips as she looked towards the lap of the fat man. Licking her lips again, Yoruichi reached her hand under the table and Franceska saw Dio shift in his seat slightly as Yoruichi’s arm moved up and down.


“Let’s find out.” she said before sliding out of her chair and slipping under the table. Her head vanished from sight and Franceska blinked in confusion until Dio jumped slightly in his seat, a lewd expression on his face as he leaned back in his seat groaning.


“Ohoooh… Oh yeeeaah…” he groaned.


“Ahhmmmph, nmmmph, hrmmmph, aguh gurgh hmmmmph, aguh gug guh…” Yoruichi moaned and gagged softly.


From her seat at the side of the table, Jackie gasped, with her eyes going wide at whatever she saw within her line of sight. Licking her spoon clean, Franceska pushed her seat back and leaned down to peer under the table. She didn’t know why, but the sight that greeted her surprised the chocolate skinned woman!


Yoruichi kneeled down on her knees in front of Dio, with her plump lips wrapped around his THICK dick! The woman slowly bobbed her head back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth and throat. Yoruichi’s slender neck bulged every time Dio’s cock slipped all the way into her mouth.


“Ahhmmmmph, guh, nmmmph, gurg, ahmmmph…!” Yoruichi moaned as she began moving her head faster.


“Ooooh yeah, you know what I like, kitty cat! Nmmmmh, suck that dick!” Dio shouted at her.


“Nyaaagh guh gug guh…” Yoruichi mewled and moaned happily, holding both hands up in a cat’s paw gesture.


Franceska couldn’t look away as she watched. Why in Hueco Mundo was the Shinigami woman doing something so lewd with such an ugly human? She was no stranger to sex, but she had STANDARDS!


“Wow, she really does look like you just now…” Jackie said as she watched as well.


Normally Franceska would have punched her for that, but she couldn’t look away as she watched Yoruichi take Dio’s cock all the way down her throat! “HMMMMMPH!!!” the purple haired woman moaned deeply, slowly pulling her head back, with her lips stretching away from her face.


“Pwah…! Ahhhmmmmh…” Yoruichi gasped, then moaned as she began licking Dio’s thick cock and balls.


“Ahhh yeah, suck on my balls now!” Dio told her.


“Haaahmmmmph… Nmmmmph…” Yoruichi moaned erotically as she extended her tongue, pulling one hairy testicle into her mouth, rolling it around for several moments before spitting it back out. “Nmmmmh fuuuck, this dick stinks so much, I love it!!!” Yoruichi moaned in a throaty voice before going back to sucking it like a whore!


Franceska didn’t even realize it happening, but at some point, the four of them had moved into what looked like the master bedroom. She and Jackie both sat on the edge of the bed and watched as Dio just TOOK Yoruichi! Grabbing her big and soft looking tits in a firm grip, with her nipples peeking out between his fingers. He then shoved his thick cock between her legs, rubbing the length along her pussy until it was completely DRENCHED in her overflowing juices!


HOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAHHH…!” Yoruichi moaned from deep in her throat as Dio casually lifted her up, splaying her legs wide for Franceska and Jackie to watch as he impaled her pussy on his dick! Franceska felt a twinge between her legs as she watched Dio’s thick cock spread Yoruichi’s pussy wide. The expression on the woman’s face didn’t help either as she looked up at the ceiling and let out a long heavy moan.


YESSS.. AHH, HAAAH… HARDERRR… SHOVE THAT BIG DICK INTO ME HARDERRR!!! MAKE ME CUM IN FRONT OF THESE BITCHES!!!!” Yoruichi begged as she bounced up and down on Dio’s dick. Franceska couldn’t help herself as she breathed heavily while she watched the perverted display. Yoruichi’s big tits jiggled wildly as she panted in pleasure.


“Hmm! Hmm!! Hmm!!!” Dio grunted, thrusting his cock into her as he held her aloft easily. For being so fat, he was also very strong, and he hadn’t even broken a sweat yet!


AHHNNN, SO GOOD, FEELS SO GOOD!!! MORE, MOOORE!!! FUCK MY HOOOLE!!!” Yoruichi moaned, her pussy gushing every time his cock sank deep inside her. Franceska could almost see his dick outlined in the woman’s stomach as it plunged in DEEP!


“Ahn…” Jackie moaned next to her. Franceska spared a glance over at the woman to see her fondling her own breasts with her hands as she opened and closed her legs several times. She was getting turned on by this!?


But then, Franceska could see why. Yoruichi did look amazing, and her O-face was incredibly erotic. The purple haired woman then grabbed her own tits, moaning loudly as she pulled them to her mouth and began sucking on her own nipples!


NMMMHMMMMMPH!!! YESSSSSH, CUMMINGH!!! AHHNHMMMMMH!!!!” she screamed as she swirled her tongue around the stiff points of her nipples. She then threw her head back again and let out a mewling moan.


NYAAAAHH… YEAAAH, HARDER, FUCK MHEEEE!!! AHH… DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!! POUND MY SLUTTY LITTLE HOLE AND MAKE ME CUM IN FRONT OF THEEEEMMMM!!!!” she begged, then screamed again as her pussy gushed harder. “AHHAAH, AHHH AHHH, CUMMING, I’M CUMMING!!! YESSSS!!!!” Yoruichi moaned in ecstasy as her pussy gushed almost non-stop now.




Franceska felt something wet around her fingers as she let out a hot breath. Her pussy felt hot and itchy inside as she looked down at herself to see she was fingering her pussy! She couldn’t stop herself, her fingers moving as though they had a mind of their own, dipping in and out of her pussy with a lewd wet squish squish squish sound.


“Ahhh…” Franceska breathed hotly, her pussy just getting wetter and wetter with every passing second! Her pussy felt so GOOD! She stopped trying to make her fingers stop as she leaned back in her seat atop the bed and watched the show in front of her.


I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!! I’M CUMMINGGGG!!!” Yoruichi screamed, her mouth hanging open as her tongue lolled off her lower lip, her golden yellow eyes rolling back in their sockets. Franceska pushed her fingers in deep as Dio groaned and shoved his cock in as far as it would go as he came inside her with wet noise. The chocolate skinned woman slowly licked her lips again as she continued sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy. She then watched Dio’s cum leak back out of Yoruichi’s cunt around his cock.


“Okay, I’m next!” Jackie declared as she jumped up onto the bed in a squatting position. She then slapped a hand down on her bare naked ass and gave it a squeeze. “I hope you got enough in those balls for the rest of us!”


Dio smirked, “Bitch, who the hell do you think I am!” he said confidently.



(Story by User: SailorIo)

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10 months ago

If you guys enjoy my work, consider joining my patreon. You’ll get early access to most stories, exclusive stories, even custom works.

10 days ago

Would u ever considered turning your work from fiction into graphic novels or the like?

6 days ago

I’d love to, but I don’t have the drawing talent nor funds for an endeavor like that.

9 months ago

Awesome story here and nice image as well! Dio’s response to Jackie Tristan saying,  “Bitch, who the hell do you think I am!”

I almost couldn’t help, but laugh at that line since that was pretty funny to me and I think that might’ve been an Easter egg or a reference to Gurren Lagann since the awesome character known as Kamina says the same thing too.

It’s also good to see that Jackie and Franceska are getting more love and attention as much as Yoruichi is and I do like those three ladies as well.

9 months ago
Reply to  Mad_Max

Well, I was channeling Shizuru from Godannar, that was her catchphrase. She said it at least once every episode.

Ichigo Kurosaki
10 months ago

excellent history me encanto ver de nuevo a Jackie y a Mila Rose aunque personalmente no me gusta el genero o tipo de FUB (fat ugly bastard) espero y las chicas si busquen quien pueda follarselas lo que diera por cogerme a cada una en especial a cierta rubia de pelo amarillo y piel morena

10 months ago

Don’t worry, that one has standards.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
10 months ago

Not gonna lie, I didn’t exactly think this chapter would go like this. As far as first impressions in a story go, Mila Rose’s and Jackie’s showcase here was… basic, to say the least. While it matches their more passive actions in the pic, I definitely would have hoped that we would get to see them more prominently having sex. But I get ahead of myself! Mila Rose’s introduction in this series was handled quite nicely, albeit, strangely enough, her reasons for being here are essentially the same that she has/had in my Bleach series (looking for Harribel). The way she bumped into Jackie was… pretty weird, not gonna lie. It just happens so outa nowhere and we didn’t even get her name until they all were inside Dio’s place, only a, in my opinion, relatively run-down description of her design, which made it quite hard to get invested in her. Not gonna lie, at first I thought she could be replaced with just any random no-name girl, and her interaction with Mila Rose would have made just as much sense. Having more of Dio was cool though. I think he was more interesting in the first two chapters with him, but this one was quite well done as well. Not sure why, but I found it harder to get invested in him in this story. He just wasn’t as memorable and didn’t have that many outstanding moments. Which isn’t much of a surprise when you consider the many other characters here who also wanted a time in the spotlight.

Overall though, I think this chapter is potentially one of the weaker ones. It just feels a bit more flat than the others.

10 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

In my defense again, I’ve never written for these girls. And I didn’t even bother to look up Jackie’s personality until I was almost half done. I wanted to show that while Dio was a FUB(Fat Ugly Bastard) he’s at least a clean one, and can cook to boot.

10 months ago

I hope you don’t mind if I cut to the chase and keep it short and sweet. And I’m going to be a little more critical than I usually am. 👀

The first half felt a little odd, especially in regards to Jackie. In fact she sounded more aggressive than she usually does with her first meeting with Franceska, who looked like she was ready to fight in response. But thankfully, it seemed like that was fixed towards the second half. 🤔

That said, odd start aside, that was a fun chapter overall. Dio making a reappearance and having his way with Yoruichi, with the other two dark skinned beauties watching the whole show. And even wanting a piece of the action too. 😜

Overall, I really liked it. Good work. 👍

10 months ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Well, I did admit earlier that I messed up on Jackie’s characterization. But I had done too much at that point, so I did a scene change and course corrected as best I was able. In my defense, this was the first time I wrote both of these characters. And Jackie wasn’t a very memorable character really. Among the Fullbringers, Riruka, Ginjo, and the guy with the bookmark were the ones who stood out most.

If I have to write her again, I’ll do better.

10 months ago

this….this is good the art is beyond perfection and the story is better than a manga

10 months ago
Reply to  henry_miller

Thanks man! I was worried because initially I got Jackie’s persona way wrong, that’s why I course corrented after the scene transition. I didn’t look her up beyond her name until after I had done all that, and I hate deleting work unless I have to, so I had her as in a bad mood at first.

10 months ago

Dio living a life i wanna live. Mila Rose is all I [currently] want in life

10 months ago
Reply to  Xcelsior

Brave man, the woman is rather bitchy.

Roger Goga
Roger Goga
10 months ago

It’s about time you released bleach and how come it took you so long to release it on the website?

10 months ago
Reply to  Roger Goga

I only just finished that story a couple days ago

10 months ago

MORE DIO STORIES! YES! a good way to start the day. Thanks mr. Sailor

10 months ago
Reply to  Mich

You’re welcome